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What is freeform tv app? Watch full episodes of Freeform shows like Cruel Summer, Good Trouble, grown-ish, Everything’s Gonna Be Okay, The Bold Type, Motherland: Fort Salem, Siren and many more! Connect your TV provider to unlock episodes, stream movies and watch live TV. No TV Provider? No Problem! Binge complete seasons of throwback Freeform shows, including The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Baby Daddy.

STREAM MOVIES: Watch a variety of movies from dramas to romantic comedies - all in the Freeform app!

FULL EPISODES: Enjoy the best lineup of dramas, hilarious comedies and binge throwback series. Stream the latest episodes* of your favorite Freeform TV shows like:

Cruel Summer
Everything’s Gonna Be Okay
Good Trouble
The Bold Type
Alone Together
Famous in Love
The Secret Life of the American Teenager
And more…

STREAM LIVE TV: Sign in with your TV provider to watch your favorite shows live!*

EXTRAS & EXCLUSIVES: Watch the latest sneak peeks, cast interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and more. No sign-in required!

STAY IN THE LOOP: Discover new shows and get reminded when your favorite shows air and when they’re available to watch in the app.

FREEFORM ACCOUNT: Enhance your viewing experience by creating a free account to receive a personalized home screen based on viewing behavior, save your favorite shows, and more!

*The most recent full episodes as well as the FREEFORM live stream require a participating TV provider account. Show and episode availability are subject to change.
Please note: This app features Nielsen's audience measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen's TV Ratings. Please see for more information.

Before you download this app, please consider that it may include or support advertising, some of which the Walt Disney Family of Companies may target to your interests. You may choose to control targeted advertising within your platform settings (for example, by resetting your device's advertising identifier and/or opting out of interest-based ads).

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App Name Freeform TV
Category Entertainment
Updated 19 December 2022, Monday
File Size 576.29 MB

Freeform TV Comments & Reviews 2023

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No tv provider. This app is great especially since I really wanted to watch Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists. The first two episodes were unlocked but since I don’t have a tv provider I cannot see the third episode. I’m a 7th grader and we have spectrum but not cable so I can’t watch another episode. This makes me upset because not only was the show getting interesting but I can no longer watch shows that need a tv provider. Not everyone has a tv provider and most shows require a tv provider. Overall this app is great.

Too many ads!! And too many “errors”. I downloaded this app specifically to watch the Teal Swan documentary The Deep End. I was never able to watch more than a few minutes without ads, which is a mild inconvenience. But the problem is after the ads an error will generate and takes you back to the beginning of the episode. I did this about 10 times and I had spent 1 1/2 hour trying to watch a 45 min show and I was only have through!!! Least favorite streaming service to date which is so unfortunate because I REALLY want it to that. I hope it gets fixed but I’m deleting the app for now

Are the ads really worth it?. At first, I was thinking, “Oh, yeah. I can binge ShadowHunters with ads. It’s no big problem” But no, it is a big problem. I’ve seen more ads then I have of the first episode. It’s such an annoyance, every 5-10 minutes more ads pop up and they’re not the usual 15 or 30 second ads you can push the “X” on, they’re 2 minutes long and multiple ads. It really just Pulls you out of the show and makes you wanna say “it’s easier watching on Tv than on this app”, I have yet to know or understand how to work the whole coins and no ads (Nonstop watching) thing and I’ve checked “Help”, “Settings”, and “Stream quality” nothing on how to activate it. Best take your luck on some streaming site to really invest yourself into the show and truly get the Netflix style binge. You’re not gonna find it on this app.

Enjoy but to many Commercials. I watch more commercials than I do my actual show. I use this app daily but it is so aggravating to watch the show for a second it seems then the commercials last twice as long. I understand commercials are going to be there but limit them so we can enjoy the show. Honestly the commercials repeat every time so I get the point. The app is amazing and has all my favorite shows so I still say it’s a 5 star just aggravated over to many commercials.

Not Letting Me Log In. I think this app would be fine if I was able to access my TV provider. I logged into my AT&T account through my wi-fi provider, which worked fine, but then it wouldn't stop showing me the error message that my cable provider doesn't have the freeform network. I checked my TV and low-and-behold, I have the freeform network with my TV package. I also tried logging in with the ABC app, which had the same results. I'm not going to contact my TV provider about this because I know that I have the Freeform and ABC channels included in my TV package, so there isn't anything wrong on my provider's end, this is a problem with the app.

FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I’ve loved freeform ever since I was little and when I found out they had the app I jumped at the opportunity to get it and once I got it I was able to watch shows when I wanted & where I wanted and then after couple of weeks it kept saying “oops it needs to re-authenticate” but now I can’t watch any of my movies and I’ve tried turning off the phone I’ve tried deleting the app and nothing is worked and now I can’t watch the shows that I love I have to watch it on Netflix and that’s not the purpose of the app so please fix it:)

Uggggggg... why ruin what was AMAZING?!. I hate the new update. No more Freeform points. I really liked them because it was something unique about the app and you could earn watching with no adds. Also while watching the adds it doesn’t say how much time it has left only the amount of adds. And with the new update my progress was lost on a couple of shows. WORST UPDATE EVER. Truly disappointed. Used to be my favorite app, now my least favorite. Make it good again please?!

Freeform App. I love this app. Im giving it 4 stars because the adds are very inconveniencing... even the quicker option is a hassle. Take away the adds and maybe include if there will be more seasons of each show or the good ones like shadow hunters etc. once the adds are toned down or gone (because let's face it no one watches them anyway) then I will give a 5 stars. Also be sure to change the quality of the beginnings. It goes from fuzzy to regular but you have to restart the app a couple times which is inconveniencing. Thanks a lot! Love you freeform !

This app rocks👍. I love this app especially because quite a few shows got removed from Netflix and I see that they’re on here now so that’s so awesome that I can watch my shows and my favorite channel is freeform so I can watch it on my phone instead of watching it on my TV because my TV isn’t working right now so now I can watch it anywhere and anytime on my phone. But I do not like the constant adds, I understand there has to be adds. The ads are ridiculously long but besides that the ads freeform rocks there is no glitches or no difficulties with this app except for the ads so I suggest you guys get this app it’s awesome!

“Error, please try again later”. So when I’m watching my shows, I start a new episode and i finish it. There has been a couple times where I’m done watching my shows for the night and I go to bed. The next day, I go into Freeform and I try to pick up where I left off on my shows and it won’t let me watch them. This has been going on for about 2 and a half weeks now and I’m getting very frustrated with this issue because some of the shows I watch, I can’t view anywhere else because all the other TV apps don’t carry the same shows. So I’m done with Freeform until this issue has been solved. 1 star.

Review. This app is a life changer. I always wanted to see Famous in Love but the commercials on tv are ridiculous. On here the commercials are 2 minutes long max and I catch up on so many show that I’ve missed. It’s free all you have to do is use you Tv provider and all the episodes unlock like that. No doubt will come to mind if you get this app!

ANNOYED. There are way too many ads. Sometimes an ad will show twice in a row and that will happen multiple times. I just got a 4 minute ad. Also, it glitches and makes it hard to slide through the episode. Still going to use it though, but I would appreciate if those issues were fixed. What the eff guys. These ads are stupid and I keep having to watch them way too much. Like I’ll be watching it and then it’ll say “oops there was a problem so retry” and I’ll retry and it’ll make me watch a full set of ads again. Jesus

Needs work. When i got the app to watch shadow hunters and all of the previous wonderful shows on there, I’ve had a few issues with it. Theres always an error message that occurs and i can never get the second episode to load (shadow hunters) but if i go around choosing different shows to watch, it’ll play. Another thing is WHY THE 3-6 ADVERTISEMENTS. I want to watch the show but find it super unnecessary to have that many advertisements. Last thing, whats the point of making an account? All i have to do is connect to my tv provider and it’ll play any of the shows without logging in. Really pointless....

Confused. This app is great and I have been watching my favorite shows, but when I spent 60 coins on an episode so I can watch without ads it kept saying there was an error and to retry, I’ve been relying for the last 10 minutes and it didn’t work, but when I clicked the other button which says to earn coins by watching ads the episode has no problem downloading and there’s no error and I don’t have to retry but when I go back to the episode where I spent money there’s a problem. Please help fix that mistake.

Pretty good. I'm pretty happy with this app. But there is one thing I don't like. You have to watch adds. But if you watch these adds you get points, and if you have enough to point you can go add free for one episode. So there is a way you can skip the adds. But I still don't like that each commercial break is 3 minutes long, and there are like 3-5 of them in one episode.

I’ve never been so irritated then when using this app. Whenever I am watching a show, the app forgets my progress in the show every single time i sit down to watch, so I constantly have to guess where I left off. To make that even more annoying, every couple minutes I have to sit through 3 minutes of commercials, making it impossible to scroll through and find my place in the show without watching ten minutes of commercials. Even if I lightly tap the screen, the progress bar will go all the way to the end of the episode and I then have to sit through more of these terrible commercials (the same ones every single time) to find where I was. Sometimes the app will even say 2 minutes of commercials, and then it will say 0 seconds left and just play another one. I am giving up on my show halfway through, and I wish I could give this app zero stars.

This is what will make the app better. I like the app but and again I don’t here’s why I don’t the app. I don’t have a TV Provider and so don’t other people. In my opinion there’s only 2 good shows that are unlocked which is “Baby Daddy” and “The Secret life of the American teenager”I’ve rewatched these shows so many times and it getting boring SO I THINK WE SHOULD GET RID OF THE TV PROVIDE. The Second reason is that it gives us TOO MANY COMMERCIALS I understand the commercials but 2 or 3 would be good not 6 and 7.

Equally as terrible as MTV app. Never thought another app could be just as bad as the MTV app but here we are. At first i thought it was just because I was trying to cast my show on an older iPad & the first version of the Chromecast. So I decided to try it with my new phone and with my new chromecast to see if that made things better. It didn’t. Everytime the ads start usually only 2 go by and then the screen goes black and stops playing even though its still connected and my internet signal is good. Don’t waste your time with this and just cast it from the website yourself with an adblocker so you get no interruptions because its not like they’re using the money from the ads to better the app anyways. Can’t wait for my show to get cancelled or for it to finally end so I dont have to use this site again.

Love❤️❤️❤️. I love this app so much but there is one thing one bad thing is that it has too much commercials and I think that is it’s probably level down to 5 to 4 at each episode I think that would be great and better and it can have more views if it had less commercials, other than that I think it’s a very amazing and outstanding app!!!!You should totally get it this app!!!🤗

What's not to like!. I have had the App for about two years. I normally use it when "my" regular TV shows are on break to look at shows that I didn't have time to watch during their regular season. Buffering is usually never a major problem, only for less than a minute or so if it does. Would recommend this app.

Love the shows but frustrating quirks. I really love this app but....whenever I watch it the Uber commercial repeatedly gets stuck and stays frozen and I have to go out of whatever show I’m watching to get rid of it and then when I go back in the commercials start over from the beginning...very frustrating. Also when I’m watching the app on my fire stick I have put in my tv provider but it continuously doesn’t recognize it just refreshes and won’t allow me to watch the new shows.

Freeform. This channel/ app is AMAZING!! I love how you can use other TV Providers to watch shows on it. And I LOVE how most of the shows on here are realistic and can be related to, ESPECIALLY the Fosters and Grown•ish!! These shows are awesome there are other supernatural shows and such on here and the variety is also breath-taking the plot changes!!! 😆😮 They’re literally amazing!! I just LOVE Freeform!! Thanks.

Awful App, cant FF, just gets stuck in a loop all the time. This app is disturbingly bad. It’s 2021 and this app might be the worst app I’ve ever used. Playing normal shows is extremely difficult. Can’t FF, can’t rewind, and it just jumps to random stages in the shows, sometimes on a 1 second loop and sometimes not. I restarted my phone, I deleted the app and re installed it, still the same issues. I’ll cast a show to my tv, it will cast properly, but then on my phone there is no way to FF, or rewind, or pause because the app still thinks there is an ad playing. How the company/person who made this app still has a job is mind blowing. It is a tremendously below par app that can’t handle simple functions. It’s embarrassing for free form. This app is the worst app I’ve ever used.

Missing feature on iPad?. First of all the app works just fine. If what you’re looking for is to watch TV, you won’t be disappointed. On the iPad however, it’s not possible to multitask. There is no picture-in-picture and it doesn’t let you do split screen, so whenever I want to watch something I can’t really do anything else without. Since most video streaming apps have at least one of those features by now, it feels interrupting to have the video completely pause when I need to do something like check my email.

Sad :(. There are some issues I hope you will be able to fix. First off, there are way to many adds. It’s always 6-7 adds and I find it annoying. Then there is the issue where I can’t watch the third episode of any series and any episodes after that. I emailed and told you guys about the issue and when I did everything you guys said it still didn’t work.

Great App (Could Use Work). Freeform is a great app that lets you stream a bunch of different shows, but what’s annoying is how the app has many commercial breaks. And the commercial breaks are longer than needed or necessary. It’s also upsetting that you can’t watch all shows but besides that the app is great otherwise. And it does not require you to pay which is also great, and partially makes up for the adds, but still is a huge con regarding the app. Great for steaming shows if your tired or don’t have access to Netflix or HBO. The app is great but could use some work.

The fosters. I really love that show it’s basically my whole heart ❤️ I could watch that show all day everyday no matter what!! Every time I’m sad 😢 it’s very beautiful including the series finale I was very heartbroken 😔 when it came to an end...especially how the Adam foster family had to go through all the pain up and down with each other and people but they all still forgave each and one of them 🤧😘😘😘🤞🏽😩!!

This app is amazing!!!!. The app functions perfectly fine no trouble at all. When I’m away from home I’m able to catch up on all the latest shows that I missed. The app is a great place to watch some classic shows and chill and enjoy watching what you love. I highly recommend downloading this app if you love shows like “clock and dagger” and more😋

Switched TV Providers. I had Spectrum but switch to the rising Google Fiber & of course this provider is one that doesn’t have access to certain content, mainly the shows I want to watch 🤦🏽‍♀️ but when I was with Spectrum, the app worked great for me! But the new episode of the new season of Grown-ish is already on the app and of course, I can’t watch it. The only 2 shows I watch on Freeform are locked, so unfortunately it’s kind of pointless for me to have the app anymore.

Really great app. This app is really great to watch. The best part is you don’t have to pay to watch the things you love because like most apps you have to pay to unlock certain shows but not Freeform. You also earn coins by watching. You need to earn 60 coins to shorter the ad they are maybe 1 minute long I can’t remember but over all I really enjoy this app!

Needs WAY less ads!!. This app is great but the ads are horrible. You watch way more ads than you actually do your show. They also show the same ads too so it gets really boring. I get very frustrated with this app because I will get done watching 2:00 minutes of ads and then you watch one minute of your show and then your watching another 2:00 minutes of ads. Love it but needs work.

Amazing!!!!. I honestly love this app it has all my favorite shows and has all the seasons I would totally recommend this app to everyone that loves watching Freeform because it does not require any sign up and u don't have to pay the only thing that kinda bothers me are all the adds but u get used to them after a while.

Missing notifications. Ever since I updated to iOS13 on my iPad, Freeform notifications / the badge will show up but the notifications will disappear from the Notifications Center within a few hours / a day even though the badge is still there. Is this a glitch with iOS 13?

Great app! Still room for improvements. As you saw from the title I think this app is great, no negative comments about anything because I haven’t been on it for very long. One thing that I think multitaskers like me would want is to be able to exit the app but still have the show they are watching in a small box like Netflix uses. I would watch a show and be drawing at the same time or texting friends about the show.

I like it but.... I like the app I really do I can watch free form shows that I’ve been wanting to watch but there is one problem... it’s just the ads I know you can get rid of them with the non stop thing but why can’t you get rid of it either way why can’t there just be no ads at all! That’s the only problem I have with the app... so I hope that you can fix it please

I LOVE IT BUT YOU NEED TO ADD MORE FREE SHOWS. I have already watched all of the unlocked shows n the one movie that was free! My parents won’t let me connect to my provider bc it’s not free. :( I really love Freeform and you have some originals and some older shows on there such as, the secret life of an American teenager, Licona heights, and many more! You need to add so free, newer ones on there, too!

Commercials Freezing. Whenever I connect this app with my Chromecast, the commercials always freeze on the last one. I have to hit play/pause repeatedly, close the app, etc just to continue. This sometimes causes the show to start over, and again the cycle of freezing commercials. It takes an hour and a half to watch a 45 minute program. I never have this issue with other streaming applications that I connect to Chromecast. Also a reduction in commercials would be very helpful.

Could do better. It’s a great app but it’s very annoying to have so many commercials. Why not just 2-3. Why six. Also every time it freezes when i go to play the episode it restarts from the beginning again. Takes forever to load. Then when i speed on forward to where I’m supposed to be commercials come again. It literally takes me too long to watch just one episode. Please update your app. Thanks.

No Tv Providers. The app has amazing shows and everything but the thing is that I don’t have cable. I’m in 8th grade so it’s pretty self-explanatory that I cannot afford to pay bills. So I’m just saying that most of the time people who watch shows are mostly teens, correct me if I’m wrong (didn’t do any research) if their ‘rents don’t have cable there should be an alternative option for them. No offense, but the shows and movies that someone can watch without a Tv Provider is kinda lame. So if the company could come to an agreement where if someone doesn’t have cable they can still watch good shows. I hope y’all actually look at this and take it into consideration. Thanks :)

I love this app. I watch a whole bunch of shows and you don’t have to pay I can watch old shows that you can’t watch on other streaming devices I am watching a show called babies daddy And do you have a choice to watch your shows with no commercials or with commercials and you get coins from just watching a couple of episodes I love this app and it’s amazing

I love this app. This app allows you to watch your favorite shows for free all you have to do to unlock the shows is put in you cable info and if you don’t want to do that it comes with at least one free episode out of all the shows if you like Freeform and your not at home this is a simple way to watch your favorite shows on the go so if you travel a lot or don’t have time to sit and watch is on the tv then this app is great for you I would suggest to watch cloak and dagger it’s one of my favorites

Love! 💕. I love this app, especially because the episodes are usually available for streaming right after the show airs which is incredible!! Please don’t stop doing that! 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 The only reason why I gave it 4 stars is because I have trouble rewinding episodes with the time’s like it’s too tight of a space to get it to where I want it ; So if you guys could make that better it would be awesome! (Also maybe throw in a way for us to start it completely over too, that’d be great as well)

Awful. There are so many shows I love on this app that aren’t anywhere else. However, the app constantly crashes or gives me error messages. The Freeform app on my smartTV refused to work so I started casting it to my TV from my phone and that worked fine all week, until now. Right now the app gives me an error when I open it and it won’t even let me do anything. It’s so frustrating. I have emailed support and all I got back is a general response, which I didn’t need bc I’ve done everything, I’ve deleted/reinstalled, my Wi-Fi and connection are fine but I refreshed them anyway, I’ve closed other running apps, I’ve restarted everything. It’s the glitches with the app itself. Guess I’ll be heading back over to the CW because I literally don’t have the patience for this anymore...

App needs a reform. Love the shows on FreeForm however I hate the app. I don’t know if anyone else experiences these issues but lately for shows that I have never watched, it starts the episode either in the middle of the show or near the end. No one else uses my log in so it’s just me using this app. On top of that, it’s nearly impossible to start the episode over or even just fast forward or rewind. The status bar for the episode is awkwardly at the bottom and so close to the bottom that it does even recognize when I’m trying use my finger to swipe back or forward to the point in the episode I want. I can never ever get it to go all way back to the beginning of an episode because of how the bar is placed. The furthest back I can go is 0:22. I use an IPhone 7 Plus so maybe the experience is different for others.

Very glitchy with chromecast. I use this app to cast to my television through the chromecast device. This app works fine if you watch a show from start to finish and don’t touch anything. However, if god forbid you pause or rewind, you won’t be able to watch that show again. Rewinding it makes it jump at least ten minutes AHEAD and it refuses to rewind once it starts doing that. Every time you rewind again after it’s jumped ahead, it actually starts even further ahead than the last time it decided to go in the opposite direction. If you shut down the app completely, it still remembers where you last paused ....which is where it decided to jump ahead. And that show is essentially locked at a time point you don’t want until the app forgets you ever tried to watch that show. I don’t know how long that takes because it hasn’t happened for me. You spend more time trying to get it to PLEASE EFFING REWIND than you do watching the show. As I’m writing this, I’ve wasted a half hour trying to get through a show I’d only made through 15 minutes of. So, for now, I deleted the app. I don’t have the patience for this.

Bugs blocking viewing shows. Up until about a month or so ago I really enjoyed watching shows and movies on the field channel. Now when I try to open the shows I get a message stating that “there is a problem opening, that something is wrong with my account or something like that “ I can’t remember the exact wording. But I wish that someone would check it out, I very much like the channels. Thank you very much D. H Murray

Freeform. I think u have a bug again when I try to hit the next episode of the series I am watching it says please try again later. And if this problem persists contact u on via the in-app feedback under help. I love this app I get to watch my favorite series ever and the only issue I have is there way to many ads but other then that it’s an amazing app to watch series on

What is freeform app like. I use the freeform app on an iphone 8plus. The app is easy to use, with no issues regarding playback or buffering. In fact the ONLY reason I didn’t give it 5 ⭐️ is because episodes contain ads. You earn points by watching shows with ads, which you can then exchange to watch ad free episodes. I can watch my freeform show on demand without ads... but a few episodes seem to be missing, forcing me to use the app. The app links to my television provider, so I don’t see why if it’s on demand free on my tv without ads... I have to sit thru ads on the app. The best work around for this is to have something else I’m doing at the same time (a book I’m reading, a craft project, use the ads as a bathroom break, grab a snack etc.). I can understand the need for ad revenue, without having to like ads being forced on me.

No rewards. Not a fan of all these commercials now. Not only that, but they took away the rewards system completely and for those of us that don’t have a home(no reason to have a cable provider) the free shows were all we had. The rewards system was worth it because you could at least watch a few episodes commercial free. Now it’s just so annoying that I don’t even think I want to use the app anymore. I’d rather watch them free online, on another website.

A Little Disappointed with Update. I really do like this app and have had few problems with it in the past. It doesn’t glitch much and makes it easy to watch shows. I am really sad they decided to get rid of the Non-stop point system. It was a really great way to get users to watch more. I’m not upset about my unused points because the app has been warning us that they would become invalid at the end of July, but I still don’t really like this change. Also, the ads now don’t show the total amount of time for the commercials and just for the individual commercials. This makes it hard if maybe you need to grab something/go to the bathroom and don’t want to miss the show. Overall, a nice app. I just wished they kept the non-stop point and the previous ad count down.

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Love it. I love it but ever since I updated it it’s been longer commercial breaks and I get annoyed with them!! And a lot of the repeat over and over and I really really hate that but other then that I love the app it’s the only place I could find Melissa and Joey to watch again!!

Freeform Review. The app is very easy to use, and I like how it shows how long the ads will take. Sometimes the sound does go away but after you refresh the page it comes back. And the captions are very easily read, even without my glasses.

Too many ads. Good app because they give you the option to watch a lot of shows without signing in to a cable provider. However, there are TOO MANY ADS! Every 6 minutes I get a 3 minute ad. There’s a countdown in the corner of the screen that says how much commercial time I have left and even though it says 00:00, I still have 30 seconds of commercials that play.

STOP TAKING AWAY CONTENT!. This is the SECOND time now where I decided to start watching a series for the first time and they decide to remove the content when I'm just a handful of episodes into it! Also, the ads are atrocious. They play the same eight advertisements repeatedly and they tend to glitch a lot, which slows everything down. If you need more space for content, leave up your series and take down those old movies that no one is watching. Anyone who wants to watch Forest Gump already owns it. Seriously. 😒

Glitching and commercials. I love the shows on Freeform but there is always glitching. The app constantly crashes or I have to click out of it. Also there is way too many commercials. It’s even worse because you are watching the same commercials over and over again. It annoying and makes me not want to use the app.

This app is amazing. It has so many shows to stream with little ads and has lots of shows that are super popular along with movies. I struggle with making so many accounts and this one does not require sign in and I highly recommended this app

The amount of commercials are RIDICULOUS. thought this app was great but i literally can’t watch more than 5 minutes of a show without a 2 minute commercial break. and THEYRE ALL THE SAME COMMERICALS. so aggravating to sit through 2 minutes of the same exact ads 6 times throughout your show. it’s like i’m watching more ads than i am my actual show. might as well find the show somewhere else lol

Glitching ruining the watching experience. Whenever I have to turn off my phone while watching a movie, even if it is only for a few moments, the movie has to “reload” which is basically it just playing the two minute ads all over again. After that, it either goes back to where I was in the movie or starts it completely over, thus starting the ads completely over. Super annoying and ruins watching the movie.

Dissatisfied with the new update. I think that it was a big mistake to get rid of the point system in this new update, because i feel like it was really convenient and was unique about this app. I also don't like the new way that it shows the ads as only 1 out of 5 rather than just the time that you will be watching the ads. Please bring back the point system!

Gets me my shows but could be more user friendly. The functionality of this app is great. In place of shows that I want and allows me to keep caught up on my shows. The only thing is the user-friendliness. It would help if it was easier to fast forward and rewind and if the buffering circle went away after a commercial.

Awesome but needs some minor fixes. I love the watching ads for points that was really really smart of you guys. Love the set up of the app as well. But, I’ve been having trouble when rewinding. During movies it rewinds way more than ten seconds. Then after you rewind it won’t let you fast forward. Please fix soon. Thanks.

To many Adds!!!. Love the app. It has a lot of shows that I love to watch but... it has way to many adds which is why I don’t watch regular television. All the excessive adds it makes you watch makes you not even want to watch the show because there’s more commercials then the actual show you’re watching and it’s really annoying!

Freeborn discourages watching their shows. This app is so annoying in that you have to watch so many very long commercials to watch their shows! It truly discourages you from binge watching their shows or trying to catch up on them. I get that you can earn points, but even then it stops throughout. Even after adding your TV provider you are still stuck watching LONG commercials. They should really just put their shows on Netflix or Prime! Disappointing!

Hmm.. Love the shows, but hate app performance. The app doesn’t always remember where i last stopped watching a show. It will start the show from the beginning and then make me watch more ads of 2-3 min long. Sometimes ads are longer than the time given too. It’s really just frustrating when you want to just relax and watch some shows. Another thing is that the closed captions do not function properly or at all sometimes.

I CAN’T WATCH ANY EPISODES. On the app I can’t watch any of the shows under the “new episodes” category I can’t watch any episodes. A black screen shows up with white words that say, “Oops! An error has occurred :( null” It’s just the new episodes the ones that you have to verify your tv provider’s information. The thing is I put my information in and if I go to my settings and click “Tv Provider” it says, “ You have been verified with AT&T U-verse through your cable subscription.

I love this apps but it has some issues. I really love this app but here lately ,but I’ve had issues signing in with anytype of technology I’ve reset my password I’ve cleared my cache and it just keeps saying we’re sorry you are not eligible to sign in or register here I don’t know what to do.

No tv provider. I used to watch Freeform all the time. But because I no longer have cable(only internet) I can’t watch it. I love watching all the Halloween movies and Christmas movies at the end of the year but now I can’t because of this. Is very annoying and heartbreaking. It a tradition for me and my family every year and now we can’t keep it up. I’m so aggravated with this as a whole. I hope it changes soon because not every one has cable they only have internet.

The watch nonstop feature is the best and unlike any other feature on any other tv channel apps. The non stop feature allows you to rack up points by watching ad supported content on the app, you can use those points to watch more content ad free. This is the best thing ever

Issues. I like that I have shows I like on here but there are a lot of bugs. When I try to screen mirror to my tv, sometimes I lock the screen and it pauses the show and other times I can lock it and it works. The times I lock it and/or switch my phone screens the show restarts itself and that is frustrating when I’m half way through the show and I have to find where I was again.

Help!!. I love this app because it has a really good show on it called good trouble and I love the fosters and that’s like the second part to it but now it won’t load anymore I checked my connection it’s fine I connected my tv provider and nothing is working it just sits on the the loading screen for almost everything

Doesn't load then crashes!!!!. I would rate this app 5 stars if it would load and not crash every time I try to watch something. Hasn't been an issue until now. When I click on a show I see the option menu but under it will just be white. I click back and forth between episodes and latest and still just stays blank. If it does load, I'll click on an episode to watch and then it loads for 5 minutes and crashes

Cheaper than Netflix. This app is so much better than Netflix because it’s cheaper than Netflix and it’s awesome with your tv provider and that’s what I love about freeform tv and best of all, you don’t have to worry about any tv streaming service that costs money. I love freeform tv.... way to go and keep up the great work.

Overall Very Great App. This app overall would be my favorite app to watch TV on the only problem that I have is that they’re a little bit too much adds but I love all the shows that come with it I also love how they have all of the shows that I want

It’s ok. I had to do 5 stars so they would let me wright this. It’s amazing except for the fact that there is 5 ads every 5 seconds. But yes, it did let me watch the show that I wanted to so I can give that to them.

Are you kidding me. So this app is pretty good the only reason I download it it was to watch grown-ish and I went to go watch it already started watching an episode and he wouldn’t let me fast-forward through the part that I already saw really hate that I hope they fix that because that’s super stupid like we need to fast forward

I cant sign in or watch shows. So yesterday i got the app and tried to create an account when i finished it brought me to the sign in page so then i signed in but when i clicked done it erased my password so I put it in again and it erased it again so then i just skipped the whole sign in process and went to watch a show. It was working for a couple of hours until it said there was an error with the server and that I couldn’t watch the show. I think I'm just going to watch on Netflix again.

Closed caption. So closed captioning takes up majority of the screen which is annoying. It also likes to narrorate the actions of the people (for blind people), but there is no way I can change it. I’ve looked everywhere and I just can’t find it. Otherwise, it’s a great app but PLEASE update it to where we can changed CC and take off the voice narrating.

I’m upset. I was watching the show shadow hunters because someone recommended it to me and told me all the episodes were on the app. So two days ago I started on the first season and got to episode 9. Then when I woke up this morning they only had the 3rd season. If that’s the kind of service this app is going to provide then maybe I shouldn’t watch shows from Freeform. I can only hope that freeform will see this a put back on season 1 and 2 of shadow hunters.

Love. I love this app, all my fav shows, definitely binge watching The Bold Type! One problem that I wish was addressed in the next update is having a saved favorites/shows list cause as of right now I have to keep on looking up my shows. Great app though, nice work!

Why so many steps?. The app is fine (basically the same as all other network apps) but the number of steps needed to link a Cable provider is ridiculous. At least 10 steps for each device? Why does this app make me create an account and sign in to my cable providers? Literally every other app can detect and identify if the channel is approved. For some reason this app wants me to key in all log in information and passwords. Why do I have to unnecessarily share personal info? Delete this app immediately

Ads midstream.. I downloaded, signed up, and watched just half of one when an ad appeared midstream. I can live with an ad or two before the show, but not interrupting midstream. I also don’t like ads because too many times the companies who make the ads try to control the content. It’s my show, it was made for me, so I want content that I will enjoy. My recommendation to Disney is to provide paid content, with a fair price, and without third party corporate content influence.

I love your app. I love your app so much. For some reason I don’t have your channel on my TV, so I use this app. I love the show Pretty Little Liars and I found out they came out with another show, Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionests and your app let me watch it. Also it’s free, which I love, because I don’t like paying for show apps. THIS APP IS AMAZING!

Doesn’t integrate with other Freeform apps. App works fine, the “points” feature to get rid of commercials is interesting, but I wish when I watched episodes on the mobile and tv (Roku) apps they would sync so I wouldn’t have to open the other to figure out where I was in a show. Also I wish the points feature carried over to the roku app as well not just in the mobile.

Amazing!!! Outstanding quality. Freeform has been around for a long time and I’m glad it is because it has many great shows such as; The Bold Type, Alone Together, and Famous In Love. They are perfecting their app everyday to fit your interest so you can be entertained.

Hands down the worst tv app. You gotta watch 5 commercials every few minutes in your show with no option of getting out of it. The show never plays where you left off which means you have to watch twice as many commercials to get back to where you were. Tried watching on my computer and the ads played just fine but the show would only freeze.

Freeform. I really love Freeform and their suggestions but some you need to unlock but I can’t and you also can’t watch the really good Halloween movies without unlocking them and they don’t have season 1 of good trouble but I can’t watch season 2 but the main reason I got freeform was because of switched at birth, best show ever!!!

It’s a good app but... I really like this app because I can watch so many shows that Netflix doesn’t have already or Netflix has taken it off but I’m in 7th grade so I don’t have cable so how am I suppose to use a tv provider if I don’t have one and now I can’t watch some of the shows I was watching because It’s locked and I don’t have a tv provider😭😭 I hope you guys fix this💖

Love it but needs some fixes.. I mostly use the Freeform app on my iPad. Which means that while I’m watching it I would like to be able to do other things as well. I believe that maybe they should add the multitasking thing where it has a little screen when you exit out of it so you can play games, or text,etc... 😁

App could be slightly better when coming to fast-forwarding and re-winding!. This app is great but I do wish I could tap to go forward 10 seconds or tap to go backwards 10 seconds because the way it is now you have to drag the bar at the bottom and it either goes too far or half the time it won’t move at all!

Great when it doesn't crash every time.... I've been trying to watch The Bold Type and The Fosters on the app, but once I get into one of the episodes it takes about 30 seconds to load and then completely crashes on me. Not sure what's wrong but it seems like it's been happening for a lot of people. Also not a great app due to how many ads they have. I understand WHY they have them, but the amount of ads they put per episode and how long the commercial break is seems a bit excessive.

Good sometimes. Ok this is great when watching an episode I missed on tv but I’m trying to watch right now and the stupid show just cut off in the middle of nowhere and wouldn’t open again!!!! It’s not a WiFi issue or anything of that sort. I’m just infinitely stuck on the loading screen when clicking on the episode to resume from where it left off. Please fix this. I’m just trying to watch in peace.

Re-authenticate. I don’t know why but every time I get on the app it always tells my to re-authenticate my tv provider and at this point it’s really drying me to the point where I just give up on the app. I just want to watch cloak and dagger I don’t think it’s that hard to comprehend

Horrible update. No longer keeps track of where I left off in my show or which episode. If I am half way through an episode and I exit out it starts the episode all over again. So I have to fast forward and figure out where I left off. So annoying now. And I have to keep track of what episode since it also no longer says play next episode for any show. And the point system was a really great thing they got rid of!!! Like why?!?!

Freeform: PLEASE MAKE UPDATES. This gets 3 rating until otherwise.. I’ve found shows I really enjoy watching on the app and I’m constantly on my phone so I’d like to continue using it but it is waaaay too many commercials. I get they’re inevitable but it’s like I’m watching 2 mins of show to get 5 mins of commercials that are on repeat. It makes me want to fall asleep while they’re playing.... Will there be an update for limited ads?

Ight. The shows and Movies on here are pretty good. There’s some newer ones and older ones. A big thing that is bothersome is the amount of commercials during one episode. It’s also annoying that when you fast forward you can’t see how far in the show you are, so you may have to sit through more commercials. The app itself just needs tuned up

Good but there are some problems. I love the freeform app but I hate all of the ads. Some of them just freeze on my screen and I have to keep on clicking on and off and then watch more ads! All I want to do is watch my Shadowhunters and not have any interpretations! I'm fine with like 1 or 2 ads but 6! It makes it almost impossible for me to get an episode finished

Amazing app. One problem.. This is an amazing app and it’s free but every time I watch a movie your app skips some of the movie. Like on Ella Enchanted, it plays the movie very well but it’s not the full movie. There’s bits and pieces missing from the movie so I’m assuming the app automatically skips some of it because the developers put ads in there. If you’re able to fix it please do. Other than that it’s a great app.

Error Message. As of today, June 5, 2018, the app is not working. I was trying to watch a show on the app and it isn’t working on my roku or my iPad. It keeps showing an error message that says “somethings wrong, restart the app” then I do so and it still doesn’t work. I’ve even tried deleting it and redownloading it and logging out and back in and nothing has worked. I would like fo you guys to seriously fix this issue.

Review on Freeform. I love this app because all of my favorite shows r on the app . It has many different options on Shows and u will definitely find one that u will like ! But the app is hard to understand and use , I hate how there is so much adds . The adds r the same ones so it gets annoying.

Good app. Don’t usually do apps like this because they are usually buggy, however I have had no problems while watching my shows. The most buggy part has been the commercials which on occasion just gets skipped all together. Really like that👍.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 10.31.1
Play Store com.abcfamily.videoplayer
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

Freeform TV (Versiyon 10.31.1) Install & Download

The applications Freeform TV was published in the category Entertainment on 2012-03-05 and was developed by Disney [Developer ID: 284888248]. This program file size is 576.29 MB. This app has been rated by 51,179 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Freeform TV - Entertainment app posted on 2022-12-19 current version is 10.31.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.abcfamily.videoplayer. Languages supported by the app:

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Freeform TV App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We’ve updated the app to address bug fixes for a better viewing experience!

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Find this site the customer service details of Freeform TV. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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