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Tweeticide allows you to delete all of your tweets at once.

Have you ever wanted to clean out your Twitter account of old tweets?

Have hundreds or even thousands of Tweets and need a way to delete them all at once?

Tweeticide quickly, and securely removes all of your Tweets from your existing Twitter account, allowing you to start over from scratch.

Note: Twitter only displays your last 3,200 Tweets, older Tweets are not visible by you or anyone viewing your account. After Tweeticide deletes this maximum your timeline will be empty, thus displaying no Tweets to those viewing your account.

No need to create a new Twitter account, now you can keep the same screen name but wipe out your tweets!

- Keep your screen name
- Keep all of your followers
- Keep all of your direct messages
- Nuke all of your tweets!

Did you know that the Library of Congress archives all undeleted tweets that are 24 weeks or older? It will then be stored forever!

Regular use of Tweeticide before the 24 week mark will prevent the archive!

If you’re ready to start over again from scratch, it's time to commit Tweeticide!

Tweeticide - Delete All Tweets App Description & Overview

The applications Tweeticide - Delete All Tweets was published in the category Social Networking on 2012-02-21 and was developed by Sepia Software LLC. The file size is 13.81 MB. The current version is 1.6.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- iOS 11.0 Updates

Thank you for the support, and if you love this app, a 5 star rating would be greatly appreciated!

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Had it for years! Still works.  NylahJ  5 star

Occasionally old cached tweets cone back but this s worth it. I use it all the time.


Don’t buy!  CMH3EF  1 star

This app does NOT work AT ALL. Waste of money! Do not download


Doesn’t work!  Akane105  1 star

I paid for this app and it doesn’t work at all! Every time I log into my twitter it doesn’t do anything. What a waste of money.


Great app  Wffaddict1  5 star

Downloaded and deleted Tweets in minutes. Perfect!!


Boom  tweetkilla  5 star

Got this and had all my tweets and mentions deleted in minutes. If only they could delete your likes, otherwise great app.


Doesnt work  Warpigss  1 star

Just bought this app and it doesnt work at all! everytime i press to log in it takes me back to the first page! I want a refund!!

Alex Alexzander

Garbage  Alex Alexzander  1 star

Doesn’t do anything. How the heck did this get approve? Basically a rip off.

Dave Steele

Useless app, waste of money  Dave Steele  1 star

Won’t open. At all. Pressing the ‘log in with twitter’ button simply throws you back to the start screen. Please refund.


Don’t buy  Jimefrigo  1 star

I can’t even log in to my twitter account. This is theft and now they owe me my 2.99 back


Or working from iPad  Darkalfa  1 star

3100 tweets in trend line , the app crashes and is not deleting anything , I event let the al open for days and says: Please wait,deleting tweets but is not working. iPad PRO.


Great app, but let down by nagging...  pingudownunder  3 star

This app does what it says - lets you "delete" (whatever that means on Twitter) your tweets. It allows you to use the twitter account registered in your settings, which is handy. The in-app purchase is a must. It allows you to export your tweets for safekeeping (as a text file sent by email) before deleting them from Twitter. The only thing bad about this app is it's constant nagware. It promotes another Instagram app on startup, and after deleting your tweets it wants you to send a tweet advertising itself. Not good for a "paid-for" app (the nagware should be removed at least if you do the in-app purchase). For the annoying nagware I'm docking two stars. Otherwise, I recommend it.


Perfect - just works!  adshowell  5 star

App works perfect. If you have a basic understanding of twitter, you realise that you can only view a few hundred tweets at a time. Hit the refresh button and you can delete a few hundred more.. App is seamless and well designed. Simple. Thanks guys.


Rubbish  Bec233  1 star

This app deleted like 200 of my 3000 tweets...


Works  tj.kerr  5 star

Deleted all of my tweets. On Twitter it says send your first tweet!


Does not work  WillTHopkins37373  1 star

I've tried using it three times. It says that my tweets have been deleted. My tweets have not been deleted. A total rip off


RIP-OFF! DO NOT USE THIS! Use A Free App/Website!  ajawaja  1 star

It's not necessary to purchase this app when there are free apps that do the same thing. I made the mistake of buying this app, thinking it would delete ALL of my tweets, but there's no way possible that can actually happen. There is only a certain amount of tweets that twitter allows you and others to see (your last 3,200 tweets). If you have 16K and want "0" to be the number adjacent to "tweets," as far as describing the amount of tweets you have through the app, then you will never get that. Make a new account. This was a rip-off. I am highly upset. Please, don't make the same mistake I did.


Love it!  ItsAight81  5 star

I can now organize my acct!

Taylor Hively

Totally works  Taylor Hively  5 star

Delete you last 3200 tweets quick and easy. Allows you to archive them first ($1 IAP)


App account error  Gucci10171  1 star

This app will not load my tweets anymore.

Kelli Harrah

Perfect  Kelli Harrah  5 star

Works like a dream.


Good for what its worth  Jaa365  4 star

Works great, just wish it shows that tweets been deleted im my tweet count too but thats small


Good app  Emilycastillo  4 star

It may be an app you have to pay for but it does what it's supposed to do, the only thing I would suggest is to wait a little bit then delete them again because my old tweets popped back up a few times


Do not buy!  maayrahh  1 star

Do not buy this app. I just did and did not delete one single tweet. There go my 3 dollars ...










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