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VideoSound - Music to Video App Description & Overview

What is videosound - music to video app? "Forget uploading boring old videos and images; now’s the time to start laying down your own background audio and making things a bit more interesting!"
— appPicker -

Highlight your memories with your favorite songs and let your friends wonder how you did it. Let VideoSound be your secret weapon for creating memorable Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube videos!

With VideoSound you can:
1. Add music from iTunes to your videos (one at a time);
2. Attach a song to a single photo and create a photo with music;
3. Create a photo slideshow with dozens of photos and music (in-app purchase).

Your resulting videos can then be shared on Instagram,Facebook or sent via Email with a few taps!

Bits and Pieces
• Mix the Original Video's Soundtrack with Music and a Sound Recording
• Preserve the Quality and Aspect Ratio of the Original Video
• Photo with Music - Create a Video from a Photo plus a Soundtrack
• Photo Slideshow - Create a Slideshow with Music from Your Photos (Pro version)
• New beautiful Dark theme!
• Share on Instagram, Facebook, or Send via Email
• Select the Starting Position and Length for your Video
• Option to Select Full HD, HD or VGA Resolution for the Resulting Video
• Option to Select the Resulting Video Speed (from 1/4x to 4x)
• Individual Volumes for Each Soundtrack
• Record Sound with a Built-In Sound Recorder Tool
• Select the Starting Position for Your Songs
• The Option of Choosing the Cropping Rectangle Position, when Selecting a Photo
• Audio Fade-In/Out Effect

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App Name VideoSound - Music to Video
Category Social Networking
Updated 10 November 2021, Wednesday
File Size 14.84 MB

VideoSound - Music to Video Comments & Reviews 2024

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Doesn’t work. Just wasted $.99. Can’t even add a song.

Great App!. I'm really enjoying this app! I found it smooth and easy to use, and it's one I will turn to frequently whenever I have similar projects. Nicely done!

Good! But how do you transfer it to insta?. I know how to transfer it to insta and I also know how to save to my camera roll, but when I do that the music doesn't stay with the video. Please help!

Works, kinda. The app works to add music from my library over my videos, but what's the point? It gets rejected by fb, IG, etc. for copyright infringement. So forget about sharing, you'll have to just watch them on your own :(

Good but I have one question.... I really like this app but the reason it is missing a star is because of the one thing I have been searching for in similar apps but is just nowhere to be found. I am looking for an app that can let you start the music anywhere in the video not having to start it at the beginning and play through the whole video. I don't know how viners do this. I wanted to use this mostly for vine but no app I have found has that feature. It's basically the same as two other apps I downloaded.....

Dopest. The best hands down!!!!

Works like a charm. Add the music I want to the video and saves it to my camera roll. Love this app!!!

Doesn’t work. App doesn’t allow me to click Select Song? Using v3.6. What am I doing wrong?

This is great so far!. Haven't experienced anything but ease of use and good things 😃

Good for one picture.... I like this app, but if youre making a collage video, after two pictures, it gets blurry. I want to make vids with multiple pictures, but the blur is too much.

Best video app. I love this app easy to use and you can music off your iPhone to any video

Blank screen. I just downloaded this app to work on a project. My screen goes blank/ white. I would like a refund.

Been searching for an app like this. I have been trying to do this forever. Post an image with a song on my Instagram feed and not in the story. This does just that. Only thing is the sound quality suffers quite a bit. Hope an update may fix that as well as being able to create a stopping point for the song. Say pick a song to start at 30sec then put stopping point at 1.30 so it’s just right for an instagram post. Worth the dollar I spent at this time

Easy Peasy. Easy to use. Would be nice if you could edit pictures and add multiple pictures while adding music. If already included forgive me if I missed it. #anakinCR2

App killed sound quality. It's a good app and functions well. But the finished product significantly reduced the quality of the song that I used.

Didn’t work. Paid a dollar for the app because I’m making a montage of our vacation... the app keeps glitching and won’t work! If you need to put music in a video I wouldn’t waste my time on his app. Complete waste.

Functional. Just quickly tried it to make sure it actually works. It does and is easy to use as well. Can't wait to actually use it.

Saving issue. I enjoy using the app! However, I think there is a technical issue when saving it creates a duplicate in my albums and not sure why. Please assist.

Amazing but.... this app would get 5 stars easy but when you make a video with just one photo, once the music starts the photos quality severely diminishes to the point where the whole video is ruined. I hope there's a future update that fixes this problem…

Horrible. The app claims you can add you own music from Apple Music then it tells you Apple only allows you to play the song not add it to a video. ROBBERY AND UNFAIR.

Update it for ios 15.. This app need updated for ios 15. When u click video it's doesn't work, but it works for when u click pics..plz updates for ios 15..thanks

One start for now.... I downloaded this and when I go to pick out the video I want to use it just keeps crashing. But it seems like a great app so hopefully someone can respond to my issues I’m having and fix it. I e even reinstalled it but it didn’t help. ☹️

Just what I was looking for!. Starts the song wherever you want it. Could only be better if you could stop the song early

Tidal. I just purchased this app and I have Tidal Music not Apple, will it work?

Bits & coffee. Simple uploader smooth process and easy to navigate. The next step would be a movie uploader.

Add your own music/audio to a video. This app was just what I was looking for to add music from my iTunes library to an Instagram video. The app is dead simple to use, enabling you to trim your video to a custom length or a 15-second Instagram video length, then select audio to go over it. You can choose the audio start point and whether you want it to fade in/out. You can mix your audio/music with the original video's audio anyway you wish. You then preview the video before export (which is SUPER fast on my 5S). If you decide to tweak your audio or video once you preview your result, it's as simple as hitting the Back button in the app to get things right. Once you're done you can export to your Camera Roll, Instagram, Facebook, or email. Great app. Nice work, developers!

Love it. The app was crashing for a bit, but I emailed them and they replied back pretty promptly and fixed the problem soon thereafter. Love the app.

Waste.. Don’t waste you $1. Not worth it.

Love it!. First time user, and it was simple to use! I am able to use MY own songs, too! 👍

Easy to use. Easy to use. Streamlined from video selection, song selection and length, to preview and export. Would like the option after exporting to go directly back to start a new video instead of having to click the back arrow and then reselecting.

Good app but needs more features. I actually really love this app but I was hoping there would be a feature that could keep the sound from my original video with the additional sound of my choice. I wanted the added music to be background music and didn't want my video to be muted . If this is fixed it would be a 5 star app ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Don't buy. Doesn't work

Sweet app. Trying to figure out if u can start the music in the middle of the video or not.

App for single video/ photo does not work/crashes. Please advise on how to fix this issue?!

You can't add more videos. You can only edit one video. I figured the app would be able to mash multiple videos. You can't even add multiple photos; only one. Bogus. I wish I didn't buy it.

Don’t buy! Waste of money. Waste of time. The video is only 15 seconds, only can get songs off iTunes, and it won’t let you save it unless you pay $2 to unlock something. Ridiculous, I want my money back.

Thank You for this incredible app!. I can edit together what I need either in a Slideshow or for my videos that I need audio in the background. I've used this app so much I learned a couple of tricks myself ;) I would highly recommend it, it doesn't use watermarks and isn't hard to use...

Very good app. This app works fine I've had no trouble working it and it is very easy to use do not think it doesn't work because of the thing where you click the music and it said something like not stored on iCloud all you have to do is click the song and download it to your music app

Waste of Money. You have to buy the music from iTunes to use it. Doesn’t work if you only subscribe to Apple Music. Please refund my money.

Simple beautiful little app. I love the simple intuitive design of this app. Others have too much going on. See my m1sspowers Instagram video where I added music to an Interstellar image. Took me seconds to add the audio. Love it for .99!!

App crashed. Bought the app and the first time I tried to use it it crashed. Still won’t work, and I’m very disappointed.

Need to buy music first. Just to clarify, a subscription to Apple Music is not sufficient to use this app for adding music to a video. You must actually purchase the individual song or album from iTunes first. And actually purchasing from iTunes is not a simple task. Otherwise this app is magnificent.

Awesome app!!. I love this app! It’s easy to navigate and the quality is excellent!

No issues here. I was in search of an app that'll play videos for 1min (IG's new update) found this jem! I've had it about a month and I don't have issues downloading my music to play over a pic. I go to my music, download the music ,go back to the app, and add it to the pic. Any app will have you do this because it wants the music to physically in reach. It works the same as PicMusic but better. I have recommended this app to others, plus no watermarks! Great app guys,keep up the great work!

Doesn't work.... I was super excited to use this app & many other reviews said it was good but I have never been able to get it to work. When I am prompted to select a video it pulls up several "albums" from my phone photos - none of which have any files in them when you select them. My settings for the app allow access to my photos but still nothing is there. Worst 99¢ I've spent on an app since I've never even been able to use it.

Very worth it !!!!. I love that you can adjust the sounds wether you want to have the sounds from the video or from a song/recording that you added on to it. Im very satisfied :)

Longer rendering.... I like this app but it used to have faster render time. Now it takes much longer to export video file with single image and music. I don’t know the reason of that... In any case, I still recommend this app.

Needs dev update. Could be a nice little easy app but needs an iphone 6 update. When it imports my slo-mo video from my camera it somehow takes it out of slo-mo and makes it a regular speed video. So when I add the music and put it into instagram which does recognize the slo-mo, the music turns into slo- mo as well...

Don’t waste your money. This app isn’t what you think. I wanted to add my own own and convert to a IG video. Doesn’t work that way. You have to have music in iTunes. Smh

Either its False advertising.. Or a bug that needs fixing!. The app does add background music and gives you the option to share on Instagram. The app opens Instagram, and that's it. The video created wont be detected or uploaded. I hope this gets fixed ASAP!

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Not what you think. It look good and also it makes it look like you can add more than one video into your thing but you cant. You can only add one video at a time . Waste of money next time don't make it look like you can add more than one video on instagram

Waste of money. Paid for the app, went to go make a slideshow of my holiday during Christmas, took FOREVER because the app wouldn’t accept any songs in my phone so I had to use a chat song. Plus it didn’t let me include photos and videos into my slideshow so I had to select photos only. Also, I had to search through so many songs because it wouldn’t let me add / mix any songs into it because one song would be too short for the clip. Anyways, after that stupid process, I went to go save it so I could email it to those who went on holiday with me and it says THE SLIDESHOW IS NOT INCLUDED, WOULD YOU LIKE TO PURCHASE THIS? Completely ridiculous!!! I wish I could get my money back. If you wanna make quality slideshows, stick to flipagram ✌🏽

Brilliant. I love this app so much, only problem is it won't allow me to use slo-mo off the bat, I have to email it to myself then edit via the long way. Still sensational app 👍

Awesome. Well designed, easy to use and nice layout. The only app i have found that works with the slo-mo function! Have made a couple for instagram and a lot of friends asked me which app i used because it looks professional. LOVE IT!

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App is incredible - thank you.. I am so pleased with the performance of this app. It makes incredible edits to my videos, keeps the sound quality and the image quality just perfect. Thanks for taking the time to make it so awesome! -Nate

Frustration. Just when you're in the middle of a recording and you finally got your slideshow together as you like it, the app closes on your and all your progress is gone...very frustrating and VERY infuriating especially when you've been working on something for weeks and when you finally get it as you like, it's gone.

Not bad but could be better. Not a bad app but needs an option to end the track when you want it to end.

This app used to be a great. but can’t use it no more.

Paid but not working. I paid for the app. I can open it add a photo or video but the option to add music is not responsive (I tap on the feature and nothing happens). I tried restarting my device and all other quick fixes I know- but to no avail. I contacted support but their response was vague and did not troubleshoot the problem, nor did it get resolved. So, I guess I’m out the money I paid. I’m using an iPhone (X) so maybe this app is compatible other brands - but I have no idea. Sorry I could not give a more favourable review. ***I’m changing my review. Adding stars - apparently it does matter what music apps you’re using. So, I will adjust my apps to include iTunes library and hopefully that resolved the past issue I had. (I was using Spotify and Amazon music and the app wasn’t seeing that I had a music library).

Update made sharing worse. Since the update I can not share my edit to IG. Telling me that I have to install IG even though I already have it on my phone.

Too glitchy, doesn't work. Gave up after about 300 tries.. Made one video successfully but it would not appear in my camera roll no matter how many times I tried. Second video, I tried to add a track that I needed to download off iCloud to be able to use. I did so and must have restarted the app 20,000 times but it never let me use it, just kept giving that same error message. I give up.

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Awesome app!. I use it all the time, great app!

Great!. Just what I was looking for!

Fix. Can make pic with song but can't upload to Instagram it fails every time please fix

DOESN'T WORK. Just downloaded and tested with several different songs... each returned with the same error.. don't waste your time.

Perfect. Great for adding music to instagram videos !!

Great app. Bad price. Really good app but the price is a bit to much

Does not work.. Doesn't let me add a song to my video. Can't believe I just spent a dollar on this piece of rubbish.

Disappointment. Terrible app, not worth the 99¢ whatsoever

Does not work!!!!!. It works when saving to my camera roll, but not when trying to upload to Instagram!!!

Don't work!. The app told me to download the music in my device, I already have the music downloaded and the same message came again! Don't buy, waste of money!!! I'm so angry!

Easy to use. Simple yet impressive

Fail!!. This does not work. I want a refund!!!

Do NOT Buy. This app doesn't even work. Waste of 99 cents do not purchase this. Very disappointing.

Does Not Work. Don't buy this app. Music will not load to video, waste of time, money and space.

Not even worth 1 cent. Didn't work at all. It told me to download the music so I did and it still gave me the same message.

Just bad. Nothing about this app works. It's a waste of money.

Horrible. Horrible please don't waste your money buying this app. It doesn't give you the option to but the type of music you want.

help. Mine stopped working. I have installed and uninstalled, restarted my phone. It shuts down when it gets to the last part of creating video. I really like this app a lot and would like some help.

DO NOT PURCHASE!. Crappy app does not work at all total waste of money, if anyone files a class action lawsuit please contact me!

Horrible. ^^^ 👌

Money back please or a simple fix?!. The video does not save to camera roll. I can't even get the video exported out of the app to use with instagram. Maybe it's a bug? Until there's an update, I would advise against buying this app.

DOESN'T WORK!. It tells me to download the music before adding. I do as told & still doesn't work!!! SMH

Crashes.... I think it's a great app but it I can't even download the video in the end cause it kicks me out

Boo. Tells me that I need to download music in my cloud before I can add I song, but I AM CHOOSING DOWNLOADED SONGS TO PLAY IN YOUR APP! Worthless.

Kicks me Out. It crashes every time I preview my video!

100% Satisfied. I've made over 200 - 15sec video clips with this app and have not had any issues. It is user-friendly and I've been 100 percent satisfied. Once, I thought there was a problem with the app when it wouldn't allow me to choose a song from my library. It wasn't until I rebooted my phone that everything worked perfect again so the issue was not with the app. Hopefully, this new update does not cause any issues. I wish the app developer(s) much success‼️

Love it!. Soooo easy to use, easily worth my $0.99!

Won't work. Tried several times. Won't work

App doesn't work.. Doesn't even give you instructions of how to do it. When you select the music you want, you can't hear it & it doesn't add the music to your videos! Demand a refund!!!! D:<

Love.. Easy to download, easy to use, Thanks

Good. I like this app so much <3 it's easy to use for making videos

Pathetic. Only allows me to add sounds I record or music I bought from itunes. I paid for this hoping to have a library of sounds or little songs to choose from! I wish I could get a refund...

Love it!. Worth the download 👍🏽

Don't buy this! Scam. I can't even start a new project or delete the photo I chose by accident. Total waste. Apple, I demand my 0.99 cents back.

Seriously?. I just purchased this and it doesn't even work at all. It added my video with NO music. I want my money back. Total fraud.

Doesn't work. You can cut a video, you can choose a song, but when its time to publish it either doesnt save to your camera roll like it suggests nor does it get uploaded to instagram with the song intact. Waste of money.

This is a terrible app. Can't even add my music to the video.. Horrible! Horrible!!!!!

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Language English
Price $0.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 4.0
Play Store com.bitscoffee.VideoSound
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

VideoSound - Music to Video (Versiyon 4.0) Install & Download

The application VideoSound - Music to Video was published in the category Social Networking on 23 September 2013, Monday and was developed by Bits&Coffee [Developer ID: 584369640]. This program file size is 14.84 MB. This app has been rated by 358 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. VideoSound - Music to Video - Social Networking app posted on 10 November 2021, Wednesday current version is 4.0 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.bitscoffee.VideoSound. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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VideoSound - Music to Video App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Updated for iOS 15 and the new iPhone 13s • Load song previews from other sources than iTunes! • Option to save videos in 4K besides Full HD, HD & VGA • Transition to Swift and support for the latest APIs • Updated dark & light app themes • Custom alert messages

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Find on this site the customer service details of VideoSound - Music to Video. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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