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What is toca birthday party app? Have a birthday party wherever you are! Invite friends, family or even teddy bears to join in the fun. Choose a theme, set the table, serve the cake and give the birthday kid a present! Eat and drink with your finger, and tilt the device to put everything in the dishwater when you're finished!

- Choose from three themes: pandas, dragons or rainbows!
- Surprise the birthday kid with a present!
- Blow out the candles on the birthday cake!
- Shoot fun party poppers during the celebration!
- Hear fun sounds when guests eat and drink!
- Finish by putting everything in the dishwater!
- Enjoy beautiful hand-drawn graphics!
- No in-app purchases


At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 200 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at

Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

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Toca Birthday Party Version 1.0.806 October 2018

Thanks for sharing your feedback and reporting bugs — we’ve made some updates. Get the latest version to have the best experience! And leave us a review — we read every one of them!.

Toca Birthday Party Comments & Reviews 2022

- Me At The Fairwell Today.

Fairwelld Birthdays Are A Very Weird Name, But Just Stooop This Actually For All. If You Don’t… Then You Would Be In BAD Luck. But! If You Get A Bad Luck Charm, Then You Could Avoid Deaths. But The Ones That Are Super Powerful? They Will Not Attack You With It. Just If You Can’t… Then Just Call One Person (Or Child) To Get A lot Of Help (Or A Bit Help) To Just Be Helped! For A Mirage. I Guess…

- Babysitter and Kid Approved

I’ve been babysitting for several years, and as such I’ve curated a page of apps just for kids that stays on my phone for special moments. These games are personally chosen by me, I test play everyone for smoothness and ability to understand and move through. And when it comes to Toca Boca nearly every app makes the cut. I enjoy the birthday party app specifically because it allows choices but doesn’t get overwhelming complicated. While the older kids aren’t very interested in, three to eight year olds will play again. Tips to extend play: don’t tell your child “how to play” the game. If they can’t move past a screen (new little kids sometimes get stuck at moving the plates to the circles) then offer to help, but the more independent you allow them to be-the more rewarding it is to them when they figure out new features. Last week a little girl (7) was ecstatic when she noticed the streamers after several times of just enjoying it for the cake and drinks!

- Toca Boca plz read this

I love this game, heck I love all your games but first things first I have this game on my I pad and in that game there is fruit punch how come there is none now? Next I have some suggestions. You should let them choose when the party is over, let us decorate the cake, make it a room not just the table, streamers I know just streamers, oh and if you do use one of these suggestions in your next update thanks a million and I'm not here to nag you about your games I'm here to help you make it better for me and others

- AWESOME GAMES!!!!!! review for b day party + SUGESTIONS!

This game is well worth 2.99, in fact, this was one of the first Toca Boca games I ever played! And when I was 5!!!!! I'm 10 so I have been playing for 5 yrs, and let's just say, it changed my life! However I have a suggestion for this game........what if u could have more plates, a bigger cake, and maybe decorate the cake yourself?!?!? HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?! Also, I don't like how EXACTLY when u finish the cake everyone leaves........plz note, ALL OF THIS IS BASICALLY A SUGGESTION U DONT NEED TO ADD THEESE,.....even though I hope u do, AND I WILL DEFINITELY SHARE THEESE GAMES WITH MY KIDS WHEN I GET OLDER

- Not worth it

I confess I didn’t look into the description as I should have when my child asked for this game. But I usually love the Toca Boca games, and I don’t mind paying for them since he won’t get ads. But I cannot believe I paid four dollars for this one. Visually it’s cute and it’s a fun concept. But To only have the three options for cakes and themes, with little ability to change anything or get creative is not worth paying for. I thought we were surely missing something but we weren’t. That’s it. Disappointing.

- I like it... For now.

I feel like this game always gets old after three or four rounds. It is kind of a cliché the way it is so much like other tea party games, like Daniel Tiger Tea Party on PBS kids. I also feel as if you should be able to prepare for the party more, like baking the cake or buying the present. Or even being able to choose it, maybe. I gave it two stars because it was just the same thing over and over. Also, maybe there could be more than one present and could we be able to actually do the dishes or wrap the gift. Just a few tweaks that you should add to make a much better turn-out. Thanks, Toca Boca!

- I’m ten but in love!

I’ve always liked toca bocas game for younger kis, even though I also also have the other ones for older kids. It’s fun and creative! I like you can choose the different cakes, plates, present, and just theme is general! It’s super colorful and detailed! recommend if you are immature sometimes ehen it comes to video games!

- A super fun app

We love the Birthday Party and have played it since it first came out - graduating from stuffed animals to Barbie Dolls to stuffed animals again! Please bring back the Toca Tea Party. The original really was the best. Also, please consider making one for a dinner party. This way when Daddy works late, he can still enjoy “Dinner” with his little girl. Thanks and keep up the good work!

- It’s ok for toddlers but not fit older kids

Ok so most kids will not really like it. kids where likening it for a minute then they got upset they love toca boca but they got upset because they thought it would be more fun. But one kid that was a toddler LOVED it so I guess if your kids are older they really wont want it.

- Awesome

I love this app! I am ten years old and I am still playing it. One suggestion: let us choose what we get for a present. And maybe more things to be in the present box? Like toca box’s t-shirts. Also, I thought maybe you could make a Halloween party app? But over all, I like be toca nova. Ps. The store is awesome too.

- Baboo 4

Purchased for my first grandchild when she just turned 3 and it has been enjoyed by 3 more. The youngest to play with it alone is our youngest when she had just turned 30 months. If you have young ones who love routine, this is the app for them.

- Not worth $2.99

I love the Toca Boca games for my preschooler, but this one is really lame. I am glad we got it for 99 cents because it really isn't even worth that much. It is just one of those "tea party" games where you choose your plates, tap on the pitcher to serve drinks, then tap tap tap over and over again to "eat" all nine pieces of cake, three bites each. BO-RING, even when you're 3 years old.

- I remember playing this from when I was little!!!

This game has been around for so long including Toca tea party! I used to be addicted to those games and whenever I play for some reason it makes me feel like a little kid again!!! 😃

- Good for toddlers.

My 3yo loves it. But for older kids it would probably be kinda boring. Agree with others that being able to make the cake and tea, etc would make it more fun for older kids but, like I said, my 3 yo is happy with the way it is

- Needs more variety

My three year old is somewhat entertained by this game, but definitely prefers toca tea party. I would really like to see more options in this game: music during the party, more cakes, the ability to choose the tablecloth, the ability to spill and clean up drinks, more presents. . . Please give us an update with more variety!

- Love it but...

I really like the game and I'm seven years old. It needs a few things to make it more interesting. 1.) you need more cake choices 2.) more presents 3.)should be able to make and decorate cake 4.) choose birthday song wrapping paper tablecloth etc.

- Cool! But..

I love this game so much. My and my big sister used to play with it all the time. But I feel like $2.99 is a bit too much for this game. It’s fun, but there’s only 3 cakes and maybe you should add more, like other presents, cakes, plates,etc. :)

- App gets boring quick

My 5 year old daughter loves Toca apps. We own 90% of Toca Boca apps. This is the only app she got bored with very quickly; within 30 minutes. I feel their should be more that you can do, this app is very limited. Not worth $2.99. Don’t let this review steer you away from their other apps, all other apps are very much worth $2.99.

- Great But More

I love this game, they should add a step where you can decorate your cake! I just wish they would make a few more options and a toca going out for dinner app! It would be so cool! I would buy it!😀

- Great for toddlers!

This game rocks! My 3 year old sister loves it! She sits in a circle with her dolls and celebrates! She used to think her birthday was every day, but now it is every minute! I recommend this app to kids 1-5 years old.

- Please fix ❤️

Hello Toca Boca! There is one problem with the panda cake when I go to put it on the tray it is sideways all the way until the cake is cut so please fix this! But my little cousins love the game. Keep up the good work

- This app is great

This app is great I will not be asking the developers for anything cause I’m not whiny, seeking attention, or passive aggressively saying “I love you but you need to change or else I’ll stop loving you but not really”

- Cute, imaginative play

My tot and I have fun playing this together. She likes playing it by herself as well. Hope they make more games like this!

- Add more stuffs

My little brother likes it but he wants more cakes and more gifts too and when all the cake is gone he always wants more time .so add more things to it .

- Love it!

Thank you so much for updating this app!! My kids love it. Great for multiple ages, like 2 & 5. So glad to have it. Now please update Paint My Wings. That’s our other favorite!

- Good game but...

The game is great however it could use different cakes different drinks and present you should be able to invite characters to come so it would really be a birthday party

- The best

My little sister loves this game only one thing to say it glitches a time or two anyway the game is perfect for little ones

- Pretty good😄

I enjoy this great app from Toca Boca It is fun for a pretend birthday party and it is fun to "serve" others! My sis and I had a tea party for our American Girl Dolls, and this app is better on iPad! Only concern- for $2.99 we should jave more than 3 parties, just sayin!

- Was so sorry to have paid for this version

We loved the original Toca boca tea party for years. This is a terrible replacement! We loved getting to choose the table cloth, if we wanted hot chocolate, tea or lemonade, lighting the candles, changing the radio channel. What happened!?? What a ripoff! I want my money back! You can’t spill the drinks now and clean them up! That used to make us laugh.

- Love it

I love these games so much all the toca boca games rock and i am ten i am in 4th grade and kids and in my class have toca boca shirts but maybe make games for older kids not only babys

- I like it a lot! But...

I really like this app but it crashed and made me start all over again and that annoyed me so you's should fix it! And I would love the game!!! Even more! ❤️

- Lovely

I like this game.I'm twelve years old!I hope my cousins visit and they will probably love it to. They love Toca games.I play them myself, and please continue making more wonderful and fun-filled games.

- One of the best Toca Apps !!!!

I love all of the Toca apps !!! They are totally worth the money you pay for. I love that there is no in-app purchases. This app is sooooo fun !!! I play Toca Tea party and Toca Birthday all the time 😉 From ages 4 to 104 , this game is sure to delight.

- Not what was expected

My daughter loves the toca world games but did not like this one as she is only 5.5 and says this game is for babies and asked if we could get a refund told her that was not sure on how to do that. Even I found the game a bit too childish and a bore kinda a waste of $4 since it was part of a gift card she got.

- Update

Need to update this so it works with iOS 11. My grand daughter loves it and was so sad when it wouldn’t open.

- Good...could be better

Maybe you should like get ready for the party. You know all the birthday stuff. Agreed?

- Love it

This game is so addicting! My six year old niece loves it! She can't go a day without pretending it's someone's birthday. I'm sixteen and I love to play with, this game is truly for all ages!

- More stuff, but good

I think they should add more everything. Like not make a doll EVERY SINGLE TIME. I think they should add more cakes too. It's a good game but it will be better

- Great Fun

Both my grandchildren have loved this app. Also have used this in speech therapy sessions to teach social skills with autism spectrum kiddos and children with speech or language delays.

- This should be FREE

Just like the old tea party app, which my grands liked ok. This just goes nowhere, just a bit of music, different presents(3), And a few food items. She got bored pretty quick and went on to something else We have lots of Toca apps that they still enjoy, but this is a disappointment

- Help

I had this app and my iPad updated to 11 now it doesn’t work. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

- Love it

This app is a waste of money but total worth it but needs a little more stuff and more themes but a very good app

- A great pretend play game

Completely captures the attention of our birthday-loving one over and over.

- Don't judge.

I'm 11. I love this app, it needs more presents. I originally got these apps because I'm friends wierd, and loves this stuff. Plz don't judge!

- Please update!

My daughter loves this game! She’s so sad it won’t work after the last update. We are hoping you will update it soon! It would mean the world to her 3-year-old heart!

- Fun but can get boring

I love it but it can be very boring. So I thought of the things that you may add. - more cakes design - more presents - more things to do

- pretty good app!

at first I thought this app would be for little kids, but when I got it, it wasn't that bad! 😉

- Needs more choices

My daughter and the kids I watch love the game but it needs more variety especially now that you aren't offering Toca Tea Party anymore. :(

- Great game!

My four year old sister loves these games we pretend it's her birthday ! I think all toca games are great!

- Already bought this?!

Why can't I download this on another device? I bought it over a year ago and it doesn't show in my purchase history. I'm not paying $3 for that. I'd rather watch my son cry when I tell him the bad news.

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I love the game but I really wish there would be more cake options because I just play with the same cakes over and over it’s starting to get a bit boring, also maybe new more presents

- I love it!!!

I love this game! Even though you don’t really decorate a party room it’s still super fun! I found a glitch though... with the panda cake it isn’t on the angle it’s supposed to be also a quarter of one of its sides is missing! But after all the drinks and plates and cups appear it turns back to the right angle and the missing part reappears! It is a strange glitch but I still love this game! Tysm Toca Boca your games are soooo fun! I love Toca so much that I have 2 bundles! The super bundle and the springtime bundle! (I got this from the springtime bundle) I am getting so many of your games! I love them all so much! I will never stop buying them! They are my time killers! (Especially Toca kitchen sushi!) thanks if you are reading my review! Keep making your games!

- Wasn’t expecting that

I have bought all toca boca apps and this one was not what I expected. My son was extremely disappointed. I thought there would be a party room you could decorate etc. If this was the first toca boca yes I would understand the simplicity, but not at this stage in your apps. My child played a mere 5 Minutes and he was done. Young minds want to explore a whole lot more, more inquisitive in this generation. I am looking for a refund on the first ever toca boca game..........

- Do the dishes and play again???

Ok, this game is great and all, but seriously!? I get my 3 year old daughter this game, and ten seconds later she’s complaining that it’s boring and she wants another app. I mean, in this day and age I would expect more than just picking the style and eating the cake! I was expecting something more fun for kids, like, would it be so hard to just let them customise the cake and pick a party room? Terribly disappointed. 😡

- A bit flat

We are Toca boca lovers and i just bought this app. I have to say i m very disappointed about what we can do with it. Except eating and drinking, there is no much entertainment. Why not some more poppers making noise, some characters blowing the candles. Toca boca is always full of funny characters and not here, not even one to blow the candles. My son doesn't want to play with it,he finds it boring and i m sorry to say that he s right...

- Poor effort

This from the team that brought us Toca Band??? Low budget (in every sense). If it was free I'd think they'd had a bad week and forgot to add the interesting & educational bits. i'd give it two stars and wait for them to regain their senses (and/or work ethic). Given that someone was sufficiently awake to put a 1.99 price tag on it, I have to feel a bit cynical. Not what I've come to expect respect & enjoy about Toca.

- Great but..

It gets boring for my child after a while. Maybe you could make more things to do like decorating the house before the party ect. And please make Toca family: where you babysit the children and feed them and bathe them and shop for them and more. You could also make: Toca café: where the children take it in turns to; make the food, serve the food (and wash up after) and be a customer Thanks you are the best role playing game ever on the app store!

- Great game

Great game I love playing it with my teddy bear oscar the owl but I just think it needs more cakes and maybe different party poppers for each setting but I love it

- So much fun playing this app we love playing it!

Just love it! Its so easy & fun to play & learn!

- West of money

It doesn’t teach them anything after they play it once no option

- Ridiculous $

This app should be free, it's not well thought out at all, it's boring, flat and not entertaining. Usually love Toca stuff. Not this time. Hugely disappointed.

- It's okay not

This game is so boring there's nothing fun about it so don't bother getting it!!!!!

- Great Game!

i'm 14 and Toca Boca is one of the better app creators for kids and younger children. When I'm baby sitting the kids nag me to play this game with them! The graphics are great and it hasn't crashed once on me! Its like having the tea parties with your teddies when you were younger yet there is nothing to pack up, only your ipod or phone! The sound effects are really cute and pouring the drinks and playing around with the party poppers is fun too! Definitely worth buying!

- 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

It's fun but I do wish it sings happy birthday and I wish it was free I also like the idea if u make a toca babysitter where you feed , wash , play with a baby and a toca hotel were its 2 player and u clean wash and more stuff if you work or you be the guest were u go in the elevator ,pool ,pay for stuff out the fridge and toca cafe also 2 player . If you do make toca hotel I will definetly get it BYE


I love it so much <333 one of my fav apps and its just so cute!! But please please please please please make toca boca tea party available on the iPod/iPhone!!! It's only available on the iPad :( please make it on the iPod/iPhone because I love it and want it on my devise!!!

- Great for kids

I played this game with my little cousin for her fourth birthday party and she loved it!! I totally recommend it! If you have a child or a cousin you should so get it! 🍰🎂🍹🍹🍹🎉🎊🎁🎍🎈 It's so 🆒❕❗❕❗❕

- Meh

It's OK. Need more cakes, presents, drinks, plates and items. It's gets quite boring after a while.

- I'm a critic

it was good but it could use a little mor variety Honestly if had a little more variety It would definitely be my favourite app so please add a little more variety like what plates what drinks and definitely a lot with the presents so please take some time to do that thank you! officially done with the new iPad 3 PS please!!! Just for that one more star. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!!! Actually reading

- Good but

Good but I thought you would be able to was the dishes :( please fix

- Great

This game is fun for a party I really recommend it.

- Great Game

Very well done game. Does anyone know where to buy toga tea party?

- Not as good as other Toca boca apps. Not much to do on this app.

Not much to do on this app. Not as good as other Toca Boca apps.

- Why bother

It's ok but don't bother getting it cos it should be free and I paid $3!!! All u do is eat cake and drink lemonade and open 1 present. It should totally be free and I like the idea of the toca hotel and u r a guest


Love Tocantins boca sooooooo much. Can't wait for Tocantins kitchen tomorrow

- Fun

This game is so fun.

- Hhhhh


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- Good but... UPDATE

They game is really awesome but for the price that the game cost, I think there should be a bit more things... like more cakes (cupcakes even), more drinks (like every colour of the rainbow), and different kinds of presents rather then only 3 different kinds... PLS UPDATEEEE

- Stupid and wast of money

This game is very stupid and a big wast of money

- Fun for a short while

My kids enjoy this game but it doesn't hold their attention for as long as some of the other Toca Boca games.

- Needs an update

This game is really fun! I love playing it with my little cousins, they are just loving it! But I think it needs more themes and more cakes and stuff. It really needs a good update.


Great game !! Worth getting!!


This game is amazing my birthday is in like a month or less an I will be ten

- Alright...

When I saw this game, I thought it would be perfect for my daughter, because Toca Store and all other Toca games were a success. I bought it, but 5 minutes after letting her play it, she got bored. I decided to give it a try with her, to see what you can do. First, when I saw it, I thought you could make the cake and decide out of a variety of themes. I was wrong. This game is boring for my 3 year old, not to mention myself. I feel it was a waste of money. Two stars because of good quality, but other than that do not get this game.

- Toca boka

I am 8 and it is awesome

- Like it

I love this game but it need some updates and more details

- Needs more interaction

I know this app is old and they will probably never update it, but my 4 year old said it would be really nice if she could add the candles and ice the cake herself. She like adding candles :)

- Review

awesome game! I play this with my 2 year old sister and she LOVES it! It is worth the money

- Boring

There should be chips and party games please update!!!!! And let us wash the dishes!!!!

- Love

CAN you make a spa one or a pet one or a pic one I love the idea

- Lion Themed Birthday Party

Hi Toca Boca, I have a little sister and I bought this game for her to play on my iPhone, and she loves 💛 it. Her favourite animal is a lion so I was wondering if u guys could make A LION THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY! She loves lions so much and it would be the best update ever for her and she would be sooooo happy. If u make the update I would be so pleased and happy with Toca Boca. Thank you

- Bad game

This is a waist of money! The cake is already made you get the same gift every time , you don't wash the dishes they wash it for you and they don't sing happy birthday it's this creepy lullaby tun 😐

- Hate it

Hate this game. You just do the same thing every time. You do not even get to do the dishes. You should be able to play longer without having to restart. Do not get this it is a waste of money

- Kinda lame

You don't get to wash the dishes. And you have to eat the whole cake before you can move on. Not much else to do. Update please!

- it cuts out

i like the app but an update would be nice so i can wash dishes and place candles it always cuts back to my home menu

- Title

you should be able to get more cakes and blow on the screen to blow out the candles

- Please

Please can you make toca tea party for the ipod and in this one can you like make it so you can pick your candles and table cloth and maybe more kinds of cake and more options of birthday presents the wraping and toy in side but other wise I LOVE this game!

- Ms

Pathetic!!!!! Not even worth it if it was free!!!

- Same gift (doll) every time!

This Toca Boca game is not one of their best, especially that it is quickly over and the replay value is low because every gift box always contains the same gift: a little doll that says "mama". It would have been far better to present the child with a different gift for each of the (only 3) gift wrappings, or even better, one of 25 surprises in the box instead of only 1. Then the child would try it all over again many times to see what they can get.

- My daughter can't get enough of this

My two and half year old loves playing with this on our iPad. She has little parties with her stuffed animals and dolls. It's pretty cute

- Lots of birthday fun!

My 2 year old loves to sing happy birthday, so this app was the best purchase! He enjoys setting the table, selecting all the items, and eating the cake as fast as he can! He likes to play over and over to see which present he gets. For me, I wish the music playing during the candle lighting was actually the happy birthday song, since I find it hard to sing happy birthday when the other music is playing, but it doesn't bother him at all. A refresh of present surprises would be a nice update.

- One of the best kids games!

My 6 year old loves it and can't wait for my 3 year old to try! Can't wait for future updates!

- A really boring game

Don't download

- This app is getting an unfair bad rap!

I'm a Speech-Language Pathologist working with Autistic preschool children. This app and the other Toca Boca apps have been awesome in facilitating pretend play and social interactons with kids who usually have no interest in it. The tea parties are so great because 3 or 4 children can play at a time as if they are sitting around having a real tea party. And my Autistic clients will actually talk to eachother and be engaged using these apps. I have clients who cry when I take the app away!!!!! Thanks Toca Boca!!!!

- I beg to differ

This one is one of my favorite Toca Boca apps. My 2 year old loves loves loves it and I can't see any reason why anyone would be disappointed. She loves picking everything out and it is a great app for multiple kids to play at the same time.

- Sweet

My baby is 16 months old and loves this app! After a week of fiddling around with it, she is now a Toca Birthday master. So funny watching her pass out the cake and gobble it up. Every time the candles get blown out, she claps her hands. We have all of the TB games and love them. Looking forward to more!!

- No good

Game has no lasting power. Waste of money and shame on them for being so thoughtless in this one. Hair salon was sooo fun with possibilities.

- Love it

So I have a 5 year boy who is going to be a big brother because I am giving birth ouch ! Mike the baby is coming my boy loves it

- Awesome!

Another beautifully simple app. Another winner! My little girl can't get enough of this app! Well done!

- Really great

It's really fun but i'd like to be able to change the tablecloth an maybe have like more than one meal like pizza or sandwiches and then cake (for desert). Also there should be more than one choice of drink... Other than that it's awesome

- Awesome!!!!

I'm almost 10, and I think this app is really cool! You get gifts and everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Toca Birthday Party 1.0.8 Screenshots & Images

Toca Birthday Party iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Toca Birthday Party iphone images
Toca Birthday Party iphone images
Toca Birthday Party iphone images
Toca Birthday Party iphone images
Toca Birthday Party iphone images
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Toca Birthday Party (Version 1.0.8) Install & Download

The applications Toca Birthday Party was published in the category Education on 2011-10-13 and was developed by Toca Boca AB [Developer ID: 419103351]. This application file size is 96.8 MB. Toca Birthday Party - Education app posted on 2018-10-06 current version is 1.0.8 and works well on IOS 6.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tocaboca.parentingbirthday