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Thousands of public safety organizations across the United States and Canada use the CodeRED community notification system to initiate emergency notifications. The CodeRED Mobile Alert app enables subscribers to receive these notifications directly to their personal cell phone whether at home, on the road, or traveling around the country. Alerts are initiated by authorized public safety officials to deliver location-based notifications and are not issued by OnSolve or its staff.

Free alerts available*
- Emergency
- Community
- Missing persons

*PLEASE NOTE: If the public safety agency covering your current location is not subscribed to the CodeRED service, you will not receive alerts through this application. If your city or state does not currently subscribe to CodeRED, contact your local public safety organization today to let them know your community would benefit from this service.

Helpful hints:

• Enable location services on your phone.
• The app also features the ability to view local radar footage for the past hour and satellite imagery of the previous 24 hours.
• The CodeRED Mobile Alert app comes with a complimentary 30-day trial of CodeRED Mobile Weather Alerts that automatically notifies U.S.-based subscribers of severe weather. The optional CodeRED Weather Warning add-on is $0.99/year, but it is NOT required to purchase in order to receive emergency, general, and missing person alerts.
• Your app account and the account you create for your community’s CodeRED system are NOT associated with each other. You must create separate accounts.

Questions or issues regarding the app? Before writing a negative review, please contact us – we’re here to help! Email us at [email protected] or call toll-free at 866-533-6935.

CodeRED Mobile Alert App Description & Overview

The applications CodeRED Mobile Alert was published in the category News on 2012-01-12 and was developed by Emergency Communications Network, INC. The file size is 40.43 MB. The current version is 5.1 and works well on 6.0 and high ios versions.

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Locked Up Already After Just A Few Hours  Nickie2  1 star

I live very close to the Goodwin fire in AZ. I only had the app for a few hours and it locked up. Now what?! That was a waste of money.


Too much abuse  MrmischiefVIP  1 star

Seems like a nice idea but the problem is that every agency marks everything they want to alert to as an "emergency." So when you have missing person alerts disabled you'll still get the full blown emergency alert for some one reported missing on the other side of the state. There are multiple options those issuing the alert can choose, making everything highest priority makes the app useless.


Took My Money But No Service  OldWomanGeek  1 star

Title says it all. Tells me I need to renew. I did. No service. Try to renew again and I'm unable to because I already have. What a rip.


WORST APP EVER!!!!  mountaingryl  1 star

I get alerts from everyone except code red. And always experiencing network or server problems. What could be an AMAZING AND LIFE SAVING APP IS NOT.


Too many test alerts during the day.  Busymom0727  1 star

App sends out multiple alerts during the day. All of which are TEST alerts. I'd understand 1 test alerts a day. However, 3-4 of them a day are quite annoying. So much so that I'm deleting the app. Great idea but still needs work.


Waste of space and battery  Jake1532!  1 star

Consistently shows multiple alerts, without any detail of what those alerts are. Goes off multiple times a day with the only alert showing that it is a required test of the system. Has the potential to be a great app, but needs a lot of work to get there.


No Details in Notifications  Slarvey  2 star

Receive notifications but no explanations. Needs updated but dev won't do it.


Not worth the drain on your battery  Qwdfvbtre  1 star

I would have loved to give this app a 5 star rating, but sadly, no. In order for it to work, you must provide personal information and allow it to track your every move 24/7. If you disable the GPS it says, "Error. User has denied to use current location." When you set up the app you are allowed to show a radius where you would like to monitor for alerts. It should not matter where you are at the precise time an event occurs. If you are away from home, you still want to be notified if there is an emergency situation around your home. 99.999999% of the time the top of the app will display "17 current alerts," but they are 3000 miles from your home. This app bills itself as a great alert system should anything happen in your area, whether it be in the radius you set up when you programmed the app or in the area that your person is located. In order for the app to function, you must allow it total access to your location at all times. This also drains your phone's battery quickly. It's a good theory, but in practical matters it fails miserably.


Doesn't work  Aduckfan  1 star

It doesn't even allow me to log in. Nothing but error messages. I'm deleting this app now.


Great concept but fix the issues  kellyaot  1 star

I also can't login after registering. And it tells me there are 25+ warnings or alerts, but can't find out what they are. Not useful at all.


Dave Quinn DaveQuinn247 3 star

#PublicSafety via CodeRED in #FriscoTX Emergency alert system via phone, email, text message – or even mobile alert…


Can't log in  ChuckDrake  1 star

Updated app to new version and now I can't log in. Support? Where & how? Bad.


Meh  XC555  2 star

I don't like the home page that much, it shows pretty much all of the US alerts (53 last I looked) I have this set for 5 miles and really only want to see a 30 mile radius map. It's tornado season and I would like the alerts but I don't think I'll pay for this app once my free month is over. The weather also gives weather warnings so I can delete this.


Money for noting  Flageobiker  1 star

Weather expired, I click to renew. It says I already purchased. Do I want to renew. Click yes. And the app does not up date. I send an email, and I'm told that I need to provide a copy of my receipt. What? App is now worthless, I deleted it.


Code red is on the red zone  LordOfCode  4 star

I find this app not so user friendly. Why register if it is mostly warning I am getting. Push notifications not always on point.


Not free  firstgarbo  4 star

First you have to go to your town or county government site and create an account that will send text messages to your smart phone. Then you download the app and register using the SAME user name and password. Set up in the app which notifications you want. HOWEVER, it is free for only thirty days. Want it then it will cost you .99 a year.


Waste of time  ChrisyC2  1 star

Installed, unable to sign in and set preferences. Uninstalled.


False Alarms  Swenzr  2 star

Someone needs to tell Dania Beach that routine City Hall meetings are NOT emergencies. Also, a tornado alert for my area was just issued that interrupted my cableTV programming. So far, crickets from CODE RED.

Tired in MO

Junk  Tired in MO  1 star

It wouldn't work, contacted them, no help. I've signed up for Fox 2 alerts and get them constantly. Code Red in Jefferson county MO is messed up too. I'm getting no alerts, no help.... Giving up and deleting it.


Ridiculous to Require Separate Sign-Ins / App Provides Very Little Information  JanuaryGirl88  2 star

1.) It's ridiculous to require a separate registration/sign-in for the desktop and the mobile app, but apparently the two are not linked. This mobile app is completely separate from the CodeRED service recommended by my community -- THAT service (desktop sign-in with mobile text notifications) seems like it could be worthwhile, whereas this mobile app offers very little that every other News/Weather/Google app doesn't already provide. 2.) The App -- which is basically a map -- defaults to showing a roughly 750 mile radius around my current location. While it might be interesting that there's a road closed due to an accident in suburban Atlanta, that's 600 miles away from my so I'm not affected. [Side note: even with that radius, there are only about a dozen alerts showing. Makes me question who/where the app gets its data - that cannot be right.] I can select "Near Me" to see alerts within my specified radius, but that shows nothing. Again, this app does nothing that other apps I use don't already do. I'm deleting it.


Would be nice if I could login  KinCharBamin  1 star

First of all, when I try to login on my phone it asks for email address and password. My email address isn't my login! Why are you asking for me email address and not my login id? Secondly, it doens't matter what I put in because when I click login it does NOTHING! Very sad that my local Sheriff's office is leaving NIXEL for this piece of garbage.

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