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What is 5-0 radio pro police scanner app? Thank you for making 5-0 Radio the #1 most downloaded police scanner app. Be the first to know about hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, shootings, riots, looting, protests, earthquakes, bombings, terrorist, radiation, nuclear fallout, outbreaks, biological or chemical attacks, and crime waves happening near you.

Join the tens of thousands of new users daily and tap into over 50,000 live police, firefighter, emergency medical ambulance, emt, air traffic control (ATC), railroad, ham radio, NOAA weather, news, talk, sports, and music stations.

* Why Upgrade to Pro? *
- Adds More Feeds
- Removes Ads
- Record Feeds and Email Recordings
- Sleep Timer / Alarm
- Siren Noise maker
- Access to cool new backgrounds
- Even more Airport feeds
- Even more Railroad feeds
- Even more NOAA weather feeds
- Get new feature updates
+ More

"Hot App of the Day" - Appmodo
As seen on NPR, CNN, New York Times, 9to5 Mac, MacWorld, Wired Magazine, and various other news organizations.

Listen to real events happening live in other parts of the world or in your local town. Listen to radio chatter in the background while you run other apps. Listen to new music as you surf the web. Share the stations you are listening to with your friends. They do not need to buy this app to listen to the feeds that you share with them.

* Features *
- New “Feeds with Active Alerts” feature that shows you feeds with interesting on-going activity happening right now along with a description of the alert and feed.
- Listen to feeds in the background while you run other apps or write emails/text messages.
- Chat with other listeners in real time.
- International support. There are feeds in many parts of the world, including USA, Canada, Australia, Chile, Russia, Japan, Sweden, UK, Israel, Europe, and more.
- Automatically attempts to reconnect the feed if you lose the connection.
- Browse one of the largest collection of feeds you will ever find in the App Store.
- Search through the feeds with any keywords (enter your city name to find local radio stations).
- Browse through radio feeds by genre (Police, Railroad, Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, R & B, etc.)
- Customizable Interface. Download new skins for free or create your skins.
- Integrated map finds your location and the location of most scanner feeds.
- List the Top 100 most-current-listeners feeds so that you wouldn't miss an important event
- The catalog is instantly updated as soon as you start browsing it, with new feeds added every few hours.
- Built-in Web Browser; so that you can browse the web while using this app. The built-in web browser is a powerful browser that can block ads.
- Use the built-in web browser to browse the web for more feeds such as air traffic control feeds, weather, and railroad.
- Search for air traffic control feeds by the airport code (i.e. LAX, JFK, HKG).
- Share feeds to your friends by email. All they need is a computer or iPhone to listen to your feeds.
- Listen to feeds on your own desktop computer or laptop. Just email a link to the feed to yourself and open it with iTunes.
- You location not listed here? Add your own feeds. There are plenty of feeds on the internet. Now you can add them all to one app.
- Your favorite feeds show up as soon as you start the app, and they can be sorted/edited by you.

Feed Requests
Want to make a feed request? Go to https://SmartestApple.com for more information on how to do so.

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5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner Customer Service, Editor Notes:

5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner Version 52.002 August 2022

Added the ability to delete recordings from the "Extra Feeds" section of the app..

5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner Comments & Reviews 2022

- Same channels like other scanners but most user friendly!

In my experience all the scanner apps have all the same channels only differing in the format! This channel is no different in that respect yet I like this scanner app the most because of the user friendly format! While It’s definitely entertaining to listen to alameda & broward county sheriff stations, The reason I bought this app was to listen to what’s going on locally in my area this app was the priciest so I payed the 5$ wishing I could listen to a local police radio alas same stations as the 3 free apps without ads disrupting the radio and a cool map feature making the 5$ price more than fair! If they charged 25$ for an updated version with small town and suburban stations it would make this app stand out more and offer angsty teens and million dollar trust fund babies the opportunity to hear Marin @ snohomish county calls about latte & dog pee on lawn emergencies!

- One of my most favorite apps!

It's exciting to listen to all the action and a little scary and sad to know what's happening so close to home. BUT!!!... I would have to say, the best thing about this app is the added respect and love for law enforcement it has given me. What they go through each and every day is astonishing. Firstly, the patience that these guys have far exceeds anything you'll ever hear about in social media... The daily dangerous situations they are placed in (in order to protect us) makes me want to go up and hug every single one of them and personally thank them. These are some true heroes! Side note: I do sometimes hear of some really awful, hideous, almost unbearable situations these guys are called to respond to... If you are really sensitive to these scenarios then this might not be the app for you. I have shut it down a few times when I can feel myself losing hope in humanity. I guess as with most things, balance is the key.

- It’s amazing

Been using this app for a couple months now. I can listen to the police activity in all major cities and even a lot of the smaller ones. Very well put together. I tried watching the news while a mass shooting was occurring and just couldn’t stand hearing the blood hungry media babbling away. Funny thing is that FB could get it better than them. Anyways I flip on the scanner to that city and bam, I am getting live updates straight from the police. The media? A joke. This? Straight talk from law enforcement themselves. 20 years ago I was listening to a local scanner, now I can listen to the exact Police Department that is investigating a burglary at one of the jobs sites my employer protects with visual monitoring. I can check the scanner 20, 40, 100 miles away. Pay the few bucks and get the pro.

- God Bless our local law enforcement

Just got this a few weeks ago while watching a TV show of that was beyond eye opening. I have nephew who serves always -on or off duty, while raising a family and more close friends that are from a ll walks of life. It's been a few years since i rode along with him on a few Saturday nights. The way it was on the show about Chicago cops, I just decided to listen to some feeds. This current unrest and false blame for police always being like the criminal. I pray for all police and feel much better listening to them keep on rocking in spite of the chaos. Great app as anyone can access anyplace - almost to be in touch with the never ending affirmative response ALWAYS from the patrol unit when asked to go to next call. We are blessed and need to THANK our police.

- Generally fair but needs improvement

This is the third scanner app I’ve tried, all with pretty much the same results. I use it to monitor Minneapolis Fire Department. It’s easy to use and to open. But unfortunately there are 3 shortcomings: first, the audio quality is inconsistent, ranging from loud & clear to almost unintelligible, often cutting in and out in the middle of a transmission. Second, the app often closes by itself. If I haven’t heard any radio traffic in a while, I check my phone and sure enough, the app closed. Third, even when the app is open, sometimes it seems to stop working for a few hours. I know because the Minneapolis Fire Dept. broadcasts radio checks at specific times and if I don’t receive those, I know something’s wrong. I’ve even known the app to go silent for days at a time. Verdict: fairly good when it works, but inconsistent and unreliable.

- Here’s the best advice ever

Discipline yourself to stay aware of News Alerts on your phone... then when you hear there is something significantly interesting (active shooter / plane crash / terrorism , etc) then flip on your 5-0 Radio app faster than a millennial would whip out their camera app during a Trump supporter encounter. Check your Top 100 feed, look for the highest hit count, and you’ll hear that saga unfold in real time. If the highest hit count = Chicago PD it’s a normal day. What’s really fun is sitting in a shopping center parking lot with your 5-0 app bluetoothed up to your car radio and sit there with sunglasses while people watching. They hear the police radio and think your undercover... hilarity ensues. Get the paid for version to avoid the distraction and enjoy this awesome app!

- It’s OK

The free version of this is so temperamental and buggy that i took a chance because some reviews said the $5 is worth it. Yeah ok it works WAY better than the free one.. but it still has ‘dead’ stations that dont activate, then inexplicably later on there’ll be 20 people listening and it’s ‘back on.’ It has a lag sometimes, and other times there is a complete replay of a 5-8 minute segment. Several medical calls and ‘police chases’ have been like that. The only way to tell is the ‘time stamp’ the dispatchers say after each transmission. All of of a sudden, yer tossed back to the start of the encounter. Since EMS radios dont normally do that, it has to be some function of the app. I also wish there wasnt such a huge conglomerate of ‘regional public safety’ channels, because all of the transmissions step all over each other and my medium sized city doesnt have separate EMS/fire/police, it just scrambles them all together. Dont put the county sheriff, highway patrol, and ems/fire/police together and expect a glowing review. Overall: yeah i didnt have to spend $400 to get all of this with a head unit or H/T, and its portable so i can listen at home or work. It’s worth the $5. There isnt a better app out there yet cuz i evaluate several besides this one every month.

- App does what it is supposed to do.

My issue is with the people broadcasting the live feeds. Whenever there is an actual emergency the live feeds are cut and that endangers many people because there is no live information or raw data coming to them and informed decisions cannot be made putting people and entire families at a higher risk of danger or becoming victims. This isn’t as bad of a problem for those people living in a covered area that does not have radio transmission that are encrypted and denied the public’s ear. Been using this app for years and it was awesome when the broadcasts were not encrypted. I did spring for the pay version too. No regrets there.

- Disappointed

I'm totally blind and using this app with Voiceover on a bluetooth keyboard. I've noticed there are unlabeled buttons, and although I can record, I cannot find a way to play back the recordings, or even a list of the recordings? I saw the alarm button and a few other buttons including a record button, but there are unlabeled buttons and I could not get any of them to play anything, and didn't know what they were? Very confusing. Love idea. I've made recordings I can't even play back. I hope this is fixed soon, or that you make a tab labeled playback and make that accessible. Maybe I'm missing something. Hope so and love this app. Also love the idea of being able to record and having it stop during silences. Thanks for reading this and you can email me with any questions.

- Very Pleased!

I am not a professional reviewer, I am just someone who tries to find the best apps that my interests suggest. I downloaded this app a few days ago and I have nothing but good things to say about it. I owned a scanner years ago that was stolen and since then I really wanted a replacement for it. I finally found it in this app. Not only does this app provide some of the biggest departments in the country but it also allows me to listen to my hometown departments. That is no small feat considering my town has only about 4000 residents! There has been no loading issues no glitches, nothing has been out of what I hoped for. I definitely give this app 5 stars!!!

- Love it!

I've had 50 for a few years now. When I first got it I had an iPod and I'd turn it on when our volunteer fire whistle blew or when the police went flying by. I used it during last years flood to hear what was going on. I had a real scanner years ago and wanted to buy a new one but it was just more than I could afford. When it came time to up grade my phone I went with a smart phone instead if a flip phone just so I could have access to this app in my car. I listen to it instead of the radio , I line to know about wrecks up ahead and about crime going on in an area I might want to avoid. I've recommend it to many people.

- LEOs Wife

I know I shouldn’t listen since my husband is on patrol, & Some spouses/partners may disagree, but I have for the last 15+ years, it makes me feel like I’m with him, especially since when he was deployed in the army I never knew what was going on & blackouts were frightening. This is just a good as any other scanner, there is a 1 minute delay from the LEOs scanner to this, but I believe that’s a safety feature for LEOs, so they still have a 1minute advantage. Great for anyone who wonders what our brave men & women go through, not just the officers, but dispatch too for quickly getting info to them & handling the emergencies over the phone.

- Great app for knowing what’s happening near by

When there’s annoying sirens going off, super bright spotlight beaming down from a helicopter above mimicking the holly light from Jesus I turn to this app to get the 411 on my block! Best part about having this app is I’m no longer peeking out of the window blinds, sleeping with one eye open or pretending to have ninja stealth techniques shadow hiding skills while I avoid the creaky areas crawling on all fours to go hide in the closet. This app has helped me regain lost hours of sleep. Highly recommend buying the pro version as well as getting security cameras on your home and motion lights 14 cameras and 8 lights in plenty on my tiny house that sleeps 7!

- Gets the job done!

I am a mail in my early 50s and have listened to scanners since the 1970s. This application does get the job done effectively. It should be noted that this application is a bit heavy on battery charge. There are many choices from which to select, literally hundreds if not more. However, if you intend to listen to activity from foreign locations outside of the United States, please note the reception is extremely weak and spotty. Also, you may not find your local law enforcement on this app but there are many others from which to choose. I've tried several other scanner applications and find this one the best that is currently available as of September 2016. Happy scanning!

- Great App...

I listen to local only stations, but love knowing what the issues are in our town. My son-n-law is an officer and I can see trials and tribulations the officers incur day in day out. I am enjoying the EMS/Fire, Sheriff Dept. as well since they are all listed together. I wish I was able to identify immediately which dept. is broadcasting. I usually can determine from locations, but not always. It would be nice to select a single department only. The app has worked great and I have recommended it to friends. It is a great service to those who have an interest or need to listen to calls. Most of the time there are 24 + listeners.

- The best

I’ve used this app for years and years and I adore it. When you want to hear the scanner you want your feed fast. I can open this app and my local feed is right there and I’m listening in seconds. Last December I woke up after a night shift to a sky filled with smoke. In seconds I had the scanner on, knew that there was something called the Marshall Fire and that we were going to be evacuated. This allowed me to gather kids and pets and have some extra time before the evacuation order came. We ended up losing our house so this extra time was truly priceless.

- I LOVE 5-0 Radio Pro

I was introduced to this app a few months ago after using other scanner apps. This one is perfect. The quality of the feeds are great, and the extra features are an added bonus. I recommend people upgrade to the pro version, as it has so much more to offer, like more feeds, custom skins and the ability to record dispatches. This app is extremely helpful in knowing what calls my department is on and what ones the surrounding departments are on. Having all this information at my fingertips has been very helpful in informing the people I know around me on what is happening. 🚒🚨

- Works well for me!

I currently volunteer in EMS in rural NY. My pager and IaR only give the intial call-out. 5-0 allows me to follow my station and others from call-out back to available. We have it running in the background at the station. We know what is happening in our rural county and can anticipate potential mutual aid calls. I also listen once in awhile to previous locations I have lived in. Both urban and rural areas in NY, Michigan, and California. It has a 2 minute delay from the actual calls. I used the free app for awhile. I finally paid for the Pro version. Worth the cost.

- Great scanner app - worth fee for pro version

Have had the free app for years - PD and FD near me were boring to listen to. Lately FD is many runs deep, using mutual aid (calling other departments to help). Police is super busy on calls like assault, man with knife, stolen vehicles, etc. The ads on the free version caused the steam to stop, without the ads, I hear 95-99% of the calls during any hour. Worth 5 bucks for sure. If someone happens nationally, say activity shooter, wild fires, etc; search that area and start listening. You can explain what’s happening, real time, better than the news. A+.

- The Real Deal: None Better (Especially Using Headphones)

I was reluctant having used cheaper scanners, in the past, but new year, so try something new. This app is DEFINITELY WORTH the upgrade. Think of anything you want, in a scanner and this app has it. Living in ChIraq, on the edge (1.5 miles from) one of the 3 worse killing zones in this post-industrial, hyper-segregated nightmare, violence is part of everyday life. For me, this not a ‘cop groupie’ entertainment toy, it similar to the best weather app, for a long distance trucker: essential. Do not hesitate. You can ‘Google’ the police codes and print them, but the app, also has a pull down menu.

- Knowing What’s going on in my Community & Neighboring Towns

5-0 Radio Pro Truly gives me an my Family Insight of How “Sam’s “ - AKA Duty Sargents am Police Chiefs are Policing around my Home an Community ? I Now have a Much Greater Understanding of Our Local Fire , Sherrifs, Police & Ambulatory EMT’s Daily Work shifts an What they are Subjected Too on a Daily Basis ! Sure there’s Some Sour Grapes out there like We’ve Seen on TV an Social Media,But 99.9 % of Our First Responders Are Doing the Best they Can even with Hours of Over Working , an Emotionally, Mentally, & Physically Exhausted ! “God Bless You All“ for what you Chose to Do ? Still Watching & Listening at any given Time !

- Excellent for Law Enforcement Chaplains

As a law enforcement chaplain. I love working for these officers. These police men and women that I serve in the Sacramento area have been crucified the media and I'm truly disappointed. But I thank God for this scanner I have been able to pray and respond when I am called out. Please pray for our officers safety and don't trust everything you here in the media. I understand when they say black life's matter and I'm with. But may I give you a friendly reminder also. "Blue lives matter too! It's a pleasure standing side by side with these officers I call family. Chaplain Derrick.

- Loved the free version, problem with pro version

When I used the free 5-0 radio app, it was listed in my cellular list on my iPhone so I could turn the cellular on to listen away from home when not on WiFi. But now that I paid for the pro version, it is no longer in the list and I can’t figure out how to turn in cellular for the app. Seems I have to be in WiFi to use it which doesn’t help me when I’m away from home. I really like the app, but if I can only use it in my house it’s not much help.

- Doesn’t have my exact area yet but it’s still great

This app seems to have the same coverage other ones do, and the audio transmissions are clear. Unlike others, they aren’t greedy and don’t charge you monthly. One charge up front, no ads, fast customer service if you contact them for anything. All these scanners get their feeds from volunteer area citizens with physical scanners willing to share. So don’t blame the app if yours isn’t covered yet. It just means no one in your area has a physical scanner, or isn’t willing to share it publicly.

- Better than Nothing!

I am a firefighter's wife, and I used to listen to our home scanner when my husband was on a big call just for something more productive to do than sitting and wondering what he could be getting into there. When our county switched to digital radios our home scanner no longer worked. A fellow fire wife recommended this app to me tonight, and so far so good. I'm definitely not hearing as much of the radio traffic as I used to with the home scanner but I was able to hear enough to have an idea of what was going on and when he might be getting home. The quality for the audio was good, and the app itself was very easy to use.

- Offline Feeds

I used to think this was a 5 star app however the only feed I listen too has gone offline for the past few days rendering this app useless. My research has shown me that these feeds actually come from volunteers who “feed” them to this app as well as all others so downloading a different app will not solve the problem. There is no feed directly from the source itself. I think you should be transparent about that upfront. Seems I wasted my money.


Being a former police officer for many years & now a security guard, a great police radio scanner is an extremely important tool to have with you while on duty. I can honestly tell you that this police radio scanner app is the best in the business it’s extremely accurate and never fails to work properlyI would highly recommend this app not only for entertainment but for the safety of all that is concerned considering the way this world is going today at least you would be forewarned of a dangerous situation heading your way.

- Pro?-drops my connections and doesn't let me get it back

Sure the ads are gone, but $4 for that just seems a bit excessive. I didn't need extra feeds, I live in an area with only one relevant feed! Don't care about the find friends thing, or anything else pro offers, iPhones offer that already. Waste of time... All I wanted was ads gone. What I got was that plus my connection randomly dropping and not being able to restart for 2-3 minutes at a time. So they'll be in the middle of talking and *bam* there goes my radio, and when I go back to connect? Nothing. It won't start. Even when I close and reopen the app, nothing. Thanks, pro.

- Amazing app!

I have been using the free version of this app for over a year. It's been very reliable and instrumental for knowing where trouble is happening. Decided today to buy the ad free version because I've used it so much and wanted to help fund its developers. It's fun to listen in, and very helpful to have it handy when danger looms in my hometown. It proved crucial last year, when icy road conditions were happening, and I was able to get home thanks to the information I was able to get from local first responders using the app.

- High speed chase.

I’ve been using this app for about 3 years. The other day on my way home from work at 1:00am, I noticed several police heading east on hwy 94 in hudson Wisconsin. So I tuned on the app. Turns out they were on a high speed chase that started in Minnesota. I was entertained all the way home. The chase ended with out any one getting hurt and the drive was apprehended. It sure was fun to listen too and how professional the police were working together at the same time from 2 different states. I recommend this app.

- 5.0 Scanner

If you know the frequencies of the organizations you want to listen to, then a "real" scanner is for you. However, if you don't, then this is your best bet for finding out what is going on. My pet peeve is, it covers the railroad I want to monitor, but not the section I'm interested in. I live in the north; it just covers the south. I have to try to figure out if the trains I hear are coming my way. But, for local 911 and other civilian channels, it does a right fine job of keeping me informed. Either way, it's a worthwhile purchase.

- Great Police Scanner App

Great app as long as you can listen In your area. Where I used to live the police changed their frequencies so I couldn’t listen to my local police anymore. I just recently moved and now I can listen again. I like hearing whats going on in my area. I Also like listening to New York City and Long Island police being I was born there. You can go online to broadcasting witch has the same channels but the app is more convenient. You can also listen to some other countries witch is pretty cool.

- It has improved.

The local county and city channels are grouped together so when listening it jumps back and forth making it difficult to track sometimes. There used to be a lot of white noise, but it sounds much better now. This app has improved considerably over the years. This is still my default for listening to local communications. I would recommend this app to get a basic idea of what’s going on in your neighborhood. You may not get the TAC channels, but great info for your personal piece of mind.

- Worth the $5 in my opinion

I was wondering if the Pro version would be worth it. The answer is YES! No annoying pop up ads and much more offered such as radio stations and more. Although I’m not totally sure that’s not offered in the free version. Regardless only real complaint is wishing there was more channels available in my county. I think there are basically clustered in the offered listings. I could have gotten this app cheaper less than a year ago. That would have been better too.

- Great scanner App

Could you please add Cairo Police Dept in Cairo, GA and Grady County Sheriff's Office. They were under Grady Co Public Safety but that selection has stopped working. Thanks! Keep up the great work! My dad and my husband are both police officers. I have not been able to listen to them on my scanner anymore since they swapped over to digital. I could not afford the new scanners. Now I can listen to them all the time with this app. It has an approximately 45 second lag behind the actual radios but it is loud and clear. I love it!!!

- What I like…

Just saying that I love this application is it's widespread ability to bring events to my attention like the Buffalo shooting it was both interesting and so sad but to hear it live as the police are responding is absolutely amazing. It hasn't been that long ago that we didn't have the ability to follow unfolding events in the same way that we can today. Thank you for the application and the effort that was expended in making it great

- Great, great app!

This is a wonderful app and I highly advise that you get the pro version. It is comprehensive and you’re able to tune in just about anywhere in the United States to what is going on, so again I highly recommend the pro version. I listen mainly to my local police department here in Northern California and it’s enlightning what the police go through on a day-to-day basis. So if you wanna listen in when it’s going down in your neighborhood, this is the app to get.

- Awesome

I have listened to scanners many years (even back in the 'crystal' days 😊). I used to have a Crystal scanner that scooted me out of bed and onto the road for responses when I was a volunteer fireman / medic many years ago. It was tough going to work after battling a house fire at 3 am and then trying to get to work on time. I have assisted in many, many residential emergencies and vehicle emergency situations. I have tremendous respect for the law enforcement and firemen / emergency medical responders today. I love this app. This app is awesome beyond belief!

- Why pay?

I do not fully understand the difference between the free and the paid version of this app. 10 minutes of using this app I realized the free version was sufficient enough. I’m still getting ads from time to time, the map is useless, the chat is a weird online forum, like a lesser version of Reddit - which is accessible only through a web browser instead of within the app itself. Full of advertisements as well, furthermore the “chat” isn’t at all specific to the radio “station” you’re listening to and so you’d have to dig through comments to find anyone on the same radio as you. Very dumb. The extra radio stations are not valuable at all, there are only a handful and not interesting. I don’t bow why anyone would use or need this feature anyways. I don’t understand what I’m getting for $4.99 vs free…. I honestly can’t tell the difference. I’m pretty disappointed. If I wasn’t lazy, I’d probably ask for a refund- I deserve it because this a a useless paid app. Don’t buy. Use the free version.

- Most Useful in an Emergency Like a brush fire.

5-0 Radio is very useful when there is an emergency in our local area. With crazy fires and mud flows, 5-0 Radio is an important app to have. We live in a rural farm area way out in the county. Great weather info as well. Very useful in other parts of the globe when crazy news events are happening. During the Boston Bomber manhunt the coverage was priceless. The Pro Version is excellent. Very helpful for neighborhood watch too. 5-0 ROCKS

- Too many agencies on one scanner feed

I listen to Kingman AZ. FD, but miss half the calls because of so much other traffic. This one scanner feed has FD dispatch that dispatches for 4 FD’s in the area, which is good, but It also has City PD, County Sheriffs, State PD, and a private Amb. Company and another law enforcement agency that I can’t even make out because it’s so scratchy. Why can’t it be broken up? All the other feeds I have used in the past for other area do that. PD and FD should be separated and and the private Amb shouldn’t be on public safety. This app crashed a lot also, but with the last update, that seems to have helped greatly. I’m sure this is a great app for the feeds I saw that just cover one agency, but this feed is annoying and frustrating.

- Great app

Hands down this is my favorite app by far on my phone. I listen to all the emergency traffic in my local area and I’ve also listen to the civil unrest throughout the country from coast to coast. I would’ve given it a five star rating if only I could freeze one specific traffic wheel, instead of switching from fire to state police and then to local police, if I if I could freeze it on just fire or my city police without it switching from one to the other as it scans would be great. Regardless though it’s an awesome App

- Crucial App! Important and Necessary to boot.

Title pretty much says it all. There are many good apps, nice to have, fun to play and generally creative. But this app goes into the realm of necessity for us as we live in a fire prone mountainous demographic. Being able to monitor fire in our area let’s us know the status of a fire faster than any radio, tv or internet can provide. Everyone I recommend this to LOVES it also. Thank you developers for giving me such an import and crucial tool for my phone.


Remember 30 years ago having to buy 'crystals' for your 4-channel hand held, or the 10-channel desk model that were pre-set to various PD frequencies? LOL ! Those days have long passed, and what's great, the available phone apps that brings you all the action from around the world! This app is satisfying in every way. No more buying high dollar scanners when this App turns your phone into a multi-state, multi-city, multi-agency scanner! You will NOT be disappointed!

- Best Scanner Hands Down !

I’m a retired firefighter/paramedic and have listened to this scanner for years. I prefer to the others because of its reliability and the easy record option for playback. I also listen to the FairfaxCounty Police scanner because a relative Works for them but was disappointed because it has not been I service recently. Not sure if a volunteer dropped it. Can you advise why it’s down or how I could use my scanner to repost Thanks. Tom 🚒

- Great service

If a bonus music station doesn't work -just search for it again and delete the old one-normally it will come right back -I use this every time I'm in my car-- You pay only a couple bucks for this great app-some of the police stations are pretty interesting in the major cities like Chicago from, that now I don't use those as much because I'm busy with work. And everything overall great job with this one team!!!

- NOT Live

Great app, fun to hear local incidents. Stick with Free version though if you just want to listen. I "upgraded" bc it used the word LIVE on pro description, not on free description. Free was 16min delay when I listened, and I wanted to hear things as they happened. Says literally says listen LIVE on the description of pro! Turns out, it's also 16min delay. So there is no reason to get pro if you just want to listen bc mandatory delay for scanners to keep criminals from tracking being tracked. Misleading description to make money. Wasted $3.99.

- Roger that

This app has been around since before the iPhone — it was an iPod touch app. It still has the whole police radio EMT alert thing going on which is fun and a boredom-killer, and useful in a real emergency, or just to find out what that siren is about down the street. But the hidden jewel here is the internet radio and recording function — it does what no other does. If you’re not looking for it you won’t find it — because it’s what’s not there. Nuff said.

- Hooked on this app!!

I mean it. I listen to 5.0 radio daily. It's opened my eyes to so much. I'm way more conscious of my surroundings and have truly gained a deep respect for our men & women in law enforcement our firefighters & EMS. The calls they have to go on have made me cry, made me laugh and made me want to shake everyone of their hands. They don't get enough credit and get way too much grief for what they do for us. And all this coming from a girl who has had run ins with the law & paid the price for it.

- Hate when ads silence the scanner

I really enjoy this app. I don’t even mind the ads but I do not like when an add blocks the transmission of the messages coming over and then I need to hit start again. I have used this app while traveling to hear what is going on in situations around us. We were on the highway stuck in traffic and I was able to go the scanner to find out that there was an accident. I definitely would recommend it.

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Great When Its Working- Very Informative- Lets Me know & Us Know whats Going On & Where-- But Works On & Off- Also Know It Goes Down For a Few Hours Here & There To Fiddle with The Workings Of Comms--- But Has Been Down For Last 11 days--- So When We here sirens All Day now- There is No Knowing What is Going On & Where- Also Like Hearing The ambos- But Will Have to Wait To See if AppSupport Does Anything after I Emailed Them On Sat Night 10 Oct 2020👍💋👊👏‼️🤞

- Was great until qld police went digital.

Loved the app for many years, Redcliffe/ Caboolture police went digital this year and the feed stopped. It was the no 1 listened to channel worldwide. Hopefully someone will spend the money to buy a digital scanner one day and get it going again.

- 5.0 radio pro review

I never rate anything five star but as far as police radio apps go this is pretty much on the money. The reception sometimes is a little hit and miss but it depends on where you are. I bought the pro version as I was sick of the adds . Am very happy now I don't have the interruption of the adds . Hopefully it will never ask me to rate it again or I will have to charge them money for my time

- Keep Tabs on Bushfire

This App is sure handy in bushfire season in Wedt Australia. Can hear where the firemen are at & what’s happening. Last week a major bush fire came within 500m of our house with helitankers all round every few minutes all day. The App helps us stay ready to fight on our property off Thomas Rd. Saved our butts.

- Finally a scanner that works great

Tried many but landed on this one, it always works, has masses of vlobal choice and great sound. Makes me completely happy, the interface is extremely user friendly. Great app.

- Snaggie

Quite a useful app It could be even more useful if it had a ‘cast’ to a Chromecast Audio device option. I would then use it almost 24/7. If a similar app provides this option in the meantime, I will immediately switch to it.

- Great, aside from an annoying audio glitch

I find this app to be very useful, although when using it with Bluetooth audio devices, it sometimes doubles the audio, milliseconds apart, so it sounds like there's an echo. Stopping playback and starting it again fixes the issue until the next time the app is used.

- Awesome app

One of the best Radio Apps around. Has come in handy so many times. Only bug is that it can have a bit of an echo when starting up. Just have to stop and press play again to get rid of it

- Great app

Great app easy to use and very entertaining. Only wish it hade Australian Police and aircraft frequencies on it but it fun listening to other countries police and fire. Highly rate and recommend this app.

- Big Fan

Been using app for a couple of years. Shame no Brisbane anymore and sometimes Gold Coast plays up. Apart from that good little investment to see what is going bump in the night.

- Not worth it

Stick with the free version. Don't expect to find the missing location you're looking for just because it has "over 50,000" more feeds. This number seems to be purely padded by extra freely-available internet radio stations. The recording feature doesn't work. The "chat" feature merely takes you out of the app and onto a webpage with an embedded Disqus comment section.

- Review

As an Emergency Services person, I use this app a lot to be aware of what is occurring. Have used it for years, and would miss it if it were to disappear.

- Happy

I have had this app on my phone’s fore around 5 years. It has always bean a way of knowing what is happening back at home. More local feeds would be good. I’m happy to recommend this app to everyone.

- Works well.

App works well, and has good quality radio stations. Frequently updated too.

- 5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner

I use this great app for listening to further information on CFA D8 comms when I don't have access to a portable.

- Lost local station

What happened to my local station NSW Sierra for the south coast loved listening to it and now gone please explain why Thanks

- Real time information

We live in a fire risk area and this app allows real time monitoring of emergency services. Great asset. Thanks.

- Awesome app

Fun little app for those sticky beaks like myself who need to know what is going on. Would be better if it had more Brisbane frequencies.

- Reliable App

Pro version is the way to go. Works reliably when required.

- Comprehensive coverage

Very reliable covers most stations.

- Great App

Saves me carrying around exta’s for the handheld Its in my pocket all the time good audio and selection of chanells

- Great app

Works really well if any emergency happens near by, can find out what is going on

- Very good

App is very good at what it does but could do with more built in Australian frequencies

- Amazing

I find it interesting that you can listen in on live events on other side of the world.....amazing

- Stick to free version

Great little app, but upon purchasing the Pro version I’ve been disappointed to find nothing extra or new as promised! Stick to the free app.

- Perfect

I am a volunteer firefighter and is good to keep aware of what it happening around me

- It’s great

Hi thank you for a great app I say it’s the best its so handy when at fires thank you again David

- Top app

This is a must app during bushfire time around Australia.

- Hardly anything but static

Only station that worked - briefly, was Gippsland Police Q1 and Q2. All the other I tried were either static or wouldn't play. Interface looks OK, but if you can't listen to things what's the point? $6 wasted.

- Useful

This app does what it says it will do.

- Bummer

This app is garbage it use to work well in Aus but since digital upgrade buy various departments nothing works apart from one or two feeds won't open most feeds anymore it's a real shame

- Crashes iPhone constantly

Ever since the last update any attempt to use the app will crash my phone and require a hard reset

- 5-0 radio

Great, no hassles and has a lot of frequencies

- Good when it works

Crashed a month ago and still not back online.

- Sick App

One of the best apps I’ve ever used.

- Great App

Excellent app, easy to use, clear signal.

- Great App

Very useful in our recent bushfire emergency

- Alright scanner

It was alright until now. Can't find my city

- Good app

Ok here on fire listening but the police have gone to scrambling in Victoria Australia

- Great to listen to

Awesome do try it.

- Great App

A great app which I use a lot.

- Great app

Good to see police are doing a great job! Keeping us safe.

- Not happy waste

Not picking up local police ch Mackay Queensland not happy. Lost my money. The free one had picked it up but not now nor is the paid version. Want my money back

- Great App

No issues!

- Don’t pay for this!!!!

I just payed for this app when it is the same as the free one

- Great app

Awesome app, love your work!

- 5-0 Radio Pro Insanely Useful

5-0 Radio Pro is very useful by far as it keeps me updated whenever I see or hear emergency vehicles approaching into my area. It’s especially comforting when the treacherous bushfire season comes around. My heart sinks when I can see smoke anywhere in my area which has a high concentration of bushland, gum trees and things that burn extremely well when they want too! It just helps with that peace of mind that our brave men and women of the Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) & the Country Fire Service (CFS) of South Australia are on scene as it were and taking care of business. The app helped immensely during the Sampson Flat Bushfire in 2015 when the information that we received from the app, helped us make the decision to leave as the fire had jumped containment lines. We could hear the frantic calls of the strike teams saying it was heading towards Golden Grove and they needed every available truck to assist. As we were leaving there was rein-enforcements coming up from Adelaide at 3am in the morning. When it was safe to return home the next day, the app kept me constantly updated with the chatter amongst the strike teams, had my binoculars in hand and I kept watch all day as I was the only home at the time. Bomber after bomber came flying over my place dropping water and retardant over the fire front which was on the other side of hill and in the valley where they couldn’t get at it, because of the immensely steep terrain. That happened for almost two weeks after the fire had started. It burned through thousands and thousands of hectares of land, making it one of the worst in recent South Australian memory. Thanks to the creators of this app. You helped us in our time of great need. Cheers!

- Waste of money

Offline more than its online

- So cool

We love it ..... It needs Dandenong police

- No good

Save your money. What happened to the NSW police? Only reason I got it now it's gone

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- Most interesting crime fighting tool

Let's you know what type of unbelievable things can happen . We are in Edmonton Alberta Canada . For a while the scanners didn't pick up EPS. Now it's back on again , . Good for awareness in our local community and we can warn others if anything is close. If a person is caught using a scanner to help with a crime that's a major offence that can land a person in jail so be smart . So many eediots! Lol And a few are cops in my city . CRAZYFUNNYCATS66 Instagram Edmonton police now uses an encrypted technology so they are offline now

- Great!

Great just wish more local in Alberta

- 5.0 ten-four

( Roger and out ) it's a good app , it's missing lacklustre by only one repeater . Give us more action!!!!!!!. My go to app for action.

- False advertise :(

Not for Canada and New Brunswick !! That say Police Scanner but it’s only Fire Scanner ... $ 6.99 !! It’s a Joke !

- Nice app works well. but not free of bugs

Yes I even paid for the app. Not sorry I did! It sometimes locks up etc. But...the fix is easy and quick, restart the app. Hours of fun (if you are like me and enjoy this kinda thing) Lotsa net music -free listening. I use my dongle and my trusty over-the-ear headphones(decent ones, not junky...cans) and the music is, quite enjoyable. Worth the coin? I think so. If your not sure about paying for the app try it out free, you just have to endure the advertising. JwA

- Terrible

Never works

- Not worth the money

This app does not have many feeds for Edmonton..

- Works well

Works well, the only thing missing from the free version is the air traffic frequency.. I miss that and am disappointed it was not included.

- Police Scanner Radio

On my older iPod nothing seems to work very well almost no stations connect. Newer iPhone XR the Scanner is great and the radio stations have gotten better for connecting. The odd thing sometimes you want to listen to a progressive rock station and it’s New Age music so that’s interesting a lot of radio stations do not connect but there is a lot to choose from… the scanner is awesome otherwise I would have given it 5 stars!

- Fantastic App

Works great! No problems, yet! Very happy customer so far! Thanks!

- TopGuns

I give this TopGuns in my book. Lots of variety locally and over the continent.

- Great App to listen in

Can be fun listening in to what’s happening in your neighborhood with the 5-0, fire dept, or paramedics. Unfortunately the regional police dept where I live (Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada) doesn’t seem to come in at all anymore for some reason, but it used to no problem. All the OPP channels seem to work just fine.

- Not Enough Scanners in Canada

Used to be able to get Fire EMS and Police in Ontario and Toronto. Now can only get automated Fire.

- Great App

Clear comms. Ads are pretty annoying for the free version but the paid is a cheap cost for hours of uninterrupted listening.

- Listen 24/7

I listen to my local station 24/7.

- Great


- Poor ATC feeds.

All I’m getting with ATC tower feeds from Toronto is static and broken mike feeds.

- Bugs

Doesn’t work any more since the last update. No feeds are online. Please find a work around, as I paid for this app.

- 5.0 radio pro

Works great for GTA Canada

- Lame

Truly meant for the USA

- Lacking

I wish it got my Regional Police band. I could hear who they are beating up in real time.

- Pretty Good

Giving 3 stars because I paid for the pro version to NOT get ads but yet I still get pop ups.

- Plus de postes de radios à Québec Svp

Ça serait bien qu’il y ait plus de postes de radios de police pour Québec, il y a seulement 2-6 public safety channel...

- Service

The service for this app has been really choppy lately..hard to make stuff out etc.

- Highmiler

It's a good app but need more Canadian police scanners and to be able to enter different counties

- Nothing comes in

I was told if I bought the pro I would get police scanner instead of just fire but all I get is fire waste of my money

- Cool app

153.800 I’m looking for. Cool please scanner. 👍👍😎

- Becoming less useful.

This app while good has had a lot of my favourite stations drop off in the recent past. I think a lot of this has to do with stations going digital from analogue. I now only use it to listen to just one channel whereas in past I had three or four favourites. I am fearing that my local police and fire will be headed in the same direction in the next year and my need for 5-0 radio will be gone.

- Very disappointed - not worth $6.99

I’ve been using the free version for many years . The interface was clunky and the ads were annoying , but it kinda worked. So I decided to upgrade to the paid Pro version for “ the many improvements” Aside from the almost hidden features (Recording & Timer) still has Ads and the interface looks like it was made by a first timer. Soooooo,not worth the $6.99 . Getting a refund !

- Awesome!

Great APP. I love it. I’ve owned it for years and I’ve gotten so much enjoyment out of it that I purchased the pro version. It has so many different police and emergency stations. It lists all the codes and the definitions for each and every code. All stations are different so it has the name for every station and the meaning of the codes for each one. Great APP and I would highly recommend!

- Copy that

Use it all the time.

- Thanks for the app

This is the best app it keeps you aware of what is happening and I always keep my eyes open when stuff is happening thank you for this app

- Best App

By far the best police scanner app. Love it

- Great app

I’ve had this for a few years and was disappointed when I found out they didn’t have my local PD in their stations but today I just found that they do have Edmonton Police on it. Spend over an hour and a half listening. It didn’t crash or anything. I love listening to stuff listening around my city and around the world. GET IT if you’re looking for something to listen to.

- More agencies listed would be appreciated.

More agencies needed.

- Good but..

It’s very goos but can you add RCMP channels please

- My fav app!

Love the old radio plays and the selection on this app is great. Wish it was Apple Watch compatable

- Very useful I love it!

Last year I lived in a small town, about 2,000 ppl, there was a shooting down my street and I wouldn’t known as fast what was going on if it wasn’t for 5-0 radio! Only complaint is that the feed stops the OS time I have to reboot the app, no big deal, not sure if it’s the app of iPhone software :p

- 5-0 radio

Best app ever !!!!!

- The best police scanner

It’s the best police scanner pro Had for years now easy to use

- Upgraded to paid Pro only to find my city is no longer covered, and it used to be there😡😡😡😡😡😡

Upgraded to paid Pro only to find my city is no longer covered, and it used to be there😡😡😡😡😡😡

- Don’t do it , app sucks unless you live in a big city no way to search

Live in northern Alberta and there was only 15 city’s waste of 5.50

- Brant county

Hoping someone can fix the feed for brant country OPP. it’s been down for over a month. Please help!

- 5-0 radio app review

Love this app, keeps us in the local loop of things you don’t hear in the news.

- Garbage add on

I paid the $5.39 to get the pro version which is supposed to have a lot more feeds and lots of extras, the new feeds are just people doing air casts and I haven’t found 1 new feature yet!! Not impressed and want my money back!!

- Great app

Great app listen to daily and when I sleep.. luckily one of the police feeds is in city I live.. bonus music feeds the greatest.. try xrds clarksdale miss for example.. should have given five stars but needs more feeds (which may be, on my part, unfair to say because I don’t know the logistics of getting feeds.. ) Maybe generalization of music types too ie. big band, swing, punk... All around though well worth the $$ for pro version.. keep up the good work..

- Needs Perth county opp

Used to be a lot better. They lost a ton of channels and have not gotten them back, plus no OPP for almost any county... I paid full price for this app and it has let me down. Do not buy it if you want access to OPP

- The sound too lower for listen

The sound too lower for listen 😡

- Great App

Clear, precise, great when needed Hasn’t work for several months. Was great when working.

- Scanner

Works really well for me, supports Edmonton Alberta Canada.

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5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner 52.0 Screenshots & Images

5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner iphone images
5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner iphone images
5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner iphone images
5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner iphone images
5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner iphone images
5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner News application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner (Version 52.0) Install & Download

The applications 5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner was published in the category News on 2009-12-04 and was developed by Smartest Apps LLC [Developer ID: 323131781]. This application file size is 15.84 MB. 5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner - News app posted on 2022-08-02 current version is 52.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.smartestapple.50radiopro