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What is home builder pro calcs app? "Love this app makes my job much easier." - Danny O'Dea

Thank you for your calculator suggestions. Now with 440 home improvement calculations and unit conversions Home Builder Pro Calcs gives you access to quickly and easily solve a variety of calculations including hours and cost estimates and take off quantities. Calculations can be saved and emailed.

Easy to use and understand inputs and results in either decimals or fractions. Rich support for U.S., imperial, and metric measurements. Built-in calculator with support for ft/in and fractions.

Current Calculators include:

* 28 calculators for loans, pricing, travel costs, and more.

Concrete & Paving
* 11 calculators for asphalt, concrete, paver bricks, and more.

* 5 different calculators

Floors, Walls & Ceilings
* 13 calculators for carpet, drywall, wall covering, tile, paint, and more.

* 33 calculators for foundations, soil, grading, rebar, etc.

* 19 calculators for balusters, joists, studs, siding, stairs, and more

Heating & A/C
* 8 calculators for airflow, attics, fans, air conditions, insulation...

Hours Estimates
* Effort Factor
* Over 55 different estimators for:
* Carpentry - finish, siding, stairs, walls, ...
* Concrete - blocks, bricks, concrete, reinforcement, tile, ...
* Doors & Windows - garage doors, glass, metal, windows, wood, ...
* Finishes - carpet, paint, wood floors, stucco, plaster, tile, ....
* Roofing - roofing, sheathing, sheet metal, ...
* Site Work - concrete demolition, excavation, stumps, trees, forms, culverts, landscape, ...

Landscape & Yard
* 15 calculators for fence, fertilizer, mulch, seeds, trees, mowing and more.

* 8 calculators for walls, joints, core filling,...

* Area, Volume & Angle - 25 calculators for a variety of shapes.
* Conversions - 26 different unit conversions
* Glossary - Over 370 terms
* 11 calculators for tanks, pulleys, weather, wrenches, ...

Roof Framing and Roofing
* 22 calculators for rafters, ridges, gables, pitch, trusses, shingles and more

Wood & Materials
* 20 calculators for lumber, nails, plywood, caulking, etc.

You may also purchase add-on packs within the app. There are currently two add-ons available:

Project Dates & Times
* Over 35 calculators help you understand and manage project timing and deadlines.

Sensor Angle
* A set of 10 calculators that use the angle sensing ability of your iPhone or iPad to easily and accurate measure an angle and calculate a variety of other angles and lengths.

Map Estimator
* Estimate the distance and area using a map. Great for estimating size of yard, length of fence, etc.

If there's a calculator you'd like to see added, visit our website and send us an email.

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How to contact Home Builder Pro Calcs (Calculated Industries)?
Find this site the customer service details of Home Builder Pro Calcs. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/437282128/home-builder-pro-calcs/contact

Home Builder Pro Calcs Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Home Builder Pro Calcs Version 4.1.1004 February 2022

Fixes throughout where known area is available for input - expanded inputs to known area or length and width dimensions..

Home Builder Pro Calcs Version 4.1.805 October 2021

Under the cover revision.

Home Builder Pro Calcs Version 4.1.712 May 2021

Updated a few images..

Home Builder Pro Calcs Comments & Reviews 2022

- Everything a contractor needs to save time and money

Great app for on the run qouts and layouts when time is not what you have!!!!!

- Calculator needs improvements

The calculator has a flaw. It can't multiple feet and inches. So if you're trying to figure out an area of a room or space, you can't do it with the calculator in the app. This is a major flaw for a Home Builder Pro Calc app. Please improve the calculator. Two stars at most because of the calculator limitation.

- Crap

Bought this app to estimate decking jobs with ease but it is the one thing it doesn’t calculate. I repeat. It does NOT have a calc for estimating decking boards, how many posts and pickets you need. Anything related to deck building is left out. This is a common type of work. Figured it would be on here but instead I get a electric wire calculator that isn’t worth two cents.

- Helpful quick guide.

What a helpful quick guide for verification of common elements of building.

- Great

Best $5 I ever spent. Seems to do most everything I need. I’m a do it yourselfer and this is great. Good for a pro good for a casual builder.

- Pretty good

Seems to perform most functions well, would like to see a deck calculator included.

- Useful tool

Very helpful app for most basic calculations for construction

- Luv it

Quick and simple

- The bests

Best app can u have for just a few dollars.

- App is good helpful

Not bad. Helpful

- 2nd the flaw review

You’ve got to be kidding. A building calculator that won’t multiply feet and inches by feet and inches? This piece of crap is useless and if I could get my money back I would. Seriously, buy something else.

- Very versatile app

So many fantastic calculators- very helpful!!!

- Can’t calculate square footage

Why on earth the calculator won’t allow you to multiply feet with feet or inches with inches is beyond me?

- It’s decent. But...

I got charged $7.48 for it

- Handyman 2.0 LLC


- Awesome

The best guide for framing houses

- I want my money back please


- Kudos to Updates!

More app developers should be as conscientious as this one. It is good to see a developer working so hard at updating the app they have designed. This program becomes more and more useful longer do you have it. I have owned it for two years. In my opinion, and app is like an investment. Not only do you want something that works for you. You also want something that adds more value over time. Double dog studios has caught on to this. It will make me a more loyal customer and also persuade me to seriously contemplate any other apps they might release. Keep it up Double Dog!!

- Wrong rafter calculations.

Roof calculations for hip rafters are wrong. No section for changing hip rafter size.

- Lame

No calculator for wooden fences? Thanks for nothing

- The D.I.Y.

This is a great app. As a Do It YourSelf'er It was always a hit or miss on material needed which in turn affected coast in spending more than anticipated or spending more than I had to not to mention storage space for the types of material that could not be returned. Well now that I have this app, I get pretty darn close every time, it does have so more than I will ever use but I'm sure if I had the knowledge and experience of a contractor and owned my own business I could use this app to its full potential, but I don't mind one bit paying for some thing that saves me time and money for the projects that I can tackle.. You know what they say better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.!!

- What he said...

I purchased this app because I work in the flooring industry and I thought it would be really helpful. However, there is a huge problem with the Carpet & Linoleum calculator. You can't buy carpet and linoleum in a single square foot (unless it's carpet or vinyl tile, but then you would use the Tile calc.). Carpet and linoleum are rolled goods, they come in a fixed-width (usually 12'). Seams must be taken into account, and carpet can require extra square footage in order make sure the nap is all running the same direction. If there is a pattern (linoleum or carpet), you will need more than the exact square area to match the pattern if both of the dimensions exceed the fixed-width. So like the previous review stated, it's a good looking app and it's not bad, but it could be better.

- The boss

I've tried several different apps associated with construction, all of them claiming to be the best and most informative in the construction industry. Well they lie, this is the app, this is the Mac daddy of construction related apps. I've been in the construction industry for 35 years and in no what the hell is going down. You can't beat this app, it covers everything, takes a couple of minutes to Figure navigation through it, but once you have learned its a breeze, it's a 6 star app. Excellent job!

- Worth every penny

I have zero knowledge about home building, however, my husband and I are about to take on being our own contractor as we build our house. This app is wonderful. I've learned a lot from it and it has made creating a materials take-off list much more simple. It has handy, detailed labor calculators also? The bank loved having such detailed paper work when we applied for our construction loan. Very, very pleased!

- Anyone in the construction trades needs this!

So worth the money, cheap even. There are at least 50 different calculators in one App. It is totally intuitive and makes all other calculators complicated by comparison . It figures all aspects, costs, amount of materials, framing and cutting. Buy this you will love it. Ps to change calculators you tap the home builders app symbol on right about an inch down

- A carpenter must

The calculator alone is worth the price of admission with the functionality of the construction master but with a smoother user interface for fraction input. There are also tons of great calculators for quickly figuring out all sorts of situations. The only drawback is a clumsy interface for selecting between different calculators. There are actually almost too many and you have to search for the basics. But I'm sure with a little more use and some customization it will become less awkward. Buy it.

- Needs an categorical table of contents with links

This has an awful lot of calculators, which is great. However, how do I find a particular calculator? If you had a table of contents grouped according to category like your description of the app, and with links so we could tap on the particular calculator and go straight to it, this app would be a thousand percent more useful. In that case, I will definitely give it 5 stars, as the quantity of information here is phenomenal! It is just very difficult to access it on the present form.

- Excellent

I have bought over a dozen construction estimation and calculation applications and this is so far the best one in the field. Every aspects of the software is carefully layered into sub categories and easy to navigate into project details. I would suggest adding some proposal and invoicing templates with pictures attachment capability. Thank you for this great application

- Incredible

Even though it doesn't open after the last update ....... I'm still going to give it FIVE STARS with the hope they get this fix within a day or so ..... Or I'll be back to change this rating .... This app has amazing details that can be drafted into a PDF ...incredible.

- useless!

I was very excited by reading the reviews, I thought this was gonna be great. Boy was I wrong! It has lots of things and almost all of them are useless. I am a general contractor and every time I tried to use the app I waisted so much time and ended up tossing the phone in the truck and doing it the easy way, the normal way. Gosh I wish someone would come up with a great product for this line of work. One that actually works. I wouldn't mind paying 50 bucks for it, if it actually works. It may work for you, but for me... nuh!

- Great calculations

This is a great overall system but is overwhelming with the breadth of info. It takes a while to search and find relevant ones to assemble into favorites. Once done it becomes a good accurate tool. Good value, would like to see a way to hide unused calcs.

- Not too shabby

I began using this app right away. Plenty of calculators and estimation tools to make most handy men's jobs easier. Could use stone repointing, including removal of old mortar in the time and stone veneer estimation tools. A very nice consistency throughout. Input of fraction measurements is easy. I can tell already this will be used quite often at work.

- Home Builders Pro Calc

Best source for referencing and checking projects for the DIY person. Will make you glad to know that you can get excellent results following the calculations and materials needed, plus allowing you to plan out future projects and knowing the cost of materials without overspending.

- Excellent Product

Only reason I don't give it 5 stars is well I still can't figure that one out... The interface is very intuitive and the knowledge that has gone into this is impressive but there is something there that I don't like. Can't put my finger on it but... I am a professional contractor and I use this almost daily.

- Nice

Works very well. I had suggested a couple of calculators and the next update they were included. . When I have contacted the developer they got back to me fast and with what I needed. You can't ask for any better service than that! Thanks

- Not quite there

Many of the calculators are limited as to what fields will accept input. Some fields you can click in but no keyboard is available for input so you have to use the calculator with their predefined way. Would like to use favorites but can't figure them out as of yet. Otherwise, has been useful and is cost effective.

- Good buy

This app was a good buy it gives a good rough est for jobs hourly rates and is adjustable for you or your workers skill level and equipment level. Not a must have if you have all day to figure areas prices and times. I'd your as busy as I am it's real handy.

- Mr.

This is the single most comprehensive, CRAZY easy to use calculator on the planet! A bargain at twice the price. I would like to see sine and cosine functions and a plain ol calculator in the future ( if it were to be a 6 star app) other than that y'all just get 5.5 stars from me.

- Can't calculate anything that isn't square

I teach phone apps to landscape and golf professionals and this looked interesting. Unfortunately, all the area calculations in the app are based on rectangles/squares. Very few people install square lawns and landscape beds. At least change the app so you can enter an area measurement that you determine yourself (there are some great apps for that) and then the calculations may be more useful.

- One Happy Contractor..!

If you're in the construction world.. BUY THIS APP..! Small price to pay for such a handy tool to have in your arsenal. Plus.. now I don't need to search for my other project calc cuz this one is already on my phone in my pocket.. Talk about convenient..!

- Simple a cool app for anyone...

If your a contractor or a home owner you'll find something in this program that will easily pay for it's self in the long run. I see it as an essential on my iPad. -BuildingInsider

- Love the app

Love the app, but found a glitch in the stair building calculator. The vertical cut that butts up against the top floor is off 3/4 of an inch. I had to cut the top portion off and it fit fine. Thought is was just me, but it occurred on the second set of steps also.

- Electric job calculator???

Most trades have a list of items pertaining to their specific trade so you can calculate job costs. What happened when you guys did the electrical portion of the app.? Did you fall asleep? I'm an electrician, to me this app. is useless. The math calcs. I can do on my own, cute for someone who doesn't do them everyday for a living. On a high note for other trades I think you did good.

- Great App!

This app is great, like most people I have downloaded several construction calculators but this is far more superior than all others. For someone who is not a pro but does a generous amount of projects this is great!

- Can't get any better!

This app is super cool and easy to use. I'm a roofer and their wasn't anything for tile and I emailed and next update there you have it. They really know what people want and need!

- Great Reference

App contains lots of good nformation. Excellent reference in the field when you need to explain something more clearly or need to make a quick calculation.

- Great tool to use in the class room!!!

I use this in my construction class room to cover areas like floors, walls, roofs and more. Well worth the money and then some.

- Construction foreman

This app is well worth having and I use it all the time. I would recommend it for anyone looking for construction calculator. The updates are great.

- Super

This app is well worth the money. I like the short cuts it provides and the user friendly format. Thumbs up!

- Crash every time

You can't delete favorites without the app crashing and closing down. How do you delete your history??? And I would like to also see a "better calculator" like turn iPhone or iPad on its side to add more calculations buttons. And more info pictures and how to info for the days your having a brain fart :-p.... Plz fix then ill give 4-5 stars

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- Wonderful app

Building my home and sheds has been made a Lot easier with this app. It has a reasonable metric interface but it appears to be aimed at the USA sizing. That said, it's still very useful because of its metric capacities.

- Metric

Apps is good however it needs significant improvement. If you are going to offer metric units then change everything to metric - annoying to work in metric to then be presented with a choice of imperial sizes only! without a metric option! If this was fixed it would be excellent across the world app not just an app for the US! Come on guys fix it! Cheers Doug

- Simply Amazing!!!!

By far the most informative packed App I have ever used. Hands down app of the year could not live without it!👍 A+++++++++

- A is for AMAZING!!!!!

THE MORON THAT COMMENTED ABOUT THE LACK OF AUSTRALIAN/METRIC DATA IS WRONG.....IN A MAJOR WAY! He is obviously to stupid to notice that you can change it to imperial and METRIC and even your own countries currency! I can honestly say that this is the best and most detailed app of it's class.....it's that good it should actually have it's own class because none of the others even come close to it! Great work and hats off to the developer (as a carpenter myself) I can really see the time, effort and research that's gone in to this and you've hit it out of the park! Thank you for the countless hours and money you've saved me! I'll be telling everyone I can about this to help the word get out because this app truly needs to be seen and rewarded for how fantastic it really is! A+++++

- Best of this type of App

Without a doubt the best app available for this type of work. Very easy to use and offers so much more than any of the other similar apps

- Very usefull onsite app

This app makes life easier for working out calculations angles roof pitches trench back fills concreting work and lots more I use it at home for quotes and ordering and onsite for ordering , reference's, measuring and cutting conversions This is a must for trades

- Excellent before ....

Even better with this "World Friendly" update. Metric option tops it all. Great value app.

- Excellent product

Super app, very handy once you get used to it. Everything in metric on Advice of reviews too, kudos

- Very handy App

Very handy App I couldn't go without it, that's for sure

- Mr

I am a builder, and it is just unbelievable just how useful this app is to me

- Useful

Very handy!!!!

- Please put mm

Great app guys great time saver please change to millimeter for us metric guys. This app will sell the world over I will make sure of that let's do it in metric Cheers johno builder exstradanaure

- Great helper

Great for the home renovator or Handy man

- Poor performer

Not enough metric/Australian data to be considered as a worthy app.

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- Best friend on job!

Very useful to prepare a job!!

- Best Carpenters Resource!

There is a lot of excellent information in this app. Probably the best developed app I have used to building and estimates!

- Bs

No irregular pitch in the hip roof section, they assume that both pitches are the same?!? Pitch quick conversion chart only goes up to 12/12. Hip angels are give in x/17 values. Lots of good features but the ones I need are not there

- Great set of tools

Now I'm very happy, the map tool rocks, thanks for the update, I was worried about losing this great set of tools really the best of its kind.

- Nice

Takes time to find some items but is very detailed. Love the program. Thanks!!

- Owner / Operator

Excellent Apt, really isn't much I can't do with it,

- Very good

Does everything it does very well. I highly recommend it.

- App is awesome

Very good app, really helpful

- awesome

thankyou for this great app

- Very useful!

Very very useful software, can delete all others measuring apps as it has all in one! Just need currency updates.

- Perfect

Has so many great applications & has detailed explanations... a lot of help

- Wow!

This APP has everything you are looking for. It helps solve any equations and easy to use. There is so much information in this app, that I highly recommend to anyone doing any amount of renovations. It even can tell you how many gallons of paint you will need to how much lumber you will need .

- Has it all

Just the app I check first. And they keep it updated Great app

- Great app

Great app

- Right out to lunch

Does not calculate properly Ripoff app for sure

- Freezes

It freeze on tape and can,t delete tapes and can,t go to menu

- Good App But Needs Work

This app is very useful but it needs some changes it is very hard to find what app you need without using the search feature and some calculations could be added. That being said I love having it and go to it every time I have a tricky carpentry problem.

- Great App

Very handy...have used it plenty of times...corner angles in calculations of polygons seem to use wrong formula by doubling the proper result.

- Pocket Assistant

Great app with lots of potential. Very handy on the job site.

- Great App

There is nothing missing from this app,as far as I can see. Easy to use,very clear details. Will be very handy for the General Contractor,or subtrade. Well worth the money.

- Good App

Very useful

- Nice

Very nice app use each day

- Love it.

Love it , paid for itself within the first hr on the job.

- My review

Nice app with lots of calculation possibilities. But a front page to select what calculations you want would be nice rather than scrolling through the pages.

- Good Enough.

This app is handy, however it does not allow for any adjustments of the results to aquire dimensions. Great if you know how to use the tools given, but difficult for beginners. Entirely this app will save you time and reduce costly job overruns.

- My Little Bible

Works well as a confirmation tool, let's me double check my maths.

- Great product

Love it works well

- Amazing

I love it

- Amazing!

Wonderful! Lots of info available, at your fingertips!

- Awesome app

Very useful , I highly recommend this app

- Excellent

Parfait pour estimer.

- Great app

As a part time renovator, I find this to be invaluable. Easy to use, straight forward, makes estimating and quoting a breeze.

- estimator

this app is so accurate for install time along with material cost. i love it and use it on every job.

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Home Builder Pro Calcs 4.1.10 Screenshots & Images

Home Builder Pro Calcs iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Home Builder Pro Calcs iphone images
Home Builder Pro Calcs iphone images
Home Builder Pro Calcs iphone images
Home Builder Pro Calcs iphone images
Home Builder Pro Calcs iphone images
Home Builder Pro Calcs iphone images
Home Builder Pro Calcs iphone images
Home Builder Pro Calcs iphone images
Home Builder Pro Calcs iphone images
Home Builder Pro Calcs iphone images
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Home Builder Pro Calcs (Version 4.1.10) Install & Download

The applications Home Builder Pro Calcs was published in the category Utilities on 2011-05-17 and was developed by Calculated Industries [Developer ID: 370406449]. This application file size is 20.79 MB. Home Builder Pro Calcs - Utilities app posted on 2022-02-04 current version is 4.1.10 and works well on IOS 9.3 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.doubledogstudios.ConstructionPro