Planimeter - Measure Land Area & Distance on a Map

Planimeter measures distances and land areas on maps.

Measure your outdoor projects - lawns, fences, paving, or anything else visible on the satellite map. Quickly measure lot sizes and buildings. Contractors can easily measure landscaping, paving, asphalt, flat roofs and more.

Measure fields, circular regions, paths and perimeters. Add markers to pinpoint locations.

“Planimeter is the essential distance mapping app.” —, Distance Mapping AppGuide

Planimeter supports imperial and metric units.

Planimeter - Measure Land Area & Distance on a Map App Description & Overview

The applications Planimeter - Measure Land Area & Distance on a Map was published in the category Productivity on 2011-03-13 and was developed by Core Signals. The file size is 49.22 MB. The current version is 4.1 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

• Added a dedicated delete button with options to delete the last added pin, delete the currently selected shape, or delete everything on the map.
• Added option to toggle display of preview distances.
• Added option to toggle display of preview lines.
• Added option to toggle display of fill color while measuring areas.
• Added option to toggle display of measurement totals within shapes during measurement.
• Added option to toggle display of pins.

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Planimeter - Measure Land Area & Distance on a Map Reviews


R  Daddyrabbitt51  5 star

Great app


GPS  skhopk  4 star

At least one GPS coordinate needs to be on window.


Time Saver!  Mosley85  5 star

Great app! I'm in the turf industry and it's been a valuable tool for accurately measuring lawns. They are great at responding to help requests!


McNeill Sport Turf LLC  Ms_america  5 star

This is the only way to go when you need quick measurements. We utilize the program to measure athletic fields, Fencing projects, and concrete estimates. No more on site hand measurements to bid projects. Great product Thanks.


Amazing update!!  Jacking1234  5 star

I have used Planimeter ever since MyMeasure messed up their app. With the new update Planimeter has taken the usability to a whole new level! With the ability to now have multiple structures, shapes, and colors it has so many new capabilities.


Great job...good updates and support...needs cloud sync  gadgetklm  4 star

I love this program. Have recommended it to several others. It's fun, accurate and handy for many professional and non-professional uses. Only problem is that there is no sync function. I work mainly on iPad but would like to carry the work on my iPhone. Developer has done a good job of updates, and continues to listen to his host of users for recommendations in the future. I highly recommend this app.


I use it all the time  meredithutah  5 star

I use this app a lot for work, as an engineer. Wonderfully written and easy to use.


Very useful  itunes23  5 star

I use this all the time. Great for quick measuring and with the new features it is easy to use. I've told many people about this program over the years and they have purchased and used it extensively as well.


3.5 best version  Psroofer  1 star

The new version is not user friendly, and has problems. Just one of the problems; You do not have the option to remove just one pin, or all pins, like you do in version 3.5. This is major!!!!! 3.5 is the best one to work with.


Worst update ever!  Mtw123  1 star

Don't waste your time or money!


jlzjkb  jlzjkb  5 star

Great for quick measurement of length and area.


Great tool !!  Edamh  5 star

I have used the app to measure areas that will be reforest !! Very accurate and precise !! Hope you guys read the reviews so you can add other options .

Landscape owner 12

Ceo  Landscape owner 12  1 star

This app is very poor. It is very inaccurate. I would not recommend anyone to purchase this app. It is a waste of time and money.

Layne in Idaho

Very good for checking acreage  Layne in Idaho  4 star

I use this app on every field I apply chemical fertilizers and seed to check the acreage so I don't over apply or under apply. Has saved me a lot of time and headaches


No response  Presa0825  1 star

I purchased this app to measure lawns. If it has the ability to measure more then one section of lawn at a time I sure can't find it. Can't eliminate houses pools ect. Looks like it's only good to measure open fields. I have emailed the makers 3 times for help and two weeks later still no response. Should clearly state it's only for open fields. I want my money back.


Arborist  Chips-tree  4 star

Plan view works great for us. Allows us to accurately access the square footage and acreage for our jobs. The multiple views allow us to see the sites with and with out leaves.


Good useful app  Lmscon  4 star

I really like this app and it is very accurate. I am an asphalt contractor and I use it on a daily basis. I rated it four stars because it needs a couple things. It needs the ability to print from the app itself instead of having to email or save to photos and then print. It would really be nice if you could walk around in the field and take some points as you walk and be accurate within a foot or less. Overall I really like it. And it is worth the price.


Perfect for measuring property's  cheeseman86  5 star

Great app for measuring property's. Use it to measure lawns and driveways. Very accurate. Would be awesome if you could free draw on it or write on it.


Useful app!!!  Rprie  5 star

Great and useful tool, I use it to measure agricultural fields, it is pretty friendly. Can get a plot measure fast and easy from my truck or by foot...


Simple and effective  dnod  5 star

Continues to hold a prime placement on my home screen. One of my essentials. I have wondered why the map apps don't have this feature as a matter of course. Works very well.

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