Hudl [Sports] App Description & Overview

Hudl helps teams win with video. Our iOS app allows you to study the video you've uploaded, or capture new video using your device.

And there's more...

• Watch all your team's game, practice, and opponent scout video.
• Analyze full breakdown data and notes on each clips.
• Breakdown and stat a game live, right from your device.
• Capture video and easily upload it.

• Study your video, with full data and notes on each clip.
• View all your Highlights and Top Plays, then share them with your friends.

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Hudl Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks for using Hudl! Every update to the Hudl app includes improved reliability and performance.

Hudl Comments & Reviews

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- Good for the most part

First of all, I like Hudl a lot. It’s very well developed and it works very well for the most part. However, there is one thing that bothers me, sometimes when I try to watch a player’s highlights, sometimes there would be another video playing simultaneously of the actual video I want to watch. So what happens is that multiple different sounds of two different videos kind of coincide or play multiple different sounds simultaneously which gets really annoying and it makes it hard for me to hear or focus on the sound (music less generically) that are playing in the video I want to watch. However, outside of what I stated above, that’s probably the only thing I would fix. On the other hand, Keep up the great work

- Gear when it works but......

They don’t seem to be able to keep the bugs out of this thing. It doesn’t seem to matter if you use the app or web browsers, there’s alway something freezing up. This is a complex program and it’s rather confusing to learn how the features work. Need to hire someone to improve and better organize documentation. It’s even more confusing trying to go back and forth between the mobile app and browser versions as the functionality is different. The app also seems to work better in some browsers than others. As at least one other reviewer mentioned, It’s rather disappointing that Hudl has effectively turned their backs on youth sports by jacking up the annual pricing from $99 to a minimum of $400. I did video for my sons teams for 4 years and the subscription came out of my pocket not the teams. Apparently because they have been so successful at the high school & college level, they don’t care about the youth sports markets anymore.


I love Hudl and its breakdowns. The film that it provides is top-notch. The quality is consistent so I can always see what’s going on in a game. I have ONE problem with Hudl. I pause Hudl and leave the app and every time I come back to it, it restarts the film that I was watching to the beginning (0:00). This is really annoying to deal with especially when I’m preparing for a game, to try and guess where I was in the film. I end up starting from the beginning which wastes so much time. I really hope Hudl can fix this major issue.

- Upload malfunction

Hello, I film for my high school football team and I recently had to film a game. Everything’s good so far. Then I go to upload it. It asks me to give the footage a title and when I’m done putting in the title I hit upload... then the app closes out randomly. I try to re-open the app knowing it would save the footage in the camera roll. I look in the camera roll... where’s the footage? All 123 clips, gone, POOF. I tried to look in the library and recently deleted, but nothing. I don’t know if it was the iPad I was using (iPad Air 2) or the app itself. If it is hudl, that’s a whole game lost thanks to hudl. Also please fix the zooming, it’s horrible, super choppy. I need a smooth zoom in and out. Also make it so that you can upload footage from the camera roll in the app by mobile. For now, this app gets 1 star due to the upload malfunction, and the zooming. Please fix it and maybe I’ll move the rating up.

- The app isn’t as good as the computer

I love what Hudl does for our program and athletics as a whole. The platform is great, and gets the job done as well as anything else. The problem is the app on mobile devices. Seems every update makes it lag more and more. I don’t need it to be fancy, I need it to get the job done. Specifically, I need the app to open and work the first time, not the 5th time. I need the menu options to work when I click them rather than freeze and require me to close out of the app. I need the film to roll when I start a game (I download it, so internet isn’t an issue for watching). The bugs in the app are so bad that having the app is almost pointless as an option. Fix the bugs, and this is no doubt the best app in the store.

- Like everything else with Hudl, it’s good sometimes and disappoints at others.

Ease of use is good. I like some of the features they have in the app. I wish there was an easy way to add plays to a cutup while in the app, but it’s not a deal breaker. I use the Hudl App on my iPad Pro. Everything works fine until I connect it to my overhead with HDMI using my Apple Model A2119 dongle. When I do this, I end up getting two plays at once on the screen. It almost looks like picture-in-picture. I completely obstructs the view of the play we’re trying to show. I have stopped using the Hudl app and instead use the website now, but this is very inconvenient. I’ve tried to contact support, but have not been successful in getting a response.

- Underwhelms at times

Hudl, when working well, can be useful. They are slow to address bugs, like the playbook corrupting your installs. It’s hard to send our athletes to Hudl when we can’t trust the data. There are also inconsistencies with how Hudl works on a mobile device vs. how it works on a laptop. I wish I could do everything I want to in both formats, but unfortunately, I can’t. I also wish the video still shared the breakdown data with the athletes. We had to find a work around for this to help the athletes with their video review. Overall, Hudl is ok, but it seems like they are more concerned with selling their Hudl Assist services than providing a stable platform for schools to use for their programs.

- Half baked

I wasted a day trying to use the buggy video editor to splice apart our beginning to end live stream game video and gave up in disgust. Each splice makes you start back at the beginning of the video and fast forward back to where you just spliced so you can play from there and make the next splice and a start at the beginning again. About as aggravating as software could ever be. Then I spent half a day fighting to use the buggy stats tagging function only to find after I entered an entire game the stats were completely wrong and there is no way to review and correct any errors. Completely wasted my time. Oh and you have to upload on the web app because the iOS app doesn’t work for that either.

- Update 5.62 Seems to have changed view perspective

Has anyone else noticed that the most recent update appears to have changed the field of view when recording? Our team has used HUDL all season, and always uses the same iPad device and same wide angle lens from back line of volleyball court, but now all of a sudden with that same set up, the view of the court when recording is totally different, less of the court is visible. It was so different in fact that we had to switch to a fish I lens, which we knew would distort a bit, but what we saw through the iPad viewfinder was completely different than what was actually recorded and how it appears on play back.

- Too Glichy

Ok so I don’t know if it’s just my phone or what but whenever I open the app then login the whole screen burs and it just goes dark it doesn’t shut off or anything but you can’t do anything then sometimes there is just a random logout button in the middle of the screen and whenever I click it the app shuts off and brings me to my home screen. Yeah I know there is a website but thats not working either. Whenever I login to that it doesn’t show any buttons it just showed featured videos that I could scroll down and watch. So my experience wasn’t very pleasing and I know I was on stable wifi and my account is official. Anyways I just feel like I can’t win and Hudl just doesn’t want me logging in.?

- Great team app

Idk what most people talk about sure it’s a bit expensive and it will glitch like one out of a hundred times you open the app but it works great you can text your teammates from the app you can take your best plays and turn them into awesome highlights also if you are a coach you can see which players are actually using the app and which ones are slackers my coach has called a few dudes out n my team for not watching film but the app works great!!!

- Pretty good

Overall Hudl is a great app that allows me as a player to see my mistakes and improve on them. The app is pretty good but there are some difficult parts. For example making a highlight reel can be difficult and frustrating, I made a 4 minute highlight tape that took 6 hours to make. Hole it did turn out well it took a very long time to produce. Another challenge in the app is managing your timeline. It’s difficult to delete highlights already uploaded and to pin videos. But overall hudl is great.

- Problem in the app

I am a college football player so I use hudl more than anything else. I’ve been having this problem where even after I’ve seen messages the orange dot doesn’t go away. This makes it very hard to know what messages are new, and it takes a long time to go through and look at every one. Several other people that I know are having the same problem, and there is nothing in your help catalog that helps the situation.

- Sound Bug But Good

Everything I’ve had to do on this app has worked fine other than two things. One if you were watching film and were to fast forward or rewind I’ll little in the film the sound of the film would be delayed with the video for a couple seconds(long enough to notice it.) Two the film may freeze every once in a while of go down in video quality but other than that I’m pretty happy with the app lately.

- Way too buggy for Iphone Xs Max

Hudl is such a great platform and is amazing when it works properly! Their are way to many bugs for the iPhone xs Max you are better off using your computer. Whenever you try and slide the time bar during a video of film your iphone will register as if your are trying to swipe between application and exit the app. Also whenever a video begins to play whether it's on your profile or in your feed the entire app will freeze and will only play the video and not respond at all.

- Great options and info wish it had hitting tendencies for mobile (volleyball)

This is for volleyball. I appreciate the app. The reports and ease of uploading (although through safari) is user friendly and a great tool. The one thing I would include if possible, is the hitting tendencies that is available on the desktop and for some reason not available on the app. Or even mobile internet (safari). Most of our coaches are mostly utilizing the convenience of having the information on our phones. It also lets our players see near instantly via app. The hitting tendencies would be something we would use a lot on the go. Whether during breaks at school or at the tournament. Unfortunately this feature is only available on the desktop. I hope that gets added in the near future.

- JC

Huge pet peeve is I cannot stand when you try to update a highlight or edit it and once you are done instead of allowing you to go ahead and just save it and add it, it forces you to post it as if you’re keep reposting and notifying everyone of the same highlight. Definitely room for improvement on this app but right now it’s the only thing available.

- CenLA_Tiger

I also liked being able to hear the sound as was previously available. It needs to be incorporated again. I do like the G backgrounds and themes. Very sharp and adds variety. I also liked to be able to add a slide with a picture embedded in the title page. Also needs to be able to add text on several lines instead of trying to fit measurables on two lines of text.

- It’s good for our development

For me as an athlete it helps me improve from every mistake I make throughout the night to improve me as an athlete. This summer I watched all of my game film and took my summer practices to advantage and am now doing great. From a person scoring 3 points all season last year to now having 25 in just 3 games it’s good thank you Hudl team for your incredible app and hope you guys keep up the good work

- Hudl service fails to deliver

I’ve been on Hudl for a few years, never has it been a tool I can use. Coaches don’t respond, videos aren’t made available, nothing seems to be accessible with out approval from assignors or coaches which rarely happens. The app should be a lot more accessible to “members.” I don’t need highlights. I need a tool to study film as it relates to penalty’s that were called. Coaches complain about penalties all the time, let us see them so we can critique our flags and get better at administering the game. If we as officials work a particular game, at the very least, we should have the automatic right to review that game.

- Awesome

I think Hudl is a great way to find the mistakes you made in film and that you can watch what you did wrong as try to get better instead of making more mistakes and it’s s great way to stay in contact with other players, and also to find more techniques from other players who have been in football for years for some that haven’t played at all.

- Great App with wonderful customer support

This app has changed my ability to get stats in on time, create highlight reels for my players looking to play in college and saves me time. The customer support is amazing when I have questions or I encounter a problem. They respond very efficiently and have a great solution or way to help me work through getting the information I need.

- Pregame preparation

I love this app. It makes it so easy to go look in my playbook, watch my film, and watch my opponents film.I love the feature that allows me to click on my opponents team and it gives me a complete breakdown of their tendency's. It will tell me down and distance and whether they prefer to run and pass. I love how much it helps with pre game preparation and i highly recommend it.

- Hurl is great but one bug

I've been using husk for years and it's great, but I've published highlights in the past and for some reason now when I go to publish it brings up the edit page and it says publish but won't allow me to actually edit the highlight and publish it. I don't know if it's my device or a glitch in the app, but needs to be fixed

- Great Potential

I’ve used Hudl for about 6 years and love it. The app is less than desirable. Between the freezes and crashes, it is hard to effectively watch film. I use it on both my iPad and iPhone and have trouble with a few things. It constantly freezes and crashes when flipping through plays or playlists. I also don’t like that when I switch to another app (to make notes or draw something) it resets to the beginning of the playlist. So I then have to flip through and find where I was. I feel this has great potential but has not come to fruition yet.

- Hudl (don’t kill the Krossover basketball platform)-

Hudl (the product itself) spends more in their ad/marketing campaign— vs the next 3 largest competitors in this almost niche industry (within an overall huge sports video industry). A best decision Hudl could make would be to continue using the Krossover basketball platform. Intuitive and clean is the signature of Krossover. Hudl is far less intuitive and the work flow (buttons), it isn’t arranged well at all. All of this comment is specific to basketball and Hudl VS Krossover platform.

- Video freezes on upload and Hudl tech is helpless

I have been trying to film games and upload them using Hudl app. I can sit in my classroom connected to WiFi and record large segments of video and they upload. I go out to the field and film without WiFi and when I come back to school to upload it always freezes. I have deleted and redownloaded the app, in the fall I did this for football with zero problems. After the last updates to the app it continually freezes. Unfortunately I use my schools tech and they won’t let us use iTunes on our laptop.

- Very useful

Ok. In my opinion. I think this app is very useful. Due to the fact you can show your team or what have you examples just by uploading them to the app. But one problem I have from this app is that my messages bar will not be there and only have settings and notifications. I would give it a five star if they can fix this

- Awesome app few changes need to be made

This is an awesome app and I like it a lot. There are a few issues. The app is always glitching out and kicking me out of the app. Also the messages are always showing read messages as unread. I just wish the messages feature was a little better.

- Awful, buffering game film, needs fixing.

Watch game film just takes forever. Honestly, I can’t get through even TWO PLAYS. Video just buffers and buffers and buffers. It’s not my internet. Everything else works great. It’s just this app. Then I use just the web browser site ON MY MOBILE DEVICE (iPad) and THAT works better than this awful app. The app is supposed to be a Better Mobile Device Alternative. It’s not, this app is trash and needs fixing. Also, the “contact us for help” button literally doesn’t do anything. Which, yes, is hilariously ironic.

- Great tool when it works

I find hudl very useful to put together a well done highlight tape. Although it is extremely difficult to make the clips when you believe you’ve set your desired time frame and then when you go and add the clip to the video it’s timing is very off. I’ve had to make up to 5 clips of the same film in order for it to result in the desired footage. Hopefully this problem is fixed soon.

- I need help with the app

First off Hudl is an amazing tool and is very easy to use but unfortunately I think I have a bug in my app on my phone because anytime I click on the app I cannot use the app it will simply go to a black screen then immediately back to my home screen and I cannot find anything on the app support to help with this

- Fix the bugs!!!!!

Trying to make a highlight reel of my best plays from the past game and the features for making the highlights start glitching our. The clips don’t pull up half the time and when they don’t you can’t circle yourself. Heck most of the time it glitches and doesn’t let you do a single thing to the clip. Please fix your bugs Hudl!!!! I love the app but it needs to get these fixed!!!!!

- Loading takes forever

This app is good but one thing that annoys me is how slow the videos load even though I have full speed internet, when I try to look at my FULL matches the loading take forever sometimes it doesn't even load or it freezes and I have to exit out of the app and go back to it. The developers need to make the videos load faster!!!!

- Good but unusable at the same time

Love the app when it works. Here’s the kicker, it doesn’t work. Ever. Currently my app has been stuck and unable to load for 2 years. Lots of wasted time recording and analyzing videos on this app that I can never access again. So I suggest not using the app because eventually down the line the app will stop working for you and you will lose all your videos and other data. I’m not just writing an angry review either. Be warned, you WILL lose access to your videos eventually.

- Add feature

I love Hudl to watch films of my basketball games! But one feature I would love to see in the next update is where you can save your highlights and clips to your phones photos so you don’t have to screen record them all the time but other then that it’s an amazing app! Please add this feature

- Good app, but can’t even watch film

So, I got this app a few months ago, and it is great for football players learning new plays, and communication with the coaches. But I have started to notice that I can rarely watch my teams film, because when I click on the screen, it goes black, and doesn’t play the film. I don’t know if this is an update that loaded a new bug, but it NEEDS to get fixed.


I have deleted and re-downloaded this app several times over the past year and still I can’t even get into the app. Anytime I click on the app after it’s downloaded it goes straight back to my home screen, but the problem started off with me getting to the login screen and when I try to login it will kick me out to my home screen and I wouldn’t be able to get on that now I can’t even get on the app. I need this app for sports, and can’t even get into it can someone please help me?

- So slowwww

Finding teams or players is very hard to do so if you search something up and don’t click on it within 5 seconds it leaves you in a refresh page and it will never go away as long as you have it open !!! Watching players highlights doesn’t work for me as soon as you press play it plays for a second then it pauses, etc etc etc.

- What’s happened!!?

I have used HUDL going on 10 years. I have brought it with me to the different programs I am part of. It seems as if HUDL is more worried about making money rather than making a great product. It takes me more than 7 hours to upload video using WiFi and the latest iPad. This is backwards. Rather than nickel and dime us, put the effort in producing quality product!

- Film operations

Really hard to watch film on iPhone X. Difficult to slide the time dot forward/backwards because the new way to get back to the main menu is right next to that time bar. Would love to see that edited to somewhere else so film can be more easily watched on phone. Also, sometimes the film gets stuck at one time, can’t FF, or see notes but play still plays.

- Fix chromecasting

Everything is good besides the chrome casting every other time you go and watch film, it won’t load another video so you have to skip a head and skip back please fix it because I like to watch it from my tv.

- Highlight making is AWFUL

As an athlete I have no other option but to use this app to create my highlights and there are just so many different problems I have encountered. For example: kicking me out of the app and making me restart the making of my highlight video, not adding the indicators to my highlights after I edited them in, and distortion of the film while I am trying to edit it. It is such a frustrating process it makes me not even want to create a highlight video

- Terrible

When Hudl assist breaks down the film it is awful. You filter and click on something and it won’t go to that time so you end up having to fast forward to the parts you want to see which is beyond annoying. Then when you get to those spots the sound is brutally off and is about 30 seconds behind so you can’t accurately know what’s happening. We used to use Krossover but we switched to hudl unfortunately and it has been terrible. Please fix these issues.

- Love it

I love this app. It’s great for sending highlights. To friends and family that couldn’t make the game. With out having to hold my phone/camera all game. I can enjoy the event. And being able to edit your own highlights is a bonus! And super easy to do.

- Clips, drawings on this app don’t work

Spent hours clipping, commenting and drawing analysis for my soccer team. The app lost sync of the video and my annotations. Hours wasted. Hudl admits this is a bug in their iOS app. Other coaches are having this problem too. Fix it please! Super frustrating. It’s faster to use our iPads and iPhones to mark up games. Though the desktop version works, it’s slower to use a mouse to mark and annotate. Please fix this feature on the app!!!

- There’s times

I love Hudl BUT as someone has said already I hear multiple sounds and everyone I look something up like a player or a high school for instance it will show up with a list and when I scroll one time everything disappears.

- Stop complaining

I actually called when the price was raised and they worked with me. Maybe instead of complaining just pick up a phone and call them. They are a business by the way not a charity to you.

- Hudl works good but not great.

The app uploads multiple films at one time instead of uploading one and then the next etc which seems to add to upload time. Uploads will also lock up and stop uploading completely. I have to close the app out and reopen to get it started again. In addition the thumbnails don’t always match up with the actual footage taken.

- Quality

This app is for teams who are serious about getting their athletes better faster, and more prepared than their opponents. If that’s not you, and you’re just using it for video playback you should just use your iPad and screen cast.

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- Can’t open

Since it upgraded I can’t open the app at all

- unreal

unreal app and easy to use, great for a coach showing players clips for them

- Extremely slow

Always tells me I need to update it but the app is full updated. Videos are so slow to watch it’s pointless to use the app

- :(

Why can’t i upload highlights from my camera roll for my hudl highlights

- Broken

App doesn’t go further than the loading screen anymore. Please fix

- Won’t open

The app displayed a msg it was updating, then it crashed. Now it won’t open.

- App does not load

The app does not go further then the loading screen....

- No option to start account? Can’t get past first screen


- ?

Love it

- Yoza

Need to fix this ASAP! Doesn’t even load up no more with the new update?

- Fix the app

It doesn’t load!!

- doesn’t load up

need to fix due to not being able to load up and see any videos

- Brok3n

why the app not working anymore ??

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- Love Hudl

I love the app, but with the new update I’m unable to view any of my highlights or any of my game film, is there a way to fix this?

- Can’t

I can’t log on or sign up?

- Inconsistent and lies

They are giving different users different rates A club in Canada is getting this for $400/team with guarantees Do you home work here folks. No integrity in this company I purchased 6 licenses during the time they were giving an ipad, tripod and bag. They gave one after a big argument. No integrity at all

- Great app but glitches since update

Hudl was great until this new update came and I can’t see any playlists or highlights

- Delete option

That’s a cool app. But you should add an option to delete conversations. I got too many.

- How long is it gonna take to fix your app?

I’ve had this app for years on my phone, and for years it hasn’t worked properly. From not being able to search anybody up, to multiple video audios playing at once, and now, can’t even open the app without it crashing! Seems like every time there’s a bug fix, a new one appears...

- Pretty good.

Overall a great app. The only slight downside I found was that it constantly has to update, and when updating it logs you out. The constant updates aren’t necessarily bad though, because I guess it means the app is constantly improving. If you would like an easier way to communicate with your team/study the playbook I’d recommend this app.

- Overhyped and a lot of issues

Great idea. But I’m unable to update my profile pic. And when making my highlight film, I’m not even able to add my own music! And when I was done, it didn’t even let me upload it! FIX THE PROBLEM! You keep making update after update and they don’t even do anything. Fix these problems!!!

- Hudl

Really good internet and especially the football

- Can’t do anything

I would give it 0 stars if I could, you can’t access your profile anymore due to the new update

- Something wrong happened to this app

I can’t even check my highlights or my messages

- Very Good

I can review myself and see where I can improve and pass the water polo ball ??

- Awsome for Football tape


- Perfect

The best app in the world for football but not soccer

- Garbage

It gets the job done, but it runs every little thing so SH*T!!! I swear the people writing reviews are bots because this sucks, honestly don’t even try and make a highlight with this app

- Crashed

Spent 3 hours making a highlight video and just as I was almost finished the app crashed and of course nothing saved so it completely wasted my time. I tried again twice and same thing happened. You need to fix this

- Wabee

Best app but reynalto often slacks

- Music mannnnn

We should be able to add whatever music we want to put highlight tapes

- Hard to use

Having problems with all aspects of the site. Can’t download or edit video.

- Good app

I really like this app ?????

- Lost chat

After last update I’ve lost messages features. Not able to view or chat. The option isn’t even on there any more. Please fix

- New Update

Just updated today and really like the new look, a fresher and more clean look, ????

- Best sport app

Its great for scouting other teams and highlight reels are pretty easy to do

- Casting

Love the app, I would love it though if it had a casting option so I could cast it from from my iPad to smart tv. This would make it easier for film study.

- crashing

really great app but every time i go to open it it crashes so please fix it

- Highlight Glitch

I have been trying to publish new highlights from my last game and it appears when I try to create a highlight reel and when look through my game film but when I try to watch them they don’t pop up

- App crashing

App crashes every time I try to open it up pls fix soon

- Dosent work

Can’t log in, just shows a blurry picture.

- ?

Can’t log in or register

- Doesn’t work apparently

I mean I’m logged in but it just shows a blurry *ss pic of what I’m assuming to be a football field

- I can’t log in. The app freezes after clicking log in.

Unable to use.

- Blank screen

Yo like it’s been a month and it’s still just a blank screen, so like can y’all fix this so I can watch film on my phone

- Hudl review

Sick as hell! Helps me get prepared for games and study previous practices. It’s also cool that I can go watch others highlights on it too! 5 stars⭐️

- Trash

Cant download

- Won’t show anything

When I log into the app on my iPhone xs it will just show a blank screen and nothing else help

- I cannot log on

I’ll stick with Coaches Eye - user friendly ?

- Bad

Was reliable in the past but now app will not display the main menu after logging in. Tried re downloading multiple times and still same issue

- Garbage

This app is actually like 100% garbage you guys should totally step up ur game and stop beating each other off and work on ur app

- Best app ever

Love this app so much it has helped me and my football team advance so much

- I cant log in anymore

It suddenly started saying try again later and i havent been able to log in for a couple weeks

- Wot let me login

I’ve been using the app with my jv team and it’s been working good for film but I can’t login and it won’t send me an email

- Highlight Glitch

I have been trying to publish new highlights from my last game and it appears when I try to create a highlight reel and when look through my game film but when I try to watch them they don’t pop up

- Can't see my team videos ?

Great app but I think there is a bug there is no videos icon anymore

- Nice

Works well

- Bug

Crashes every time I open up a team or player after searching them

- Exceptional Service!

Other companies should learn from Hudl's 1st class service and helpful staff!

- Freezes

The app and the website are terrible. It always freezes and the highlight maker is organized terrible on the website.... The play's don't load and had to restart MULTIPLE times! Also not sure why the volume didn't stop after watching 1 play, just kept playing for some reason I don't know why...

- Loading problem

Idk if it's just me, but whenever I try to watch film a coach shared with me, it doesn't load

- App won't send reset info

Just DL the app, never had an account and it cannot seem to send me an email with the reset instructions. I've tried multiple emails to no avail.

- Bad update

Newest update makes app pretty much useless now on my iPad, crashes every time I try to load a video. Considering all the issues Apple seems to have with apps a 'revert back to previous version' option should be a no brainer. I had a very good setup with my iPad and Apple TV to watch video with players. Now I have to find a way to use a laptop. Please fix. Very disappointed.

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- Suggestion

It is a really good app, but I think there should be an option to add you own clip from you camera roll to your highlights rather than only being limited to the film because you might have a better angle than the film does.

- Works Amazing!

I started using HUDL about a year ago and it has definitely made me a better player! HUDL has helped me realize my mistakes and my coach can work with me and help me fix these mistakes. So would recommend using this if you play any type of sport!

- App literally hasn’t worked for a while...

They seemed to have given up on their mobile app... if I were a competitor I would take this opportunity to capitalize on their laziness and take their mobile business away from them by making something that actually works. The app literally hasn’t worked for months.. you’ll have the market they once had. Don’t let them wake up and fix it capitalize and make them regret turning a blind shoulder to this.

- A little disappointed

I coach football and basketball at the high school level and feel that Hudl can use a few more of the football features on both platforms. My main complaint is however, that you cannot cast basketball to google chrome like you can football. This should be an easy fix don’t you think Hudl?

- Great for watching tape, but not great for searches.

I love this app when all I need to do is watch film, but when it comes to looking up teams/ players/ schools, I have really wished that there was a filter to where I can choose which subject I’m trying to search. But there isn’t. If this issue could be fixed, then I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

- Good but I have a few suggestions

I want to be able to draw stuff up on my iPad. Also, when I send a message out to the team it shows x amount of people have seen it but I want to know specifically who has seen it. I like that I can see how long my guys have been watching film but I would like to know exactly what they’re watching.

- Review

There should be more options as to how to share it, such as being able to download the highlights you make to your photos. And when I’m watching my highlights the audio sometimes doesn’t match the video and there’s no option to choose where in the highlight reel I want to skip to and watch.

- When It Works

This has been a trying season using Hudl. Every week there is an update for something. My tagged data doesn’t sink as it did in the past. Freezing up in the middle of games and all the additional work to get what you want from week to work is just tedious. It doesn’t even recognize two of our games played so I had to figure out stats by hand for publication. Please get a handle on this so we do not have a repeat next year.

- Could be better.

Would be a great app but videos won’t load fast and they freeze. I’ve also tried to make a highlight video for the last hour and a half and the app starts to freeze up, slow down and has shut down 5 times for no reason at all. There are too many updates on this app for it to operate very poorly. Do something about it.

- Uploading is a horrible experience

Does not work very well at all. Two days or more to upload a game. Their customer support consists of giving you a set of suggestions that don’t work, and when you complain, they pass up you along to another person who gives you the same useless suggestions, who the passes you along to another person who gives the same useless suggestions........ try some other solution.

- Too many bugs

I use this app for high school lacrosse and it seems likes every time I try to make a clip or a “highlight” there is some bug that either doesn’t allow to me to make the highlight or it makes it very troubling and tedious to do. I haven’t been able to clip some of my plays because of this. Don’t like the app whatsoever.

- Great Resource!

Very good options and features throughout. Very simple with nice music options. Only request is I wish there were more symbols to indicate where you are. More flashy and creative or just different options in general.

- Overall good

My only complaint is that the video controls, in full screen on the iPad Pro 11, fall off the bottom of the screen. I have yet to find a way to move them so they are easier to use. It works fine on other iPads.

- Sorting Highlights

Love Hudl, always have. My ONLY feedback is we need to be able to prioritize highlights a little smoother. Tagging is easy, cover slides are easy, but once highlights have been added to reel it’s a little user “unfriendly” to prioritize to make sure best plays are first. Thanks for listening Jarod

- Mobile App

I don’t understand why you cannot change the season or any of the filters up top through the mobile app? Seems simple enough but the season is not updated under my account and half our games are under one season year and the others are on a different tab. Please make it possible to switch seasons via mobile app.

- App will not work

I’m not sure what’s going on but every time I try to get on hudl to watch film the app pops up for about two seconds and then closes itself and goes back to the home screen, it has been like this for about a month now

- Profile Picture

Last season, I was able to upload a picture but after the last update it makes me use the camera instead of the camera roll.

- It is fine

It’s pretty good I deal with no bugs or anything only problem is when I have to search for my rival football team and watch their film and see how they play

- Go back to the last version

5.75.1 update is a hot mess. Not only has it crashed multiple times while putting together a 1:40 highlight clip, it doesn’t insert the isolation icons half the time and when it does, it changes it to something that I didn’t select. Your PC version is even worse. You’re making this much more difficult than what it should be or has been as recently as two days ago. Fix it!

- Change it back!!!

I love Hudl and all, but the way I’m watching the videos now is not it one bit. Why can’t I turn my phone and watch film in landscape? That’s the only thing I am going to complain about. That and how much the film lags. But other than that, I love the app!! Please change these things or I’m going to have to find another app to watch film on & that would be a shame...

- Read and Help

Its a good app and everything but sometimes when i make my highlights half of my clips wont fully play. It will b like a 8 second video but only play 2 seconds. please fix this.

- Newest IPad Pro 12.9 (3rd Gen)

I’ve been using Hudl to record football and soccer games for the passed three years. App has been amazing, but the hudl app is having issues picking up sound from my 3rd generation 12.9 IPad Pro. I ran several tests and even used my Xs Max to check the audio issues. My XS Max records game day film on HUDL fine. When using my iPad Pro for filming game day the audio comes out distorted and choppy. I hope Hudl can push out an update to fix this issue.

- Great app but small bug

Hey guys! This is a great app but there is a small bug that drives me crazy. When I view a message it says that I didn’t view it no matter how many times I go to the conversation. Other than that, amazing app!

- A major problem

Every couple plays I watch it glitches and the highlight button goes to far outside of the screen and I can’t click it and the pause rewind and forward button smushes together and it’s hard to click. Can you please fix the problem, it’s been happening for 2 months already.

- Guestion..

I’ve had this account since 2014 & haven’t been able to log in till around that time but I just remembered my login information & now in but I have nothing.. Non of my videos, or highlights, nothing... If I’m still able to log in & have the account then where is all my stuff?? ???

- I recommend this app

This app is helpful and I like the ability to make highlights. Accidentally made a highlight and now I can’t delete it. Is that even possible to delete?

- The $99 to $400 few hike is unacceptable

I agree w the many who are complaining about the ridiculous fee hike. As a youth sports coach I pay out of pocket for this application. Jumping to $400 is unacceptable. I’m also on the board. Our entire youth program is working with our High school program to find an alternative program for next year. How can we trust and stay with a program that will increase fees by this much whenever they want.

- Awesome product.

This product is phenomenal for team sports organizations. The ability to connect, share video, direct message, create highlights, etc makes a coaches job so much easier! Great work Hudl!

- Great app But!!!!!!! Prices are unfair to underprivileged teams

You guys need to find a way to make this more affordable for the less fortunate schools. I know you all have made many advances that cost money but looking out for the little man is always important especially for a business that has been supported by all financial classes.

- I love the app

I love the app but it’s bugging out right now I can’t post any of my video or highlights j can go create them but when I press post it’s acting as if I never did like it will load but it won’t post

- Fix bug

After i log in by user name the whole app freezes. Ive tried closing the app and restarting as well as deleting the app and redownloading it. It freezes every way

- Iphone X Issue

Great app all around however on the iPhone X it is almost impossible to scroll to a certain time in a video using the 10 second skip button is quite frustrating

- Highlight problem

Hudl is awesome but when you click the tab and select highlights on Mobil most of the time it just shows a blank black screen other than that everything good

- Good but bad

The idea and the way it works for teams and the ability to watch film is great. However, the app is super slow. A lot of my video just won’t show up no matter what I do. Not sure what is going on, my connection is good and the internet works. This app has a lot of bugs.

- Glitch

So whenever I sign in it will say update then I click update then it will take about an hour then it will say it again and then it keeps going over and over again. Also, I can’t watch the videos anymore so the app is useless and you can’t watch the full game anymore you can only watch highlights but some people like watching the whole game including me.

- Old Football film not showing up

All of my football film from last year, excluding the ones that my team played in is gone. I want to scout some players that were juniors last year to add to the film from this year ect. Please fix this, it just ain’t showing up at all, and this is just for football basketball isn’t like this.

- Hudl

Hudl is key to success in football. One feature I wish they would put in is the ability to see what films players are watching. Too often players watch their own film rather than opponents.

- Amazing

Hudl always has been there for me and my teammates I recently sent them a email and they responded in less then 5 min I would recommend the app to anyone that plays sports

- j.L’s Review

HUDL is amazing. I get to stay connected with my football team and see all my opponents and how good they are. I also get to get my questions answered when I have some and aren’t at football practice.

- Bug fixes!

Hudl is an really amazing app, but it hasn’t been working for me for a while and it just stays frozen loading making it unable to use the app.

- Great app, even better support!

These guys do it right! Excellent app. Great features. Love it. Feature request: manage teams from the app? That would be nice to be able to add and edit players from the app. Thanks!

- Solid app

Everything is perfect, but when you flip your phone or switch clips too quickly the whole film restarts, and on top of that it is a pain to make a highlight tape with the music given.

- Best app for football

This app is used by our football tema day after a game it very useful to study and the highlight feature is good for making videos for recruiters.

- "Free" It Ain't

A functionally great app, but individually unusuable without a pre-existing — and rather expensive — team subscription: a detail which is not mentioned in the app store description. Unless your club or team has or is willing to invest in the prerequisite service as a group, don't bother with the app. It's useless on its own.

- Highlight

I have been trying for the past 30 minutes to add clips of me but I can’t. If I was a person trying to get recruited for college volleyball and try to make a highlight video I wouldn’t be able to

- Good App

I use the app to follow my grandkids basketball games and love it. The only problem I have is that videos are not posted right away by coaches. The videos are a great way for grandpa to follow games when he can’t be there, The app is very valuable to me.

- enbarassing

used hudl all 4 years of my high school and decided to go back and watch some old football film from back when i played (weird but i love the nostalgia), however as soon as i put in touch id to sign in, i had a blurry screen with a black bar at the top of the screen. i closed the app multiple times and even deleted and redownloaded the app just to find out there is no fix for this bug. unfortunate for me and even worse for active players trying to watch game film. this is a must fix bug, but hudl has never really cared about customer happiness and bug fixes so i doubt there will be any patch to this issue any time soon.

- Score tracking

Would like to see the ability to keep score while recording.

- App crashes and can’t upload my video

I try to make highlights on this app and I would be done with my highlights and when I press the upload button it doesn’t upload. The screen just loads for hours. Sometimes I would try to make highlights again and the app would crash when I’m almost done with my highlights fix this.

- Needs improvement

I’ve noticed that a lot of a schools content is from years past and the information isn’t always correct when displayed. It’s just time to upgrade because this was once a great site

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Kameron Sanders

1st Team all District Running back Check out this highlight!

Jacob Smith

@Lemmingscouting Check out this video!

Wesley Thompson

@200702048 Wesley Thompson 5’10 linebacker/Safety 170

Kobe Harris

140 Carries 963 Rushing Yards ( 1315 All-Purpose) 12 Touchdowns 126 Receiving Yard ( Play Slot) A True Athlete & Playmaker. @CoachJTW @_CoachTSmith @CoachBeas @CoachBrown_MDN @TopShelf_Steph @RecruitGeorgia @RickMartinMedia @mahone_derrick

Kade Harpe

175 lbs 5’11 C/O 22 Dodge County High School LB/QB 3.7 GPA Junior year highlights @CoachKenCofer @pastorbax @coachcrutch51 @Coach_Herring @Coach_JDCarter @RecruitGeorgia @SleeperRecruit @BigFaceSportss @247recruiting @GridironRR

David Jones

Full Season Highlights -


Junior season film VERY VERSITILE player 6’3 200lbs SS/OLB📸 DEFENSIVE STATS: 79 TCKLS, 6.5 SACKS, 11.5TFL 2FF, 6PBU 3 MISSED GAMES DUE TO INJURY‼️ @TomLoy247 @AllenTrieu @StateChampsIndy @IndianaPreps @SWiltfong247 @RedHawk_Recruit @LoganM_MU


Full senior year🦍 ‼️

𝓒𝓻𝔂𝓼𝓽𝓪𝓵 𝓗𝓮𝓯𝓵𝓲𝓷 𝓖𝓪𝓾𝓵

@orygaul10 highlights from the Casady Christmas break 🏀 tournament earlier this week. THAT'S MY BABY Y'ALL! 👏 #13 #TTHL #hudl #Longhorns #BallIsLife @sportsthread #basketball #okpreps


@603Recruiting @Coach_Sets Cameron Banks LB/OLB/DE 6’0 215lb McKinney North High School Class of 2021 40: 4.82 Team Captain Shuttle: 4.44 Email: Phone: 469-452–9087

Marquise Allsup

Junior season was cut short with only 3 games and the last game the other team made sure the ball never came near me while on defense or returns (PR or KR) #A1PHA #ALPHASQUAD22 #FLASHFAST

Kory White

@CoachWagnerLU @22heuring44 Cordel Heuring 6'2 225 LB,DL,OL,ATH Class of 21 Team Capt All SW Indiana 1st Team All Conf 1st Team Academic All Conf All SW IN All Area Boonville, IN GPA 3.5 SAT 1210 CR 71/237 Phone 812-573-3373 Email

Matt Amboise 🇭🇹

@stevenmizell END OF SOPHOMORE YEAR HIGHLIGHTS! Matt Amboise Class of 23 5’10 195lbs 3.2 Gpa Defensive End / Linebacker

Matt Amboise 🇭🇹

@CoachGFive END OF SOPHOMORE YEAR HIGHLIGHTS! Matt Amboise Class of 23 5’10 195lbs 3.2 Gpa Defensive End / Linebacker

Roger Privett

@MDCCATHLETICS give the young man a chance. Coach Thomas looked at him last year. Just wondering if he's still interested

Hudl 5.102 Screenshots & Images

Hudl iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Hudl iphone images
Hudl iphone images
Hudl iphone images
Hudl iphone images
Hudl iphone images

Hudl (Version 5.102) Install & Download

The applications Hudl was published in the category Sports on 2011-02-17 and was developed by Agile Sports Technologies, Inc. [Developer ID: 412223225]. This application file size is 114.34 MB. Hudl - Sports app posted on 2020-12-14 current version is 5.102 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.hudl.modi

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