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What is let's create! pottery hd app? "A must have app to help you relax." - Robin Rhys, AppAdvice Daily
"Totally worth a look. The entire game is a very unique experience." - Touch Arcade
"Worth picking up for something different that is plenty engaging and time well spent." - AppAdvice
"Visually, the game’s 3D presentation is stunning" - Gamezebo

Free your creativity! Making ceramics has never been more simple and fun! Become a true artist and create "one of a kind" pottery items. Throw the clay on the wheel, release all your artistic talents and take benefit of dozens of materials available in order to create your own design! Even when you glaze and fire your very first pot you will feel accomplished and relaxed as pottery is the best way to relieve your everyday stress and find your inner peace. An amazing, therapeutic and uplifting experience you can enjoy with your family and friends!

Join the Pottery Community

Finish all quests, build your own palette of colors and brushes and let your creativity flow freely. Then bigger challenges are waiting for you on the LCP Portal (www.potterygame.com) where you can post your first pot and join the amazing community of potters. Climb in the rankings, compete with talented LCP artist and share your own creations to surprise your friends.

Convert pots into real things!

Now you can imagine, create and then 3D print your own pot and order it straight from the app! Convert virtual pots into real objects which can be displayed on a shelf or be given to family or friends.

Videos worth a watch

Official game trailer - http://youtu.be/53t0sG03UUo
Gameplay trailer - http://youtu.be/4Myr4kw8QMM

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App Name Let's create! Pottery HD
Category Entertainment
Updated 13 November 2018, Tuesday
File Size 114.49 MB

Let's create! Pottery HD Comments & Reviews 2023

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I can make stuff they send anymore. It used to work great. Needs updated. They send you photos that you are supposed to make your pottery piece look like by using what they call stamps. You can’t make it look like the piece because there are no stamps that you can get that match it. I had got the stamps I could, but the photos asked for stamps that I can not get. Stamps are pictures of flowers, designs, etc. The way this app works is by picking the right stamp. An example is they sent me a pottery photo that I was supposed to do that had red roses. None of my stamps had red roses. Also, there is no way you can drawl a red rose because you can only make horizontal lines when you drawl.

100% recommend. This app is great! I had a ton of fun playing and it is totally worth the cost! But I would like to ask for more quests of whatever because I have had the game for almost a year and I have completed all of them(maybe I just played to much). But over all I recommend this app to anyone who is bored and needs something to do!!

2 Problems..I got robbed.. I just sold enough pots to buy the Japanese brush set, thinking it must be one I didn’t have. After buying it, I see that it’s not a new Japanese set, but it’s the one I already have! Why was it shown as available when I had it already? Now that I have bought it (again,) it does not show up in the list of available brush sets to buy. There is one more brush set showing available, Chinese, but I am hesitant to save up to buy that one as I already own two Chinese brush sets and I am afraid that this will just be the same as I already own. Prob 1. There is no option to preview the set before buying. Prob 2. The only sets that show available to buy should be those that the person does not ALREADY Own. I do enjoy the app very much.

I absolutely love this app...but could you..... I found your app and I am in high heaven playing with it. Love the auction etc. play everyday for a few hours or more. Have a couple questions for you. 1. Created is there a way wecan get more colors? Looking for like pastels, golds, silvers, bronze and copper color. Be nice if a color pallet could be purchased or earned within the game OR offer a way to pay like .99 cents for additional pallets and brushes. It would be great some. 2. Where is this personal gallery I keep seeing info for. I see the gallery for sharing with others but I’d love to see my post images I have sold. Can’t find the personal gallery you talk about. 3. Where do I find the iPad version of the app. Only see the app for iPhone which parks on iPad but want iPad version Too. You have really put a lot of thought and energy into this game. I REALLY appreciate that you don’t have a subscription I have to play. I look for apps that do NOT a make the app a subscription. I am tired of these subscription apps and so very pleased this one is not a subscription. Thx for making it affordable too with a one time purchase price. However I’d be willing to fork out another $3 or $5 dollars to get more colors and Brushes. Even a carving tool would be so cool. Hope to hear from you abiut my questions and thanks for the fun!! Leah 🦴🐕💗😇❤️🥳😎☝️💫😍🤩😎🤣😘

Do not waste your real money. Just play for free. Not only did I waste the money on this app but I stupidly spent money thinking I was purchasing actual brushes and colors when in reality all I was doing is paying to unlock them and still needed to make a ton of pots to earn enough coins to use them. If I'm spending actual money I should actually get the brushes and if I don't them clearly and boldly label these premium features so people know what they're getting. I very rarely spend money on apps but I really liked this one and now I'm just angry and don't even want to play it anymore. Shame on the developers for milking every last drop out of their customers. Good job.

Unfair. I love making Pottery with the app I’ve made some awesome stuff with that said, I’m not sure why none of my stuff has been Staff favorite or voted pot of the day or week when I see pots that are just as nice as some of the pots I’ve made or after I’ve made a pot I see someone use the pattern or tools I’ve used in almost the same way and they get pot of the week or day! Maybe I’m doing something incorrect it would be nice to know!

Artistic, relaxing, excellent. This game is a great way to relax. It doesn’t require an internet source, as there aren’t any in-app purchases or mechanics that require it. The only in-app purchases that there are for this game are an extra brunch pack or two, which do not affect gameplay at all. It’s a great game for people of all ages to sit and relax, and exercise their creative muscle a little. I absolutely recommend this game in anyone’s app repertoire.

Creative Idle Time. We all have time in our days that allow for some creativity to flourish. “Pottery” allows for just that. It does not take a lot of time to throw some clay onto a pottery wheel and let our imaginations take over. This app is good for something other than looking for hidden objects, FPS, crossword puzzles, car races, etc., it’s just plain fun to have another avenue to vent frustrations or enjoy something that doesn’t cause your blood pressure to rise because you couldn’t be in first place. I would recommend this app for its simplicity and ability to be creative. Add music from your library and you are transported to your personal pottery class. This is far less expensive than many other apps out there but its simplicity is where it rises above the rest.

this is the best. Even if you are the most inept pottery person in real life, this virtual pottery program will make you an expert potter in no time. I would like to suggest two improvements, however. First, I would really love a way of storing favorite shapes once they have been “fired” so I do not have to try recreating them if I want to try a different decoration scheme. Second, there has to be a better way of finding my pot in the zillions that are posted because I’d like to see if/how many people liked it. Trying to find one in the zillions is time consuming and frustrating. Their than those two items, I love this app even with its limitations regarding blending and lack of vertical coloring ability.

Really good game, but.... The game is really well made and let’s you bring out creativity. The only problem is that they never add more “brushes” to the game or colors, so you eventually have trouble thinking of new designs things to create. I also think it would be cool if you could not just make strips, but draw on your “brush.” I feel like that would kill two birds with one stone. The app is really great though.

Good good. All right, I will start with good stuff. I love this game!! It is very addictive, and fun! Express creativity, and you can play it whenever, because it saves the design from when you last played! Great price for great game! But, when you buy the ‘not lite’ game, then you expect to have a better game experience, right? You don’t have to buy thing with real money, because you payed for the game with money, right? WRONG! They recently added a bunch of packages with different designs. WHY? Why can’t the people who didn’t use their money to by the lite version have to deal with that? We payed or hard earned money to get the full version, just to pay some amount of money to get these certain designs? Unfair. But, alas, don’t let that ruin your purchase, because you still have a nice amount of designs anyway. Fix that, for me?

To the users. To the users because those who run this app do not listen or care what the users want. This app is fun and you will waste a lot of time using it. But after a while it does get boring and using the same patterns over and over for a very long time, well thats why even the best potters stop using it. I never could figure why there can’t be so many different designs that you could never hope to use every one of them but it never happens. I stopped potting 3yrs ago and nothings changed. No new designs. I played for quite a while and there was one time they gave us new designs and then it was only a few. Also voting. If you get this app vote for pots you like, not for the person. There were other gripes but not so bad and ive forgotten what they were.

Wonderful and creative. The app is extremely creative and i enjoy that you can share your work with others and also see theirs. I wish there were more “quests” to do with all the different styles available...id like to have some trigger when you purchase premiums or even different materials. Otherwise its very enjoyable just creating.

Prices. I like this app a lot, it is a great thing to play if you are stressed or tired and you need a break. The only thing that I would change about this wonderful game is that I think that the prices are a little high and it is too hard to buy the cool designs you want to use. That is the only criticism I have about this game but overall I think this is a great game for all ages to play

Just one minor issue.. I’ll be brief, every time I go to purchase a premium item, it tells me to restore my purchases(regardless of the fact that I have never purchased anything from the game at all) but when I do attempt to restore my purchases, it fails to do so. In the time since this problem arose, I have changed my internet provider and reset my iPhone completely, leaving it a blank slate. Unfortunately however it still happens. Please fix this issue as this problem prevents you from earning revenue. Thank you for your time.

Price of motivation. Your most recent update doesn’t not include any new brushes, materials, ornaments, colors or concepts, but it’s bursting with audacity from your plea for reviews... apparently those are what keeps you motivated. Not the $4.99 price tag that most people have to pay to play, but the reviews... so here goes. I love your app and the concept, especially the fact that there’s a portal to a community of players that are truly awesome; to be honest, the friends I’ve made since I first started using the app are worth more than anything your app could offer, which is why I decided to give you two stars instead of one. That being said, your portal is lagging as bad as the app is in updates; how long has it been since you had a contest? Why don’t you try another way to vote that doesn’t promote reciprocal voting; starting at midnight all pots submitted could remain anonymous for a 24 hour period. I guarantee that, if people can’t leave a comment saying that they voted, it’ll be a huge difference. As for the app itself,

Amazing Meditation. I love this pottery app! Such fun, creative challenge, artistic delight. It takes the place of silly games. You use your artistic skills. I get lost in the garden with this craft. I enjoy the demonstration of my work at the end. Oh how I wish there were more colors and brushes to purchase. More need to be added. Thanks for the creation of this clever app! Deb😊

As soothing as it looks.. I don’t really play phone games, but I’ve played this for years (or some version of it at least). It’s insanely easy, insanely simple, but effective. It’s almost less of a game and more of a meditative thing. I have really bad anxiety and this is just enough to take my mind off of whatever is stressing me out in the moment. If you’re expecting flashy and competitive, you’re in the wrong place, but if you need your brain to slow down for a hot second, I recommend this.

A fun & creative app. I love making different shape pottery & making different creative patterns & colors. Love the auction part, it’s very satisfying & I also love getting an order to create the sample that’s sent. I find it a little challenging but love doing it. So much fun! I only wish there were more colors to purchase with reward money that’s earned after selling from the online auction or creating an order. That’s the best that you don’t have to use actual money to purchase things on this app. Love it!

Please add more!. I love this app! I’d love to have an update of more colors and more brushes, more materials, more, more, more please! Very relaxing! I’d also love spouts for a pitcher, I’d be cool if we could add more things to it like lids, handles etc instead of just one! Please, please please update! Your last update was in 2019!

Waste of money. I thought this was going to be super fun and I was a little hesitant to spend money on an app, but I thought it must be worth it. It wasn’t! There was so little to do and it wasn’t even fun. I ended up deleting it after 20 minutes of trying to see if I was forgetting something or doing it wrong. I wasn’t doing anything wrong. It wasn’t advertised good either and I thought it would be different then it actually was and I’m still confused why it costed money when I could get a free art/pottery app that is better. Long story short don’t spend money on it, I’m just trying to save you 5 dollars. It isn’t exactly just a for fun art app either, I think there was some why to purchase or sell your (awful/simple) creations but idk if it was real or not and like I said it was just confusing and not what I thought it would be.

The challenge. When I did this challenge I keep trying to do it but I can’t get passed it I can’t even get 1 or 2 stars it’s so hard! But other than that it’s a great game and I play it a lot. Please try to make level of the Atlantic museum. Please respond to this and I have a glitch when I sell something I only get 1 or 2 coins but I usually would get 99 or 77 so I hope you respond and fix these things! From Rowan

Great but not so great. I love this app. It is so fun to use. I love the options, but I would change it so there would be more color options. Also you need to be able to skip over challenges that are too hard for you. I got my third challenge and I’ve been stuck on it since. Also, once you buy everything there is nothing left to buy. It might not be worth paying for, but overall I love the app and enjoy “making” pottery.

Great stress relief. I was skeptical at first, I got the lite app to try it out, I found myself buying the upgrade quickly. I love the realistic look, especially right after firing the clay, no marks or cracks in the sculpture ever look the same, there is so many cool patterns you can make even using the same brushes and slightly overlapping them to change the look! The only thing I wish you would do is make the shaping a little more intricate so I can make smaller and more indentures in the sides to make more interesting pieces! But anyway, great job on making a cool time passer!

Very Upset. I am so upset. I love playing this game every morning, but someway/somehow I opened up the games this morning and it said that I had to buy the full version in order to unlock the extra stuff when I already had bought the full version weeks ago. I was so close to unlocking everything. I don’t know if its a glitch or maybe an error on the app developers end but I want it back and If not I’just going to delete the app and not play no more.

I love it!!! But could you diel down your adds and prices for materials etc. So like in the title I love it but could you kill some of the adds and prices for materials and like change the background music to something like “moves like jagger” or “hand clap” those are two of my favorite songs. (Pleas pleas take my suggestion’s)

Great Game, a Few Flaws. Okay, so it’s a really fun game. But, I have a few complaints. I have a major and a minor complaint. This is the minor: I wish for more paint colors! This is the major: I wish that there was a way to turn off orders from people. If there was, I would do it. I like to be creative, and orders don't allow me to do that. I would do them every now and then, but I would get choose. Also, sometimes the people who order things don’t pay! Other than listed above, I LOVE this game. There are no adds, lots of brushes, cool new ornaments, and materials. I love it!

Love it!!!. I was looking for a fun stress reducing and creative game to play. This game hits the mark! I went ahead and bought the full app and I'm not disappointed with the selection of materials and patterns I'm able to buy. Yes, there is a challenge of filling orders if you wish. I, however, love that I can simply create pottery earn money and buy more supples to create more pottery with.😄 My only critique is that I wish they would develop more tools to use during the throwing process. Mostly I find this game very, very satisfying.

False Advertising: 3D printing doesn’t work. I just found out from Infinite Dreams that the 3D Printing feature no longer works. I feel cheated as that was one of the key reasons I paid for this app. I bought both the iOS and Oculus Quest VR app thinking I could create real things to give as gifts for the holidays. It would be nice to have a feature to download a digital version of the items we create if we can’t 3D print thru your app. Maybe as an FBX so we could use our pottery creations in the Metaverse.

Needs something more. I have had this app for a while, it just needs a bit …more for having it this long. I would be happy to buy more color packets and other interesting additions if the app is still being maintained.

I want to start over. I love this game. It’s relaxing, and fun! However, I have the version for iphone, I want to start completely over with the tasks/challenges. Yet I delete the app, and reinstall, and all I lose is the money earned. How do I reset? I have purchased everything. IF I completely reset, will I have to purchase again? Please help. I love the app!

Thank You, Thank You. I’m back using this app after a long hiatus. It pained me to both stop using this app and recommending it as well. Why would I do that? Because when updating my second generation iPad with a forth, after two years of use, I lost all of my premium purchases and literally everything I had acquired even though I have always maintained the same Apple account. When I gotmy iPad Pro, two years ago, I pulled this app out of the iCloud and still none of my premium purchases. However, someone at IDream finally listened and one day, a couple of months ago, after almost 6 years of disappointment, my long lost items reappeared and this little old lady and potter, is happy once again. Thanks for your help and this very special app. 👍

Update This APP!. this game is so fun and definitely deserves an update soon!!! 25 or however many vases you’re assigned to make is NOT. enough. ESPECIALLY with how much it costs to download the app, but most importantly how literally addicting and soothing it is. i’ve bought almost everything and i don’t see a reason to continue to play when the quests can all be done in one afternoon and you’ve figured out a way to load up on coins to buy out the shop.

So much fun and addicting! Just a couple changes would make it better.. I started playing this game not too long ago and immediately I was addicted! This is so peaceful yet so fun to play. A couple things I wish though that would make this a lot better I think would be if you could just choose a section of a piece of pottery to color or to add a brush instead of having what you choose go all the way around the pot. Also if you could have it to where if you put the hole ornament into the pot then your brushes don’t go into the hole. Because most of them make it look bad if it goes through the whole. But yeah amazing game though and I can’t wait to see what you do with it in the future!

Perfect combination of relaxation and satisfaction. This game is one of the best I’ve ever played. The levels are not too difficult while remaining challenging, and if you decide you don’t want to play with levels, you can just freestyle pots. I would recommend this game to anybody who were to ask for anything good to download. Thank you for making this game, it was worth every penny.

Peaceful. I love being on this game so much it calms me down and helps clear my mind. I’m an artist so I often run out of creative juices easily but there are so many possibilities you can make with the pots that I get inspired for art work as well. Funny enough my dad really enjoys this too but always gets mad when we auction off the pots and my pots always get more coins XD he’s got a long way to go.

Awesome game!. This game is really fun and easy for lots of people including me me and all my friends have it after I recommended it to them a lot of people I know have which is good because it’s an awesome game! If you have not already tried it I recommend you do! Over all this is a fun game and I hope all who play enjoy it!❤️

Great Game but..... This is a fantastic game and I was totally obsessed with it for the las few days. But that’s the thing. It only lasted me a few days . I didn’t play it too often so I’m surprised at how few quests there are. For 5 dollars, I’d expect a longer game. However, if it’s still in progress and more quests are coming soon then I suppose it’s okay, though it still shouldn’t cost that much until there’s more to the game. Seriously though, this game is amazing, just way too short!

Fun and Relaxing, needs a few things. This is a really fun app, very easy to waste hours. It does need some type of gallery so we can see our finished products in the app itself. Sure, I can take photos and send to friends, but a gallery in the app would be great. Just a photo collection or maybe even a virtual art gallery displaying our creativity.

The nostalgic app, so amazing!. Ive finally found the app when i was a todler. And im downloading it just now! I loved this app as a old baby. I cant believe that i can now enjoy the nostalgic app! I dearched up to find it and i actaully found it! Thanks so much for the app because i would not do anything as tiny child. Thanks for this app again! For the nostalgia! I dont think i wouldnt do anything without this app.

Amazing game. I am totally addicted. I use this game all the time to calm myself down, and it works without flaw every time. I love this game. I definitely recommend. Although there is one glitch: I’ve finished all the quests, and this Polish pottery keeps on appearing on the side of my screen as a quest, but when I go into the quests log, it shows I have no more quests. But other than that, this game is awesome!

Good potential, needs changes. This is a very good game overall. The missions/projects that you get prevent the game from getting boring, which would be very easy for the game to be. However, a purchase of the full version does not include nearly as much as it should, being that to get everything in the game you need to purchase multiple packs and also the payment for the projects you get should be at least equal to what the total amount you pay to purchase brushes for each mission.

Where’s my purchase?. So far I am enjoying the game, but mostly I enjoy it bc my youngest enjoys it and it’s simple/calming for him to play. I bought the full version and the purchase went through immediately. Then I purchased the extra 15 colors for .99 but they’ve still not been added to my colors.... how do I get my colors purchase? Shouldn’t they show up amongst my regular colors location?

Useless, devs ignored my problem. I used to like this game... a LOT. Then, I opened it one day and all of my brushes, colors, ornaments, etc. were gone as well as all of my coins. Here’s the thing... I can no longer buy colors. I emailed the devs and told them and sent them screenshots (it is the same on my iPhone and iPad and I deleted, reinstalled, all that). All they did was give me back all my coins (which are now all gone again). I told them thanks for the coins, but there are no colors in the store for me to buy. Ornaments, materials, brushes, yes, but no colors. They ignored that email. I can’t play the game and it is a real bummer. I keep it on my iPad and periodically check to see if the colors are in the store, but it has been a long time. They will probably never come back. :(

Very Excellent App. I’ve been using the Lite version for awhile now & liked it so much I decided to fork over the $4.99 for the full app. I enjoy it a lot but I have a suggestion: Please add more colors! And can you also make it where we can choose the shade, for example if I wanted dark purple or bright white, I could do so. It would add so much to our creations.

Good. I love playing this but I have a couple ideas. 1. Stones, It would be cool if you could decorate the vase with rocks and gems 2. Metals, It would be cool to have an option like paint where you can make parts of it gold or quartz or glass. 3. Names, A nice feature would be if you could name your pottery. 3.5. Along with names, it would be nice if there was a record of what you sold, like it would say Sunset was sold for 455 Midnight has sold for 1245 4. Decorating, It would be cool if you could have a house, and instead of selling pottery, you can keep them and decorate a house. 5. Color changes, For the brushes, it would be nice if you could change their colors. Thank you for listening to my suggestions, Max

I am not generous with my stars.. I love, love, LOVE ceramics. This game may not be a perfect portrayal of what it’s like to make pottery on a wheel, but... it IS one of the closest things I have to the real thing right now. This game is not only interesting with the challenges that it presents, but it is also very stimulating to try to impress the auction crowd with my own creativity. In short... this game is worth five stars.

Such a relaxing and fun game!. I got this app several years ago. It’s the best virtual crafting app I’ve ever had! You can create pieces, color them, and decorate them. My nephew started playing it once I showed him it, and my husband did too. And I still play it. It’s the BEST EVER for times you’re in the waiting room and want something fun and creative to get you by. It’s entertaining, and it doesn’t relay on sound.

Best Pottery Game Yet.. There is nothing like this game, it is truly mesmerizing and captivating. I personally use it both for just fun & to help relieve my anxiety, and it does a great job at it. It does take some time getting used to sometimes, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s a breeze to be creative and get lost in each pot you make. Love this game!

5 Star if I hadn’t finished the game in less than a week. I paid for the app and bought all premium items but I have no more emails to do and I’m not even a week in. $4.99 plus the premiums and no more to do? It’s the best game I’ve ever played, until I passed every challenge. I’m seeing this in quite a few reviews. If you’re working on them please let us know. If not then I will uninstall, chalk up the lost money and give a 1 star review for not being worth buying. Only play the free game. You can do all of the challenges with the free game in the same time frame that I did.

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Super app. This is such a wonderful app highly recommending. On a scale of 1 to 10 I rate it 12👍👍👍👍👍❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💕💝💞💓💗

Orders. This is a really enjoyable game but I stopped playing for quite a while because when I responded to one of the 'emails' I got from a person wanting to order a vase, it wouldn't accept it and told me to do it again when I had met all the necessary specifications, including the colours and materials and especially the shape until it looked almost identical to the picture it was hard to tell the difference between them. This is frustrating as I cannot do any more orders and no matter how many times I re-make and send the order, it doesn't accept it which has turned me off playing the game. Otherwise it is great and a lot of time and creativity has obviously been spent making it.

Didn't Even Know Games Like This Existed!. Just amazing; and I don't really even care for pottery! Shaping and decorating my pottery pieces is relaxing and surprisingly engaging. These new additions such as handles and a community area are not only brilliant in both concept and execution but also indicate that these developers have not simply abandoned the app and are continually improving upon it. Really look forward to new updates such as locations. Love it. Best five bucks I ever spent; and if this update is any indication, it's only going to get better.

Ok.... Still pretty fun. After you complete all the orders, it gets a little boring. I wish it had i don't know ah say after you complete all the orders there are missions like you have to make something that will help someone to "carry heaps of water" or something. I also wish that there could be a lesson part of the game so you could learn how to do detail and stuff because i have no idea how to. But this game still is pretty fun!

Rewarding. Relaxing. A must for time out.. This was such fun that I went straight from the demo to the full version. If you like messing about with your creative juices without stress or brain strain then this app is a must. Thanks to the designers for combining creative playfulness with a sense of achievement and reward. I especially appreciate the inclusion of international and historical images in the design.

relaxing. very calming and helps with my anxiety :)

Nice game!!!!. It’s a nice game, but remember it just gets over 30 tasks. It’s definitely a improvement. But after all it’s great.

Good game.. This game is fun and interactive. You can buy (with game money) heaps of different designs for your pottery and there’s lots of different colours too. You also get emails (from fake people, made up by the game) asking you to make pottery for them in exchange for game money. Otherwise you can sell your pottery at auction. It is a pretty good game.

Gone potty!. What a great app! Bought it eight hours ago and haven't stopped playing with it. Always fancied myself as a potter - now I've got heaps of lovely pots and no mess. I absolutely love it. Like others, I would love to have handles etc. to add to the pots. Would also like to have the option of a glazed finish to give them a real professional look. All in all, a really fun way to relax. Well worth the purchase price. If you've ever wanted to try your hand at throwing pots buy this app. You won't regret it. Less than 24 hours and I've had more than my money's worth already.

Great stress reliever. This is a awesome game I think $7 is a bit much for the full version but I still got it It really helps with my anxiety

A brilliant game to last for ages. I think it was totally worth getting the upgrade, sick of people on the lite version saying how it’s “too expensive”. I enjoy playing, is a great calming game when I am angry stressed or frustrated. Pity the portal for 3D printing doesn’t seem to work.

You should add a theme where you can make pottery to the people who ordered a pot thing. I love this app because you can create anything you want but it would be fun if you ‘people’ request an order. Seeming as we do already have to pay nearly $10.

Amazing!. Love this app so much! Challenging but also therapeutic 🧡✨

Quests. I love this game I got hooked and got the whole family hooked too but I wish there was more quests and patterns and once we buy the full version it is the full version not an extended lite version were you can't get all the packs and colours without paying even more money. If you made the other packs for an add or something that would be better

Addictive gameplay. Very addictive would give five stars but sometimes its near impossible to get a five star for your pottery even though it's identical but that said very enjoyable. Something soothing about making a piece of pottery without getting your hands dirty and seeing the final results. Well done on producing a calming game that relaxes you without knowing it.

Amazing!!. I got hold of the lite version to try, and soon upgraded to full app. it holds so much interest for everyone here, my grand daughter and I are both hooked, when she sees the finished product she has to show everyone. It is one of the best apps I have seen, brings out the creative side of you, stress free, therapeutic. I have have to give it 5 stars easy. What a shame you can't see my master pieces.

Swagarrhoea. This game is so fun and relaxing, 10/10 would recommend

Left wanting more!. I love the concept and enjoy it but I wouldn't class it as a game. It's a great app for creativity & personal expression but it kinda leaves you needing that little bit more! I've completed all requests & have no more brushes or colour to acquire [purchase] so what's the idea thereafter? After sending to the portal we sell & gain coins—what do I do with my coins now? There's nothing more to purchase. I really wish you made it simpler to toggle between brushes & colour & pls review & update how our galleries function. It's too time consuming to interact with them currently.

Cool game. It’s super duper fun I suggest it to anyone who is creative or wants to be creative Written by zoey

Great app. Kids love it and enjoy competing for top dollar. I would appreciate the opportunity to view photos of their work. They would also like to show off to family and friends. The addition of a photo album or the ability to put photos onto camera roll would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure they would also like a record of the price achieved at auction too!

Fun!. I found this app a couple of years ago in Art class. The teacher would let us play when we finished our work. Some people would often rush their art to play, but I was smart. I downloaded the lite version because I didn’t have any money. After a while, I managed to persuade my father to buy it. Because my iPad was partially broken and I couldn’t use my screen fully, it was hard to colour in. I am redownloading it because my iPad is fixed. I believe I will enjoy it more.

The best. I got this when I was about seven and was obsessed with it. Even now, about five years later, it is amazing and is so much fun!!

Great. It’s a great app but things cost to much

Me. Cool 😀

BUY THIS GAME!!!!!. This game is worth your money, I didn't really like the look of it but now I'm hooked. You can pick this game up anywhere! My only problems are that the touch controls are a little bit off and the shipping to buy your vase for real is a bit over priced, they don't have the option for slow delivery, only speed. But besides that this game is a mast piece!!!

Disappointing. What starts out as a fun concept soon begins to be frustrating on a number of fronts, nothing that can't be fixed though with future updates. Firstly, the shaping is kludgy - no matter how carefully we try to push/pull we can't fine control the material to achieve just the right visual balance desired. Same with the application of brush effects and colour - control is crude - there is no creative sense of positive response to touch. Perhaps a zoom in feature is needed that enables touch access to more (still invisible) nodes on the curves, but in normal view touch would still affect fewer nodes. Second, why can't we retain a snapshot of the completed items in the gallery? Third point - having PAID for the app I would like to be able to email without the marketing wrapper. If I received that in the mail it would be the one reason why I would NOT buy the app! A more discreet link, brief description would be make me more inclined to check out your website, but preferably no link. Let's face it - anyone who doesn't mind in your face advertising is going to be using Facebook to share anyway, not email. Give me the first and second points and I'd give you 5 stars. Give me the third point and I'd believe you were out to make something creative, fun, social and not just in it for the grab.

You need this game. This is a game that lets you unleash your hidden creative talents. Shape a pot, the longer you spend on it the better the outcome, colour it, enjoy the process. As you sell your pots you can purchase more and more fantastic patterns, the more patterns and colours and ornaments the better your prices. There are options to turn these creations into reality, but truth is there is much enjoyment in our house just creating. The kids are loving it.

a bit unfair. Was a very good App so I had bought both iPhone and iPad versions a while ago. I had unlocked all the brushes and everything and now suddenly the App becomes a Universal App, which means, if I want to update to this new version I will lost all my unlocks and start over again, which is actually ok if that's all it is. But not, it isn't! I now have to pay more money if I want more brushes. I think it's a bit unfair that after paying for both iPhone and iPad versions already since it wasn't an Universal App before, I have to pay even more for features that should really be free update features. I understand you need revenues, but how about a little bit fairness towards those customers who had supported you from the beginning.

I didn’t wanted to buy it. I was looking at apps and accidentally bought this app I didn’t want it at first but I used the app and now I didn’t regret anything. great app very interesting and might become addictive.

A second review...with more insight. Yes, this app is brilliant, creative, addictive. But be warned... The associated community site is fraught with manipulation, fake accounts, multiple identities and other sundry BS! The developers have shown no interest in addressing these issues... Their responses fluctuate between telling players to toughen up and vague promises of future action. In addition, there are now two levels of play, with expanded tools and challenges for iPad players, but not for iPod or iPhone. Such a shame... A brilliant idea, poorly executed and supported.

Steve. The best thing about this game is that you don't get messy but I would like to do it for real

Amazing. I absolutely love this app.

Well worth every cent. When it comes to me paying for any app I am well known to be very tight and picky - but this app is worth more than they are asking - I have brought very in-app extra and our whole family use it on all our devices and we have so much fun showing off our creations and then trying to guess the price we will get for them We also have a photo album fulling up with hundreds of them - best $10+ I have ever spent on an app - great for the young and old, Well done to all of the Developers Team Members

Amazing Game. Just the kind of game you want to play when you want to relax. Beautiful graphics and amazing quality. Worth the 8 dollars.

NEEDS MORE QUESTS. Was really getting into it. But needs more quests. Can’t even reset the game to redo them.

Pottery. This is a really really really fun game

Addictive and creative fun for all ages. My kids (aged 5 to 12) and I have become addicted to this game and show little sign of tiring of it- rare in an iPad game. My only criticism is that after paying for the full version, all content is still not included, there are in-app purchases! This game is not a .99 cent cheapie- all content should be included in paid version!!

Awful. Awful. Just awful. I hate the challenges where you have to replicate the picture of vases because it always Denys my design! It doesn’t appreciate the work you put it. Also I had to spend over 200 money on a vase because I didn’t have it all read y. One stars W

WOW. If you love art and are very good (or very bad) you will find this app seamless amazing and one of the bestart apps around. This game is about you (the artist) starting a bisness where u go around making pottery. You get requests and people that ask you to make special types fo potery or you can go free lance and make whatever you want. Most stuff is free but you must sell your potery at an auction to earn coins to buy it. AMAZING!!!

Unreal! Sets a new iOS gaming standard. This game is graphically brilliant! The game theme hasn't been done before (that I'm aware of) and to play is simply relaxing, challenging all whilst being such an original idea! Awesome work! Minor bugs applying textures at times and disappearing occasionally but nothing big. Hoping to see photo zoom ability, higher iPad pot poly count for more precise sculpting, shelve current pot for later and work on multiple pieces concurrently, as well as social network sharing in future updates. Keep up the good work!

Worth it.. Now each time I play an app and it asks for a review I ignore it, but I cannot for this one. The game as a lite is extremely entertaining for those with a creative and imaginative mind. It was so good I paid for it (now thats a rarity ;) ). Even with all the missions done the global rating system of your pots is great and is really helpful even entertaining. I rate this five stars and wish you all many hours of fun and creative gameplay.

Best app ever 👍👍👍👍👍. LCP has to be the best app. Addictive, creative and fun and the best way to kill time. But must say that an update is now well over due for those who have been using LCP for a long time. New brushes are need 100%, a favourites bar for the brushes when using more than one type repetitively, and to be able to manipulate colours to other directions if possible but really most of all just new brushes please please please I know I speak for others as well as myself. Other than needing an update LCP is fantastic and a genius idea great work IDREAMS 👍👍👍👍👍

Fun. I adore this app

Thrilling. This could be the most engaging and exciting experience I may ever have in my life, ever.

POTTERY!!. I think this game is incredibly designed and beautifully assembled, graphics are just fantastic and it is full of different activities allowing users of different ages to become indulged in the entertainment this app so simply provides. A huge recommendation to all those hesitating about the cost, it's worth the money

Awesome game but portal has issues. I love this game and really love being able to post my pots online but it would be even better if you addressed the issues with the portal as I would love to be able to comment and vote on other people's pots.

Lets create Pottery. I'm very disappointed .I installed the new app the one with backgrounds and new brushes after having established all my library of brushes and even purchased the extra patterns , Hindu , gradients and so on , the new background app did not work , so after following the trouble shooting suggestion of uninstalling and reinstalling the app , I returned to try my new brushes only to find , all my brushes were gone , the game has started at at zero and I'm starting the callings all over again from scrap . Very upset

Enjoyable.... I agree with Snophy220. The quests need to be continuous. I also think that instead of having the auction last for only a few seconds we should upload the pot onto google (or similar) and get the public to vote on how much it is worth. Then use the highest (or average) amount as the amount that we receive as game coins.

Wonderfully Relaxing. This really is a great way to spend time relaxing. The time flies by and most importantly there is NO STRESS :-) I really enjoy trying the make the specific pots as requested. A couple of minor changes I would like to see would be to be able to pinchzoom on the photos of the requested pots (those of us with failing vision find it a little difficult to see the finer details on such a small photo). Also I feel the perspective change when you tilt the pad is the opposite to what I expect. If I tilt the top of the pad towards me I would expect to see to top of the pot not the bottom and visaversa (this has no impact on app at all, it just feels wrong and ruins the illusion form me... maybe an option to reverse it).

Awesome amazing game. This game is awesome and fun and is free to make any design u want

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Help for a glitch. I really love this game but, for a while now, and haven't been able to upload my pottery creations to the online forum. Can you please help me? Thank you :)

Does not let me get my colors or designs.... Why can’t I get any of the colors or designs with my coins

Feed back. I love this app. I find it relaxing after a stressful day at work to come home make a pretty vase or such. Just a few minutes to myself to relax, refocus. Then I'm really to be there for family life. Thank you.

One of my favourites!. I’ve had this app on my iPad for years and never tire of playing it. Great creative outlet with no mess involved!

Deceitful. It shows that you can paint the pottery, but in reality you cannot!!! Real waste of money

New colour pallets. Love this game but where can I buy anymore new colours? Already have the basics but want more choices

Good game. Lit

Race??. It would be cool if we could race against the clock to make a sculpture. That would be fun!

This is amazing!!!. This game is really enjoyable. I have a tiny bit of an addiction to it but this game is so realistic and creative I can’t stop playing it it is almost as fun as making real pottery but there is no mess to clean up after. 😂👍🏻

Amazing. The best app ever it helps to experience your creative mind #LOVEIT❤️❤️❤️

Feedback. Love this game and I recommend it if you just want to relax and make cool or crazy stuff

Best game in the world. AWESOME GAME

Fun but. I’d really like to purchase some of the brush sets from the other game pottery 2 like “strange” and colours such as “futuristic” as well as other handle styles

amazing. love this game so much it’s so addicting and fun

Love it had 🎈. Had it for years still awesome !!! 💗💜❤️💜💘💕💗❣️💓💞💘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜💜❤️💜💜❤️❤️💜❤️🖤❤️❤️❤️❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💓💓💓💞💞💗💓💞💓❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Great. It is a wonderful game that is creative and great for kids and adults. I love making many awesome pots with basic patterns or African, Aztec, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, American, Celtic, Neanderthal, and Egyptian patterns. In general, it is a super awesome app and I Highly recommend it.

Less Quests. It's making me use my coins to buy the brushes for the Quest that I don't want to buy because I could use the coins for cooler things like different clay types or ornaments.

Great. Love this game. Add a clock so we can try to make sculptures in that set of time! But anyway it’s awesome!!

Problem. This data procressing screen to paint has been taking to long I been waiting 30 minutes to an hour and it hasn’t loaded

Hey that’s pretty good. Pretty good

Relaxing. This really helps me relax and calm down.

Awesome App. This is the app I use when I need a break from realty and relax. The paid version is the way to go as well.

Fabuleux!. Fabuleuse appli!

Don't update!. I've been looking forward to this update, but now I couldn't be more disappointed, and a little annoyed. First of all, the portrait support, which works great with the keyboard dock, is eliminated with 1.10 update, and from certain camera angles in landscape mode, the blue background is shown behind the environmental mapping. Sketchy! The new interface is a disaster too. There are way too many buttons on the screen at the same time, and they are constantly getting in the way of pottery creation, yet it is still hard to locate the desired button when needed because of the confusingly nested sub menus. Why the material icon is still there after the firing process is everyone's guess My last and biggest complaint is that my saved collection has been MODIFIED (a.k.a RUINED) with the update. Yes, the patterns from some of my designs were displaced, and some simply disappeared. The bottom line is, update 1.10 feels very unpolished and ruined everything I liked about the original game. Next time, please at least test the program before rush it out to the consumers, and I wish there is a way to downgrade to the original version!

Simpas comme jeux. J'apresie beaucoup se jeux il y a beaucoup de possibilité pour crée seul désavantage tu peux pas faire de courbe à la verticale seulement à l'horizontale les petit courielle Ses cool facile à realiser😁

Awesome 🤩. No glitches and it works amazingly well

Let’s create ! Pottery HD. This is one of the greatest family games we have enjoyed since monopoly!! The graphics are outstanding🌟 and the customer service is beyond compare! I would recommend this to anyone whom likes fun,creativity,brilliant programming,and a true quality product

Amazing game. So soothing and calm. Would definitely recommend and worth the price!!!!!

Great Game!. I love this game I have played it for years! Definitely worth the money, great way to pass time!

Great game. It helps me stay calm

Love it. I love it i just wish that there were more challenges

Great. This is a really fun game if you are looking to just relax and make pottery. I would totally recommend this app to anyone

Perfect. It’s the beast game ever

The game is amazing. I’m glad I spent my money on this game because it keeps me busy. Also I’m into pottery slot so this game is like an exciting adventure for me. Although I haven’t finished the game just yet, I think after the game is finished, there should a hole new set of things to work for, and new quest, like things making two different pottery’s for one costumer. Although I love this game and recommend it to anybody who is looking for a good game to play.( and people who have iTunes because pottery lite is a waste of storage) Thanks for reading, Pottery freak

Amazing game. Love this game bin playing for 2 years amazing

The data processing step doesn’t end!!. Please let me know how to fix it or I need a refund. Thanks!

Good game. This is the best game I have ever played in my life!I recommend this game.Download.Don,t listen to the bad reviews.Awesome sculpting game so Down load the game this Instant!Never delete in your life.

Awesome game. This is a soothing game that calms me down 100% get this game

Good, fun app. I am a real potter so I can make the pot shapes on my wheel...

Best freaking game ever. Let’s gooooo

Good app!. It’s nice and relaxing

Needs update. Need to update version. More control of colour brushes. Continue with challenges.

Love it. I love this game. It’s just so much fun, I’ve been playing it for 3 years now and I can’t get enough. I would really recommend this for any age!

Still the best 👍💯. More stuff next update🤗 wonderful job more updates please

Really a great game to keep coming back to. This was one of my first ipad games, it came out the same time I bought my first ipad. I finish the game then I dust it off a few months later. The only thing I would change is slowing down the flow rate of the paint, so you could adjust colors better.

I give this app ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. I LOVE this game! It has so much stuff to do and it really boosts the Creativity in so many ways! Plus in the full version you can have a piece of pottery come to live and be delivered to your home! I totally rate this app ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I think that everyone can love this game, it’s a great way to unwind!

Pots & patterns. i love this game sooooooooooo much and The pots are beautiful! i like The japanese patterns 2!

Great app. Great app, I really enjoy using it. I wish there were more colours or a blending tool of some sort. Cool! My kids love it too.

Annoying. I can’t submit the pot I made for the email, I can only sell it which I don’t want to. Otherwise it’s a okay game

Cool game. Very relaxing

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It’s so fun. Literally it’s just Pottery but it’s so addicting I’ve been playing the full version ( hd ) and I can’t stop I love this game my only complaint some of of the items in the shop are a little barbaric but that’s my only complaint overall I love this game - Jose G. 😂😂😂😂😂

Love it. Please send more quests, if you can’t send more different ones let us play the same old ones and score higher

More missions?. I love this game so much! It WOULD have 5 stars, but I’ve completed all of the story requests (and there weren’t that many...) and now I can only do daily requests, which is fine, I like those too, by I LOVE the challenge! I also like just creating and making my own stuff, but I’d like more of a balance... CHALLENGE US!!!! Please!!!!!

Pottery Game. I gave this game a 4 because it calms me when I am stressed or going to bed but I would like to see more feature for the paid version and I could see other peoples creations without connecting to Facebook but overall a great game and definitely recommend 😊

I love this game. I loved pottery lite but then I thought of something after my birth day “I have enough birthday money to buy the premium so I called my dad and asked if I could buy it as soon as it was done done downloading I tapped on it in amaze it is the best game I have I thought and I was right thank you for this amazing game idreams

A wonderful experience. Honestly I don’t tend to buy apps because I don’t think it’s worth the money but this has been worth every penny. It is so fun and relaxing. It allows me to explore my creativity in a delightful way. I definitely recommend it to everyone.

Disgusted!. Bought the app because my granddaughter had it. When I reached 1000points, tried to buy things. Told me to purchase complete app. Spent another $4.99 only to have to start from 00 again! My granddaughter said the same thing happened to her except she had 4000 points. NOT COOL. Otherwise like app.

Infinitely entertaining!. This game has provided me with hours of fun! From the quests to the wide variety of decorations, there's a near infinite number of ways to make a pot or vessel in this game. It's so worth the purchase! I highly recommend this to just about everyone, and I'd like to thank my brother for introducing me to this game.

Love It!. I love this game, it doesn’t take WiFi which is good for road trips or vacations. The only reason why I’m giving it four stars is because to share your art work takes an account. If it’s for 4+ than why does it take an account? I think that it doesn’t need an account and you could just freely share. Thanks for reading!

Lost everything from lite. I’m a bit upset that after I finally got the money to buy the full version I lost everything I had got on the lite version so I have to start all over.

Yaaaaaay. Lol all those people are all like: I lost all my stuff or: this update is trash but those things that they say that HAD to be influenced or just a glitch or an accident honestly I love this app I like responding to all the nice people that need pots (and give me money lol) this app is awesome I will definitely recommend THANK YOU

Really Relaxing. Mainly, there are no problems, only one is that doing quests don’t give you enough money when you buy the Brushes and Color, say I got a 500 coin item and I have to buy it for a quest, but I only get 300 or 350. But still I love it, making vases is my dream! Just my review so yeah, Thanks for this awesome game!

Love this game. I have bought the app and have all the brushes, colors I can get.. when are you going to add some new stuff ? It’s been months since I bought anything and I have lots of coins to spend ! Hurry please

Challenges.... When I bought the game, I was promised more challenges in the inbox thanks to some unnamed aunt. So I went through all the challenges now what? Don't get me wrong, the game is great and throwing clay in this vile experience is hands down amazing. But how can you claim to be "infinite" if the challenges just disappear? Low rating for the false advertising.

What went wrong?. I loved this app and gave it a 5. After a couple years, I’m sooooo disappointed. I bought every brush set and now there’s nothing more to add? Nothing new! I look forward to making the requests once a day and doing my best, but they’re not even creative anymore. Now it’s been over a week and I don’t even get those! What’s going on? Hopefully someone more reliable will pick up on this idea and run with it. I’m fed up.

Relax and create. Exactly what I want an app to do: help me unwind and be creative. Perfect for not only just me but my five year old loves creating pots also. I think it’s even possible to buy the pots you create, but I haven’t looked into that part yet. I gotta go - I gotta get back to the Pottery app.

This game is awsome. I haven’t seen a game i like a lot in a while, and i mean a lot. This game is almost realistic. Those of you who want this game, try playing the lite (free) version of this game to see what this game to do. I don’t do pottery but i still like this game and you might to.

Amazing game, but some questions.... First of all, it’s an amazing game and is don’t regret paying for it, but I have a few questions (and suggestions). How does the system for bidding work? I think we should be able to bid and possibly collect pots. Maybe we could even buy plain pots to paint, or see models for inspiration.

Good but I would like to 3D print the vases. I like the app it is very relaxing to play and it is very easy but it would be better if I could 3D print the vases by saving a stl file that I can then load onto the computer and 3D print. Also if there was a paint brush intensity control so that it wouldn’t take so long to paint that would be great.

THIS IS A GREAT ART GAME. I just don’t understand why you can’t see your work of art as a gallery I’ve had to take pics with my phones camera I also agree with the others about more colors and more brushes.

Beautiful, very entertaining. Hats off to the developer for an incredible app. The modeling and application of colors and designs gives you the feeling you are creating works of art. The whole process from start to finish is awesome. Highly recommend it!

Let US decide where to put the ornaments. I love this game. I enjoy it so much, but the only thing that ruins a nice piece of poetry is the weird angles that it makes the ornaments be. Let US decide where WE want to put them.

Love it but need help. I love this app. I spend an hour a day (or more) making pots. It’s amazing how real everything looks. My only complaint would be I can’t seem to find several patterns such as Chinese II. It isn’t available in the premium in-app purchases. Maybe someone here can help ME? Please?

Merging balance and bought features. I bought features, colors, and patterns on the lite version but I cannot transfer them or the balance over to the full version. I also don’t see how I can connect them through Facebook either. The app is relaxing I would just like to merge the too to retain what I’ve already done. I don’t want to do the same challenges all over.

great but not enough for price tag. This game is awesome, but I feel like there isn’t enough quests and it can be hard to paint in certain spots because of the weird angles. Nonetheless I love it and play everyday but I would not say it’s worth $5 because it’s not even the full playable everything included version of the game

Only game I ever paid for. For real and serious, this is the only game I’ve spent real life money on ever. I liked the free demo version so much I found it worth it to get the full game. I just wish I could find a quality IRL pottery wheel to buy that’s not made for children.

Transfer to pottery 2?. I used this for hours and months, till I got all the colors, brushes, etc. I was disappointed it seemed to stop. I just saw the second incarnation and wish it had been an upgrade, not a new app. Anyway the colors and brushes can be transferred?

Better designs. I love this game but I think you should add glass material and some more fun designs. I also thought you could let the people that play this game make like silverware and plates and bowls and cups all that kind of stuff. Well hope you do it thanks.

PLEASE READ. This app is absolutely amazing, I am obsessed, I have been playing for HOURS (everyday), if you came from the free version and are thinking of getting it, well I came from the free version and it is sooo worth it

Almost a five star!!!!!. This app is everything. I rarely spend my own money on apps but this is the exception. I wish that I could go back and few all my designs and see what they sold for though. I also wish there was more free hand options

My creations disappeared!. I used to use this app and created tons of vases and I since found it again and all my creations disappeared! I lost all the brushes I had previously and can’t even see my old collection! This app only holds on to the stuff you bought relating to the Facebook account you created it with, but I don’t have that account anymore so I cannot sign in to retrieve my old purchases! What the heck is going on?? It’s like I’m starting from scratch!!! Developer respond!

I love the game. I see the pictures you put on the App Store but when I see the designs on the pottery, I don’t see those designs on the actual app and on one review titled by Leah , I think I would like that too. Just wanted to share! Sabrina (ღ˘ω˘ღ)

What happened to my brushes?. For a few month I played this game regularly. I loved it enough to purchase all of the content. But got bored after a bit. Recently I went back to it looking for the same enjoyment. But instead my brushes are all gone. Like others I Amon the same account and have restored multiple times. It will not even let me see the different assignments that used to be available. What has happened?

Can we get an update?. I played this game years ago and recently re-downloaded it because it was so fun back in the day. One thing though, it literally has not been updated once in the past 7 years! I would like to see new designs and other features to get creative with. The whole reason I originally stopped playing was because I had beat it and I got super bored with it.

Ok until you have to pay for more brushes. I have been playing this and love it, however now to complete some of the vases for the challenge you have to pay for more brushes, I have over 59,000 in the game and I've bought everything in the store with game money, now if I want ,or will have to pay real money to upgrade my full version????? BS

I love this but….. When I was doing my things waiting for my thing to load (which took over 7min) and I noticed that green dot on my IPhone telling me I’m being recorded, I had no apps using my photos at that time… so…….. I turned off my pottery camera and photos and it stopped…

Fun app but tired of losing it and re-buying it. How many times do you have to pay for this app? This is the 3rd time I’ve paid for it and not only that, each time, I’ve lost all progress and content I’d purchased. I’m wondering if they delete all purchased apps that haven’t been used for a while. It’s a fun app but too expensive when you have to re-purchase it.

Fun and relaxing. I actually got this app at my work. I work with children in the schools. I have used it for self regulation and calming for behavior support. It is non competitive, easy, creative and uplifting. Students enjoy the birds chirping in the background and they are proud of their creations. Like other reviews. I would like more e mail challenges.

Shame on Apple. I purchased an upgraded ceramics app shown with what I believed were ways to decorate, and it turned out to be no different than the beginner version. Apparently what was shown were additional purchases which I did not want. I immediately contacted apple support to request a refund. Today I made a third request and was told I did not meet their criteria, whatever that was, they did not state. I feel the advertising of this app to be false, and apple just a little greedy. I would like my money refunded !

Great! But a couple recommendations. I love this app, it’s really calming and fun to use, but a couple recommendations are making a sorta free type mode. Like a mode where you can use all the materials and brushes and colors just to create, like it won’t affect your money or anything. It would be just to have fun. Also could there be a setting that makes it so the background doesn’t move? It feels weird.

Brushes and Quests. The game “Lets Make! Pottery” I always found amusing honestly but the way the quests are set up are kind of confusing, you will get around 250 coins for a pot but yet they want a 1000 coin pattern on there pot. I think you should lower the pricing of some of your brushes. Other wise the game is really fun and I have played it since I was 5.

Very dissapointed. I downloaded this game last night and paid the 4.99 plus bought 3 of the premium packages and I’ve completed all the challenges! In less than 24 hours. If I would have known that would be all I can do then I never would have paid money for it. This game would be amazing if there were more to do but there’s not. Very dissapointed.

Best game ever!!!. This games is so amazing. You can make whatever you want and be creative with it. It is like a pottery simulator. Not only is the gameplay and quality perfect, but the music and sound effects are relaxing and calming. Pleassssseeeee play this game!!!!!!!!

Smooth. I don’t typically do reviews but ... hey why not. I saw my friend playing this game and honestly even still this app runs so smoothly like a well oiled machine and I’ve never had trouble so I I’m sorry if this app does not do the same for anyone😀.

Beware of “paid” version. I enjoyed the lite version so I was happy to pay the $4.99 for the paid since I was under the impression that you would unlock everything. After buying and completing the twenty or so inbox orders I’ve realized that to do the once a day challenge (which is all you get, after those 20 orders you’re on your own.) you need to pay for premium brushes. Which to me is unfair since they market the $4.99 as having everything you need. I just don’t appreciate that and it seems greedy to me.

Life saver, stress be gone!. I love this game, so relaxing. I get on the game and my mind focuses on the clay, shapes, styles, colors etc. I even had an issue where extras I bought disappeared and I reached out to app support, within 24 hrs my issue was resolved. 5 stars :) Thank you to the creators.

Love this game so much!!!. This game is so relaxing for after a long day! It just calms me down, and has a lot of options for things to do! You can make your own pottery piece or make something for someone else in the game!i very much recommend this app! Hope you play and have fun!

Really Fun. I love it so much, the only thing is when we are making orders, it gives me 2 stars even when it's spot on. Oh and I couldn't transfer the Lite version to the Full version. Other than those quirks, PERFECT!!!

Love this app!. First let me say, I do not know much about pottery; but, I find this app very enjoyable. I am slowly getting better and will continue to work at it. I find the app helps me relax after a stressful day at work.

Relaxing and Creative. I've had the app for years and come back to it time and again to unwind. I enjoy it and wish for continued expansion of colors and patterns. I find those that create pottery think less of it, but for this mortal that lacks artistic ability, I can impress myself with many beautiful pieces that can be created with this app.

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Let's create! Pottery HD Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of Let's create! Pottery HD app? Can you share your complaints, experiences or thoughts about the application with Infinite Dreams Inc. and people?

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let's create! pottery hd ipad images 2
let's create! pottery hd ipad images 3
let's create! pottery hd ipad images 4

Let's create! Pottery HD 1.82 Apps Screenshots & Images

Let's create! Pottery HD iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $4.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.82
Play Store pl.idreams.potteryHD
Compatibility iOS 8.0 or later

Let's create! Pottery HD (Versiyon 1.82) Install & Download

The applications Let's create! Pottery HD was published in the category Entertainment on 2010-07-16 and was developed by Infinite Dreams Inc. [Developer ID: 306712040]. This program file size is 114.49 MB. This app has been rated by 2,594 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Let's create! Pottery HD - Entertainment app posted on 2018-11-13 current version is 1.82 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: pl.idreams.potteryHD. Languages supported by the app:

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Let's create! Pottery HD App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- UI fixes for iPhone XR

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Find this site the customer service details of Let's create! Pottery HD. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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