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Official app for the public radio program This American Life, giving you access to the show's full archive.

You can download an unlimited number of episodes for offline listening. You can also bookmark episodes to listen to later, and track your progress through our archive by marking stories as heard.

Browse and download episodes hand-picked by the show's host, Ira Glass, and our staff. Use our new search and filter functions to find your favorite stories by topic, contributor, and year.

This American Life is produced in collaboration with WBEZ Chicago and delivered to stations by PRX The Public Radio Exchange. This app was developed by Black Pixel.

This American Life App Description & Overview

The applications This American Life was published in the category Entertainment on 2010-02-01 and was developed by This American Life. The file size is 22.46 MB. The current version is 4.3.1 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Thanks to user feedback, you can now filter search results by heard and unheard, as well as sort and play all of your downloaded episodes. This update also includes some bug fixes, like episodes not staying marked heard or your playback position not being saved. Email us at [email protected] with any feedback or feature requests.

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This American Life Reviews

MailPro rater

Recommendations?  MailPro rater  3 star

Does anyone have recommendations for amazing episodes? I’m new to this app and I’m finding that I can also get it for free on the Podcast app on the iPhone. Anyways, not their fault, just wish I would have known to at least try it out before purchasing the whole app as I’m not a big fan right now.


Best $3 I ever paid  Stemowqbvju  5 star

The app works great. It saves where I stopped and works with the iPhone headset buttons. It works with my wireless iPhone compatible earbud buttons. It works when I am using another app on the phone. Should have bought this from day one. Much better than the free website version.


I bought this app for one episode...  whoslaughlinnow  2 star

#641 “The Walls”. It appears to only episode that won’t play. This is so incredibly frustrating. If I can play any episode, I’d really like to play this episode.


Great show, terrible app  Xoxo79  1 star

I love TAL and would really enjoy listening to it, but the app simply does not work for me. I click play, nothing happens. I clink download, hoping that might work, nothing happens. I click the episode, it takes me to a page with a blue box and a description, a mention of cookies, but no play button. I would’ve gladly paid $5.99 for an app that works. As it stands, I paid for an app that just sits on my phone doing nothing but taking up space. Also, I really wish they’d bring back the now playing channel. It was fun to have a TAL dedicated radio on my phone. Please fix this app.


Best $3 I’ve ever spent.  I❤music79  5 star

Worth the purchase.


Great podcast... terrible app  love-zeronolimit  1 star

I never write reviews but I just can’t take it anymore! I’m a huge fan of TAL... but this app is terrible. No matter how many times I update it, it still never saves my progress in each episode... and now with the latest update, it doesn’t work with Apple Car Play. Now I can’t listen to the podcast while using the Maps. Think I’m going to have to finally delete. Please fix!!


Add favorites option  Libby.Brown  4 star

App is working well for me. I wish that I could mark episodes and/or stories as favorites.

N/A 1234

Terrible  N/A 1234  1 star

Please just post ALL episodes Apple Podcasts like every other podcast so I can share my favorite episodes with people that have never heard of TAL. I can’t do this with the app.


Love the program, hate the app!  Jeb654  1 star

This app is useless! You can’t close the screen and keep the program running. Constantly jumps out of the program and you have to go back and find it, then you have to find out where you left off.


Glitchy  zzzzzzzzzerp  3 star

Nice content but definitely needs to be smoothed out


Great podcast great app  Hailos90  5 star

Being a late comer to This American Life, I found it cumbersome to listen to old episodes with the standard podcast apps or browsers. I really love the story telling of this show - it’s unlike any other - and didn’t want to miss out. This app makes it so simple.

Some Nitwit

Great stories, glitchy playback  Some Nitwit  4 star

Brilliantly told and produced stories. Tech-wise, though, the app often starts playback of its own accord at random times.


Not to happy  frank3514  1 star

Excellent podcasts but app is a waste. Bought it to access archives and listen to older casts but that does not seem to work. 5$ wasted for what I can get in iTunes

Warren Harding

Love the content dislike the app  Warren Harding  3 star

My rating is purely for the app as the content is exceptional. I’m let down by the app as it feels very clunky, slow and unresponsive to input. Through the last few episodes I’ve had to force quit the app after pausing as it just locks up.


THE BEST.  anniethebrave  5 star


Classy Giraffe

No 2017 podcasts  Classy Giraffe  1 star

They have stopped updating this app and it has no podcasts from 2017


Amazing  EllaSteyn  5 star

So interesting and very well done.

Mama Daniela

Best driving companion  Mama Daniela  5 star

I love you this American life. Now if only you could pass me my water bottle while I'm driving and open the crisps packet I would no longer need a co pilot!


The Only Podcast I Listen To  MunchiesMac  5 star

Simply the most wonderful stories to listen to. The hosts take me to new places, they make me think, and fill me with some kind of wonder. Well done to all involved.


Clever, witty and informative podcasting!!  HK400  5 star

I enjoy listening to both current as well as older episodes. An all around entertaining and education podcast!


Downloaded apps don’t play without data or WiFi  kimlawler  3 star

I have been traveling and downloaded a lot of episodes to listen to on the plane. But when I got on the plane, the downloaded episodes wouldn’t play. I also experienced this problem in other countries where I didn’t have data or WiFi.


Love the show, don’t love the app  cmc3260  2 star

The app stops playing when my phone locks. So if I want to listen, I need to continuously unlock my phone, lose battery and be unable to use phone for anything else. Disappointing.


The older version for ios10 stops getting new episodes  PodHead101  3 star

The latest version requires ios11. I'm still running the older version of this app on ios10 and won't be upgrading to ios11 because my phone is an older phone. Recently the content stopped getting new episodes. It would be nice if the older version still works.

listener 873567

Download feature frustrating  listener 873567  4 star

I love everything about this app, EXCEPT, that when I download an episode to listen to without wi-fi, I can only listen to the episode while my phone screen is unlocked... It’s bizarre, and if TAL can fix this, the app would be perfect!

Neg 5 stars

Search...?  Neg 5 stars  1 star

What search function?


Great but buggy  Crazycarolyn  4 star

I love TAL and the stories— not my complaint. This app is buggy. For me, if I have my google maps directions running it will stop the sound anytime it says a direction and then never pick up again unless I manually press play. The ones I am listening to don’t remember me either. Should be able to log in or something so user data is saved. There definitely is room for improvement.


Still buggy  mbklyn  2 star

Another annoyance: If you use TAL while using GPS with iPhone Maps, it will stop your TAL episode and not resume! Ugh. I wasn’t crazy about podcast and was hoping the actual app would be better. Back to the podcast. —————— While I love TAL, there are some issues with the app: 1) The upgrade got rid of all my bookmarks. 2) When you bookmark an episode while in that episode it does NOT mark it bookmarked when looking at the list of episodes. So then you bookmark it again, but it then removes it from the bookmarked list. 3) I changed settings so I saw oldest to newest. But it doesn’t change a single thing. It still lists them all newest to oldest.


Too many bugs  Emalkema  2 star

I like this American life, but this app is terrible. It has wayyyy too many bugs. If you play it without pausing it’s fine, but pause it and good luck playing it again


Please fix the darn bugs!!!!  lfgrene  1 star

If you're going to charge for an app at least make one that works! Please fix the bugs!!!


(Was a) Dead app  gjheim  5 star

Edit: App has been redesigned and works beautifully now. Do yourself a favor and don't get this app. Episodes past 2014 unavailable. Looks like it has been abandoned. Not sure why TRL would allow themselves to be associated with such a shoddy product.

H2O2 queen

💖 it  H2O2 queen  5 star

Love it, interesting and addictive, wish ireland would follow suit and learn from this amazing show!!!


brilliant show  Evanoquigley  3 star

Keeps me entertained on my hour long commute to and from work every day. Always interesting and informing. App works pretty well but could possibly use an update. If I don't listen to an episode all the way through I have to go find it again. Also I have an iPhone 6 Plus so my screen is huge and this app was probably built for an iPhone 3/4 as everything looks massive on it. Isn't always the most user friendly but it works for the most part and at 3 euro I really can't complain.


Love it.  Creaghfish  5 star

It's my favourite thing to listen to.


Doesn't work:(  Tinky123  1 star

I so wanted this to work but it doesn't play at all. Reviews online and their FB page show that it's not just me, others can't play, download, delete etc. A host of issues.


The best app I have on my phone  Alimilne  5 star

This American life has turned my commute to and from work into my favourite part of the day. Thanks Ira!


Best podcast!  Welcomeinjam  5 star

My favourite podcast and the app is great!


Love the show but the app needs work  Elfantastica  1 star

One of my favourite purchases, love being able to download shows offline when it works it's amazing when it doesn't it's utterly heartbreaking. The app crashes when you want to download, Harper high part two is in fact part one again. When you delete episodes it reads this instruction of let's download it again and sometimes the app is just plain unresponsive. And now most of the content has disappeared?!? I wouldn't mind but this is a rare time I've actually paid money for an app!

Deirdre Mc Mahon

Love the show, hate the app  Deirdre Mc Mahon  1 star

The subject line says it all. I love your show but the app is a disaster. Play button doesn't work most of the time, shuts down randomly and can't download for the most part. Sort it out!


Great App for a truly great show.  Kauaioo  5 star

Love the app, it makes it so easy to listen to the back catalogue of episodes and keeps track of what you've already listened to. It also lets you highlight your favourites, useful for sharing with friends.

Grace Collins

Like this app and love the show  Grace Collins  5 star

A show that just keeps on giving. My favourite thing is to listen to an episode on a long car journey.

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