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What is eternal fire app? The best 3D simulation of a fireplace available! Includes dynamic controls to stoke the fire and adjust flame intensity. Runs perfectly on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Includes the awesome full-stereo fire sound included in our White Noise Pro application.

Do you enjoy sitting next to a nice crackling fire? Now you always can! No need to chop wood, roll newspaper, and find matches because Eternal Fire will never go out!

Eternal Fire includes these great features:
- Perfectly looped stereo audio
- Advanced 3D simulation of fire using game engine technology
- Stoke the fire to reposition the logs
- Adjust the fire intensity with the + and - buttons
- Optimized for iPhone and iPad

Eternal Fire was recommended as a Fun and Festive Novelty Holiday App by Annie Gaus from Revision3's Internet Television Show App Judgement! (Episode 56: Fun Holiday Apps for the iPhone)

If you want to try more relaxing sounds then download the free version of White Noise at

Enjoy your Eternal Fire!

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How to contact Eternal Fire (TMSOFT)?
Find this site the customer service details of Eternal Fire. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Eternal Fire Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Eternal Fire Version 2.006 July 2016

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate. New 3D fire simulation! Stoke the fire to reposition logs and adjust flames up or down. This never-ending fireplace experience looks great on the big screen television too. Do you want more relaxing sounds? Try our free version of White Noise at Like us on Facebook at Follow us on Twitter at Visit our Website at

Eternal Fire Comments & Reviews 2022

- fire- look- snooze

it's a "cute" idea on a TV. On the itouch it is kind of... pointless. I don't know what I was expecting, obviously too much. It is a fire that crackles. Plan on 30 seconds of "ooh, aah", "hey that's kinda cool", then a feeling of "been there, seen that." Next app please. Not to run TMSOFT down, I have like some of there other programs for relaxing after a hectic day.

- What the HECK did you do TMSOFT?

If I could leave negative stars I would. I have had "Eternal Fire" first on my iPod, then on my iPhone - for years. 2009? 2010? I don't even remember any more. Eternal Fire: a nice, relaxing video loop of a fireplace complete with sound. I always treated it as kind of a substitute for the Yule Log. I loved its simplicity and quirky charm. I never received any update notifications for this app...until yesterday. At first, I thought " update? After all these years? Cool!" But my curiosity and enthusiasm quickly turned to utter horror when I saw the cheesy - dare I say CRAPPY - animated representation of a fireplace. What were you thinking TMsoft? Were you even thinking? This is the worst update I've ever had the profound displeasure to download. So I deleted your sorry, newly updated, app from my phone and restored the Eternal Fire I know and love.

- The cat made a better picture in the litter box

I had the old version and I want it back. Why did you have to F it up with this BS that not even a two year old would like? Did you lose a major bet? Or maybe a court case with the original developer? Or was it designed by a two year old using a Comodore and an Etch a sketch? Come on folks... Get it together and bring back the old style. One star is the lowest I could rate this. Now I won't be using it because its intellectually demeaning.

- Love it

New update supports my iPhone6 and Apple TV. Perhaps it could be a little more realistic but the sound is much better now.

- Bring back the old version please!

Loved this app for years, but haven't touched it since it's been updated to this chintzy digital fire. It's probably time to delete it off my phone if you're not going to fix it!! ☹️

- New version stinks

Do you original version offered several different videos of a fireplace. No it just shows a crappy animation. Definitely not worth keeping. Deleting from my phone.

- Update screwed up my fire!

I did the update and now I have no sound. I used this every night to sleep. Now I have to buy a new app.... Only makes noise when ringer is on. It used to work on silent. I can't sleep with my ringer on.

- OMG! Please bring back the previous version!

I have loved this app for years but the latest update replaced the real fire footage with this cheesy animated version. Yuck! Please bring back the previous version! Thanks.

- Seriously?

Too bad I even have to give this one star. This is the dumbest fireplace app I've tried. Don't waste your time with it. They should be embarrassed for putting this out there.

- Oops, I updated it...

I had Eternal fire on every iOS device for many years, & recently got an update. Very disappointed, & I will now be deleting it.

- This app is a virus Very serious please read

I think because of all the bad reviews they are trying to destroy people’s phones with their app

- Horrible Update!

What the hell did they do? I can't believe they destroyed one of my favorite apps. The real fire has been replace by a horrible animated (cartoony) fire. Sad. I will miss it.

- Would give ZERO stars if I could

Absolutely ruined the wonderful little app with this update. I messed up by updating. DO NOT UPDATE if you are reading. What a mess!!!!

- Utter crap

This animation would have been ridiculous 20 years ago. Today? No excuse for this joke of a bad fireplace scene

- Cool!!!

This app is cool and is relaxing too and it could have made updates also that would be awesome but when I try to touch the screen for settings it doesn't show up but anyways it's nice and it's awesome:) Updates it could have made:control the fire with your fingers, Each time you touch the fire it can change color,touch it with two fingers at the same time it will grow bigger and More

- Old version is WAAAY better than Current version

Old/original version was an awesome app. Fire looked real, and the sound was right on. This new version is like a completely different app. Like someone tried to copy the original version, but missed the mark. It's too CGI. I do not use this app anymore and that's disappointing. If an update were to come with both versions, allowing the user to choose their preferred fire, that would be great.

- (: hmhm

Well 5 stars for the night I had. Me and my gf first make out session cuz of this app. Who would if known an app could make your whole night? Let's just say it was cold out but we weren't. I love it. If your gonna try it it has to be perfect timing.

- Candlelit Dinner

This app is pretty good for being free, it's not some lame, fake sounding fire and being able to adjust the sound and speed is great too :) it was so cute having my iPhone on it's little stand when we were having dinner, it made dinner that much better<3 BrittanyUltra

- Love it😃😃😃

It is so cool! You can literally feel the heat! But sometimes I put my hands too close and I touch the screen which makes the settings pop up. But otherwise it's a great app!!!!

- Warm fuzzies

Impressive sound and animation quality. This app brings a sense of home and reminds me of the more simple times in life. The ability to change the animation speed and volume is a nice touch!

- FABULESO! But...

This a GREAT app! Keep it up!! But there is a fluke in the program: I cannot acess the settings by touching the screen; nothing happens. Second, the fire doesn't shift to landscape mode when I tilt the mechanism. Can you fix that? Thanks! :)

- Good for free

It works as advertised and is a good free app. It would get 5 stars if it was integrated with the built-in iPod like some of the other apps. You can however, multi-task between the iPod and Eternal Fire and have your music play in the background and still enjoy the fire video and cravkling sound.

- Mr Ramiro specerson

This is the best app ever it relieves my stress and you can actually fell the heat it may sound weird but try it and get this app hold ur hand like a quarter of a centimeter away from the screen and warm up. Get it now!

- Meh ... OK but no video out or music

It does what it says ... and well. But I expected better. Won't display on external video, and won't let you play your music as a mix with the fire audio or instead of. But it was free. BTW, I'd gladly pay $0.99 to have those features added [hint, hint].

- Loud background roar

I also have the White Noise app. They both use the same sound of the fire and both sound like the fire is mixed with the air conditioner from White Noise. I find it kind of annoying.

- Fun Little App

Nice graphics and sound. Was so much fun to play with on Christmas! That said, the next update should allow your iPod to keep playing in the background. Imagine, your own little Yule Log! Great free app though.

- Soothing

This free app is such a useful tool to help relax. The sound alone warms me up and also helps to cover up the other noises that prevent me from relaxing. Thanks for creating this!

- Cool, but could be bigger

The fire needs to take up more screen space. Too much black. There's this other app that has a much closer, more real campfire feel. But this is free, so it's fine

- Awesome for parties

We wanted to have a bonfire, but we couldn't because of rain, so I downloaded this app. It was a great fund and it was just what I was looking for!

- Hey it's free

For what you pay ($0.00) it's not bad, Well first off the video loop is like 0.20 seconds or less, and the framrate is pretty slow, makes it less realistic. However you can turn it horizontal or vertical and it will work, also the sound quality is not great but fine enough to listen too. To get to the menu just keep tapping the screen till it pops out, if tapp ling teice dose not work, it dosen't for me sometimes.

- Great app

I love this app. I think it should be able to play multple sounds like crickets in the backround your camping you hear crickets it would be perfect if you could add other outdoor sounds

- Needs a Timer

I like the app, it's simple. In my opinion I think the only needed addition is a timer. I think it would be really neat to fall asleep to sight and sound of my own miniature fireplace. :)

- Gives me a warm feeling 8-)

The frame rate is low, and the video loop is too short to entertain a long stare into the fire, but it makes a great holiday mini-decoration! Love that it works both landscape and portrait, in any dock.

- Nice and free!

I like how the fire sound continues to play even when screen lock turn on. Thanks!

- Somebody call 911!

This fire is so realalistic that my dad went out and bought us a new fireplace because he was so jealeous!

- Fantastic for someone livin in the city

I love this app. I've lived in NYC all my life and my apartment has no fireplace. So this app is perfect when I'm laying on bed reading. It adds atmosphere. Which Everyone needs!!!!

- Nice! But...

Realistic. Warm tones. The fire still seems to be in slow motion even with the speed bar all the way to the right. Great job otherwise.

- Pretty dang good

I think that one of the people who replied earlier was right because the animation of the flames was a little too fast to look completley real. Although, for a free app, it's great!

- Cool, but...

It would be awesome if you could poke the fire and make it bigger and stuff. Otherwise great! I love how you can listen to music and have this app on.

- Suggestion

How about an output to TV so the fire can be seen and played on a BIG screen? Otherwise a real good app for the holidays!

- Love it!

This app brings our RV camping to a entirely new level. So nice to have this playing when it is raining outside.

- Just way I need

Very relaxing, if u like the sound of a fire then this is the app 4 u. It even Cyclogicly warmed me upgreat app guys

- Awsome

Does exactly what I want and with the recent update it's even better.

- Best fireplace app!!!

No need to purchase anything. No commercials!! Best app. Does what it says. I highly recommend.


Perfect little entertaining app that does exactly as it says it does.

- Year 'Round Fun!

Relaxing and fun, this is a great, visually relaxing app with stress reducing sound. One of my favorites, and an excellent companion to the White Noise app!

- It's good

For free I can't complain so it gets 4 stars.... Reason not a 5 is that the animation looks really fake... It looks likes a quick slideshow screenshots

- Two wishes.

What a great app! It'll be even better if graphic is enhanced for iPhone 4 display and a timer is included.

- iPhone 3GS

It works perfectly on this device. Clever idea.

- Heated feel

It's So weird you can feel the heat

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- Great but...

would be legendary if you could set a sleep timer

- Nice cosy app...

Pretty cool realistic free app. This is the only free fireplace app.. Well the most realistic one. It did crash the first time I opened it bit apart from that I've had no other problems.



- I'm Cold :p

It's AMAZING❕❕❕❕❕

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- Works great

It works great. I thought it had no sound but that was my stupidity lol.

- Dommage

Pas de son. Il y en avait mais plus rien.

- Just like my new mix tape


- Xmax Fire From The Tropics

Great app works well! This is worth .99c and it' free

- Moyen!

Qualité moyenne de l'image, c'est comme si on regardait à travers un moustiquaire. Juste 2 étoiles parce qu'il y a un espèce de bourdonnement de fond ds le son qui est agressant.

- Good laugh

I scared everyone at a sleep. Over because I used in the complete darkness and everyone thought it was real. Even better with a Ihome

- Moyen

Problème majeur : on ne peut pas le programmer pour qu'il arrête après un certain temps. Le son est bien, mais il est répétitif. J'ai l'impression qu'on nous réécouter la meme suite de son en boucle.

- Settings

Fear not for I've found how to get to the settings! First, touch the screen and release your finger. Then, push the button on the top turning of the screen. Finally turn the screen back on and there you are. 

- Good

3 stars for good graphics and relaxation. And -2starsfor not being able to open oppions screen. Plz fix that ; P great app!

- Graphics Still Need Work

The new cache has made it smoother but there are still lines running through the flames. An anti-alias problem maybe? Eco-fire is still better but I really want a good free wood burning fire. Keep trying.

- Ick

It's soooooooo boring you can't even go on the settings page ick!!!!!

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@LonelyScribe For example, there’s a quote from Pope Gregory I that comes to mind: “The bliss of the elect in heaven would not be perfect unless they were able to look across the abyss and enjoy the agonies of their brethren in eternal fire.” Are these the words/thoughts of a “good person”?

Brady Mayo

@MainaTheHinyik @lynn_hennessy @ChristIsComing4 People love their hell! There is good reason why only 1 school out of 6 theological schools during the 1st 4 centuries believed in the pagan idea of Eternal Torment. The verses u mentioned once translated from Greek to Latin lost their original meaning.


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Dry Apologist

@agon_izz @BloodnVinegar The paragraphs seem to quote passages from scripture about eternal fire etc. but the debate is then over what those passages mean.


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Eternal Fire 2.0 Screenshots & Images

Eternal Fire iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Eternal Fire iphone images
Eternal Fire iphone images

Eternal Fire (Version 2.0) Install & Download

The applications Eternal Fire was published in the category Utilities on 2009-11-17 and was developed by TMSOFT [Developer ID: 288669797]. This application file size is 46.09 MB. Eternal Fire - Utilities app posted on 2016-07-06 current version is 2.0 and works well on IOS 6.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tmsoft.CampFire