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Thanks to everyone for making MyRadar so successful, with over 50 million downloads!

MyRadar Pro is IDENTICAL to the free version of MyRadar; it comes without the ads by default.

MyRadar is a fast, powerful, easy-to-use weather app that displays animated weather radar around your current location and to quickly show what weather is coming your way. Just start the app; your location pops up with animated live radar, with radar loop lengths of up to two hours. This basic functionality provides the quickest way to get a snapshot of the weather on-the-go, and it's what has made MyRadar so successful over the years. Check your phone and get an instant assessment of the weather that will impact your day.

In addition to the live radar, MyRadar has an ever-increasing list of weather and environmentally-related data layers that you can overlay on top of the map; our animated winds layer shows a breathtaking visual representation of both surface winds and winds at the jetstream level; the frontal boundaries layer shows high and low pressure systems as well as frontal boundaries themselves; the earthquakes layer is a great way to stay on top of the latest reports on seismic activity, completely customizable as to severity and time; our hurricane layer allows users to stay on top of the latest tropical storm and hurricane activity throughout the world; the aviation layer overlays AIRMETs, SIGMETs and other aviation-related data, including the ability to track flights and display their IFR flight plans and paths, and the "wildfires" layer allows users to stay abreast of the latest fire activity around the United States.

MyRadar also has the ability to send weather and environmental alerts, including alerts from the National Weather Service, such as Tornado and Severe Weather alerts. A new feature introduced in this version of MyRadar includes the ability to receive alerts based off of Tropical Storm and Hurricane activity; you can configure the app to send you an alert any time a tropical storm or hurricane forms, or is upgraded or downgraded.

One of the most useful features in MyRadar is the ability to provide advanced rain alerts; our patent-pending process for predicting hyper-local rainfall is the most accurate in the industry. Instead of having to check the app all the time, MyRadar will send you an alert up to an hour in advance as to when the rain will arrive at your current location, down to the minute, including details on intensity and duration. These alerts can be a life saver when you're on-the-go and don't always have time to check the weather - our systems will proactively do the work for you and let you know in advance before the rain hits.

In addition to the free features of the app, additional upgrades are available, including real-time hurricane tracking - great for the start of hurricane season. The hurricane tracker provides additional data above and beyond the free version, including the cone of probability for tropical storm/hurricane forecast tracks, and it also includes a detailed synopsis from the National Hurricane Center. The premium upgrades also include the professional radar pack, which allows greater detail of radar from individual stations. Users can select individual radar stations around the US, select the radar tilt angle, and also change the radar product being displayed, including base reflectivity and wind velocity - great for experienced weather buffs looks to stay on top of possible tornado formation.

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* Aviation Charts subscription (not required in order to use MyRadar) ($24.99 USD per YEAR)
* Payments will be charged to your iTunes account
* Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period
* Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase.

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MyRadar Weather Radar Pro Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We've improved on the detailed "5 Day Forecast" and included the new temperature visualizations, allowing users to get a quick, color-coded glance at the relative temperatures for the next several days. We've also expanded on them to include expected cloud cover and rain intensity throughout the day, as well as new wind information. This release includes fixes for the following issues as well as and stability and performance improvements: * Forecast panel not scrolling on iPad. * Text clipping bug in the forecast for iPhone 7 users.

MyRadar Weather Radar Pro Comments & Reviews

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- The BEST radar app.

I’ve read the negative reviews and I don’t get it. I have used this app since it first came out - for many years. It’s my go to app for weather and I prefer to use this over the local TV channels for bad weather. I’m in Dallas TX and this app has safely taken me through many tornado warnings and 2 tornados. Last year the weather looked bad and not a single local weather channel reported anything. I followed the bad storm for 15 miles while the storm came right over us. Knowing what was happening because of the app, I was able to record the storm with the hurricane winds and golf ball size hail. It did almost $50K in damage to my home and yard. I even got a screen shot of the radar as it was overheard with yellow, red, purple and pink denoting the ferocity of the storm and a white center over our house - probably denoting the golf ball size hail. I use this app to warn my elderly friends to take shelter or that it’s nothing to worry about. I have used the app with 4 iPads and several iPhones and never had any issues. Thanks to the developers and please keep up the good work!!

- I never leave reviews, but this app... update.

Maybe my memory is not the best but it seems the desire to make money above all else is why I am changing from 5 stars to 1. I purchased hurricane tracker two years ago. Being my favorite radar app even though I could track the same data on different apps, I paid to give back to the app, now with this hurricane season it seems to me that if I want that data I have to pay for more subscriptions. Even after refreshing my previous purchases. I click on the storm and get prompted to purchase. I guess I’ll fully make the transition to a different app now. I've used this for years. In my old position we would turn to this app for fast visuals when preparing water rescues and staging boat teams. Now that I've moved positions, I use the add on that lets you view unsocial radar towers and we prepare based off of what the individual tower shows. Can't say enough about the app. The only addition I would add is an explanation of the wind feature and what elevation that is at. Since obviously you'll see winds going one way and the storms another. Play with the features. You can make this app pretty amazing if you spend the time. Hey, my radar, maybe find a way to link in your travel plans or route or search an exact location so we can see where friends are and what the weather is doing. I've used the app to update family traveling in other states but it would just streamline the process.

- Paid for pro, now no load at all!

This is utterly ridiculous. My father, husband and I all are absolutely disgusted with the barrage of weather apps. We had one we liked and the idiots discontinued it in favor of an ‘upgraded’ version they favored leaving all users in the cold. On the hunt we’ve been and found nothing. This, our far favorite 2nd place...I tried the ‘paid’ to pro to at least see if that would allow for a better insight into the info we no longer had. No. It not only did not, but I have a paid for app that constantly, and I mean constantly crashes. You owe a refund as its utterly unusable. Either offer a product ready to launch or dont offer it until it is. Charging people for an ‘upgraded’ format that is far from it is bordering on fraud. Clearly you are aware the issues. Fix it or refund. There are only 2 choice as people are depending on Doppler for their lives and all ye weather apps claim to have it and are even now charging for some sort of ‘better’ access to it. Obviously untrue. As a huge storm front comes barreling our direction and your stupid app has failed yet again, we go to download someone else’s in a hurry. I hope someone decides to regulate this ludicrous field of hap hazard ‘warnings’ for weather as this is not a joke to those of us living in ‘the belt’. Get you’re act together.

- Outstanding

Simply outstanding; gorgeous graphics making full use of modern smartphone/tablet screens. Most current weather apps have good data, including this one, so the it’s the finer details that set this app apart, and a vital part of my weather app collection. The perfect weather app has yet to be created, so most of us weather nuts have a multitude of these programs we will check daily, and this one currently sits with the best in the top row. Excellent selection of radar data, incredibly fast data load speeds, smart map layer options, and the manner in which the data is presented makes for a quick, reliable, and, frankly, beautiful check of the weather. Includes up to the hour data on wildfires and earthquakes around the globe. And the aviation layers provide a great basis when initiating a flight plan (which route today?) and setting expectations. Biggest WEAKNESS: lacks storm cell tracks, jet stream overlay, and access to PWS’s. Add those and you guys might literally have the finest weather app in the world. Great job

- Great radar, clumsy forecast

The radar feature on this app was and still is the best. The forecast on iPad, not so much. It’s really kinda clumsy. The UV/pressure/temp only shows UV, in portrait orientation the data is crammed into a small area of the upper screen while the UV/pressure/temp takes up almost 2/3 of the area. This doesn’t make sense on a bigger screen. The iPhone app is actually easier to navigate with bigger buttons and sliders; again, this doesn’t make sense. Why not have a bigger version of the forecast? Well, there is a larger forecast and it’s somewhat hidden. Tap the little photo icon and some random photo appears with a large version of the forecast. This is much better, but still kind of weird, taking up most, but not all of the screen. Why not just make this full screen and ditch the random photos. Turn your iPad to landscape and part of the forecast days are cut off; this app has had issues with truncating text for many versions. Maybe the developer should focus less on the strange “Star Citizen” imaginary planets feature and correct the UI for the forecast. That being said, I rarely use the forecast feature on this app because it is rather annoying!

- Forecasts cut off

I believe forecasts in weather apps should have the highest priority whether they have radar or not. This developer doesn’t agree. At least their actions do not agree with their written statements after telling them the forecasts get cut off before the completion of the forecast on both the iPhone and iPad Pro. They said they will eventually fix the problem but they have other priorities right now. I would imagine you can guess what I said to them after that one. In all other areas it’s a pretty good app. But because I believe the forecast being cut off was not addressed on purpose I gave the app 3 stars. Once they fix that issue I would give it 5 stars. It’s funny that the forecast appears in full on their Apple Watch version of this app. Edit: The forecast problem was fixed. So as stated above I have changed the number of stars to 5. This is now my go to weather app. Edit 2: I also would love it if it supported Personal Weather Stations (PWS).

- Great for travel and home use

Use it all the time to check for rain along travel route. App supplements what I get on local TV. I can zero in on specific locations with it to check rainy or flooding conditions. I highly recommend it. For a time - earlier in 2016 - the location dot did not work right. I could travel from home to Mobile, AL and the locator dot would track me. However, lots of times when I got home the locator dot still showed me to be in Mobile. Hasn't done it in about two months. Maybe it was a bug the developers fixed - I hope so anyway. Update Sep 2018 - Hey developers! Some of us wear trifocals. Your zoom in feature on locale temps works in reverse! When one zooms in on Billings, MT, for example, the numerical values of temp get smaller. You too will someday wear bifocals or tri-focals. Give us a break and let the numbers stay BIG when we zoom into a location.

- Excellent Depiction Weather App

As an instructional aviator, I use a variety of government and non-government weather sources to get my short and longer term weather picture. My Radar is one of my “go to” favorites. With the aviation layers turned on, I can get a great color enhanced current weather depiction that allows me control of the layers I need to see to build a weather picture. With the wind flow depiction, I frequently use this app to train my students in understanding cyclonic and anticyclonic wind flows and their relations to cloud formation, rainfall patterns, and frontal activity. If I could add one feature to this app, it would be an optional overlay of pressure system centers and related frontal boundaries. These can easily be seen using other apps and website weather, but adding it here would really enhance the utility of this otherwise perfect app. I highly recommend this app and it’s add ins!!

- Best weather app!!! Hands down!

Typically I do not write reviews but when an app really impressed me I want to send some support. First off looking for a weather app I have one criteria, to be accurate looking in the App Store there are about a dozen different weather apps and only one works it becomes questionable the reputations of the others. Living in Wisconsin with winters i need to know if, when and how much snow will be coming. Or maybe I’m just crazy and like to know those things. Anyways this app is spot on accurate. Better yet the map options and the clarity of the map, plus the speed at which the radar works is amazing. I tried the free app and only after a week I bought the app. For what “my radar pro” offers I would have paid double, because it simply is the best. No other weather app even comes close!

- Great radar app, recently learned about GPS tracking

I’ve used MyRadar Pro for years on iOS and other platforms. As a radar app, it’s #1 in my book. It’s only one of two that have Apple Watch support and the new real-time rain updates are quite accurate. Overall, I’d otherwise highly recommend it... However, it recently came to light that MyRadar (along with some other unrelated apps by other developers) are using location data from our phones and selling that information to data monetization firms. This was also disclosed as of a few months ago in MyRadar’s location permission description text. I understand that every developer needs to make money, but this is a paid app. If that’s not enough, I’d sooner say raise the price. But with an app that relies on location permissions to show you current conditions and where you are on the radar map, there is seemingly no way to prevent this data sharing for monetization without crippling the app’s functionality or uninstalling it altogether. Due to this recent development around MyRadar, I have no choice but to lower my rating and post this for others to be aware before paying for this app. Outside of this warning, I would implore the developers to consider at least making the data collection for monetization optional in the paid app. MyRadar is too good of a product to be hampered by this virtually non-optional violation of personal privacy.

- Great Weather App!

This is my go to Weather app. I have used many weather apps in the past and must say this one is by far the best. I love the graphics and the accuracy of the radar is phenomenal. While I am out and about I depend greatly on this app for accurate radar display. I can usually tell if it is going to rain or snow within a matter of minutes just by looking at the radar display. I highly recommend this app to anyone who depends on the radar for getting any precipitation data in your area. Five stars all day long! I am also impressed with the weather notifications. Let me know when it is it gonna rain within a matter of minutes. This is my go to radar app when I am checking on the weather. I have owned many weather apps and this is by far the best! If I could give it 10 stars I would!

- Works great! UPDATE: But....

UPDATE: Had this app a few years now, its still great and runs flawlessly. I just bought the $2.99 Hurricane Tracker on my iPhone, BUT the additional feature doesn't show up on My Radar Pro on my iPad. I even uninstalled and reinstalled it. If I purchase an In-App feature it should show up in that app on EVERY device my Apple ID is tied to. My games do it. This so far is my only complaint on this great App, but a valid one. PREVIOUS: Got the Pro version. This is my new favorite radar map. Love that you can vary the transparency so you can read the cities through the colored weather areas. Well thought out map and user interface. You get what you pay for. I don't mind paying people who make a decent product. The app is reasonably priced and the additional warning app is less than a beer--fair price.

- My favorite weather app but won’t work on my watch currently

MyRadarPro is my favorite weather app and I use it exclusively over Apple’s weather app and the Weather Channel app. I particularly like the alert about rain coming! I USED to sync to my watch face too but now only displays blank lines under the app name. I can still press it and get the radar, hourly temps, and other forecasts to show on my watch but hope they’ll fix this glitch soon. No response from tech support email yet though they appear responsive to these reviews. When it syncs correctly to the watch again I’m upping it back to a 5/5 stars. (10/5 if I could) On my phone I exclusively use this app and appreciate the straightforward data without all the lurid clickbait some other apps have. I don’t need the TMZ of weather stories. I want science. MyRadar and MyRadarPro provide the info I need to plan my day or pivot accordingly.

- Very accurate and stable weather app

I’m always hesitant to pay money for ANY app. I normally go to the NOAA website but it’s not that mobile friendly so gave in and bought this App. To get it out of the way; there are features that need additional purchases. Which I do not have a problem with. This app is very detailed and fully customizable to what data & how you see it, the hourly forecast is very accurate. I no longer use google weather to plan my trips or outdoor events. My main use rely on accurate hourly localized rain forecast. The ability to cross reference two local base stations is a very nifty ability. Would recommend especially if you can use it as a company expense. Sports, concerts, exercise, weddings, traveling, or any outdoor events.... knowing is half the battle, add this app to your toolkit.

- MyRadarPro Really is Pro at weather tracking

I've looked everywhere for any good radar app, and most are either too confusing or too weird, this app is in all ways, no other world could explain it, absolutely P-E-R-F-E-C-T Perfect! Down to the minute storm tracking, i've watched storms form on radar mere minutes to seconds forming in the real world, I've used this app to track weather, watch storms, and keep track of stunning weather events (tornadoes, lightning storms) and it's been dead on accurate! I don't understand the complaints, I've used this app to check for weather that has happened or is happening in the seconds, and a really good addition is extended past radar! To see more of the past radar throughout the day. Now i'm a little busy because I got a storm to track and this app to use!

- Think twice about updating

This has been my favorite weather app for a long time, but a recent update replaced the simple forecast banner with a new, somewhat obnoxious design that takes up nearly a third of my screen, limiting the usefulness of the radar. There is an option to auto hide the banner, but that takes several seconds and it reappears if you touch the screen. The irritating thing is that these changes are not reflected in screenshots on the App Store, else I would not have updated. If you update to this version and want to see the radar, your best option is just to turn off the forecast altogether. The new format, intended to quickly convey a lot of information is a good idea. But it is too large (and too bright for an app whose default map background is dark gray). A much better option would be to put this information near the top of the expanded forecast. As is, it makes the screen feel cluttered and cumbersome to navigate.

- MyRadar Pro

I am retracting my previous review and now I am giving a 5 star 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟rating. I spoke to the developer of the app and expressed my concerns and they listened! They are now on top of the issues with the app and I am very happy now with how they are doing what they need to do to fix the issues with MyRadar Pro. They are currently fixing the issue with uploading photos, the app isn’t crashing anymore like it was previously and I gave suggestions on good features they should put in the application. I have to say I am very happy with MyRadar Pro now and it’s my go to app for weather and especially that I live in hurricane country in South Florida having their app is a must for me. Download this app you will love it and not be disappointed it’s worth the price!! 10 stars 🌟 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 all the way!

- If you want or need a SOLID radar app - you’ve found it.

I’ve tried I think 8 or 9 different radar apps, and most of them have their good points. Maybe their ‘pro’ or ‘ad-free’ versions are prohibitively priced, or maybe none won’t have a particular function you’re looking for, most of them will leave you wanting more. This app did exactly what I wanted it to do, and it performed better than I expected. The upgrade was priced well for what it offered, and included the things I needed without being flooded with so much that it looked or felt cluttered. Without getting too far into the weeds, I haven’t had a single issue or needed any functionality that wasn’t there. I absolutely recommend this one. All the best!

- That’s it!

I wasn’t going to do this but I am fed up with this app. Every time I use the two finger pinch to zoom in or out the app crashes and I have to open it up try it again in this revolving door scenario. I was contacted by developers, after my complaining, and they seemed very concerned offering me solutions. I no sooner applied the tips and it happened again and again and again. This is very disappointing since I paid to get the pro version to remove ads. I swear the free version never gave me these kind of issues. So please developers will you get this thing right? Now as of Mothers Day 2019 this app is still garbage. Crash crash crash only radar that is working is over Usa. The rest of the world shows nothing. I would never recommend this garbage app. Still one star just because I can’t give it zero stars. I paid for pro version and now they’ve snuck in other features to try to charge even more instead of including them for the extra money I already paid.

- Apple Watch Problems

Another update: I’m getting data now but it’s in Celsius. My iPhone app is in Fahrenheit. This shouldn’t be that hard to fix. If you’re going to charge money for your products, I believe you’re obligated to make them work. Update: The Apple Watch app doesn’t ask me to upgrade anymore, but the only thing that shows up is the radar. Everything else is dashes or blanks. There is no Hourly data or 5 Day data at all. And not a word from the people who charge extra for the Watch app. I like the app, so please make it work. Prior Review: Paid for both the pro version and the Apple Watch upgrade. Worked for a while on my Apple Watch, but now all it does is tell me to purchase the Apple Watch upgrade. I’ve restored my purchases from the iPhone app many times. Still no luck. Sent a request to the company from their app, but no response. I don’t mind an app having a problem, but I hate it when the don’t care about you and don’t feel any obligation to respond.

- Upgrade issues have me crazy!

I’ve had MyRadar for a while now, and like it a lot. But I tried to upgrade to pro today and could find no way to do so. I bought the Pro version anyway. And I subscribed to Premium Features. I installed the app on my wife’s phone as well. Since we are a family, I was not billed twice for the app. But still had to go through the motions of purchasing it. When I tried to “restore previous purchases” to get premium features on my wife’s phone, I got a message saying I had to purchase the app first. I tried to go through the “buying” motions on wife’s phone to get Premium Features, thinking that would work the same as installing the app. I got billed again for a $6.99 subscription. That’s twice. And STILL couldn’t turn it on. So. How do I do this? How do I get Premium Features to work on my wife’s phone? How do I get my $6.99 back, and do I get any credit for the remaining time on my Premium subscription on the original version?

- This is a pay as you go application, not just a one time purchase application. Do not be fooled.

This is a pay as you go application, not a one time purchase for features. Consider not buying this since it is the pop up buy features version. May be a good application, however after being fooled once, I decided not to purchase another version that would possibly be another sales platform for more versions of the application. Apple needs to dump this version of the application immediately and show the true application version prices with a better description of the versions available.

- Something is broken!!!! Please fix it!!!!

I contacted the developers using the app setting over a week ago, and no response to date yet. I bought this app a few years ago and I depended on it. Two weeks ago we had tornado warning but your app did not indicate there was any severe weather. The temperature has been off by 10 to 20 degrees off and on. This morning at 1am I got THREE (3) Severe Weather Warnings in the next 24 hours... not one, but THREE IN A ROW. Your app showed thunderstorms starting at 5PM to 1AM today. Then we had a short 10 minute storm at 2PM, and nothing even remotely since then. It currently shows thunderstorm in the description but the sun is shining and the sky blue... It states it is 76 degrees but it is 83 degrees. What the heck is with this app now? I paid for the PRO version... I would have expected it to be dependable, as our safety is at risk... TORNADO WARNINGS - thank god we could hear the sirens... where were you guys?

- UPDATE - Hurricane Tracker is Fixed w/o need to Subscribe

I have been a user of MyRadar for about a couple of years now. Have paid for the Pro Version, Professional Radar Pack, and the Hurricane Tracker. I have been very please with using the Hurricane Tracker as it worked very well last year. Now I have to pay to unlock its features even though I already purchased it?! C’mon. That is such a low move. $6.99 per year to use a feature I already paid for? I hope you guys do the right thing and at least allow people who purchased it prior to be grandfathered into the full capabilities of the Hurricane Tracker. I will update my star rating when this is remedied. UPDATE - I have changed my review from 2 stars to 5 stars. It looks like MyRadar has added the ability to keep the Hurricane Tracker without the need to subscribe to Premium features. I noticed that Hurricane Tracker was unchecked in the layers section. Turned it on and everything is back to normal. I haven’t lost faith in you guys at MyRadar! Yours Truly, MyRadar user for the last couple years

- Was my favorite Radar app...

The reason I bought the paid version of this app was because it loaded faster that any of the other radar apps I'd tried. It's not so fast anymore, I think it is the developers have added features it has bogged the software down. Also it is still showing hurricane Harvey is a category three hurricane at 9:44 PM central time, it's been a cat 4 storm for two hours now. I paid for the hurricane tracker feature so I could get the latest info on any storms in the Gulf of Mexico, but now I can't count on that either UPDATE: Hurricane Irma is bearing down on Florida and once again my radar pro let me down. As of 6:02 am Eastern time, my radar pro still shows armor is a cat three. I'm very disappointed in this app, Irma is a category four storm

- Best Weather App Out There!

I have to say that this might just be the best weather app out there because I live in Colorado near the rocky mountain. Especially at the end of July through August season, it is rainy all the time, so when I get a notification saying that it will rain in about 15 minutes or so, and then 15 minute past that notification, I looked out of my window and it started to rain! I am pretty surprise that this app is almost pretty darn accurate. Probably why people get such bad review is because they are not living in a location where it rains or snow all the time and therefore, leaving their conclusion to review this as a bad app.

- Works pretty well

Been using it for about 4 years, sometimes there are issues but it usually works fine. Sometimes I wish there was a blank where i could just type the name of the town where I want to see the weather. For some reason the Radar Weather app quit working on my iPad for about a week, I really missed it and am really glad it’s working again. The weather radar quit showing up on my screen a long time ago, it rained almost all day here yesterday but the map never showed any rain. I don’t know if that’s caused by something I did or what, they have a help thing that’s supposed to help fix issues but it’s never been of any help to me just more confusion.

- The most informative and beautiful weather app

Since I started using iOS devices I have tried many different weather apps before finally discovering this one. I need a very accurate and information rich weather app to help plan many aspects of my life. In the past I would use a few at a time to get the information I needed. Based on the latest update of MyRadar, I now only need 1 App since they have added lightning tracking in the latest update. Not only is it the most clever implementation, it is also the most beautiful. In fact everything about this app gets me to the information I need quickly and enjoyably. This is by far the best weather app I have seen or used. It is also very inexpensive for all you get. For example the hurricane tracking is very detailed and costs a tiny amount. These guys nailed it. It is a must have for all iOS users who leave their house for any reason or have kids in sports. It is my hyper accurate personal weatherman. It should be yours too.

- Pretty but useless

Like so many others, I was looking for a replacement for the excellent hi-def noaa radar app, which I’d had for years, that self-imploded this year. This app had so many great reviews, I took a chance and donated my money to the developers of this app. I say donated because I got nothing in return but some colorful but useless graphics. How this got so many great reviews, I can only imagine. Hmm. But I can see that there are more negative ones starting to filter in. I really just need hi-def, accurate radar that doesn’t crash every time I move the map. This app is slow to load, shows an intro menu everything time I open it—I could go on and on, but if you’re serious about weather and not into social media glamor, this is not it. I’ve deleted this app, moving on, keeping hoping someone will build a reasonably priced, intelligent app without all the bloatware.

- [Update - FIXED!] Stopped loading AGAIN!

[Update - I changed the iPad time setting from manual to automatic, which meant that I enabled a location services setting as well, and the RADAR loop is now loading. I don’t know the correlation, but it’s fixed. I love this app when it’s working correctly. (Original review below) Recently started to just sit and say “Loading” for all but 30 minutes of the loop. This is what it used to do a couple years ago, and now here we go again. Why do you put out a product that continually goes from functional to non-functional?!! Why? I paid for the license. Why can’t it work with consistency? Again I am so disappointed when I need it to work.

- Modernization = subscription

Just a heads up. The upcoming “remodernization” is probably gonna to turn the app into a subscription just like the rest of them. Don’t update!! Old review :Don't waste your money on the pro radar pack. It really does not do anything but give you "tilt" or upper and lower levels of radar which is not very useful to normal people. Load times for the radar are often slow compared to other radar apps. Why can't I change the opacity of the radar images themselves? And the fact they started charging for the free hurricane track just before a huge storm hit makes these guys a bit shady imo. If your going to spend $$ on a hurricane tracking app just get hurricane pro by kittycode. Also, keeps saying my e-mail address isn't valid when trying to set up the photos section when I know it is in fact valid.

- One of the best, keeps getting better!

Updated review: Just keeps getting better and better. This is clearly one of the best general purpose weather radar apps available. For more sophisticated radar products, e.g., Level II data, relative velocity, etc., look to RadarScope, but for national composite radar, with warnings, hurricane tracking, temperatures, clouds, this app is hard to beat. My only "gripe" is that you can not pause/stop the historical radar animation. It would be nice to have the app load current data (load the historical data in the background), and then allow the user to start the animation and pause as needed.

- Must have if you work outside

I've used many radar apps over the years, working in the construction industry and needing up to the minute radar, for tool and safety reason, this app delivers. Upgrading or not it gives you up to the minute, street view of rain moving in, in Florida and now the gulf states having hurricane tracker and come of uncertainty is also a plus. Take my word as an ordinary construction guy, it's worth it and will not disappoint. I suggest upgrading to premium if your one of us guys that just has to have all the bells and whistles. You'll get your moneys worth out of this really good weather app.

- Driver

I have lost the ability to remove or set individual locations to be monitored. For a new location, the ‘star’ is empty, and when tapped, remains empty and location is not set. For an existing location, tapping on the star does not change to ‘empty’ and the location is not removed. Update caused forcast dropdown to loose contrast. Very hard to read. Was perfect before update. Please change contrast back to where it was before latest update. UPDATE: Pro radar pack is working! It was that the individual stations now fade out and the screen needs to be moved to have stations become visible so choice can be made. Cancel below comment. Have severe wx coming in. Switched to professional radar pack and it will not activate. Did the restore previous purchases and it shows it was reloaded and should be available. However, checked in 'submit diagonstic report' and it only shows 'huricane tracker' and 'wx warning.' While 'layers enabled' shows 'wx forcast,' 'hurricane tracker,' 'radar,' and 'clouds.' Need to get my purchased professional radar pack back.

- No Tornado Warnings?!

A few weeks ago, there was a tornado warning in our area. However, the app didn’t send out a notification about a tornado warning, which is funny because this is supposed to be the best weather app on the market. But…, if you can’t show tornado watches and warnings, why even market this app? I love the app, and I understand you have to pay your staff with the cost of premium features (such as the Apple Watch app), but unless you can show tornado watches and warnings to your users, I can’t give a full 5 stars. I’ll at least give you 4 for all the good this app has so far, but if you want the 5th star, you need to include tornado watches and warnings.

- ExcellentRadar For Walking Tour Company

My wife and I own an outdoor Ghost Walk tour in Wilmington, North Carolina. A primary concern along the coast is severe weather, especially pop up thunderstorms. As we’ve learned the hard way, not all radars are alike. We not only need a radar that is current, detailed and quick to load, but one that doesn’t have frozen or missing images in the middle of the loop. We also need to access wind information to help gauge storm shift and movement. This is an excellent radar. Very detailed with plenty of layers for getting into the dirt with projections. Easy to use too. I’ve recommended to all my guides.

- Phenomenal app

Simply love this app. Graphics are awesome, plenty of different viewing options and layers, warnings are disseminated in a timely manner. Had one glitch where classic and site by site radar wouldn’t show up but messaged them via Facebook and got some great troubleshooting advice which fixed the problem the first time around. The problem was with my phone and not their servers but they got it figured out super quick and replied very promptly after the initial inquiry. An absolute must have app and definitely recommend subscribing to pro at the very reasonable pricing plan vs. a lot of the other apps.

- Best weather app

Someone recommended this weather app to me and the first time I used it was while I was traveling up interstate 35 in the rain. The app immediately recognizes where you are and the screen shows your dot and all the areas nearby on the radar so you can easily see when the motion starts what you are in for. I have always disliked having to figure out where I am, then turn on the motion, then watch the poor video screen chug through a slow time lapse. This app eliminates all of that. I deleted two other apps off my phone and put this one on the first screen.

- MyRadar Pro is invaluable for monitoring weather & clouds when traveling

I became a confirmed MyRadar user when going to see the Solar Eclipse 2017 on the USA East Coast from Hilton Head, SC. I had 2 apps open on separate devices. Maps monitored traffic on one and MyRadar Pro on the other. 10’s of thousands of people went to Charleston NC and the Rt. 95 right lane exit was backed up for miles. MyRadar showed openings in the clouds for Santee so we stayed in the left lane and exited at Santee where we saw the Eclipse clearly. I use it daily wehn walking distances in threatening weather. We rely on the Hurricane layer when making vacation plans. Don’t leave home without it.

- Works well

App loads faster than others I've tried. I particularly like how it shows past rain movement on startup. I can track weather in a few seconds whereas WeatherBug takes 30 seconds or more to load and show movement. Update: we are particularly interested in storms when on our lake because they build up quick and come from behind hills. MyRadar Pro has proven to be consistently more accurate than our four local TV weather apps. WeatherBug is also better than our local TV apps but accessing its features is much slower and I get impatient.

- weather dr.

Updated version is extremely frustrating, annoying, and most importantly provides inaccurate information. If 0 star rating was an option, I’d choose that. 1st: I paid for the “pro” version so I would not have ads. Despite this, (while I’m waiting here at EWR airport) a ridiculously large orange bar that says “Newark International Airport” and “General Delays” is taking up the bottom 1/3rd of my iPhone XS screen that I cannot get rid of. I can drag it down to try to hide it at the bottom only to have it return to it’s annoying position taking up my screen. Furthermore, I’m sick and tired of it saying “sign up for tripit”. I paid for a pro version which was advertised as having NO ads. So you have falsely advertised what you sold! 2nd: While in Switzerland and Italy for the last 10 days, the weather temps were off by at least 20 degrees Celsius (did not matter if you chose C or F under the settings, it was not even close to being accurate). This should be corrected. 3rdly, the forecast only shows details for the present day only rather than for multiple days (ie if a snow storm is expected for 3 days, the app will not show snowfall amounts for subsequent days). Please fix, or refund my $.

- Best weather app!

This is absolutely the best weather app I have used! Other apps have just not been as reliable in their accuracy of actual weather. I have compared several different apps at the same time. I have checked other apps before while it was raining outside and they did not even show precipitation at all. This app would correctly show the real weather in real time. I also like the hurricane forecasts. I really just like everything this app offers. I upgraded to PRO and that wasn’t a mistake either. Thanks and keep up the good work!

- You need this

If you like outdoor activities you need this. It’s accurate and precise. Weather reports can tell you general information about the chance of storms or weather in your area. My radar shows you exactly where the weather is and how intense. It also shows you how it’s moving. This app allows you to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. When a weather report says 50% chance of rain it mean 50% of your area will experience rain. This app shows you where that 50% is and allows you to go enjoy the 50% where it is not raining.

- New version

I use the app alot and generally like it very much. The one thing I hate I the new feature in the location arrow on far lower left on the screen. When you touch the arrow you used to be taken to your location. In this version when you touch the arrow up pops and option to select your location or to type a word. It might be useful if every time you want to look at a different city but requires two steps now to go to your geographic location. It is a waste of time. Get rid of it and go back to what you had

- Best Radar App

I sail in summer and ski winters. This is my goto app for keeping an eye on approaching weather and major wind shifts and velocities for sailing on Lake Michigan. In winter I travel in snowy condition to the UP to ski and this app gives me the best look into conditions. Wind, temps and satellite combine to allow me insight on potential lake effect snow impacted travel conditions. I really like the grey view with HD Radar, wind, clouds and warning layers enabled. Sailing I use an iPad mini sailing and keep a chartplotter and this app and an app that displays NOAA weather stations and other data gathering sites. Bouys, SnoTel etc...this data would make a great addition.

- Very Good Weather Radar App

This app presents weather radar well, along with warnings. I use and recommend it. The premium features are worth it. Wish list: 1. When I pause the radar animation, it should stay paused. Current version (31 March 2020) automatically starts the animation playing when I rotate my device. This is a bug, not a feature, in my opinion. There should be some way to turn it off. 2. Double tapping to zoom unfortunately repositions the location. This is extremely unhelpful. It is also a bug, not a feature. The location should never change unless I deliberately change it (by dragging, for example). Just my opinion of course. 3. Sometimes the app forgets my purchased features, especially after an update. This seems like a sneaky way to get a few extra ad views. Try to not do this to paying customers please. It’s a privacy/tracking issue, not just an annoyance. Thanks.

- Great Radar app

This is an air craft grade radar. It's accurate and fun to watch as storms roll in. I use it so in know what to prepare for. Last Monday I saw the radar images of multiple storm cells mixing in straight for us. I was able to gather flashlights and filled my mug with ice water while filling a back up in case the power went out, which it did. Of course after that I had no wifi to see what was happening, but it has been very useful. My wife sometimes works nights and I can warn her of monsoon storms coming here way so she gets home safe. This is an awesome app! Thx guys!

- My radar

I’ve been using this weather app for a few years now. Unfortunately I really rely on it more than ever I’m going through difficult times right now being homeless and this is one of the Weather apps that I trust to make sure that I can get to A safe place and dry at times. It allows me to monitor storms in advance before they get here that’s the most important thing to me. Keep up the good work the app is fantastic make sure it’s optimized for the Samsung galaxy S 10 which should be coming out in a couple of months enjoy.

- Finally an update. Still not what I’m looking for

I’ve been a MyRadar user for at least 4 years now. The app was great initially. Got tired of the clear icons they use to show current and forecasted weather. In my opinion they are not easily readable. Been using Storm Radar now for over a year which I really love, but when I saw myradar was getting a overhaul I was very excited. Everything run much more smooth but the icons and general layout of the weather page remains unchanged. MyRadar developers, please provide a way to customize this or make it more readable. I think this app could be great. But the way you present the information is very difficult to read.

- Unreliable

I’ll start off by saying I used to love this app even was driving home one day and avoid a hailstorm because of this app. I payed for some of their more premium services and it used to run great. Since then it won’t restore all of the purchases that I have made and for the last 6-8 months I have yet to even see a cloud on the radar which is very disappointing this app starts off great and becomes nothing more than a waste of data and an empty map. As of right now my radar pro app couldn’t detect a cloud let alone a storm.

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- My Radar Pro

An axcellent all round source and one stop shopping for the picture re convective wxx

- Not accurate at all

Weather is always inaccurate. Not reliable at all.

- App crash

Every time I try to view the forecast, either in window or full screen format, it shows it’s busy loading, but never does, when I try to view full screen, it just crashes the app. I’d hoped you would have fixed this in latest update, but you didn’t. I purchased Pro plus TripIt subscription, so I expect an expensive app to be repaired ASAP please. After that, 5 stars with my honest review. The iPhone version works perfect and is definitely a 5 stars. Gary, Toronto Paramedic

- Works well!

An excellent app with good accuracy. Great to have for sailing or other outdoor activities.

- Nice product, extremely well designed!

I really enjoy this app. so much so that I used the maps for research for other purchases outside it’s weather capabilities. Extremely capable of showing details. Rich K

- Paramedic ACLS

Great Weather Radar App! Sure helps me during my work day. Keeps me completely informed in any weather situation! Highly Recommended! Garrick Pattenden, Ontario Canada

- Powerful app but flaws in units

I really like the idea and the features of this app. The one annoying issue I have with it is the fact that it always falls partially back to imperial units (Fahrenheit). On iOS it is mostly Celsius but in some spots suddenly the max/min of a day are in Fahrenheit. On watchOS it is even worse: the whole app falls back to Fahrenheit with no reason and reverts to Celsius after you start the app on the phone for example or just wait long enough. The majority of the world works metric/Celsius, so I would understand issues in supporting “minority” units but not the other way around.

- Great app with minor errors

This app works great, I would give it 5 stars if not for an annoying error in the latest updates. For people using Celsius, the forecast temperature was wrong and quickly corrected in 7.11.1, but the day high and low were still in Fahrenheit and not corrected one week after I emailed them.

- Fantastic App

Saved many a golf game.

- Nothing beat the best !

I work at the airport and weather is an important part of my daily activity. This app truly shines with it’s precise information and updates. One I can always rely on.

- Weather map is accurate

Great app notifications, and very accurate to plan around the weather or as I work construction rain storms put a hinder on building subdivision

- Excellente app

The Best app , la meilleure application dans sa catégorie

- Amazing resolution

Tons of features. My go-to app for weather.

- Saved me many times.

I’ve been a MyRadar fan for almost a decade now. It’s my go to app for small and big decisions, from when to walk the dogs, to deciding to make a run for groceries before the nor’easter hits.

- Love it

Love the app, it’s all you need for chasing storms.

- I can see!

Years ago, when flight planning, a pilot could never see threatening weather that was approaching. You would only by able to see it hours before it was a threat, before it may or may not be along your route. The weather briefer would then be obligated to say "VFR flight not recommended, possible thunderstorms along your route". Same as the public forecast.... "chance of showers". As you know, cumulonimbus clouds (big ones, lightning and rain) are often a lone wolf. Only in rare cases is there a long line of these CB's that is impenetrable by any aircraft. Small aircraft do not have on-board weather radar. That is where MyRadar comes in. If there is an isolated cell or cells approaching, you can see with great accuracy the level of intensity, the rate of speed, and direction of travel. You can do all this in your cockpit, strapped in, ready to start the engine. The very latest info, just prior to take-off, it's every pilots dream! Then, a smart go, no go, or alternative route decision can be made. I have done this on many flights. Conversely, if flying into an area of convective activity, it can be used in the same manner. We were 12nm from our home airport returning from Oshkosh 2014. The missus, sitting behind me, a qualified MyRadarPro user, was watching our progress and announced “lightning strikes over the airport” Less than 8 miles visibility at the time, could not see this weather. Did a quick 90 degree turn, landed at another local airport. Waited 15 minutes, landed at home airport safely in sunshine while the hail from that cell was still on the ground. Great safety tool!! Also, I use this app while BBQing. You can see an approaching storm. You can then see if your location is going to "get it" as it comes closer. Then you can calculate exactly when you will get wet using the time info on the loop, usually a 40 minute or one hour period. You then have the option to announce to your friends that they will get soaked in 6 minutes, or the storm will pass to the south. It makes you look like a brilliant weather forecaster!

- Don’t upgrade waste of money

The Pro and Premium give you nothing. Stay with the free app.

- 5 stara

I love this app...check it before the weather channel!

- The best

The best radar app I have yet to use far more accurate than the others I have seen

- Absolutely awesome

Extremely useful. Alerts are amazing

- Alan T. Little, B. Sc.,

I’m a commercial pilot and is use the NOAA aviation weather service for flight planning, I use your radar service as a quick reference at other times and find it very comparable to the NOAA aviation service.


I love this app! I think you should give it to me free for life I run a seaplane base and I have sold everyone at the base on this app. The seaplane pilots love it.They can take a quick look at any time in the air or on the ground and love the accuracy of weather coming or going to plan their flight!! (Also it beats buying a weather subscription from Garmin! Now I would say this review deserves a lifetime subscription 🛩🌦⛈☀️

- Not working

Live in Windsor Ontario, can’t get radar pro map it’s not working. Can’t even send review.

- Not working

Can not get a weather report for central Ontario, hourly report just keeps spooling! Part of the radar has a big winter square right where we boat!!! Tried to email developer with no response, so now you get a bad rating!!

- Complication for Apple Watch

Is it possible to add a complication for the Apple Watch?

- My radar pro

Works ok on new devices. Not so good on older ones

- Extend the weather for other countries of the world

I love using that software but sometimes I like to check the weather condition out side Canada and US I can't, If it will be possible to show other countries, It will be appreciated

- My radar pro

Works good. App is cool on Apple Watch.

- iPhone X support needed.(resolved)

Great app, needs iPhone X support desperately. Would be a 5 star radar app with said support. Edit: Now the best radar app hands down. X support is a welcome update.

- Don’t get if in Canada

This app used to be fantastic. Then, without warning, it stopped showing Canadian radar. Now, radar over Canada just appears as little clouds. Extremely disappointing as I had spent money on this app and now it’s basically useless to me.

- Select a City?

Has a silly little cross hair for selecting cities - very annoying. Why can't I type in the name of a city I need weather information for? 😑

- Excellent app

Very useful app with such low price.

- Can't live without it!

This is by far the app I use most. The fact that I am a weather fanatic might have something to do with it! Or the fact that My Radar is so good and accurate... it might have had something to do with it!

- Hurricane tracker

Bought the hurricane tracker with my Iphone, works fine. However it is not active on my Ipad, looks like I have to pay $3.99 again. If I would have know that I would not have bought it. All other paid applications works on all devices.

- Pro version worked well - for awhile

I liked this app, but as others have said the weather forecasting function has been down for several weeks. It is certainly captivating to look at the radar, but not particularly helpful without information about temperature, precipitation, winds and forecasting. Very sad to see an otherwise good app fall into the disreputable category

- Good app when 5 day forecast is working

For about two weeks it's only been radar the right side of screen usually has weather for the city you move to.This app no longer works in Canada

- Need Canadian content

Good is handy to look at the weather over the US and see where it is going. But living in Canada it has limited use

- Great weather app

Love the app, really great radar, best one out there. But I would love to see the ability to freeze the movement of the radar and look at it stilled. Keep up the great work!

- Great app.

I use this app all the time. Very impressed.

- MyRadar

With the new update it's awesome I can't live without it helps me prepare my commute in the mornings...Especially up here in the North Montreal...

- Great app


- Awesome

I do love this Radar app it works awesome and I use it every day

- Very informative app.

It's used every day for personal weather forecasting

- Good!


- Great App

Best weather radar app I've found for Canadian Users. Have tried a lot and just can't beat it

- Works great

One of my favourite weather apps.

- My radar pro

Such an excellent recommend the full addition awesome

- A bit more info

Great app, would like though to see more information for Canada, such as linking up to Canadian weather stations for on screen temperatures... as a boater it would be helpful provide a marine report option, so I don't have switch between apps.

- Excellent app.

Love this app, use it every day. Would love to see a future forecast on there.

- Top motch


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- Paid for the watch upgrade that doesn’t work

I like a lot of the features and purchased the Apple Watch upgrade. Every time I try to launch it on my watch, a prompt comes up and says I have to purchase the upgrade. Can’t figure out how to solve the problem. Update. Got the app on my watch. It drained the battery. That is, the largest charge I could get on my watch during an overnight charge was 67%. The longest I could run my watch was 1.5 hours. Once the app was removed, my watch functioned normally.

- Great app

To the inventors of this app this is a good app but you know I paid for this app and I do expect just like among others that paid for this app it should be very very accurate from weatherwise to location wise so you NEED to fix this issue immediately you need to make this a priority to fix because I am having to delete and re-download about every two weeks because my location is in the wrong place The weather here in Southwest Florida is so unpredictable that 1 - 2 mile Different Can make a difference in safety ———- Being a paid app with the people expect better accuracy

- Features Stripped

This was a great app, and I’m not condemning in app purchases or subscriptions because I did purchase everything available that did not include a subscription, and I’m okay with paying for “New Features” or for new customers to be forced to subscribe. But the reason I liked this app was because it provided great details on hurricanes including speed and the direction, but it seems that they recently decided to remove this feature that they once offered at a premium price and moved it to yearly subscription. I paid for the “Pro” version of the app itself, then I specifically purchased each feature separately for watch and hurricane tracking, but is now asking me to sign up for yearly membership in order for me to have access to these features again. I’m completely against these type of shady moves. Especially when I purchased and supported this app for a specific feature, and they strip it away!! Excuse me if I sound angry but as a customer I feel cheated, and is not a good feeling, this was one of my favorite weather apps, but I’m now searching for a new hurricane tracking app to replace this one.

- Another ruined app

Another app ruined by a subscription model after charging people to buy the app. This app came with Apple Watch support, now they put that behind a subscription. This app used to come with hurricane information, now that's behind a subscription. This app used to come with so much more data, now that's behind a subscription. And I'm sure the developer is going to tell me to be glad for the subscription, that the subscription is so wonderful. Subscriptions are how you lose users, not how you make an app better. Decades ago this business model for technology was a proven failure. It was the common wisdom that software as a service and software for rent not only turned away customers, it made for inferior products. Why did we forget that?

- Terrible Apple Watch integration

I really like MyRadar on my phone, so I was excited to try their Apple Watch app, too. The only useful thing about this app is that it sends rain notifications to the Watch. However, other than that, the Watch app is useless: it only provides the same info that I already get from the stock weather app. It’s not even possible to change the temperature units on the Apple Watch without prompting the “purchase the Apple Watch upgrade” screen on the Watch. Once that screen appears, the app becomes unusable on the watch. I paid for the Pro version hoping it would solve this issue, but it did not. Developers, it’s ridiculous that I need to pay the $9.99 subscription in order to *change the units* on the Apple Watch.

- One star short for PRO

This is by far my favorite weather app, especially when I need to see the radar fast! And it has been since day one! Without question everyone must have this app. However, with our recent experience with hurricane Michael, I decided to upgrade. I regret having done that, because it gives so little extra information for the added cost. And THAT information I can get free from many other places, many other weather apps. Disappointed in that, wouldn’t mind having my money back, but it is still my “go to” app.

- Awesome Weather App

I recently lost my go-to weather app used since 2016. I realized I had recently downloaded the MyRadar app and decided to give it a try. I am not disappointed at all! I check hourly weather to determine outdoor activities. This app is very accurate for as I am able to determine the time of an outdoor run based on rain prediction. I had no idea how important a good weather app until the functionality of my previous app disappeared. Also, the Apple Watch app is really nice! Thanks for the provision of this app!

- Great app

I go out into the Gulf of Mexico just about every week. In addition, I am a Little League Umpire. This app is great to make sure weather is safe for both boating and also the participants in Little League. If a storm comes up I can be aware of it watching wind, direction, lightning, and many other aspects. Personally, I can plan and watch storms, potential bad weather like hurricanes, etc. I also like that I can watch parts of the country where family live. Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, and the Bahamas) San Salvador island as examples.

- My Go-to app for fast Radar!!!

Although I use this app in conjunction with another app that has a more detailed forecast, this app loads amazingly fast. I work outdoors and My Radar Pro loads extremely fast when I need it. I love toggling between layers so I can detect temperature, forecast, wind condition, etc. or look at them all at the same time. Living next to Lake Superior makes the weather terribly unpredictable. This app is more than helpful. I did spend the $.99 to upgrade to pro and it was very convenient.

- Disappointed with latest updates

This used to be my favorite radar app. Recent updates have made the high def radar graphics for snow storms in winter utterly useless. All we see now are wisps of grayish looking “clouds” streaming across the map when a winter storm is passing. What do they mean? Even the map legend is of no help, still scaled in the normal light blue to pink colors. “Wispy gray” is nowhere in the legend. The only way to revert to the expected radar scheme is to toggle off the high def radar and suffer the pixelated low def maps as a result. PLEASE FIX THIS!!

- MyRadar

Brilliant app. As a retired pilot, quick and accurate weather is a must for proper planing and that’s exactly what you get with MyRadar. Open the app and without any delay or needless selection of settings you instantaneously see real time weather depicted that enables you to make safe and sound decisions. And I’m not just talking about flying but everything else under the sun where people need to know what weather to expect in order to make proper decisions regarding everything they are doing on any particular day.

- My trustworthy real-time weather update app!

This app helps me make a quick decision on the developing local weather conditions whether (no pun intended) to walk the doggy -or- drive on route or another way. Seriously much more predictable with this app!! I’ve tried the other free apps but this one has been ‘function’ for quite a long time. I used the free app version from this developer so often that it was worth paying for this app to support them! Keep up the great work!!! Thank you

- Think hard before upgrading

The basic version can be upgraded within the app.. this is NOT an upgrade to the PRO version. The two programs are not the same and the developer seems 109% incompetent in being willing to refund people who get confused when needing to reload the software.. if you upgraded the basic program to the high level ( exactly what you get in the PRO version) and load the PRO one in and just expect the app will know you paid in full.. NO it will not and then bill you again! So you pay twice and they keep the $ even if you get hold of the ASAP after the issue comes up... try a different program I like CARROT⁵.. at least they only offer non duplicated software.

- Updates make you have to restore every time

I’m appreciative for the many updates but it’s been frustrating beyond belief over the last year that I have to restore purchases every time the app updates. Every time I open the app I have to restore purchases and turn off hurricane layers again. Why can’t this thing persistently understand it’s been purchased and maintain prior preferences? Besides the constant maintenance it makes me do, I actually really like the features here.

- My RadarPro is more accurate than the local weather or the Weather Channel

MyRadarPro provides me with ground truth when the forecasters have problems getting things right. I can clearly evaluate the local conditions and get a much better feel for inclement weather. Another great thing, particularly for pilots, is the near real time feedback on fronts, storms and precipitation. The color presentation does a great job in letting me know the significant areas to avoid, and possible paths through that weather.

- So Disappointed!

I’ve used this app for years and it’s been wonderful! I’ve recommended it to many people. An update came out last week. After the update, it wouldn’t work on my Apple Watch. I got a message that I had to buy the Apple Watch upgrade. I did. It still doesn’t work on my Apple Watch. I still get the message to buy an upgrade. I’ve done the most recent system Software Updates and it still doesn’t work. A waste of money.

- Planning

My Radar helps me plan my fishing trip, as I can see the weather coming my way. Keeps me from driving 150 miles if the weather is going to be crappy. Thanks. I have shown the app to around 30 people and they have all started using it. I still need to know how to retrieve my past purchases on my new phone. I do not like the warning that state that my county or nearby county has a warning. If my location cannot be found by your software and do better warnings then I may need to use other software.

- Best weather sites

Especially like viewing wind directions and velocity as we as very good radar composites. Would like an app for pc and mac if possible sometime. NOAA is gradually losing its excellencevas it gets privatised but maybe there is some hope of reasonable accurate weather info aside from there. I would like to see a future forecast in radar and winds also for flying and sailing information . Also entire country and possibly world views of radars and so on along with winds surface and aloft.

- Do NOT pay for the watch “feature”

Even after the “fix” via an update to the app, the watch data does not populate to the watch screen - nor is there any complication support, so - If you are expecting to be able to just glance at your watch and view data from this weather app via a complication, it doesn’t offer that feature. If you are expecting to have to open an app on your watch to view the data from this app, it also doesn’t work. If you are expecting customer support when you have problems with PAID FEATURES, that too, doesn’t work. (check the posts on their Facebook page) If you would like ALL of the above mentioned items - download Wunderground. 1 star until this app gets turned back around. Edit. They seem to have gotten most issues worked out.

- Life saving!

I love this radar app. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning for work I’ll have a notification that weather is expected at a certain time, and it has always been accurate even 5+ hours in advance. I also enjoy the alerts I get during the day letting me know when weather will let up or begin again. It’s been key to planning my daily routine and other outdoors activities such as weddings and other parties. Absolutely ideal!

- Life saving!

I love this radar app. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning for work I’ll have a notification that weather is expected at a certain time, and it has always been accurate even 5+ hours in advance. I also enjoy the alerts I get during the day letting me know when weather will let up or begin again. It’s been key to planning my daily routine and other outdoors activities such as weddings and other parties. Absolutely ideal!

- Very Informative

MyRadar Pro allows me to view up tp date weather conditions over most of the US, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. I’m a Ham Radio Operator and I use MyRadar Pro to see the weather in the areas I’m talking with. I can see storm systems that are going affect me. This is very useful because I am a NWS StormSpotter. I can zoom out and see the entire US or focus in on my location. I’m also a Net Control Station for the Salvation Armies SATERN Ham Radio Net. I can get a good view of the storms moving through theGulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. It really help me see what was happening when I was hearing from Hams in Puerto Rico and the smaller islands in the Caribbean who needed assistance and their only communications to the main la d was Ham Radio. I feel I did a better job because I oils see the storms movements. I wish they had a version for computers. It would come in very handy.

- Accuracy and speed counts...

Especially when trying to do your own forecast for the area you happen to be in, and MyRadar Pro bested my other go to buggy pro weather app during the last storm by 2 to 4 minutes which was very surprising and more accurate by 3 miles, meaning the buggy one showed it was raining 3 miles away but not over me, which was again surprisingly inaccurate. Graphics are better too, I’m really enjoying it.

- My radar Pro app review

I've been using my radar pro for about a year now. I do a lot of photography with lightning and storms. This is one app that all you storm chasers and lightning photographers definitely need! I have tried other apps but this one is my number 1 favorite ~love it!!! You can check out my lightning photos at Bobby Wummer photography on Facebook, and that will tell you how much I love this app. If you want to be in front of the storms you need to get this app for your phone.

- Not showing anything just half the storm

For some reasons the hurricane or when there is a storm coming from the east of fl it disappears but you can see the other half so this needs to be fix, your app is great but right there its not going to cut it for now ill rank you at a 1 star Response: I actually have the pro I bought everything from you guys and even on high definition once I got close to Florida I couldn’t see half the storm and that was in high definition so I purchased the “Per-Station” and still nothing and the thing was that it was about 100 miles from the coast and it looked like a glitch and i had noticed the same effect on two other phones including my Ipad Pro

- Additional source for big picture on weather!

I’ve used this app for a long time for travel planning and also as a pilot. Although not considering official weather for aviation weather briefing, myself and many other pilots use it for tactical and strategic pre-planning. For personal travel I’ve used it on motorcycle trips for same great and accurate overview of what’s going on around you. Oh, and I live in Oklahoma so great tool during tornado season!!!

- Awesome

I want to preface this by saying I believe this app is second to none. However, I have been experiencing crashes within 2 seconds of opening the app today. I’m not sure if there is so many users with severe weather coming that it’s overloaded their servers, or if the recent patch caused an error but I’ve had these issues. Otherwise, it’s my go to app all day every day for my weather updates and needs. It’s awesome just needs a fix today.

- Not worth it any longer.

With each update, this app breaks more and more. For example, the lower bar that controls settings routinely disappears. It appears only after several dozen forced quits and relaunches. Additionally, with this latest iteration, my settings are no longer remembered. I constantly have to turn off the forecast option (if I can ever get to it on account of the disappearing option bar), even though I never turned that option on to begin with. Additionally, each time I open the app, the map is zoomed all the way out and it is such a chore to zoom in to my area each time. Is there no QA team to test updates? I’m looking elsewhere for a radar app.

- Love the app but disagree with the new subscription

I’ve used this app for a long time which is why I upgraded to the pro version. Now, many of the original features I paid for have been taken away and moved into a yearly subscription plan. I can understand if the developer moved new subscribers into the new pricing plan, but taking away features from current customers shows greed vs appreciating the support that helped their growth. I will no longer pay to upgrade any item within this application as the developer has no problem taking those features away and charging you more to restore them.

- App not up to dare with latest iOS update

Everything about this app is great, love using it. The only issue has been with the new iOS update and new iOS home page swipe left for quick looks at a widget showing quick info of your choosing. This app will only show temps in Celsius, even though the full app has been set to display temps in Fahrenheit. They say they are working on things and should have fixed soon, so then it’s once again going to be a five star radar and weather app.

- Good app

As a trucker I depend on knowing what the weather ahead of me looks like and what I’m going to be dealing with in my travels. This app has Proved to be 99% reliable however as I drive down the road I cannot be distracted in centering my location on the map. One feature I would like to see added Is that I would like to see my position remain constant and the map automatically move as I travel down the road just like with GPS navigation devices.

- Professional

I am a commercial international airline Captain. I find My Radar Pro invaluable while I am sitting at a gate waiting for release and need accurate wx info. At that time, none of my on board wx radar can function that close to ground personnel or the terminal in a safe manner. I also find it very useful when I am sitting in a hotel room, any where in the World, and I can get up to the minute information that I use for preflight planning. CONGRATULATIONS MY RADAR PRO. Wonderful app

- Awesome radar app

Actually learned about this app from a couple of pilots waiting to deadhead on a flight I was on, best weather radar app available in my opinion, when we are at car shows, I am always the “go to” guy for weather updates, I have been using it for years, and it has never once let me down. I like the ability to see videos others post of incoming storm fronts also, that’s a nice little feature.

- Best Over All Radar App

Very user friendly and high quality. Has most info you need but simple to handle too. Sure the app could have a couple more things but that’s if you want in depth looks. I’m sure this app will add many new features in the near future. Also the pricing is fair. Full features for a one time or yearly purchase vs paying per week or month. Overall I don’t see how you can complain about anything on this app.

- Wonderful Weather App

Would highly recommend - the pro version is my one and only weather app, after trying a number of them. Not only good for daily forecasts and general weather outlook, but as a drone pilot, the aviation layers feature comes in real handy for a quick check on conditions before going up. If I could figure out a way to integrate air traffic into the map, I’d need nothing else :P But for now, this ticks most of my boxes.

- Great app buggy widget

I love the features of this app. However, there’s an apparent bug in the iOS widget. The temp/precip graph appears to update once a day while the time scale updates each time the widget is run. This results in mismatch of the temp and precip with time. Hope the developer can fix it so that the widget can be more useful. Another complaint is that the support email doesn’t work. I tried to send a request for them to fix the widget but it was returned. I would have rated it 5 stars if the widget works properly.

- Great Weather App and Suggestion

I’ve been using my Weather Pro for several years and is an outstanding weather application. The resolution of the radar and its accuracy are excellent. One thing that I think would enhance the application would be to put a compass rose on the map that works in tandem with the handheld device’s compass. That way you could easily orient the phone to see which direction the weather is coming from.

- Used to be good.

Used to be my go to weather app but most of the time the watch app doesn’t work. It says to open the phone app which doesn’t do anything to help. I paid for the watch app years ago and apparently I’m supposed to pay for it again. Update: ok, it works again. The watch feature comes and goes. Please fix this, it’s the only thing keeping this from being the best weather app in the known universe.

- Much better than before!

I erased the previous version of this app after it became unusable. As a pilot for a major American airline, I rely on wx charts, current radar, and forecasts to safely operate my aircraft. BS doesn't 'fly' with me, and the new upgraded MyRadar Pro is a very useful product to help me determine current conditions at my destination and alternates. Although, not 'approved' for navigation, this app works very well in providing up to date conditions. Nice job, guys and gals!

- Fantastic App!

I absolutely love this app, and use it frequently. However my biggest gripe is that every time it updates, it defaults back to the tutorial / intro screen. I see the skip button, but c'mon, there has to be a way to update this and not have the screen reset itself. I know what it does, I get it. I want to open it up and see weather as I have it setup. It isnt a deal breaker, but it is pretty darn annoying if I dont open it after a while... So please, turn off the tutorial and intro screen. Ive had the app for a few years now, I know what it does.

- Updated - solid app

I’ve used this app for years and like it a lot. Some functions are now put into sub menus but are still there. As far as weather apps go, it’s a solid app for the main function - the radar - plus an easy way to get pertinent details of the upcoming forecast. I have a few apps I use plus visit the NWS forecast, but when radar is the main point I open this one first. I highly recommend it.

- Leave this app alone PLEASE

I’ve had this app since the beginning. Except for a few minor bugs, it’s been great. Now it’s so loaded with BS, that it can hardly load. Have to do a phone reset every time to get location. If I can’t reload it to a previous version that works, I’ll have to find another weather app. All of this trouble after purchasing the PRO version. It has become a frustrating pain to use.

- my new favorite

This is hands down my new favorite weather app. It is near perfection in both form and function. Absolutely beautiful displays of weather information and almost every layer you could want to see. All within a polished user interface. The only thing I believe is missing is a layer to see local lightning and I hope that might be added in the future (or otherwise I may have missed).

- Used to love it

Why do I get prompted to go through the forecasts tutorial _everytime_ this app is updated? Save off the setting somewhere and stop asking me. Come in. I don’t even use that feature. I use this for the radar. If I want a forecast the default iOS app is all I need. Feels like the forecast function is being shoved down my throat. Can’t make it go away. I like the radar, always have and have supported this app buying it on multiple platforms but give me a break on that stinking forecast function. Great... it can do forecasts. Now stop telling me about it. Let me disable it completely.

- Best whether app

This app is certainly the best weather app out there. Between all the different layers and maps, front lines and hurricane tracks, it has more options to view more weather data and is the most customizable weather app with all its settings. If you want to get the most weather data from wind maps to live temperature maps and make you’re own interpretations this is the app for you.

- Use it all the time!

I LOVE my radar app and use it all the time. I go biking everyday and check the weather make sure I’m not going to have a storm sneak up on me. I use it when I travel either at home or abroad to figure out if there might be delays or bumpy flights. I check the weather where my girls are going to school if they have something planned. My husband, a private pilot uses it and I’ve encouraged all my kids to get it. Fabulous app!

- Great real-time weather tool.

I’ve been using MyRadar for a few months now and I’m so glad I downloaded it from the AppStore. MyRadar gives me very dependable weather information that I can share with others. When you get old like me the weather comes up a lot when talking to other people. I can always pull my phone out and know I’ll have up to the minute accurate weather information to offer.

- Great weather map app

My Radar lets you see close up and far view maps of wind and rain, etc. I especially appreciate the wind view (helps you predict what’s coming and what’s not better than just rain or cloud maps). Also the world map view really nice and easy to shift. It doesn’t seem to be as accurate away from USA (when I was in Ukraine 2018), but that is understandable. Great app, you won’t regret getting it.

- Best App Ever!!!

I have been using MyRadar for years now and it’s my favorite app of all. Everything about it is spot on cool and with the latest update to global radar makes it even better. No other app is even close to this as far as what they offer. I get weather warnings and rain alerts and seeing lightning flashes on the map. Keep up the great work and I sure hope there is a new update coming for Windows users please!

- Best Radar / Weather App By Far

This App is all about weather radar - as soon as you open the app, you get full-screen moving radar image wherever you are. No other app comes even close! There are so many other weather apps out there that are hobbled with ads or poor interfaces that put style over substance, I’m so glad that Radar Pro has stayed true to its origins as an iPad-only app for pilots and weather geeks!

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MyRadar Weather Radar Pro 7.17.1 Screenshots & Images

MyRadar Weather Radar Pro iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

MyRadar Weather Radar Pro iphone images
MyRadar Weather Radar Pro iphone images
MyRadar Weather Radar Pro iphone images
MyRadar Weather Radar Pro iphone images
MyRadar Weather Radar Pro iphone images
MyRadar Weather Radar Pro iphone images

MyRadar Weather Radar Pro (Version 7.17.1) Install & Download

The applications MyRadar Weather Radar Pro was published in the category Weather on 2009-08-10 and was developed by Aviation Data Systems, Inc [Developer ID: 294802544]. This application file size is 197.48 MB. MyRadar Weather Radar Pro - Weather app posted on 2020-12-19 current version is 7.17.1 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.fboweb.MyRadarPro

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