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Waze Navigation & Live Traffic [Navigation] App Description & Overview

Always know what’s happening on the road with Waze. Even if you know the way, Waze tells you instantly about traffic, construction, police, crashes, & more. If traffic is bad on your route, Waze will change it to save you time.

Why Waze?
◦ See what’s happening - Alerts about traffic, police, hazards and more on your drive
◦ Get there faster - Instant routing changes to avoid traffic and save you time
◦ Easily listen to music - play your favorite apps for music, podcasts & more right from Waze
◦ Know when you’ll arrive - your Arrival Time is based on live traffic data
◦ Pay less for gas - find the cheapest gas along your route
◦ Drive with Apple CarPlay - use Waze on your car’s display
◦ Always find the way - choose from a variety of voices to guide you while you drive

Be prepared, drive with Waze.

You have full control over your privacy settings. Learn more about the Waze privacy policy, including what information is accessed and how it is used: www.waze.com/legal/privacy

Waze directions aren’t meant for emergency or oversized vehicles.

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Waze Navigation & Live Traffic Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Saving time & avoiding traffic is even easier with this update: Fixed a bug that prevented some traffic alerts from appearing during a drive

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic Comments & Reviews

- Battery drain, several issues

The battery drain when I use Waze is unreal. I was at 43%, opened Waze & drove for about 12 minutes, decided to add a stop. I looked at my screen and the low battery 20% alert was up!! All of my background apps were closed, and there was no reason for my battery to plummet that quickly. Sometimes my app won’t show my icon but shows the “shadow” of where it’s supposed to be. Another issue is that it doesn’t show all routes. I know a certain route isn’t normally the fastest, but I also know my city’s traffic patterns and it won’t show it. Also, I’m in the top 1%, but how do I know when I’m getting close to losing that prestige? How do I see if the population is catching up to me? Finally, the fact that it doesn’t tell you whether your destination is on the left or right is so irritating and basic that I’m shocked it’s not a feature. I wish there was a feature where you could customize which “hazards” to voice prompt. For example, I couldn’t care less about a car on the shoulder ahead, and it’s annoying to have my music interrupted by that stupid hazard alert. But I would want to know if there’s a pothole ahead, an object in the road, or a police reported ahead. Create a way to narrow down the voice prompts! Why do the other Waze avatar icons around me never move? Speaking of Waze “people” icons, please come out with more options!

- Was GREAT....Now it doesn’t work 😖

I had been using Waze for about a year and LOVED IT!! But since the most recent IOS update, it continually is “searching for GPS” and looking for language (I still speak English 😉). I went to my cellphone provider, then Apple, and logged off of Waze to see if the app would reset itself and be fixed. This didn’t work. I even did a total reset of my phone, and nothing worked on Waze and Google (who owns Waze). I then contacted Waze, but got nothing but constant/obvious automated answers back that stated things to do that I already started I HAD ALREADY DONE and listed in my email. This is upsetting since other competing GPS apps work on my phone, so it’s not anything on my end. After a couple of weeks, I did a web search to see if others had issues or could help me. Interestingly enough, I found out I am in good company, sadly. Please Waze/Google, it would be greatly appreciated if you could actually get this obvious bug fixed. Your app was wonderful, but I’m sadly happy to switch to another app to at least get me to places. No, the other apps don't have the accident, police, or other very helpful perks. I just can’t stand diving “approximately” or now the map keeps me at the beginning location and has no idea that I have already driven and arrived at my destination. Beyond frustrating. Again, please send out a fix! 🔨

- Love it & Hate it all at the same time.

I have been using Waze for about a month now I commute Just over 1000 miles a week. I really like that many people are out there using it and that you get vital information like a car’s coming up on the shoulder, objects in the road and where the police are camping at. The only problem I have with Waze I’d like to see some changes is that there are too many choices to make when reporting information, for example if I want to report a car on the side of the road I have to hit four different selections before my information is sent meanwhile I’m trying to look at the screen to find a small button and not paying attention to what is on the road. Reporting information needs to be simplified for the driver no more than two clicks to report a hazard something along the lines of the first click hazard second click “car on shoulder” or “car in lane” or “object in lane”. Decision making buttons need to be a little larger like when you’re confirming a hazard on the road is it still there yes or no the buttons are too small and I often miss them and not able to confirm the information information. May be a few seconds before you approach the hazard two large buttons could pop up and simply confirm yes or no is it there. I will say this I do enjoy using it and it is much better than Google maps or other navigation apps out there.

- Great app but has definite shortcomings.

Waze is my #1 choice for GPS. Live traffic updates, being able to edit traffic conditions on the fly to give a more accurate commute, and sharing routes and eta’s are great features. I do hope they integrate voice commands with Siri so we can say things like “Hey Waze, drop a stopped vehicle pin.” While we are driving so interaction becomes handsfree and safer. I gave 3 stars because there have been repeated issues with the app and service saying “No GPS available.” I have tried rebooting, deleting & reinstalling, and clearing the app cache on my phone as well as making sure iOS and the app are updated constantly. But the occurrence does not appear to be linked to hardware failure unless it is something inherent to the 8s. Google and Apple maps do not have any issues when this occurs so I’m at a loss as to what causes the issues with Waze. This occurs for about a 8-12 hours once a day, once or twice a month. Not the end of the world but heavily inconvenient when you regularly use the service for your GPS navigation (and it’s a great service) and you are on the road daily for 4-6 hours at a time it is a problem. If they could fix this problem and integrate voice commands for pin drops, this would be a hands down 5 Star app. Hopefully I’ll get some feedback and can continue to use the service.

- Die-hard Wazer!!!

Update: Waze updates have been good and the reporting process is improved and there are less steps to get to the actual reporting - yay! When you fix the default address estimation from interstate (literally I get suggestions for MI addresses, and I live in Alexandria VA!). Previous: I've recommended this app to dozens of friends and helped many download it to their smartphones and set it up for them. I can't say however that I'm very happy about the latest version of Waze. The GUI is not what it should be, the # of improvements is about equivalent to the # of detriments. It's hard to cancel an instruction once entered, the screen going from side to side is not user friendly. And reporting hazards is STILL a 2-3 step process!!!! There should be the option for active wazers to have a "visible police" button, "car on shoulder" button "construction" button and/or various traffic buttons of our choosing on the map page that we can report as we go. Also, PLEASE STOP SEARCHING THE ENTIRE MAP OF THE USA WHEN I'M OBVIOUSLY SEARCHING FOR AN ADDRESS IN MY LOCAL VICINITY. That was an obvious upgrade improvement you guys should have included. I would give you 5 stars or 10 or 20 because I love your app - but these improvements really need to happen ASAP. Keep up he awesomeness Waze!! Plus your Customer svc and responsiveness is great too!

- Better than the old CB days.

Waze is a user based traffic information app. It does rely upon users to report traffic conditions, construction, accidents and police. As a user passes by a reported problem, he can say Thank You, indicating the condition exists, or No longer There, indicating it has been cleared. There are two things I’d like to see changed: 1) allow the time to respond to the condition to last longer. Sometimes, the actual condition is at a slightly different place due to the time lag between where the incident is and when it was actually reported. and 2) when reporting police, it would be nice to know if the police is moving or stationary. If moving, the radius for notification should be extended and the time to clearing shortened, as a moving car will not remain in its position very long. If stationary, then notification can remain as it currently is. If police is moving, it would also be nice to know which direction and then adjust notifications accordingly. Note these are suggestions and not complaints. This is a great app and a must have for any driver. It also has a pretty good navigation system. But if you select another route than it gives you, it is slow to recalculate and sometimes requires stopping the navigation and then restarting it to get the alternate route.

- Most useful but some issues

It is the most useful of the navigation apps because it uses the most sources for information and does a great job helping me navigate. Directions are given in a way to help locate the turn or offramp. Other apps often change suddenly into step-by-step directions or some form that I do not want to see. Waze stays consistent in the format of the split. Waze has a number of notifications about things in the road. These are good but also have weaknesses. It is hard to report that something was not accurate. At the point it is supposed to be there the option to indicate it was incorrect goes away. This option should remain for 2 to 400 feet after the symbol location. Most hazard reports are inaccurate. Most police reports are incorrect. This is frustrating because it such a good idea but the tool doesn’t really allow for good reporting. Stopped vehicle reports do not indicate in lane or side of road so they are usually pointless viewings of vehicles stopped somewhere having no affect on traffic. There is a great feature to go later on the time this feature cannot be used for some reason I will choose directions to the airport. Half the time I can choose go later and half the time for the same trip I cannot. I know the data is there. But for some reason the feature just vanishes. Make it easier to report.

- Incredible resource

I am delighted by the services provided by the Waze app. On the first day I used it, it took me by previously unknown routes to a bakery to pick up a birthday treat for my dear daughter with 5 minutes to spare through rush hour traffic. The second time we used it we were at a huge airshow just outside of Portland OR and Waze saved the day by taking us back to Vancouver, WA on a very quiet and beautiful twisting country road through rolling farm land that ended up bringing us into Portland by way of the St. John's bridge. We were astonished to find that it took the same amount of time it would have taken us to go on the highway on a low traffic day. We were sold on it through these first initial encounters. BUT, my third use of it made me recognize how incredibly valuable and up to date it is it is when my destination was 2 blocks away from a bank robbery in progress and it diverted me from my normal route down narrow side streets where multitudes of cars were coming in the opposite direction but I seemed to be the only car going against the flow of traffic. Waze kept me safe and away from gunfire that was occurring just a block away from my final destination as bank robbers tried to make a getaway. Thanks Waze and thanks to all you Wazers that keep this app up to date so consistently. You rock!!!

- Don’t Leave Home Without It

This app has saved me so many times. I absolutely love it. I use it constantly, mainly because it alerts me to traffic and cops, but also because it has shown me shorter ways to places I go to all the time (and thought I knew the best route there). I only have two complaints. The map change suggestion feature is totally useless. There’s a road near me that’s a private lane and ends at one curve of an s-curve. Waze always tells me to use this road for 100 feet, then get back on the main road. No, the private lane ENDS at the main road! I’ve tried changing this a dozen times, and it never gets changed (once it was actually, but a week later it was back). I’ve learned to ignore it, but I feel sorry for tourists because they get confused (I can tell they’re using Waze when I’m behind them because they’ll slow down and sometimes stop, which is really annoying). My other complaint is that I can’t tell it to remember certain routes. From my house, there are two ways to the county road. They’re both the same distance and about the same driving time. The difference is that the one Waze always tells me to use is single lane partway, very narrow the rest of the way, and has a lot of hidden entrances and blind hills and curves. I’d much rather take the safer way. If Waze finds a way to fix these two things, I’d give it 5 stars

- Great nav app... BUT

I’ve been using Waze for quite a while. However in one of the recent updates there are some problematic issues that need resolved. First and most important... waze now announces “hazard” ahead instead of announcing construction ahead, car stopped on road ahead, pot hole in road ahead... etc etc. because it only announced a “hazard”, one must now look at the phone to figure out what the hazard is... this can be a safety issue. It was much better when the announcement stated exactly what the hazard was, therefore one could stay focused without having to look at the phone all the time. Another change in a recent update is the new female American English voice is very annoying!! Please go back to the original voice... it was much more pleasant and natural sounding. This new voice is not very friendly and on a long drive it’s quite irritating. Overall it’s a great app that has saved me time and gas getting from point to point. The rerouting around traffic jams and accidents are nice, identifying traffic cameras, speed limits and current speed, etc are all nice features not found in other applications. Keep up the good work Waze... but PLEASE fix the “hazard” warning (by going back to the way it used to be) and change back to the original American English voice. Thank you

- Not good (especially with Apple Car Play) but has potential

I’ve been using Waze For carpooling since September (four months now) primarily as a driver. I am glad it’s been launched and I have some constructive feedback. The app has changed and is not working well with Apple Car Play. It will not allow me to access messaging feature while when I arrive at the pick up point and I cannot end the carpool for several minutes until I exit the car thus making the whole process a nuisance rather than a seamless experience. The carpool features should be available on Apple Car Play. Additionally, 1) there are way too many buttons to push as a driver, thus causing significant distraction in the process; 2) the fact that there are two apps (driver and rider) is significantly confusing to me and everyone whom I’ve ridden with; 3) the app’s design to protect privacy is the rider makes pick-up locations that are totally illogical and make no sense (like the middle of a freeway, just as an example); 4) the app biases their rider, rather than an equal approach for both rider and driver (if the rider sets a time, the driver cannot suggest an alternate) so there should be a reschedule button; 5) the app is simply NOT elegant and modern looking, it is clunky and the buttons to move between screens are hard to tap because they are so small. Other than these issues, it’s a valiant effort and I applaud the Waze and Goggle teams for trying to crack this nut. It is something the world needs.

- Doesn’t work well with iOS 12

Update Oct 3, 2018- We’ve been using Waze for many years and have always loved it... until iOS 12. There has been so many issues with it freezing, crashing and interfering with the built in Bluetooth in our car. It will completely cut off the Bluetooth in the car making it completely useless. We deleted the app for a while because it just didn’t work at all and redone loaded it after some updates were released after iOS 12 was out for a while and that’s when the Bluetooth issues started, needless to say we deleted it again. I’m very disappointed, we used for every drive we took, even up to the grocery store 2 miles away. As you can see below from our first review we absolutely loved it... But sadly, not so much anymore. I really hope that you’re reading these reviews and doing something to fix these issues so we can start using it again! Since Google owns Waze I Would love to see some of Google Maps functions integrated into Waze. Other than that I have no complaints except the occasional outage, but we've been using it since it came out a few years ago and have loved it from the beginning!! Keep up the good work and get some of those google map features carried over to Waze!!

- Good at knowing where traffic is AWFUL at getting around it

You wanna know where traffic is jammed? This app is wonderful for that. Want a route around? Avoid Waze. This app is useful for for ETA’s if you sync with your calendar, and to show you where traffic jams are. However, expect it to always take you through traffic jams. The most use I’ve gotten out of this app this app during traffic hours (aka the time you would most want to use this app) is zooming out to see the full map and then seeing myself how to get around the jam. Without fail, if I’m trying to get home from work, Waze will want me to take a Street that I know for a fact will be jammed. I decided to follow the directions twice thinking maybe Waze was smart than I am and knew something I didn’t. Both times I was backed up a solid mile before where Waze thought the real jam started it. And I’m talking I was in bumper to bumper traffic waiting for the light to turn 3 times before I got past a single block. Despite this, Waze insists this is the fastest route — it’s not. Waze also becomes unresponsive to traffic reports during peak hours it seems. You could report bumper to bumper traffic in a downtown street and Waze will only mark the small section where you are even if the jam stretches 10 minutes in front of you. You would think it would gather that you’re in a bad jam and find a different route, but it doesn’t. Your best bet is to zoom out the map, and try to find a better way yourself.

- Useful but NOT safe

I like Waze for navigation; it has some good aspects over other map apps-I like that based on the day and time that I open the app it predicts where I might be going, I like that it chooses the shortest route and is always right regarding my ETA, I like that I can send my ETA to any of my contacts so they know when to expect me, and I like that if I try to access the search function while in motion it says this is unsafe and asks if I am the passenger. I DON’T like that all other uses of the app while in motion are extremely unsafe. To document police, accident, stalled car, road closure, etc I have to take my eyes off the road to navigate through all the prompts which is exactly like texting and driving, I DON’T like that there are ads that pop up anytime I am going less than 5mph-my husband has them pop at highway speeds! We need a paid version of the app!! Also, the see other people on the road function does not work well. There are many times I see other icons when there isn’t even another car around or my husband is using the app in his car ahead of me but I don’t see his icon. Also, beeps are not useful. Not only is it unsafe to get in and access the beep function, it serves no purpose. Once you accept them there is no history and no way to tell who beeped you. Like I said, I like the app for overall navigation and real-time ETA, but otherwise it needs some serious updates.

- Used to be so good

This app used to be so good but for the past few months is just not working. At this point i open it for police reports and use google maps for directions. I go fairly frequent to Las Vegas from California. Lately the directions won’t load and when I do get it to work it routs me completely out of the way!!!! Google maps tells me it’s going to take me about 4 hours with traffic and Waze is literally making me turn around/make a U on the 15 when driving from Vegas to take a completely obscure way adding 3 hours to the rout. The last straw was a few weeks ago driving from California to Las Vegas. At first it wouldn’t load so I went to the Waze support area and it advised to break down the trip in chunks so I decided to have it navigate me to the outlets in Barstow since I pass them EVERY SINGLE TIME. Somehow it took me trough a back way and trough a town name Crestline, up some mountains in the middle of no where and by the. It was pass 12am!!!! A 4 hour drive turn into an 11 hour drive!!!!!!! If anything happened I would have been royally effed in the middle of nowhere. This weekend I went back to California and decided to try again thinking it was maybe a problem that day. Once again it kept routing me trough some weird areas turning a 4 hour trip into 7. I had my girlfriend open her Waze to compare and Hers was working perfectly fine and using a complete different rout than mine was and about the same one as google maps.

- The coolest App to discover a stocker who is tapped into you by staying close

I love this app simply because of his style and I like way to look at our worsening traffic situation all across or length it's no longer our grandparents freeway gone are the days of leisurely drive and pleasant afternoon behind the wheel now driving Siri is business and not to be left that at all so Waze shows it other ways to use this app Multi platform use an informational stack to assist with around you at all times need to come to that oh my by that I mean the dreaded stocker the one who just won't leave you alone and must bother you in any which way they can interesting that avatars have now become avatars maybe that's a new word car the tatf. but for later next line recently I've had that displeasure of finding that I to warrant a sucker and I only found out because Waze showed me that my stocker was never far behind have a virgin ever prime ever trying to communicate the Daniel benign idiocy of their plate In stocking me it showed me how to stock them and soon as you might imagine the police were involved and well wouldn't you know it my stocker became a shocker who ended up in the slammer known as the locker and there you have it my happy story brought to you by the way thank you Stucker free

- Florence Evacuation

WAZE IS AMAZING. Thank you sooo much whoever created this APP. I am home safe because of this APP. I can not praise you enough. Hi everyone. Right now I am so thankful to be home. We evacuated to Concord and was there from Wednesday the 12th to Tuesday the 18th. We knew our home was alright but you know you need to see it for yourself. We left Concord at 10:30 yesterday morning along with our two puppies. We used our GPS on hour cars for a good ways. We ended up in SC at South of the border. This was also with the help of a police officer and a local resident. But with all of this and trying to get past the water flooding was daunting. My sisters we watching out for the whole way. One of them told use to try the app “WAZE”. I downloaded it to my iPad. I am here to tell you we would not be home today if it wasn’t for this app. It would even tell us about a vehicle parked on the side of the road a half a mile away in the dark. It is amazing. She only made two mistakes but that was because road block had just happened. I highly recommend this app. Everyone stay safe and God bless all the lineman, police, EMS, firefighters and anyone else I have not mentioned that are working so hard to keep us safe and getting our lives back to normal.

- I don’t understand the hype...

I’ve been using Waze consistently for about a week and a half. I’ve always used Google Maps, but heard a lot of hype about Waze and thought I would give it a try. Each time I used it, I would plug the same address into Google Maps to compare routes and arrival times. Many times the routes were the same, and if they weren’t, Google Maps always had a faster arrival time or the quicker ability to see ETAs of other routes. Today when I left work, the ETA on Waze was about 5 minutes faster, so I decided to take that route. Google Maps added about 10 minutes to my ETA when I veered off onto the Waze path, but I thought maybe Waze had data that Google did not. It turns out they do not. I sat still in traffic for 10 minutes. Maybe other cities are more accurate, but Google Maps undoubtedly has better traffic data than Waze in the Cleveland area. I guess it is moderately helpful to see hazards on the road, but that’s pretty much the only feature that I like. Also I recently started seeing ads as I was driving? I understand that you need money from advertisers, but to darken the screen to push an ad and make me unable to see my driving route is very distracting and I’m always scrambling to get rid of it, pulling my attention from the road. Maybe have ads on startup or while users are not en route to a location. Overall, I think I’ll stick to Google Maps.

- Just install and use it. Always getting better. A few improvements requested.

Great features: best routing around trouble I’ve ever seen around the most up to date traffic information possible. The audio app integration is a neat addition. I recently upgraded my phone and it uses the additional screen space effectively. Changing the voice for directions is great. Loving the validation Cookie Monster provides at my destination! Could be improved: Pandora integration makes it look like you can change stations or thumb up/down from within Waze but it doesn’t actually work. Needs to include Audible and Podcasts apps. If I take a shortcut through an alley or start out in a school parking lot, Waze seems to really lose track of where I am and is in recalculation mode for miles at best. Sometimes I have to kill it and start over to get it to tell me where to go at a critical junction. Nit pick: Routes could better predict drive times based on historical data. I drive from Illinois to Missouri in the St. Louis area every day. That means picking a bridge over the Mississippi right at the start. I-270 will always jam up in north St. Louis County after I leave my house and take 5-10 minutes longer than Waze says on a GOOD day. They aren’t all good days.

- Vacation Travel SOS

Due to a Cat 5 Hurricane Irma and Cat 4 Jose which caused destruction and total havoc in the Caribbean our well-planned trip to Grenada (a year in the making) was cancelled after 3 hrs. of wishful thinking and 2 wks. of monitoring NOAA and the weather channel several times a day. With our flight cancelled and at JFK hrs from home we decided to just turn in our tickets for an impromptu trip to San Francisco which was on our bucket list. We flew in without any preparation more than finding a last minute deal on a downtown hotel for 2 nites. We rented a car once we spent a couple of days in San Francisco. If not for my WAZ app we would not have been able to do half of what we did! It got us to our 2nd location a rental outside of San Francisco and on time! It took us to Big Sur via Rte 1, all around Napa Valley, and adventures that took us to views of the Golden Gate Bridge that only locals get to see. With the app we were able to find our way to impromptu routes that took us 2500 ft to an observation tower that blew our minds. The app regularly saved us from excruciating California traffic jams by re-routing us and is amazingly good at time estimations. We are most appreciative for this app. Thank you for helping us explore gorgeous Northern California.

- Better than most

I’ve just begun to use the app. I like the fact that it alerts you when the police are near. It also notifies you if a car is on the shoulder of the road stopped. It has a background music feature which would be nicer if it included Apple Music or Pandora. The app warns about road work, traffic jams, it is nice. It is slow to sync with Bluetooth. I can sync my phone with my truck, yet the app does not speak through the Bluetooth connection. It is difficult to communicate while I’m giving and address for directions the first time. It is hard to hear because it will not use the iPhone speaker in the beginning either. I have to hold it up to my ear while giving the first address. Shortly after the first route begins it will use the Bluetooth connection. The graphics are much better than the iOS app and also Google Maps. The screen view is also better than other apps. Seems more intuitive than either of those GPS apps also. The app is slow to turn off the location services on my iPhone after I reached the destination. This concerns me that it might run down the iPhone battery prematurely. It does have a nice parking feature to locate your car later. Fix a couple of small things and it gets 5 stars from me. This is my new GPS app.

- Hate to delete this navigation app

But for a long time now, probably almost 2 years (I know, I’m faithful). I’ve realized this thing eats up SO much data. I run out of 2 gigs in less than a week on long drives. I love everything about it (especially hazardous objects on road and police), but it’s missing an important feature I’ve secretly been waiting for that google maps has and that’s the whole standby screen to save battery and phone from heating up. Many times Waze redirects me from traffic which was cool, but then I realized after a couple times, I actually lost time AND gas because of it due to stops and whatnot instead of just sitting in traffic. Not that it hasn’t helped at other times, but I’ve learned that most of the time the traffic it predicts has long dissipated (so much for “live”. Overall, it’s just been getting worse and I’ve thought to delete this app a long time ago if it weren’t for the social part, but then I realized all my friends haven’t touched it in forever and I only use it to share with my wife who doesn’t even realize I send her ETAs anyways till I’m already there and she calls me to ask me if I’ve arrived lol. It’s been Waze, but ultimately, my data is more important to me than the 80% ghost police notifications and my safe speed limit travels.

- Not maintaining media selection and location at start up in CarPlay

I love Waze in its overall functionality, but it has gained a couple irritating issues over the last few updates. As CarPlay activates in my car, or any car for that matter, after I’ve used Waze as my last app, when Waze initializes it automatically starts playing from my phones media library. It doesn’t allow the current media selection to continue, including the radio. It’s the only app that has constantly done this for the last couple of months. All other non-music apps don’t interfere with what media is selected. I have to manually go and select that media source again and then come back to Waze. If I have another app going like Google maps, this doesn’t occur but when I select Waze it always does this. Also, Waze in CarPlay has trouble finding my location upon initiating. I have to go onto my phone and open the Waze app itself and then close it out in the task manager. Then, when I select it in CarPlay it works fine. Lastly, the speedometer now—just barely—partially shows at of the the top left corner of the display in CarPlay. Cannot not been seen usefully. I’ve got as far as uninstalling the app, then reinstalling it and signing back in and it still does all of these.

- Awesome, but latest rev draining battery!

Love this app and use it all the time. Routing seems to favor getting to bigger roads rather than using local roads for short trips, but otherwise works decently to get around traffic. One thing to watch for is I think it treats a right turn the same as a left in traffic, when often a left is nearly impossible to cross 2+ lanes of traffic rather than just entering 1 lane. Rel 4.46.1 is having a crash issue — after 30-90 mins it’s crashing. Also seems like it’s failing to add some previous drives to the history. Had one drive that was done and I’d arrived but when i went to history to go there again, I had to re-enter the address because it was not in history. Also, it's damned annoying that I registered with my cell# years ago but replaced my phone a while back and had to rebuild the keychain and I didnt remember my password. Unlike 8million other apps that have a forgot password function, WAZE says it's impossible to recover my password without having already registered with my email. A) that's stupid! B) tell me that when I registered years ago not when it's too late! I lost wazer royalty status and havent even bothered to re-register out of bitterness! Serioisly, guys, you have my phone#! Text me with a password reset link! It's not like there are bank accounts at stake here!!!

- Stunned!!!

Huge shoutout 2 Waze & ALL Waze users in Richmond VA (and all tri-cities) 4 how live this app truly is. TBH I had my doubts! But you have definitely made me a believer of the amazing accuracy! Each time I’ve used waze & there’s an alert of police, debris on road, & car on shoulder etc...it was at a💯! So I 👏🏼 U & All the Waze users! I ❤️@waze & will recommend 2 everyone! I will most definitely consider giving waze 5/5 stars ⭐️ if you guys would take all the users suggestions that I’ve come across & actually make it happen in a more timely manner. I also have a suggestion myself. CAN YOU PLEASE ADD more options on vehicles to choose from (or be able to change the color of the vehicle by being able to hold the vehicle down and choose a different color) on the navigation map? Also, make the vehicles you have available actually look like the description of that vehicle? For example: The SUV looks like a dump truck, the bus...well there should possibly be two types of buses (make them both longer & make one yellow), and as I’d stated before have different color & size options for the cars, & make one for an actual SUV with different colors. I really hope you’ll make these changes. Once you do, I’ll be more than happy to give you a 5/5.

- One of the best if not the best GPS apps

Basically my title summed it up. The Waze app is one of the best if not the best GPS app available to the public and amazingly free I shouldn’t of said that too loud I don’t want to give them any ideas. I just moved into a new home in a very new subdivision and ran google maps,Bing maps,maps and a couple of others none of the other GPS apps could find my new house but guess what the Waze app pinpointed it directly took me right to it! Seriously though the Waze app gives you real time information as it is occurring due to the fact it’s interactive with other users. Not only do you get directions from point a to point B Waze gives you a choice of three different routes and you choose the one you think would be best tells you the time it would take to do it how far it is tells you what obstructions you might encounter along the way. The app allows you in real time to post accident stead of just occurred where police are hidden shooting radar tells you what speed the traffic is moving in a traffic jam it’s a pretty accurate app as long as other users are updating events as they occur. To sum it Up the Waze app is outstanding

- Needs Some Improvement

I will preface my review with the fact that I use Waze the majority of the time when traveling to somewhere new, or when I need to gauge when to leave. One major glaring issue...when you receive a phone call on an iPhone, it switches to the phone app but doesn’t switch back to Waze at any point. This issue makes the screen timeout and the navigation display turn off. This can definitely cause an issue when you’re traveling at highway speeds and have to hold your phone in front of your face to get it to turn back on. Another common issue I’ve found, it doesn’t automatically choose the best route. The algorithms used seem to skew in favor of highways. I know you can choose the option to avoid highways, but it’s the traffic I want to avoid not the highways. The majority of the time I use the app, I’m constantly pulling up routes to change it to a more favorable option. Case-in-point, I was traveling to an appt on Tue and Waze showed an arrival time of 5:21p. While I was driving I kept checking routes and ended up changing to one halfway through that got me to my destination at 5:06p. Pretty sure that since the app is running on AI, it should be better at choosing a more efficient route while in transit, rather than having to constantly change it myself.

- Avoid traffic via alternate routes

This app is great for finding alternate routes. It uses up my battery though. Please give an option to have It search for my location only when I am using the app. When I close the app, it doesn't need to keep track of where I am anymore as I am likely not driving. I find that this app gets me places more quickly while avoiding traffic. It needs a little more fine tuning, as it put me in a no outlet street very close to the back end of my destination. I had to drive away from that point and the-input the address to get to the front end, but that worked. It was beneficial that I already had a sense of what the place should look like. I like that it recognizes "streets" in some major parking lots. That was a pleasant surprise. :) I wish there were a way for it to show how much time I save by going the alternate route versus the normal highways. UPDATE & REQUEST: Yay! My battery lasts a lot longer now. Thank you for addressing this issue. It would be great if there were a button to notify others when there is a train crossing (and recommend alternate route or option to wait for train) and the same with drawbridges up (I live in a city of bridges so this is quite valuable info and is not the same as slow traffic).

- LOVE IT!!!!

This is THE most accurate GPS system I’ve ever used. I have never been steered wrong w/WAZE or down a street that’s closed or non-existent. Plus, another beauty with them is that they automatically update road changes, streets or maps, so YOU don’t have to worry about doing it yourself right before heading out the door!!! All you do is turn it on and go!!! I also absolutely love the “heads-up” notifications I get when driving (i.e. police ahead, road delays, accidents, etc.) and the continual notifications of when you’re getting close to having to take a turn down a street or close to taking an exit. I can’t even begin to count, how many times I have gotten so incredibly frustrated, when using other mapping systems, receiving late notifications (like 15 seconds beforehand ) of when you had to take a turn but then miss the street or miss the exit and then having to travel beyond your destination, in order to make a U-turn back or take a different exit, in order to back track around and get back on route .. ugghh 😖🤬. NO more of THAT nonsense w/WAZE!!!! Thank You!!! 🙏🏽 Keep up the good work - you definitely have a happy customer with me. 😃

- No customer support at all

Customer support is an automated email feeling you to refer to the troubleshoot section. A section that I have read so often looking for me resolution, that I have now memorized it! Simple issue - I lost my password. Password reset help allows me to put in my email address. But I do not receive any email to reset the password (tried numerous times). So now I think that I may never have registered my email on Waze. And my only option is try to create a whole new profile. When creating a new profile, I want to register my email (which I don’t think I did in the initial profile since I am not getting the password reset email etc). When I try to register my email in the NEW profile I created, Waze won’t allow it and says ‘email already exists’. So if the email already exists, why doesn’t Waze send me the email to reset my password on the old account to which I lost the password? IF MY EMAIL IS ALREADY REGISTERED WITH WAZE, WHY WON’T WAZE SEND ME A RESET PASSWORD EMAIL? OR ALLOW ME TO SET UP A NEW ACCOUNT. I have only one email address!!! If it is in use on the old account that I locked myself out of, either allow me to reset the old account or allow me to set up my new account with my email address. Simple!! Why is it so difficult?

- Getting a creeping feeling...

I’ve used Waze for years and loved it, but I’ve started becoming suspicious of some routes it takes me. I use it just about every time I drive, even when I know where I’m going, for traffic updates, cops, etc. Lately, it seems like Waze tries to force me onto main roads when backroads are a much better option; even in the dead middle of rush hour when I’d have to make a left turn off the main road, without a signal or stop sign, against pure gridlock. Meanwhile the backroads are light with traffic at best, and much faster (and arguably safer). I’ll point out, while these backroads are residential, they aren’t neighborhood roads or anything like that at all. With all that said, I can’t help but get the impression Waze is diverting me towards companies who advertise with them. This wouldn’t bug me too terribly much if it weren’t for sending me directly into heavy traffic, even if just a quarter mile or so, when I know it’s going to take much longer to navigate through it than the couple extra minutes Waze estimates. I can’t prove it, so I’m not saying I know this to be true. What I can say is that this used to never happen, yet seems to be an ever increasing occurrence when I use Waze now. It’s starting to make me reconsider its value over Google Maps.

- WAZE is my road buddy.

I really like the WAZE app. I use it all the time. It is great for turn by turn audio directions that keeps me hands free. The learning curve is fairly easy and the app features and interface have been consistent which is great because having to learn new and improved stuff while actually driving isn’t the best. I frequently drive up and down the whole west coast and WAZE is a lifesaver for re-routing around traffic jams and knowing what the speed limit is in an area as they seem to change a lot. ** The reporting system could be streamlined a little to make it easier to report the most common incidents on the home screen and the detailed hazard reports do not allow for some common issues: people on side of road, weather issues that impact safety/visibility like severe rain/lightning/ road ice and to easily report changes in speed limit signs. It would also be nice to be able to mark a hazard location when “out of signal” that would pop up when reconnected. **We really enjoy the occasional “guest” reporting voices ( Star Wars, Cars, Coke Santa) it would be fun to do the same and have some seasonal options with the Wazer profile avatars too! Overall WAZE is my road buddy and is my go to app. for driving directions.

- Sad

This used to my best way of avoiding traffic as I commute in the busy Boston area. Worked great until a little while ago when it stopped working. Now it sends me weird ways that are NOT avoiding traffic but instead turning me in to it. Ironically (or not) it seems to be pushing me lately near shops and businesses that I visit online which makes me believe that it is pointing me towards Google's sponsors and are tracking the sites I visit rather than helping me avoid traffic which was the original intended purpose. This is further cemented in my mind as the app is also showing ads for places I frequent. I'm not even one of those paranoid people who think that everyone is watching their every move. My point in this rant... Get it together Google/Waze. I loved this app once. I would even be willing to pay for the service if you got rid of the ads and got me to my destination the fastest way. Oh! And I have also proven my point by sometimes ignoring the turn you want me to make knowing there will probably be less traffic and watched my arrival time get quicker and quicker. End of rant. Five Stars again when you put the drivers first again rather than your sponsors. Edit... Now I really wish I could give 0 stars. No response from developer on this nor to my support request through the app. So... Thanks for not getting back to me and you have lost yet another user... Wake up Waze!

- Not very good anymore.

Every time I set a long destination (over 100 miles) it gives me the stupid... uh oh something went wrong message when attempting to set the route. It literally leaves you with no choice than to use another GPS app if you need the info, like right now, as is usually the case if you need it to actually tell you how to get somewhere. You seriously need to fix this ASAP! I’m considering deleting this app now as it has become very unreliable to me at this point. It works ok with showing road info, but I need to know how to get there when I really use this app seriously. Also, it would be nice if it told you about alternative routes that would be faster if you encounter traffic. It also doesn’t show surrounding road traffic until you get on a road and find out it was equally terrible with traffic. The surrounding traffic it does show is usually not consistent with the surrounding roads one might travel. It would be nice to know before I take an alternate route if it also has terrible traffic. This app used to be a lot better. Now it’s pretty close to being bloat-ware. I want to love this app again, but right now all I ever do with it is curse at it for being so terrible in its current state. I’ll change my review if they can fix it. Please fix this app. I used to love it, now I just can’t recommend it to anyone.

- Tremendous!

It’s beyond user friendly and all of the content is submitted by users. You can report literally any condition on the road. From downed power lines, major accidents, and all the way to road kill. You can also report a problem with the map (like I did) and someone will actually contact you as to what the map should look like. I reported a problem with the way my neighborhood was mapped because people kept getting lost. Within 24 hours, a map editor got in contact with me. I was even able to send him a video of how my neighborhood is mapped out. He took that video and compared it with satellite images and he fixed the issue. Now, people will be led to within five feet of my front door instead of across the street. You can also chat with other drivers. If there is an accident and you report it, you can add a message on it saying which lanes are blocked. Everyone can see that and it has also been known to help emergency responders get to an accident more efficiently. I’ve had it for nine months and I’m STILL discovering all of the stuff Waze can do. And the best part? It is 100% free.

- Annoying additions

Overall, a good app; however, lately advertising symbols continue to populate the map. Driving past an area that has a lot of fast food places will populate the map with advertisers such that it actually crowds the map. Like ai need more ads. It just makes the map look way too busy when you’re trying to glance over to check out where you are in your route. Additionally, and just as annoying is that they have added your speed to the map which turns red even if you’re exceeding the speed limit by 1mph. If that’s not already enough to annoy someone, every few seconds a large red speed limit flashes alerting the driver they are exceeding the speed limit. It’s completely annoying! There are few if any drivers on my commute that adhere to the speed limit and doing so may put you at risk of getting rear ended considering most are driving at least 15mph over. The point being is that this sign flashes continuously every few seconds during one’s commute and is annoying especially seeing it for well over an hour every day. I don’t need this app to be a babysitter alerting me constantly that I’m exceeding the speed limit. I am considering switching back to Google maps.

- Needs Improvement

CarPlay support needs attention. The dictation of destinations is flat out broken. If I’m playing music or podcasts in Overcast, it won’t even pause it when listening for the voice dictation. Even worse, even if no audio is playing, the app says it’s “listening” but catches nothing. The feature is useless. Reporting stuff takes too many taps. There are basically 2 things that get reported 99% of the time - police and car stopped on shoulder. Why can the police report be done in 2 taps while the stopped car takes like 4? Why does it take the same amount of taps as roadkill? Siri Shortcuts integration is BADLY needed. It’s the best way to gain back some functionality since you can’t set default map apps in iOS. “Hey Siri, Waze to mom’s house”. PLEASE!! Turn tracking. When I come to a turn, please just assume I’m making the turn and rotate the map when I get to the intersection. I know the GPS needs some time to verify that I’ve actually made the turn, but waiting 3-4 seconds for the map to recognize that I’ve made a turn is bothersome and sometimes very annoying if I need to make multiple turns in quick succession. If the app would just assume the turn is going to be made and preemptively rotate the map, that would be awesome. (Like the native Apple Maps does it)

- I can be a FIVE STAR App!

This app can be a five star app. Granted it’s new and growing. But, the directions are not always exact. The notifications on traffic, things on the road, car pulled over, accidents, police near by, red camera alerts are amazing!!! This app can be five star when the directions to some areas are corrected. Even when submitting a notice of an address that is incorrect is some times difficult to fix. These addresses are confused with streets that are similar in name. For example, Moreno is the correct address vs. Mereno which is also a street and is not correct in pertaining to the location I need to go to. I have had it corrected by another Wazer, yet is reverted back to the wrong name of the street. Those are the frustrations I have. I notice it more on some addresses being incorrect based on, that I am driving a lot. This app is great for keeping you aware of where police radar are being seen by other Wazers. The Wazers are what makes this app so useful and fun to use. Such a wonderful idea and to make you aware of traffic locations, slow downs, standstills and much more. I really like how the blue circle gets highlighted around your car on the app when you have driven into a radar area. Love this app!

- Generally good but can be slow & ads are distracting

First, Waze has been generally more accurate than google or apple maps, so I would still recommend it over them. The distance from your location to a turn is much more accurate and doesn't make it look like it's significantly farther, which is a problem I've had on other apps. My two issues though: Speed to update route: when I've missed a turn, the app takes a LONG time to adjust the route, often telling me to take turns on roads I've already passed. Recently had a drive where I would pass a road and it would then tell me to turn. I've also had connectivity issues when in areas that still have strong phone service. Ads: Large pop up ads that dim the rest of the map. This is VERY distracting when driving - and very dangerous for drivers! I don't love the pop ups in general even though I like the warnings about cameras/traffic. This catches your eye while driving when you don't expect it and I can easily see someone getting distracted enough to crash. PLEASE change this or find a way to make it less distracting to drivers - it's simply irresponsible in the way it's implemented.

- Using Waze for 6 years.

I’ve been using Waze for about 6 years and there have been a lot of great improvements in that time. I only have a few gripes about it atm. First off it’s kinda annoying when it automatically navigates you to a location like your home. I do not have a normal commute being a contractor. So I head home at different times in the day. So what happens when I’m entering a new address to drive to it interrupts me when I’m still punching the address in. At times I’ve been mistaken when the address I just entered was where I was heading, when in reality it had already decided I wanted to go home. I wish this function was optional! The second issue is waze will take you to the completely wrong location because it didn’t find the address you where looking for so it will say let’s go and when you get close it’s just the street and not a house number. Or it will add a NE at the end without you noticing it. I’ve spent a lot of time having to navigate to the right address using google or Apple maps. But I continue to use waze because it is helpful in the city getting around wrecks and jams! P.S. it destroys your battery life! Absolute must to have it charging while navigating.

- Update:Used to love this app. Deleted it.

Review Update: I saw new update and reviews in app store and decided I’d reinstall the app to see if it improved. IT STILL TAKE YOU TO THE WRONG DESTINATION!! What the heck are the developers thinking?? They have ruined this previously wonderful app. Last months review: I don’t know what happened to this ex-wonderful app but I’m so angry I’m deleting it. It recently was unable to get me to my correct destination. I actually missed a house concert yesterday because I could not find the location. I followed the directions and it said I had arrived at my destination when the address in front of me in a residential neighborhood was clearly NOT what was programmed into my phone. I reset several phone setting and tried again. I reentered the address and it sent me to an empty office complex parking lot. Turning location, Bluetooth, cellular and WiFi on and off had not solved the problem. I rendered address after uninstalling and reinstalling the compass. I ended up at the first incorrect it sent me to. After wandering around for almost two hours, I got back to the interstate and went home without the use of Waze. I never got to my house concert where I was supposed to be contributing a dish for everyone’s dinner. I was unhappy when all the ads started popping up but tolerated them. Now I have no reason to ever use this app again.

- Used to love waze

I’ve had waze for several years now. I’ve seen a lot of changes and improvements with the app. Now I use waze all day everyday with my delivery job. I totally depend on waze helping me get somewhere in the most efficient way. Plus it is powered thru my work app so all I have to do in my work app is tap “navigate” and I don’t need to type in the address. It’s great. However for about the past month I have been running into major glitches. One is that I tap navigate and the app just spins, never pulling up the directions. I have to kill the app and start over. The next and most frustrating is that waze has taken me on some complete, major circles. I’m somewhat familiar with my city but need help in neighborhoods so I can USUALLY catch the runaround before I actually drive a complete 10 mile circle. I thought it was just like from over using the app or something so I switched to google maps. Didn’t care for the visuals of it BUT I absolutely love that on google at the end it will actually tell you your destination is either on the left or right. So to waze....please please add that feature to your app!

- Great app

I gave this 4 stars only because of how many times you have to press something to report it. I quick button or favorite would be great. Example: I live in a very rural area. I use this to mark deer on the roads for my coworkers that are behind me. I have to press 5 buttons in order to mark them. It's a dark and winding road with lots of deer so this is dangerous or it takes a while for me to get it marked. A quick button on the map screen for animals on the road would be fantastic. When I see a deer, I can just press that button and boom, it's done. Of course this could be a customization for people and maybe have a couple spots for quick buttons. That's just one that I use very often (10 to 15 times in 25 miles). I know others have their most frequent buttons they use. Two or three buttons across the bottom or left side would not hurt anything. You can even make them smaller like the size of the compass. P.S. if points are not accumulating, write a review and they will appear. I’ve done that twice. lol Waze, what is happening with the points? They have it updated in a while, again. Come on Waze, I live for these points! I live for these rankings. I need updated!!

- Mostly Good Navigation, Interface Problems

I switch back and forth between Waze and Google maps, often comparing routes. While usually similar, Waze seems to be better on avoiding problems and using real-time traffic data. However, it also has an annoying bug — occasionally it will take you off the most direct route and send you in a large circle, ending back on the main route close to where you left. I’ve seen this happen when it was clear there was no reason to make this detour because I could see that the main route was clear far ahead. My other gripe is that lack of control over the interface leads to annoyances. While you now have more control over what problems it reports (finally, no more “car on the side of the road” alerts!), it seems to ignore the setting for distance, often reporting “Police 25 miles ahead” when they aren’t even on your route. Also, while the speedometer is very useful, there is no way to change the size or default colors (white below speed limit, red above), so it is often impossible to read. Bottom line: worth giving a try, but don’t ditch Google maps, and watch out for occasionally nutty directions.

- Does not connect to contacts

I’ve been usung this app for years and I’ve loved it. But they had an update at some point and now it’s such a PAIN to connect your contacts to the app, actually I haven’t been able to connect it for some months now. I used to be able to just type in a contact and the app will pull that contact’s address then it’s done. Now, I have to copy paste addresses and you can imagine how unsafe and frustrating it is to do this when you’re already on the road and already driving. Sometimes the app crashes and freezes so I have to close it and renavigate, how do they expect me to do all this copy pasting while driving? Before, all I had to do was enter a contact’s name. I’ve googled this and it seems to be an ongoing problem since last year. All the articles are of “tricks” you can do to make the app connect to your contacts. Although it was annoying that I had to “trick” an app to perform something it was supposed to in the first place, I still tried it but nope it didn’t work. I’m honestly just so frustrated about this. Not quite sure why they haven’t fixed it cause it truly is such a headache that anybody I know who used this app is now deleting it because of this. I love the live traffic feature but oh my GOD is this glitch so annoying and so counter productive.

- Definitely the best

This app gets me everywhere I need to go. I use it daily for almost every trip. I have Apple Carplay and all I have to do is say, "Take me to ______ using Waze" and it launches and starts to give directions which is perfect for when you're already driving and need to head somewhere else on the fly. I have 2 minor complaints. 1) Waze tends to learn my routine and automatically programs itself to take me where it thinks I needs to go. Normally this is great but there's been times when I've asked to go elsewhere and it's logic had overridden my request. For instance, I asked to go to somewhere on a vacation day and it started directing me to work. No fun!! Lol. 2) I love using the voices. Cookie Monster is great. But, there are times when you don't want the interruption, just the onscreen directions. I wish that the onscreen mute button was simply on/off. Instead it takes you to a new menu to select alerts only or to mute everything. I've NEVER wanted alerts only. If anything I'd want the opposite but would much prefer a simple mute/unmute function. That way I don't have to have my eyes off the road to mute/unmute. Please correct this!! Otherwise though, it's the only navigation I use.

- Cookie!!

On a whim, we decided to let Cookie Monster be our navigator. We laughed our butts off when he reported police up ahead, and if they’d like a cookie. It’s a little weird that he will mention kilometers and miles in his descriptions. The app is iffy on whether or not you can hear navigation over the music. I’d like for my music to be turned down a bit, instead of the directions competing with my music. Also, if I’m on alerts only, I’d like to know if there’s a faster route or ways to avoid a traffic accident on my route, since I’m not watching my app while driving. I would like to see an update where it tells you which lane you’ll need to be in, either for getting off the highway or to prepare for future turns. Like get in the right of the two left turn lanes because you’re going to turn right pretty quick after that. And also, if you sync your calendar to Waze, there should be an option to say “I want to be at my appointments 15 minutes early” so you don’t have to adjust your calendar entry and try to remember what time your appointment actually is. Small stuff, but I think it’d be helpful.

- Not the app it once was

This app used to be the best bet for beating horrible city traffic, finding the best routes for long drives, and optimizing efficiency on city-street-drives. But very recently, within the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that when I need to go anywhere more than 30 or 40 miles away (sometimes less) especially during rush hour or peak traffic times (which is when you need the help the most), the app gives me errors messages like “unable to connect to routing server” or “something went wrong” and it just won’t calculate my route... AT ALL. I’ve actually had to resort to using the native Apple Maps app on my phone lately.... and that was something I abandoned like three years ago. Waze, just last year, was able to route an inter- state trip I went on, with no problems. Now it can’t even get me to the next city over during rush hour. Hey Waze executives... INVEST IN SOME BETTER SERVER FARMS!! No one cares what you can do at 3 AM or 12:15 PM... you need to work at 7 AM and 5:30 PM. If you are falling victim to your own popularity and success (aka, you can’t handle the traffic on your own network, no pun intended), then either upgrade your infrastructure and bandwidth, or bow out and let Google Maps or Apple Maps take over.

- Waze has flaked out since last update

I have always been a huge fan of Waze and recommended it to others on a regular basis. I would have given it five stars. But in the last couple weeks, as it seems since the last update, it has lost its accuracy. It is taking me into traffic jams on a regular basis and redirecting me when there is no problem as I can see the freeway from the new route & it is traveling faster than I am. Warning of hazards has diminished in accuracy also. There has always been a problem with Waze sometimes not giving enough notice to get off the route when there is a problem I had resulting in me losing the opportunity to avoid the traffic jam. I have never understood this issue because when I’m on a route and have to make a turn ahead, Waze alerts me incessantly about the upcoming turn. This is particularly irritating when it’s a route that I drive all of the time. I thought Waze was supposed to learn about my usual routes. It also does not seem to learn that I have a preference for a different route in my neighborhood and is always trying to redirect me to its route which is not any faster and has some other shortcomings.

- Makes driving more difficult tbh

My first problem with this app is that it would change routes on me all of the sudden, it was frustrating and I don’t need that kind of distraction - you can’t expect me to keep my eyes glued onto my phone to watch if it changed routes. Like at least let me know before hand that the route was changed. I deleted the app but then decided to give it a second chance because I like the community aspect of it. I like how it told me what areas were slow, where construction was, where police were, as well as comments from other divers. While driving I came across an accident, traffic was slow because they closed down a lane so I decided to report it... only to come to find I didn’t know how to. I obviously couldn’t take the time to figure it out since I was driving so when I got home I figured it out. Apparently you can only report an accident if you are in the area..... AND driving. Why would I try to report something while driving? Sorry Waze, I gave you a chance but I like to drive safe. Only way I could see this being a good app is if you’re driving with someone else who can do it for you or if you let us report things when we’re not in the area and not driving .... and let us know when you switch a route for god’s sake

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- Best Navigation App Out There...

Waze would have to be one of the best navigation apps out there. Waze includes user edited maps, which being a map editor is a fairly well thought out and easy-to-use process once you get the hang of it. When driving with the app, Waze also alerts you to any incidents (Hazards, Accidents, Police, Speed Cameras etc.) but these can be customised in case you don't want to hear about speed cameras, for instance, you also see the non- static incidents in a bar showing your route and on the map itself. These incidents are reported by live users. There is also a request assistance feature, which I have personally never used and never seen anyone use but seems like a good idea nonetheless (on iPhone you can call an assistance service straight from the app). Overall, Waze is perfect for finding your way around traffic.

- No right turns?

I have loved this app for quite a while and don’t mind the occasional quirk. Let me start with some positives. It’s not afraid of residential streets. It has great GPS when it can connect including speed with alerts, and speed detector/red light camera warnings, along with community warnings of potential hazards from pot holes to police. One thing that has happened a few times is instead of turning right at an intersection it takes you left to do a u-turn to get back on the road you were going. In the past several days it has taken that little quirk to a whole new level, taking me km’s (miles) out of my way to go simple routes, even just basically forward, often doubling, yes doubling! my trip time. My 18 min trip this morning took 45!! I’d like to list all the incomprehensible routes it has done to me over the past 9 days (that’s when it started acting up like this) but I probably won’t have enough characters in this review. I HAVE loved this app for quite a while, but the depression I am experiencing being very late to work the past 7 days isn’t worth it and driving me back to google maps. I’m being moderate with my rating as although I am highly unlikely to continue using it, it does have some very good features not available in google or apple maps.

- Constantly get “No GPS” error

I was an early adopter with Waze years ago as I’d spent a small fortune buying all of the name-brand navigation apps and yet they either changed to subscriptions or had numerous issues they refused to fix. I raved about Waze to many friends and colleagues and as a result, most of them also adopted Waze and ditched their paid apps. I loved Waze for years: it was always up-to-date, the traffic data was accurate and I could find businesses and other destinations that none of the other “top” apps could find. However, my wife and I (she with an iPhone 6 and myself with an iPhone X) have recently started encountering the “No GPS” error message all the time, even though every other GPS-related app on our devices has no issue whatsoever. The result has been that we’re driving and trying to follow the Waze troubleshooting steps at the same time, often taking 10 mins or so to do this whilst trying to navigate to our destination. We’ve missed exits, taken wrong turns and often been late for appointments. We’re ditching Waze for now, at least until the company can get their act together and fix this critical problem. What point is there to having a GPS navigation app that won’t connect to GPS?!?!?!?

- A great app - with one fault remaining

This is (almost always) the only navigation app you will need. I use it every time I go driving, even where I know the roads well, due to the way it warns of hazards and I can warn others. The navigation is great around the city and, with the minor point that it often picks the wrong side of a property to go to, it does well. The time estimates are also generally spot on, so the warnings you need to leave are given in good time. The recent addition of lane navigation almost completes the job. The problem is when you go out of the city - and out of mobile (cellular) phone coverage. Do that and the navigation is suddenly terrible. Even if your trip includes a section that is out of mobile range the app will get your trip times wrong and will send you a long way out of your way to get where you are trying to go, sometimes costing hours. I’m not sure why, but it happens. A lot. If you are going out of phone range then use Google Maps. Other than that, use this.

- Great app but does have limitations for navigation

One of my friends put me onto Waze, I’ve been using it regularly as my driving app of choice. Communication with other Waze drivers about speed cameras, the main point about Waze I believe has literally saved me 100s of dollars and absolutely recommend it just for this. It also has a realistic speedometer, much more accurate than the one in my car so I’ll use it over the one in my actual car. However it does have its limitations which need to be addressed. The navigation/directions given are not great and it can take you on strange paths to get you where you need to go. The landmarks/house numbers can also be completely off so Waze is not reliable for directions. In summation Waze is good for a driving app that can show your real speed and alerts you to speed cameras quite reliably. Don’t use it for navigation however, you could end up in the wrong place.

- GPS don’t work unless phone unlocked

I’ve had Waze for a while now and have loved it up until this point. I don’t know if it’s because I upgraded from the iPhone SE (original)to the new iPhone 11 or what but for some reason now unless I have Waze visible on the phone screen (not locked) the CarPlay map doesn’t refresh. So basically i used to jump in my car, connect my phone, open Waze on CarPlay and set my course and drive. NOW I can do the same, BUT if I want the map to refresh and be visible I have to ANNOYINGLY unlock my phone before I leave. I made sure it wasn’t a settings issue and went through every possible setting such as background app refresh and allowing the app to view my location always but nothing helped.

- Love Waze but CarPlay speed limit alerts need to be fixed

Love Waze - its a treasure trove of realtime information that helps to outsmart traffic. I have used other apps like Sygic, Tomtom but they aren’t as good at routing. I was excited at the launch of CarPlay for waze but found that the speed alerts are not continuous. Once you receive an alert you don’t receive another one for a few minutes. I am not sure if its a bug or something deliberate. If it can be fixed with the option of the user choosing of the alerts should be continuous or one time, it will be make the app even better. The ability to view gas stations, parking places and other POIs on the CarPlay map are another set of improvements that will make the CarPlay experience perfect and take Wase to another level. The Sygic interface is quite good but their routing engine is not. Tomtom is working on their CarPlay but their realtime routing isn’t good either. Great opportunity for Waze. The speed limit fix will make my review a 5 star.

- Some shortcomings

The underlying concept of ‘crowd funding’ traffic info is really great. There are a few things which bug me. I understand that for the more infantile of us it may be great fun to allocate a cartoon to show our vehicle on the road. The plethora of different symbles however on a screen that small makes it very hard to identify other icons inserted by the programme to convey warnings of some kind. It would be a great step forward if all users shared the same easily recognised icon. The other thing which bothers me is that info provided by me has to be entered by hand. If caught by the phone detection cameras in Australia, that would be an extremely expensive bit of info published via the programme. And am I right thinking that the voice command function has been completely discontinued? If so, use it at your own peril... PS the author should leave the note : still there/no longer there on the screen for longer. There is not enough time to check at the location AND report once passed

- One suggestion

Fantastic app! I’ve given it four stars because I think it could do with some improvements. A few suggestions. First one is to have an option to choose speed cameras instead of only police. In Canberra, we have speed vans that aren’t police so it would be great to be able to indicate that it is a speed van/camera instead... Also, it would be great to have the option to be able to delete or edit a notification you’ve put up. When you’ve only just started using Waze, it’s easy to do something wrong, especially when you’ve only got a few seconds to make a decision. Lastly, I think there should be a setting where you can get Waze to calculate a route for you that avoids police and/or speed cameras. If these changes were made, this app would be perfect however, I am still very pleased with it. I never go anywhere in my car without having it on.

- Good but occasional routing issues

Waze doesn’t like it if you alter the route by taking a different exit, turn, etc. So instead of calculating the best route from the new location it gives directions to resume the already calculated route despite not being the quickest. Essentially you need to hit the route option button to get that to happen & then you’ll see the trip is shortened by the new calculation. Google maps is better in this regard, but lacks the level of user reporting that Waze is known for. Occasionally Waze will also take small strange detours that will only add time & effort to the trip, I think this is a bug in the server as the same route will not often have such detours. Lastly I avoid using Waze in the country as it doesn’t route well out there either, Google maps is much better but not perfect either as I have been directed to locked gates by the latter.

- Great for avoiding traffic

I use this all the time when I’m going to a known destination I’ve been before. It’s great for routing you the fastest way. However, when you divert off a route (because you missed a turn etc) it constantly tries to put you back on that route. Every week, twice a week I drive to the same destination. Every week it directs me a way where there is multiple speed humps. Speed humps and my car do not agree. So I take another smoother route which takes the same amount of time, if not shorter, but every week it diverts me through speed humps. When travelling to a new destination i will use google maps app because it lets you know which lane to be in. It’s kinda hard to move across 4 lanes of traffic. If there are 2 lanes and one is banked up for 800m you look like a jerk when you realise you need to squeeze into the banked up lane to make a turn.

- Extremely slow when changing routes

Good features but ridiculously slow when you take another route or street and it takes long to change route and show new direction. Very annoying and frustrating when you concentrating on the road and miss the turn you supposed to take and its still stock on old route when your direction has changed and it is still showing straight so you keep going straight then after 10 seconds or so it finally updates and tells you to go to another street and turn around. Extremely slow route update unloke other gps maps that are instant. Navigation needs a drop down banner showing directions when you need to be in another app instead of voice. Voice is annoying when it keeps repeating. For instance before a turn or a round about it tells you a couple of times where to go. Very annoying when you are listening to radio or something important and it keeps interupting. Map layout and colour is cold and boring unlike google maps. The only appealing feature i like about waze is speed detection and alert and camera alert. And apart from these two features its very slow navigating between routes, cold and boring appearance and not showing all surrounding road and street names and property numbers. Google maps is the best but dont have speed and camera alerts and detection. If i find another app that has it all i wont use waze anymore.

- Stressful driving experiences

I used to highly recommend waze to everyone I know but recently waze has caused me some extremely stressful driving experiences. One example is that it has directed me across the harbour bridge and then to come back across it, I assume it’s because of some satellite issue? I have told this story to friends for them to say they’ve had the same experience and been late for important meetings in the city and had to have paid an unnecessary toll twice. I’ve had waze direct me in complete circles, to return back to roads I was already on (no there was no traffic jam). I’ve had waze direct me left onto a main road and then right within 100 metres, how can I across 4 lanes in that distance?? I have avoid difficult intersections turned on yet I have been asked to turn right at a marked black spot intersection and had a car accident where I was hit at 70km/h (as the driver I should’ve ignored waze and continued straight) I can not continue to use this app anymore, which is disappointing. I hope these issues can be fixed.

- Could be 5 star. Still not good ux

Have used it for 5+ years and although I use it daily there certain things that are terrible. 1) Always faces the wrong way when I start a journey and then has to recalculate 2) Takes forever to reroute if you miss a turnoff 3) Is painfully inaccurate at detecting how close you are to an upcoming turn, and you often end up missing your turn because on the map it looks way further ahead 4) When you have your bluetooth connected and you issue an “OK waze” command, it displays the talking icon at bottom of screen and it sounds like someone is whispering, or it seems to play the audio via the phone speaker instead of the bluetooth. Enough to make you pull your hair out as you can’t hear what it is saying. From what I know, you’re a multibillion dollar company bought out by Google. Please fix these basic UX issues ‘cos some of them are pretty embarrassing guys.

- Wish it was better

When trip starts take a while to load, when travelling in some places it says keep left instead it should be saying turn left not keep left also when there are 3 lanes going straight 1 turns left middle goes straight and other goes straight it doesn’t tell you get out of left lane or stay in the middle lane, when in traffic this is bad as sometimes you are in areas where u do t know that left you can only go left or right. Also when turning a corner you should say turn left and first right so stay in the right lane as sometimes there are 2 lanes turning left but only 1 again you can turn right. Also when picking someone up in a car park that is not undercover when you exit the car park it’s still loading to tell you which way to exit car park. Once all this is fixed app will be perfect can’t wait. There also should be lane guideness

- Unstable at times

I have loved the navigational features and support with this app since downloading it. However, recently the map disappears (and screen has frame with white space where map should be) when connecting my iPhone to my Hyundai navigator via a USB cord. This is happening quite regularly now. I disconnect the cord and reconnect and map usually comes back. However, this solution is not satisfactory when driving as I could be fined for touching my mobile phone. I have also had a couple of instances (recently only) where my trip just stops and disappears - not great when I am on a major highway and am not sure where to exit. I also had 1 instance of 1 trip stopping and a planned trip replacing it. A couple of times, the Arrival / Mins / Km info disappears. I have never had problems with the app before so feel a bit anxious about the instability I have found recently.

- CarPlay Mobile Camera Reporting

This is by far the best navigating app around, paid or unpaid, and I have been using for many many years. However, suggestion: there absolutely needs to be the option to report mobile speed cameras whilst using in CarPlay mode. By default mobile speed cameras are reported as ‘Police’, when they are not. Also, the ability to pin a police report (not in CarPlay mode ), rather than just sending a report from your exact location. For example if you drive past an RBT setup that you can see on another road nearby, but not driving directly through it, or one on the other side of the road, one can’t accurately report. Thanks, and keep up the good work Waze! 👍🏻😊

- CarPlay needs improving

Love the app on my iPhone but with the new release on CarPlay, not so good on the Volkswagen App. There are some bugs and improvements that need to be made. When you don’t have any directions entered, speed limit displays intermittently but no speedo. When directions are entered, you can see the top of the speed limit symbol but it’s covered over by the black bubble that displays your next turn, still no speedo. You cannot select other wazers on the screen nor can you select any other things like petrol stations, police, accidents etc. Basically, functionality is very limited. I love this app on my phone and it would be great to have all the functions of the phone on the cars display.

- Best Navigation App for Roadtrips!

The best navigation app you can use. Very useful, especially in a city where there is heaps of speed cameras and it can be confusing knowing the speed limit in some areas when you aren't used to a place. I love how you can see where police are, accidents and traffic. It also directs you around traffic which is awesome! This app is completely live as things are happening and people are reporting things. Definitely the best navigation app on the market. It has never gotten me lost and it has been very useful in those times when I haven't known the speed limit in an unknown area. Thank you Waze!

- Brilliant app built on user input. Some additional features would be good

I have been using Waze for a few years now and I absolutely love it. Travel time is generally accurate barring live incidents and the fact that it relies on user input means everything is real time. I wish it had the feature of lane choices that Google maps shows e.g. which lanes you’d need to take to go a specific direction, particularly in tunnels. Specifically, it would also be good to add non destination points en route by tapping as Waze tends to only take you by major roads which can sometimes be bypassed through the use of side lanes. All in all, a very handy app especially in cities with lots of users. Easy to find parking, fuel prices and stations on the way - would definitely recommend.

- Needs bug fixes

Waze is a great app but it’s Car Play integration needs some work. There are 2 major problems with using waze with car play which unfortunately means I’ll have to use google maps for now. Firstly, during navigation if car play disconnects for any reason and then reconnects waze does not show directions. Navigation continues and you can view directions from the phone screen but on the HUD in the car no directions are shown. So far the only way to fix this is to stop navigation and then restart the journey. When directions are shown however the directions cover the speed limit icon which is a very useful feature and an asset to car play.

- Miss direction!!

I’ve been using this app for the past 6 months now and really enjoy it, it’s great to keep track of the local speed zones and your speed, it would be good if it gave a little sound or something once you go over speed limit rather than having to keep looking at screen. Also over the past month I’m not sure what is going on but for some reason it doesn’t always map out the fastest route, a lot of times I use the app when I work away but once I get closer to my area I take a few different turns and end up saving up to 20 minutes some days depending on traffic. It would be a nice feature if you could leave to app open and could track your back streets or something that could work into other routes.

- Amazing maps, just missing some features.

Waze is a fantastic application. The design, the idea, the execution. Everything is fantastic. The community aspect is brilliant and I love contributing and assisting others. My only gripes are the lack of the following features: - No current speed shown when using Apple Carplay. - No "ok Waze" support when using Apple Carplay (hey Siri still works) - I would like to be able to see a list of my current reports/past reports (more detailed review) - Improved live tracking of other wazers. - No report button for speed cameras on Apple Carplay (only police available from the quick menu - can report when using just phone also via ok Waze if it worked when plugged in to Apple Carplay) Overall this app is probably the best GPS/map I've ever used and the community is huge. There is always people keeping things updated and reporting issues and hazards. I would happily pay for this app if it wasn't free. But I'm glad it is. Thanks Waze, sounds clichè but you've changed the way I drive.

- Car Audio issues

I wish I could have found a way to report this bug... And note I otherwise love Waze. When using Waze and Apple CarPlay, Waze seems to change the car audio settings. When a song is playing and the phone is switched to Music or any other app, the sound is normal. When Waze is brought to the front the music playing change audio song to a great extent. I can't explain this other than to think that Waze is overriding the iPhone audio settings for the music that is playing. It is a significant difference that makes using Waze whilst listening to music undesirable.

- Has waze given up?

I’ve loved, used and recommended waze for a long time now however there have been a number of bugs recently that are making the app more of a hassle then it is helpful. One of the main things that drew me to waze was being able to share my drive/route with my friends and family. I first got this app because I had just got my license and it made my mother feel more comfortable letting me go on my late night escapades as she could check on me any time. However now when I share my drive with my friends they say they can only see my route not where I am or my speed. It’s been like this for so long most my friends and family have stoped using it, with me about to follow. I don’t understand why waze are ignoring these bugs when the app is only gaining in popularity. Please fix the bugs and restore waze to it’s former glory!!

- Best navigation app but some suggestions

I cannot rave about this app enough. It is has saved me countless of hours stuck in traffic. Can future updates please: - being able to select notifications on the map in overview. I want to be able to see where the hazard is and find a way to avoid it without scrolling and searching - some kind of function that generates a new route between point A and B that avoids hazards that have been logged. This would clear up traffic on major roads and cover more area. I like back roads

- Navigation frustration

I got this app for speed & red light camera alerts as my new car’s navigation system doesn’t have them. These work well but sometimes you are verbally alerted & other times it shows a message on screen, which is rather pointless as I’m watching the road. Also when you want to navigate somewhere, it selects your route & then says “let’s go” but nothing happens. You can see the route, distance & time on screen but your car icon is not there & the map doesn’t move & there’s no instructions. It’s very annoying & half the time I have to stop & type in the address in Google maps or the car’s system & then don’t get the alerts that I want anymore. Apart from that, I like it’s other notifications but all notifications should be verbal.

- Infuriating lack of sounds

I’ve had this app for a few years now and it was quite good. I love being able to tag traffic incidents and receiving traffic reports. I also like how the app will direct me to the quickest available route base on traffic, but it’s not always accurate. Unfortunately, beginning two updates ago, the sound ceased working in the app. I have emailed through the app support for help but just received an automated generic reply. I’ve adjusted all app sound settings multiple times. Discounted from car Bluetooth. And reinstalled the app. I’m at my wits end! Really hope this is fixed, because after using this app twice a day for years I’m considering deleting it all together.

- Good all round app, but getting directions isn’t always shortest route possible

I’ve used this app for more than a year or two, I enjoy the features it offers like traffic awareness and a point system, but I have realised that when I place my destination the app does not always offer the closest and shortest route, and when I go against its other route options which only vary by 1 street difference, I knock off about 6 minutes off my trip until I go far enough that it re routes and finds my route. I enjoy this app when it works, but unfortunately I think there might be something wrong with the route generator

- Very Glitchy with CarPlay

I love that this app is community driven. However, something must be done with this app’s compatibility with Apple CarPlay. Directions disappear, the map is ridiculously zoomed in at times and off-centred, “oops something went wrong” appears again and again when trying to enter an address. The navigation also freezes while driving, causing my CarPlay to crash so I need to unplug and replug my iPhone just to fix the issue, and then re-enter the address. I feel like these issues have gotten worse over the years. I only continue to use Waze for its community updates such as construction, hazards, closed roads, police, which other map apps don’t have. But please, something has to be done with these glitches!

- Traffic

Waze has always been my number one navigation application for its traffic jam avoidance system, social scoreboard, and the overall concept. It’s also the system that Google Maps gets some raw data from. I like the idea of being on the frontline of traffic reporting. I am a ‘royalty wazer’ I guess you could say I use it a lot. Lately, when starting Waze, it takes WAY TOO LONG to ‘find GPS’ - ‘waiting for network’ I have no explanation for it, and I know what I’m doing. The only thing I can add is that this problem has only existed ever since the Commonwealth Games started here on the Gold Coast. And my app is fully up to date. Disappointed, as it means having to use another application such as Apple Maps, until Waze is ready... I will update my review when the next update is released

- Frustrating compared to how it was

I’ve used this app for ages (I’m a Knight Wazer) and recommended it to many others especially for the real time traffic issues it’s helped me avoid in a sales management role that keeps me on the road. However the update a couple months ago has me avoiding it now and using others. It’s taking WAY too long to load and often says there’s no network when my other apps aren’t having that issue. There are a few other things I’m finding a bit disappointing now but that’s the main one steering me away. I don’t have time to constantly wait or reload. Using Google Maps more again. I hope it gets fixed.

- Great but listen to the users

I’ve been using this app for about a year now and love it in my local areas. However like a lot of people when navigating new areas it’s hard to use, with last second route changes, no lane warnings, and the crashes on apple CarPlay it makes it a little more difficult to use. If those problems could be addressed then Waze would be a solid 5/5. I love that I’m told my speed and speed zones, camera/police warnings, and the user based information to get the fastest real-time road conditions. Those are super helpful features and make peakhour much less of a headache.

- Awesome app

I have always used the app but I thing it will be better if the pop ups asking to let others when you will arrive gets remove. There are quite annoying and distracting. Love the fact it can now be used with CarPlay and understand this is the first version of it and need some improvements. My suggestion is to check out the speed limit location since it gets cover behind the arrows that advice when a turn needs to be done. Or at least it happens in my Vitara 2017.

- Needs more fine tuning

Overall a good app but have noticed it needs a few improvements - Audible warning for speed cameras does not work all the time, yet hazard warnings always are heard. - Whilst in operating in apple car play mode, not all options are available to report warnings. Especially Speed cameras. The closest option is Police. Yet when operating in phone only mode all options available. - Range of warnings do not correlate to settings options in app. - One improvement would be to add 500m of range to gps data reports of hazards ie speed cameras when report is logged due time and distance travelled by a user reporting such a warning.

- More options

I’m definitely a devotee wazer. I love all the great features and people power with additions. But...there used to be this great feature where you could select shorter OR faster routes. I lived off that feature as the faster route was much better in heavy traffic cities. But going out to the suburbs the fastest doesn’t always work as it still sends you on the longer route. I like that I could select the shorter route when you know it’s only a second faster going the ‘long’ way around. Please add back this feature and the map will be 5 star worthy.

- I’m glad I found this app

As a asphalt truck driver , I have to drive my 6wheel tipper truck and 6wheel tipper trailer into new housing developments, which are tight and deliver asphalt to make new road that arnt in map books and google maps yet, but maze is great and the alerts &hazzard warnings have been pretty spot on, I hope that the developers of this app can make it a bit more truck friendly, like width,length, weight ect as depending on all that we are sometimes restricted on where we can travel due to our permits, but thanx guys great app so far 👍

- CarPlay Review

Loved the app and was so excited for it when I heard it was coming to CarPlay! Only to found out there was so many features lacking and disappointed how it was layout. Especially when it comes to toll road, I was surprise there was no option to turn it off in car play. There was no speed display, no cute driver icons, no alerts, no option to choose which routes to take ( it automatically chooses one for you and then you have to decide it after), no adding a stop feature. It pretty much lacked what made ‘Waze’ Waze. I hope this will improve in the future, but for now I guess apple maps and google maps takes the throne for carplay in time being.

- Very good app but be careful

Very good navigation app and my favourite out of the available options at the moment. The app will give you up to date info on traffic and any thing else happening on the roads. However, at this point in time you can only report something when and where it happens. If you see a mobile speed camera and/or police, you have to press the report option IMMEDIATELY which sometimes might not be the best idea. Being able to report some thing when you get to your next destination would be a better idea.

- Very useful in CarPlay, urgent bug to fix

This is my main app for navigation. I was excited when I read that Waze is now available for CarPlay. However there is one bug I really hope can be fixed soon. When I set it to navigate to a destination, it doesn’t show the speed limit of the road I’m in (already activated this in setting). As soon as I reach destination and the navigation stops, the speed limit appears. Apparently it’s covered by the navigation guide area (the area that tells us which way to turn next). Maybe it’s specific to the driving side. I live in Australia, we drive on the left side onf the road and CarPlay adjusts its control mirroring how it looks in the US.

- Not just another GPS app.

This app is 5/5. I honestly believe it makes me a safer driver, giving fair warning about traffic conditions and other things such as hazards on the road and police. I really like the intuitive rerouting when it detects traffic problems. I use it every day on my 1 hour commute and it varies my route regularly based on traffic conditions (but not so much that you don’t know where you are). If you drive a lot this app is an absolute must. It’s not just a regular GPS app by any measure.

- Great app

Had been happy with this app until an update with my iOS. Now crashes EVERY time and I can’t use it. No way of contacting except through the app which, it tells me, isn’t working coz there’s something wrong with my connection. Interesting I don’t have that problem with any other app. Pity, I found it the best Navi app but back to google for me. Really happy with this app. Took a bit for a not so tech savvy chook to get used to but way better than all the other gps apps I've used before.

- Was Waze better before

Waze became bad Waze to travel. What happened? My Waze has me going all over the place, keeps funnelling me towards Toll roads when I have asked to avoid them. This morning it tried to take me on a 7km detour and kept showing me that my local motorway on-ramp doesn’t exist. I ignored it AGAIN and went the way I normally go down my local motorway on-ramp. And these annoying and distracting adds. Is that safe? Wow you guys really sold out huh?!?! I have been a Waze pusher for a couple of years now. Suggested it to quite a few friends and colleagues. Have used it in different countries. Was amazed to find Waze in Phnom Penh. Now looking for something better... like the Old Waze

- Ok not Great.

This app is ok it used to be better till the latest update. It used to tell you the name of the roads. It doesn’t do that any more it also doesn’t give you plenty of warning of where to turn anymore. It tells you with 800 meters away from a turn not enough time. Not just that if it’s busy and you have to try and squeeze in on people it makes you look like a jerk. I suggest using google maps it’s better. If your using this app then I suggest you do what I’m doing going back to google maps. I’d rather not know about events on roads then being told to turn a corner when you’re on top of it.

- Great for avoiding incidents, pathetic at actual navigation

If we actually need to get to a new destination, we use our cars navigation, Google Maps or Apple Maps. When driving regular routes we’re familiar with, we use Waze to stay informed of road and traffic conditions. The constant recalculation to try and save seconds of travelling time makes it unreliable for navigation in areas you’re not familiar with, as it doesn’t take permanent hazards, like slow or dangerous intersections, local access only roads and traffic slowing measures into account. A configurable threshold before offering a recalculated route would greatly improve usability for actual navigation.

- Not optimised for driving on left or carplay

Really glad this came to Carplay but there are issues. 1. I have speed limits displayed. Unfortunately the “complication” showing the next navigation step covers the speed limit display. Really useful not! 2. I am in Australia and we drive on the left side of the road. So turning left at an intersection is always less problematic than turning right. Unfortunately when given a choice, Waze directs you so that you turn right when a left turn option can be clearly seen. Great if you are driving in USA or Europe, not great in Australia. #1 Is an inconvenience. #2 Is a deal breaker.

- Needs reworking, often isn’t showing quickest route, no options for route choices

I’ve used Waze for a while through a couple of changes & revisions. The settings now are minimal, settings for route choices & types are now non-existent. I find it awkward to be using Google Maps to find shortest/quickest route & use that to create path to destination that is actually quickest route. These options are needed, these choices are needed to make Waze the best GPS App. create

- Full of buys

Waze used to be very good, but now it’s full of bugs, for instance try navigating to one of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks the Sydney Opera House and Waze will navigate you to the harbour tunnel and will stop under the SOH! I have flagged this with Waze a few times but they don’t seem to care. Another new and frustrating feature is the Waze pop up warnings. For instance I received a warning on my drive this morning with a big pop up banner and a big thumbs up sign, that there was traffic at standstill 2km ahead despite the fact that Waze was telling me to turn left in 400m. I also tried to use an alternative route and despite selecting the alternative route Waze kept taking me back to the original route.

- Makes other popular apps look like a child

Would love to see them succeed even more. Have been using it for a while now and never been disappointed. Love the motorcycle feature and many others that Google Maps or Apple Maps do not have yet. Only change I could suggest is the user interface could have been more crisper and cleaner and lacks the premium feel but that’s no reason to lose any star so full 5 stars for the app as it is.

- On time

Used Waze to figure out when I needed to leave to arrive at Melbourne, and a few days later Sydney, airports last week. Traffic forecast and leaving time more or less spot on both times - very happy - the only suggestion I could make if at all possible would be if data about wait times for a taxi could also be factored in e.g. “to arrive at B at 7:00pm, leave A at 6:30pm. Wait time for A is usually about 10 minutes - book by 6:20pm” or something. Will definitely refer to Waze again next time! Thank you.

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- Waze

Perfect in city trafic, always take the best route, stop wondering...

- Best thing since sliced bread

Title says it all

- Pop-up Ads while on route

Pop-up Ads just started showing up all of a sudden. They show up only when you are stopped, but they show up EVERY time you are stopped. I thought we were trying to eliminate distracted driving. Kind of disappointing. Loved this app when it didn’t do this.

- Just wow and more

Great Fantastic Intuitive Informative . What all apps should be. Delivers on all expectations while building a cooperative community among users. Cusps

- Mr.

Awesome! 👍🏻

- Advertisements are dangerous

It is incredibly stupid and dangerous for ads to pop up while driving. They block your view of directions, and the only way to get rid of the ads is to swipe them away. I don’t want to have to fiddle with my phone while driving and risk getting in an accident or receiving a hefty fine. Terrible design

- App Failure

Waze was updated about a week ago. Since then I’ve tried to to get it to work on 4 different devices and all I get is “searching for network” for several minutes & then I get “oops, something went wrong” & that’s it. It won’t work. Clearly your new update has wrecked a wonderful app. Please fix this? Also, a lady commented on the non-stop pop up ads that are a huge annoyance & distraction. At least give us the option to pay to get rid of them. Thank you for what has otherwise been a wonderful app. grjs

- 5*

Best Gps app

- By far the best navigation app!

Very useful, makes life easier and gets u there faster. Recomend it! One suggestion I can make it is having ability to more than one stop in between final destination ;)

- Version 3.67 Breaks Car Audio

The most recent version (v4.67) breaks audio playback as soon as Waze pops up via CarPlay in my 2020 RAV4. Only option to fix this is to madly press audio switching buttons (which works about half the time) or to force quit Waze.

- Not always the best route

I’ve noticed that Waze does not always choose the best route. Not sure what your algorithm is but if often happens that I ignore the route suggested by Waze and continue driving while it recalculates only to discover the new suggested route (that I am now on) actually has a faster arrival time to my destination. I don’t understand why Waze didn’t choose that route in the first place. Also, as a feature, it would be nice to be able to turn off the auto-centering so that I can use the arrows to scroll through the map and see potential problem areas along the route. Right now it’s a real hassle to do this because Waze constantly re-centers the map to where the car is when I try to go beyond a certain pount.

- Not for electric car, one destination one stop

It ask if you have an electric vehicle? YES. Should ask for connector type and/or level and or distance/autonomy Not for regular diesel.... When you ask for recharge station it propose gaz station Just illusion What did I miss? Can’t put more than one stop on a plan destination! Use to It Crash You need to wait when planning a destination. Why not ask when I want to be there first?

- Now works on CarPlay!!

Finally downloaded the new update and works with my CarPlay! Works flawlessly. I know cars have speedometers but it would be nice if it shows the speed and if you are going too fast like it does if I weren’t using CarPlay.

- Very good map but battery killer

It’s use too much for the battery, should be fix that problem, map is amazing.

- Good but Battery killer

This app is significantly better than any other gps app, but it absolutely annihilates battery life.

- Need update for CarPlay

Please update the Waze maps for CarPlay. Thanks in advance.

- Great app

Love love love it!

- Carplay support

Hey please update the waze app for the apple carplay

- Était excellent, mais peut mieux faire

Les dernières semaines, Waze nous envoyait tout le temps dans des parcours de rues fermées, au milieu du chantier du pont Champlain, et pendant TOUT le week-end. SVP, revenez comme avant, c’était mieux mis à jour.

- Best map app out there.

By far the best map app out there on iPhones. The social information gathering is what really makes the real time information and route updates work.

- Battery Life

Your software developers seriously have to fix the battery usage for the app. I use it everyday for about half an hour and it takes up 50% each time. It has nothing to do with the battery life of my phone or with constantly using my location. I tried it with apple maps.

- Music volume too high while directions are being said

After this new update, it no longer decreases the volume of my music playing on Spotify while the GPS is giving directions. I can no long hear the directions as they are being spoken, and it causes me to look down at my phone instead of paying attention to the road!

- Great app, dead battery

Not sure why it needs to run 24/7, but it kills each phone I try it on. 16h of background app usage? What for, exactly?

- Ads are DANGEROUS in a sat-nav app

You have the most distracting ads in any map app and those are VERY DANGEROUS during driving.

- Just WOW !!!

The best GPS app by a mile.

- Great app, needs car play and pay to remove ads

Really helps navigate in construction season!

- Love it

It has saved me hours on travel time. However it doesn’t always know if I am in the express lanes or collectors.

- Ruined the app with your dog and cat mode

The cat and dog mode ruined the app. Turn it off you say? You can’t!!! What a stupid feature!!!

- Racist app & developers

This app operates on stolen land of Indigenous people (in Palestine), and uses all their resources to provide the service. Shame

- Apple car play

L’app crash souvent ou bug sur Apple car play

- Very buggy on carplay

Have to restart app almost every time as I just get a blank screen and I can’t see map.

- hope google can install redlight/speed camera alert

always quiet when reaching speed cameras, red light cameras. but loudly alert when approaching railway where so obvious to be seen. meaningless.

- Too many bugs in Apple CarPlay!

Constantly crashes when used in Apple CarPlay, doesn’t display arrival time every time, & doesn’t always load the same way when started. Sound works when it wants to-it’s hit & miss. Crashes multiple times in an active trip, & when it re-opens/“recovers” from said crash sound never works, obligated to reboot device to get sound working again. Definitely needs A LOT of improvement in Apple CarPlay - can’t use it. Everything is always up to date on my iPhone 11 Pro Max, this is a Waze app issue & not a phone issue. I never have any of these problems with Google maps; only Waze. Please fix this!! You guys truly made a big mess with Apple CarPlay integration. Needs LOTS of improvement! Full time Uber + Lyft driver- never had these issues before; but the last 30 days have been a nightmare with Waze!!

- Was working fine

The app was working great but the last couple of days the app has not been working with my Apple CarPlay. The location I am currently at is not shown. It was a previous one from when I last used it. Doesn’t show arrival time if it works. Half the time it shows an outdated trip and doesn’t let you change anything. Works fine on my phone but not on the Apple CarPlay.

- Very glitchy

Though I really like the options and features of Waze, it is glitchy at best. It either freezes when loads to CarPlay and takes multiple attempts to get it to load correctly, or it will have difficulty finding your location. The biggest issue which happens more often than not is it will shut down any audio that is in when it connects to CarPlay. I initially thought it was CarPlay trying to load music but it doesn’t happen when Waze is turned off. When reported all I received was a generic answer to use the latest iOS and sync my phone with CarPlay. With a more stable performance this would be the best gps available for iPhone.

- Bugs with IOS CarPlay..

Great app! - I’ve been getting a completely white screen on my car screen when I plug-in my phone to my car. I have to unplug it and plug it back a few times to get it to work. - If it tells me to take the service road and I don’t take it, it’s not sensitive enough to detect that I’m still on the highway and keeps giving me directions if I was on the service road. - GPS takes a while to kick in and just says "Proceed to Route". Even when data/cell signal is strong like when downtown a major city location. - If there is a fixed radar ahead, occasionally, I don’t get the voice/verbal alert. I only get the screen display! Keep up the great work, I use it all the time!

- Apple car play disappears or freezes

Apple car play freezes, sometimes you can not type address on the dashboard, search disappears or freezes, thanks

- app crashes when i connect to my carplay

i love waze for so many reasons! but recently almost everytime i load a route the app completely crashes if it’s connected to my carplay. hopefully this can be remedied soon!

- Few glitches

- Overall an awesome app. Lately though it freezes on CarPlay unless my phone has the app open and showing. If I go to a different app on my phone, the Waze screen on CarPlay freezes again. - A few other times the Waze screen on CarPlay has been blank and I’ve had to close/reopen the app on my phone for it to restart. - I also haven’t been getting audio alerts even though I have sound turned on for alerts only and my volume is turned up. When I turn it on for direction sounds, it works for that but still not for alerts like “red light camera.” - When using the toggle switch in my Mazda CX-9 to report a hazard (touchscreen is disabled while driving), it oftentimes won’t let me report another hazard for a few minutes which is not helpful if there’s several hazards within a short distance or within 5 mins of each other. When reporting a hazard on the touchscreen in my Ford, there is no issue reporting several hazards in a row. - I wish more people used Waze in my community, it’s a great tool and very user friendly.

- Incredibly helpful, an essential app if you drive a lot

As someone who drives about 1000 km each weekend for work, Waze’s hazard and traffic reports and everything is a lifesaver. However there are a couple suggestions I’d like to propose that would improve things greatly: - SCHOOL ZONES! In Canada, we have a lot of time based school zones and if we could report school zones and their times on Waze and there be a 24 hours alert plus speed limit decrease within the times, it would be very helpful and make school/playground zones a little bit safer. - Reporting hazards on the other side of the road - Fuel prices: there should be an option to choose which fuel stations and fuel grades you prefer/use, and show those on the map so you can easily compare prices or find your nearest Petro Can for example. This would probably also encourage people to report fuel prices more :)


It’s time to upgrade your app. They are adding a lot of speed cameras in the city of Toronto. I was told if you go over only by 1 speed that is around a $7 charge and a flash of license plate. It’ll be nice to know where they are located just like the red light camara.

- Drains battery even when not using it

Huge battery drain since this update. Drains up to 20% of battery in background even if application is not used...

- CarPlay guidance volume glitch

Hi, please patch the CarPlay issue. When waze is installed on my phone, I am unable to adjust the media volume via physical volume toggles; as adjusting the volume only adjusts the “Guidance Volume” as opposed to the music volume which is playing. Uninstalling resolved this issue. Please fix as I love waze but cannot use the app with this glitch.

- Kills battery now but used to be good before

I’ve had this app for years and used to love it. I haven’t been using it at all over the last few months in quarantine but for some reason it still runs in the background 5-15 hours per day and uses 30-60% of my battery. Location turned off, calendar, Bluetooth, microphone, etc (basically all app permissions) and it still runs. Contacted Waze and they told me to make sure I turn the app off by double clicking and swiping up. Hmm...I’m not new to this Waze!

- Fix it please

This app was awesome until the last update. Now it sends me the complete wrong direction from where I need to go. Telling me to the. Right when I should be turning left. Took me way out of my way multiple times now. If you can’t fix it I’ll have to find a new app. Don’t know what you did but you need to fix it. And the battery drain as well.

- Lowered sound on apple carplay ?

When i play my music on apple car play in apple music if waze is on at the same time the music is way quieter and i cant turn it up unless i quit from waze ??? I guess an update is needed ? I have a iphone pro 11 max

- Freezes when on route on carplay

The navigation on apple car play freezes when navigating to some place.

- Fantastic app

So good, save me so many time from getting speeding ticket😂🤪. Thanks sexy WAZE

- Support staff don't respond

It's a fantastic App but I’m giving them 1-star because, As a long-time Wazer more than 20 times I sent them the correct speed limit in ”SCHOOL ZONE” from 50km to 40km in my neighbourhood, but they neither care nor respond.

- No accident avoidance in planning

It’s been multiple times now that it had used a route where an accident has occurred and was reported. Times are not reflected for the delay with the accident and no alternative route is offered or used. I’ve sat in traffic wondering what the hold up is only to look ahead on the screen manually and see an accident is reported but the app doesn’t alert me or offer new routes. I’ve done this manually and had to shut it off as it tried to put me back on my route WHERE THERES AN ACCIDENT holding up traffic! Fix this and it would get a 5-star rating.

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papis MNHO

This is where I've parked: Subang Jaya. See my car on the map using Waze: Download Waze, a free traffic & navigation app:

Daniyal (7R)

l like avoiding police, but want police 💀

APK Mirror

New APK: Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation beta by Waze


@Kwik_Fit @MichelinTyres My fave is the Waze app (a navigation car app), which has saved me a lot of time as it offers the faster routes and updates me on live traffic. Plus I'm terrible with directions and maps, so it helps me with that too! 😅 #Kwikmas

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic 4.78.3 Screenshots & Images

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic iphone images
Waze Navigation & Live Traffic iphone images
Waze Navigation & Live Traffic iphone images
Waze Navigation & Live Traffic iphone images
Waze Navigation & Live Traffic iphone images
Waze Navigation & Live Traffic iphone images
Waze Navigation & Live Traffic iphone images
Waze Navigation & Live Traffic iphone images
Waze Navigation & Live Traffic iphone images

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic (Version 4.78.3) Install & Download

The applications Waze Navigation & Live Traffic was published in the category Navigation on 2009-08-01 and was developed by Waze Inc. [Developer ID: 323229109]. This application file size is 184.89 MB. Waze Navigation & Live Traffic - Navigation app posted on 2021-10-24 current version is 4.78.3 and works well on IOS 12.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.waze.iphone