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Always know what’s happening on the road with Waze. Even if you know the way, Waze tells you instantly about traffic, construction, police, crashes, & more. If traffic is bad on your route, Waze will change it to save you time.

Why Waze?
◦ See what’s happening - Alerts about traffic, police, hazards and more on your drive
◦ Get there faster - Instant routing changes to avoid traffic and save you time
◦ Easily listen to music - play your favorite apps for music, podcasts & more right from Waze
◦ Know when you’ll arrive - your Arrival Time is based on live traffic data
◦ Pay less for gas - find the cheapest gas along your route
◦ Drive with Apple CarPlay - use Waze on your car’s display
◦ Always find the way - choose from a variety of voices to guide you while you drive

Be prepared, drive with Waze.

You have full control over your privacy settings. Learn more about the Waze privacy policy, including what information is accessed and how it is used: www.waze.com/legal/privacy

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic App Description & Overview

The applications Waze Navigation & Live Traffic was published in the category Navigation on 2009-08-01 and was developed by Waze Inc.. This application file size is 158.31 MB. Waze Navigation & Live Traffic current version is 4.57 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Saving time & avoiding traffic is even easier with this update:

-Fixed a bug where the wrong icon would appear for weather related reports

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic Comments & Reviews

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zthreescotty   4 star

Good app but could improve. I like this app and use it daily. Many times after app upgrades I have gps connection issues within the app but not on other gps apps on my phone. Most frustrating though is that I’ve reported several speed sign errors over the past year dozens and dozens of times and they’re never fixed. No one is apparently looking at the corrections. Also needs a “lane closure” warning for when only one lane is available. They have construction or full road closure but no a way to warn when traffic is forced to one lane

RobertValenzuela   1 star

ROUTING SERVER TIMEOUT. One star for ongoing ROUTING SERVER TIMEOUT! ERROR CALCULATING ROUTE. 11/20/2019. Waze is on its way out and wants to get rid of us as to us eventually become irate and delete Waze. These errors started more than a year ago. Holding Waze side by side with any other GPS app, the other app starts desired route right away while Waze faults! Any route over 16 miles during traffic peak hours will not work and renders it useless. Moreover, use caution when trying to start a route while driving and getting into an accident! Delete my review like a while ago, I’ll paste it back in again with one star. Third time.

Cobra2068   1 star

No GPS after iOS update. I’d use Waze for years, and now it doesn’t work on my phone anymore. After the new IOS update for Apple it shows NO GPS. I’ll have to use a different app. (Yes, I tried restarting the wifi, hard reset my phone, turned on location services, deleted and reuploaded the app, but to no avail I still have no gps, my google maps still works)

midnamoses   1 star

Doesnt work. This app wont load any routes period.

Hahshhshdhshs   3 star

Meh. It’s ok kinda hard to use

Annie Kate is 4   2 star

No Voice Coming Out of Speaker. Best navigation app however, since the update 2 days ago the voice directions don’t come out of the speaker. I have to hold the phone to my ear to hear the directions or put in the headphones. Can you please fix this?

Zakuska1   5 star

Excellent!!!. Can not do without it!!!!!!

*?*?*?*?*?*?   4 star

Good Interface, A Few Problems. Waze was my second favorite map app and it was the most unique. Apple Maps and Google Maps were relatively similar in their layout and they were somewhat “boring” to look at. Waze was somewhat gamified and it had a “playful” type of design, yet it was still very effective at giving directions. There were lots of unique features that Waze had, such as crowd-sourced warnings about objects on the road, police, speed-traps, and gas prices. A speedometer is located in the corner of the map, and it lets you know when you are going over the speed limit as speed limit signs are sometimes very sparse. It was very easy to report road incidents on the app and the road conditions reported by other “Wazers” was very useful. Additionally, Waze had an integrated music or audio option so that you didn’t have to leave the app to select music to listen to. The text and symbols on the app were relatively large, similar to Apple Maps, allowing you to glance at the map to see where you need to go more easily. Even though Waze has tons of great features, I placed it in second because it had some issues that Google Maps never had. Firstly, Waze was sometimes unreliable and it wouldn’t allow me to use the app to navigate anywhere at all. The voice was also not as clear or as natural as the voice on google maps, and the app had no option to change to a satellite view. There was also less detailed information on the app, compared to Google Maps. Waze also had less support on platforms other than mobile devices, although it is available on Android devices and iOS (Apple) devices, which is better than Apple Maps which only has support on iOS devices.

SilentKnight782   3 star

Ugh. I am personally super annoyed about the fact that the music fades out and back in whenever I change apps for a brief second. No other major navigation app does this and it’s gotten really old at this point

Theengineer28   5 star

My Go-To App for Directions. I

lreview563   1 star

Annoying Red Light Camera Alerts. The red light camera alerts cannot be disabled. This is very annoying when there are red light cameras on your daily commute. The alerts are unnecessary and disrupt music playback. They need to add an option to disable red light camera alerts. They have options to disable all other types of alerts, but not this. It has been over a year and they still haven’t added this option.

Soul's Bane   4 star

Route based attractions. Please add a feature that allows you to search for attractions (restaurants) that are along your route. Thanks

9-18-40   5 star

Speed. Speed shows 11 miles fast at 70 mph on my edge.

JLtheMac   5 star

Routing needs work. Love how you can use apps for hazards and cops but the routing seriously needs work. I just put in a place to go and knew the road I’m on gets there but the so wanted me to uturn and use major highway then when I passed up that u turn it put a huge loop in it that added 30 more minutes on route so that should take 25 minutes in the end turned to 50 minutes. Someone who didn’t know any better would have took that

RoccoTZ   5 star

What Happened!!!???. I have been using waze since it hit the app store. And it was amazing. Now it's getting me lost shutting down, searching for GPS and making me late to appointments. What a mess. Get it together!!!

BXRP   5 star

Great App Needs A Pause Button. The app is great but when you decide to stop for lunch it needs a pause button so it does keep telling you to turn around in the parking lot and get back on the road!

1icayah   2 star

Waze. I have been using Waze for years. I am no longer receiving voice directions. I tried removing the app and waiting a while before re-installation. It still doesn’t work. I depend on it for up to date directions. Now I have to look at my phone. That is not a safe thing to do. I am disappointed with Waze.

mattnorton2u   1 star

App crashed in background. No GPS, showing approximate location. The GPS signals drops when the phone’s screen is off.

Jejsheiskrjnsj   5 star

Review. This is in my opinion my favorite and the best gps app on this store. I absolutely love all of the cool features and ideas you guys have come up with over the past few years

The dawg2131   1 star

Not working With iOS 13.1.2 on 6s or with CarPlay. This is not working with iOS 13 (any version, including newest one, as of today). I have a 6s (and CarPlay), and it doesn’t work on my phone, or when I plug it into CarPlay. Just says “No GPS.” All settings are perfect, and problem started with iOS 13 update. Has to be a major bug. Please fix.

JabbarMahsLol   5 star

IT’s GREAT BUT NEEDS SOMETHING. Well hello waze not to bother you or anyone but you can be #1 back by do this thing called “transit options” like for example walking,buses,bike, and planes these are transit things you can add to your “app” but for some reason you just went blank about it and left......but this is your chance to get back up and fight GOOGLE MAPS

NylasGram   5 star

WAZE. Best navigation tool in the world! Thank you!!

Miss. Nelson   5 star

I absolutely love waze!. Accurate directions, no more getting caught by speed traps and police. Best app ever!

jepbwp   4 star

Love the app, but speedometer reads wrong speed. For some reason when I’m going 55, the speed icon on the waze app has me going 65 or more...as speed increases the discrepancy between how fast I’m traveling and what it reads gets higher. Not sure why this is happening, I’ve downloaded the latest app version.

Hip Flip   4 star

iOS Music Hiccups. Each time I open or leave Waze when the iOS Music app is playing, the music hiccups—or pauses a second before resuming. Please make this stop and fix this bug ASAP. I’ve been dealing with this for most of the year. Thank you!

LT1099876   2 star

Lost its touch. Good for cop reports to save you from ticket and hazard warnings. Definitely feels like it routes me along routes that are more from paid advertising instead of quickest/easiest routes. Costing me more gas and time. Also, takes me on really difficult intersections/routes (no traffic or incidents reported) with out traffic lights when I have that option turned on. Either way, it’s only for cop warnings now on and don’t trust it’s routes anymore

issam homs   5 star

Good. Good

GnomesR-us   5 star

Waze gets a Yay. Yay! Highly recommending this app. Love the different voices, too, nice bonus! Still learning the shortcuts with it, but each update really does improve upon an already solid foundation. Wish there was a way to report problems/hazards/potholes etc AFTER you passed them. Road closures etc etc. But once you're past the hazard, you can't do much. And it would be nice to have an Undo option; so if you tap the wrong place, you can erase the mistake. Still need the ads and texts to stop blocking my directions, boo. I'm even willing to $ to unlock ad removals, sigh. And I would like to PERManently opt out of Carpool - quit popping up please. Give me a Most Direct option vs fastest or shortest... sometimes I just want an Easy Route. But this is the best app at its price ($0!!) and I like the instant updates from other drivers.

Joie Har   5 star

Love Waze, just wish.... I absolutely love Waze, I use it daily, so does my husband &both my kids. I only wish it could be used when the phone home screen is locked. I also use an app that pays me to not text and drive how it works is it knows when the phones home screen is locked or unlocked. Using Waze requires you to open/unlock/wake up the phone this causing the text app to think I’m texting & driving. Other than that, Waze is the BEST gps app out there!!!

Mwazer   2 star

Update needed. New update should add include police info : moving or on shoulder, report which lane a stopped car or accident.

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Atomas2   1 star

iOS 13 support problem. I have changed my iphone and the new one has iOS 13. I couldn't set the access to my contact addresses even after validation of my phone number as stated in the help

cellodav   4 star

Superb app with just one flaw. Does everything I need out of the app. The only downside is that it blocks voice access to Siri when open.

JunDars   4 star

Personal Reviews. Waze is very direct and interactive. Very User Friendly.

Gabriel D. Tiri   5 star

I always drive with Waze. Great app to get around traffic, hazards, and cops. It may take you through residential areas that can become tight to drive. May also take you to turns that are more difficult to take. If you can handle that, this app will help you get to your destination faster. It’s really helpful when hazards like stopped vehicles or construction are on your route. You’re aware of them before you even see them. You won’t be able to pinpoint moving police but it will definitely help when they are sitting waiting with a radar gun. I haven’t come across an instance where I’m notified of a traffic stop but I assume that those are reported by users as well. It’s better than google maps in that way but does not have the same capabilities. Ex. Searching for a restaurant and reading reviews

Sweet dydy   5 star

Trop cool,. Trop cool avec l’application, je suis rassuré

Shaggy638   5 star

Thank you.. Easy to use and friendly. Made for driving in town.

Face book iPad   5 star

Love Waze. The consumer interaction makes this a great app. Way better than Google

Cookie 5331   5 star

Traffic Jam. Love that WAZE reacts to local jams giving alternative routes.

CJ36514   5 star

iOS. Great app. Problem with iOS. CarPlay speed is off by 10-15km per hour. Works fine if not connected. Fix it. Thx.

pouspous300   5 star

Très bonne application. Très pratique quand ont roule

Mrpuppykiller   5 star

Great app. I’ve been using waze for 3 years and i never had a problem with it, i love it

Journey-57   5 star

The BEST!. I love WAZE and its the only GPS I use now. Always accurate gets you to your destination on time or within a minute of. Will take you around traffic jams, warn you of red light cameras, police and cars stopped on the shoulder or middle of the road. I highly recommended this a APP, I definitely will be sticking with WAZE- gets me where I need to be and on time! Keep up the great work!

frankiehharding   2 star

Nothing special about Waze. I have been a huge fan of Waze for a couple of years but something has changed and it no longer predicts my best route. In fact, it’s taken me very long routes and has put me right in a hot mess of traffic or construction. I can no longer trust that it will predict my best route and it’s time to arrive is rarely accurate. I purely use it as a mapping tool now and not a predictable tool to help me navigate traffic. I’ve asked friends and they say the same thing. Don’t know what happened Waze but your awesome navigation tool has lost its awesome-ness. Hoping you can fix this.

iVegan2012   5 star

Hype. Great.

Note11   5 star

Love it. Absolutely love it. It finds better ways of getting from point A to point B.

strike 1 of 3   4 star

Location. Can’t seem to get WAZE to make Map adjustments for our street.

Football-is-life   5 star

LOVE IT!. The best thing ever! Love the sense of community. Brilliant.

Hassan.Kh   5 star

Must have app & so fun. Its an amazing app to have A very friend UI and great way to see all details in a very easy on the eyes icons, the details are phenomenal & its fun to interact with other wazers on the road. And also you can most likely be ahead of the cops on the road Great job team

DJSANDIE   5 star

Luvvvvvvv this app. I’m really enjoying this app

sophie34578   4 star

Quelques commentaires. Plusieurs fois waze suggère de prendre jne petite rue parralèle à une grande rue à Montréal, toutefois cette rue ne comprend ps de lumières à chaque intersection et il est prfois très difficile de traverser les rues sans lumières et beaucoup plus long. Quand on souhaite informer waze de quelque chose sur lemparcours, il prend la localisation du moment où on choisit ce qu’il y a sur la route vs le moment où on clique sur l’icône plus général. Cela fait en sorte que les indications d’événements sur la route ne sont pas toujours très précis. À montréal l’hiver au mois de novembre et avril une option je n’ai pas mes pneus d’hiver pour nous amener uniquement sur des rue principales plus déneigées serait intéressante!

Tabz28   5 star

Never move without Waze!. I’m doing it. What about you?

zious   4 star

Location always on. ..even when I leave the app and off the task switcher too. It keeps draining my battery :/ I play with privacy setting too and I won’t use the app until it works like it used to. Thank you in advance for fixing it.

D32382493   5 star

Facile et efficace. Moi je ne jure que par Waze

Connordagreat   1 star

Chooses worst route. If, like me, you live in a big city like Toronto, this app is supposedly Ideal. I’ve always stood by it and spoke highly of it to everyone. Unfortunately, I no longer can. I am losing count of how many times this app has made me late by choosing extremely traffic heavy routes even when there are routes with lighter traffic available nearby.

CanJam   3 star

A Great Sense of Direction. Waze seems to be the best option for getting around Toronto, one bug I’ve found, it won’t let me add comments to incident bubbles on the map. It says I have to register except I am already registered and logged in.

pitouizekid   1 star

Application does not open. Hi Just installed the app and after starting I got a message cannot load content Tried to go in app support but have a 404 Is this app still maintained? I have a iPhone X with latest OS

lakkkkajjkoappaka   4 star

Gréât app. Great app but not as quick as before and sometimes the app cannot connect .

Rosaire Jr   5 star

Aide à la bonne conduite. Bien pour prévenir devant nous les imprévu

Habsfan11   4 star

Usually good. Waze is good but sometimes is unaware of traffic on my routes until it’s far too late.

El mas teso   4 star

Route Recalculation. I’d hope for Waze to recalculate my routes faster and better, most of the time when I hit the recalculate or other route option button, there’s a better/faster route available and if I didn’t check, the app would’ve let me continue on the longer/slower route.

Advertorial    5 star

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14hellbound88   5 star

Love the new update. I drive all over Australia and this is by far the best and most useful app I’ve owned. And the new update is amazing. Keep up the good work and don’t let them take our reports.

chae113   3 star

No direction or alerts sounds. This is a great app that I have been using forever. However, recently I developed the problem of not hearing and directions or alerts even though all the sounds are on! Sometimes it’ll work again but i do not know what the problem is. Please fix this!!!

Kaileryan   5 star

Fix. Love the app. But whenever I drop a marker for police ect it’s always way off. Needs to be more accurate.

Pat O'Jay   1 star

Not happy. For the last 2 weeks the App was not working.

BarryDu   4 star

Add one more thing this app will become the perfect navigation. Been use Waze for few years, early thing in this app is good, but recently I was realize if Waze them can add a lane guideline will be great. When using the app most of times is drive in the wrong lane, it really annoying when you are in traffic. So if it can add a lane guideline feature, I am happy to even paid for this app.

fred Salem   4 star

P player perfect. My sister is on her red Ps and drives me places now (score!). She often asks me to use this app to check her speed, use the map, and know if there are hazards and other things that she should avoid as she gets her feet wet with driving. A great tool that I would recommend

Kingsidney   1 star

Shortcuts Fail. Shortcuts no longer work in iOS 13 making voice control useless. Reporting an issue in the app didn’t even warrant response.

Tshopguy   2 star

Shame that it causes overheating. Excellent app. I love it buuuuuut unless it's on an air vent with the aircon on it continually overheats (and not in extreme temps either) within 5 or so minutes. Currently using the iPhone X. Doesn't seem to happen with Google maps. I really wish this would be addressed - surely it's happening to multiple people enough to warrant looking into!?

daveytodd   4 star

Almost perfect. Absolutely epic. Just need to update the roads, and then, you’ve got yourselves a 5 star review

102megan   1 star

Would be better without the religious ads. Good handy app - but could do without advertising religious places / churches. :(

SoccerPlayer0624   5 star

Apple Watch. Can you guys please make Waze compatible to Apple Watch. Because some time we don’t want to be looking at our phone when we’re driving. Instead of taking our phone out and pressing on the button when ever there is car park at the road side or alert. It easier and more convenient. Please include this feature in next update. Please thanks.

JuniorL1   3 star

Good. But could improve.. I think the app is good. But, when i used it the other day, the app said there were going to be three police officers up the road from me, when i got to that point on my route, there were no police in sight. I just would like the app to be abit more accurate. I have only used it a few rimes so far, but i would suggest making the alerts more clear like for example, police, is it a booze bus ? Just a police car there etc. THAT would be awesome !! My suggestion would be to please be more clear with the alerts, otherwise its awesome & easy to use :)

Lauxes25   4 star

Current Street Name. Very good app & I would give a 5 star rating if it showed current street name I am driving on at bottom or top of screen

frusteh   1 star

Bad app. This app took us halfway accross Sydney turning a 1 hour trip into a 3 hour trip very unreliable

V_DZ   3 star

Still a little work to be done.. Alerts and navigation voice is way too soft even on full volume. Can hardly hear it and a lot of the speed limits are inaccurate. Other then that good app.

gregliss   4 star

Couple fixes needed. Waze is my go to navigator, very happy with it. Just a couple things I wish you would fix. 1. I have to manually shut down the app once CarPlay disconnects. Please fix or add the command shut down/close to the shortcut/animations app so we can setup to close on CarPlay disconnect. 2. I use manual zoom and wish the app would remember the last manual zoom setting in CarPlay. I currently have to adjust zoom every time I connect to CarPlay.

Bundymutant   3 star

Needs more fine tuning. Overall a good app but have noticed it needs a few improvements - Audible warning for speed cameras does not work all the time, yet hazard warnings always are heard. - Whilst in operating in apple car play mode, not all options are available to report warnings. Especially Speed cameras. The closest option is Police. Yet when operating in phone only mode all options available. - Range of warnings do not correlate to settings options in app. - One improvement would be to add 500m of range to gps data reports of hazards ie speed cameras when report is logged due time and distance travelled by a user reporting such a warning.

Adrian J   1 star

Very creepy app. Use the app, Okay, it does what it does. Try turning it off to stop it tracking your location. The iPhone shows a blue menu bar to indicate the app is still using your location but double clicking on the home button to show a list of running apps that you can swipe away and Waze is not included in the list. Surely this contravenes Apples app policies. Delete.

Franin30   4 star

Needs Apple Music support now. Apple Music is the way to go. Please support it. Please have an audio alert for all fixed camera on apple car play. I can’t drive and keep looking at the screen waiting for a pop up alert too happen.

Mistyc00p   3 star

Latest update or one before. I noticed latest update or 2nd last may have some issue. Battery goes down real fast and phone got real hot. Few times my phone got emergency shutdown due to temperature. I was using whatsapp call and Waze at the same time while its on wireless charger in the car. I had to stop the car and wait until cool down. If I use google map no issue.

Fb user45677   5 star

Needs Apple Watch support. Great app, should have more flexibility to highlight certain businesses or POI as icons on the map which are of interest and personalised to the user. Also please add Apple Watch Support !

Arunthomas   4 star

Please fix this Apple CarPlay speedometer issue!. When connected to the Apple CarPlay the speedometer is displaying double the actual speed that I am driving. So it sends out an over speed alert and warning sound very frequently and it’s annoying. Thanks!

ThornyPixie   2 star

A Love Hate relationship. Love to app, love the speedometer and traffic alerts. Like the animations and toony feel. HATE the fact that it CHEWS through my battery power so it is being deleted and I’m looking elsewhere.

Fruity sweet   2 star

unreliable giving shortest and fastest route. When I use this GPS application it always giving the longesst distance. I have to adjust and give myself an ample of time to get through my journey.

Marfield000   3 star

App is good but please add these features. - Please add advanced line guidance - ETA update when running late, another SMS message will be sent. - Advance line guidance navigation like in apple maps and google maps. - Support for Google Play Music - Support for Sound Cloud - Auto update for construction on roads and blocked roads. - Faster and smarter route calculation.

Jemo211   5 star

Best map to use. Awesome for keeping up today with traffic and other incidents

brilliantthings   1 star

Can't disable Red light camera alerts!. Can't disable Red light camera alerts!

SpaggyWaggy   4 star

Battery usage. I use this to get me around everyday and find it very handy but it chews SO much of my battery power! Surely they can sort something out to use it smarter.

GAT_51   1 star

GAT17. When is the next update happening

Oz Birder   5 star

Navigation at it’s best, but.... This is a very comprehensive app and offers many useful features that other navigation apps lack. However I do wish I could view my reports I have posted. Thanks

Michi7865   1 star

Horrible. This app is suppose to guide you so you won’t get traffic but I got the opposite. I got sent to go through so much traffic every time I opened the app. When I planned drives a week in advanced it never notifies me on a time that I should leave even when I put on send notifications in the app and in settings. I’m using google maps from now on they never failed me before I doubt they’ll fail me now.

Fazliddin Azizov   1 star

Тормозит!. Стал сильно Тормозить после обновления. Слишком долго Соединяется С интернетом

Don camalot   2 star

Not active to feed back ?. After being stuck in countless traffic accidents and sitting in lane closures this traffic app isn’t it’s all cracked up to be and doesn’t do what it claims to do. Users report traffic and accident hours in advance however, Waze does absolutely nothing to recalculate or give you an alert to avoid any obstacle. Back to google maps!

Joe Driver 69   3 star

Great app, great idea, still buggy. Waze has the premier carpooling app! However, the developer needs to continue developing for, app speed and response times, and scheduling does not work with repeat riders at times. Monthly payments seem far between and I’m not even sure if I have been paid without auditing my bank statements. While these issues can cause frustration, the app provides great networking capabilities among riders and drivers on a common route.

Jeannera   3 star

Not working well with car play. Ever since they did the IOS update I can’t get to use waze while listening to the radio. When I open waze the radio automatically switch to my music library in iTunes. I switch back to the radio but it will auto switch to iTunes. Frustraring. My

Green hornet12345   1 star

Blind left turns. Terrible!!! I can’t tell you how many times Waze navigates you to an impossible blind left turn, across several lanes of traffic. All to save 1 minute. Come on!!!!

newitouchuser529   5 star

Reducing Vehicle Carbon Emissions!. I feel like I’m doing my part for Earth because I’m carpooling through this app! The user base feels pretty small still but I’ve managed to find several people to carpool with! I’ve used the app both as a rider and a driver! There are a few little bugs I’ve run into, but overall, I appreciate this app and how it’s a tool for saving the environment!

EdisonFox   2 star

App bug. I’ll connect my phone to Apple car play. Waze will work fine, but occasionally it will crash, and all my other apps that are open (including waze) Uber , lyft , Spotify , Apple Music, etc. will close and stop working. I’ll have to re open my apps on my phone , which defeats the purpose of “hands-free”. It’s unsafe and frustrating.

STM 17   1 star

Can’t comment on reports?. Loved it for planning a drive.... now it puts me directly in standstill traffic and won’t allow users to comment on reports. What happened Waze?

🌹uni🌹   1 star

I’m deleting this app. Waze use to be great now I feel like it’s putting me in more traffic than taking me out of it... I’m disgusted and disappointed going back to google maps

Dance and dream baby 123456789   5 star


keyboardsfan   1 star

Bluetooth not working. There are multiple issues with the Bluetooth that many are now having on the iPhone when in the vehicle. It has become incredibly difficult to get Waze to connect with car audio. This is a SERIOUS ISSUE!!! Waze has always been a great app. But they have not addressed the serious issues that are causing this. What good is the app if you can’t use it? Consider the almighty Google owns it, you would think they would fix it. Maybe they hate Apple.

2muchswag4u🔫   3 star

It used to work great but.... I never had a problem with Waze before, I loved Waze and used to over every other navigation service. Waze has saved my butt plenty of times and I loved to app. But recently it has been just frankly awful. It tells me when to turn to late when I have already passed the turn and some of the routes it takes me on when there is traffic are almost suicidal. It will try to make me cross from one side of the road to the opposite lane on very busy traffic filled roads, which it is almost impossible most of the time. It ends up taking longer waiting there for room to cross then just actually going down the road with traffic. I hope there is a way to make this app efficient like it used to be. Until then I’ll be using other apps.

App is a bit flickering.. App shows the riders pickup and drop off point as my home and destination ( which is not) and is very slow in updating the ride changes

Faeretech   5 star

Terrific!!! I travel a lot!! Waze is a Godsend!. Love this app!!! Easy to use and accurate!! What more can you ask for!!! Oh!!! Traffic alerts, alternate routes and of course the always helpful cop alerts!!!!

Graceland Bo   5 star

Great app.. Waze Has has helped me avoid numerous

PollieRedRoo   1 star

Used to LOVE, now can’t stand it. Carpool popup is never ending and there is no way to disable. It covers the navigation screen and needs to be swiped away. It is distracting and dangerous, not to mention infuriating at the number of times it raises its ugly head in a 10 mile drive around town. Just stop already. Google maps is looking really good in comparison.

Doll har31   1 star

Worst customer service.. never use it again. Worst customer service.

Rraz45   4 star

Not working with recent Toyota Car Play. I had an update on Toyota car play and it doesn’t work well with waze. I don’t see my location and it doesn’t show my car.

M.f....   5 star

Mo. Good

#1Tron fan quise   4 star

Gotta get the basics. Just sayin. i love this app so helpful but unlike googlemaps. this app doesn’t support my itunes music that i purchased from the apple store. it only recognizes aftermarket music apps like Spotify, Pandora, and RNJ radio. while its nice that you covered the more popular music app options. some of us are just rolling with the stock music app that came with the phone. so i hope that this issue can be fixed. PS please look at how google maps does it. as i love the balance of seeing the map and switching music at the same time. other than that this app is near perfect for what its supposed to do ✌️👍👌✌️👏👍🤙👍🤙👏👋✌️👏👍🤙👏

BGAlum   1 star

Was good... but keeps getting worse. More and more often Waze fails to find a route or multiple route options. Other apps find directions much quicker. Too many problems with Waze with other apps having the same functions. Now it ignores the avoid tolls and etc. I do not recommend using this app.

waze_is_terrible   1 star

Stupid app. Takes you on the most useless routes increasing your ETA all the time clearly does not understand how traffic works. Horrible!

hahdjdbejdjs   1 star

Garbage. Used to be the best app til they sold it to whoever ruined it. Everyone I know is deleting it. Will always take you the longest way. I’ve been using it since it came out and finally gave up.

Mary frustrated Mary   3 star

Can no longer turn on microphone for hands free. iOS 13.2.2 need hands free for legal driving. Hope this gets resolved soon.

Daisy Duke 9   3 star

No GPS. This app used to be great. Now it constantly drops GPS location. It will work for a few minutes and then states “No GPS. Showing approximate location.” Other navigation apps on my phone work just fine. I really wish Waze would work properly so I could see traffic jams, construction, police and alternate routes. Please fix this problem so I can use Waze again!

Zacholantern   5 star

It is amazing 😃🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😃. Hi I am so glad you made this it is awsome

Nanmaran   5 star

Awesome!. We don’t travel without Waze anymore!!!


Use it every trip I’ve 10 miles. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Waze is a necessity here.

Stevebobbq   1 star

Apple ruined this app.. I sincerely believe Apple intentionally messes up competitor map apps to force us to use theirs. Google maps and Waze were practically ruined by the latest update, Again. Whatever.

Kayak Doug   4 star

Near perfect - one really annoying bug. As a navigation tool - this app is awesome. It is almost a 5*, but they really need to fix the favourites bug. Once you create a favourite - you can edit, delete, re-order - but they re-appear and change orders randomly! It really is annoying. I use the same destinations to get traffic info and so I use the same places all the time. It keeps moving them to the bottom of the list!

lianina22   5 star

Thank you. Just love WASE! Thank you, you save our live in Montreal! Best road assistance in Montreal and anywhere in the world!!!

Waze2345   1 star

Travel time are junk. Travel time are always changing and are coming bigger and bigger as you go! Google map is way accurate on travel time

Gooddog05   5 star

Waze app. The Waze app is awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome

StephaKenn23   5 star

BFF. Never leave home wherever home is without it...

steamxxx77   5 star

AL-WAYS WAZE. Easy and helpful just one suggestion also add option to avoid highways and toll.

Ansar85   1 star

No network. It doesn’t see LTE after update

Mdlap1   4 star

Doesn’t even open. Great app but since your last update, the app doesn’t even open on my iPad Pro.

StrongBard   1 star

Wrong Directions And Inaccurate. Sends you a lot of time’s in circles and the longest routes and then it will make you go into many different streets to bring you back to the same street you were originally on. So you lose valuable time and end up where you started after taking all these unnecessary streets and driving around for no reason. Also when your on your driveway or trying to make a turn from a street it tells you to make a turn in the wrong direction, and if you follow that, you end up wasting time and it’s a headache to get back on track in the right direction. I felt this App used to be good in the past now it’s just so bad, I can’t trust it or will be using it in the future.

Marlene Lemaire   5 star

J’adore. Surtout pour la police

Bartyboy1230   1 star

Absolute worst. This is by far the most backward piece of crap traffic app. It sends you onto huge detours and into dense traffic without reason when the original route is far better. Do not use in cities you are not familiar with because it give absolutely zero warning

Wydeglide   5 star

Wydeglide. Are use Waze even when I know where I’m going because it gives me the road conditions and will plan the fastest route or detour.

rayfaustino   5 star

Waze App. Excellent App always updated Routes !!!

edgjyfvjighj   5 star

Awesome. Awesome gps app , it’s everything you will ever need

Regisoo   5 star

Borne électrique. Il manquerait la position des bornes pour véhicules électriques.

Alfred D1   5 star

Good Navigation. Works great. An improvement would be to indicate the next turn after the upcoming turn

rhamodi   5 star

Good app. Save me time

LT22TO   1 star

Terrible forecasting. ETA is always wrong. Drives are consistently longer than forecasted. They try to find “better” routes in TO that net out to the same if not worse then sitting in traffic.

Smenghy   4 star

Toll highways. I’m curious if Waze suggests toll roads unnecessarily. Otherwise I love Waze.

b.sadeghi   5 star

Exellent. Perfect in heavy traffic.

PlasticMama   5 star

Petit bémol. Difficile de corriger les erreurs de carte/adresses toutefois. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Marie Jarc   5 star

Best app ever. Much better than google in every way

somethingbluee   4 star

Not bad but could be a bit better. If they do push/fetch data more often during the trip.

Jen123Ont   5 star

Love this app. One suggestion would be to add an option for when a cop is driving on the road not just options for when they are off to the side of the road. Love this app!

miss chatterbox 755   5 star

Love it!. The app is great! It helps me avoid traffic as much as possible. I get a notification telling what time to leave to arrive on time and It will notify my so I can change my route to avoid getting stuck in a traffic jam or getting backed up by an accident or construction. Since I’ve started using this app I’m almost never late.

Invalid-id   4 star

Reconnaissance vocale. A quand la reconnaissance vocale en français?

real testing by a tech   4 star

Still needs work. Who is a great app specially with the community based reporting however there are some Kevin Gates of the software.

NTHBG15   4 star

Improvement needed. App would be great if it would make the difference between being otherwise highway or on the service road. So annoying

WillyTurn   4 star

Fairly good!. Fairly accurate on timing for most parts, it does suggest alternative routes when it detects congestion most of the time!

shdrive   5 star

Follow the sun. Works great!

Thredboboy   5 star

It's a Wazey kinda life 😌. Absolutely love love love this app, brings a wealth of driving info to your fingertips and the updates by the fellow Waze community of drivers Keep it up everyone !!

Richo737599   5 star

Use It Every Day !!. I use this app daily to make sure I get to work on time and it works like a charm. Always lets you know how long you’ll be sitting in a queue in a traffic jam and can change your route mid journey to get you to your destination quicker. Tells you what speed you are travelling and is quite accurate with the local speed limits and alerts you if you go over. So many amazing features. Can’t rate it highly enough !!

leolass420   5 star

Magic!. This is a fantastic little app I would be totally lost without it.

Aussiefarmer   2 star

Waze ok, but fix the CarPlay 'actual' speed. Becomes completely wrong when you see the 'actual ' against the limit being exceeded by 50% or more. Actual at 100 kph and the readout on screen at 155kph. Waze doesn’t actually have some roads on it at all, public roads that are tarred and lined. Shame you can’t get that right too

Mr bishi   4 star

Tunnels!!!. Why you guys haven’t set up a simulation for driving through tunnels yet is beyond me. And it takes way too long to kick in again when you do come out of a tunnel. So much so, that you’ve taken the wrong road when you come out. No instructions as to what to do when exiting a tunnel. This is a a major over sight in my view. Even garmin has had that for a few years now...

botherstion   4 star

Incorrect directions. Tried to get to an address in Clinton but took me to incorrect area of suburb. If you could fix this it would be great as I use this app frequently.

DF Trucks   3 star

On screen speedo. The new on screen speedo is wrong. When I’m traveling @ 100km/h the on screen display says I’m traveling 110km/h

rabbit hb   2 star

App crashed twice on highway. Waze crashed twice while driving on highway. I have to stop the car on emergency lane and re-open the app setting up navigation again, which is dangerous. Waze has many fancy features, but for sake of safety I have to consider using google map on highway to prevent this from happening again.

Monkeylurv   3 star

Lane guidance?!. Would be perfect if you included Lane guidance. You have Lane guidance in Google maps so why haven't you added same to Waze? It doesn't make sense why Waze does not have this necessary feature. When I'm driving somewhere new I rely on Google maps. This is rediculous that a feature that's been asked for from Waze users for years has still not been implemented. Come on developers...

Amandainoz   3 star

Faulty update?. Seems to not work as well since last update. Says no gps until you’ve been driving for about 5mins. Really frustrating if needing a quick navigation around unexpected traffic. Doesn’t happen on my partners non-updated version

andy666444   4 star

Great App. Not as good anymore. Something has changed in algorythms. Alerts s time open witking. I use it even when I know where I’m going. Best App for road hazards, accidents, congestion and police. Takes a while to learn all features. Use it as a passenger and work out what all the extras can do for you.

Ctygmail   3 star

Please keep updating map please. Map needed to update in Sutton NSW, Australia. Even some Suburban roads please.

admrich   3 star

Needs reworking, often isn’t showing quickest route, no options for route choices. I’ve used Waze for a while through a couple of changes & revisions. The settings now are minimal, settings for route choices & types are now non-existent. I find it awkward to be using Google Maps to find shortest/quickest route & use that to create path to destination that is actually quickest route. These options are needed, these choices are needed to make Waze the best GPS App. create

D_M_C79   4 star

Great App. Use the app all the time and it’s great. I have the language set to Spanish as I’m trying to learn it. Would be good for more control over the frequency of the information that is spoken, it’s to frequent. Would also be awesome to search for fellow Waze notifications/hazards/cameras etc prior to leaving make this happen👍

Shlongman181   2 star

Not so accurate. Does not know one way streets or that you cannot do U turns in NSW. Also cannot work out best route accurately. Just happy I never paid for it

vcharu   2 star

Speed is not accurate. When using with my phone and in my car setup the speed of my car is not captured accurately. The speed is all over the place even has gone to zero when im doing 60

Zhanilla 🍦   5 star

Amazing!. Really well thought out app. I really like being able to find the best time to leave for future trips to avoid traffic and see what time I need to leave by etc! Also notifies me when there are hazards or stops on the roads ahead! Awesome!

*ToneHound*   3 star

Sync/Delay Issues ⚠️. There is a sync in the latest update with actual tracking of vehicle. Voice prompts are in sync with location of vehicle, but the onscreen location is way off which causes missed turnoffs/directions. Please Fix ASAP 😬

Pat SCL   4 star

Almost perfect (line assistance). Please please Waze add lime assurance this is the only reason why I keep using google maps and/or Apple maps....

Isidore12   2 star

Does more harm than good. Waze is more an app than a navigation system. The optimised route is usually small back streets, where it is difficult to drive. It doesn't show the lane you should be in, for example on highways where each lane goes in a different direction. You get confused and it becomes dangerous. You think you are making a good deal because it is free, but you are creating more stress for yourself on the road and all your data are collected. I paid few dollars for MetroView and I never regretted it.

Ksta73   4 star

3.5 Rating option doesn’t offer half stars. Just started using this app recently, and love the alert features for cameras, police etc. great app when driving locally. It doesn’t offer other alternative routes well so prefer to use google when travelling to an unknown or new destination!

keep left idiots   1 star

Could not locate start point.. Suddenly not working cannot get it to operate or navigate. Please don’t force me to downgrade to google maps

lagoodino   1 star

New update is so bad!! Pls fix!. The most recent update has RUINED this app! Late to notify me to turn, laggy tracking and crashing. Using on a XS MAX, horrible. Pls fix

tmo1923   4 star

Great but listen to the users. I’ve been using this app for about a year now and love it in my local areas. However like a lot of people when navigating new areas it’s hard to use, with last second route changes, no lane warnings, and the crashes on apple CarPlay it makes it a little more difficult to use. If those problems could be addressed then Waze would be a solid 5/5. I love that I’m told my speed and speed zones, camera/police warnings, and the user based information to get the fastest real-time road conditions. Those are super helpful features and make peakhour much less of a headache.

Cate1975   5 star

Amazing app. Absolutely love Waze... Was sad when the app updated and I lost the DJ... he was cool. This app has definitely helped me avoid traffic congestion and saved driving time. Do yourself a favour and Join the Wazevolution!!!!

Pungun   4 star

System shutdown when connect to apple car play. System shutdown automatically when connect to apple car play plz rectify this error thanks ASAP

pukima78   1 star

Lame navigation. Apparently the waze navigation kinda slow and keep on connecting to the GPS

francismorello   2 star

Needs lane navigation. I like the app and use it regularly when I know where I am going but want the fastest route and avoid traffic. The only downside to this app is that it does not have lane navigation so when I need directions to get to a place I don’t know I switch back to Google maps for the lane navigation, otherwise I frequently miss turns. Also, I use Siri commands a lot when driving to make calls, however, it’s not working at the moment. It was previously working.

Hlmhs   4 star

Amazing app. I have been using this app for a while. It’s amazing except for search feature while driving. It’s a bit to hard to use. For example, last time I was driving and my car was running out of petrol. And I was so hard to search for the nearest petrol station. Hope you can update this feature.

Wasdwazd   2 star

Great for avoiding incidents, pathetic at actual navigation. If we actually need to get to a new destination, we use our cars navigation, Google Maps or Apple Maps. When driving regular routes we’re familiar with, we use Waze to stay informed of road and traffic conditions. The constant recalculation to try and save seconds of travelling time makes it unreliable for navigation in areas you’re not familiar with, as it doesn’t take permanent hazards, like slow or dangerous intersections, local access only roads and traffic slowing measures into account. A configurable threshold before offering a recalculated route would greatly improve usability for actual navigation.

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