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TuneIn brings together live news, sports, music, podcasts and radio from around the world.

With live and on-demand audio from the voices you trust, on any device, you're never without something amazing to listen to.

TuneIn Pro is a special version of the TuneIn app that, for a one-time fee, removes visual display ads and pre-roll commercials that normally play before content begins.


• News: Stay informed with 24/7 news from local, national and global sources, including CNN, MSNBC, FOX News Radio, NPR and BBC.

• Sports: Listen to your team wherever you go with local, national and global sports talk stations.

• Music: Soundtrack your life with exclusive music channels, including Today's Hits, Classic Rock Hits and Country Roads.

• Podcasts: We've got all your must listen podcasts right here.

• Radio: Stream over 100,000 AM, FM and internet radio stations broadcasting from 197 countries.


When you sign up for TuneIn Premium, our optional monthly subscription service, you also get:

• Commercial-Free News: The only place where you can listen to CNBC, CNN, FOX News Radio and MSNBC without commercials.

• Commercial-Free Music: Jam out to nonstop songs without ever encountering an ad.

• Less Ads: Enjoy more listening and fewer commercials across all 100,000 radio stations.



Experience live 24/7 news from national and global sources like CNN, MSNBC, FOX News Radio, BBC, NPR, CNBC and Cheddar, along with local stations like KQED-FM, WNYC-FM, KCRW, WHYY, WTMJ and WAMU. You can even hear many of your favorite news shows as podcasts.


Listen to your team wherever you go with local, national and global sports talk stations with pregame and postgame analysis, and team centric sports podcasts.

You can also stream live play-by-play of the biggest games from stations like ESPN Radio and talkSPORT, along with on-demand podcasts coverering your football, baseball, basketball and hockey obsession from every angle.


Bounce between TuneIn's exclusive music stations curated for every mood, taste and activity. Plus, keep discovering new songs with the best AM/FM stations in the world, including WHUR-FM, 107.5 WBLS, WQXR-FM, 97.9 WSKQ-FM and Hot 97 WQHT-FM.


From trending chart-toppers to all-time favorites, follow classic shows like RadioLab, Stuff You Should Know and TED Radio Hour, and top-rated hits like The Joe Rogan Experience, NPR's Up First, NYT's The Daily, Wow in the World, and more.


In addition to the mobile and desktop app, TuneIn is available for free on hundreds of connected devices, including Apple Watch, CarPlay, Google Home, Amazon Echo and Alexa, Sonos, Bose, Roku, Chromecast and more.

Subscribe to TuneIn Radio Premium through the free app. If you choose to subscribe, you will be charged a monthly subscription fee according to your country. The subscription fee will be shown in the app before you complete the payment. Your subscription will automatically renew every month at the then-current subscription fee unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the then-current subscription period. Your iTunes account will automatically be charged within 24 hours prior to the end of the then-current period. The subscription fee will be charged monthly. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings.

Privacy policy: http://tunein.com/policies/privacy/
Terms of use: http://tunein.com/policies/

TuneIn uses Nielsen measurement software which allows you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. To learn more about Nielsen's products and your privacy, please visit http://www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information.

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TuneIn Pro - Radio & Sports Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Stay current on the pandemic and the post-election landscape with live and on-demand news coverage. Here's what's new: • Soundtrack the season with exclusive holiday music stations: Holiday Hits & Holiday Standards • Updated Premium overview screen • Ability to delete previously recorded content • Bug fixes Share your experience by writing a review in the App Store. For technical help, please email support@tunein.com.

TuneIn Pro - Radio & Sports Comments & Reviews

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- Devoted listener to TuneIn pro

A feature that I would REALLY like to see added as an option in Tune-In settings is the ability to chose "anchored browsing" or "anchored scanning" when scanning down through my Favorites list. I often select a station, decide the subject being discussed is not interesting to me, and return to Favorites in order to continue scanning down the list. However, TuneIn returns me to the top of the Favorites list instead of permitting me to resume scanning where I left off. Otherwise, I love TuneInPro. I have been a user of TuneIn since probably 2010. As a radio aficionado, I love finding radio stations with live or repeat talk show programming all over the U.S. and cultural programming from other countries. Since I am a late night person, the ability to find at any almost any hour stations offering repeat programming is of great importance to me. Using TuneIn I can find the programs being repeated or recorded that I like at 3am ET, for example. The ability to record anything I am listening to live for playback later is also a huge plus for me, especially classical music concerts. Because of the variety of programming and the ability to RECORD (a huge plus!) available to me through TuneIn, other apps such as Pandora and iHeart do not interest me at all.

- New Update Needs Some Work

TuneIn Pro has been working great but the new update is creating a bunch of issues.: *Recordings are now a sub-tab in My Library instead of a stand alone screen. Not a big deal but it requires extra navigation steps which matter with the final issue I mention. * Multiple times my shows just stopped playing and recording. My phone was on my desk in a charger untouched and connection was not dropped. I pick it up to do something and find it has stopped playing and recording (recording with sound off so I can listen later so I was not aware). * A big flaw is that you used to be able to scan back while something was playing live and pick up listening at previous moments within a 30 minute window (still works on recordings). You could do this with the 30 second forward/back buttons or just dragging the play line. This no longer works. * This happened with the last update but is still the case with the current update. If you are listening to recorded content with your phone locked and you pause it and then resume it, the recording gets dropped and it picks up the channel live. It happens if you pause using headphones, the screen, watch or some other device. This stinks because it requires you to pickup your phone, unlock it, go to the recording and restart it. With the new “My Library” button it takes one more step to get it done. 1st world problem but still a poorly designed aspect of the app and resume feature.

- Always Updating

Excellent! Of all my apps.(and I have way too many) This Dev. has updated his app in an attempt to keep things fresh and new with more updates than any other app. I own. Now that says a lot about the Devs. intentions. That being said I don't understand the complaints. This is the best music app I have, and I own several. The customer service is second to none so rather than slam someone's hard earned work, which he/she obviously cares deeply about, why not drop a line to them first? Rather than immediately posting negs? I can appreciate it and many have it coming, but not this Dev. I know all of you have or had apps. that the Devs could care less about. They post it, sell it, and abandon it. Take the money and run, and there's more of them than people who truly care. That's why I felt compelled to post, because this one is one that really cares about the product. There aren't a lot and I hate to see someone that puts their whole into the product become grouped in with the money grabbers. Take Care.... UPDATE: Well, as they say all good things come to an end. I hated to see this app go the route of the subscription. This was and continues to be a great app, and the developers have been improving this app since it’s inception.

- Awful sports broadcast quality and excessive advertising

I can’t count the chronic, ongoing, repeated episodes where live sports event plays are repeated, often 3 or 4 or more times, hearing and rehearing the same few seconds of some game, while I know the live game has continued without any way to get past the repeated buffering errors. And then there are the over-the-limit advertisements, the same ads over and over and even when I change news channels - literally inescapable at times, seemingly continuously - thank heavens for the foreign channels. And this is PREMIUM service. Is there an alternative news source that can be paid without endless advertising? I deeply dislike TuneIn.

- Plagued with intrusive ads. Now I also hate quicken loans for life

I had this app for a long time, and I use it to listen to foreign stations occasionally, but since a few months this app became unbearable. When you open any station you’re welcomed with a high volume, high pitched, fast speaking, house flipping guru ad style from Quicken loans ceo: Jay Farmer. You would ask why now I know his name? Because its in every frickin ad! A botched remarketing algorithm must believe I’m desperate for a money loan because I’m literally bombarded with quicken loans ads every 5 minutes or less. Today it was the worst episode when I was literally flurried with 6 quicken loans ads in sequence not even one finishing before the next one started. That’s how bad this is. Now, to the listening experience: If you want to listen to a sports game, a concert, a news cast or something where you don’t want to lose the continuity, then look somewhere else because Tune In Radio will irritate you with an intrusive ad in the middle of the most interesting dialog from your radio show or maybe in the middle of your favorite song. Now I’m certain of two things: I will move to another app that treats the user with more respect, and I will never, ever go to quicken loans.

- Error message on FAVORITES and BROWSE pages

I have loved Tune-in Pro for years, but ever since last week, my FAVORITE and BROWSE pages are completely blank, displaying only the message, “An error occurred, please try later!” I have been in touch with a very kind person on the support staff and tried all recommendations, to no avail. I can no longer log in or out because the settings button is gone, and I’m nervous that if I delete the app from my phone and reload it, it might not recognize my password or might corrupt the app on my iPad (which is still working normally). Has anyone else run into this problem? Any suggestions? I love the app but I appear to be at an impasse. UPDATE: I deleted and reloaded the app, discovering in the process that one of my FAVORITES, Classic FM, is no longer being offered through Tune-In, though the icon was still visible. My guess is that the app couldn’t reconcile the contradiction (a station there but not there) and did a little freak out. My favorite app is working again. Yippee!

- Sadly, goodbye...

TuneIn has attributes that might normally earn four or five stars, but I've discovered a deal-killer: The app won't function with my VPN (virtual private network) activated. I always protect my online privacy to the max, and this means encrypting all of my traffic, both incoming and outgoing, and masking my identity and location to the extent possible. If TuneIn won't work with VPN, does this mean the company is trying to collect data from my activity? The app tells me I have no WiFi connection, but I do, of course. Does this mean the developer is unable to handle encryption? Or, perhaps, doesn't want me to mask location or identity? I'm going to delete TuneIn from my devices after posting this review. I've found other online tuners that work okay for me with privacy protection enabled — myTuner Radio and Simple Radio are two examples. In these times, we need to protect our privacy from corporations who want to sell us and governments who want to repress us. That's why I subscribe to a good VPN (Tunnel Bear), I never use Google search and have zero contact with Facebook or its subsidiaries. Remember, if it is free, you are the product.

- Beyond Disappointing - Do Not Subscribe!

The app, as far as it goes, functions very well. The Premium Subscription, however, is complete junk and a waste of money. I won’t even go into my disappointment and frustration with the termination of the agreement between tuneIn and the NFL. No, I only want to talk about the fact that, as a Premium subscriber, I am getting pre-roll aand mid-roll ads for almost every station I listen to. I’m not talking about the local radio ads, either. I am talking about ads which are not heard on the stations over-the-air broadcast. When I tried to contact support, they pointed the finger at the individual radio station. That, in my opinion, should not be my problem. TuneIn lead me to believe that paying for the Premium Subscription would eliminate these ads. Otherwise, why would I even consider paying for the Premium service? There is zero value-add! Example: I tap to listen to a station in Florida. Before the station begins playing, I receive an ad for a Nashville-based hospital. And no, it is not unique to the station. This is unacceptable and had I not paid for a year in advance, I would definitely not have continued my subscription.

- Makes for fun commute, but a few bugs

Update 1/6/18. Just heard from tunein that “As of January 15th, 2018, we will no longer be offering audiobooks as part of our premium package. We hope you will come to enjoy our other premium content like 24/7 live streaming and commercial-free news with MSNBC, plus all the music channels and live sporting events throughout the year.” Sorry but replacing quality audio books with MSNBC? Ah, no. Still a good app, but content just took a huge hit. Pros: for $8 a month i get all NFL, MLB, and English football games. Plus current audio books. Ability to set events to my calendar. Get every radio station i can think of. Pause, record, go back to a spot, record, etc. been using the free version for years and now premium service - highly recommended for us commuters. Cons: several audio books cut chapters short. I contacted tunein and they acknowledged this was a bug being worked. NFL game commercials are replaced by mind numbing musak that really gets annoying with the large amount of breaks in the action.

- Banner Ads on the paid version, Buggy, slow to load

Still with the F&ck!ng ads. I really think a lawsuit needs to happen. Just when you think folks have figured out how to make a stable ad-free version of paid software imagine my surprise to find rolling banner ads on my Pro/ advert free software. Besides being miffed with that the app is slow to load, it often freezes and fails to resume playing a stream after phone calls or when getting back into the car after running an errand. It just freezes. This app used to be really good, then they started adding crap no one cares about... I wouldn't recommend I only use it because I paid for it. You know what works? The banner ads they insist on putting in my app. $9.99 for the privilege if having a banner ad for home depot at the top of my favorites page with no way to turn it off. Support is none. So long as Apple allows these app developers to het away with this they will. Keep in mind while this app is "starting up" what its actually doing is calling home to Tune In to download banner ad content instead of streaming your music.

- Needs Design Improvement

Hi, I really enjoy being able to listen to all the stations that Tune In has to offer, i have the Pro version so that i can record what I want to keep. It works great! I just wish we could be able to save to our devices the recordings, to share the recordings with others. Also the app itself looks too simple it needs to look nice or fancy, Pandora did a great job in their app! Pandora looks super cool! I wish Tune in would redesign their app, but make it user friendly. There is always updates for bug fixes but there is never an update where there is an actual change of user experience within the app! Also very much needed and i request that there is a Dark Mode!!! I listen to the radio stations at night but my bloody eyes hurt even on low brightness on my iphone. Dark mode would increase the use of the app during the night. Thank you!

- An update for an icon.. really?

Instead of rolling out an icon update ( which is meh , btw) why isn’t the buffering being corrected, or that constant , and I mean constant error message: “ We’re sorry. An error occurred with this stream. Try again later.” This happens daily. If I try to listen to a podcast, I get the error message. If I try to listen to a station, I get the message. This has been going on for months. The quality of this service has diminished greatly. Over the years instead of getting better it’s gotten worse. Also let’s see if this review gets posted. I submitted one a couple of weeks ago and it never did... Dec 22 Update... the developer sent me a prompt response. I appreciated that. I noted my concern and they responded back that they will look into it. Like is said I luv this app, had it for some years now, that’s why I was concerned. still like the old icon tho...:)

- For me, a bait & switch

I purchased one year of TuneIn Premium for the “audible books” that worked out to less than $10/mo for me. As someone with a neurodegenerative disease, who used to read for a lucrative living, now living on a fixed income, both the price point and service mattered a great deal, as it is now difficult for me to read my 3 kindles. I also enjoy having MSNBC on radio; however, I have Comcast, so with the iOS app, I can listen to MSNBC as a “radio app” standing alone or while using other apps, just as with TuneIn. I would like to talk to TuneIn Premium’s Customer Service, yet it seems they would want me to do that. My Annual Renewal of TuneIn Premium is approaching in November and they stand to lose someone who could be a continuing, automatically, annually renewing customer, which is great for their books in competitive markets; however, my “customer service” tab in TuneIn Premium’s “settings” links to a blank service recommendation, which I had no option but to use. I cannot see any other method of contacting TuneIn Premium Customer Service, so I’m going out on a limb and guessing that the Customer Service Team who dreamed up this ploy is not as large as their marketing team, if not their economics forecasting But I hope and shall continue my pursuit of the TuneIn Premium’s mythical customer service. I shall update my review of TuneIn Premium’s Customer Service. 😳

- Steady erosion of features

I have had the “pro” version for years. It used to be functional - it allowed you to pause and rewind broadcasts, including things like CNN. And it enabled you to record them. Very nice. Unlike the freebie vanilla version which didn’t have that. And you didn’t have to listen to Tune In commmercials interspersed in the broadcast. Well, over time that’s all gone away. You can get CNN, but you can’t pause, rewind or record. You are forced to listen to the annoying Tune In advertisements. You can get NPR, and you can pause, isn’t that awesome. But you can no longer record! This must be one of the recent “bug fixes”. It’s hilarious, because the “record” button still exists. It’s just always grayed out!! Obviously the intent of this app now is to harass you into paying more to get the “premier” version, which seems to want to replace the “pro” version. Shoddy and disgusting, there is no way in h—l I will respond to such harassment. I will go somewhere else, or just do without.

- Annoying!! Loses radio feed

I record my favorite morning show because they have 15 minutes of break for every 20 minutes of show. I will start tune in recording when I wake in the morning. When I get in the car to leave, it only lets me go back 30 minutes or so even though it has recorded much more. If I lose the station (transitioning from WiFi to 3G taking more than a few seconds, for example), the station shuts off, stopping recording. You have a choice at this point. Listen to what you recorded so far or reconnect and listen live with no way to go back in time. Why can’t you start playback of live radio from the start of recording while continuing to record? Why can’t you continue recording when you lose the station and reconnect? These are tremendously annoying oversights.


Used to be the absolute BEST! Audiobooks were included with the Premium app which is $10/month. I’m visually impaired and it was a wonderful thing. Now they have removed the Audiobooks feature completely. Additionally they disabled the ability to “download” a single book upon the announcement they would be discontinuing them, so they effectively disabled any way to save books I had read, or planned to read, or was currently reading and not had the chance to finish! This was a sneaky and underhanded way to end the Audiobooks feature - there were several partly read books I couldn’t finish in time, and because they disabled downloading at same time as announcement I couldn’t save them for later. Even though I was still paying $10 month premium. Now that they have removed their best feature, I personally find there is no further need to continue paying for the Premium app. Shame on Tune In !!!!

- What a terrible shame!

I loved my iTunes Pro. I listen to just one station, Family Radio. I’m realizing that it must have been the last update that changed things. I no longer have the “RECORD” option. I needed it and I relied on it frequently. What makes me feel angry is that they did this without notice I was one the first to buy iTunes Pro. There was a special offer and loving it as much as I did, I upgraded to the “Pro”. After that I had many interruptions, usually either just before the weekend or during the week end. At times it took a long time to get back going, until a really nice person told me how to fix the broken app, which is what was happening. For many years I had no problems until now. I really need the Record feature, I hope they will see the error they made and give us back what we paid for. Sincerely, Mrs. Patricia C. Rohan

- The app works great but I won’t subscribe after this month.

The app works wonderfully but the two main reasons I subscribed to pro were 1) audiobooks (they had some fantastic titles and $9.99 was a hell of a deal to have access to them) and 2) football. After today audiobooks are no longer available and football season is over after this month so I’m cancelling. Maybe I’ll subscribe again when football revs up in the fall but it def won’t be a year round thing for me any longer. I don’t know if the issue with audiobooks was financial on the side of the publishers, not enough interests from listeners or both. Tunein never really advertised the feature very much, I sort of found it accidentally. Shame to see it go though.

- What happened to the pause button?

It seems they have changed the function of the pause button. You used to be able to pause And come back later after an hour or two and go back in and unpause right where you left off. This gave the ability to skip commercials and really listen to whatever you wanted to the rest of the show. But this has been kind of buggy and then lately I see that it’s not even pausing at all now. When you push the button after pausing it picks up where the show is presently live rather than where you paused it causing you to miss some of the show or what you were listening to. This is very unfortunate. It makes this program a little less useful.

- Great Deal for Audiobooks

Updating review to five stars. I primarily use this app for the unlimited audiobooks. There is no better value for book lovers than their audiobook selection. Other services only allow a couple free books per month. With this app you can listen to as many books as you can all for the price of 7.99 - a bargain. Update: Still going strong and they have added many authors. I have the premium version not the pro. No bugs for me Update: They no longer provide audiobooks and it’s not worth the money for the other products they have. Very disappointing. They went from being great, to being just another internet radio station. Bring back audiobooks, market it properly, and you can make more money. The audiobooks should have been a boom considering other sites charge more per month and the quantity is limited as to what can be listened to. Great loss for listeners.

- Reception is usually good, but why did you mess with my college basketball?

I absolutely hate the new way games are shown with college basketball. Upcoming events used to show you everything that was going on, but now it only shows three? Why in the world would you change that? Horrible change. Change it back. I counted on this app to show me who was playing and what time. It no longer does that for me. It also only shows me a couple of live event so I can’t even listen to all the games I want to listen to. I don’t care about that top ranked team stuff. I want to know who is playing, who is on right now, who I can listen to, and not just put the top ranked teams are.

- Use it everyday

I absolutely love this app. Every day, while at work, I listen to my favorite stations from around the world. Completely recommend it. There is one thing, though. In the watch app the volume controls don’t do anything. I have to switch to the Now Playing screen to control volume. I’m sure most people who have the Apple Watch will agree but won’t call you out on it because it’s such a small thing to change. I’m also sure that you guys want this app to be the best it can be and will hopefully fix this little problem. In the meantime, I’ll continue to use this app. I’ll be waiting! (^ー^)

- Indispensable except...

My favorite radio app because I can get the stations and podcasts I want all in one app. It remembers my sign in and saves me from the inconvenience of having to log in repeatedly like other radio apps do. I have been a user for several years now and there is one BIG bug that continues through version to version. This app has no buffer. When the signal (WiFi mostly) gets weak, the app goes into a repeat loop and gets stuck there. If I’m doing chores in the yard and move in and out of range for just a few seconds, the content gets stuck in a 10 second or so loop. I have to quit the program and restart it to restore the stream. It’s the ONLY audio app I have that does this Fix this problem and you will have a world-class app. Please.

- Getting worse

New update took away my ability to pause or rewind certain stations when I miss something. It also restarts streams instead of pausing when I use Siri or take out ear buds for a moment... dumb. Can’t seem to be able to record stations anymore either. No more functionality than a 1950s radio now, so what’s the point? Navigation to favorites is now getting overly complicated. If I press a button that says “favorites” I want to be taken to “favorites” and not another sub menu that requires further navigation to get to the actual Favorites. If you want good, intuitive, simple navigation, use car-mode all the time. Who cares if it isn’t as pretty, working good is better than looking good. classic case of app developers reinventing the wheel as a trapezoid... the 4 year app old version on my backup phone is far superior to this app now

- iOS 13 Volume Control Defect

WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FIX THE VOLUME BAR DEFECT?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Your latest updated today causes the volume control bar to continuously show after adjustment when playing back via AirPods. It never goes away. You have to lock phone or quit app and then it disappears as it should. Way to test the app before publishing it. 🙄 If you have your AirPods connected and you’ve used another app for playback before opening TuneIn, when starting a stream in this app, the playback happens via the iPhone speaker rather than the AirPods. Fix this. Everything else knows it should pipe via AirPods, but your app apparently doesn’t. Stop deleting negative reviews until you actually fix the issues!!! If you’re listening to music live and you take a call, the music will continue to cache in the background so that when you get off the call the music starts playing again where it left off. Problem is that after a bit of it playing like that, it’ll skip forward to the current live stream point and lose all the cached playback. I listen in AirPods so I don’t know if that’s playing a part in this, but it does it on cellular or WiFi, it doesn’t matter the connection, but it’s really annoying and needs to be fixed like ASAP.

- Favorite/ no more

I have been a long time subscriber to this app and have loved everything about it. A little buggy here and there but not that bad. I listen to audiobooks while working 6 days a week. I go through 10 plus books a month and love being able to browse through the selection to pick what I find interesting. THEN YOU HAD TO GO AND RUIN THE BEST APP IVE EVER USED! No words can describe how disappointed I am you decided to cancel audiobook content on Jan. 15. I would happily pay a higher monthly fee to continue with my subscription but after two emails to support asking why tunein is going away from audiobooks the only answer I can get is “audiobook content will no longer be available after Jan 15 we hope you continue to use the many blah blah blah” if tunein brings back audiobooks and even for a higher subscription I’ll be back. But I’m out now.

- Buffering is terrible-can’t recommend

Edited review August 2019: This has been my favorite music app for years - I had to take away all the stars - all of a sudden, the buffering is SO BAD it’s unusable. My internet connection hasn’t changed, and other streaming apps work fine, so it must be TuneIn. I wonder if Pro users are being throttled down to pressure us into buying premium?? I can’t recommend TuneIn until/unless they fix this! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Previous Review: In my experience, TuneIn has improved tremendously since I first started using it. It used to buffer and crash constantly; now it seldom does. I favor it to listen to small university jazz stations with small broadcast range (even my local ones!) - I couldn't enjoy them otherwise. It's also handy to listen to my favorite NPR shows when I'm traveling. I haven't used some features, like recording, since I use podcasts to catch up on my favorite shows. I also usually listen to public radio so ads aren't much of a problem for me. My rating may be higher than most because I haven't used some features.

- Broken! ***UPDATE***

Update 30 November - The black screen issue has finally been fixed! I’ve opened and closed the app several times with no black screen issue. Thank you - changed rating back to 5 stars. Stopped working with the new version. As others have said, only get a black screen when opening the app. Deleted app and reinstalled, but will only work one time. If you close and reopen the app you get the black screen again. Pretty bad for a paid subscription. Perhaps development team should read the reviews after putting out a new release. Users are the best testers.

- App believes I’m not connected to Internet

I purchased TuneIn a LONG time ago. It may have been 50 cents on sale. It's been that long. So I have seen this product evolve to what it is now. Update: TuneIn is definitely much better than it has been in many years But there is a nagging bug that continues to frustrate me. It thinks I am offline! This strictly happens on Cellular data connections. Like many bugs, it happens once in a while. I will walk out of my house to exercise while listening to music and most of the times, the handoff to cellular data is seamless. But about once a week, it will not work. The home screen says “Browse not available while offline.. Please connect to the Internet”. The Favorites says “Request failed: forbidden (403)”. Closed the app. Reinstalled. Updated. Still behaves the same. Only solution is to reboot the phone which is a nuisance. Shouldnt have to reboot my phone because this app misbehaves. I already contacted support and they basically said if works after reboot it is fine. What?? Please do something about this. I am sure i am not the only one with issue. iPhone 11. iOS 13.5. Tunein 18.5

- Used TuneIn for Years - Kinda Like It But

Downgrading my original review because I’ve never subscribed to Tunein Pro and I keep getting charged for it, have cancelled it multiple times, but like really bad heartburn, the subscription and the charges for Tunein Pro keep coming back to my Apple account. Previous Review: Have used it for years. Wouldn't live without it, but in the last year, the constant requests to rate TuneIn when I was trying to start a show or "TuneIn" the news, has resulted in using this much less and one older iPad in our bathroom being thrown out the window. Fortunately, the iPad didn't land on anyone at the time. These constant requests for sign-ins and ratings are clearly hazardous and, the results, in terms of app functionality, reliability and features are made meaningless by this kind of disingenuous and, fundamentally, dishonest approach to surveys.

- Dishonest sneaky liars

I bought this app years ago when it was useful. For an extra amount I bought a one time pro upgrade that let me make recordings. The last time I got a new phone and updated the app apparently I was moved to a different pro version that charges 9.99 per month. Once upon a time you could listen to a decent number of radio stations. I suppose the iHeart companies forced most stations on their app so tough luck TuneIn, but it’s really low down to trick long time customers into something they never wanted. Also shame on Apple. I just discovered this reoccurring charge on my card. Apple should be emailing me my subscriptions each month. Of course if Tim Cook is comfortable with using the equivalent of slave labor from Asia, I doubt he cares that a company is using the Apple ecosystem to rip off senior citizens. Beware of purchasing this app.

- Great App by MAJ

I love the functionality of this radio application. While in NewYork City I was listening to the 1190 AM gospel station. Now I can take that station or hundreds of other stations back home with me. The the ability to use the "record," and "sleep timer" functions are a plus. However, I just had to add an P.S. to this review - the new icon is hideous. Your management should take the new logo and go get their money back. I'm surest I know I none of the people it is supposed to represent would be proud to be associated with it or even see anything in it that reflects them (unless they are on drugs). : - )

- Killed the app with latest update

I loved the app, until now. The latest update made the app unusable. Previous versions had 30sec back and forward buttons next to the play button when listing to a stream. That was extremely useful. You could go back or forward in 30sec intervals to listen to something again or skip through commercials if you paused the playback. Those buttons were changed to scan. Which changes the stream you are listening to similar to a scan function on a radio to scan through stations. I don’t want to do that while I’m listening to a radio station. Please bring back the skip feature. I paid for the pro version and I extremely disappointed that this was changed. I’m going to look for a different program until this feature is returned.

- Rewind and FF not available

Paid for the PRO version and used this app everyday Monday-Friday for years. Loved the fact that I could pause it when listening to live radio if I received a phone call. Before this update I was able to rewind or fast forward after pausing and letting it buffer a little. Now that ability is no longer available. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!! Really hope you bring back those controls instead of the “scan” button that just skips thru different radio stations based off the content you are listening to. Please fix this. Thanks

- Love TuneIn

I have been a steady TuneIn user for years and compliment the organization for its commitment to providing the best radio and podcast coverage that I have been able to find and enjoy. I am an NPR and news junkie and one could not find a better host than TuneIn...in an instant I can listen to NPR here in San Francisco or switch to WWNO in New Orleans or WGBH in Boston or if I prefer can listen to CNN or MSNBC live. And when traveling I can instantly tune into local NPR and/or local stations whether is the USA or traveling internationally. Simply put they are the best thing that has happened to radios since the transistor radio.

- Attention is lacking

I first purchased iTunes pro shortly after it came out and I thought it worked great on my iPhone.”5 stars” I really liked the app... BUT when the developer updated it and merged the record time and alarm together it really screwed up. Since that update I have been unable to say that or I should say to properly set the alarm because it never goes off regardless of what state the app is in, or turned on, or active in the background the alarm function does not work as it should or as it has in the past. NEEDS WORK. If it had not been for that I would rate this as an excellent app. WHY DID YOU CHANGE IT. The alarm function and record function should be separated.

- Not happy with latest update ...

I have enjoyed TuneIn Pro for many years and consider myself an early adopter but the latest version doesn’t have the ability to go back in a broadcast in 30 second increments. That was a very useful feature for me because sometimes you miss something, or you just want to hear a section of a broadcast again. Other than that there still seems to be a problem with live broadcasts repeating themselves. Is that a buffering issue when sometimes a 30 or 45 second part of a show repeats itself over and over again? I’ll still use the program almost every day but these issues are VERY annoying.

- Excellent but why can’t I rearrange the order of my favorite stations??

I have been a devoted user of this software for several years now but it is frustrating when functions that were once standard seem to disappear. Currently I am no longer able to move my numerous favorite stations into the order I would like in order to organize them into like groups within the master favorites list. Now when I add a new station I can no longer edit the favorites list to drag it up into the grouping it should be in. This functionality was present only a couple of updates ago. Please could the developers bring this back? It was of great benefit and honestly such a no-brainer that I am surprised to learn it is no longer there. Also, for those of us who have exceptionally long lists of favorite stations, can it be made possible to see ALL of our favorites right away without having to scroll down the truncated list of favorite stations to select “view all” just to actually see all of our favorites? This is otherwise an amazingly thought out and invaluable piece of software that is a must-have!

- Used it be more stable and some poor design choice

I've been using the tune in radio for several years now, but I can't say I'm happy with the updates.... An annoying bug present for a long time still hasn't been fixed: - the "< 30" or "> 30" buttons have sometimes unexpected and unwanted behaviors, like for example: pressing "> 30" will just jump forward by 20 or 30 minutes out of nowhere... A stupid design choice: - when the Bluetooth speaker gets disconnected, instead of pausing the streaming radio, TuneIn just consider that you just decided to STOP the streaming, doing so cancelling all previously buffered track. Why? Especially with potentially some Bluetooth instability, it's really annoying... The iWatch support is way worst than before, why not keeping the 4 radio icons view? Allowing for quick change.... My final pet peeve is regarding the removal of the car mode (which happened a while back).... I listen to TuneIn a lot while driving and now I just cannot change station anymore... as it would require to spend a lot of attention to the app.... Please bring the car mode back!!

- Getting better but not there yet

You’ve added a new feature. Scanning through programs on, for example, Jazz 88. There’s a scanning feature instead of letting you pause and then go back and listen again where you left off. If you get a phone call or posit for any length of time you lose your place. Not fond of this feature. I’m downgrading to three stars Also, I’ve been trying to add new favorite channels or stations but for some reason it will not allow me to do this. I cannot delete any stations from favorites either. This app is getting worse instead of better.

- A question

I’ve been using the free version of Tunein radio for years now and decided to buy the Tunein pro version yesterday. On the free version I cast it using google chrome cast to my speakers and it works all the time. Since I bought the pro version I don’t even see the “cast” sign in the app when I’m listening to music. What’s going on Tunein? From the information on the pro version it is stated you can cast your radio to google chrome cast but in the app there is nothing about that. Can you guys fix it or I’m deleting the pro version. What the hell!!

- What changed????

I am an frequent user of TuneIn. I enjoyed it so much that I upgraded to the Pro version; however, I used to be able to record my favorite news shows. This was especially convenient if there was a schedule conflict with being able to listen to my shows live. But, I noticed with a recent app update, that this “recording” feature was removed. Really disappointed, truly disappointed, Without this feature, what’s the real need to having & paying for the “Pro” version? I wish the company would bring this option back. Until then, I’ll be searching for other apps that more so align with what I am looking for

- Long time pro user

I have been a long time tunein fan it has always been my go to app for talk radio, podcasts, and audio books. I have probably been using tunein for 5+ years, been a monthly subscriber for 3+ years and remember paying extra for the pro app way before tunein really caught on. I was really disappointed when they stopped offering audio books because they where a huge value and was worth paying for. Then tunein slowly started removing all of my favorite podcasts until there was basically nothing left but npr. So at this point there where only about 3 talk shows left that I’d occasionally listen too definitely not worth 9.99 a mouth. Well yesterday tunein removed Alex Jones who I would occasionally listen to. This was the last straw. Bye!

- Tune In loses ability to Record

Makes listening to radio very easy and convenient. But I am downgrading from 4 to 2 stars. Two complaints: when new iOS became available, Tune-In became buggy. Even when station is playing scheduled recording doesn't take place reliably. Also, I would like to see the ability to record happen based on time, in the background, and without the App needing to be open and playing. What's the point of timed recording schedule if you need to be listening to your program in order to record it. 2nd Update: Call to support about Crash trying to use Record Timer didn't get back to me after their first suggestion to Force Quit App which I had tried before calling support. Problem has now gone unsolved for months. 3rd UPDATE: Now 1 Star - Tune in was pretty good and useful to record shows during extremely early broadcast times. Over years “improvements” made it less so. Now October 2020 it is almost useless. It is just like every other radio app. early broadcast times. Over years “improvements” made it less so. Now October 2020 it is almost useless. It is just like every other radio app.

- Why ruin it?

I listen to my news everyday on this app and loved it until two weeks ago when they started pushing commercials at least five times every ten minutes. I purchased the pro access to avoid this yet I am afraid ambition is creeping in and now that the TuneIn Premium access is available this pro version is pestered with annoying repetitions of commercials. I can no longer listen to my news and make sense of what they are saying due to the ridiculous amount of commercials.

- Disappointed

For the last year I listened to tunein for the Audiobooks they offered. It was wonderful service. Enjoyed so many books. They have now discontinued the audio books piece of their business. They didn't give notice just cut you out and made it difficult to add new books and then one day no more new books. Communication with them was never very good when had problems. I also found them very male centered in their offerings. When I started using TuneIn I would of rated it 5 star despite difficulty getting help with problems. But with the lack of timely communication and byebye of the audiobooks it only deserves 3stars.

- Used to be a great radio listening app!

I’ve been a user for years and have enjoyed listening to radio stations from around the world but recently this has become an app that has some bugs. The most frustrating one is that when you open the app it opens to a blank screen. I’ve deleted and reinstalled several times and it might work a day or two but then it does it again. And the past few months while listening to local stations it will drop the station rather frequently and then I’ll have to restart it. It’s become very frustrating for an app that I use a lot. Hope the developers can get this fixed or they will lose another subscriber.

- So disappointed

This used to be one of my favorite apps for listening to radio. First they add the mandatory commercials so if I am trying to listen to the end of a close game, I’m pretty much going to miss some important stuff. Lately, one of the recurring commercials is about an adult store and adult products (!!!). So have fun listening to that with parents or friends. And finally as others have mentioned, they have removed the forward or rewind function from your recordings. That defeats the whole purpose. So good luck trying to listen to something from your recording that occurs after 90 minutes. No way to fast forward. You have to listen to the whole thing and if you miss it, you have to start all over again. Who designed this???

- Only game in town for NFL game audio

I have been a TuneIn user since 2010, after my father turned me onto the app. I use it to keep track of my hometown radio stations, strictly for the nostalgia of it. I also use it to listen to radio in the car, since my car has terrible radio reception. My only gripe with the app is the inexplicable buffering that occurs while listening to live NFL broadcast. The monthly cost for NFL audio is totally worth the money, and it works out cheaper than NFL game day audio that you would purchase at the beginning of the season.

- Great Service, Awful App

The TuneIn service is a great alternative to services like SiriusXM Internet for users like me who subscribe for the news and talk channels and podcasts. However, the IOS app constantly skips, rewinds and repeats. And despite touting the premium service as commercial free, I find that the service will push TuneIn stream commercials when you first ‘tune in’ to channels like CNN or MSNBC. The FAQ says that they are just passing through adverts that are part of the content provider’s stream, yet I know from my experience with the non-premium version that the ads playing are from TuneIn. This is misleading at the very least. That said, the variety of content is awesome and if it weren’t for the awful performance of the app, I’d rate the service higher.

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- Great App

Been using it for years and just keeps on improving. 👍. It's still a great app on my iPhone, iPad and iPad Pro, recently I bought the new iPad and it's making me have a forced subscription 👎 I kept deleting and reinstalling and somehow it recovered and once again I can give it 🤙& 5 stars Today TuneIn radio pro at last gives us the option to have a sleep timer which works great 😁👍👍

- Great App But....

I don’t know which update it happened but so call progress has put its performance backwards. I have a “state of the art” iPhone 8 Plus that is constantly maintained to each IOS update. Tune In PRO works well generally but it far too often KEEPS ON REPEATING short parts of the broadcast, sometimes up to 3 times. Also, using the <>30 second button can cause it to jump large blocks of program held in its buffer, well beyond 30 seconds. Each time it gets updated I hope for these things to be fixed. I live in hope!

- Keeps repeating as others have said

I rarely review apps, but felt compelled to do so on this occasion. This can be a great app but every time there is a significant update the same issue happens with the stream constantly skipping back several seconds. Other reviewers seem to be experiencing the same problem. I don’t have this issue with other live stream apps (e.g those offered by the stations themselves) and it makes TuneIn simply unusable. Sorry TuneIn, but I’ve run out of patience with this and will just have to go direct to the online radio stations from now on.

- Love listening to stations in places I used to live. Keeps me connected. Couldn’t do without It.

Third review: no way that logo is better. First review: Love the ability to replay stations and fave shows when I'm in the car, especially while travelling long trips. Asked me to rate it even though I already have. Only downside. Oh, and it is harder to find stuff and some stations are gone.

- Public servant

An excellent app. I have been using it for years and I have never had a problem. Very useful to listen local radios and from other countries. I can tune to radio stations that we can't listen on a standard radio because we live 500kms away from metro area. GREAT APP!

- Love it but

I liked this app but when the app has been in the background for a while or when you first launch it it DOES NOT automatically load the last stream listened to. This makes it POOR for hands free use. I have now downloaded another radio app that not only plays the last station played at startup but it is also recognised in the Siri Shortcuts. So I can load the other app via Siri and it will automatically start playing. This is great when you are in a car or on a motorcycle! I have mentioned this shortfall before but do you think the developers listened? Bye bye 🖐

- Disgusting Greedy Shameless

My recordings have all been deleted! What an utterly disgusting, greedy and shameful act! How can you do that to loyal customers who have been using your app since the very beginning? How can any app delete a user's data without warning? Absolutely disgusting selfish actions. Greed won't get you more customers! The long term users will remove the app now and the potential new users will read the reviews regarding your behaviour and hopefully realise this app is no longer desirable or trustworthy! Absolutely NOT trustworthy! Pathetic treatment of you oldest customers. This app is now rotten to the core!

- Ads load but stations don’t.

I loved this app when it launched years ago. Now with the inserted adverts that start whenever you start the app the radio stream that should follow often fails to load. Many radio stations now offer their own apps. My advice is delete this one and go straight to the source. Disappointing to see a good app go bad. 👎🏼 + I also was attempting to use this app on the Apple Watch. It’s slow and clunky and seems to be on some sort of delay. Unusable. I feel bad to write such a negative review but unfortunately it’s justified.

- Have tried to like Tune-in but it keeps letting me down

This was the first radio app I had and I liked it until it started dropping out and looping. I’ve tried going back a number of times since because it seems to be the only radio app that “records” what you’re listening to so you can go back and pause/resume but the looping problem was still there. Noticed today that there had been an update so I tried again. More fool me! Almost straight away the looping started.

- Wishlist for Recordings

Not sure why I couldn’t select Recordings to be played in CarPlay. Wouldn’t that be handy? Also, option to rename Recordings would make identifications much easier, especially ones you wanted to keep, or play in CarPlay. Some way to Share or export Recordings would be good too, although that may have copyright implications.

- Good, just one thing!

I have had pro for years and it’s great 👍🏼 One problem with it only on pc adds still popping up on play bar at bottom right, says sponsored link.... I’m mentioning this because you pay for this app for iPhone and pc ext... But on iPhone X it’s 100% super

- Good...but constant advert for premium annoying

Have used this for years, but recently the constant full screen ad offering premium appears more and more often on startup, so Auto continue feature useless as I have to manually close the advert. Devs, how do I disable this? I don't want, and will never want, premium.

- TIR is my life saver.

I’m just a bit insomniac these days so the nights can be long. I live in Australia so our night is Europe’s day. It means I can listen to UK radio and keep up with news and events so easily and when I want a change I can listen to podcasts too. It is just great.

- Where are the favorites?

The latest update has made it impossible to find or change stations. Favorites are gone now because you get ads and news instead of the radio on a radio app. Not the best move guys. I can’t change stations now so can’t use the app. Why did you remove the ability for people to easily change or search for stations? Is it a radio app or a news app?

- Awesome app

Best app I have ever bought and has been for years until recently they've put audio ads on the pro version, what's with this?! Have stopped using and going to the direct apps for radio, too frustrating

- No record? No tune in

I've been an early adopter of this paid app. Started using it around 10 years ago. I built up thousands of hours of recordings of my favourite radio shows. Happy days. Now the record function is gone and, I’m told, all the recordings. Well I’m not updating the app to lose that function. I’m going to retain the record function and my recordings until the app is useless. Tune-in, you have got this wrong. May you now the pay the price.

- 4 days since the app stopped working

I’ve try all the trouble solving advices on help center for the past 3 days and still the app is not working, it keep on asking me to create a ticket for the case but the ticket link is also not working!!? 😤😤😤

- Love Tunein Radio

I no longer listen to the standard radio as Tunein Radio provides so much music uninterrupted by ads and DJ’s babbling on about their kids........ plus so many awesome podcasts to listen too, it gives me an opportunity to learn as I drive. Try it, you will love it too......

- Recording

I had a lot of music from radio station recording in my phone, but one day everything was delete by self from my 3 device... I have Tunein Pro... now is not show the option to recording

- Good free app

Awesome app. Only one thing, is my favourite Newcastle station 106.9 I listen to cuts out occasionally and I can’t get it back till the next day. Luckily I can listen too 102.9 instead. Would be good if 105.3 was on here too. Otherwise I would of given it 5 stars.

- Icon is shocking

Great app but where do these marketting geniuses come from? Your logo was a brand with value which was easy to spot and sharp - “iconic” really - now Yuck. Only other change this bad I remember was Tom Toms change from their two hands icon.

- No Sleep Timer

The app has no way to be turned off after a set time of listening. All the other audio apps I use have this pretty basic and standard feature, but not this app...

- Ad then nothing

This morning, I have tried loading my station about 8 times, and I get to hear one ad (the same ad) and then nothing. Very frustrating paying to hear only an ad.

- Heartless & Unconscionable

Hero to Zero Beware!! TI have gone from a 5 star to zero over the removal of one feature. Happy to lose the record FUNCTION... BUT WHY DID YOU DELETE ALLLLLLLLLLLLL MY RECORDINGS? Years worth! No MENTION or advanced warning of losing the saved recordings. NONE! And, as if you wish to rub salt into our wounded hearts....WHY IS THE *RECORD BUTTON* STILL PRESENT ON THE USER INTERFACE? Sitting there as it has for YEARS, but now, greyed out and MOCKING US? I've been loyal to you since the beginning. Shame on you. As if you give a rat's a***. Then you claim to "understand [our] feelings on the change" and offer us a 6 month free subscription of a less than product as if that will heal the loss of YEARS OF WORK. You understand NOTHING. May another app topple your perceived world's best status asap. NL

- Connection problems with my iPhone 6splus

I have many times a message that TUNEIN radio is not available right now and try again later. Then. I use other radio apps like SIMPLY RADIO ETC with no problems.

- My favourite radio app

I love this app and always recommend it to others. I like the range of stations you can get, the easy play format, the recording feature (on the pro version), and so on.

- Reliability issues are back

Historically I found updates to the app would often leave it very unreliable. The updates improved for quite some time until last week - now the app works very infrequently. Once in every 10 attempts to steam, it might work. Very frustrating.

- The best app ever

This is the best app, I have been a user for years and when travelling it allows me to pick the music stations I like if the music in the local free to air doesn't suit me, especially in country areas of Australia Still the best app ever

- Best Music Streaming App

This is the best world wide streaming radio station app out there. Can always listen ti the type of music you really love no matter where you are or where the music originates from.

- Suddenly not working.

With today's update comes an error message 'An error occurred, please try again' with no access to anything. What happened?

- Mixed feelings

As one of the original users, the app have gone through a lot of ups and downs. It seems stable now. Even though I paid for the app, I am now constantly being asked to take a monthly subscription even though this was clearly not agreed when purchasing. I think it’s not right guys! Do the right thing and honor your initial agreement please. Cheers

- This is an excellent app

This app is highly recommended. It is a great app and does everything it says it does. I can’t be happier. It works very well with voice over as well.

- Poor update

Changed my review from 5 to 2 after the recent update. I have to listen to 2 ads (same 2 ads) every time I select a station. And if my stream drops out, which it does frequently since the latest update, I have to listen to those 2 ads again before my stream is picked up! And I paid for this!

- Best to Worst

If you are going to ripoff and exploit your loyal customer base who paid money for the Pro version of your app by injecting ads at least work out a functional way of doing it. I’d seen the complaints and wondered what people were complaining about and I’ve now experienced this pathetic attempt which causes ads to play continuously. App developers this is a lesson in how to destroy an app with greed. Refund please

- Finally an App

That when used with inverted colours looks better than the other way round. (Sure this is great for nite time in bed reading safari, but should I compare this party app to bed time?) get your act together marketing and just go away. This app has gone as far as it can go. You're just flogging a dead horse now. -it just keeps getting worse. Constant stream errors, spinning lines of death (with working audio). This app has gone from epic to stains of tihs. Deleting for eva, ah ah ahhhh Lol that was 4yrs ago. Came back to check-in, now leaving. App really has creeped for monetary confinement. What a cash grab. Greedy , for all you maths nuts: |Greedy Pharques| Do no pass go, do not collect $200 GO DIRECTLY TO AD REVENUE.

- Tune in pro

Thought tune in pro was supposed to get rid of ads! Well every time I change stations or it needs to re-connect I get the same annoying audio ad. Presently it is a Honda ad. Also there are annoying banners for some podcast I have no interest in.

- You've Wrecked It!

I had previously given this app 5 stars but it's lucky to get one now. They now put ads over the broadcast so you miss big chunks of the show. The final straw was when they played the same as over and over with only 10 seconds of radio between each ad. After having this app for years and years, I will not be using it any more.

- Last update?

Ever since last update this app is not working please fix was a great app but needs fix quickly

- Favourite, but... repeats

Why oh why, after years, are we still listening to bits of almost every broadcast being repeated? I find myself turning to alternatives more and more frequently. For example, I never get a repeat on BBC’s World Service, on Tune In I almost always do. Please fix this!

- Great app for international radio

I use this app to listen to local home radio when travelling internationally and to listen to talk-free classical music at home on Swiss Classique. It could be improved so it automatically tunes to the most recent station I listened to.

- Great app but ...

Been using this app for years. Started with free version and it was so great I bought the pro version. Now I frequently keep getting pestered to subscribe to other channels. How many times must I say no? This is very annoying and otherwise I would rate 5 stars.

- Please don’t ever go away

Hands down the best radio app you can get. I use it all the time at work or while in the car thanks to Apple CarPlay. 5/5

- Why am I getting audio adverts at the start of my feed now?!?

Generally speaking I love this app. But I purchased it to rid myself of adverts. But these days I’m getting random audio adverts that interrupt the broadcasts that I’m listening or lead in at the start of my streaming. Ruins the integrity of the apps purchase.

- How to destroy something great? Ask TuneIn developers

Used to be my favourite app. Now it almost unusable. I can no longer skip or rewind thru recordings, have to close and reopen the app multiple times to get anything to play, get returned to the beginning of a recording every time I get a call, get set to the beginning of the recording if I push pause. Asked TuneIn support for help because I was crushed I couldn't properly access my cherished library that I had spent 5 years building. Their response was to try deleting and reinstalling, but oh yeah - that would delete my entire library. (Yeah - the one I had just told them was beloved by me).

- Don’t appreciate being held hostage to Premium

Today I couldn’t listen to stations until I had agreed to try a week of Premium after which I would be charged a monthly fee. No option to skip the trial. Had to subscribe (with a free week) and immediately try to work out how to unsubscribe before I could do anything else in the app. Poor show.

- What happened to the record button?

I’ve been using this app for years (purchased it). However I notice the record button seems to be missing on my phone and iPad Pro app. Annoying as that was the reason I paid for it rather than just rely on the free one. I use the record function frequently 😡

- iPhone X

Can’t open with my iPhoneX today but other devices no problem Can you pls fix the problem

- Great App

Been using for ages works perfect. If the developers could make it to use with Apple Watch without iPhone tether they would be on a winner.

- Terrible between wifi and cellular...Volume check for radio stations please if possible

Terrible between wifi and cellular The old app icon is better. Volume check for radio stations please if possible

- Where’s the alarm?

I used to like this app more. It was a great radio app until the alarm function decided to not function. The alarm is meant to go off during the week, instead of sound, it became a silent notification and pops up on my screen... what’s the purpose?!

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- Great app but...

Already paid for app now you want a monthly fee! Might have to forgo this app altogether. Love the pause and record but not worth $13.99 month.

- Cancel this app

I paid for the pro version of the app. quite some time ago. I Launched the today and find they changed to a subscription service. That sucks, I didn’t agree to the change and didn’t even start the “one month free” scam. I’ve deleted the app and won’t be using any more. Two thumbs down to Tune-in Radio.

- Complete Bullsh!#

So tunein radio won let you listen to the app without paying $9.99/month for a subscription to their “new” platinum version of the app. I paid a buck or two to support this app when it was no longer free... this was years ago... about a decade ago... and I stuck by them without complaining about the addition of all of their adds, both visual and audible. NOW THEY WANT $10/MONTH.... FU$@ THAT! TUNEIN NOW TUNED OUT! APP DELETED AND REPLACED WITH IHEARTRADIO! BIG MISTAKE TUNEIN!

- No respect for people with previous version

I bought this app pro version and i cant browse anything, it days an error occurred please try again ....!!!! It seems with new upgrade they kick previous buyers out to pay for new upgrades

- Not free anymore

Several stations i used before now are not working but in are still live. Advertisements are attacking me everytime I turn on this app. Record button is so small i never know if it recording or not.

- TuneIn Radio’s fall

I just discovered why TuneIn Radio has gone from of the greatest apps to one of the worst, Google now owns it. And all they are interested in is money, control and power, so much so that it is vital for them to know, when you take a dump, what color is your underwear, who you talk to, and much more. Every single thing you do is known to them, even my review. To confuse them the best thing to do is take pictures of nothing you care about, search the web for things you have no interest in or even hate. Give them so much false information that they won’t be able to tell the real you from the fake one. The new TuneIn app has been programmed to force adds and subscription and crap at you, with Facebook being one of them. If you don’t believe me open the app for yourself, I mean the program. They are buying up so many companies and technologies that will hack into everything you own, so best thing is to confuse them so much they won’t know who you are. Thanks

- Disappointment

Paid for the pro version a few years ago which included no adds or commercials, now I have adds and commercials, and they want me to pay an annual subscription for no adds or commercials, dream on. That's what I paid for in the first place. This apps has gone from a 5 star to a no star app but no star is not an option. This app now really sucks, and I should get reimburse and also get compensated for this violation. I wound not pay attention to those false positive reviews either, the last reviewer is correct, developers sometimes play these games to boost rating for their garbage app out of pure "selfish greed" yes app sucks.

- Feeling ripped off

How come after having tune in pro for years which I’ve paid for, I am now asked to pay a subscription

- Should be better.

Add the ability to create Siri shortcuts for individual stations. The app Receiver does this well. The premium subscription is so overpriced and painful in Canada. Showing the American price in app should be considered false advertising. Be aware that the subscription costs $13.99 not $9.99 for us lonely Canadians. Good thing we’re used to being ripped off.

- Still can’t rewind or fast forward old recordings

I made recordings years ago, and I still can’t seek my old recordings. I’m forced to play them through. This has been broken for years.

- Yikes! - hold off upgrading

If you've used Tune-In Radio and liked it, sit this upgrade out. The silly changes to terminology are bad enough but much of the basic functionality no longer works, menu choices lead to error messages, and on it goes. They must have appointed a Vice President in charge of bad design and broken functionality on this one. The paid/pro version was such a good product before the 'improved' it. If you are lucky enough to have an old version installed, do yourself a favor and wait for a release with all the fixes. It also seems like they may be deliberately creating performance problems and long delays to get you to upgrade from the Pro version you have already paid for to the Premium version. If so, that's unfair. Definitely looking for an alternative. This is no longer an acceptable product even if it were free.

- Refund

I would like a refund since I paid for the pro version and now all of a sudden I have to upgrade to get the features that I’ve already paid for.

- This app stops at start of

Need a fix

- Paid Subscription‽

Why am I now asked to pay for premium content when I already paid for the app? Feel cheated.

- Subscription??

I already paid for pro, now they want me to subscribe again? bait and switch. DELETED.

- Disaster

Have had Tunein Pro for several years and worked fine. Suddenly this month it will not open and goes to black screen. Can delete and reload which works for a few hours then goes dead again so have to reload once or twice a day. Tunein admits problem but won’t say when or if it will be fixed. Unbelievable!

- Black screen

App not working any more on IOS. I even reinstalled the app, logged in and out but only getting black screen. What’s up with that?

- Angry long time user

First, what happened to chrome cast? I can't broadcast to Google Home devices anymore. I 've used this app for years but the deceptive way they're pushing their premium service is a step too far. I accidentally subscribed to their free trial when I opened their app and the way to unsubscribe is not obvious at all. If I wouldn't have looked into it I wouldn't have know I would be automatically charged after the free trial. Totally unethical. I will be looking for an alternative to Tunein.

- Coupure et widget

Quand l’application est en widget Pano sur l’écran il ne devrait qu’afficher les quatre stations de radios ❤️ préféré pour avoir un accès rapide , et pour ce qui est de l’écoute il y’a beaucoup de coupures et de saut ⏭ .

- I had a music library of recorded music and noticed it’s all been removed...

Awesome app. Recommend

- Perfect

I use the app for very long time and really it is perfect Do not hesitate to download

- Use to be good

This was the best radio app ever, then they got greedy with subscriptions and after you paid for the pro version, stopped letting you record, and just gives you the left over junk from paid subscriptions. Need to find a good radio app cause this isnt it anymore. Cant zero stars but thats what id leave.

- Best

Bast radio app out there by far. What’s the best now it’s not

- Very Nice idea this application

Nice idea live broadcaster last élection for président and sport

- If you wanting recording don’t bother- install AUDIALS RADIO instead

AUDIALS RADIO gives you back the ability to record radio streams! Nice interface as well

- Recording

How come I paid for the version Pro but I cannot record?

- Best, most portable solution

Radio, podcasts and a whole lot more can follow me everywhere. Love it.

- Not impressed

I want my ability to record back Please reset to version 5.1 or 2012 settings I have pro version I paid for don’t frig it up

- How do I report them?

I had about 8 years of my radio broadcasts on a station I provide content to on here and you deleted it without warning. This is atrocious and you should be ashamed of yourselves. I just lost nearly a decade of my work. If there’s a way to recover it, I’m happy to hear it, otherwise you should just close your doors because you don’t care about customer experiences clearly.

- Alternative. AUDIALS RADIO

AUDIALS RADIO you can record your radio pass the words

- J’adore

Fonctionne bien super choix

- Repeat

Lately tunein has made a turn for the worse. Today on MSNBC the channel just keeps repeating the same section of audio. Connection is also an issue at times being disconnected for a period of time is happening more and more.

- Warning - update removes record function

The recent update removed the record function and deleted all saved recordings. They removed this record function without mentioning it in the update notes - a dishonest move. Worse yet, forcibly deleting already recorded radio without telling users was a terrible decision and bad customer service. I’d rather buy a competitors app now, because there’s nothing that sets TuneIn apart from them other than actively keeping their customers in the dark.

- Rubbish

I paid for premium a long time ago. I downloaded some radio programs for offline listening. And then one day tune in canceled the button to reach downloaded programs. They were just radio programs and I didn’t think that they were indulgent with copyrights. Although I paid the premium pay-out, I can no longer listen to my favorite radio stations any longer.

- Tunein Radio

I love it. All my favorite stations are there. Thanks

- Much improved

This app has now virtually replaced my radio Sorry to the end of NBC stations. With those two gone my reason for premium has ended. I won’t be renewing my premium subscription in 2021

- Arnaque!

J’ai cette application depuis longtemps et je me réveille un beau matin et ils ont supprimé mes enregistrements et la possibilité d’enregistrer mes podcasts... Une belle arnaque. Éviter cette compagnie frauduleuse!

- Paid for service now can’t listen

I paid for pro now doesn’t let you download anything! They want me to pay again and more!! Not worth it! Deleting the app !!!

- Had the pro version for years. New country restriction

I No longer able to receive US channels such as MSNBC. Very disappointing.

- Loss of service

Because I live in Canada, I am no longer provided with access to MSNBC, is this the new WALL???

- Continues to get worse in terms of accessibility

In terms of Accessibility, for VoiceOver users, the small fixes continue to be ignored. I feel Apple's App Store Review team needs to get involved when it comes to this.

- Can no longer record

I have used this app for many years. My previously recorded programs have disappeared and I can no longer record my programs with this latest update.

- Not happy at all

Paid for the pro version. , first they add commercial , now the remove the record. And I lost all record that I had for years :(

- Pro version Recording

I paid for the pro version to get the recording function and by the last update tunein cancelled the recording button. This is unacceptable.

- Record

the record button is no longer.

- I already paid for pro

You sold me pro now you change the rules. Respect the deal we maid!

- Slips downhill further with every year.

If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it! This app lost my vehicles steering wheel skip back/forward function last year, and now I just noticed the record function is nowhere to be found. What a fall from grace!!

- Record Option Gone

I purchased the pro version specifically for the record function, which is no longer an option. Very disappointing.

- Extremely Disappointed

I have purchased this app many years ago. Was vey happy with it. Recently can’t use it because it is asking me to pay $13.99 per month. Definitely won’t do that. I am feeling ripped off as I already paid for the app. My whole library was wiped out and is empty.

- Used to be good

used to have a free version of this app then paid for it with the one time fee. But now they are gouging people with a monthly fee and stations that you used to have for free ain’t free anymore. I guess it’s saying goes nothing is for free, and you gotta make money. I’d probably go with another app.

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- A bit pricey ($8/mo) but like the audiobooks

Being able to listen to my favorite radio stations, podcasts, many AND a few audio books is quite nice. Equally good is the ability to record a show and listen to it lately. My one wish would be for them to expand the selection of nonfiction books to listen to. My only real complaints is the LACK OF TECH SUPPORT RE the rare time there is a technical issue. They just will NOT respond; frankly, at $100/year they SHOULD at least respond to email.

- Solid App, Needs One New Feature

I’ve been using this app for years, and it’s great for podcasts and listening to my local NPR station. My experience lately hasn’t been as great, because I checked out a bunch of new podcasts recently that I won’t ever listen to again, and I’ve hated having them clogging up my Recents (which is where I’ve always checked for new episodes and launched my podcasts). I finally went through the exercise of starting 20 podcasts I enjoy back-to-back to get all the junk out of my Recents, but then I accidentally started Fresh Air from some random radio station airing it, and now I’ll have to do it all over again to get it out of my Recents. I’ve started shopping around for other podcast apps out of sheer annoyance, but I will more than happily come back once you allow users to edit their Recents. Thanks!

- Absolutely no longer worth $9.99 a month!

I purchased a premium subscription after the tune in app offered game play-by-play for major league baseball and the NFL. They had a lot of channels that were specific to my favorite teams. I also liked not listening to commercials on some of the news channels like MSNBC. No they no longer offer any sports related content, no play-by-play or sports channels. Also, often times when I’m listening to one of the news channels that are supposed to be advertising free, ads will play. And they still charge $9.99 a month. The app drops a lot and makes you listen to the preamble commercial over and over again before the stream will restart. I am canceling my premium subscription.

- I love TuneIn

I’ve listening for some years now. I’ve move a lot due to the military and love and appreciate the fact that I can listen to local stations where I may have previously lived. I love the recording feature on Tune In Pro...allows me to catch up on shows and rewind or fast forward. I don’t know of any easy way to get recordings off phone and onto computer or other device...please try to improve that. As long as it’s in the current format and improving I’m onboard!

- Latest update is buggy

I recently upgraded to an iPhone 11 and iOS 13. The most recent tunein radio update is very buggy and makes the app unusable in many instances. The app freezes and needs to be restarted most times if I take a phone call and try to go back to what I was listening to. Also, the volume on the Tunein generated ads is 2-3x the volume of the stream I am listening to causing me to scramble for my phone to turn the volume down. This is really annoying when I am listening through a Bluetooth speaker and the volume suddenly is full blast and I am nowhere near my phone...it makes the app unusable. Note, I have never given a 1 star review before and have used Tunein happily for 5+ years until now

- Terrible connection handling

This used to be my favorite streaming app. However, over the last few updates the app’s ability to handle brief connections interruptions has degraded significantly. When jumping from WiFi to cellular the app can’t pickup the stream again, it just keeps repeating within the buffer parameter. The only way to fix it is to wait 5 to 10 minutes or stop and restart the stream. It’s ridiculous, this doesn’t happen with any of the other streaming apps I use. If you don’t experience this issue this app will probably become your favorite as well, though I would advise using the free version before you buy pro.

- Keeps playing ads when losing connection.

Awful app that tries to insert advertising - even in this so called “Pro” version that I PAID FOR. I listen to local NPR station (OPB, Oregon Public Radio) on public transportation or while walking or biking. Whenever cell service hiccups, or wifi tries to connect, it replays an ad—not once or twice, but over and over. It’s not a pleasant experience, making using this app unlistenable. I’ve sent feedback to TuneIn Radio and I’ve heard nothing back. I can’t believe that I paid money for this, the “Pro version?!” at one time. I’m using the iHeartRadio app now, and it has none of these problems. I’m able to listen to OPB without it stuttering there. In fact it works wonderfully. Download that instead.

- my favorites keep moving!

A new "feature" is leaving me infuriated! I drag the favorites in my long list to the order in which I want them (thematically grouped but by preference within a group), and the next time I look at the list, TuneIn has scrambled the list order into something totally useless to me. Now I can't find stations and sometimes forget I even have some particular favorite. After all, I've input favorites into multiple streaming apps. Who can remember which list contains what? I need to SEE them. MY chosen visual representation IS my memory! So if you allow manual reordering, you need to leave things where the user put them. If you really feel the need to have the app play with list order in its own (but why? what business is it of yours?), the app needs a settings switch to choose manual vs automatic ordering of the list. I've use TuneIn for years. That could end over this. I'd have commented in the app, but it requires a login. No thank you.

- Good but don’t like the trick pro $9 service

Tune in is great and I have the version where I can record which cost only a little bit to add that. However about a year ago they started tricking people into getting a nine dollar a month plan which I had to get Apple involved in to remove from my bill. So four stars for a fantastic app which gives you excellent access to radio around the world. Minus one star for the in-app purchases that irritate and potentially cost you lots of money that you didn’t want to spend with their pro version

- Have for years. Excellent

I like to record some radio programs and I bought this app almost when it appeared. My only disappoint is that I can not schedule a recording and keep it without change. I have to be listening the program and watching the app, because sometimes stop recording without any reason. Also I would like to schedule to record my favorites shows, and I haven’t find this option.

- Disappointed in new update!

I’ve used Tunein Pro for many years as my primary radio source and have loved it. One of my favorite features was that I could pause the app to answer a question or dry my hair then pick up where I had left off or backup 30 seconds to listen again. Something happened in this update - that feature is gone. Now it’s the same as my car radio. I’m so disappointed. Update: tune in pro is no longer different from other listening apps. I’ve decided to delete it since I’mnot using it. I had hoped the pause feature would be restored in the update- I understand now that the change was deliberate.

- Upside-Down

Avoided updates for this app. for years, as multiple times in the past, the updates would break the app., so wanted to just stick with a stable version. Then, a month or two back, accidentally clicked on TuneIn with the other updates, and now, I'm stuck with an app. that forces the orientation to what is probably the iPhone-default, which the way I use my iPad, happens to mean that either I have to use the app. upside-down, or have every other app. upside-down, or constantly rotate the iPad back and forth. The first of these options is proving the least inconvenient, whilst also causing me to daily curse whichever developers thought this was a good idea...

- Fading fast. This app isn’t what it used to be

It used to be easy to find stations with the search feature. Now, you get podcasts, some stations, and not usually what you’re looking for. I pay for premium, and constantly see ads when I browse to try it free, though I am subscribed to an annual plan. If you want an app to dictate what you listen to by hiding less popular content, and you don’t mind getting bombarded with TuneIn recommendations, then go for it. Personally, I’m cancelling my annual Premium subscription when it runs out. I used to love this app. Now, finding what I want is more trouble than the paid app and its premium content are worth.

- Way better than IHeartRadio!

Way better than IHeartRadio! Does not ask you for that stupid Facebook login like IHeartRadio does. Has a Nice programable recording setup for your favorite radio shows too! LOVE IT!!! It needs "Playback Speed Control" added to it though! If they added the ability to be able to playback tracks and live radio that is buffered at 2X and 3X standard speed do we could all save time listening to both recorded podcasts and streamed tracks then this would be the ultimate radio app on ITunes. Also wish you could record to MP3 so you could download it to your computer.

- Great app......at one time!

I have to agree with a lot of the comments about what exactly a paid subscription actually consists of. I had paid for a pro version awhile back or whatever it was called at the time. I did have commercial free radio and no ads but then they decided to add a tier to their subscription which required me to pay once again to take away commercials and ads which I think is totally wrong and tells me what the company really cares about which is money and not customers that paid into their company when it was getting off its feet. I hope they realize what they are doing and fix things and not be so greedy before they lose more customers.

- Tunein

I going to pull up my original purchase back when I paid for the ad free version long ago and report this to the BBB as us longtime users paid for this long ago. Jan 30th 2013 for me but yet you keep the ads and try to charge us for premium service over again. Guess I should have just used the free version as paying for ad free got me nothing. This is a despicable move and probably illegal as the pro and previous updates of the pro version were touted as ad free. And the records of it are available easily.

- Do developers use the app

I swear the developers don’t even use the app. What is most important after discovering a station and marking it as a favorite? Answer, quickly selecting it from Favorites when you reopen the app. Now with the latest update you must now click three times to open one of your favorite stations, before it was two. Extra folders have been added. Why can’t the first screen you see be Favorites? Does anyone do usability studies? C’mon, make the app easier to use, not more convoluted. I also want to be able to sort my Favorites from within the app, not have to log into a computer. Thanks

- Nice to have radio station but I hate that these guys force sponsored content on you

I pay for the pro version. No matter what I do it will not allow me to keep my favorites that have been added, such as WNYC in New York or MSNBC. They’re added the next time I go back to the app they’re gone. And on the flipside no matter how many times I delete from my favorites list their sponsored shows – – mostly ESPN and other sports things and some podcasts that I’ve never heard of – – there they are once again, paid for by the companies that have those shows but certainly not my ‘favorites’. I end up getting my “favorites” from going to the recently-listened-to section since the ‘favorites’ section is rendered useless by their persistent forced content. And I pay them for this??

- Recording?????

What happened to the recording for the regular app. I paid for this a while back and used to record stuff to listen offline and now I don't see that feature. Did you guys get greedy? Is that only for people who pay for the monthly premium service? So my question has really never been answered. What the heck happened to the recording function I used for years??? I don't care about it for music. But it was nice to have it for the podcasts so when I could do it at home and listen to it without having to use my data or when I was driving through an area without good reception. I think your customers deserve an answer!!!

- Constant buffering and ads

I’ve been a TuneIn Pro user since 2010, and I used to use it more than any other app on my iPhone. It was really great for most of those years, but lately it has been plagued with incessant buffering and annoying ads that play at the wrong time. It buffers even when there isn’t a problem with my internet connection. I can stream from other music apps on the same iPhone and other devices in my house over the same internet connection without any issues, so I know the problem is with the app rather than my phone or internet service. Also, the ads often interrupt programs mid-sentence, or in the middle of a song.

- No rewind button… This was my favorite app until this morning

I use this app all day every day… It was my favorite app until this morning… I listen to talk radio and there was this really cool rewind button that allowed me to go back 30 seconds and hear what the commentator said again… This morning I put my favorite talkshow on and instead of a rewind button, there was a seek button… I pressed it and not only did not get to hear the… (it sucked)

- Radio anywhere, podcasts and more

Love this app. I get to listen to my favorite radio stations from every city I ever lived in—and some I wished I had. They’ve been expanding their offerings to a full menu of podcasts (which I also love), cable news channels (for politics junkies) and original programming (which, frankly, I haven’t sampled). The app is smart with useful features for search, browsing, and quick access to favorite stations and podcasts

- Battery drain in background

I love this app as I sleep with radio on all night. But after last update (and after iOS 11 updates) this app has been identified as an enormous draw on system resources and battery life. Even when not running and even when background app refresh is disabled. I deleted the app completely for a few Months and confirmed that this app was source of drain. I contacted tunein and they said no one else is reporting this issue but I went to Genius Bar and they said that this app is indeed a battery hog even when not running.

- Great app, but the recording feature needs to come back.

I discovered this app not long ago and as I was using it, I noticed that it has very good features. For example: the ability to record any radio station in the world and also the ability to rewind and fast forward it. so, because of all that, I will recommend this app to anyone who is interested in listening to Internet radio.

- Removed from my iPhone

I used to enjoy listening to and occasionally recording radio shows to listen to on trips, etc. With the most recent updates I have not only found needless and pointless changes in the user interface, but the developers have begun removing functionality that I once enjoyed. I could no longer fast forward or rewind recorded media, then I could no longer record programs (which I only recorded few and far between) and then they removed all of my recordings! I'm tired of the Big Brother treatment. This is not how you gain customers, it is how you lose them.

- Horrible Customer Service

I have been a long time subscriber, and all of a sudden it cancelled last week. TuneIn cancelled it without my consent, then when I attempted to reinstate my my membership, they said they could not honor my original price ($7.99). They said their system was transferring to a new one, and I would have to register with a new email too. Also, I purchased the Pro version awhile back to avoid ads, but was constantly getting annoying pop ups for premium. Since audiobooks are no longer available, I guess it’s not a big issue, but it’s so annoying that these shady crooks do things like this to force them pay full price.

- Worse than ever - deleted all my recordings

I had years of content saved and had no idea my recordings were going to be deleted. I spent hours curating old content for reference to relisten, and now it’s all gone. First they take away pause and record on some stations, and now record is just gone. Add to that the stream closing for every little disruption from my phone and this app is virtually useless. I love listening to live radio, paid for this app because when I’m working sometimes I have to pause and don’t want to miss anything, and this app really worked great for years. Until this year, and now it completely blows chunks. What a shame.

- I’ve got tunein pro but tunein premium no.

I’ve had this app for several years & decided to try tunein premium, luckily there’s a week free trial because I love music so much. So I put several of the exclusive stations in my favorites to listen & they would go back to the previous song that was played, the other content on here works flawlessly though I must say but I’m not paying $9.99 again for that because I’ve already paid $9.99 for the app itself to get what I already have.

- Nice with a slight bug

On the main stream screen, the current playing selection will often either appear much later or not at all. Exiting the screen and viewing the list of recently selected stations will often reveal the airing track name and artist correctly. Furthermore, the lock screen will sometimes reveal this info sooner. This means that the app does have access to the stream info but it isn't updating properly on the main or list screens. Please consider fixing this soon (it's a drag having to shazam a radio stream).

- Lots of updates for little return

Let’s start with this: the interface is absurd. Can’t delete favorite folders. Custom URLs work once. Getting a phone call—TuneIn will stop working. On the go between WiFi and LTE—TuneIn won’t understand what you did and crashes. Contact the developer and get incompetence and little else. Sadly this app is best of a pile of crap apps that do the same. This one shockingly is the best of them all, but only just. Maybe the imbecile who made this app can have a child fix it for them. Garbage. The number of updates this app receives is a window to the incompetence of the developer

- Updates over past 6 months have taken away best features!

I used to really like this app, but after past couple of updates all the features I used the most have disappeared. The similar station list is gone, I found many great stations this way, and the info that you got with a station would take you to website directly from the preset, now you have to search for it and it is utterly too complicated. Also bring back volume in the app, I use this primarily on an iPad and it was very useful.

- Latest update broke CarPlay skip functionality!

I love this app, but one of the recent updates broke the skip forward/back functionality for CarPlay. This used to work fine. Some facts: 1. Skip forward/back on TuneIn Pro used to work fine for CarPlay. but now does not work - meaning you can push the skip forward or back buttons on CarPlay but the TuneIn Pro app does not respond. 2. The pause/play functionality for TuneIn Pro still works fine through CarPlay. 3. If I fumble with my actual phone and press the skip forward or back in the TuneIn Pro app on my phone while connected to CarPlay, then it responds. However, this is dangerous while driving and defeats the purpose of CarPlay support for the TuneIn Pro app. 4. For all of my other CarPlay audio apps, their skip forward/back functionality still works fine so it is not a general CarPlay issue. Please fix this issue right away so I can increase my review stars for your otherwise great app. Thank you

- Tune In

Been utilizing this app for many years now. A bit disappointed. They removed the 30 second rewind/ fast forward option for a scanning of stations option.. so if I missed something on talk radio for example it’s very difficult to now rewind.. Also a big disappointment is they removed the record option. I was able to record certain talk radio shows. Not all of them have pod casts. NOW they are really pushing the ADS in hopes you purchase some subscription... very poor choice. Still listen to the app but will be looking for another one soon.

- Long time user

I’ve been using Tunein Radio for 10 years now and I can say it’s a apps I use every day. Tunein has continuously upgraded as needed to work with Apple and all their upgrades thru the years. Having a FM/AM radio in my pocket for local and national radio stations is awesome. I even listen to my favorite podcasts with Tunein Radio. It been a reliable app and I give 5 stars for that reason. - I have a personal request please pray for Rush.

- What happened to GREAT

This app use to be a fav of mine. I purchased the Pro some years ago and now it seems that it doesn’t recognized my purchase and is trying to get me to commit to it again with a 7 day trial 😠. It kept me connected to my favorite talk shows tht weren't broadcasted in my area. But lately it hasn't been working right, and has been buffering. Some of the streaming isn't as clear as they once were.

- Record radio show on iPad problem

I often have problems recording radio shows. Sometimes recording works flawlessly and sometimes not. I just downloaded the latest pro version and the record function doesn’t seen to work. I’m thinking there is a bug in the latest version. All I know for sure is, if I can’t record a radio show with confidence, this app is useless to me.

- Listening for years!

I found out about Tune-In during ads on my favorite podcasts. I tried it out and quickly upgraded to Pro. I’ve used it for years, now, to keep up with podcasts, local radio, college sports, and—lately—the news (CNN, NPR, and MSNBC). It reminds / notifies me when interesting things are happening and occasionally I record or rewind when I’ve missed something important. One of my favorite apps!

- Extraordinarily disappointing

I have used tunein pro for several years and up until 2 months ago it was fabulous on my apple 4s. Now after 2-3 minutes it freezes and buffers impossibly slow and has to be reset which takes minutes to do. I listen to overseas broadcasts and they cut out. I have become an angry customer after being an enthusiastic fan of tunein pro for years. FIX IT BEFORE YOU SELL IT

- the best radio app i’ve tried!

this one is everything radium failed with the years...i used to be a radium fan, but my stations from argentina stopped working, n i don’t listen other than that, news from buenos aires...plus you can record an important part if you’d like, and even get reminders of futbol (soccer) matches when they are scheduled to start! it’s all you could ever ask for in a radio program! i used to download the official app for each radio...but tunein has better buffering/connection than those! if you can afford at least a gift card and like to listen radio, don’t wait a second! buy it! it’s worth every dime! thank you soooo much to the developers to keep an up to date stations database and an updated beautiful lookin app!!

- This app is really-really bad.

This app constantly skips and jumps around in the audio timeline, one second you are listening in realtime, then click suddenly you are listening to something from 30 minutes ago. The people that created this app are pretty bad at their jobs, for these big and obvious bugs and also that these bugs have existed for literally years now. This is what I call incompetence. I have used a few pretty bad apps, this app is by far the most buggy app and the least well maintained app in the Apple app store. Apple should speak to this app creator and have them fix these issues or remove this app from the app store.

- Crashes and freezes

The latest couple of updates have backtracked on usability. The app freezes and crashes almost always, especially when you try to fast-rearward or forward. Same happens when you switch to another app temporarily, which causes TuneIn sound to stop, but when coming back to it, streaming doesn’t resume seamlessly, but app freezes and have to shut down and restart app, missing the previously played content that would supposedly be saved there to listen.

- Has been skipping lately

I do love the ability to listen to live radio and podcasts. Lately, however, the live stations have been skipping like a scratched record. There will be moments I’ll hear the same 5 seconds over and over until I restart the app. Has been doing this a couple months now. Doesn’t happen on the same station every time so it’s the app, not the station.

- Recording capability removed

In the latest update, the ability to record has been removed. There are some vague claims about legal restrictions, but copyright law hasn’t changed. If they were being sued, it would have been in the news and they likely would have stated that as the reason. I wasn’t able to find anything on their website regarding recording, so I guess they don’t want anyone to know the true reason they took this function away. By the way - legality of timeshift recording was established long ago, so this is likely just their attempt to squeeze money out of customers. They will never get another penny from me.

- Too many ads!

Just signed up for the TuneIn Premium to eliminate ads. Apparently the station I listen to is not part of the program list because ads are still being presented so will be canceling the 7 day Free Trial. Other than that I appreciate having TuneIn to stream the station from the city I used to live in. Returned to regular TuneIn. Still too many ads, and PSA's overlapping the DJ's going into and out of conversation. For one hour I counted 34 ads.....way too many, but what choice do I have! Why can't I hear the radio station ads I'm listening to?

- Rewind and Fast forward and buffering broken

The rewind and fast forward buttons no longer work and the stream doesn't continue buffer when I pause it. Please fix it (again) and I'll update the rating. Thanks. UPDATE: The developer contacted me and explained that certain stations still support the feature and so I located another station to listen to the shows that I like. Updated to 5 stars.

- Things I miss that were great in the older version

Please bring back that lovely seek bar that allowed us to rewind by so many seconds when listening to a live show, or at least the buttons that allowed us to skip backwards or forwards by 30 seconds. I hate this smart skipping feature now in place. Plus, I just want to see what I choose to listen to without all the recommendations This used to be a 5 star app until these ahem, improvements have been made, thus causing it to be less intuitive an app.

- Put back the controls!!!

why developers have this need of updating apps that are working perfectly, making changes that nobody needs just for the sake of change? I give 1 star because the latest update deleted the controls of rewind, fastforward, stop etc only leaving Play as a control. Now instead of pressing Stop I have to kill the app to make it stop... great change! I hope you revert these stupid changes and leave the app as great as it was. Answering the developers reply, no, its not my problem and you have confirmed me that this is a change in the design. My rating stands until you change it back.

- Latest Updates

I used to love Tune in Pro. Yet, the first issue was not being able to upload songs to itunes for storage as audio files but the most recent issue is the forward and backward buttons DO NOT WORK and therefore programs I recorded two years ago I cannot REWIND to re-listen to certain portions. When the stop button is pressed the screen shows the word "false." PLEASE FIX THIS APP. Not being able to store Tune in files on another device is bad but not even being able to re-listen to programs I recorded is truly terrible. I have no more use for this app if this current update is how Tune in will go from hereon.

- Original customer send downstream without a paddle!!

No longer able to record, no forward/back buttons. I was an original subscriber that paid a one time fee for “forever” features including ability to record and no ads....but now nothing!! I get that nothing lasts forever but at least honor your original agreement with a yearly fee that reflects something similar...like $10 a year (which is more than my original purchase).

- Love the app but...

The Oct 8, 2019 update broke the ability to control the app from the lock screen. Only play/pause works. It also broke the ability to control the volume from a beats x Bluetooth headset, which apple now owns. Also live FM streams will skip around and freeze on wi-if or with 4 out of 4 bars LTE. Ive confirmed this is not an issue with the station that is streaming. After every “update” another star is lost. I’m trying to keep this app installed but...... I’m a pro user and got in before the subscription model started, maybe that has something to do with it, who knows? I wonder why the developers keep trying to “improve” a product that is working fine. Then, they break something and seem to not know how to fix it or simply don’t care. Maybe the next “update” will fix these issues but i doubt it. iPhone XS Max on iOS 13.1.2 Tune in user

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TuneIn Pro - Radio & Sports 19.6.0 Screenshots & Images

TuneIn Pro - Radio & Sports iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

TuneIn Pro - Radio & Sports iphone images
TuneIn Pro - Radio & Sports iphone images
TuneIn Pro - Radio & Sports iphone images
TuneIn Pro - Radio & Sports iphone images
TuneIn Pro - Radio & Sports iphone images

TuneIn Pro - Radio & Sports (Version 19.6.0) Install & Download

The applications TuneIn Pro - Radio & Sports was published in the category Music on 2009-09-03 and was developed by TuneIn [Developer ID: 319295335]. This application file size is 89.79 MB. TuneIn Pro - Radio & Sports - Music app posted on 2020-11-17 current version is 19.6.0 and works well on IOS 12.4 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.alexanderben.RadioIn

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