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The Masters Tournament App Description & Overview

What is the masters tournament app? Welcome to the Official app of the Masters Tournament.

Bringing you closer than ever to the beauty and excitement of the Masters Tournament in Augusta, GA, on April 8th-14th, 2024, the official app of the Masters provides the most comprehensive coverage available.

The Official Masters Tournament app includes:

- Watch the LIVE broadcast simulcast Thursday through Sunday

- Live play from Amen Corner
- Live play from Hole Nos. 4, 5 & 6
- Live play from Hole Nos. 15 and 16
- Featured Groups channel following key players around the course
- Masters On the Range - Special analysis from a live-streamed Practice Range show Monday, April 8th through Sunday, April 14th
- Masters Green Jacket Ceremony
- Featured Groups+, an interactive version of the popular channel, with trivia, polls, live updates, and more. (Available to logged-in app users)
Beautiful full-screen video viewable with 3G or better and Wi-Fi connections. The multi-stream live video player allows you to watch up to 4 channels at a time. (iPad only)
(Live video is available in the United States, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, India, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and United Arab Emirates only.)

This feature enables you to watch any of the Masters live streams with up to eight people via video chat.

- Get real-time scoring updates on your Lock Screen and Dynamic Island

- Create a personalized featured group channel
- Watch every shot from the players YOU choose
- Include highlights you want to see, either from your fantasy roster, your favorites or the rest of the field

Build a “fantasy foursome” to compete against friends, family, and the world as the players compete for the Green Jacket. Daily and Tournament-wide prizes are available. (Prizes can only be won by legal residents of the United States, India and Mexico who are 18 years or older).
- Fantasy Watch Parties exclusively available in the Masters app. Watch a custom highlight feed of all the action relevant to your league while video chatting with your fantasy competitors.

- Watch every shot from every player on every hole over all 4 rounds on the Player Pages
- IBM Watson provides descriptive text and audio AI commentary for all 20k+ ‘Every Shot, Every Hole’ videos.

- Follow each shot of action on an interactive 3D course model
- Follow any player and view every shot, in real time
- View ball location, shot distances, pin placements, and video of every shot

- Watch Live Video and Video-on-Demand in the new Picture-in-Picture feature while you explore other areas of the app

- Interact with the live Leader Board, the official online source of Masters scoring and results

- Live score updates for your favorite players are always viewable while you explore the app

- Redesigned for 2024, with notifications, scoring and player stats, all available from your Apple Watch

- Live video multi-stream, Video-on-Demand and scores are available from Apple TV

- Detailed hole information with imagery, stats and layout

- Live radio coverage of the Masters Tournament starting Thursday, April 11th

- A round-by-round view of each day’s pairings with easy navigation to find the tee time of any player

- Latest news and commentary from the 2024 Tournament
- On-demand video highlights, feature clips and player interviews
- Photo galleries of daily Tournament action, rich course imagery and the Tournament’s illustrious historical moments
- Beautiful and data-rich infographics
- Player information, push notification alerts and all of the latest news and live text updates from Masters Tournament.

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App Name The Masters Tournament
Category Sports
Updated 11 April 2024, Thursday
File Size 433.38 MB

The Masters Tournament Comments & Reviews 2024

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Best Ever. This might be the best app they released. I missed last year but the ability to click on a name and get caught up is wonderful. Even if it’s not new this year it’s new to me and I love it. All the normal holes are available and now create your own group is also great. I won’t miss a thing this year! Thanks for making this app what it is. Just like the tournament it’s a classic!!

Fantastic. This app is exceptional. It does everything you’d want it to do for watching a golf tournament on an app, but, that’s not what makes it exceptional. Here’s why this app is exceptional: never had a pop-up, never asked me for my location, never asked to track other apps on my phone, never asked me to rate it, and never froze or had a glitch. I hope other app developers and companies learn from this app.

Masters Fantasy Leaderboard. The App is amazing, however for anyone who is playing the fantasy aspect within the app will noticed there is no way to figure out what place you are out of everyone else who is also playing the fantasy game. This makes is impossible to figure out if you won the daily prize or overall / runner up prizes. I would like a fantasy daily leaderboard of users playing the game for 2024 instead of waiting for an email from Augusta that could go to a spam folder…

Such a great app!. I really love all the features in the app. You have done an outstanding job. It's really nice to be able to watch every shot by every player at any time by viewing their profiles. And you've made it extremely easy to follow players both individually and as personalized groups. The news feeds, live and recorded video streams, virtual participation, etc. are well-designed and conveniently laid out to maximize user engagement. The information about the players and the course is just the right amount and is readily available for anything and everything that anyone could want to know. I enjoy using this app..A big thank you to your development team!

Best sports app I own. Honestly, I was shocked when I opened these reviews to see a 3.9/5 average. Maybe I’ve just gotten lucky, but this app has honestly been the most well designed app I have ever used, and I will continue to use it until it is no longer offered. This is the only review I have ever left for an app, if that says anything about how well designed it is.

Sound problems. After watching for a while, the sound from another channel comes on simultaneously with the sound of the channel you’re listening to. This was the problem last year, it’s still the problem this year. The only solution appears to reboot, start over, and enjoy the show until the problem occurs again.

Spectacular. The Masters Tournament app always impressed. The amount of available information and the way it is accessed is boundless and seamless. Pushing the limits of what technology was at the time. This. This is incredible. It far exceeds what I thought watching and following a tournament could be. The ability to watch the action on Picture in Picture while I did other tasks was particularly excellent. Bravo Dev Team, this is great. Unbelievable work on this. Thank you!!

Best Major Championship App. Every other major championship app should take a page out of the Masters. Brilliant by covering every shot of every player and not just the featured groups. For fans of players like Charl Schwartzel, Adam Scott and Aaron Baddeley who aren’t always in featured groups, being able to not only 3D track them at all times, but see every shot from their round is amazing. This is the best sports app I’ve encountered and I have a million. I hope the masters keeps this new tradition going. Jared

For next year, I would like to see.... A redesigned UX. The hamburger menu requires two taps to switch between views. A bottom menu with Home (News), Leaderboard, Watch, Track, and More (which includes the other menu options. An improved Leaderboard. The Leaderboard is slow to update and swiping down doesn't refresh. There may be technical issues affecting its performance but the Masters' technology partners should be able resolve these issues.

IPad Alignment Issues - Year 2. Beautiful picture, then goes upside down, sometimes sideways, hangs, shuts down..and then repeats. Finally tried to turn my iPad upside down to "catch it" and finally got to where you could select from the menu...sideways. Once a menu selection was able to be made, then things aligned for rest of session. Please, you're IBM, this is the 2nd straight year with the same issue. Now another full year to fix and (cough!) test it...iPad latest IOS

As always...impressed. Augusta National Golf Club continues to demonstrate a commitment to improving the viewer experience. This app is an excellent example of this. Continuously improving and enhancing the experience for those unable to attend. Especially appreciated is the addition of the replay function and interactive leaderboard. Well done Augusta National. Well done.

Fantastic. I don’t ever leave reviews but I came back to leave this one. The masters app is the pinnacle of class. It is a clear collaboration between leading software engineers and golf’s most ardent enthusiasts. It is free and gives you an incredible look at the masters. You can keep up with every player in the field. Spectacular 10/10.

Great. Really like the updated version for 2017. Can watch live coverage in my office on iPhone or anywhere even when not being broadcast on any network. Tapper you want to follow and you can get updates sent to you. If you've ever been to Augusta national this is the closest thing to actually being there again.

Well done!. This review is for both the iPad and Apple TV apps. This is one of the best live video apps I have experienced on these platforms. The video quality is excellent and the ability to view simultaneous live streams and switch so easily between full screen views is the way I want to watch golf! I do wish the Apple TV app had the Broadcast channel like the iPad app has. In lieu of that, I’m watching the Broadcast channel on my iPad and switching between the other channels on my Apple TV. Great work, developers, and thank you for providing this cost-free livestream alternative to watching The Masters on broadcast TV!

Incredible app. I’m blown away by all the new features that were added. I just had a party watch with a group of friends and all the stuff that you can now do with this app as your watching the game is amazing. congrats to the developers.

Best golf app. By far and with a wide margin, this is the best app for any golf tournament. Is eclipses even the pga tour app (which is very poorly done). Things I couldn’t even think of doing in an app pop up when I’m using it and cause me to immerse even more. Just like everything else they do, it’s an 11/10.

Better this year. This is my 4th year using this app, the video quality this year has unfortunately taken a drop in quality. Prior it was clear and HD, now it looks like at best a 480 feed. The coverage is exceptional but disappointed in the clear drop in streaming quality, no doubt done to push people to subscribe to CBS or ESPN. Will use it until the final round and then waste everyone’s time signing up for the free trial then cancelling it right away so the final round is the best quality.

Extraordinary Forward Thinking App. The developers have known for years what they’ve been doing with this app - building in perfectly all the rich ways to enjoy content, which by the way changes and improves year to year. One recommendation - in slideshow of photos, when you are looking at the photo in landscape mode (to see the full photo) - you should be able to swipe or tap left or right to get to the new photo. Keep up the good work, folks. Truly a remarkable feat - this is the gold standard of apps. Not getting much done at work until this weekend is over...

This is the ultimate way to watch any golf tournament. I’ve never written an app review before, but this version of the Masters app is truly the future of watching any golf tournament. The killer feature is its ability to watch every shot of every player. I’ve always wanted to see my favorite player even when they weren’t in contention, which is the only the typical PGA or LPGA broadcast coverage. If all golf app had this feature, I’d gladly pay for a subscription to keep track of the players I’m interested in, and not just a producers option of who we should see play.

Best major app out there. Love this app so much!!!! Commercial free and it’s like your at the course. I run it from my iPad thru my Apple TV on my big screen and it’s flawless HD quality from early morning so I can enjoy as much of the masters as possible before network coverage. Awesome job here guys thanks a million

New player Track is amazing!. The new features in Masters App 2019 are very well done. A new feature called “track” allows you to follow any player or group around the course in a map mode and then watch video of each of their shots. You can even put undulation arrows on the greens so you can see what putt your player is in for. All of this really helps feel the course and understand what the players are thinking as they make their shots. Brilliant!

One of the best apps ever. Out of all the apps I’ve used, this is one of the best! I love being able to watch different players at the different locations on the course, choosing favorites, the leaderboard being updated in a timely manner…just so many great things. Thanks for a great app!

Kudos to the developers. Wow, what a great design for the 2022 masters. I was sitting forlorn in a third world country thinking I was going to miss my favorite golf tournament. With the wonderful design changes made for this year, I was able to enjoy it all. Thank you and congratulations. Give this design group a raise/bonus.

Best App! Love it!. I’m not sure I have ever reviewed an app but I just wanted to thank you for this amazing app. There is so much to video which is crystal clear on my AppleTV and IPhone, ability to follow favorite players, easy access leaderboard, shot trackers, alerts about favorite players...I could go on and on. Not sure there is a better way to watch the Masters action. Thank you!!!

Hole in One!. Simply put, this app is exceptional. It has tons of viewing features, player information, scoring, and all with a very user-friendly layout. I wish all apps had this level of quality. Well done Augusta National for a great product. Now only if Tiger could perform as well…

Just one problem!. This is a fantastic app, don’t get me wrong. Great video stream and content, amazing! But!!!! Please just fix one thing before the weekend with the video is the angle that it will switch to portrait mode is too high still. I want to be able to lay my phone flat horizontal and still be in video landscape view but it doesn’t do that.

Great experience year after year. I download this app each year for the Tournament. The experience never wavers from excellence. Exclusive feeling behind the scenes content paired with a live stream of some of the course’s most popular holes. Highly recommend! Aside from the live streaming, my favorite capability is being able to track your favorite golfers and/or those you are most interested in. A must have app for Master’s fans.

As good as it gets. The ability to track and see video coverage of every shot by every player in almost real time - in addition to all the information, various live feeds, etc - is unbelievable. Short of having a mic on every player, not sure what more you could possibly ask for from an app.

Well done!. EASILY the best golf app to date. Between the fabulous website UX/UI, the well done subtle differences between iOS and iPadOS, and the somehow constant 1080p60 crispy footage, along with video footage of literally every golfer’s every shot, I really wish the team behind this could get involved in covering other events during the year.

Unbelievable!!!. This app is exactly what the title says: UNBELIEVABLE!!! I very rarely watched any of the Master on my TV! This app had it ALL! No commercials and while other watch the commercials, I got golf commentary! The commentary was outstanding! The info that you get in real time compared to TV is truly amazing! If you didn’t get the app this year, don’t miss it next year! I’d love to see the app broaden out to all the Majors! Couldn’t I got what I got without paying a dime!

Immersive app; great compliment to live broadcast. Data science professional here. Devs did an incredible job contextualizing, fusing, and presenting fragmented data sources in an immersive and intuitive way. (e.g. select a player and a hole. App presents 3D view of hole, GPS of each shot player has taken on that hole in pervious rounds, and video of each shot from said player on said hole from previous rounds.) Truly awesome.

What happened between Thursday and today???. The Apple TV app had the Watch Live Tab removed. There’s no way to watch at all on the Apple TV app. That’s terrible. And did you guys ditch the multiviewer too???? The last thing I wanted to do on a Friday was troubleshoot your nonsense. Edit: Had to do a full reboot of the Apple TV base. The app lost features, a full reboot brought those features back. But why did the Watch Live tab disappear at all?

“Awful Streaming and Broadcast”. The information on the Masters App. is excellent. The broadcast or streaming part of the App is the worst I have ever seen. The coverage is just awful. It’s like it’s produced by a second grader. The streaming is horrendously bad. Besides all of that, the live broadcast seems to be on some sort of loop. It repeats over and over. The quality is just awful all the way around. The perfection achieved by Augusta National is legendary and I can only imagine what the club and tournament leadership would think about this terrible representation of the best golf tournament in the world. Please fire everyone involved with this travesty and start from scratch with a company that knows what they’re doing.

2024 App Problems - Lots of them. Very surprised to see all of the issues in this app release as it normally has been well made. Text scaling and layout issues everywhere. Some of the menus are unusable and look like bowls of word jambalaya. Lots of strange errors in many places. It’s like the dev team quit and someone plugged in the database for 2024 and hit publish. Hopefully this get sorted out in the next couple of days. I uninstalled and reinstalled, rubbed my eyes twice and it did not fix.

Terrible Streaming Experience. Can’t watch the video for more than a minute without the stream stopping, looping or stuttering. I’m getting 100+ mbps down with a ping of less than 20ms, so it’s not my connection. It’s the app. The only reason for 2 stars is the great shot tracking feature. Great feature, but can’t watch a whole round that way. What’s the point of feature groups if the stream of their round is unwatchable? I. The future, quit locking down coverage and let someone like golf channel cover the morning, since you can’t figure out how to stream in the app.

Content is A+, functionality needs work. The only criticism is have for the app is the Leaderboard page: why have an X button to collapse a players scorecard when tapping anywhere else on it collapses it? I’ve inadvertently collapsed the scorecard while trying to view a players previous round just about every time. Make the scorecard a dead tap, and just use the X to collapse it.

Fix the AUDIO. This is a great app EXCEPT this year 2022, watching any of the 4 live windows results in audio overlap that is just insane. At least 3 audio lines at the same time and 1 that repeats twice in milliseconds. AWFUL. Please fix then 5 stars. I use Apple TV for digital streaming over a very high end 11 channel theater system. It’s not my system. Everything else streams and sounds fine,

What happened this year guys?. When it comes to the Masters, I have come to expect a wonderful app experience based on previous years. I have been very disappointed this year. No iPhone X full screen support? Not great. Can’t watch Spieth, the leader play but can see an amateurs every shot? Mind boggling. Why can’t I watch a replay of the first round the evening when it finishes? Doesn’t that seem like an appropriate time, since people work during the week? Update: More bugs. I touched Mickelson’s name and instead of his score card I got all 4 of his to show at once one on top of the other. Could not close it and had to restart. Why is there a bar on iPhone X when I play video, even in landscape? Why is there 4K coverage of 15&16 but only for direct tv? The 4K Apple TV supports Dolby vision and HDR10.

Masterful Experience. I write reviews when apps are terrible or phenomenal. The Masters app is the latter. I’ve used the app for years, and its comprehensive features and experience never disappoints. Your ability to navigate seamlessly between live video feeds, scores/standings, schedules, social updates, notifications, and so much more is exactly what the virtual patron needs and wants. During The Masters, this app is live and loaded on all my devices for the maximum experience. In fact, I’m currently watching on my AppleTV, iPad, and iPhone. Definitely a must-have app! There are a lot of other apps that could take some lessons from the iOS team responsible for developing this app.

Phenomenal. I streamed the first two days, from the range to the finish, nonstop. There’s always someone hitting a shot, so there’s always someone to show. No commercial interruptions. I’ve been playing this on my phone at my desk, and it’s honestly better than watching the tv version.

The Best Sports App Ever. I typically wouldn’t write a review unless an app was really bad but I have to write one for The Masters app because it is the best sports app I have ever used and I have used many. From being able to watch the tournament from multiple views, from up to the second score updates, from the many outstanding articles, this would be a great app. What puts it over the top is the ability to watch every shot by every golfer for each round when you tap on their name in the scoreboard. All I can say is, Wow!!

Thank you. I almost never rate/review apps, but in this case I almost feel obligated to. No other sporting event is covered anywhere close to as well as the masters. Having several live feeds for different parts of the course and following featured groups as well as being able to view a replay of every shot any player has hit during the tournament is fantastic. Not only that, but that's all available for free without having to link a TV service account or even having to deal with ads. I can't help but tip my cap here.

Best app ever!. I love this app. It is by far the most comprehensive app I have ever experienced. I have been lucky enough to go to many Masters tournaments in person and this app is the next best thing to being there - so much content and behind the scenes looks! Well done. For the folks who are complaining - get a new internet service! The issues are not with the app!!

2019 version is incredible. This new version is great. No longer am I at the mercy of what the television directors what me to watch. Want to check out the amateurs? You can. Got a favorite lesser star? No problem. Don’t get me wrong, absolutely nothing substitutes for being there. But this is the next best thing.

Well done!. This is the best Masters Live app to date. Works seamlessly. Easy to use with point and click format. Can change to different options with a touch of a finger. Very impressive app. But then the Masters is always top drawer in everything they do. Thanks for a job well done ⛳️

The best sports app period.. There is simply no other sports app that comes close to the experience that this app provides in terms of coverage, stat tracking, easy of navigation to video footage, and usability. I’d rather look at this app than the CBS coverage. It’s probably better than being there (err maybe not). Can’t say enough good things. Please help other sports do better.

How golf should be presented.. I found myself jumping back to this app even near the tournament end due to the flexibility of watching particular holes or a featured group with no commercials. CBS seems to have abandoned the “limited commercial interruptions” we have come to enjoy in previous years. Yes it lacks the polish of the broadcast production and gave it 4 stars due to audio problems like echoing. However, it was wonderful to see it on the big TV screen through my Apple TV. I wish they would do it for all majors but am happy it is available for my favorite.

Go To App for Watching Masters. I use this app every year. I can watch when I want, not tied to TV schedule and advertisements. Great coverage and flexible options. Follow favorite players, watch featured groups, live play from leaderboard toe featured holes and sections, like Amen Corner. Commentary and backgrounds of the players.

The Standard for ANY sports App!. I love golf. I hate commercials. This was the BEST sports app I have ever used. I could watch LIVE coverage for the whole tournament for the first time, even the opening rounds! Felt like I was a part of the gallery, but even better. I could see Live shots of my personalized featured group! Really enjoyed to lack of commentary and just watching excellent golf. You may have just replaced Jim Nantz...just kidding, we all know he’s irreplaceable! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for providing this awesome look at a live sporting event!

Exceptionally well done app for the best tournament in golf!. I don’t often leave reviews, but I have to give a huge shout out to the developers and visionaries behind the creation of this app. The layout, graphics, and presentation of all the Masters content is exceptionally well done. Within is a perfect balance of coverage and interviews with players, as well as wonderful articles and a podcast that sums up the allure of Augusta. And of course, the HD video coverage of the tournament, par 3 contest, and driving range. I also love the live leaderboard (it looks just like the real one when you turn your iPad sideways). I think some of the content could be organized a bit better to be a little easier to access, but this is a near perfect app. Thank you!

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Great app. Awesome detail and well designed. Shame about the lack of live video outside the US, but that's life. Get over it. Why give an otherwise perfect app 1 or 2 stars just because international networking agreements prevent an unheard of feature like live footage being included. Plus it's free ffs.

Amazing. A lot of thought and a lot of work has gone into this app. It’s excellent, well done.

Great updates - love the My Group feature. The ability to watch every shot from every player is an amazing feature, particularly you can let it run in auto mode and without requiring user intervention. I’m finding relatable moments watching players at the bottom of the leaderboard is just as entertaining as watching those at the top. Great product development efforts in the app.

Superb!. Absolutely terrific app. Easy to navigate, all the information is there, no annoying ads - I can't fault it...well done!

No good. Keeps crashing. Very frustrating..

Exceptional. Finally everything in one place. Really easy to use as well

FREE APP IS AWESOME. Being a FREE app makes this FREE app toally worth getting. Hard to carry a TV every where I go while The Masters is on so being able to use this FREE app to check the up to date leaderboard is awesome. People who complain about FREE apps probably weren't hugged enough by their parents. Thanks for developing and providing this FREE app even though it won't split an atom for me. 5 stars

Best app. Must say for a number of years now I’ve felt that this one of the best apps I know of full stop. So well presented and always so easy to use. Well done to you guys.

LYW Masters!. Have to love this event. Perhaps highlights packages could be (frequently) made available as Podcasts...? [Apols for timewasting if suggestion is inefficient, expensive or technically impractical. Yes, Ref., I will get off the pitch... and take off the shirt...]

Video highlights been down for past 2days!. Shame on those who developed it! Must have been paid a pretty penny to do the job but didn't even test it properly.

Master Blaster. Excellent app. The hole flyovers are amazing and the entire app is very very well done. Great work guys.

Don't load new update. Great timing one day before the start, new update crashes the app...won't open. 24 hours to fix, your time starts now.

Good for leaderboard. That's about it - good for leaderboard. The app only supports live video in the US as stated. It's free, it does what it says - what are people complaining about. It'll be handy.

No Live Streaming!. Sort out the rights for live streaming! Besides the leaderboard, a pointless app, unless the region-censoring is removed.

Not Bad. Dissapointing as there are fly through only for a few of the holes not all as suggested on the pages. Leader board stats is great.

Inconsistent. The broadcast function works on my phone but not on my I-Pad.

Leaderboard videos not wanted. I use the radio function on the app and if I try to check on a player hole by hole via the leaderboard it opens video highlights, stopping the radio feed and necessitating a restart. Very frustrating.

No connection. Seriously. Why?

Crashes now - won't load. Update on the day the tournament starts has rendered the app unusable.... Let's hope for another quick update!

Great app. Great app, although I just did current update and now won't open? Hopefully it's right before tee off...

Very good app. Very good, clean, functional app. I especially like feature of tagging golfers as favorites so they always show at the beginning of the leader board.

Don't update!. The latest update has completely corrupted the app and now it won't even open! If you want to see the scores or action of day 1 then don't update! Please fix ASAP!

Best App EVA. Well done team, I used this every day and every night. This is by far the best application I have ever had on my iPhone. WELL DONE

6 out of 7 not good enough. I search for Matt Jones and he is not available. I highlight the players I want to watch and I can only get 6 out of 7 Aussies .

Live streaming, really?. Is it just me or does the live streaming not work in Australia? Otherwise it's a useful app for the leaderboard. Guess I'll be watching OneHD for the pix.

The mating call. Oi Oi Oi

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Use TSN Masters app. TSN, the Canadian rights holder, has a free app (that looks remarkably like this one) that works fully in Canada. This Masters app really shouldn't show up in the Canadian store.

Has app been updated?. I cannot login to my Masters account from this app anymore, what’s happening?

discrimanation. No Canadian feed !! now I know what it must be like to be a woman or black,hispanic,asian etc... at the masters.

Love this new app. You can’t watch the Masters but that’s no fault of the App, it’s broadcast rights in Canada. The new interactive map that tracks each shot virtually and provides highlights of hose shots for each player is awesome!

Perfection!. I’m absolutely stunning app and the ability to track all players live and see their shots is simply incredible. Thank you

Worthless. Can’t watch live only radio with no video or stupid short clips. Waste of time

Notifications come in twice. The app is great overall although it's annoying to receive every notifications twice

No Live TV???!!!. This app worked great for the live coverage last year here in Canada. This year’s update gives us radio!!?? Thanks a lot. App appears to be heading to the delete bin just like the PGA tour app. It’s not all about USA!! This is an international event!

Update. Latest update has screwed everything up. If its working leave it alone for gods sake. If you would have only took the time to check before rushing updates that don't work & to do it in the middle of the Masters. Geez smarten up.

What!. Here I am traveling in Portugal counting on The Masters app to follow the play. What has always been useful has become absolutely useless. What’s up?

Terrible. I seem to recall I had this problem last year as well - can't view any of the "live" video feeds. Just get a blank, black screen - does not work at all. Sad for me, a "cord cutter" - I have no way to watch The Masters until tomorrow (when I can get OTA HD at 3pm). The PGA needs to get on the bandwagon with a service like MLB TV so I can get a feed to watch golf without cable. I'd pay for something like this (that actually worked).

LOVE this app!. Television coverage honestly sucks. This app has made it 100% possible for me to watch every shot on every hole by every player! This is The Best App! If you love The Masters and you don’t want to miss anything, this is going to be your saving grace - enjoy!!

10 bucks. I'll put 10 bucks on two things; first is Tiger to win and second that this program is awesome! Looking for a great week Billy!

Don’t bother. Like other review mentions only radio available in Canada. Pretty weak!!!

Feed blocked in Canada. A promising app with video feed blocked in Canada. If broadcast rights are an issue, then just don't offer the app in Canada - it's just frustrating. If it's some kind of marketing/commercial decision, it's just stupid. You can bypass this with a US proxy. Just one star because you ignore your Canadian fans.

Weird. I m just a little surprised that the Masters and the PGA would allow an application that alienated it's hundreds of thousands supporters and visitors from Canada. On the other hand the live updates and the fly byes are great. I hope this will be available for future tournaments. I would be willing to pay for this app if all it's features were available in Canada.

Stupid idea. One star because it's only avalible to the dumb fat Americans

Great app. I love it. Results in real time is very effective. Great

Call the crtc. To all my fellow Canadians , if you don’t like restrictions , call the crtc. The app has nothing to do with it. Or, stop being cheap and get a VPN

Wow..... Hands down the best golf coverage I’ve ever seen. Video of every shot. 3D shot tracker. This is the future of golf coverage.

Pointless. No video in canada. Coulda told us a fricken week ago!!!!

Excellent. Great app with fantastic functionality. Very quick leaderboard updates, great selection of replays. Shame there's no live TV rights in Canada, but Masters radio is a start. Solid content on this app. Final scores push instantly.

does nothing. literally. why was this app developed?

Great Job Augusta. This app is amazing best way to track your favourite players. You can watch all shots! Amazing!

Crap!. How hard would it have been to allow Canadians to see the live video feeds??? This is garbage.

Worst app. Hardly works in does this app have something against Canada Eh!

No video for Canadians!?. Why is this app even in the Canadian app store if it doesn't play live video for all!? When trying to view the 4 sample sections in the video portion of the program, it warns "This content is not available in your region." Maybe the radio section won't work either. Hey Masters, there's a big fan base north of the border, in case you don't know it. Let's hope they re-consider and fix this before the tournament starts. EH!?

I concur..... ...this is garbage if it's not compatible across the globe. Don't even bother hovering the mouse over "Get App."

App useless. My iPad worked for the November masters now apparently I need a new iPad to use the app for 2021?!? Terrible

Where is the flyovers?. App is ok but where did the course flyovers go?

Would give 5 but..... The Masters. Class and beauty. tradition, sportsmanship, respect. They control everything - but they let a classless tool like Tiger Woods spew offensive language into their controlled broadcasters microphones and don't care about it? Gary McCord can't be part of the broadcast team but Woods can swear as he likes to millions. The Masters...crass, ugly, offensive?

Used to be better.... Used to be able to watch live feeds in Canada. Not anymore. App has gone from essential to a waste of time.

Where' the Live TV!?. What's the point of the app for Apple TV if you can't watch any of the live feeds. Canada as always getting screwed! Complete BS.

Radio only. This masters app only allows you to listen to the radio- no live feed like last year. Horrible experience.

Amazing. By far the best sports app/coverage out there. Great work

Really Good!. Great app to keep track of the 2023 Masters!

Masters. No coverage in Canada----terrible

Not what I thought it was.. no live coverage or commentary

No live tv, just radio. Fail, deleted.

The best sports app ever. The 2020 version of the app has established a new gold standard for delivering sports to the phone. It exceeds all expectations I had for it. Any quibbles are just that.

Average. It's Amens corner and 15 and 16 for live. Read and pay attention. I'm in Canada and watching it right now. Tho it is slow. Alerts tho are not working!

US only???. I thought the Masters was interested in promoting the game internationally. Really disappointing that live coverage is for US only.

USA video only???. Crap. Get the TSN masters app. Whats with Yankees not letting Canucks watch their video feeds???

Great. Fantastic, follow your favourites player. Every shots on recap. The only thing missing is to be able to cast on tv. Every tour should have an app like this one.

No video for canadians!!!. Header says it all!!! Do not buy!!!!!

Watching live in Canada. If you wanna watch it live in Canada, stop being cheap and pay for tsn + or ur tv provider. This app is crazy for being free and showing so many different options for following your favourite players

Vraiment bon. Peut suivre le joueur que tu veux,les résultats Live Les coups par coups vraiment bon bravo!

No live tv. No point in ever getting this app if you want to watch the masters. Only has live radio and scores. Not worth the download.

Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!. Radio? Seriously? Get bent!

Older usually means wiser. Hooray I get to download the App for my favorite tournament on the planet!!!! What's this?!!??!? OS 8??? WHOSE BRIGHT IDEA IS THAT!!! Huge disappointment.

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Awesome. I don’t usually go out of my way to rate apps or even rate them at all, but this one is awesome. I can watch every shot back to back for any player. It’s just their shots and no bull. Entire tournament round in less than 10 minutes.

Video not reliable. Looks like there is a lot of video, but I can’t see more than a few seconds before it freezes and then the audio continues. Slider doesn’t work to bring the video forward or back. Works well to see the leaderboard, but there are many apps that do that without downloading this.

Other sports leagues take notice!. This is how you properly run a sports streaming app . So well organized. If I was the nba, nfl, fifa, I would be reaching out to whoever developed the app and see what they could do for my league!

Best App and Website. Period. Stop.. For only being used one week out of the year, this app and website are the pinnacle of what a sports app should be. Unreal. Cannot wait for next year. Incredible job. Putting other companies’ technology to shame.

Simply the best sports app in existence. Whether it’s for all sports, a single sport or a single event, this is the best I’ve ever seen. Crazily feature rich and comprehensive. Huge kudos are due to the developers and (I assume) IBM. Adds so much to the enjoyment of the Masters. And much appreciated that it’s free.

Great upgrades in 2021. The Masters is one of the greatest sports events of the year, and the Masters app this year has me glued to my iPad. Switching between featured groups, holes, players, and updates is making the event that much more enjoyable! Very responsive as well.

App proven to be the best. The Masters 2020 app is the best overall app implementation ever. There were no execution issues and the implementation was was very easy to move around to the functionality and videos along with many options. Great job!

Great viewing. I was a bit skeptical when downloading this app. I was not disappointed. I was able to watch live without problems. The sound and video quality was great! The tracking feature is awesome!

Video is cut off at the end of the tournament, regardless of where you are. I was watching live but started at the beginning of the broadcast at a more civilized PST hour. The tournament must have ended and my video ended abruptly with no chance of watching the last nine holes of the final group. In the era of streaming and DVR’s this is unacceptable. If you allow pause/rewind, you must let the user finish watching the show. Alternatively, restrict to “live only,” like TV was in the 1970’s.

Forget the best sports app, this is THE best app. Just like everything else Augusta National does, this was executed perfectly. Whoever designed and built this did an exceptional job. What a great representation and extension of the golf utopia that is Augusta National and The Masters.

Live video stream not working well. Overall very disappointing. The video stream keeps looping back to the same shot multiple times. The entire stream even looped back the the first tee shot of the featured group which I had watched an hour earlier. Also multiple audio feeds keep playing over each other. At first it was the feed from the driving range live stream and featured groups and now I don’t even know where have the audio is coming from.

Love it!!. I love this app because it is very simple to use. It is so affective in terms of opening stay in touch with what’s going on is golf term it. The featured group and amen corner and 15 and 16 help to be able to watch your favorite players. Well I’m watching it on television.

Incredible!. One of the most seamless and satisfactory mobile experiences I've ever encountered. They think of just about everything and provide the whole experience. You'll never miss a shot!

What happened. I only use this app for one week a year but always thought to myself Wow! But this year seems like the quality has dropped. I see font crossing over each other the images seem muted.

Problem so far. Great content, but very annoy to watch on the iPad. You watch a 5 min segment of the live stream and then it goes back and repeats the same 5 mins you just watched. Then it goes back to live, and you miss a 5 min segment because it keeps going back. Please fix this problem!!!

My dumps at work are even better...and longer!. Now that I can stream the Masters from my phone, my bathroom breaks at work last upwards of fifty minutes. My patients can get restless in the dentist chair, so I let them stream too! Five stars!

Love the Masters But this is trash. Featured groups continues to skip all over the place to a point where I am watching the same shot 3 times. Will go back over 2 minutes of coverage, then skip forward then back again. I haven’t ever had this problem but this is making the featured groups section almost unwatchable, and very frustrating. I guess I just expected it to work properly.

Apple TV app not so great. For some reason, the only way I can get full screen video is to choose the live multicast, then click on the stream I want. That would be ok except for the bright yellow label in the upper left corner. It isn’t needed and it isn’t good for my OLED TV. If I choose one of the streams directly, I can no longer make it full screen.

Possibly the best sports app ever. Others should take notice. Everyone is talking about how incredible the app was this year. Great picture quality, leaderboard updated immediately. Great work!

Far Exceeds Expectations. Possibly the best sports app ever developed. Full coverage of the masters, up to date leaderboard information, videos of ceremonies and full broadcasts. Can’t say enough about this great app. Download it.

Apple TV 4K Support?. Where is the Apple TV 4K and HDR support? ANGC please insure the live streams are full 4K and HDR when delivered to the Apple TV 4K. The design of the app looks well done, but the beauty of ANGC should be via streaming without the complex requirements of a Directv Genie Satellite setup. Apple TV 4K has the hardware please deliever the 4K streams to the Patrons!!!

The Best App for The Best Tournament. Thank you for making this app! I look forward to watching it and it’s truly my favorite place to be and this app is an added touch! I especially love choosing my golfers and watching the classic highlights.

Amazing experience. I can't believe this is free. I've been using it for years to follow the Masters and it keeps getting better. I love the new 3D shot track feature with the video of each shot inset. This is nearly perfect.

Just So Much More To Be Desired. Can you imagine if the first 2 minutes of every quarter in the Super Bowl was only broadcast on an app that didn’t have commentary? That’s what this is. Video quality isn’t designed for nice televisions. I’d prefer to watch The Masters on a big TV rather than a phone. Best way to sum it up: All of the guys in the various golf threads unanimously are staring at the clock waiting for it to hit 1pm ET to switch immediately to ESPN. That should say it all.

Excellent companion to masters tv coverage. Been going to this app for many years. Though I don’t follow th pga I do follow the annual awarding of the green jacket. Looking forward to the 2018 update. Believe masters starts on Easter Week but not sure. Developers, hope you have more surprises for golf pros and fans alike

Fantastic. Tracking feature is addicting—I can’t stop playing around with it. HD picture quality on my iPhone is impeccable. UI is intuitive and powerful. Excellent job on this app.

Literally insane. Every year this app improves, but this year it is insanely good. Every time I open it I find a new feature. Whoever created this app needs a raise, bonus, huge pat on the back, and maybe even a Green Jacket. Incredible.

Incredible App.. Love this app. Watched the featured pairings every morning, until coverage aired, through my Apple TV, via my phone. Interactive features were really nice as well. Sorry to hear others rating this app had such poor/bad experiences. No issues at all with mine.

Very unsatisfied. 3 stars is generous but so far, nothing has worked properly on this app. The video is constantly skipping around, going forwards and backwards. Worst of all you can’t even rewind/ fast forward. You click on one group and it shows another. It’s only Thursday so I hope this get figured out.

Suggestion for next year. On the Apple TV app, when you choose one of the live streams, the actual video is less than 1/4 of the screen. The rest is taken up with dead white space, the leaderboard and the leader’s scorecard from yesterday. Please show the video full screen next year.

Well done app. I use this app every year come Masters time, all of the information you could ever ask for and many streaming video options make this a must download for fans of the tournament

Audio is terrible. Really glad the app exists. The issue that I’m having is when watching on the apple app on tv, I’m watching one group & getting at least 2 voice overs. They are covering other holes. It’s very annoying.

Love this app. I love this app because I can see recaps of good shots I loved and everything. But the only problem I had was i could not scroll through the video with the little box scroller so I can’t rewind or forward.

Best golf viewing app. This is by far the best golf viewing app. Wish other tournaments would do this same format. All the info you are looking for all in an easy format

Love the follow a featured Group!. Best live sports golf app I’ve seen, because of the Follow a Featured Group option. I was able to see and/or listen to Tiger Woods, Leishman, & Fleetwood play Live on Thursday while getting work done. Davis Love IIIs commentary was spot on because of his course knowledge. Impressive app! An app worthy of The Master’s name.

Annual Download. I look forward to downloading this app every year. Not just because of what it means, but because of what it provides. Absolutely top-tier as far as quality development goes. Well done, everyone.

All-Time Top 5 Apps. I want to commend the developers for putting in the hard work necessary to make a wonderful app. It’s an app that houses multiple uses (video streaming, shot tracking, and stat curating) all within a sleek, clean design. I thoroughly enjoy using this app every year!

Just Phenomenal. How the best tournament of the year is meant to be watched. For those of us who don’t have the luxury to sit and watch all day this app allows us to watch every shot on our favorite player with ease. Great interface and easy to use. Bravo!!

Best sports event app!. Love this app! Not a better sporting event app - it’s been awesome since they started it and it continues to get better every year. There isn’t a more accessible event out there for fans. An amazing app for one of the greatest events in all sports!

Best App. This is an exceptional app from providing live coverage of the tournament to every shot of every player to detailed statistics. All are well designed and easy to follow. The other golf apps do not come close!

Keeps dropping live feed. So far I’m happy with the features of this app on my iPad, but the live signal drops about one every couple of minutes and takes 10 or so seconds to come back. Not good for trying to watch live golf...and this is on Thursday morning when not a lot of people have tuned in yet.

Awesome. Latest update is awesome. Tracking my favs who aren’t being shown on tv very much is the best. Also love watching live while away from the tv. Great app. Now...if it would just get me some tickets it’d be perfect! 😄

Very well done. IBM collaboration makes for an incredibly user friendly interface. Not to mention VERY cool how you’re able to track each one of your favorite players.

Great Featured Groups, Announcers, Overall App Experience. This App is great. The featured groups are amazing too. Having Tiger and Phil each day featured was the best. Thats what we want to see. I legitimately watched every Tiger Woods shot and I loved it. ***** and I would rate more, but 5 is maximum!

best app Ever. this game-changing app allowed me to watch EVERY SINGLE SHOT from every single player on the course. mind-blowingly perfect. the video coverage was second to none. wish ALL the tournaments would adopt this platform.

Outstanding app. Best app programming I have ever seen! Video coverage of every player’s day in addition to 1 to 4 panel live to near live videos of selectable videos and a favorites video selection. Wish the PGA Tour app hires these programmers.

Full featured live stream,amazing!. This app is awesome! So great to be able to watch the Masters while traveling. With extra articles and features- just amazing. Thanks so much to Augusta National and the devs for making this available!

It works !!!!!!. One of the very best apps I have, it works and offers a quality way to enjoy the game. More info here than you could ever need. Thank You This years app 2019 is better than last years and I didn’t that could be possible. THANK YOU AGAIN

Apple TV Version. I don't know why they would even bother making an Apple TV version of this app if they are not including the live CBS broadcast. I mean, what a joke! So instead I have to airplay my phone or iPad because those devices have the live broadcast and the Apple TV only has limited live feeds? That defeats the whole purpose of having an Apple TV app!!! Next year, please use your brains and common sense and stop taking the owners of Apple Tvs for a bunch of idiots! Shame on you!!!!

Back Nine flyover. The Back Nine Flyover could be a wonderful addition to the app. However, it switches images so quickly it makes my head spin. Please re-do with some time allowed on each image for the beauty to sink in. IMO, this should take at least 3 times longer than it is currently. Otherwise, Great App!

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 16.0.3221
Play Store com.orb.Masters
Compatibility iOS 16.0 or later

The Masters Tournament (Versiyon 16.0.3221) Install & Download

The application The Masters Tournament was published in the category Sports on 30 March 2009, Monday and was developed by Augusta National, Inc. [Developer ID: 309025941]. This program file size is 433.38 MB. This app has been rated by 2,010 users and has a rating of 4.2 out of 5. The Masters Tournament - Sports app posted on 11 April 2024, Thursday current version is 16.0.3221 and works well on iOS 16.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.orb.Masters. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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