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At Match, we believe in love. And millions of like-minded people have come to Match looking for love from the dating app that’s home to the largest pool of straight, gay and lesbian singles.

As the premium relationship app committed to finding people love, our matching algorithm provides single men and women with only the highest quality matches that meet their standards.

To help you get to your first date with someone special, we’ve baked all of your favorite features into one app:
+ Discover potential new matches everyday
+ Search for your kind of person with powerful filters
+ Explore rich profiles and chat with people looking for the same things as you

You could join other apps—like POF, Bumble, Tinder, OkCupid, Zoosk, Badoo, eHarmony or Hinge—for more of the same, frustrating runaround, or you could join the app that’s created more love connections than any other.

Download Match for free today to meet genuine people looking for genuine relationships.

We have multiple subscription options to choose from, starting as low as $21.99/month:
- Your iTunes account will be charged at confirmation of your purchase and auto-renews for the same price and duration period as the original one/three/six month package
- Auto-renew may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase and must be turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
- No cancellation of the current upgrade plan is allowed during your active period

At any time, you can review our Privacy Policy at
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Match™ - #1 Dating App App Description & Overview

The applications Match™ - #1 Dating App was published in the category Social Networking on 2009-03-27 and was developed by Match Group, LLC. The file size is 76.54 MB. The current version is 19.06.01 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

This latest version contains feature improvements and bug fixes.

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Match™ - #1 Dating App Reviews

mahsa 999

Review  mahsa 999  1 star

It is not user friendly at all


Quality  HonestEvaluation  2 star

So far it seems the greater portion of people are pretty shallow with extreme expectations of perfection and they don’t seem very mature or serious about finding love as much as a piece of meat or photo op. I’d have to sign up as a woman to see if the men are the same way but from what I hear most are players using the site as a hookup tool leaving behind a trail of destruction and broken people.


Scam  gekopa  1 star

Ridiculously small user base. Non-premium accounts might as well not exist, since they can’t interact with other members. So even if you pay the full cost of a subscription, they won’t be able to read your messages. The site tries to then con you into paying an extra $10 a month so they can reply to you. It claims on their website that you can request a refund within three business days of your purchase, but they will not honor that promise. Stay away from this site/app. It’s garbage.


Wrong Profile Matches  007vangon  2 star

Seems that the advanced preferences and age profile don’t work.

App crashes fix it

Why am I paying for this!?  App crashes fix it  1 star

The quality and caliber of people I expected on a paid site is so unimpressive. I find that making a match is extremely difficult. The fact that the site allows non-subscribers to be viewed by subscribers is ridiculous because there is no way to communicate. Match guarantee is needed and sadly they took that away for anyone subscribing now. What a waste of time and money!

Tw 89

Too expensive  Tw 89  1 star

The cost for membership is way to pricey! Majority of the people on there are either not in your area (state) or not a member so you can’t send messages back and forth. I wish they would show on the members profile who’re a paid member or not so that so don’t waste time sending messages to someone who can’t reply back.


Better luck meeting someone at the grocery store  booyahkahshaww  1 star

These apps do not work. Paid $90 and still not a single date. In reality. Probably only 1-2 real profiles on here. You would have better luck meeting someone at the grocery store. It’s so easy to misinterpret words over text especially if you don’t know the person. Don’t waste your time. Go shopping and talk to every girl that you get a chance to. It will be way more productive


Can’t read messages unless a paid subscription  Rgiann  1 star

It’s ridiculous that you have to pay to read messages. On EVERY other platform messages are part of the free version. Get with the times match


This site could be better  Hausofmaus77  2 star

Why don’t my matches match my preferences? That seems pretty basic. Why send me people that don’t work for me at all? Just so you can say you are sending matches.

Firefighter in san diego

Bogus guarantee  Firefighter in san diego  1 star

I was under the impression that match had a guarantee if you didn’t match with anybody in six months and they completely reneged on the offer. I don’t think they’re a very ethical site. Whenever I called customer service I pretty much get no service. I will not be subscribing again.

Phil GM

A complete rort  Phil GM  1 star

Lots of ‘like’ activity at first, which completely stoped once I put my toe in the water and subscribed. No response from anyone who ‘liked’. Vast majority of contacts from then on were from overseas - indeed the majority of those were shortly before subscription ends. Repeat money wasting cycle... Fortunately I only went for a single month so no too much money or time wasted.


So far...  Dissapointed3.1415  1 star

Some of the profile photos seem to be from psychopaths. I am even scared to talk to any of this guys and the only message I have received is “Hi”. Horrible selection of profiles and don’t even make me start with my “matches”. The American version of this site is HEAPS better. So far I haven’t seen one single quality guy here. Atrocious.


Terrible  qldchick  1 star

3 weeks and find the majority of people contacting me are from overseas and I cannot find a way to restrict my profile to my own country. The app puts up an error message telling me that there is no internet connection around 80 percent of the time on login and also when changing screens in the app. I have updated and reinstalled it multiple times to no avail. Cannot contact their customer care it keeps telling me they may need to “fix” my account and to enable cookies which I have done repeatedly. Have cancelled account would like a refund however I can’t contact the customer services to ask for one


Less than 24 hours and obviously mostly overseas scammers  Cjl1969  4 star

Unfortunately it’s obvious that most of these profiles are fake. I’ going to start posting all the fake profiles from on social media if I don’t get a refund. I’m not going to put in the specifics of what they write because it might help the scammers but it’s pretty obvious. Considering most of the reviews mention the same thing (including Abbotsford) the company could obviously do something about it if they wanted but choose to rip people off instead. If I don’t get a refund I’ll be making a complaint to trade practices


Deceiving!  Hanra2012  1 star

They robbed me! Advertised monthly but it took nearly $200 from my account. Now I’m left short and their customer service won’t respond. That and not much activity on it. Very unimpressed. 😡


Scammers  Illusion68  1 star

The developers use Catfish to entice you pay for receiving messages.


Rubbish, nothing about this app is free  Vfejfejngrnjgjtg  1 star

This app is basically all paid version... Nothing free...

do not use Match

No way!  do not use Match  3 star

Pathetic waste of time. I’ve asked for my money back but they refuse to reply to my emails. I hate this app. Avoid!


SPAM SPAM SPAM  mauga101  1 star

god I haven’t even used the damn app yet and they keep spamming me with their emails. I unsubscribed to everything and they still sent me emails! That’s illegal! DO NOT DOWNLOAD

Sniper not

Avoid  Sniper not  1 star

Most singles on this site are nothing more than scammers , you receive numerous winks , likes etc from in my case 30 something females , who only want to communicate via email then will only communicate via yahoo messenger , do that and you have opened your personal details on your computer to those creating these scams , avoid this App completely enter at your own risk


Not good matches  oregondating  1 star

I’m getting the worst matches I don’t know why I’m asked to fill anything g out when the matches don’t match any of my expectations even the ages. Very disappointed in the men that are being selected for me. Who knows may just be Oregon.


Not so sure...  Josh|L  2 star

I’ve tried a lot of dating apps in the past and thought I’d give this a try. 1. I’m not the best looking guy, I’m a solid 4.5 but dang the majority of these people look like they’re on crack or haven’t walked outside in months. 2. I’ve had this app for 3 days (I know, not a long time) BUT not 1 match, message or look at my profile. 3. The amount of inactive looking accounts is ridiculous, at least show the people who’ve been on more recently first... 4. This app is clearly not for young people, I’m 20 and the majority of the people I’ve seen are at least 25+, I’ve seen around 3-4 under 24. 5. People saying they’re younger than they actually are. I’ve seen 7ish accounts that say they’re in their 20’s yet they look 50+... I wish this app had identity verification... In conclusion this app may be ok for people in their late 20’s+ but any younger and you’re just going to see a bunch of odd things people that you’d probably never go on a date with.


Can’t even get in contact with anyone you like  BlazeOrbitmoon  1 star

This app is basically where you look at people’s bio for who ever is nearby you. There is no way to actually contact them to ask where they might want to meet or chat about unless both of the individuals are paying for it. It can’t just be you paying for it or the person you’re messaging, never gets your message until they pay for premium. It’s a really disappointing and flawed app that has much potential, but has way too much limitations. It’s almost as if they want you to pay for this “Free” app.

asst scoutmaster

Allow delete from you like list  asst scoutmaster  4 star

Overall the app is pretty good. One thing allow us to delete people off you liked list. You can click on the profile and can select remove from there but it doesn’t remove it from the list. Other wise it does what it’s supposed to do.


Preferences mean nothing.  Cvir  3 star

NEGATIVES - This app is irritating for one reason and one reason only. Preferences mean NOTHING. For example, my preferences are mostly upheld but some of the time are not. But the problem is with other people. More often than not I am shown a profile of someone looking for someone YEARS older than me. Or they want someone within 5 miles of wherever, Chicago for example. I am NOWHERE NEAR Chicago yet Im always shown profiles of people with a preference of ‘5 mi near Chicago’ or other places I’m nowhere near. Why have preferences in the first place if they're never listened to, it makes NO sense. Another problem is dead profiles. Take this point with a grain of salt because idk how accurate my view on this is compared to the reality. I would say about half of the women I like either never look at my profile or look at the message I send them. I have liked and messaged dozens and dozens of women yet only 12 - 15 have looked at my profile or looked at the message. Now yes I know this could mean that most of the women are just very not into me but it happens so much its hard to ignore. This should be solved as those dead profiles are a massive WASTE of time. For an app/website that costs money per month (and a lot) I would have expected a much better experience. POSITIVES + This app is designed very well and it is very easy to navigate to where you want to go. You won’t accidentally super like someone or anything of the sort. The colors are designed nice and overall how this app looks and feels is on point.


Not good  Jvkinca  2 star

Why did you remove the salary information? Make it easier to block/screen people I have already looked at.

151 greg

Expensive and not productive  151 greg  2 star

This site is very expensive. Women can join but can not reply to messages unless the become paid members. Therefore I spend lots of time messaging women that can’t respond anyhow. A lot of wasted time!


They think we’re all rich!  joemamaas  1 star

Literally no reason to download the app if you’re not loaded with money. You can’t be too messaged you if someone likes you doesn’t show you who it is, someone viewed your profile doesn’t show you. I understand a cost money for development but why not be more reasonable on your prices a few other great apps I’m using? *deleted*


Unable to use  ffstl  1 star

Don’t purchase a membership before you try the app. This app is not functional. I downloaded the app and it said it recognized it was a new device and sent a message to verify the device, but it’s does not send the email to verify. I tried to contact support, but they said everything looked ok on my account. I’m not the first person to report this, yet match doesn’t attempt to fix the glitch in this app.


Where’s the features?  MCGrassblock210  1 star

Charging money for the basic act of communicating with other users is pure nonsense.

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