Wrist for GroupMe App Reviews


Wrist for GroupMe App Description & Overview

What is wrist for groupme app? WristMe lets you send and receive GroupMe messages from your Apple Watch !

Your watch is a sophisticated device and now you can stay connected with all your conversations.


* Send & Receive messages
* Full Emoji & Image support
* Create New Groups
* Secure Log In with official GroupMe Platform
* View list of conversations
* Dictate or Scribble reply messages
* Full QWERTY keyboard support (Flicktype)
* Read chats (direct messages or groups)
* Complication Support
* View Me section (your info)
* Tap a photo to view a higher quality / bigger version of it
* Like / Unlike messages
* Create Quick Replies (for faster replying)
* View number of users you block if any.
* Sign Out with a tap
* Simple and fast refresh/reload
* Use the app stand alone after first setup (supports Cellular!)

Stay connected with those you love right on your wrist.

Please note that this application is not endorsed by GroupMe. The application is built using the official GroupMe platform and is fully compliant and secure with respective terms and privacy policies.

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App Name Wrist for GroupMe
Category Social Networking
Updated 15 December 2023, Friday
File Size 6.42 MB

Wrist for GroupMe Comments & Reviews 2024

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Meh 😑. Shouldn’t the app alert you to messages? Doesn’t seem to have a way to do that.

Pointless. I only got this stupid app because I noticed when I got my new Apple Watch I was no longer getting GroupMe notifications on my watch and I looked into and it said I needed to get this app. So I installed it on my watch and then had to install it on my phone and sign in through my phone. When I tried to sign in though I couldn’t because they said there was already an account with my email…the account that I was trying to sign in to, to get the apps synced up with each other to get the notifications on my watch. Don’t spend the $1.99 for this. It’s terrible and pointless if I can’t even get it to work.

Application Does not work. I purchased this application over a month ago. Has not worked a single time since purchasing. Emailed support and got ghosted. Don’t waste your time with this app.

Great. Finally it works

Not working and no support. I downloaded this to get notifications on my Apple watch for GrouoMe. It doesn’t work, even though I followed the instructions and it says setup complete. I’ve tried contacting the develops and zero response. The app isn’t showing up in my downloaded apps list on my iPhone and I don’t know why. I’ve restarted the phone, deleted and reinstalled the app, nothing works and zero customer support to help solve the issue.

Destroyed battery life on Apple Watch 4. This app is a great idea, and very useful as I use GroupMe in my line of work multiple times a day. I was excited to download and begin using. At first it wouldn’t load quickly, took a couple of times of deleting and restarting to get it to work. Then once I got it to work, it drained my power on my watch in only a 1/3 of my days regular use. I reset it tried it another day with same result. So I have removed it from my apps. Great idea, just wasn’t worth rendering my watch useless.

Doesn’t work. Shows “loading” but phone shows connected.

Works when it wants to. I have the a GSM Apple Watch 4 and this is the only app that I have issues with. Most off the time it just reads loading chat

Finally works. *** Updated review: after many emails back and forth with developer, and updates to app, this is up and functioning. Hoping it stays that way but I'm wary. If you buy this and it doesn't work, reach out to the developer. Review Changed from one star to four because as of now it's doing what I want. Not a five star bc it was a hassle to begin with.

No good. Loading and spinning circles on my watch after many tries reinstalling. Never made it past the initial screen. Not worth it.

SCAM DO NOT BUY. This app doesn’t work, it shows up on the watch but you can’t respond in it and it doesn’t notify you on your watch. The whole purpose of my purchase of this app was so my watch would notify me of messages when I didn’t have my phone out of my pocket. I also sent a message to the app developer and no response. So lame don’t waste your money

Apple watch 4 notifications do the same thing. Sadly it only lets you read the notifications and through the conversations but it doesn’t allow you to respond so basically what the watch already does the only difference between this and the watches stock notification system is that with this app you can go back into the GroupMe messages and read through them versus Just reading it in the notification area.

Doesn’t Work. After logging in, it takes me to this Afraz bio page. You can’t move forward from this page to get to the actual app.

Do NOT buy. App does not work!. App does not work and has not worked in some time. I purchased this app in June 2019 and it has maybe worked for 2 months since then. The app refuses to load my conversations and just shows “loading” on my watch. I have tried it on my old Series 1 and my new Series 6, it doesn’t work on either. I have deleted and reinstalled the app countless times but still have not had any luck. I also reached out to the developer but of course have not heard back and probably won’t. Very disappointed!

Doesn’t work. Earlier response from developer claiming set up issue is resolved seems like a fib to me. Went through installation completely then hangs up and does not show up on watch. 2 bucks for nothing.

Rip off!!!. If I could rate this a zero I would! I really wanted a GroupMe app for my watch so I gave this a chance. I should have heeded the previous review. This app is a big rip off. $1.99 for nothing. I want my money back!! I spend 5 minutes verifying that I wasn’t a robot only to get taken to a page for the creator. I couldn’t even get logged in. Apple take this app off your sight. It’s stealing money from your loyal customers.

Doesn’t work. The app will not work on my watch, it just continues to “load”

Continues to crash. Good idea and concept... however, the app continues to crash. Seems to need some fixing. Please fix the problem for those who use their hard earned $2 to purchase your product. Our use value must be greater than the cash value we put out for your product but in this case it’s the opposite.

No notifications. You do not receive notifications when someone adds a comment. Seems buggy. A new update is definitely needed.

Doesn’t work. This app keeps saying my ‘credentials’ are invalid when all of my information is correct. If the app doesn’t work I want my money back

DON’T DOWNLOAD. I just wasted $1.99 on this. I thought I would have group me available on the watch, so I can see all threads and groups, not just someone that tags me. I don’t recommend this. If I can leave no starts, I would. I want a refund

Fun!. I’m not tech savy, so any tech adventure becomes just that, an adventure. This was relatively easy to set up. I’m on and will find it very useful. Thank You!

Does not work. I can’t even sign in because it doesn’t recognize my password I just created

Disappointed. Wanted to add this to my daughter’s watch, so she can keep in contact with her friends, and it won’t download on her watch. Group me is set up with her phone number, but it won’t download on her watch. Now I wasted my money on a worthless app

Doesn’t work. Is this app a trick? I’ve tried to log-in about a dozen times and it doesn’t work. The verification process alone takes five minutes of squinting at grainy pics to find random things like crosswalks. I use GroupMe all the time. My password is up to date. I just want to use this app on my watch.

Well made. It works well on cellular & the keyboard is nifty.

Can’t even log in. I purchased this app a while ago and was able to get it set up on my watch but whenever I tried to actually use the app, it always said loading... but nothing ever happened. I deleted the app and reinstalled it thinking that might help but now I’m not even able to get past the login screen on my phone- it just stalls out.

Messages won’t load. Just downloaded the app and have been trying to get messages to load for 10 minutes.

Total Scam/Does Nothing. This app literally does nothing. Complete waste of money and wish I could get a refund. Also wish I could give less than 1 star since this is a total scam. Please do not purchase!

Won’t load. The app either keeps crashing or just simply won’t load my chats. Stays stuck on the loading symbol

Never Updates. I see notifications on my watch but when I try to go to the app to see the conversation it is just in a perpetual state of “loading”

Waste, what a waste!. I want my money back, ridiculous. After going through 10 steps to prove I am not a robot it send me to some guys resume and won’t allow me to full sign in. Maybe the Harvard Grad should work more on his app than his resume.

not consistent. The app does not consistently load all messages. I have a thread that will not show up on my apple watch, but has been on my iphone for half the day.

Just doesn’t work.. Just loading on series 4 Apple Watch doesn’t work. I guess I wasted money. Uninstalled and tried again. People, don’t waste your money.

Apple Watch Series 3. Still having issues with the chats loading. Can’t properly sync to group me on phone and displays older messages as opposed to most recent ones.

Hangs too much. Worked for an hour or so, but all I get now is a spinning wheel.

Terrible. App worked for literally not even an hour then crashed and hasn’t worked since. Smh. I removed the app from my watch and re-downloaded the app and it legit worked for 5 minutes! I want a refund!

Doesn’t work. App does not work. I am not getting any notifications on my watch. I can only open app and view messages and send them. Email Sent to developer with no reply.

Works(for the most part). It does have a little bit of a problem at first trying to connect, but after clicking retry, it did pull up my GroupMe messages. Be warned, it takes a while to pull up the actual group to reply or look through the feed. However, it does work and is worth the few dollars, just needs to be more streamlined and fluid.

Doesn’t work. They stole $2 from me!. This is the biggest App Store theft I’ve ever seen. I went against my better judgement and bought the app even though the reviews were god awful. Reviews were right. Doesn’t work. After going through the login process that took 10 minutes of going through about 30 captcha screens, I got logged in only to find that it freezes once you try to open a GroupMe conversation. It just says “Loading” and has so for 10 minutes. Tried multiple times with same result. FAIL. Biggest waste of money on an App ever. Developer needs to refund. This is theft.

Won’t sync. The app will not sync with the watch! It either says loading or no messages yet. There is no way to refresh the information on the watch and the actual app is useless!

Only works half the time. I rely heavily on GroupMe for work. It’s the whole reason I got an appleWatch. Unfortunately this app doesn’t work most of the time and I end up needing to check my phone anyway. I get the loading screen and it just continues to load and never opens the messages. I wouldn’t care if the app had been free, but it was $2. Which seems like a bit of a rip off considering. I’ll change my review once this app starts functioning a bit better, if it ever does.

Works great!. Just downloaded this and it works great! It shows the chat with in-line photos. My only suggestions are 1) I can reply to the thread but don’t see a way to “like” an individual post, 2) it would be great to see a bigger version of the photo by tapping on it, 3) for those without flicktype, it would be nice to turn that off as an option when replying. But this is still a great app for the Apple Watch! Update: sorry, I had to take a star off the review because the “post/reply” function wasn’t working for me. Still let’s me see the messages and photos though!

Terrible. I just paid for something that does not do any but talk about this freaking guy that developed something that doesn’t work. Please refund my money

Doesn’t work!. Bought the app, had nice setup and it doesn’t work. 3 bucks down the drain! I’m hoping to find 3 bucks in change when I clean my car to break even.

Constantly Crashes. App constantly crashes and closes when trying to send a message to a group. Really frustrating. Not worth the $1.99

Doesn’t work. This app doesn’t work at all. When you’re able to finally “login” to group me it redirects you to the creators bio page. Don’t waste your money

No longer works. This worked well for a while, but stopped uploading to my Apple Watch.

So far not impressed.. I don’t get notifications on my watch when someone posts something new- it’s not even showing up in my notifications list of apps on either my phone or within the apple watch app. I’ve written two different support addresses and still haven’t received a response. Also, when I open the complication on the watch, it ALWAYS shows the last response from the day I downloaded the app, regardless of the fact we’ve been chatting for days since. So it takes a while to download and “catch up” to the present. I don’t understand what even happened... I used to get my Groupme texts just fine on my watch without this added app. What happened?? If things don’t change, I’ll be deleting it. Wish I could get my $2 back.

I WANT MY MONEY BACK. I have literally reset my password and have tried to login at least 10 times already. The system is telling me “Sorry Verification failure, please try again”. I have done the unnecessarily long “I am not a robot” verification and the system is still reflecting me. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!

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Doesn’t work!. I want a refund!

The app just took my money.. The worst app ever

Doesn’t Work. Does absolutely nothing. Says it can’t connect.

Waste of 1.99 should be free. I’ve had nothing but trouble logging on and I don’t even alrexeife new message alerts on my watch!!!

Doesn’t work. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Does not work. All the watch says is iOS still not reachable. JUNK!

Does not work. Please come up with an update that fixes the issue that prevents the app from connecting!!

Does not work. Stole my money because the app does not work at all. Thanks for nothing!

Group me wrist. DOES NOT WORK. don’t give this bozo your money

Doesn’t wrk. Can’t send messages but can receive them😡

Horrible. Takes forever to upload the chat, and once it does it crashes. Worst app ever. I wasted my money.

Zero support. Evidently the developer has passed away and the app was not covered in the will. Does not do what it says and there is no way to check any settings! PISS POOR don’t waste your money, not worth 2 cents let alone 2$

Doesn’t work. Continues to say “loading” on watch. Does not load any conversations. App is garbage!! Do not buy. Requesting refund with apple immediately

Great support!. Sana was very responsive updating this great Apple Watch App.

Bad. Keeps exiting the app , won’t let me look at conversations rip off smh

Terrible! Doesn’t work. Don’t buy

Doesn’t work. Do not buy!. Absolute waste of money. Doesn’t work.

Not Good. Brought this app yesterday and it’s still in loading mode. Draining my battery and still can’t use the app

DOES NOT WORK. Installed, reinstalled, reset and nothing It’s been just loading conversations for 4 days!

Horrible. The “New Account” banner blocks the login button for existing accounts. I want a refund.

Refund please. This is ridiculous that I had to pay for this app and it doesn’t work.... I want my money back!!

Continue to not work have done update. Stuck at loading chats retry waste of money

Please pull this from the store. Refund requested…app does not connect on the watch. Total Scam.

App dose not work. I log in and it dose nothing. I have been able to log in but nothing happened

Crap!. Yeah, the title says it all. I have downloaded it & removed it 3 times. Each time all it does is say loading on my watch screen & does NOTHING ELSE. Don’t waste your money.

It’s a rip off. Doesn’t work.. Biggest waste of $2.00

Worthless. I downloaded it and I can’t even login. I tried to contact support and that didn’t work.

So far not good. Won’t let me log in to my account at all- keeps telling me to enter the verification code texted- which would be great if I actually received any such text.

Does nothing. This was a waste of $1.99 They need to update this ASAP!!!

HORRIBLE!!!. WristMe keeps responding with an “invalid credential” when I KNOW that I’m entering the proper login credentials. Waste of money.

SCAM. Total Scam just took my money

Horrible. Does not work I want my money back

Doesn’t work. Wasted $2.00.... never connected to my watch

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What do you think of the Wrist for GroupMe app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Sana Siddiqui and other users?

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Language English
Price $1.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 4.0
Play Store com.passive.wristly
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

Wrist for GroupMe (Versiyon 4.0) Install & Download

The application Wrist for GroupMe was published in the category Social Networking on 01 December 2018, Saturday and was developed by Sana Siddiqui [Developer ID: 1430506999]. This program file size is 6.42 MB. This app has been rated by 527 users and has a rating of 3.9 out of 5. Wrist for GroupMe - Social Networking app posted on 15 December 2023, Friday current version is 4.0 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.passive.wristly. Languages supported by the app:

EN IT ES Download & Install Now!
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Wrist for GroupMe App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks for using the app! This update includes - Bug fixes - Performance & Stability Improvements

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