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Grubhub: Local Food Delivery [Food & Drink] App Description & Overview

With the largest selection of restaurants, Grubhub delivers your favorite foods to your door.

Order with a few simple taps in the iOS Grubhub app and get the restaurants you love, delivered.

Feel like getting out for a bit? Great! We also offer pickup for takeout orders.

Whether it’s your favorite local spot, a restaurant with a little more fame, or a new place to try while traveling, Grubhub’s got the eats you’re looking for.

Join Grubhub+ and get unlimited free delivery from restaurants nearby, exclusive rewards, access to our Elite Care team and so much more!

Plus, Grubhub will match any donations Grubhub+ members make to No Kid Hungry, so you can double your community impact.

Try Grubhub+ free. After that, it’s $9.99/month.

Wondering what your next meal could be? Each Grubhub city has different restaurants that you know and love. Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Cinnabon, Denny’s, KFC, McDonalds (NYC only), Pizza Hut, Potbelly, Taco Bell and more are just a tap away.

Here’s a little taste of the foods, local flavors, and cuisines you should be excited about: burgers, donuts, pizza, sushi, pho, wings, Italian, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Greek, vegan, vegetarian and more!

Order takeout or delivery and get exclusive Grubhub deals. Download today!

What Grubhub offers:

- Grubhub offers the largest selection of restaurants in the nation!
- Whether it’s Chinese, Greek, Italian, or any other food type you’re craving, it’s covered.
- With exclusive local restaurant partners like Taco Bell and McDonalds, you’ll find that mom and pop shop AND the national spot you love.

- When you order using the iOS app, you'll avoid the hassle of over-the-phone mistakes.
- You can also count on Grubhub’s 24/7 customer support.

- Grubhub offers real-time order tracking so you know exactly when to dash to the door for your delicious meal.

- The Grubhub app provides lots of great features.
- Order now or preorder your next meal.
- Re-order your favorite meals with a tap.
- Order takeout and pick up your meal to save time and money.
- Pay through a variety of options including Apple Pay, Venmo and Grubhub gift cards.

- Gain access to exclusive benefits only available through Grubhub+

- Grubhub has lots and lots of restaurant ratings and reviews, so you can count on getting the best food in your area.
- Review the restaurants and menus you try to help other Grubhub customers.

Order the eats you love from local restaurants near you. Download Grubhub now!

Ready to start ordering with Grubhub? Great! Here’s what to do next:
• Download the app
• Sign in or set up your account (you can even use Facebook)
• Choose from your favorite restaurants or try something new
• Pick your perfect meal

We suggest you post up with your mates and order your next food delivery in some of these Grubhub cities:

Albany, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Bridgeport, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Hartford, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, St. Louis, Sacramento, Tampa, Washington DC

Just in case you needed a few more reasons to get into Grubhub, here are some rave reviews:

• “I love that I can order food while laying on the couch. Grubhub strikes again!!” - @DrFlunkenstein
• “Thank god for @Grubhub. The delivery guy and I are going to be the best of friends” - @beatz6
• “Just when I thought I was ready to be an adult and cook, Grubhub” - @kima_jones
• “@Grubhub is becoming VERY familiar with my food preferences. I love this app!” - @madelinedenise

Free delivery terms: Must be a first-time Grubhub diner; offer limited to one use per diner. Order must be $15.00, before tax, tip and fees. Discount is capped at $5.00 off your order. Valid for Delivery orders only.

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Grubhub: Local Food Delivery Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We've squashed some bugs and made some updates making it easier to get delicious food! Consider using Contact-free delivery or Curbside pickup at checkout.

Grubhub: Local Food Delivery Comments & Reviews

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- The customer is always right even when they’re wrong.

We love Grubhub! We have never had an issue with any of our orders. Our food from Smashbox was, as always, hot and delicious! And although the order was supposed to be delivered a bit later than expected, it arrived 10 minutes earlier than the initial time we were given! We had gotten a message from Grubhub that our order was running behind. A+ for that alone! We accidentally ordered one too many burgers because I couldn’t make up my mind and had added a few to choose from, meaning to delete one of them before submitting our order. Well, I forgot to delete the one I didn’t want and we tried to contact Grubhub and also our driver Helen to see if the order could be adjusted (I hate wasting food and we don’t care for leftovers). Helen promptly texted me to let me know that Smashbox could not adjust it once placed. No biggie, it was my mistake...I get it. Helen, our driver, is fabulous! Courteous and friendly. Smashbox is fabulous! Even though, I’m the one that made the mistake, I got a message stating that our bill was adjusted and we weren’t charged for the extra burger! Talk about great customer service! A happy customer is a returning customer! Thank you!

- VERY Hit or Miss

We have ordered from this app several times. Sometimes it’s okay, although it seems like on every order the delivery time gets extended from what they originally tell you (for example it was supposed to take 40 minutes but it actually took 50-60). This happens a lot which in my opinion is not a good business practice. There have been several times (including right now) where the driver seems to sit in one spot and stay there until AFTER the delivery window. And then eventually they get to the restaurant to pick up the food. Because of this many times our food will arrive cold or soggy. This has happened with multiple drivers in our area, so often that we have started using other apps over Grubhub. Also for whatever reason, the app GPS never gets the address right. Usually it’s not a problem but one delivery we had a driver get very lost and couldn’t tell me where he was, and then had the nerve to tell me that it was MY fault that the address was “wrong” or hard to find. I get it, these are tough times especially for delivery drivers and such. But that doesn’t excuse bad business practices, not holding drivers accountable, and a really bad working app. It seems like many other people have had similar problems that date back 1-2 years, which means that higher ups don’t value feedback or just aren’t in the business for customer satisfaction. I’m sorry if it sounds harsh but it seems to be the truth.

- The app is better than the service

I have used gh at least 20 times. The app is great, it always works. though it seems inconsistent from restaurant to restaurant in its menu application and usage -sometimes confusing what comes with an item. The service from grub hub employees hasn’t been bad, they tell me when there’s a problem and make it right, so I think the company seems to care (more than I can say for other food delivery services I’ve used which I won’t name here, but it starts with a U!) So I’m loyal to gh in my restaurant delivery patronage anymore. Now you just have to expect though, the restaurants sometimes have issues and cancel your order & your experience depends in large part upon the relationship between that restaurant and gh. Another factor- if you get a driver who treats your food and your time with respect, which isn’t usually a problem. The drivers usually call from the driveway, I don’t know why, most pizza places ring the bell. Sometimes the drivers forget food or spill it. hey this is going to happen if you order from gh 20 or more times. You take your chances, because you don’t want to cook so much, and you don’t want to go out into the public either. Thanks for being there most of the time gh when I’m not cookin’. And shout out to mr. gyro because he is consistently good & fast, never cancels.☮️

- Depends on the area

I have been using GH for many years now and have lived in/ ordered GH from many different towns and states. I have noticed that in some areas, especially when it’s closer to the city there are less problems with orders. I just moved to a more suburban area further from the city and the drivers seem to not be as caring or attentive. One time I ordered food and realized after I ordered that the restaurant was closed! It was pretty late at night so I had to quickly find another restaurant to order from. My order was never canceled and the app even said that my food was delivered. I had to call customer support the next day and ask for a refund. Even they were confused because in the system it says it was delivered. The only explanation I can think of is that the driver still put in that he/she delivered the food. It was pretty frustrating. Unfortunately this is not the only incident that has occurred like this. I have actually intentionally avoided using GH since living in this area and now use the online ordering systems of local restaurants to place an order. Sometimes I even just call them to place an order if they offer delivery. I also feel good contributing to the profits of local businesses rather than a huge company like GH. GH can be very convenient but unfortunately the number of bad experiences has outweighed it’s worth. Sorry GH.

- Never using this service again

I placed an order last night at 8pm. I was told the order would arrive at 9:30. After three calls, two text conversations and 5 hours later I never received my order. The first two conversations plus the first text conversation said the food would be delivered and remade and I was even told that they were in contact with the driver. By 1am I had had enough and I was very vocal with my frustration. The only compensation I was told I would receive was 10% off my next order and a refund. Great. My money back and an extra $4 next time I decide to use this service. I tried to explain that the compensation was very lackluster and I was unhappy with my situation, and the GrubHub person told me I should try ordering something else At 1:30am? Even after explaining how unrealistic this compromise was, I was told for the fifth time of the night that they were “sorry for my inconvenience” and asked what else they could do for me. Extremely unsympathetic and I will never use Grubhub again. You better hope you’re in a highly populated area. The order is confirmed no matter if there are any drivers in the area. If not, just be ready to accept an apology for an inconvenience. And as a side note. I would have driven to pick up my order if I was told it wasn’t coming. I know I’m paying at least a 20% mark up for the delivery. I’m tipping after that too. The point was I was told in multiple occasion it was coming, just a terrible delay. Ridiculous.

- Two strikes, might not get a third

Today was my second horrible experience. Driver parks in a parking lot around the corner for 20 minutes, then marks my food delivered. I texted the fake phone number they get 4 times and called it about 5 or 6 with no response. Call customer service, at first they tell me I don’t exist in their system using the phone number I was calling from, after telling me the wrong number 3 times. Once the guy miraculously finds my account he says it was delivered. I tell him it wasn’t and explain that the driver literally sat in an empty parking lot and he offers me $5 dollars for a $9 meal. I told him no thanks and I hung up. I called back to get another person. They call the driver after managing to find my account instantly and the guy said he was calling a number (mine but all out of order) and that he delivered it on my houses doorstep... I was ordering from the bowling alley I work at... After saying I can send proof the driver basically stole my food and refused to contact me, the offer changed to $25 dollars. I’m giving one more order to use it and then I probably won’t use the service again. Foch from Portland, ME, I hope you enjoyed my Applebee’s and that tip you didn’t deserve. Tip for Grubhub, add a rating system for drivers, I have a ton of friends who have all had a similar experience. If I could report a driver and rate him this review wouldn’t be written, just a bad one for him.

- How on earth do they have 4.8 stars?!

The quality of Grubhub must depend on the area because we have NEVER had a smooth delivery with them, yet we’ve never had any issues with UberEats or DoorDash. Grubhub is HORRIBLE. Food arrives super late if it ever arrives at all! One driver apologized profusely stating that her COMPANY credit card had been denied upon paying for our food at the restaurant so she had to wait 45 minutes for customer service to assist her. Thankfully, she insisted that the restaurant remake our food so it would be warm for us. We’ve waited & waited for several orders & called customer service to find out what the hold up is, only to have our orders CANCELED in which “no further information as to why, can be given at this time, but we apologize for the inconvenience.” Seriously?! I’m pregnant, I have a 2 year old & when I order food for delivery, it’s not because I’m lazy, it’s because I’m having a moment of desperation & a NO SHOW order is NOT cool. Some of our favorite restaurants have switched to Grubhub & I’ve told them all of our horror stories & they’re seriously thinking about going back to UberEats or DoorDash. If you’re not able to be consistent in certain areas Grubhub, you’ll only damage your rep & lose clients. If you’re not ready &/or equipped to deliver in our area, pull yourselves until you are!

- Horrible service

First off their GPS can never find my home. Every time the food comes late and cold/soggy. Second I bought $35 worth of food that was never delivered to my door even though they app said it was delivered. I went through their help service and the person told me since it says delivered they cannot refund the money to me but they could offer me a coupon for 10% off my next purchase. I said that I would either like my money back or the food that I ordered. Again they refused. Then I said I want to become a Grubhub driver, just check that the food was delivered, and eat for free all day. After some time the person agreed to give the full refund “as a courtesy”. When I asked why that is a courtesy and not a standard the person said they gave me the full refund and will not get the 10% off coupon that I never wanted. That person’s before I could answer said I was taking to long and hung up. The next person then said that the food was set for pick up not delivery. Once I told them in had proof otherwise they said it was my fault for not going out to the delivery person’s car to get the food. I did not order to walk out to some random person’s car I bought it to be delivered to the door. After realizing the person was just trying to give me the run around I ended the chat. On top of it all when I looked at the receipt Grubhub charged the restaurant for the refund even though it was their Grubhub driver that failed to do their job.

- Not happy...

So today I ordered Taco Bell through Grub Hub (obviously). It was like my fourth or fifth time doing so, all of the other times were all good. But today I ordered it at 1:02pm and it usually takes less than 30 minutes for them to be at my house with my food. I noticed the time for my ETA was getting later and later, so I call and tell them what’s going on. I was super nice because accidents happen and I’m an understanding person. They tracked the driver and said I should get a call from them in the next ten minutes. Ok. I get text ten minutes later saying my food should be there around 2:17pm. Ok great. 2:30pm...still not here. I got annoyed and called again to cancel my order. All was fine, she didn’t seem very sorry but whatever. I’m probably not going to order again, just because getting my food isn’t guaranteed. The only bad part about all of this, is that I had a hungry two year old waiting for his food that never came. Of course I gave him snacks to keep him happy until his actual food came, but he needed a real meal. I couldn’t drive anywhere to get food because my baby was sleeping. Also I’m breastfeeding, so when you don’t eat for a while it messes with your milk supply. Once my baby woke up we went to DQ. Because we had a late lunch, that meant no nap, and because no nap, I couldn’t get my shower for today. So thank you grub hub for making me hungry and stinky. That is all. (I never write reviews, I honestly just want to know how this even happened.)

- Love .... but...

This app is the best however there is one major glitch. If you Open a restaurant and start to place an order and then for some reason have to do something else on your phone such as received a phone call or send a message, when you go to go back in to GrubHub your order is completely gone. It in NO WAY saves your order to you bag. This has been a large inconvenience a few times. Also it doesn't often seem to be very convenient way to add extra small things that aren't always automatic optional extras. Like if you want to add peppers to your soup ( a cheap but important add for some) and you have to message in the comment you then and hope that they add it and possibly price adjust your order. The thing that the app is outstanding. I use it constantly. Not to mention their customer service is amazing! Recently we were missing an addition to a main dish that was supposed to be together. Not only did grandpa take it upon themselves to send out the missing item they re-ordered the main dish for us so that everything could be hot and fresh together. That will ALWAYS fix problems above and beyond. That's why I will continue to always use them.

- Continually frustrated

So many frustrations with this company. One huge one is when my orders are randomly cancelled, but nobody lets me know for an hour. By the time I’m told I need to figure out different food everything is closed half the time. And it’s usually with no explanation. Delivery time is entirely unpredictable, it will give you an estimate that ends up being literally half of how long it actually takes. But one of the biggest complaints is price discrepancies. I’m not even talking about the ginormous delivery fees, but rather the difference I price of the actual food items as listed on Grubhub compared to the restaurant’s website. I only noticed this recently, but they often charge a higher price for the food itself than the restaurants, which seems so screwy. High delivery fees are one thing, but the food itself is more expensive too?? What?? And so very often my order is missing items or just wrong, so what was I even paying extra for? Lastly, they used to make up for some of these annoyances (at least in my head) with fairly frequent coupons, and that fun wheel thing you spun with every order. It doesn’t feel worth ordering anymore unless I have a coupon, but they took those away (except for the ones that you have to use within like 24 hours of receiving them, which I seem to only get after ordering when I’m not trying to shell out the delivery money twice in 24 hours) so I guess that’s that. Disappointed and hungry.

- No Guaranteed Delivery Driver

Ordered my food on a Sunday morning at 8:00am. Estimated delivery time was 40-50 minutes. It came upon 50 minutes and the tracker still showed that the food was being prepared, along with adjusting the estimated delivery time to 10:00am. I called the restaurant and they told me the food had been ready for 20 minutes but nobody had showed up to pick up the food. The app, at least at this point, doesn’t say who the delivery driver is or allow you to contact the driver, if there even was one assigned yet. I called grub hub (very pleased they have customer service on a Sunday morning) and the first option they gave me was to wait for the food and if there was anything wrong with the food to call them back again and say there was something wrong with it (it was pancakes and eggs, chances are after them being ready for over an hour they would not be how anyone would want them to be). The second option was to just cancel the order and receive my money back in 3-5 business days (4-6 days with it being a Sunday). So then at this point, of course, I need to go find a different means of breakfast. While breakfast is not the biggest deal, this is not a pleasant way to start a Sunday, nor to have your one and only experience with Grubhub to tell your friends about. There are many good reviews out there about Grubhub, I just wish I had the same experience as the others.

- Iffy customer service

Honestly it wasn’t the food that was the was the first the ETA was between 9:15-9:25 which made sense considering it’s FAST took a while for someone to pick the food up which I understand due to COVID but while a driver was able to pick up the food or was en route to pick up the food within the 9:15-9:25 ETA when the time moved to 9:35-9:45 I was confused on what was happening so I went to track the order to see that the driver was stuck at the same location for at LEAST 15 minutes...I had attempted to contact her to see exactly how far she was so I can try to figure out the eta again but she took about 20 minutes to respond to the time she did respond she said she was coming to me (which I felt was a lie) but nonetheless I still waited for her to arrive to which my order was delivered literally an HOUR after I ordered drink was watery (which I know isn’t the restaurants fault) and the food was on the verge of being cold...lack of communication is the main reason for this rating and the fact that I couldn’t get in contact with Grubhub themselves makes it worse...seriously debating if I’m going to be using this service for future deliveries cuz it doesn’t make sense for it to take an HOUR for fast food and that I was unable to get in contact with customer support

- Under a mile away my food was cold.

GrubHub... idk what y’all are doing but this was the worst wait I’ve ever had for food less than a mile from me- under 15 city blocks and my food was cold and soggy. I live downtown so all my driver had to do was make a few right and left turns then presto! he’s right in front of my door! But no- it took an hour of no updates, no car icons on the map, no calls, one text to my driver who kept getting lost cause the app sent him AWAY from my building - it’s a brand new building, too! Properly lit, you can see it from the highway, near the baseball stadium... no excuse!!! When he arrived the poor guy was too confused to even park properly so he just came to a halting stop in front of the building, put his flashers on, hopped out with a million apologies- my god! He looked so flustered and frustrated I felt so bad for him! He was a sweet guy too! I don’t want a refund either! I just want GrubHub to fix their ish so drivers can have proper navigation and not feel frustrated when delivering food to their customers on quiet, game-less, Sunday nights. This isn’t even the first time I’ve had issues in my city with GrubHub, the general consensus is this: if the driver hadn’t delivered to the address before with other delivery apps or just opted out of the GrubHub app and used either Apple or Google Maps independently, the drivers then have issues getting to deliveries to their destinations.

- Overpriced and ridiculous

I ordered food from this app/service and noticed first that they charge an additional fee they don’t mention, which should’ve been my first red flag. But with a coupon on your first order, fine. It was $10 off, and yet I still paid a several dollars over my order subtotal(basically the tip). So it literally just covered the fees, which I was choosing a very close restaurant so it was the smallest delivery fee they charge. My order arrived nearly 20 minutes late and was missing THREE items. There’s not way to log a quick problem with your order like with other similar services so I had to contact their support. Who took at least 5 minutes to just “look up my order details” before even asking what I was missing. When I tell them my missing items they just say, “you’re all set! You’ll get an email for your refund. Is there anything else I can assist with?” Without telling me what the refund is or anything. The email comes and I see they only refunded me part of what was missing, for the the third item. When I asked they said it was “a free part of the order”. It wasn’t. It was part of my combo. They start to list off the prices of my combo items individually and this happened to be the “free” item in it, which is so ridiculous. It was food that was supposed to come as part of my meal, so I should’ve had something come off of the price of the combo. Needless to say, I will never use this app/service again.

- GrubHub & Their Drivers are Horrible

Have paid fees, delivery charges AND 20% tips on every order, not because I like spending twice as much to get food, but because I liked supporting local restaurants and drivers. Never again. A restaurant called when the driver had just left to tell me that the “driver forgot” the side orders. I know the restaurant probably made the mistake, but once the driver picks it up, the restaurant is paid and the mistake now becomes GH’s. I used the text button in the app - driver doesn’t answer. Used the call button in the app - driver doesn’t answer. I can see he’s within one block of the restaurant - and it’s only four blocks to my house. So I wait. My security cameras go off, but not my front door. I go outside and the driver has parked so that he can leave my order at the curb (not at the door as instructions state) without being detected. He takes off but has to make a u-turn to come back down the street, so I stop him and tell him what I’d been trying to reach him for. He says, “it’s not my fault. Call the restaurant.” GH tells me when I call them that there’s nothing they can do because they can’t get ahold of a driver once they accept a new order. So, I’ll just stop putting a third party in-between the restaurant and me and just “call the restaurant” from now on. What’s worse is if you go to Reddit and read the comments these GrubHub drivers make about their customers, it’s horrendous and completely unconscionable.

- WOW...slowest delivery EVER!!

I don’t know how this gets such a high rating with all the negative reviews I see... Ordered for the very first time tonight at 4:45pm. They originally claimed a 40-50 min. delivery window. It just kept getting pushed back and back and back. I tried to contact Grubhub to see what on earth was going on over an hour later, but it just kept bouncing me back to the Order review page. I finally called the restaurant at 6:45 to see if my order had even been picked up yet, and they told me that a driver had JUST walked in. The food had been sitting there, getting cold, for well over an hour!! So then it was another 45 minutes after THAT before the driver pulled in my driveway...I was tracking his route and I have no idea why he went the way he went. He went MILES out of his way!! I don’t even know how he GOT to the area he was in!! So what should’ve been about a 15-20 min drive, took almost an hour!! I had preheated my oven because I just knew the food would be cold by the time we got it. And of course, it was. I’m an avid doordasher, and I have NEVER had even close to the delays or problems I had with this one first order of mine!! I’m sorry guys take WAY too long with everything!!! Never again, unless I’m cool with waiting HOURS for food!! P.S. this was an over $65 that rate I could’ve driven there myself in shorter time, or dragged my whole family out and we could’ve been in and out in shorter time!!

- not user friendly

The interface of this app is so painstakingly dumb. First of all, I live in a decent sized town, it’s not a major city but there’s a ton of restaurant options. With this grubhub app, those restaurants don’t even pop up when you search by category- you have to type in the restaurant name to get it to come up. I wonder if that’s some kind of under-the-table promotional idea Grubhub has with some restaurants. It’s moronic. This brings me to my next point of restaurants not showing up when they’re not open. I could care less if a restaurant was open to browse the menu!! For me, the app is rendered useless before 8AM, I cant do anything but look at the places I’ve ordered from in the past. The main screen literally just tells you to come back later. If this app is designed to help restaurants gain business and to link customers to places they may have never known existed, Grubhub is doing a pretty pisspoor job. I mean, at least have a live tracking option. On numerous occasions, drivers have had difficulty finding my place of work. Provide a better GPS interface and hirer smarter drivers who actually read the delivery instructions. Sidenote; even the fact that their ‘Leave Feedback’ option doesn’t bring you to the app store but asks you a survey-like question in which you have to choose from 3 options, goes to show how archaic their customer service is.

- Not using Grubhub again

Really disappointed with the service I got today. I ordered food and received an update that it was delivered but I never received a phone call from the driver . I attempted to call the driver with the number the app provided but I would only get a me voice message to try calling the diner again (which had a different number so I thought that was weird). After multiple times I tried calling the place I order from in which they said they could not help me get in contact with the driver and that I would have to call Grubhub. While switching between apps I happened to open my email and saw an email saying the the driver attempted to call me (using an old number that was not set as my default on my account) and to call the number provided in the email to “avoid further delays from my food” . So I called and was told that the driver called, could not deliver so drove away and that I needed to update my account even though it was updated and my correct number was set as the default . They said they could not refund me and only offer my 50% off my next purchase which means nothing to me because at the end of night I ended up without my food and no solution offer to try to deliver it again and paying for something I did not received with no explanation on why my default number was not use to call me when it was never an issue in the past. Highly dissatisfied and deleting app.

- Absolute worst

Worst customer service ever. The delivery ETA for my order kept changing every time I refreshed the page. When it got to an ETA of 45 min after the original ETA I called to find out what was going on. Customer service tried pinning it on the restaurant so I sat on hold while the rep called the restaurant. 14 min later she finally admitted that my food was in fact ready but they didn't have any drivers to pickup my food and had no idea how long it would be until they found someone. She told me I could cancel my order or wait. I asked if I could go pick it up myself and be refunded for the delivery charge and tip that I paid. She said she was taking care of that while we were on the phone and confirmed it was done before I hung up. I drove to the restaurant to pickup my food and as I am pulling in the parking lot, I get a text that my food had been picked up and was on its way to me. Called customer service back to confirm and told him about my previous conversation and he blamed it on a bunch of new employees. He offered me a discount on my next order and I told him to apply the discount to this order bc I won't be using them again. And asked again that they remove the delivery charge and tip bc the previous person failed to do so. Received an email receipt and was still charged the $9 tip despite me driving to pickup my own food and have it already be picked up. Finally after my 3rd attempt the charges were removed.

- Still not quite there...

I use this app maybe a couple times a month at most when I don’t feel like cooking. The app itself is easy to use but the fulfillment of orders leaves much to be desired. Most of the time it takes much longer than is advertised (e.g. delivery time 45-55min has sometimes taken 90min), food has arrived barely warm despite coming from a few blocks away, drivers don’t know how to read maps (our condo complex is a little confusing but there are maps & they don’t bother looking - I’ve been called & expected to walk out to the front of my complex which I cannot do because I have a small toddler & probably ordered food vector was inconvenient to go out in the first place, & several drivers were rude or unprofessional. That being said, there have been a couple great driver & they have comped delivery fees or given ‘free next delivery’ codes when I’ve contacted the company but I don’t appreciate having to contact them with issues the majority of the times I’ve used the service. Hopefully hey can get it together & maybe take tips from Uber eats to have ratings for drivers separate from just rating the food. I still come back because of the restaurant selection in my area but always keep my fingers crossed that it will arrive in a reasonable time frame & be relatively hot still 😑

- Horrible

Idk how this app is rated so high they must of paid someone to get app over 4 stars because EVERY time I’ve tried to use grub hub it takes atleast 2 hours to get the food. Not to mention they mess up the order almost every time. First time I ordered a simple pepperoni pizza. When I got the pizza it arrived an hour and 15 minutes past the expected time and the pizza was missing cheese. We called grub hub to let them know they said the wouldn’t refund the money because it was the restaurants fault. So called the restaurant and they told us it’s how the pizza was ordered thru grub hub. In the end I never got even a sorry nor a refund. About a year passes by and I decide to put some trust in grub hub and go for round two. And Again my cheesesteak I ordered came an hour and 15 min later the the expected hour wait. ( 2 hours and 15 min to get my food from a restaurant that’s 10 min away from my house) called and they told me sorry but some one had to physically go to the restaurant order the food, wait for it to be made then driver it. I called the restaurant and they said the didn’t even do business with grub hub any more because they made so many mistakes. WHY would grub hub still offer there food still. And if you do atleast give an accurate time table for delivery. WILL NEVER USE AGAIN Suggest you do the same! - Overpriced delivery/service fees - Horrible customer service - Extremely long delivery Times

- The worst App & delivery people!!!

I’ve used the app several time and the delivery of the food was on time majority of the times I’ve ordered but my experience today was awful. I ordered my food at 12:00, with the delivery ETA of 12:45. I checked the status on my app and it said my food was delivered at 12:24. I spoke with customer service via chat and they stated they spoke with the delivery driver and he was three minutes away and my food would be delivered shortly. Another 30 mins went by no food. I called the restaurant this time and they stated my food was ready and had been siting there for 45 mins. I called GrubHub customer service to see what was going on, the customer service guy apologized offered me $10 off my next order and said he would call the driver. He got back on the phone and said he attempted to call the driver multiple times but the driver turned off his phone. I was outraged, the customer seemed rep gave me two options, cancel order for a full refund or have them deliver my order that has been sitting there for an hour at this point. GruHub offered new real solutions and it was almost 2:00 by this time and I was starving!!! I deleted the app, and never downloading again!!! I’ll stick to Eat24, at least on their app, I can call the driver directly and if something like this happens they still deliver the food and provide a full refund, now that’s true customer service. I guess I’ll go make lunch now.

- If I could give 0 stars I would

I place an order and get an estimated delivery time of 30-40 minutes later. It says the restaurant is preparing my food. Well 30 minutes passes and it still says that they are preparing it but now I have a delay and it’s gonna be another 20-30 minute wait. 20 minutes later I get another delay for 20-30 minutes but it still says the restaurant is preparing my food. I call the restaurant to find out why the hold up is and they tell me that my name and order has not even arrived in their system for them to prepare. I call grubhub customer service and you tell me that the order has been confirmed by a driver but apparently that is a lie because the restaurant does not even have it! You can’t contact the driver so you just tell me you’ll have them contact me. I don’t want to talk to the driver. I want you to put my order in the system and the restaurant make my food and it get delivered to me without an hours worth of delays because your driver is sitting around doing nothing. And then on top of that my order gets messed up because your driver can’t seem to actually read the order correctly. I quit using your services for 5 months because of these constant problems. Now I use it again and clearly you have not fixed a single thing!! Fix your broken system and then maybe you will be worth a 3 star review but I highly doubt you’ll be worth a 5 star review!

- Best delivery drives and some of them are the nicest I've ever met 👍

I've not had any rude drivers come to deliver my food they all have been very nice the reason that is is because I'm also very nice to the drivers when they come to my home and ask them how they are and how their day is going and tell them thank you and hope they have a wonderful day... I meet them out front cause of our dogs cause if I try to go outside one of our girls gets very upset and protective if I try to go out that door and she tries to push her way past me so I try and be respectful of others cause some ppl may be afraid of dogs so we as customers we do not know if our delivery drivers so I make sure that I'm outside waiting and they say oh you didn't need to wait outside I say well I have dogs and some ppl may be afraid of them or if it's late at night like after 11:00 pm then I tell them ir didn't want the dogs waking up the whole house with their barking so I try to be respectful of everyone so if I do try and come out my dog isn't trying to do the same... I just would rather be respectful of others it's better to be polite to everyone...

- Drivers are unprofessional and Grubhub backs them

So I preferred from grubhub last night because I was exhausted from working all day and when my driver got to the restaurant he started texting me which I’ve shown grubhub to ask the restaurant to speed up my order and they were busy at the time. So fast forward a few minutes I get a call from the restaurant saying the driver had an additude with them and left without my food and the manager offered to drive it to me. I was so grateful that he offered but I went to pick it up seeing as it wasn’t the restaurants fault it was the grub hub drivers fault. So I went to pickup my cold food and called an emailed grubhub about the driver and all the did was give me 10 percent off my order. And said I was reimbursed for the order that never got picked up. Well I paid for the cold food at the restaurant because again it wasn’t there fault all this happened i feel I should atleast get a free meal or that meal should have been paid for by grubhub seeing as it was there fault. I’ve worked in the food industry in the past and understand how hard it is on them so it also really bother me knowing that a driver they employe gave these young girls working at the restaurant an additude. I will no longer order from grubhub so there 10% is pointless seeing as I can’t trust to get my food with them. Please be cautious about using them since they think it’s ok to employee people like this.

- Typically not bad

Typically when I use Grubhub (which is a lot lately considering that we are virtual learning) the drivers get the job done and are very nice. I have only had 2 issues. 1 is my address doesn’t pick up in the maps so I have to use the address one apartment building over and put in notes to the driver my actual address with explanation of why because I’m afraid my food won’t get delivered to the right place. The 2nd issue has only happened once. I ordered and my food never came and the driver never called/text to let me know it was delivered however the app showed it was delivered. Grubhub refunded my money so that was great but I had to figure out at the drop of a hat what I was going to do for lunch for my kids because it was past lunch time and it had to be something discreet because most virtual teachers don’t want kids eating during their class periods but also didn’t have that money to just order from somewhere else. My hands were tied. Pretty disappointing when you can’t leave to go to a store because your kids are home, there’s next to nothing available to eat at home and you’re depending on a delivery that doesn’t show up. Again, this only happened once but I kinda lean away from ordering as often out of fear that it will happen again.

- Infuriatingly Bad Service

This is the second time I’ve had an issue with GrubHub and their service. The first, the restaurant prepares food and the driver was late. By the time is arrived to me, over an hour late, it was cold. And they only refunded me for the hot items because it was the only one affected. This time, after placing the order and not seeing the restaurant confirm it after only 20 minutes, I called only to find they didn’t receive it. When I called GrubHub, they said the restaurant confirmed and received it. Suddenly the app reflected that. Then my order continued to be delayed. So I called the restaurant again and they again said they never received it, after double checking several times. This is not over an hour since placing the order when it should have already been delivered to me. Calling GrubHub AGAIN, they tried to tell me the restaurant did receive and confirm the order but they cannot call the restaurant directly because they requested not to be contacted by GrubHub. This is an issue with the restaurant and not them. Are you kidding me?? So the customer is now responsible for being stuck in the middle to fix YOUR issues? Why are you doing business with a restaurant you can’t communicate with? I’m not doing business with that restaurant, I’m doing business with YOU! I will NOT be using GrubHub again and will stick with DoorDash and UberEats who I’ve never had any issues with.

- Worst App/Business

Does this app/company seriously expect to make money and compete with Ubereats running their business like this? The delivery fee is $8 even if the restaurant is literally 5 minutes away from your location ... compared to a $4.99-$6.99 delivery fee from Ubereats (which by the way the amount you pay for delivery w/Ubereats is determined by proximity). Then this app requires that you to tip BEFORE you receive your food and SERVICE.. Excuse the hell out of me but when did tipping become something that is expected rather than EARNED. This literally gives the driver no incentive to provide great service ... at all. However, with Ubereats you tip after receiving the food and service. I’ve never had a problem with Ubereats arriving within the timeframe and if the driver is running a little behind they always call and keep me updated. They always deliver to my door, unless I’m at work because it’s difficult to do since I work at a hospital and people often get lost. I ALWAYS tip and have no problem with doing so but definitely have a problem with giving a tip before services are rendered and feel like I’m being forced to do so. If the company is reading this and wants to stay in business , please take notes from Ubereats and treat your paying customers better. I didn’t even have the chance to use the app because I was so turned off. I’ll stick with the better option for now... Ubereats.

- Well...

So I used to love GrubHub and suggested it to all of my friends to download and use. Lately has been a different story. More often than not our food has taken at least an hour to get here, and I’ve had to walk outside and down the road or across the street because the drivers don’t leave their car. Now I’m understanding, so I called customer service to inform them of the issues I was having and the response I got was that they were short staffed and that it wasn’t policy to have the drivers bring the food to the door. But if I’m waiting for an hour, pay a delivery fee and tip, and then still have to go downstairs and outside down the road to get my food that’s ridiculous— what’s the point in paying for all that if they can’t even walk up to my door (and no it wasn’t raining or snowing or anything like that either). I talked to two customer service representatives and basically all I got was “I understand is there anything else I can help you with?” And felt extremely brushed off. I think we will be taking a long break from the app while they fix these issues. I’ve been using it for a long time and it’s upsetting that after having all these issues all I got from them was “oh I understand but if I can’t help you with anything else have a nice day”

- Missing food, resolution unsatisfactory/fixed!!

I download this app about 3 days ago, all ordes were simple not complex AT ALL. My 3rd order I placed was for two meals and kids meals at Red Robin. Order was delivered but missing an ENTIRE KIDS ORDER.( missed my restaurant and driver) so I called customer service and I was told I’d have to reorder from the app to receive my food my driver cannot go back and get it. Another 45 minutes for my child to wait. They just refunded my money only for the one kids meal. Now I have to go out waste the time I didn’t want to to drive and get my child more food. I’m absolutely unsatisfied and would recommend everyone look for different apps that are similar to this one INSTEAD of this one. I was contActed and given a coupon by Grubhub so I’m trying it again, review to be changed after this experience I’m about to have. After my coupon I ordered from the same restaurant thinking it wouldn’t happen again, but it did. Now in no way is this grub hubs fault I don’t expect my delivery driver to root around in my food making sure everything is there, what I suggest is you DO NOT order from Red Robin. And grub hub I suggest you take them off your list to prevent a load of complaints in the future

- Worst experience I’ve ever had

This morning I received a notification from my bank that grubhub took out their $10 fee for grubhub plus. Given what’s going on in the world right now the last thing on my mind when dealing with a sick child was to cancel my membership so I called customer service only a few short hours after I was charged and the charge was even still pending and customer service told me that there was no way they will refund it but they’re sorry. And then asked to speak with a supervisor and she informed me that they have a no refund policy and that even though my son was sick and I’ve been dealing with that and the fact that I am a single mother who recently lost her job due to this coronavirus I can’t afford a luxury such as free delivery on food that I won’t even be ordering. I was only told that again they have a no refund policy and that at least I still have the rest of the month to have free delivery even after explaining I won’t be ordering food due to my sick child and the fact that I have no income coming in right now and they still could have cared less and tried to do absolutely nothing to make it OK. I will never order from GrubHub again because I think it is ridiculous for a company to be more worried about $10 and making money right now as opposed to looking out for people like myself who have been greatly affected by this coronavirus as well.

- This is the only app that has ever made me want to commit murder

The WORST. I've tried to use this app multiple times and every single time it's a total disaster. First of all, when you order for delivery it just doesn't show up. Cool, so just do pickup you might say. Wrong. You'll show up to the restaurant and they'll look at you like you have 3 heads, or try to tell you to pay at the restaurant, despite you having already paid for your food through this horrendous app. Today I reached my breaking point, though. They will lure you in with their $10 off coupons. I fell for it. Placed my order and went to check out. First it said my credit card number was invalid. Excuse me? Whatever. I try my boyfriends card. Same thing. Try my debit card. Nope. So we try on my boyfriends phone. Get the card to work, however now the coupon is invalid! "Only good on your first order" it says. This is my first order. I assume since I ATTEMPTED to place this order on my phone unsuccessfully it just went ahead and invalidated my coupon anyway. I don't know. All I know is you're better off just going to a drive thru and keeping your sanity. This app will break even the strongest minds. Stay away, save yourself. You will be left hungry and livid, you'll probably say some things you don't mean and destroy relationships with the ones you love most. Before downloading this nightmare just ask yourself, is it worth it?

- Worst of the delivery services , by far!

This group cares nothing about their customers and or customer service! On 3 separate occasions ( should have deleted app after first time) my orders were cancelled after waiting more than one hour. On one occasion after waiting 2 hrs for dinner. The whole time the app shows that the restaurant is "working on it" and the arrival time keeps getting bumped forward if you are diligent enough to watch it. Otherwise no notifications, you just wait. Then after enough time passes they simply say your order has been cancelled. These cowards give you a number to the restaurant but not to them. It is next to impossible to get a contact on the app to find out what is going on. In all 3 cases the restaurant did their part in preparing the food in a timely manner when I called. In all 3 cases restaurants said on their screen that a driver had not yet been assigned. It is interesting to note that the last time I called the restaurant they said they were dropping grub hub because this happens all the time. I talked to a few restaurant owners after that and they said they tell their customers to use any service but grub hub! The restaurants get screwed with unsold prepared food and the customer gets screwed waiting a few hours to then have to first figure out what to eat. This company needs to sell or change entire philosophy. Never again Grub Hub

- Worst from all the delivery services

They do not confirm with the restaurant If the restaurant has received and can fulfill the order. Because of this you can find out an hour+ after you ordered it that the restaurant is closed or has no intention of fulfilling the order. This happened to me twice in the last two days. 1 the restaurant was closed but I didn’t find out until the driver showed up there 40 min after I ordered. The second time was a day later and different restaurant. After the time had passed for me to receive the order (a little over an hour after I ordered it) the app suddenly said it would take an additional hour. I called customer service which is not easy to get through and they told me that the driver would be at my place in 15 minutes later. I called the driver and he said that he has my order and will be there in 30. In less than 30 he called to say he was at the restaurant and they are too busy to fulfill the order. It took over two hours for my order to get cancelled. Grubhub offers a generic apology and that’s it. Other delivery services actually check with the restaurant and will offer you credits when late which is rare. My family was left very hungry and it was a terrible experience. I will never use again and I suggest you don’t either unless you don’t mind to find out you are not getting it hours later.

- Delivery Drivers are Horrible

Ive ordered from Grubhub a lot due to the price difference between them and Doordash. I have had 3 bad orders on here honestly. The first from Wendy’s where I ordered myself a sandwich and a kid’s meal, the kid’s meal was not only partly eaten but was also missing the milk. (I did a bad review on that driver.) The second time was from Applebee’s where again some food was either eaten or missing, this time a good majority. I just ordered a small meal again which wasn't touched which I appreciate a lot. My last order was from Taco Bell, they gave me the typical delivery time and I patiently waited. I saw by the end of he time they say my delivery should’ve gotten here that the food wasn't even picked up from Taco Bell itself. I waited about 5-10 more minutes then called customer service for the first time. Customer service was wonder and honestly really apologetic, the thing us after I called my driver then picked up my food. She apologized and did point out it was late and this wasn't ok, I think I got a 10% off coupon/code. As much as I do like the app with its prices and layout and good customer service; the drivers themselves do a lot of bad things in their orders which makes me cautious of ordering from Grubhub again. And as much as I like my coupon, how am i supposed to know that I will get my full order untouched (by mouths or just going missing) is going to be guaranteed??


I ordered from Grubhub 3 times. First time the food was delivered 15 minutes late and cold (not a big deal so I didn’t complain). Second time food was delivered late because driver “couldn’t find the entrance” despite incredibly clear instructions (still not a big deal and didn’t complain). Third time is where my problem started. Driver handed me my bag really quick and then took off. I found half my order to be missing. I called the restaurant and they said that the driver was in a hurry and had left the rest on the counter despite their efforts to tell the driver there was more. The restaurant was very polite but said grubhub handles the payments so they would have to issue the refund. I called Grubhub Customer service and the lady said they’d issue a refund for that amount (recorded on their line and mine). 4 days later, was not correct on bank statement, called and told it would be correct once charge wasn’t pending and had gone trough. Week later, charge went through and still wrong. Called and was told by customer service that since it had been a week they would not issue refund but could give me credit toward next purchase. Explained that was not going to happen, I had called the day of and was told refund, so what he was trying to do was illegal. Suddenly he was capable of refunding my amount. No further purchases will be made by me through grubhub.

- GRUBHUB IS AWFUL! My experience:

I was with Alyson and her family and we decided to order food through Grubhub. We ordered 6 combo meals at KFC worth around roughly 85 dollars (I know pricey). The order was put in at 4:54 and had an ETA of about an hour, not bad considering only drive thru’s are open. The order got here on time, just to find out we only got 1 out of the 6 combo meals. Thankfully all the drinks came on time or we would have died of thirst. So I did what any normal person would do and called the delivery driver. He told me it would take 20 minutes for him to bring us the rest of my order. He told me this at 6:18 p.m. SO WE WAITED. And waited. And waited. AN HOUR AND A HALF LATER the driver shows up with what we THOUGHT was the rest of our order. He said he’d wait to see if our order was correct. It wasn’t. His response, “Well I’m off the clock.” We were missing a whole combo meal and 4 biscuits. Everyone got to eat thankfully. Sharing is caring. Then I called Grubhub to complain. Said I wanted a full refund, but could only be refunded for the missing combo meal and tip. I’m sharing this to my family, friends, and whoever else sees this to tell you DO NOT ORDER FROM GRUBHUB. There are much better apps to choose from. Any other app than Grubhub. It took two and a half hours to get our food. Ridiculous. I’ve had better customer experience at the DMV than with Grubhub. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

- More than one bad experience

This is the second time I've had a problem with grub hub with the same restaurant the first time was i placed my order and waited over an hour before I checked the app to see where my food was and it said that it still wasn't picked up so I called the restaurant to see what was taking so long and was told no one ever said they were going to pick up my food so my order was canceled and never started but was never contacted about it until I called and asked about it and was told they could start it but I would have to come pick it up myself i told them to just forget about it since it had been over an hour and was not going to wait almost another hour for my food and the second time was I placed my order and on the ordering directions I put no lettuce and no tomato I received my food and saw that it had both lettuce and tomato on it my husband was talking to someone on a chat line and they asked if I wanted my order resubmitted or a refund I said I wanted my order resubmitted but was told right after that they couldn't resubmit my order and that i would be getting a refund and than got off the chat line without even saying why they couldn't resubmit my order not only did i not get the food i ordered I couldn't even get done again correctly very disappointed

- Terrible delivery and customer service

I ordered food and had texted the driver through the number provided on the app to make sure he would notify me when he’s here. I expected him to just leave the food at the door and text me or something because it’s supposed to be contact free delivery. However, he called me from a different number than the one provided, so I didn’t pick up. When I realized that it was probably the delivery man, I picked up the second time. He proceeded to yell at me, say he called me many times (which is untrue, only called twice) and said he’s not coming back with the food. When I tried to call him back, he refused to pick up. So I contacted customer service to tell them of what happened. They offered half off on my next order, but wouldn’t give me a full refund until I asked over and over. Which is ridiculous: they expected me to pay again (even if it was half priced) for food I never got. And I tipped as well. When they finally agreed to refund me, they told me they would no longer offer the half off on my next order. They have done nothing to make up for the inconvenience and awful experience I had with the delivery driver. When I asked them to look up the delivery drivers name, they said they don’t have that in record. I find that very hard to believe. Overall, terrible unprofessional and rude staff, terrible customer service.

- No discount when you refer people

I’ve used this app countless times and I actually like using it more than the other apps out there. My one issue is that I’ve referred at least 3-4 people this year alone to use this app, which they have with the assumptions that I would receive the $10 discount as stated on their website. When they ordered, I’ve noticed that I never actually received the discount. To watch this closely, I referred someone in October while they were visiting for the weekend, I saw them use the link to order and for some reason I did not receive the discount again. I assumed that there was something wrong with my email but how could that be? I’ve used it a few times to order food and I had no issues doing so, I’m not sure if I’m the only one having this issue but that’s what I’ve noticed recently. Otherwise, it’s great, I will keep ordering from them because I have no issues paying for my meals but going forward I won’t assume that Grubhub will provide me with the discount as stated on their platform when I invite friends or maybe I should no longer refer people. I’ve contacted Grubhub btw, and provided the emails used and they weren’t able to assist. My two cents ✌🏾 Peace!

- Delivery

I placed an order for the first time and was actually pretty impressed with the app. The notifications of the order being received and picked up were nice....up until the delivery. When I received the notification that the driver was near I figured it would be a few minutes for someone to knock on my hotel room. About 5 minutes after that I received a text indicating that the driver was having trouble locating me and there was a number provided to call the driver directly. Only thing that the driver was not accepting calls. I received a call 10 minutes after my food should have been delivered from an operator at DoorDash explaining that the driver was having trouble locating me. The address I used for the delivery indicated that I was at a specific hotel and provided a landmark for the driver. Yet the driver could not locate me? I finally received my food 15 minutes later than I should have....obviously it was cold. I just can’t quite understand how a driver can block her number (after I tried calling her several times)and claim that she was unable to locate me when I gave specific directions as to where I was. Additionally, I don’t understand why the operator lied to me when I told her that I provided details to my location and she came back with “we don’t have that on our system”! Ironically I have pictures proving that I did!!!

- My continued struggles with accountability.

I ordered my food, the food went into being made 30 minutes after that my food had been switched into being made it got moved into delayed and that it would be 20-30 minutes later than originally expected. Fine it happens, then my order was updated to out for delivery the notification came 5 minutes after the first side of the window of delivery time had passed. After the delivery I inspected my order and noticed that over half the food was not there. I called customer service they offered a refund for the food I was missing. But, the problem then falls into where’s my replacement food because I had ordered dinner for me and my girlfriend. Half our order is here we both got part of our food. Neither feed to our fill. And customer service had no way to get us the food order fulfilled at this point. So the refund was a mute point for a mere 5.99 refund when I paid a service fee, a delivery fee, and a tip for the driver that total up half of my whole order price. So not having my food and having more money tied up in fees than actual food was not acceptable. Grubhub has now refunded me my whole order, but this is the third in about a month and a half that this has happened to me or my girlfriend at our apartment with varying restaurants. I’m almost done with Grubhub all together.

- Communicate with your customers

For starters this is the 3rd time I tried grub hub. I thought third times the charm, and was I mistaken. The first time I used grub hub the driver just left my food without ringing the door bell, knocking etc and I let it go. I thought maybe the driver was in a hurry! The second time my meal was suppose to arrive to 30-40min.. I waited 1.5 hrs.. they never notified the time change! I planned the timing with a +20 min window since I was at work...I didn’t even get to eat right away! Now I’m in a different state, so I thought why not order some food. I just worked 10 hrs and wanted to just eat. I hadn’t had lunch so I ordered food. The app said 50-60 min.. eta 6:40... at 6:39 the time changed to 8! I called the restaurant and they informed me that the driver is 30 mins away from the restaurant and hasn’t headed to them yet! They notified the driver my food was ready. What! I get you hire anyone looking to make some extra cash, but how do you run an app where the closest driver is 30 mins away! I drive for postmate and they not only notify they allow users to contact drivers vice versa to communicate and delays. When there is a delay the inform their users! I have deleted this app! I’m going with Uber eats and postmate.. delivery apps that actually deliver.. thanks for not making my experience with you not enjoyable if I could give negative stars I would!


I’ve never written a review for an app but after having such a horrible experience with them several times I should add I felt absolutely compelled to write a review. This is the second time I order from them that they claim to have delivered my food and it never gets delivered, the first time it happened they just apologized and said my money wouldn’t be refunded until 2-3 business days and at the time it was the only money I had to order food with so I got left without money and food. The first two times I’ve had an issue with Grubhub customer service just apologized and offered a measly $10 off my next order. This time they said they wouldn’t refund me my full amount because the driver attempted to deliver the food and attempted to call me which is not true I never received a phone call from him not even from my call box at my apartment which he claimed to be at..ok furthermore I attempted contacting the driver 2 times after speaking directly with the restaurant and the restaurant attempted to call him as well and he never answered it wasn’t until grubhub directly contacted him that he answered. Then grubhub refuses to refund me my full amount?! For never delivered food? The most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard wasted 30 more minutes of my time arguing with them about it and now it’s too late to order delivery from any other restaurant 🙃

- Don’t use gift cards

It will just be refunded and your order will be canceled, I have expressed my complaints many times about this and they keep saying I will receive an email after 42 hours!!! 42!!! Hours!!! Like what? I have a lot of patience for people who work, I understand but this thing has been reoccurring, I talk about the problem over and over and over and I wait for 42 hours, just to have nothing, no email is sent to me at all, and then I tell them but I have to wait yet again 42 hours, just for nothing again. I wish I could get my money back from the gift card but I can’t, it’s infuriating. So I have to leave, and wait, so I’m left disappointed, annoyed and hungry. I just want food man, nothing else. I may sound like a Karen or whatever but my god, this is the first time I’ve ever been truly mad about a place, like my food was burned and undercooked once I still ate it (it was gross but I was hungry) and I complained, I didn’t even get mad because they offered half of the price off for next time!!! But this, nothing is done at all, I have to wait a long time for something that will happen again all over again. I’m just annoyed, so I’m ranting a bit, sorry, I may seem like a Karen but I’m so so annoyed and hungry!!! I would cook my own food but I can’t even cook french toast 😭😭

- Worst Delivery App Company

I want to like Grubhub... I have used this app so many times I can’t even count but today is the last time. Literally no one messes up more than Grubhub. It’s truly astonishing! Almost every time we use them something goes wrong and no one at Grubhub wants to help. All we want is to give money to get food, simple as that. We get lots of food, we tip great, we treat everyone nice, we are good humans. But Grubhub loves to not help. I have waited for hours, multiple times, trying to talk to people at Grubhub who don’t want to make things right when their services aren’t completed. I worked in the food industry for years (thanking God right now I don’t still work in that industry because it’s a hard service to be a part of, respect for those in the weeds right at this moment) but if something gets messed up you get it fixed at a restaurant. Customer service is key! Not the case here. You’ll be lucky to talk to someone who cares let alone get a refund for what you paid for but didn’t arrive. Let me be clear, I understand places mess up, especially during a big dinner rush, but for this to happen over and over and over again when other apps perform WAY better... It’s very eye opening. Take one more second to use another app. I hope I save you money and heart ache and you get the well deserved food you paid for. You’re welcome.

- New York based review

This app is a great concept with many flaws. I’ve used grub hub MANY times and more times had issues than received my food long after I placed my order than receiving it in a convenient amount of time. Every time I press that place order button I find myself hoping that another issue isn’t going to come up where an hour to an hour and a half later I’m not going to have to call in and find out what’s going on. I can’t say not to use the app, because yea you will get your food and customer service is great, but don’t rely on it to get your food any faster than it would take you to just walk up the block and grab a quick bite. At the very least, I do have to give it to Grubhub for finding me hidden gems among the usual places I go to eat, but rather than coming back to use the app again I find myself walking to to place myself to get some food after. It’s hard to love this app when I always get my food once I’m so hungry that I’m almost willing to call the $30-35 for ONE MEAL thanks to feed and forced tips a loss and walk up the block and grab a quick sandwich or something.

- Zero star worthy

So I have been using Grubhub for a while now and initially I didn’t have any issues. Then, every time I placed an order it would be late or no one would pick it up. So, I decided to delete the app. I recently downloaded it again after several months. Today I placed my first order at 6:41pm and had a delivery time of 7-7:10. At 7:30 I tried to use the chat with customer service button in the help section of the app and it didn’t do anything. So then I had to google the number. CS was nice and said they contacted the driver and my order would arrive in 15 minutes, the guy even said he would get them to redo my meal so it would be fresh. Ok, cool. I decide to wait on my balcony for the driver. Eventually another hour has gone by and I’m reminded of why I deleted this app. The restaurant contacted me asking why no one picked up the food and that they tried to reach the driver and they weren’t answering. I called CS for the second time and told the guy how ridiculous this was to have 2 hrs go by without ever being contacted and that I wanted a refund. He apologized and gave me a refund along with a $5 credit 🙄. So at 9:00 I had to run out to grab dinner. This is it Grubhub, you’ve lost a customer. You guys have the audacity to charge $8 to deliver and never deliver on time. This must be a sign that I need to cook more. Signing off forever!!

- Charged twice and will not refund one amount

I recently made a purchase and the first time the transaction did not go through. No word on why but I could tell the transaction wasn’t completed. So I then waited a little bit and tried again. This time I got a notification my bank was going to be charged. I went to the restaurant and only picked up one order I thought I paid for. Come to realize I checked my bank account and will charged twice, the same amount and all. So before the pending transaction was completed I emailed Grubhub to advise them of the situation. They confirmed only one charged occurred but if my account did show the 2nd charge then to let them know. Another day went by and sure enough my bank account was showing 2 transaction completed by Grubhub. They won’t refund me one of the charges even though I sent a picture of my transactions from my bank account to show they took out the money twice. Grubhub told me that I need to contact my bank to get that resolved. What’s my bank going to do when I tell them you charged me twice? Go back to Grubhub and they should help you. I must say that I had one person willing to help but the others just blamed my bank for the issue. Customer service is definitely not on the top of their priority list. I will no longer be using them for any future food orders.

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- Review Nightmare

There is no back button when I rate the app- for example, if I accidentally press the “no” button when I am asked, “was the food good?”, & I meant to press, “yes”, it skips to the next question right away. Naturally, I then attempt to go back to correct my answer, but I am kicked out. At that point the rate button has vanished, & has been replaced with the word, “skipped”. In other words, I am no longer able to give this a rating. Waaaaay too touchy. Otherwise, there are a lot of things to like about this app, but a few little things could be done to make it more user friendly. Also, my orders are incorrect about half the time, & it usually has to do with side selections, &/or other notes, like, no dressing, etc. As a customer, I am obviously unable to see what the restaurants see when they view the order. However, it seems very likely the issue could be that these details are not easily visible to restaurants. Maybe the format needs to be re-evaluated to prevent mistakes, bc the percentage of incorrect orders seems unusually high.

- Scam all across the board

Haven’t even had the app for 24 hours and had my food and money stolen from me TWICE! First man sat outside and never called or text to let me know. Also never came to the door. Instead he marked my item as delivered after my attempt to text him then proceeded to leave with my food. Called customer care the first time and received a coupon for $20 off my next order. I was super hungry and decided to try again and use a different restaurant. Food was never delivered. And called restaurant 8 times to no avail. Super upset and disappointed. Called customer service to have them cancel it and told I’d get a refund but it would take a while due to slow system. Never again. Downloaded and deleted app within 5 hours UPDATE- left a review for the restaurant that I ordered from the second time (Ninos) stating that I was furious that my order was never received and they never answered the phone when I called to check on my order. The owner of the restaurant was quick to respond and informed me that the restaurant was closed and Grubhub was aware, yet let me place my order anyway. Grubhub scammed me out of my money and allowed an order to go through knowing the restaurant was closed, yet I still have to wait 5 to 10 business day’s for my refund. I will be disputing the meal from my bank as well. Cheap scammers!

- Worst delivery ever!

I get it it’ll take some time for the food to get to you but when it’s been over an hour and there’s not a driver assigned to my food that’s ridiculous. Then calling up customer service they say give me a moment to contact the drive which clearly doesn’t exist. Then they choose the one who’s 45 minutes away from my food! While my food has been made since I ordered it over an hour ago. My food finally shows up cold, old, and stale that was made over two hours before it finally reached me. When I contact customer support to ask for a refund all they say they can give me is 20 percent off of another order with them! Now I work in customer service and if someone had come to me with this I would have refunded them for the inedible food they got. So I continue to fight (which I shouldn’t need to do as they should clearly compensate me for this) for my refund and they finally decide to give to me. Then I see in my bank account that the charge still went through. I am heavily upset and I highly do not recommend using grub hub a waste of time and money. With poor customer service that won’t do anything to help you or make it right. P.S. I am not mad at the driver they have no control over this I purely just mad with Grub hub themselves and their customer service which it seems to me they have none.

- Order Online... from a CLOSED RESTAURANT

My first and last experience with GrubHub was absolutely atrocious. There are no delivery options available near me, despite the other food delivery services being capable of visiting the same stores. Upon deciding on a store from which to pick up (I needed to use Venmo, so I had to order from GrubHub) I placed my order and successfully completed the transaction. My funds were withdrawn and I was told the restaurant was working on my order. At the appointed time I drive to the location only to discover there is no restaurant by that name!!! I Googled the name and come to find out it’s been “permanently closed”! I called the number listed in GrubHub and was answered by an oral surgery center. Immediately I open a customer care chat, in which I am treated like a child incapable of trying to rectify the situation independently. After successfully explaining to the representative that I’ve done everything she’s about to do, she initiates my refund. I thank her, and I’m given a measly 10% off coupon for my troubles. I spent more money getting to the “restaurant” and back. When I escalated the conversation in subsequent emails, I was greeted with typos, canned responses, and a complete lack of responsibility or accountability on the part of GrubHubs employees. I will not be using GrubHub again, and I will be telling my story every chance I get.

- Grubhub might have stolen from my credit card???

I’ve used the app before, and I do like it. I always get everything I’ve ordered, and they come at a pretty reasonable time. There’s only one problem. After using the app to order some Taco Bell (which the order did arrive, and was fine), a few days later I had money stolen from my credit card. All of it. Gone. And the last thing I had purchased, was from Grubhub. Ok, so I get the problem sorted and I’m given a new credit card. Skip to a week later, and I decide to order from Taco Bell again. The order was fine, but the same thing happened! My credit card info had been used by someone else! I didn’t want to jump to conclusions the first time, but the second time was just way too convenient. Both times I ordered from Taco Bell, and both times I had money stolen from my credit card. Ever since I stopped using the app, my credit card had been fine. I loved using this app, but now I’m to afraid to even try to order again in fear that my credit card will be stolen from again. It looks like I may have to change to a different delivery service until I can be positive that Grubhub hasn’t been stealing my credit card information and using it.

- Horrible customer service

I ordered from Red Robin, which has the best side sauce (campfire). I like to order the whiskey river bbq burger, add a pineapple and a small tower of onion rings. Since the app doesn’t let me add pineapple to the burger, I thought I would get creative and order the banzai burger with no teriyaki sauce then just add the bbq sauce later. I added 4 campfire sauce and 2 bbq sauce to my cart. It showed up in the cart receipt. When my food arrived there was no sauce in the bag or on the receipt. When I messaged customer service that this was an issue, all he says is “sauce is free so I can’t give you a refund”. First off, I didn’t ask for a refund. I’m telling you there is a problem with the app/order if I wanted a refund I would say I want a refund. Then when I explain that the receipt doesn’t show the sauce. He says “Well I see it on my end so it’s the restaurants fault”... I didn’t call or talk with the restaurant I ordered from grubhub if the restaurant is wrong then you are wrong too. Instead of passing the blame why not be biased toward action and go fix it? Why not work with the restaurant to get there side updated. It’s rocket science. So instead of just saying “I’ll look into it”, your customer representative acted like I’m taking you guys to court over sauce. All I wanted was for you to fix the problem so next time I wouldn’t run into this issue.

- Uber eats is BETTER

This was my first time using this app, I usually order thru Uber eats but I didn’t have the app on my new phone so I decided to try something new and use this app. However I am not happy. It took way longer to get my food, by the time my food actually got here it was cold (obviously I ordered hot food) my food was a few minutes late (not a big deal but Uber eats is always on time) and I got the wrong food, I had to pay EXTRA for my food items so I’m obviously not happy getting the wrong food. I do the chat thing and talk to someone about it which took FOREVER (when using Uber eats I’ve always gotten very quick responses and my issues were always handled promptly and quickly) and in the end I’m sitting here with the wrong food it’s cold I can’t enjoy it it’s my first time ordering and no offer to fix my food just a refund that hasn’t shown up in my account and told to reorder the food again. WHY WOULD I WANT TO REORDER WHEN THEY MESSED IT UP THE FIRST TIME AND IT TOOK SO LONG. I am not willing to pay $30 to get the right food, and wait for half of it to be refunded if it does at all. I probably won’t use this app if something isn’t fixed or handled better, I would not recommend this to ANYONE. I have taken screen shots of the whole ordeal just Incase anyone would like some visual of just how poorly this whole fiasco went. 😭👎👎👎

- Awful customer service

I have used many food delivery services and this one is by far the most problematic. I understand with covid, dropping it at the door is the safest option. BUT I had a driver do so and not inform me my order had arrived, not only that, my bag was open and it was a cold day and my food was literally cold like it’d been in a fridge by the time I realized it was out there for about 5 minutes. I gave them another try. Next time my food was completely delivered to the wrong apartment. I had to go walk around and search for my food. The worst one was while I was on vacation and I was YELLED AT on the phone by my driver because he couldn’t find my place. I was also confused about how to direct him because I was on vacation. He proceeded to tell me he had other orders waiting and I needed to hurry up. As a SERVER I would never tell a table to hurry up and order I have more orders to take. Completely unprofessional and rude and I ended up not getting my food from this man and having to order from another service. At this point i decided never to use this service again. I was told a complaint was filed but nothing ever came out of it. Since we can’t rate individual drivers, the ones that work for this company don’t care. There are far better services to use and I will be giving them my money and time from now on!

- Delayed delivery with no updates

So I normally haven’t had any problems with this app in the past, which is why it gets 2 stars instead of 1, id probably give it 2 1/2 stars if we could do halves, but recently (within the last couple months or so) I’ve had an issue with getting my order on time. I get an estimated wait of 30-40 minutes, ok cool, and it gives me and estimated time of when I should receive my order but when it’s been 30, 45, 60 minutes since that supposed delivery time and I haven’t gotten my food yet, yea that’s a problem. Of course I call customer service and they contact the driver and within 15-20 minutes I get my order, but that’s just ridiculous. Like I don’t know if it’s my phone or if the app is just crappy and crashes/freezes all the time but this is the 3rd time this has happened with grub hub and it’s getting kind of update the app to where we get updates for whatever is going on. Have never had any issue with Uber eats, so maybe redesign this to where it’s something similar to Uber eats cause there’s a live gps location so you can see where your driver is and how close they are. Nothing wrong with the food I’ve ordered, just the communication between driver/restaurant and customer.

- Terrible company don’t use them

I ordered food from this company and the driver cancelled my order and when I called them the customer service rep said the driver tried to call me, which they didn’t, because the restaurant couldn’t make an item on my order and since I didn’t answer the didn’t make it so that’s why they cancelled it. She reassured me that if I reordered my food that I would get it so I reordered and waited. The second driver called and said that they already sent my order out, which by the way it was a brand new order, and they refused to make it even though I told him it was a completely brand new order. He hung up on me and then I waited yet another hour and a half, by this point it’s been 2 hours and when I called him an hour later after I noticed it was marked delivered asking him where my food was he said it was already delivered by the first driver, which was bs, and it wasn’t his problem and that “it wasn’t a u and I issue and to call grub hub” which I had talked to hours earlier. He hung up on me again and grub hub wouldn’t help and I had to dispute the charge. It was 11:00pm by this point and I had no dinner cause of all this. It was over $50 of food just gone. If I could give negative stars I would. Don’t get this app and don’t use this company! Deleted the app and haven’t used them since

- First order was wrong

Decided that since we’re in quarantine and my car battery died, I’d use the app to order dinner from KFC. At first it seemed like an easy and seem less process to order my meal and it said it would take about 20-30 minutes (the restaurant is literally down the street from me). So I waited and decided to check the status, the time kept getting pushed back which was pretty annoying but I thought ok whatever not that big of a deal. So after almost an hour my food finally arrived, the driver was nice and kept me up to date with my delivery. When I got my food I thought cool this is pretty neat getting my fast food delivered now, but when I opened the bag my order was completely wrong. Now I’m not saying one or two items were wrong but the whole meal with the exception of the drink 😅 I ordered a 5pc strip combo with 2 sides (mashed potatoes and gravy, and Mac and cheese) but I got popcorn chicken with wedges, a chicken sandwich with pickles, and 2 biscuits. Needless to say I was upset that my order was that screwed up, but I was happy that reporting the issue gave me an instant refund from GrubHub so that was cool. I’m willing to give them another chance and just placed another order from Panda Express but if this happens again then I’ll just delete the app 😕

- Terrible delivery and customer service

I placed an order, the app said it would be delivered in 45 minutes. When the 45 minutes came, I got an alert that said “the delivery will be delayed by 30 minutes”. 30 minutes later I get another message that says “the delivery will be delayed by 30minutes”. So I called the restaurant and they said that Grubhub has not sent them the order yet, even though on the app it says that the food was “waiting for pick up”. So I called grubhub customer service and after being on hold for over 20 minutes they tell me that the food is waiting to be picked up. So I told them that I had just talked to the restaurant and what the restaurant said. He puts me on hold while he calls the restaurant, 10 minutes later he comes back and says “the food is ready they are waiting on the driver to pick it up”, I asked how long that would take and he said “I don’t know, a driver has not been assigned to your order”, I asked how long it would take till someone got assigned, he said they have no idea and that I need to keep waiting. After 2 hours grubhub said they would allow me to cancel my order. I go to Uber eats and order from the same restaurant, and my food was delivered within 45 minutes. DO NOT USE GRUBHUB!! Any other delivery app is better than this amateur hour nonsense.

- Terrible

Listen, I think I’m about done using Grubhub. There is absolutely no communication on the status of an order outside the inaccurate tracker within the app. Multiple times I’ve had an order not delivered within the expected time and I’ve had to call the care team to inform them that I still haven’t received my order. Most recently I called and was told that no driver had accepted my order to pick up yet from the restaurant, basically telling me that I have to continue to wait until someone accepts it to pick it up. And this is after I already waited an hour over the expected time of delivery. How about not allowing the order to go through and taking money from me until a driver accepts the pick up. Also how do you guys expect me to know that my order hasn’t been picked up yet because a driver refuses to accept it unless I called in? All you guys do is offer me a 10 dollar promotion every time. Meanwhile apps like ubereats and door dash give me both a visual and notify me that a driver has picked up my order. Then when I get the order, the food is cold. It’s really not worth the trouble and all the extra fees charged for a service that is always late. So as a long time Grubhub user you’ve guys have pushed me far enough and I’ll continue to use ubereats who actually bring me my food on time.

- MAJOR Communication Issues

We’ve ordered from Taco Bell before with pretty much no issues. HOWEVER this time we ordered at 9:45(give or take a few minutes) because I’m pregnant and getting hungry whenever and the 30-45 min wait wasn’t bad at all. Taco Bell started preparing our order almost immediately according to the app but for whatever reason we got our food at 11:50 PM! If I wanted to wait two hours I would have ordered an hour later, but I didn’t, I wanted my food in the 30-45 minutes (even if it took 1 hour that’s fine). Grubhub then emailed us stating the wait was too long so they would “gift” us a $3 coupon... THREE DOLLARS!?! I wish I could give a higher rating but grubhub needs a better system. For example, if you are going to give a “contact an agent” option when orders are taking too long, I should be able to use it!!! And if there is a low number of drivers that could make delivery times nearly triple the wait, it needs to be established BEFORE people pay or AS SOON AS someone knows. The food was still a bit warm and my slushy wasn’t melted a bit so I’m not sure whether this was an issue on Taco Bell or Grubhub but either way NOTIFY YOUR CUSTOMERS... - Signed “Still Hungry Mama”

- You guys should add a missing items button somewhere noticeable

Ordered Taco Bell today and half our order didn’t show up. We told the driver said he’d be back soon with the missing items, 30 min later still no dude. So I tried to call the Taco Bell and couldn’t get through, gave us the disconnected tone. So I thought to myself, “hey there should be an option in the app to report missing food.” But alas i was wrong, it was an ill conceived notion that maybe, just maybe you guys would make reporting issues an option, but I spent 20 min looking for one and only found an option for refunds, which missing items isn’t an option, and a chat with customer support option. However the chat with customer service button did absolutely nothing, clicked on it a few times and waited, nothing. You guys should to make your app more user friendly, something I’d like to see is options for missing items and if there is one already, put it out on the main page or visibly within the receipt or in the order review. We did eventually call customer service and got a refund but man, all I wanted was the food I ordered. Other than this incident we have never had an issue.

- Punished for pick up

Evidently I made a mistake and created an order for pick up. With all the fees, I cannot imagine who would use Grubhub to order food from a restaurant if their intention is to pick it up. It’s like throwing away $25. Anyway, the phone eventually rings, and GrubHub says my order is ready for pick up. I of course said I did not order pick up. They said, oh yes you did. They called me back after they talked to the manager, who effectively staged a standoff, saying (to tell me) “your food is ready for pickup.” I said that’s what I heard. And if I had a car, I would gladly pay for my mistake and just drive down to the restaurant. GrubHub customer service said they would not deliver it, and I would be paying for food I did not eat. Their solution was to give me a $10 credit on an uneaten $60 order. This travesty took over an hour because no one at Grubhub customer service could make a decision! That’s not ridiculous. It’s ricockulous. Customer service needs enough authority to resolve these situations without getting some superior out of bed. Offering Grubhub food for pickup is not a service at all. It is a deferment of service. I can’t smother them with praise under these circumstances.

- Horrible service.

I’ve used Grubhub for a while and it’s been great, but lately there’s been a lot of new issues. More recently, I ordered food to be dropped off to my friend, but since I wasn’t there myself, the driver said he couldn’t leave the food and kept it instead. 36 something dollars returned, not to big a deal. Tonight was the final straw. The app said my order had just arrived a minute or two ago, and I see no driver anywhere. I tried calling the customer support 7 times through the app, but the call never went through. Im giving this order up as a loss, 40+ down the drain, or rather into the belly of the driver who can’t follow directions, again. I’m done with Grubhub, the other delivery services have more options anyways and I’ve never had a problem with they’re service. I recommend walking before using Grubhub. Anything else really. And Grubhub, don’t even bother asking me to try calling your customer support again. Last time I actually got ahold of a care agent, they hung up on me twice. Over messages like this I tend to come over pretty sour (because believe me, I don’t even care at this point), but over calls, 100% I try to be the most understanding, patient person you can deal with so there was no reason for them to be upset with me. Worst service I’ve ever had.

- Horrible customer service

If I could give 0 stars I would. Not only did more than half of my order not get delivered, but I was forced to tip a driver that did not deserve 20% since he could not make sure he grabbed the full order. Accidents happen so that alone is not the whole issue. Of course it was my children’s food that was left out and when I asked to have them deliver the complete order they decline and are unable to contact the driver and tell him to complete his job. They can only refund you for the items and expect you to pay an extra delivery fee and an extra tip to another driver and still with no guarantee that you will get the service and foods promised. My issue comes down to the fact that I’m sick, I’m puking and need to feed my kids. This is the first and last time I will use the service. They should have offered to wave the extra delivery fee and tip in order for me to reorder the food since the error is on their side and I shouldn’t have to pay for 2 separate deliveries for a minimal amount of food. They need to improve their system to ensure all food is delivered as promised and to not charge a customer for an extra delivery when the fault is on their driver. The driver only needs to go back and pick up the remaining order. I’ll be leaving this review wherever I can.

- New changes making it hard to order

I have been using Grubhub for quite a while now. I’ve spent more money on here then I probably should have. Today I was feeling very ill so I decided to order some food like I’ve done hundreds of time. I first ordered some KFC, it was recently added and sounded good. About ten minutes after I order I get a call from Grubhub saying that there was something wrong with the KFC order and that I needed to call and cancel it. Disappointing but whatever, things happen I get it. So I use the customer service chat and get my order canceled no problem. Start looking for other places to order and start noticing a major problem for me. A majority of the minimum order prices have gone up to $30. Now I don’t know if this is more of the restaurant or Grubhub but I live alone. There’s no way I’m about to order and eat $30 worth of food. I tried multiple restaurants on here and only a couple I found that either had no minimum or a $15 minimum. The ones that were $15 were all Chinese. So now a majority of the restaurants I used to order from all the time, now I can’t and it’s very frustrating to me. Unless there’s a change I’m going to have to switch to a different app for my deliveries, which is unfortunate.

- Horrible customer service

I was working from home and ordered food. I waited an hour normal timeframes, I get a notification my meal has been delivered it wasn’t. I contacted customer service, the woman tried to contact driver, phone calls went straight to voicemail and text messages not delivered. So obviously this person has taken my food. The Grubhub representative said your order was canceled and expect to see refund in 5 days. I asked for grub credit so I can reorder my meal since I hadn’t been able to eat for the day. The representative begins to lie that I can’t speak with a manager, the amount of discount, and kept haggling me. I professionally let her know I was an area sales manager and knew the statements she was saying was untrue after 5-10 minutes of going back n forth. She did the right thing. Grubhub background check these drivers with all fees attaches and give your representatives the power to do what’s right for the customer. Maybe adopt DoorDash policies they offer the customer credit or refund to their card depending if they want the food. I wanted my meal not money back on my card. Horrible all around experience. Driver took my food and representative lying. I didn’t swear or yell at this representative just was asking for credit. I’m just in disbelief with the customer service. Please do better.

- Worst customer service/delivery times ever. Period.

Ordered the food at 3:51pm was notified it would arrive at 4:30pm, I awaited patiently until 5pm, my food never left the restaurant. I checked the map and refreshed it and nothing, so I called the restaurant and they said the food had been sitting on the counter for 30 minutes at a minimum awaiting pick up, so I was forced to contact Grubhub customer service, I informed them of my situation and that i wouldn’t accept cold food and they did absolutely nothing to help. The only thing they could offer me was a refund because the food hadn’t arrived. This is the last time I deal with them honestly, and my first experience was even worse, I was home stuck on bed rest with a leg injury, I ordered a basic plain white pizza, it took almost 2 hours to arrive, I was starving so I rushed to get stared...big mistake the food was so cold it felt like it needed to be thawed. Afterward I called Grubhub and spoke with them about my experience, all they could offer was a “store credit” and I wasn’t planning on ever using their services again, but you live and you learn, I tried to give the benefit of the doubt by giving them another shot but they did me dirty. Don’t let them do the same to you, get DoorDash or use UberEats I’m not making money from this review it’s just honest.

- You may get your order- eventually. Or not. Drivers are unreliable

You know you will pay a lot for food delivery, it’s a given, but to wait over an hour because one driver decided not to bother while another hard working driver is sent from another town 15 miles away to deliver food sitting at a restaurant for an hour and getting nasty and cold is absolutely insulting and a waste of time and money. I always tip 25% for my order or more, knowing they need the extra money, so I’m sorry if that isn’t enough, get over it. We have to work for a living, too. Now this isn’t a one time issue- this happens about 70% of the time- no drivers, long waits, cancelled orders after over 2 hours of waiting... a wait for delivery up to 2 hours for a restaurant 3 miles away. I’m not the only one with this issue, either, and on further research, the BBB is full of similar complaints. Needless to say, I’ve been disgusted enough to delete this app and stick with DoorDash whom ALWAYS show up on time and with edible food. This is by far the worst service in the area- Uber eats and Doordash are tons better. Also, trying to find a way to complain about your order on Grubhub can be annoying and had to be googled before I could locate access to customer service. I DO NOT recommend this app to anyone in my area.

- App is easy to use, but lacks some thinking through

I ordered on Grubhub for the first time and was stoked with how easy it was. Right around the expected delivery time, I get a call from the driver saying that he was driving from 40 min away to come pick up and deliver my order and explained to me that other drivers had passed my order up because I hadn’t left a tip - he would deliver my order for no tip, but of course it would be appreciated. This seems like a poor app layout & business plan here. On the tip screen, it does not indicate if the tip is for the driver or the restaurant. If it is for the driver, having a confirmation screen after the order is marked as delivered to say that I received the order and it was correct, with an option for a tip would make much more sense. Something similar to Lyft for rating/tipping. Tipping in advance makes no sense. Also, I’m not sure how the drivers are paid, but it seems like it could use revising if it is not enough to have them accept order. (And this was a short drive, on a Friday night, in an urban area. Should be wicked easy to accept and move to the next order.) Would love to use this app again, but this issue with the tipping/driver not accepting orders makes me very hesitant to do so.

- Will never receive your food

I have used grubhub multiple times over the past year or so, but every time I would try to order from a variety of restaurants, it would take almost 2 hours for any driver to accept the order, mind you UberEats and DoorDash have drivers assigned in less than 20 minutes from the same stores. When they finally accept said orders, they will take forever to get there due to Apple Maps or simply because their all brain dead. Then once they actually get to the restaurant (every order of mine went like this) they will refuse to wait it there is a line or the food isn’t ready (as the restaurants make it to order) and will leave you waiting longer. Then the restaurant will cancel your order because it took them hours to actually get there and they can’t stay open for one order. Meanwhile support is actually useless because all they can do is offer coupons that are only around 10% off which is nothing and cause you to never be able to get a refund unless the store itself cancels your order. If support cancels your order they cannot give you a refund and you will be out of money. Tl;dr Don’t use it you expect to get food delivered in the evening/night or if you want your breakfast delivered at 3PM. Also zero help from support.

- 0 stars

Terrible service. I blame no one but myself, but felt the need to write this. I order a 7 dollar meal, stuck at work....don’t really have the time to go out and get food. Ends up being 20 bucks without tip. So the eta comes up and I’m on the look out for a phone call. I randomly track the guy and he’s circling the area, two minutes later it says delivered. Strange... I never received a email or phone call, better yet I didn’t even get my food. I text and call the driver to no avail. Delivery time changes from delivered at the current time, and says it was delivered 20 minutes prior to when it previously stated it was delivered. I call customer service and they tell me they called a different number. Why are they calling another number when my default is set to the correct one. I don’t see any option to delete the old number either. This is like the second time this has happened. Long story short she stated that they emailed me too which is a lie because my emails come instantly to my phone, plus I checked my spam. They refuse to refund my money which was close to 25 after tip. Once again, I blame no one except myself. The app is glitchy and customer support is terrible. I’m deleting this app and taking my money where silly glitches like this won’t happen.

- Drivers are Horrible

I have ordered from grub hub twice. The first time my order was about 30 minutes late so I went to the app to check on progress and my order was “delivered”; however my food never arrived. The driver must of run off with my food. Grub hub did give a refund and a voucher, but that didn’t help anything that night. The second time was just a couple weeks ago. I was in somewhat of a tight window as I was working on some stuff and had to leave an hour and a half later. I ordered food with a scheduled delivery time of 8:01. At 8:10 I called the restaurant and they said they were waiting on the driver to pick up the food. At 8:20 I called customer service and they said my food would be there at 9:10. I knew my food was ready at 8:20 so it was just going to be sitting there getting cold. I said forget it I will pick it up myself. They refunded my delivery fee, but it’s ridiculous I had to drive 40 minutes round trip out of my way to get food that was supposed to be delivered. Funny thing is, there were 2 drivers standing in the restaurant when I got there. Not that big of a deal, but both of my experiences were not good. I’ll definitely be sticking to UberEats and post mates from this point forward. I haven’t had this many issues with either of them.

- It has spoiled me

We use the app at least weekly. It has really spoiled me and the Mrs. The app has been improving since they started developing. It is very easy to use and they have made it convenient to having different payment options. We have never had any real problems with the restaurants we order from with the exception of one order from one of our favorite go-to’s, that is about 2 miles away, being an hour after their expected arrival time, they usually have it to our door in 20-45 minutes. Our concern was that the driver may be making a bunch deliveries with our food onboard and that it might not be fresh (sushi) by the time it arrived. We used the app to make an inquiry and Grubhub’s support called us within 2 minutes of my submission and then contacted the restaurant on our behalf to see what was up. Needless to say the food arrived maybe 10 minutes later and was otherwise perfect. So you can see per our experience that using the app is spoiling me. I’ve tried eat24 and UberEATS with consistently bad experiences. And we enjoy the deals they send to me via email like 20% off so forth.

- Special Instructions Issue

I sometimes like the service and the drivers, but my order is often wrong. Whenever I add special instructions, they are not often followed. I do not have this issue with other delivery services when the exact same order is placed at the exact same restaurant. I usually order from a different food delivery service, which is unfortunately more expensive, but they do get the special instructions to the restaurant. I don’t know if this is an app glitch or format issue with GrubHub, but it is frustrating. Before I order from GrubHub, I have to prepare myself for the fact that the order will most likely be incorrect. I only use GrubHub when the other ordering service (Postmates) states that my restaurant is, “offline.” I also like the map app they use at GrubHub because the Postmate app that those drivers use are awful and the PM drivers get lost 98% of the time. When I order from GH I know my order will be on time and warm, albeit incorrect. I prefer my order being correct, so PM gets my business most of the time. If GH fixes the special instructions feature, I will definitely switch back to ordering from GH.

- This is the WORST COMPANY do not give them business

If I could give 0 stars I would. Last night I placed an order for my elderly grandparents to have dinner delivered at exactly 5:50pm. I was given 6:30pm delivery time. Why at 6:20 I get notification that my order won’t be there until 7:10 and when I looked at my gps it showed my driver was on way to get our order but went in opposite direction. I called “support” and chatted with a Agent Mabbie who should never work in customer service. I asked her what should I do if after 7:10pm the driver doesn’t come? Because my grandparents can’t eat so late. What does she do? She cancels our order! Without my consent!! I called their 1800 number and it had to be the same woman because she did not give a single *blank* and started to argue with me and when I asked to speak to manager she hung up! Are you serious!!?? What kind of company is this! I’ll never use grub hub again and I’ll make sure to let everyone know to take their business elsewhere! Grub hub you need to retrain your employees on how to handle customers because this is a joke! I hope they go out of business! And we ended up getting our dinner three hours late because the restaurant felt so bad they offered to deliver. Shame on grub hub. Please if you are thinking of using this company, DONT!

- Didn’t get order

Ordered 3-9-19 at 11:15 from Taco Bell less than 2 miles from my apartment , said food was being prepared at 11:16. Expected delivery at 12:10????? I called to cancel because I needed my order before 12 as I head to work in Houston and 45 minutes is more than enough time for that order. They told me the delivery was on time therefore they couldn’t give me a refund. I said ok and waited until 12:06, knowing no one would be there. I called again and explained I wasn’t home anymore and I could not receive the order and required a refund. They asked if anyone else was home to receive the order. No!!! Finally I was told I would receive an email confirmation of my cancellation. After that phone call I was still getting updates of my order going to my apartment and the expected delivery time changed to 12:10-12:20. I got my email at 12:06. I received a call at 12:18 from the delivery driver trying to get into my apartment gate. There is no communication. I told the driver I cancelled my order at 12 and the driver proceeded to argue with me that they had the order. I explained again that I already cancelled the order. I will not be ordering from GrubHub again. I’ve used DoorDash and Waitr and have had excellent service. Not branching out again. Wish I could give no stars.

- This Company Is Horrible!!!

I had put a order in for $33 last week from taco bell threw Grubhub. At first Grubhub wouldn’t give me my free delivery perk I had for that restaurant. Then the delivery driver lied and said she try to attempt to deliver my food. Which was a HUGE BOLD LIE!! Because I was downstairs the whole time trying to call her, text her and I was getting no respond what so ever. My apartment building have cameras all around it so there is no reason for me to lie. She never reached out to me but told the representative that she did when she didn’t. The GPS was showing she parked or was sitting a block away from my house and then she just left. . I immediately contacted Grubhub and showed them screenshots of me trying to reach out to her and how she never responded. The representative basically told me “OH WELL YOU LOST YOUR MONEY WE WILL NOT REPLACE THIS ORDER FOR YOU OR REFUND YOU BACK YOUR MONEY BUT WE CAN GIVE U 50% OFF IF U REORDER” Like what??? I was so angry with this company after hearing that. Grubhub DO NOT protect the customer who order off their apps. I was highly upset and disappointed because this was not my fault she stole my food and left. And all Grubhub could offer me was to spend more money after I’ve lost money. I completely done with this company. So beware people. Grubhub is greedy for money not to satisfy customer!!!

- Bad communication

So i ordered food obviously, and was given a wait time. I am guessing that this includes time for food to cook and for the driver to deliver said food. In my circumstance i ordered food around 12:05 at noon, the app said that the food would be delivered estimated 55-60 minutes. So i waited till time and still no text, call, email.. nothing, so i decided to make a couple of phone calls and spoke to a grubhub customer service agent and they told me that the driver will be on their way shortly. This all could have been avoided if the app tells you when the driver is running late or that my food got completed and is waiting on a driver. They should make setting in the app that lets you choose what kind of text messages you receive.(like when the food has been finished, and when the driver has gotten the food and headed your way) hopefully they see this and understand i am not happy with the lack of communication but still want the food. Shortly after i got told to wait, my order got cancelled now j dont know if this is because the agent said “hey ill take care of it for you” or if it is just they dont want to deliver. Definetly needs more customer service and communication without having to call someone.

- Absolute worst delivery service

I wish I could give this a zero stars. I ended up getting hungry late at night, ordered before the restaurant closed, yet Grubhub didn’t place my order with the restaurant till 10 mins after I had. It was fast food, yet it when I checked where it was 20 mins later, the driver was Far East of both my address and the restaurant. I called him to ask if he had picked up the food and he had explained to me that the restaurant didn’t take my order at all. Grubhub did not let me know that my order was never taken until after I placed it, the driver told me faster than the company. The same thing happened the next day. There are times where the driver is also just staying in one spot for a long time, which is odd and I don’t understand, and my order ends up being pushed back by 30 mins. Use another service. Update: only had this particular restaurant in the app so I had to use it again, but this time they didn’t even pack half of my order, yet Grubhub charged me the tax for 2 orders and only returned the meal refund. Still wish I could give it 0 stars and wish there was an option where they will find someone to bring you the rest of your order instead of having to reorder again. This service is ridiculous.

- Worst service and design

Grubhub has some serious flaws in their operational design. I placed an order for Shake Shack. When the delivery time approached, it updated and the estimated time is pushed back for 30min. Fine. I called customer support. The person told me all she can see is that the restaurant confirmed the order and there is nothing I can do at this time besides waiting. She can’t contact the restaurant because it doesn’t have a contact number. She suggested me to call back later if I still haven’t got the order. Another 20 min passed and the delivery time got pushed back again for another 30min. I called customer service again. This time the person told me the driver has problems getting to the restaurant and he will update me with the newest delivery time. It’s now 1 hour since I placed the order. He told me the food has not even been made because the delivery person can’t get there and they want me to have the freshest food. Seriously? Why would you assign a delivery person that takes more than an hour just to get to the restaurant? This is the second time the same kind of delay is happening. I cancelled the order. Grubhub was fine in the past but now it’s the worst delivery service that I’ve used. I would not recommend it to anyone.

- Needs to be better user friendly

As a customer at home, we should be able to see the progress of an order like Grubhub’s competition allows the user to see. Husband and I sat at home waiting for an order that said it would arrive in an hour. Because it doesn’t allow you to see the progress of your order; we sat at home for an hour and 30 mins waiting until finally we called the restaurant (they were closed) and luckily they answered only to tell my that no one ever came to pick up my order. CLEARLY, the restaurant staff didn’t bother to call me to let me know about my order because they had already received payment for it... They told me to call Grubhub, to which I did. Customer service was great, asked me what I would like to do and I told them I just wanted a refund so that I could get food elsewhere (the restaurant I ordered from was closed, regardless the food had been made and had been sitting there for over an hour). Grubhub refunded my money, customer service is not the issue. Grubhub app should be more user friendly; show me when the restaurant sees my order, show me when my food is ready, when it has been picked up by a driver, etc. POSTMATES, DOORDASH, OTHER COMPETITORS HAVE THIS FEATURE ALREADY!!!! This would have prevented all this from happening...

- Absolutely ridiculously underwhelming

After hopping on GrubHub and ordering my food within the 12 minute time frame that was given to me before the restaurant closed and got a confirmation email confirming that my order would arrive between 9:50 PM and 10:00pm I was then contacted 45 minutes later by the restaurant five minutes before they closed asking me if I was the driver or the customer, after confirming I was the customer and then having them tell me that they have not yet seen the driver and they are going to close. I then reached out to the help center due to no number or email address being provided to contact my driver nor being updated that they had probably canceled the order previously, going back-and-forth with what seems like (I hope) robots. if they are actual customer service representatives employed by your company seriously rethink your employees I guess, because they are about as useful as a stripped nail. So now I get to wait 5 to 10 business days to get a refund of my money that should’ve never been charged if the driver was too incompetent to show up or the app was too incompetent to list a phone number I suggest bucking up and driving to get your own food definitely not worth it. And I’m sure the driver lucked out on some free food

- Rude and took too long

I ordered today at 11:30 am & it notified me that my order would be delivered by 12:14-12:34. But no, I received my order at 1:30. Before that, I kept trying to track where my order was, I also called the contact support to see what the status of my order was and it wasn’t even ready. After that, when the driver, his name was Philippe, finally came he said he tried to call me multiple times but I only heard my phone ring once. I picked up and he was yelling at me, telling me he’s been driving around the area for 15 mins, telling me he had to cancel 10 other orders, how his rate is going down and I wasted his time, etc. I constantly kept checking up on my phone to see where he was and waiting for his calls. I understand the frustration, it was also my fault because I forgot to specify which suite I was in. I apologized to him about the inconvenience, and I took the blame for it, and he responds to me with “YEAH SORRY” in the most sarcastic, rudest way, like I don’t know what else I’m supposed to do or say. I understand why he was frustrated, but I do not deserve that kind of disrespect I received from the driver, especially because I apologized to him and I was being nice to him. It’s also ridiculous how long we have to wait for our orders too.

- Great concept, just needs more quality assurance, just don’t know how

Used Grubhub three times already. First time, order was delayed, but food arrived warm as ordered. Unfortunately one of the items on the menu was listed as vegan/vegetarian and later found out it was not - so that is a menu issue on the restaurant’s side. Second time ordered, food on time and warm, but the menu was not up to date so combos arrived with completely different sides. Third time ordered, food arrived warm and on time, special instructions were given (sauce on side) which were followed, but unfortunately- an entire meal combo was missing. It is a hassle to refund and reorder because of the wait time for the refund and adding the food prep and delivery all over again (if you experience this, might just consider a straight refund). It is a good concept, just not sure how they could fix issues with outdated menus or orders being correct. Maybe a fix like Instacart - where you can see when things are being added to cart as they happen in real time and the shopper/driver can text you about problems like substitutes, but that would be something on the restaurant’s end.

- Just no no no 🙅🏾‍♂️

You know I didn’t try just once I tried multiple times but when you order food and you don’t get it until four hours later or never and you call the company or GrubHub per say and the response you get is well you can cancel or we can extend your time of the delivery, it makes me question what is GrubHub really good for? Now after my food did not arrive I chose to cancel my order with saying that I was asking GrubHub is there someway I can be compensated in both times of me canceling my order? I was told there was no way for me to be compensated no I don’t expect free food or money but if I’m going to order from a delivery service I don’t want to hear That it’s not their fault that the food did not get there or it’s not their fault they can compensate me even though I’m using their app to get my Food. There’s so much more I can say about this app but I’m just going to get a short opinion and say GrubHub is good if you don’t mind not getting your food on time sometimes you’re probably not getting your food at all that night and don’t expect for you to get your money back right away you’ll probably get your money back within like a week. That’s if you cancel the order make sure if you want your money back to cancel the order.

- A standard delivery app

I’ve been using the app for about 1.5 years now. The app makes it easy and quick to place an order with a local restaurant. I’ve only placed orders with a few local restaurants, so more robust information from many local spots may be omitted. The biggest complaint that I can think of is the lack of consistency with the order timing. I can be quoted 60-70 minutes for some orders, and receive the food sooner than the quote time. I’m not one to complain about the fast delivery time, but this is something I think is worth mentioning. I’ve also placed an order that could never be delivered because there apparently was not a driver who could fulfill the order request. If GH can fix those issues, I would use the app more often. Overall, it’s a quick and easy way to order local fare. Nothing about this app’s general mechanics appears to set it apart from the same order mechanisms available via other apps and websites, except for the order timing. If GH can fix the issues mentioned, and make the service more unique with many restaurants, that would be very close to a 5 star rating in my book. P

- Horrible customer service

I ordered food from a restaurant and the original estimate was 30-40 minutes. Every time I checked on the status it kept adding time to when the food would actually be delivered. I contacted customer service and talked to Nick who told me he was so sorry I needed to check on the details of my order. Two hours after ordering and 10 minutes of waiting for Nick to respond, the driver shows up. He tells us there was an issue with the app and no driver had been dispatched. So we got our food late and ice cold. Nick then tells me he'll refund me the tip, so taking money away from the driver who did nothing wrong. What a joke. I deleted the app and will never use them again. When using these apps try to understand it's not the restaurant or the driver who did a bad job, it's a huge company that doesn't care about customer service at all. As an update to Grubhub's response - I did contact customer service, several months ago when I had the issue. Your customer service line was where I had the terrible service. Instead of owning up that there was an error in the app you tried to blame the driver and take money away from them. That is why I will never use this service again. Please read reviews next time before commenting.

- Terrible customer service

Tonight it took 3 hours for me to get my food. I called the restaurant after I hadn’t received my food in the estimated 40 minutes and the sweet lady told me that my food had been ready and they were waiting on the driver. After waiting for 2 hours I contacted grub hub with my complaints and they offered me a “10% discount on a future order of $50 or more.” After 3 hours grub hub offered me “20% off a future order of $50 or more.” When my food finally arrived over THREE HOURS LATE, I had to walk down to the end of my road because the driver couldn’t GPS to my home in a simple subdivision of Cambridge, MA. I am highly disappointed that grub hub failed to refund my money (the food was cold and I had already ate leftovers by the time it arrived). I also informed them that according to the restaurant, the food was ready for hours so the problem most likely was related to the driver. Again, no remorse or apology. Grub hub said “rEsTaUrAuNtS aRe BuSy.” In summation, do yourself a favor and get a dash pass and stick with the app that will serve you and apologize and refund you when their employees mess up. Again I repeat do not pass go, do not collect $200, I zero out of ten do not recommend grub hub. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk. Bless all y’all grub rubbish hearts.

- No delivery driver to pick up my order at Taco Bell.

I ordered at 10:41pm and i was given an estimated delivery time of 11:15pm to 11:25pm. I waited for that time frame but unfortunately at 11:02pm they sent me a text saying my order has been delayed to the delivery time of 11:35pm to 11:45pm. I was kind of upset but I gave them the benefit of the doubt so I proceeded to wait. I went back into my app to track me order and they changed my estimated delivery time once again to 11:55pm to 12:05pm, by then I knew something was wrong. I had to physically chat with someone to find out what was going on, and they told me their system was having a hard time finding a delivery driver for my order. I’m going to go out on limb here and assume they weren’t even going to notify me at all and that they were just going to keep changing the delivery time. Very unprofessional on their part, they should have more drivers because apparently that’s their issue. Now they have wasted my time and now everything is closing so I won’t be having a quick late night dinner tonight. I could have ordered somewhere else if all of this was going to happen. If I could give them no stars I would, so new comes and people who are skeptical beware. This will be my last time ordering anything from grub hub.

- Can’t trust the app anymore

I used Grubhub for a few years and while I had varying amounts of success, issues were usually small and the app was mostly reliable. However, after a few issues in a short period of time I have found Grubhub to be sketchy and not a good app. The first issue involved an order that never showed up. We did not get any updates from the driver and had to spend a while waiting to talk to an agent to finally cancel the order. We did not get any coupons or anything for this order. Then, someone accessed my account and purchased an order. Customer service said that they would protect my account and delete the credit cards but I had to do it. I was going to take those security measures anyway, but when you say something I expect it to be done. I no longer feel that my information is safe on the app. Additionally, orders have continually been slow to arrive and the food quality is significantly lower lately. As other people said, this app is largely restaurant and driver specific which is why I held off on giving a bad review. However, there has been too many bad experiences. I have given two stars only because I had some past positive experiences.

- Never ever use this app!

I recently order for kfc delivery at 9:59pm and gave me an estimate that the food will be deliver at 10:41pm. I called the customer service and asked for the update of my order and he said that the driver is 30mins away from the store to think that it’s already 10:51pm and store close at 11pm. He told me that the store will stay open an hour longer just to make my order since the food will be prepare once the delivery person arrive. I called 30mins after but still the driver is far away from the store. I have no choice but to cancel coz I don’t think that the customer service don’t have any idea where the delivery driver is and I keep asking what street or road is the nearest driver. Please include on the estimate time that it’ll be additional hours of wait. Also, when you call the customer service number, they told me to stay on the line after the call for survey but they hang up all the time and prevent me from making a bad survey. It’s so disappointing. Please include on the estimate time that it’ll be additional hour of wait. Also, when you call the customer service number, they told me to stay on the line after the call for survey but they hang up on me and prevent me from making a bad survey. It’s so disappointing.

- Very disappointed

I love food delivery services and am a frequent user of Uber Eats as its super convenient, has a wide selection and is decently quick. I finally decided to give Grubhub a try and had three restaurants to choose from: Taco Bell, Taco Bell and (you guessed it) Taco Bell. Not a problem as I do occasionally like me some soft tacos and crunch wrap supreme. I placed the order and patiently waited checking the app every so often to see if the food had been picked up yet. Alarmingly the estimated delivery time kept on getting pushed back until I saw the dreaded words “CANCELLED”. I shortly thereafter received a call from Grubhub letting me know that they were unable to get a driver, apologized and offered to give me $25 credit. I was pretty disappointed but I appreciated them trying to make thing s right. About a month later I decided to give Grubhub another try, still being a little leery about trying it again, but hey I had $25! When I finally go to check out I notice that there is no credit applied to my account. I start a chat with their support for them to tell me that my gift card had just expired days before and there was nothing they could do. This whole Grubhub experience has been a roller coaster ride ending in disappointment and empty stomachs. Ya’ll been warned!

- Too Many Bugs

I ordered my food around 9pm, the app told me to expect my food to arrive between 9:40pm and 9:50pm. At 10pm I decide to call the restaurant just to make sure that my order is on its way, or at least being made. They informed me that they were having a problem with GrubHub, their orders were not received, then they were, but GrubHub never showed up. The man on the phone told me that I needed to call GrubHub and speak with them. Meanwhile, GrubHub has yet to contact me, not by phone, or through the app. So I call GrubHub and speak to a gentleman, who placed me on hold for a very long time, as he was going to call the restaurant and figure out the problem. When we finally returned he doesn’t have any answers, and ask me if I see want my order? I’m like seriously? I’m like what were you doing for the past 4 mins when you placed me on hold? I decided that maybe a “chat” would be a better form of communication. I believe Amanda finally told me that my food is actually going to be made. I’ve waited for nearly two hours for some food, after skipping lunch today, and working 9 hours, and I still don’t have any food! Unbelievable. If your app is designed to ruins people nights well mission accomplished. Thank you, but no Thank you, you lost a customer.

- check your order before driver leaves

Check order before the driver gets back to his car i had a driver (Muhomid) who doesn't answer his phone when the customer service for grubhub tried to call him and have him go back and deliver the chicken part of my order which then Took a hour and a half later after the first customer service person i talked to said she placed a reorder in and i should go back to my app and i should be able to track it when i was not able to i told her i cannot track it by then i get the second of 6 people who i had to talk to via text even after i asked for a phone number so i could talk directly with a supervisor which they gave me the run around for a hour and a half finally got to text with a supervisor who told me that i would not be getting my food but he refunded my money which will take 5-10 bussness days to reach my bank and even after i told all the customer service people i needed that food quickly because i had a diabetic kid about to get sick they didn't seem like they cared as well as the driver did not wear any safety equipment since we're in a pandemic this probably will be the last time i order from them from now on i'll probably use huber eats service extremely unhappy customer

- Worst Delivery App

It is Currently 12:22am. I ordered my food from Taco Bell. I ordered the food at 11:04pm, and the kitchen “started working on it” right away. Every 10min the order delivery gets pushed out further and further, (right now it’s estimated at 12:40am), and never leaves the started working on it phase. It was originally supposed to take 25-30min, and because the kitchen is “working on it” I can’t cancel the order. This Taco Bell closes at 1pm. Will I even get my order? IDK! The app said I had until 11:49pm to order. That’s what’s wrong with this current order. Here’s what’s wrong with the app in general. There is no map to track where your driver is, or at least as of now, I don’t even have my driver info yet. The perks are nothing special and available on most other delivery app. If your order hasn’t shown up yet they do have a help section, but all it does is say the restaurant is probably busy and to call the delivery guy. So not a lot of help at all. All in all, I’m going to bed, if it the delivery dude does come in the night and I don’t wake up I really don’t care. I will be contacting customer support in the morning (they are hard to contact after 9) and then get my money back. So far Door Dash is the best delivery app Iv used. This one is the worst.

- Unhappy

I have used Grubhub numerous times the other night I ordered some food and waited for over an hour before calling the restaurant. My food had been ready and waiting for about 50 minutes and they had been waiting for a driver to show up even after the restaurant had closed and I told them to go ahead and cancel it apologizing because they should not have to wait for a driver when they have families waiting at home they had officially closed at ten and it was 11 when I called to check on the order I called because the arrival time kept getting pushed farther and farther out when I decided to call it said the delivery time would be midnight and I have a feeling it would have kept going later if I hadn’t called. Today I have placed more than one order and it will accept it at first but then it will cancel around five minutes later because there are no drivers around or the restaurant was actually closed. There seems to be a lot of bugs that need to be worked out and I’m probably going to delete Grubhub off my phone since most of the time when I order (there’s more than just these couple these are just the most recent ) there are always issues and I end up having to use another app anyways.

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@whorpinions Oh yum that sounds so good!! I haven't had Thai food in way too long. Surprisingly I didn't see my local Thai delivery open today on GrubHub but maybe I didn't scroll down enough idk

Kitchen & Tap

Happy first day of winter! Warm up with some delicious Italian food from Trezeros; We’re open for carry-out and delivery. #Local #WinterSolstice #CarryOut #GrubHub

Grubhub: Local Food Delivery 2020.50 Screenshots & Images

Grubhub: Local Food Delivery iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Grubhub: Local Food Delivery iphone images
Grubhub: Local Food Delivery iphone images
Grubhub: Local Food Delivery iphone images
Grubhub: Local Food Delivery iphone images
Grubhub: Local Food Delivery iphone images
Grubhub: Local Food Delivery iphone images

Grubhub: Local Food Delivery (Version 2020.50) Install & Download

The applications Grubhub: Local Food Delivery was published in the category Food & Drink on 2009-02-04 and was developed by [Developer ID: 302920556]. This application file size is 205.92 MB. Grubhub: Local Food Delivery - Food & Drink app posted on 2020-12-14 current version is 2020.50 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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