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CalenGoo Calendar App Description & Overview

What is calengoo calendar app? CalenGoo gives you a fast and easy way to access and modify your Google Calendar with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It can also be used when you have no Internet connection, using the cached data. Changes are saved and uploaded the next time you are connected.

The calendar view is similar to the web view of Google Calendar. Events are displayed using the same calendar colors that you use in your Google Calendar, even Google's event colors are supported (please see ). It also recognizes which calendars are visible and which are hidden. So the view should match the view of your Google Calendar as much as possible.

CalenGoo also has a month view similar to that of Google Calendar. It can be zoomed and panned to quickly get an overview over the events of a month. Zooming the month is done by using the two-finger-zoom gesture that you know from Safari and the photo application. A double tap opens the tapped day.

It also supports the same kinds of recurrence rules as Google Calendar and displays recurring events correctly even when you are offline or scroll far into the future.

You can also use Google Calendar's feature to invite people to events and see their status (accepted, declined, maybe, no answer). They will get an invitation email with links to e.g. accept or decline the invitation.

Google Calendar has an integrated task list, called Google Tasks. Tasks with a due date are displayed on the corresponding days of the calendar. CalenGoo can do the same, it can sync this list, display your tasks in the calendar views and in a list view and it even makes your tasks available offline. You can edit and add tasks and the changes will be synced with Google Tasks.

You either need a (free) Google Calendar account to use this app or you can use it with your iOS calendars. However using it with Google Calendar has a few advantages.

To get more information, screenshots and a tutorial, please go to

If you have any problems or suggestions, please send an email to or take a look at CalenGoo's support website to get help.

If you think the font is too small and hard to read, you can increase the font size of all calendar views in the settings under "Settings", "Display and Use".

Features ( ):

- Drag&drop to quickly copy and move events
- Templates to quickly create similar events again. They can even be combined, e.g. one template for the location of an event and another for the attendees
- Print/PDF function to print the day, week, month or agenda view via AirPrint or to email it as a PDF file
- Supports the same recurrence rules as Google Calendar
- Supports Google Calendar's event colors when syncing via OAuth2
- Icons can be assigned to Google Calendar events
- Date/time can be entered using the iOS wheels or by using a keypad
- Fast search function
- Show/edit iOS calendars in addition to Google calendars (or instead of Google calendars)
- Sync with Google Tasks and iOS Reminders
- Reminders can be snoozed and they can be (optionally) repeated every minute
- Birthdays and anniversaries of your contacts can be displayed
- Zoomable month view, which can be configured to scroll horizontally (month by month) or vertically (week by week)
- Events can be linked to contacts
- Floating events and completable events
- Photos and PDF files can be created and attached to events (via Google Drive)
- Calendar selection bar to quickly show and hide single calendars
- The location of an event can be opened with Apple Maps, Google Maps, Navigon, TomTom, Skobbler, Sygic, iGo or Waze
- View/edit calendars that are shared with others via Google Calendar
- Many configuration options to change the way the app looks and works

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App Name CalenGoo Calendar
Category Productivity
Updated 07 October 2022, Friday
File Size 32.66 MB

CalenGoo Calendar Comments & Reviews 2023

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Best calendar app. Everything Google calendar can do plus even more customization. Very easy to use. Syncs flawlessly. The only improvement I would ask for is that the screen/date range that is being viewed would stay where it is when I leave the app and come back. If I am flipping back and forth between email or a medical app to schedule an appointment, when returning to Calengoo the view "resets" to the current week and I have to flip ahead again to where I was. The "Today" button makes it easy enough to do this on purpose when I wish to do so, the rest of the time I wish it would stay put.

Better than Google.. I had a lot of issues with Google Calendar’s own mobile app with not getting notifications and missing features that were available on desktop. Calengoo takes Google Calendar’s data and makes it infinitely customizable and easier to use. Love, love, love.

The BEST calendar app. I have been using Calengoo for about 7 years now. Over the years I’ve tried 7 or 8 alternative calendars, both paid and free. None comes close to the ease and functionality of Calengoo. Best features: 1. History tab when entering dates. I work in multiple offices with multiple roles each month. I can easily select a prior entry instead of retyping a location or role time after time after time... 2. Turn sideways in day view to get week view. Try it, it’s great. 3. Multiple calendars or same calendar, multiple colors for different events. 4. Shareable/G-cal syncable. Put events In Calengoo. Auto-syncs with Google calendar. Any other shared gcal synced calendar is updated. And it WORKS. 5. Developer continuously updates. Seems to take great pride in producing the best, most useful app.

Most configurable calendar app. However, I wish the app had a preconfigured themes gallery that can be used as is, or as a starting point for other UI changes. Currently, it seems like a very big chore to manually set all the app’s UI elements to look like a Dark Mode theme. [update] Thanks for adding support for Dark Mode 🙏🙏🙏 Can you add an adaptive app icon that shows today’s date?

Tried and true!. Best app I ever purchased! I’ve never had a problem and the developer keeps it updated. I am able to stay organized and it syncs with google calendar so I can use my laptop too. I have had this for over 5 years, since my first iPhone. You can’t go wrong!

Stellar. This is the best monthly app out there. Period.I used to use MOCA, but when I got the iphone X, the time font display was too tiny to read, so I searched high and low for something to replace it. Wow, and wow--this had endless fancy and basic options, almost overwhelming in choices, kinda like the cereal aisle--lol :-) If you're looking for a calendar where you can see your entire month at a glance, this is it. Btw, I typically schedule approx. 6 events in a day. If you have a lot more, you'll still be able to see this app, but see fewer weeks together, and if you have less events, you'll see more weeks. If you're on the fence about this one, the $6.99 is worth every cent. Go for it :-)

The absolute best calendar especially for power users. I have been using CalenGoo for years. I've tried so many other apps - and many work and look great. But with CalenGoo I can customize and tweak everything! *Everything*.... Which does give it a learning curve but having these options allows me to fit it perfectly into my workflow. One of my favorite features is the floating calendar events - so useful!

Clean, bulletproof, customizable.. Of all the fancy apps I’ve used with all the adjustable colors and stuff this is the one that has stayed on my phone/tablet/laptop for the past two years. Anytime I look for another calendar app I just come back to this one. It’s for productivity, and if you are serious about your planning, journaling, idea tracking, and prompts, it will be all you really need.

The best family calendar ever. Our family has been using this calendar app for at least 10 years! It is so awesome and syncs with our Google and Apple calendars. I love the customization and how we can all pick how we see things. We’ve gotten our kids so used to this app that now as adults they use it for their school and work calendars and it really helps keep us all on the same page. We all have (or had) calendars for work, volunteer commitments, meetings, appointments, scouts, sports, social activities, and even healthcare for my elderly parents. The reminders are great and not obnoxious. Thank you so much for continuing this app and for making something that makes my life so much easier!

Best Google Calendar app!. Been using this app for years. Best calendar app out there especially if you’re balancing several jobs. Syncs very easily between multiple calendars. The month view I really appreciate as it states the time of the event in the description making it very easy to schedule things at a glance!

The one app you will never be sorry to have!. Seldom have I used an app as good as CalenGoo. I've been using it for years on my iPhones and iPads. It is the Swiss army knife of calendars. It is simple to use, yet highly complex and functional. Not only is it the finest calendar app available, the tech support is unprecedented. I recently had an issue with syncing it on my iPhone and had to contact its developer. To my surprise, Dominique was so responsive and helpful, it felt like we were in the same room. It took several steps to finally fix the problem but the support was done with patience, consideration, and the kind of help beyond traditional tech support. You want to download this app not only because of it's superb features but also knowing you will have professional help if needed. Dominique will treat you like your best friend.

Highly Recommend, HUGE Fan. Since the day of inception, this was the first calendar app that provided what I needed most, zoom in feature on month view and to see EVERYTHING on my month view. I don’t even remember how long I’ve had this app for. It completely changed the way I organized my day and my productivity level improved immensely. My calendar changed on the fly and it’s amazing to have a digital calendar that is better than a paper calendar everywhere I go. The colors are great. I get to sync all my other Google calendars and hide what I need to hide. It syncs with Google Contacts birthdays and holidays. Very easy to use. Over time, the features keep getting better and I didn't even realize how much I needed this new features such as a way to customize my icon badge #. Super impressed.

User Since 2009. After downloading CalenGoo nearly 13 years ago, it’s still the best app I have and overwhelmingly the app I use the most. It helps me to organize my schedules like nothing else can, so many helpful features. Google Calendar alone doesn’t even come close. Additionally, I’ve always gotten a prompt reply to questions I’ve had, great support.

Awesome redesign of Agenda view. I have used this app for many many years. But this latest update to the agenda view really brings the app into a modern looking Google calendar app the clearly beats the actual Google app. By far the best app for your Google Calendar. I own almost all of them on the App Store.

Can’t imagine my life without it. I’ve been using Calengoo for at least 7 years now - I can’t quite remember - and I absolutely love it. I’ve tried others, but it’s the one that works best for me and my brain. It’s visually wonderful, simple yet ridiculously customizable. I highly recommend it!

Love it!! (5 year user). Support staff is responsive and awesome. Each calendar and activity is just the unique color I want. Any time I have something I don't like, it's user error and they are happy to help me. I love that I have form and beauty here. Some apps take away the words on the monthly calendar and replace with colorful bars... Or some other useless thing. With this one, I can go to month view and still see all my events. It looks good and works great! It syncs perfectly. It works great with google (including matching to my 8 calendar colors) and does all that google tasks can do (and a little more, like put all overdue tasks on today, and view multiple task folders). The new floating task feature has changed the way I do my GTD system and I can check off when I have completed events. This app has been my calendar app of choice for 5 years.... By far the app that has lived longest on my phone. (I shop and upgrade a lot.) It is interesting how this app used to be one of a kind, and now there are a few copycats, but this one still seems to have the most features that are integrated the best. Best part: I'm always finding new fun features to get more out of it! I regularly check out the expert options and always find new things to get out of the calendar. Highly recommend it!

EXCELLENT. Excellent! Best calendar app available. Amazing customer service!! Cannot say enough great things about this app and the developer. UPDATE: I’ve had some tech issues and the developer has worked tirelessly to fix it. He has truly gone above and beyond!! Outstanding customer service because he gets back to you almost immediately and is so knowledgeable.

Used for years and years. No better app in my opinion. Calengoo has been a foundational app on my iphone for as long as I can remember (probably since at least 2012). I can’t think of anything I wish it did better and I while I occasionally try out other apps just to see what they offer, I always walk away confused as to why anyone would use anything other than Calengoo. Stellar app!

Can’t ask for a better calendar app. Superb customer support, incredibly flexible calendar app. Very customizable. If you use Google calendar this is definitely the calendar to replace it with or work in conjunction with. Along with my password manager this is the most important app I have. Highly recommended.

CalenGoo - A Way of Life. This is a very long-overdue review. I started using CalenGoo in Jan 2011. I knew right away that this was an app I was going to stick with. What a great app! It’s no exaggeration to say that I literally run my whole life off of CalenGoo. And to say that CalenGoo is highly customizable is the understatement of the year. It may take you a while to become familiar with all the customization parameters, but you will be able to mold CalenGoo to your liking, I promise you. I am not affiliated with the author of the software in any way. I just want you to be able to benefit from this great product like I have all these years!

Time tested, absolutely fantastic app update frequency. I’ve been using CalenGoo for at least 5 years now and its been absolutely fantastic. I’ve not encountered another app that is single purchase price that has as frequent app updates to address issues with new iOS versions. The developer is astounding with updates and should be applauded. Thanks for such a great product and please keep up the great work!

Only calendar I use. I’ve been using this calendar for a few years now. I’ve tried all the rest this is the best. Also, the support team is fantastic. I ran into one minor cosmetic problem, and they were all over and they fixed it

Long overdue rave. Indispensable for Google Calendar. Simply the finest, most dependable and perfect app I have ever used, more than worth every 1-time only penny! Been 100% satisfied for so many years now, I've forgotten how long it's been. If all apps were this good, my "digital life" would be Heaven. By comparison to all the rest, deserves 10 stars!

Superb support. We had some special calendar needs and thus purchased this app recently. We have been very pleased with the many robust features. But particularly surprising was the very responsive, helpful, and thorough support provided by the developer. You can't ask for more than this in an app. Highly recommend.

Best and most used app. I use this app everyday (almost every hour). It helps my wife and I coordinate our busy schedule on our iPhones, iPod touch and iPad. This interface is more true to the computer google calendar experience than any other calendar system in the app store (including googles own option). I was skeptical of the price, but found it to be well worth it. I have no ties to this company but am thrilled with the product.

Love but.... I love this app but would love if you could send SMS reminders to not just emails !! Then it would be perfect. I have used this app for years and that's the only thing it is missing i use for my salon business and many of my customers like text reminders more so i have to do manually would live to skip that step. As they don't all look at email

Useless after latest iOS update 14.4.2. I loved this app until the most recent iOS update, now it is useless. I have been using this app for years with no problems. After the update it doesn’t sync properly and some accounts don’t appear or only partially appear. The iPad version still works though. I have reached out to customer support a few times and have not received a response. Please fix.

The best calendar app you’re NOT using! (Just get it). This was one of my first app purchases when I bought my first iPhone (iPhone 4 when it was first introduced) because the Apple iOS calendar app was/is worthless, and at the time Google wasn’t offering their own standalone app for their calendar. I have used Google calendar for more years than I’ve had a smart phone, so it was important to have a calendar on my smart devices that interfaces with that. CalenGoo does that and so much more. It is feature rich and can be used as basically or as advanced as you want. You have so much control over what your content does. In other words, it works the way the user wants it to work. As other apps have updated/upgraded (Apple, Google) I’ve given them a try but so far, no one is doing as good a job as this app is doing. The developer does an excellent job keeping the app updated and current with each OS. It works seamlessly with iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. It is money well spent. Regret free!

The best calendar app and awesome support!. Can I give CalenGoo 10stars?? I’ve been using this app for years and neglected to review it. Going into settings reveals so much functionality that I’d never use, but also things that would keep a power user happy for years. It is also as simple as you want it to be. Pairs seamlessly with my Google calendar, so whether I’m home or away I can keep up to date. It has time zone support, customizable alerts, multiple color coded calendars, repeat entries, views for day, week, and year, and links to map apps to show directions and travel time for events. The developer is terrific with response to questions. He replies within hours if not sooner and gives detailed directions to solve issues.

Great app, great pricing. CalenGoo an excellent calendar app. Numerous views, lots of functionality, many ways to customize. Selection bar is outstanding... App Store page talks about Google Calendars but CalenGoo does support iCloud calendars too. Developer friendly, attentive, responsive. No subscriptions nonsense for this app. Buy it!

The Best Calendar App. I’ve used this Google Calendar app almost since inception. I’ve tried others and always come back to this one. This has the most practical functions and the most customizable at the same time. The degree of customization is immense, to this day I am still learning new things I can do with it. At this point, I’ve got this locked down to how I like it, making it super productive to use for home, kids, and work. Luv it!

A++ Every imaginable option exists. I've used Calengoo since its inception and the app never disappoints. It also accommodates non-Google providers, e.g. Evernote, Google Drive, Waze, Weather, and more. There’s a massive amount of customization options available which should accommodate whatever use case you throw at it. That said, customizing can be confusing at times when I’m unsure about the function or definition of a particular setting or the reason for its existence. The Calengoo website defines most of the options….and more is definitely better than being boxed into less. My advise is to periodically backup your settings before making changes in the event you need to revert. Calengoo's out of the box settings work well but i don’t care for the colors so I’ve changed them. IMO the app would advertise better in the app store with a more modern, muted color scheme, but no worries bc you can create your own. The developer has continuously improved the app and is very responsive. Beyond the initial purchase he's never asked for another dime in spite of some major upgrades. Because I rely heavily on this app I’d be willing to support a subscription model to ensure it remains sustainable for the long-term. I suspect App Store sales have plateaued for developers given the maturity of the iPhone user base. Just a suggestion to the dev and a note of my gratitude for maintaining an excellent app.

Fantastic app. I echo all of the other positive comments. I’ve been using this app for at least 10 years. It’s amazing and completely worth the initial financial investment. I’ve also had incredible responsiveness from Dominique with any questions or issues I’ve had. Highly recommend.

Great app, amazing service!. I’ve used CalenGoo for years with no problems. Love the flexibility and configuration possibilities, but defaults also work great right out of the box. When I had a special request for an appearamce change and wrote to Dominique the developer, he not only replied right away, but made a new beta version within 24 hours that addressed my request! I was floored, and very appreciative. In a prefect world, all designers and companies would have customer service like CalenGoo. BTW I’m a genuine, first-time reviewer, just sharing my enthusiasm for a really superb calendar app.

You can print your tasks. I love this app. I have used it for years. One of the best features is being able to print your calendar or your task list from your phone with a wireless printer. Now that Wunderlist is gone and you have to move over to Microsoft To Do you will quickly see there is no way to print your lists. This is a dealbreaker for me. You can’t print your task list straight from google tasks on your desktop either. But with this app you can. So fabulous! Thank you!!

Great product great support. Has been the most useful app on my iPhone for years. Ability to display month at a time view on iPhone with individual events listed on each day makes this far superior to native iPhone calendar —which only highlights date if an event exists on that date. Some issues with install of iOS13 today. Support responded literally within minutes with a fix. Wish all software ran like this! Definitely 5 stars. Would give it 6 if I could.

Tasks don't work well with Apple watch. After months tasks still can't be seen on the watch face, tasks are part of your day and should be listed in chronological order with events, not separate from events, no ability to create checklist with Apple reminders. Definitely not a task management app, ok as a calendar app. Mark a task done on the watch and you have to open the app on the phone to get the badge count to update. This has been an issue for over a year with no fix. Also still no ability to have tasks show on the watch complication. Why?

THE best iOS calendar app available in the store. I have tried literally dozens of different calendar apps always searching for one that combines ease of use, a comfortable display and customization. I always return to CalenGoo... Recently I had occasion to be glad of my choice... I started experiencing a problem where my data was being replicated wildly all over my calendar. I contacted the developer suspecting that perhaps something in the new version of the app was the source of my problem. The developer replied very shortly and over several weeks was instrumental in helping me find the real source of the issue which BTW did not have anything to do with his app. Highly recommend you install this app if you use Google Calendar you will not be disappointed.

Excellent. I was actually willing to pay for this app only for the excellent Google Tasks interface. I’m finding the whole setup/options for the calendar itself to be confusing and even though the calendar works, the daily view isn’t very nice looking. However I love the week view - it’s more like an old-fashioned written planner. And above all I love the Tasks sync. I went through a variety of free apps for managing Google Tasks (since Google is being truly stupid in not creating good iPad apps) but they all sucked. This one is perfect and does exactly what I need it to do. So in summary, in spite of confusing settings/options for the calendar, I give this app 5 stars because it’s customizable, syncs great, and above all lets me use Google Tasks (especially in a multitasking view, which is the most productive use for me).

The Greatest Customer Service Ever. I’ve used CalenGoo for several years because I love it. A few days ago, for reasons I do not know but will blame on my husband, everything went crazy. We have 5 devices plus a computer. These have always synced. One day they didn’t know each other existed plus other abnormalities. I spent 2 days trying to fix it but only made matters worse. Out of desperation, I contacted Dominique. He was responsive, gave me fantastic advice over several emails. He told me exactly what needed to be done. Our lives are on CalenGoo so my gratefulness to him is deep. Thank you, Dominque.

Like it, there are some bugs.... iCal was deleting some of my calendar events so I needed a better option. So far I like CalenGoo a lot but there are some bugs. The most annoying one so far is that if I add an event in the app using my gmail account, it adds a duplicate event. What appears to be happening is the event is added and then the duplicate is added when CalenGoo syncs with my accounts. Yes, I could just delete the duplicate but it appears to cancel any invites I've sent out tied to the event. So I still have one instance of the event while my invitees receive a notice that it's been canceled.

Unbelievable support. I seldom write reviews because my experience MUST be exceptionally good or bad. I just upgraded to a new iPad and couldn’t sync my calendars. I sent a support request and was surprised at how fast Dominique responded. It took about 5 posts before he solved it, he never abandoned me and I really appreciated that. This is fantastic app and you couldn’t ask for better support!

No subs, lots of features, great product. I’ve tried lots of calendar apps and this one is the absolute best. My favorite thing is that you can set tasks to move to the next day if you didn’t complete them the previous day. I’ve been using CalenGoo for over 5 years now. It syncs with both Google and the iPhone calendar and syncs iPhone and iPad. I don’t have the watch so am unsure about that. It does not seem to be available on Big Sur. Customer service is prompt and there are good tutorials.

Calendar. This is just what google needed, it syncs with all of my events instantly. Best calendar I’ve used on any iOS device I have. The iPhone calendar is fair, but I like the repeated alerts feature, and that I can customize CalenGoo how I want. There are far more features in this calendar. You can add photos, documents, alert your contacts or add them to the event. The list goes on, or just have a basic calendar if that’s what you prefer. From simple to detailed. ‘‘Tis calendar does it all. The best selling feature, awesome customer service. Dominique is quick to respond and address the issue. I’m extremely happy with this app!

Great calendar, world class support. I've tried nearly every Calendar there is. CalenGoo is at the top of my list: - extremely helpful and attentive developer - excellent calendar views - many powerful features, e.g. the ability to create a custom time tracking / billing / mileage log by utilizing Custom Fields - the task integration keeps getting better with every release, e.g. you can now implement a "today" function by using the option to show the task with Priority 1 on today in all calendar views (similar to "Star" function in Toodledo and some other apps) I was a longtime Informant user but had a love / hate relationship with it, mainly because of somewhat clunky interface. CalenGoo is a joy to use. Added: someone said in their review how impressed they are by the app development team. You should really be impressed because there's no team, it's just one extremely good and responsive developer.

Great to combine calendars. I love this app. I would give it six stars if that was possible. I have been using it for over five years and I've never had any problems. I love the ability to change the settings to accommodate our personal needs. We sync multiple calendars to Google calendar and everybody in the family uses CalenGoo to keep up with everybody schedule.

Best Apple Watch complication. Use this app if you want events to stay visible on your Apple Watch until they are done, because the developer kindly gives you control over this function (i.e., in settings you can choose for how long you want the current event to be shown & if not specified then it will remain until it is over). In contrast, the friggin’ stock Apple Watch calendar application was changed from showing events until completed, to instead showing the next event in your calendar about 10 minutes into the current one. Hey Apple, how the bleep am I supposed to know how much time I have left in my current appointment? Many thanks to the excellent developer Dominique for allowing the user to tweak the app to meet their needs!

If you use Google Calendar, you should buy this app!. It is the best way to access your google calendar(s) on any of your idevices. Does exactly what you would expect your google calendar to do, but better. Would love to be able to access it via Apple CarPlay and launch to nav from calendar appointments with addresses.

Ridiculous. How much better than Google Calendar are you going to make this app? It already blew GC away because it includes Google Tasks management. The latest version makes the Agenda view even more useful. Really, it’s indispensable. Calengoo and RadarScope are the two best apps out of about 300 on my phone. How much free development are you going to give me for my one-time $6.99 purchase? Put a tip jar on your Web site or provide your PayPal address so I can support further development. I’ll never open the Google Calendar app again, probably.

Great features but looks a little dated. I love all the options and the ability to link locations and contacts to events. I like all the views with the exception of the landscape day view. I would rather have a view of just that day with all task and events visible. There is a bit of a learning curve just because there are so many options and customization. Also I don’t use Google calendar and it still works great. I hope the developer continues to support and develop the app.

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Good effort but very clunky and over-complicated. The developers have put a lot of effort into making sure you can make it look however you want - yet they have over-complicated it in doing so, and still managed to create very "ugly" calendar formats. In particular the Day (landscape) mode is horrible! The only format that I could almost work with is the Week view in landscape mode - but only if they created blank time slots so I could see visually where free time exists. I only used it for a day and then reverted back to the default iPhone/iPad calendar. What it does do well is sync multiple calendars from Google, and the drag-and-drop functionality is very good. It's very overpriced - purchasing it is an expensive gamble.

Still wonderful after five years. Marvelous app. Syncs flawlessly with google calendar and task manager. Migrated from Google to iOS Calendars/Reminders about 12 months ago and it's as flawless as ever, across three devices and iCloud. Wonderful support and continuous development. Gets better with every upgrade. Myriads of options to tune it just the way you want it. Easily, easily my most used app.

Still waiting for side-by-side column week-view. I've been using this app alongside SaiSuke. In both cases I'm waiting for a landscape week-view option. In other words: I want to be able to turn the iP* sideways and see the seven days of the week as 7 columns side-by-side, just like you see for the week view when using gCal in a web browser. I got very excited when I read the recent update description (6 July 2009), but it turned out that the change was just a variation on the existing diary-style week view. Very disappointing. The diary-style presentation, with two columns, is all very well, but not very useful for planning or for getting a good instinctive view of the week. It also squashes Sat and Sun into a smaller space, which isn't helpful if you need to plan for the weekend too. I'm hoping CalenGoo might be the app that achieves a 7-column week view first. Please?! Fifth star when you do!

Great across multiple platforms. This is such a great ap. I love it that it syncs with Google, Outlook, my ipad and iphone. It is regularly updated and very customisable. Only thing is that with all the options, you don't always know what features you are missing out on. Almost forgot to mention how AWESOME the task pad is. It also syncs with google, ipad and iphone (Not Outlook thought - that I am aware of) I actually originally got the ap for the task pad however later realised how versatile the calendar is too.

Terrible!. Honestly so hard to use. Was trying to find a replacement to the standard "calendar" on the iPad - but this isn't it. Very difficult interface and just slow to respond even on iPad 2. I don't recommend un current version. Save your money!

first Review Ever - Best calendar APP. After using pocket Informant for years (way back from the palm!) I needed a calendar to talk to my google calendar so that my partner could share my roster etc. Pocket Informant has become a bit......not user friendly, ugly and lackluster! I was almost considering returning to a paper system!! Then I found CalenGoo it is AWESOME fully customisable, an excellent detailed how to on their website for areas that you may need advice on. I am a visual person so the very fact I can display colours, use Icons and see a list view of a week is just amazing, and very helpful to the way I see life. I am sad that I have spent a fair bit of money over the past few weeks trying to find the perfect app. But very pleased that my search has been fruitful. If you are also looking to change calendar app GIVE THIS ONE A GO!!

Great. Basically an iPhone extension for your google calendar. If you use google calendar, this is pretty much a must have. Lost points for high price and slow load times.

Could be better. I have been using the app for a few months now. Problems printing the calendar. Don't have the option of including all tasks in the printout even if they are in different folders, but on the same day. Would like to see it looking a bit more smick!

Stunningly Good. The search is over! This is quite simply the best calendar app on the App Store- and I've tried them all! The array of customisable settings is breathtaking and the displays are elegant, functional and brilliantly designed. The seamless integration with Google calendar as well as Apple's iCloud calendar, reminders, to-do lists etc is superb. This App leaves all the others for dead. Full marks, and well done.

First Rate Calander. After having tried most calendars, this one worked best with multiple shared calendars. This should be your first calendar of choice. Response to app questions and my lack off app knowledge was answered quick from author, well done.

About 10 years and CalenGoo is still the best for me. Every year or so I go looking for a new calendar or task app. It’s just in my nature to find out whats out there. Well, each time I spend hours and always come back to CalenGoo. I find that whatever I’m looking for, CalenGoo already does it better then anyone else! I love that CalenGoo is extremely customisable. I just dig through all the mega advanced options and end up with an app that’s perfect for me. Maybe next time, instead of waisting my time shopping around, I’ll just enjoy my time customising CalenGoo. Thank you so much for the last 10 years :)

Clunky. I bought this based on the recomendations, but have found it very clunky to use. It seems to take ages to make an entry and the monthly view is too small without a little read panel underneath.

Fantastic!! I use it everyday!!!!. Fantastic app. Is updated and maintained by developer regularly. Thanks.

Love it, cranky with the latest update. Since the most recent upgrade (to 1.5.19), I've been experiencing some difficulty when setting up appointments. Going into "Reminders" when setting up a new Event results in app failure & I have to start again. If I save the Event first, THEN add Reminders, it works - but, as I'm sure you will appreciate, this is a clumsy workaround for an unnecessary problem.

Fantastic App. This application is so good I decided to write a review! It works as described - I have never experienced any problems with synching or crashing. This app works so well I ditched the native calender app and outlook and use this and google calender.

Hold off purchasing this one !!!!. Just downloaded this and app does not sync and when I try to create a new appointment it just shuts down ! Probably should have waited till there were a few more reviews before I bought. Hopefully creators will look into this asap as I bought it because it looks great and will hopefully do the job at some point !

BRILLIANT. I have tried nearly every calendar available for the iPhone. This one is by far the best. Brilliant support and developer continually striving to improve app. Great support website. I sent email about 2 missing items on support page. Page was updated with info in less than 24 hrs.

Absolutely fantastic.. I have been using this app for more than 2 years now, and absolutely loving it's ease of use. It is a real champion calendar app. It is very rich in features yet very intuitive and easy to use. Very short learning curve. Highly customizable. Now with floating events which is very handy as it will automatically move uncompleted tasks so they won't be forgotten. The developer really listens to user suggestions and implements them after careful thought. Absolutely awesome work on the developer's part! I would recommend this app to anyone anytime, as I have done.

The best Calender on the iPhone. This is a really nice calendar app. Looks great, lots of options, all of the views I need plus it syncs perfectly with Google calendar. Highly recommend.

Best of the bunch calendar app. Very good calendar app, sync with Google Calendar works well. I'd love more functionality around ToDo lists, which can be cumbersome (as they are in Google Calendar). However, for a calendar app that includes todos, I've found it the best of the bunch. Lots of options in the settings and great, responsive email support. Recommended.

Lovely!. This is easy to use, fast and the syncing now works perfectly. Well done.

Must have Calendar app. I have had the CalenGoo app for nearly 15 years. I am constantly checking what is new and fresh out there because I love variety but I try other apps and always come back to CalenGoo. I don’t really understand why this isn’t doesn’t have a bigger name because it is a standout amazing ap. it literally has so much flexibility to create the colour look and feel that you want in an organisation app. You guys are the best and I see you still upgrade the app regularly which I really appreciate.

Made my life easier. Such a great app, not only can I quickly enter my appointments and scheule on google calendar and sync it on the go, but the display is simple yet efficient enough to allow everyday use. Worth every cent.

Amazing. I have tried countless calendar apps over the years and this is by far the best. The level of customisation is amazing, which allows me to make the perfect month view that I want. Thanks

Excellent App and always up to date. Amazing app especially for those who prefer whole month view. Incredible customisation options and full flexibility including colour coding of events. The widget is very handy to see daily events at a glance. The developer is exceptionally diligent at keeping this app up to date for new iOS releases and has also updated it for the iPhone X screen (looks brilliant)! Excellent website and detailed support. This app is unbelievable, can’t live without it! Highly Recommend for all users of Google Calendar.

I am missing something. I can't connect to the internet on my iPod Touch. I have it plugged in to my PC and sychronised. Do I have to get a wireless card for my PC? This app is my last hope to get away from Microsoft.... or is there another solution????

Excellent app but lacking one important feature - V 1.2.11. This is an excellent app with great user interface. Does not do pop ups when the app is turned off due to Apple SDK limitations, however this is easily overcome by SMS or email notification. Had a few questions for the developer and received immediate and detailed replies (excellent customer service!). The app currently does NOT support tasks/to do's, however the developer said they are working on it and believe that tasks will be available around February. I gave 3 stars due to the relative high price and the lack of tasks. Add tasks and lower the price point to $5 and this is a definite 5 star app!!!

Complicated app. This app has too much for an iPad, let alone an iPhone. Colour options are so multiple it is confusing. Setting windows is absolutely confusing. Thought it was a really easy to use app., but have spent days on end trying to sync my devices. Regret spending $11 for this app. It’s a write off. Much is not always better.

Best google calendar app! Heaps better than Google’s.. I’ve just come back to Calengoo after a shortish stint giving google’s own calendar app a go, but the ease of use of calengoo is SO much better, exactly what you need from a calendar app. Reliability, ease of use and a great visual representation of my calendars. Kudos to the app developer!

The best thing about iOS. Echoing everyone else’s comments - wouldn’t own an iPhone if not for this app, specifically because of google tasks date based task integration. Worth every cent - and then some.

The best for google calendar sync.. I've tried as many calendars from the App Store to sync with google calendar as I can stomach. This is simply the most flexible calendar I have found with advanced settings for almost anything you can imagine tailoring. I really do mean settings for everything! Easy day and week views with customisable text sizes and details. Good landscape support. Even the programs efforts to integrate with google tasks is much better than others I've seen, all within the one interface page. I use it every day to make bookings for my jobs and my colleagues jobs on multiple google calendars. CalendarGoo makes it easier. Worth every cent.

This is an app requires a lot of exploration from the user side. People, use "SnapCal" instead! SnapCal does basically the same thing but cheaper and far more EASIER to use! If you're still willing to fork out $8.99 even after my previous statement, here's my review for Calengoo: Calengoo is a powerful calendar tool, but you need to make a lot of adjustments to optimize the experience, also there's a fair bit of trial & error to find the best style that suit you.... remember to be friend yourself with the google help document(online), it will save you a lot time. I wish there's a more extensive guide that explain the the setting buttons....

Brilliant. Fantastic app works really well. Very flexible, I've recommended it to 2 friends who also love it. It is expensive but does work well.

Excellant calendar. 👍 Love the pinch option. 👍 No subscription, I ditched my other calendar provider for always gouging $ for subscription fees, and I was a loyal customer prior the other providers subscriptions commencement. 👍 Stable and easy to use! 💋 Well done to you! Love the app!

I'm impressed!!!. Nice interface and no bugs (not that I've noticed so far). Love the fact that it keeps the colours used in Google cal and displays an exact replica of what you have in your Google calendar.

very happy. Easy to use and syncs easy with google calendar

Love it. This is my first review of an app but I wanted to share with 'potential purchasers' how useful I find this app. I love the amount of options the developer has given the user to really change the calendar to his/her preferences. I think too many of Apples native apps, really don't allow the user any freedom to do this. It's not at all difficult to use, there are just lots of different options! Sync's easily between my iPhone 3GS and iPad2, and for someone who likes things to be organized, this app is perfect! I was worried about the price when I bought it, but after a month of use I really feel I have already gotten my moneys worth!

Very happy. Pretty much a must-have if you run one or more Google calendars. This kind of thing is what I bought iPad for - fast and clear task list integration into a calendar. I have been struggling to use the pre-packaged calendar app on my iPod touch as it was too small to add reasonable notes to tasks and appointments. Was disappointed that a lot of functions I expected in the pre-packaged Calendar app that came with iPad were missing. I baulked a bit at the price for Calengoo, but I like the level of customisation this app allows compared to the standard iPad Calendar app. Very happy.

Great, but...... I have been using CalenGoo for some time and love how customisable it is. However, I find it very frustrating when I am in the middle of making an entry and it crashes - happens more often than I'd like - can you please fix this!!! (using iPad 2).

Super. I have looked for ages ( and spent just heaps) trying to get a reliable, easy syncing program me for my multiple devices.s.. This App ticks all the boxes.... Including being in sync with other peoples calendars ... Recommended highly.

Was great until update. Now whenever I delete a job on computer it won't delete from app, Jobs are all duplicating themselves I used this for business and now it's caused contractors to end up at different locations What happened??

Absolutely Amazing, until…. This is a great app, very versatile and extremely well made. Sadly, once you add a few calendars it starts freezing every time you try and do something. I spend more time waiting for it catch up than I do actually working on it. This is really sad and likely to get me looking elsewhere very soon.

Fantastic!. I can't believe I didn't leave a review for this before. My life depends on it. Best ! Google !! Calendar !!! Client !!!! Ever !!!!! This was the one application that convinced me it was possible to to switch from the Palm and datebook a couple of years back and since then it's gone from strength to strength. If you use Gcal you need this!

Recommendable. I have no problems in syn with Goodle calendar. 6 out of 6!!

Great but maybe Too pricey. Works for me fine. I agree needs horizontal week. Also two dollars would be a better price point. The saiksoku or whatever its called has similar multi cal functions but is cheaper. Great interface in general tho. My question is does your offline activity automatically sync when you are online if you have not opened the app?

Looks better than mobile google calendar AND the iPhone calendar app. Let's you set reminders, see multiple calendars and add attendees. This is better than both Google Mobile Calendar and the iOS Calendar app, neither of which have improved on all the time I have had an iPhone 4. Worth the money.

Excellent. Would love to also be able to sync the calengoo data with that in the iPad calendar.

Excellent App!. After trying out googlesync, pocketinformant, and susuki, this calendar has become my default calendar! It's not perfect, but much better than the rest.

CalenGoo Gave Me My iPhone Back. The only diary / organizer in life that has worked for me was the Palm Treo - I had high hopes for the iPhone but, as much as I love it, I had to go back to my old Treo. CalenGoo is great - thank you! In my case, I got my iPhone back for $8.95 by adding this app. Apple truly should be ashamed of their calendar. When making appointments (at the Dr, Dentist etc) I had to constantly ask them to "hold on a moment" as I weaved my way through the Apple calendar maze, "I'll just be a sec..." wandering back and forth. And, if you forget one of the many times you need to press 'Save', your complete appointment vanishes, often without you realising it. (very embarasing and costly) Apple should buy CalenGoo and make it their default calendar (seriously). The user interface in CalenGoo is of a standard, at least a few grades higher than the iPhone in general. There are numerous subtle features, everything feels so 'natural', so you don't even realize they are there (unti you compare CalenGoo to something else). I truly appreciate a good user interface and so far I have to say, "CalenGoo is the 'slickest' appointment / task manager I have ever used!!!" I'll certainly be checking out all their apps. Paul - Affordable Technology - Perth [ p.s. TO: Mr CalenGoo, if Apple hire you or buy your product, I get ten percent ok? ]

Needs push. Decent user interface but the lack of Push support means having to "manually" sync every change and update made. This is time consuming and detracts from the overall experience.

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Great app!!. I have been using this app for many years. It continues to get better and better with the developers continually upgrading and making improvements to the app. Well done and continue to good work. If you're looking for a Calendar app this is the one to use. I use this app across multiple devices works well every time. Highly recommended.

Calengood. Very good application. Absolute versatility.

My main app. I have tried quite a few calendar/organizer apps, and I have always returned to this one. The Google Calendar integration is solid, and this is the only organizer app I've had that doesn't crash or do unpredictable things. My only concern is that this app does get a bit slow with creating and editing tasks when you have a lot of them in your calendar; while this probably doesn't come as much of a surprise, and I do have a lot going on, I basically have to put my iPod (4th gen) down for a few minutes after choosing to create a new task while CalenGoo does whatever it is doing, which is why I went off to try other calendar apps. Any other issues I have are basically issues with Google Calendar (finding time for tasks amongst events is my biggest problem). I have never found this app to be hard to figure out or in any way unreliable; I rely on it absolutely and trust it completely.

Awesome. Great for our family of 6 & all our many activities!!!

JeanLeGéant. Pas aussi convivial et rapide d'utilisation que Mon non vieux Palm!!

Best calendar app!. I'm a heavy Google calendar user and Calengoo is perfect! Tried several other apps before finding this one and I can't live without it now! The app is very stable and quite fast on my 3GS on a 3G+ network. Highly recommended!

Found this great aps but.... Fully integrated aps! But, after 2 days of use, the application crashed! Had to reboot the phone (iPhone 4). Hope that this is a temporary situation cause i live the aps!

Essential Application. It's part of my life...

The best Google Calendar app + Best Support.. Calengoo is the best Google Calendar app and its creator really goes the extra mile supporting his application. Thanks !!

Vraiment le meilleur gestionnaire de calendrier. Ayant à utiliser plus de 20 calendriers pour mes sous-contractants, ce calendrier est simple et efficace! Je l’utilise depuis plus de 5 ans!! Ne cherchez plus! Vaut pleinement son prix!

best way to use Google calendar. excellent, colorful and useful interface; easy and intuitive to use, search feature works well. using this app to access shared Google calendars for several years now and it's more useful and flexible than the Google or Apple calendar.

Not pretty but super practical. I keep trying calendar apps with much classier UIs but I always come back because Calengoo is so practical and straightforward. Looks a bit better in the new version, too. I totally depend on this app.

BUY IT!. This is a truly great app. The only app that would have to be a 10 out of 5 for me is the calendar app because I depend on it so much. This is infinitely changeable from the prcise hue of the colours to the default length of appointments, but it as simple to use as one wants. I can choose the kind of details in the calendar that makes it easy to read and easy to navigate. If you can afford your iPad (as opposed to having lifted it off a friend) you can afford this app, and you might want to really consider buying it over using the iPad calendar.

RECURRING tasks! Seriously excellent upgrade to google calendar. Can't say enough how useful recurring tasks and events are... Not repeating, but recurring, so you can set it to pop up every day UNTIL YOU CHECK IT OFF. I do not understand why that's not a default everywhere (as it was back in Palm pilot days) but since it isn't, this is fantastic. So you get all Google calendar features plus more. Have been using it for a decade.

A must for Google Calendar users. Don't let the name fool you. This app is excellent! A must for anyone using Google Calendars. Very configurable and professional. Gives all the features that Google Calendars offer that the iphone native "Calendar" app and even Google Calendar app both lacks. Well worth the price! Best implementation of google calendar in iOS by far!

Most Trusted Calendar. I've tried them all, Calengoo is the best Google Calendar experience on iPhone or iPad. They may have been late to the game upgrading to the iOS 7 style, but the functionality and syncing is rock-solid. Very active development, with frequent updates. This app runs my family! UPDATE: Still trustworthy, still my favourite after all these years.

Difficile de s'en passer. Super app qui m'accompagne à chaque jour, multi fonction

De loin le meilleur calendrier. J'utilise ce calendrier depuis sa sortie. On peut aussi l'utiliser pour un calendrier local, sans lien avec Google Calendar. Permet de joindre des documents, mettre une icone, de choisir de voir l'adresse sur Google Maps ou Waze au lieu de Maps, et de créer ou transformer des événements en événements flottants qui vous suivent au fil des jours jusqu'à ce que vous les cochiez comme accomplis. Le créateur ajoute constamment de nouvelles fonctions, toutes utiles. En mode "expert", la configuration des options est phénoménale! C'est un outil extraordinairement complet pour gérer mon travail et mes tâches. De loin le meilleur, à mon avis.

king on gcal. over the years, I tried many calendar applications supporting google cal .. this is the only one doing the job properly. a little bid slower than some competitor, but no data lost and actually access ALL my calendars. Merci

Fantastic Calendar. Finally, this is it! I have tried so many calendars even highly rated ones but I couldn't find what I needed. This calendar has it all. It has so many customizable settings it will boggle your mind. At first, it was a little overwhelming but I was able to play around with it and figure it out. The developer was quick to respond to the questions that I did have. Other calendars show you the name of events in the month view but this one shows you the times first so you can see the open spaces in your day. I am so glad I stumbled upon this calendar.

Le meilleur calendrier pour Google. Une fantastique application qui permet l'utilisation de Google calendar très très facilement et en plus même quand on est sans connexion! Quelque soit le nombre de calendriers utilisés (j'en ai 11) tout marche sans heurt et tout est configurable. Certainement l'app la plus utile que j'ai. Sur IPad ou iPhone je l'ai couplée avec geeTaskPro comme application pour gérer les tâches et au travail comme à la maison je suis tranquille.

Perfect app and support 👏😄!. I use this app since about 4 years with great pleasure and it's very useful. Updates come always with good amelioration even if it's already excellent with a lot of options. Very stable. And the support (Dominique) is exceptional. I did errors with the update just before this one (1 day ago) and I got exact answers twice in just 1-2 hours! And he already made changes in this update (2013-9-16 = just in 24 hours) to prevent people not to do the same errors that I did. This good work and help is something to remember. 😉

Great App. We have been using this extension to google calendars for a couple of years now and really like the interface and multi-cal support. It helps keep our lives sync'd between my wife and I on our devices when we are away from the computer. The developer responded to what I thought woul have been an improvement but they graciously pointed out the feature was already implemented (every nth week repeating event) have been really happy with this app! Good job!

Love this app. Have used it for a while now and way better than the standard ios calendar, google calendar or outlook.

Loved this app. Bought this app a couple years ago. Loved it. Using it for business scheduling. Until the recent update... Updated entries r duplicated & deleted entries wouldn't delete. Pleaseeeee fix. Many thx.

The BEST Calendar/Tasks Application Available. I've been using Calengoo for more than 4 Years and despite what some reviewers say about this App not having the necessary features or allegedly containing bugs and being slow, this is NOT true. I am using Calengoo on an iPhone 4 - 32GB and it runs great. Granted, my iPhone is old but it still responds quickly and doesn't freeze when editing or viewing my Calendar or Tasks. For those of you who are having problems, there are some great Tutorials on the website explaining what each setting does and how to best configure Calengoo so if you are like me and want to be able to view every Calendar item or Task going back 4+ years, you can do this without slowing down your device. On the topic of features, Calengoo offers something few other Apps have which is the ability to specify any combination or Reminders for a Calendar OR Task. Unlike the iPhone Calendar and Reminder Apps which limit the number of reminders to two (last I checked), I have been able to set six reminders for a Calendar item OR Task and I can choose between "Pop-Ups", "SMS" and even "Email" for my reminders and furthermore, I can specify the reminders for as short as one minute or up to four weeks in advance. There are many ways to customize Calegoo to suit your needs such as icons to help categorize Events, the ability to customize each View within Calengoo (Agenda, Day, Week, etc.) to either display or hide specific information or components of a "View" and even to change the Color, Font or Size of an element within a "View". The Developers always respond to my questions within what I consider to be reasonable (I'm an IT Manager) and they are frequently adding new capabilities and options to enhance Calengoo's ease of use and to allow "Power Users" to do more with their Calendar and Task Application. I can attach files to Events and I can create "Calendar Event Templates" and even create a folder structure to organize them within. If you're looking for a great Calendar and Task Application to replace the basic and very limited Applications built into your device, check out Calengoo. For a more detailed explanation of the many features and options which can be customized within Calegoo, check out the website.

Wow!. Because of the other reviews, I decided to give the newest version a chance. It's gone from a zero-star app to a five-star app. I agree that it's superior to Saisuke, and it's also better than the overpriced Pocket Informant. The early versions were almost unusable but the developer is obviously working hard to make this the best calendar app.

Neat!. A collapsible tree view for tasks, and tap-and-hold reordering of tasks, is probably what would make this app perfect. Still, it's great to have a calendar app that syncs to the iOS calendar with better display options, and syncs with google tasks.

Awesome. Works great

Great organizational app!. I've gone paperless and feel very organized with Calengoo! This program syncs very well with Google, and I love having the ability to use multiple calendars which are color coded. I just downloaded the latest updates ( Sept 29, 09). There are three additional features that I think would make this app a 6 start. I hope the developer will consider these. The first is it would be extremely useful if Calengoo had a memory for previous entries, so that they could be easily clicked or even a cut and paste feature. I cannot use the repeated event option because my recurring events do not fit the choices (for example I have events occuring on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month). The next feature I would love to see is the ability to view Calengoo in landscape. Finally, there is an option that can be turned on or off called "titlebar for event." This option is extremely useful when you have a lot happening in one day, but I just wish that there could be an option to keep the titlebar the same color as the color of the event in the calender because if it it a short event, the titlebar color only shows and not my calendar color (I have about 10 color coded Google calendars in order to keep track of monthly stats).

Support is. Very efficient, prompt and patient

Love this app. I use this everyday and am amazed at how easy it is to switch between views and calendars. Great app.

Calengoo could be better. This is a good app I use it as my basic calender. I would give this app four out of five stars. Two things that would improve the calendar greatly are – having the icon on the iPhone desktop show the day of the week, month, and date instead of a picture of a bar graph. Also on the all day view, the top should expand to show as many all day events as have been entered, instead of only a maximum of four.

Fantastic calendar program. Very customizable. Looks great. Syncs great with Google Calendar. I love using this app. I experienced a bug with a recent update. Within an hour or so of emailing the developer, I had a response and the dev was working on the problem. Excellent communication and support, and this update solved my issue. Highly recommended. One of my all-time favourite apps!

Best app development I've ever seen. This calendar is so far beyond any other I've used that competitors would be wasting their time attempting to compete. I just get it to sync with my iOS calendar, which syncs with my iCal. It works perfectly! And for those with google calendar; that's what it was designed for. Calengoo badges me when I have events, it displays viewable text in day, week, month and god knows what other views. This app is infinitely tweakable, and still, an update comes today with more awesome improvements to functionality. With a calendar that is already this much better than any other, they could easily stop developing, but still they improve it. THESE PEOPLE MUST BE VERY DEDICATED TO THEIR PRODUCT. The "preferences" menu in this program is endless (in a good way)! Switching to calengoo reminds me of when I switched to Mac from PC... I'll never go back to the inferior option. (strangely, even mac's calendar option is inferior). Pay these people the reasonable $6.99 they are asking for. You will laugh at yourself later for thinking it was pricey for an app. Let me take a moment to actually thank you people for solving my calendar problem: Thank you!

Fix Holidays!. Please fix the Canadian holidays, they are showing up twice everytime. It would be nice to add a feature where you can pick the holidays to display, instead of having the calendar show holidays for another province that your province doesn't celebrate (eg. Family Day) Since the last update or so, when I delete an event it won't delete on our other phones that have calegoo! New events will show up but deleted ones do not delete, please fix this!

Still the best. I've been using Calengoo for years now and it is the best calendar app you can get. Highly customizable and simple to use. Most importantly, the calendar is information rich: everything is visible at a glance. The iOS 7 refresh looks great.

Canadian calendar. I love this app, the one thing I would change is... allow users to delete some events from the "Canadian Holiday". There are many events I don't care to see on my calendar! Great app though!

Not worth $6.99. It may be better than the standard calendar app, but even with all its customizable features, it is slow, unrefined, and for $6.99 missing the developer support it deserves. If apple adds continuos scrolling to its day view, and a better month view, it will be more than enough to pass on this. To all developers out their, the calendar apps are definitely lacking on the app store, good chance to make money with a superior product.

Perfect. Bought this to sync with my google calendar and it works great. Don't think you'll find a better calendar for this...

Just amazing. Like, wow.. 5-star app - works fastest if instead of using your mail Google calendar as yout default app, you instead use the iPhone local calendar, set it to sync with Google Calendar through Exchange in iOS settings, and then configure Calengoo to show your local Canendar and hide your Google Calendar --- that way it's always silently updated in the background. Further, the events show up in iOS's notification centre this way, including on the lock screen if you wish. IOS 7 - Still works great. Better than GCal's own interface. Totally worth the $ and then some. Awesome app! Easily worth 15 times what I paid for it, and that's even without the developer responding quickly to emails, which he did the one occasion I had time to email him. Great guy. Above-average-inspired app developer.

Great app. This app is excellent. After a few years of frustration with iCal I started looking for something else. I stopped short of using google's web app based calendar because it was really slow. This adds the capability of keeping the google calendar synced with an installed app which is much faster and easier to scroll through events. Very customizable but set up well out of the box. The different day, week, and month views are worth it alone. I highly recommend this if you are frustrated with how limited iCal is. It's a great app and well worth the money. (iPhone 4 on iOS 6)

Used to be better. previous to IOS 7, was my favorite iphone calendar. Hasn't been the same since- STILL buggy in agenda view- can't change event times in agenda view

Awesome App, awesome service. This App does everything you wished you could do with your Google calendars. Very customizable, and reliable. If you want more than the standard iOS calendar, then one is for you. Highly recommended!

Ce logiciel fait tout ce qu'il dit qu'il fait!. Jusqu'à maintenant, c'est le meilleur agenda que j'ai trouvé. Convivial, facile d'utilisation et simple à synchroniser.

Awesome calendar program.. I have been using this calendar program for the past week and I like what I have seen so far! The program is smooth and looks great. It's easy to use. Integrates with the calendar and google tasks. It does everything I would like a calendar to do and it offers all the information in a very straight toward easy to see layout. This program is also highly customizable. The con would be that some of the colors on google doesn't translate; such as purple. That is pretty much it!

Incredible Value!. I had been using another paid calendar app for years. I paid good money for it. After some time, they decided to no longer support the app and held me hostage, in attempt to get me to buy the “latest and greatest” version for $32.99!?? I started looking around and downloaded 2 other apps, one which was $2.79. After a day or so of fiddling around with those apps, I found they didn’t have the features I was looking for. I came across CalenGoo and boy, am I glad I did! In seconds, I was able to sync my Google Calendar. All my appointments populated perfectly. I love how customizable the app is. The possibility of the customization seems endless. I know this app will help keep me and my kids schedules on time. You can also pinch in and zoom on particulate days. I find having the hour of the day which my next event is at, available at a glance in the Month View, is very efficient use of that view. It also integrates with the Apple Watch and I am able to see my next appointment on my Watch. It also has a widget option which is very handy when you want to have a quick glance at the days events. Highly recommended! 6/5 stars, if I could!

Glitches!. Love this program. Or at least I want to. It does everything as promised but for some reason crashes every time I try to create an new calendar event. Pretty disappointed...

Goo is for good. Actually, the app is great! I'm a detailed person with 11 calendars. It keeps everything exactly how I want it. The options are endless!!! And that, for me anyway, is why I bought and only use it.

Overall really good, some bugs. There are some bugs with this program, and I have managed to crash it a few times after about a month of use, but the functionality is so good, it comes close to making up for those shortcomings. I'm hoping for an update to smooth out the synching process, and fix some minor glitches, and then this program would be perfect

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National holidays from 2020 onward don’t show. Holidays from 2020 and beyond no longer display even when you choose the option to go out to 2035. And also, the country where I’m an expat also has no 2035 option which renders this calendar completely useless to me. FIX THIS BUG!!!!

Great organizer!. I have used this app for years and I highly recommend it.

Necessary really if you use Google calendar. I'm primarily a PC, and my wife is almost exclusively Mac. I've coveted her iTouch, and LOVE my iPad. I was disappointed that the iPad didn't have an iCal equivalent; but just a very basic calendar that PC-wise can only sync with Outlook. This program bridges that gap. It keeps you Google Cal settings intact (various colors for various calendars) and let's you hide calendars with ease. I've noticed the review that claims this program us slow; checking for updates could certainly be quicker, but it's also easy to hide the update window, which brings up the calendar quickly while the updates happen in the background. I do wish it was more intuitive for selecting the date of an appointment (double-clicking the date should bring up a dialog box with that date already filled in) but otherwise I find this a great program which keeps my GCal in sync with my iTouch both directions (uploading and downloading). I wish this functionality was built into the device's calendar; but since it's not this is a "must have" app for anyone using GCal as their main scheduler.

Excellent but with bugs. The app is a great app but since the last update every time you are on a phone call and you open the app to check your calendar the calls get dropped. It happens every single time.

Version 1.1 - even better!. I bought version 1.0 of CalenGoo when it came out, and back then it seemed like a decent app for using your Google Calendar on an iPhone. Granted, there isn't a ton of options (the buggy SmartTime Plus, SaiSuke, the very-beta NuevaSync, and wired sync w/iCal is pretty much it) It did have its issues, though - the fonts were hard to read, and it didn't support recurring event exceptions. However, 1.1.0 fixes these issues - the fonts are more readable, there is a "large fonts" option, exceptions to recurring events work, and it will even auto login for you. Pocket Informant - when released - will likely have more features, but this definitely works well enough for daily use. Plus, it's out now, and costs around half of what PI will cost on release. If you want to use your Google Calendar on the iPhone, this works well - it works reliably (unlike SmartTime Plus), supports recurring events and exceptions (unlike SaiSuke), and doesn't involve wired sync or third party servers (unlike NuevaSync or Spanning Sync). Pocket Informant may beat it out, but at the price it's hard to beat this.

calendar colors. i seem to have lost custom calendar colors in the latest iphone update. these are really helpful. please restore.

Sync Problems. Have been using this for years. Seem to be having sync problems for the past month. Looking for a change soon unless this improves.

iPad version please!. [from May] "I have used this app for a long time and it's great! But on my iPad it is kinda clunky. Please make an iPad version compatible with the iPhone version and it will be perfect!" [today] Thank you, thank you, thank you! The iPad version is great! Nice sharp lines. It's as if the app was originally designed for the iPad! Full calendar view is perfect now. Like a real calendar. This is THE calendar app to buy. I have used free apps and wasted $ on others that just didn't cut it. If you can weave your way through the google iPhone instructions for synching your iPhone with google calendar, then add calengoo, then just install your iPhone calengoo app on your iPad and your world will be synced nicely! Now I go to my ipnone, my iPad, or any of my PCs and I can read or add or edit any of my events. On the PC I view the google calendar, of course. The only problem I have not overcome is the double posting of holidays using googles annual holiday listing option. I think that is because I also use google contacts on my iphone and I have to use 2 google settings on iphone to make both work. So that's really a google/iphone problem, not calengoo. Other than that it's just about perfect. Being an ancient Palm user, I remember the 2 device, constant manual syncing days. No more manual synching! It's automatic!! Get this app and carefully follow googles instructions for synching your iPhone with their calendar. You will never look back!

Fantastic. Everything I want in a calendar app. I use Google calendar and it syncs beautifully. No problems at all!

Superb. And supported superbly.. This is really the Best. But it is very deep, and can be complicated. But the good news is that the developer will completely support you as he has supported all of his customers for many years.

FINEST Kind. By far the best with most editable features. The month calendar fills all my needs for a month calendar.

Used to love it.... Then they got rid of colors!!! GAAAH!!!! Getting a new app now.

Good calendar app. I use it all the time to show all my family and work calendars. It can be a little slow to sync but I think that's more on googles side than the app.

Impressive! A must-have for Google Calendar users. I love Google Calendars, mainly because it gives me an easy way to sync my personal and work calendars, and for my spouse and I to have a shared calendar on both of our iPhones. I have been using the default calendar that comes with my iPhone but was happy to see that a better alternative existed! If you're a heavy Google calendar user, this is an AWESOME app to have. It works well and even syncs Google tasks. The app gives you several different calendar views to chose from and (unlike the default iPhone calendar app), the colors are the same on both the Google calendar web interfacce and the app! I will definitely be trashing the default calendar on my iphone and using this one from now on. Again, this is an app for Google calendar users. Google calendars are a great way to manage busy schedules across multiple calendars. We have found the shared Google calendars especially helpful in managing our family's schedules.

Love this. I’ve been using this app for many years. It looks exactly like the Google calendar on my iOS and laptop/desktop devices. Syncs seamlessly. Developer responds to any questions within a few hours.

Trustworthy. I’ve been using this app for well over a decade. It never lets me down & dose all I need it to do.

Best Calendar App!!!. I have had this app for over 8 months and I love it! I hated the standard iCal on my iPhone when I got it. I didn't even have a Google calendar when I decided to get this app. Now that I have Google Calendar and this app, seeing my schedule is SO easy. I work full time, am working on my Master's degree full time and have a wife and kids. I have a different calendar for each aspect of my life and it's easy to keep track of things. Plus, I love being able to schedule events on my phone or laptop and have them both update without having to physically synch my phone to my laptop. I use my personal laptop at home and my work computer and they both have my updated calendar on Google. This app gives you so many options on your phone with different default views(I like the month view), different colors for different calendars, font size, etc... Plus, the developer really helped me at first with problems or requests. If you are looking for a better calendar on your iPhone....THIS IS IT!

Almost Perfect. This app, so far is one of the best looking Google Calendar related apps with the most going for it and the most potential I've seen and used thus far. I REALLY love having access to all my Google Calendars, which after tweaking a multitude of settings (sometimes forcing non geeks like me to have go to the app's website and read the plethera of help info), is a pretty powerful tool. There have been some quarks though; Several times when trying to enter in an appointment it would either not allow me to connect or when it did, it not only did not sync to Google Calendar without telling me but then my original entry into Calengoo disapeared althother making it look like I didn't have an appointment (I missed a couple of appointments this way). This leads me to not trust the app 100% and I somtimes find myself checking a couple of times to make sure my entries sync correctly. My last annoyance is that, though the app allows for tonnes of tweaking, it took me sometime to figure out what meant what in the settings and found myself needing to go to the help section of the apps website and I spent quite a bit of time figuring things out. In other words, it's not as intuitive as it could be and the amount of tweaks can be a bit overwhelming for a simpleton like me. BUT all in all it's a good app and worth giving it a try

The best.. The best.

Great App ... Fantastic Support ... BUT Widget Fails to Load on iPadOS 14.x. CalenGoo is a great app across all platforms! It’s support is superb. However, the CalenGoo app’s “Widget” FAILS on iPadOS 14.x (Apple iPad). Strangely, it works fine on iOS 14.x (Apple iPhone). The app’s developer provides outstanding support. The latest update to CalenGoo resolved the widget bug.

This would be even better if ..... You could change the font colors for each individual calendar. The white shows up really well on a dark color, but on some of my lighter colors I can’t see the white font at all.

What happened?. I have been a long time user of Calengoo. Today’s update has caused it to crash every time I try to open my calendar on my iPad Air 2. Please help. I need to be able to access appointments-fast.

A GREAT start…. I LOVE all the customization options. No other iOS calendar even comes close! The month view still looks a little rough. The fonts (while plentiful) don’t often look right. And I LOVE icons. But they are so frickin small and UNSEARCHABLE, so they are impossible to use! But it is getting there!!

Problems with Dual/Redundant Tasks!. In general, this has the potential to be a solid app. The calendar logic functions well. However, there is one major flaw with this product & it has to do with task management. When creating different task categories, e.g. Today, Tomorrow, Next Week, Next 2 Weeks, the logic is flawed in that dual tasks are created when switching a task between categories. For example, I have 'Do taxes' under the category of 'Today'. If I move to the category of 'Next 2 Weeks', the task will now appear in both places. Imagine multiple tasks? The irony of the situation is that I started to spend more time deleting redundant tasks than actually organizing myself! Since tasks are not alphabetized either, you tend to delete tasks you thought had redundant duplicates on accident. I've gone back & forth with the developer & he has been good at sending develop builds to test with. However, he has yet to nail this logic down. All in all, I cannot take this anymore in terms of the dual/redundant task management & will be searching for another option.

Perfect. Best calendar app for iPhone and iPad. Love the multiple options and perfect week view. A+++

Mixed bag app--good and bad. I like that this app tries to show you a whole bunch of views of your calendar. However, there's 3 tiny little buttons at the bottom. Each tiny button flips you between two different calendar views. Some views are shown on more than one tiny button. Frankly, these tiny buttons are all very confusing. I'd like to use all the views every now and then, but can't ever remember which one is which so I'm always poking around. Everything moves around too slowly within the app. Then it loads very slowly as well. It has the ability to partially mimic the colors you put in your Google calendar, but doesn't fully do this. It colors the different calendars the default color you've given them on the Google calendar online, but won't color events within each calendar to match the online Google calendar colors you've given them (I hope you're following here). I have to tap repeatedly to get each event to open up for modification. The default calendar makes changes more readily, but both have trouble with changing recurring events to another day of the week--you have to go in afterwards and correct the errors online (a royal pain). Still can't figure out whether to keep it because of the views or delete it because of the annoyance factor.

I’ve relied on CalenGoo for 13 years because …. It has never crashed once. It has never had a single sync error. It is almost infinitely customizable. Support is exceptional. The user interface is clear and easy to use. It is updated frequently to keep pace with changes in the operating system. Users’ suggestions are reflected in updates.

The best. This is still the Best calendar app of all time. Day, week, and month view are flawless. Event entry is simple and natural.

Great for Multiple Accounts. My wife and I have been using Google Calendar for a while to keep up with our crazy schedule with the kids. We share our calendars and everything was working great. However, our children's school has switched to Chromebooks and google mail/calendar/drive, etc. Their calendars are only accessible by logging into their accounts. In other words, they cannot be shared with someone not in the school. Since all their tests, homework, assignments, reading lists, etc are in their calendars, it was really difficult to stay on top of everything. I am not sure if we are in a unique situation, but we needed a nice calendar that would allow us to be logged into 3 or 4 Google accounts at the same time and see all the events at the same time. There are a bunch of calendar apps out there, but none of them mention the use of multiple accounts at once. I tried a few of the apps, but didn't want to keep spending $5 here, $4 there, etc. I contacted several of the developers to see if this feature was supported. This developer responded in less than 24 hours later confirming that the app supports multiple simultaneous logins. We immediately bought the app and have been using it since. It has life so much easier for my wife and I. I feel that the support for multiple logins to Google should be more prominently displayed in the description. I know that there are thousands of parents that need this feature just in my town alone.

Great app - but..... The recent upgrade to iOS 14 killed the iOS widget. Not surprising since Apple changed the way widgets work. But I’m hoping there’s a quick fix to repair this as widgets are VERY valuable to a calendar app for quick checks.

Task Sync Inop!. I’ve been using Calengoo on my iPhone and iPad for years. A short time ago my Tasks stopped syncing between my iPhone and iPad meaning it can really only be used on one devise. I contacted Help and they said it was a server issue but it doesn’t look like they are fixing it. UNTIL GOOGLE GETS THIS PROBLEM RESOLVED STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP.

Custom fields crash on iPad. I can create custom fields on an iPhone they work when setting up a new entry, but do the same on an iPad. The App crashes every time.

Was great is now crap. Search view for yearly event shows event as daily. Needs to be fixed

CalenGoo. It's the best, complex and simple to use at the same time....thanks. Just a GREAT calendar app. I wish I could give it more STARS. Works GREAT on the Apple Watch, series 3 and 4.

Killer App!. – Download app – explore app – start using app – start drooling! This is the calendar application you have searched for I leave the rest up to you:

Best calendar app. Hands down this is the BEST calendar app. Tons of options for customization.

Best calendar app!. I have been using this flexible app for years and it is probably on of my top 5 used apps. The unbelievable number of settings adjustments I can make to get to the perfect visualization I want is well worth it. A must.

Gets better & better!. I was referred to CalenGoo by a friend, was wary because of the cost. It was worth every dime, support is tops, and improvements are frequent & excellent!

Flexible Displays. I’ve used CalenGoo for years and just love the variety and flexibility of the calendar views. You can taylor the views to show exactly what you want and also control the sizes and colors.

Calengoo is A+!!! Great app! Definately worth it!. The app is terrific! I don't write reviews often and hope this is the right way to suggest something to the author... As well as praise this terrific app. Here a little problem I have with this app though. Often time I want to have the ability to set a specific time for a reminder to pop up for an all day event. It seems to make more sense then 20 min before an all day event. It would be nice to have the option to be reminded the day of to get this thing (whatever it may be) done. Example would be: I would like to call the dentist and make an appointment; I often don't set a specific time for me to call some one... So I make it an all day event. I really like how it shows you all day events on the top of your screen in red by the way... But it would be nice to be reminded at 2pm to call before the office closes and or 1pm saying something like... "May wanna call the dentist. Just sayin..." If I could customize the riminder with my own message to myself to show up... that would be neat... Not to say necessary, but neat... Anyways, kudos to the app... Please consider my suggestions. But this is the best calendar app in my honest opinion!!! Well worth the $7 I paid for it!

Horrible Update!. I have used this app for years and it WAS great. Last update messed everything up. Won't sync and download events. Please fix!!!

NO NOTIFICATIONS. Ever since IOS 11.0 no notifications and everything under settings in app and in phone settings is checked

today widget does not work. After software update 13.2, today widget notification doesn’t work. Please solve the problem!

Great app but has a FATAL FLAW. Overall this is a very well done app; it is both simpler and at the same time more detailed than Pocket Informant, which also offers synching with Google Calendar. With this app you get a tremendous amount of customization options, which allow you to set how much or how little information you get in the display. Pocket Informant doesn't even come close to this display options feature set. It will take a bit of time to figure out what's what, and you should definitely take the time to read the support info on the developer's website to do that. Once you have though, you should pretty much be able to set this calendar up any way you like. The interface too, is much better than Pocket Informant; it is cleaner with fewer buttons and clutter, but only a few taps will get you to the info you want, whereas with Pocket Informant all that stuff is crammed onto the screen at once. The one FATAL FLAW of this app, and why I only give it two stars, is that you cannot scroll up/down when in landscape week view. This may be a non-issue for some, but for me and how I work with my schedule, it is a must have. In this app, if you change the hours displayed in the options/settings, it only crams more stuff into the screen space, it shrinks the blocks down and truncates text rather than enabling you to scroll from morning hours to night hours. For me, this is a deal breaker... the app is unusable, yes, UNUSABLE for me because of this.

Great App - great customer service. What else is there to say?

Finally and at last!. I've been looking for over a year for a calendar app that will replace the one I have been using on my Palm. CalenGoo is close and getting closer! The support is superb; I got a response less than 2 hours and the developer shows great interest in suggestions for upgrades and improvements. With new functions promised in the next upgrade I should be able to ditch my poor dysfunctional Tx! Even though it's not totally perfect yet I gave it a 5 because I know it's on the way. The ONLY downside I see to the whole thing is that the backup is to Google Calendars and I use my calendar a lot for searching past events for info. While this is awesome for those who need to share calendars and schdule meetings, etc. I don't have that need. My concern is that Google will grow tired of supporting Google Calendar someday and I will lose my back up. We shall see. Nonetheless, CalenGoo is by far the most functional and easiest to use calendar app for me.

The Absolute Best Calendar & Developer. Ok I rarely write a review nor do I write bad reviews. I don't believe in complaining about an app that a developer worked so hard to create and put out there, even if there's issues. I've seen some pretty nasty reviews for other apps and I don't want to be one of those nasty people. I always contact the developer first if that doesn't work I just delete the app and chalk it up to it not being the first $$$ I wasted and it won't be the last. BUT there are many times when a developer is willing to help and the creator of Calengoo is one of those people. I swear he sits by his computer and waits for emails from us users. The developer of Calengoo, Mr Dominique Andre Gunia, is awesome as is his calendar app. The 2 times I had questions, he responded right away with a solution that worked both times. I use Calengoo because I dislike boring calendars; ie, iPhone and Google calendars. With Calengoo, it gives you tons of options for making a really cool and functioning calendar; colorful and fun to use and create a customized calendar to suit you. This review is long, I know, but I've used Calengoo since iPhone 3 and it just keeps getting better and better. GREAT JOB, Mr Gunia. 😃😃😃😃

The Best. I love this calendar! The best way for me to stay organized!

Best Calendar App by far!. I have tried various calendar apps until about two years ago i discovered Calengoo! I am a novice computer user and had a lot of questions when starting up this App. I have written to Dominique on SEVERAL occasions with questions and" how to's". Dominique ALWAYS responds within 24 hours with a "step- by-step" explanation as to what to do to correct the problem. Sometimes I still didn't understand, and Dominique again "walked me through it until the problem was corrected. This my favorite Calendar App, and the only one I use, and by the way, if I can use it , ANYONE can use it! It can be extremely easy and simple to use, or, like me, as I became more comfortable with the App it has amazing "advanced and expert" features! And, unlike other App creators that say "contact me with questions" and then don't respond, Dominique has responded to my questions at least ten times, and is so patient and,thorough, and never fails to say" if this doesn't work, feel free to contact me again", and, he means it! Kind of like a doctor making a " house call"! I recommend this to everyone from novice to expert users!

Why would the Apple watch complication not show tasks?. Why would the Apple watch complication not show tasks?

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Language English
Price $6.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.5.90
Play Store de.dgunia.calengoo
Compatibility iOS 8.0 or later

CalenGoo Calendar (Versiyon 1.5.90) Install & Download

The applications CalenGoo Calendar was published in the category Productivity on 2009-01-16 and was developed by Dominique Andr Gunia [Developer ID: 295407468]. This program file size is 32.66 MB. This app has been rated by 231 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. CalenGoo Calendar - Productivity app posted on 2022-10-07 current version is 1.5.90 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: de.dgunia.calengoo. Languages supported by the app:

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CalenGoo Calendar App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Added two lock screen widgets for iOS 16.

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Find this site the customer service details of CalenGoo Calendar. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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