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What is yelp: food, delivery & reviews app? Yelp has over 199 million reviews of businesses worldwide. Whether you’re looking for a new pizza place to try, a great coffee shop nearby, or need to book a haircut, Yelp is your local guide for finding the perfect place to eat, shop, drink, explore, and relax. The Yelp app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

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Food Near You - Find Restaurants
• Find the newest and hottest restaurants in your area
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• Discover great local businesses, from hair salons to trusted doctors and movers
• Read millions of reviews by the Yelp community
• Home need repairs? Find the best rated contractors and handymen
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• Book appointments through Yelp at the most relaxing staycation destinations

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• Filter your search results by neighborhood, distance, rating, price, and hours of operation
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• Read expert user reviews and browse through beautiful photos of each business
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Find local restaurants, read expert customer reviews, and start searching for businesses near you with Yelp.

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- Very good Samaritans

Today I was with my sister at the Grant Road Costco trying on eyeglass frames. After about half an hour, I selected a frame and was arranging purchase when I realized my sister wasn’t beside me any more. Looking around I spotted her across the room slumped in a chair with her head down. By the time I got to her, a Costco employee and an unidentified woman were with her, trying to speak with her and find out what would help her. The first few minutes were very scary as she was unresponsive, but I am writing to thank the many Costco employees and customers who so thoroughly and willingly reached out to us and helped. The morning would have been much more difficult had so many not been so generous with their concern. For calling EMTs, for finding private office space to examine her, for getting her water, for being calm and gracious throughout, we sincerely thank you. I wish I knew your names and could think you personally. Please do know how very appreciative we are. My sister is recovering from what appears to have been an episode of dehydration, and you who were strangers get the credit for her recovery.

- Horrible Management

We visited this restaurant on Sunday, August 21 around 4 pm. Two of the four of us were directed to a back corner table next to a garbage cart. When the hostess walked away, I decided I was not going to sit next to a garbage cart. It was very close to the table. I thought when the hostess brought the rest of our party back I would ask her if we could move two spaces over. She dropped them across the room and walked away, I did not have a chance to talk to her. We remained two tables down from where she put us. In no time a loud employee, I can only imagine was management came back to the opening of the room and started yelling at us to go back to our seat, so loud and far away that other customers thought she was yelling at them. She had to make sure the whole room knew she was talking to us. I asked, can’t we sit here? She said, “No, there is no server there!” I said, “Well I am not sitting next to a garbage cart”. She was loud and rude and conceded that we could stay there. We immediately left as she shook her head and snarled at us. I am not one to complain but the fact that she didn’t quietly come to our table to ask why we had moved but rather yelled across the room left me to NEVER want to return to this Olive Garden again. We will never go there again! And why the server for the corner booth couldn’t stop two tables sooner is beyond me! Worst experience we have ever had!

- Mixed feelings

I’m a professional and use Yelp for my own business and it’s good for lots of things. The lay out is good but I don’t like you have to pay to keep other businesses off your own page. I wish I could edit photos myself without having to put in a request. My main beef is when a customer writes an excellent review about me and my business Yelp will burry it in the back calling it a “not recommended” review even though I did not ask them to write it. That’s not fair! I have many 5 star reviews hidden where no one can see them and I could really use those reviews to boost my business. Also, I told Yelp that there is a fake review, someone bitterly complaining about me and hurting my reputation. The person has never been to my place of business, he is not on my books. Yet Yelp places this horrible review up near the top of my page for all to see and it’s hurting my business. Meanwhile Yelp hides the best most legitimate reviews in the back. Business is slow right now…I wonder when people see that fake horrible review they move on to some other business. I bet they do!! I have been an excellent Yelp customer for many years but starting to not like it as much anymore.

- Pods moving and storing

Just a shout out to PODS moving and storage. The experience was amazing from beginning to end. It was our first time using this type of movers, but they were right on, from drop off ,to load, pick up to transfer out of state, and then deliver to new home. Always were there when they said they would be. Let’s us know the night before of the estimated window time, then driver called with ETA when he was about an hour away. Both times ,they were right on time. The drivers that dropped them were very knowledgeable and helpful, and an extra big thank you to Justin W. The final driver, for being courteous and careful when placing the POD exactly where we needed it on the driveway. Sorry I didn’t get the first drivers name, to mention him as well. Will use PODS again for final move.🌴🌴Cher🌴🌴CC

- Billy the vice president of the broken yolk was in the restaurant this morning!!

Yep it’s all the vice president of the broken yolk nice gentleman in his 60s appeared to be very nice and try to be as helpful as possible but at the end of the conversation my wife and I felt that he really was just trying to tell us what we wanted to hear instead of fixing the problem that we were trying so desperately to be honest about the problem that he’s got with the kitchen. We ordered an omelette that was medium and it came out over hard twice unfortunately he just gave us the answers what he thought we wanted to hear I could care less!!! and then the management and the vice president after I explain to them that we paid for the food and gave the waitress a five dollar tip he scolded me for not complaining about the second omelette which came out the same way!!! Well his name is Billy and I just wanted to tell him now since he’ll be reading this shortly that what I thought as a patron you should’ve done was to say I appreciate your input I will look into it personally and let me pay for your food and here’s my card and come back on me so that I can show you how wonderful we are which I thought would’ve been the best way to fix this problem!!!

- Didn’t get our food on time.

So we ordered food last night. They assured us that even those it was closing we’d get the food delivered we ordered. Now mind you we live only .5 miles from them. Less then a 2 minute drive. So short story no food came. So we had to go out to eat pizza cause everything thing was closed by then. So sitting here at home tonight the next night and what happens? A knock at the door! And it’s my food I ordered the night before now it’s 9:02 pm alittle to late. So I called the manager told him everything and he says if you don’t want the food then just bring it back to him! Now we all know they can’t sell it to anyone else. And the driver was like I’ll take it back and he said I’m gonna eat the cookie. Just amazing how special people can be! I used to run a pizza place anytime food was late I’d apologize and tell the people to keep the food. But we never where a day late! Guess the employees must be hungry they can eat it since we’ve already eaten since we placed our order last night. Glad we have food to cook in this house and money do go out last night cause waiting over 24 hrs to eat what you ordered could make you hungry! 😂

- They need a class action law suit

Yelp does almost nothing to protect business owners, especially small business owners. They don’t even stand by their own terms of service. Businesses, especially small businesses, rely on their reviews and for yelp to bend over to people who consistently make false reviews, is ridiculous and disgusting. Maybe I don’t understand because I’m not a business owner, but the amount of times I’ve seen the same user go around making reviews about multiple businesses and yelp doing nothing about it, Is absurd. Their terms of service state that if a review is taken down you can’t make another profile and upload that same review, however I’ve seen multiple people do that and small business trying to explain that to their potential customers in the comments. They do nothing about trying to remove the false review that had been posted twice and just leave it. It’s odd that you’d have a company built on the idea of protecting businesses and the community and making sure false reviews aren’t posted and when it happens you bend over and do nothing about it.

- Disappointed

Today I ordered a Togo order. This is what I received. I ordered a half rack of ribs to go along with a black Cajun Salmond order. What I received was the order for the Salmon and Ribs. The order sat in the bag until I picked up the wife and we went to the park to eat. So anything in the plastic would steam and be soft. Not this time. As I was getting ready to eat, I opened the container and grabbed the ribs. I pulled apart a rib and bit into it. The meat was dry like jerky. I thought since it was a end piece and end pieces tend to dry out. I went for another piece, same thing. It’s like the ribs were under a heat lamp for too long and the meat lost it’s moisture. Since we live in a day and age of paying higher prices for food and everything else. You would think the quality would be there. Customer satisfaction is essential for food related businesses to survive. If the food is not right, then don’t serve something that you wouldn’t eat. It’s sad that you pay a significant amount of money for something and you don’t always get what you paid for.

- Bad, Bad Service Three times!

Ordered pizza from streets of New York they on 35th Ave and Northern (they have a vegan option) @ at 4:01. They tried to tell me driver is on the way with it. When I asked what time is the new estimated time of arrival, they checked only to tell me pizza is just now gonna be out of the oven. This is 4 min short of 1.5 hours plus what ever time it takes to finish it and give it to another driver. I asked to cancel the order and they offered me a 15% off. If this were an isolated case, I would not be writing this review but there have been two other times. One 2 hours past the ETA and the other, they delivered to another house. I mean this is a $40 pizza now we have to pay for deliver and on top of that, a tip for the driver. I find this unacceptable. You can’t blame everything on COVID they’ve got to get their act together. Order Cancelled…They could care less. Streets of New York. If you’re hungry and tend to get hangry, don’t order pizza from this place. Three times!!! Too bad I have to at least give them at least one star otherwise they won’t post your review.

- Service did not work

I went to 4 services with ideal image. I had such a bad reaction the first time I could not work for 2 days. By the 4 th one it still was not making my brown spots go away. This is the main and only reason I bought the series. The fifth and final service was not performed as I was not satisfied and the provider said she also didn’t seem to think it would go away without several more visits if it did at all go away. I said NO too much discomfort and no results. I asked to put a claim in and than it all went down hill. I had to call twice to get a response and only than did I get a message weeks later. Now I have tried to respond to their message at the location and it been total of 5 hrs trying to get a call back and being put on hold. The person now says they will credit me for a different service o e time no charge but she had to send me paperwork. That was to be sent in 20 minutes. After calling and put on hold for 34 minutes she finally sends me a contract and wants my credit card info. This company is a scam. Do Not go to them.

- Not recommended!!!

Let’s start with the positive, yelp is good for restaurants. And if you buy ads it may give your business a little more visibility on the platform. The reviews weren’t good for their business services but I wanted to give it a try and judge for myself. Here’s what I found.. THIS IS NOT A GOOD FIT other service businesses. They’re trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. Their definition of a lead is questionable to say the least. Leads are not verifiable and not really leads because you get no contact information therefore no way to follow up. You pay by click but no real way to verify that either. Whatever budget you set they will make sure the clicks add up to charge you the full amount. Also when I canceled by ad services, my reviews disappeared, I know they say they have an algorithm that decides what reviews stay but I didn’t see any validity in that. Bottom line, It’s expensive fluff and your marketing dollars would be much better spent elsewhere. Google marketing is a better return on investment.

- Very rude stuff

I’m grubhub driver , I had on line order which I have to deliver to customer. I have instructions that my order awaits me in lobby and limited time to do my job. I parked my car and went to lobby which was closed. Then I decided to not drive- through, but walk -though because I had no time went back to the my car. I stood in line by myself, confirmed my order and when I suppose to pick up my online order, it wasn’t ready. More over, when I asked girl how it could be that online order still doesn’t ready to pick up, she just shutdown the window in front my face and refused to give me my customer’s food. When I asked about reason her behavior, she said because I wasn’t inside car she didn’t give me my client’s order. It’s insane. She also started threaten me to call to police. I was no time to continue this arguing, so I called to my support service and cancel the order. I so sorry that my customer didn’t receive their food. If you don’t want to be upset because of rude stuff, please, choose another place for having your dinner.

- La Carreta International mall

My husband and I are regular diners at La Carreta and we frequent several of their locations. The location at the International mall is very convenient so that is our go to place for a quick meal. We have always enjoyed the food there , however , our last few visits have been disappointing. The servers appear stressed and overworked , the food is brought out luke warm at best and the food is served piece meal. Today my husband ordered a palomilla steak with white rice and black beans. The black beans were brought out first and the steak and the rice several minutes later. Inevitably by the time the steak and rice arrived the black beans were cold. My husband asked for the beans to be warmed up. The server brought another bowl, and that was barely warmer than the one we turned back. I ordered their red bean soup and that was lukewarm to cold as well. I truly hope that these occurrences are only temporary and that they can go back to their “old habits” which for me made them one of my favorite places for a quick Cuban meal

- Never coming back again

I ordered and waited, like all others. Yet, I can hear the workers giggling and laughing, and then they finally hand us our order. Now, as always, I check the food bags while we’re driving off. The order was wrong. They didn’t give us two of the sandwiches we ordered. Which belong to two of my kids, so we go back. We let them know what we’re missing. The worker at the window says ok she’ll get it. Comes back and says she needs all the food bags back and instructs us to wait at the door curbside. We do that, no issue. I’m already annoyed at this point because we’re not the ones working for Arby’s so why are we giving food back through the window? Anyways. So she takes the food bags back and we wait at the curb. About ten minutes pass, and she comes out empty handed asking for our receipt.. Making zero sense. We’re the only customers here. No customers before or after us. No customers inside the restaurant. So, again we give her the receipt and she’s gone again. Still sitting here, wondering how they expect to resolve such a small situation. All you have to do is make the two sandwiches you didn’t make the first time- when I ordered it. Sooooo, here we are, a family of 5. Sitting in our car wondering why our “fast food” order has become a waiting time from beginning to current - similar to waiting for food at Olive Garden. Mind you, this is our first time ever coming to Arby’s. We wanted our kids to try something new. Never. Coming. Back. Again.

- I’m not giving it another chance…

I’m not here to bash anyone and I am not angry… But I’m very disappointed…. There are many reasons but I’ll share my recent experience. My telehealth appointment was canceled without my knowledge. I was stuck on a video call…. By myself for 40 minutes!… After the 15 minute mark, I called the office and the auto message announced that they were CLOSED for the day…I asked questions without a response, sent a message to the doctor without a response and called the on call staff and all they did was take a message after my 2nd call. ( I have screenshots). I am still waiting on a call back. You can’t play with matters of health. It’s not a life threatening emergency room type of issue but an urgent issue that I hung on for until our appointment that MUST be addressed. As I grow wiser, I really can not accept this treatment. I’m not coming back. I’ll have to find a more reliable practice. Forget about 10 years of loyalty to a practice that really could give a dang about your life…..

- Don’t Buy from Ashley In Melbourne

I recently visited the store in search of a recliner. I am having surgery soon and knew I would have to sleep in it for a while. After trying every one in the store, I finally chose one. It was delivered and I noticed later that day that it made a horrible noise. I just thought that it was new and would quit. 🤦🏼‍♀️ It only got worse. I also noticed that the recliner shimmied from side to side. I called the store and was told that it was “as is” so basically deal with it. The lady was very rude. I contacted my salesperson and told him to disregard checking on another piece of furniture I was interested in. He said that “as is” only applies to floor models which mine wasn’t and he would check into it. Needless to say I haven’t heard back from him. I also checked the recliner and the boards (whatever they are called) are broken. The chair is slightly lopsided. So, after $600+ the chair will be trashed and I will have to get another one from somewhere else. I’ve always liked Ashley and have bought a lot of furniture from them. Never again.

- An adventure

Goodwill by the pound is a gem to be found , many Northerners ( anyone not from Fla, lol …. And I’m originally from Georgia) can go find clothes ,especially and other good stuff for their family at a fantastic price . No , it’s not a high end store ,staff as in any place my be having a good day or bad day .I was told some people come in daily ,stay hours and hours rummaging through items , they pick clothes and shoes out and send back to their families in another country , that need them .I usually come in looking for particular clothing but end up finding much more . Kohls NWT’s work blouse for my daughter , a dress for my granddaughter’s honor program at school , or baby clothes for my first great baby due this year to name a few . They have a system on moving new stuffs in and it’s posted upon entering the store .

- Mentally Destroyed

There’s an elder black woman with red hair about 230lbs . She made fun of me because of my reading and comprehension, English is my second language however she had no compassion and held back at all when she asked me “ can I read “ , “ do you even have money “ she beckoned “32” and did a “ 3 and 2 “ hand gesture as if I don’t know numbers ? excuse me miss , let me tell you something , you weigh more than me and my brother put together that’s why you trying to bully me ! Childless , bitter weird old lady . You deserve to be let go and black balled from all DSS services I promise you I will stop at nothing until you are . You will never be able to do this to anyone else ever again! Everyone is so sweet! But when I finally meet you, you have everything else to say negative about me but you can’t apply the knowledge of reading and cognitive skills to pick up a diet . Brush your teeth and wash your face before you come for me or anyone else that’s just trying to get their business done .. no one cares about you projecting your depression on to us !

- Worst Customer Service Ever!

We are new to the area and have been trying new places and decided to give them a try. Ordered through Yelp and as we were driving there it showed are order was ready. We arrived and it was not and there was a long line and they were busy with only one person at the counter. When I asked about our order they first said they didn’t have it. Then after a while and they said they found it but it wasn’t all ready. The first thing that they gave us was a cold item that ended up being soggy by the time the rest of the order was done. Then after proceeding to tell us they were working on our order 4 other groups of people ordered and their food was brought out before they finished our order! When I brought it to their attention they said nothing. The one order had clearly been sitting around a while before they made the other one because it was cold. They just handed it to us and said nothing and didn’t try to remedy what happened. Worst customer service ever.

- Great way to find some POPular places!

Yelp is a tremendous help for people who need to find their way around town. Reviews can also change though in a heartbeat when there is a new owner, chef, assistant, hairstylist, etc. If it’s the same cast, there may be consistency but you have to keep in mind that there could have been a recent life change to your favorite person or company too with a milestone event occurrence (ie. Got married, had baby, went to school, someone died, partied the night before, medication after effects) and it impacted their mentality to operate normally. That’s the risk you take but generally it’s a wonderful resource to pinpoint the best place to eat, drink, and be merry with an oil change and:or get those fancy nails done…the whole shabang!!! Enjoy but please don’t take me word for word on my review.

- Alicia Anderson Photography

I can’t say enough great things about my boudoir photo shoot experience! Alicia was so professional and made me feel so comfortable the whole time. She had a hair and makeup stylist waiting for me when I arrived. For a little extra, Nikki applied my makeup, eyelashes, then styled my hair. Alicia brought me some delicious coffee then later brought out some champagne for me. I did one hour and found this deal on Groupon. If you want a professional photo shoot to give as a gift to a loved one or just for yourself, she is the one to go see. Her studio was perfect in her house and she coached me the whole way through. I got the pics back in under a week and let me say, they turned out even better than I expected! Book a session with Alicia now. You won’t be disappointed in any way!

- Left Wing Slander Forum

I do believe at one point in history, Yelp was an innovative and useful platform for consumers to make decisions on how and where to spend their money and time. However, with time, it has become insanely polarized politically. From wild accusations of racism against businesses everywhere, to tattle tailing about “mask enforcement” and health passes during the pandemic. I can’t tell you how many bars, restaurants, and stores have one star ratings dragging them down with claims of racism that are unsubstantiated by any fact or evidence. Had a bad experience with customer service? Must be racism. There couldn’t possibly be another explanation to these people. It’s sad because a lot of businesses probably lose money over these unverifiable claims. I will no longer use the platform because it has become too time consuming to wade through the trash reviews. Not sure what the alternative is, but I suggest everyone jump ship. It doesn’t matter where you fall politically, this kind of behavior is helping no one, and hurting everyone.

- Park Place Car wash

I have been going to Olsen's/Park Place car wash forever Stuck through that bad times when they've had a change of ownership trying to support the people that work there… The other negative reports you've read about on yelp are accurate or even a little on the nice side I paid for another 10 gold car washes which is supposed to be their top one The exception of the hand wash and detail in a note one time in my past six visits have my seats underneath the carpet's or anything remotely close to what you would expect from a Me or basic car wash has been performed in all honesty I have way better results if I go through a drive-through car wash in a gas station with the exception of the armor all on my tires I am beyond frustrated If you are going to go there you may as well by the lowestPackage if you're getting your car detailed go to a professional not to mention how many pairs of shades and other things that have come up missing in the past year that were in my car

- Dr. Karen, Amy and Jen are THE BEST

Amy, Jen and Dr. Karen are very kind and extremely professional. It was after midnight and they all had a smile on their face, a great attitude and they made us feel safe and confident that they would take care of our baby. And they did take care of our baby. They are a great team and they all made possible to save my baby’s life. They took lot’s of pain off her and literally saved her life. I am and forever will be grateful for Dr. Atkinson’s gifted hands. Amy was watching my baby closely. Thank you all for your expertise and acts of service and generosity. We appreciate you and all you do. Amy was very patient and sweet and made sure we all were doing good. I only received kindness and sympathy from all of them. Dr. called me as soon as my baby woke up from surgery, very nice and thoughtful. Jen sent me a photo of my baby when she woke up from surgery and gave me lots of emotional support when I got there all worried. I forgot to ask something when I picked my baby up and I sent an email when I got home. It was probably after hours and Amy still replied to my email immediately. I’m very grateful and appreciative of them and could not recommend them more. They all are great! They are my baby’s heroes. :)

- Yelp needs a bad review in its own app!

Countless times I have deleted this app from my phone. I despise that Apple has teamed up with Yelp in Maps. Not once have I been able to use the app or the website with any functionality. For instance, today I looked up a restaurant in Maps. It had only a couple stars. So when I click on one of the bad reviews, it attempts to open the Yelp app, which of course, is in the cloud, so now I have to reinstall. When I get to the app, there’s no internet connection, which is untrue, because all of my other apps are working. After fiddling with the app and Maps, I finally figure out that one of the tabs says Yelp’s app is under maintenance. Perturbed, I go to Yelp’s website and click on the same review, just for it to open the stupid app again. I just want to read the stinking review. If I’m on the website, clicking on the review shouldn’t automatically open the app. It should just let me read the dang review. So, for the umpteenth time, I’ve deleted Yelp again. Useless app.

- Food poisoning!!!

I ordered lunch a few days ago. I literally didn’t eat anything for that entire day. After eating, immediately my stomach was in so much pain and I was vomiting back to back. The day morning when I was feeling better, I called and informed the manager that I ate at their restaurant and gotten sick. He apologized then tried to offer my store credit (why would I want to eat here again) I asked for a refund, he agreed. I waited a few days never received it. I then called back and spoke with another manager who was extremely rude and said he couldn’t give a refund because of computer issues (lies) he suggested I called my credit card company to dispute the charge, he also said he didn’t believe I had gotten food poisoning from his restaurant because no one else did. I would never ever eat here again! Horrible customer service & bad food! Obviously the cooks aren’t washing their hands, wearing gloves, unsanitary environment, etc. This food made me sick and ruined my whole day due to vomiting all day.

- Parade rest guest ranch

We enjoyed an amazing week at this authentic ranch. Each day Marge, manager and key to whole operations, would check in and make sure we were signed up for our horse rides and tours. We are honored to call her our friend. The all inclusive package is exactly what it boasts and beyond. The wranglers were experienced and patient making each ride special. Our Guide into Yellowstone,Barny,was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining. We saw the whole lower loop in one day. Buffaloes and elk , the thermals and waterfalls were breathtaking. Our cabin, Yellowstone, was cozy and had plenty of space inside and out on the huge porch. The chef and staff satisfied our every need with good food and service also very entertaining. Thank you Gary!!! We look forward to returning!!! Best trip ever !!

- Difficult and a headache

App was better three years ago. It’s been simplified too much which makes it harder to select options if say requesting a quote. Bug when trying to attach pictures. Then in chat super slow and crashes. Also the nagging for location is super annoying. You don’t need to know where I am if I plug in the zip in the search. There’s also no clear way to clear a project. You have to manually delete every chat to close the project. So as much as they have tried to streamline the app they have failed and made it more difficult. Also ridiculous trying to see reviews by friends you have. They have it hidden. Then the biggest one yet- says there is a message waiting from a service but when I look there are no new messages. I think honestly all they want to do is collect info about you because the app is getting worse with each update and the reviews show I’m not the only one who thinks so.

- Read privacy policy first, no web functions

I deleted this app after reading their privacy policy and using one of their functions that helps you get quotes from businesses. The app asks for a lot of your information like address and phone number, that they do not pass on to the businesses, so there is absolutely no reason they need that information other then they want it. Their privacy policy is horrible as well, they have no respect for anyone’s privacy. I always read the reviews they say are not recommended, the ones they claim do not meet their standards, whatever those are. These are usually the best and most honest reviews. I’ve been told by a lot of business owners that if they do not pay, their reviews are not always posted. Occasionally I use the version through the web browser, that intentionally has very little function to it. When you try to look at anything you get directed to the App Store to download the app. Maybe one day when they learn what privacy means.

- Can’t search within bookmarks

There’s no easy way to contact yelp directly so this is the only way that I know of where I can report an issue or request a feature. I have a LOT of bookmarks. I want to be able to search within my bookmarks to narrow down my results by city. Currently, it only searches the business title of whatever I want to find. However, if I do not know the business title or if I just want to look at my bookmarks within a city, I can’t narrow the results unless I go to map view where I then have to click each one individually to see what it is. I don’t want to do that. I want to be able to filter my bookmarks to a specific city and then I want to further filter by a category within that city, say restaurants. I bookmark a lot of things other than just restaurants and Yelp makes it very difficult to search within your bookmarks. Also: please add a “request a feature” option within the app!

- Refused service immediately as a black women

Went to this so called establishment excited to try as it was recommended by a friend who was with me. Went inside to ask for a table for 2 where the waitress immediately she could not serve me that I needed to order at the bar only. This was confusing to considering my friend explained every time she goes she gets served outside or inside. It was not a busy day at all. To add insult to injury I witness the waitress who just told me she could not take my order take the table right next to ours order with a big smile on her face. I am not the type to complain about this but I was truly shocked and hurt by this situation. I am the type that doesn’t even send an order back if I don’t like it, I don’t enjoy complaining but I had to stand up for myself. Especially because it may have been racially motivated or discrimination in some way. I hope that was not the case but either way so classless. I will spreading the word about this on all my social medias. Ignorance at its finest!!!

- Worst experience EVER! Time not valued at ALL!!!

Not only did I have to wait 2 months just for an estimate appointment I waited half an hr when I got there for a guy who I watched sit at his desk the entire 30 minutes to come out and take some pictures that took 2 min. Then he said I would have to sit there and wait another hour for him to write up the estimate if I wanted it today I tried to tell him it would be best to email the finished quote but he insisted I wait here and quoted me another 6 weeks before I could bring my car back for the actual repair. No transparency whatsoever knowing how backlogged they were as I have been calling to get estimates on timeframes for weeks but over the phone prior to the visit I was assured I would be treated expeditiously once the estimate was completed. The manager Don then told me if u don’t like it to go somewhere else once the estimate is completed. I’m hurt by such rude behavior and lack of empathy the staff shows. Spend your money elsewhere they don’t know how to treat people.

- Ordered takeout

Very disappointed with my food! Placed my order at 6pm. I was told 25-35 minutes. I arrived at 6:30. They were very busy. I had to wait in line to actually tell someone I was there to pick up my order. I ordered the stroganoff and fire cracker shrimp. $40 + $5 tip. They add a 5% service charge for cook staff to the bill (incl in the $40) I get home and my food isn't even remotely warm. The stroganoff had barely any sauce to it and mushrooms were nearly non existent. Several of the steak pieces were mostly gristle. What ticks me off even more was that I gave a tip for take out food and they gave less than standard food. This place used to be extremely good. Perhaps having them serve you a plate for "sit down" in their establishment garners a higher level of care and service. This one was a big NO! Not sure if I will waste any future funds here. If you get take out, check it before you leave and don't tip until you do (if your so inclined).

- Bobs furniture

Worst customer service EVER by an old lady named Pam, she likes to belittle and talk down to customers while she’s trying to make a sale, ordered a sectional sofa back in November and every month they stretch the date of when it’s coming in, my husband and I were upset because in the beginning they said for sure in January we will have it so we planned a birthday party for him February and now they tell us it’ll come In till April, we now have to cancel the whole party, we asked to talk to a “manager” and they brought Pam out so naturally we would think she would be understanding and talk to us to solve the problem, the total opposite she came with an attitude and even told us to take our business somewhere else, PLEASE AVOID HER IF SHE APPROACHES YOU. On a positive note there was this lady that was totally professional,nice, patient and understanding, her name is Anitta or Annette, now she should take Pam’s position. Good thing the store manager got involved and deescalated the situation and hopefully we’ll get our furniture in April.

- Going Downhill

I had yelp for years and used it almost for everything. Today I decided to finally delete it. First, the reviews are not accurate. They censor a lot of reviews. They hide real reviews from real customers. They manipulate the feedback based on how much the businesses spend go advertise. When I started my business I had many people in my industry advise me to not spend a penny on yelp. I haven’t any money on yelp. I have real clients that have left me 5 star reviews. Some show up on my account but the majority are hidden. Many others in my industry have had to pay lots of money for the deceiving way in which yelp charges them for advertising. Great for big business, but screws over small business. As a consumer, I think it’s very deceiving. They manipulate the data. It’s like paying for reviews. And recently they announced they are now going to start doing socially policing businesses. I’m done with this company. I hope another competitor comes out. I’m done with yelp. Bye scammer.

- CVS Pharmacy at 9045 Wilshire is TERRIBLE.

I filled a Rx at CVS 9045 Wilshire for a 3 months supply of a medication. However, I discovered that it was two weeks short of pills as I reached the last of the bottle. I called to refill the Rx. Their voice mail system informed me that it was 2 weeks before they would refill my Rx. However, I could request it earlier by selecting a number on my keypad. I did, and the message informed me that the Rx would be ready the following day. It was not ready the following day; so I requested again that CVS refill my Rx. I went through the same procedure again, and I was informed that the Rx would be ready the following day. It was not. I followed this procedure two more times with the same results. I phoned the pharmacy and asked to be connected with a live person. A woman answered thus: “Pharmacy, please hold.” She left me in hold for 30 minutes before my call was transferred to voicemail. I left a message, and they never returned or responded to my call. I won’t ever shop there again.

- Bad customer service

My son went to sushi sho yesterday to order take out got his dinner . The person who took his order made a mistake and ordered 8 rolls instead of 8 pieces and charged my Apple Pay 95 $ instead of 37$ He couldn’t cancel the transaction so told him to come back the next day to get the cash in bills as he didn’t have enough cash then , after giving him 7$ that night We were in a rush to go Hollywood bowl so I called the restaurant on our way since my son wasnt even given a receipt for the order . When i called the restaurant Perron blamed my son for ordering 8 rolls then was annoyed when I asked for a receipt and hang up on me telling me yo gone back at noon the next day. When we came the next day , he gave me 8 $ in cash and a check got 50$ . Made a receipt but didn’t give it to me . When I said I will cash the check now on my smartphone app in front of him , he said he was too busy and asked that I do that outside ( restaurant was empty) . I refused as I wanted to make sure this was done in front of each other. He threatened me and said that he will call the cops now . I replied yes please go ahead , that way I can explain what is going on. He didn’t. I am waiting to see with my bank if the check is valid tomorrow Monday . Conclusion : restaurant makes a mistake and is really outrageously mean and discourteous about it. Never setting a foot back in there . Their Sushis are not even good . Be aware everyone

- Horrible customer service!

Came in to eat after looking forward to eating some pupusas. Walked in lady told us to sit down anywhere. Sat down in the back. Waited about 10 minutes until I decided to grab my own menu for my wife and I. Nobody acknowledged us at all as we sat there for another 10-15 minutes. Another elderly couple walked in and sat down. The lady up front immediately brought them a menu. Decided after waiting almost 20 minutes without anyone coming to wait on us that this was not going to be a pleasant experience if we stayed. Love the pupusas but their customer service is horrible always. Even when ordering on the phone, they take forever and I always end up waiting forever. Save yourself time and go to el santaneco. El zocalo needs to work on customer service skills!

- Don't bother

This app doesn't work well for me. Clunky interface, search just seems to leave things out. The regular site is way better (but apparently no longer accessible using my iPhone ). And while I do use Yelp sometimes, I have noticed some shady goings on, where reviews are removed or hidden for mysterious reasons. And if you want to contact Yelp? Sorry, no can do. Only review their "support" area. I find that outrageous. If you search generally for a review with your phone, and end up on the Yelp site, it will offer to "open in the Yelp app". However, if you choose that option it will just open the app -- but not to the company you are searching for. If you don’t use that, but cheers continue, he does exactly the same thing. You have to re-search. AND now, in summer 2021, there is no way to access reviews using an iPhone, unless you download this bad app. Company started out good, is now terrible.

- Village Plumbing and AC

Call them- Local American and not big box out of state home stores or crazy inflated prices !! You know how that is theses days post-Covid. Very nice personal care- even in these Hot summer days. We needed hot water gas water heater and conversion back from tankless to 50 gal tank. (Energy hog with tankless- goes off if power interrupted - endured for 15 yrs. Newer tankless said to be better, but…). Family run, honest, and dependable . We have confidence in this company . Not out to rob the home owner. Military discount. Arrived early, courteous in the little details…like not wasting AC by closing the attic door within the job. Would use for AC. I used 20 years ago and was pleased then. Glad back in Htown…glad nice and reliable local company. Highly recommend ! Support local small business. Bellaire resident .

- Happy Browser

Walked into Barnes & Noble in Calabasas tonight after dinner to enjoy one of the last bookstores around. I was impressed to see the wide variety of subjects offered from books written by conservative political personalities to a series called Heart Stoppers about same-sex relationships and falling in love. The bookstore is one of the few places left that has something for everyone. I hope people have the ability to enter with an open mind rather than getting offended by seeing something that doesn’t agree with their opinion. Just like going into an ice cream shop there are plenty of flavors you may not like but you rarely leave without choosing something you enjoy. Readers personalities and views are varied and Barnes and Noble has some thing for everyone.

- Poor Service

Tried to place my order over the phone. He could not take the order and hung up. For some reason they’re in a hurry. I walk in only two customers. Placed my order to go, very simple, requested order be split in half . In stead they place the rice in one box and the entrée in another. I tried to explain to the young man, I requested the order be split in half. He could not understand then the young lady, came over and I explained. She said you asked for two orders. I try and explain again. Saying no just split the order in half 1/2, one half in one box the other half in another box. She then says do you want your money back. I say you keep my money I don’t want your food I never come back. Bad karma , if you can’t take an order you better question your staff. it wasn’t the first time its happened. I’m a very patient, people tell me, but you draw the line someplace, I’ve work very hard all my life, to earn my cash and my stuff. If they can turn away my business they must be doing well. Insult me once shame on you, insult me twice, shame on you and me. It’s all about the attitude and karma, this place gave me bad karma ! I gave them business last year every week plus tip, and the orders were to go. Also told my friends foods was Very good. So now I tell all friends go elsewhere . You make your bed you sleep in it ! You make me feel bad, shame on you. bad karma !

- Ava lane boutique by Laura

I love shopping with ALB they are so nice. They have beautiful clothing in all sizes. They treat you so nice and appreciate you. Even if you aren’t able to purchase they are a great joy to watch. They make me feel very good about myself. Everything I have purchased was better than expected. High quality. You will not find any other boutique as professional, kind, caring, loving. They are beautiful people having fun and enjoy what they do and care about each and everyone. I can truly say they are such a blessing to me. I love them all. Thank you for all do. If you haven’t given them a try please do you will not regret it. Go to the App Store or play store and download Ava lane boutique by Laura or if you prefer watch on Facebook. ALB are beautiful people.

- Yelp stole $2,000 from my small business

I would not recommend using them for business, leverage your free profile and stay there. Our Google stats were obviously outperforming Yelp by a landslide to begin with. I was contacted by Yelp consultant Katy Kluk in January who offered me “3 months of free ads” for my business. Obviously I was interested in trying and allowed her to setup my profile. She promised I wouldn’t see charges until April but was charged $900 for my three businesses after the first month. I couldnt get through to her via phone so emailed her about the error and she only replied “you’ll need to contact billing”. I contacted billing who told me there is no such promotion she could have offered me. I told her (Cristal S.) we were very disappointed and wanted to cancel immediately. She confirmed the cancellation but I was charged another $1,000 the following month. From there I was escalated to a higher level of customer support who would not give their name and was insistent I was confused and nothing could be done. He was not willing to listen to my concerns and fought every comment eventually telling me I would make no ground on recovering lost funds because everything was handled internally so it is essentially the Yelp team vs. my small business. Very upset, I used to love using Yelp on a daily basis but hate to show support to a large corporation that could steal from and lie to a small business.

- Bad Customer Service

So the first time I came here they took forever to see me took me back and forth with I wasn’t assigned to their network I needed a root canal done the female dentist I feel she just starting she really didn’t know what she was doing she kept hurting me then the male dentist came and finish me because the female dentist I felt use me as a Ginny pig so far forward I went in today to get crown I specifically told the representative I wanted the male doctor to do my crown so I’m there 15-20 mins early they take me in the male dr numb and shot me up to do the procedure he asked me to go ride my mouth and come back I did then I’m just waiting 20 mins goes by then the female dentist come in there saying she’s going to do my crown I told her nope I’m not comfortable with her doing it I want the male he comes in saying she’s his associate I don’t give a dam I said I wasn’t comfortable with her touching my mouth THIS PLACE HAS BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO A PLACE SO UN ORGANIZE I WOULDNT REFER NO ONE TO THIS PLACE I DONT KNOW WHY ITS IN THE NETWORK STILL DIDNT GET MY CROWN

- Yelp App Review

Is it possible to delete old reviews? I created a new review and tapped post. Ok, but that was a brand new one. Then, I saw one from years ago that I wanted to delete. So, without the option of rewriting over, can you also give us the straight out option of deleting *old* reviews too? I like reading reviews for restaurants but it's getting harder to read these. Fonts seem to get smaller and sometimes they'll put them in a light gray on white background. It would be nice if app developer would allow us old timers on old devices to be able to pinch to enlarge. I haven't done much to my settings lately so there still are many sites that will allow this function. Many other sites still use a decent font size so no complaints there and I didn't even have to try to pinch to enlarge because it was easy enough to read.

- Good idea but needs work.

I’ve used Yelp off and on over the years. It’s helpful mostly- but at what cost ? Unfortunately all the tracking data collected and used is a huge drawback. ( there was an opportunity to stop this some time back folks remember ? But that’s another subject ) I’ve grown tired of any item or subject even remotely related popping up across every website or app I visit after using Yelp. If I could read the reviews on a business I’m considering using without being required to install or re- install the app that would be huge. Using the site as a guest would be helpful. There will always be those who aren’t bothered by tracking or keeping an occasionally used app on their phone. I’m not one of them. Ok 3 stars. For its generally useful reviews from others who’ve bought from or used a business.

- 0% customer service

Went In for a return and had a terrible experience. The sales associate handling returns was sarcastic rude and overall just not pleasant. As soon as I got to her she gave me an attitude. Instead of just explaining to me the new rules because of covid. I asked if maybe I can speak to a floor manager. And she sent me over to a random associate who was the head of the flooring dept. He informed me that they can manually put in the card if I didn’t have it. I walked back over to her just to find out she made me just speak to a random associate, not the manager. She finally calls the manager over, the manager explains to me that they can’t do that (which is fine ) in the meantime the associate MELANIE walks over to one of her coworkers and starts laughing. I then ask for her associate number from the manager and says that unfortunately can’t give that out. Honestly, just a disgusting experience. No need for the attitude and having me walk around speaking to random people for her pleasure.

- Not bad but...

I used to love this app. It did everything you could want for searching for reviews for almost anything. Well they keep changing the algorithm and it's getting annoying. Now when u search by distance it's not automatically set to closest to farthest. When u put that in, it still gives u somewhat random distances. Then it doesn't load all the closest first so u have to keep looking a couple of times to get places that u know are close but didn't come up the first time. Also the search by rating is the same way. You search and the ratings aren't all in order from most to least. They still throw some 3 star reviews when your still in the midst of 5 star reviews. I swear they're giving people preferential treatment based on ad revenue or something. It's really annoying and wish they would go back to the way it was a long time ago.

- Dish Network

This is the absolute worst company and customer service department I have ever run into. Prior to signing up with Dish, we confirmed that we would be able to watch all of the Tampa Bay rays games. The sales person promised we could without a problem. Then the day it was installed, I came home from work in the middle of a game, and was livid to find out that we were not able to watch the games. After an hour of trying to get through to customer service, I was told that dish is in a dispute with Bally sports and that was why we couldn’t get the games. I have had numerous calls to the resolution department and I get the same Teleprompter read response, they cannot terminate the service without a $480 termination fee! I was informed that they had the call recorded, and that was what they were basing their decision on. However, they refused to let me hear the recording myself. If you are thinking of getting a cable company, DO NOT USE DISH!!!!!! A TOTAL RIPOFF AND THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!

TransferWise 💸

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- Reviews should be able to be sorted chronologically

And if you can, it’s not obvious how to! So minus one star

- Very disappointing- do not go

Wow. Perhaps your manager should know the rules before you kick people out and embarrass my family. The rules are 16 and over have to show vaccination proof - and yet you insisted on requiring my children who are under 16 to show proof of vaccination. And then, despite being told that they are vaccinated, but that we haven’t yet been able to download the certificate, you insist on hassling them and embarrassing them in front of the cafe. All because YOU didn’t know the rule. If you had the rule correct - no problem, that would be on us. But YOU had the rule 100% incorrect. You could have gone to the website to look up the rule - but you instead chose to harass and embarrass my kids. Shame on you. I will make a point of telling everybody I know to never go to your business ever. You have lost not just a customer for life, you have lost an entire family’s custom for life as well as all our extended family and friends. All you had to do was go to your phone or computer to actually look up the rule, but your arrogance prevented that from happening, and embarrassed my poor kids who you couldn’t even apologise to. Shame. Awful behaviour.

- Food and drink

I irdered a entree sized calamari at the the transport hotel yesterday and it was not any value for money I waited one hour or so for that small meal and also I didn’t get any aloili with it and no slice of lemon/ I just think that there should have been more organisation with the amount of people that they would have anticipated that would be entering the building and restricting the numbers if people entering the building / to give them better service and not have to many entering the numbers should have been monitored by some one at the entry and help things run smoother

- Useful app but it could have been improved

-Love this app as it is very useful. - It could have been improved by adding the button for deleting & editing the reviews button that work.

- Wine Valley Tours

Agnes and all the staff under the pump, all the staff made contact with guests and provided us with a great experience, we recommend this place in the Adelaide Hills tour for nice wine, great views and excellent staff service. Regards, George.

- Best for travel

I found this app so useful while travelling. Helped me pick the best places on travel and the reviews were very helpful.

- Awesome app

I will recommend all those in business to use it coz it is user friendly

- Job got done!

Easy to drop off. And picked up my clothes the next day. Would def use again :)

- iPad version neglected

Great app, great site, but for some reason a bunch of features still aren't accessible when this app is used on iPad. C'mon Yelp, fix it already! Can’t even post reviews because the submit button just doesn’t even appear, making a review-focussed app fairly useless. BRING BACK YELP ELITE OUTSIDE THE USA!!!

- Just ok

This app is helpful however I do not like it when you search for a specific cafe by name and lots of other cafes come up that are not what I am searching for. The map option is great though 😁

- Handy app to have when travelling

I always use Yelp to find the best spots to eat

- Great and easy

Easy to use, accurate, informative reviews and features, easy to reserve tables and write reviews

- Travellers best friend

Yelp is just great for taking the hassle out finding great food when you are busy

- Absolutely Love Yelp

My go to app for finding the best places to eat and visit in my hometown sydney and while overseas!

- Needs Overhaul outside USA

The app seems to be very outdated in Australia. It doesn’t seem to list new places from 2017 and so on. This is an area where Zomato is thriving. Americans seems to love Yelp, but the devs seems to have forgotten there is a world outside of USA.

- Love love love this app

From Melb, always use Yelp in Melbourne and when we’re travelling- can’t get by without it

- Seek yelp to help!!

Bloddy great app i use it every day!! So helpfull and it doesnt matter if you need a bucket of hot chips or a boat!? Yelp helps you find it!!😁💯🤷🏻‍♀️

- The Most Useless App

I just wanted to read reviews but I was constantly being taken to the app store so I gave in and downloaded it and I STILL can’t read reviews because it still takes me to app store even though I have the app???? Absolute waste of time.

- Just for developers to see

A very severe problem concerns the entering of delivery address. Although there are google maps’ suggestions, tapping it results unfathomably the notice of “we didn’t recognize the address”, thus effectively rendered me impossible to order. Plz fix ASAP!!!

- Maxine’s Bistro and Bar

Excellent service and food. 24 hours. Great menu. Just add Aussie breakfast. Two eggs, toast, bacon, tomato and avocado side. Yeah baby. Love it. Such good food and cocktails. Jeffry was awesome.

- Stop trying to make me download the app!

Just trying to look at a menu for a restaurant on the internet and it keeps shifting me across to the App Store. I’m not downloading it again as it’s a poorly designed app. I’d prefer to use the other food/restaurant apps.

- Beach House North Lakes

I got food poisoning there from a chicken caesar salad. I fell so sick 🤢🤮 and was not able to go to work the next day. When I called the manager she just brushed me off and said that I had no proof. My Doctor confirmed all my symptoms point to severe food poisoning.

- What?

What does this nonsense even mean? “If we get rid of all the bugs, but didn’t write a release note, did it ever happen”? Why not stop being lazy and actually tell your customers what you have fixed instead of writing waffle.

- Great for travelling

I love yelp we are travelling and it’s perfect when you hit a new town or city hungry !

- Can review anonymously

Easy to use can review anonymously. User-friendly app

- Nia massage Ipswich rd ANNERLEY

Very professional knows her stuff. Went in for calf problems, she was able to treat holistically hip and back tightness. Very good

- Great app for travellers

Use it all the time when travelling - one of my fave apps!


Was my go to app for checking out where to eat next but now you are allowing BLM and SJW to destroy a business who doesn’t fit the narrative?! You make me sick hopefully it’s your business that losses everything!

- Great app

I love this app so much because I can share my dining experiences.

- Provide an actual service

What even is this app? You don’t serve anything, you don’t offer anything, you’re pathetic. Go contribute something to anyone and stop being a parasite.

- My videos

My videos

- Dark mode?

Love Yelp. Wish there was dark mode.

- Great Pictures..

Seems less touristy..:)

- Nordic Design

If you want quality design and beautifully crafted furniture, Nordic design is the best.

- No longer supports iPhone 5 - why?

Since v12.6 Yelp no longer supports iPhone 5 (even running latest compatible iOS 10.3.3). There's no good reason for this. Touch ID isn't a pre-requisite for finding a good cafe.

- Lepp Farm Market

These people do a Take Away Barbecue Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese which is To Die For. Particularly Good during this Coronavirus Pandemic.

- corruption & extortion dressed up as The Future

i hate that Yelp has become so dominant. dystopia writ small, the stuff of a mediocre episode of Black Mirror, headed by a CEO who can’t fool everyone with his polished side-stepping answers to the few questions that are relevant for Yelp.

- Cohen’s

Fabulous service from such a lovely lady! Thanks Ronit for all your help.

- Great food and beverages at a reasonable price.

Try the Poké bowl. It has many textures and Asian flavours.

- Fantastic review app

Very easy to use

- Quoting system sent to suppliers on the other side of the planet

Requested quotes via Yelp in San Francisco, only to award the winning supplier and pay a 50% deposit -before realising the supplier is 2 hours drive away from SF! Garbage!

- Post review

Trying to post a review.. ‘You can’t make an update to this review try back later’

- SIGN UP? no thanks

I don’t sign up for an ‘opinion’ about anything that I can get from anywhere. You’re not THAT indispensable Yelp that I would give you ANY personal info. Bye

- average

Good service. Meals were overpriced, ribeye was fatty and came with the tiniest amount of vegetables..won’t return.

- Restaurant has awful food and service, don’t bother

Don’t even bother with the app, this restaurant has AWFUL food and service.

- About Yelp App :-

Very good app to promote businesses

- pretentious w@nk3rs

Reviews on yelp are far more harsh than any other legitimate rating site. People downvote restaurants for the pettiest of things. Wannabe food critics, but just arrogant, pretentious w@nk3rs

- Modern day scarlet letter

Have control over your ratings system and abuse

- Forced download

The forced download of apps is not user friendly.

- Worst app ever

Worst app ever! Never works. Delete the app and try to use website, diverts you to download broken app. Lol ok! Thanks

Payoneer 💰

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- It's a great app

Come on! Really? You think Yelp still needs reviews? It's just a must have, particularly if you're living in or traveling to a big city. Makes your life much easier and helps you enjoy a wider variety of stuff to do!

- Love it

I love being able to search for relevant restaurants nearby and read real reviews! The app works pretty darn welll

- Ashley h

Love yelp :)

- Unreliable reviews

Reviews are not all listed and bad reviews are removed by Yelp for unknown reasons...

- Scam

Don’t download this app and don’t use their listing service for you business , they don’t publish good reviews only publish negative reviews and when asked about removing negative spam reviews , i was told for pay advertising services after long time later Yelp canada big fraud

- Forced to download

Forced to download because the mobile site isn't fully functional. Finally relent and download it (after just avoiding yelp for awhile), and the app is super slow and not enjoyable to use at all.

- Bad Business

if i could give a 0 rating i would. they allow anyone to post fake reviews and lies about your business. Dont use them

- The worst application ever

Yelp group called me many times over the year to pay them to keep my business in the top list when I refused they hide my good reviews and they faked bad reviews to worn my business

- Worst app ever

I tried to write a review and they deleted it in 0.5 seconds this app sucks do not buy

- Can’t attach credit card

you can’t use a canadian postal code to register a credit card. 1 star, app is broken

- Yelp is racist

Yelp is racist. As an Asian Canadian I am extremely offended by what Yelp is trying to do to hurt businesses. Here come the crying wolves.

- Yelp is Fake news

Yelp is FAKE News if you don’t pay them they will show online safari search only your 1 star reviews and if you pay them they show the 5 stars reviews on safari isn’t that FAKE NEWS Not only that they manipulate your business hours for example they show the public that Saturday the busiest day of the week as CLOSED da and everyone knows that we’re not so no one believes that’s they know this is not true fake unethical lies no integrity this does not work in Canada

- Absolutely not

I’ve heard some pretty crazy things about how yelp treats some of the small businesses that clam there page here and I’d rather not associate myself

- Deleted because of inciting violence

Yelp will now mark restaurants and business with a racism sign, based not on law but on abstract online comments. I hope you get sued to bankruptcy for undermining democracy and the rule of law.

- Corrupt reviews

I’ve personally reported 2 reviews that I knew for a fact were written by employees or family of employees and both reports were rejected. This tells me to beware of businesses who have low star ratings and then suddenly there’s a 5 star rating posted. Even though fake reviews by businesses goes against Yelps policy, the reality is that they are allowing them anyway. With that in mind, it is now a useless source of information when trying to decide which businesses to spend our money at.

- New app update is irritating

I am getting an update for my yelp app but not getting installed as I am using iPhone 5s . It says phone not supported . I believe there is a bug in the update . It should only come as an update for iPhone 10 users . Yelp please rectify as it is bugging in phone again n again showing update yelp but doesn't work .

- Forced download

I hate that I’m forced to download this app to use Apple Maps. Why can’t their website just work?

- Extortion

Yelp is a horrible company that will extort small businesses to pay extraordinary rates to only show their positive reviews and hide their bad ones What makes it worse is they will hide positive reviews and only show bad ones if they cannot afford to pay

- Internet pages force you to web app

It’d be nice if one could use the web version without being redirected to the app. No one wants to download another useless app

- Yelp is crooked

So today I submitted a review an honest review on a local Tim Hortons which is horrible. When I went to post my review I noticed my review fell under that not recommended reviews what the hell is that? And oddly enough the other couple of review was not recommended along with mine were also one star reviews on this Tim Hortons location.What the hell is that? Obviously yelp is being paid off to bury bad reviews I am deleting the app immediately they have gone south they used to be good but not no more the almighty dollar always wins.

- Why

The fact that I can’t just scroll Yelp on safari and it re-directs me to download the app every single time I try to read a review is infuriating. Always found your site hard to navigate but this is next level.

- Gross cold nasty

Food arrived via skip the dish Gross and cold Mash looked like puke Bags open and unsealed Looks like the driver rummaged through all the food. And the food was disgusting as well! Why do ppl like this place🤮

- Racist

I’ve used Yelp for years and right this minute I’m deleting it and leaving this review. This company has the nerve to put warnings of racism on businesses that are conservative minded. They should be ashamed of themselves. If you’re not far left Antifa supporters, then you’re not welcome at Yelp. Goodbye.

- Horrible app

Will never use this app again after hearing they will be giving out ‘racism badges’. Disgruntled employees or irate customers can and will use this maliciously against businesses. Sounds great in theory but there’s no way to prove the business is in fact racist. Very disappointed in Yelp for doing this to vulnerable businesses during a pandemic.

- Blackmailers

Yelp blackmails small business owners into paying them or they block all their 5 star reviews and highlight the 1 star reviews. Just goto any business and look at the suppressed reviews. Someone should shut these scum bags down. I do not understand how google allows them to operate on their platform.

- Predatory

Predatory business practices, fake reviews run rampant.

- racist enablers

this app stops letting you post reviews on racist places or will delete the reviews on racist places if you call them out on their racism. Disgusting

- Terrible business terrible app

Yelp is for snitches. Yelp is predatory to restaurants. Yelp disgusts me. Your model to get ppl to download this is a scam too.

- So I can’t use Yelp on phone without app???

Yelp is integrated in AppleMaps, yet we don’t get access on mobile devices without downloading de 166mb app. First off, forcing me to download an app to access info available online is an insult, Quora did the same thing for a while and I stopped using the site until they woke up to their mistake. I hope Yelp gets this awakening as well because until then I WILL NEVER USE YOUR WEBSITE AGAIN, EVER. Now if only they would also stop coercing businesses into buying their paid ads, then Yelp could be good. Until then, avoid Yelp at all costs, there are many other options to choose from with much better business ethics.

- Absolutely garbage app

Absolutely garbage app

- Can’t enter Canadian ZIP Code

The title says it all. I can’t enter a zip code cause the Canadian zip codes are different and I can’t avail the 10% cash back offer because of this.

- Great

Great way tO find Restaurants

- Grateful

Fine the reviews very helpful in making the decision not to buy from this particular store. Went to another store with great reviews and very pleased with the experience.

- Search results extremely poor

I really wonder how this became a billion dollar company!!! I was looking for website/app to search for seafood restaurants in a suburb of Toronto, yelp’s name was at the top as a restaurant finder app, downloaded it and the search results are extremely poor. Google search provided definitely better options!! I immediately deleted Yelp.

- Stupid website

Only downloading because the website is horrible. Won’t let you look at ANY reviews without downloading the app.

- Too much personal data

I don t get it why do u need to collect all my data!!!

- Yelp is pay to play program

Your business can have 1000’s of 5 star reviews, Yelp will not post one of those if you don’t pay. Yelp will only post the 1 star reviews their system is designed well. Great capitalist

- Never used but they try to force you

Tried looking at a business on Yelp on my phones browser, you are allowed to LOOK but do it click anything, if you do they try to force you to use their app on any link you click to view more information. I do not need Yelp the information that “bad” to be forced to install your app, nice try.

- Knightway mobile haulers, Qualicum Beach BC Canada

This company was absolutely incredible to work with on our modular move. From my first phone call, the on-site visit to leveling our home on its forever spot….. this crew was amazing to deal with. Would recommend this moving company to anyone.

- Excellent Service

Ms. Natasha is a wonderful lady. She is very careful and clean. She makes sure to remove all the unwanted hair delicately. I highly recommend Magic Touch. Great price for excellent service.

- Shambles

My ex girlfriend made it very clear she does not want this app and now I have to deal with her shenanigans

- Very good food and excellent service!!

Highly recommended in terms of taste and customer service. Will keep ordering with your quality standards!!

- Shady customer service

Owners continued to charge my credit card for months after I had confirmation to pause. I didn’t complain or ask for a refund due to their apologies and current pandemic. They then raised the price and expected me to pay the difference and when I refused they waived it then however I later found out that they put a note for the receptionist to deduct it from my paid package without informing me. I like my RMT but they have definitely lost my business.

- Station 49 Vero Beach Florida

While the whole team and the energy is reflected in the food and service Stan and Kevin stand out as both leaders and representatives of excellence. Thank you all Nancy and Brian

- Where are the reviews?

I was looking for reviews especially during this covid era, to see how my local restaurants are doing. Many have reviews and stars, but I can’t read the reviews for many of them. I can see the reviews on the Yelp website, but not through the app. Your app is useless.

- Budget Brake And Muffler

The Budget Brake and Muffler on Douglas Street In Victoria BC . Ryan and Rick were the epitome of customer service . I had a few concerns and happily both professionals stepped up to address the situation with the outcome of my sons car being fixed and ready to go with a reasonable price tag in an incredibly short wait time . I would recommend this business to any family or person wanting a speedy professional friendly experience. Jennifer Frost Jennifer Frost

- Do NOT eat here

This is easily the worst Chinese food in Northumberland. My fiancée and I read some of the bad reviews but decided to give it a shot. The woman we spoke to on the phone was extremely rude. Hung the phone up on us after we asked for the total. Didn’t say a word to my fiancée when she went to pick up the food. Just slammed down the food and the debit machine and walked to the back. The actual food was disgusting. There was not a single thing I would suggest as edible. Our 50 dollar order went into the garbage, less a couple of bites. Our spare ribs were grey, egg rolls dripping with oil, sesame chicken sitting in a pool of liquid. Just don’t do it. Don’t eat here. If every where is closed save your money. You will be disappointed and probably sick to your stomach after like me🤮🤮

- Dick

Biggest jerk in town!

- Awful

Waiting over 2 hours for our food. She’s argued over the phone that it was skip the dishes fault but still sent us the food that was siting over 2 hours. Argued about the quality of the meal . Absolutely terrible.

- Poor service

Staff are not friendly. Poor atmosphere at this gym due to negative gossipy staff.

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Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews 22.34.0 Screenshots & Images

Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews iphone images
Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews iphone images
Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews iphone images
Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews iphone images
Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews iphone images
Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews iphone images
Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews iphone images
Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews iphone images
Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews iphone images
Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews iphone images
Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews Food & Drink application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews (Version 22.34.0) Install & Download

The applications Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews was published in the category Food & Drink on 2019-02-11 and was developed by Yelp [Developer ID: 284910353]. This application file size is 263.83 MB. Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews - Food & Drink app posted on 2021-01-11 current version is 22.34.0 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.yelp.yelpiphone