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NYTimes – Breaking Local, National & World News Reviews


Ok App - Plagued by Bugs  fifthfourththird  2 star

Tired of the google analytics API kicking me into a browser window and out of the app at random. I'm a subscriber - I don't need to be forced into looking at ads. Seriously, every three minutes the app is trying to open a browser window. Ruins the experience. This is awful. Embarrassing. Who QC'd this product?


NY Times - Hasn't loaded for over a month!  cskennedy  1 star

Twice this year the NY Times App has not loaded on my iPhone 6 and my iPad. All I get on my iPad is "saved sections" which is blank and no other sections. On my iPhone it fails to connect. I have talked to tech support twice in the last month and followed their directions, e.g., uninstall, reinstall, clear browser and cookies, etc., etc. hard re-set. Still, the App doesn't work. Spoke with them again today and finally got bumped up to their Tech support and I was told this was a KNOWN ERROR. If it was a known error, why was I told to institute several steps that did nothing but waste my time? I was also told that they're not sure when the problem will be fixed. Great --- it's been over a month! There is NO advisory on their website, so customers are left to wonder when/if they will address the KNOWN ERROR. Time to read the WASHINGTON POST! Their App works!

Mike at CCJDS

Ad video auto play is annoying  Mike at CCJDS  4 star

The app is good overall - and no complaints about the fine reporting - but I have one complaint, video autoplay of ads. As I scroll through an article, video ads automatically play. The app mutes the ads but since the video is playing, whatever I am listening to stops playing and I am greeted with silence. Because I usually listen to music or a podcast as I read, this is very annoying.


Terrible ads  davor999  1 star

I am a paid subscriber and there are far too many ads, and they are far too obtrusive. For example videos that you are forced to watch, taking you out of the news for 15 seconds at a time. This is an appalling way to treat paid subscribers.

Cameron Alwes

Where is Force Touch support?  Cameron Alwes  4 star

The New York Times is the only news agency I subscribe to, and the app is by far one of my most used. I'm an avid reader and love to save articles for later during my commute. It would be so much more efficient to save or share news via a force touch menu rather than having to go to each individual article (some of which don't have an easy to find save button). This would be a great addition in the next update. Thanks!


Fix your app or I'm voting for Trump for round 2.  Baldasian  1 star

I can't log in because the field to fill in my password or go through your security thing is blocked by an image. I'm paying for this. Rooting for the Times so please get it together.


The ads are awful  cmamgeek  1 star

Too many adds


Love it but...  IcedStarLight  4 star

I gave four instead of five because the app will take you to the homepage if you go out of it for even a moment. It won't remember what you were looking at most recently if you clicked a link in an article either.


Fake News  Kmart007  1 star

Fake News


Fatally flawed  LAblaugrana  2 star

You would think that a paper called the New York Times would put more thought into the New Yorkers who use it. The fact that this app can pre-download content is a godsend for subway commuters like me, or at least it would be if the auto refresh didn't send me back to the landing page every time I stop reading to get on a train, change trains, let others on or off the train, etc. Several times a day I lose my place in an article because the auto refresh deigns that I need to see the top stories again...


Horribly Glitchy  ClothMom  1 star

I love the New York Times. The news is top notch and I previously used the app daily. Unfortunately, however, since the last iOS update, the app is practically unusable. It is slow to load and scrolling through both the main page and articles is impossible. The articles get stuck and sometimes the app will just freeze or crash. Please update to fix these glitches so I can stay up-to-date and informed again!


I love the Times!  brynadamson  5 star

The Times is the best. Period. I'm proud to have a subscription and the latest news at my fingertips. I was a bit disappointed to see others give it a low rating in these reviews, and I can't help but notice it's mostly folks annoyed with only their 10 free articles. Subscribe people!


The standard  jsantiso  5 star

Excellent content. Excellent app. What more do you need?


Excellent App  nickhb  4 star

Excellent app. I'd like the ability to change the display colors to a sepia or white text on black background for night reading.

A. C Li

Seriously?  A. C Li  2 star

Only 10 free articles a month? Come on!


Great website and great app  Martinijoon  5 star

I always enjoyed NYT news and content and finally signed up for subscription and now enjoy it even more. I highly recommend.


Love the app but....  jpc193  5 star

It is annoying how it refreshes to the main page when you're reading an article and leave the app for a bit. Ideally it would open to where you left off.

Jo da kop

Just keep everything through apple news  Jo da kop  3 star

Your content is great. Let someone else do the app development. Let apple news carry New York Times officially and exclusively. Everyone would be better off. EDIT: the only real issue is the interface tends to hang up quite often. I'd suggest improvements to make pages more compact data wise or the handling of data more efficient.


Mobile web version just as good.  Ah3389  2 star

The app functions well and rarely crashes but it is no easier to use than the mobile web page and presents me with special content I don't want at the top of my page. Please add an option to disable "California Today."

Chris Oakman

Ditch the auto play video ads!!!  Chris Oakman  2 star

I'm a subscriber and you're shoving auto play video ads in my face when I don't click on anything. Do you think this is a good idea? This screws the quality of your journalism and the customer's experience. I want an ad-free experience as a subscriber.

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