Expert Cleaner: Clean Storage App Reviews

Expert Cleaner: Clean Storage [Utilities] App Description & Overview

What is expert cleaner: clean storage app? Every single day we handle lots of data and lack time to get our device system up and running, delete duplicate photos and contacts, clear up app cache, and delete unnecessary screenshots. The device storage is almost full, space usage is critically high, and the battery life is only half a day. You decide to clear up the space manually only when your device can hardly respond to your commands. You actually have no time or desire to flush the cache, choose duplicate pictures yourself, and so on. Does it sound familiar?
We offer you an assistant to solve your storage problem and make your gadget clean-up process as simple as possible.
Cleaner for iPhone frees up space on iPhone. It detects junk files automatically for you with one tap. Stay assured — your favorite apps and an interesting book that you’ve been putting off for a long time will not disappear from your device. Cleaner for iPhone deletes nothing without your knowledge but just analyzes, highlights duplicates and unused apps, runs automatic optimization, arranges into folders, and waits for your verdict!
It also monitors the operation of your device
Cleaner for iPhone collects data on space occupied by your cache, trash, and duplicate files. Informs you of junk files and suggests smart clean-up.

Gets rid of duplicates
Detects duplicate photos/screenshots and photo series.

Clears up your contacts
Frees your contact list from ‘empty contacts’ that have neither phone number nor any other data.

Zips media files
Compresses photos and videos without losing their quality and resolution.

Optimizes app performance
Timely clearing of the cache will save you from messenger freezing and delayed notifications.

Secures personal data
You can hide personal data by moving it to the ‘Safe Vault’. The app creates a password-protected secure space.

Cleaner for iPhone completely destroys deleted files ensuring no data leaks away. 

Cleaner for iPhone smartly selects, organizes, and analyzes processes on your device to offload the CPU, speed it up, and release you from unnecessary time-consuming actions.
You can either use default settings or change them, for example, to make the app analyze images only!

- Three days for FREE
Full access to all features so you see how it works!

- Weekly subscription (3.99$ per week)

- Annual subscription (59$ per year)
Annual subscription is the most cost-efficient option since you save 90%.


Cleaner for iPhone subscription renews automatically on the day following the billing date.
After three days of trial, you get a weekly subscription automatically. Your iTunes account will be debited with the payment after purchase confirmation.
The unused part of the free three-day trial is canceled when a user buys the subscription.
If needed, you can disable automatic subscription renewal in user account settings.


Any questions? Contact us via (email address). We appreciate your opinion and feedback!

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Find this site the customer service details of Expert Cleaner: Clean Storage. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Expert Cleaner: Clean Storage Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Expert Cleaner: Clean Storage Version 2.022 November 2022

Thanks for staying with us! The new version offers: -improved photo search -added new screens -fixed bugs.

Expert Cleaner: Clean Storage Comments & Reviews 2022

- Expert Cleaner said I had a virus so

I looked into the app and I read about cleaning duplicates photo but I only had about 34photos on my phone, also contacts had about 42 and only in one small statement was anything about bug cleaning. Short of it, the app found one duplicate photo. And one contact with no number that I put in contacts to remember the name only and nothing about any virus or bug. Point is photos , contacts, it works and I new what t it would find before the scan was run. So if you east to pay 3.99 per week to do the above mentioned you are good, but don’t get it for virus or bugs the advertisement tell you it does about bugs or virus. Because there is not even a scan on the app for this.

- Gets the job done

No need to pay for anything. Just do the trial, clean out what you need to, and cancel it. App works well and has a good UI. Easy to understand and deletes what needs to be deleted. Would be easier to delete old calendar events if you could select/deselect entire years.

- Either this app is a scam

Or Apple has reached a new despicable low just to get ahold of every personal bit of info from you off of your phone before you can even delete it. This app through their thinly veiled attempt at a multi paged user guide that in actuality simply leads you to more “Apple” apps that I assume give them not only access but permission to store every single thing you’ll ever do while using your phone. Sigh. You make me long to cleave myself from society. Which used to be considered active oppression. Before the “politically correct mindset” or “woke Folk” in historically bullying fashion thought shamed most of us into what ever society has been turning into. Its sad that so few see this and that even fewer care enough to stand against it. Soon ill be gone. But I wanted to mention it before I’m ushered out.

- This App is Great! 🤩

I really do enjoy using this app. It’s helped me lots. If you are going to use this app to get rid of major space in your phone, I would recommend going Gold. I got this app because I am needing more space in my phone and currently, because, honestly, I do not want to buy more space in my phone for unnecessary pictures, videos, etc. I ended up getting rid of events in my calendar all the way back to 2015! Overall, Expert Cleaner is a really good app. I enjoy using it to clear out space in my phone and other devices.

- Юлия

I had many duplicate photo files on my phone due to using a Program to restore my lost photos that were accidentally deleted when I was trying to regain space on my phone. I did get my photo's back, but many were duplicated twice or even 3 time's. I put this Program on my phone and it found all the duplicates and I was able to delete them all. This is a fairly easy and great Program that does exactly what it is designed to do. I totally recommend this Program.

- 👍

Best Dup File Cleaner app I've come across!! Runs quick, very accurate in selecting what are true dup's. Shows full location path for each file. You can play/view files directly from dup list. Useful customizations in settings. One of the (very) few apps that does all it claims, and have never had any problems/crashes/quirky behavior. The layout is very nice looking and user friendly. There was no confusion on my part as to how to use the app. Good job!

- rtg

I purchased this app because I’ve had an phone for almost 11 years, with the obvious purchase of a new phone everything just transfers. I had duplicate contacts, photos and my calendar had some misc. appointments I honestly didn’t even know were there. I used this, cleaned everything up nicely. Another added plus is when you synch your contacts, you can mass delete certain contacts. So that was nice.

- Horrible ad

I got an ad for this app that said my phone storage was full, and I had 2 minutes to install this and start it or it would delete my contacts and photos. NOT OK. I have plenty of storage left, and that ad was clearly meant to scare people into paying for it without reading or knowing anything about the app. Just to be clear, there was nothing that said it was an ad. I thought it was real and you need to get rid of the ad before someone else sees and buys something they don’t need. I don’t even know why you would make an ad like that, since while it will make some people buy it, it will also anger pretty much everyone who sees it.

- Ок

Works perfectly fine. Only change I'd like to see happen is the ability to open the images directly from the app when comparing similiar duplicates. Edit: after a little more time I realized the app sometimes doesn't find duplicates even though the only difference is compression methods, although that seems to be rather rare. Still the best app for the job I was able to find so far

- Ь

Excellent does exactly what it says it does. It is very simple to use! But best of all, it keeps one copy so you will never mess up and end up deleting something that you wanted to keep, so it's a no brainer! I would highly recommend this to everyone! It helps 1000% when it comes to OPPS misery after realizing 8 different apps just gave birth to 8 brand new pics, plus the other 4k pics. Thank you so much.

- Poli

I've found a couple different cleaners to use on my device, but discovered the complexities of trying to navigate and babysit these apps was not worth the fuss. Then I installed this expert cleaner app. I know I made the right choice. It got to work right away... On its own and has been functioning superbly ever since. Rarely do I even hear from it unless there is an issue tht needs attention. Great app!

- Useless program I can’t get rid of

I was seeking a program to clear memory in my iPad, and this junky app showed up. I started it a couple of times, and nothing happened, except it tried to delete documents and photos perceived. Y as duplicates, which were not. The occasional times I tried to run it, it crashed. When I try to delete it and cancel it, nothing happened – I just kept getting charged $3.99 every week. This point I’ve spent over $25 and can’t stop it. The app doesn’t show up online internal apps list, and when I access it through the Apple Store, there is no remove. Is it true MENACE?

- Rrrr

I have tried tons of duplicate photo removing apps and they were either ones you had to pay for after the scan or they couldn't find more than 1 or 2 duplicates. This app found about 1000. I was wary because I thought once I looked through the ones they selected, I'd have to pay but NOPE! These all were on my SD card, too. Thank you for being kickass :)

- Seems like a scam

Got notice I thought from Apple with the Settings icon saying i had a storage problem and click here. The click led me straight to this app in app store Still thinking it might be legit recommendation by Apple, I let app do a “cleaning” many restrictions (not sure restrictions were followed). App had strange warnins, “you must give access to gallery”. ( which I assumed meant photos). It was a 3 day free trial which I cancelled but not before this app likely wormed its way into my software and hardware. Outrageous to be able to use an apple icon and just appear. My fault for letting my guard down for a moment because distracted

- Best

Have used a few different memory apps and this one is by far the best. Menu bar icon works really well and being able to see a full list of all applications using memory in order of the biggest hogs to the least is helpful. Cleanup does a nice job of releasing extra memory after applications have been closed

- Sdfcghbb

Easy, quick. You seem to have to do one folder, then relaunch the app to do another folder. But this takes only a moment. When deleting files a progress bar would be nice. But I tried other dup finders before this one, and this seemed easiest, especially for pictures. I saved 15gb, significant for a 256gb drive.

- Deleted vital info

I was excited to use this app because I have issues with cluttered phone storage. This app is perfect if you want vital information such as contact and calendar info automatically deleted. I reached out to support as I thought perhaps I was misusing the app. I expected a response as this is a paid app. NOTHING. Just a cautionary tale, ensure you have important info in a second location, or you will lose contacts and calendar info. I would give it 0🌟 if an option, simply for the nonexistent customer service! I really expected more from a paid app.

- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Did a great job of finding duplicates and I like that it shows a second tab of similar photos. Another nice feature is the ability to "select all" since even tho I searched thru them to see if I wanted them deleted, it was more likely I would want most or all selected so I could uncheck if needed.

- Super

Works great so far. Don't pound you with ads or bug you to upgrade. Speeds up my phone for sure. Best cleaner/speed up app I have ever tried. There's always someone that complains about something, even when it's almost perfect. Don't believe the complains about this app. Works great and don't ask for anything in return! I love it!

- H

Quickest way to delete hands down! Literally open the app, it all automatically finds duplicates before it loads up for viewing, then click the trash can. the app even creates a backup if all your contacts in the event that you accidentally deleted something or someone that to you needed. perfect!

- Very good

I’ve been using this for more than a year now, and its great at finding the extra hidden files that installers and apps leave behind. On top of that, the support team are friendly helpful and incredibly fast with responses when needed (rare!) Would recommend

- Fg

It's simple to use and it don't have an ad pop up on every single cleaner. So far haven't had any other cleaner ads saying this or that is full ! That's more aggravating than anything. This particular cleaner so far has kept the your " " is full at bay. Thanks for doing you're job.

- goood

I reached out to App Cleaner to inquire about licensing after reading a little about them on their website, and having a play with their software. Stating your values publicly and actually living them can be very different. In this case, (for the time being) the Company appears to practice what they preach!

- Супер

I was impressed. My phone was a bit laggy, fixed it right up. While it may not even be possible, would be nice to have a button just to do everything. Hit the button and it cleans. Just everything. Really impressed!

- Scam

I was using a different app. An ad came up for this app claiming that the “Memory Your iPhone Is Full” (I’m not on an iPhone, and my memory is not full.) It warned that my photos and contacts will be deleted and my sim will be damaged unless I download and run this app before a countdown finishes. Mind blowingly poorly executed scam-ware. Also- developer has been responding to some of these scam warnings claiming it is not this app. So I went back to the other app, cycled through a bunch of ads until I got this one again. It did link to this app.

- 👍

This is a great app. Cleans everything you don't need and offers to clean things you don't use. When it is clean everything runs so much faster. You can look at your files and get rid of rose tough don't want as well, you make all the choices.

- Street

Will scan selected folders. Scans 1000s of photos fast. Every function I needed was free which was a great change from the majority of apps. Thank you. So I had to leave a review, thank you for making an app that does what it says it does.

- Den

I have been using these app for so many years and they never failed to meet my expectations. Beside improving the speed and cleaning, the app uninstaller just do wonder by thoroughly removing the applications that you no longer need. Keep up the good work.

- Danil

ACTUALLY WORKS. Must read this. A few of them have 4.5 stars with over 500k reviews. None of them worked because I had 11,000 duplicate photos and it was too much for the app to handle. I tried this one, and to my surprise it worked!

- Good app but

This is very helpful but you have to pay so I recommend to not download this app if you are not willing to pay the money. Feedback: I recommend to have the some parts of the app open for free so everyone is able to use it.

- 🙏

Thanks for the Awesome application. Now I have all my contacts backed up and any duplicates I can easily find and get rid of. I wish Google would make it this easy to back up your Contact List and List any Duplicates you may have.

- 🔥🔥🔥

It’s extremely good at detecting blurred images. In my case, it found 10 blurred images (see screenshot above) and they all turned out to be those photos I took at Night Safari Singapore while I was shooting on a moving tram.

- Nice

Thanks for the Awesome application. Now I have all my contacts backed up and any duplicates I can easily find and get rid of. I wish Google would make it this easy to back up your Contact List and List any Duplicates you may have.

- ;

When I first got this app, my internal phone storage was at 92% used and in desperate need for more storage. After I used the cleaning option I am now at 72% internal storage used. Cleaning is a little slow but that's bc it actually does clean up!

- Thank you

Best cleaner app I went from 90GB to 55GB and most of the files it picked to delete were stuff that I didn’t care about just make sure you still check through I recommend the 3.99 subs

- Eva

It's an actually "workhorse" for daily use! Perfect working for me with like a ton of pictures and audios…. UI is not very simple, but fully functional. Positive for me is the usability, functionality, small size of the app… Please, do more so quality apps like this! ;)

- Nice

This app does more than we need. Supported by adds so there are adds each time I use the application however I only get an add when I use application and it doesn't interfere with other phone use. Nice work!

- Отзыв

Used this app really quickly to clear up some space before a trip and absolutely loved it! It did everything I needed and more!. Recommend this app 100%.

- 1

Best duplicate Contact finder & remover, it save storage space in your device in seconds, i recommend to everyone out there, can also backup all your contacts,..great work keep it up!

- good

This product is constantly updated and just plain works. I have the whole suite and all the apps are user-friendly and run efficiently. Happy customer

- Waac

The app cleaner software it is great, it's efficient, it gets rid off unneeded files taking space. I really recommend it, you'll find your phone running smoothly all the time. Great job. Thanks

- Шага

The app scan folders fast and shows all duplicates and even similar folders. Like the animation process while scanning. Saves time in searching for duplicates a lot.

- Easy and fast cleaning

I am so impressed how amazing I did when it happens when it’s getting full and then I started to clean from my IPad. I like to say thank you for the support.

- Does nothing fast

I tried this and found that it does nothing for free- and it costs $39 to find out what it will do. I asked it to scan and show me what it would clean. That took 4 hours to get to “32%”. Of what, I am not sure. When I had it focus on photos it found 2730 duplicates, but does not identify if those are the same app or multiple apps. I gave up.

- Expert

Works well. It saved 1 hour for me by deleting about 700 duplicate contacts. If you don't want to waste your time by deleting duplicate contacts, try this app.

- 👌🏼

Works well. It saved 1 hour for me by deleting about 700 duplicate contacts. If you don't want to waste your time by deleting duplicate contacts, try this app.

- Very good

Clean and smooth! Would recommend any phone owner to buy their Apps, and hope to see them staying motivated in the business

- Отзыв

Love this app... No more duplicates... I love how this app works... It cleans all the duplicates and open up space by doing so. Uninstalling as I found one that I can select folders but this is still a good app!

- Does exactly what it says: scans, finds duplicate files.

Does exactly what it says: scans, finds duplicate files, and lets you choose what to delete. Quick, reliable and effective.

- Cool

Clean and smooth! Would recommend any phone owner to buy their Apps, and hope to see them staying motivated in the business

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- Great

It was fast

- Frrt


- wow

good app!

- Broken logic

The ad attempts to fool people to install the app, having them believe it is a system message from the device. But I ask the creators… if my storage is full, how can I download and install a new app? Try to use your brains a little better if you are going to manipulate me to install your software.

- Great app

Love your app

- Cleaner

Good for files & virus’ & malware

- Niceeeeee        ‍

Love using it in my work   ​  ​

- No issues     

Awesome app easy to use   

- Well done ‍   ‌ 

This app saved my life and took my breath away at the same damn time 

- deliver the goods  ‌    ​  

This is a great app, well built ​  

- Glad to flatter   ‍

It works for me ever since I downloaded it    

- So far so good..‌       ‍

Great and simple app. Truly 5 stars worthy     ​

- Recommended  ​  ‍ ‍

keep doing what you're doing    ​    

- Great company ‍    

Very useful, Upgraded to premium and its worth the money‌  

- No issues 

And I am more than satisfied    

- Well done‍ 

Nice design, simple but very nice‌  

- Glad to flatter     ‌   

Great and simple app. Truly 5 stars worthy     ‍  ‌‍

- Niceeeeee ‍  ​‌

Looking forward! Can't wait to see!         

- Niceeeeee ‌‍   

This app is amazing, thanks!!     ‌

- Free version is legit   

Love using it so far 

- Cleaner

Good app.

- A goid app

It is pretty good I would say tganjs so much.

- Keeps crashing

Keeps crashing my phone. It never finishes doing its thing. 😡

- Expert Cleaner


- bzb

nnznnz hshzh hshz

- Спасибо большое

Все работает спасибо большое разработчикам

- Bruh


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Expert Cleaner: Clean Storage 2.0 Screenshots & Images

Expert Cleaner: Clean Storage iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Expert Cleaner: Clean Storage iphone images
Expert Cleaner: Clean Storage iphone images
Expert Cleaner: Clean Storage iphone images
Expert Cleaner: Clean Storage iphone images
Expert Cleaner: Clean Storage iphone images
Expert Cleaner: Clean Storage iphone images
Expert Cleaner: Clean Storage iphone images
Expert Cleaner: Clean Storage Utilities application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Expert Cleaner: Clean Storage (Version 2.0) Install & Download

The applications Expert Cleaner: Clean Storage was published in the category Utilities on 2022-04-01 and was developed by Roman Burov [Developer ID: 1613723847]. This application file size is 62.16 MB. Expert Cleaner: Clean Storage - Utilities app posted on 2022-11-22 current version is 2.0 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: RomanApp.CleanerPhone