EPIK - AI Photo & Video Editor App Reviews


EPIK - AI Photo & Video Editor App Description & Overview

What is epik - ai photo & video editor app? Use professional editing tools and powerful AI technology to easily and conveniently edit photos.

[AI tool]
・ Enhance: Improve clarity and resolution! Create high-quality photos
・ AI skin: Perfect your skin by AI correcting blemishes
・ Smart AI cutout: Carefully separate figures, objects, and even animals
・ Remove: Easily remove unwanted parts
・ AI filter: Create your own characters in different styles
・ Hairstyle and Expression: Create a new look

[Professional photo editing tools]
・ HSL, Curves, Split Tone, Selective: Precise color adjustments
・ Lux, Texture, Grain, Brilliance, Vignette: Create different moods
・ Crop, Rotate, Mirror, Flip, Perspective, Adjust resolution: Set the composition you want
・ Batch: Edit multiple photos at once
・ Patch, Clone: Naturally edit or copy a specific part

[Perfect portraits]
・ Looks: Experience the magic of one-tap beauty with skin retouch, makeup, face tuner, and filters all at once
・ Erase wrinkles, AI Skin, Blemishes : Smooth skin without blemishes
・ Reshape, 3D Face, Mirror correction Individual Left-Right Adjustment, Preset, Perspective: Natural and detailed face correction
・ Style, Paint, Fine tune: Stylish makeup perfect for your face
・ Body,Length: Take perfect full-body photos! Create the body you want
・ Hair Color, Hairstyle: Transform with different hairstyles

[Trendy content]
・ Filters, Effects, Relight: Create a trendy feel
・ Stickers, Text, Paint, Draw shapes: Make your photos more unique
・ Time stamp: Record your special moments
・ Template: Thousands of customizable templates

[Creative Tools]
・ AI Collage: Create unique collages with different photos
・ Spot color: Highlight the color you want
・ Mosaic: Try various mosaic and blur effects
・ Cutout, Separate: Smart cropping
・ Layout: Combine photos in cool arrangements
・ Background, Pattern: Create your own unique backgrounds
・ Custom stickers, create one-of-a-kind filters

[Movie feature]
・ Video mosaic: Easy mosaics with automatic figure tracking
・ Retro Clip: Create vintage videos easily
・ Video Face Edit: Retouch faces naturally in videos

For inquiries about subscriptions, contact [EPIK > Profile > Settings > Contact].

- Terms of use: https://terms.snow.me/EPIK/terms
- Terms of Use for Paid Products and Services: https://terms.snow.me/EPIK/paid
- Privacy policy: https://terms.snow.me/EPIK/privacy

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App Name EPIK - AI Photo & Video Editor
Category Photo & Video
Updated 12 June 2024, Wednesday
File Size 219.7 MB

EPIK - AI Photo & Video Editor Comments & Reviews 2024

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Just 2 changes. I love the app but it needs 2 changes, first of all I suggest when you erase something it doesn’t blur cause it’s really annoying second of all, when you do layout it would be nicer if you added like lines in between the photos like white lines or something. Anyways love the app it’s really useful I made a sundrop layout and it’s so cool!

Really good app. So here’s the thing with this app. With most of these “photo editing apps” (or at least the ones I’ve used) it replaces the spot that you erase with a another part of the picture. So for example, let’s say you had a picture of your father. You wanted to edit out the window curtains. It would just replace that with your dad’s face. And that’s actually how I found out. But with EPIK, it would actually erase it. So please, download this app and thank you for reading.

APP GLITCH?. Hey, so this is a awesome app, never had any problems, but for some odd reason the Enhance feature isn’t working. It keeps saying there’s a problem with the conversion, I tried different photos, different devices, I uninstalled it and installed it back, and I even restarted my devices, still saying the same thing. I only use it for the Enhance, considering I’m a editor. I have EPIK Pro.

Absolutely Free 5 star app. This is a 5 star app and the best thing is you are never asked to subscribe to anything. Everything is absolutely free with no ads. I know it is hard to believe but it’s true. This is definitely comparable to all other photo apps. I am going to delete all other apps and keep only the ones from Snow Inc. Go and check out all of their photo apps. You will be amazed at the quality of this app. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Love this app!. I absolutely love this app. I almost never leave reviews, especially on the App Store, but this app is genuinely amazing. It allows you to do so much for free!!! There are no external ads, the only ads they have are for the app’s premium and they are 5 sec or less. On top of that, they rarely pop up and do not interfere with editing at all. I will continue to use this app even if they began to charge for their features, it’s seriously that’s good.

Quite Unbelievable and User Friendly. I am continually astonished at how incredible the Pro Tools are. Yes they are pricey but seeing what they are capable of, helping fix those little (or big) things you want to in photos, I love it too much to give up, for now anyway…it IS on the pricey side, but again in my humble and very UN-tech savvy opinion it’s worth it!

AMAZING app 👏 But, Please. Be careful, guys. This app has the 100 % accuracy, and is amazing and has all the qualities. But one thing is that when you look at the nose edits and hair and just all of it, remember that nothing is more beautiful then yourself. Never think differently of that Anyways, this app is the best app ever! It’s free kids friendly 5 stars 100 % accuracy and no big ads. The only ads that this app has are the little ones at the bottom sometimes. But you guys aka developers, are literally my family, and I love you guys… but if you guys wanna experiment new photo apps and have a lotta gigabytes. Then just try it yourself! Thanks, guys. You guys are gonna change the world someday.. thanks for reading this review!

More and more eliminated every free option. I understand you guys want to make some money I understand every feature can’t be free and you don’t make apps for people to use for free. But I have used your app as my Go to app among all of my other photo apps, because there was always a couple free features that to be were worth it, and lately more and more each of them have been taken away and changed to a paid feature. I’m just comfortable using your app. That’s one of the reasons I stayed with it but this is the final straw now there’s some kind of excuse every time I want to enhance my photo which has always been free, and now there’s an excuse that it detects something, so it has to be saved as a video, which turns it into a paid feature… there’s literally nothing left, so I am going to be sadly removing because there’s no reason for me to keep an app that the only thing I can do is crop for free.. you guys got yourselves popular by marketing to the free crowd and then you sell out and leave us with nothing but bones

Love it ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️. This app is amazing it has no ads doesn’t ask you to subscribe to anything for any of the tools this app is also super high-quality and when you’re bored it’s really fun to edit in this app because there’s so many possibilities you can do with it I definitely recommend this app over a lot of other photo editing apps because this doesn’t make you subscribe or purchase anything for any of the tools and I love that and it has absolutely no ads finally someone who figured out that it’s very annoying to have ads thank you to the creator who made this app also thank you TikTok for telling me about this app I highly recommend this app because this photo editing app is great like all the other photo editing apps have asked me to purchase stuff and subscribe to it because of the tools that it needed for it and it made me watch tons of ads every time I click something so I really like EPIK it’s amazing 🤩

Awesome app, Great for photo editing!. This is an awesome app. I love the AI filters, its fun to make yourself look like a Disney character. I originally got this app because my mom and I had gone to this pumpkin patch/fall themed ranched and took a bunch of pictures. My mom's shadow ended up in a few if them, so we downloaded this app, and it worked great! I don't even see a seam and I was the one who did the editing! Also, I'm more of a tomboy and I'm definitely not one to do makeup, like ever, but I have to say, it's kinda fun to play around with the makeup filters (don't tell my friends I said that 😂). The different stickers are cool too, along with the sky backgrounds, and the "dust" feature which makes the picture look like it's covered with dust. The only thing I don't like about this app, is that when you make your face look like an animated character, only part of your neck looks like it too. I think it would be nice if the filter worked on your whole neck, or just your face. I also think the mosaic Filter makes pictures look a little to blurry to recognize. Also, a few more hair color options would be great. Aside from that this app is awesome, and to anyone thinking about buying it, you definitely should. It's really fun, no adds, and there are a ton of options for almost all the filters. This app is great, and I 100% recommend it.

it’s amazing!. The app seems great but the remover in the app isn’t really good. If you use it, it would make the picture seem terrible. I hope that the creators of the app can fix it to make it better. I really think you should also add an effect where you could change the background in a picture. Or if the creators of the app already added that, then nvm that.

(DEVELOPERS: PLEASE READ)Used to be good but now it’s so bad. So this app used to really good, and I made really cool photos with the app. And then I stopped using it for a while and now this app turned into absolutely garbage. I get that you want money, but making almost EVERYTHING require pro is not a good way, it’s probably just make you lose people using the app instead of more people. The app before this stupid update was great since you didn’t have to pay to use the features and now it’s like 95% of the feature is pro. I feel like if you don’t pay for the subscription, you barely can do anything, making the app pretty useless. At least make more features free, and If you really need money, JUST MAKE THE WHOLE FRICKEN APP COST MONEY!!! Please at least do something about this .

don’t understand all the negative reviews. OK, y’all are either really poor or don’t read the terms that you are agreeing to. Let’s be real, if you expect a premium product it probably isn’t going to be free. that’s just the reality. I, like many others, tried the 7 day free trial (at which point it clearly states the date & price you will be charged unless you cancel by a specified date). I canceled before that date because I had been testing out a number of other editing apps and was still unsure which, if any, I would pay for. Once my subscription was up, I continued using alternative editing apps to create marketing materials, use ai art generation, and edit photos/videos for marketing. however none of the apps had all the features I was looking for or let me edit to the degree in which I wanted. I ended up having to use a combination of apps to get the kind of results I had gotten with epik by itself. So after a week being frustrated by said inferior apps, I came back to Epik and resubscribed to the $0.99/week plan because i knew it had all the features i wanted all in one place I don’t know how long I’m going to subscribe for, but right now I’m doing a ton of marketing for my business. Epik and Canva have been such lifehacks and timesavers, making these once mundane tasks now easy and fun. this app is well worth $.99 a week you can find that in your sofa for goodness sake

Great App!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. I love this app! Great options to choose from and completely free with no ads! It gives me so many options and filters to choose from while maintaining a good app design. It makes me so happy that photo editing apps can be free while still being high quality. Would definitely recommend to anyone! 5 out of 5 stars for quality!

Rip off. Do not buy!. Well first off you’ve got to buy a package of 60 pictures and it recommends uploading 8-12 images. So it makes it seem like you can upload the remaining of the 60 purchased pics later. But you can’t! So I uploaded 8 pictures as suggested. I tried to add more pics and they were going to charge again! And it gives you a choice of male, female or other. Choose other! Then upload guy or girl pics! This is a terrible purchase! And the fact that it says it can access my files for three years after my last use is disturbing

Not paying for fake AI yearbook photos. I saw everyone doing the AI yearbook photo trend on TikTok and wanted to try it out. I downloaded this app that people were saying they used to get the photos. I wanted to try it out with some celebs but then noticed you had to pay money to get the photos. Which to me seems brainless like why would I pay money for just a few AI photos. I also saw on TikTok some people never even received that photos after paying which just shows this app steals money from users. I’ve also seen like every tiktoker use this thats means they all payed for those photos which seems ridiculous to me. I thought maybe I could try other stuff on the app but like 95% of the stuff is pro so there’s no reason to have this app. I used it for 3 minutes and wish I could get those 3 minutes I wasted back. If you really want people to use your app you would make the AI yearbook photo feature free to use like at least once so people can try it out before buying.

Great and you can get the basics for free!. 2021 review: My go to editing app! I use this just for fun ever since I saw Grazy Grace’s sponsorship of it! Honestly it is a very nice app! And everything looks natural! And very easy to use without paying any money for the basics! Edit (2023): it’s gotten kind of stingy…like all of the things that were free before (there were only like 2 things that cost money before) NOW like almost everything that was free is now expensive. So unfortunately I will be editing my five star to a four star.

Wow this app is so good that my Mom is actually so addicted to using this. My name is Ethan and I am 7 years old. I showed my mom some of the cool photos I have made, such as a photo of me literally taking a selfie in disney world, and a photo of me walking on water, a photo of me riding on the biggest ocean animal known as the blue whale. My mom asked, how did I do it? So I showed her this app and now in her free time she would normally use this app for really cool stuff. I also do love this app a lot because it doesn’t ever charge you anything, and there is absolutely no ads.

Don’t waste your money. I obviously wanted to hop on the yearbook train but it was a complete rip off. And I even tried TWICE with different photos to make sure I was giving it a fair shot. Most of the photos don’t look like me, and not just small awkward mistakes — completely different race (I have black skin and the skin came out white on several). Outside of the skin color, the features and hair were also a completely different race. I used several pictures with twists and my curly afro and all of the AI photos came out with straight or wavy hair, sometimes even blonde (?!). Nose, teeth, bone structure - all wrong and of a different race. I was also disappointed that you don’t have a choice in the types of photos it generates. I really wanted the cat lady photo (again, tried this TWICE) and it gave me much of the same themed photos both times. Also for some reason, the app takes between 2-24hrs (depending on how much you pay) to process, and frequently “sells out”. All in all, a complete waste of money. Save your coins friends.

Best app ever!!!!!!. I thought this app was like all those other apps but it is not like other apps it is free and can change your hair color it can even make you bigger and make you slimmer this app is the best I am tipping this because this is the best I am blessed I found this app.I am not jokingYou Are BLESSED To IF YOU TRY THIS APP GO Ahead AND GET IT NOW DON’t SAY O’H I HAVE TO SHARE IT WITH MY FAMILY And FRIENDS TO say to GET IT REMEMBER YOU MIGHT BE Happy THAT YOU GAVE IT A SHOT! NOT joking!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FROM,??? I am going to stop tipping by oh what I am still tipping well by by 👋👍

Theres something I’d like to confront. So IThink that you should be able to screenshot these because it’s so annoying. because I am a kid you need to realize kids use this kind of stuff because kids don’t have money nowadays they don’t work like stuff back in the olden days this is rated three stars because I absolutely hate that you can’t screenshot it and just so you know this is coming from an eight year old so you better fix it NOW 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

Best app ever. I tried this and when I first got in I edited crazy this is such a good app because this is a good app because this is a good app to do things plus this is really good to use for Father’s Day so you guys should try it out and I love that we don’t have to pay this just makes my day up it makes me happy things on this because epic is a really good app just download it now🥰

No, just no. I rated this highly to get it noticed, you can’t do anything without paying for it and it’s honestly really annoying. I wanted to try out 1 hair color and I heard good things about this app from tiktok ads and other people. But you have to pay for everything and it’s not worth it at all. I understand why but atleast let me put 2-3 on and then make me pay for it. Let me get 3 freebies or somthing. This was just a waste of storage and not to mention I did pay for it and I only allowed access to select photos but it prompted me to use a photo that I didn’t select so I’m on the edge of trusting this.

Why I like it 😎. Hi this is the best app to edit for anythingLike I edit everything here but what’s wrong with it it’s just that I can never find the button to be done with it trust me I love it you could do edit it’s kind of like a movie you can make I had it all my pictures and what I like about it too it’s free and you don’t have to pay any fee monthly or free for seven days but it’s really hard to know where you’re going we all know it has signs on it but not enough to see you are you coming but I’ll probably get used to it over the years but that’s all hope you have a good day

Glitchy. Paid the 5.99 fee for the yearbook AI package and it was supposed to take only 2 hours. It’s been almost 12 hours, and I’m unable to view the final pictures in the app. Nothing is loading. Not to mention it took multiple days before my request to use the filter was able to go through due to “the high volume” on the app. Why then take my submission if it can’t be completed by the time it was supposed to be done, and I still can’t view it? They should stop servicing the app until it’s able to be stable with this much traction.

It’s definitely not for me!!!. So I’m trying to find a new editing app and I’m on a fixed income so I’m looking for something free. I don’t need a big elaborate app that can change my eye colors or add makeup I couldn’t do on my best day or give me a perfect figure. I just need an app where I can edit out defects and maybe make a collage or two. So, I didn’t think it would be hard to find one considering I don’t need as much features as what a paying customer would like. I wouldn’t even care to pay a few dollars a month if I needed to in order to do something more elaborate like add a frame or something. But this app, they want to charge you almost $40 to use absolutely any kind of features! You may be able to crop a photo for free but you can’t enhance it or add text to it or use a color filter without paying for that subscription! And who wants to pay FOURTY DOLLARS for a photo editing app?! I can think of ten things in ten seconds that I could spend that money on that would be more worth it! But that’s just my opinion! Just be warned, it isn’t free and it is expensive.

Works great but having issues saving photos. The app is almost as accurate as my high school photos, and I really love the AI quality. Very photorealistic and lots of choices to choose from. The problem. Was trying to save the photos that I like would end in an error. I ended up having doing screenshots to see photos that I like more often than not the app crashes and won’t even load all the photos in the album.

Not worth it. I tried the yearbook photo packages and spent over ten bucks for each one. Most of the photos didn’t look like me at all and there were quite a few with some weird ai glitches, like messed up eyes n all. There were maybe 4 pics out of the 60 that were decent, so definitely not worth it. I also thought I’d try the male version pics of myself out of curiously, but they charge the same amount for a different set. In the male pics of me, they also added some female ones too? I didn’t pay for those and felt gypped. They also turned out even worse. Proportionally, was not accurate and some didn’t even look human..

10/10 I do recommend. This app is so good. It has a lot of great choices your can choose to edit from. All of this stuff is free from what I’ve seen from. This app saved my photos. Although I really don’t know if it’s just me or when you use the automatic button it doesn’t come up but you can use another button where you do it yourself. But overall amazing app.

AI Yearbook feature is hit or miss. I wanted to try the AI Yearbook feature for my partner. I waited almost a day to get in on the cheaper but slower option but ended up paying $6 for the second choice since it was the only one available. Underwhelmed would be putting it lightly. Out of 60 photos maybe two look like her. I wish Epik had some sort of low quality preview of one or two photos so you could see if they are on the right track or not. Otherwise you’re really rolling the dice.

Speechless. EPIK deserves more than 5 stars. They have so many features that every other photo app has if not more. From AI cut out, face/body retouch, filters, animations, stickers, lighting, enhancements, hi resolution, Ai transform to cartoon, and much more AND it’s FREE seriously it’s free. To the point where I’m actually looking for how to upgrade/pay a subscription instead of avoiding it! Thank you to the creators of this app

Amazing Editing App.. If you are looking for an editing app that doesn’t cost anything for you to edit, use EPIK. This game is perfect for people who just want to edit model, travel photos, and food, and also for people who want to edit their Royal high photos. It is a great use and has so many filters, effects, and backgrounds. I recommend using this for everything, it has everything you need including crop, remove, text, and much more. This is AMAZING. Happy editing!

Froze on Payment Processing Screen. Downloaded the app to try the AI Yearbook. Got all the way to entering payment, and on the payment processing screen the app just continued loading for two minutes with no idea of how long it would take to finish “payment processing”. I finally had to close the app so I can use my phone for another reason. Now the charge for this is showing on my app store purchase history, and I have no idea how to get the images I purchased. Basically a very annoying experience and now I need to figure out how to get the charge reversed. Mistake to use this app.

Awesome app!!!. I’ve had VSCO for a very long time, back when it was 100% free with just a few filters. Now they’ve started making a lot of things premium filers, even a basic grain filter!! I quickly googled free apps like VSCO and Epik popped up. I had low expectations, but I’m blown away! Love the filters you get on the app and it’s a fairly user friendly interface. Good stuff, keep doing what you’re doing!!

Now. It was a really great app very fun and easy and everything was free until they added “EPIK Pro” that just ruined the whole app for me because all the stuff I like and all the good stuff costs money because now that they have EPIK Pro you have to pay a subscription for the good stuff on the app but not even 7 months ago everything was free but now it costs money I hate that I dont suggest this app unless you don’t really have a certain style, a way you like things or just certain things you like I would give it 2 stars but they have a feature were you can pick a photo and cut out what you want in the photo and make a sticker out of it and can put it on your photo or whatever your making on the app

EPIK Review. Overall amazing app, 100% free to use. EPIK is not like the other editors that make you pay in order to use them which is amazing. There are so many cool templates and amazing features and everything is super easy to use. By far, the best feature is the background removing tool which is so easy and you can erase anything out of your photos by coloring around the object. Overall, an amazing editing app and I 100% recommend!

I really like the removal tool. The reason i got it is because when I'm playing PvZ i keep on getting this ad its always like "why you stressing? Remember this photo from Paris? Well I can't remove these extra peasants from the photo, well i know how to fix it i use Epik photo editor to fix it (sneaky snitch music plays) removes girl one "what how. Yeah its a piece of cake" "theres no way this is free." "This is the only free app with the Removal tool." "Are you an angle from the heaven" "yes but heres how to make it better" *removes tower* "hand me that.

Doesn't work and won't refund.. I purchased the 90s yearbook photos with the incorrect credit card (my mistake). Then, I tried again with the correct card. The wheel spun for 5 hours. My phone died and when I opened the app back up there were no photos. The only way to get them would have been to pay again. I noticed on my Apple bill I was billed twice for the 90s yearbook. Apparently, after my card was declined the first time, Apple or EPIK took it upon themselves to rerun my card. I reached out to EPIK and told them what happened and got no response. I tried to dispute both charges with Apple and Apple refused to refund them. I had to contact American Express and they issued a refund. It's not like it costs a lot of money, but it's the priceable. I'm not gonna pay (twice) for a service I didn't receive. Also, what poor customer service on their part.

So incredibly disappointed. Epic has been my go-to photo editing app for years, and for the last couple of months every time I get on to use it, another of the filters I’ve always used has switched to premium. I’ve tried to just stop using just those, but as of this morning it’s become pointless to even attempt to use the app at all, as someone who cant afford any extra financial strain. I completely understand that the point overall is to make money, but as a longtime user I feel irrationally betrayed. I acknowledge the irrational part, but I’m just super disappointed.

Hmm babe let me tell you. So yeah I would give it five star only if you make one insy little change as too when for example I am doing some good ol testing and I make a beautiful creation out of a photo mhm? And then I go to check if I can put I little portrait or cool frame of somewhat around it yeah? And I press one I didn’t mean too and it takes me to the setting up now I decline and it tells me “your changes will me removed” or whatever and I think “well it means that portrait/frame” so I click ok and IT TAKES ALL OF ME THINGS OFF I know understand what it means but yeah that’s not cool bro I was absolutely scared and was about to cry yeah yeah I’m a wimp whatever but besides that you got me on this app it’s a keeper!!~

Free, yet still insanely good. I came here from an ad claiming the app was free and also gave tools like remove. I figured there was some kind of subscription thing but when you scroll down, you can see there’s no microtransactions at all. No ads either. So, really, no “catch”. App is basically ps express except 100% free and with other features like a collection of models you can import for the photo. Tools are good, and the remove tool is actually half decent. It’d be hard to find an app that provides these kind of features for free and even without ads.

Omg. Guys you have to get it it’s the best everybody uses it and edit stuff so you should get it if you read this I’ll give you $1000 my nickname is G0 my LL yes and you really have to get this I love it and it’s really good editing you can erase stuff you can add a filter you can do everything you want basically it’s in a pro it’s appropriate and is the best so thank you for reading this if you do I’ll give you $1000 and you just have to send me anything you want and yeah bye thank you by

Impressive. So far I’m liking it a lot. I was using it only for the cartoon effect feature that the app has for free. But then I wanted to experiment a little more with it. I was using other apps to enhance blurry pictures, and then I tried this one’s “enhance” feature. I’m not 100% sure but I think it works better than the others. So, I got the free trial to experiment a little further with it. It impressed me the ease of use and the precision of the AI tools it has. I literally learned to use it in less than 30 minutes. Without any tutorials or anything, I can now confidently edit images like a pro. From beginner to pro in less than 30 minutes? That to me says a lot when it comes to work that has been put into this app to be this simple and powerful. So far, I love it.

Awesome. Iii this is an awesome game you should always play it you should always play this game because you can erase anything you wanna poke your own make up on the filters the pictures and the filters that you take and you can do anything you want with it you this game is amazing you should play it every day and every night also there’s also there’s an Oscar there’s a other game called Text or Die you should play it too but this game is even better than that if you have it

I love you guys. I love your guises app because I can make me and my best friends photos and stuff and I can edit and I can add it out so it looks like we’re like in a pink room together it reminds me of me and my best friend together we got separated for a little bit but we go to the same school which is really fun but I’m going over to her house or she’s coming To mine but the thing I love about this app as you can make your background whatever color you want and you could make things behind you disappear just using the cut out thing I gives us a five star review I hope you guys appreciate this I’m a big friend sincerely Makayla

It delivers half of the Box. The options for editing and if you want to include one picture or multiple is splendid and user friendly. On the other hand, a few aspects did not reach the type of “function” I had in mind. For existence the eraser tool just blurred the objects rather than completely removing. In addition, there is no tutorial to use the tools and if there is then it is not clear to the user. In the end, I give it a 3 out of 5 stars.

I love this. Get it you won’t regret it. Omg this is so good before I was so bored with my pictures and it took me soooo long to finally find time to look for it then I saw EPIK and it is life changing all my photos are so cool and cute and my family and friends are like “how did you do that I can’t “ and I am like I use EPIK get and FINALLY a app that you don’t need to pay money like this is so good

I LOVE EPIK. Epik makes it makes ur life very Esel er because you can edit and prank your friends hahaha i play this app on iPad and still enjoy this app so who ever is the owner of this app please i would recommend this very much i bring my iPad everywhere and play this game and edit my pics and like I said I would recommend this game for a lot of people to edit and play you should get this app to edit and prank your friends hahaha

Download NOW❤️❤️❤️❤️. Ok so this game is sooooooo frame good it’s like not even a game it’s like well it is a edit app look I can see what I look like with difrent make up and hair like I scan change my hair into like soooo freaken sot and I can do difrent colors of my hair like I have brown hair and I got on there and I saw my self with this like ombré pink purple blue hair and so then I loved it and I got my hair done like that in real life and so I have had this app for like 3 or 4 weeks and there has Ben NO ADDS att all I promise is so weired but I Love this app ❤️❤️❤️❤️so GET IT❤️pls❤️

TRY IT ITS ALL FREE😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩. Best app ever except these things So, I think that it should have the option to have the app look at your photos and see if you need braces.😁 If I’m supposed to be talking about things I like I would say that it’s cool 😎 and it deserves a five-star rating.🙂But the erasing object option is weird it makes the stuff behind the object you erased look strange!But aside from that, this is an awesome app and I think that everyone should at least try it.😇

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GET THIS APP NOW. Amazing super flexible 100% recommended

it’s ok. it broke after one photo

Cool but not worth it. The AI yearbook photos are cool and all but the app is terrible. Conveniently the cheaper pack option is always “sold out” so you always have to pay for the most expensive one, my pictures didn’t come out properly so that was $10 wasted and I have to try it again. There’s no simple payment to keep generating new images, you have to pay every single time which is very expensive and not worth it.

NOT RECOMMENDED: Biased AI Model. Warning: this year book Ai model is hardly trained on any Asian people. If you are Asian, think twice before using this, or else you’ll end up looking like a Caucasian. (In addition, I’m wearing glasses in all my photos. Why are my glasses in all the generated 60 year book photos?

Awesome!. It’s the best music app ever but of course the ads that interrupt me constantly, telling me to get premium. You should be able to combine playlists with the free version. Otherwise, it’s a great app!

Scam app. I downloaded it, it charged me for the one off photo issue, I get charged another $70+ 3 days later, rhe company is not interested in refunding. I don’t want this stupid app, I assumed when I had to pay for the photos up front that was it. I want a refund, never authorised this to debit from my account and will be seeking compensation via payment reversal - very uncool massive scammers.

Did not receive Ai yearbook photos. I paid $9.99 to get my AI yearbook photos in 2 hours. 19 hours later I still haven’t received them. I’ve messaged the company and still have not heard back. Please don’t offer a service that you cannot provide for. I expect to be refunded for this, or at least partially for the time I have waited.

Your forced to keep the app. Once you uninstall the app and reinstall it the app is softlocked.

Horrible scam of an app. The app set up an automatic something I did not want or ask for. I also paid for a service that I didn’t receive. after not receiving I put in a complaint and have heard nothing about it and received zero refund. I expect to be refunded for both the service I paid for (yearbook) and the subscription renewal I did not ask for.

Package got “sold out”. How do you run out of something non-physical?

Best game. Yes good game

Platinum. I use around 20 apps for photo edits for blogs and social media and this app just covered most. I’ve emailed my feedback with suggestions such as option to save over original file (modify) to reduce multiple images, larger file size (pixels) as I handle a lot of 360 spherical 2x1 images. All the best with success as this app is sensational

Went so easy as soon as I got in it new wat I wanted. Best photo app iv used iv downloaded this app new wat I wanted n made it easy I’m on the spectrum I didn’t even need to no how to use the app all the buttons n things u can change were explained perfect with good grafics so ull no wat wat buttons used for man word up this is picture perfect

don’t like app at all. i don’t like the app wish i never purchased it i used it for one photo and hate it . i want my money back as i used it for one picture

Wow just wow I love this. I can finally make myself fat ty

It’s reallllllly easy to use!!!!. This is the best app I have ever used!it can be used to cut out pictures and synthesize pictures.Great recommendation!Thank you creating such a useful app!:)

SCAMMERS. I cancelled my subscription and they still took my money. I don’t use the app. I downloaded it to see if it could do what I needed to and I found another that was cheaper.

Love it!. This is very understandable. It has a lot of options for editing, and you can use it to catfish ;) ... Anyway, 100% recommend, it is an awesome app, and one of the best things, it’s free!

no point in getting it unless ur willing to pay for pro. such a waste of time downloading it just to find out you need pro for basic things

AMAZING!! GET THIS!!. I HIGHLY recommend this app!!! It doesn’t do any of the blurry, icky nonsense that the other apps do!! It actual works!! Well done EPIK!! I’ve had no annoying adds and no limits to what I can do without premium!! Woo hoo 😝✌️

This is the greatest free app ever. So good

Not happy whatsoever. I accidentally forgot to cancel my free trial due to the app not meeting my satisfaction and just as I was to do it I was charged $76 but I didn’t panic and instead I went for a refund and not once but twice was I turned down for an app I can’t use where I now have $76 lost for nothing!

Love this app🫰🏻. 🫰🏻🫰🏻❤️⚡️⚡️⚡️Thanks

one of the worst apps ever. The reason of this which is really annoying, is you can use the pro items, but then when you try to take a screenshot, it blocks out the photo. Would not buy this app this app again!

Scam. I never received my photos, it’s been a week and I paid for priority photos

its ok with background removal. the background removal is 5/10 but its not high quality at all cleanup.pictures is the best background removal as a web

Scammers. Paid $10 for for it to be done in 2 hours as it was the only option as the 48 hour one was sold out. 28 hours later still hasn’t even been processed.

I. I can edit anything for free I like this app it is amazing

why bother being free. have to pay for literally everything in this app so why would they class it as a free app. don’t waste your time downloading

Paid but did not get the photo. I paid 9.99 dollars and never got the photo i want to have a refund.

AI generator didn’t work for me. I paid twice to get images generated by their AI - the Yearbook feature. First time, I used selfies that had slight filters and glasses, when I shouldn’t have (so my bad), and the photos didn’t look like me. Then I took fresh no-filter, no-glasses selfies of me and the results were far off! It was a good laugh for a few mins, but not worth $20 for 2 tries. Disappointed for sure.

App crashed, lost $10. App crashed after I paid $10 for the yearbook photos. Reopens the app and the process had restarted so lost $10. Haven’t heard back from support when I put in an enquiry. Happy to pay but want to receive the service I paid for.

suspiciously good. ok I'll bite — what's the catch? my bet is that you'll turn into a subscription service by the end of the year

Epic. This is epic.

Why I like EPIK. The editing is great and everything is on rock! If you want to edit your pictures then I recommend this. There are so many editing options and it’s awesome

MAKES YOU PAY. I don’t like it my opinion bye ✌️

Amazing App. It’s amazing app I really like it

DONT BUY. you need to spend money. Not worth it

Wow. I don’t know why but when I arcade everything it look unholy??!!??

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Very Dissatisfied. I wanted to cancel my subscription before getting charged $60 after my free trial and it charged me and now i can’t get that money back

Sold out??. Firstly, it requires to be paid for. $3.99 and $7.99 are both “sold out” so I cannot do 90s year book photos. Thats rude… :(

Paid & received no photos. Paid for the yearbook photos and did not receive anything. Don’t recommend this app. Very glitchy.

charged 3 times and hard to refund. I don’t know why they charged 3 times, it paid 2 time in my credit card and 1 time with paypal. Only one time was working. Still need to refund those two payment. That’s so frustrated

Terrible. NOT FREE. You can’t edit even one pic without paying $59. Per year! Rip off and waste of time

Nope. Literally everything there is Pro so you have to pay and none of them are free. Wouldn’t recommend.

No moreOne time options. There is no more one time option OR one week subscription option . Now you have to buy a one yr subscription but they give you the choice to pay the whole yr in monthly payment or all at once . Why would I buy a whole yr just for some yearbook photos I will post once . No thanks

Garbage. You can find a free AI on google.

Free Trial Scam. I attempted only the free trial and definitively ended it two days before it was supposed to end. I received a prompt asking [two days free trial remaining, would you really wanna cancel?] and I confirmed the cancellation. However, suddenly, a one-year subscription was charged even though I canceled it. A message appeared saying "You've cancelled your subscription," so why was a year's worth charged? I've requested a refund from both Apple and Epic, as this seems like a scam. Looking at reviews, I'm not the only one facing this issue. Avoid the free trial; please resolve the refund quickly.

Inappropriate. I did the vintage ones and one picture has me holding a penis to my face???

Stupid app.. You have to pay to even be able to see anything on this app. It’s a horrible app.

One star. This app sucks it is so stupid

Ça ne fait rien. Payer pour ça, c’est une arnaque. Ça ne fonctionne pas

Expensive. Great app, but it’s to expensive

Really cool. Great use of AI. Good job y'all

ıts scam!!!!!!!. its scam!! i paid for only ai year book two times. and i noticed that they took total year price after i paid others by extra. they answered ' you paid. ıts okay we dont pay back' what? i didnt want to give total price . its scam and they dont solve this.

Took my money. I paid for the ai yearbook, it charged my card and I never received any photos in return. Couldn't find anywhere on the app to contact them so am left to write a review as a complaint and just out money and time unfortunately

GARBAGE!. I paid $7.99 for express - nearly four hours later and I still have a spinning green circle saying my payment is being processed. This doesn’t work and I have lost $8!

👍🏽. It’s pretty good👍🏽😌

horrible. this app said it was 53$ for the subscription and then took 100$ from me!!!

BIG SCAM !!!. Don’t download this it’s a waste of time asking for too much money for even the most little edits

never got my pics. never received my picture i paid for and have no idea how i can even get them. sick app.

Stole my money. Wouldn’t give a refund and there’s no receipt when they charged me for a renewal. Losers!

Fraudulent and misleading.. Wanted the 7 days free trial. Even tough It specifically said that I woundnt be charged if I canceled before the 7 days period (and I canceled directly after subscribing to make sure) it STILL charged me for the annual plan and it says now that it expires in October 2024. Be cautious when trying it since it’s misleading.

Fake Sold Out Option. They offer AI Generated images - Regular for $5 and Express for $8 but of course the cheaper option for $5 is ALWAYS “sold out”. Lol. How convenient.

Don’t buy a subscription. You have to pay for basically every template, especially the ones they are advertising for. Waste of time.

N. Amazing

Charged then didn’t deliver. Charged me the $8 sat for two hours then failed and wouldn’t provide be images unless I paid again

They scammed me. I downloaded it for ONE DAY. When I still had a week free trial. Deleted it. Now I was just charged $66 for NOTHING. pay me back please

Scam. Don’t buy this it’s a scam.

Rip off. I paid 4.99$ to have my AI yearbook photos and they said will get them within 24 hrs but I never got them.

very good. very good and free no in app purchases and no watermark and i can make my friends cursed 10/10

No Photos Recieved. I just received a receipt for purchasing the AI yearbook, I gave them my photos and it never processed, or they just didn’t give me the photos. Really disappointed after spending money on something that seems like a scam🙃

Terrible. Tried the ai yearbook thing, and it butchered my photos so bad!!! Not to mention I spent $7

Still waiting for my pics. I bought the AI YearBook yesterday (the one that was meant to be ready in 2 hours). It’s been 12 hours now, still haven’t heard anything from the app. However, 2 payments haven’t been debited to my bank account. Please let me know how I can retrieve my pics. I’m happy to pay for a service but please deliver the service.

No results! Ripped off!. I paid for the AI yearbook feature and it’s been two weeks and it still says in progress when I go to check. Yet celebrities are posting their results daily. Seems fishy to me. What a rip off!

Useless. Can’t do anything without buying the subscription

Scam, DO NOT BUY. They offer a free week trial and charge you 67 dollars as soon as you accept then you have to wait 48 hours to even see if apple will give you a refund. Apple will not give you a refund for it either because they’re just as useless and they’re letting this scam app be bought by the people that buy their products

do not download. DO NOT GET THIS APP!!! it will charge you even if you subscribe for the free trial!!!! it’s a scam!!!

stole my money. This app stole my money and has not responded to any of my inquiries for over a week. Do not waste your time downloading this app.

No pictures. I paid and received no pictures, I have sent a message regarding the situation with no response back.

They robbed me. I bought EPIK in-app yearbook photos on two occasions. The first time, I didn't receive any images because their system was experiencing technical issues. They later fixed the problem and I repurchased the yearbook photos. The second time, I did receive the photos I had purchased. I never got the refund for the first purchase. And I’ve messaged them twice And have not heard back

ERROR SAVING PHOTOS??. It does not let you saves photos. I had to screenshot them after paying for it!!!

Fun but broken. Ok so I paid the 7.99$ for the 60 AI pics which were mostly great! For that I’m satisfied but what’s not good is that I literally cannot download them it keeps failing?! I don’t get it. Debating asking for a refund since I can’t even save the generated pictures.

Why do I have to pay money for something AI is going to make for me?. You have to pay for a lot of things AI will make. Does not make sense

Amazing. This app is very good. Way better then face tune or airbrush! They actually give you what you want without a scam.

Paid for nothing. I paid for the school year book but got nothing. I have sent message about 5 times on the app and still nothing. I can see I have been charged. Save your money.

Scam. I paid 9 bucks for the yearbook photos and it never gave me anything such a scam I want my money back

Photos. Photos looked nothing like me very disappointed

False advertising. Paid for the 4 hour turn around and am still waiting, now says 7hours left.

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Good but…. I like this app. The story is I was on B612 and it had an ad for the app on there to do the AI yearbook photos so I downloaded it. I filled out all the stuff and the photos are NOT free. That may not be terrible for people but it says it is free so that made me upset. I haven’t tried the other features so you can go to other ratings for that but this is mine as a person who does NOT like spending money on stuff like this.

Misleading. The cutout tool does not work. You have to do it manually and the edges are sharp and horrible. The app does not help you drawn a clean line whatsoever. Stick with PicsArt for this task. I was also charged $1 for some reason the second I downloaded this. This is yet another photo editing app by SNOW. Not sure why you can’t combine SNOW, SODA, B612, and this app into something functional, rather than have us run around four different apps to do different things that may or may not even work.

Five stars!. I love it! There are so many great filters and things to do! I love that you don't have to pay for anything! The make up edits look super real! I had so much fun adding stickers and filters to my photos. I also like that the finished photos don't have a watermark on them.

Just love this app. When I started to use this I fell in love with this app my photos were gorgeous my favorite is the erasing thing that is really fun I just erase stuff from my photos. My favorite part is that you could just see if they would look good if they didn’t oh my photos would be terrible and this app would be a 1 star.

Great AI. I downloaded today for the 90’s yearbook. They only had the $5.99 option. I got the album in 30 minutes. I followed the instructions on what type of photos to pick and maybe that speed up the process. Pics are cute!

It’s An Ok App. The filters kind of turn all your pictures blurry. So if you have a good camera or have already edited the picture then apply a filter from the app it changes the quality of the picture completely, making you start over again.

definitely get this app! 🎞️. i have downloaded many free apps to edit photos and videos for instagram and all of them had many ads or required payments to achieve the final product i really wanted. this app surpasses the others in editing with templates, features, and more and really keeps the quality of the original photo! and it’s all free! love it and keep it up! only thing i noticed was some bugs when typing in text boxes of templates already made for you. would be great if you guys could fix!

THIS APP IS THE BEST. i needed an app where i could collage my photos and turn it to my wallpaper and an app with cute filters i can put on my photos and this app has all of that and more in one app. i used to have a bunch of different apps downloaded to do all of that stuff but now i have one app and it’s amazing

One of the best. This was the ONLY free editing app that I could find. No 7 day trials or subscriptions, very simple layout, so it’s super easy to edit my pictures. The only issue I’ve noticed is I can only edit about 10 pictures at a time before the app closes itself and will not save the changes you made. I really like this app!!

BEST EDITING APP. I REALLY can’t express how good this app is! I have MANY editing apps on my phone, but NONE of them are as good as this. I REALLY recommend this app to anyone who wants a easy editing app. It is super easy to use and VERY EFFECTIVE! Thank you so much to the creator of this app for not only making this app, but not including adds! - a person who LOVES Epik

GREAT but needs ONE THING. I used EPIK for the last two years and haven’t had any issues with it. Except it needs ONE THING. Text to image AI. Picsart has it, but you can only generate like 10 images at a time. Because you need the subscription. If EPIK has it, it will be unlimited for free, and keywords to narrow down your search. I totally recommend EPIK for photo editing.

I LOVE This App!!❤️. This app is a photo and video editor. It has so so many cool features! And did I mention it is all free!?! That’s right! It is free to download and all the editing and everything about this app is free! EPIK is on the very front page of my phone because I literally use this app every no single day!! Thank you so much whoever created this app!!!

best new photo editor, love the improvements!!. this app is amazing with so many features that are available for free where as you have to pay in other apps like facetune. Removing background and patch are such a game changer! It’s got it all! My favorite new photo editor!! Please keep it free like how it is now thank you!!! 🙏

Prob Subscription 🤦‍♀️. Hello! I loved this app for photo editing! It was amazing and FREE. Then you added the pro subscription, I understand you need to earn money, but now it’s unfair like all the other editing apps. You make around 80% of everything PRO. I cannot get the subscription so editing is now very difficult. Please remove it. 🤦‍♀️ I am deciding whether to delete this app or not. It USED to be good. NOW since the SUBSCRIPTION exists, it’s an unfair experience. And an unfair experience isn’t how you earn more customers.

It’s a little confusing but I like it. The rules are a little blurry it’s really confusing because there are so many buttons it’s not that realistic like why can’t it be just a marker that can erase things from the back that you don’t want and The background will still be there.

!!!. i catfished so many ppl w this app!!! it was a whole feature where u can change your body type & it looks so NATURAL. i took pics, edited them, & posted them & ppl really think i’m thick now. i’m ngl, this app finna get all my money. i’m willing to pay that .99¢ to try out the other features!!

One of the best apps. This is totally legit and it’s so cold like edit out some stuff and it’s like well just check it out for yourself it’s just so good the only problem that I have is that whenever I erase stuff it just like it’s a bit blurry and the place I erase so I think you might want to fix that but everything else is very good

DOWNLOAD IT NOW ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. This app has no ads you don’t have to subscribe there is no premium it’s all for free you don’t have to buy this game it’s all for free and the best part you can edit your photos and you can choose more photos please download this game now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best photo editing app hands down. Many free high quality touch ups easy to use and takes your pics from basic to professional! Love love love this app! I’ve used all types of apps but this one is one of the most versatile!

The app is amazing but... It’s annoying that there is a pro subscription and you have to pay like $20 for it and somethings you can’t download without Internet. I would like you to be able to download them without Internet, but otherwise the app is great for editing photos.

Love it. This app make my live easy you can decorate your pictures and you’d temples and they make your pictures look pretty and beautiful or you make or create your own temple or you can edit all your pictures and they will look beautiful

It’s alright. I’ve used this app for free for a month or two and so far I loved it however I just don’t like how this app makes you pay for certain features like the ai yearbook you literally gotta pay for that and I just don’t like how we gotta waste our money on something that’s most likely not gonna look like the real us

This Is Amazing. I love how i can remove things and it looks so smooth, i love making virtual art with this and im so happy it is free so its not like all those other apps that make you pay for a membership or make you watch 5 ads every 2 seconds. It just lets you do what you need to do.

WOW. This is the best editing app on the AppStore! No subscription required everything (that I know of) is free! Super high quality it’s better than other apps that will make you pay. I have had such a great experience with this app and I have enjoyed editing photos with it. Can’t wait for new updates! Future Updates (Ideas) -More lipstick, blush, etc. -More filters -Redesigned set up -Better compatibility with iPad (screen wise) -Instead of searching for stickers you should be able to have categories seasonal, summer, animals, etc. to make it easier to filter through all the stickers. ✨Nerd Giant From Smartland✨

The best editor. This is the best app do you because it is because it has a back on because the background removal tools doesn’t remove just stuff and make it white and it’s completely free on App Store go download it now on the App Store and it Emoni cost you a dime

good app but has some flaws. i love this app so much and i use it for my thumb nails on you but it has some flaws, i was making a drawing for my friend and i went out of the for somthing but i wasnt worried because usually it saves my progress and lets me continue working, but this time it didnt it deleted all of my work and i was really sad about it. 🥲otherwise good app I would just like this problem to be fixed.

This app could be amazing. This AI doesn’t create good images for black people. I have had multiple friends try it. I’ve tried to change up the photos making sure I followed all the guidelines. I’m disappointed because the concepts are dope and I pay every time hoping they get it right once. It’s always the same type of face and no matter how good my pictures are that I upload it’s not me. 🫠 I don’t want a refund I want a better product lol

Great app needs some bug fixes though. It’s good but a problem I’m having is whenever I use any brush tool it often doesn’t work at all or is calibrated incorrectly and it doesn’t even go where you point at the screen, besides that it’s a good app I just hope they fix it or I’ll need to use another app.

Amazing. This is absolutely stunning there’s so many options, filters,stickers, and everything. And it’s All free!! I absolutely love this! It’s finally the app with a background removing tool that’s FREE. I totally would recommend the filters are great and there’s so many stickers and lighting options 10/10 😍😍

Plz fix!. This is a good editing app but it won’t let me edit my photo anymore when I try to scroll across the screen the whole app crashes is it a glitch? Or is it the new update messing up my phone, please fix

Perfect!. This is just perfect I mean, sometimes like everything is realistic. It’s perfect but for most of the things there’s only like one thing available and then the rest I have to pay which I don’t really like about that part but overall it’s good.

It’s surprisingly good. I really do enjoy the app I just didn’t wish I had to pay for the certain things but I still am totally enjoying it. The prices differ I’ve noticed only by $1 from the tablet app and the phone app.

I promise you this will be the last photo editing app you’ll ever download.. This is the first (and probably only) time I’ll leave a review in the app store, but I had to on this app because it is quite literally the greatest app I’ve ever used. No adds, no subscriptions, yet there’s an infinite number of things that can be done.

Free for me. Got this app to help edit my product photos and WOW lemme tell you, it’s free with good quality and has some cute stickers! Usually I would expect to have to pay for something like this but I don’t!! Love this so far! I will be recommending this to my friends for sure

Photos were deleted less than 24 hours later. I barely had a chance to view all of my images and when I tried to look at them today- all of them are gone. I expected to be able to keep them since I paid for it.

A must have!. As a photographer and photo editor, this app is a must have. I also use their other app, “Foodie” which is how I found out about EPIK. I have to say, I’m impressed with what this app offers. There are many tools, filters, and effects to choose from. If you are looking for a great photo editing app, this is the one!

My favorite photo editing app. I do photography and have experimented with a lot of photo editing apps and this is my all time favorite. It has all the features I need to make my shots look professional. Even without a subscription, I’ve been beyond happy with the app🖤

Okay app but…. This app is great and all but every time I try to use the remove tool it says I can’t witch is very frustrating do you think you could try to fix it? Overall it’s a very good app but this is the only thing I dislike about the app

Where do I find my pics?. I bought the yearbook ai thing but I didn’t get my pics. I dont know if there’s a button I press to locate them. There wasn’t any notification or anything too. It says I paid for it so if it’s glitched is there a way I can get a refund? I can’t really give it a rating so ima just put like a 3/5 because I really do want to see my pics.

THE BEST APP EVER. This app is the best because one there is ZERO ads and two there’s nothing stupid like the premiums instead you get everything for free! I recommend buying this if you want something to edit! I paid zero dollars for this app and it comes with everything!! (Recommended app)

READ NOW. It is a amazing app great for editing but sometimes you try to erase something and then it just makes it blurry but sometimes it actually works and makes the object disappear so I do recommend downloading this app

Use this app to make your Christmas lists better. You can type in what you want for Christmas, add a picture right by it (Make sure they match) if there is no room you can do another one, When you’re finished you can add Christmas stickers and then print it out. That’s all I have to say. 🎄🎅🧑‍🎄🤶

BEST editing app + it’s Free!!!. I downloaded this app just to edit stuff in a cool way but I didn’t realize it would be so good! This app is free and doesn’t ask you to pay money for any special tools. It has many different templates you can use or you can create you own. I definitely recommend this app.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Five stars!!

Scam! Don’t fall for it!!!. I paid $5.99 for you the yearbook photos, immediately after the money came out of my acc a loading screen came on my phone saying “payment processing”… I let it “process” for HALF AN HOUR before just giving up and turning my phone off. I didn’t get my pictures after waiting 2 hours and there’s no where on the app to even prove I purchased them. I’m not mad it was just $5 but definitely a waste of time and money considering I didn’t even get my pictures.

In love. I love this app!It is so much fun.I have made a Lock Screen and edited a picture of myself and it turned out so gorgeous.I can’t wait to see all the other beautiful creations I make on this app!Have a great day! Inspirational saying:correcting does a lot but encouragement does more.😁

Why I like this app. I love this app so much my photos srw so much better,here is an example I have a group at my camp we love taking photos so when we take a lot of photos so when I can have like 9 photos in 1 picture I love it and also I like how they save to my photos

A MUST have. I saw a lot of ads for this and I honestly thought it was fake but after I downloaded it I was shocked it was amazing! It has so many tools to make myself look better and worse and the background removal tool is amazing and real it’s a great app and a must have

A Little bug you r something?. So overall the whole app is amazing!!! I would 100% Recommend. However, I’ve had a problem with the Remove tool. I don’t know if it’s just me but whenever I try using the tool. It keeps saying “The preparation Failed. Please Try Again”. Can someone please tell me how to solve it? Thanks! Hope someone can reply soon.

It’s not the best. It’s a bit glitchy and I can’t get rid of people in the background . I think this app is ok. Sometimes my pictures are a little bit blurry so you need really good camera quality if you want your pictures to not be blurry. If you don’t care about the blurry background then you don’t need good camera quality.

AMAZING but… there’s 1 problem. I love this app but whenever I download a new sticker pack the next time I open the app all of the stickers I previously downloaded don’t show up. I’ve tried re downloading. It just goes to all of the stickers I already have. If you can fix this minor problem I would be very happy! Anyway thank you!

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EPIK - AI Photo & Video Editor 5.0.3 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the EPIK - AI Photo & Video Editor app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with SNOW Corporation and other users?

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epik - ai photo & video editor ipad images 2
epik - ai photo & video editor ipad images 3
epik - ai photo & video editor ipad images 4

EPIK - AI Photo & Video Editor 5.0.3 Apps Screenshots & Images

EPIK - AI Photo & Video Editor iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 5.0.3
Play Store com.snowcorp.epik
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

EPIK - AI Photo & Video Editor (Versiyon 5.0.3) Install & Download

The application EPIK - AI Photo & Video Editor was published in the category Photo & Video on 14 August 2021, Saturday and was developed by SNOW Corporation [Developer ID: 1342976735]. This program file size is 219.7 MB. This app has been rated by 48,130 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. EPIK - AI Photo & Video Editor - Photo & Video app posted on 12 June 2024, Wednesday current version is 5.0.3 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.snowcorp.epik. Languages supported by the app:

EN HI ID JA KO PT RU ZH ES TH ZH VI Download & Install Now!
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EPIK - AI Photo & Video Editor App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

[Video] Simple video editing! The new structure allows you to edit videos more efficiently. [Video Filters] Apply filters to videos, and even create unique Reels! [Video Body] Edit body shapes to look natural in videos. [Enhance] New model! Try the improved Enhance tool. [Continue Editing] Your work in progress will be automatically saved. [Template] Find templates by popular creators. [Volume] Restore distorted backgrounds. [Skin Tone] This tool has been reorganized into a new menu. Create more natural skin tones. [Text] Usability has been improved and some menus have been integrated. [Editor] To improve usability, the structure has been improved and a new recommendation feature has been added.

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