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Type fast like Hyper Run - Typing Games

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- pretty good!

this is a very fun and entertaining game. yes, it does keep doing the same stuff over and over again but still, there is a bit of a variety to the game. this is also one of the very few games that i see that doesn’t have a ton of ads every round. you get to do like 3 or 4 typing mini game thing s, then it shows you a short ad. very well separated ad and playing time. i really like this app! good work.

- It’s a good game but...

Okay here me out. I type fast apparently, each round only last 10-40 seconds for me. Maybe even less time is needed for some. After. Every. Single. Round, there was ad, and at fist I thought it was every couple of round which, I am okay with, But NOoO, it’s after every round. They take about the same amount of time as the rounds and even longer sometimes. I basically am on my bed watching ads the majority of them time. If you like ads, or take like a minute to type ‘ Penguins used to be six feet’ than go ahead.

- Good But Boring

I like the idea but after a while, the levels just randomly repeat themselves. Plus, I’ve noticed that your ‘opponents’ are most likely not other players but are NPC’s, or at least they seem like type are as it doesn’t seem like they are typing, or if they are, then it’s very slow. Then the sentences that you would type only seem to have about five or so words max, so the level’s really short. And after every single level is like a 20 sec long ad, and so you spend less time playing the game and more time just watching ads.

- Doesn’t work

I was excited about the game because I enjoyed the concept and the idea of it. When I went to play I couldn’t move at all. No matter how many times I typed the word or hit any buttons nothing happened and my avatar didn’t move anywhere. However this isn’t the only problem. There are so many ads that you’d spend more time watching ads then playing the game even if it did work.

- Love it but...

I love the game, but there are a lot of ads that I understand from a business standpoint. Although they have so many ads, there is no way to pay for the removal of ads. If it had a way to do that, I would love the app and give it five stars.

- Doesn’t get me any hope

I had to watch tv to get hope And when I played this game it said hurry up and made a mad face and I am under 12 and I know they will be saying those words because they can keep your hopes down you can make a practice round and not saying all those hurtful words and emoji‘s. just say kind words and people can delete this app because of this and make it one star

- Good app but keeps replaying the level

I like this app but it keeps doing the same level again and again you guys should make new levels replaying the same levels is kinda boring but after all it’s a pretty good app💕

- They beat game ever

This game helps me type faster so when I text someone I can type fast instead of being slow

- Typing

This game helps you type faster and helps you with online learning I guess.

- it’s okay

this app is okay. the “people” you are competing with don’t even type at all so your always going to win. they’re not even real people at all i’m pretty sure, there just robots and they do nothing. i wish the sentences that they give you are longer because they are way to short in my opinion. you type maybe 5 words and your done. it doesn’t really help you become a fast typer. overall i love the concept of the game i just wish it was longer things to type and there are real people playing.

- Love game!

This game is amazing I was a slow like very slow Typer and now I’m so good and fast tysm for this game it’s amazing what else to I say oh my gosh there’s so many things! 😂😂

- bad game overall

i was excited to play this game, as i have never seen an app similar to typeracer, but for phones. while playing, i couldn’t get through one round without getting countless ads, i ended up spending more time watching ads than actually playing the game. the concept of this game is good, but they executed it very poorly. also, this game has little to no competition, if you have had a phone for more than a year there is a very big chance you will be faster than anyone you compete against. played two rounds and uninstalled immediately.

- Samantha

I love this game because it leads me to the thing I most love writing and it is also a really good game thank you for creating it

- Too many adverts.

If you want to spend 2 minutes playing a game, and don't mind watching 8 minutes of advertisements while you do, this is the game for you. Literally, you will spend more time watching advertisements than you will playing the game itself.

- Awesome app

I love the app because it helped me type faster but, there is to many ads.

- Typing

I got faster at typing

- Love it💗✨

I love this game it is so good I am so much better at typing now and it is a really fun game.✨🥳

- It won’t even let me play

I try to type what it tells me but it doesn’t do a single thing. My character doesn’t move at all and I can’t progress. This game is unplayable. I don’t know how other people are getting it to work.

- DOESNT work

I was excited to play the game because I think I type pretty fast but it didn’t move at all when I typed. I tried to play multiple times but it didn’t take my typing in at all. Quite disappointed.

- Reviewed by Delphin

Amazing game it helps me type fast and learn how to spell correct

- Fun

So far it is really fun and now I am really good at typing

- Made me upset

I was actually really excited for this because I enjoy typing but it wouldn’t even let me, even when I was doing it correctly. Absolutely horrible.

- Doesn’t work !!

I was so exited to play but every time I would try to type it would stop it wouldn’t work so in that case I recommend not playing or maybe it may work for u idk tho ?

- I couldn't type

I'd start typing and nothing would happen, my character would just stand there to doing nothing and there was no indication that it was registering any of the letter i was typing.

- No punctuation

Some rounds it asks for a period or a number but there is no way to type these things. I this was not a problem I would rate a 5


ok so this game does help you type faster. but it also has WAY to many ads! so it says “watch an ad to get x2 more!” and i pick “no thanks” because i don’t want to watch an ad. BUT GUESS WHAT. IT STILL GAVE ME AN AD. please make it not have AS MUCH ads. thanks 😕

- many ads, still fun!

obvi there are going to be a ton of ads, it’s a clickbait game. down a vpn and move on to the fun! this game is amusing with its little facts and i love getting rewarded with fake coins for being a fast typed 👍🏼👍🏼

- Good

It helps me with typing

- game

i thnk this game can help a lot of kids like me its like fdoing work but in a fun why the first time i saw it i was bad at it i still im but im getiing better.

- tired of the ads

it’s impossible to play the game with how much ads there are. i enjoy typing games but had to delete this one after having it for no longer than 5 minutes solely based on how many ads there are. you spend more time watching the ads than you do playing the game. truly very sad

- Horrible

It wouldn’t let me type anything. At all. It’s slow, to many ads even though you can’t even play it.

- Cant write anything

I would type the words even random words and it wouldn’t let me type it or anything🤦🏾‍♀️

- Horrible.

I can’t type anything. When the round starts and I want to type I can’t, and the other players just get ahead.

- CANT type

I wanted to learn how to type fast but I couldn’t move at all even if I spelled the words nothing happened

- Cant even move

I can’t even move no matter how many buttons I press it doesn’t work

- I could be a little bit better if it was real online. Bu

I is ok

- WAY TOO MANY ADDS, not worth it.

So many adds, more than I got to play the game. I’d rather buy 99 cents for the game than have this many adds. Very stupid


It’s to many ads and It would let me go after the third round so I have to start I over and over again so it’s horrible

- It’s the worst

I got this app because it seemed fun; but in one of the rounds, I typed the correct word but it would not let me through. And not just that. It is just not..... cool.

- Review

There are way more adds than game time. Watching 2 to 3 adds just to get to the next rounds. About to delete.

- I love this game

Thank u

- Adds

Get rid of the adds

- This game

This game is so fun please get it

- Tooo many ads !!!

It’s a fun game but after each round it’s a ad

- Disappointed

I couldn’t move at all.

- Fix this game💔

It was a good game but at one point it wouldn’t let me type anything at all.

- ads

i enjoy the concept of the game but it would be much more enjoyable if there weren’t ads every five seconds. i get it, this app is free. you’re allowed to have ads but over half my time on this app shouldn’t be viewing ads.

- I hate this game

I was trying to flex my mobile add skills and it tricked me and went into App Store

- Terrible

I’ve honestly never seen anything more false advertised in my entire lifetime. Terrible game. Super dumb

- Terrible quality

Freezes up Random ad pop ups Terrible keyboards Lagging Confusing questions Slow game play Just over all terrible game 10/10 would not recommend Needs a lot of updates

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- Needs more flags

I started playing this game and I am now addicted but there needs to be more flags I am Australian and there isn’t my flag and my Asian friends had the exact same problem


I tried to play and I could type so I don’t thing you guys should get it If you wanna go get it but when I got this app I was like yeah I and going to become a better typ I couldn’t of type one word and I was spelling it right cos it was something like this CARS ARE FUN and THIS GAME IS THE BEST I couldn’t type so if you what more view then fix the game please I want to play but how if the game is saying that I am spelling words that I know wrong So that is my experience so I am giving you guys a one

- Very offended

Right off the bat there’s no Australia? Excuse me mate but I’m pretty sure we deserve to be on the flag list. Minus 2 stars. Otherwise, average game, exactly what I expected so nothing I can complain about.

- Lagging

The game is super slow and lagging

- Help

The typing doesn’t work and pls change that. I was literally spamming the keyboard only to notice it NOT working. I hope you take this to consideration.

- Doesn’t work

This app doesn’t even work tried to play and every time it did nothing

- I’m having a big issue

When typing in battle 1 nothing happens, is there any fix for this?

- Game Trash

The typing doesn’t work and I’m a fast Tyler and when I was typing it wouldn’t render in and it was no working pls fix this

- Massive typing bug

Try to use to test my text speed and I won’t type at all may wanna fix this

- Very glitchy

This game looked really fun but it glitches SOOOO much! It lags and takes forever to load so it’s really hard for me to enjoy it.

- Sooooo many ads

Huge waste of time and boring for all the ads

- Worst Game

This game is the worst game on the appstore by far. Do not waste your time on this joke of a game.

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- Fun, but developer please read!

Pretty fun game but could you please add a premium option? If you add an option that is inexpensive ($0.99) then you could probably increase revenue a lot and improve people’s game with zero ads after purchase. If you set the price too high like other games then way less people might purchase. If you want to add premium option, please don’t be like other developers with a ridiculous price or even monthly subscription. The game is pretty good as well and good job getting to the #1 of apple free charts as an indie developer! Very cool!

- 5 stars

Finally an app that is like the ads they show! I LOVE IT

- Fun game

Love ittt!!!!

- Glitches everytime

It glitches everytime for me and it freezes my screen only in that tab and it wont let me type, its so annoying especially when apps are made with "Unity". 🙄🙄😒. Like at least try your best to make most of your games very good and stop scamming and wasting people's time. This game is stupid don't download it. I should've trusted the ratings.. 🤡🤑🤑👹

- Good game, two problems

I don’t like how you have to add space bars and you cant listen to music while playing

- dont download this trash :)

this garbage doesnt even let you type and then it says "oH yOu lOsT" like of course i did cuz ur game sucks like cmon now

- Would I rather

I would rather be in hell than playing this

- It’s ok

The app was fine until 1) soooo many ads came up and 2) when I got to the part where it was put these two emojis together to get a word my game just froze. I was still able to type but the screen just showed the example. Also @cartiforlife bleu is the French way of spelling blue

- What

Can’t even type

- Trash

Does work do waste your time

- Fix your game.

This is so stupid. It won’t let me type anything and then it says I lost the level.

- Doesn’t Type

This game sucks you can’t type and when you enter the game it doesn’t type and turns out you stuck on typing your damn name making it impossible to play this game fix it

- Trash

It’s trash

- .

This is a horrible game... it wont let you type, and it is not fair

- trash


- Wth is this

I literally on the question where you have 3 choices right. It says the question is what is the sky color right. I typed bleu right. And it just facks me because there is another bleu answer that I didn’t type. And also, u can finish the 1 thing of the game just by watching a couple of ads. Complete the castle thing. Also last thing, stop with the fricking ads dude. Just ads every ending of rounds man c’mon. Trash

- Meh


- Not working

Not working I can’t type this game sucks don’t get it! This is a



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Happy Printer iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Happy Printer iphone images
Happy Printer iphone images
Happy Printer iphone images
Happy Printer iphone images
Happy Printer iphone images
Happy Printer iphone images
Happy Printer iphone images

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The applications Happy Printer was published in the category Games on 2020-11-10 and was developed by Marcelo Orovio [Developer ID: 1510914840]. This application file size is 93.14 MB. Happy Printer - Games app posted on 2021-02-19 current version is 2.042 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.happyprinter.game

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