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What is survivor!.io app? Dangerous zombies are attacking the entire city! The city is in peril!
Awakened by the trial of dreams, you've no choice but to take on the heroic mantle of saving the city!
As a human warrior with unlimited potential, you and other survivors will have to pick up your weapons and battle these evil and dangerous zombies!
The horde far outnumbers you - any slip-up and you'll get caught in dire straits!
Faced with crisis, you must find a way to survive!

-Face off against 1000+ monsters at once and exterminate them!
-Clear the map with one-hand controls!
-All-new roguelite skill experience with unlimited combinations
-Feel the heat of each new stage with different difficulties
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Survivor!.io Version 1.3.1213 August 2022

- All new S Grade equipment - Some output resources have been optimized - Fixed known bugs in ads..

Survivor!.io Comments & Reviews 2022

- Good game, but you copied

I love the game but it is literally a carbon copy of Archero. Aside from that I love the game, but there is one very annoying problem. In the hardest mode of trials, when you get 2 of the boss robots (that I don’t know the name of) there is almost 0 chance of survival. When they both release their heads to chase you, there is barely anywhere to go since the boss is so big and the heads are running around chasing you, making it impossible to avoid them. Not only that, but the head hit box is all messed up. The heads will enter my field of view and before I can react, they are already causing damage, even though it looks like they aren’t even touching me. With as fast at they do damage end even with the max speed you can get with the upgrades, it is still impossible to outrun them before you die and it’s just super agitating. Still super fun and would recommend

- Great game! Wow!

I had to write a review considering the fact that it’s the first time in a while that I’ve seen an ad for a game that doesn’t spam you with ads when you’re trying to play. After seeing the game vampire survivors I was happy to see an ad for this game that has similar gameplay and is free. It’s very fun, has a lot of content, nicely drawn visuals. It also has a fairly challenging difficulty which is great because it keeps me wanting to play more. The only time you watch ads is when you want to, in order to get a daily chest or gold, and I love it when games are like that. Not only that but usually I don’t even have to end up watching the full ad! Very happy that the devs of this game put out a fun game without abusing it to rake in money. Props to you guys, and hopefully more people play your game.

- Energy requirements defeats the purpose of the download

I really like game and I play it a lot but there’s this feature in this game where if you die too much you can no longer play the game. You spend energy to play the game and you run out of energy if you die too much which disables you from continuing to play the game unless you watch an ad or spend some other type of currency. I downloaded this mobile game to play it. Having a feature in the game where you can’t play the game at will is dumb. Why is a game that was created to be played telling me I can’t play the game? This game isn’t the only one that does that a lot of them do it and I hate it. Stop designing this feature into games. We as gamers should be able to play the game endlessly until we decide we won’t to stop. That’s why I gave this 3 stars to make a point. Without that feature in the game this game would be worth more stars but it’s not because of that. Get rid of that feature!

- P2W amongst other design flaws

This game is fun for about 5 minutes before you are advertised with p2w gear and notifications about them that won’t get off your screen. The only way to get “good” gear is through these purple chest which cost 300 gems to open and claim that “every 10 chest 1 purple guaranteed” meaning you have a chance to get a purple before 10 chest right? NO, I’ve opened about 100 now and it is not a random drop rate and the only way to get viable gear is through disgusting p2w prices. They also have mode where you grind the same level 3 times to get these mutations that get you more passive bonuses but you can’t even get GOLD, the main currency in the game by having to grind the same level 3 times (about 10-15 minutes each time because the goal is to survive that long) which is just utterly stupid. I don’t know who designed that mode but 200 gems and a mutation aren’t worth 45 minutes of my time if I don’t get any gold having to do it. This game is a lazy tax write off for the developers and is a huge let down

- Not what i expected!

Now, i saw this game in an ad and thought “this game Looks fun and interesting.. but its probably FLOODED With ads!” And when i y’know, downloaded it, i was Surprised by the LACK of ads! This is what a Mobile game should be in my opinion! My honest review, 10/10, Very fun AND I dont have to sit through 30 second ads every minute i play ^^ (Also it doesn't fry my phone every-time i play it) ..Although i do have one complaint i forgot to add.. Why the Energy system? Its just annoying, and unfun, why deny the player the ability to play the game? They would play MORE if that wasn’t a thing and adding an energy system doesn’t make them want too come back tomorrow! If you’re gonna get someone hooked on a game then let them play it anytime they want! Not when the energy count says so,

- First off, absolutely amazing job advertising!

As the sub-heading says, the advertisement for this game was the key breaking point to it’s rapid success, and I being a player love it. Phenomenal job with the game, however as a player, here are some things that will help you take this game to the NEXT LEVEL. • Skins, avatars, characters- you get the idea, I think it will eventually become dull seeing the same guy running around the screen for eternity. Another way to approach this would be to possibly make the gear visible in-game. I think this could spice up the visuals and thrill. • Consistent banner/ gear release, the starting banner currently being the Eternal set, is a great idea and will be a primary income supplier. To release sets available like these consistently would be huge for the game and the players. FINALLY… • Co-op. Yes, thats right this game is practically screaming for a cross companioned feature like co-op. This will allow the game to expand thoroughly for the players who seek a game to play with they’re buddies. Keep up the great work, so far what you have done with the game is candy to the tastebuds, absolutely delightful. If you so ever need to contact a person who could help you with these features, I am all for it. Good luck ladies and gents.

- Very Good

I saw this game on a Tiktok ad and thought wow this game actually looks interesting! Considering all the poor quality games that has been released lately, I wasn’t expecting too much and thought I would be bored within 2 days. However when I downloaded this game I was mind blown by how organized this game was, how addicting it was, and how there were no ads!! The gameplay itself I find to be very good, with the option to select and choose your paths to find monsters, it’s far better than the other crappy games you see. This game still has a long way to go, in that it could use more upgrades or evolutions, but considering how the game has just released, I can tell this game will succeed and will only get better from here.

- Extreme mediocrity

Everything about this game is half-baked. The entire concept is copy/pasted from other games, nothing is changed. Roguelike abilities + mass wave spawn. Thats it. Use the static sprites to kill the waves of enemies to vacuum up xp to earn a selection of 3 random upgrades. The animation is non-existant, its all just tracking. Sprites are awful, effects are simple, and the screen will get so chaotic you dont know whats going on. The difficulty spikes often as a paywall. You must grind gold for days to upgrade permanent stats to progress. It becomes literally not possible until you grind or pay for stats. There is gear for the same purpose, also gear adds a little extra with weapon abilities and buffs, but its basically the same - gold for stats. The abilities are fun and interesting the first few times you’re experimenting, figuring out good combos was fun. Until you hit the paywalls, then its just about using the specific upgrades useful for that stage and mindlessly repeating it until you’re capable of beating it. The entire screen will fill up to kill you, if you’re not strong enough stat-wise (ability choice is irrelevant at that point) then you lose. It’s designed to kill you unless you’re the strength they require you to be. So it stops being about skill and becomes completely a grindfest waiting for the RNG to roll in your favor. It gets extremely frustrating very quickly.

- I love this game!!!

I love the challenge in this game and I also love how satisfying it is when you get max upgraded force field and guardian top together. I love this game so much and another review said you couldn’t outrun Metal Gnashers head when he throws it, but I easily did! He also said he had max speed and couldn’t, but I didn’t even have the speed upgrade (if I did it was level 1) and I easily did, as said before. That shows you listened to their review and dealt with it! I love this game, I can’t stop playing it, and I’m on the toilet as a write this reveiw. (I played the game before writing the reveiw) my point is, I LOVE THIS GAME!!! And everyone who doesn’t for whatever reason can go stuff their nose with maggots. Thanks so much for making this game. I owe you one.

- Good but

This was a fun game I saw on TikTok and I thought I’de give it a try and it was fun but then I realized that when u die it takes forever to get back to where you were. For example I died on chapter 2 and I almost won but it’s so boring when you have to fight the slow zombies because they are Tanky but slow so it takes forever to level up in that time. And when the game starts it takes forever to level up because you don’t put a lot of zombies. You should also as a suggestion have a guide to tell you everything there is about the game like what weapons you can have instead of a kunai because people don’t know you can have a shotgun. And people see videos on strategies to win but they see loot they don’t know existed in the game so they are confused you should tell everyone what upgrade and stuff there are in battle like the force field and gaurdian blades you should tell everyone what there is.

- Amazing game but one problem

I love this game. I just got it recently and I’m already addicted. My only issue is the energy creation. It takes about 20 minutes per energy and it takes 5 energy to play a round. You can also hold only 30 energy so if you leave it for too long you stop gaining it. This makes it so you can’t play for very long, which is frustrating when the game is so fun. The least the developers could do would be to make earning 1 energy take 4 minutes so you can play a round at least every 20 minutes. The best option would be earning enough energy to play a round every 10 minutes. I would definitely play more if these changes were made.

- Ruined by micro transactions

The game is initially somewhat fun, but the micro transactions ruin it. Most activities grant xp and coins, but don’t grant enough coins to afford that level’s upgrades. If you want them you have to pay real money for coins, and then more to upgrade your gear. There aren’t that many skills in the game so with careful play you can usually get the build you want, but it doesn’t help; most levels have a swarm of enemies at the end that serve as a DPS check. If you haven’t bought enough meta upgrades, you cannot beat the level with good play, you must wait longer to earn more coins or spend real money. Even the 7 day starter quests have many milestones which you cannot complete without opening a ton of chests for real money. This is far less respectful than other micro transaction based games I have played. Vampire Survivors and its PC clones are not expensive and are much better. They also don’t require high-cost micro transactions to beat.

- A clone of Vampire Survivors

This is just a clone of Vampire Survivors. The devs website claims to take great pride in creating original games and are not copying anyone. The gameplay is pretty smooth but once you get to the second stage the difficulty ramps up right after the second boss fight. Then you realize the reason the difficulty ramps up immediately is to get you to start rolling on the gear gacha. That’s right you read that right this shameless clone has a gear gacha that gives you very significant bonuses like speed and health pool depending on the rarity of the gear you pull for. It’s also an ad spamming game that hits you with multiple ads for a small amount of premium currency. Honestly just go play Vampire Survivors because this game is preying upon your wallet. Also the devs are deleting comments that negatively talk about this game lol. Shameless devs like that make me laugh. I’ll keep posting my honest review no matter how much they take it down.

- Its alright just some things…

Honestly, I love this game, it’s just the app purchases, I understand the gem purchases, I totally understand that, what I don’t understand is why you have to pay 20$ for MILESTONES, a BASE GAME feature. If you were gonna do anything, make it below 10$ or at least free, maybe free is to much, but just a tad bit cheaper, I was excited when I saw one of my milestone things were done, clicked it, and saw the 20$ price tag. I also hate the long period of time to get up to the point you were at, every time you beat a boss, there should be a checkpoint, and it would save your ability’s, and restore your health to full, it should also clear some of the zombies out, make sure people can’t abuse it if you add it, I doubt you will, but please at least attempt to do something to the milestones, I love your game.

- Awesome mobile game:I want to see this game blow up

Unlike most mobile games in the ads they show real gameplay and not just some fake lies like the other ads. Second, I saw one ad frequently and it said a few small tips like getting the forcefield and mini-gun. that made me download the game. I didn’t believe what it said was true til I played. Now I’m still on the second world and I don’t have the mini-gun but it is still so fun. The game is so fun doesn’t lie and I’ve never played vampire survivor so I have no idea this is anything like it. So overall I think it. Deserves 5 stars on every review and one thing I think they should remove tho is the energy system. Also, thanks for the free 100 gems at the start of the game

- The mobile game of all mobile games!

I can’t tell you how many mobile games are on my phone and I don’t play any of them. I might play like one a month for about 10 mins total. BUT, this is a game changer. The progression and overall satisfying design of the game is just something that is hard to find in a mobile games, ESPECIALLY one without mandatory ads. That’s the best part. I stay away from mobile games because of the ads but you won’t find them every 30 seconds like on most other games. I have yet to run into an ad (other than ones that I purposely clicked on for a reward) after more than 12 hours of gameplay. Super fun and addictive! Try it out:)

- Fun game but a few minor issues

My main concern is the time delay on energy. Yes while you do have a lot to use as well as free refills, (with ad/purchase with gems) you only get a few refills at a time per day. Having a 20 min delay per 1 energy refill is waaaay too much downtime for the pace of this game. On the other hand it has great graphics and sprite designs and am loving the references/wide variety of weapons and combos. Each weapon has its own unique feel and upgrades that coincide with it which brings a lot of character to the game that i really enjoy. The fact that i can also reset the upgrades i've put into a piece of armor/weapon, gain everything back, and use it to upgrade a new weapon all for free is phenomenal. I plan to play this for a while and see what happens next!

- Pay to win

Honestly once you get past the first level (which took me hours just to get past that after I watched many videos to get coins and a few chests here and there) it ramps up really fast, seems practically impossible unless you have better upgrades for your gear, seems like their wanting you to waste money on the game just for you to be able to beat 1 level then continuously ramp up causing you to spend even more money to beat just 1 more level. Make your game less pay to win and more free to play rather then causing playing to be stuck on a level for a day or two PLEASE. But other then my rant, it’s visually attractive and runs very smoothly, but either make it to where it’s less pay to win or drastically decrease the amount of zombies that spawn in OR decrease their health. Pleade

- Really good game, very grindy though

The game is a lot like Archero, which is made by the same company. You walk around and kill mobs, that's it. Baseball bat- swing, upgraded and evolved = reach increased Shotgun- short blast, upgraded and evolved = gatling gun Kunai- throw kunai, upgraded and evolved = kunai gatling aimbot Katana- waves to left and right, same upgraded and evolved = trash. Revolver- pewpewpew, upgraded is still pewpewpew Laser Sword S- sword that shoots waves in every direction every 5 swings, upgraded and evolved is dual sword, 2 swings = 4 swings coz 2 swords, every 3rd swing is waves in every direction. Probably the best weapon or tied with Kunai. Pros-- Fun gameplay Easy to understand Alot of replayability Great time passer Cons-- Each stage is time based. - Suggestion: make it waves instead. The game is too grindy. - Suggestion: add more ways to earn gems & coins, free & faster. Weapon/armor drops in stages are rare. - Suggestion: allow weapons/armor to be obtained more frequently in stages. Thanks for reading, really great game. Not as much content as archero. Would love to see more characters added like in archero.

- Chapter 2 Boss Broken

The Raging Bull final boss for Chapter 2 is broken. The hit boxes for the blue orbs he shoots out are significantly larger than they appear and are almost impossible to dodge. He has two different attacks with the blue orbs. One you can dodge if you’re so far away from him that you can’t even see him on the screen, then you have a very tight window to dodge them. His other attack with the blue orbs is literally impossible to dodge, and you get hit with 2-3 every single time he does it. I guess the only way you can beat it is if you over level for multiple hours running the chapter 2 over and over and over which is boring. Chapter 2 isn’t even hard, it’s just the boss is broken and unbeatable unless you upgrade so much stuff that you can just tank his undodgeable attacks.

- Forces you into one play style

It’s pretty fun, but unless you sink all your upgrades into the force field and guardian blades… you are absolutely hopeless against swarms. You’ll understand if you play it. Even when those are maxed out… there’s a point where the game just kinda decides your run is over, and completely surrounds you with a THICK layer of enemies leaving you with no hope of survival. At this point it’s not about skill or even luck, your run is over. There’s no chance. I’ve been on the first level for about a day and a half… haven’t beaten it and I don’t even know how far I have left. This wouldn’t be a problem, if there were like literally 25 more levels. I don’t think I’ll ever finish this game. My suggestion- make it so the other upgrades are enough to survive off of so that they are worth while to invest in.

- The RNG makes u pay.

NOTICE. The single crates tell u the rate of epic drop. 1 out of 3. The new “promotion” for 10 rolls says 1 out of 9 rolls. The 10 roll on the epic crates doesn’t even give you a rate of return. Don’t spend ur gems on 10 rolls. Its all a scam. The game makes u think the 10 is best and when u spend all ur hard earned gems and get terrible gear your stuck. Then the actual game play Random Number Generator (RNG) starts becoming horrendous. The bosses stop giving triple and luck trains. The 5 upgrades and one bonus stat upgrade for each weapon becomes completely impossible to achieve until extremely late in the games. I FOUGHT 3 FINAL BOSSES WITHOUT A SINGLE FULLY UPGRADED WEAPON. That’s not unlucky people. Do not spend money on this game or waste your time. It’s a cash grab. And the RNG is rigged toward making you think “oh I can’t get past this level because my gear is bad. I’ll spend money now”. Don’t do it.

- Enjoy the game, however...

I've enjoyed this game, it's a nice game to just relax and run around killing things and the passive defense abilities are really satisfying. The one thing I really hate though is the fact there isn't a mode to just continue playing. I spend the time leveling up my abilities to get the cool versions of it and only get to use them for about 3-5 minutes due to the time limit at 15 minutes and the items needing to be max level and it usually takes till end game to get them. I'd really love an infinite mode where it gets harder, but I get to continue using the cool items I've gotten for longer. Other than this complaint it's not a bad game, good for just killing time.

- Absolutely have an obsessed with this game!

If you are reading this which I guess you are then I love this game! I play it with my cousins and my brother all the time! It’s my favorite game and anyone that gives this game a chance will to! For the developer: Can you please give me some tips to beat the first boss in chapter 2! Every time I get close to beating I just die cuz it has 2 many attacks, and every time I try to dodge them and I just die! I’ve even tried all of the best skills combined with full health going into the boss fight and it’s just so hard! But still a great game and that’s just another reason to keep playing! =]

- Hard but REALLY FUN

When I first saw this game, I was scrolling through TikTok and saw and ad and the game looked really fun. When I first played I realized that it was really hard and required skill to beat chapters. Every weapon is unique and has different mechanics. (The shotgun being my fav) A couple of bad things that could be patched are, Game getting too hard too fast, Only one daily challenge, DNA being hard to get early. Some good things are, Chests and gems being easy to get, being hard, getting merges feels awarding, etc. Overall, I love this game and you should try it! 10/10 masterpiece!

- The Fun is Running Out

Ive had a good bit of fun playing the game over the past couple days to a week. However, i am getting to the point to where progression is falling off and the only way to progress is to buy gear. The game is great in concept but due to how the developers have made the game no matter how good of a run i get i am unable to progress in the maps. Even the best combos of items and their syngeries will allow me to progress. I think more intricate wave designs would make the game much better rather than solely relieing on the gear my character wears. I would love to see a mode where the player can play as long as they can, while not just ramping up the enemies health bars to a point where the items become futile.

- Not bad

There are a lot of clone games in the mobile catalogue, and this one has really nice animations, a snappy feel, and attractive UI and art. That said, for me this is just too shameless of a reskin of vampire survivors. Almost Every weapon or supply is a 1 to 1 copy, elements on the map are the same, the pacing of when enemies show up is the similar. Enemies shooting projectiles and the boss assault element is a nice touch which ups this rating. I’m sure someone who isn’t aware of vampire survivors would have a great time with this, but this is just a bit craven and low integrity from a game development standpoint. The game itself is overall fun, but a missed opportunity to do something a bit more original.

- Starting To Get Annoyed

Normally I don’t write reviews, however me and my friends are coming across the same issue (they got me into the game), and that’s stage 2. You’d think for a game like this stage 2 wouldn’t be much harder than the first right? Well you’d be wrong. At about 13:20 into the game, we are swarmed with slugs. There’s an insane amount of them surrounding you from all sides. This time around I leveled up and evolved the brick, Molotov, Kunai and even the drill bullets to see if this would help carve a way through them for me to weasel out. Now it did slightly, but for the next minute I was drowning in them, the only reason why I made it to the boss was by using one of the health items on the floor. This is my 10th attempt. 10 attempts at clearing stage 2 when there’s an event that wants me to get to stage 4 by my second day of playing. Like I said I’m starting to get annoyed, I enjoy playing the game but I’d like the people behind it to take a good look at the stages and balance it accordingly rather than slap a ton of enemies, shrug their arms and say deal with it. At least reduce their health a little so I can see that my fully evolved weapons have some effect.

- Fun game,not too easy,add free.(Developer Suggestions)

This game has been fun. It keeps you busy and has a lot of levels that are fun to learn how to beat using the different upgrades. Plus they are challenging which makes the game last. Also the rewards you earn while offline are great. One thing I would suggest is to be able to earn gold in trials. Another is about the upgrade system, I feel like 2 S Tier items should be able to be merged into the yellow grade skill ability because of how rare they are. Thanks for the great game. Keep up the hard work! 🫡

- The mobile game to conquer all mobile games.

This game is amazing. The abilities are wonderfully powerful. The bosses take skill to beat. Sure, some people think that the energy feature is annoying, but that’s like saying Mario games are hard because you don’t have infinite lives. Thank you for making this game. The only thing I’d like to see in a future update (if there will be), for example, if you could start with a free skill if you are having trouble surviving. That’s all I’d like to say, sorry for this review being a bit long.

- Great Game. But one glitch I hate

This game is incredibly fun and unique from other mobile games… although you copied Vampire Survivors, I still find this game more fun. There’s just one bug/glitch that I hate which I do not know if it was intentional added or not. If a zombie wave spawns with zombie dogs, the dogs give the normal zombies a boost and pushes them towards you faster. This is a big problem in chapter 5 for example, you can get cornered very easily like this and it feels really unfair when you die like that… In another words, please nerf the zombie dogs/fast moving zombies so that they can’t push tougher zombies towards you faster…

- Great Mobile Alternative to Vampire Survivors

Sure, it’s basically a vampire survivor copy, but it brings several elements that it doesn’t have, such as equipments, a level system, and different worlds. I am pleased with the current state of the game, but I would appreciate more weapons and evolutions for the weapons. One suggestion I have is for the two robot turrets to have an evolution, maybe one that has extra uptime for the rockets, or maybe splitting rockets. Another idea I have is for another weapon which could synergies with the bullet. Maybe an infinite pierce sniper with a slow fire rate, which could evolve into a bouncing bullet like the drill. Some upgrades could be increased fire rate, or maybe a double tap upgrade. I don’t really know, but I’m really enjoying this game, and it deserves all 5 stars. Final Note: BARELY ANY ADS!!! Ads are optional for revives, extra coins, generic stuff like that, but NONE actually interrupt the game itself!

- Sleezy attempt for micro transactions

The game is definitely good though the game is ruined by its “energy” feature. It doesn’t get to be a problem until the 5th stage where you literally just wait around to play there game. The only way to get around this is to buy gems which is definitely smart to get that bag but if there isn’t a way to get rid of the energy bar the game will be ruined. Though since the game has no ads this is there way of getting money. I’m willing to put money into the game to get rid of the energy bar though there isn’t a option. The only option is to buy gems just for you to die in the first minute.

- Good Start

The games good, it’s fun and fast paced however there are some flaws such being; sometimes there will be an insane amount of enemies spawning and then a mini-boss which will def kill you if you have a bad weapon, and the control system imo it gets in the way and sometimes you can’t even see where you’re going cause you’re hand is in the way. and there aren’t many weapons the probability of getting one seems really low cause I haven’t gotten one yet besides the main one, kunai. then again it is only the start of this game and I’m looking forward to it because it really is a fun game

- Actually fun

This is the only free mobile game that I’ve seen in years that feels like a legitimate video game. The gameplay is fun and the run-only items gives it depth and strategy. While there are ads and IAP, the ads (as far as I can tell) aren’t forced upon you at all and the IAP feel as if they are supplementary, not required. Granted, I have only beaten the first chapter so the difficulty could spike making these things required without hours of grinding, but I was able to beat the first chapter with few very attempts.

- Not bad

Look, it’s simple and fun. My only gripe is how difficult it is to stay alive long enough to beat even the first stage. I’ve stayed alive for over 11 minutes and I’m assuming 15 is what I need to beat the stage which is a long time. Too long in fact as it becomes increasingly difficult to level up your character meaning that you can’t level up your weapons enough to make them good. So while you’re struggling to level up, you’re also struggling to run away from a swarm of enemies that is too dense to avoid. It’s a fun game overall, but just a bit too difficult.

- This Game Is Addicting

One of the better mobile games. Seeing yourself turn from a guy with a Walmart ninja costume to a literal god is the best kind of gameplay I have ever seen in a mobile game. No ads shoved in your face, no ads for free things infinitely, no insane number of pay to win, in fact, no ads for your own products shoved in player’s faces, decent graphics, items you can put on your character (clothing, belts, etc) and super fun “Tier 6 Items” that SHRED the enemies. The only thing I would recommend adding is more of those.

- Love this game

If you like vampire survivors then you’ll love this game. What I like the most is how it’s basically vampire survivor but with a Habby twist. They definitely took the genre and made it their own, so while the two are similar, they’re also very different in a good way. Like Archero and Punball, you have a hero that you can gear up and upgrade and I love that it changes your play style at the same time. I can’t wait to mix and match gear to find what loadout I like best. I’m excited to see where this goes in the future. Keep it up!


I love how simple this game is but it’s so addicting easy and fun! One thing though is that I don’t think there is enough weapons or weapon slots. I’m on the second chapter and have played this game for 1 day and that’s what makes it so fun! The chance in the spins the boss fights are simple and very fun! I love this game keep up the great work. Another thing to mention is how smooth the graphics are on this game usually games I see from ads are smooth in the ad but laggy in the actual game but this game lived up to its expectations! ❤️❤️❤️

- Perfect

I never write reviews but This game is something more then great it’s perfect, when I’m at school or at work and I have time free I get on this app, and it’s something I wasn’t expecting. I love the app but the only single problem would be that you have limited charges to play until they have to recharge and you can play again, but since I do not play it all the time it’s not a major problem I just think it would be a problem for people who play all the time. :) great work guys

- Ads are optional

This game is pretty good on the time killing/well done game avenue. My favorite part is the fact that the ads aren’t in my face. They’re almost freakin limited to a fault. You can watch ads for chests and gold once a day/week depending on the item. There are a ton of opportunities to buy stuff but they don’t push it. Outside of that, the game is well done with experience and skills to crush hoardes of zombies. I beat level one is like 15 minutes with 30k zombies killed. Highly recommended.

- good game

of the ones i’ve played, this is a very good remake of vampire survivors. the unlocks are nice (a little difficult to fully max some weapons and items since there are 6 and 6), once you can get max they are very powerful. i have just started and i see meta progression upgrade options. i hope there are some that are based around pickup range. every game tries to implement this and fails horribly. so i hope that can be added. will be back to see if i need to edit since it’s already been added. take the chance on this game. ALSO I HAVE NOT GOTTEN A SINGLE AD WHILE PLAYING :))))))

- Not what I was expecting

At first I saw an ad for this game and thought “oh another crappy game that doesn’t play anything like the ad” I started playing it and had a bit of fun and then started upgrading and getting better gear and started snowballing the game for a bit! Honestly plays like the ads shows and is really fun with cool upgrades and gear! My only complaint is I hope they add more to the game soon but what it has now is great! Something to easily turn your mind off too 8/10!

- Good game

Honestly I really love your game the game is fun interesting and I like playing it I think you should add more variety of weaponry edit in the actual like playing with your face with zombies I think they should be like more options but I do love that it is a complete zombie game just Sum knock off The only problem that I have with it is that it drains my phone battery down fast other than that this is a really really good game and I think everyone should want to play this😀❤️

- Some issues

This game is fun but it’s lacking. When you get into the later levels you need to heal more often but I can’t find anything to heal with only coins. I can’t even find crates. You need to make those spawn more often as it is pretty hard to continue without healing. You also need to make the drones better at aiming as they just shoot at nothing instead of zombies or bosses. This game is hard to play without food. Please tweak these or do something to do it as it’s very hard to process with these issues. This game would’ve been 5 stars if I didn’t have these issues.

- Meh

Pretty much a direct copy of the gameplay loop and weapon mechanics from an original game called Vampire Survivors. This game is a lot less fun though. The energy system is not necessary. Lack of playable character types and their respective pros/cons is disappointing. Most everything has been geared towards monetization like loot boxes, special deal packs, and advertisements just like every other mobile game. If the game offered a flat price single purchase to enjoy the game in peace, it would feel less like a cash grab clone. This company has essentially taken an existing good game, wrapped it in all the standard mobile monetization schemes, and reskinned the visuals for an easy profit. I will be avoiding games from this company in the future.

- Good idea, flawed execution.

The idea behind the game is entertaining, taking your avatar and avoiding being boxed in (or trying to be if you run shields like I do), but a severe gameplay flaw renders any charm null. Very often my shields will simply damage enemies once then stop, and then even worse the “evolved” form of the rocket will simply fail to target anything relevant and fly off of the screen having accomplished nothing. For these specific examples and those I have neglected to mention to maintain brevity, I can only rate two stars. I hope the development team can look into these issues and rework them so that I may be able to rate this five star idea as a five star game.

- Surprisingly good!

This is actually the first game that I’ve seen in a while that is genuinely good, not filled with ads, not impossible to get through without having to spend money, and actually a non-rage inducing game that becomes a roadblock after a few levels. It’s just kind of a nice thing to do when you have spare time and it doesn’t feel ridiculously over complicated and hard to navigate through. I give it a 5! Thanks!


At first I was hesitant to download the game cause you know so many games offer experiences like you have to watch ad after every freaking game. BUT THIS GAME IS DIFFERENT. FIRST OF ALL YOU DONT GET TO SEE ADS LIKE THOSE GAMES AND SECOND OF ALL I REALLY SPENT HOURS IN THIS . I didn’t expected it to be this good. It gets hard as you play. And I love the fact that the developers put their time to make a game which is different among the same sort of io games … loved it rated it 5 stars ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I believe that this game is going to go viral ❤️🙌 love you Devs may God bless ya all ❤️

- Never spent so much time on a mobile game!

I can say that this game is one of my favorite games I’ve ever pushed download on. No matter what I’m doing or where I’m at, I can always count on this game to burn 15 minutes every time I play it. I keep coming back to it because it provides a challenge, just like chapter five I had just finished because of how many times it took me. That’s what keeps bringing me back, overall beautiful game. Keep up the great work.

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- Amazing game! But could add more…

Absolutely amazing game I’m so addicted lol. However, will there ever be an endless mode where nothing is capped (where the player can have however many weapons). It would be very cool and could introduce a leaderboard system. Would definitely get the game more popular and competitive👍👍

- I Like the game but there are a few things about it.

Im really liking the game so far, its fun and can be sometimes challenging especially when moving onto a new level. There are just a 2 things that i want to bring up. 1. Lack of diversity in levels: While actually playing a level i’ve noticed theres a lack of the diversity of skills/weapons that can be acquired while playing and because of this it leads to a similar build every time I play a level. I’ve noticed that you’re able to acquire weapons to equip as well, so a solution I’ve thought of to improve this is when you unlock a weapon you can equip it unlocks in the “skill choice” and perhaps its tier 1 or does less damage than a tier 1. This brings me to my second point. 2. Weapons you can equip: i find that its really hard to acquire new weapons to equip and considering that there are 5 other equipment slots and however many sets there are, Gloves, Belts, Boots, ect. It makes it really hard to get new weapons and to be able to upgrade them as well and in my eyes one of the main focuses on the game IS the weapons and being able to upgrade them and get ultimate forms in the levels. So perhaps there could another way to get more equip-able weapons or make them more common. I hope you consider the points i have made and thank you for making a good game.

- It’s pretty good

I’ve been playing this game for a couple of hours now because of how different it is to all the other games that are kinda similar. But the question I’m asking is, does the standard tier katana have a evolution for example the shotgun to Gatling gun is unlocked by getting the skill +10% damage. I did notice it has one like that but the option for an upgraded one hasn’t popped up yet. Thank you if you have time to respond.

- Very good game

Was this was made before vampire survivors? If it was then this would be a very good game. I just have one problem, it gets a little bit repetitive the longer you play, so can you add new weapons the higher chapter you are. If you did this it would definitely be a 5 star review. Other than that it’s the perfect game. Thanks for making it.

- So far so good

Very simple and easy to play. Love the difficulty of each chapter and how its not a ‘pay to win’ unlike other trash quality of copycat games out there. The only downside is it lacks of skills to choose from. Quite limited range of skills to choose and you always ended up choosing the same skill trees over and over. Think about how Vampire Survivors still taking a lead with its consistent updates.

- Love this game but❤️

I really love this game it is so fun to play but need one more thing is save progress so if we login on different phones so we can continue from the same progress that we left on old phone 📱 Please do this. Thank you so much for this beautiful game.

- Game is amazing (pretty much) worth installing

No adds is nice thank you but it would be nice if the zombies were a bit easier so we could max all our upgrades before the bosses etc. thank you and take away the energy things I want to keep playing this game but with the timeout feature I wanna delete it

- Download it!

Perfect casual game especially if your bored and just want to pass time. The new update was definitely required and fixed all the major bugs/issues. Overall no real complaints.

- Chapter 5

Alright chapter 5 about the 13 minute mark is physically impossible to complete it doesn’t matter what upgrades you have I just had all the best maxed out and at the 13 minute mark zombies spawn on you and kill you instantly making it impossible to survive and also make it impossible to complete the weekly challenge so FIX IT NOW!!!!

- Epic game

This game is epic but I have yet to find a katana or figure out what I need to upgrade to get Gatling and would like to know if this is a glitch or if it has been removed, otherwise this is the best game I have ever played and am really enjoy it

- Genuinely a good game

I looked at the reviews at first and was like maybe these are just bots/made up ones , but this game is genuinely good and there are no ads , which is crazyyy . Big up this game . all it needs is better advertising.

- Great game but

This game is great I love the concept but it’s annoying when you have to keep waiting for your energy to recharge. If there was not a limit on how many times you can watch an ad or pay with gems it would make the game so much better in my opinion

- Good game, would recommend!

Very fun to play! Even after a few days it’s still peaking my interest, i’m always trying to find ways to progress. Good game, hope more people find it 👍

- One of the best games on the App Store.

Honestly 10/10 would highly recommend. Takes some skill after a while but is always fun.

- Missing quests

Hi I really like the game and recommend it for everyone but I have a slight issue my quest option is gone and I really wanted that S tier amour. I don’t know why it is gone I was so close. I would like to why it has disappeared. Thank you

- What I needed

This game is exactly what I needed as it’s a break from all those games with too many ads and simplicity. Thanks developers for gifting me with the best game I’ve had for a while.

- Review

For me I was very drawn into this game quickly, but once I found out the good builds per level, it got a bit dull at times. All this needs is a bit more variety in multiple aspects but other then that it is enjoyable!

- Actually kinda hard

The game is fun as and its actual kinda hard, not easy pay to win like alot of other games

- Best rouguelike ever ❤️

This is by far the most fun mobile rogue like game I have played in a long time. I would recommend this to any players that love shredding through zombies and being UNSTOPPABLE.

- Energy

Personally my only problem with this game is that there is the energy feature. I hate how it limits play time.

- Shame

Great game. Can’t figure out how to “clear a level” to advance. Can’t seem to find an explanation anywhere either

- A fun game! Surprised it’s free

The game is really fun! A lil laggy at the start and at the end but that could just be my phone! I could see this being a switch game!

- Really great game

This game is so action packed. It also just the right amount of challenging. I would recommend it to anyone that loves rouge shooters

- Fun

This game gets 5 stars simply for the fact that you can salvage upgrades from items. FUN

- Top tier game

Game is perfect expect for the fact that you can not be able to play when you run out of energy

- Bro I thought there were gonna be lots of ads

Bro this game good tho u don’t need to watch adds

- Great game

This game is fun addicting and it has no ads. It is easy and fun. I definitely recommend downloading this game.

- Very good

This game is very good but I wish there was an endless mode but still very good 10/10

- Game is so fun

This game is so fun and doesn’t even make you watch ads 10/10

- Best game this year!!!

Gotta admit I love this game please sponsor me!!!! I would do happy I’m gonna keep playing this game until you guys do!!!!!

- Best game

Best game I’ve ever played in my entire life so fun and doesn’t force u to watch ads

- Really good

I really like the game but could you pls add more equipment to use against Eunice’s

- Great game but

I hope I can change item after purchase.

- Great game

I really enjoy it. Hope it gets bigger than Achero!

- The game is getting boring after just a few days and All they want is your money

The game is getting boring after just a few days and All they want is your money

- Great game

Super fun and really addictive 100% recommend

- Best game 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I think it’s one of the best games on my phone

- Actually good

Genuinely decent game, well polished and not ad heavy.

- Game is elite

No ads fun and hard

- Best Io game.

This is by far the worst game I’ve ever played.

- How good

This game is so fun I got addicted so easily good stuff lads

- Great Game

Found this game on a tik tok ad. Best find ever

- Uhh

My progress just got reset after the new update anyway I can get my old stuff back?

- Monkey

Fully sweet recommend it pretty hot 😏😏

- Addictive

Hidden gem :)

- Difficult

Can’t get past stage one after multiple tries. Not fun.


Your game is so good keep up the amazing effort 😻🙀

- chur

sweeeet game so far finally a game that doesn’t force you to in game purchases just a cool grind shooter cheers cuz

- New best game

His is a really fun and difficult game! I LOVE IT!! BEST GAME

- Hi

Love it simply and fun game love the animation too

Payoneer 💰

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- Great game, maybe Co-op?

I’ve been playing this game for a good while now, I’d instantly became addicted. The rouge-like nature of the game keeps it from being boring and repetitive, the gear and new events are a good addition to give you more to do. Although I think it would be a great addition to have a Co-op mode where you could join friends and fight together, I’ve recommended it to other people and nobody whose played it have been disappointed.

- Great game! Not littered with ads

I don’t leave reviews but the fact these guys don’t ram Ads down your throat between every round is phenomenal and deserves a round of applause. This game is super enjoyable fair pricing for items in store. AGAIN NO ads being rammed down your throat! I’d say give it a try! Cheers

- Playing like afk arena new mode

Super great but my eyes pain. Playing like afk arena’s new mode and that one looks simple than this one


If you like games that get harder as you play them and unlock cool abilities this is definitely the game for you and did I mention no ads

- To fun

I can’t stop it’s 2:00 in the morning I need sleep but I can’t stop pl help meee

- Copy

Fun game but it’s a complete reskin of vampire survivors which is on steam for 3$

- WOW!

Great game! It might be a copy of other survival games and the AFK arena new mode but it’s still super fun! I came back from a cruise today and I was playing this on the plane coming home! On the shuttle from the airport! At my house! It’s really good! It also has no ads! Did I mention WOW!

- Fun


- NO ADS!!!

Extremely addicting and did I mention, NO ADS! Please give this your time it’s clearly made with love for the player.

- Great game. Co-op mode?

This is such a fun game. I love playing it and love the progressive mode, the items aspect and levelling up in game. One thing that might this game even more fun would to add a co-op mode as I know as ton of my friends play this game and would love a chance to play with them. Great game

- Great game!

Installed this yesterday and I love playing it but I have trouble seeing what’s going on at times so I think a zoom in feature would be great!

- Great game! But…

Why isnt there free play? Maybe co-op?

- Amazing game

I found this game on TikTok but I thought it would be trash but this game has became my favourite… I would definitely recommend this!

- Copy

Copy of vampire survivors while it may have other features most of its still a copy

- 5 hours in.. so much fun!

I think you should give this game a chance

- Love it

I love the game

- Cool

The is amazing

- Cool game

Cool game but like, why do I need to use energy to play? And why does it take so long to get energy? this is a good game but I think the energy system is unfair. I suggest at least lowering it down to 2 minutes at least to get energy or completely remove it. 4/5 game

- Still goood

Really amazing but it would make it so much better if you had challenges for gems and wait like 3 minutes for energy instead of 10 still perfect but could be way way better

- Pretty fun

Good game only optional ads

- Repetitive and hard to get gear. DONT INSTALL

Been playing for a week now and still stuck on the first world... game devs aren't generous and don't even give you enough gems for one pull. NOT EVEN ONE. without better gear, basically no way to progress further in the game... waste of time.

- Amazing game!

Really addictive and fun!!!

- Bug

Ça fait juste me faire sortir et je suis toujours obligé de réouvrir l’app

- Love the game so far

I love this game so far I didn’t get obligated publicity so I love it

- Fun, but terrible game design

Launch carnival quests are just simply impossible to finish within the given time. I feel fooled when I spent all my gems on the s grade rate-up banner before it ended and found out a new banner showed up with exactly the same s grade supplies. Such a pity that it could have been a great game. I can see the game developers tried to improve the overall gaming experience for players but failed so hard on the gacha system and quest design.

- Good Game

It’s a good game with no adds I recommend it

- Am honest fun game

I never leave reviews but for you guys endlessly lookin for a game that’s fun and zero ad’s this is it

- Good game and yes I’m a real person🧠🫦👶🏻👣👩🏿‍🦳🫁👱🏼‍♂️

This games good to pass the time it’s hard at the start but don’t give up and it get Easier so fun

- Good but copy

It’s a good game but it literally just a watered down version of Vampire Survivors on steam for like $3. Upgrades and fusions are ripped straight from it. So yes, it’s a good game but if you like it then go check out Vampire Survivors since it is a really fun game. Also, an upgrade in the game is called a soccer ball, but the description refers it as a football. Please fix, once you notice it it’s really hard to forget haha.

- Good

Nice Overwatch reference in the robots

- :)

W game

- Incredible Game!

I can sit here to try to think of issues with the game but I’ll come up with nothing, this game is incredibly well made and designed. The gameplay and weapons are very well crafted and complimented by the combos possible with the weapons. The stages system is very smart and provides tons of entertainment. I would love to see a Co-op mode added to the game but for now it’s still very enjoyable!

- Best game on earth

It’s so addicting I can’t stop playing it download it

- Seriously a lot of fun

A bit annoying at the start because u have low rank gear but really fun game

- Good game but it gets too hard to fast

Once you hit chapter 4 it just spawns an overwhelming amount of enemies and it’s seemingly not possible

- Pay to win

If u don’t spend money, u can’t even complete newbie event, avoid this game.

- mobile game done right

the only ads are optional and they don’t force them down your throat, the game play is fantastic and there are tons of combos to make with different abilities

- Hilariously addictive

Simple yet highly enjoyable.

- Awesome game

It’s a copy of archero but it’s made by the same dev so not a problem, it’s a great game me, my brother, and my friend are addicted

- Great Game

This is the one game that’s actually fun from TikTok. Highly Recommend!

- Awsome Game but…

I swear if this gets bought by Voodoo i’m gonna-

- D

Great game, just some challenges are a bit laggy when theres a lot of zombies near you

- The goats

Probably the best mobile game developers, all their games are amazing and have literally little to no ads

- 没有广告,好评!!


- Good game with no ads

Really fun game and very addicting, downloaded this game at like 11PM it’s currently 1PM and I only stopped playing to write this review.

- Highly Recommended

This is a great game developed by a great company, Habby. Habby is a wholesome game developer based in Singapore. They make great games and Survivor!.io is no exception. What a blast! My new favourite iOS game.

- Great Game !!!!

Finally someone made a game without a million ads. This game is awesome!! Thanks

- Great game, but this mechanic just might make it better.

This game is a very very fun, time consuming game. If you start playing this game, you don’t wanna stop! It is so fun. I have had this game for about a week and am level 15 on world 4 or 5 and i cannot get enough. To make this game even better, there should be a feature that lets you recycle unwanted equipment that hasn’t been levelled up. This will reduce the clutter in your inventory while still keeping what you want. But other than that, Perfect game! 5 *’s

- Addicting

Minutes after downloading the game I was totally addicted. I straight up played the game for like an hour straight. Super addicting and fun. Minimal ads

- Yes

Amazing game👍👍👍

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Survivor!.io 1.3.12 Screenshots & Images

Survivor!.io iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Survivor!.io iphone images
Survivor!.io iphone images
Survivor!.io iphone images
Survivor!.io iphone images
Survivor!.io iphone images
Survivor!.io Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Survivor!.io (Version 1.3.12) Install & Download

The applications Survivor!.io was published in the category Games on 2020-12-16 and was developed by HABBY [Developer ID: 1422308796]. This application file size is 208.03 MB. Survivor!.io - Games app posted on 2022-08-13 current version is 1.3.12 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.dxx.firenow