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What is survivor!.io app? Dangerous zombies are attacking the entire city! The city is in peril!
Awakened by the trial of dreams, you've no choice but to take on the heroic mantle of saving the city!
As a human warrior with unlimited potential, you and other survivors will have to pick up your weapons and battle these evil and dangerous zombies!
The horde far outnumbers you - any slip-up and you'll get caught in dire straits!
Faced with crisis, you must find a way to survive!

-Face off against 1000+ monsters at once and exterminate them!
-Clear the map with one-hand controls!
-All-new roguelite skill experience with unlimited combinations
-Feel the heat of each new stage with different difficulties
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Survivor!.io Version 1.9.012 January 2023

- All-new Voidwaker equipments added to S Grade Supply Crate! - New Spin-to-Win Spring event - New exclusive Spring stage - Spring Stage Clash - Ender's Echo Season 2 goes live with a bang! - Added 5 new chapters till Chapter 70 and their respective challenge chapters - 2 new Mega Challenges! - Player max level increased to 95! - Other bug fixes.

Survivor!.io Version 1.7.016 November 2022

- Added 5 new chapters to Chapter 60 and corresponding challenge chapters - Added new Mega Challenges - Added outfit system - Added personal info system - Added Bag system - Player level cap increased to 90 - Football Fiesta event available - Added Thanksgiving Day sign-in event - Other bug fixes.

Survivor!.io Comments & Reviews 2023

- Love it

I've been playing for a while now. Just reached level 45. The game gives you a lot of resources for improvement. The best thing I have found was that when breaking down items to up grade another you get back all the resources and gold used to make and level up that item. It makes for great exploring your items and their possibilities. I would love to see more skill options however, It's getting old having the same go to options to pick from. I've been using the Kunai throwing knives through the whole thing. I get way more of them than any other weapon so I haven't really been able to level up the other weapons to any thing of use which could make the game a little more interesting and optional. I noticed under the Preview screen shots of the game just above this review section that it's showing an instance or possibility of using 3 different weapons or skills. It Shows utilizing the Katana, Shotgun (Gatling Gun) and Kunai and the same time. I'm curious if this is actually possible or if it's unintentionally falsifying actual game play... I'd love to be able to dual wield or even Triple wield...Not sure where that 3rd hand is coming from but I'm looking forward to possibilities. So please, more skill options and a more random selection in weapon drops. Thanks Guys. Keep up the great work. And thanks for ever being in character and proactive in the games community.

- Great Game

I’ve been playing for a while now. Just reached level 45. The game gives you a lot of resources for improvement. The best thing I have found was that when breaking down items to up grade another you get back all the resources and gold used to make and level up that item. It makes for great exploring your items and their possibilities. I would love to see more skill options however, It’s getting old having the same go to options to pick from. I’ve been using the Kunai throwing knives through the whole thing. I get way more of them than any other weapon so I haven’t really been able to level up the other weapons to any thing of use which could make the game a little more interesting and optional. I noticed under the Preview screen shots of the game just above this review section that it’s showing an instance or possibility of using 3 different weapons or skills. It Shows utilizing the Katana, Shotgun (Gatling Gun) and Kunai and the same time. I’m curious if this is actually possible or if it’s unintentionally falsifying actual game play…I’d love to be able to dual wield or even Triple wield…Not sure where that 3rd hand is coming from but I’m looking forward to possibilities. So please, more skill options and a more random selection in weapon drops. Thanks Guys. Keep up the great work. And thanks for ever being in character and proactive in the games community.

- Cool

I've been playing for a while now. Just reached level 45. The game gives you a lot of resources for improvement. The best thing I have found was that when breaking down items to up grade another you get back all the resources and gold used to make and level up that item. It makes for great exploring your items and their possibilities. I would love to see more skill options however, It's getting old having the same go to options to pick from. I've been using the Kunai throwing knives through the whole thing. I get way more of them than any other weapon so I haven't really been able to level up the other weapons to any thing of use which could make the game a little more interesting and optional. I noticed under the Preview screen shots of the game just above this review section that it's showing an instance or possibility of using 3 different weapons or skills. It Shows utilizing the Katana, Shotgun (Gatling Gun) and Kunai and the same time. I'm curious if this is actually possible or if it's unintentionally falsifying actual game play...I'd love to be able to dual wield or even Triple wield...Not sure where that 3rd hand is coming from but l'm looking forward to possibilities. So please, more skill options and a more random selection in weapon drops. Thanks Guys. Keep up the great work. And thanks for ever being in character and proactive in the games community.

- Best mobile game to exist

Okay so normally I don’t right reviews like ever Becuase it takes time and effort that I just frankly don’t want to put forth. However this game is completely different. I played Archero before it was even cool or popular like it has become it was super fun and me and my best friend and brother always loved playing it together. Until this game came out, I was just scrolling through the AppStore looking for something to play and I find this game, I had recently saw an ad for it on Tiktok or something. So I downloaded it and have been playing it for like a week or so straight. It’s very addicting and well put together. It allows me to play something on my phone for once instead of scrolling through tiktok and that’s it. I haven’t played many phone games in my time, however when I was a kid the phone games were great things were still new and innovative. Genres were still being created almost everyday. This game brings back all the good memories I had as a child of playing phone games. Me sitting in church wanting my grandmas phone to play with, being at Walmart shopping and wanting to play, so many other places I always wanted to play games. So thank you developers for making such a good game and allowing me to have that childhood fun back. I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for us, keep up the good work. Love Zayaslaya

- Destructively Fantastic

First off, a few words of thanks and praise to the devs. Your work shines through the masses in this game, from the lowly beginning stages of throwing knives and so much as a pillow for protection, to the fiery inferno of fully maxed Molotovs and the outrageous wheel of death, this game is perfect. Thank you for putting time into what matters, and not expecting me to watch an ad every time I want to select something new on the Home Screen. What a wonderful relief to grind all the way to the top and not even spend a dime getting their. That’s the way a quality game should be, and that’s the way you made it. So thank you a thousand times and again. To potential players—- Absolutely worth it. Like seriously just play this game and find out how right I Am. For the player that wants to scratch that I-want-to-be-destructive itch, this is for you. You begin with nothing, and in no time at all your desire to annihilate massive onslaughts of zombies of all different kinds is fulfilled. Your hunger for customization and thoughtful strategic plays is satiated, and your thirst for levels upon levels upon levels is quenched. There’s seemingly no end in sight, although I know I will get there myself with how addicted I am. The rewards are plentiful, the ads are almost non existent and NO, you do not have to pay to play to your hearts content. Just play it ok, trust me.

- It’s my first time playing this game and already getting pro but you gotta read this

So as soon enough the internet has been working for me and I haven’t got to a ad I’m surprised but that’s pretty weird I’m not getting ads so it’s like killing people in doomsday mobile game and puzzle of survival so as you start to play this game again your back at level 1 but who cares we can get to like 21 level so picking like 20 or 21 skills so we might die in like 40 seconds but still you can get next attempt way better on your side cause my way I’ve been to 17 level while battling cause it feels like a stressful game but sometimes you get dumb by surviving in like 2 hours but I don’t know how there’s no leaderboard that makes no sense like Subway Surfers has a leaderboard and race clicker on Roblox not just some little secret leaderboard if I see that I’m rating this game 4 stars just kidding keeping five stars I know this is as long as like dab pilkey’s books like super diaper baby Gluk and I don’t know so let me skip like dog man everybody who knows that piece of 50 year old with a cool drawing dav pilkey this feels like as fun listening to xxxtentacion music I mean the game well bye you can be done reading

- Good Overall

Good game. It’s a decent challenge to complete levels once you get to the first 6-7 levels. You will be challenged. Skill and luck is needed to complete them. I’d give it 5 stars if the “refresh” option on leveling gave you 3 brand new skill options. It’s annoying how often the refresh only gives 1 new option. If I refresh it’s because I don’t want any of the 3 available. They should remove those 3 from the algorithm and give 3 new ones. I’ve spent roughly $20 over the last 2 weeks because this is a good game that I enjoy. It’s frustrating to be stuck on a level because the RNG won’t give me what I need to beat it. There’s challenging… but then there’s also pay to win. Unfortunately by the time you hit stage 10… you’ll either need to pay larger amounts or just wait daily for enough exp/items to clear harder levels. And there are currently 40 levels. In some ways that’s ok for the longevity of the game. But for people like me that are ok spending some $ on a game… it gets annoying when you drop several dollars and still can’t beat a level. I’ve been on lvl 10 for 2 days now… the daily refresh of rewards doesn’t seem like I’ll beat it today either. Daily progression per level would be ideal. Since there are 40 levels at this point. More value for $ spent and a better RNG system on re-rolls would make this a 4 star, if not 5 star game.

- Wish a real developer would see this and reply not a Bot

So the game is good in generality but the problem with it is if you get disconnected or something happens with your internet it will just not save anything that you’ve just done and this happened like 4 times In one day where I would clear the trials and everything but I got disconnected from the internet for some reason and it didn’t save or give me any rewards at all and don’t even get me started on how the shop is completely trash with you being able to spend the same amount of gems on two different chests but one is somehow better than the other even though they rarely ever give better loot than the lowest level chest in the game like come on. On top of that the fact that I can spend 300 gems which equates to about $2 on the highest level chest in the game and get the same loot as the lowest level chest in the game and it’s not even uncommon that you do so. Then there’s the fact that if your game freezes or crashes or just stops working and you have no more stars to start a game but you were already in one it won’t let you resume from where you were effectively ruining all the progress you had even if you were literally a millisecond away from winning. So overall a fun game for a good minute until you actually start to pay attention to detail and realize that it’s kind of a sloppy mess of a game that feels like it was thrown together in a week by someone in their bedroom.

- Good Game

I think this is a great game now I don’t normally make reviews but for this game I just had too. Some of the benefits that keep this game going are the grunge, your strategy when going into the rounds, the type of power up’s you pick , and so much more, now I don’t really have any down sides but I do have some things you should add too the game. I think some things you can add too the game are skins for your character. Now these skins should have at least a passive that always is in use and a special move like a bomb for example. I have one more thing you should add and that is a battle pass. Now what I was saying about the characters the characters can have skins a so a your accessories. Now of course there can be more things in the battle pass like coins and things. Oh and also you should at boost and pets for the boost u should add things like 2x damage or 2x luck because when opening cases or fight hard bosses these are helpful. For the pets they can act like the type a and b drone. Like for example one pet can have freeze powers where it slows the enemies. And thats about it on my suggestions. Oh and if u made it this far thx for listening. :)

- Fun but needs better balancing

One level I’m destroying everything and falling asleep because there’s no challenge and I’m board. I’ve literally put the phone down and stopped playing for a bit. The very next level I can’t kill anything. Only a few times did it feel like I was contributing by dodging enemies. There is a clear distinction between good and bad weapons and supplies. The two robots that shoot rockets are amazing and when they combine, you get another weapon slot back. So it feels like you HAVE to go for them when you see them. Weapons like the soccer ball are just bad, even when evolved. Plus the support/supply item you need to e solve the soccer ball makes you move faster. which is terrible because then you accidentally touch enemies and they do damage to you. The biggest issue is the game knows which weapon and supplies are good and sometimes it just won’t give you anything with synergy. You could blame RNG but if that is the case, the devs either need to make it lean towards giving you the good items or make the weaker items better. There are times when you know within 2 mins if you’ll be able to win because of how scaling works. If you have a bad start, there is almost no way to recover. Plus with how weapon damage and enemy health/damage scales. It can be unfun.

- Amazing and super fun!!!

I really liked the game even if it was one of those scams that’s it it will give you “free Robux” I would still like the game. It’s so fun and I like picking my weapons especially whenever you get to the highest level of your weapon. Also, can you make it less hard to beat the little butterfly things and make them spit out less purple stuff that’s all I really have to say for the game but super fun and for people let’s say one star I have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s super fun and I really enjoyed it and I really like when you put mini bosses like that slug thing, when I finally got to chapter 2, this is whenever wrote this review, super fun and it’s ok if people don’t like it we all have our own opinion, and I love this game so much I will play it all day long. Specially, on my way to school on the bus and back. That’s all I really have to say though. I hope the person that made the game response to this, and the stuff on chapter 2 anyways, but this is amazing. You should really get this game if you’re just looking at the reviews and see if it’s good.

- Incredible game, couple problems.

So, this is admittedly one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played. When I saw the ad, I thought it would just be another mobile game with ads every five seconds, and I only downloaded it when I got the ad for the thirteenth time, I finally downloaded and was found I had greatly underestimated it. It’s addictive, it’s satisfying, it only has optional advertisements. In fact, there are only two things holding it back from a five-star for me. One, the waves of zombies are a bit… off. Everything is easy for a while. In fact, if you have forcefield, you are practically untouchable until defeating the ten minutes boss. Then, suddenly there’s these orange things that just destroy you. More gradually spreading out the difficulty increases would help. And two, the progressing is very slow. Wow, you survived ten whole minutes! Here’s enough stuff to upgrade by 12 hp points! Even if you survive all fifteen, which takes a very good build and good RNG, you still don’t get many upgrades. What I’m saying is, maybe give a few more blueprint thing rewards. Overall though, incredible game, and if those things get fixed I will change to a five star review.

- Game fun, but ads are malicious.

The game has fun gameplay mechanics. But minus 1 for how many different microtransaction sale pop ups there are in the game. Then minus 2 for the ads. Which are awful. For one. The new ads by Magic The Gathering do not have a way to end them, every time the magic ad comes up I have to restart the game because the ad seems like it freezes at the end. Nothing is clickable, no X to close out. Restarting to get rid of it and you don't even get the worthless prize for watching in the first place. Then all other ads. Equally trash ad suppliers. All of them cause the actual app store to open regardless of anything you do, then when the X to close out the ad does come up, they either make the click box so small that it takes multiple clicks to try to get the X to actually be clicked ( and each failed click re brings up the app store), or they do something to hide the X entirely. One ad had the location of the white X be all white as well. Another had a bunch of overlapping spiderwebs in the area to make it harder to see where the X to close the ad is. So pretty much this games ad supplier is making them be another creepy game you probably shouldn't let your kids play. Especially since some of the ads are for NC17 material.

- Needs balance

Honestly having a really fun time with the game its just that i finished the first stage with pretty much ease then i got to the second stage mostly easy until the end when the giant centipede that has more aggression than any elden ring boss i got killed in 5 hits with 50 percent damage resistance and he charges quickly so it’s basically impossible to avoid getting hit even with the max lvl shoes for 50% speed I'm just completely lost this boss is way to hard for stage 2 Pt2 i still completely agree with what was said above but now that I've played more i truly resize how unbalanced and unfair this game is the rng factor is fun but if you get unlucky the game is physically unbeatable the range of enemies and the environment of the game just stays the same basically. its pretty sad considering how diverse other games by this developer are i just dont understand why there are basically 8 weapons upgrades to chose from its legit use the same stuff every single game or you lose i think more items weapon’s and or more events would make this game much more enjoyable. I only rate 1 star until game is fixed i think it has so much potential tho it’s really fun to be honest just frustrating to do the same thing over and over to gain no progress Part 3 this game is awful and a complete waste of time Im going to shoot myself

- Please read!!!!

So this game is great. The game play is very fun and addicting even as a free to play player, but there has to be a second option for aiming the weapons. I think having a second joystick for aiming would make the game so much easier to play especially for weapons like the revolver, shotgun, katana, and baseball bat. Having one joystick makes the game feel so clunky it makes the weapon balance horrible because the best weapons for the most part are the lightchaser and kunai and there is no in between. I get that having two joysticks could over complicate the game for some but thats why i think it should be an optional change. You should also add options for static joysticks as well. Like i said the game is very great as it is, i like it a lot but adding this one change would make the game a lot more fun to play, it would make those four weapons i listed earlier useful depending on the chapter. I really hope you guys consider adding this change because it could make the game so much more fun to play.

- Ok at best

Game CAN be fun sometimes. However, there are many problems with it that holds it back heavily. 1. I never understood why there is a barrier to play a game that you install. I understand it’s free but having limited energy just makes people stop playing a game. 2. The RNG can be horrible. Although “random,” it seems like the game doesn’t give you the equipment you need to eco early on in the level. 3. Some of the mini bosses are ridiculous. I have died many times in the middle of a horde when a mini boss just shows up out of nowhere. The worst is the construction worker one as that guy has WAY too much health. The next worse one is the spiked beetle because the thing just sprints right at you without you getting a chance to try and fight out of the horde first. 4. The hit detection seems off. Pretty self explanatory. It sometimes look like you won’t be hit by a projectile but do or the disks don’t block the projectile. 5. Too repetitive. There are only two ways that I know of to heal, a item pickup in boxes and bosses or supporting equipment that heals over time. It kind of forces you to pick the force field to have that heal. There are items that are obviously way better than the others so you really pick the same loadout every stage.

- Needs improvements

While this game is fun for a bit, once you get to the harder levels and the bad stuff shines through the cracks. It’s a mobile game I get that but the precise movements needed for this game will get you killed so many times it’s frustrating. I have a larger phone screen. With everything going on from projectiles enemies and your own characters weapons. It’s easy to lose exactly where you’re at while you’re finger is in the bottom of the screen. That being said the zoom out and in of the camera when there’s a zombie horde throws off your sense of movement and speed, I’d rather it either stay zoomed in or out. Secondly the upgrades screen in game. The buttons need to be moved to the top of the screen. Too many times am I readjusting my finger to see one side of the screen to see incoming enemies that I level up and click either the skip option of in bad cases one of the upgrades. Maybe that’s a me problem but I can’t play with my thumb in the very bottom corner. It hits the edges of the phone and doesn’t work well for movement. Final thought. I wish you could play this in landscape to really help with the problems listed above.

- Good game just some suggestions

I really enjoy playing this game and honestly wold give 4.8 stars because I only have three things, and they aren’t anything wrong with the game itself it’s just things I wish we had in game to make things a little easier. I not to be condescending or tell you guys what to do with your game I just think it would be cool to be able to sell and trade armor you don’t use so you can get what you do use or get some extra coins/gems. It’s also a little hard to understand that stats for certain items, like a few of the army and traveler items, otherwise I love how creative and fun all the little weapons, belts, necklaces etc are. Lastly I just have a weird problem with the in battle weapons mechanic, only being able to refresh once doesn’t always help, even if you refresh there’s a good chance you’ll get what you just had with only one maybe two exceptions. These are the main things and my own personal gripe is how you can’t always red star your weapons and there’s a cut off. Otherwise love the game and it’s an awesome addicting mobile game.

- It’s ok…

Started playing this about a week ago and initially had a lot of fun, but needs improvement. They start you off with the incentive of completing a bunch of achievements within seven days for a great weapon. But before the seven days are done it grays out and cancels from you progressing. I still have 22 hours to go but no longer can complete the seven day challenge so…that was a waste. It probably would be impossible for me to even complete that in seven days due to the difficulty of the game. As others have started, the scaling of difficulty needs to be addressed along with the randomness of the weapons. You pretty much have to go with the same build almost every time to progress and even then it’s luck of the draw and you could end up just wasting energy. The developers have acknowledged this and I look forward to future updates where the difficulty is scaled and we get additional combos so that we can truly change up our builds from level to level and try different things. Until then, this remains a OK game that is fun to play but if you want to progress forward in any reasonable window of time, expect to pay money.

- Rounds are too long

15min of round is too long just to get very very little rewards. 15min is too long a wait to only be 1 shot by op final boss or find out that at 14min all enemies suddenly get harder. Plus all that long grind gets boring fast. Item acquisition is ridiculous. It takes forever to combine and get to purple. I have pages of grade 1 grey items and I cant even get a few greens lol. And i need what 3 greens to make 1 blue and i need 3 blues to make a purple?? Maybe Reduce combination req. from 3 to 2. Levels get really difficult really fast. By level 6 i couldn't survive without having purple equips. I dont even know where people get final gold equips from. Random skills assignment during the round is fun but sometimes its ridiculous because sometimes game never gives you a pool of skills you need. It just keeps giving you junk forcing you to restart. Energy is not a problem for me. But you just get bored. The game has been slowed as all phone games to get you to buy with cash but its tooo slow you get bored. I get that the game is set up to buy stuff with real money and thats cool whatever its a phone game play it to pass time then move on.

- Good but has some kinks

Although the game is fun once you get in a rhythm, it has certain aspects that bring it down. One instance of this is how rather than resetting in the morning so that you can continue to play at any time throughout the day, daily features reset at about 12:00 pm. This is likely due to time zones and I am unaware if this can be set based on the user’s own time zone individually but it would be an improvement since it is inconvenient having to wait until noon to play and collect rewards. Another thing is that sometimes after watching an ad the ad will complete but an error will appear and no reward will be given, on one occasion this happened to me three times in a row before I moved on. Lastly. I think it would be nice to be able to check your equipment in the pause menu, although you probably wouldn’t be able to upgrade it until you finish the match. I’m not saying the game is bad, no game is perfect, I would just like to give my experience with the game and my opinions on how to make it closer to perfection.

- Love the Game

I’ve been playing the game for awhile now and I have to say I'm impressed. The ads made it seem like another cringey ad game but it actually has no ads, unless you want to watch an ad for some extra rewards. There are a couple things that I think might make the game better, like multiplayer. I know it might be hard to implement multiplayer into the game but it would be fun to run around in a match with your friends and defeat zombies and bosses while also trying to one up your friends. Another thing that would be cool is if there were more characters, sure theres the main character but he’s kinda has a simple design, but don’t get me wrong the entire game has a simplistic design but if there were like other characters, or if your armor and stuff showed up on your character that would be really cool. Anyway I definitely recommend getting the game if your into easy games you can just pick up and understand easily than I recommend getting the game.

- addictive!

Great game and so pleased that it’s not PTW. the progression is evenly balanced. Knowing that i don’t have to pay to get past certain levels is great. i also don’t have to grind for weeks just to get past a level feels good. leveling up and becoming stronger is very balanced and allows me get past the level i’m currently on. ads for coins and items are not bad either, the reward is worth watching the ad, something i skip on many other games. some issues i do have is that the power ups are so amazing i sometimes can’t see my character in the mix, causing him to get damaged. also the whole 5 energy per match is not good. i run out and then i’m done playing the game until the next day. at least let us replay previous chapters and only use energy on undefeated chapters. or just do away with that. (look at how bloons TD 6 does this)i’m only on chapter six so i may come back here later on. but great job so far! this game is good but can be improved.

- Good game

I just did it a few days ago and I saw it a few weeks ago and I saw it a few weeks ago and I saw it a few weeks ago and I saw it a little bit too soon I was thinking it was funny I just don’t want to talk about that but I’m not sure what about that I don’t know what about that I just don’t want to see it a lot and I don’t want to talk to you anymore and I’ll stop by and say stop to get you done I’m just going home I love it and I’ll stop stop by and then I will call you in the day I love you and I’m sorry I love it so much but I’m just getting on my nerves and I’m not sure if I need to go get back to go back to home and go back to go back and go get back home and get back home soon and I’m not home I don’t know why I’m so sorry for the way you did that to you so I love it you just I’m sorry I’m so euthyroid sorry for you and I’m not going back home in the middle of the world I’m sorry I just got back from the doctor I’m so sorry I can’t stop stop too I’m just going to get home in the rest of my day love ya bye mama mama love ya ya

- Really good game but just one problem.

I love this game I’m only level 23 but it’s fine at the start the game gives you a big head start on recourses but I do have a problem with the game the clicking sound when you lose health most annoying sound on earth silent mode or Turing your sound down. NOTHING STOPS IT if I ever go somewhere like a store or something I might bring my phone and start playing and I lose some health THE CLICKING SOUND I have my sound bar to nothing plus silent mode BUT IT STILL KEEPS GOING it gets really annoying in later chapters or when monsters have haste your just losing massive health and receive an ear devastating sound so it would be awesome if you could add a choice were you can turn off that sound but one more thing work more on Archero it’s not a great game it has not made much progress I understand you need to work on both but please that game needs more content other than that it’s great keep it up👍

- I love it, but I can’t recommend it

I’ve played for days now. The game is amazing. It also has every monetization strategy I’ve ever seen in a mobile game. I counted 8 buttons that each level to a different micro transaction, not including the store button or any resources (to refill), on just the default page alone. I have spent about a hundred dollars and the game just doesn’t ever stop aggressively asking for more. Subscription to avoid things meant to annoy you? You bet. There’s 2, they stack, and the ads are super invasive. Really hard to not accidentally open the App Store every few minutes. You have to look carefully to figure out how to exit the full-screen ads, since it changes where the x button is and it’s hard to see. There’s also gacha for all the gear. The best stuff in the game could cost you hundreds and that’s before you combine multiple of each item to boost it to legendary. And there’s just more and more money grabs, even if you subscribe to turn off the ads. After every single fight, no matter what. I love this game, but its money-making strategies are asinine to someone who doesn’t mind spending money on it. I would gladly pay double the subscription price if it meant turning off the game’s ads, too. If you let your kid play, it would be easy for them to make accidental purchases. If you know you don’t want to spend any money, do not play this game.

- Good, addictive, but painful 😖

So I had this game for a week or so, and I have been playing this nonstop. It was so fun 🤩. And it was a little easy. For about 5 levels, u just had to be decent, a good stuff, but when I got to level ten. My brain cells just a started deteriorating. Every time I got better stuff, I can’t beat it. I am good at the game, I have the eternal chest plate lv 24 and Avery thing else is epic that’s over lv 22. No matter what I do, I always die. Idk what to do, I feel the the game is forcing me to pay money. So for 2 days I have been upgrading and getting better, but nothing is happening. It’s like, what the heck, 1 level your good to go, the next, u have to grind the life out of the game. Now it’s fun, but not when u wait and wait and wait to beat it. Don’t get me started on the boss💀 I hate that thing with my heart, my eyes pop out, my face turns red, my cheeks get clobbered whenever I try to fight it. So idk, my point is, why make the game easygoing until u make one level unstoppable. Thanks for reading. 🙏

- Great game comments and suggestions

I gotta say this game is pretty amazing, I just beat chapter one. I will answer the question that many might ask, no, this isn’t one of those games that have an ad break every two seconds. This game is fairly addicting. Now onto suggestions. I will say I do not like the leveling system very much, because after you kill each monster, you have to claw through the crowd to get every little gem that it drops. Could you make it so that exp comes automatically? Sorry I know that this review is long and a pain to read, but if you read this thanks. I think it would be nice if the drones were actually smart and targeted monsters. I’m so sorry one last thing! Please remove the energy to play thing. If you want to make money off of a game, you have to let them play it lol. Please fix or tweak these things in a future update. Thank you for reading definitely download this game!

- Such a great game!

If you disagree with this rating I will prove you wrong. When you first see this game in the Ads it TERRIBLE!!! But when you actually see the game when you download the game it’s really good! There’s bosses skills to upgrade you’re gameplay and satisfaction. There’s also lots of upgrades to mess around in the menu! But about that Ad part the game looks bad by it’s self just here the No no no🐸 it’s just the cringe ads that want you to get off the ad and move on. There omens one time with my cousin where I kept saying once you actually play the game in person you can see the game is not that bad! Then a few months later I saw that he has downloaded the game on his Samsung. This is an example of impressions. If you see something that’s look bad to you such as these Ads you move away but when you actually see the thing or app its not that bad. Thank for you’re time to read this review.

- great game (Two suggestion though)

First off I LOVE the honesty this is one of the only mobile games that plays and functions just like the advertisements, also the advertisements do not over or under exagerate the actual difficulty. “NOTE i will mention that the advertisements technically do overexagerate the difficulty by putting a level one character in a late wave.” So if you like how the advertisements make the game look you will like the game. My suggestions are as follows. 1. due to the fact that I love playing this game during my break I have noticed that once you get your character going well the game kind of drags, and due to the fact that the game is not online PVP maybe add a X2 speed setting in the options so skilled players can progress faster, and so the game does not drag when you get built well. 2. I think that every weapon should be equippable but keep weapon unlocks in the gacha. “I get it, free game gotta make money somehow.” So just add all the current equippable weapons into the level up selection gacha, and add all level up gacha weapons to the chest gacha pool “I’ll admit that the main reason why I want this is because I just want to equip the brick.” So due to the fact that the suggestions are mainly personal preference I still give the game 5 stars because being impartial is a responsibility you have when rating and/or writing reviews.

- Incredible

This game is truly one of the best mobile games on the AppStore. Because it’s actually a game. Mobile games are turning into the same repetitive concepts with ads being shoved down your throat every two seconds….but this game is just remarkable. The only time you have to watch an ad is if you choose to do so to get like 30 free gems or to revive yourself but other than that there are no ads. The concept of the game is amazing…it’s an extremely strategic game…and it’s so challenging. But the fact that it’s challenging is what makes it such a good game. Beating a level makes you feel like you just climbed Mount Everest….and you get better and better at playing the game with each level you beat. Because you have to…you have to create your own strategy and constantly be improving that strategy. I’ve played this game almost every day since I downloaded it and its always so fun.

- Why can’t I restore myself after death!?! Amendment!!! 9/25

I know I use to be able to do this. I clearly remember doing this because I went and spent real money to buy gems so I could keep playing hard levels after I got killed. But for some reason now… now I get one shot. One redo. Why did I spend all this money on gems if I can’t bring myself back from the dead?!? I’ve been stuck on chapter 12 FOR DAYS!!! I’m so beyond frustrated. This boss is ridiculous. I want to beat him. I want to keep playing because it’s fun but if I can’t use gems to regenerate myself so I CAN keep playing then what is the point!!! Amendment: As annoyed and frustrated as I was the developers they came through and really helped me. I appreciate the time they put in and the detail that they went into. They did a lot more then other developers would and with the new update the game is much more enjoyable to play. Thanks a lot

- Absolutely Awesome

Wow. At first i thought this game was going to be a boring, laggy, ad filled, you know another typical game that tries to do mass battle against hordes. But it absolutely blew my mind. The difficulty scales very well and the weapon upgrades also scale with progression evenly. That is absolutely amazing how the difficulty is balanced with firepower. It also makes you keep moving and not get comfortable just standing around. Also the fact that ads are not forced is the best perk. The gameplay itself is great, the graphics are spot on. I mean jt is insane how well you can see all the different weapons being used at once AND still see your damage numbers and kill count all FLAWLESSLY SMOOTH. Terrific job developers. You do not have to pay to play. Yes it is all about the grin of survival and collection. But if you choose to pay…the prices vs reward is decent if you choose too. But overall definite 5 star game.

- Great, but….

I’m really enjoying the game. It is paced well and is engaging, however, the “Daily Discount” is a blatant money grab. I always try to support developers when I have a few extra bucks to spare but it would have been nice to know that buying the discount only lasts for 24 hours. I suppose the refresh timer absolves them of notifying you and I should have known better but I can’t imagine justifying spending $10 everyday for a handful of in-game currency to spend towards *hopefully* getting something useful. This is no different than loot boxes in console games that are nothing short of gambling your money away on useless things in hopes of getting something that might make the game easier. I get it, money is needed to develop a game and continue to add content (as well as compensation for the developers) but it doesn’t have to be underhanded. Make your purchases wisely if you choose to do so, gems are easily earned if you are patient enough to save them.

- Fun, Addicting, Disappointing

I spent a good amount of money and saved up tons of gems to open a lot of chests. It takes 50 rolls to get an s grade item which you need almost a full set to beat the game. Out of 7 rolls of 50 I got 5 belts which is arguably one of the worst s grade items. I enjoy the game but I can’t upgrade my items since you need multiple of the same item to upgrade. And that isn’t made clear in game either so most players end up wasting valuable materials and items upgrading which go to waste. I looked forward to playing this game every day and beating it and am currently on stage 38. My fun has been ruined and I’ll probably uninstall the game after my month subscription runs out. Unfortunate. Be ware anyone who spends money on the game in hopes of getting a good variety of s grade gear. It’s all a gamble and what happened to me could happen to you. Good luck. Also I never play mobile games or spend money on them but this one makes it very enticing and exciting until you get very unlucky and feel screwed and scammed by the game and the developers.

- A really great game.

This is one of those games that you just can’t delete. It’s just a fun game, and it remains that way despite its few problems. One of the reasons it’s one of those games is because it’s always balanced. You attempt a chapter, fail, learn, get rewards, upgrade, complete. It makes the game the perfect balance between difficult and non-challenging. Another is that there is weapons that fit anyones play style. Like guns? Take a revolver. Like mowing through zombies? Take a powerful melee weapon. Though it might be the perfect game, it has its problems. One of these is the fact that guns are extremely overrated. The guns are hard to use because of the fact that you can’t aim them. You must move towards the place where you want to shoot, and that calls for some problems. Easy fix for this one though, just add a second joystick for aiming. You could do this or add auto aim like the Kunai.

- Where to start?

I’ll start out by saying that this is everything mobile gaming SHOULD be. No ads. In app purchases? Sure, but at a fair cost and well worth a couple of bucks. I know I’ll sound like everyone one else, but most games on IOS are bull crap and this one stands out above the rest. I downloaded it about a week after its release and I do not regret it. This game makes the bad days that life throws at you worth it. It’s carried me through good days and bad days and I always play this game at night before I go to sleep. I’m in college and this game is a perfect time passer. I literally can’t think of any complains I have or anything wrong with the game. Also it’s constantly updated always bringing fresh and exciting content. Plus the events are AWESOME! I just got a S tier weapon because of this fall event and it’s OP as heck! Anyways that’s all I have to say. 5/5 stars I will play this for eternity.

- Great gameplay but horrendous rates and gear check mechanic

Gameplaywise it's very fun, excluding some details such as lvling up and opening chest leave you vulnerable to take damage, and some bosses which act as upgrade check as it is extremely difficult to dodge their attack (the purple bull and the moth). However the problems comes from obtaining gear as it is a major requirement to clear levels. Gears are obtain through lootboxes , which rate is horrendous as through 7000+ gemsand some free + bought keys, at the rate of 300 gems per box, I've a pulled a total of less than 6 blue rarity which I assume the rate would be 5%. The worst part is that there is 6 tiers of rarity and you need 3 of the same item to go up 1 tier until purple. There is a newbie quest (launch carnival) list which rewards are pretty pathetic at 20 gems per mission, however it was "promised" for a guarenteed purple shirt and weapon at day 6-7 which although hard to do would probably the only reliable way to get geared up. Overall a great experience, however don't expect much when you get deeper than 5-6 hours in this game.

- Needs some improvements

First of all, I think the game is really good, I like it a lot, but there are a few issues, I think instead of focusing on adding new levels, you guys should do a big update where you add in a lot of new weapons and weapon skills, because atm, there isn’t a lot to work towards except leveling up the few weapons you already have. I think this would improve the long-term playability of the game, vs adding new levels, because then there is something to work towards. You can just add in weapon skills or maybe even new weapons every 5 levels like you did for level 5 and 10, I think that would greatly improve the game in almost every way. I also think that having a gear set that is objectively the best isn’t a good thing, because then it removes all diversity of gears and weapons at higher levels. I’m talking about S tier gear btw.

- .Io

As an Io game,you don’t expect much from it but this is the best Io game I’ve ever played, the graphics are probably the best you could ever get out of an Io the gameplay is fun for the most part and it’s very rewarding while also making the most F2P Io our there while spending does boost you a lot, just playing the game will get you some sweet gear to boost your experience. My only complaints is there being no skins really and the gameplay is basic,add more modes,skins and accessibility and you’ll have almost the perfect Io game also another thing I think their should be another upgrade category [skills] or something,moving the moli to the skills category,making it auto (still) or manual because the moli is barely ever used because of how slow it is and it’s pretty bad dmg #Buffthemoli but anyways you can do the basic stuff like [Dash] or [Jump] but it’s just a suggestion but anyways imma head back and start killing some more Zombies peace.

- Awsome game and helpful team

I really enjoy playing this game you don’t have to pay anything to have fun still and when I encounter my only issue which was a message saying it detected me cheating threatening suspension on my account( I wasn’t) I emailed the devs and the next day received an in game message apologizing for it and updates as to when the bug got fixed, they also gave me in game items for the inconvenience, great game and great devs keep it up😁👍 Edit: I’m seeing ratings talking about a lot of issues that I’ve seen solutions for as well, someone was having internet issues that wouldn’t save the game, complaining they’d be a few seconds from victory and lost connection and have to restart, i constantly close app and actually didn’t open it for about a week and it always ask me if I wanna resume where I was, also no forced ads? Let’s go!

- Took my account and now I have no way of getting it back

To start off, the game it self is not bad at all, but the company behind it is questionable. I started playing it about a couple months ago, progressed to chapter 10 or 11, had good equipment and had spent some money on the game, then I took a break for about 2 weeks not even, tried logging back in, and everything is just gone, my account was logged out of or something, and I had no way of getting back in. So I try the in game “fix issue” button, nothing happens, tried it again, again nothing happens. I come on to the App Store and go to app support which take me to their website. I go in to their website which has a couple games listed on there but not survivor!.io, I tried pressing the “support” button but it doesn’t work and after reloading I the page it takes me to a 404 error page. I don’t know what happened or why this happened but I would not recommend anyone to spend money on the game for the risk that the company might try to scam you or just delete your progress and make you start over.

- Super fun

Great game, challenges you to choose the right combination of power-ups for the type of level/enemies you encounter. However, like many of the other comments state, a lot of times you don’t get the right or ideal power-ups to choose from so sometimes you’re screwed from the get go. It would be nice to maybe get a 1 or 2 time power-up refresh button so that you get a better chance at choosing the better power-ups for the level you’re playing. FYI, level 5 (City Bridge) takes a very long time to beat, I’ve probably played it at least 20-30 times and I still haven’t passed. Very strong enemies and its a slow process to level up your character. The game is still fun to play but I hope the next few levels don’t take as long to beat like level 5 because I’ll just loose interest in playing (will be too repetitive).

- Pleasantly surprised

Downloaded out of curiosity. It’s a obvious ripoff of “vampire survivor” but that game is only on PC right now and I love it so I figured I’d try this. It’s great, the difficulty does ramp harshly randomly around stage 7 where you have to start grinding a bit for purple equipment but that’s to be expected. The lack of ads is amazing, no ads unless you choose to watch one for a reward of some kind. That however is also it’s downfall, there is a LOT of micro transactions. They aren’t necessary by any means but they definitely ramp the grind and difficulty in an attempt to encourage you to throw a little money their way. But at the end of the day you don’t have to, I’ve been grinding the same level for 5 days slowly getting further and further without spending a cent to really it’s up to you if you’d rather spend money or just play casually and get slowly stronger.

- Great game, greedy creators

Primary note: if you have a gambling addiction or a spending addiction, DO NOT PLAY THIS. It will beg you to buy stuff until you do. This game is super fun to play for the first few dozen levels, but it plateaus HARD in hopes that you’ll drop copious amounts of real life money to progress. Every time you log in there’s a prompt to immediately ask you to buy something. To get to the free resources from ads, you need to scroll through rows and rows of purchase options which are there to tempt you. I understand that most every mobile game is pay to win, I was just hoping this one would be different. Sure, you play solo so there’s no direct competition to sway you to buy in app purchases, but the game becomes 100% unplayable once you reach a given point. From that point, playing the game simply does not give you enough resources to continue on. If you’re cool with watching ads for rewards and progressing at an inexcusably slow rate, this is the game for you.

- Good game, but late chapter 4 needs to be easier

I had been playing this game for a couple of days now and I’m very addicted. The skills and enemies look unique, and it’s a fun time killer if I feel bored The problem is that chapter 4 is just unpassable, after you beat the 2nd boss, you get loaded with a lot of builder zombies but they can easily be beaten with strong area weapon skills. However the biggest problem that accounts for 99% of this problem is that after like a few min, a mini boss builder zombie joins the party and literally smashes me to death. He has too much health and spawns way too many zombies. Those 2 mechanics combined can easily sandwich you to death. It’s also a map with small room to move during strong crowds. Even with a pressure forcefield that has the ability to slow enemies down and loads of high level good/better eqpt, I still can’t beat that stupid mini boss, nerf it’s hp so it can be beaten easier.

- Great Game

So this game is great, it’s pretty fun defeating the zombies and the chaos you can create but there’s s improvements I want, one is the zombies. I’ve only played a couple of matches (and downloaded the game today) but every time I get to Level 15-Level 16 I die because there’s way too many zombies in my path, even with a lot of overpowered skills I still can’t survive against them so will you nerf them please that would be good, I would also want the lives to be gone or increase the amount because 30 sounds like a lot for a mobile game, the problem is since you waste 5 Energy for every game you can only play 6 matches per day and then you have to wait a long time to get the 30 energy back. It is pretty good. The weapons are always cool especially with the other levels and the bosses are epic, so hopefully you fix this.

- Great game, some suggestions.

This game is, unlike other people say is not that hard, unless your bad at games. This game actually challenges you and that’s a good thing. Playing a game where you are literally god is no fun at all. I only have a few problems, first, for some levels (level 2) you need very specific items to even have a chance of surviving. This can get annoying after losing multiple times due to RNG not going my way. The energy system people complain about doesn’t bother me to much, because 30 energy is enough for 2 hours of gameplay. The last thing I would like to add is that after playing through the first few levels, it can feel slightly repetitive. New skills and abilities that we can use later on in the game would definitely keep people hooked on the game. Keep making updates to this already fun game and It will stay at #1 for awhile. 👍

- Energy requirements defeats the purpose of the download

I really like game and I play it a lot but there’s this feature in this game where if you die too much you can no longer play the game. You spend energy to play the game and you run out of energy if you die too much which disables you from continuing to play the game unless you watch an ad or spend some other type of currency. I downloaded this mobile game to play it. Having a feature in the game where you can’t play the game at will is dumb. Why is a game that was created to be played telling me I can’t play the game? This game isn’t the only one that does that a lot of them do it and I hate it. Stop designing this feature into games. We as gamers should be able to play the game endlessly until we decide we won’t to stop. That’s why I gave this 3 stars to make a point. Without that feature in the game this game would be worth more stars but it’s not because of that. Get rid of that feature!

- It’s alright

Game requires a large time investment if you want to progress: do daily challenges that aren’t always balanced, do extra challenges to acquire “perks” that don’t do much for your current level, and gets repetitive really fast. Levels can be 8 or 15 minutes long and you’ll just be running in circles. The occasional bullet frenzy levels get annoying as it’s not a challenge to avoid the bullets, but stay far enough from the source to avoid their reach since some just aren’t blockable. Levels with special elements are unclear such as “half items and drops” and they don’t add to the challenge, they’re just an inconvenience since most of your work centers around the weapon you pick. It also drains your battery pretty well. If you have a game you enjoy that shows progress at a decent pace, skip this one. If you’re bored, go for it. Just don’t expect much without investing a lot of grinding for things you don’t care about.

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- Love this game

This one is surprisingly addictive, and unlike most of those small, easy to play, sink-5-or-30-minutes-into-them games, this one doesn’t hit you with adds every time you make a move or finish a level. I think the ads or prices are balanced for what the in-game purchases offer, and I find the replay value for older levels to be pretty rewarding. I’m progressing slowly, myself, preferring to try the trials or the daily challenges, but I see there is options for those who prefer to throw themselves at the main levels.

- I Like the game but there are a few things about it.

Im really liking the game so far, its fun and can be sometimes challenging especially when moving onto a new level. There are just a 2 things that i want to bring up. 1. Lack of diversity in levels: While actually playing a level i’ve noticed theres a lack of the diversity of skills/weapons that can be acquired while playing and because of this it leads to a similar build every time I play a level. I’ve noticed that you’re able to acquire weapons to equip as well, so a solution I’ve thought of to improve this is when you unlock a weapon you can equip it unlocks in the “skill choice” and perhaps its tier 1 or does less damage than a tier 1. This brings me to my second point. 2. Weapons you can equip: i find that its really hard to acquire new weapons to equip and considering that there are 5 other equipment slots and however many sets there are, Gloves, Belts, Boots, ect. It makes it really hard to get new weapons and to be able to upgrade them as well and in my eyes one of the main focuses on the game IS the weapons and being able to upgrade them and get ultimate forms in the levels. So perhaps there could another way to get more equip-able weapons or make them more common. I hope you consider the points i have made and thank you for making a good game.

- Very addictive, but there are annoyances

This game has soo much content and it is very addictive at the start. Also fun and challenging compared to all the other crappy games. However, there are some serious problems with this mobile game. 1. Balance for weapons Some weapons are REALLY good and some are REALLY bad. For e.g, Those fidget spinner things: 9/10 The force field: 9/10 Brick: 1/10 Soccer ball: 3/10 Drill: 6/10 (when it follows enemy’s it’s good for bosses) Duran? : 3/10 If you play the game u know what I mean. 2. Straight up, bad names (Looks at 1. For bad names) 3. The balancing for bosses Alright, this single chapter has annoyed me enough to even make this review. I’m talking about chapter 5. The 3rd boss in chapter 5 is the single most annoying boss in the entire game. First of all, it’s stats is maxed the freak OUT. Second of all it does WAY too Much DAMAGE. Third of all it’s bullets are PRETTY hard to DODGE. Spending ALL my Revives just to die. Pretty hard right? Well, there’s more. Fourth of all, I have to play 15 Whole minutes just to get to the boss Fifth of all😧 It’s Very big And finally SIXTH. OF. All. You get Almost nothing in the end. So yeah… Annoying but addictive and repetitive game. That’s my conclusion bye.

- Great fun for a little while

Great fun at first. Although repetitive levels they have made a solid clone of a great PC game. However it quickly gets dull for a few reasons. 1. Not a lot of effort and love put into levels and balancing. 2. New light weapon is kinda OP. 3. Things get boring when too easy even when challenging at later levels only the bosses are any challenge really which leave you literally standing still for 5-10 minutes while you just wait for the next boss. 4. Playing the game actually offers less rewards then just logging in each day and collection patrols etc. you might as well just burn all your energy on quick patrols. If they put as much effort into levels and balance in this game as they did the monitization it would be 10/10 game. Or just more focus on fun. They need to focus more on fun challenging levels that actually require you to move around the map, add more bosses at the very least for variety. Add enemies with more mechanics than just walk directly towards you. And balance levels out a bit better. Also gear is just too strong, that’s probably why they can’t balance well. Either that or levels are too easy.

- Enjoyable… sorta

I actually really enjoy this game, the levels are ridiculously hard but still challenging. When upgrading or scrapping armour you keep all the materials and coins you have spent on it, whereas other games you would lose them. However, the one thing, the only thing I HATE about this game is… the random gear selection. It is the absolute most annoying feature and is this games most annoying feature. I understand you are meant to make do with what u have but this frustrates me especially when you press refresh and get two of the same items you had previously! It seems like I keep getting the same useless items over and over and it’s stopping me from progressing or enjoying the game. I ain’t one to get mad if I die or don’t complete a level, but when I constantly get the same useless gear every time! That annoys me. I still gave this game a 4/5 as I think it is really cool and the graphics are unique and simple. I would like to see a refresh to the way you select the gear you get so you can choose the stuff you actually want!

- Feedback

This game is pretty good!! It’s just as the ads advertise it and its pretty fun, although I do have some feedback. Keep in mind when reading this, that I am not that good at giving feedback. After a while, this game becomes pretty boring and time consuming and it stops being fun the second it becomes repetitive. Even doing the trials are no fun because they are just the same thing over, and over, just harder and harder. What I’m saying is, this game takes too much time, I know you can just leave and rejoin when you want, but you would be better off turning that into a feature by creative save files or autosaving, especially if you gave players the choice to have multiple save files. Another thing I mentioned was that it’s incredibly repetitive. There are not enough skills in the game, point blank. This game would be a whole lot more enjoyable if you added heaps, especially if you added more strong ones. Even just adding a few per chapter would be a great improvement!

- fun, wish upgrade were a bit more stable.

great game, have plenty of fun with it and it passes time, my only small nit i will pick is the upgrades during a game, it will give you options to upgrade several gadgets to their max level, however i notice that you can apply almost every upgrade to your main weapon, but then it stops offering the upgrade. i have noticed this very frequently with the Kunai, would be good if once you set out on upgrading certain gadgets/weapons in a match it would keep on the same track rather than trying to push things you don’t want/need.

- Feedback

This game got me hooked in 4 minutes I love all the weapons and the defence to keep you safe. I would recommend everyone to try out this game. If they don’t like it at least they gave it a try. One thing is when it says uncommon then common the rare then excellent. Maybe add legendary? That would get more people playing. Thanks for the time that you took to make this game, I love it and I’m sure that many other people in the world do as well. Keep up the good work :)

- Good, needs changes

There are some annoying things about this game. When playing, a lot of upgrades do not happen when they should, so you could get stuck with all low level weapons at a very hard stage of a round as well as annoying parts of the game giving an option between the weakest weapons when playing, giving someone no choice but to accept doom. Another thing is not being able to sell equipment. There is a lot of spare stuff from crates or chests that are never used and it would be nice to be able to sell them for something.

- Sign in feature request

Though the game is amazing and the most unique game I’ve ever played, I would like to request a sign-in feature so I can download the game and load my progress and continue playing it. Currently this isn’t possible and Iam unable to continue my progress on my tablet as the data is stored on my phone. Please look into this request and add this feature as it is a must in almost every game

- Great game hear me out why

I don’t often leave game reviews but I really enjoy this game there’s a lot of different stuff and I like a lot how it’s actually challenging and you just need to keep trying again until you get it. I scrolled passed this game a lot on the App Store then a mate recommended it and I’ve been loving it for about 4 days gotten somewhat far there’s heaps of levels and that and more other stuff to do it’s a great game all around

- Casual Mobile players delight.

Great game with a simple and easy to follow system to progress. Though paying money would increase your progress quicker, there’s plenty of f2p options that will allow you to still obtain some of the best gear in the game. The combos with equipment you can use leaves a unique experience every time you play a round. Definitely a game worth trying out for casual mobile players.

- Fun game but too many micro transactions

Like the game itself is fun with good progression systems, but it overloads you with ways to spend your real money. Every single tab you open has a different deal for a few dollars it kind of makes you want to see how far you can go without spending any money at all. If I was the developers I’d make everything in the game cost gems instead of being asked for my credit card details every time I unlock something new.

- No Travis Town Level is in the game currently

I am writing to ask you to kindly consider adding the Travis Town level to this game I feel it is needed to give the game more depth and feel more real to players around the globe. Firstly, Travis Town/Travisian Valley would be a great end chapter for the player that are above the rest, The main boss in the chapter would be the Trabis the Chabis Boss which would shoot Hubba bubba gum out of its mouth causing a one hit death to the player and causing Travisian to come to there house in real life and shoot them with his hubba bubba gum. Secondly, Trabis The Chabis would have the second name of Travis the cockroach or Tricky Travis the second these names would strike fear into the players heart as they would crumble from hearing these truly terrible names. In conclusion, I strongly believe the Trabis The Chabis/Travis The Cockroach/Tricky Travis boss should be added to the game thank you for your time and I hope you take this opportunity to heart and make the right decision. Kind regards, Trabis The Chabis’ Boss/Caretaker

- Great game to throw some spare time at

Simple to understand game, with a good replay value. Best part of this free game is that ads aren’t shoved down your throat, but watching them does give you small bonuses. I feel some weapons and skills could be slightly more well balanced, but as you get to choose between 3 skills every level up, you can usually get at least 5 of your 6 favourite skills each game.

- Great game!

Despite the some-what bad ads for this game it’s actually really fun and well made! I was very happy when there was no ads thrown in face after I finished a level like other games where you get ads all the time. This game has very good gameplay and good story. It nicer gets boring and the items you can obtain are almost endless! Maybe some more updates would help though. Great game! 5/5

- This is a great game

This game is amazing and its so easy to play and it has no ads (unless you click on something that needs an ad to unlock a reward) but it also needs no internet. One problem is that if you accidentally like press the free gems button twice and it puts you in the ad you cant exit the ad and not get any reward but I would definitely recommend this game if you are going on a long car ride/ if you are very bored

- Just great.

Wow. This game is a great time waster and very good for grinding out, I haven’t been playing for too long(just over 2 days) but I can say that it’s without a doubt worth trying out. I play this on the bus, at home, pretty much anytime I can, it’s fun, it saves progress even mid match, has amazing content like characters, weapons, upgrade system, the list goes on. I definitely recommend getting this game.

- Impressive for what it is

Was not expecting much at all, I was wrong. This game is honestly quite fun, no ads every 2 seconds and no major paywalls (I will update if this changes). The gameplay is engaging and can be quite repetitive at times as all you have to do is upgrade and move, needs variety honestly. Has a nice gear upgrade system, skill tree and so on, plenty to do in game. Devs have outdone themselves 👍

- What a gem :)

This is a great casual game for anyone that is a fan of character builds, just make sure you set some time aside as these are not quick 3 minute stages - however, you can pause the game and come back to it later without restarting the entire game, even if you open other apps in the meantime :) This is something that other games lack. Keep it up devs! 👏🏻

- Good game overall

There is this one ad where if you watch it you can’t click the x. This is so annoying because I was about to clear the level but I died which I thought to myself that’s all good I’ll just watch the ad to come back to life and so I clicked the ad but when it was over my screen just went black and I couldn’t do anything. Please fix this because this game is actually good it’s the fact that the one ad I just talked about basically crashes your game.

- It’s pretty good

I’ve been playing this game for a couple of hours now because of how different it is to all the other games that are kinda similar. But the question I’m asking is, does the standard tier katana have a evolution for example the shotgun to Gatling gun is unlocked by getting the skill +10% damage. I did notice it has one like that but the option for an upgraded one hasn’t popped up yet. Thank you if you have time to respond.

- What a great game

These days it’s just ads over and over again but no this one is a well designed game with little to no actual forced ads the reward system is great and there are so many good skills to unlock I just love it and it’s not that repetitive I would actually recommend it (it’s demo is the real deal) and no I’m not paid this is an actual review :)!

- Vampire survivor rip off, but not a bad option for a phone port

This game i a rip off of vampire survivor on steam, except for the art and there are more levels and some progression differences. the gameplay is an almost direct rip, the bosses are new. All the weapons have seen have a direct counterpart. The katana is the whip, the brick is the axe, Molotov is the potion. It wouldn’t be fair to say the game is inspired by vampire survivor because of how similar the actual gameplay is. But it’s not a bad choice if you want to play vampire survivors on your phone since the game isn’t on phones.

- So addictive!!!

Surprisingly got hooked on this game quickly. Each area is challenging until you level up your little dude. When you receive better gear, previous leveled gear can be leveled down to get a refund on coins you’ve spent and merging gear doesn’t reset the level it’s at, but keeps the same level but upgrades - BONUS!

- Games great but…

I’ve been playing this game all today and got to like stage 4 and then I go to close the game, I come back and I’ve been signed in to my little brothers account automatically without asking me, I didn’t even think to link my account with an email, so now I’ve lost my account with just over 2600 gems and a few purples, I’m just upset that it signed me into an account without my permission, is there any way to undo this or is my $20 bucks gone for good?

- Absolutely needs a sandbox mode

One of the best things u could do to make the game heaps better is to add a sandbox mode u get when u finish the first map u get to pick any 50 upgrades from everything that’s available and u get to pick any map even if u haven’t unlocked it yet and u get to start at any time point for eg. Like after the first boss or just before the last it would make the game almost perfect

- Great game - but one question

This game is just as it is shown in the ads and a great way of killing time. The levels can be a bit repetitive and weapons predictable, but apart from that it’s good fun. One question I have: do you work with Blooket, or was it made by you also? They have a game very, very similar to this which was recently released although I prefer this as it has better weapons and graphics.

- I love this game

Okay so I got this game around 2 days ago because I saw some ads and I wanted to give it a shot because I don’t have many offline games. At first it was hard but then I got the hang of it in 10 minutes and I fell in love with it. There are no adds, some in app purchases but as far as I have seen they are so small. Absolutely love this game.

- Not bad, Ads are Optional

Liking it so far. They worked out a nice balance where you don't NEED ads, but you can opt in for them if you want to advance the game beyond normal. One thing: They added the "bag mechanism," but it's not clear what it does. Should we save items in there for a chance at a bonus on these items or should we just use them when it suits? Some clarification here would be nice.

- Wow

I didn’t think i would like this game so much, and I’ve only been playing for a couple days. When I tried the first chapter, I was angry on how it was to complete it. But all I had to do was enter some codes, got a bunch of gems and unlocked the shotgun, which does so much damage when fully upgrades I just breezed through chapter 1.

- amazing game but a thing you could add

So this a amazing game and I’m still a beginner but something you could add to keep us entertained for longer is that after two chapters the items change so player won’t as bored as easily,I’m st obsessed with this game though it’s rlly fun to play after grinding in other games. anyways I rate this 5 stars ⭐️

- Great game

I assumed this to be one of those mobile games where it shows you some half decent gameplay and then the actual game is terrible, but this game is actually so fun and enjoyable. Sure it can be a bit hard the first time you play it, but once you learn what everything does it is pretty simple.

- Have a way to connect accounts to different devices like google gmail or facebook or twitter

Have a way to connect accounts to different devices like google gmail or facebook or twitter so u can keep progress from other devices because I cannot connect my iPhone account to my iPad and vice versa

- Recommendation/game ideas

This game is actually pretty fun. But it feels a little repetitive and I wanted to add some suggestions to improve gameplay. 1. Add more weapons/supplies. There is only a couple to select from so I get very similar loadouts each game 2. To make the game feel less bland, give the zombies more skins. Right now there is just a normal zombie and a construction worker zombie. 3. I also think changing up the terrain a bit when walking around is a good idea so you don’t just get squares and roads. 4. Give weapons/supplies different upgrade paths, with different paths changing the weapon look and usability. I really hope you do some of these ideas I listed, as I think it could be really helpful towards the game!

- Ok game, terrible launch event

I’m at chapter 7 for now and paid for every chapter pack (with real money), and can barely catch up with the event missions. I don't think you can finish the event and get all rewards without paying real money. It feels so weird for a launch event (which usually gives benefits to players, not asking them for money). If you don't mind those events and rewards then you may have a good time playing it.

- Surprisingly Addictive

I thought this would be just the same mobile zombie shooter as any other on the AppStore but this game is actually well built and challenging enough so you can’t just blitz through everything but still easy enough that you just keep coming to go even farther Great game

- Great Game

This is a great game that is much improved compared to other games like it even if the game does become a bit repetitive since there is not much to do/doing the same thing over and over until future updates when more content is released like different modes, etc

- 5/5 Game

I love this game, everything you guys are doing with it is amazing. I would like to see an expansion of the guns (M16, M1911 and M1 Garand maybe?) Some heroes I would like to see are: A Marine A Sports Fan A Politician (that would be funny) A Astronaut or Scientist (you have the design) Other then that great game and definitely can’t wait to see where you go next.

- Really fun!

The game is fun it’s not hard nor easy fun from coming home after a long day getting stronger and stronger and the best part is you don’t even need to to spend hours on playing one match, most matches take up to 15 minutes and your progress is saved as well! I really recommend it!!!

- Not what I expected

I expected this to be one of those crappy mobile games with ads and pay to win options littered absolutely everywhere, this however, it not one of them. It's just a fun game, to waste time on, I reccomend you to download and play if you like these types of games. good job devs :)


Ive played most games ending in .io and i can without a doubt say that this is the best one. From the sound effects to the easy to get upgrades to the store system. Everything is so much better than all other .io games. Highly recommend. The ONLY thing id add is easier ways to merge but thats it. 10/10.

- So far so good

Very simple and easy to play. Love the difficulty of each chapter and how its not a ‘pay to win’ unlike other trash quality of copycat games out there. The only downside is it lacks of skills to choose from. Quite limited range of skills to choose and you always ended up choosing the same skill trees over and over. Think about how Vampire Survivors still taking a lead with its consistent updates.

- Honestly a GREAT game

I have to say i love this game it’s so addicting and fun there are so many options for killing zombies from the loot to the upgrades for the loot, along with being well balanced, engaging and fun i always look forward to playing it. I can’t honestly see any major bugs or unbalances when playing the game. GREAT job devs.

- Addictive

Been playing for a little over a week now and still loving it. Easy to play for free. Doesn’t beg for money or shove ads in your face every 30 seconds. Progression is nice. The energy system can get a little annoying. But have only encountered this once or twice. Great game.

- Very good game

Was this was made before vampire survivors? If it was then this would be a very good game. I just have one problem, it gets a little bit repetitive the longer you play, so can you add new weapons the higher chapter you are. If you did this it would definitely be a 5 star review. Other than that it’s the perfect game. Thanks for making it.

- So Many Zombies, So addictive

This is one of those games that you play on your lunch break and then start getting calls from your boss asking where are you. Simple gameplay but super hard and certainly gives you those ah no moments, I’m dead. Recommend to play

- Amazing game! But could add more…

Absolutely amazing game I’m so addicted lol. However, will there ever be an endless mode where nothing is capped (where the player can have however many weapons). It would be very cool and could introduce a leaderboard system. Would definitely get the game more popular and competitive👍👍

- Good game

This is a good game but I think it could have a salvage option when in your inventory or the ability to sell items such as no longer wanted clothing. Yes I am aware of something similar but that’s not what I want it’d be great to have a feature/option to salvage.

- Great game bust just one improvement

I recommend a speed time button, like a x2 and x4 speed just so we can actually finish some of these levels faster, it gets boring when you’re best option is to sit still and let your skills wipe hoards,

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- Great game, maybe Co-op?

I’ve been playing this game for a good while now, I’d instantly became addicted. The rouge-like nature of the game keeps it from being boring and repetitive, the gear and new events are a good addition to give you more to do. Although I think it would be a great addition to have a Co-op mode where you could join friends and fight together, I’ve recommended it to other people and nobody whose played it have been disappointed.

- Great game! Not littered with ads

I don’t leave reviews but the fact these guys don’t ram Ads down your throat between every round is phenomenal and deserves a round of applause. This game is super enjoyable fair pricing for items in store. AGAIN NO ads being rammed down your throat! I’d say give it a try! Cheers

- Copy

Fun game but it’s a complete reskin of vampire survivors which is on steam for 3$


If you like games that get harder as you play them and unlock cool abilities this is definitely the game for you and did I mention no ads

- Playing like afk arena new mode

Super great but my eyes pain. Playing like afk arena’s new mode and that one looks simple than this one

- A very nice game

Ok so the game is very good and addictive but there are a few things missing like the drop rate percentages for S class equipment. The monthly pass is totally trash, it should at least include faster energy restoration rate, as fast forward button for gameplay (2x speed for silver card and 3x speed for gold card), and the drop rate of equipment should be at least 100% more during chapters. The gold challenge only gives 20k gold which is like nothing, there should be different difficulty levels for gold challenge (easy: 20k gold, med:40k, hard: 60k, extreme: 100k). PS: the rarity naming(good, better, etc) of the weapons/armour is pretty bland, a better alternative would be Low class item(grey items)

- Shameless ripoff of vampire survivor

Just look it up exact same thing

- Jojo

Ora ora ora ora ora !

- Go play vampire survivors

It's free and doesn't have pay to win trash shoved into it.

- Scummy

Super scummy with their ads, ads are 45 seconds long and sometimes you just don’t get your reward, so why not watch another couple ads? Either it’s a bug or a feature, either way it sucks

- Nerfing

Most of the zombies and bosses need to be nerfed and how much damaged is taken needs to be nerfed as well.

- Bad

Stops working after a while. Just stops loading.

- Another pay to win game with slow progression and bad rng

Basically u have to keep spending real world money since the game deceives the player by being pseudo-generous - the free and easy to get rewards will never be enough. So u have to keep grinding the same levels over and over. The difficulty spike is also insane and the game becomes way too hard really fast. The in game rng is also bad - sometimes you cant get EVO because the skill rewards are random (false illusion of choice), other times the enemies dont drop loots that are good enough for you to upgrade, thus your weapons became useless. The challenge mode is also ridiculously hard as it was designed to force you to waste ur revive points, then the game hits you with instant-kill enemies, making all your spending and efforts pointless. In short, nice looking game but poorly designed to be anti-player (false illusion of choice) and anti-fun. Go play dr. Jekyll and mr hyde on NES instead

- Don’t download money grabbing

You play this game easy at the start but as you go up by level or mode it will be so impossible to beat. You have to keep watching their ads for months to get gems to use to buy equipments and even with those new equipment you won’t go up at all. So for some people here who has money issue this isn’t for you. They will and want you to buy their gems with real money. Save yourself time, money and happiness it’s worst than flappy bird

- Dum mega challenges

These mega challenges are pretty much impossible, I wasted almost all my hearts on the to find out that any type of damage is an automatic kill and then the drop two bosses on me.

- Trash

Game is horrible once you get to a certain point it is almost impossible to beat unless you spend countless days on that single level or countless amounts of money

- To hard

Im just at the second map and after 10 try I never past this level, it’s to hard for only the second map…sad

- Great game, but I have a problem.

I love this game. I used to play it a lot, but then I took a break for a while. I came back to it yesterday after seeing that it had been updated a lot since I last played, but that’s when I ran into a problem. I kept my weapons and armour stuff, but all of my level progress was gone. That didn’t really bother me, I wanted to start over anyways, but after playing my first round, I came back to the menu and attempted to do an evolution. It did not work, and gave me an error prompt saying “Abnormal Network Connection (11001-9999), please try again later.” I am unable to get anything other than that to happen, I’ve tried using the Fix Errors option, but that didn’t fix anything. It also would occasionally say that there was a sign in error, but with no error code associated with it. I’ve been connected to a stable wifi network, so I don’t know why this would be happening.

- Very good and addictive

No ads great game fun abilities and I like the power up feature

- Hard to get equipment?

Don’t know if it’s just my luck but all three of my S tiers were guaranteed and everyone who play this game knows how hard it is to grind gems. Overall still a great game to kill time.

- Seriously awesome game

Only thing I can suggest is do away with the energy, I know game play time is important and all but like just make it harder or something as a reault.

- To fun

I can’t stop it’s 2:00 in the morning I need sleep but I can’t stop pl help meee

- Ads have grown too long, Qatar event is unabideable

As the title says, I recently have seen multiple 75 total second long ads. Simply ridiculous. And while I certainly understand that football/soccer is a popular worldwide phenomenon, I cannot support any application that sponsors Qatar in their slave labour/human rights violations.

- This is a Terrible game don’t let it fool you!!!

Nothing about this mediocre experience is balanced. A capitalized pay-to-play with no progression unless you spend hundreds of dollars, no linear progression. Walls of difficulty that can only be unlocked with pay-to-play features…This could have been a decent game but this company ruined the formula completely. They will never have my business or relations to my business any longer. Should be taken off the Apple Store if feasible!


One of the best games I have ever played!!!😎😎😎 So addictive!!!😎😎😎

- Cant evolve

The game wont let me unlock the evolves, kept saying that i have abnormal network connection. Doesnt get fix no matter how many times i restarted the game. Pls fix

- Facile


- Ads are becoming a pain!

Ads now trap you in a loop. Hit “x” get forced to go to ad download page hit “end” go back and forced to do it again several more times!!

- Account restarted?

I didn’t play for maybe a week and I came back to a empty account and back at level 1??

- Absalute love

I love the game and it’s features and the ad function is not bad in all saying I love it 😜😝

- Need to add more things

Could you add multiplayer so I can play with my friend and add trade so I can trade with my friend.overall great game😁 could you try and add those things Tyanks

- Yes

This game is very good highly recommended

- Good game but..

Whenever I am offline playing, I cannot upgrade my gear, collect patrol earnings, or even complete daily/weekly/monthly missions. Please fix this for it is very annoying. It is a very good game, with very close to no ads at all. Thank you for your time if you read this.

- Seperate chest and speed button

Please seperate the new and old S grade equipments into different chest and add speed button. Game is too long which is ok, but it waste too much time to sit there and afk in the easy parts during a 15 mins game. Thank you.

- Love the game! Easy to waste time!!

Started playing this game waiting for a friend, now I can’t stop playing it.

- copycat

this game just copy’s vampire survivors

- Bug!

Misleading trap of purchase! They put two similar panel but the first one only has 1 s grade item!!! So low chance to get what you want!

- Lost gems 🤬

I just bought 27 dollars worth of gems and I didn’t even get them… what a scam

- Best game ever


- Combining items…

I’ve been playing this game for a while now and I have to say without a doubt that this is one of my favourite games, but one of the problems I’ve come across is combining items to get higher tier loot. So about a week after I started playing I switched to the katana because of the double slash it has and the damage is really good but when it comes time to upgrade it to a higher tier it’s almost impossible. I couldn’t tell you how many army crates I’ve opened just to get one grey (normal) katana, I currently have a blue (better) katana but I’m starting to think that this game is rigged and won’t give me anymore normal katanas. BRO IM NOT EVEN JOKING I WAS PLAYING WHILE WRITING THIS AND I JUST BOUGHT AN ARMY CRATE AND GOT A NORMAL KATANA😭🙏

- W game

i’m him

- Good


- Great game super fun and addicting

The gameplay is great and doesn’t feel repetitive, the references to games and shows for the max evolutions are cool too. Keep working on the game and release more cool skills awesome game

- I love this game

This game is lit asf there always things u can do and u actually do have to grind a bit like all the good gear isn’t just given to u like u actually have to play the game to get good and unlike other mobile games they don’t shove ads down your throat the only time I see a add is when I wanna see one to get a free crate or smth one thing they need to do tho is give us the ability to upgrade the amount of energy u can have like make it so for a little bit of gold u can buy more energy room so that u can play more and not have to wait for your energy to renew so u can play again also this game is crazy addictive I legit played it for 7 hours the other day

- Trades

This game is amazing but I wish you could trade with your friends

- Great game but needs co-op!

That’s why my review is 4 stars. Need co-op, more weapons, resources more frequently, upgrades while playing levels need MOAR!!!

- Awesome (its simple)

Just awesome

- I came

Cool game

- Actually pretty good just like the ad says.

Pro tip: get both rocket drones after upgrading fully you get a new slot for one more power Wouldn’t spend money on the game but still a good game

- Cool, but audio kills it

I like the idea, but the audio of the game sucks. Stock music isn’t to bad, but the sound effects are terrible. You can’t mute sfx but keep music on, which kills the mood for me. Add audio sliders for sfx and music, and I’d rate it higher.

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Survivor!.io 1.9.0 Screenshots & Images

Survivor!.io iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Survivor!.io iphone images
Survivor!.io iphone images
Survivor!.io iphone images
Survivor!.io iphone images
Survivor!.io iphone images

Survivor!.io (Version 1.9.0) Install & Download

The applications Survivor!.io was published in the category Games on 2020-12-16 and was developed by HABBY [Developer ID: 1422308796]. This application file size is 285.63 MB. Survivor!.io - Games app posted on 2023-01-12 current version is 1.9.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.dxx.firenow