Teacher Simulator

Teacher Simulator [Games] App Description & Overview

Do you have what it takes to be the best teacher in the world? Now is the time to find out in Teacher Simulator!

In the game you will get to explore what school is like for the teachers. Get your pencils at the ready and make sure you're all prepared to answer their questions and catch out the cheaters in your classroom.

Is that the bell? Guess it’s time for class. Hurry up and download the game today before your students’ do!

Teacher Simulator features:
- Send cheaters to the principle
- Answer your students questions
- Sharpen your pencils
- Become the best teacher

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Teacher Simulator Comments & Reviews

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- I only put five because

I only put five stars so more people could see this but about the app after every 30 second mini game you do you get a ad and developer please fix that like every 2 or 3 would be fine but after everyone is just annoying and please add other characters to the game or better yet after you choose between the 2 characters you get to customize it to whatever you want it to look like and that would be awesome if you did that and also please add more mini games because I have only been playing for 30 minutes and I have already played all the mini games and that was really annoying so please fix the adds and add more characters and more mini games.

- ads

this game is really fun, but my main concern is how many ADS there are. there are ads after every mini game you play, and when there’s a time to pick a new job selection, you have to watch an ad to get the best one. You also have to watch an ad to claim the characters you worked for. but the game itself is really fun. I like how you get to have different jobs like in the halls, in the classroom, in the lunchroom. some of the options also force you to make a bad decision. When you’re supposed to hall monitor, you are supposed to pick the best decision for each student depending on what they did. but when you get to the bullying student, you can either stun them, spray them, or let them go. Letting them go is the only decision that isn’t worth an ad. Most people would just watch the ad to make a good decision, but sometimes the ads won’t load in and you just have to do the wrong thing. overall, good game though!

- It’s ok

I love this game and I think it is great but I only have one problem which is the Ads. I’m okay with a few every once in a while but there are really way too many and it gets really annoying. Also, when you are doing the hall monitor or like you want one of the outfits that you have to watch an Ad for, it says the Ad is unavailable. This gets really frustrating espcially because the only other choice you get when there is the bully is to let them go which will say you did not discipline the student correctly. Also, in some classes like geography it asks a question and you have to know which student is right. But like some of the questions even a college student wouldn’t know the answer. I think it would be helpful if the teacher could have access to the answers to each question so they know who is right. Please work on fixing these because I love this game but I just don’t want to play it when it frustrates me so much. Thanks!

- It’s fine but I have a gripe

Hello! I am a 10 year old going from app to app and rating them. This app looked fun but it gets repetitive. Here are some things I don’t like about it. 1. THE ADS. Now like many voodoo games the ads are always a problem. But I’m this game voodoo took the time and put less ads into the game. I like that. 2. It gets boring over time. Like I said earlier it gets repetitive and not fun after a while. But I like to compare this app to another voodoo game : hyper school. That app I deleted it was bad for many reasons. But one was because it never changed and I got bored. But this one has different tasks. So yes this is better! 3. The skins are ridiculous. The skins aren’t even set to be for a teacher. They are all just recolers of each other. Well this app will be staying on my phone (which is rare).

- Wow! Great game! Stay away if you hate ads

I loved the game! You choose what subject you teach, you break up fights and much more! There are a lot of ads though. I don’t mind ads because usually there fine, but some people HATE ads. They just want to play. I get it! But they shouldn’t be so harsh. The ads are short and sometimes they really make you want to buy the game. Anyway if you hate ads stay away from this game. There are ads every few minutes. But if you don’t mind ads, I definitely recommend it. It education and fun(mostly fun don’t worry it’s not a learning game). If you don’t know anything about school don’t buy it because you need to do some grading

- Too. Many. Adds!!!!!!

SO many people are also complaining about this too! The amount of adds is unbelievable! It would be a great game otherwise but it’s so hard to play due to the amount of adds. There is an add after every level and every level usually lasts LESS than the time of an add depending on how fast you do it. I would also recommend making something that we can spend coins on and adding more questions because I got a repeat question in the short time I have been playing. I know they probably made it so you can’t play without internet so people wouldn’t put it on airplane mode or something to play without adds but it would also be nice to make it so you can play without internet.

- Amazing game! But...

Don’t get me wrong the game is great, and I really love it, it’s just that ads come up a lot and when you get a new outfit (you will know what I am talking about when you play it) it says that an ad is not available and you can’t get the item. What is really annoying is when you have just watched an ad and you get the opportunity to get a new class room or you get to deal with a bully it says you can’t watch the ad EVEN THOUGHT YOU JUST WATCHED AN AD!!!!!!😡😡😡 I know I just got really mad but this game is overall pretty fun but it does have a lot of ads and it lags sometimes and I took a risk getting it because I read the other reviews and still got it. It’s not my favorite game, but it’s kind of fun and I like it❤️❤️🥰

- Great Game!

I love this game because it teaches you things you probably didn’t know before like the capitals of different countries and more! I saw the reviews on here and I wasn’t getting a lot of ads and it is perfect to learn. If I had a child I would recommend them to play this! Here is a few things you need to fix: One, can you have different questions for each of the students because sometimes all the students get the same question and the same answer. Two, for stopping the bully, can you not do silly things like stunning them and spraying them with the fire extinguisher. But besides that this game is great and you should play it!

- I love it but you know

OK where do I start off I’ve only had this game for about three minutes and I already can tell that there is some mistakes of the gameBut I do love that the students are asked questions and then you get to answer them and especially I like that you get to write on the paper and stuff but I don’t really like that this game has so many ads I also don’t like that one question is not right

- UGH! Adds!

This game could be a 4 star, but there are so. Many. ADDS! Honestly, every 30 seconds there is another add! I get it, you have to make money, but you won’t make any if you can’t even play the game! Other than that, this app is pretty good, you basically become a teacher, ask question, grade papers, erase the board, sharpen pencils, monster the halls, stop fights, all the stuff teachers do. It would have 5 stars if you knew the answer to the questions asked when grading and asking the class questions. I don’t like sports, so on the famous sport players questions I juts have to guess. So, please fix those 2 problems and I’d be more than happy to give this a 5. Even if it didn’t:t tell you as you asked the question, maybe attend a meeting before school each day where they tell what the answers are? So, yeah, that’s all :)

- It gets repetitive, and the ads

So, the game is great overall. I really love it, but it gets too repetitive. I would suggest an update to add more questions and mini games to make it a lot less boring. And a lot of these games have the ad problem. But those games put way too much, and this one took the time to give 1 less ad. I’m fine with ads, you use it to get money, but every game or so, an ad plays. Usually these types of games have an ad every question answered, so this game has an ad problem, but the problem isn’t as big as some other games. I would recommend this to anyone who doesn’t mind ads (such as myself). It’s a fun game, just the repeating questions and the ads, thanks :>

- The questions

Ok one time I got a drawing and it said boy landing skate board trick and the boy on the paper was still in the air doing it so I gave it a X and it said I got it wrong?! Another thing is that these questions make me not wanna play because I have to ask an adult to give me the answer because I am not sure what it is i know it’s supposed to be a teacher game but this is still a fun video game. Also you have to watch an ad to actually get the bully out of there and I don’t like that because the ads are so long! The good news is this is a very fun game and enjoyable to play besides all that bad news please fix that or at least take notice of this, thank you.

- Why the ads?

So this game is really fun, I play it when I have nothing to do. But the only problem is...The Ads. Okay, so what I find really ridiculous is that when you are moderating the halls, After you talk to these two kids, You go to a bully. And you can either let the bully go, or you have to sit through an ad just to give the bully what they deserve. I tried clicking it but it said "No ads available” when there clearly is. You have to watch an ad just to get or do something you want or should do. I already get enough ads on TV! 🙁😕😖😫 But other than that, This game is AMAZING! 😍 🤩 😻 I Recommend it if you are bored or want something to do.

- Adds in game

When I first saw the ad for this game I thought it looked very fun, but when I started playing the game I realize that there were not many options for what you do. A lot of the game revolves around watching ads which honestly doesn’t interest me at all it’s kind of a waste of 30 seconds. I hope in the future updates there are more levels to enjoy more more priority of characters and more. But in free time I do play this game and I hope that there are characters that you can use by collecting coins or something like that but I do enjoy the game overall I only really get three stars because I do not like watching out. Thank you for the game.

- Stupid app that is the definition of mobile games at their worst

I got this game, then deleted it so that I could write this review. From all the ads of this game I have seen on other games, it looks like a terrible game, with no thought put in, and it gets players using scummy techniques. First off, STOP ADVERTISING YOUR GAME SO MUCH!!! Also, these ads are terrible. They show the teacher (player) failing all students, whether or not they did what was asked, which is setting a bad example for the young kids who will undeniably end up seeing this ad. Like BRUH. Not only that, but the game is OBVIOUSLY riddled with ads, as all the other reviews say. If I could, I would put 0 stars, but sadly I can’t. Just don’t download this game and give the devs more money for something they barely even tried working on.

- FUN but...

Well first of all it is a really fun game my favorite thing to do is monitor the halls 🤗but the weird thing is you can spray the kids with this foamy stuff and also taser them😬.And not to sound dumb or anything but when you grade someone’s test some of the questions are actually hard😕And you can teach different classes but there’s like only 5 different rooms and it’s boring 😑there’s barely any math no gym where they can exercise and I can fail them if they don’t participate but...nope there isn’t🥱 I would also like there be a lunch time where I can monitor the cafeteria 😌but besides all that good job with the game just fix these problems 😁!!!


Look, I really enjoy the game but the reason why im giving it a four star is because of the ads. There are way too many ads, it annoys me so much beacuse I have to tilt my head sideways everytime and its hurting my neck AND back. (Recently stopped doing that because I gave up) It's starting to make me frustrated. REALLY. Frustrated. At this point im so close to deleting the app and find a new one to replace. I can't stand it. I WILL delete this app if you guys don't update it for less ads. (This isnt a threat.) Please PLEASE have less ads. Maybe 3 ads once in a while?

- It is ok

I am tired of all the ads after everything you do and on all the subjects they just keep asking the same questions over and over again and the game is almost not fun anymore. I have only had the game for a few weeks and am ready to delete it. So if you download this game be aware that it gets boring and there are way to many ads than there should be. Other than that it is a good game, I enjoy improving my knowledge while playing this game and I hope anyone else who downloads this game will too.

- Ads and questions

This game is really fun! But the problem is the questions. They are a little hard and it is a kids app..please make them a little easier lol thanks. And the ads are a problem too..every time I play it’s always have a ad. It’s annoying and I am not paying to take away the ads for a game I won’t even play everyday. I understand it gives you money but if you take away a ad for at least 3 games it’s fine. But you can actually make money if you let us actually play. But if anything it’s a good game.

- Not accurate

When you grade tests in the game you have to put an X or a ☑️ but I came across this issue that sometimes if you put an ☑️it sometimes says it was an X when it wasn’t. It also has Ads but another problem is when you monitor the halls when you get to the bully you either have to let it go ( Witch marks points off on your behalf) or you have to watch another ad on top of the OTHER ads you have to watch and sometimes it says the ads can’t be played so right as you push the non ad choice AN AD POPS UP well other than that it is a good game.

- I love this game! It’s the best but,

This game is sooooo fun and there is lots of cool and entertaining facts that I had to ask someone else about👍🏼😁 and every one is complaining about the adds but for me the adds don’t even work and if you are worried there is going to be some inappropriate adds or just bad scary or just not good adds turn on your airplane mode on settings. The only problem I have with the game (in my opinion) I wish there was more things you could do in the classroom. I hope this helped you🙏🏼👍🏼

- To much problems 😤😤😤

Hello! Im 9 sorry years old so let me explain I First download the game 😁 but the like the first 20 seconds there's an ad 😤I mean I know voodoo games do this but to much of it is not good 😔 and also on the game I was just playing for an hour and an ad show (again) but then it froze in a black screen 🥶😔But the good in the game while I was playing in that hour was that it was super Fun and it helped me remember how much fun school was 🙂🙂so thats why I gave it 4 Stars sorry needs an upgrade still liked it

- Way to many adds but fun overall

The game has way to many adds and that is very annoying if the developers could fix that that would be great. I do enjoy playing the game it’s sorta like I’m a real teacher but I’m not at the same time. I really do enjoy playing Teacher Simulator because it really dose give you the experience of what it is like to be a teacher.

- Review

Let me just start by saying that this game promotes physical abuse on children. Whenever the game says to stop the bully, there are three options. You can watch an ad to either stun or spray the bully, or you can let them go. None of those options is very good for dealing with a bully. With all the other kids, you can send them to the principal, but not the bully. Aalso, can you add a music or math class please? Music is my favorite subject in school, and I’m sure lots of people would like to have a math class added. (Or just me).

- Stole My Money - Ad Free Option Is a Scam

They have an option to pay to get rid of ads, so I did because the game is very fun besides excessive advertising that the developers put in because apparently making money off of their users is the only thing they care about. Once I paid to “stop ads” nothing happened. I tried to hit restore purchase and the button did absolutely nothing. This is a SCAM. I don’t care that it was only a few dollars, I care about the fact that it’s built to steal from you and make money off advertising. It’s a joke, I RECOMMEND NOT DOWNLOADING AT ALL. Save yourself the phone space and time 🙄

- Has potential but needs improvement

There’s potential to this game. I like that you can pick what theme you’re teaching, and it’s testing your own knowledge at the same time. You’re paid at the end of each level, but there’s nothing to spend that money on. Maybe you can allow the player to spend that money on customizing the teacher in different outfits and hairstyles. Possibly give the player a general classroom they can spend the money on improving.

- Quarantine/COVID-19

I like this game because I am because I go to school in quarantine and it’s really fun so either this is fun as in like zoom I would say because if we were on zoom it would be so hard so I would rather do it on like the game you know so anytime you want to do something like on a game that you don’t know how to do I’m just gonna do a little questions.

- Overall it’s okay

Overall I like it and it’s pretty fun but after every 30 second mini game there’s an ad. There is too many ads and there is so many that mostly every time I play this game I spend 30 minutes actually playing it and 30 minutes watching ads. To the developers of this game please fix this. I mean an ad after maybe 2 mini games or after you complete the day is fine but I just spend too much time watching ads.

- Hmmm...

Don’t get me wrong, I love this game. But, it could use some improvements. [I have quite a lot!!!] (1) I think there should be an art class. I know you make the students draw, but I really think you should!!! (2) I think you should do grade level, example: 1st grade, 6th grade, Middle school, (Just don’t do over 12th grade). (3) The questions are a little hard. Make it easier for them! Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

- okay, but inappropriate.

I know this app says 12+, but decided to get it it anyways. It’s a really fun idea, but the ads are either inappropriate or cruel. I also saw that a majority of the kids who were “cheating” or “getting the answers wrong” were people of color. Also, when as a teacher I asked what the capital of Texas was, the kid said Houston, and I marked it correct, not knowing at the time, and it said the he was right. It turns out it was actually Austin, but still it said the kid had gotten it right. Thank you for reading my rant.


I put five stars because this game is entertaining but after every task or part of the game as a teacher you get 1-2 ads which is really annoying. If you could fix that and put it every few games it would be amazing! If you want to downloading this game I hope you are patient.

- Ads horrible horrible ads and easy questions.

This game is quite fun but the ads are outrageous. There are so many of them. There are ads after every single level and sometimes even during the level. The questions are really easy for me and I get it I’m a twelve year old honor student but even my five year old cousin can solve the questions. They are just to easy and that is why I can only give this game three out of five stars.

- If you ever wanted to watch Ads this is the game for you.

This game is non stop ads. You watch an ad to choose your subject, you watch an ad to move on to the next part of your day. And when you monitor the halls, you watch an ad to discipline the child, and then watch an ad right after you watched an ad. You will spend more time watching ads than you will getting to play this game. It isn’t that fun or interesting enough to justify all of the ads. So if you’re already tired of reading the word “ad” I would suggest staying away from it.

- Too many ads

Game is really fun and a really cool idea, but the ads ruin it. Not only is there an ad after every 30 second mini game, in order to actually play properly you need to watch an ad for something. For example in the hall monitoring task, when you catch the bully, you have to watch a video in order to send them to the principal or else they get away and you lose money. Or to get a job that gives more money you have to watch an ad. Really ruins the game

- To many problems

So first problem is the fact that sometimes you have to watch ads to win, take bit life for instance sure there’s a few ads but you don’t have to watch them to win. Second problem is, there are ads after every round your tryna get money but it’s not a good way to do it, unless a 5 year old is playing. Last problem is that the game is just straight up boring it’s honestly not even fun so just don’t waste time on this game

- 🥰😡

I love this app it’s fun to play but it has way too many ads each time it’s a 30 second ads in there so long and it maybe does it five times each one and it’s not fun to do because you can’t click it correctly and I recommend not to get it I mean you can get it it’s fun to play but I think the answer is way way way too many ads

- Issues

I’m sorry 😔 to admit but... the game needs an update. I got 20 minutes into it and then got bored 😑 that’s why I gave it 3 star ⭐️ rating. You realize that it’s just grading work and checking for cheaters and blah 😑 blah 😒 blah 😕. And the MAIN issue is there is to many ads. They randomly come up ⬆️ and sometimes they freeze! 🥶The game is not very fun 🤩 and I’m not going to play it a lot so. Thanks! 😍 PLEASE FIX ISSUES!!!! And also it’s been crashing. PLEASE FIX. Thanks again. - LittleMunchkin

- Only 3 because......

I only need 2 things to ask 1 can you make the ask the class questions a little more easy because I keep getting it wrong because I don’t know the actors or were to movie takes place so please do that. And second of all when you grade the papers make them easier like the drawings one. I am trying not to make this long so you would read this. Thank you!

- What is the point of the cash???

I have 2 complaints: 1. I noticed that, when playing the game, you earn cash. Since I have over $4,000 in the game, I tried to find a way to spend it. But I didn’t find any way to. Please tell me how! 2. I don’t even know what the answers to most of the questions I ask the class! I don’t watch any sports or “The Office” so I get those answers wrong. So that’s why I give you a 3 star rating. 😤

- Why I’m only giving it 4 stars

This is a great game but there is one problem. First of all there are way to many adds and, it’s not like they are just giving you a add out of no where they forcefully make you watch the add, they do this by making every good choice you make you would have to watch a add but other then that this is a great idea and, a nice game!🌊🔭🤍

- My review

I only gave it 5 stars so that you could see this I think there are to many adds and I already finished the mini games. Will you add more people to the game when you grade and monitor the halls. It gets annoying when adds pop up every 30 seconds.

- Okay but the ADS!!

Don’t het me wrong this app is really fun! But here is my response: 1. TOO MANY ADS!: Every time I finish a school day I get ads. Like can you stop this please. 2. Speaking of school days, we only get 1 thing to do with only 3 assignments. For example, i was just playing the game and I was supposed to be grading papers but there’s only three assignments turned in when I had like 8 students! You should put more things to do during the school day, like going to the teachers lounge and having conversations with the teachers. Anyway that’s all I had to say about the game. Overall it’s a good game. I would recommend it but only if you have the patience to deal with ads.

- Thanks for making this game!!

I love this game so much and I only downloaded it yesterday and today on this phone and I just wanna say thanks for making this game because it is fun and addicting and whoever is reading this I know it’s annoying to watch adds in this game but it’s really worth it with this game

- Whiteboard Freeze?

I was doing the mini-game where you are supposed to clean the whiteboard, and after I finished, the game didn't move on and I was stuck on the black whiteboard screen with nothing there. Than I went out of the app and went back in and I still ran into the problem! Is anyone else having this problem?

- Too many ads

First of all, this game has way too many ads. After every challenge there’s an ad. It gets annoying and I feel like I’m watching more ads then actually playing the game. Second, this game is actually very fun. I love the activities and would play this game much more often if it weren’t for the ads. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great rest of your day/night!

- Same as everyone else, bit too many ads

The game itself is fun, if not a bit repetitive but it’s a mobile game so, but the amount of ads is severely off putting. I wouldn’t mind the occasional ad but having to watch 30 second ads after almost every single action is just too much I’m sorry

- Awful game smh 🤦🏻‍♂️👎🏼🤦🏻‍♂️

There are basically 2 issues with the game. Too Easy: The game itself is repetitive and mind-numbingly simple. The questions/tasks/games/situations are essentially the same every time! One of THE WORST simulator game lol. If this is what being a teacher is like then our youth are serious trouble. Ads: You’re not able to do ANYTHING without watching an ad first. And the worst part of these ads being shoved down your gullet you ask? Well when you actually “choose” to watch an ad to double your salary/pay/income, nothing happens lol. You watch the ad in its entirety and you still earn the original amount (not 2x/double). Great strategy to actually encourage users to view the ads (sarcasm). If I had 3 hands, I’d give this game 3 big thumbs down 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼. Watch this ad to play your next game..... 🤦🏻‍♂️🔫

- Not for kids

Why is there a need to tase the students and blow them with fire extinguisher poison?! That is NOT what happens in schools!! Rewarding the teacher with money for causing psychical pain to a child is no good. Also the ads are so annoying and it seems the only cheaters are always female students. None the less I do like the game and it’s very fun past time and I would have given 5 stars if not for the unneeded violence.

- Awesome but hard

See I am in 3rd grade and did not know about the symbols of states and country’s. I wish we could get some teacher training before we go off and teach. I also don’t like when I monitor the halls what does stun mean? I press it and I fell like I am killing the student. I also don’t know what “stop the bully” means. Other then that I really enjoy playing this game which is why I gave it three stars.

- So many ads, and even to do things!

This app has so many ads to the point where you have to watch one JUST TO CHOOSE A SUBJECT!! The highest paying job always makes you watch an ad if you want to go with it, plus the many ads you’ll get along the way when you change from answering questions to grading! Not only that, when you monitor the halls, you have to watch an ad to disciple the bully or if you want a cosmetic afterwards. You’re going to get so many ads when you play, it’s super annoying

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- Feedback from a kid

Maybe let the person playing choose what they want to do like options saying do test then you can choose the questions for the test or pop quiz you get what I mean

- Fix the whiteboard

I only just downloaded this game I had fun straight away! But there is a problem with the whiteboard cleaning!! It wont fully clean and I tried everything could! I tried uninstalling it then reinstalling it! But it still doesn't work!! Also.. there are way to many ads! If I wanna have fun in this game I don't want so many ads, I even turned of my internet just to get rid of the ads! But there still there! Please fix this :(

- Amazing

Love it amazing I don’t mind the adds because I don’t watch them then I press the x in the corner and continue with the game I just don’t like doing it all the time except I do it

- Amazing game

Amazing game but one thing I would like to see is on monitoring the halls the bully is let go OR u have to watch an add! Why can’t we just send to principal for no adds! Also sometimes the disciplining stunts are a bit over the top, I mean, spraying with chemicals (fire extinguisher) or electrocuting someone!!!! (Stun) Anyway good game


The game is good but I paid money to remove ads and you still have to watch ads to unlock things. Way to many ads and also it’s weird the game doesn’t have sound. The game also gets repetitive after a while. Not worth paying to remove ads.

- Kid

I’ll bring you some food tomorrow everyone at work is going to come visit me at my house and I love it’s

- Great but to many ads

After every level there is a ad it is so annoying pls fix that but if it is not that it is fine...

- Mediocre satisfaction

Overall there are aspects in this game that are good but each time The shift has ended I’m forced to double or triple the reward when I clicked on the collect button not the video button. So I am dissatisfied with this game.

- Adds

The game is great, however ever time I finish a level in the game an add always comes up and it makes the game annoying. But I love the game. Please consider my suggestions Thanks 😛😛

- Too many ads!

There are too many ads, so much that I cannot enjoy this game which seems like it would be a lot of fun. You cannot turn your data off either to avoid ads which ads to the frustration.

- No need for all the ads

I disconnect my internet with games like this because of the ads they aren’t online so they don’t need internet why make it mandatory to have internet connection for a game like this and no I don’t want to watch an ad every time I finish a section of a level

- Teacher simulator

I love this game because it keeps me busy when I get home 🏠

- An Ok Game

I liked all the cheaters, marking and breaking up stuff. But what I didn’t like was how when you did just one thing it would turn to a ad so I deleted the app. I just got bored of it!!!

- STOP!!!!

BTW If there are to many ads then turn ur wifi off so u don’t get ads

- Soo many ads

BTW there are soo many ads and even if you turn off the internet you still have ads.

- I like this game but to many adds

This game has adds and at the end of a level you have to chose to do a add

- Too many ads

This dev is just trying to make a quick buck by literally shoving ads in your face every 5 seconds. Downloaded, but deleted immediately. Not worth your time, spending 1% of time on the app on the actual game, and 99% on ads.

- Good game

I love this game it is just that the questions are a bit hard for me😂😂

- Blackboard won't fully clean

Every time I get the clean the blackboard it won't clean everything off the board I have tried everything from uninstalling and reinstalling and still won't work please fix this game

- Amzaing

Amzaing ppl saying adds like what I’ve got none so far

- Alright

This game is Super fun, but there are way too many ads. Like every second!

- Alright

Good game but way to many ads if there were less ads I would give this 5 stars but cause there’s so many ads I will stick with 1 star also you can’t play it without internet that’s pathetic like someone else said


Heaps of fun but it lags and glitches every few seconds and the adds are always there

- Do not pay, you’ll see Ads

Even if you pay to hide the ads, you can’t enjoy the game as it force you to watch Ads in order to select certain option!!!

- This game is so much fun and I can learn from it it is so much


- Another degenerate app to farm ads

Still deciding which is worse: city building idle games with micro transactions or these ad farming games where you get a 30 second ad every 30 seconds of gameplay.


WHERE DO I START?! There is so so so many adds in this game, I would usually turn of internet but its a online game, there’s no need to have it as an online game! Too m ah adds and makes it a horrible game that I simply cannot enjoy!

- 1 start since they won’t allow 0

Way to many adds even if you turn your wifi off still adds

- Ava Jenkins

I got this game and I am Stuck I LOVE IT!

- To many adds

Why the adds though

- Can’t play without internet

Kinda pathetic you’ve made it this way

- I love it It’s so calming

I love it it so calming

- Ad overload.

Way too many ads to be enjoyable.

- Don’t purchase

Even when you purchase remove ads you still get ads. DO NOT PURCHASE TO REMOVE ADS!!!!

- Ainslee

The new update is so cool 😎.

- Maybe

there are alot of ads in this game i just cant enjoy it am deleting this game 😕😕😕😕

- HI


- pretty good

it’s a good game but there are definitely too many ads, it makes the game less fun?

- Hate

This is the worst game ever

- Too many Ads



IF I COULD I WOULD RATE THIS 100000000000 OUT OF 1000000000000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Amazing game

This is so fun but can u make a saw game if u don’t Not know wat dat is watch the movie

- Ads

Inappropriate ads for kids. Shame cause they love the game but maybe you should look at what your ads are.

- Horrible game

Bad fame, made my device crash, the amount of ads is unbelievable, don’t download

- The ADDS!!

The game is so fun it’s just the adds are so annoying please take them away I’m trying to play a game not trying to watch adds all day please fix it!

- This is bad game

When I done x on someone’s work it clearly said a tick like why stupid game

- Lol

I love this game lol I scribbled on the kids paper and got the answers wrong (I meant to do that) 😏✨ Yeah I abused my power and I didn’t get fired

- Teacher Simulator.

I love this game and I’ve had it for only a few days. I have something to improve on. 1. Too many adds! I first realised how many adds there were. If I didn’t want to triple my payment for a add, I press ‘Claim` but it sends me to a add anyways! Please fix this Thankyou for your help! 🙂

- Boring

Mrs Elull is a not like to qualified teacher and says this is not like teaching. Students are too old and toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dumb! But the first level was kind of fun. Overall this is a terrible and horrible game and would never ever recommend this game.

- Good but a bit of a glitch

So i was doing the find the cheaters mini game and a kid started looking at a desk with no one in it

Payoneer 💰

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- Freezes also inappropriate ads

Parachutists freezes pls and delete a to. Of inappropriate ads cuz I don’t know anything about making a game

- Bad

More like ad simulator

- Seriously so much ads

There are a lot of ads and there is no need for all of them. Airplane mode doesn’t work! If they could let us go on airplane mode that would be amazing. And less ads. Thx ;)

- Don’t download this annoying game

Ads ads ads on everywhere. Developer are you joking around or try to measure if our patience

- Good but it needs improvements

It’s a good game, but you need to make the monitor the halls better, to stop the bully you HAVE to watch an ad, if not you get a bad mark.

- Good

Good game

- Good but also BAD!

It’s fun but there is wayyyyyyy to many adds every time I play for one minute it shows me two or 3 adds that are 30 seconds long each.please oh please let go of the adds😭🙏🏻😭🙏🏻

- Freezes bad

Just freezes up after every level

- Did you know? (For me)

I do not mind ads a lot, I just see them as new games! If you see it like this your life on the phone or whatever will be a lot better! Although yes it can be frustrating when there are too many.

- Ok

To many ads but super fun

- Not good

Wayy too many adds and you can’t even turn off your wifi

- Ok but

Ok but it would be better if there WERENT AS MANY ADS! Literally I try to press the collect button after a level but it says I pressed the “double” or “triple” button. And literally you have to spray or stun a kid if they bully someone??? Who does that to a child. But if you don’t, it’s bad? And also, you have to watch an ad to even do it. And also the levels that you might wanna do cause it gives you more money you have to- guess. Watch an ad. I want to actually enjoy this game but it’s kind of hard too because of how many ads there are. Would be better without ads

- Terible

You can’t even play with out wifi because the game needs to show 50000 ads per minute the game isn’t even fun.

- 𝔹𝕠𝕣𝕚𝕟𝕘

After a couple days or hours you play it gets boring. It repeats the same answer and make it sooo boring😑. I would not recommend, only if you like repeating then you might like the game. Also on the hall monitor and when you get to the bully you can only let pass if you haven’t watched an ad. Like why do we want to watch a add to do the right thing. Overall boring. 😑😤😡

- Too many ads

Too many ads, at first it was okay, but two ads in a row? For basically everything I do in this game? There are more ads then gameplay. It sucks. Would NOT recommend. Also, you can’t go on airplane mode or turn off wifi for this game for no ads.

- I don’t get it

Like what if YOU don’t know the answer? Like what am I going to do?

- bad

there is so many adssss please less ads!!! that would be nice if there’s less ads

- Good game


- Alright

The game is really fun, but there are a lot of adds and it never lets me teach food

- Too many ads AND app frequently malfunctioning

Three times already - after I click on an offer (*Best Offer*), I have received an error “Currently unavailable. Please try again later”! I have a screenshot to prove it. After getting three of those same errors, I am beginning to question the functionality of the app. I only got to play 3 different instances of teaching and then it seems like I am NOT going to be able to do ANY more new jobs/simulations unless those errors disappear!

- Ads

There is a ad every 2 seconds and to do stuff you need to watch more ads it would be fun if there wasn’t so much ads

- Was fun but kinda stupid and too many ads

Was fun but got too fed up with the amount of ads so I’ve deleted it. When there is more ads than gameplay that is a serious issue and I will not feed into that idea. Views on ads means money and I’m going to be no customer to them forget it. On another note, who tazes or sprays children? To say the least the hallway monitor part needs work

- 😕

This game is really fun but seriously Way too many ads like seriously like so many. It’s crazy one after everything that’s why it’s not as fun as it would be. The other thing that I found that was annoying was the fact that you have to watch an ad to stop a bully like seriously? But other than a ridiculous amount of adds and the watching ads to stop bullies, really fun

- No more ads

Just turn off wifi it works for me👍👍👍😄

- So much fun

This game is so fun I can not stop playing this game It has a lot of adds but I think it is going to change

- Greedy Greedy Developer

The game literally has more ads than gameplay. Seriously, you click 3 times, totalling about 10 seconds of gameplay, then you get 10 or 30 second ad. Usually the longer ads are optional if you want a bonus, but they’re not in this game. The game itself is also not good enough to warrant this amount of greed. You’re not Treyarch

- Too many ads

There is just so many ads I played 2 days and I had to go through 9 ads if there was a ad at the end of every day that would be fine

- Ad over load

I had three options for a mini game. 2 of them required me to watch an add to use. The third one didn’t. I used the third option and was shown an ad...there’s more ad then gameplay

- Adds

There’re are so many adds in this game 🙄

- Ok

The only problem I found with this game is that sometimes when I'm cleaning the blackboard it won't go onto the next level

- So fun

I always wanted to be a teacher now I am in this game

- Ad simulator

This game is fantastic, I’ve always wanted to watch so many ads with a brief idiotic game in between them. I’m sure glad that the state of free games is secure in the App Store! 10/10 would watch more ads

- Cool

I liked it a lot, but make a. Less ads b. More games. I have been playing for 30 minutes and I have unlocked all of them

- Meh

Even after paying to remove ads, the game is still interrupted by ads although somewhat less frequently.

- To many adds😡😡😡😡 but good game 😊

Really fund but there is too many adds whenever I collect my salary an ad pops up

- Teaches shooting and fighting

Your kids will learn how to shoot and fight. Apple should ban this game.

- Little notice

I am sorry sir, but there is a game inside your ads.

- Wow

Good game I have almost no ads best game for when bored


I LOVE it and it is so amaze so much fun for FREE it’s like HEVEN!

- Fun

It is really fun I could play it all day but there are adds when you finish something

- Not cool

We don’t even get to ask questions and there are way too many adds

- Three star review

The reason why I gave this game of three star review is because when I tried to mark students grade as an ex put as a checkmark totally unfair. The second reason why I gave this game a three star review is because it’s totally nonsense

- Good and bad

I love the game it is always so fun when you play but when you show the word scapes ad with the rushing blood and the jack o lantern jumping out with bats flying out it scares me and I am only 8 years old ! WILL YOU PLEASE SHOW ADS THAT ARE NOT SCARY !!!!! 😡

- Good but

Fun game but absolutely riddled with ads. There’s an ad bar across the bottom of the game and you have to watch a 20-30 second ad for every 45 seconds of gameplay which kind of ruins it.

- Horrible

I downloaded this game and played it for not very long. Every 20 seconds there is an unskippable 30 second ad. The game itself is boring as sin. Don’t download this.

- Ads

Too much ads I can barely even play

- Boring

Ads every minute and the special activity lasts one second and the same thing starts

- Bad

To many ads might as well call it ad simulator

- Ads

To much ads every time I play I get annoyed

- Bad

Soooo bad

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- Love it, but...

I’m going to be honest now, I LOVE THE GAME! But.... The adds, every single minute I’m getting adds. And also with the chowing which class I want to teach. Why can’t i just stick to the one that I’m teaching now? Back to the adds. Why would you need so many??. Please fix the adds, Thanks!

- I can’t play the game

So everything was good but every time l would play it it would say loading and would’nt let me play but when l. could play it was a great game super fun maybe it was my device but l do recommend this game it was very enjoyable l really liked it and plateaus fix my problem

- Nice game but inappropriate ads

When I saw ads for this game, I quickly downloaded it. But after I passed the first level, it gave me an inappropriate ad about a man or woman trying to k*ss someone else, also you need to watch an ad just to do a job, but I even finished more levels and game me more inappropriate ads! Done with those ads.

- Teacher simulator!

I love this app!!! I have personally always wanted to be a teacher, so this app is just up my ally!!! ...The only thing is that there are a lot of ads!! I definitely recommend this app to you if your like me and love to teach!! Y’all did a great job creating this app!

- Update it now.

Trying to turn on airplane mode so you get no ads even know there are NO online features? Well to bad. You have to sit here and watch my ads, and you have to waste your money on for no ads. Very bad job, please update all of your games because I hate them and I don’t feel like wasting money on a game with no online features so I can have no ads.

- Amazing

It’s so fun kids can learn and they can also buy new skins with a little bit of their money in the game this game ask questions like if they write a dog and it’s really a giraffe they get to a x but if it’s a dog and it is a dog on the picture then they get to write a check mark

- Bad 😡😡

So first I feel like this game is racist because it makes a lot of black kids dumb. And a lot of the black kids get in trouble. I feel like that’s just rude. Second, why does the day go Literally so fast??? Like jeez all you have to do is three things and boom the day ends!!! Lastly, why would a teacher stun or spray a student in SCHOOL. And also there is not a lot of good outfits. Thanks for reading this.

- Look at this please

I only put 5 stars so u will see this plz look.I played for a minute and then to continue you make me pay I only did a couple rounds and i think more people would want to have it if you do not charge and if it is optional

- The game is amazing but the ads have to go

The game is the best no lies. But and I know that EVERYBODY has said this the ads really REALLY have to go, that should be an update. I Mean it happens every time you do ONE mini game. That’s the ONLY thing thing that I hate about the game. I just really don’t like the ads and neither does anyone else so PLEASE change that. Please.

- Ok please read before downloading

So this is a perfect game for all those people wh9 love ads. But if you are not then this game is probably not for you. And maker please read and update. So every time you finish a Roy d you have to watch a 30 second ad every single time and sometimes this makes me just want to delet but it is very interesting so makers of this game please fix this

- Ad Problem.

The game is amazing and fun, my only concern is the ads, there is so many so please fix the ad problem, there's one basically every level / stage, please fix this! The game is overall very fun and entertaining but please fix the ads!

- Ads

Played the game for a few minutes, saw enough ads to uninstall. It’s always baffling to me how developers (or whoever decides to put ads in games) don’t understand how human beings operate. If there was an after every third round, for example, I might play thirty rounds and see ten ads. But there’s an ad after everything you do in this game, so I played five rounds, uninstalled the app, and rated it one star. You got half the ad revenue you could have gotten from me, plus a negative review. Way to go.

- 4 because

I put 4 because there is a lot of adds in it and don’t get me wrong I LOVE this game it’s sooo fun but I also think you could make it to where you don’t have to watch soo many adds just to use something once except the clothes you get to keep those. Love the game and that’s all I had to say.


Ok so this game is fun but after every single thing you do there is an add and you can’t get rid of them by putting your phone on airplane mode like you can with some apps because it needs WiFi to play. There is no real use for the money and most of the time you play your really just watching adds. If the adds were removed then it would be a better game.😑😑😑 Don’t buy unless you love watching long adds😤😠

- Take a few ads away

I hate all the ads but the game is fun. There are too many ads that is making me bored. I’d rather spend coins then watch an ad for something. Ads are wasting game time for everyone so please take out a few ads maybe every 3 or 2 mini games to hen put an ad.

- I like but....

Ok this is a great game, i like grading the tests and answering questions, but after the level there is more adds and hey keep popping up and start glitching and it get annoying. I really hope they can add less adds like maybe put a add after 5 levels because the levels are super quick.

- the ads tho...

I love this game a lot BUT the ads are just unbelievable! I have to watch an ad every single round! Please update the game the game to have less ads, then the game will be perfect! But other then that I really like this game! I also have line up which is a good game that I am pretty sure you made because of the drawing style. I hope you decrease the ads for that to...

- Ad

Hi there I have only had this game for a 1 minute so I don’t really know but this game has SOO much ads after every round ad another round ad and that is why I gave it 4 stars but other than that it is a great game and I know it says 12+ but it seems like 4+ so all those people who are suspicious about it don’t be. Trust me

- I like it I guess

I like it because I’m nine years old and I’ve always wanted to be a teacher when I grow up and I think this is a really good simulator two teach because it’s fun but teaching I think it’s probably more overwhelming so if you’re growing up and want to be a teacher I guess I think this is a pretty good game!

- Great game you should play

I love this game this is so fun I know there is ads but they are only so u can play the ads and I would agree this is so fun I can’t stop playing this game should get more 5 stars this is a perfect game (by the way pls download 🥺🥺😍

- I like it but too many ads! 😩

Every time I finish asking questions or whatever IT AWAYS HAS A AD it’s so annoying and I don’t know how much longer I can stand it’s been an hour sense I got it the game is good itself WITHOUT ads too many ads you should give it a 4 star never going to survive those ads! 😱

- Amazing but...

This app is amazing! There is just sooooo many ads! I love this game and all! But I bet if you got rid of the ads, or at least make less ads everyone would like it better, also, on the side, can you make it that you can use your money on actual things?

- Inappropriate ads even after purchasing

It showed an ad that contained inappropriate content. It had an ad with a girl spreading her legs for another girl saying I’m drunk and then it had a sample game where a girl makes out with another girl. And this was after I paid the $2.99 to remove ads. It only removed the ad at the bottom of the screen, but still showed the full screen pop up ad with inappropriate adult content. I want my money back.

- The adds PLEASE

(Five star so you can see but I rate 2 ) Okay I just got the game and after everything you do is just Adds in your face I understand that they are for more people to download it but there is WAY to much!! Please fix there is a lot of people saying the ads and I wanted to try and they are right please fix soon! :) Just wanted to say please be safe anyone who reads!!!! Please so it can be over bye!

- Great Game. To many ads

For a game that brought me in from a ad, this game has a bunch of ads. I couldn’t play the game for longer then 10 minutes. There’s a ad after this and after that, and to move on and to do this, and do that. Would be a 5. I love the gameplay and the options and how realistic it is for a free game.

- So racist!

First I only put five stars so people would see it. I love this game, but two things: 1. So many adds! You get an add every round 2. Usually the students that get it wrong are black☹️. Also in tests, only black students cheat.

- Game is actually fun but...

There is an add after each class and then you have to watch an add to collect the rewards from that class. Super annoying, i player for 5 minutes and watch 3 and half minutes of ads. I’m not gonna play the game if i get more ad time then game time. PLUS, you can’t play the game on airplane mode 😔not very fun


So I really like this game for my kid and it’s fun. But my child is always complaining about ads. I thought he was over exaggerating about the ads so I tried to play it on his iPad. As I was playing I realized that there is an ad after every single level and each level is only like 30 seconds. This is outrageous.

- The Ads

So I have only had this game for, 5 minutes at most and I already cannot play anymore. When you can transfer jobs, it has a 'Fishdom' ad, and I can't click out of it! But the teacher point is good, but I also hope that maybe we could customize our teacher?

- Terrible Ads

Average gameplay. Way, WAY too many ads. In addition to constant on screen ads, TWO video ads interrupt gameplay every 30 seconds (not exaggerating). Ad close button intentionally moves around to trick users into looking at the ads longer or clicking on them. It is exceptionally clear that this developer is a money hungry villain who intends to exploit their users for every penny their worth. Very sad. I can not support this.

- Ads

In the game there is a ad every time you finish one of the mini games so can you please fix that because it’s kinda annoying and every time a teacher’s outfit pops up I wanna get it but it says it doesn’t work so can you also fix that but everything else in the game is good and the game is very fun to play

- Cool

This is a very good app it’s also teaches me stuff to lol 😂 but seriously it actually does teach me how to learn so every time I play this app I feel like the students non this app is teaching me 😂but still it’s a amazing app I am still satisfied!

- Idk

The game kind of good but kind of bad at the same time because there is like and ad every time I finish one of the mingames and it is annoying. And the good thing is the game is fun and that’s all I have to say. Maybe try lowering the amount of ads you put in this game and I’ll change it to 4 or 5 stars but for now, just 3.

- It’s good I’ll admit

This game is good because for one the game isn’t super laggy and buggy. And also this game is enjoyable but could you add more mini games and more skins. Could you make more games with these style characters please

- Great app bad ads

It was fun playing the game for 5 minutes then after that lots of ads started popping w and it became boring so if you could fix that it would be a great game again

- Why I gave ⭐️ ⭐️

I give it two stars because I hate all of the adds and what questions they give and some of them I do not know and how they react if the kids get it wrong like when you get the choice to say it is wrong I hate the reaction and the adds keep popping up can’t you just claim with out and adds well that is why I give it ⭐️ ⭐️.

- Only put 5 stars so u could see this

So many ads!!! in the first place, the game isn’t even anything amazing. And on top of that, u get around 100 ads an hour. Not worth it.

- Too many adds!

This game is awesome! I love the object and it has some trivia, but there are so many adds it is unenjoyable and inconvenient. When I don’t have WiFi I can’t even play it! Don’t recommend this to anyone unless you like adds.

- Not the best

I liked the game until I started getting some new things to do. Then I started to get hard questions I could not answer. I got really bad reviews for my grades from them and then lost a lot of money. I do not suggest you get this game if you are impatient or get mad easily. Unless you are the most patient person in the world do not get this game.

- Very good, but Pencil Sharpening needs to be fixed

Every time my job is to sharpen pencils, it always comes out of the sharpener extremely inaccurate. I’d like to see a window on the side so you can see how sharpened it is.

- Why?

I can see why people don’t like how there are so many ads. I, too, don’t like them. I also don’t like how in the game, you can tase a kid. They shouldn’t be bullying, but really? I mean, if someone were bullying at my school, they’d just get sent to the principals office. From there, they may get suspended or even expelled.

- Great but one thing

Honestly this game is not that bad. There is one thing tho. When your monitoring the halls the only way to really punish the bully is by watching an ad. That’s really my only problem.

- Great! One change...

Hello! I really love this game. It's great not don't get me wrong. But on erase the chalkboard, when I erase everything nothing happens it just stays there. I think there should be like a little sign that says you're done! It doesn't really make sense but I love this game.

- Purchased Ad-Free but still had ads

What is the point of buying the $3.99 in game purchase to get rid of ads if it doesn’t get rid of the ads? I can understand keeping ads to double/triple your income that day, but why should I have to watch an ad to start the day? It seems like the ads last longer than the day anyway.

- Just Stop Doing This

Ok I can't play this game After every test there's an ad. It asks me if I want to watch a video for extra money but it plays an ad anyway, and I get an outfit after a couple days but I have to watch an ad to get it? I don't wanna play a game where most of it is spent looking at ads about ANOTHER game

- Fun but annoying

The concept of the game is fun and all but after each mini lesson there is another ad and it is just annoying. 2. Whenever we have to answer the questions the kids are answering like sorry but I do not know if Donald trump poops two or three times a day. 🙄😑

- Good game but one thing

This is a great game but when I grade the papers half of the questions I don’t even know I was hoping you could make the questions a little bit easier but great game😂.

- Too many adds

I love this game, but every time you finish a mini game, you have an ad. And whenever I have to grade tests it says that the marks are wrong. Other than that I would definitely recommend this game!

- Ok but...

There’s so many ads! I mean, it’s understandable if they want to do ads, but this many ads is annoying and ridiculous. It would be 5 star if it wasn’t for the ads. Please fix the amount of ads and then, only then, will I give a 5 star. Otherwise, the game is awesome

- Ads

Table tennis is played with a paddle not a bat... Not internet required but you are forced to be connected to play cuz they want them ads for that money. Bit of a greedy display to force people who know your game doesn’t need to to connect to it so you get paid by forcing ads on people instead of just letting them enjoy it.

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pez 🦇

people are getting excited for the release of Amai in yandere simulator but I CANT FUCKING WAIT to see the controversy when he gets ready to release the teacher rival.

Kieran Townley

5. Since joining Kwalee, I have worked on 3 games that have all featured in the top 3 of the free charts in the UK (Let's Be Cops, Teacher Simulator and Object Hunt). I think at one point they were all in the top 100 of the charts at the same time.

Kieran Townley

4. I worked on Teacher Simulator, all the way from prototype up to global launch. Teacher Simulator was the first solo prototype I worked on at Kwalee and I was lucky enough to be able to work on it all the way through development.


@Vee1Rotate @musselle_nick @TerryReintke " Leftie, Liberal, Airline pilot, Flight instructor, Hon Medical Microbiologist, teacher, simulator instructor, husband, father x4, friend and environmentalist. " You missed out

Chem & Space Tech Teacher

@johannabrown @PhETsims @pivot_is @PlaymadaGames @edpuzzle @vidyard Oh--just opened the teacher's guide to the @PhETsims Atomic Interactions simulator. Looks good. I also use their Skate Park sim to show the difference between potential and kinetic energy. So, I think I'll do Skate Park -> Atomic Interactions -> Reaction Kinetics.


@the_TV_teacher @CaslerNoel @realDonaldTrump He has money now after he grift, stole from us Taxpayers. Besides he if he had money he NEVER would pay for the golf simulator or let's not forget the tennis courts.

C_Fish 🐟

@CaslerNoel @realDonaldTrump If he spent his own money on the golf simulator, that's fine. If he spent taxpayer money on the golf simulator, that's horrendous.


@LaurenzSide hey Lauren I just saw a ad on TikTok for the teacher simulator and I saw that they used some of your video in the ad I was wondering if you knew about it or not. I love your videos so much and I didn’t want this ad to be unknown to you.

Teacher Simulator 1.1.6 Screenshots & Images

Teacher Simulator iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Teacher Simulator iphone images
Teacher Simulator iphone images
Teacher Simulator iphone images
Teacher Simulator iphone images
Teacher Simulator iphone images

Teacher Simulator (Version 1.1.6) Install & Download

The applications Teacher Simulator was published in the category Games on 2020-07-17 and was developed by Kwalee Ltd [Developer ID: 497961736]. This application file size is 205.76 MB. Teacher Simulator - Games app posted on 2020-12-30 current version is 1.1.6 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.syubestgames.teachersimulator

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