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Introducing Peacock: the new streaming service from NBCUniversal. It’s where the best of streaming meets the best of TV. And best of all, you can watch for free (or upgrade for more).

With Peacock, you can stream current hits, hundreds of timeless movies, thousands of episodes of your favorite TV shows, and exclusive Originals. Plus… timely news, live sports, and pop culture, updated daily.

Here’s what you get with PEACOCK FREE:

· Instant access to hundreds of movies from major Hollywood studios such as Universal, DreamWorks Animation, Focus Features, and Illumination; fascinating documentaries like Murderball, Dying Laughing, I Am Ali, and Dave Chappelle’s Block Party.

· Thousands of hours of iconic TV shows, including full seasons of buzzworthy faves, bingeworthy classics, and current-season NBC hits.

· Peacock Channels – playing your favorite movies, shows, and clips, 24-7. Scroll less and stream more with the SNL Vault, Fallon Tonight, Seth Meyers Now, TODAY All Day, True Crime, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

· Exclusive Originals for everyone in the household, including the new Psych movie and In Deep with Ryan Lochte.

· A daily dose of live news, showcasing the best of NBC News, CNBC, MSNBC, and E! News; plus late night and pop culture to satisfy your FOMO.

· Live sports, including the Tokyo Olympics.

· Kids’ movies and shows, including brand-new seasons of Curious George and Where’s Waldo?

· Hit Spanish-language TV shows and news from Telemundo.

Upgrade to PEACOCK PREMIUM ($4.99/month) for an all-access pass to everything Peacock has to offer – every movie, every episode, every season, every live sporting event. More to watch. More to binge. More to love.

· Stream everything— including even more blockbuster movies and full seasons of premium TV.

· Full seasons of Exclusive Peacock Originals, including Brave New World, The Capture, Intelligence, Lost Speedways with Dale Earnhardt Jr., and more.

· More live sports, including hundreds of Premier League soccer matches.

· Next-day streaming of current-season NBC hits like New Amsterdam, Manifest, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers, and Saturday Night Live.

· Unlimited access to the entire library of Kids and Family entertainment including titles from the vaults of DreamWorks Animation: Trolls World Tour and the upcoming Peacock Original Madagascar: A Little Wild.

With PEACOCK PREMIUM PLUS ($9.99/month), you get everything included in Peacock Premium, plus:

· Stream Peacock ad-free*.

· Download available titles to your mobile device and watch later, anywhere.

* Due to streaming rights, Peacock Channels, events, and a few shows & movies will still contain ads.

Content availability may vary over time.

Please note: use of the app is limited to the United States and its territories. Data charges may apply.

If applicable, charges begin after your free trial of Peacock Premium/Peacock Premium Plus concludes. You will be charged on a recurring basis minus applied offers plus applicable taxes. Your subscription will auto-renew until you cancel. Cancel at any time by visiting your iTunes account. By subscribing, you agree to the preceding subscription terms and our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: Customer Help: Do Not Sell My Personal Information:

This app features Nielsen proprietary measurement software, which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. To learn more about our digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit for more information

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- Buffers

I hate when it occasionally buffers none of my other apps do this on my iPad you have to stop it and start it up again and then it goes to your commercials and then starts the program, afraid to pay for premium service because of this issue, I went away for a while thinking they would fix it, and they haven’t but they keep coming out with new content, so I thought I’d check it out again and it’s still not fixed what’s the problem who wants to pay for something if you can’t even fix it, sorry I won’t pay for something if you can’t fix the buffering problem when it goes to commercials and doesn’t want to come back, without restarting it myself it doesn’t happen constantly but when it does it’s frustrating, quit adding new content and get people excited for something you can’t take care of or maintain good service, hope you have people look into this, I should have wrote a review right from the get go however I’m assuming I’m not the only one with problems I see a lot of low stars

- Constant changes in quality and content

I am a day 1 user, waited months for this app at first never had any issues in my Apple TV or iPhone but now it’s constant errors. Most recent is just solid black screen with an outline of the channel schedule instead of puss in boots error screen occasionally. They also took away the office channel quietly a couple of days ago. Changed the reality tv “in it to win it” channel (that had huge variety in programming) into deal or no deal for over a week non stop 24/7. Just rename the channel already after nearly 250 episodes straight it’s officially the deal or no deal channel! I assumed okay maybe after they play each episode in the series I will get to see something new, sadly they just stared over from episode 1 again. Same episodes of kitchen nightmares (season 1) have been playing non stop for 5 days when it’s KN evening time block and the profit season 1. This didn’t used to be the case! There would be a mix of several seasons. I was thinking about subscribing but these are pretty major and sudden changes that make no sense. They were also what I used the app for 99% of the time. Went from being my #1 app to deleting and resubscribing to CBS all access who instead of taking away content added over 200 season of different shows last week.

- I wish I could give this app less than 1 star

This app is a complete cash grab. They decided to split up Premier League coverage between Peacock and NBCSN. So now you need two different subscriptions to watch games. To make it worse, you can’t stream from your iPad or iPhone to your television. It’s just completely baffling to me why they’re making it harder to watch these games. I remember being so pleased with NBCSN’s coverage of the premier league when they first started a few years ago. Now, I can’t wait for another network to pick up the deal. The constant division of all these apps you need just to watch your games/shows is exhausting for the consumer. I’m sure in a few years NBC will come out with yet another app requiring another monthly subscription. “Download Peacock 1 to watch the first half of this soccer game, and make sure to download Peacock 2 to watch the second half!!! Each one is only $7.99/month!!! Post match coverage will be on NBCSN Gold, so make sure you’re subscribed to that as well, which is on top of your subscription to NBC Sports!” Meanwhile NBC is wondering why people pirate everything online. I know I’m just a lowly consumer, but I think if you make it easier to watch what we want, that’s how you gain customer loyalty. NBC is doing the opposite of this. Thanks NBC. Very cool.

- Decent streaming service, TERRIBLE app

The streaming service itself is decent, but this review is for the app specifically (both iPad and Apple TV). For some annoying reason, the app uses its own player rather than the iOS one, which means you can’t use any of the iOS features such as Picture in Picture or AirPlay. When I have a keyboard connected, I can’t use the space bar to play or pause like I can in pretty much every other streaming app. If I pause the video and use another app and then come back, it can often take up to 15 seconds for the video to load again before I can play. My biggest complaint with the app/service is when auto playing the next episode, about 70% of the time the next episode will start somewhere in the middle and I have to manually rewind it back to the beginning. It’s a good thing I’m only re-watching a show I’ve already seen multiple times before so nothing gets spoiled for me, but if I were watching a new show and had something spoiled because of this bug, I would be very upset. All things considered, once I finish watching the show I’m currently watching, I’ll be canceling my Peacock subscription. The content available to stream does not outweigh the numerous annoyances and complaints I have with the apps.

- Streaming is decent

The streaming is okay. Haven’t had issues. I have issues with them imposing the app on us in order to watch the Premier League. How is it that so far we’ve HAD to stream to watch the champions of England play 2 of the top teams? The biggest games should be available on TV where the majority of people already pay to watch the EPL. Putting them on the Peacock app is pretty upsetting and likely an attempt to boost their subscriptions to justify putting more big games on the app after NBCSB Gold failed. Additionally, I can’t even use air play because it’s restricted and there’s no app for my 2019 samsung tv. Having a toddler and crawler, we keep wires hidden and out of reach. So, airplay alike is a must. But if I want to watch this on the tv, I have to bring wires out and end up spending half the time keeping the kids from grabbing the wires or pushing buttons on the laptop. Pretty big waste of money if you ask me. They pay insane amounts to win contracts to get the rights to the games but then want us to pay additional for the big matches in addition to the main channel that’s supposed to show the best games. ....It’s like if I pay for HBO but then forced to pay extra for Game of Thrones...oh, and I wouldn’t easily be able to watch it on my tv.

- Worst streaming app

Ok so is 2020 and you create a streaming app that cannot be casted to a smart tv. Is it me or is that not just dumb. I might have expected this 10 or maybe 5 years ago but in 2020 if you are making a streaming app you better make sure it can cast to a tv. My tv does not get the peacock app so it would have been nice to just air play it. It’s not preferable but it works. But you crated a streaming app that cannot do this. What kind of stupid are your programmers that thought “hey let’s create a streaming app that cannot be casted. There’s a brilliant idea”. Also the app navigation is kinda clunky. I do like one of the original shows but I hate watching it on my phone. For the first few episode I kinda was able to make it cast but when I tried last night i could only connect the sound. One again. What a dumb move at not adding the ability to cast to smart TVs. Why is this not a thing. Hell even the dumbest cable app have figured out the value of allowing there content to be casted. But the big nbc universal company cannot get this one small thing right. You are loosing the streaming war my friends and all because you where to dumb yo not add one feature that allows people to watch your shows on there big TVs.

- What is this, the year 2000?

This app is the absolute WORST app I have dealt with in 20 years. Whoever the hell designed this app needs to be fired and seriously consider a career change. Unless you have a very specific device to stream this service on, GOOD LUCK. First, getting it to play on our tv was like attempting brain surgery as a GED drop-out. Second, the content struggles to play worse than a no-armed wrestler. Third, if the app fails to load after commercials it just reverts back to the previous stopping point. This happened 3 straight times before we just gave up. That’s when I started searching for and easily finding reviews saying the exact same things over and over and over. A show that should have taken an hour to watch took over an hour and 45 min to finish. I’d rather buy every single show and movie on this app (from another service) rather than attempt to watch them on Peacock FOR FREE. Anyone considering Peacock, RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN. If somehow this review makes it to anybody in the tv/movie industry, pull your content from this app before people start turning their crosshairs on you! Take this thing out back and put a bullet in it, put us ALL out of our misery. HORRIBLE!!!!

- Trashy Cash Grab

At least when some big corporations take full advantage of a fanbase they give a reasonable product, with a good interface, and enjoyable content. In the case of Peacock TV, they have taken our built up love of a product that they have spent time promoting, with hosts and talent that we now care about, and bastardized it to the last degree. This app is horrendous, nearly impossible to navigate or to play on your TV. What once was abundant free access to channels, shows and games, has now moved all behind multiple levels of a pay-wall. But wait, here’s the kicker, it’s not available on nearly HALF of all streaming content providers such as Roku, Amazon’s Fire Stick, Samsung’s Smart TV, LG’s Smart TV, and others. Spare me with the “You can just watch it on your phone” or “Watch it in your browser”. These products were previously free or abundant to watch on many NBCUniversal channels, and instead you must pay to watch them on this garbage can of an app, in the sake of competition which will clearly fail this corporation and their product. Don’t download, don’t pay for this service. Find a stream of the EPL games online, save your cash. They certainly don’t deserve it.

- LOVE the content, but problems with playback

Go team 🌈Peacock 🦚 for providing AWESOME content — all my favorite Bravo shows, every season, even every season of Bethany’s spin offs! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I also love the variety of Indie movies with great celebs and directors! 🥳🥳🥳 Now — the problem with playback. When I watch Peacock on my TV through my Xfinity connected set top/DVR cable box, everything works fine. No problems with the time tracking, (ie if you are 30 mins into watching the program, it accurately displays the progress). BUT — while watching the same show or movie on my iPad or iPhone (not necessarily picking up where I left off on one device and watching it on another — that works great and is an awesome feature!), I can be 30 mins into a show, yet the progress bar is stuck on the time from the last commercial break. Then if I try to rewind, it makes me watch the entire commercial break AGAIN. It has happened where I wind up being forced to watch more commercial time than actual content time in one 30 minute show!! Also, sometimes I will get all the way to the end of a program, and it won’t auto start the next episode. Any progression feature (rewind, FF, etc) tapped will trigger ANOTHER commercial break!! Lastly, can’t you remove commercials altogether for premium subscribers? Hopefully this progression issue gets fixed QUICKLY 🙏🏼🙏🏼! It’s REALLY ANNOYING to have to sit through so many commercials every time you rewind!!

- Decent service, real poor app quality

First off, I do love the peacock service - I appreciate the shows available and as I pay for the full subscription I’ve been enjoying the content without ads. The streaming quality has been good for me. I do agree with another reviewer that the reload time is obnoxious, if I pause the video and come back to it. Pausing and returning usually takes the video back 15 seconds which is very frustrating. Also, I’m frustrated that I can’t have the app running in the background while doing something else on my phone. Netflix lets me turn my phone off and just plays the show as audio, which allows me to listen to the show without draining my battery. This seems like a very basic user functionality that all apps should have these days, but I understand that if the app was maybe rushed to production that it’s not there yet. I would appreciate this being fixed for an update. I also wish the app had a homepage where I could save shows for later. It’s frustrating having to remember what I was interested in or having to use the search bar every single time I want to find a show. I also would like an option to hide the main page, which currently shows news and stuff like that. It should be a customizable front page or I should be able to hide the news/sports so that they’re not what I see when I first open the app. I will keep paying for this for a few months in the hopes that the app will get better.

- Insulting to customers

I got this app because NBC Sports elects to split up Premier League coverage between the channel and the app so that you have to subscribe to two different services to follow one team. Additionally I had to get it on my iOS device because despite moving half a season to the app they haven't made a freak to make it available for Roku (t most popular streaming device). All of this suggests to me that NBC does not care about it's customers. They're using their exclusive EPL deal in a way that ultimately decreases the popularity of the league in order to milk a little more money out of the most loyal fans and force people onto their dumb platform. On top of that, the iOS version is garbage. I'm watching a terrible stream on my office computer because I literally couldn't make the stream work at all on my iPad. By the way the Peacock stream is several seconds behind so if you're on social media or have push notifications on then every big moment in the game is going to be spoiled right before you see it. It's really dreadful. Crossing my fingers that a different network wins EPL rights soon. I hope Peacock is a huge failure.

- It’s ok

I got this app to watch Rich Eisen. His show is live, but I am not available to watch until about 1/2 way through. I prefer to watch beginning to end. The live broadcast ends at 1pm, but it is not made available to replay until late evening or in some cases the next day. When I 1st began using the app I had frustrations a plenty and hoped the bugs would get worked out before The Rich Eisen Show stopped broadcasting on TV. I don’t see that anything has improved from when I 1st began using the app until now. This app seems to have a wonderful catalog of movies, sports, old tv shows and The problem is, you get about 7-10 minutes in and the buffering begins. I am then informed that I am not connected to the internet. This is while I see all WiFi bars light up. I am then informed I should try a premium membership. Each time I open the app I see so many programs to watch, but it ends in heartbreak. This streaming service looks great, but it doesn’t work. And don’t tell me it’s free and the suggest I purchase premium version.

- The worst app I’ve ever used + worst customer support

This is absolutely the worst app I have ever used, it has almost constant buffering issues. It constantly says that I am off-line when every other streaming app works fine. Not only that when you try to reach out to Support they are completely unhelpful. I tried over the course of a month and a half to get resolution on this and every time they had me start over from the beginning of troubleshooting and asking the same basic questions over and over even though I had an open case number. Not only that, about a third of the time the only option for Support was the live chat which did not work properly on any device or laptop so there was no way to even report an issue. After spending over 40 hours over the course of the month and a half I finally gave up troubleshooting. For a while the app seemed to be improving, but now it’s right back to having a ton of buffering errors. Hope they really work on this, it’s the most frustrating Service I have ever used and I pay for both premium and no ads.

- App is HORRIBLE- Especially for AppleTV

This app & the accompanying service are NOT designed to work with AppleTV. It’s unintuitive, the controls override the native functionality of tvOS. You can’t even skip back 10 seconds because their video controls override the native functionality of the remote. God for bid that you want to browse because that’s just an absolute nightmare. When you reach out to Support, their solution is “you need to use the flex box“. Screw that. I paid a lot of money for my AppleTV. If you want me to pay for your service, then you need to design an app that works with MY equipment, not the other way around. Gone are the days of forced proprietary usage, but Xfinity can’t seem to understand that. This service is a total waste of money because they have CRIPPLED the usability. Leave it up to NBC & Xfinity to screw up the most simple user experience. Your app developers should be fired. Do not believe the hype that this is an editors pick. Clearly the editors never ACTUALLY used the app, otherwise they would have said “Hey, this app doesn’t work right in our ecosystem”. Apple, you should be ashamed.

- Not Ready for Prime Time (but we are forced to use it)

I have been using the app on my iPad and Apple TV since it was released. The app freezes regularly - some of which require navigating away from the stream and back in order to rectify, others which self-correct. This is especially frustrating when watching live sports (I subscribed to Peacock Premium to have access to English Premier League streams). EDIT 9/20: I had no problems 9/19 and 9/20. I would increase to 3 stars except I saw too many people on Twitter and Discord with the same problems I had in the past - including the significant delay which Peacock emailed me was a technical issue limited to 9/14. The app excludes NBC Sports despite NBC Sports Gold being replaced by Peacock - leaving sports fans with having to check multiple locations for content. NBC should migrate all NBC Sports app contents to Peacock and allow users to log into their cable subscription in Peacock to unlock access to that content. A single NBC content app would make for a better user experience.

- Lacking compared to all other streaming services

I’ve never written an app review before but NBC is forcing us to watch Premier League this way so hopefully they can improve the streaming options to match other live streaming services. The live stream has been ok but they need to add the ability to pause/rewind/FF like most live streaming services offer. Also having the ability to join an already started event live or have the option to start at beginning would be a big improvement and again this is the standard in today’s streaming services. The only other issues i have is the speed of searches can be very slow and when you browse for Premier League replays and select one you don’t get the button to play. I’ve found that you have to perform a search to find the replay you want and select it that way to see the button. Both the browse and search seem to go to the same screen but only through search do you actually see the button to play it. Rob

- Don’t get this app... it’s TERRIBLE

I downloaded the app because I was seeing advertisements about it having all 8 of the Harry Potter movies and yesterday it did. I did want to connect it to my TV because it would be better but I’m fine with just watching it on my phone, so I did then I was getting a little tired. So I turned off my phone ( with the app open) and went to sleep now just today I was about to finish watching the Harry Potter movie and when I went into the app it took me out of the movie that was playing and didn’t let me play it again. I thought this was just a little inconvenience BUT then I tried to search for the movie again MULTIPLE times and it kept saying “No results found” so I logged out of my account and thought that it might of just been a glitch but then I logged back in and tried to search for the movie again and it said THE SAME THING. And today I came to look at the apps reviews to see if I was the only one who was having inconveniences with it and I’m not. This is a terrible app and I would NOT recommend ANYONE to use it.

- Bad UI, slow, sound loss

Want to watch your favorite show? I hope you’ve got plenty of time. Even though I watched six episodes this morning, I have to search for the show as if I had never watched it before. Once it opens (minimum 1 minute to find it) I lose the last 7 seconds of each segment because the sound goes on mute, then I have to watch a commercial. Even if the commercial was interesting, I then lose sound for the last 7 seconds of each commercial. At the end of each episode, you need to go through the menus to find the next one (no auto play functionality.) I got an alert of my iPad today to watch SNL. I click it and it’s nowhere to be found on, only a short “preview” with no link to the full episode. I went to the search, typed in SNL, waited 45 seconds watching a spinning wheel and then gave up. As soon as my free trial is over, I will be deleting. The only reason I’ve kept this app is because I got it for free. Also, no Samsung TV app support! :(

- Disappointing

NBC has moved the viewing of the majority of Premier League games to the Peacock service. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to view many of the games on the nbcsport channel, and have to subscribe (i.e. pay) in order to view the games. Peacock is not intuitive. Cannot add the premier league, or specific teams, to a watch list. Navigating previously aired games is difficult. When a game is live, there is no option to begin watching from the beginning. We are forced to watch from where the broadcast currently is. This app is extremely frustrating, poorly designed, and ridiculous that I have to now pay at least another $4.99/month to watch a sport that was already included with most cable/internet subscription services. This app is def not anywhere close to as refined as many others. Hopefully this will improve since I am now forced to use it to watch the Premier League. ADDENDUM: Live game paused, walk away for 5 mins, press play and game starts live and unable to simply resume from where I paused. Missed two goals. Terrible.....

- Broken promises for EPL games

For years I have had Gold to watch English Premier League soccer, & I was always very happy with it. I would tell people it was a steal for 50-60 bucks a year, with all the stuff you got. It was easy to use, all in one place, & every game was available with ample supplementary material. We were told Peacock Premium would be just the same when EPL coverage switched over to it this summer. What a horrible joke!! The content is not easy to find and maneuver through. All the games are NOT included, only 175 games out of 380?!! I have to go over to NBC Sports or regular tv to watch many games. Why can’t this be all in one place? The supplementary material is hard to find- no clear lists of upcoming shows/coverage. I can’t even figure out how to pause during live play, which you could do on Gold. And if you go to the “Premier League channel” on the main page for “24 hour” programming- most of the time it’s a blank screen telling you to go to NBCSN. What happened?!

- Lots of fanfare- delivered little.

I signed up after seeing a couple of sports our families watch (soccer and rugby) were moving here. So far I am frustrated and disappointed. The app is badly put together - the main screen shows channels but you can’t just click on what you want and be taken to that feed, instead you then have to search again. The search function is terrible - I could see 2 rugby games in “sports” that I wanted to watch, but if I use the search function and typed “rugby” it shows zero results... yet I can then go back into sports and click on the games, which are labelled “rugby”. The worst part is that they are blocking the ability to stream to Apple TV, so it would force you to watch on the small screen instead of regular tv, and they don’t have an app for Samsung smart tv. They have also blocked casting from computer, so they make it really really hard for you to watch on tv screen even after you have paid / subscribed. The content itself is often hard to access / move around in, super difficult to skip forward or back, and often possible to start from beginning in something that is already underway. The support service is a joke- some prepopulated answers from a “bot” that don’t help. This app looks glossy but should not have been released until it was tested and refined more. Feels very rushed and clearly broken under the hood.

- No Feedback offered

No customer service or contact for feedback ... but has no issue taking my money! I’m writing re: my Roku Insignia TV 1. I can’t tell what program I have selected - I know it’s a soft white cloudy hue around the box with the program title listed - - but it’s still really tough to see and my mom can’t see it at all so she just presses ok and the wrong show starts. 2.How do you get to episodes of a show without streaming the show first? I just want to open it and see the episodes. So instead I go to my watchlist and open the show from there ... 3. My watchlist is missing more than 1/2 the shows I added. Last night I fell asleep watching law and order - so I just wanted to open the episodes to see where I am (see point #2). Law and order used to be in my watchlist and now it’s gone ....a bunch of shows are gone. 4. In the HISTORY of NBC I guess there has only been 45 comedies (15 rows of 3) Why oh why is Roseanne listed on the front page of “Just For Laughs” I hated that show and still do. Is there a way to “Thumbs Down” or “stop showing me this crap show” - you make me seriously wander about the amount of content you have 5. Can I go to TV shows and click Genre? Instead of finding your cheeky name for a genre? Same with movies. Do you not offer this because the amount of content is so low? 6. Seriously - how much content do you actually have?

- Few shows and No Support

I tried Peacock Premium for a couple of days and it was nothing but problems and commercials. I started watching season one episode one of Capture. About halfway through I had to leave the TV for a few minutes. When I came back, the episode would not resume. I may repeated attempts but it just simply would not allow me to restart the episode. So, in desperation, I went into the episodes section of Capture and episode one had disappeared. In other words, once you start an episode of one of the shows, you have to finish that episode and you can’t watch it again later. That is stupid! Also, I tried watching some of the old comedies like 3rd rock from the sun. It seem like every couple of minutes they were commercials ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes that I couldn’t fast forward through so I had to watch them. This is so annoying and I simply decided it was better to not have peacock at all. Don’t waste your time or money on this streaming service.

- App Works Good on iPhone, Not So Good Elsewhere

I enjoy the shows I can watch on my iPhone. Great selection, and plays back anything without a hitch. However ... ... I also like to play videos on my much larger TV. Now we have a problem. My iPhone 11 Pro Max running the latest version of iOS refuses to play any videos from this app on any TV. It will still play on my iPhone, while the TV shows a freeze frame of where I started the video. The audio comes from the TV as it should, though. When I try to play a video on my TV from an older device, it doesn’t play on either screen, though I can still hear audio from the TV. It still plays on my device properly while not plugged into a TV. I have several other streaming video apps, and all work the way they’re supposed to. Peacock is the only one that doesn't. I was hoping the latest update would fix this problem. It didn’t.

- So. Many. Bugs. (And not a great layout or features).

All these updates, and the bugs are still there. No change to crappy functionality either. Example: on iPad, if you click more episodes, you can’t search by season. So if there’s 18 seasons of a show and you’re in the middle of season 10, and click “more episodes,” it takes you to season one episode one and then you’ll have to manually scroll to find the episode or season you were just on. The search feature is not intuitive and takes forever. It would also be great if there was an option for “play next episode,” so again, the scrolling issue could be avoided. Also, the fast forward and rewind 10 seconds function on the Apple TV remote does not work. Peacock has A LOT of work to do. After this month is up, I’m deleting and maybe I’ll come back in a few months to see if anything has improved, content included (not every episode of Hells Kitchen or SNL is even on the app. Super disappointed in that alone).

- So sad To bad

It really is too bad NBC... I was super excited to return to the stations of my childhood. I grew up here with NBC and was ready to return to the good stuff. Content listings are great. So much cool stuff I wanna watch. I, like many others only stream my tv content these days. And on a budget, I use my iPad and an HDMI cord to watch on my full screen tv. BUT.... sadly Peacock doesn’t think I should be able to do that. It literally has HDMI streaming blocked. Oh glory, it will play the ads and promos, but as soon as you go to real programming... nada, black screen with sound only. I did watch the documentary The Sit-In, the main reason I got the app on my tablet. And I had gone through and picked a bunch of other stuff I would have liked to watch. But I think this is the end until NBC gets it together and offers up an HDMI option for us “basic” people out here.

- Nigh unusable - and a real scam

Obviously I’m not happy that NBC has decided to put premier league football on here instead of tv, and I deeply resent having to pay 5 bucks a month for something I already pay for a tv package for, and for a service that seems to offer nothing else worth watching. (And for the record, after the free trial, I won’t.) But even without all of that, the fact remains the app is barely usable. Turning it on and trying to search for what you want will yield loading times that are so abysmally long it will make you want to throw your device through the wall. And when streaming live sports, the streams are notoriously unreliable and well behind the actual run of play. The fact that this is still the case months after its rollout is astounding and says it all about the contempt NBC has for its viewers. This attempt to ape Netflix isn’t working. Stay well away from it - and if you’re a footy fan, tell NBC to put the games back on tv where they belong.

- False Advertising

From the minute we heard about this channel coming out I was excited being a huge fan of SNL and growing up on the classic episodes. They originally advertised EVERY season of SNL would be available to stream so I could not wait for the launch. Unfortunately after constant conversations with customer support assuring me all seasons would eventually be launched as you can see they are only interested in the current completely unfunny episodes and have since removed even the classic first 5 seasons. Lies lies lies from day one saying that all seasons would be available. They claim you can see “clips” from old seasons on a loop channel that randomly runs skits from the show of course with more emphasis on the current seasons. If you are a fan of classic SNL you will be disappointed. I just wish people would be honest in their advertising and promises for programming. Not really the content otherwise I was hoping such as more actual classic NBC shows.

- Cant wait until next season...

When nbc does not have the contract for the tv rights to the premier league, and hopefully is not allowed to re negotiate because i thought last season was bad with nbc gold which was a greedy exploitative way to hold the games hostage , and had no idea they could actually make the coverage worse! I thought nbc gold was as low as it got , but nope , welcome to “peacock” so it is very clear to see that nbc realizes no one wants cable or live tv service and has tried to jump into the streaming game but wants to also force you to pay for cable as well based on how they split the season between streaming and live tv, so you want me to pay for cable and a premium rate for your crap service? Which by the way is always plagued with bugs. Companies like NBC are the reason people dont watch tv or want to pay for it anymore. Oh and ps, tubi is a free streaming service and has fewer commercials than this , nbc, all about the money all the time , f nbc.

- Give us ALL the episodes for goodness sake...

I signed up for yearly premium subscription (no ads) way before it launched coz I read that there will be full seasons and episodes of the series Snapped and Dateline NBC and several other true crime series and was extremely disappointed n angry that that wasn’t the case. I don’t even understand why Dateline which is owned by themselves not being able to access the full content. And got excited today when I found Cold Case Files series n was again beyond disappointed n angry to find that Peacock have decided to only give us very limited amount of episodes for every season......what the heck? Why don’t we give you an amount of money that we see fit since we’re not actually enjoying full seasons n episodes and only partially for every series.....we should also be able to give you partial subscription fee right? It’s only fair. So, for goodness sake give us the full seasons with full episodes please.....

- Work in Progress

After watching a complete movie a clip from another movie began to play in the background and would not stop. I could not not play another video until I signed out of the app, deleted it and then reinstalled it. All this on the only device I could stream to my TV on: Apple TV 4K. There is not enough content not found on other services to endure this for. I will cancel after 7 day free trail. I want to amend my previous review. A few bugs still remain, but most have cleared up. Full screen for newer movies and shows on Apple TV 4K. Auto play. Occasional loading issues but backing out and going back in works fine. Customer support answers emails very quickly. Very few commercials (less than 1 minute at beginning). I will probably be a regular streamer.

- Frustrating Experience

Utilizing the Peacock app is a supremely frustrating experience that feels like a step back. I primarily utilize Peacock to watch English Premier league and it’s experience is in every way inferior to the already existing NBC Sports Gold app. For one, navigation on the app is painful. It is hard to find the game that I am looking for. The browse function kind of works, but the search function might as well not exist. Finding replays of games seems all but impossible. For example, I wanted to find the first week game between Tottenham and Everton. Searching for both teams yielded no results. Searching for Premier league was also fruitless. In the replays section of browse, I could see some games listed but not the one that I wanted. Maybe week 1 games aren’t available? There is no explanation to why. Also, the video player lacks functionality that existing NBC apps have such as pause and rewind. From the soccer universe perspective I now have to use 2 different apps to watch soccer; the NBC sports app exists for matches on TV, and Peacock exists for the other matches. The pervious NBC Sports app integrates both of these. This is a painful painful experience and that is objectively worse in almost every way to existing NBC products. I don’t mind paying for content, but it is hard not to feel like NBC is going out of their way to hurt the customer.

- Excellent Content, Easy to Use

Peacock has a lot of great features and excellent content. Any cord cutter will find value in this app, and loading it into your Apple TV. The channel line up feature is a great way to watch the news or your favorites when you don’t know what to actually play on demand. Other users have pointed out the poor layout of the app, and I do agree that is the improvement point required for a four star review. The endless scroll of the listed channels is brutal. The notation of the feather for premium content is a good way to show users what other great is available without shoving it down their throats or tricking them. Streaming platforms are tough and I thought Peacock would not have a successful launch. Looking forward to other reviews. I’m a fan.

- Pay wall of quality problems

I get that they want to make more money so they are locking EPL behind a pay wall. As a consumer it’s frustrating but I am willing to pay for the content even though it is wildly anti consumer. What I can’t stand is that the streaming quality on my phone and home console that I use to stream to my TV is awful the picture breaks up “smears” once or twice every five minutes. This morning I couldn’t get the app to load on my phone OR console so I had to exit and relaunch multiple times. Once I finally got it up on my console I selected match week 2 for EPL and it would load in without yet another exit and relaunch. I have zero issues with loading and streaming youtubeTV or Sunday ticket or ESPN so NBC....I’d you make the people pay then make it something worth paying extra for please

- Good for a free app

It’s free guys there are some bugs but overall haven’t had an issues other than in my airpods the audios bad for commercials but what do I care there commercials. I enjoy the streaming and its quality it’s able to keep up and not pixel out like many other streaming apps there might be bugs but it’s free and has a lot of shows I cannot get on other apps for free overall love the app and love the way it’s designed very well done Also with the Apple TV that’s a problem that happens with many other apps so it’s not surprising that the 4.99 movies your getting for free are not working Thank you for making the app it’s amazing and works wonderfully really do enjoy it

- Needs work

Biggest issue I have is that your watchlist is a part of the browse tab. It’s nearly impossible to find. The watchlist should have its own tab. It needs to be quickly accessible instead of having to dig through other content. Other big issue is the paywall. For $4.99, you unlock nearly everything but have to deal with commercials. For $9.99, you get some extras but there are still commercials on some things (which they claim are required). Kinda dumb. But there is a 1 week trial for free. Other than that, it’s ok. You get 1 free episode of their original content (rest are behind the paywall). Feel like they should do 2-3 free to make people more interested in potentially subscribing. Showtime content is also behind the paywall.

- Poorly developed

I would think, with a big NBC budget, that they would get this right. App is spotty on Apple TV... I can get over that... it’s crappy that it doesn’t work on older Apple TV’s. Poor taste but I can get over that. The thing that has me totally frustrated is that I’m trying to watch on my iPad but it won’t let me unless I have a premium plan (which I do)... when I go to click on the plan to subscribe again it tells me that I’m already subscribed. Cool. So I go back to the show and it says “you need to subscribe to premium”.. cool. So I try to subscribe and it says.... you guessed it.... that i already have a subscription. Funny how an eCommerce retailer can get tv video streaming just fine... but an actual “tv company” failed. I’m sure you can fix it NBC but... wow. You could hire some developers from Quibi- I hear they’re looking for work.

- A train wreck. You do NOT get what you pay for.

I paid for the Premium upgrade so I could watch their Original Content. The shows themselves are excellent, however, Peacock inserts ads in the middle of scenes, rather than placing them at designated ad breaks. It’s annoying to have a commercial interrupt a character in mid-sentence. So... I paid extra for the Premium Plus to get rid of the ads altogether. This worked great for about 3 hours. Then Peacock suddenly decided to switch me back to the Free account which doesn’t give me access to any of the original content and they tell me I’m going to have to upgrade (again) to continue watching. I LITERALLY just gave you money 3 hours ago and you’re trying to charge me again? I was reluctant but ultimately willing to overlook the fact that I couldn’t watch this on Roku. But there is no way I’m paying $10 a month for content that I’m not allowed to watch.

- Service needs work

Downloaded Peacock and was excited to have new content to watch. I don’t watch on my small phone screen (2x5 screen or 60” screen... hmmmm), I have my TV set up to mirror my phone through an HDMI cord (just easier in my situation). So I’m ready to watch, plug in my phone and it asks if want to watch through Apple TV. I don’t have or want to subscribe to Apple TV so I said no. I then get a quick message informing me that it won’t now play through my TV and that apparently was that. The ad played on my TV, but not the show. Online help is a joke; I couldn’t get back to anywhere I could say “fine, I’ll finally submit and go through Apple TV” and in retrospect I’m glad I didn’t since it looks I still wouldn’t have been able to mirror. But even so, why should I subscribe to another service to watch a service? Hey Peacock- Netflix and Prime let you mirror. Looks like I’ll just stick with them.

- The streaming is fine

But I decided to watch one of the offered feature films and in large block letters I was given an announcement “this film is offered for peacock TV users with no commercial interruptions“ so I started watching the film. A film which I am familiar with so when all of a sudden I am in the back room and suddenly the audio of something completely unrelated to the film starts up, sure enough there is a commercial being shown. I don’t mind a service that has to show advertisements occasionally as long as it is clearly defined when these advertisements are supposed to be and that they tell the truth whenever a film is supposed to be offered free of advertising. I find this not to be true at all. If I am told that I am going to be allowed to watch something without ads then I expect to see no ads. I understand the need for advertisements, really. But this is not acceptable.

- Needs to catch up

Premium subscriber; content is great. And anyone having “streaming issues” is having connectivity issues, *not app issues*. However, this app does not support Picture in Picture mode, which is ridiculous at this point for such an established and prosperous company as NBC. And if you’re not going to have that, could you at least make it so I can see what time it is *in* the app? Tapping on the screen, like in other video apps, does not work and it’s annoying as ***k to have to close the app to see what time it is, only for the show I’m watching to have go on pause and then have to rebuffer and be manually unpaused. I just wanted to know what time it was... The forwarding and rewinding also leave little to be desired. Please get it together.

- Great App and lots of Content

I live in Alaska and have had no issues with the app. I run it through my Apple TV box and there have been zero glitches. I pay the $9.99/month which isn’t a big deal, most people spend more than that in 2 days getting Starbucks every morning. The $9.99 is worth it to unlock everything, the only ads I have seen are 15 second promos before a show or program begins. I have watched multiple shows and programs and there have been no ads once the show starts. They have the complete catalogue of many shows, I love Law and Order, every episode of SVU and Criminal Intent is on there, the last 8 seasons of the original Law and Order is on there as well. In terms of original content “The Capture” is must see TV, one of the most original shows out there. There are several other original content shows as well that I well check out. My minor complaint is that it is a bit user unfriendly to navigate at times. But they can clean that up. This is well worth the $9.99/month, my number one streaming app right now.

- Major UI design defects !

There are major design defects in the user interface. Selecting the “channel” mode (tv guide) immediately starts playing a previously selected channel - there is no way to “pause” play or “mute” sound. While I am trying to decide which channel I want to watch some rubbish is playing - no way to stop it. This is ridiculous. Not acceptable. Selecting the “trending” mode lists some featured topics such as “Headline news” shows a news “item”. Selecting the news item plays the “item”, and when finished playing the “item” the next news “item” is displayed, but there is no way to re-play an item or skip to the next item. Similarly in case of a tv “episode" there is no way to replay the episode or skip to the next “episode”. I have to finish viewing the current episode before I am able to view the next episode. This is ridiculous. Not acceptable !

- Overall App is awful.

I think the way the App is set up is terrible. I mainly got the subscription to watch the EPL. Yet I have to swap back and forth between apps to be able to watch different games. When I had gold, all the games were at least within the same app. Also I think there needs to be a feature within the app to Favorite certain channels and shows so you don’t have to scroll and find the channel you wanted. Likewise be able to favorite a certain sport so it’s on the top of the page. I think along those same lines if you could customize the order of the tabs at the top that would be more user friendly and people could prioritize what “topic” is most important to them. I’m not a fan of the app at all. Sadly I paid for the whole year up front. Unless it gets some updates and changes I won’t be resubscribing next year.

- Why doesn’t this work with AirPlay?!?!

I am so frustrated with NBC and their Peacock “service”. I really only want to watch Figure Skating because now nearly all the events are exclusive to this service and no longer available on Sports Gold or NBCSN. Now tell me why you would restrict previously available content without having wide compatibility across devices? There is no TV app for Samsungs and the iPhone app doesn’t cast video to my TV with Airplay. And especially since Figure Skating is only available under a paid subscription, it’s ridiculous that I would have to pay to only be able to watch on my phone or 12 inch laptop screen. NBC should be ashamed to have put out such a substandard product that has barely any value in comparison to discontinued NBC services. What a cash grab indeed and one that doesn’t even provide a modicum of quality!

- This is the best free streaming app I’ve ever encountered.

This is the best free streaming app I’d recommend for those who want to stream for free. Although not all of it is free, you get enough content that you don’t really need to upgrade. One pro is that unlike other free streaming services like Tubi, it has free content that people actually are familiar with, such as 30 Rock. The ads are not as bad as cable or IMBD TV, either. You also get Peacock channels, which although it isn’t the most essential feature, and it will be nothing like real live TV, though. Overall, if you want to stream for free, I’d highly recommend Peacock. Also, the app is very user-friendly.

- Good, quality experience on iPhone

I enjoy the content I get to watch for free, but mostly for this review I’ve found this app to be consistently reliable. A couple of changes I’d prefer to see: it has some scrolling quirks and often I end up starting videos I didn’t intend to watch. They should use whatever Apple’s UI guidelines are for scrolling. Also, if I leave the app in the middle of a video and go back to it, it takes several seconds to reload the video from the server, instead of just continuing immediately like other streaming apps do. On that note, it would also be great if the developers can have the app work with iOS 14’s picture-in-picture feature.

- Peacock is alright.

Downloaded the app just to watch Premiere League football (soccer). I’m pretty happy. The image quality is great. The speed at which matches are uploaded is ok. The added content, “Men in Blazers”, “The Two Robbies” and the “Lowe Down” are all solid and insightful. Why only four stars? The quick rewind/fast forward 15 seconds is lacking. Sometimes I just want to rewatch some small moments in a match the app doesn’t make this easy as it should be. Thoughts on the other shows and content on peacock. Kids: My daughter (age 10) is disappointed with the offering. It’s all stuff for younger kids or in her words “dumb”. Movies: ok, there are some worth while classics. Thumbs up from me. TV Shows: some of the originals look promising. I’ve not engaged with so far (time constraints). News and the rest: I’ve not watched but it’s there. I watch on an iPhone 8+, iPad Pro and AppleTV 4K. I have had ZERO troubles. I am paying the full price ($10/mo) until the end of the Premier League season at which time I’ll drop down to the free. The app is solid. The content I want (PL) is there. It’s good.


Streams great on iPhone, iPad and laptop, had absolutely no streaming problems, but not optimal choices for viewing. UPDATE: USE THE MICROSOFT EDGE BROWSER TO STREAM VIA LAPTOP TO TV VIA HDMI!! Just waiting for Apple to release their new TV device and will switch to Apple TV from Roku, as Roku no longer seems to be a viable option, as Roku doesn’t support HBO MAX. Peacock has an excellent lineup on the premium tier, and the interface is excellent. Finally on Roku. Subscribed to premium tier today. Will still be switching to Apple TV device when they release their new one, as I don’t appreciate how Roku has treated us over these new product releases.

- Clunky interface

Update: We’re over a month in and still no improvement. There are at this point more 1-star reviews of this garbage app than 5-star, so this is clearly not just the opinion of a few perfectionists expecting too much. This is not a reflection of the content; as far as I can tell, this is solely a reflection of the technical aspect. Please fix! This is the first app I’ve used on tvOS that does NOT use the native interface, making it nearly impossible to skip ahead or backwards in small increments (10 seconds is the normal skip amount). Instead I’m forced to drag the incredibly sensitive slider (with no preview thumbnail, by the way) and hope it lands where I want it to. I imagine this non-native interface is also the reason why the subtitles have not been placed at the bottom of the screen always. Instead, they are up 3/4 of the screen half the time, where they are guaranteed to block the face of any actor standing on their mark. Also it’s very hard to browse for a show unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, and in that case the search bar is the way to go. Peacock TV does not have so many shows and movies that they can’t offer the option to list the content alphabetically on a tab.

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- Poorly executed

I downloaded to watch older episodes of some shows but it took about a minute to wish I hadn’t bothered with this app just yet. I do see the potential in this app but it needs a lot more work especially with new operating systems being released it should be compatible at least with other devices for sharing. I do feel that the idea is great, free unless you want a few extra perks which we could all use and I think would actually be great if some others did something similar, but at the very least there should be options when playing something to cast the program to your Apple TV, Firetv, or chrome cast being that the app isn’t available on every device. I can say that alone would have gotten this app a much better rating.


Once I was sitting on my couch and Aisa this app on the App Store so I bought it of course I had to sign in it took me so long I could not find a password and it kept saying this you Artie use this password something went wrong try again later and I can’t do it so I finally got in to the app and I’ll look for Harry Potter because it’s my favorite movie and I found it so watch it 1000 times and then I decided to go to temple run and I came back to the app two minutes later and it was gone of my favorite movies we’re gone so I delete the app and signed in again I looked it was gone so it was not good at all so I’m writing this review and just so you know Peacock is my least favorite app and it is horrible horrible horrible horrible and half of it and half of the moviesLike they make you get premium for it and it’s a horrible app!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Too many apps for premium league

I got this app (and service) solely for the premier league. However, because some games are here and some on the nbc sports app, I have to go searching across apps just to watch something I’m paying for. Either allow peacock subscribers to access all the games in the nbc sports app (like you did with the gold subscription) or stream all the games on the peacock app (or both). Also peacock app pauses and stalls in live games , particularly bad on Apple TV. I’m paying for a service that seems not to deliver on the basics that I’m paying for. I like the quality of your coverage and commentary, but paying customers shouldn’t need to go app hunting to find the game they want, nor switch apps simply to continue watching post game coverage or continue into the next game.

- I like the content , but the steaming is not good.

My streaming has been pretty terrible with this app for a couple of different reasons at different times. Things will start good, I’m able to cast, the show or movie starts playing, but within about 10 minutes or so, the sound and the subtitles are out of sync with what’s going on. It’s truly annoying because I have hearing issues anyway and I sometimes try to read lips and I rely on things syncing up. The second issue is that some programs just will not cast with my Chromecast device. It say that it’s casting, but then reverts to my I-phone or I-pad. I really like the large variety of programs and channels that you offer. I truly hope that you are able to get these glitches worked out in the very near future.

- Free APP???

So I subscribed because they have shows that I cannot watch on other apps. I signed up for free because they advertise for free. Then I got charged $4.99 for a premium subscription. Hello??? Why do you advertise free when it isn’t. I do not remember signing up for premium, and even though it is only $5, I am trying to justify that for the few shows I want to see. Not fair to advertise free if it isn’t. Other than that I have really enjoyed the app, with one exception. I cannot add it to my ROKU list of channels. 😏 It is very frustrating, I often times have my TV on while doing other things on my iPad. So when I want to watch on Peacock, I have to view it on my iPad instead of on the TV, not a huge deal but a little inconvenient.

- Low level extortion, not even trying to hide it

Got this app as NBC is slowly removing some of our favorite shows from decent streaming platforms. Two initial loading screens lead into...having to rewind to the beginning of any episode of any show as the first 30 seconds are generally skipped by the app on any platform. Once we reach the beginning, the episode will stall and find the need to load again. The tv version of the App often finds itself out of Synch, requiring an app or cable box restart. If the public at large is going to be forced to pay for additional streaming services in addition to the cable and Internet we already pay for to access those additional streaming services, said services should at least have the decency to provide a functioning user experience. Maybe even an enjoyable one...

- Much Worse than Last Year for EPL Fans

Content wise, I’m never going to watch anything on this app except for soccer matches so it’s annoying to have to wade through (and pay for) junk content to reach the sports section. Would be nice if we had an option to open the app and only show sports. (Would be even better if it worked like Disney’s apps where I only have to pay for the ESPN one and I get a better app experience focused on what I actually watch.) From a technical standpoint, it’s still not seamless on live events. I had two crashes on Apple TV, which I only had to use because there’s no Roku app. Hopefully, all that gets ironed out but it’s currently a worse experience for sports fans compared to past offerings and also competitors current offerings.

- Needs work

When on Chromecast the lag time between video and audio makes anything hard to watch. Have to pause and rewind to try to get the dialogue to synch up with the actors lips. And even then, it doesn’t last long and it gets out of synch again. The app is not intuitively designed. Doesn’t automatically play next episode when on Chromecast. “Continue watching” doesn’t allow you to open the series page so you have to scroll down to find it in whatever category they’ve put it in. When you start the app, it opens to a screen I don’t care about. Doesn’t have capability to create multiple profiles. They need to do whatever they need to to get it on the Firestick. Otherwise it will remain a 2nd tier. streaming service.

- Premium what?

I got Peacock premium for one reason. To watch Yellowstone on Paramount channel. Although I have the channel in my cable line up, Xfinity does not partner with them so I can’t use my tv provider to login to the Paramount app. This, Peacock is the answer saying all season, all shows everything Peacock has to offer. Well, I was allowed to watch S3E1 and then it directed me to either pay $2.99 to watch episode 2 or login to the Paramount app with my tv provider which is what I can’t do. So episodes 2-10 for season 3 are locked and I can’t watch them even though I have the Paramount channel I pay for in my cable line up and I also pay for Peacock Premium which says I can also watch it but yet neither app will let me do so. Very frustrating. Get organized people. I’m paying twice for something I’m not allowed to watch.

- Despicable corporate greed and idiotic product management

I had to get Peacock so I could continue watching Premier League games, which I was perfectly happy to get through cable before. But now they’ve put so many of the games on this service you really can’t do without it and of course now you have to pay an additional $5/mo on top of your cable subscription. What’s really irritating is that I’m now paying more for a worse overall user experience. The app is not very good from a technical perspective, you cannot pause or navigate during live streams, you cannot follow specific teams, and it’s just really annoying to have to use this app. I won’t be forgetting this ridiculous move anytime soon — I’ve gone from someone with a positive opinion of NBC to someone with an intensely negative one. Well done!

- The Player is garbage on AppleTV

You know how when you watch a show, sometimes you miss something or want to see something that flashed in the screen again. When that happens it’s nice to be able to rewind a few seconds. Well forget about being able to do that. There is just the timeline on the bottom of the screen and you have to use the scroll pad on the remote, but it’s too sensitive and you barely move your finger and it moves 5-10 minutes. There is no frame preview like you get with other apps so you can see how far you have scrolled forwards or backwards. There also isn’t a standard +/- 10 second icon on the pause menu. It’s a frustrating app if you ever want to skip forwards or backwards.

- Let’s just keeping adding $...

I get why NBC did this. They want a slice of the ala carte aspect. But they already had that with NBCGold. Part of NBCSN was to watch the EPL. Now you only show 1-2 games a weekend day on that channel. The rest are on “free” Peacock, or so they tell you. The truth is, you will most likely need to pay up for the “premium” level or higher. Why the feck did you take one of your most profitable options (NBCSN) and the EPL and make them separate on Peacock now? Oh that’s right, you want that slice of the pie. So it’s either pony up ANOTHER $60/year to watch something that used to be free or go hunting for a free streaming option. NBC should be ashamed that they turned the EPL into a more profitable option by using Peacock. On top of the extra cost (yes “only” $5/mo...multiplied by hundreds of thousands...) the app itself is garbage. Navigating IKEA is easier than this about a simple channel browse for more than two time slots? Why not make it like all the other streaming apps where you can easily scroll until next Tuesday to see what’s I literally have to wait until game day (or close) to see if the game is actually free or on premium... Horrible app, horrible greed, shame on NBC...

- The next BIG streaming giant 👏🏾

I use the free option and I love the selection of shows and films they have. They have a few shows I’ve wanted to binge that I couldn’t find anywhere else. The only problem I’ve had is that some time the show doesn’t pick up after a commercial. I would have to go out and start the episode again. The app also has trouble loading on my AppleTV. Those are minor problems I know they can fix since the app is so new. The commercials would usually bother me but they aren’t excessive and they mix it up like real tv. I’m a satisfied user. If they can fix those minor things it’d be perfect.

- A lot of work needed

The actual content on peacock is very good. From live sports, movies, news and tv shows there is a great variety. But the app itself is very poor, especially on newer iPhones. AppleTV app works fine. On iPhone however, the app rarely remembers where you left off on a show, or crashes during a live broadcast. But the biggest and most frustrating part is the inability to adjust screen ratio. Attempting to watch on an iPhone 12 pro max, peacock is just horrible viewing. PLEASE update the app to take advantage of that 6.7inch screen. Instead, we are forced to watch our favorite shows in a tiny 4 inch window, surrounded by annoying black bars. It’s 2020 peacock! Big screens have been around for a while now! Fix up!

- Horrible execution, misleading promises

I was a regular user of the NBC Sorts app and a subscriber to the Premier League package. The switch to Peacock has been a huge step backward. First, the navigation is horrible. The app seems to want to force you to look through all the things you could watch, instead of making it easy to find the ONE THING you absolutely know you want to watch. I continue to struggle finding what I want. Second, I loaded up the app to watch this mornings Premier League matches (I paid for the premium package) and found that the morning matches were not available on the app. I want to cut the cord with FiOS, and not I find that, after paying for a subscription, I can’t watch live games? Seriously? Exactly what us the selling point here? Why did they shove this terrible terrible app down our throats?

- It’s okay, but has technical issues

Lots of good shows, but the Peacock platform has a long way to go. Show progress does not transfer across platforms like other streaming services. For example: if I watch a few episodes of a show on my tv, then an episode on my phone, then a few on my computer, when I return to my tv it will be stuck on the last episode I watched on my tv and won’t be updated to my current episode. Also, if I don’t complete and episode on one platform, it won’t let me continue the episode on a different platform. For example: I watch 1/2 and episode on my phone or computer, and I cannot continue the rest of the episode on my tv as it will not load. Spoke to customer service via chat about this issue and they were friendly, but unable to help with the issue and someone would get back to me later. So now my one night off this week will be spent not watching the series I have been watching for a while because I can’t finish the episode I was watching earlier in my laptop. Worth the download, but you’ll be frustrated.

- Decent

I dont see the issue with the app, the quality is good, they provide subtitles, they have various movies, the ad time is fine and reasonable, it plays just fine. I dont get why a lot people are having issues, just go use netflix or somethin. FYI to anyone who came here for harry potter movies, THEY ARENT ON HERE. They will be back soon, peacock updates stuff here and there, you would know this if you read the reviews. instead of wasting your time to write a one star review, be neutral and talk about the issues and how they can be bettered, what movies could be put on, etc.

- Pretty disappointing

I paid extra money for the premium service now that Peacock has Premier League games. First off, you can’t appear to stream the video to a device like Apple TV, or at least not easily since I haven’t been able to do it. Second, there is no way to fast forward the video when I watch a reply which stinks. Thirdly, there are a lot of ads you have to sit through even though I paid money. They might be Peacock ads, but they are ads nonetheless. Overall, coming from what I would assume is a big company with plenty of resources, this app is far from user friendly and forces me to conclude that the viewers are being taken for granted. To that extent I can, I will be looking for any opportunity to watch sports, or anything, on another platform. So buyer beware.

- Interface bad!

The app is working fine for me. I, however, purchased the version with no ads. And I purchased it only for the purpose of watching English Premier league soccer. However, the user interface is severely lacking. There is no organization of the games or schedule, both past and present. Good luck finding the game played last week that you want to watch today on replay! You won’t find it, not easily anyway. And there doesn’t seem to be a schedule that you can access readily, to look at the games that will be playing in the days to come. All you would have to do is borrow the format used by NBC sports app. It’s not like you’d have to do a lot of work to fix this problem!


I would say that this app is actually better than I thought. At the beginning of the show or movie it says that it will only play 1 ad. Sadly, it doesn’t. Luckily it doesn’t bother me! The ads are only about a minute to 30 seconds so it’s easy to handle. My shows don’t buffer like other people so it may just be internet issues for them. I would definitely give this is a 5 but, I got very disappointed when it said it would only play 1 ad which it never did. When I first saw it on the App Store I was happy to finally watch my shows! I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND IF YOU ARE OKAY WITH A COUPLE ADS!!!!!

- It works, however.

It works, however you can’t call your app Peacock TV if you can’t play it on TV. It doesn’t support screen mirroring, which is fine, there’s no app on my TV, which is disappointing, and I can’t even open it in the browser of my TV because it doesn’t support the device. If you expect people to be at home watching movies on their phones instead of on their TV then you’d be wrong. Because personally I’d rather watch something on my TV, bigger screen, if I’m cooking I don’t have to pause the movie to look at the recipe, and everyone else in my household can watch it with me. If you had made it to support screen mirroring at least that would be a big improvement.

- Meh. Promising but falls short

I bought this purely for the Premier League, and it’s not horrible, but a bit disappointing. There’s no real organization to it, I can’t simply see which games are on at a glance. The app is a bit too trendy and clean: I’d like a grid or a list somewhere, please. I don’t want to just scroll through a bunch of other random sporting crap until I find the games I want to watch. On top of that, their refusal to put their content on Roku means I can’t watch it on all my screens. This isn’t the worst thing in the world, the app works as it was designed and the video quality is excellent in my experience. But for what I want out of it, it falls short.

- Awful Just Awful

Signed up for Peacock to watch EPL. Content is difficult to navigate and access. Everton v West Brom match should be streaming. Difficult to find. Found the match by clicking on Leeds v Fulham and was able to watch less than 5 minutes before screen went blank and then posted “Coverage Will Being Shortly”. Click on the Premier League channel and you are told to go look in a different tab on a different page of the app. A streaming app that cannot be cast to a smart TV is not worth the subscription fee. The person or persons that designed this app should make a different career choice. NBC EPL coverage is the best in any sport. Moving the coverage to Peacock is an insult to Premiere League Live and the fans. An attempt by NBC to monetize their exclusive EPL coverage that is embarrassingly awful.

- Bad initial experience, good after that

My original review was fired off in a fit of justifiable energy, as my first attempt to launch the app was met with a message telling me I was not connected to the internet. That was clearly not true. The issue rectified itself after a couple of hours. And to the developers credit, they reached out to me - a few days later, but still. They did reach out. After the initial frustration, I have had no issues with the app. Business practices are a separate consideration. The app has been streaming Premiere League just great, and that’s all it needs to do.

- Streams good, support bad

I only have this app because NBC is making people purchase the subscription for it to watch all live premier league soccer games. They layout is very poor and hard to navigate, and the lack of settings is a huge downside. The streams have been good quality for me so far without issues, but they don’t offer Picture in Picture for ios14 which is very disappointing, nor do they offer an option for chromecasting or playing on Apple tv. They make an app for smart TVs but you would think if we have to pay for the service they could at least build an app that has some of the same capabilities that the nbc sports app has, regardless of how well it works.

- Login Issues

I have had peacock streaming since available on tv platform and have yet to be able to sign into the app. Always an error message. I don’t understand why I cannot register or signup. I have one email account for Xfinity platform use and cannot understand why I can not use my mobile version to continue streaming Update: apparently when you start peacock streaming through tv source and then attempt through app, there is a password that needs to be created in order to use the app version. I needed to go through forgot password functionality. This should be noted in documentation of the need through error messages instead of a blanket error message providing no real remedy solution for the user.

- Has Potential-But Buffering is Bad

Really enjoying the content, but the app needs work. 1-No picture in picture. It’s a pain that I have to stop watching a show any time I want to check something on the internet. 2-The layout could use work, especially in viewing mode. The “more episodes” feature starts with season one episode one, requiring the user to have to scroll left until the desired episode is reached. This can be a real task for shows like Murder, She Wrote, with 12 seasons, 22 episodes each. 3-Often lags when clicking on a selection to watch, with prolonged buffering. At times, especially during the day, my stream is interrupted by buffering, requiring me to restart app. I’ve gone through all the troubleshooting, to no avail. I have several other streaming services, and this is the only one that gives me trouble. 4-There is no link to the Watchlist. I can only find it if I’m in viewing mode, which is an unnecessary step. 5-Downloading is a much needed feature, especially if livestreams are interrupted by buffering.

- Seems to be more adult oriented, far less kids content... not bad though.

I subscribed to the premium version. All NBCUniversal content. Very little kids shows and movies, but decent content for adults. Also has some original series that I have yet to check out. They already fixed the major glitches from when it launched three days ago, so it was great to see that they’re on top of it. I’m sure they’ll make improvements and it will get even better. Worth giving it a try if you’re looking for new or different kind of content to view.

- Content okay but app needs work

The content is okay, though including only the last 8 seasons of the original Law & Order (by far, lesser in quality than first 6-8 seasons) is cheap. The app needs work. Specifically, (1) the app should have a mini-player ability, so I can have it playing while I check another program; (2) if there’s an extra charge for commercial free, then that should include commercials for Peacock itself. If I’m already using Peacock, I don’t need a 30-second commercial about Peacock; and (3) the watchlist should be much easier to find and there should be ways to organize it (alphabetical, movie or tv...).

- So not worth it!

If you expect to get unlimited access to shows and episodes by paying a premium, then you won’t find it here. Yes, ad-free worked well (about the only positive I can say). However, you have a limited time to watch episodes of the current season. When the new season starts, you lose ALL but the last couple episodes of the previous season and then you only have access to them for a limited number of days. Very few episodes (maybe 2 or 3) of previous seasons are available to watch and even those change unexpectedly. I’ll be going back to my CBS All Access (which DOES give unlimited access to previous seasons) and will just have to catch the few NBC shows on the fly.

- Losing Patience

I am losing my patience with this app. First, I was disappointed that I can only watch it on my iPhone/iPad since you don’t stream through such platforms as Roku. Now it’s the commercials that are an annoyance. When I first started using this app, there were no commercials at all. Now not only are there far too many commercials, but the timing of them is completely off and will cut off a show mid-dialogue to go to a commercial, the show will come back for about two seconds and then will briefly go to a black screen where the commercial clearly was meant to me. I would think that an app with NBC behind it would perform better than this one does.

- So Far So Good

I got this to after seeing an ad on FB about a specific movie (Psych 2: Lassie Come Home) which is a continuation of a franchise, but this sequel was exclusive to Peacock. Was not disappointed! Great movie, and same lovable cast! Was able to view it for free and without problems. I browsed through some of their other content and it looks like they have some good stuff/ fan favorites. I don’t watch too much TV anymore, but I really might keep this. Can’t believe there’s an option to stream good shows like this for free! Thanks Peacock! Love it!

- Terrible for the Premier League

-You can’t fast forward the incredibly long pregame. -The run time for each game(Prematch, half time, post match) is over 3 hours, which means you have to wait until hours after the game is over before the match replay is available. -NBC sports gold was much better for people who actually leave their houses during the day and want to come home and catch up on the premier league games they have missed. -It’s almost 2:30 pm Easter time USA, and I don’t want to watch Tottenham because the match is in progress and I don’t want to miss the beginning of the game so I have to wait for a replay to be available. Meanwhile I cannot watch the replay of Man Utd vs Arsenal because it’s not available yet. This app is awful!!!

- Not very Apple-like

If you use this app on an iPad and you watch 4:3 content, it insets it rather than showing it full frame. I can understand top and bottom letterboxing on 16:9 content on a 4:3 screen, but 4:3 on a 4:3 screen should be full-screen. On Apple TV, it’s also very un-Apple. Most Apple-friendly apps have a menu that shows from the top that lets you change captioning and audio output. This app decides that you should pause it and use the onscreen controls at the bottom. They should take Apple’s default design for a video streaming app and build on that. Make it specific for the device, not one size fits all.

- App needs to be more updated entertainment wise

When using the app there are people in the younger generation who are into shows and movies that are more new and recent so the fact that when I’m searching for more new or recent titles and it says that there are “no results being found” just isn’t fair and doesn’t give people a variety of options. Also, even when paying for the premium service, there isn’t much that meets the eye or that really can entertain people, basically saying that there are other apps that mostly likely do so much better, and there’s no time to be spending money on something that isn’t as entertaining ; free or not.

- It can be better.

Loves the shows, just a few issues. Sometimes I’ll close the app to do something and open it back up and it restarts episodes from the beginning when I’m over halfway done so I have to sit through all the ads again. When I’m looking for a new episode of a show I have to scroll through all the episodes instead of the menu opening up to the one I’m on or even giving me the option to choose a season. Finally, as I’m scrolling through the episodes they don’t have the titles listed, just “s1e1” or whatever. All things that other streaming apps have figured out.

- Great content limit to view

As others have stated before the content is great availability is lacking now. I was super excited for Psych the movie two. I downloaded app on iPad (iPad Air 3rd generation) and was getting ready to stream on my new generation chromecast. I set everything up and hit play....the commercials streamed and me and my wife sat back ready to enjoy....about two minutes left tv went blank except audio. I guess streaming on chromecast blocked in beginning or something. To make sure it wasn’t my chromecast I tested with hbo max and Netflix and absolutely no problems. Hopefully this will be fixed to enjoy peacock to its fullest

- Incredibly mediocre

I’m not sure why every network needs its own app now with really complicated subscription schemes. The exclusive programming is okay, not really great. I think the CBS exclusive programming is a lot more compelling. The app itself looks pretty good, but is riddled with bugs. It’s incredibly slow and the streams have a lot of trouble transitioning around ads. They usually hang or crash coming out of ads (this may not be an issue if you’re paying for extra super duper premium). The stream stalls a lot too. Finally, the app is not feature rich. There is no auto play features, downloads often don’t work, and there is no picture-in-picture support.

- Purposely blocks screen mirroring & bad ads

So let me get this straight... you built a STREAMING PLATFORM that you actively coded against being able to use screen mirroring on other devices while not adding apps on Samsung TV? So you, as a provider, claim you want people to use your product yet you actively block and don’t support a huge segment of the market. I don’t want to watch a movie on my phone when I should EASILY be able to airplay to my Samsung TV that you for some reason blocked. Absolutely stupid decision on your behalf that’s resulting in less ad exposure because I’m not going to use the app. And furthermore... I get that I need ads if it’s a free version. That I can accept. What I can’t accept if you interrupting movies with ads left and right instead of just rolling unskippable ads before the video plays. Makes no sense to do it this way and actively makes me want to not use your product. Especially when your paid version apparently still has these horribly intrusive ads? This was such a bad experience.

- I don’t understand the negative reviews

This is the perfect free addition to streaming. I cut cable out of my life a couple of years ago. What I was missing was great content to stream in the background while cooking, cleaning, and other activities. Content that is engaging but doesn’t require your full attention. This service has that. The app works well on my old iPad, new iPad, iPhone X, 4K Apple TV, and an older Apple TV. There is a vast array of content and their commercials aren’t annoying or excessive. I’m happy with it!

- Cannot screen mirror this app to tv

My husband wanted t watch soccer games that are available through peacock but he wanted the watch them on our big screen Samsung. The peacock app is not available on our Samsung which is a few years old. No problem, we thought. We can use one of our Apple devices and mirror the soccer games onto the tv. Except that is a problem because the peacock app blocks screen mirroring. So glad they gave us a 5 day free trial so we know we don’t want to pay for this service. Also, not interested in buying a dongle or other electronic gadget to try and solve this. If peacock wants our business, they need to make an app for our Samsung tv or allow us to screen mirror from our Apple device.

- Tough To Like

It seems that peacock’s ONLY appeal is the library of shows and movies, which are difficult to find and watch. I downloaded the app this morning and was stunned by the lack of thought put into the user interface. Very little clarity on when live events will actually air, or how to play them. Certain channels worked without issue (the office for example) but others wouldn’t play at all. I tried both trial subscriptions and found nothing changed. Ended up watching the premier league on my old NBC Sports Gold which defeats the purpose of this new app. Please revisit the presentation and take a look at how FUBO TV does their interface for inspiration.

- Bad app. Good content

Impossible to binge if you’re casting. Every episode requires manual intervention. So, unlock the phone, find the app, scroll to the show, change from 100 episode list to just the next in series (otherwise you side scroll through every episode in every season), and continue watching. If you start an episode midway you get a pop up just as you’re pressing the cast button and you end up pressing ‘start from beginning”. It seems they didn’t test the UI. Also, audio gets out of sync with every episode. Rewind will fix it for 20-30 minutes. I’d rather not cast but Peacock doesn’t exist on any of my other devices.

- Absolute Mess

There’s is a ton of great content on peacock but their app (both mobile and on my smartTV) is an absolute mess. First, when I open the app there’s no option to resume where I left off. So every time I have to search for a show then find the episode I left off on. There is also no progress bar or history for episodes I’ve watched so I have to read through the description to remember where I stopped previously. The app also routinely will go to commercial break mid episode then start a new episode even though the one I was watching wasn’t done. There are SO many issues I would not pay a penny for premium until they get these basic functionalities worked out.

- Unusable

Completely unusable to me. All I watch on NBC is Dateline and it’s on there but there’s no air date for the episodes. To find the most recent you have to use a different app to look up tv listings, take note of the episode title, come back to peacock, search for dateline and then scroll through all the episodes hoping one matches the episode title you’re looking for. You can’t even search by episode title. Why is there no way to scroll through listings in the app and press play. Or have the episodes listed with most recently aired first? The season and episode number don’t mean anything when they’re not aired on TV in that order. I’m going back to using the old NBC app and hope they don’t discontinue it.

- Good start but not great

The app is functional which is great there are just some functions I wish they had; 1. They don’t have a recently watched list. I got this to watch parks and rec. and I don’t watch the whole series in one go do a recently watched list is helpful for that 2. I cast to my chromecast for most of my watching and it doesn’t automatically keep on playing the next episode. I can not find an auto play button either so it’s just annoying to have to play the next episode everytime. These are just two of the major problems I have with the app if they were fixed I’d give 5 stars and most of the time they will fix in time just frustrating that streaming service do not have this a launch. Besides that the app works great has amazing selections and the ads aren’t so many that I just want to delete the app, I probably won’t go to paid but it’s still a great way to watch things that aren’t on other services.

- Content great. The app needs some work

The app is pretty good but there are some weaknesses. There is way to make a watchlist. There is a continue watching list but it does work right. If I cast a show from the continue watching list, it will play from the time marked on the continue watching list, but it will not update the continue watching list to my new progress. If I finish a show and try to go to the next episode using the continue watching list, it will return to the same place as before. To watch the next episode, I have to search for it. Peacock also lacks a means to give feedback other than app reviews, Hence I wrote this review.

- Horrible Livestream Broadcast

I tried watching an EPL live soccer game and it was extremely frustrating and a very poor experience. The streaming would frequently freeze and restart with delay. I would get a goal notification and two minutes later see it happen. At times the video would freeze by sound was working. Several times I had to close and reopen the app to unfreeze. And finally with 10 minutes left I couldn’t open the stream no matter how many times I tapped the program. It’s a shame they removed the EPL games from NBCSN network to make it exclusive for peacock. I will watch the rest of season on a European broadcast using my VPN. I would never pay for this poor quality service.

- Good price but need major work

I like how premium plus is only 10 bucks so far but WHY do you have random episodes missing from a series?! It’s just crazy and infuriating. I can’t move forward because episodes are missing and there is no way to get them other than purchasing them on prime video. Out of 20 two somewhere in a middle will be missing. For each season. Madness 🤬🤪😩 As far as the appgoes, please incorporate previews of what you fast forward or rewind to, so it’s easier to tell where to stop. Peacock for shield also needs work. Remote buttons aren't corresponding properly.

- Great

Started using this through Xfinity since day one. Worked flawlessly. Liked that the CC mimicked my customizations I made with Xfinity. Since September 10th. this app through Xfinity has sucked. It doesn’t connect and when it does it buffers endlessly. Now gives you a message that says it’s a third party app. When it does work it stops after every episode. And now the CC looks like crap. Hadn’t tried to AirPlay or Cast with the iOS app but I tried AirPlay tonight it obviously didn’t work. It was a great app through Xfinity but now it’s ehh. Please undo what you’ve done and stop trying to fix what wasn’t broken. Now it’s broken. Update. Realized it was something on my end with the CC and found out we were experiencing internet issues last week. Still don’t like that you can’t AirPlay. Luckily I have a TV to Cast with. Bumped it from a 2 star to 4 star. Will add the extra star once AirPlay works.

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Peacock TV iphone images
Peacock TV iphone images
Peacock TV iphone images
Peacock TV iphone images
Peacock TV iphone images
Peacock TV iphone images
Peacock TV iphone images
Peacock TV iphone images

Peacock TV (Version 1.4.4) Install & Download

The applications Peacock TV was published in the category Entertainment on 2020-07-14 and was developed by Peacock TV LLC [Developer ID: 1508186373]. This application file size is 80.5 MB. Peacock TV - Entertainment app posted on 2020-10-22 current version is 1.4.4 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.peacocktv.peacock

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