HEALTHLYNKED COVID-19 Tracker [Medical] App Description & Overview

HealthLynked has developed its own Corona Virus tracker that allows users to self-report symptoms, if they test positive for the virus, alert contacts so that they can seek medical care to prevent spread.

The first infection with 2019-nCoV in the United States was reported on January 21, 2020. The WHO has now documented more than 50 confirmed Cases of Corona Virus in the United States.

We continue to report the lasted WHO data indicated by the following Criteria:

WHO conformed Infections are shown in RED,
WHO deaths are shown in BLACK.

User can self-report and they are divided into three categories:

Users that have NOT tested positive for the virus and are asymptomatic are shown as DARK GREEN
Users that have NOT tested Positive for the virus but have symptoms such as a fever, cough or shortness of breath are shown as YELLOW
Users who Self Report that they have tested Positive for the Corona Virus are shown as PINK

Users can update their Information as symptoms change and these changes are reflected on the Map. The tracker also shows all the latest news about the virus from around the world to keep users updated on the Virus.

Users can also engage in real-time chat with the chat feature.

Data sources : DXY, Worldometer, Johns Hopkins

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HEALTHLYNKED COVID-19 Tracker Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Change in strategy for speed in MAP view. - Generic enhancements

HEALTHLYNKED COVID-19 Tracker Comments & Reviews

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- Map is definitely not accurate in Canada

Map is not even close to being accurate in Canada.

- 0

0 recovered in all of Canada? No wonder trudeau wants to close our boarders. Winter is coming. Hold the door. Fuck the wall. Does this mean I’m a white walker?

- Privacy infringement

This is nothing more then a person tracker for governments. One more step to controlling society and introducing the ideology of communism under the guise of a virus tracker.

- Canada’s recoveries actually 29,000

Canada’s recoveries actually 29,000

- WHATT IS THIS!!???!!?

It says there are 176,845,487,203 cases in the world on both of my phones. WHAT IS THIS!! U freaked me out. This isn’t a joke. It says there are more than 27 billion cases in Missouri but i live in mississauga,canada. I GIVE THIS APP -176,845,487,203 stars. (Lol)

- data is behind

great app, nice UI, but the data doesn’t update frequently as it seems to be behind a day. love the app tho, not a big problem

- Not accurate

It says there are 7m cases when there is only 3m

- where are they ???

the notifications dude.. i get "6 new symptoms" n clik on it.. drags me to the app n then......... nuthin.. i search the app lookin for the article n then....... nuthin.. drags my head.. hold, jiggle, dee leet

- Data is inaccurate

The numbers are waaaaaaaay off in so many places. This app is the literal definition of misinformation, sorry.

- Canadian data is out of date

Waste of a download; data for Canada is highly inaccurate.

- Update

Just got update , doesn’t work anymore , had to delete and reinstall!!!!!


Shame on you for not posting the recoveries.

- Canadian information

Canada’s totals aren’t updated and haven’t been accrue for a couple weeks now

- Canada

Not updated on a daily bases.

- Numbers are greatly inaccurate.

Your numbers are not updated regularly or frequently enough, nor are they correct both global and in the chosen country of choice. Your data changes drastically and it differs on another persons phone too. I would have 77,778 deaths as an example, my husband would have 64,478 deaths and we updated/refreshed our phones and apps with no change. You would have an Excellent App if you got your data right and kept it updated on an hourly basis.

- Recoveries?

I like the separate feature for Canada however, there are no recoveries noted. Why is that?

- Nimbera

Numbers are nowhere near up to date.

- Bad app

If I could give it no star I would. Wouldn’t let me put in my address to say I was not sick.

- Local

Want to see where I live not the world

- By country

Why are #s mixed in by regions and countries .. how about having a report showing just country totals.

- Not for Canada

No details available by cities for Canada.

- Not for Canada

Why not mention this is US only??

- Perfect application

The application is updated instantly. Good job.

- **COVID-19-83**

I think it works fine..🤷‍♂️ it’s about to explode!.. let see if they can keep up!..more notifications would be nice.. stay safe everyone!..🍻

- Utter Garbage!

I knew something was up when Newfoundland showed no cases. The Twitter feed contains news from the Daily Caller, a well-known extreme right-wing hawker of extremist views. At best, it is unfiltered. At worst it is sleeping with dogs. STAY AWAY!

- Canada

Canada has way more deaths and infected as displaced

- Not accurate

The numbers are not accurate or up to date. The app is slow or crashes when you click on the map. Garbage App.

- Sometimes cases are off

Sometimes the cases are off but reasonable because this is made by a third party app. They usually update every day, but as I said it is reasonable.

- Poorly updated.

Showing no cases in our city and we have at least 7

- Technical support failed

You cannot delete your profile I sent email to delete my profil No answer from this company

- Not accurate

Numbers are way off in Alberta, 0 recovery? Need to update daily!

- Not good - numbers are off

Canada is way off and the news stream mentions the pope but not the queen, prince charles or Boris Johnson. So how can I trust any of the US stuff.

- Roger 1558

Terrible, numbers for Canada not even close. Very misleading!!

- Review

Should develop app further, add more stats. Map does not work well. Very basic and poor functionability.

- Numbers off/Delay

Numbers are usually 2 days behind from where I live but it's still a great semi accurate app.

- My opinion

No stars from me. Numbers are way off. App is junk.

- I wouldn’t trust the data I see on this App


- Not enough detail

Wikipedia also reports which Country and how many. If you want to set your app apart - locate cities the cases are. Get more details. In all Countries.

- Numbers look accurate

The Quebec, BC and Quebec numbers I checked compare well with what is being reported on CBC. The app provides a quick and easy look up and and a global map with the breakdown. This is an early review add I have not checked all functionality

- Good App.

Good app. Updates often. Tracks very close to John Hopkins but I prefer the layout of this one. Just wished it broke the numbers down by country. The data is there?

- Covid

Updates are behind. Maps are not smooth and hard to find a location. There is no way of searching a particular area.

- Not very accurate app.

Not showing any infection where I reside whereas several cases have been confirmed.

- Remove self positive

« Self positive » diagnosis is not real or helpful. This is misleading and creating panic in communities. Remove self-positive and this would be 5 star.

- Confusing statistic

Why don’t you report the cases by country only not regions/country? More confusing this way I have to do the math after going through a long list of regions.

- Numbers are wrong

Numbers wrong in Canada

- Not up to date

Doesn’t stay up to date at all with cases still says 119 cases in Alberta since like 5 days ago. This is something that should be up to date the minute the numbers come in. I have to use google to get the true numbers for my province.

- Out of date

Out of date map

- App not up to date

The numbers have not changed since I downloaded the app. It’s not helpful if it’s not current.

- Not Accurate

The information for Canada is not even close

- Not good at all

Don’t keep track at all. Ex: say 94 in Quebec when in fact is 628 positive cases. Don’t worth sh...

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- Miss information May 4th saying 181,000 Americans have died !!

Miss information May 4th saying 181,000 Americans have died !!

- More Confusion

Unless I’m missing something, the app is terribly flawed. US deaths are reporting 181k as of 05/04. Perhaps this can be explained as I’m reading the count wrong but if that’s the case, isn’t that part of the problem? No one can really explain what the hell is going on? If someone can account for the US death numbers reported on this app, I will re-evaluate and write a second review. If not, don’t waste your time on more confusion... Having said all of that I just read in another review that this app is a mere statistical tool. That explains the high death count but was not what I was looking for.

- This don’t know

This app counting USA 183000 death CNN show only 65000 death

- Who to believe?

Today may 4th, this app states the same amount of infections I the US as Google but the discrepancy in the number of death is astonishing: 69k per Google vs 181k per this app. This is not a rounding error

- Numbers

Where are you getting your numbers? They are amazingly higher than what is being reported on the MSM.

- Excessively innacurate COVID-19 data

On 5/3/20 this app shows 181,000 deaths in the US yet the official number known/reported is 69,000. This hasn't been statedly corrected nor in the numbers. Needless to say whatever sort of error occurred here is misleading and problematic as it can only create confussion.

- Count is way off!

For example : as of 5.4.20 I Checked against other public sources- Burnett county Wisconsin has 0 - Conf/ 0 Deaths Your website has 104 Confirmed /49 Deaths. Im deleting the app.

- Cases are very far off!

I tried the app out for the past month. My county is showing 17 more deaths than what CDC and everyone else is reporting. The largest city in my state is showing hundreds deaths less than what actually have died. How does this app have such good reviews?!

- Problem with map data

In my area of the country, the county lists 142 ‘confirmed’ cases when in actuality that was the number of people tested.

- Grumpy old man

Concept is fantastic, but numbers for county is incorrect. Your app stated 64 active cases and 8 dead. CDC states 8 active cases and 1 dead. Others seems to be inline with CDC.

- Numbers do not add up

I watch this all the time and I have yet to figure out how they come up with the numbers Example... there are 100 people testing positive Out of the 100 there are self diagnosed 1 Recovered 1 Died 1 Asymptomatic 1 Number or balance should be 96 in recovery That’s not how this plays out The numbers are whacked You can’t tell me there are millions of people still sick - at home Who follows up on those numbers The states are not reporting anything close to this

- Make it flexible

I’m focusing my comments on the stats for the US. Give readers the option of looking at tables: breakdown of statistics by state, then the sub-option of counties. I’m tired of tapping a fingertip that vaguely looks near the state where I live, only to get information about a county I’ve never heard of that’s a state or two away. Johns Hopkins does a better, though not perfect, job. KSSHRINK

- How is the data gathered?

Your tracking document shows over 1000 CV deaths in Delta County Michigan...the county website says 2. Which is correct.? The rating depends on your answer don’t you agree?

- Inaccurate Data

The data is inaccurate compared to other sources, and sometimes the differences is surprisingly huge.

- Extremely false data

Wisconsin does not have that many cases

- Inacurate numbers

Number of deaths are wrong. Globally and state wide numbers are both wrong. There is no cure at this time and anyone to state otherwise is wrong.

- Governor Waltz

He is above and beyond excellent. He explains every detail of his information for every one to understand. He would make an excellent president. And yes we should keep everything closed and not open til it’s advisable. Stay safe and healthy more important than anything. You can not replace a life.

- Bad and wrong

When I first got this app I thought it was great, so I decided to write the numbers of deaths and Infected, and it was great but then I saw that the death from one day was lower than the day before. Deaths are supposed to go up not down so I looked at all the days and saw that they were wrong so this app lies so I suggest you don’t get it.

- Meow


- Unreliable

Yesterday it said the worldwide total was 7.5 million, which was FOR SURE wrong, and then today it’s back to 3.4 million.

- COVID-19Tracker

I have given 5 stars, but like to see the developer add a formula where we can see what country has the more success in recovering and which is not doing well. By doing that we will be able to look into what is helping them to recover. Make a different block. Thanks

- This app is great, but the lagging is not

I really liked this app, it's great and maybe informative. The only thing that I don't like about this app is lagging. WTH? The app is freezing for a little bit and it lags for no reason. I am using a iPhone 7 and Apple still supports my 7 (and it currently has a iOS 13). You need to fix the lagging on my iPhone 7 (which currently runs on iOS 13) and please do more accurate info, like literally more actually accurate. Please and thank you.

- This app is useless


- Don’t use this

I compared the number it has given me and it was over a million off. DO NOT USE!!!!

- False statistics

Yesterday it was at a million infected in the united states. today its at 5 million i don't believe it.

- Inaccurate info

As n of April 29, 2020, the app stated that US has 5.5 millions infected and 91K death. This is inaccurate. It should be 1 million infected and 61.6K death. I don’t know where the numbers were fed.

- Questioning the accuracy

Texas jumped to 3M cases today, lol-not likely. No good if we can’t trust the figures-they don’t match the WHO website but state “WHO Confirmed.” Figure it out.😷

- Skewed numbers

The number infected jumped 2M in two days? Uh no. Comes across as wanting to lower the death rate percentage that has been .05 for a while now down to .016. There is no way...

- Just deleted

For the truth, google: Dr. Scott Atlas. Would rather take my chances of catching it to build up antibodies then be afraid. Tired of seeing the sensationalized news pop ups on this app. With a .04% chance (that’s not even a one percent chance people) of catching it, not worth tracking anymore. If I was over 80 or over 60 with underlying conditions I would be more worried. But I’m not. May eat my words but I’ll accept my fate whatever happens.

- Resourceful

I appreciate the news feeds from around the world most, thank you.

- Anynomous

Very good to be updated to keep our memory functioning in no certainty time, & moreover to have an optimistic hope in Corona time (Pandemic) , in view of huge achievements made & continues to save lots of lives 👍

- 👍🏻

Great app but when you go to the map it is very slow

- Good data. Great tracker.

Seriously we need this app! And let the app track you!

- AAAAAAAAAAA++++++++!!!!


- Terrible

Doesn’t have US states statistics.

- Useless

Don’t see how this helps anything!

- Great app

User friendly and very informative. No technical issues and always up to date.

- Not accurate for Hawaii

It does not specify for each island.

- It’s perfect

It doesn’t seem like many people don’t want to know how science works, and think it’s for scaring you. If you think COVID-19 is no big deal. Try telling that to people who survived. It’s already killed enough people to be on the list of top cases of death.

- Not accurate

According to this app Florida has 60,000 cases as of April 23. Although when I look it up online several other websites say less than 30,000. Maybe it’s my version, but there are pretty big inaccuracies

- Inaccurate


- Needs load more tracks

In the country that I’m living shows just virus track in capital area and that’s not accurate. I believe developers should follow the news by country and update the app.

- Not accurate

My area has 35 cases and none have ever showed on here. You are better off doing a search for the area you want online.

- Data missing

It would be helpful to have mortality rate by country and previous day data to better understand growth or decrease rate

- Useful App

Very fast information

- worst tracker and no use at all

worst tracker and no use at all

- 🦠

კარგად მუშაობდა თუმცა ძაან აურია აპმა. სიზუსტე კი არა ძალიან დიდი ცდომილება აქვს. მოკლედ არ ღირს გადმოწერა

- Best

Best one I’ve seen get it

- Gonna let ya go.

Not much info.

- Helpful

I find this map helpful in seeing what is going on in my area because it isn’t really being reported on the local news. Occasionally, the numbers don’t seem quite right but then it corrects itself. I’m certain this map it difficult to maintain. I only gave it 3 Stars because I wish it would provide a way for me to get a more definitive look at other States and not just my own. My family lives in a different State and it isn’t helpful to only be able to see the total for the whole State. I would like to see it broken down by county like it is for my personal location. The data is there already so it’s just a matter of programming.

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- Appreciation

I wanna appreciate you guys for all the wonderful information being shared on this platform about COVID-19Tracker,and the tracking process.

- Great App!

Very efficient and simple. It’s pretty straightforward and does what it’s meant to do - provide info and data mapping of the COVID-19.

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HEALTHLYNKED COVID-19 Tracker 1.0.61 Screenshots & Images

HEALTHLYNKED COVID-19 Tracker iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

HEALTHLYNKED COVID-19 Tracker iphone images
HEALTHLYNKED COVID-19 Tracker iphone images
HEALTHLYNKED COVID-19 Tracker iphone images
HEALTHLYNKED COVID-19 Tracker iphone images
HEALTHLYNKED COVID-19 Tracker iphone images
HEALTHLYNKED COVID-19 Tracker iphone images
HEALTHLYNKED COVID-19 Tracker iphone images
HEALTHLYNKED COVID-19 Tracker Medical application ipad screenshots and images not ready...
HEALTHLYNKED COVID-19 Tracker Medical application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
HEALTHLYNKED COVID-19 Tracker Medical application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

HEALTHLYNKED COVID-19 Tracker (Version 1.0.61) Install & Download

The applications HEALTHLYNKED COVID-19 Tracker was published in the category Medical on 2020-02-26 and was developed by HealthLynked Corp. [Developer ID: 1389786959]. This application file size is 33.43 MB. HEALTHLYNKED COVID-19 Tracker - Medical posted on 2020-05-22 current version is 1.0.61 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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