CDOT Colorado Road Conditions App Reviews

CDOT Colorado Road Conditions [Navigation] App Description & Overview

What is cdot colorado road conditions app? The best way to view CDOT traffic alerts, road conditions and travel information.

+ Traffic collisions, advisories, hazards
+ Weather / wind advisory
+ Heavy traffic
+ Road closure
+ Chain control
+ Road work
+ Fire activity

Create customized groups of CCTV cameras for viewing traffic on your route. This feature gives users a quick way of assessing road and traffic conditions.

Quickly track the latest snowplow locations in your area.

Add up to (4) home screen widgets displaying your favorite CCTV cams.

Track CDOT incidents and receive Push Notifications when new updates are available. The app also sends notifications when an incident is no longer being tracked by CDOT. This feature is critical for staying up-to-date on road closures due to accidents.

CDOT reports the latest road conditions on many Colorado roads. 
+ Dry
+ Scattered Showers
+ Rain
+ Wet
+ Slushy
+ High Wind
+ Poor Visibility
+ Snow
+ Snow Packed
+ Snow Packed Icy Spots
+ Icy
+ Icy Spots
+ Blowing Snow
+ Closed
+ Slide


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How to contact CDOT Colorado Road Conditions (LW Brands, LLC)?
Find this site the customer service details of CDOT Colorado Road Conditions. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

CDOT Colorado Road Conditions Customer Service, Editor Notes:

CDOT Colorado Road Conditions Version 1.2214 November 2022

+ Track CDOT snowplows + Live stream CCTV cams + New camera widgets for your home screen + Fixed a few minor bugs.

CDOT Colorado Road Conditions Comments & Reviews 2023

- Great data aggregator in user friendly format

This lone soldier has done something that CDOT dared not do - actually aggregated all of the available data into an easy to digest format in a stable, modern app. Google was telling me there was, of course, a 29 minute delay on my way to Broomfield last night because of a crash. I used this app to pull up the cameras on 25 to see if the crash was still there. It was not only still there, but traffic was dead stopped. By looking at the cameras, we were able to see that the express lanes were empty and unaffected. As a result we took the express land and blew past stopped traffic at 65, saving us at least 30 minutes.

- Great app and developer

I purchased this app to keep up to date with traffic and conditions in Colorado. As a trucker this is important for us, to keep us safe and perform our jobs safely. The developer was very helpful to a request and added a notification tab for I-70 to the Kansas boarder. I would recommend this app to anyone who travels in Colorado! Especially to all the truckers. If you like the app and Have a suggestion to better it don’t be afraid to ask. They will respond to you fast.

- Great App & Great Support

Downloaded the app about one week ago. I travel a lot for work, the app keeps me up to date on issue on the highway I travel. I use the camera “Favorites” almost daily to actually see the conditions. Before on CDOT’s old app I would scroll the map, wait for it to load, select a camera, then wait for that to load. Now I click one button all cameras load at once in the same order. Just scroll through the images. The Developer ask for feedback, I made a suggestion of having selection for I-70 of the Western Slope. That is where I travel. I don’t need a notice about the traffic jams in Denver. At least not until I am over there visiting. I received an email back back within a hour. I made the suggestion on Wednesday. I got a personal email about the update, on Saturday. Thanks for the great app and customer service.

- Fantastic

CDOT hit it out of the park with this app. I live in western Colorado, and I travel in many states. I regularly use road condition apps for the states I travel. CDOT has provided the most comprehensive, stable, up to date app I have used for my safe travels. Quite an improvement over the last version. I especially appreciate the ability to select cameras on my frequent routes and essential build a photo data base for reliable and current road and weather condition photos. Thanks CDOT!

- Great for Travel

Wondering what’s ahead? Use a combination of CDOT road condition indicators for each segment of road and multiple camera views along your route to determine what you’ll be driving through. Ability to store multiple routes and choose which directions each camera is angled to - the camera view compiles all cameras in a vertical stack and allows you to easily swipe to view each camera. Impressive and built with your safety in mind!

- Good app, but…

This is a good app, but it would be really helpful to those of us that live outside of the Denver Metro area to get updates on the whole of the highways in and out of Denver. For example “I-70 West of Denver to Utah” or “I-25 North of Denver to the Wyoming border”, etc. I live in the Northwest corner, and we use those roads to travel to the rest of the state, but we don’t need a notification about every accident in Denver. Another helpful thing would be something that always told (in one place) what the road closures are and info about it, like COTRIP has.

- Functional, especially for the upcoming winter!

This will be a great app when weather starts to affect drive time based on road conditions. Not only does it give speed projections on roads you will take, it also has overall road conditions and snow plow tracking. My favorite pet of the app is the access to live CCTV cameras, to give you a snapshot of traffic before you leave for your destination. Very excited to utilize this app as the weather gets worse for my commutes! Thanks developer!

- Best CO Travel App

This app takes all the data you’re looking for when traveling in adverse conditions and presents it in a clean, easy to read format. No more digging through CDOTs page looking for what you need. It even lets you build custom groups of traffic cameras so you can quickly see conditions on the roads you normally take. Cannot recommend highly enough.

- Love it but what happened to the plow info

Am I missing something? Previously there was a snow plow option and I can’t seem to find that anymore. As someone who lives in Broomfield and works in Aurora that leaves for work around 4am this was so helpful! Is it gone or am I missing it? Otherwise I love all the cameras in one location (but come on CDOT get the 270 fixed!) and feel the traffic is more accurate than google maps since they depend on user data.

- Incredibly well-assembled

This is a must-have app for Colorado travel. It’s basically every travel variable in one place. Up-to-date physical road conditions, traffic conditions, roadwork, live webcams—it’s impressive how much information is available. My favorite part is being able to add various webcams into a collection so a route through the state can be planned and monitored. Looking at you Eisenhower tunnel!

- Will be a go to favorite winter app!

Saw a post on Reddit about this app, decided to download it since winter conditions can change pretty quickly in Colorado. I love it! It’s simple but at the same time allows you to forecast what your commute will look like with road conditions, changes in speed, and any alerts that might be going on- fire evacuation, car accidents, etc. Thanks!

- Amazing app

I don’t have much to say other than how helpful this app has been to someone who regularly drives to the mountains for ski trips! I’ve loved being able to check real-time road conditions without having to use the incredibly buggy and non-user friendly CDOT website.

- Overall excellent, needs roadway cameras linked to notifications

Overall an excellent app!! The only recommendation I would have would be that the developers include links to the cameras nearest the notifications. They already do this with the website, so carrying this over to the app would make the app 5-stars for me. Always grateful for the critical work CDOT does for all of us!!

- Request granted

The developer is very responsive and added a feature on the latest update I requested just by emailing him. I use this app all the time and it has saved me a ton of headache using notifications in my area and viewing the cameras in real time. Thank you, Will!

- Nicely done

This more than makes up for the loss of the official CDOT app a couple of years ago. Much more fluid than the COtrip site is on a phone-sized browser, and the ability to create roadcam collections that you can scroll through instead of having to drill down one by one is a HUGE win.

- Great app and awesome response time

I purchased this app yesterday, I couldn't get any info on road conditions between Glenwood and Frisco. I emailed the company, they immediately responded and this morning the app works perfectly. Easy to use, I absolutely would recommend this app.

- Quick and easy

We have used the CDOT for years, looking for information about our road conditions going to our home in South Park. We now have the cameras lined up for our route. This is about as easy as it gets. Thanks.

- Simple and stellar

This elegant app is a must have for anyone frequently driving Colorado highways. It takes the complexity of CDOTs website and makes road data more quickly accessible. I built several “sets” of cameras to quickly view images along an entire route, and a smaller set for local zones of interest. While free (no catches) it's donationware and I didn’t hesitate to donate. I’ve been in the tech world for 40+ years and can count on one hand the reviews I've written. This app and it's local developer absolutely deserve a high five.

- Extremely difficult to navigate

This app is extremely difficult to navigate. There’s a lot of info but it’s hard to figure out. NMdot and Wydot have much simpler interfaces that are easy to access quickly. I eventually figured out how to access the cameras on this app, but it took awhile and I don’t like that there’s not statewide camera info readily available. The info is good, I just wish it was more streamlined.

- Quality iOS app

This is the best CDOT app I’ve used so far. The developer made some innovative user experience choices in regards to camera groups, and the whole experience is pleasant in general. Everything loads quickly and the app seems very stable over all. Thank you developer!

- Great for camera routes

I love that I can set up different camera routes. I can set up one for my trip to work and one for my trip to visit family and see the roads the whole way. I can’t wait to try it out with the weather coming in this weekend.

- Well worth the price!

This app is intuitive and easy to use. It has all the tools you will need to make decisions regarding road conditions. The cameras allow real time conditions of the roads you will be traveling. Kudos to the developer!

- Love this app.

I love the up dates I get on my phone. I don’t have to alway get into the app because of the update messages that get sent to me. I can see what’s going on before I leave the house or work and make a plan. That is the best app so far.

- Excellent!

For anyone who has struggled with CDOT’s awkward web site, this app is a welcome relief. Easy to use, complete, well-designed. And the developer was very responsive when I emailed him about a problem that turned out to be on my end.

- Most useful weather conditions app in CO

Very impressed with the features and design of the app already. A lot of weather and road information available and it’s all customizable. Excited to start using it during weather storms

- Absolutely great app

This application is incredible. Aggregate cdot info in the palm of your hand. Real time alerts for the highways you actually drive. My go to app for route planning on the western slope where traffic condition change minute to minute. Thanks Dev.

- Easy to get the information you need - QUICKLY

Love it! I want to know what is happening on my route. This app provides accurate information quickly and easily! I'm a huge fan!

- BEST app for CO roads/cameras

This is definitely the best app I’ve found for looking at road conditions and cameras across Colorado. I love that I can create several “routes” and save cameras specific to those routes - it makes traveling/planning so much easier.

- Great App for Info on CO Roads

This is a well organized user-friendly app that provides lots of information on road conditions. Specific roads and road segments can be selected which is great for your most frequently traveled routes; this reduces the number of notifications.

- Best App I’ve found in a long time.

Found this app browsing Reddit—Interface is simple and user-friendly. Notifications are the best, really helped during the last snow storm. Cameras are a cool feature. Thank you!

- Useable Colorado conditions app

Thais developer has done what CDOT could not and made a useable ap to actually decipher all of the data the website has into quart friendly format! Well worth the 2.99!!!

- Where has this been??

If youre a colorado resident this is a must have. We love how it puts everything together for us in such an easy to use app. Developers ... thank you

- New App less functional than old website

I downloaded the new app to my iPad a while back, and just recently started to use it. It is not nearly intuitive to use the map layers, and information on roads by segment is much more limited - color coding not as clear or immediate. Overall, disappointing.

- It’s not quite there yet

I want to love this app. It’s not as up-to-date as it should be. Its very user friendly (love), but I regularly have to cross check with CDOT‘s website for alerts (like closures and accident updates) when traveling through the Eisenhower tunnel - even with a constant refresh. I did hear it was better before the recent app update, but that was before I joined.

- Excellent!

Many app. developers could learn from the developer LW Brands,LLC - this app has set a new bar for excellence! Thank you for making it available to all.

- Seems like a great app but... can’t turn of notifications

I turned in notifications and was getting waaaay too many in a very short timeframe. Decided to turn off in app, still received notifications. Turned off from settings. Please update and fix.

- Great app

Very useful app works much better than comparable sites and apps. And the dev isn’t stealing all my data either. 5 stars!

- Great app

This app is really well done. Interaction with it is easy and intuitive. You can easiky get more detailed info on different traffic info. Great job!!

- Well done

Never written an app review but I had to, this thing is amazing, everything you need for all season of travel in CO

- Ease of use

I’ve used the app for years in checking a quick road update. Recent changes have made that difficult on a phone screen. To many steps just for a quick check. Not fond of the changes.

- Truck driver

WoW!! Thank you for the added tools! It’s about time someone came up with a useable real-time report.. and so very accurate. Setting in the chain up area getting the cold gear on and the update alarm goes off and says chain law dropped.. shove it back in the closet and off we go.. but I’m the only one headed out.. ?! Must be still new..? Many thanks!!

- Revised review of push notifications

Push notification toggling is fixed. Can’t wait to use this app during the ski season.

- Exactly What I Was Looking For

This app is exactly what I was looking for!! Informative and cameras actually function even in big storm!

- The app Coloradans didn’t know they needed

Great app design, intuitive to use and exactly what I need to ensure a safe drive to the mountains or around the city. Can’t wait to use it this winter!

- Good App

The CDOT app has sone great features. I would like to see more updates on road conditions during in-climate weather. There were several times today that the app stated that the road was dry when it was icy.

- Viewing Colorado

Having the cameras on our Colorado highways are beneficial for travel and greatly appreciated but it would be even better with a live motion view for current updates and activity

- Very helpful!

Was driving through the high country between storms and this app was a huge help! Will be a great resource during ski season.

- Needs work

Isn’t showing a big closure on I-70 at Glenwood Canyon. Just shows yellow but when I check CDT map it’s closed. I am waiting for this app to get better we need something like it. Too bad we have to pay for an app that half works.

- Road closers not apparent

One can touch a roadway to get a color/ road condition but no where can I find where it says it is closed or not to whatever type of vehicle.

- Better than previous version but….

So many of the cameras aren’t working that it doesn’t serve the purpose of helping travelers plan their routes.

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CDOT Colorado Road Conditions 1.22 Screenshots & Images

CDOT Colorado Road Conditions iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

CDOT Colorado Road Conditions iphone images
CDOT Colorado Road Conditions iphone images
CDOT Colorado Road Conditions iphone images
CDOT Colorado Road Conditions iphone images
CDOT Colorado Road Conditions iphone images
CDOT Colorado Road Conditions iphone images
CDOT Colorado Road Conditions iphone images
CDOT Colorado Road Conditions iphone images
CDOT Colorado Road Conditions iphone images

CDOT Colorado Road Conditions (Version 1.22) Install & Download

The applications CDOT Colorado Road Conditions was published in the category Navigation on 2020-10-21 and was developed by LW Brands, LLC [Developer ID: 963599018]. This application file size is 36.11 MB. CDOT Colorado Road Conditions - Navigation app posted on 2022-11-14 current version is 1.22 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: lwbrands.CDOT-Road-Conditions