Push'em all

Push'em all [Games] App Description & Overview

Trace your way to the end of the level and push the enemies with your stick on the way!
Move your character and make all the ennemies fall down (and maybe you will learn how to use traps?!)

Be careful with giant ennemies and the fast ones, It's their turn to try to take you down!

One-tap easy-to-learn controls with stunning visual effects and addictive gameplay mechanics!

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- Fun Game

It’s a fun game but it’s sometimes hard to see where your going and you can’t get through a level without adds. Less adds would be nice until you finish the level your on.

- Cool Game,just one problem

Ok so first of all,I really like this game.I download games like this to help keep me not bored.Theres just one problem, too many adds.I also wish it could challenge me a bit more.But overall, pretty fun game, doesn’t make you buy anything.I personally recommend it.

- Cool


- Fun game....but...

I really enjoy the game, it’s a lot of fun. But I am really close to just deleting it, due to the fact there are advertisements after every run!! I understand that the advertising pays for the game so we can play it for free, but the apple advertisement has got to go!! Staring at a blank screen for 23 seconds does nothing but make my rage meter explode!! The other advertisers, at least have something going on to watch or do.

- Fun at first but now glitches constantly

It’s a fun game but now it freezes and glitches constantly and I lose my progress constantly because the ads freeze.

- Good

I forgot to walk my fish

- Too many ads

There’s an ad every minute

- Review

It’s ok. The levels never get anymore challenging. It’s just the same level or hardness and the same types of levels over and over.

- Too much Commercial

An insane amount of commercial!!!!!

- Ads galore

Ads when you win, ads when you lose, ads everywhere

- Way too many ads

This game is meaninglessly easy. Only exists to show you ads and try to get you to pay money

- Poop

Hello I have to get the girls for kids

- Muchos

Demasiados anuncios! Pero si pagaría por una que no tenga anuncios

- Bugs need to be fixed

Game is to laggy too much adds and I need restart the game multiple times.FIX THE BUGS NOW OR IM UNINSTALLING ALL YOUR GAMES!!!!!

- Awesome

Great game

- Missions

Great app but for the missions why give us missions with certain weapons if we not going to get the weapons. It makes no sense.

- Ads destroy this game

This game is destroyed by advertisements. If it was one ad per level I’d be fine but an ad almost every time I clear a zone is ridiculous. I thought about spending the $2.99 to play ad-free but the other reviews convinced me not to do so. Additionally, I’m on level 1400+ and the game is losing its appeal since I’ve played all the layouts, I know how it’s going to work. Earning enough coins to purchase the skins was fun for awhile and now I’ve basically maxed out everything. Disappointing overall because this was some mindless fun but the ads have made it hard to enjoy.

- Entertaining

Not a bad game. I deleted it because of if so many ads. I understand you need to make money. But an ad maybe only 5 seconds long every 10-30 seconds? It’s unplayable.

- Ad-nnoying

Every other round there’s aa freaking ad. Not worth it


The amount of ads on this game should be illegal

- good game, but

I just think there should be less ads but then again I understand your company earns money from ads and commercials. It’s a real fun game

- Too many adds

Too many ads

- Push em all

This game is fun, I definitely recommend this game

- It’s ok 😐


- Review

Good game just too many ads.

- Ridiculous ad timing

This game has so many ads to begin with, but I had an ad pop up during a level. The ads are out of hand.

- Freeze

Good game but it keeps freezing.

- Ads ruin everything

I cant even play a full level without ads playing. At least other games play them after you are done

- They take ads to a whole new level, 30 seconds of play and 30 seconds to a minute of ads

This is a fun

- My report

I hate you and your stupid game I just don’t want you to know that so could you please make a Thor one jk I love this game and it’s like my fact was i have

- Great game. I suggest it

This app is fun great and charming. I have experienced no problems with it. It’s not annoying in any way. I would suggest it to friends. It’s not bad programming in any way. Most of all, it’s super fun!

- Ads are waaay too long

30 second ads? 60 second ads? Really??? Way too long. Also, my finger gets ahead of the stick, so I have to lift it to get back behind my guy. Which usually means wasting a push. Also, sometimes a push is too big and wastes too much energy. Would be good to spread out the use of the energy please. And, I’ve paid for no ads, but they’re still running several days later. Thanks in advance for fixing this-

- Ok but too many commercials

Too many commercials

- Levels

All levels are the same they are repeating the same ones. Add different levels give it a bit of a challenge because it gets boring and very repetitive and easy. Please add new levels and more of a challenge. That’s the only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars.

- Amazing reviw

It's amazing and fun

- Ads

Ads lol the whole time ads ads ads ads

- Great game but less ad

Great game but you should add more skins and less ads, because whenever I am playing and I clear a zone and walk to the next I get an ad. Please fix. Thank you

- Nope

Want to view an ad every 10 seconds? Buy this game.

- Ads lock you out of game

Some of the very frequent ads don’t allow you to close them and you have to shut down the app to use it again.

- Horrible

Stupid to have the ads interrupt the game trying to force you to pay for it I rather delete the app all together

- So addicting

When I started playing I didn’t want to stop at all

- Stick w/the FREE Version!

Fun and addicting game, but the constant ad interruption was annoying, so I spent the $2.99 to stop them. Unfortunately it”s false advertising b/c ads are still popping up. I want a refund!

- Not a bad game

This not a bad game, the only problem with this game is all the lame stupid ads. You see to many ads for no reason at all

- Radom ads, great gameplay.

When I started playing the game, I experienced random ads in the middle of my game. I missed a very epic part all because of an ad. I would suggest making ads pop up at the end when you finish, or when you choose to respawn were you were.

- 广告


- Amazing game. Haters read this.

This game is amazing. But people are mad because of the adds. Well they gotta get money somehow. But you guys are tired of all the adds stage after stage but I can fix that. You can just turn off your WiFi it put on airplane mode. It doesn’t make a difference. But do this and you can play with no adds! Now you will like the game.

- Way too many ads

Would love to actually play the game without 50 ads.

- Good

This is a fun waste of time. There’s a lot of adds

- 👎 It’s a no for me

The game itself is okay,but every time you complete a level an ad pops up it’s highly annoying and it ruins the quality of the game.

- 🥳🤩🤓😎🤨🤪😜😋😛😝😚😙😗😍🥰😘😌😉🙃😇🙂😅🤣😆😂😁


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- All ads, zero game play

literally watching ads the whole time, every 10secs you play you have to watch 20 secs , CRAZY

- Waste of time

Too many ads, spend more time waiting then playing. I would pass on this game

- Fun game

Pretty fun game but their is one add that you can’t skip and can’t get out of so you have to leave the game and turn of your phone then relaunch the game other than that the game is pretty fun keep up the good work Voodoo.

- Too many ads!!

Actually a fun game but uninstalling because every three steps an ad pops up and interrupts game play. Not worth the time and aggravation.

- It’s ok ...

This app is great it’s just that every time you reach the new level a ad will randomly pop and it just gets annoying. Other than that I rate it five stars

- Can we play between 2 ads?

Title says it all

- Tooooo many ads

Every level has about 4 ads so you are spending more time watching ads then playing the game. Also I don’t like how once you “unlock” a pusher you have to watch a ad to see if you can even use it and if you want to change it you have to watch another ad and you can’t just change to pushers you already got. Nope you have to watch a ad to spin a wheel to get a chance at getting the one you want.

- Rip off weapons

Seriously some of the weapons are ripoffs of previous weapons, like the water cannon is just another wind blower and the lightsaber is just a boomerang with no changes. And also the boomerang is a terrible weapon, that needs to be buffed, and the rip off weapons I just mentioned need to be changed

- 3 ads to finish 1!!!!! Level

The levels are split into 2-4 mini sections. Every section you clear will trigger an ad. Some sections can be cleared in 10-15 seconds, so imagine an ad every 10-15 seconds. Only way to play is in airplane mode.

- Ad central

Ads every 30 seconds....

- Way too many ads

Too many ads, other than that it would be a fun game!

- Good Game ! :3

I love it so much. If you haven't downloaded the game yet, you can turn off your wifi so you don't gotta spend money on no ads. These people that say there are too many ads, just remember you turn off your wifi 😜

- Ko

Trop de publicités

- Fake

NOT a 5 star game. Fake reviews. Nothing but ads. Want to continue? Ad. Don’t want to continue? Ad. RIGHT in the middle of a level? Ad. RIGHT as you’re close to the edge and need full control of your dude? Ad. Immediate uninstall. WHEN WILL DEVS EVER LEARN THAT YOU MAKE ZERO MONEY IF YOUR USERS UNINSTALL THE APP???!!!

- Good concept, poor execution

It’s just a game flooded with ads, even when you’re playing

- Rip off

Paid for no ads and there are still ads! The bar the character holds has become invisible but you can still see the shadow. This app also causes my device to heat up. Stay away!

- Toooooo many ads

Way to many ads. Game isn’t that good to put up with that many.

- Garbage

Not sure how this has such a high rating. Laggy, crashes, so many ads even in mid-level play.

- Terrible

All you do is walk forward and you win. There is no fun in the game. you get ads in the middle of your game and it crashes often. There is a timer which should not be in the game and there is only one game mode to play which gets boring after 2 games

- Ads

With out playing on airplane mode you’ll want to shoot your self. 3 ads for one lvl. I could only do 2 stages before the ads drove me to insanity. Deleted the app and my soul thanked me.

- Good game but WAY too many adds (even interrupts game play!)

I don’t mind the odd ad but to actually interrupt game play is a bit much. Lasted about 5mins then deleted.

- Adds

Every level thar is a add and I complete a level every 7 seconds

- Too repetitive!

No new levels

- Cook it


- Way to many ads!!!

It’s a piss off!!! every time you Play it you pounded with ads.

- Good game but bit of a scam

I like the game. So I paid for it to get no more ads. They still show me ads!!! I paid 5$ and they still show me ads!!!!


I think your GAME is so exciting and active SO FUN

- Fun App but Painful Continuous Ads

Wish the ads were less intrusive

- Ad overload, don’t waste your time....

Played for exactly 2 minutes before deleting. Could be a fun game but ads popped up in the middle of first level while playing. Next level was the same, ad popped up in middle of gameplay. Spent more time forced to watch ads than playing the actual game.

- There are too many adds

Too many adds

- Too much add

It is impossible to play more than 5min without any add!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡

- It’s a trap

Simple ad spam

- Okay

I guess if you want to watch a bunch of ads then I’m good with that.

- FalseAdvertisement

There is pink colour. You people lie in your ads to entice people to download. Your scum

- Get rid of the candy cane

All it does is push the guys all over the place and spreads them out, it only ever works properly if it’s at its biggest size. Also why do I keep getting the two worst weapons over and over instead of it being random like before?

- Too many ads

Cool game but an add every 30. Getting rid of it 👎🏻

- A good game

I really like this game it’s so fun and for people that say their are too much adds just turn of you wifi😐. Anyway I really like this game! It’s so much fun

- Fun but...

This game is fun and addicting but you’ll be watching more ads than game time... disrupts the game completely.

- Gg

If you guys say there is too many ads just turn off your wifi and problem solved

- Advertisement crazy

Cool game but waaaaaaaay too many ads.

- The game is good it has good quality and is fun and I thought it was just a stupid game

Hhhhivh bc ygccg

- So many ads

The game itself it’s entertains enough but I got 2.5 levels in and had about 5 ads

- Adds

To many adds

- Fun but way too many adds

Fun but way too many adds

- One of the best games I’d ever played

It’s really fun pushing people off the map it’s funny

- Caleb Liam Stewart

When I tried to play the game blocked me off the game

- Ads

There are waaay tooooo many ads. Makes the game irritating to play.

- Push’em

Good game Easy to figure out There is a purchase for no commercials

- Push Em All

Would be a fun game if it wasn’t constantly crashing and freezing!

- Voodoo

Is this the same Voodoo that used to play medal of honour close to 20 years ago with the [-THEM-] clan?

- Too many ads

As ad ad ad

- Great game too many ads

Really enjoy this game but it glitches a lot and way too many ads for constant enjoyment.. after about 10 mins I get sick of the ads so I close the game and go on with my day/night

- Too many ads

Way too many ads

- Tooo much adds

There’s literally a add every 10 seconds

- Ysggsheu


- Ydidhduej

Do not get this game

- Push em all

It is awesome and cool

- Games great

I’m a fan of the game but there’s nothing more than random adds popping up mid game....for that it loses a star

- Add every 2 seconds

Complete a part of a level, get an add. Way too many adds

- This is a good game

Hahahahahahaha nice game

- Ads

The game is great but I can’t seem to play it that much cause I’m always getting ads popping up if there was less or no ads I’ll definitely be playing it 24/7

- Still getting ads after paying to remove ads

Can someone fix this?

- To many ads

You play one round which takes around 30 seconds but you watch 3 ads. Way to many ads. How on earth do you think it’s enjoyable when you watch more than you play. Some people have no idea

- Don’t bother playing it with internet

Ads everywhere, I’ve played for 5 minutes and half that time is watching ads. Trash garbage game

- Too many Ads

Can’t enjoy it there is literally a 30 second ad every minute.


Two ads within the first 5 seconds of playing and game glitching Massive cash grab Terrible game

- Too many ads

The same ads play over and over again and for a ridiculous amount of time vs game time. Could not recommend any less.

- Game: push em all

Good game, fun, and enjoyable but maybe not have ads every ten seconds

- Too many ads

Can’t play through properly as ads fly in everyday could of seconds. This is a waste of time and space. Also control is poor so would not recommend

- Way to many ADD’s guys WOW !!!

Personally I would never even write a review, but the fact that you have 4 adds in every level then an add at the end of every level is way to much, To put that in context the levels take about 1-2 min to complete and you have 4-5 adds plus another if you happen to fall off the level platform. Come on guys maybe tone it down to one add per level, are you that desperate for the $4.95 to remove adds that you drown your players in them !

- Annoying ads

Its not a game with ads its an ad with little bit of game.

- baby

baby game for stupid baby losers do not downlod

- Ads with sound?!?

I have sound turned off on my phone for a reason, why you let ads play that force sound even when it’s off is infuriating.

- Kidding me?

Did you legitimately just put an ad in the middle of my round?? Not even between levels? Instantly deleted, not even worth finishing the second level... I understand the need for ads but being a blood sucking parasite is not the way to win anyone’s approval. Screw you too

- App stopped working

I really love this game and was up to almost level 200 but one day it crashed and every time I open the game it’s frozen on a blue screen with no game, I’ve tried refreshing 1000 times and updated twice yet it still stays the same. Would love for this to be fixed❤️

- Riddle with ads.

The mechanic of the game is totally interrupted and ruined by the continual ads.

- Too many adds

Fun but too many adds

- Silly fun

Silly fun

- Lots of ads and fun

Pretty addictive, simple game. Good for relaxing the brain. Most ads are 5secs with the occasional 30 sec ad that gets a bit annoying

- To many adds

Good game adds are literally every 2 seconds so I deleted it

- I hate the ad

Come every 5 sec. the reason I deleted this game.

- Boring


- Annoying game

This game was really fun at first but then it started having this glitch so now whenever I get on it comes up which a bunch of random number 999s!

- Still ads!

Paid for full version to get rid of ads and there is still ads when you die.. a bit disappointing. Otherwise would have given it 5 stars.

- Bug

The screen is continuously flipping upside down and making the controls backwards I would rate it better but this bug is really stopping me from playing the game too much

- To many ads

To many ads

- Review

I used to spend a lot of time playing this game. I told a lot of people about it and they to have gotten hooked UNTIL the last update! I we all hate how we don’t have a choice of which can use to push away the little men. We hate how it’s a wheel that turns and lands on which one you HAVE TO USE. You should have a choice. Is there any chance of it going back to normal or at least have a choice of tool. VERY DISAPPOINTED

- Amazing game

This game is so fun it’s my best game I have played in my whole life

- Ads!!!!!

You wanna play ads in the middle of my level and the amount of times I die when they finished. Screw your game. An ad after the level cool, but mid level when I’m pushing a massive mob? You guys are idiots

- Good game

Really fun!but two many adds, great job

- Mobile data

Reasonable mind numbing game, as most people, enjoyed it until the latest update but still uses mobile data in game to show adds (even when clicking mobile data off) and chews up data consumption. As an app, if you’ve been told no to using data, your program should reflect that.

- Don’t bother downloading

Halfway through a run and cuts to an ad. Not what you want when playing. Happened every few minutes. No an enjoyable game play when it keeps cutting to ads (you can’t skip) during a run.

- Good game

Good game - pity you can’t finish a level without having an ad shoved in your face

- Fun game, annoying and inconsiderate ad placement

Decided to play this game. First annoying thing about it was that it cost a $1. Given this, you’d expect some level of reduction in advertising. Not the case however. Half way through a level, a 30 second long ad pops up. Not too worry, surely it would be the last for a bit. Noooo. You get to the next level (about 30 seconds to a minute) and another ad. Don’t buy this game unless you really enjoy ads!

- Why ruin a good thing

The game used to be great before the update. Now it is so much slower and robotic. The bar doesn’t push nearly as far as previously and the ads that pop up during a level have meant I no longer want to play. Such a shame as it was a great game before the update!

- Great game

I love this game keeps me occupied but it just needs more levels

- :)

It’s so bad because the game is basically killing people:(

- Love this game ❣️

It's great fun, especially since the update with more weapon options. Admittedly, you can't choose them, but I love them all bar the one that just blows air. It's the only slightly tricky one. [BTW: Everyone complaining about ads seems to expect something for nothing. The developers can't live for free... The price to remove ads is reasonable and you can then play through without ads, with two optional exceptions, both of which are fair. If you fall or want to change weapon, you can watch a 30-second ad to continue the round or spin for a new weapon, but neither is compulsory so that's fine. It's possible to play through without seeing a single ad if you want. Pay to remove ads or shut up...]

- Sam

I’ve just paid for this game to be Ad free and it’s still not Ad free. It’s a good game but there are so many ad breaks i just want to delete it now. I feel like ur lying when you say pay us $4.49 to go Ad free and what you really mean is you will just reduce the ads. This is wrong and u are literally breaking the law.

- You fricken idiots turn wifi

Trash bot stupid noobs

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- Eh😐

Ok. Not amazing not bad. I’ve played worse. The problems are I get ads in the middle of levels when I finish a zone and the different sticks aren’t any different. So it’s ok but it could be better


It has so many adds. Every single time i finish a round I will always get an add! I HATE ADDS LIKE WHY SO MANY ADDS??!!! I AM DEFINITELY DELETING THIS APP

- Push’em😎

So far im enjoying this game😝5 star⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️you should like too download the app.iv been playing this game for hours

- Commercially wrecked

This could be a cool game except for the fact that every level has a commercial. Too much time spent on commercials

- Annoyed

To many ads every sec

- Push’em all

I love this game woo hoo

- Adds

Too much adds

- Ads


- Too Many Ads but Fun

The game is fun but I couldnt stand the amount of ads that would come up while playing the game. I understand ads help fund games, but this one just has way too many to enjoy

- Too many ads!

Could be a fun game if not for the oppressive ads.

- This game

The game is coo and all but the ads keep popping up


The ads are out of control.

- Meh too many ads

Too many ads

- Too many ads and super glitchy

Was not fun at all

- Push em all

A good game

- Love at first ad

As soon as i The ad I fell in love but when I pushed the x to get out I quickly regretted it because I couldn’t remember the name then I finally found it and it is the best game and there are only a couple of ads but if I could change it I would add a couple of different character skins but that’s it the game is absolutely perfect.

- too many ads

Too many ads

- Way Too Many Ads

Fun game but there’s ads every few seconds

- Entertaining

This is all I’ve been playing and doing on my phone since Corona, it’s really fun :)


This game is actually very fun and I enjoyed (past tense) it. However, they constantly shove ads down your throat in a way very few apps do. A level could take say 20-30 seconds if it’s Easy and you have to watch and ad in between very level. This doesn’t even mention that each level has 3 sections! You spend at least 2/3 of your time on this app watching ads so don’t waste your time.

- Needs work

I think u should be able to choose weapons like the characters because sometimes it won’t let u watch a video to spin

- Good

To many adds

- Ads

I understand the need for ads but at least do them at the end of every other level. Constantly I was interrupted in the middle of a level with an ad. Other than that the game is pretty fun but the ad placement was annoying to deal with.

- Candy cane

i HATE the candy cane. i’m on level 626 . and i can’t stand to use that candy cane anymore. you guys need to step it up and make some new bars & take away that freak candy cane.

- To many ads

Way to many ads

- Five million ads

Crappy game and an as every 10 seconds waste of my time

- Push’em all

We push people at the backside.

- Good game

This is a really good game keep up the good work!


You'll literally lose because ads come up during the game, but don't actually pause the game. Great job.

- Game

Nice game. No cap,!

- Ad nation

Cool game too bad about the ads every ten seconds.

- Bad

Way too many ads

- Bad

Way to many ads

- Too Many Ads, Cheap Tactic

There's a 30 seconds ad every 30 seconds of game play. You end up spending literally half of your time watching long pointless ads on this app. Cheap tactic to gain revenue with the ads while providing no real purpose or value to the game.

- Good Idea but Poor Execution

This game is simple, push the colorful people off of the roof and continue on but my problem with it is that that’s all, literally. No settings, no music, no customization, etc etc. This game could’ve been so much better if time was taken to do it right but overall it’s a simple and fun game for a little bit.

- Horrible


- Wayyyy too many ads

Like it says. Too many ads

- One problem

I love this game so much but my only problem is I was on level 894 and I updated the app because it would always get stuck on an ad so when I updated and went to go play it kept turning back off and going back to my home screen so I had to delete the app and start over I was furious 🤬

- Thank you

I like that there is always something new in the game and there is more than one zombie .

- It’ll be a better app w/o all the ads


- Let me pick!

I used to be addicted to this game, except that the ads only come when you’re in the middle of a level and mess you up. I also wish you could pick what you use to push. That useless bazooka or staff are just annoying and I just want the good old fashioned push bar. But I have to play with the dumb one for five levels and just hope I get the one I want.

- :)

I like the game, just way too many ads:(


It’s crazy that games like these have the guts to pull something like this. Almost every level has like 4 levels in side of it and these have AT LEAST two ads between them. Ridiculous.

- Goood game

Gooooooooooood gamre

- I love it

Really easy app make it harder please. Anaya Taybron I wrote this 😎👋❤️😜👍

- The ads!!! Ooo the ads - would rate 0 if i could

Ads are one thing... ads between levels are another... ads in the middle of gameplay deserve to be burned in a fire.

- All the ads every 60 seconds 👎🏼

An ad every 60 seconds or so if not more is a automatic delete app for me!

- Ads ads ads!

I couldn’t even make it through one level without ads popping up! I mean I understand the game makers need to make money so I tolerate ads, but if I can’t get through one level without 2-3 ads? Yeah forget that crap! I deleted it after about five minutes after it ran six ads of 15-30 seconds each...

- One major problem

My iPhone 11 Pro Max gets hot every time I play this game. I’m a gamer and this is the only game on my phone that makes it heat up so I uninstalled it. Super fun game. No clue why it makes my phone run hot.

- Really? Ad in the middle of gameplay?

Each level moves through stages and there will be an ad when you finish one stage while you’re in game play. Not fun. Would have been better if they at least put them after each level.

- Adds


- Too many advertisements

I have to see advertisements after finishing one game since i didnt die or want any chance omg.. so i turned off data

- Ads are frequent & drains battery

Free version has too many and too frequent ads. Phone gets hot and battery power drains quickly while using this app.



- Way too many ads

Can barely play without an ad popping up. Really annoying so game has been deleted

- Adds

Very stupid how many ads there are that pop up in the middle of the game

- Way to many ads

Game has potential but wow need to cut down the ads by half.

- Commercials are in middle of game play

Game goes to a commercial then you die and another commercial crappy with all the commercials

- Ads ads ads ads

U spend more time watching ads and trying to get rid of the ads that the game becomes frustrating ...the game sgould be called ads!!!

- Wow

Way to many ads, just started playing, not even five minutes into the game and two ads already. Longs ads as well

- I like it but too many ADS

I love the game but there are just too many Ads

- Too many ads

The title says it all

- Awesome

It’s an amazing game there are different things to push with and great levels. You must play this game! PS I love you Voodoo

- Too many ads

Too many ads. Play is disrupted continuously.

- Goodich

I love the game it’s so fun but the amount of adds in the game are unbelievable. When you reach a different part you have to whach an add. Sometimes it freezes on me and I have to get it off my iPhone then put it back on.😦

- New Weapons

They should add new weapons

- Bad

There is too many ads

- Ads and Privacy

Constant ads and keeps asking me to change my privacy settings. NO!! I will not give you privacy permissions. Stop giving me the pop up asking me to support.

- Don’t get

too many ads

- Love this game!

But i wish that: 1- there was more female characters because as a female, im not really interested in playing solely with guy characters & the two female character (out of like 10 male characters) are just meh looking... 2- i wish we got to choose which weapon we could use.. i try watching the adds to switch weapon but it doesnt do anything. Like it would be cool if we got to choose any weapon for the first 4 rounds & then for the wave: the spinning wheel of weapons chose your weapon 3- also it kind of gets repetitive with the scenes/locations But besides that, this game is totally awesome and addictive!

- Riddled with ads

Basically unplayable because of constant ads

- Not a game, an ad generator

Basically, between nearly every action there is an ad. And, those ads play sounds no matter the status of your sound volume/ring volume, and every time you close an ad, it doesn’t close, but takes me to the AP store... NEED THE TSP THROUGH REVENUE I GUESS.


Ceci N’est nul autre que le meilleur jeux de tout les temps ,des milliards d’heures de joie indescriptible a un niveau suprême d’extase sans aucun répit .

- Adds

Way too many adds

- To many adds

To many adds

- To many god damn adds and pop ups!!!!!

Pleas fix that

- Easy Fun


- Push all zombies

There’s lots of different types and colours

- Josh

I played it on one of my friends phones and now I have to play

- In game ads

Any game that has ads during gameplay gets instantly deleted

- Patrice


- To many adds

In the middle of a game, it will just start playing an add.

- Too many ads to play

This game has so many ads you can’t even play it, don’t recommend anybody even try it.

- Push'em All

Aidan Macdonald

- Inappropriate ads

This is bad that’s all I have to say

- Push’em all

Amazing game fun but kind of boring

- Ads, ads, and MORE ADS!!!!!!!

Every damn level, sometimes in the middle of a level....Ads, and non stop ads. Had the game less than 10min and was forced to watch 5 Ads. Deleted this garbage never to return.

- Weapons

Maybe actually making the change weapon for add button would make the game for FUN! And not be a WASTE OF TIME

- Littered with ads

Littered with ads just like all Voodoo games. Saddening that instead of producing quality content Voodoo encourages content creators to produce mind numbing content in a specific format which can be advertised straight to the front page then bombard players with ads and in app purchases to recover their costs and make a profit. Game will be forgotten about in a few months, rinse and repeat. Shame, really.

- Fun and awesome but adds

It’s great in all but a lot of adds after each zone or level an add

- Addictive and stress relieving

This app is pretty dope you have to turn off the internet or cellular data for that app and no more ads wicked. You don’t need internet for this app duhhh otherwise fun to play and past time 🤪

- Never ending ads

I looove the game but there are ads DURING the level then after you beat the level. Seriously??? Not to mention it’s the same ad over and over again

- Pretty good game

I’m cool

- Good premise insane number of ads

Fun to play but literally every 30s you have to go through an ad that takes the same amount of time to get through as it did to play to that point

- Eh

I’d say a 3.5 because it’s a good game for sure but the ads are sooooo tedious.

- Promotes child abuse

As a parent, I am very concerned about what my child is doing. It is my priority to check on them and see what they are doing. When I heard about this game they were playing, I was shocked to find that this game seemingly supports child abuse and is saying that it’s okay to hurt your siblings. I am totally against this. Please take this app down.

- Fun but...

Fun game but advertising is way over the top!

- Too many ads to rate it properly.

Seems like 30 seconds of play, 30 seconds of ads. Too many ads to put up with can't evaluate. I've bought before from this developer. But i can't / won't put up with this many interruptions to see if i like it enough.

- Ad crazy!!!!

This game is so greedy with ads. Every 10 seconds of play 30 seconds of ads even with skip option it’s ridiculous. Don’t even waste your time!

- Ads ads ads

Ads between every level and 3 times within each level. Have to watch an ad 4 times per level.

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- Too many adverts to be good

Far too many adverts to make it enjoyable

- Push ‘em

This game is very fun everyone should play it! You can get a BIG BIG combo and knock em all out at once! Make sure you have fun!

- Ads ridiculous

Game would be fun if you could go more than 30 seconds between ads, I don’t even mind when it’s one add at the end of a level, but this is an add half way through a level that will take less than a min to complete. Not worth the time.

- Would be a great game

Wayyyy too many ads, makes it disjointed and ruins it

- Absolutely Unplayable

Downloaded, played for 30 seconds, had to watch a 30 second advert. Played for another 30 seconds and had to watch another 30 second advert. Deleted app. Re-downloaded app so I could give it this one-star review. Enough said.

- I love this game

Thanks for making it

- Game or just an big advert ?

Don’t download if you want to play this game as you can’t even finish a level without having to watch advert after advert, RUBBISH AND DONT WASTE YOUR TIME

- So-so

Concept is pretty cool but after a while there is just nothing you can do in the game.

- Easy

Way too easy all u do is move around 😂😂😂

- ads

the adverts on this game are absolutely ridiculous. they occur after every game and every time you finish a level. its absolutely disgusting. i understand you need ads to support your game but the amount that there is shocking. not happy

- Not playable

80% of this game is ads. DO NOT RECOMMEND. Already deleted.

- I know free games have adverts.....

You spend more time watching adverts than playing

- Okay

I am enjoying playing this right now. It helps when I have a head ache and when I’m bored

- Love it goves me anxiety


- Boring


- Harvests your personal data and is unplayable

You have to accept terms that it will harvest your personal data before you are allowed to play. And the game is so jumpy it’s completely unplayable, not to mention the fact it just crashes all the time anyway

- Boring

Paid for no adverts! Game was really enjoyable, on level 530 and it is just repetitive, is the same levels constantly, same layout, nothing changes!

- 1 Star

Way too many ads to make it enjoyable.

- Trash

Too many ads and hard to control. An ad after every game, seriously? I just close the app and re-open.

- Dreadful.

Game is great, Ads kill it completely. I downloaded it, played two levels and deleted it, it’s that bad! Apparently you can play in airplane mode for an ad free game, but what happens if you’re waiting for a call or someone wants you in a hurry? Understand free games need ads, but not halfway through every section, and then two layers of ads to get rid of tiger a lot the game. Don’t waste your time with this.

- Ads make it unplayable

Don’t mind adverts between levels on free apps (they have to make money) but adverts in the middle of game play?!? What were you thinking!? Makes game unplayable and quickly deleted.

- H.o.r.r.i.b.l.e

This games if flipping HORRIBLE . I find it’s got bad quality and not like that ad at. All. I advise anyone to NOT get this app! Trust. Me. And I “appreciate” if you die it lets you stay where you left but still it bad quality, annoying and it has lots of add. Also I would like to add : no adds buy : NO ONES GONNA BUY IT. Poor quality and annoying games . This is my opinion don’t hate just don’t get if you have delete it please >:(

- Livid


- Ads ads and oh btw Ads

30 seconds of play, then 30 seconds of adverts totally absurd.

- OMG it full of ads

So much adds all they make is money over ads so they don’t care really I like got it today and it’s not even working I would like to have a go at them just saying voodo doze make good games but this is (Booooooo) really bad

- Good but..

I absolutely love this game I’m so addicted to it and it’s cool how you can get all those different weapon type things. I enjoy how the levels get harder. 😁 But I’m very annoyed by all the adverts! I understand you are advertising and you probably get money for it but please minimise it. It is after every other level😩! So please fix that. Other than that the game is really fun! I recommend this game IF you DONT mind watching a LOT of advert 😁. Thanks for reading ☺️

- So bad

There are to many ads if it is a good game for in the car but otherwise bad

- Push’em all

Yeeting through the roof is fun so is this game I need a discount

- Too many adds

I was playing and got bored because of the ads

- Fight to your death

A fun game to push enemies off and take over the land . Getting boxes makes your pusher bigger

- Adds but amazing A

To many adds but overall great game

- Too many ads which interrupt music

You cannot listen to your own music and play this game as there are far too many ads which cut in over the top. Plus the only way to reactivate the sound is to exit the game, go to music and switch your tunes back on For that it’s a no go for me. Plus it seemed to really burn through my battery, I have an IPhone X and my phone got really hit after about 10 minutes of gaming The game is just not playable enough for me to look past these flaws. It’s addictive for a short while but these bugs really kill it

- Ads

Too many ads I can’t even play this game it’s ridiculous

- Love it

This game is amazing just so amazing

- Ads longer than the game

I just downloaded the game and deleted it again within a minute. Completed the first level, and the ad directly after was longer than the game level! Nope. Not wasting my life watching ads. DELETED!

- Too much adverts

Way too much ads, even for a free App

- Bruh


- Too many adverts

Completely ruins the game and forces you to pay £2,99

- Addictive and worth it

It’s addictive and worth it but why did it suddenly begin requesting for my IP addressed and information?😕

- Could be fun but not

You spend more time watching adds than playing. Even getting adds In the middle of levels

- Dings ding

I have

- Latest update annoying

Was addictive and fun until last update. Yes guys firing modules but the mid game adverts result in losing finger contact and game restarts on autopilot. Made a fun game annoying just to generate more income. Sadly will lose interest in game if continues as is. Update - latest update adding missions can only do with right weapon and this is a spinning wheel with no control so cannot plan to achieve. Come on guys think it through. Time to delete as just another frustrating thing from not a bad idea for a game.

- I this game is easy bro

I do like the game I can push some body and 2 they flu of funny right and I win it

- Ads make this unplayable

It seems like it’d be a fun game but after watching 3 30 second ads in the space of 2 minutes of gameplay I deleted it.

- Great but......

When I saw the ad for this game I instantly got it. I love it but there are so many ads and I don’t want to pay money to stop them coming. So it would be great if you could take out some ads.

- ???

Maybe get it ads are a big problem 🤪

- Push e... please stand by for mid game advert!

This was fun, but the highly aggressive advertising made me delete it. Shame as I liked it but mid game adverts are a big no no!

- Push em all off

Hi just let you know it is a good game.

- I like sloths

The game is addictive and satisfying x

- Twitter

Saw this game on twitter lol it became a meme and I was intrigued

- Sam

I’ve just paid for this game to be Ad free and it’s still not Ad free. It’s a good game but there are so many ad breaks i just want to delete it now. I feel like ur lying when you say pay us $4.49 to go Ad free and what you really mean is you will just reduce the ads. This is wrong and u are literally breaking the law.

- You fricken idiots turn wifi

Trash bot stupid noobs

- To many adds

The game seems fun to play, however way to many adds. After playing for a short time the adds pop up approximately every 30 seconds. Uninstalled, again to many adds!

- Adds adds adds

Using adverts for some sort of in game advantage is fine. Having an add break up gameplay after every section of a level is just a complete no. I realise some will say just put on airplane mode which is fine, unless you are jumping around on multiple games at which point this one, and ones like it just get left out and eventually deleted.

- Too laggy and too many ads

Very laggy. more ads then playtime

- Crappy adds

Too many adds if I wanted to play another game I would have bought the other games deleted after 5 min

- To many ads

Way to many ads it’s annoying

- Good app

This is a very fun game but this is also annoying at times Thank you

- Ads

Advertisements pop up in the MIDDLE of levels. Slows down phone. Ruins any satisfaction of pushing little humans off a platform.

- So mean adds

It’s like more time on the adds then the game

- Adds adds adds

Love the game just can’t play it at every turn adds play it has destroyed the game play. 3 star as love the game before all the adds.

- Nice adds but where is the game

Accidentally named your app push em all instead of add simulator

- Ads ads ads

Downloaded the game an after 10 minutes I deleted it. I spent more time watching long ads between each round than playing the game. Changing the ad platform so you don’t have to sit through these long ads every round would make this game much better.

- I’d say it’s okay to play........ If your patient.

It’s an amateur, But could do with a button to change tools. Also, could you make the shop a little cheaper? LIKE THE SANTA IS A I,OOO -.- and also could u take away the ads? Like the other comments, It’s too much. I hate when you cant change to the hammer you have. It’s an average. It’s very addictive, But can you make like a hammer to use, snowflake to throw, Also in different occasions like Christmas can u make it Christmassy? Like in Halloween, You have to get an amount of pumpkins. Otherwise, if you do it, much more people will play! KEEP UP WITH THE HARD WORK! - Thx - (>^ω^<)- :3 - ;) - <3 - @(・●・)@ - ^-^ - (*≧ω≦) - Thx -

- so many ads

games fun I guess, i wouldn't know because every time i finish a sub level or go half way through one i get a 40 second ad

- Annoying ADS

After annoying ads I just uninstalled it FOREVER

- Push adds

Riddled with adds . Uninstalled within 5 min . Don’t waste your time

- Ads galore

Ads galore

- Don’t Mind The Game, But...

Way too many ads.

- Great game but too many ads


- Too many ads

First of all, this is the first review I’ve ever written just because of how ridiculous these ads are getting. At first it was okay. An ad after every level is annoying but whatever, I expect it from games like this. But after playing it again for the first time in a few weeks I find ads are popping up in the MIDDLE of the game I’m playing. Are you kidding me? Deleted.

- Glitches

It's a good game but ever since I did the update it glitches not happy about that an update is meant to fix the game not make it worse

- Few glitches after update

After the newest update, there are glitches that make playing the game harder and more annoying. Firstly, the least game changing bug, the enemies either go white and see through, or their colour darkens immensely. This gets annoying when they are all white and don't know which character is which. The next one bugs me the most. Sometimes, while moving, the screen turns upside down and minimises to 3/4 of the screen. It annoys me even if it goes away, because it always comes back. The controls are normal while the screen is like this, but the ground has lost the top and the sides are the only visible thing other then the player and the enemies. The last bug makes it so the bar that you hit the enemies with is invisible, and only the shadow is there. It is visible when it is fully charged or extending. (Sorry I don't know if the bar has a name or not.) I like the new stuff but I really want you to fix the bugs, it's getting annoying.

- Why change game dynamic

Now game forces change of weapon...not a fan of the change, it negatively changes the game dynamic

- Push em all

I love this game and the new update!

- Unimpressed with update

The game is addictive, my only problem is the spinner gives you new tools to push with, you have no choice in which tool to use, some of them aren’t very good, I have to watch an ad to change tools and I still get a random tool, not very happy, there should be a choice especially if I have to watch an ad, it’s very annoying it’s turning me off the game.

- Too many ads during the game

Don’t bother with it. Ads in the middle of the game. Too distracting.

- Push them all

My name is Madison what’s yours and maybe you should turn characters into like Christmas things ?

- Effortless

This game, like many other games made by voodoo, is effortless and just their for ads. There is no sound whatsoever and ads during the stages.

- Fun but ruined by ads

I’m much happier to download games I see ads for if I’m not bombarded by them. This is seriously over the top.

- Push’em

Is great bot has lot of ad’s but what I hate is that is very glitching

- Ads every 20 seconds

Seriously... don’t bother the ads are every 20 seconds

- It’s


- Great game

This a good game but I don’t think there are enough ads. There should be 2 ads mid-level not just 1. And make them like 60 seconds long too. Will change to 5 stars when you put more in

- U


- Too many ads

The number of ads is beyond ridiculous. It makes the game unplayable.

- DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!!




- Are you serious?

Downloaded game, played for 20 seconds and interrupted by ads!!!!!! Should have taken note of other reviews. Deleted goodbye

- Good

Good little game better with sound


Horrible game.I hate this game do not buy this app!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE THIS GAME!!!!

- More improvements

There should be mods like AFK mode a bit more harder to play and there should be levels like you can level up!

- Good game but too many ads

Too many ads can’t play the game every 10 seconds I get an ad in my face!

- Ridiculous amount of Ad’s

Don’t even bother, game isn’t bad, but there is just a silly amount of ads. You’ll play for 20-30 seconds and then you have to sit through a 30 second ad. Waste of time - AVOID!

- Too many ads

Ads just pop up at any time, even during the game. I’ll probably uninstall this one.

- Ads and more ads

Ok lets put an ad every 30 seconds. You’re kidding. Bye from me. 👎

- Adds ads ads ads to much

There is more adds then the game. Why don’t you just call the game adds instead of push em all. Like literally you need to fix your game way to much adds for me if you don’t fix your game I’m gunna delete your game called adds.

- Ads, ads... more ads

Tried to give it a go, but almost impossible to get a feel for it with far too many ads. Avoid

- Ads

I get that ads are a necessary evil but do they need to pop up kid level?

- Adds


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@miyoojie push em all

@ZiHenry5: Y’all make sure when y’all doin these push ups, you go all the way down and you fully extend when coming up. I could do 100 e…

@ZiHenry5: Y’all make sure when y’all doin these push ups, you go all the way down and you fully extend when coming up. I could do 100 e…

Y’all make sure when y’all doin these push ups, you go all the way down and you fully extend when coming up. I coul…

103k likes but the comments are FULL of Trump supporters out for blood, with little to no defence from #BlueMAGA Wh…

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Push'em all 1.13 Screenshots & Images

Push'em all iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Push'em all iphone images
Push'em all iphone images
Push'em all iphone images
Push'em all iphone images
Push'em all iphone images
Push'em all iphone images
Push'em all iphone images
Push'em all iphone images
Push'em all ipad images
Push'em all ipad images
Push'em all ipad images
Push'em all ipad images
Push'em all ipad images
Push'em all ipad images
Push'em all ipad images
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Push'em all (Version 1.13) Install & Download

The applications Push'em all was published in the category Games on 2019-09-12 and was developed by Voodoo [Developer ID: 714804730]. This application file size is 247.57 MB. Push'em all - Games posted on 2020-03-23 current version is 1.13 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Push'em all Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information
Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
Infrequent/Mild Simulated Gambling

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