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Move around and knock over 3D cube buildings. Bring all pieces to your core to level up.

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The applications Collect Cubes was published in the category Games on 2019-05-26 and was developed by Alictus. This application file size is 151.56 MB. Collect Cubes current version is 1.8.4 and works well on IOS 10.3 and high versions.

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Lovecandyheart46   1 star

This game got me messed up. So when I first downloaded this game I saw the add first I was AMAZED by the add they showed What I saw on the add for the game was a challenge! So I downloaded it without thinking BIG MISTAKE. So the game started off easy like any other game I though it will bring out all the cubes later on just like the add so I played for a month and got to a high level then I thought why is this still so easy? And then found out that the add was NOTHING like the game, the game is boring, basic, and no challenge. I was so angry 😠 going through all of those adds in a row (lots of adds btw) well I took a moment to think why did I waste my time on this? And deleted it and came here. Please don’t download this app you’ll be disappointed with what you see...

bugsbunny4689   1 star

Worst game ever. When I watched the ad it said you could draw the scoop THIS GAME IS A SCAM! WHO WOULD PLAY SUCH A GAME I HATE BEING SCAMMED I HATE THIS GAME SO MUCH

IM A DIIPIDOO   1 star

Why?!. So this game when I saw on the ad I wanted to play it. You can not do that bring all the cubes back at once it never does that and that was the whole reason I downloaded the app. I regret it it’s awful and not at all satisfying

bananna coo coo   1 star

A bad game not recommend it👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼✊🏼☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️. It’s really bad Game you can not Evan draw the shovel what the hell is the point adds are fake this is not recommended at all have a game like that it’s fun and the level are way better On the game I’m at level 200 nothing Excited happen just scooping little things ☹️☹️☹️😞😞😞😞🙁😕😕😕😒😒😒😞

DJ_Junco   4 star

Good game but.... It’s a GOOD Game it’s just can you add more maps? Because I’m on level 205 and I’ve seen all of the drawing just add more.

Jalenjimenez   1 star

Feins. The ads just ruin the entire game

the.octopus   1 star

Stupid game. Clickbait. Would give 0 stars if I could.

Myaccountisthis3837   3 star

Ok but could be better. The ads are fake the game is not bad but maybe show them real gameplay not fake edited trash

Faaaaaxy   2 star

ay. u should make a remove ad in app function

gfjskdj   1 star

Hate it. It glitches whenever I try to do something like when I try to actually win it it's like oh sorry we can't do it. Are we late so we are late so I'm doing it and then so apparently it says oh sorry we can't do that and then it takes forever to load and then it's like oh sorry well you can't do this ad because of something that we're trying to fix but when I go back to it it says oh sure we fix this thing.

Jodijar   4 star

Disappointed. I was excited to be able to knock down blocks and watch the colors pour out together and even make your scoop whatever size you wanted. Now on level 353 and can’t do any of these things shown in the demo. Not fair, don’t show it in a demo if you can’t to it in the game.

hazel 💕   2 star

Liar. On the adds it told me that I could draw my own scoop, however, when I downloaded it I found out that I could not draw my own scoop and the levels were very boring. I do NOT recommend this app 👎

asdfsjjajdsnnjd   3 star

Review. I have already played 220 levels but haven’t seen a single one of the faucet things and the levels are kinda repetitive.

Gbugsch   5 star

Flower. So it is so much fun and me and my brother love to have his fun game and it’s so easy and fun and it’s amazing to

sophia Roblox lover   5 star

I love this game. I love this game it makes me burst is sometimes esay and hard but i learned it is all about fun and the game is fun it my favorite game i play it 2047 but tell me if i am wrong remember i love this game. From: phoebe

yooooooloolooooll   5 star

Amazing but...... So good but there are a lot of adds but they don’t bug me to to much

mcubed5   5 star

I love this game. This game is really fun but I can’t draw a scoop

apjbunny   2 star

It’s ok. So, this game says you can draw your own scoop. No you CANNOT

iydtrehgpmnbvfkswqa.,vhsjypcn   5 star

Really fun🤓. I think that it is really fun. I just started this game and I am already attached to the game. It is so fun. But when you are getting timed,I wish that you had like 20 minutes instead of like 19seconds. Other than that the game is probably my favorite game so far that I have played. 🤓😜🤓😜🤓😜🤓😜🤓🤓😜🤓😜😜😜🤓😜🤓😜😜😜🤓

Masy1323   2 star


dhdhdhsjdjwjs   1 star

Absolute garbage. Ad is misleading and game is trash in general

Hero Brian xex   5 star

Collect cubes. Really good really easy Fun

Otters Are Awesome   1 star

False advertising. All of the adds show that you can draw and create your own scoop, however that is false.

Navysniper212   5 star

So good. Navy sniper

asddghhkl   5 star

The best app ever. Th this is crazy good

dinosuarsAreAwesome   4 star

Amazing but pointless. This is an amazing game but there could be a daily award or something like award would be nice but it’s an amazing game.

BellaJoy🐚   4 star

Great game but.... I’ve had this game for a while and I really like it. It’s a really fun game that I can play and so can my younger sisters. It’s a great game but there are only so many skins you can get. I got all of them so every time I earn coins it’s kind of pointless. Also it’s getting to the point we’re it’s the same levels over and over again. Maybe if there were like some bonus levels or something like that to make it more interesting.

pinkloll   3 star

they lied. they lied they said you can draw the scoop

Ash the Dash 62   1 star

dod dod. dued you font even draw a scoop and for the add it said DRAW A SCOOP!?!

Syntonic260   1 star

No way to remove ads. There’s not way to remove ads, I find the game great fun but almost unenjoyable with that amount on ads.

Advertorial    5 star

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nuce game mot bad   2 star

Rip off. First of all failed to show the things that were shown in graph not fun at all so fix it and make it so the person can draw there own scoop that would be fun PLUS Don’t LIE ABOUT IT Has this and that in ur ad and it doesn’t no game does that!that is so unfair to the player like I was so excited to play but I saw how it truly was I was shocked that’s the first time I’ve seen a game like this that’s ratings are horrible jeez get advice from Minecraft or fortnite on how to make ur game fun because u don’t know how to lie clearly cause everyone realized the Ad was a whole lie 👎🏻👎🏻😡😡😐🤯🤯👿👿very disappointing

iszy xo   1 star

Um ok. The game nothing like add I was expecting that you were able to draw your scoop to many adds i hate and it takes up to much storage definitely deleting it

UnicornSpagettiWithCheese   5 star

Really good. It is Satisfying

Nutty Nurse   1 star

Pooooooooooooooooooooooop. It have lots of adds fix it now it is so Bad

lola pas   5 star

F. Frr

Stef_1974   5 star

Simple and relax!. Simple game easy to play! I like it!!

gcndhgdtdh   1 star

Scoop. I mostly got this game to draw the SCOOP!Also the scoop was to small in general.Dont you see how many reviews say it is BAD then fix it !

416-33333   5 star

Love. I love this a game it is amazing I definitely recommend this

Kung-fu Dan   4 star

Collect cube. It is sort of fun, not the collecting exactly but the images the cubes make put together

Gacha, LOVER   5 star

Ads. This game is amazing but the one issue we all have is the ads, but I do have a way to solve it, this game doesn’t need wifi so just turn off your wifi and play, no more ads!

genkcuwndkac   3 star

More skins. I love this game but after I got it and played a few games I was able to buy all the skins.then I had no point in playing if I couldn’t spend my money

owo playz   1 star

This is terrible!. False advertisements, Levels get repeated, there’s no huge levels, you get ads for really no reason, and you really can’t draw your own scoop.Bruh. I reach only level 25 and then I got instantly bored of it and uninstalled it. Don’t like this game.

Daniel Ambient   5 star

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Emoji Pal   5 star

Okay Awesome. I love this game! Everything about it is so cool! Though when can you draw your collector???

purple anus   1 star

Game sucks. The ad showed the player drawing a scoop but there is no option to , it’s a waste of time ,extremely slow and has an ad every 0.0000000000000000000000000000000 oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo2169420911 seconds

The random nub   1 star

So FAKE. All the ads are fake. The levels repeats. AND it lags. WORST GAME EVER! DO NOT PLAY. I’m on level 2479 and NO towers. AND all of the level are so short.

AshleyThorn1   1 star

Not a good game Don’t Waste your time. This game keeps shutting down, it stop every time you move the Horse shoes to clean the bored. Dose it every time on every bored. Needs to be FIX.

zomibis   1 star

Wifi. If you are getting too much ads just turn off wifi but idk if it works I will just in sec

TheJoegamer09090909   1 star

Boring. This game is the worst game I’ve ever played

ghrhdgh   3 star

Hiiiii. It

queenlisa800   5 star

So fun. This game is so fun and satisfying

Ninja_Noob Official   1 star

Fake add. This game is trash. There are no falling towers. No exploding ducks and an add every second. No music. False advertisements. SUE THIS COMPANY NOW!!!!!

1'm a little pup15   2 star

Uhhhh okie dokie?. In my opinion there should be a little less adds and and little more fun... Now I know I can take off my network but I shouldn’t have to do that just to get this game to have less adds so with all due respect please lower the adds a little. I like the lvls but I also think there could be a few more blocks like I see on the adds Thanks for the game tho I just think the could be a little more fun in this game😅

Daneamo   1 star

Bored to death. I don’t understand this game. How do you loose it seems like I can just keep playing until I get all the things. Then I get all the things and I win but there is nothing stopping me from getting all the things I just keep going back and getting more things until I win.

Nicklella   3 star

Errrrr. The game is good it’s just the ad is over exaggerating a little because there is no big scoops or u can’t draw a scoop and there’s no big levels either with lots of cubes but other than that the game still works and it’s pretty fun

Delphine Lévesque   5 star

WoW!. Très bien fait. Rien d’autres à dire. Bye

Cuestrom   1 star

Ads. :(

dthgckjtdxkhcguc   1 star

Bad game don’t play. There’s way too many ads and the game is just super boring

tyhdgfydjeyueuehe   2 star

This app sucks. To many adds

caper katie   1 star

It’s stupid and it’s like poop. I am not interested in a game that is literally poop

Advertorial    5 star

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dalton_50   1 star

Rubbish. After Every level, which takes about 10 seconds to complete, there is 25+second adds. Click close. And another. EVERYTIME between levels 2adds. The game is basic and non challenging. Child’s play. Delete.

Katiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii   1 star

Rude. The ad said I could draw my own scoop and collect a lot of cubes heaps but no I downloaded it and I’m up to level 1028 and I haven’t drawn my own scoop no I haven’t I’m not happy I so over add that’s don’t so the rely game

#taylorswiftie   1 star

BADDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The add is better than the actual game! In the add, you get to draw your own scoop, and it is all satisfying, but in the game, all you are doing is moving your finger around the screen and it doesn’t get any harder. 0 out of 10 would NOT recomend!

jessssiiiics   3 star

Aaliyah Triffitt. The other thing is that there’s an add every level I complete and it’s really annoying cause it pauses my music 🎶.😐

livvyliv03   5 star

Game. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!

ALZ_SPUDA_MAN   1 star

Plz fix the drawing and then I will play. I care to play the game cause it hate the drawing scoop thing but they didn’t add it because they don’t have money and can’t add it to the game they do it so when ever u buy an app they get money😾😾😾😾

Alli2003   1 star

False. the videos they show on the preview do NOT appear in the actual game

Gunna munna   5 star

This is the best game ever. I’m having so much try’s and I’m getting it

The gif miester   1 star

Not entertaining. This isn't really anything that could be called a game. There’s zero challenge, zero variance, and every single level plays the exact same way.

nosleep4um8   1 star

Blah. Sick of being asked to write a review after 5 minutes of game play

Blue Bell Cat   3 star

Why is the ad wrong. It says that you draw the scoop but you don’t draw. Change please

dueuee   1 star

SCAM. Just don’t get it it’s nothing like the ad, if they aren’t willing to advertise honestly than there no point

ashcam 05838   3 star

So many adds. Game is so fun but every like minute there’s a add

db rcitdyytirt   4 star

It’s Good.... It’s good but there’s so much adds and I have had enough of adds otherwise it’s great 👍🏻ok byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

fine i will use zepyer   1 star

Game. Don’t buy this game, There are adds all the time, It’s impossible to play, All the ads make you look at it and think it’s so easy they are scamming out DON’T BUY !

Hi im harper   5 star

Yay. Yay

DO IT FOR EARTH!!   1 star

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kiarna moorton   1 star

No draw a scoop. I completely agree I still haven’t gotten a draw a scoop yet either it’s ridiculous! This is called false advertising and I would appreciate if you would either stop making up lies or actually put it in the game! Until than the game is really boring and I no longer want to play it! Sorry - reviewer

abbie_t1234   1 star

Deleted. Ok look, in The add it says and I quote, draw a scoop. So i thought oh yeah sounds cool so i installed it. After passing about 100 levels i was confused and annoyed Because that was why i bought it. Your game tricked me into thinking that this was real, like come on. I am very upset.

✌🏼✌🏼😎🌞   1 star

Add. I saw the add and it said you could draw your own picker thing and you can’t in the game!!!! Either change your add or the game!!! I’ve deleted the game already. Be truthful!!!

zane send this reiver   1 star

ADS. Too many ads and fake ads

Hidducivigkfieurufivivoh   3 star

Cool, but needs more. I’ve had this game for a while, I don’t see to have a problem with ads, they only come after about 9 levels for me. It’s pretty fun but now that I’ve played it a lot, I’ve brought all the skins and I’m waiting for some more, so could you please add some more skins because I would like some more. But I’m pretty disappointed that you can’t draw your own scoop like the ads, like I was so happy I could draw my own scoops when I got it, then found out that you can’t! But over all, it’s a pretty good game! Keep up the great work and add more skins please!

Trishaward   1 star

Adds are fake. Seeing this add made it seem fun because you can draw your own scooper but don’t be fooled by this! You don’t get to have all of those cubes falling down from a tap and more! There’s no such thing in the game as in DRAW YOUR OWN SCOOP! If there were such thing this would be a 0 star rated app

Spa3927rky   3 star

Yeah it’s alright. The advertisement for this game makes it look very appealing. Sure it’s satisfying and all, but you don’t get to draw a scoop like it shows or the blocks rarely ever fall down in a huge amount. The blocks are usually in a picture and you have to collect from there. I like this game I just wish that there wasn’t so much false advertising on the ads.

iHavefuture   5 star

Good game.. I think it’s a fun game and can definitely calm someone down if they have anxiety. Good game

cooper.v   4 star

The best game EVER!!. I love this game so much but it is just the adds that are getting to me I think there should be less ads😉👌🏼

MissyMoo123456789   4 star

Good but... FASLE ADVERTISING. u never get to draw your scoop. I would give it 5 stars if it didn’t have false advertising. Also I have all the skins and my money is going into nothing so pls add something else I can use my game money for. Otherwise good.

johndapro2000   5 star

How Great it is!. OMG! My sister has gone crazy, mad about this game keep making more and more great games xoxo

Rolf @simplyvintagetrading   5 star

Great. Greatest game in the whole world

cupcake1232   3 star

Clickbait, other than that it’s good. This is a really cool game. Sometimes I play it when I’m stressed out but on the add it said “draw your own scoop” which you cannot do.

Mommacubed3   1 star

Not a very good game. It is not a good game because when you see the add it shows you that if you collect a lot of blocks it will all turn yellow.But it dose not do that at all. So that is why I think that it is not a very good game and that is why I think that about this game.

Łeåf   1 star

listen.. If the game was actually like the ads, I would play it all day. Leaves instead of blocks? That would be sooo cool. You can’t draw a scoop, there are no levels with hundreds of cubes like that— my point is, if the game was like the ads it’d be so much more fun and satisfying.

Jenlynjen   5 star


lover of weave silk   4 star

Commercial lies. Collect cubes is fun but in the commercial it says that you will get to draw your scoop that you use to collect the cubes you don’t get to also there is really nothing to look forward to because you can’t buy a bigger scoop or anything you can just buy a new skin but it is the same size the game is fun but does not keep you entertained for a very long time

smh :(   1 star

Collect cubes review. I was on my phone playing a game and then the ad for this game popped up and it looked so cool so I downloaded it. It was cool for the first few levels and then I kept playing hoping i would be able to draw the scoop or have things like the pictures when you are about to download it. Well now I’m on level 349 and I still haven’t gotten anything big or cool. It’s the same things over and over again. Don’t recommend. :(

babyjqydontplay   4 star

good game but way too many ads. you can only play one or two rounds without ads but after that it’s like the ads are back to back, but other than the ads the game is good

:/ :3 UwU T^T   3 star

Good game but.... This is great game to play when I’m just trying to relax. Except when it glitches. There one glitch that you cannot get the last cube, and where one cube is outside of the square. Otherwise, great game.

eeeeeerrrdfe11223344778886655   4 star

Err ya. Ok so amazing game but the ad shows you draw you’re scoop but on the game ya really can’t it gives you a scoop that kinda made me mad but still a great game!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

sir_kibble   1 star

Cool haptic but where’s the SOUND. I don’t wanna say false advertising but it is. Where’s the sound fx? Also too much ads.

gamemasterkyle   1 star

Too many ads. I like the game but there is too many ads it’s annoying and if you try to skip some just try to make you down load them

AFili09   1 star

Why I give it a one star.. It’s not ok.They don’t even let you draw how big you want the scooper too be.

ranbom nicknane   4 star

Good , but .... I have been playing for about 42 Levels , and there is a lot of ads! So can you please fix ?

Applejack15000   5 star

Pretty good. Hola

Kissymonster5   4 star

Not like the ads. So you see the ad and you’re like “OH I CAN DRAW MY SCOOP?!?!?” NO YOU CAN’T it only shows that I the ad so that you want to play it. Plus I’ve never gotten something where it was an emoji face times you so it’s not like you get to have it forever. The app does have some good sides to though, like its fun and you can save up coins to buy stuff. People are saying “OMG TOO MANY ADS!!!” Well people put a lot of ads because that’s one of the only ways that the people that created the app get paid, so they put lots of ads to get lots of money. Thank you for your time in reading this goodbye!! :d

Kelseyxlynne   1 star

“Collect the cubes” more like “hoard the coins”. I hated this game. The ads are completely different than the gameplay. Actually you don’t even play anything you just collect stupid cubes and then earn sacks of coins to look at.

minnetrista   1 star

Mindless fun until the Ads. Downloaded this for kids to play knowing there would be ads, but I did not expect sexually explicit or innuendo ads. One repeatedly shows up urging the player to make two avatars of women kiss saying things about putting her on the bed and them touching faces in camisole tops Ads I understand but why do they have to “go there” with sexual based ones when It’s RATED 4yrs +!!!!

Liliana072809   1 star

I don’t recommend this game. This is fake. I downloaded it and you can’t draw the size of your scoop. This is a terrible game. I don’t recommend this game.

Seraphina808   1 star

Too many ads. Not relaxing, as advertised, because it’s timed. You have to move the scoop with your finger, but it makes it hard to see the screen because your hand is in the way. There are ads after every 1-2 games and the ads are longer than the rounds you play. The ads also sometimes hide the “X” to close the ad or make it so small that when you try to close it, it takes you to the App Store instead. I played it for 5 minutes, then deleted it. Even for a free game, it’s lacking in quality. I was pretty disappointed.

Bellassa   1 star

I would have liked it but it’s honestly un-playable. It’s incredibly slow and glitchy and the ads are ridiculous. Immediately uninstalled when an ad came up mid-game. That’s a huge no for me. I would have enjoyed this because it does seem rather calming but the ads totally take that aspect away.

dhzgxrgH f   5 star

Hey I’m going to call you. This game is super awesome

• ☃️ w i n t e r🌨 •   4 star

Cool. It’s really satisfying when you collect the cubes all at once and it’s fun and you get new skins.

Gina ChiTown   5 star

I LOVE THIS GAME BUT......... After your buy all the skins there is nothing else to buy and now I have 31,000 coins. So if you are the creator reading this please make more things to buy, like maybe trails or different shape scoopers

Bitziten Of Bitlife   1 star

Not like the ads. Your ads are fake and horrible. I will never play.

chaser62836   3 star

So satisfying but too many ads. It is amazingly satisfying there’s just too many ads I love this game it’s awesome it’s such a stress reliever but there’s way too many ads

PotatooMan   5 star

Trees. Y’all need to add a #teamtrees level!

amaya is my real name   5 star

Sorry but this is true. So when I first saw this game I got it and I really thought that it whould be like the picture but instead they only have small amounts of blocks instead of a little I’m on level 88 and I still dont see a lot of blocks and I do like the thing where you get 2times bigger and stuff but I whould like to see more blocks like on the picture

gjfhdudufufufydu   4 star

This is a great game. Fi

sncnnc   5 star

Collect cubes. I love collecting cubes this game is fun

JeanyHuynh   2 star

Too many ads. The game is supposed to be pretty therapeutic, but the amount of ads is insane. Every2-3 rounds there is an add. Normally, I don’t mind ads, since I understand app devs have to make money somehow, but what annoyed me so much to the point of deleting the app was the fact that these ads completely cut off my Spotify music on my phone, without the ability to resume the music even after muting the ads. After a few times of ads popping like this, it shut down my Spotify completely. It’s seriously super annoying. I really liked this game but I’ll have to pass on this.

littlesister34   5 star

Really recommend. Omg I am addicted. It doesn’t have too many ads and there are so many levels I love it. So. Much. And I usually forget abt a game in a week. I have had this one for a two or three weeks now and I love it!!!!

Perkygrl   5 star

Hey hey can I come over for you tomorrow I have to poooooo. Soooooooooooooooooooooo stupid it was just a little bit too dumb and fun but it would have been better if it was just for a little years but it wasn’t a bad idea for the money and I don’t have money for money and money to buy the money but it is fun for you and I don’t want to spend it on it I just wish I can play the game and it crashes when I try it it off and it is a good time to play and I don’t know if it’s fun or not so fun and it is a great fun to play with and it fun for a fun day to come to the play and it would have been a fun fun for me to play with friends and play with my little friends fun for me but it is a great fun and great game to pass the money and fun fun game to pass the money and money to get it for fun and it is fun fun and it fun fun and great game play with fun and great fun for a little money money to get it to pass money to get money and fun for money money to get it fun and fun game play it is a great fun fun and great fun fun for a fun fun day for me but it fun and it fun to pass the money money to get money to get it fun for money and fun for a little money to play and it is a great fun fun and fun game to play and play it for a fun day and play with fun and great game fun game play for fun game fun and great game play with friends and play with fun and fun fun for a little fun game fun for a little fun game play fun game to play and play fun game fun for a fun day and play with friends fun and play with friends and play with little friends and fun game fun fun game to pass money and fun for money and money to play with fun and fun fun for a fun day and play fun fun for a little money and money money and play with friends and play with fun

Tydius   1 star

False advertising. You never got to draw the claw and the wave of cubes never happens ether. It is fun but it isn’t worth it.

Jarvan299   1 star

Too many ads. Literally one ad per level. How am I supposed to recommend game with this many interruptions to anybody?

bdymfhdjdn   1 star

Fake. Ce jeu est ennuyeux et on fait toujours la même chose

figuugu   4 star

Ok...... Not like the add but still fun

ok thats fine   1 star

Ugh. The ads are fake and it’s boring

VasiliM   3 star

🧐🧐🧐. K there’s not enough skins I’m sitting around 1M Coins and I can’t buy any, It keeps on repeating the same levels and I rated this 3 stars cause it’s in the middle between a very bad game vs a good game

M#🦄   4 star

Wow. The game is awesome and I think the reviews are fake because the game is fun there is sound and vibrations the adds are quite diffrent but fun!!! Download this now ⬆️

vam🙎🏻‍♂️   1 star

Good game but too much ads made me uninstall it!. It’s a very good game but everytime you move on to next time, ad pops up! Every single time. They totally ruined my gaming experience.

Keyannak68   1 star

It’s whatever. My main problem was the level with the Illuminati symbol constantly being repeated. The amount of ads are absolutely unreasonable and the advertisements for this game weren’t accurate at all sorry🤷🏽‍♀️

truffles_aQaQaQ   5 star

Why do you guys hate this. This game is an offline “satisfying” game in which you are meant to play offline on long car rides or in you spare time if you don’t like the ads then turn of your data/wifi if you believe it is “false advertising” with the ad about being able to draw you scoop what were you expecting you’re supposed to check out the pictures before purchasing the game and if you did you would find out it didn’t have the draw mechanic and if that really was the selling point for you don’t buy the game.

Jaakezzz   1 star

False advertising. Ad shows user drawing a scoop; game doesn’t contain such a feature.

zchdmcmvmvmvm   5 star

Good game. If u want the ads to stop turn off ur wifi

OreoGamimg   3 star

Ads 😑. All I can say is great game to ay if you like lots of ads. Seriously, there is more ads than gameplay, the problem with the ad of this game is it doesn't show all the ad breaks. I don't like games like these which are so ad revenue hungry that every single level there's a 30 second long as. No one's gonna want to play that kind of game! Just lower the amount of ads used and you'll be Gucci. I would definitely play this because it's fun and cool but the only reason Im probably gonna delete this is because of the ads.

djhavusnwgusi   3 star

complaint. no many adds🤷🏻‍♀️

902-434-4192   5 star

😙🥳😛🤪🥳😞🙁😩🥺😖🙁🙁🥳🤓🤓😜😙🥰😘😘😘🥰😗. Hi

shhh_25   3 star

Meh. The game is ok I guess, but there are a lot of problems. One is, in the Commercial it says that you can draw the scoop, but in reality you can’t. Also, the different skins are WAY to expensive. Also the scoop is a bit hard to control. No hate, but yeah.. actually a lot of hate

loopepjdbdj   3 star

L. Its a very fun game its just im level 210 and im sitting here with over 300000k we need more skins and also what level do u need to be when the cubes just fall

poochykopie   1 star

It’s boring. Ok so this game has no purpose it’s so easy

GroovyDiamond💎   2 star

Disappointed.. Bb

jakobyboiAD5   2 star

OFFICIALGAMECRITICS. Can be fun but, false advertisement warning, in the add it show that you can draw the “scoop tool” but in game there is no such thing. Also, the game gets very boring because there is no objective, all you do is collects cube ps for no reason. WAY TOO MANY ADS.

Graville5   4 star

Adds. To many adds great game tho

TTskating   5 star

Reply was no. No

No charts xx   5 star

Relly fun. It is so fun and cool you sould try it

Trinner987555   3 star

Ok. It’s ok like it is fun to play but you don’t get to draw the scoop

Hammerlexinike   1 star

Ads. No tutorial boring AND DONT GET ME STARTED BOUT THE ADS EVERY GAME OR TO A ADD AND U CANT SKIP plus you can’t even draw a scoop so fake advertising not even fun too easy don’t install

jambino29   2 star

Way too many adds. Add is played after every round. Sometimes skips a round.

Golaspy   1 star

Too many ads. People want to play your game, not watch ads....

PleaseDontTellMeThisIsTakenToo   4 star

Ok. The game’s amazing but PLEAAASE add modes to it. Like! Satisfying mode (ex. Like your ads, the entire place is filled up and you choose a scoop to justrelax while doing it). PLEASE ADD IT

909481006   1 star

TOO MANY ADS. Literally an ad after every single level and it takes about 20 seconds to finish a level. Would not recommend

noura alissa   5 star

It’s so easy for me and you. It is soooooooo fun and download this game

massive copppppppppyyyyyy   5 star

Fun & satisfying. I just got the game and I really enjoy it it’s fun and addictive keep up the good work

its still a great game   1 star

Meh. Not what I expected to many adds not the great bad levels definitely not what I expected

Maaaaaddddiiee   5 star

The game. The game was easy to do # free game haha

raven Rose 02   5 star

Awesomely satisfying. This is the most satisfying games EVER!!!

Overseer 161   3 star

A new ad business model - game ad. Addictive enough to keep you playing, throwing you tons of ads and you would still be patiently watching them because you want more of the game. If your original will of downloading this app is to play the game but watching some random ads, turn off your internet connection, it would save you some of the video downloading data too.

dcfvuvfvftyctf   4 star

Fun game. It was a fun and it’s a good game and very interesting, but it had a lot of adds like for an example, every time when you complete a level, there’s always a add.But besides that it’s a fun and entertaining.

Eddbydgddud   5 star

Yea. The game was yes

the person that likea to talk   2 star

Not a true add. The add was not true you can not draw your own scoop like it said on the add but it's still a ok game and the adds are way to long also levels are too easy I'm on level 43 and I got the game 5 minutes ago and they need to put more skins I have them all

mr indecisive   1 star

The best game I’ve ever played. Uninstall your life

Ahlucha   5 star

Fun fun fun fun!!!!!!!!. It is really fun I absolutely recommend that you should get this game but it would be a little hard or frustrating for little kids under three!

noctilucent clouds   5 star

Better than all the games in the world. You could just let them draw there own spade and let them rewind there own pictures

keels b   5 star

FUN. Sooooo fun but make different and more challenging ones. :):P:)

andy22901   1 star

Waste of time - too many ads. It’s just a tiny amount of gameplay imbedded in a mountain of ads. Don’t bother. You can’t enjoy it at all. The developers should cut the ads by 80%, then people would play a lot more and not delete the game after the first 20 minutes.

lilpili   2 star

Easiest game ever 🙃. I bet the game with in like not even an hour I unlocked all the skins and I was only on level 19 SSOOOOOOOOOO EASY EASIEST GAME EVER

Moli000   5 star

Fun. It’s not a challenge but it’s really relaxing

Wonderunn   3 star

App and false. I went onto the app it glitched me out and shut me down. Also I did download this game to draw my own scooper but it is false this advertisement you have put needs to be taken off and added into the real game we know u want People to play this game I totally understand but that’s really annoying.

harper fam 12345678910   4 star

It’s great but...... It’s an amazing game but there needs to be more challenging levels and longer Time on the bonus round.

2009999999985747473   5 star

This game!. Ummm...... when do u get to draw in this game

jakanddaxter1   2 star

Overzealous use of limited iPhone resources. I've never played a game with such ridiculous performance requirements - it not only makes the iPhone like touching a stove, it just uses so many resources that on older devices the lag will only produce ~10fps and will eat the battery too. I went from 100% to 11% in less than ten minutes. For a game on an App Store, this performance is simply unnaceptable. I get that the game relies on millions of particles, but as an application running on a very limited amount of resources, memory and power, as a developer, you have a responsibility to ensure that your app isn't responsible for ruining batteries permanently. Do you really need all the cubes on screen all the time, even when they're collected? I think this app is just way too laggy and so poorly coded to ever be commendable.

webrift   2 star

Couldn’t get the feeling. It is ok

Louferig   2 star

Spam app. Ads are spammed in this app constantly. Basically leaves it unusable.

Phoonix_47   2 star

Okay. Is good but there’s way too much ads

Crashcorn25183   3 star

SOME false advertising. I really like this game but I was looking forward to “draw” my own scooper that was on an ad that I thought was pretty cool and fun to draw my scooper sometimes at least but no you can’t well it’s not ONLY this game there are so many false advertising’s ads that I don’t like anyways but it’s fine I like the game it’s not bad, good but bad soooo it’s in the middle but I still always play it so you should add the “draw” the scooper sometimes and make a limit to how big it gets.

dadgoes   1 star

bad game. u can't even draw ur own scoops stupid ads

teyhe   5 star

Amazing. This game is amazing it turns your brain on when it’s the bonus round because that happens to me. The only bad thing is when it’s the bonus round it kind of makes me sick. Anyways I hope you like my review!!

nickname12426   2 star

Ad is wrong. In the ad it says draw your own scoop you don’t get to

hhnthhntgnrrhthrhtrrthrtyryt   1 star

Where is it. On the ad there was something that you could draw your thing that picks up the blocks where is it my mom is disappointed

andioopsksksksksks   4 star

Fun game. Turn off wifi/mobile data for no ads! Simple trick, works with many apps. It uses a lot of my battery though. Not very challenging, would love more skins and giant piles!

Ha looser   3 star

It isn't that good because you cannot draw your scoop. !

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