Color Bump 3D

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Your newest addiction comes in 3D!

Very easy to play, too hard to master

Do not touch other Colors, that is it!

100+ Levels of limitless fun!

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- Awesome but...meh

it is so impossible to get past level 123 but it it really fun and cool and I just am stuck on level 123 I need someone to tell me how to get past the level we’ll also I see a lot of adds but I don’t really care about them I would say 5 stars because it is so realistic and so much amazing colors and sometimes I hate the adds and it also is very hard all the levels can only be sometimes but it is a relaxing game it helps me calm down and I love to play it every single day I can always get mad in it but I don’t give up and the people out please try try try again never give up and if you need to get angry just try to calm down I know it gets harder and harder each time you past each level and don’t forget to try hard and try your best and I say this game can sometimes be meh but sometimes it can be awesome colorful and cool and also very happy happy happy game to me and maybe some other people am on level 123 and my BFF Grace is only about on level 10 😂 but she wants me to wait for her it just is she like never plays it but it is a a good and awesome game :) But it is sometimes meh :(

- Fun! Not a bot...

So hi 🙋🏽‍♀️ to anyone who’s reading this, this is actually a really fun 🤩 game, it is super colorful 💚 and it is satisfying 😍 and I play it like every day no lie 🤥 and I am on level 358 already and I’ve only had it for 3 weeks which should tell you how good 😌 it is. So what I’m going to say now isn’t even a major issue but just a suggestion to make this game even better! ❤️ So there are floor designs u can get, but since they aren’t very noticeable (not to hate or anything 😊) it would be cool if there were ball 🏀 designs, ball trail designs, and even different backgrounds would be awesome 😎! And if you could build a house out of the blocks u collect like there could be a bonus level where you get a bar and you try to push as many blocks as you can over the finish line 🏁 and then u can use those blocks to build a house 🏠! And u can update it with furniture, wallpaper, etc., I think 🤔 this would make your awesome 👏🏼 game even more fun 😁 to play! Again just a suggestion ☺️ so all in all this is a great 😌 game, and super fun, so that was just a suggestion above ⬆️, and in 1 week I played up to 💯 levels, and now it’s been 3 weeks so guess where I am now! [I already told you 🔝 ] so anyway that’s all I have to say lol 😂, so bye ✌🏼 peace out

- Great Game… at first.

So. I got this game and played it for about 3 days and had already gotten to stage 100. It was very addictive and I found myself looking forward to my first floor texture purchase. When I got it, I realized that it was a total disappointment. I knew that it would be just a new look but it didn’t even show that big of a difference. If you could make the designs more well defined, that would be great. This leads me to the second problem, there is only the poorly designed floors as a reward. You spend hours working to get to as many bonus stages as possible and get that crap. Add some other ideas, such as ball trails, ball designs, and backgrounds. The final thing is the one a lot of people notice around stage 100, the repeats in stages. Come on. What a lazy move. Plenty of games create THOUSANDS of levels that are harder to create than your little balls and blocks. This game has the potential to be a great app, but in the end, it has the quality of a beta stage game. I hope the developers realize that their add infested “free” game is so low quality that a 10 year old could make it on Khan Academy. Hope you all have a nice day. Update: I have now realized that they are adding new levels every few months. I can’t tell, however, if they are “adding new levels” and just saying that you can now get to stage 1500(?) and they just use the same stages.

- Welp

So it’s a great game and all but there are so many ads I got this game because I saw an ad for it on some other game and it said, “it took me 23 tries but I finally passed level one” so I downloaded it got to level 230 and the very next day it deleted ALL my progress so I started back from level on in just two days I’m at level 50 or so and there are so many freaking ads they spam the same ones over and over but I found a “hack” all you have to do is turn off your WiFi and cellular data and your good but then you miss text messages and stuff like that also thanks for adding bonus levels but why are the skins so expensive also I have a great idea for a game It’s called “slappy car” basically your in a car and you can unlock other ones but you have to stick your weapon or hand which would be the starter weapon out the window and try and cut down or slap only trees and for every tree you cut down or slap you get a certain amount of coins If you consider the game please note I don’t want in app purchases in it and also only revive ads and ads that give you coins and gems

- Pretty addicting

This is one of the most addicting games I’ve ever played! I tell myself “one more level” and then play 10 more before finishing. I’ve had it for a few weeks now and I’m over 1k levels. There really is no limit to how many levels you can go through and I’ve unlocked every floor theme. I’ve basically mastered the game! Although that has some downsides to it because once you know every move and what comes next (because every level I’ve played is basically a similar level to ones i have already finished) then you have basically beat the game like I have. I suggest adding a lot more things you can buy with the coins like maybe power-ups, upgrades for the ball, or just newer well made levels. Oh and could you cool it on the ads? I knew there would be ads when I got the game but this is just over kill! An ad literally pops up before I do anything in the game. Other than that, the game is awesome so keep the updates comin!

- Odd

The game is fun in a trivial way. There’s almost no levels that are hard and the ones that are hard are only like that due to bad design, stuff like colored blocks being placed too close together and the physics of certain shapes being a bit odd for the situation. Let me give an example. There’s a few stages where there will be a wall of colored blocks, and a big shape right in front of it. My example is this exact situation, except the giant object is a short cylinder, like a wheel of cheese, and the colored objects are a bunch of little triangles in a wall about four or five layers thick. The goal is to destroy the wall with the cylinder, but it was an oversight that the triangles can tip backwards and make a ramp for the cylinder, so it just launches into the air, and you’re left with a two or three layer thick wall. Those levels are few and far between, and I’ve only encountered about three of them in my 140 level experience. One more gripe. After level 100 you will get a message that you’ve completed the game, and that it will get harder from that point on... it does not. It stays the exact same in every single way imaginable, and doesn’t get challenging for even a second. Fun game, too easy.

- It’s pretty fun to play but there are other things

I really like the game, and I’ve only had it for two days but I’ve already noticed some things that are annoying and bother me. The first one is the adds. No I know there was going to be adds, but not every few seconds! Sometimes when I die it gives me the chance to continue and watch a add or just restart and try again. Even when I don’t want to continue I still have to watch add. What really bothers me is when I just stay that level with my ball already moving and then boom, a add pops up. So if you hate adds or are impatient then I don’t recommend it. Another thing is that the levels are too easy. Like I fly through 5 of them in minutes. But then there are those few levels out of no where are impossible. It takes me forever to get through it. I feel like for me the best thing about this game is that it’s satisfying to watch and play so it relaxes me a little bit. So if your a person thinking about getting this, I hope you can handle a ton of adds and easy levels.

- Great game! ... And then...

This is an amazing game. I absolutely love playing it. One problem though: it stops getting harder. At a certain point very early on in the game, the levels just stop getting more difficult. I should know, too, I’m on level 1097 and the game has not gotten ANY harder. I’m blasting through every level on the first try and I’ve started to get tired of it. Now, in NO way am I saying that you are bad at this game if you have a hard time getting past a level, but for those who do, there should be some more difficult levels. Other than this, I have no problems with the game. There are a lot of ads but you can either fix this by buying the NO ADS option or by putting your phone into airplane mode. Edit: I just saw that there has been a new feature added to buy a new theme or something like that? I’m not entirely sure what that is yet, but it’s definitely a step forward that they are adding new features and something to work towards so you don’t get bored. I’m excited to see what happens with this. 👍

- It could be five stars... but...

The game is enjoyable, kind of between relaxing and frustrating, but it’s some-what fun. The problem here is the ads. There are way too many ads in the game, and I’m not exaggerating. I got so tired if the ads, I even decided to refresh it (double tap to see all the tabs, get rid of the tab, reopen the game) just to not see it. “What do you mean?” Well there’s like a 97% chance that if you move onto another level or fail a level, you’d get an ad. The game is normally easy so every few seconds, it’s like “ad” “ad” “ad”. And normally, I’d go berserk and just throw the ball into random places. For me, there’s like a 12% chance that if I tap “No, thanks” when I fail a level, I won’t get an ad. It’s the same for going to the next level, too. Listen, it could be rated a 5 star for me if there weren’t that many ads. The only reason why I at least gave it a 3 star instead of a 1 star is because it’s a creative, fun, and relaxing game. It can be challenging but it’s fun in its own way. At least you have an ability to drag the ball forward fast and the ability to go back.


I love this app so much, it’s very simple and easy and it’s so addicting!!!, I have nothing to do during the days sometimes since I’m a 15 year old dude I can’t quite drive yet and I don’t have a job, so when I finish my distance learning due to the coronavirus I play this game, I’m currently on level 481 but one problem, when i first started playing the game, I didn’t know you could buy new floor skins, I thought it was only if you get it in chests and stuff, but now I got every skin from the chests, so I have 67,281 coins with nothing to do with them, if you could add a way to like buy new ball skins like make it a different shape or even be able to unlock different backgrounds, or different color schemes to buy with coins would be really cool. If you could please add something to do with the coins that’d be great because now I can only collect more coins from levels and chests. So please respond if you like my ideas or not thank you for reading this!!!

- Love This game but I have some suggestions.

This game is so fun that when I first got it I got past Level 100 and I can’t stop playing it but there is 1 thing bothering me there are to many adds almost every time I crash after that there is usually an annoying add and the only way to get rid of it is to pay money. I mean people it’s just adds why do you have to pay money to remove them. Also I think there should be a map with levels that get harder the higher on the map you are because these stages are super easy for you to pass. Please consider my suggestion Oh and if you do make sure that if you do do the level thing when the people update make sure that they stay on the level they were on before the update. One more suggestion how about letting people choose the color of there ball? That’s all I hope you take a couple of my suggestion and make them happen.

- Repetitive

Honestly, at the start of this game, it’s tons of fun, there’s something super satisfying about watching all the little blocks fall into the hole as you progress through the levels, but it doesn’t take terribly long before I started realizing there was absolutely zero challenge to this game, out of 100 levels, I had to redo to, and one of those was because the hole ‘jumped’ locations, everything you’re supposed to drop is so spread out there’s almost no effort in avoiding the blocks you’re not supposed to drop, and on top of that, those hundred levels were completed in about the tine it takes to watch one episode pretty much any tv show. And not only that, after about twenty or thirty levels, I started noticing something odd, levels seemed like they started repeating, they’re all split into two parts, but they seem to mix and match existing pieces of thirty or fourth variants and just throw them at you again with thirty second ads every other level, I found myself replaying the first few levels all over again by the time I decided to call it quits. Would not recommend this to anyone that isn’t looking to just waste an hour watching more ads than ‘playing’ this game

- Needs work... A lot of work

So I’m going to start out by saying I’ve had this game for a couple of months. Here are some pros: The app it’s self is fresh and clean-looking and runs smoothly with no glitches. (For me at least). I also like the concept of the game it just needs some more thought put into it. Now here are the cons: the levels are ridiculously hard once you get to like level 20. That is part of the reason I have not been coming back to this game. I also don’t like how expensive the floors and balls are a they really don’t add much more depth to the game. Also the controls are kinda hard because of the camera moving with the ball. Also why can’t we stop the ball?? And as cool as changing the color of the ball in the middle of the level is, it gets a little confusing. And the levels seem kinda repetitive... Anyway overall this game needs a bit of work, and I will be deleting this game until the next update and see what has been “ fixed “. Thanks for reading my review and this is Salty Meg out!

- Love, but....

I absolutely love this game! It's sooooo fun!! And I can not stop playing it! Although I do have a couple little problems. The first one is, there are way to many adds. When I was trying to get through level 81 (which took me a while.) Every time I would press no thanks it would show me an add. So it was ether continue and watch an add or start over and watch an add. My second problem is when the add for Helix Jump comes up I can't get out. If you play the mini game it will say continue. Then if you press that it will bring to the app store. If you try to go back to the game it won't let you. One last thing. If you double click out of the game because of an add and you about to get coins it won't let you. It'll just resume what level you were on. It gets really annoying after a while. Love this app so much, and I hope you can fix these things!

- Eh...

Indeed, a very interesting game, where you play as a ball and try to avoid obstacles such as blocks or orbs that block your path. I like this game, a lot, but their is one thing that stops me from rating it 5 stars... The ads in this game are very common. Every 2 levels that you complete, you watch an army man advertisement. If you die, you are given the option to watch an ad to revive. If not, you watch a skippable advertisement anyway. Every 5 or so games, if you haven’t already rated the product, it will ask you how many stars you would give it. These two features bug me, especially since this is meant to be a soothing game. This may be because of my old device, but this app swiftly drained my battery life. I was playing for a few minutes at 20% battery or so. All of a sudden I see a message saying that I am instead at 10% battery life remaining. Again, not sure if this is intended for others. In conclusion, it is a great game. Definitely not worthy of 1 star, but not exactly worth 4 stars....

- There’s a cool glitch, but I think it’s gotta go

Hello Producers, This is a fellow player that plays this game (duh😂) and there is a cool glitch but I thinks it’s gotta go. Some people may be saying “No, this kids dumb, he’s lying” but I’m not. And I’m not gonna lie, I actually used this glitch to help me get past a few levels, but anyway you guys or girls may be wondering “What glitch?” and that’s what I’m going to tell you guys or girls. The glitch is if you play on mobile or any other device or whatever, if you flick the ball behind you so you can’t see it in the front of you, and you just keep on letting the ball rolling behind you, it doesn’t hit anything. So you never lose and you don’t hit anything. So I’m sorry for anyone who uses this glitch, but I think it’s gotta go. From a Fellow Player

- a very addicting game!

This game is addicting. I can’t stop playing it. The levels are pretty much average, and the game is in very good quality. But, there are a few things I want to argue about. To begin with, like many other games, it has that watch an ad to continue, if you fail. I press No Thanks but it gives me an ad every time! It’s like either way, you’re going to get an ad. There’s like a 4.6% chance I don’t get an ad. It’s quite annoying. In addition, why is the No Thanks button so small and hard to see?! It’s at the bottom of the screen and it’s a gray color while the rest of the text is white. It’s like we don’t even have a choice. I know apps have ads to get money, but too many ads is just super annoying and it’ll get you low ratings. Of course, I gave this game a 4 stars, but lost that 1 star for annoying ads. Even though this game is addicting, it’s not the best game in the world and is quite frustrating sometimes.

- It’s a good game... but..

I personally like this game. I find so,e of the colors that they use aesthetically pleasing, and when you are able to knock the blocks off the edge is very satisfying to me. There aren’t many adds and yes some levels are repetitive, but I see this game more of it’s a rainy day game.. or you’re waiting for someone to text back. Some things I wish would change is the vibrant colors. I found it more easy on the eyes and much more fun to play when the colors weren’t popping making me go blind😂 I also don’t really like when they put up walls, since one of the reasons I play this game was to watch how satisfying it was when you push blocks off the edge. But, I like the new feature of the laser, where you change colors, I find that interesting. This is a good game. I’ll admit that, just 5e colors and some of the new features took away what I loved most about this game. It is worth getting if you are looking to pass time.

- Paid the 2 dollars and here’s my review

So after many advertisements later for so many mindless games. I decided to check this game out due to this being the more interesting one. Now, as a gamer, I expect certain basic features. These developers were really banking on you not paying the 2 dollars to skip the ads cause once you do. There’s nothing to this game. I got up to stage 20 and it’s been the same challenge. They expect you to just sit through ads after each level. There’s not even an option to select a favorite stage which I figure that’s because there’s no difference between stages. The only people this game was made for was mindless zombies and infants. I’m not even going to try other mobile games of this same type. They don’t even try to be a new candy crush or angry birds. Just plain boring in level diversity. And even when you die in the game, they just put you close to the finish line. There’s no consequence to dying. Just plain boring. The only reason I put 2 stars was that it intrigued me in the beginning.

- Reduced Stars...

Been playing awhile... on Level 756. My previous review was glowing, and I gave 5 Stars. I think this could be a classic game... but not in the current state. Players need to have goals and reasons to keep going. Just getting through a level, over and over, won’t sustain interest in the long haul. Here’s why I am revising my Review: (1) It’s fun but after all these levels, the game is repetitive and there is nothing to aim for. What about getting points for knocking objects into those holes? Or points for knocking opposing colored items out of the playing field? Points could simply be a measure of your proficiency; and give you some way to measure your progress. (2) Or... How about seeing how fast you can get through a level... have the option to do a level either timed or not timed... which brings me to my next issue... (3) There’s no way to repeat a level, once you’ve completed it. I’d love to try to better my time... or beat my score... (4) Making tiers of levels would add interest. What if every level could be played in “normal” mode, and also in “difficult” (fast) mode? What if you could keep going back to a level until you mastered both normal and difficult modes (mastery = getting through on one try)? (5) The Settings offer little. Why can’t I change something... the color? the speed? dark/light mode? And— How do I contact the Developer with a question or suggestion? I paid to remove the ads. Now I would pay to keep this game interesting.

- Pleasant, fun, addicting, but...

I enjoy the game. I find it very easy to pick up and put down and it’s visually appealing. It’s a great example of a simple concept going a long way. However, the thing keeping me from rating the game 5/5 is the ads when you’re playing the free version. I don’t mind supporting ad revenue but I think it’s a bit ludicrous that I am not sure if I’ve played the game longer than I’ve viewed the ads. They’re way too frequent. I think it reasonable to watch an ad every couple of levels. I’m forced to watch a 5-second ad after each of 4 out of 5 levels of not dying. There is also an ad permanently displaying at the bottom of the screen when playing. Every time you lose the round, you’re forced to wait 10 seconds before trying again. There is the option to continue after watching an ad (which I won’t press ever again because it plays a 30-second ad which triples the time to wait of just not pressing the button) and it doesn’t affect future losses. That choice of “wait 10 seconds” or “watch a 30-second ad while you wait 10-seconds” is ALWAYS there. Again, I like the game a lot. It’s great. I just thought it was so funny the fact that I couldn’t figure out how much play time I have compared to ad time. In fact, the ads are so abundant that I was inspired to write my first-ever app review about them.

- Great game for relaxing, but there are some near game breaking bugs on some levels

I’m currently on level 286, so obviously I like this game and while most of this game is spent enjoyably, every once in a while, like maybe every 75 rounds there will be bugs that cause the objects to shift when they spawn on the map, distorting their intended positions into sometimes impassable obstacles. I see this happen mainly on maps where the objects are balanced on top of each other, leading to them falling over and blocking paths. The only way I’ve managed to pass these levels is with luck by ramming hard into whatever I can before these paths, hopefully creating a safe passage I can sneak through. Sometimes this takes dozens of attempts, and I’m sure many people will not do what I did, uninstall and believe the game to be broken, as I have almost done multiple times. If these levels were fixed I’d rate this app 5 stars, but they drastically change the overall experience.

- Fun ................……………………sometimes

Well for starters the game is much too easy so easy that I am on level 2146. There are also weird shapes like little tiny shapes and huge shapes so that’s fine but sometimes u have to use the big shapes and try to get to the other side by running into the little shapes with the big shape but then the big shape goes over the little shapes only sometimes though every time I update the game new levels are on there but last time I updated the game there were new obstacles like holes that you could fall into. There is also these things that you run into and your ball changes colors but , I like that part. Other than that I love the game and if you are one of those people who likes the new and different obstacles then you wasted your time reading this and in that case you just shouldn’t have read it in the first place so yeah. By, None of your business. :3 😜

- Thanks, but no thanks

I’m sorry not sorry for this review. 23 tries to reach level 2 is like saying I took 42 tries to eat a piece of cake. You didn’t finish it, BECAUSE YOU WASTED YOUR TIME. The ad has Squidward looking like a hill-billy so than I think it looks hard to play. But I realize all your ads seem hard and fun, and turn out to be easy and boring. It’s mind blowing to see all your ads are garbage. It shows nothing like the continuous obstacle being shown on the ad and I feel stupid and angry for downloading this piece of garbage. I just deleted it and felt happier after. Please don’t download it. There’s also lots of bugs for me, so I’m not sorry for writing this, soooo... take your own risks, people. I’m a kid and I’m supposed to be energetic and feeling healthy. I do things like walk, run, etc. Lots of exercise wasted sitting on the couch completing every level and playing until my eyes hurt and hope there’s a change. Sports are fun to keep my mind off this game as well. This is probably going to be in my nightmares. Thanks for ruining a 12 year old’s life with this crummy crapshoot of a game.

- Very enjoyable, but could use some extra fun

Got an ad on another game for Color Bump 3D and tried it out. Yes, if you play the free version there are a lot of ads, but it’s only priced at $1.99...which is extremely reasonable. I had none of the issues other reviews had with glitching, ball falling off table, lag, speed issues, etc. Game play was smooth and worked perfectly fine. Perhaps those reviewers were on the free play? There are a lot of levels, but they are short in duration , so I breezed up thru level 100 in about an hour. Some suggestions: 1. I think it would be cool to have an option to see the path of destruction you left on the level. 2. Maybe add some vibrations or sound effects during game play (NOT MUSIC), for when you hit larger objects. 3. A scoring system? Maybe high points if you don’t knock anything off the table? 4. More “bowling” type of obstacles. Those were the only ones that slightly tripped me up as it takes a bit of practice to hit the large ball, but not so hard that your ball hits the color behind it. I’m on level 101, so this last comment may be premature, but perhaps have levels that consist of one type of obstacle. Meaning, all “bowling” or all zigzag maze-esque. Or how about a level that requires you to push a solid bar or block thru an entire level of color? Could be quite challenging.

- Awesome game but not too creative

This game is amazing! It’s fun and colorful and a great pass time, but the only problem is that the levels keep repeating! I’ve had this situation come up many times, first it was scarce like the same obstacle coarse after 10 to 12 level but as I progressed it just happened more and more often. An example that just happened 5 min ago... I’m currently on level 265 and I realized that the obstacle coarse on this level was the same as the one on level 263! Now I don’t know if everyone gets the same levels or it’s mixed up for every person but if it’s the same and u get there try and remember maybe you will find out yourself too. I really like this game and I don’t want to delete it but and suggestion for the creators, try and add different types of obstacles that are unpredictable or color changer bars every 5 seconds. You know, sorta mix it up a bit.


I hate the new update! So this is how it happened. I was on my phone playing the game Color Bump 3D I really liked it I am on a really high level. So ya. I went to the App Store to download a new app. I also realized I needed to update Color Bump 3D. So I did. I updated it and then played the game. As I was playing the game I am immediately knew the update but I was wrong. I thought the new update was like that the obstacle courses have got harder but no it didn’t because I was on the really high level first first of all. So that couldn’t have been the case. Anyway let’s get to the real reason why am writing. Every time I die on this app it makes me watch a video. But I used to not be this way. Every time I did die last time I used to have it well I could die and then it would let me watch a video to say myself or I could say no thanks not save myself at all and you would let me redo it but this time it Hass to make me watch a video!!! And I do not like it at all! Can you please fix this😩😩😩😩😩😩

- So many adds 😩😩😩😩😩

The adds are so annoyingly annoying 😩😩😩😩. When I die in the game I see one and when I spawn I see one it’s just sooooooooooo many adds! I think there is so many that I don’t have a chance to actually play the game 😱. It’s good but the adds just ruin the fun of actually playing the game. It’s just adds! There is so many I think there is to many adds in the game. (This is just my opinion, I like the game but the adds just ruin the game that I play it’s just to many.) Thank you to the creator of this game for making it. It’s super fun and easy and it does not frustrate me when I’m playing. It has easy obstacles to do and it makes the game super fun to play! I also like how it’s in 3D it helps me know where the obstacles are and it’s just super fun! Very nice game I hope to see more games like this! Some things I need to say is that I we can go under the obstacles. It’s very hard when a ball goes under me and I run into the color I can’t touch. Sometimes I can’t go backwards and it just is like a border on me that won’t let me back. I don’t know if you can fix this? It’s kind of annoying but a good kind of annoying 👍. If you fix this Thank you, if you don’t still Thank you for making this game. Again Thank you so much! Have a nice day if anyone or the creator sees this! Thank You!

- Not for me.

This game has several things that just make me upset. First of all, on every single new level, when you earn a reward, it gives you the “option” to watch an ad to get 5x the reward, or you can decline. As I don’t like wasting my time on ads, I decline. But guess what happens! Oh jolly gee, and ad! Even though I declined, it still showed me an ad. This is very frustrating. I now have no choice but to turn on airplane mode and be unable to use wifi when I play it to remove the disgusting amount of ads. The ads between levels take longer to watch than to complete the level itself. My second problem is the fact that the balls moves about 1 mile per hour. It’s ridiculously slow, and makes me fail the levels because I move the ball to the top of the screen in effort to go faster, and this makes me fail as I don’t see the incoming killbrick. I suspect they make you go slow so that you play for longer and in turn, they get more ad revenue in their pockets. This is why I personally hate this money trap.

- Ehh.

I mean it’s fun in all but it’s bad. Sorry to write a bad review I fell bad but I’m being honest, whenever I got the app I was excited for long and exciting levels they ended up being short and boring, very easy too.! Easy is boring I prefer you make some rounds longer right now I’m on level 2 because I got mad on how short and boring they are. Sorry being honest, I really would of enjoyed it and wouldn’t have to write the review. I really would like it if the levels were longer and they were more fun like fire breathing dragons like the fire is certain colors and you have to go in the fire into the color! That would be really cool!! 😺 I really like the game for these reasons: colors are very colorful. Not to many adds, pretty much it I’m super sorry for writing this bad review hopefully you get my evidence and use it for you app it would mean the whole world to me! You probley won’t so why do I write this.. Anyways thanks for reading this! If you did really hope you get my evidence! Thanks ❤️💗

- Not a good game

So I’ve just downloaded this game. I thought it would be good since I’ve saw so many ads about this game when I was playing Dancing Line (which is another game. Dancing Line is WAY better than Color Bump 3D). When I started playing, I was immediately bored out of my mind! It was so not fun! I was on stage six in thirty seconds. Those ads I watched were lies! It looked so fun, but when I really tried this game, it was horrible! If you want, go try this game. I bet you’ll be going like, “this is so boring!” Because it is not a good game at all! I am so mad at those ads. And I really hope you (the developer) change this game better because I am going to give this game a bad review. If you ever ask me for a good game, I suggest Helix Jump, Miraculous (Ladybug and Cat Noir), and Dancing Line. So about this game, do not download Color Bump 3D. It is horrible! Anyway, don’t get it. Sorry developer, but I’d much rather watch Justin Bieber’s concerts than play this game. By the way, I am a huge fan of Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Lolirock. — LolirockC

- Not so good, Not so bad

I like this game. It’s fun and challenging and it’s four star quality. I don’t like how this game spams you with adds. I only get to play two levels that I pass quickly Bc this game is so easy, and then I get an add. And also about some of the level designs. I don’t like how in some of the levels there’s a thick wall and some big object in front of it to where you knock it down. It either makes the huge object launch OVER it or it just knocks a few walls down. And also I think the balls should have some cute little skins, like the bonus levels should be the coins you unlock it at. Also I think this game is unbeatable. The levels go on and on and I can never find a end. I’m on level 378 and I had at least 309 adds on the game. Because this game spams you with adds like I had said before. This game is fun and easy. Keep on being amazing Voodoo!

- Decent game, hundreds of ads...

This would be a decent 3-4 star game to pass some time, that is if the money hungry game devs weren’t shoving tons of ads down your throat 24-7. There is almost ALWAYS an ad at the bottom of your screen not to mention an ad after every attempt/stage. Furthermore, if you end up failing a stage you are given the option to watch an ad to get a second chance while saving your progress. If you choose not to watch the ad you are forced to wait about 10 seconds to try again, that is until you tap once to uncover the dark gray “No Thanks” button at the bottom of the screen. Now keep in mind the background is black so the button is almost impossible to see. On top of all this, if you manage to find the “No Thanks” button and press it, or you let the 10 second timer run down you are met with an AD! This is so ridiculous, it makes the game unplayable in my opinion, however if you’re fine with spending more time watching ads than actually playing the game... be my guest.

- Ok... But

The Game is OK there is a couple of things that I think is stupid and weird that it’s doesn’t work because I had to do a couple levels over and over again because I did exactly what I should’ve to do it and then it said I can’t getting it wrong so I had to redo all of it so that is one of my concern is the other one is that there is way way too many ads and I don’t personally like games with you I had to put a couple here in there like one every two levels or something like that but so there’s too many ads and it kind of glitches it does glitch and then my other concern is on how were the colors Our next to each other but not close to lowball can fit through but it says that it touched yet and didn’t touch so those are concerned I like the game kind of but other than those concerns it can be improved because all the bug and it can’t be fixed too so those are my concerns

- Good but there’s some problems

This game is fun. It’s challenging but easy enough to be fun. That’s the way most people like it. But there’s a some problems 1. It needs a little more action maybe it could go a little faster there’s not much to it, it just needs a little bit more, like I said more action. 2. There’s to much ads it’s like you play one round of the game then comes a long ad and you might not even be able to play a whole round it’s like when she fail and even when you finish there’s an ad. I get you are trying to make money but there’s to much maybe instead of being an ad every round there could be an ad every 4 rounds. By there being too many ads people would rather play a different game then watch all the ads. It is a super fun game I like the how the ball will change colors, that’s some action. The game is perfect all it needs is more action and less ads.

- Pretty good

I downloaded this game two days to help with my anxiety and depression and it’s helped a lot I’m already passed level 400. The levels aren’t too hard but also not too easy which is nice. My only complaint is there’s not really much to do with the coins. You can buy patterns for the floor but I bought all of those patterns on the first day I played now I have over 60,000 coins. Maybe do designs for the balls or trails for the balls or we use so many coins and we can purchase the ability to choose what colors our stages can be I personally like the pink and purple one and wish I could use it all of the time. Also the green and yellow stage- the green and yellow are too similar in color I have perfect eye sight but I do think that anyone with any problems with seeing, probably has a hard time telling the colors apart

- This game is satisfying

This game is satisfying. In the sense when paper is cut in half properly or a sand-which is made just right satisfying. The game is challenging enough. I have lost time playing this game and enjoying winging the color blocks off the sides and zinging the ball to the finish line. It’s literally a 100% gratifying. Yes, this would be considered a complete an utter stress reliever. There is no levels or stupid gems that you have to level up to, just make it to the finish line. There is also not any lives that you must buy. Yes, in the free version there is continuous and annoying ads that will make you want to pull your hair out. It’s one of those games you will be happy you spent the $1.99 on, no ads, no leveling up, no lost lives just a satisfying game. Happy day!

- Just not worth it

The game is okay and addicting enough, but the ads are ridiculous. I get that devs need to make a living, but you quite literally spend more time watching ads than you do actually playing the game. It's like they knew the game wasn't going to be worth buying so they packed it full of ads to get back their dime and hoped it would force people to pay for the ad-free version. The physics are nice and there is a certain satisfaction that you get from pushing all those tiny shapes around, but the game lacks polish and progression. There are no consequences for dying because you can continue by watching an ad or just continue for nothing if you bought the ad-free version. The levels begin very easy and hardly progress with any added difficulty. At the end of the day it's an okay game but it isn't worth the ad experience or even the $2 asking price.

- The amount of ads are ridiculous

The ads are so annoying, like y’all need to do something about it. I just want to play the game after I beat a level or fail one without all the ads in between every single match, it’s so annoying. I’d have started a game already and then all of a sudden an ad pops up AFTER I started the next round, like cmon? That’s ridiculous. It makes me not want to play your game anymore. It is unnecessary to have all these ads after every game, really. It’s quite annoying having to wait 20 seconds to play a 10 second round. Y’all don’t need to be annoying your players like that, the copious amount of ads is annoying and disruptive, it doesn’t do anything but drive your players away from playing the game. It’d be better if you didn’t have so many ads in between EVERY SINGLE match, so it won’t be as disruptive and won’t be the majority of the complaints in your game review from players.

- Like the game and it’s idea.. but there’s something keeping me from not deleting it.

This game has been pretty fun, been playing for a few days and have already gotten to level 104. Just. Two things though. 1: the immense amount of ads. Every time you begin another run after dying, another ad. Sometimes doing nothing, get an ad. And not just short little pop ups. I’m talking 30 second, 45 sec, and even ads that a up to (and over) a minute long, and sometimes it’s unskippable. Extremely annoying. 2: The game’s very odd senses. Sometimes I’ll be running along and blocks I’m not even touching or hadn’t been forced to move all of a sudden are right in front of me and end up killing. Other times I’ve seen where I’ve tried to use on block to stop a moving block, from, moving, and it doesn’t stop causing me to crash into it unknowingly. I’m deleting that game, come and tell me when this is fixed. Thank you!

- Farts

I love this game so much I could speak I mean I like I love it it’s like farts all the time and I look 40 so it like makes youHe was also but I will take a lowball him or you don’t love Lala OK so then I get there and I ate some chicken nuggets I’ll be like dude let me play the game and I saw him and I’ll play it like I see Batman know what to play this game so let me take a bath and slide it on there and then I got like running and then it’s like nuggets nuggets yeah why are you so sad that it’s like yeah I’ll do it in the catch-up and eat it so then I got a think about that love you Sophia 😋 burgers I think I don’t answer mother I get some extra pickles and the bee and be like yo you gonna play that game it’s all good because I love it so much and she was like what we need to talk about and


I have three things to say 1.there are to many ad’s 2.i have some suggestions for improvements 3. THIS IS AN AMAZING GAME AD’S I personally love this game even though I believe there are too many ad’s. Yes I know it’s how you guys make money but I believe that an ad every single time you die or pass a level is just too much. Besides the ad’s I believe that this is an amazing game and it would be even better without all the ad’s. SUGGESTIONS/ IMPROVEMENTS I believe that there is nothing wrong with this game as of the overall game except sometimes it can be glitchy and sensitive. Besides that I believe that you could add different balls that you could get with coins and I also believe you should add a pause button while you are playing the game because one time I was in a restaurant and I was playing a level that was actually really hard and I had almost finished the level then the waiter came to take our order and I couldn’t pause the game so I died on a level I almost finished just because you don’t have a pause button. THIS GAME IS AMAZING overall the game is awesome is different from other games I don’t have much left to say but thank you for making this awesome game - lilly

- Seriously

I love this game I can’t stop playing this but they’re are two problems with them 1. There is an add after every time you lose and 2. This relates to the last problem because after you lose you have a chance to watch an add so that you can live again but when you don’t want to do that it gives you as long as an add to make your decision and so then you become so annoyed with waiting that you just watch the add and while that might seem like a good deal the stress of watching all these adds on top of the ones that you get after dying it’s frustrating and that anger piles up and it just becomes to much but you stay on it anyways because it’s so much fun and so your just setting your self up for frustration but other than that its a good game.

- Not bad, just add a bit more

Overall this game is very fun and satisfying. To me, whenever I hit something, even if I die, it satisfies me. The ads don’t bother me, really. I just exit out of the app and then go back in. I think that’s a faster way to go back to the game. I actually like the ads a little bit, since two days ago I downloaded three different apps because of ads about them! Anyway, let’s get to the point. The game is nice, but there’s no point to it. You don’t earn anything, you’re just playing a game. Maybe when you get to a certain level you get some coins, and you can use them for skins and stuff. I’ll play the game even more if you add more. I’d really appreciate it if you make this app a bit more fun. Thanks! -Nicolettec606

- Omg

I love this game so much!!! I’m only nine at the time but my tenth birthday is next month exactly! It is only my first day playing this but I’m on stage 47! I know it’s not a lot of stages but it’s kinda hard but fun! Although I play this a lot and it’s my first day I would like newer things especially for the people that have been playing this for a long time. Such as new worlds or places. I would also like new balls so instead of balls like maybe animals or something. Another thing that I think would be cool is if we could jump. It doesn’t even have to be far it can only be a little jump. I’m not saying that you have to do any of these they are just suggestions for the game. Thank you

- Eh. could be better

I could rate this 5 stars if a couple things changed. first off, I got this game not over an hour ago, and tried it. I’m on level 4, and the ball goes to slow. It’s so slow, and it’s VERY annoying. Second, there are WAY to many adds. Every time I fail or win, it will give me the option to either restart, or continue. If you want to continue then you must do an add, and so I pressed no thanks. Except there still WAS an add. The same thing happens on a game called run race 3D. If I were you, and downloaded the game just like me, then I would press continue. At least you GET something from the add. One last thing. The levels are SO easy. TO easy. But like I said before, it goes slow and takes a LONG time. Anyway, The game overall is pretty fun, but overall it’s a two star game. Sorry guys! Bye the way, If you like the adds, then GET RUN RACE 3D!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

- Was good at first

So I liked this game enough to buy it because the ads were painfully long and frustrating and my desire to play the game quite strong...I am on level 202 and I think I’m pretty much done. It took less than a week to get there. It starts out fun, but ends up not being challenging. Whenever you actually reach a challenging part and you loose the game will most often start you back at that spot but with the main challenge removed. So really you never have to try real hard. And after awhile that becomes boring. I quickly learned how to speed up and slow down. That for the most part you can just go right through every level quite easily. Which in the end is boring. I would like it better if there were more challenges and possibly other options for challenging levels.

- Decent, but short and too easy

This is a very fun game but is hurt by 1) the incessant ads and 2) it’s way too easy. There are ads around 1/3 of the time after you win/lose a level in the game, and the ads require you to watch for at least 5 seconds before exiting. Given that an individual level takes maybe 15 seconds to complete, that means a big fraction of your time playing this game is spent watching ads, waiting for them to end. Also, the game is very simple. There are no particularly challenging levels, and losing a level has no penalty. I beat most levels on first try, and no level took me more than 5 attempts. The only time I had difficulty playing this game was when I was after getting very drunk. Also, it’s kind of a short game: I started to notice that levels were repeating around level 190.

- It’s a good game but.............

It’s a really fun game and he keeps me distracted from my brother but the levels are getting easier and boring please add harder and funner levels if you get bored easily this wouldn’t be a fun game for you and also there are so many ads like every single time you complete a level there will be add it gets really annoying I am at level 214 and the levels are way too easy even my cat can do it and that’s not a metaphor it’s true and my cat is only two months old so it’s really easy and for people who like to be challenged this wouldn’t be a fun game for you but when it’s Night on the weekend it’s really fun to play so I can just chill out. Ok I just figured out they keep on repeating levels it’s getting so annoying and easy well it was already easy if you get this I hope you enjoy the game

- Please read and happy holidays! 😉😁🥳

I would make a giant essay on this and include every little detail of every little problem if I could but I must make this fast. Please click see more at the bottom of this to continue ready my review. So first of all it’s way to easy until it hits stage 42. it’s sooooo hard then I’m still stuck on 42! Now the glitches, ooooh those terrible glitches. Ok ok I must hurry. It will make your ball disappear but the stage will keep going. On the screen it will just go and go moving until it reaches the finish line. And your ball isn’t there so really you’re doing nothing but watching this and it still continues and then it says you completed the stage. Ahhhh I hate glitches! Plus there’s too much ads. Which doesn’t bother me too much because they need the money, but I’m just saying I don’t like it. Phew, I finished. Please read the disclaimer bellow. Disclaimer I am simply just making suggestions on what the makers can fix please do not think I’m offending anyone. And this is a great game they just need to fix a few things. I bet you will have fun if you download despite the complaints. Have a great day/night and Happy Holidays if you read this around the holidays. 😉 thanks for reading! 🙂

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- Good for zoning out

Very simple game for zoning out when you don’t want something hard or complicated. Levels seem to be unlimited with difficulty/speed increasing every 100 levels. Ads on free version are a bit too much and too often but you can always just block the app from using data to avoid them. Just paid for no adds version after reaching level 615 as I figure if I’ve got that far, I’d better support the developers. Would be nice if there was an option to disable the “continue level” pop up when you crash as I hate using it but keep accidentally pressing it instead of “no thanks”.


Just Don’t download this app. Don’t make the same mistake me and so many others did. Let’s see the issues: 1: SO MANY ADS! There was at least a ratio of 2 ads that at least went for 30 seconds every 30 seconds, and the funny thing was most of those ads were for this APP! 2: Difficultly: You think when you progress through an app it gets harder not this app if anything it gets easier! It gets SO repetitive I mean you keep expecting something better to come but you’re continually disappointed! 3: Gameplay: There are a few sub points I want to make: -Music and overall sound effects: There’s no sound, no music just pure silence now note that in the ad there’s music and sound so where is it on the app? And there’s no setting for it don’t worry I checked. -Lag: It’s so laggy it’s annoying, and it’s not internet, other apps open or battery: no it’s the game itself! It’s so bad that you die which causes an ad which you then have to wait to finish only for ANOTHER one to play! -Controls:This may be a personal preference but the controls are just annoying you literally have to drag the ball but because of the lag it takes forever and then it kills you cause the you take your hand off! Conclusion: I don’t know how this app keeps getting five stars! Cause it sure doesn’t deserve it. Don’t download this app! Just don’t! This app deserves -infinity stars cause no number can describe how bad this app this. Good Day!

- Terrible - do not bother with this app

I got so many ads about this game in the end i just decided to get it. SO BORING. It’s wayyyy too easy. Who knows, i might bother to keep playing when the levels might get harder, except that after EVERY SINGLE TRIAL (no, not every time you complete a level, every single attempt) you get a 30 second ad which you can’t skip until about 15 seconds have passed. Even if their were no ads i would DEFINITELY stop playing this game because it’s really laggy, not at all visually pleasing, just annoying. it’s like maths homework. It keeps coming up in your face telling you to do it and then when you finally do it it’s even worse than you thought it would be. SCREW THIS GAME!! DO NOT BOTHER TO GET IT!! I’d give it 0 stars if i could. Or -1. Maybe -3. That sounds about right. -from an australian who still has a lot of homework to do but instead wasted her time getting this garbage


I downloaded this app because I thought it would challenging and fun. That was, until I completed the first level. I was bombarded by so many 30 second adds that eventually I started receiving adds asking me to download the very app that I was playing. And because of the ridiculous amount of adds this game is extremely laggy. On top of all of that the game is not challenging at all. Its so easy that the only reason that I died is because the game asked me to rate the app but didn’t pause the game so I died. Eventually after a while a playing on the app I noticed that some levels were very similar with the ones I had done before. All of this added together makes this game so unbelievably boring it’s not even funny. Do not download this app, it is a humongous waste of time and storage, and extremely boring and repetitive. Very disappointing!!!!!!

- Okay

I’m up to level 1879 now but I don’t know why I bothered. Every twenty levels are the same and there’s more ads then gameplay. Since I updated it, the colour combos have definitely gotten more aesthetic and I used to love the bonus levels. Now that I bought all the patterns, I don’t know what to do with all the coins. I absolutely love the levels when they scatter the pieces though, I wish all the levels were like that, maybe in the next version? And maybe get some new patterns too. Overall, you should get it but don’t keep it for too long.

- Cool game 😎

I really liked the look of this game when I saw the ads for it I wanted to download it straight away. So when my brother asked if he could get it I asked too and we were allowed and as soon as it had finished being downloaded, I pressed on it straight away and started to do level one but it was really easy but that doesn’t matter. And so was level two. And three. And four. And five. But not six. Or seven. Or eight. You probably get the idea. So thanks for reading and one thing that I forgot to say-you have to download this! But wait for the ads.

- Color Bump 3D awesome

I love this game and it’s challenges. I have hit a snag with stage 133 though, can’t seem to get through as there are no colour barrier options or enough space to get through/past with my ball colour?? I have googled the walk through and it looks as though the barriers are supposed to jump out of the way but they aren’t, it isn’t working. I deleted and reloaded the game and now stage 5 is doing it too. The pieces aren’t jumping when they are supposed to. Something is wrong, please fix it 🙏🙏🙏

- Don’t get this game

At first you see ads about this game and you think this is easy and would get harder overtime, but it is the same levels over and over. The controls in this game are terrible because of the lag, you move your ball out of the way of danger but with the lag you either don’t move or you move the slightest bit. Every level there is an ad even if you die early during the game, this game would be good if the controls were better, there was no lag and different levels. Overall don’t get this game if you want different gameplay. Btw if you want to get rid of ads all You have to do is turn off your wifi.

- Fun but..

This game is REALLY fun, but it can be annoying when you have to leave the game to do something I think the creator should add a pause button. Also another thing is ADS 😒 I know the game needs ads, to make money but the are coming up EVERYWHERE! But, a lot of other apps have ads (including this one) but please maybe have an ad if you need another life? Other then ads it’s a pretty fun game to play, and is challenging!

- To improve

Hi. MY name is piper and I’m so so proud of what great game you guys have made it is Excellent ,I love it and I’m so Addicted to it ( in a good way). But like all games there is something that can be better and my Opinion is that all you need to do is let the ball keep going and not have stops .if I am Wrong please don’t take this Offensively that is all l have to say .and Once again great. Thanks for reading this message it means a lot 😄.

- My feedback about this game

It is an awesome game give me a really big challenge for me and I like how it makes it so difficult but exciting at the same time that you just want to keep on going and you make and I like it and it’s not the ads that make me angry it’s just the way that you can’t touch a certain color but you never know until you touch it😻😾.

- Ads man

I thought this would be a chill little game but its really basic, please consider adding some chill music and a reward system or something like idk more points for knocking over more objects or whatever, some motion graphics woul be cool too like when i fling the ball forward to knock something far ahead. Also the ads! I understand the need for monitisation but seriously? Theres a banner ad during gameplay and a 30 second pop up after every level! Please tone it down

- Don’t Waste Your Time

I’ve read some bad reviews about this game that says it’s really laggy, looks bad, and that after every failure or level completed you have to watch 15 seconds of a 30 second ad, this isn’t completely true, the ads are NOT that long, but I think it’s definitely overrated with all the ads and I just watched Five Feet Apart (movie) and now my favourite quote is ‘life is too short to waste a second’ that’s why I don’t use apps with ads anymore. I recommend to people who want to waste their lives watching ads!

- Needs a lot of work

I got the app interested in the add I was shown and yet it is so incredibly boring. After about the second level I was being flooded with the same two adds over and over. If you win a level your pride? It’s an add. The levels are so slow and similar and you don’t get anything for winning like a character or coins to get add ons. It’s just a repetitive game with a rolling ball. It is also similar to rolling sky a great game in my opinion. And due to all the adds the game is laggy. Please keep working on the app it needs a lot of it.

- Ok but boring

So repetitive - sometimes you’ll get the same level immediately again but with just the colours changed. The points system soon earns everything available and then just accumulates with nothing to buy with them. Then you hit a level where there’s only a pixel width either side and you’ll fail so endlessly you’ll uninstall the game. Be nice to have been able to use points to “buy” a pass to skip a level if it’s too hard or annoying, or something like that rather than never be able to progress any further. And SERIOUSLY needs a reward for doing max damage; or pushing the most pieces off the board; or pushing pieces over the finish line with you - especially where those pieces are the other colour, you definitely ought to get points for carrying opposing colours across the finish line with you.

- To much repeating

I’ve been playing this game for half a year now, l am on level 713 BUT I have realised that since level 350 the levels start to repeat and while I was giving level 712 a go, it was impossible then a month later it was an easy level. So with that said l hope the game has a couple of challenges in it.


This app might look good in the adds, but it’s not. It goes frozen every 2 seconds and the ball is extremely hard to control. It’s pretty much a 3D glitching copy of Snake Vs Colours. That doesn’t glitch at all! If you were about to get this, then get Snake Vs Colours instead. The only reason I put this 2 stars is because it’s a 3D game. I do like 3D, but this is to glitchy. Also, there is a add after and sometimes before every single level! There are soo many! So whatever you do, DON’T DOWNLOAD. Get Snake Vs Colours instead.

- Pretty good, a few minor issues though

This is a great game if you love bright colours because there are a lot of bright colours but the reason I give it a three star rating is because of how many ads come up.... I die... an ad comes up, I get to the next stage..... an ad pops up it’s like ad after ad after ad it just keeps on going if your willing to pay 3 dollars ( Which is not that much) for no ads then go for it but I’m just warning you.

- Absolutely Trash

I got way too many ads with this and decided to try it out. The minute I start playing, I experience ads galore and the lag makes the playthrough trash. Don’t even waste your time getting this app and absolutely do NOT recommend this to ANYONE. I can’t deal with the fact that these developers have the nerve to make this app look actually average in the ads and then make SUCH a trash game! If you’ve already downloaded this app and agree with me, please write another 1-star review so that people are more convinced to avoid this trash heap of an app.


DO NOT GET THIS GAME!!! Trust me this game is sooo hopeless!!! 😩 I got this game because I saw it on a add and thought I might get it because it Looks fun and satisfying, so I did. As the days passed I was flying through the levels, It was soo easy!!!, and I kept on flying through the levels till now. This game is WAY TOO EASY!!!, even before and after a level there are adds that go for way too long!!!, WAY TOO MANY ADDS!!!. Before like, ten levels you get use to the game and it becomes boring. WAY TOO BORING!!!. This game has a lot of errors!!! And trust me, you do not want to get this game ever in your life.

- Fun But Not Fun Enough

This game is fun but it could be better. The camera from the beginning of the level to the end of the level is too slow and the levels aren’t long enough. There are ads but there isn’t too many. There is only and ad after every 3-5 levels. Some people are over exaggerating a bit and make it seem like there is an ad after every level and after every time you die. They also said that there is and ad every 5 seconds but there isn’t. I would just like to say that in your future games could you make the levels longer. The levels are only about 10 seconds long.

- Adverts longer than the play time

Interesting game that I would like to play more of, but the ads are ridiculous. I will happily watch adverts if I’m playing the game longer than the ads run.. but in this game, I’m spending more time watching adverts than actually playing the game. I won’t be keeping this app if the adverts are not reduced to a reasonable amount 🤷🏻‍♀️ I would give this game 5 stars if it wasn’t for the excessive ads.

- Amazing game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is an amazing game. There’s a lot of ads and I think the no thank you button could maybe show up a little bit faster when you crash but other than that the game is amazing. I’m already around level forty and absolutely HOOKED on this game! Thanks for making it.😍🙂

- Needs some work

I’m really not impressed with this game. The ads are long and boring. Once you finish a level your rewards is an ad. No coins no good rewards just ads,ads,ads. I think the company who created this game needs to cut out some of the ads. I saw this game with no ads. I thought just like a normal game it would be fun and exciting. I find this game really bad and boring. It’s simple there’s to many ads and it’s boring and not fun! I don’t think Ian going to be playing this game NEVER again! Don’t recommend to anybody👎🏼☹️ BAD. I rate this game a 1

- Middle

Ok I have downloaded this app and it’s amazing but Ilook at the reviews and I see that some are saying this app is bad and some say it’s good well I have to say it’s soo cool but to many adds and we should be able to go back to levels in the settings but also it’s mostly the same levels with longer or different colours So I’m have to give it a three star and PEOPLE IT IS POSSIBLE TO BEAT LEVEL 106 PEOPLE HAVE DONE IT that’s it. Hope it improves soon

- Not as bad as the reviews say it is

Ive just started playing this game and there aren’t too much ads at all. Also, there isn’t any music BUT there is sound, so when you go past blocks the sound is SOO satisfying (for me anyway). So i don’t know what people are experiencing, but overall it’s ok for me

- Finished the game my opinion

I finished all 101 levels and honestly it’s too easy, and also it was very infrequent with the hitboxes of the coloured shapes, sometimes it’s quite obvious I did not hit the shape and It’ll count, overall very addictive but too easy, after 101 levels I thought it would get a lot harder but nah it pretty much stayed the same level, I wanted a challenge but really no real challenge was given sadly.

- Fantastic game

This game is so much fun but also relaxing, I love smashing into the coloured blocks & sweeping my way to the finish line. I’m more than happy to support the developers & pay a few dollars to play the game ad-free. Now there are no ads at all, even if I continue after dying a number of times. Fun & great value!

- Great app!!

This app is AWESOME!!! Don’t even bother reading the other comments and read this one! It might be ‘too easy’ for some of you but it is a great pass time. On my phone it is slightly glitchy and a bit slow but is still cool! The apps are annoying but aren’t as bad as the other comments make them out to be. ;)

- Pretty good, it’s a 50 50 from me.

This was really satisfying and there was actually a progress bar to see how long you had to go. But the glitches were insane, it always glitches out and I ended up losing because it just completely froze in the middle of something. The other thing is, the ads! Don’t even get me started on the ads! E V E R Y S I N G L E T I M E I P A S S E D A L E V E L T H E R E W A S A N A D ! ! ! But other than that if you don’t mind that sort of stuff you would probably rate this 5 stars! But I absolutely hate those kinds of stuff so I would rate this only a 3. I really hope they actually make an update that makes this app better instead of useless updates that don’t make the app any different than what it was before...

- Uuummmm

I like this game but siriously to many ads fix this problem because it stops ops like every 5 second so it makes this game impossible to play and don’t just say turn you wifi of or turn you wifi of and turn on aeroplane mode so please lower down and I will try the game out in another 9 weeks and I hope you fix it or I’ll delete the game and and put a Evan worse review

- This game froze and crashed my ipad after level 1

the gameplay was okay, but when i completed level 1, let me stress LEVEL 1, i get an ad, it’s fine all free games nowadays has ads. But this one froze my ipad. I don’t know if the ad itself crashed my ipad or the game, but an ad shouldn’t crash the ipad. I would under stand if the game couldn’t support my ipad, but in the information section it says, supports current ipad. (which is an Ipad Air by the way) I sat on the ad screen for 7 mins before my ipad reset.


Ok I love this game it addicting but the ADS um excuse me but I have a limited amount of iPad time and I’m not going to waste it , firstly when you die there’s a choice of watching a ad to revive but if you press no thanks you still get a ad!Second I thought if you revive you start we’re you died not BACK TO THE START. Third Casino Ads baby’s play this toddlers too. So why do you think BABYS download Casino Apps .Seriously ! Put on your A game .

- Love it, lovvve ittttt

This game is addictive and relaxing. I just swipe the adds off and restart the game when they come up. Simple. By game 100 I decided to spend the almost $3 and buy the game. Brilliant. You can get out your frustrations by wiping out things mindlessly. It’s quite satisfying. Thankyou to the app designers. Love it.

- Why so many ads

This game is okay it’s great to zone out but how can you zone out if you can’t even get through one level without having to watch a thirty second ad and not to mention you can’t even see it it’s so glitchy and it’s not my device because on other games it works perfectly. So I’m warning you just don’t waste your time on this app!!!!!

- A solution

Everybody knows about the bad ads on this app and on many more but there is a simple solution. All we have to do is turn off the internet and you can play ad free. This is for the game developer, can you please make the levels harder as you progress because it can get pretty boring after you are used to the controls (maybe ad a spinning obstacle that you have to get past or something like that)


I downloaded this as meme, but I ended up enjoying it kind of. Yes this game is really challenging at all and if that’s what you are looking for this isn’t the one, but I will say that it’s kind of calming, specially with out ads. I could sit and play this for hours because It makes me feel at peace. Thank you for that.

- Quite good but...

I just want to say this game is really good and genuine and i love it because, ITS SO ADDICTIVE!! The only reason i’m giving 4 stars is because i don’t like how you cant go back to levels you already have completed and the ads are a bit too frequent. Bit other wise as stated before great game and great job making it creators!😀😀

- This game is terrible and boring😩😩😩😩😩😑😑😐😐😐😐

So much ads and so complicated I don’t even know how terrible is this game every time I get homework to do I waste my time in this garbage game out of no reason why this ads are stupid and there is one add that is disgusting and I don’t like it at all this stupid attitudes breaking me and freaking me out how shame it would be if someone stupid created this game and this disgusting adds game is (episode)which is not liked game and whenever I play this game I will never ever play this game!!!!

- Good Game

I don’t agree at all with some of these reviews I personally found that in stead of ads you can just turn your wifi off and not get any ads, which makes it not laggy. Although I find I am completing levels way to easy so there is definitely room for improvement!

- No ads trick

Just so you all know, if you put your phone on airplane mode you can play ad free. (This works for most ofthese free games that spam you with ads) Other then that, this game is super easy and doesn’t seem like it gets any harder unfortunately. I think the main goal for these games is to keep them easy so people keep playing them and thus get more ads.

- Amazing but .....

Colour bump is a great app it’s passes time and always makes me keep wanting to play it is amazing and great you never can stop once I even wanted to play during the funniest thing ever the circus and I still thought about it and I got my phone and started playing it and I could’t stop playing it

- Best game ever

Hi my name is Ellie I have never wrote a review before but I had to say this is the best game ever🤩 and the people who think their are to many ads just go on to settings and put it on to Aeroplane mode it is that easy but I just wanted to say this game is the best game ever and I need to go play this game now bye 😊

- Fun but to easy

A fun game at the beginning, but doesn’t get harder after a certain point. One idea would be to make it so your ball can fall off the edge after a certain level. That would make it interesting. And the speed needs to get faster, more so than it does.

- Repetitive

It can be a fun game if you’re desperate for entertainment but with no goals in mind, it gets kind of repetitive. Ads can easily be solved by turned off your wifi so I’m not especially concerned about them. Maybe a new feature like a shop where you can buy new skins would allow the player to have something extra to do?

- Thanks for making this game well done I think it needs to be a little slower not so fast

Well done you should make some more games like this I think it Needs to have some more stages in the one game not just tow Or three but amazing job well done

- Good but....

This game is good, but there are too many adds! It gets harder and harder as you go through the levels. I’m stuck on level 258 and I have too see soooo many adds just to try the level again!

- Okay..

Level 106 is impossible! Honestly how can anyone pass it!? Aside from that, there are waay too many ads, just turn off your wifi before you play the game. Also it’s a shame you can’t go back to previous levels and play them again. But I like the style of the game. It’s calming and satisfying. So it’s alright.

- Do not bother

I only have to say a few thing about this game DO NOT BOTHER There is no music, ads come up after every ATTEMPT and then it is so easy in normal games it gets harder the further you go but I literally am up to level 81 and it is still so easy these reasons not to buy the game However if they were to fix the game I would probably give it a 4 but for now it stays at 2 for me

- Wouldn’t recommend

The game shoves ads down your throat with each passing level and even when you fail a level you get forced to watch an ad and the levels are too easy without any real feel for progression or fun, i wouldn’t recommend this game as it seems like a cash mill from these developers to just earn some $ with cheap gameplay and ads at every corner.

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- Soulotion for ads!!

So, for every game that has ads turn off the internet then no more annoying ads. Really it works!! Do it then all you can rate about is how fun the game is. Anyway the game isn’t to fun, but you should install it. Remember turn off internet!!

- Pretty fun!

This is a pretty fun game. Runs smooth, simple. I’m glad you restart at the stage you die on, rather than the very beginning. My only gripe really is the lack of a pause button, though the levels are so short that it’s pretty much a non-issue :)

- Fix this

Fun but stage 106 is impossible to beat!! You run into things right away and there’s no way to get around it. Please fix this!

- Too jumpy on iPhone 6

Nice game. But becomes jumpy from lag on iPhone 6 even with all apps shut off. Becomes unplayable. Don’t know if problem is from game or IOS updates. Either way it requires smooth play to be any fun

- Get it

It’s not bad I suggest getting it

- Bad

Bad game

- not so catchy

there are better games to play after one round this game made me feel like ‘’ what ? thats it ??’’

- Awesome

I give it four out of five cuz I love it it’s so fun but WAY to many ads it’s NOT funny I HATE that otherwise I would give it five out of five

- Ad city

Boring game really easy and way to many ads

- Good game!! But...

Great game! The quality is good and everything, but the constant ads are driving me crazy. Please get rid of them!! I spend more time on ads than I do on the game. Please fix this!!!!!

- At least put effort into it

Most laziest video game of all time and all they do is rip you off with paying no adds it’s sooo dumb there’s an ad around every corner just turn off your wifi and don’t enjoy this awful game

- just horrible.

this game is absolutely horrible. too easy, too many pop ups. i just hate it. within 10 minutes, i deleted it.

- Ads

Games decent, not worth all the pop ups

- Brutal number of ads

Ads every 10 seconds, it will drive you insane.

- Fast

Make it more fast

- Don’t download

Lags way to much and too many ads

- Way too many ads

This game would be far more enjoyable if an ad didn’t play after every single level.

- Don’t download

You have to watch 3 ads every time you die! Don’t bother

- Good concept

Good concept, i deleted due to the ads. I would pay for the game itself, but not for ad removal. And i am too old to let someone else get rich on my time.

- Find a big glitch

Whats your email so i can send you a video !!

- Super fun and addicting!!!

I give this game a 5/5 stars because it DOESN'T crash, have millions of ads or any of those other super annoying things on other apps/games. This game is super fun and addicting. I recommend this game to anyone and everyone!!!

- Ugh

I hate how people are complaining about the ads! It doesn’t matter!! YOU RATE THE GAME NOT THE ADS!!

- So dumb

The game doesn’t even work it just continuously glitches a bunch so you can’t even play. It’s so dumb!

- Not the best

It glitches and stops every 5 seconds even with the IOS 14 update. I have to go out of the app and restart every time I try to play. Also WAY to many adds. The game is fun, I just can’t even play one round without a malfunction. So you can download it and give it a try, but it may not work like it did for me. 🤨

- Too many ads

There's too many ads and there's no point of playing this when there's other better games

- Hmm

You’ve got a game in your ads

- Tt


- Ppppaaaaiiinnnnn

Worst game it was so frustrating. Get it if you want but I won’t recommend it.

- Freezing

Why does the game freezes every second? Do I need to reinstall it? If I did reinstall the game will it get me back to level 1?

- Too much ads

This game is very fun! I love it but there is one problem too much ads I would love it the person who made the game take a least a bit of the ads because whenever I mess up in the game I have to whach a 3 min ad

- good game

honestly this game is pretty good 😏 but, yes there is a but there are way too many adds so thats why i rate 3

- So FUN!🤩

When I’m bored I always play this 🥳

- Good game

It’s a game that my whole family takes turns playing in the living room! Really fun I’d recommend getting this.

- Way too many ads

No fun because of ads

- Colour bump 3-D

I like this game but wen you touch the ron colour you do not get 3 chances like on other games

- Boring and basic

This is not that fun and it gets boring after 10 seconds

- boring 😒🐌

This game is sooooo slow and boring, the ball is super fast and the camera is super slow. And I turned off my internet while playing this game cuz I ALREADY can tell there’s gonna be a ad when I die and a ad when I pass the level

- I don’t know yet

I haven’t played yet I might not like it ima try it

- Horrible

It’s a fun game but wayyy to many ads i keep losing cuz the ads inturpt the game so when I move the color an ad pops up and when the ads done my color bumps into the other colors

- Um😶

Good👍at🏢the🔬beginning 🕘but🍑it🍕starts🏁to✌️get🎁boring🥴

- Ones of my games

$y &@#%!

- Good job

This app is awesome. I would highly recommend it to people who get bored all the time. Thx

- It’s GREAT!!🥰

It’s great 👍 it’s fun and challenging! Their are an ok amount of ads and they are mostly short! I really like this game!🥰 you NEED to get it!!!!


I don’t know if you all seen the same ad as me but they stole the intro music from plants vs zombies 2 this is copyright and I suggest you never show that ad again with that music or I’ll report this to popcap.

- Awful awful game

This game gives you ads in the middle of the game which messed your game up IT IS INCREDIBLY SLOW AND LOWERS YOU BATTERY OIFE LIKE CRAZY!! Over terrible game, I thought it would be better, I know the game deva need their money BUT PUTTING AN AD IN THR MIDDLE OF THE GAME, that isn’t fair

- Good but

I just got the game and I love It but it is to slow can the creators please speed it up

- Idk

A lot of ads

- To many adds

I can’t win a level with some much adds


So much fun not much adds so addicting great for long car rides and dose not need wifi I love it recommend get it for sure😍🙀💗❤️😭🤩

- Hi


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- Hi

This game is good but the levels keep repeating over and over. I would like to state that the game should have a lot of different levels. Second, the reviews I’ve been seeing says that there are too many ads. One solution is paying to get rid of it. Now most people won’t pay for no ads when they might delete the app and have to pay for it again when they download it again. The other solution is to turn your phone on airplane mode because it will stop the radio signal which carry’s ads into your phone. Then you will have an almost free ads game without paying. I hope it help, I rated the game five stars, and wish you have a great day!😊🙂🤩

- Really fun but there are too many ads

Ok I know that since this is a free game it will have ads, but I didn’t think that there would be ads everywhere. When you finish a level there is an ad, at the bottom of the screen there is an ad. You can get through levels pretty fast so the ads get very repetitive and annoying. But what I hate the most is when I die there is an option to watch an ad to continue where you left off, but when you press the “no thanks” button there is a chance it will show you an ad anyways! Why do you give me an ad when I say no thanks to watching an ad? That is my biggest complaint, so other than the ads I would definitely recommend this game for its fun physics based mechanics.

- Ads....

So this game is awesome but like most games for the app to earn money you have adds some of these adds have mini games that tell u to tap on let’s say a character and then when you click to test out the game it takes you to the App Store to continue on and play the game also sometimes with these mini games you can click and it will let you play but if u want to finish what you started it takes you in to the App Store and tells you to buy the app and I have one more thing to rant about sometimes the mini game makes you sit there until the 2 minute or so game has to be over and don’t get me started on this one sometimes it doesn’t even let you click out of the add. I JUST WISH THAT THERE WERE LESS ADDS SO THE GAME CAN BE LESS LAGGY AND MORE ENJOYABLE

- I’m satisfied

I don’t think it deserves five stars though there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s fun, entertaining and very time consuming. I just got it maybe ten minutes ago and I’m already on level five. A bit easy for my taste, but some people like that, but I’m not one of those people. The ads seem to be quite reasonable. I like how you can choose if you would like to watch an ad to continue. Over all quite fun for me, but I don’t know if anyone else will like it because I’m not them, but it is quite fun for me. If you are looking at the reviews to see if you should get the game you totally should just to try it out. If you are the company than I would like to be able to change what the little ball looks like but other than that, it’s great!

- Good time waister

I hate seeing all the reviews that the ads are horrible because it’s like dude it’s a free game, people don’t just make them for no money stop complaining. You get two games before an ad pops up, whether you fail or keep winning. Is it a little annoying yeah but hey whatever if it bothered me that much I’d buy the no ads thing for 1.99. But the ads changed. It use to be one of those 5-10 second ads that all you gotta do is click off and you’re back to time waisting. But now you get the ad and then are forced to play the 30 second sample ad game. The levels last 20 seconds if you make it all the way through! I spend more time playing ads than I do the game now. You get money from ads devs. Stop selling out. Still though 3 stars cuz it was fine before the ad switch

- Either I’m missing something or it’s buggy

I’ve reached level 134 or something like that and the level is literally impossible to pass. All the blocks are the same color and form a total barrier all the way across the board. I’m not stupid, I’ve easily made it through every other level, but this one can’t be done. I suspect a bug has occurred in which some of the blocks were supposed to be different colors but for some reason they all spawned the same, making it completely impassable. This happened to me once before but I finally watched an ad to skip the level. However, I don’t have that option right now, so I can’t progress with the game. I wish you could opt to skip back to previous levels or something, because now I’m stuck with a game I can’t play at all (after paying the $1.99 to remove ads).

- Great!! Just one prob

This game is amazing if you are reading all of the reviews this game is awesome! But one problem. Also many people are saying that the ad problem is bad, it’s not!!!! Because you can just turn off your wifi then there are no ads!!!!! So let’s get to the problem. The prob is- that you get all the game money then you say to yourself “I cant wait to change my ball color!!” Then you just get it and all money gets wasted and all you made that hard work for is a bust 😣because you can’t change your ball color. You try it again but on the other side thinking- “maybe this side changes it” then it’s a bust again. So basically I’m saying let there be more skins. Also each time you play the game it keeps getting easier and the levels need to be harder, back to the skins, Down there is the skin suggestions 👇 SUGGESTIONS: • Cat skin •Dog skin •heart skin with heart particles •Donut skin with donut particles •Crystal skin with shiny particles •giraffe skin and that’s it for the suggestions. You may make more if you like and plz do! And thx for reading! Plz respond, thank you!! 😺👋

- Terrible game!,,,,'!,,,,,,,, ,,,

Never buy this app and you will hated it. This game is racist and terribly dangerous for kids under 45 years old. It was all about the reasons you are not good at all.i gave it five stars becauseeee you are a smelly person. Ok here is the new game report iiiiiiiiiii thhhhhhhhhhinkkkkkk yyyoooooooooouuuuu arrrrrrre tthhhhheee mmmoooooosttttttt awwwwwwwwffffuuuuul perrrrrrrrrrrsssssooooon eeeeeverrrrr! I loveeee you sssso much you are perfect and dumb😟💩🤮💪🏼 Johnny Johnny yes papa eating sugar no papa telling lies no papa I got muscles no papa Johnny Johnny yes papa I got muscles no papa telling lies no papa then you got muscles yea papa YOU TERRIBLE UGLY Guy 👣👨‍✈️👩🏽‍🦳👀foot: you got stinky feet the police is coming to put you in jail you are an old grandma and I am WATCHING you never ever eat sugar like Johnny

- Lots of fun, but

I really enjoy this app, the ads are heavy but apps aren’t cheap to build. Went ahead and paid for ad free, only $1.99, great deal. The only issue I have with game is I got to stage 88 and it was impossible, regular size ball with 3 paths to start, but there to narrow for the ball to get thru. Deleted the app and reinstalled, starting over, hope it was a hiccup and 88 will different when I reach it again. I’ve read online that several people have hit the same problem but one reported it was level 89 and another reported level 87. Maybe a skip level option would be nice using those gold coins. Still great value and hope updates and enhancements are planned.

- Fun, addicting and low stress but ads are annoying

This game is almost hypnotizing to play. Each of the levels are unique, probably randomly generated, and even when you lose you don’t play the same stage twice. While this is addicting to play it gets annoying with ads real quick, especially the ad about solitaire. I also don’t like that the difficulty never seems to change and it doesn’t let me try to beat a level I lost on. Part of the fun of a game is being able to beat challenging levels, which you never get to do because you only ever see levels once. But there are a lot of overlapping situations so you may use your experience when you come across it. Overall very enjoyable for a free game

- So many adds

Overall it is such a good game it is so addicting I play it so much. That was the really good part about my review,My bad part is after every time you die or finish the race you have to watch an add but I found a small solution that works about 99 percent of the time,under continue or something at the bottom there is a no thanks button. Once I was playing a level and in the middle I had to watch an add. You should get this game. Just so you know if you read this FYI there are so MAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNYYYY adds. Thank you for reading this. P.S. there are way to many adds so can you at least lower the amount of adds in the game. Thank you so much.

- Cheap money grab with a cheaply made game

I’m well past level 400, I’ve paid the $2 to get rid of the ads because I was like screw it, there is a million ads just like everyone else says. The game is kinda cool and soothing however all the levels are the exact same, they don’t get harder at all. If you do have ads, you’ll get ads clearly from the same developers that made this game, that is their tactic, they make a bunch of mediocre games (could’ve been good) then fill it with ads every 10 seconds for their other apps, forcing you to either buy the premium version or download their other apps that have THE SAME AMOUNT OF ADS AND SYSTEM. Even their other games are the same hardness the entire time, it is an obvious cash crab with little to no effort put into this game, all the levels are obviously auto generated, i’ve not had bugs or anything but the levels are so easy and repetitive

- Okay, so...

I like this game a lot. I think it’s really great when you have time to kill and feel like knocking shapes into the air and exploding, but I’ve only had the game for three weeks (I’m on level 512) and the levels are just repeating themselves. It’s not fun anymore because I’m doing the exact same thing over and over again. Another issue that I’ve had is the ads. There’s a button after you die that allows you to continue from where you’re at if you watch an ad. But if you don’t want to continue you still have to watch an ad. I just think it’s stupid because sometimes I’ve died right at the beginning and I didn’t see the point in continuing from that point if it was close to the beginning and I’d have to watch an ad. But of course! I still get an ad.

- Needs some improvement

Yeah, the game can be fun. However, coins are absolutely useless. What’s the point of having bonus rounds and allowing us to gain coins if we can’t use them? Allow us to purchase different color balls, different size balls, or even better, allow us to buy flying. Yes, I said flying. There are some rounds that are absolutely too hard to finish. After 50+ tries I find myself just wanting to delete the app. Make it to where we can purchase a flying ability to skip an area of the maze. Also, where we can skip levels. Additionally, a lot of the extra “get extra coins via ads” don’t work. At all. I think once these features are addressed, and even a “hold the screen down for the ball to go super fast”, this game would get a 5 star review from me.

- Good game, but there are issues

It’s a good time killer but there are some problems. First off, the advertisements are super misleading. They make it seem like the first level is impossible to pass, but I found it didn’t start getting difficult until about 23, and even then it’s not that hard. Also, they should have a setting for he colorblind, because they have levels that are hard simply because the colors are hard to decipher as a color blind person. And the final thing is it lags a bit, not a ton, but there have been rounds where I’m so close to winning and it lags and then I die. But other than that, it’s awesome to play when you’re bored and have time to kill, you can play it with and without WiFi or data, which is awesome, and it is genuinely a fun game.

- Needs Improvement

This game is awesome but it definitely needs improvement. For example- the designs on the board are easy to finish and needs more. Also, less ads please. It’s after every level I see 1-2 ads in a row and it’s annoying. Second, the levels are too easy, I’ve gotten to over 300 levels and it was a piece of cake. Third, can there we a way to save your progress? I was running low on storage and had no choice but to delete it. I later got more storage and downloaded it again, but I had to start all over. And finally, can the keys and treasure chest thing be optional? I’ll be going and I’ll get 3 keys and it will say Chest Room when I just want to continue my game. Thanks! -Player

- Way too many ads. I can’t even figure out if I like it.

You can barely play more than 20 seconds without having to watch an ad. The game is fun but when you mess up, you either have to sit there until the count of ten to continue (although a “no thanks” appears very faintly after about 6 seconds) or watch a 30 second ad. If you click the “no thanks,” you start over but at the end of every third level or so (and they take about 10-15 seconds) you have to watch an ad. Seriously, I played maybe five minutes and watched at least ten ads. The Gabe is interesting and would probably get challenging pretty quickly but it’s too frustrating to just start to get on a roll and have it interrupted by ads. I do y know if I like it well enough to pay to get rid of the ads either. So I’m deleting it.

- Yikes.

The game just looks and feels like something that someone whipped up in Unity in like 30 minutes. Then they want to throw the game out there just to force nonstop ads down everyone’s throats any time they can. Ads are sitting at the bottom of the screen, ads pop up any time you finish or fail a level. Most of the ads are extremely long and try to force you to play the first level of whatever game is advertised, either that or you just have to wait even longer before you can exit out. The only way to remove this hoard of ads is obviously by paying $1.99 for this extremely simple and sad game. You can literally complete most levels just by holding the ball in place. If you absolutely adore having way more ad time than actual play time, and you enjoy holding your finger on the screen while very rarely moving it, then this just may be your cup of tea.

- Favorite Game, but too many Ads

To start off, this is my favorite but it has too many ads. Those ads are mostly based on TikTok when TikTok has nothing to do with Color Bump 3D. It’s so annoying having to refresh the game JUST to skip the ads. I get tired of seeing them when i’m just trying to play my favorite game 🤷🏼‍♀️. Honestly instead of people purchasing “No Ads” , maybe it’s just best for the game to not have many ads. I can do 1 or 2 but it’s too much. Another thing about the ads is when I hit the opposite color and it has the time running out to watch a video I always click “No, thanks” but i still end up having to watch a video/ad. That’s pretty aggravating. But overall, it’s my favorite game, it just needs improvement. 🦋💛

- Great game ☺️🤪👌

I’ve been playing this game for a while and its lots of fun and very satisfying. (You try to avoid the odd colour and nock of blocks to reach the finish line.) But there was this one level 106 to be specific and its pretty much impossible there is a line of the wrong colour so you can’t get through and I figured out the only way is with internet to watch an add and revive where three blocks show up and nock them so you can get through but its still pretty much impossible. Will there ever be an update where you can join with your friends or something. This game is so awesome and addictive and I definitely recommend to everyone.

- Addictive, fun game, few problems/recommendations

Ok, I want to start off saying I’m completely addicted. I’m on level 648 and only have had it for two weeks. When I play, though, it’s just old levels with new colors. Another thing, I think it would be more entertaining if we could customize our ball and unlock new customizations by playing more. I also found a bug, not sure if you can fix it: when I press NO ADS, the game glitches out and crashes. This is irritating because I just want no ads. Also, I don’t like how I choose to restart, I get an ad in the face. Could you make them appear a bit less often? Anyway, it’s a really fun game, and has a lot of potential. Please reply!

- Fun, entertaining but waaaaay too many ads.

The game is fun to play, slightly challenging, and fulfills a decent level of entertainment. Best of all, it works and is t buggy. Sounds like it should be a 5 rating right? But there are way too many ads. I haven’t actually timed it yet but it seems the ad to play time ratio is skewed in favor of the ads. I get it, ads are what makes the developers money. But if i play a level for 10-15 seconds and get “rewarded” with a 15-20 second ad, not worth it. Win a level? Get an ad. Lose a level? Three choices, continue? Get an ad. No thanks? Get an ad. Do nothing and let the timer run out? Get an ad. It would be more likely to rate this a 5 if the ads were handled differently. For now, I’m quickly losing interest in playing at all.

- Bad and boring

So bad and boring. I saw one of the ads that advertised something total different then the actual app it self. I downloaded it anyway and for the first 20 minutes it was fun but after that it was just repeating over and Over again until I got sick of it. All the levels are the same and the only thing you get with the coins is the prints on the platform. After that there is nothing else you can do with them. The ads that come on are just ugh. They are just straight up inappropriate. This say it is for four and up it no where near that rating. It schools at least be at 12+. The ads are from the Episodes game , and covet fashion ,and more. Which are not appropriate games for kids. I hate this game and deleted it in week. Don’t waste your time with this app. It is poorly designed. I HATE IT. So I repeat don’t get this sad excuse for a “fun game”.

- Odd ending to a free game

I downloaded this game knowing full well there would be ads throughout. Not a problem at all. Once I get to a certain point there is no getting past the ad. I’ve gotten rid of this app and downloaded it again but the problem still persists. It’s a shame because the game is enjoyable and relaxing. But even with the constant ads you get to a point where you cannot continue and get past an ad without getting rid of the game and reinstalling it. Funny because the first time I downloaded it I made it to level 341 before I couldn’t proceed. Now each time I bring the game back in there are fewer and fewer levels I can get to before I have to delete it reinstall it. Not worth it at all. The last thing I or anyone else needs is more frustration in their lives with a “free” game.

- Good game needs to be more challenging UPDATE

It could easily be a 5 star game. The levels are short and sweet. It is very addicting. I am on level 600 in just a few days, that seems to easy. The level length is perfect. More challenging levels would make this game even better. Having a home page to see how many levels there are would be amazing. I have seen a lot of the same levels many times. That leads me to believe all levels are random, and there are probably only about 100 levels actually. They just change colors to make them look different. After the update, the game became more challenging! I am happy!

- I paid for the app but they changed it...

So it is fun to a point and that point has came and gone. It used to be more meditative than competitive for me. When you pay for the app (which I did) they used to allow you to continue from where you get killed... so if you get distracted on the last leg a challenge you could just hit continue and start where you died. But now you have to restart from the beginning every time. Also they added in these “Bonus” levels where you earn coins to buy a new background. They have an option to restart the level if you get a crappy score but that function never works. It also doesn’t remember what background you chose so it is always the default. Thus it is a total waste of time and distraction. I am deleting it.

- Great game.

No frills, no BS. If you want no ads, pay $1.99 and you’re done with them altogether. No crazy “subscriptions”... who pays those, anyway? Are people really convincing others to pay $8.00 a week for eternity to play a game? I’m talking to you, Cheetah Mobile! But I digress. This game is a lot of fun for me, and extremely relaxing. I’m at level 600 or so, and I love it. The only issue I’ve found is “restart” on the bonus rounds doesn’t work. But there really isn’t much of anything to spend the coins on, anyway. There isn’t even a menu to speak of. That’s honestly why I like it so much, no extra stuff to bother me... just start the app and play.

- Meditative. Better than any therapy app

Color Bump is a fun, addicting game that you can go through several levels in rapid succession. The more challenging levels are not “glitches” or “bad design” as suggested by other reviewers. You just have to pay attention and play the game to get through the challenge. The semi-repetitive nature of the levels (they are similar but not identical) and the gliding motion of the ball makes this game very meditative. I find it very calming to play -even when I get to a more challenging level. As therapy for a stressful life, I find it works much better than deep breathing to the sound of wind. Thanks for making this app!

- SO FUN! Too many ads though...

Ok so I got this game about two weeks ago. I’m already on level 36! I love how about every 10 levels something new happens! It’s awesome to see something new. I’m excited for when I get to level 50. I think something really really cool will happen! I love the challenge, I was stuck on level 22 for three days! Then my brother tried and got it first time.(LOL!) every time I go in my phone I have to play one or two rounds! It’s so addictive! This is my favorite game right now! Ok now... the ads are well... OUTRAGEOUS!! Every single round, no matter I won or I died I get an ad sometimes two! All the time I will press continue and it does the ad which is fine I mean I clicked it so it’s fine. BUT THEN IT DOESN'T EVEN WORK!😡 What matters is the game itself is fun though I wish they lowered the amount of ads there are. To the creators: Hey so I love this game and all but lower the ads please!! There are way way WAY too many ads! Thanks! Sincerely, A kid who plays this game

- Ads & dying

I love this game it is so addictive. Like I was saying, this is a great game but there are a couple of problems that get really annoying. First is ads, that there are so many of them. Almost every time I click the “ No, Thanks!” Button it gives me ads. Plus the button to just start over is very small so that needs to be bigger. And yes the ads make money but there need to be fewer because I feel like I am watching ads in my time more than I am playing the game. The second reason is when I die. When I die and I want to revive I keep going but up ahead the path is messed up like I died in that area instead. So that should definitely be updated. But thanks for the great game!

- Has lots of ads what’s the fun

Is my friend started playing it for a while but when we started it wasn’t that it was really good but we started playing in Lilese Plato for like four days but me and my friend were really mad and because there is a lot of ads and we can never liked play a lot but it’s still a good game but we deleted it and re-download the feel of the games but it was fun for the first part we’d never we deleted it though so me and my friend never thought we were going to do download it again but our brother said that we’re good though we should download it again so we did

- Note to the editors....

I absolutely love this game and it’s fun to play and very addicting. However I have one small problem, that if you fixed I would give it all five stars. The game is the same overall. It doesn’t change at all. All the levels are the same and have no new elements to have fun with. I am already on stage 170 and it was the same old thing from stage one. I need the game to be spiced up a little bit. Maybe allow us to earn skins and different stuff like that. Or like every stage is a different scene or something. I still love this game, but these changes could maybe make it a little more exciting. Thank you for reading my ideas and an approach to change. 😉🙂❤️👍🏼

- Don’t download it beware if you have a sun under 12-

So a week ago I downloaded color bump 3D and when I died it sayed watch video for coins! I clicked no and it made me watch a add anyways! So I just turn of my WiFi and cellular so I don’t have to listen to these annoying adds turn your cellular off and save money because you don’t have to buy No Adds. If you are under the age of 12 please not read the rest. So, this is a kids game don’t post adds where someone is held down and gets shot in the head with a sniper rifle, or people stabbing each other. 5 stars turned into 4 for add scamming (me clicking no it charging me a add) turned into 3 for too many adds turned into 2 for inappropriate adds, turned into a 1 for making the game age 4+. So parents don’t download this is you want your son watching adds of people getting shot, Thanks Jack!

- No issues, but no sense of progression?

I can’t slight the developers for making a great version of what they claimed: a simple, satisfying destructor. After 1,000 levels maybe I was hoping for more difficulty, a sense of progress, development, or purpose. It’s level after level of the same handful of options maybe determined by a proc algorithm? You earn gold, but only for some cosmetic things you can barely see. I might just be wishing it were something its not. If you just want to pop this open, zone out and relax for a few minutes then shut it off and that’s all it ever is, this is your game.

- I don’t mind ads but.....

I don’t mind ads, I understand why ads are necessary. But these ads are getting out of hand. Why can’t you guys have regular ads, ads I can close when I want. I’m even fine the ad running for 15 seconds before I can close it. Even if every now and then u have a 30 second one. Fine. But the ads you guys have are horrible. They go on for well over 30 seconds, on EVERY ad. And I have to watch an ad every time I die. So if I’m not playing that well and keep losing quickly then guess what. I’m literally playing ads more than I’m playing the game. Should call the game ‘Ad Dodger 3D’. It’s crazy. I would happily buy this game to get the “no ad” version. But considering how many ads you have in the free version, you guys are already getting plenty of money from them. So you obviously don’t need my dollar. Great game. But greed ruins it.

- Harder.

I love the fact that this game gets harder. As you progress farther into the game, you will think it gets easier like I did. But then you’ll get hit with some moving objects or some weirdly places objects or something you have to hit to clear the way. This is more than a fun strategic game. I seem to find it satisfying and it calms my mind when I pass through the small objects. It doesn’t faze me that I might get hit by something in front of me. I just want to enjoy this game as enjoyable as it is. This game deserves more than five stars, but that’s all I can give. Hopefully the game gives its all also. Good game and keep it up!

- Review for Color Bump 3-D

Hi, I was just wanting to say I’ve read some reviews, good and bad, but I personally think this is a great time passer and never really gets boring… however… the game does put out repeated levels so I could play a level and it be exactly the same as another so if you could fix this (5/5) but I just have it at 4 stars because of this issue. I would also like to address the ad problem. This problem has been annoying and excessive, but I have found a fix! Just turn on your mobile device to airplane mode and no ads appear... as for what I can tell... but Hey! Just give it a try and I believe this is an amazingly spectacular game. - Tprof

- TOTAL AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think this app is genius and that i sone reason why i gave it 5 stars. It is the perfect app to play after a long and tiring day of school (or e-Learning). The one thing i think you should add to it is some music. I think the music would be a good idea because it would make the game more intriguing and most kids my age are looking fro games that are about fashion, singers and ones that have choice music meaning that you can type in whatever song you are in the mood to hear. But besides that thing I just recommended, it is one of my favorites!!!!1 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💙💚💛🧡❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💙💚💛🧡❤️ - #yourbiggestfan

- GREAT GAME.....but

This is a great game, I started playing only a couple of days ago and got hooked. The thing is though when I got around to level 200 the levels seemed the same. It was almost as if the game ran out of levels so they just reset them and said I was on level 201 or 202 but really I was on the same level I did yesterday. So after a while it got on my nerves and I couldn’t play anymore. UPDATE^^^^^^ Since the update came out there is a lot more twists and turns. Overall great game now. And everyone if you all want no more ads just turn all cellular data off for this game. No ads will appear.

- A Bit Boring

So I really like this game, like it’s a good game but it has a few problems. 1: The adds- it’s like every time I pass a level it gives me an add, sometimes it’s every two adds but still it’s very annoying. 2: Too easy- So basically all the levels are like the same, no matter how far I get in the game they are all just boring and easy, you barely have to move your finger at all while playing a level. 3: Too short- Ok so this one has to do with number 2, they are just sometimes too short. Normally in games they would get harder and longer the more you play it, but this game doesn’t very much. But I’m probably not going to delete it,(maybe I will in the future) it just gets a bit boring.

- Message to the developer/Do not download

I understand that most free games spam you with advertisements every few minutes to earn revenue but you spam me with laggy game trial advertisements every other death if not every death. The thing I find most absurd above all is why the developers of this game would include an advertisement for this game within their own game?? Like are you serious? Im playing your game why am I receiving an ad for a game I am CURRENTLY playing? I'm leaving this review with a 5 star so more people can see it including the devs, I must assume they never look at their one star reviews. Be warned, it's annoying.

- Stage 106 is impassible!

I love this game, I would do puzzle after puzzle (despite people complaining about ads,, just turn off WiFi and not let the app use data!) but I noticed some of the stages glitchy (which was no problem, did not interfere with the gameplay) but when I reached stage 106, it was completely impassible due to the fact that there are no white obstacles in the beginning, only colored, and is supposed to jump, but get this. All but the front row of obstacle pieces move, thus making the stage impassible! Is this supposed to prevent me from getting farther, or is it a mistake/error? Fix!!

- I like it but...

I like the game and I’ve made it quite far. I am on level 1,599. The only problem is I’m repeating the same levels I did. I’m at a different level but playing the same game over and over again. The game does not become more challenging because you just keep playing the same levels and it’s annoying. I wish you guys would put some new levels or make it harder. After a while it gets kinda boring having to play the same level every time. Each level I start, I already did just a different color, nothing new and nothing interesting! I wonder if I should keep going in the game or just stop because I have a feeling I’m just going to keep repeating the same levels.

- Ad trap

Ok first let me explain what a rat trap is... it catches the rat so the person can put it in the the trash to die. Technically that is the game many people love this game and I personally love this game too but it leaves me in despair when I have to watch so many ads! This game has the levels that are really hard for some people and I love a challenge. I just have a few suggestions. Number one please the ads!! Number two would be really nice if you put in challenges it would be so much more fun! Number three add characters it would be awesome if you could customise or do challenges to win characters that would make the game so much more enjoyable and interesting and also very addictive because the people will want to play until they get the character for the moving ball thing!!

- Definitely Addicting

I’ve had this game for a couple weeks. I’m on level 446 and have collected over 66,000 coins. But, what does one do with coins? The only thing I can find to purchase with them is to unlock the ability to randomize the skins, of which I have also collected all whopping 18 skin options. Back to unlocking randomizing the doesn’t work. I have tried multiple times, but it will not take the coins (500 for the first group and 1500 for the second group). So I just keep collecting coins and playing endless levels without any hope for advancing. I’m beginning to get bored with it now that there isn’t much else to do.

- Great but I have recommendations

So basically all I want to say is it is an amazing game. But it gets really boring because I can’t go back and play levels I’ve already done a lot of levels and it is soooooo easy. Also the new bonus games are super cool but the coins I collect for some reason don’t even count! Also when it says play the bonus round again if you watch an ad is a FAKE. I try clicking on it but it does now work and then I end up having to do the next level. 😡 so yeah I would’ve given it five stars but it doesn’t deserve it with the bugs there are. Please fix this and then maybe I’ll rewrite my review and make it five stars.

- I enjoyed this game so much

This game was a great use of time. I played before bed, when I’m bored, during classes, during lunch. All the time. It’s a great use of time and it’s always puzzling the brain to find the correct route. I was over the top satisfied with this game. I think the hit box on the ball is also a perfect amount, the game is well crafted, well designed, and I great idea!! Thanks for supplying this great game! The one flaw I will admit to is having so many ads, I would repeatedly close out of the game and just reopen it though. It seemed faster to load the game rather than waiting for the 30 second ad

- Eight hours

I downloaded this game in a challenge with my friends to beat level 100, what we thought was the final level. I spent a solid eight hours playing and playing this game alone. And I can say for sure that while it’s a fine concept for a mobile game, the engine it runs on is subpar and the physics are incorrectly done. Many times the game would drop frame rate drastically when I entered a level with moving parts. The physics and hitboxes for the colored blocks were wrong, and many times I would see the blocks move incorrectly and would be hit by a block a considerable distance from my ball. While it held my interest for an hour, it became less about fun and more about pure competition. So it’s an alright game for killing an hour or two. Beware: it does NOT stop at 100.

- Not bad, but a bit irritating.

The app is great, but the ads are overwhelming. Every time you finish a level, it shows an ad. If you want to buy things like skins, you either have to play a bunch or watch ads to get coins. The worst part is that every time you get an ad and X out, it brings up a menu that asks you to confirm closing the ad. Not annoying on its own, but coupled with the fact you can easy X out of the confirmation on accident is just infuriating. It makes me so angry that I have to struggle to hit the very small button only to have to do it again. The game itself is very fun yet simple. I can easily lose myself in it, great for passing time. But the ads make it almost unbearable.

- An Ad Almost Every Turn

I’m gonna give this game a 3 star. The only reason why is because of the ads. The game is definitely fun and entertaining. Has a lot of potential of being a Top 1 game in the charts but unfortunately there are way too many ads. It almost makes you want to buy “No Ads” for $1.99. Yeah it’s cheap but why waste your money. Instead it forces you to watch a 30 second ad every turn. I had to uninstall the game because I couldn’t see myself playing with this type of issue. The company is obviously seeking money out of your pocket and I don’t like that. As said before, fun and great game. If you can deal with 30 second ads every turn then this game can definitely fit you

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Color Bump 3D 1.5.4 Screenshots & Images

Color Bump 3D iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Color Bump 3D iphone images
Color Bump 3D iphone images
Color Bump 3D iphone images
Color Bump 3D iphone images
Color Bump 3D iphone images

Color Bump 3D (Version 1.5.4) Install & Download

The applications Color Bump 3D was published in the category Games on 2018-12-21 and was developed by Good Job Games [Developer ID: 1191495496]. This application file size is 185.99 MB. Color Bump 3D - Games app posted on 2020-11-14 current version is 1.5.4 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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