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Your newest addiction comes in 3D!

Very easy to play, too hard to master

Do not touch other Colors, that is it!

100+ Levels of limitless fun!

Color Bump 3D App Description & Overview

The applications Color Bump 3D was published in the category Games on 2018-12-21 and was developed by Good Job Games. The file size is 115.42 MB. The current version is 1.1.9 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

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Color Bump 3D Reviews


Why it’s ok to download  degsjjf  3 star

I like it but when you get on a Certain levels that are in the 100 and on it replays the level from the previous time you played so bacically what I’m trying to say is the level repeats


Helped with my anxiety  Sirihat  5 star

This game has actually helped out with my chronic anxiety. I feel so calm when playing this and the fact that the levels are never ending is great. I’m up to level 3761 and I simply don’t get bored.

hubbygiigy vyg ig gy

Good but too addicting  hubbygiigy vyg ig gy  4 star

It is a good game but it is too addictive.


Cool game  willmame  5 star

I just started playing this game today right now and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🙂🥺.


Good but bad  pilinf  1 star

1.Its a lagy game 2.Its a piece of cake (easy) 3.Don’t donwload


Not so grate  poppy_67  2 star

I like this game but it gets boring. It just moving a colored ball to Mach the color of the ball. If I were you I would go download rise up because it is basically the same thing, just you’re protecting a balloon. I don’t want to be mean to the person who created this game it’s fun for the first 20 levels but then It just gets kinda boring. I gave this game 2 stars because it is fun but you get my point. Hopefully if you saw this comment it didn’t make you mad but this is my opinion.😀


Okay  jones.17!  3 star

It’s was fun, but WAY WAY WAY too many ads, and after you got to level 180 it’s was way too freaking easy to pass. So it got deleted.


Satisfying. But not perfect. Too much gore.  PickleMatias  2 star

I saw guts everywhere! Not for kids 🤮

bans are cool

Amazingly Amazing!  bans are cool  5 star

I love this game it’s Amazingly Amazing!


To many commercial s  Krowfish  1 star

To many commercials

Unicorn Girl 1287

I HATE THIS GAME  Unicorn Girl 1287  4 star

If I could give this game 0 stars I would so I got to level 50 and it's IMPOSSIBLE and there's to many ads I rate this game properly 0/5 but it doesn't let you this game is soooo frustrating I HATE THIS GAME!!!


Ads take over the game  IzChocolate  1 star

You get lost in ads and cant play - after ONE game I was lost in a sea of ads - dont bother

valley you

Water splash  valley you  4 star

I LOVE THIS GAME! I know I only got this app yesterday but I think it’s really fun. I like they way how they’re very creative about the obstacles


Too many ads!  ItsPoida  1 star

Too many ads, feels like there’s more ad watching than gameplay!


Awesome  XxSharkPupxX  5 star

I love this game


too many ads to decide if it’s even worth buying  Cookies777654  1 star

just opened the app. got hit with stacks of ads that were hard to close. at this point it’s too damn annoying to play, so i can’t see if it’s even worth buying.


Great app!!  Alice;)17  4 star

This app is AWESOME!!! Don’t even bother reading the other comments and read this one! It might be ‘too easy’ for some of you but it is a great pass time. On my phone it is slightly glitchy and a bit slow but is still cool! The apps are annoying but aren’t as bad as the other comments make them out to be. ;)


Amaaazziiingg app but the adds  Courts81  4 star

The adds were very frequent but otherwise the game is fun and satisfying to listen too


Too easy  faz2489  2 star

Would be better if it was more challenging

Bossatronio 444

Why this the Best game!?  Bossatronio 444  5 star

I strongly believe that this game is an amazing game and I would happily play this game 24/7 so therefore this is the best game that ever excised! I know this because the amazing things you can learn to dodge things( hahah ). I can’t believe that I found this game I am very grateful! In conclusion you must all play this game and if you don’t you will fail in life so you have to play this amazing game. From Laila

pugs fo

Tone the adds down a bit  pugs fo  3 star

Too many adds that I don’t know where to start


So relaxing!!!!  27bowmad  5 star

Hey it’s Madison, And WOW! I never knew a game would be so fun! You are always up to a challenge. I am only on level 4 because I just got this game today, but now, i don’t even play any of my other games! I saw this game from my sister, I was playing on her phone one day and I’m like, O my gosh, when we get home I am getting this game! So you guys should deffiently get this game!

Avery cat 24

I really like this game it is so fun how  Avery cat 24  5 star

I really like your voodoo games the first time I played one I fell in love with it I love all of the games they are amazing

super sammy channel

Cool game play it now  super sammy channel  5 star



SO MUCH ADS  cfain21  4 star

It is a good and satisfying game but there is no reason for SO MUCH ADS like my gosh why so much ads.Its like every time I die on a level AD.When I restart a level an AD pops up like come on seriously.But hey this is a really satisfying game I mean If you just forget the ads this game is really fun.

beast boy49

Not to happy  beast boy49  2 star

I don’t recommend this for a free app it has glitching and problems if your a little bit away from the other colored ball it resets you and so many adds even if you did click the button


El reme  issabela11:v  5 star

UwU buena app


Terrible  moehead1-/1  1 star

Ads every 5 seconds that last forever. Developer must be greedy?


Color blind issue  Jsbrando  2 star

If you have issues with color blindness you're screwed. Thanks a lot game!


Too many ads  zogman  1 star

Fun game but an ad every single completion of a level is too much. I’m deleting it.


Love it!!  Ztmax  4 star

I love the game, the colours are beautiful and the idea is great, but, there's too many adds and the levels are quite short


Love it  #ciarathegamer  5 star

I play this game more than I watch YOUTUBE! AND THAT SAYS ALOOOOOOOT


Really Good  pineapple2.0  3 star

I think it’s really fun and addictive but there is way too many ads and yes I know you can pay for no ads but still literally way too many ads other then that it’s good


IN MY OPINION  hmlcdsqmxeyqoggsnx  2 star

The game is so fun but every time you die an ad comes up and it gets really ANNOYING because it happens all the time otherwise the game is super my favorite game LOVE THIS GAME


Too many ads.  PeppaPig112  4 star

Ok,so I start the level,and I fail.I get an option to watch a video to revive myself.So I watch the ad and another pops up.I also don’t like the way you always advertise your own games.But other then that,it’s a really fun and satisfying game!


👍🏻  Hoh....  4 star

I think this is a good game. Although it is shaky, but that could jut be my device. It’s challenging, and fun at the same time. I like the way in some levels that you go through a skinny ‘tunnel’ and your ball changes color and you must think fast so that you don’t lose. Myself and my brother have it on our devices and we both have decided that this app is a keeper. It’s nice and quick, as for some games they just go on and on and on - but this is quick, but equally as fun. It’s very good and I’d definitely recommend it if you are looking for a fun and challenging game. It’s quite tense for some reason, I suppose because you don’t want to go down a hole or touch an object that’s not the same color of your ball. Yup, it’s a great game!


Paid extra for “no ads” but there are still ads  Efeathr  5 star

First Of all, My 8 year old son thinks it’s a fun game. However I didn’t want ads for him so I paid extra for the “no ad” version. Imagine my dismay when the next second he opens the app and there is an ad right there.


Terrible  seznar  1 star

Stay away from this app. The adverts are completely blocking fun with this game.


Too many ads !!  c-zar  1 star

I think the “game” is just a pretext to a freaking load of ads !! Quite fun at the beginning but there is challenge really. Can be forgotten.


Ads  Dirtyboii123  1 star

Ads after every time you lose ur better off playing in airplane mode.

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