Color Bump 3D

Color Bump 3D [Games] App Description & Overview

Your newest addiction comes in 3D!

Very easy to play, too hard to master

Do not touch other Colors, that is it!

100+ Levels of limitless fun!

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- So good

It is good but you should ha e so options of what the road color should be and so different colors ball !

- No don’t get it

I just barely got the game and already dislike it. First of all when I was on level 29 it wouldn’t let me move the dot so I had to click off of it,that was very annoying. Also it the same level after another their all so easy and I can’t stand it. And after working on for a while you think they’d at least give you something harder to do but no it’s as easy as the first level. I’m sorry but it’s true.

- Too many adds

It’s a really fun game but there are way to many adds and then sometimes when the add is over it will freeze.

- Ads Are Tedious

This game can be fun except for the ads between each try. Maybe I’m missing something. Maybe there’s a way I can bypass these much-needed-for-you-but- incredibly-annoying ads. It wouldn’t be so bad except for these. I’ve had this app for about a year and I’m on level 23. I like playing this game but I’m pretty close to chucking it.

- Too many ads

This game is really fun and amazing, the only problem with it is that there are SO MANY ADS. Every two turns you take an add pops up. It would be better if there’s just an add always at the bottom of the screen that doesn’t interfere with playing instead of having adds that stop you from playing.

- It’s ok

At first it’s fine but then they add a ton of adds in between every round.

- Trash.

This game is trash. 100% don’t recommend getting it. 😒

- El el mejor juego 🦶🏻🦶🏻🦶🏻🦶🏻🦶🏻🦶🏻🦶🏻

Me e encantadooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

- Bad gamed

So bad I hate this game too easy

- This should be (pause for ad break) a great (another ad) game

I’ve really enjoyed this game as a concept. I can get over the easy levels and general repetitiveness if the whole thing, it’s not a game meant to be played for hours. It’s a pretty addicting game, and I definitely find that even though most levels are easy I find myself stuck on a level for a while every 20-30 levels which keeps it interesting. But the ads... bro. You CANNOT expect me to keep playing this game if you’re going to give me an ad every two levels. They’re annoying, fairly long, and turn the volume on every time, even if you tap the mute button on one it will come blaring in about angry birds 30 seconds later after you die a couple times or pass a few levels. I totally get free games need to have ads. And you can, ads to continue, ads for rewards, banner ads around the game (which you could refresh 15 times a minute after every level and make a ton of money), but forcing me to watch MORE ADS THAN TIME SPENT PLAYING?!?!?! I only got as far as I did because turned cell data off for the game and turned off WiFi eliminating the ads, but now they seem to have buried the ads into the game code so that doesn’t work anymore. And sorry, but this game is way too simple to be worth paying for an add remove IAP. Thanks for the fun, but I think I’m done.

- please read!! 😁

this is a very well-crafted game and it is very visually pleasing. there are a lot of ads but i just turn on airplane mode so those of y’all complaining about ads should zip it 🤐. i love the way the little shapes move and how the ball pushes them off the edge. overall this is a very nice game and i highly recommend it. 😁

- Do not get!!

I bought the no ads and then I got to level 689. That level had a bug that made it so I couldn’t beat it. So I uninstalled the game to try and fix it. Now I hit restore purchase and nothing happens. What a rip off!

- Okay

It’s like every other game you see but over all it’s a good game

- Red


- Gooood game

Its relly good

- Good game but I’m disappointed

Once you get to a curtain level the levels just repeat themselves

- The best

The game is so fun I would play it all day.But when you get to the high levels it gets really hard to get to the finish line.

- Ads are so intrusive

Free version is basically as good as broken with all of the intrusive videos and paid games they force into your experience. Maybe worth paying for but definitely not worth your time for the free version. It’s insulting.

- Awesome but...meh

it is so impossible to get past level 123 but it it really fun and cool and I just am stuck on level 123 I need someone to tell me how to get past the level we’ll also I see a lot of adds but I don’t really care about them I would say 5 stars because it is so realistic and so much amazing colors and sometimes I hate the adds and it also is very hard all the levels can only be sometimes but it is a relaxing game it helps me calm down and I love to play it every single day I can always get mad in it but I don’t give up and the people out please try try try again never give up and if you need to get angry just try to calm down I know it gets harder and harder each time you past each level and don’t forget to try hard and try your best and I say this game can sometimes be meh but sometimes it can be awesome colorful and cool and also very happy happy happy game to me and maybe some other people am on level 123 and my BFF Grace is only about on level 10 😂 but she wants me to wait for her it just is she like never plays it but it is a a good and awesome game :) But it is sometimes meh :(

- crazy glitch

i rlly like this game. but the ads are outrageous. i’m not going to y’all about that tho. i’m talking about a glitch where there was nothing on the table where the blocks are supposed to be, and it was just a yellow ball rolling on nothing. there wasn’t any end either. i restarted my phone many times and nothing happened. so i used my fingers and pushed the ball all the way up the screen to see if i can find a end or some ding meaning it was done, but instead the ball just went into the background. and it showed an end. and i swear for the slightest moment i saw some words. and i’m pretty sure it said “ we all die” . that made me paranoid. and i’m currently debating whether or not to delete it.:)

- Great Game!! 👍👍

I love this game!! It is so addictive and I love playing it!! I am actually on level 287. But, there are some things I would like to change. First of all, when there were the floor textures I actually thought that the textures were for the ball, not the floor. Second, I noticed that I continue to get coins, but I can’t buy anything with them. I have all of the floor textures so I just have 23,978 coins for nothing. Other than that, it is an amazing, cool, awesome game and I will continue to play it until I get to the last level!!! I ♥️ you Color Bump!! P.S. I love the new colors on the app they are so pretty I love 💕 them thanks color bump!!!! 🤗

- Boring but somehow still entertaining

All of the levels are similar to each other and there’s not anything to buy after you get all the floor variants but if you change the game so it’s off cellular and you get no ads it can be pretty entertaining. I’ve spent a lot of time on it and am very far in the game. I wish they had more variations but honestly when I play this game I’m so bored that I don’t care

- Sucking

It is to slow to catch up to the ball

- Fun for a little while?

I was about nine when I got this game and there are a few problems that I have noticed and they get really annoying. The first is that the levels become the same levels then the last but harder.Also there is a lot of adds and they are usually the same adds and that makes the game not so fun after a little while. All in all the game could be fun if it was upgraded. The game could’ve been a lot of fun if it had a few touch ups. The game was a lot of fun in the beginning but now that I have played it a lot it has become a little boring.

- The only reason why we have a lot of friends


- Scam ads

My phone bill was charged $9.99 by clicking the X to close on ad! All I did was close the ad!! The ad was for “PlayKids.” I’m contacting my phone company now and deleting the app immediately!

- I love this game so much❗️😀😀😀

It’s so fun

- Not as expected

The reason why I am going to give this app a one star rate is because of a couple of reasons. One reason is that when I saw the add about the game, it looked fun and cool so I decided to download it and when I opened the app it looked WAY different than the add. The last reason is because it is SUPER SLOW!!!!!!!!!! So please accept my request and please update it.

- Rgsbfhwnw


- It’s fun

It’s amazing

- Addictive

I have had the game for 3 hrs and I am completely obsessed

- Sex

Sex hd

- Color bump

To easy because I keep in one spot and than win

- Ok game

I had the game for 2 day and got to level 150 and all of the levels were so easy and stupid they need to add more levels and make it more harder

- Meh... needs some work..

I played this game for a little bit I’m at like level 97 but after awhile I got bored and I stoped playing they say that they ”MaDe MoRe LeVeLs!” But it’s the same level OVER and OVER again.. -1 star and the ads.. -1 star it just got super boring... ADD MORE REAL UPDATES!

- Way to laggy

As soon as I download the game it lags so much and then the next second I’m dead

- Hello

Like game! Great! Are my nails chipped? Nm

- #AwesomeGame

This game is awesome


Segregated.... ha back to the good ‘ol days

- good game i like

its fun i like it its shows that you need to rethink every move you make.

- Addictive

I love this game however would someone please tell me what the purpose of the coins are? I’ve bought all the floor designs and now my coins are adding up but for what? Nothing. I really wish you all would add some value to the coins. Please add some new things that we can purchase. Thanks!

- softlock at 129

129 is impossible and will kill your fun

- Fun addictive game, but WAY too many ads!

Ok, your game is really fun and great to play, but the amount of ads it has is RIDICULOUS! After just about every level there’s an ad for a corny game that just won’t go away! Usually it’s faster to get past the ad if I go completely out of the app and then go back in. Are constant ads necessary to make your game better? No, they make it worse. Please cut down on the ads and I will be more interested in your game.

- It’s okay..

I like the game and hardly any adds is awesome! (And by the way I would of given it a 3 and 1/2 but can’t!) But it’s so hard!!! And gets boring fast. Though, it IS appropriate for all ages. (;

- Inappropriate ads

The game is age appropriate but extremely inappropriate ads come up for the 4+ age group. Be aware parents of young children.

- I am in love

This is awesome!

- Dumb but cool

The add says after 23 tries I reached number 2 so I said after 1 try I knew that you were just stupid

- What’s the point?!

So out of sheer curiosity and boredom I am on level 327. I kept hoping there would be a point to collecting clings but by level 100 you have enough coins to purchase every single floor design and here I am, 60,000 coins in and nothing to do with them because I have all of the floor skins. And the levels keep repeating. I know at some point there will be repeats but really? In a nutshell...pointless game that repeats itself and the coins don’t matter. Much like a season of “Whose Line Is It Anyway”.

- These ads lie

After 23 tries, I reached level 24. It’s too boring and easy.

- Best game ever

It is very easy for me in the beginning later it got a bit hard but now I’m a pro. It’s fun. Just to many ads.

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- 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


- Plainte

Il y a trop de publicités!!!!! Si cela ne s’arrête pas, je désinstalle.

- Yet another voodoo game ruined by adds

If voodoo could just not be such a scum bag company and load every game with 30 second un skiable adds ever ten seconds their games might actually be good, just sad.

- It’s sooo fun

When I downloaded it and I started playing it I just didn’t stop I love this game and 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- What’s up with 121?

This game is all good and fine until you get to stage 121. It’s a yellow ball with nothing but black. As soon as you go under the wire it goes black so you can go back to the black to barge your way through the endless sea of yellow. Once you make it through it’s an endless sea of yellow and there is no way through. No fun when it’s not impossible. I am guessing this board is a flaw.

- 8888

The game use to be good until I updated it.

- Too many adds

I know they need ads but come on 15 sec of barely game 30 sec and more ads like I download these game for 2 mins and uninstalled don’t waste your time I waste more of my time writing this review than playing game

- Meh.

It’s boring. I deleted it after two minutes.

- Too many adds

Decent game, too many adds and a very low frame rate while playing

- Ndndndndnnwmqve

Yes I give you grapes

- Awesome game

This game is so fun

- Super fun game! Challenging levels!

Presently on level 1046, and not sure how many levels there are, but hard to put the game down! However, this is quite a battery draining game. But still a fun game! Put your phone on airplane mode and then enjoy ad free!! :)


I love this game! It’s really fun and not that many ads. I’m obsessed and can’t stop playing it! Suggest getting this app!

- It’s a fun game but.......

The game is fun but too many adds

- Eliza

So fun

- Hi

Great game but it took me forever on level 92 some levels are just soooo hard

- So much fun

So awesome and a nice calm game to play

- Too glitchy

I hate it I can barely get past level 2 Because it is so glitchy Don’t get it it’s a waste of your time

- # of ads are disgusting

Not cool

- 👎👎👎

Every time you die or pass a level there’s an add. I’d rate this zero stars if I could!

- To many ads

Amusing game good for passing time I like it. But to many ads it gets annoying

- Game experience

I started playing this game on my daughters Samsung and I got addicted but I have an iPhone and it has so many ads it’s insane!! If they removed all those ads i would have given 5 stars other than that good game until I get annoyed and uninstall.

- Cool

I love the game!!

- Pretty good

This is definitely a fun game! Although, I have two things to say: There are many ads- You can turn your wifi and data off for a solution Uses significant energy- Out of all of my games, it uses too much of my battery Overall, good game!

- Hi

I just a gave it a five bc I don’t want to be mean so maybe give it a lot of a update

- Fun

I like the game but I think there shouldn’t be so many ads 👌🏼👍💁

- Colour bump 3D

I love it but it’s too easy and way to much ads maybe you guys can make less ads

- Ads are quite frustrating

The game itself is great fun and interesting, but the ads bug me and come after, approximately, after each or so. Considering that the levels are pretty short it annoys a lot Furthermore I this game overall 4 due to the previous issue otherwise I believe that this game gets your brain going and uses strategy. I do understand that other game companies would like to advertise their own games to customers but this many ads makes the app itself frustrating to use

- So Satisfying!!!

I personally think it is a very satisfying game 😚

- Good game

It’s a fun game🙃

- Good game btw super fun

I love this g a m e s o m u c h

- Too many adds!!!

I would have liked to have less adds, every time I completed a level I would have to watch and add before I could play the next one!

- Okay but...

I love it but once you get to the levels in the 900s it is literally impossible to pass them. I am on 913 and have tried 35 times too pass it. It is a very fun game but this is a disaster! Fix it please!!!!!!!!!!

- Alright

It’s fine just a lot of adds

- Eleven

It is a bit easy but I still like it

- Weirdo

Ads are sown even if you win I suggest not downloading it I downloaded it for like two weeks and played like to times it’s very boring well the 3D affects are cool but this app is the app that sows the most ads in like all my games you play 2times and an ad pops out. It’s literlly add world

- It’s ok

This game is ok, it gets boring as you continue, it’s pretty easy for me, and I think the levels re do.

- It’s good till stage 119

It’s impossible to beat the first part you can get but then... you die please fix this I like this game, and you can’t skip a level, so on the next update delete stage 119.

- Please fix

I have I bug my game is really glitchy on wifi can you please fix it! But other wise it is a great and fun game!

- Ok but I got stuck

Great game, really love it. Sadly I’m stuck on level 119 and can’t get past it.

- Crash!

So far the game has crashed at least once on EVERY level. Pathetic!

- A Great Game... Too Many Ads

The game it self is addicting and is very fun to play but it is packed with ads, a few ads I'm fine with but this game has one every two rounds pretty much and the rounds aren't long, sometimes around the start of a round it will even cut into the game making it much harder to get back into. Other then that great game.

- Adds

The adds are really annoying it makes the game boring .


This app is so satisfing whenever your bored and u have nothing to do u can pull out ur phone and play the game don’t hate its a good app

- The ad lied

It looks so much fun on the ad but once you get it it’s boring

- Good game

I think this game was very fun to play and it was a amazing experience.

- Good😍😍😍😎😎😎

It is sooooo relaxing 😌

- Pretty good

It is good but sometimes it gets really glitchy and it doesn’t work but other then that it is a great game!!!

- Too much ads

Y’all got wayyy to many ads in this. Finna be force feeding capitalism to all the young uns round me. Your player base is MASSIVE so at this point stuffing ads in everyone’s faces just be greeeedy. I appreciate the hustle when the game is hard, but damn you people at the top now, let the lil people breathe. We already getting robbed by the government and Facebook, don’t rob us here too. Damn.

- Way too many ads

Fun game, but virtually unplayable without your internet turned off. It’s a sad state for games these days.

- Too many adds

This game is fun but every time I pass a level or get a second chance there is an add. I use to like this game but now I know that it’s just trash. There is way too many adds so if you are thinking about getting this game don’t because there’s way too many adds.

- Adds

The game itself is great, I just don’t like so many adds, it’s so annoying and I hope that the makers of this game can try to reduce or get rid of all adds, that would be great!

- Don’t get this game

I have had it before but now it is reeallly bad

- Waist of time

There is add after add and gets really boring. Don’t waist your time getting this game it’s also really glitchy and easy.

- Too easy

I want a challenge because it’s too easy. And also too many ads

- Do not download this app

It’s terrible

- Worst GAME EVA

Let’s take a look at all of the issues with it we’ll is fjdkskdniddjdnodksmdndjdkdnfjfkfmndk😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😡🟨💙🟨🟨🟨😋🟨🟪🟪🤥🥵🤥😨🤥😨🤥😳😑😡😑😡😑🤥🤭😱🤥😓😑😓😑😑🧊🍾🍷🍷🍷🍹🥛🍾🍴🍴🍻🍻



- Colour bump

I think it should start a little faster but other then that the game is a all around fun and enjoyable game


Tooooooooooo much ads

- It is a really good app but

It is a great app but every time I play the game it all ways glitches and it is really slow and it’s not even hard

- It’s good

I like the game besides the ads they are so annoying but gameplay it’s fantastic

- this game is actually 💩

the game is glitchy as #### and everything is so damn slow and btw dont download this pile of 💩👹 and 💀.

- Good game

Good game, that gets harder and harder. As a tip, if you want to avoid ads and pressing the “continue” button by accident, just turn off wifi.

- Ok but boring

So repetitive - sometimes you’ll get the same level immediately again but with just the colours changed. The points system soon earns everything available and then just accumulates with nothing to buy with them. Then you hit a level where there’s only a pixel width either side and you’ll fail so endlessly you’ll uninstall the game. Be nice to have been able to use points to “buy” a pass to skip a level if it’s too hard or annoying, or something like that rather than never be able to progress any further. And SERIOUSLY needs a reward for doing max damage; or pushing the most pieces off the board; or pushing pieces over the finish line with you - especially where those pieces are the other colour, you definitely ought to get points for carrying opposing colours across the finish line with you.

- It sucked

It sucked

- Bad


- Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads and more ads.

Lots of ads and then after those ads more ads. Out of five stars I give it 0.001 ⭐️'s Uninstalling immeadiately.

- It’s okay

This game is good. But after about ten minutes it gets pretty boring and it’s too easy

- More time watching ads than playing

Can’t enjoy

- Ads

I loved this app until I realised it was just ads and after level 30 which is easy to get to it starts getting boring I don’t like this app just some positive feed back

- It’s ok


- You can turn the sound on

Fun game it is relaxing but also a lot of adds. To the people who say that there is no sound if you go to settings in the game it shows you that the sound is off you can turn the ON if you want to 😀

- Ads but great

I love this game, much better than colour hole, my only problem is th ads and other than that, it is amazing!

- A pretty good game

I think that this game is a good gam there is a few adds but it’s really easy

- Don’t get this - Its horrible

Just don’t. To many 30sec ads (Most of the ads are this games ads lol) DONT BOTHER

- 5 minute obsession

Only 5 minutes and I am already obsessed 😂🤣

- I know how to stop ads!!!!

Turn on aroplane mode and no internet no ads Yw from me. Ps this game is wat I call "lagger lager game on fire 🔥 "

- Well, it’s good and bad

It doesn’t let me get more keys in the chest room It’s anoying wen u keep losing U should get to chos ur skin

- The ads a lie

It took me 1 try out of 23 from the and to get to level 2 next time make your ads better

- This is a trash game

If you are reading this well please listen. Ok this game is so laggy and you have an ad ever time you pass a level or die. You would normally die every time because it’s really laggy. The levels become so much easier then harder and it’s like the levels are going in a loop So if your still reading this well there are much better games out there so bottom line DO NOT SPEND YOUR TIME YOUR TIME ON THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!

- Ad party

The only thing is there’s so many ads

- Made iPad lag

Totally not worth it I played it for like three minutes and it was so laggy and then when wanted to play a different game my iPad started to lag so total waste of time and its so easy so don’t get it it is really bad

- Okay for me

I'm about to download it and find out what journey to do, but since i saw these, I'm like 'well, I'm gonna cross lots of ads like lots of my other games' which is odd. WHY DO I STILL HAVE THE AD GAMES? Well, it's cause it's for when I'm offline (no internet). When there's no internet, there's no ads!

- this game is racisttttt

lmao im just kidding the game is fun but gets kinda repetitive after awhile. the first time i played i got addicted for a few weeks until i gave up and deleted the app. wouldn’t recommend u play

- :|

A game that is mildly enjoyable for the first 5 seconds. This game legit tried to blind me, the screen was flickering throughout all the levels and there were adds everywhere all the time. Simply unplayable and a waste of time.

- Dumbcunt


- Relaxing game, but too many ads

Title sums it up, you need some to make money, but I'm easily watching one a minute

- To much repeating

I’ve been playing this game for half a year now, l am on level 713 BUT I have realised that since level 350 the levels start to repeat and while I was giving level 712 a go, it was impossible then a month later it was an easy level. So with that said l hope the game has a couple of challenges in it.

- Too many ads

An ad after every level and every time you die. It’s the first time I’ve played and I will be deleting it. The actual game is good.

- Review

My review was that the app is too slow and has not been interesting for me so far however i do enjoy this game. I am also kind of in love with this game ❤️

- Why I like color bump 3D

I love destroying the blocks in the game

- Color Bump 3D awesome

I love this game and it’s challenges. I have hit a snag with stage 133 though, can’t seem to get through as there are no colour barrier options or enough space to get through/past with my ball colour?? I have googled the walk through and it looks as though the barriers are supposed to jump out of the way but they aren’t, it isn’t working. I deleted and reloaded the game and now stage 5 is doing it too. The pieces aren’t jumping when they are supposed to. Something is wrong, please fix it 🙏🙏🙏

- A

No good FPS

- Bug

Theres a gaming mistake on level 134to 135 opsticles don’t go up so level is un passable

- iPad Air

Failed to download 3x. Rubbish.

- Love ya


- Stuck at level 729

Good little time killer until I got to level 729 which looks to be impossible...

- Colour bump 3D

I hate it it gets harder And I am level 77

- Love this

Love this

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- Ads are VERY inappropriate

This game is fun and challenging for my little one. He’s 7, and I felt ok with him playing since the app is rated 4+. WRONG MOVE. Most ads are for sniper or first person shooter games. The ads are very graphic and show women being held at gunpoint, people being hunted and shot, and blood spurting from bullet wounds. This is NOT ok for an app approved for children 4+. Deleted due to very inappropriate ads.

- The hard game

It is a very tricky game but if you’re up to the challenge then go for it

- Insane amount of ads

The game is practically unplayable with all of the ads. You are constantly bypassing options that cost watching ads, only to get hit with more ads.

- Ads

Good but a lot and I mean a lot of ads

- Most ads Iv seen in a game

Save yourself the trouble and just don’t download this game. The ads are so long and you spend more time on ads then actually playing.

- Me: dies

The game: Ay YoU waNnA PlAy GarDeNSCaPeS??

- Unknown

It is a really very good game I recommend it!!!!

- Review

It good

- It’s ok

It’s to easy and it needs less ads if they could change things it would be ok every time you finish a level it gives you a add i didn’t want to do this but it kept bugging me about giving the game a review so this is what I have to say

- Way too many ads

I like the game a lot but there are way too many ads! At least one or two every time you pass a level. There’s plenty of other free games with far fewer ads. While I enjoy playing it, I spend much less time playing it and much too much time waiting for the ads to finish.

- Great but...

I love this game, don't get me wrong but there are too many adds the game is so fun but I will play and there is a add every ten seconds and it's a little annoying not gonna lie sorry just can't stand the adds

- How much I like this game

It’s so much fun and it’s the l best

- Beyond sick of seeing Tom Steyer and Elizabeth Warren ads

I play games so I don’t have to see this garbage. I will uninstall if I have to continue seeing this crap

- Reusing Levels Consistently

I going to be completely transparent with you all. As I have noticed, the more and more levels I've played, they have continuously reused levels to where the game just sees tedious at this point. I'm on level 1039 and have all the wallpapers for the floor to where the game has lost its incentive. And I swear sometimes the game glitches kinda to where the blocks that are the opposite of your ball literally fall on the exact same spot as you are and also seems to follow you in some cases. Creators of this game, please fix these problems that I have listed above.

- Stuuuuuupidb

This game would not let swipe to start. Very bad game dosing dissapionting

- 💛


- Hi

It cool I think you can do better

- Boring.. no upgrade

So after you unlock all the stage designs you literally start making thousands of coins and there's nothing to buy. Complete waste of time.

- Way, way too many ads!

You guys ask us if we want to watch an ad and we click no, YOU PLAY AN AD ANYWAYS! The game is fun but not worth it with all of the ads.

- Review

Fun. Amusing. Stratagitical. -gamer

- Ads

It’s a fun game but it’s just ads after ads and it’s really annoying. Most of the time it’s just the same ad and it doesn’t even let you do the demo game. You can do the demo game like once and then it’s takes you to the App Store to get you to try and buy it. My whole entire problem is ads.

- So adicting

I can get to level five hundred so fast!!!!!!!! Thank you for making a game like this it is amazing!!!!!!!!!

- Cool

AWESOME 😎😍🐣game

- Stage 457 IMPOSSIBLE

Spent time enjoying this game until level 457 which is impassable. Now I’m going to delete app... so disappointing

- OMG love it 😍

Ok this is the best game ever I’m already on level999

- I hope the devs see this

So this game is pretty solid but it lacks customization and other features (except for changing ground texture) but “skins” for the ball itself would be awesome!

- Good dame but...

It crashes A LOT.

- Good BUT

WAY too many commercials

- Color bump 3D

Color bump 3D is really good because you get to go through a ball obstacle course kind of and it’s really fun!

- Haha

I’m getting the hang of this

- Color bump 3D

It’s good but it good make the leaves harder

- It would let me play

Ever time I stay on this app from 10 seconds it brings me back to my home screen so it’s not that fun of a game anymore

- Too much advertisement

One game one advertisement!! Why man? Are we playing for watching ADVERTISEMENT?? it’s too much.

- Hm... it is good I guess.

Yeah... this really could use some work. Levels are almost IMPOSSIBLE! No thanks! And the ads are just annoying and bad. Is this supposed to be a satisfying game? But other than that, this game works for me. Thanks.

- I like it but...

I like it a lot but there are like an add for every level which is really annoying! But this game is really fun either way!

- Meh...

I really like the game and all but I have a few issues with the game. First off, I really wish you guys could have some more ideas of what to do with the backdrop. I literally have 11,000 coins and have no idea what to do with them. Second off, it just feels like the levels are repeating themselves. Don’t say I don’t know; I’m on level 567. It’s a good game and all, but I really hope you have some more ideas soon. Also, music would be nice for a change... thanks if you read this! Have a wonderful day:3

- The worst game ever

This is the worst game ever I say that because when I try to do the bonus the third time it won’t let me so change that thank you very much hate you ha ha ha ha ha ha bye suckers🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

- Awesome

This game is soooooo addictive

- Boring

Thanks for trying to make a good game but this is boring. There’s no music and it is to easy. Better luck next time. :(

- Adds

It is an amazing game but the adds after ever level makes it not fun at all to play. Which made me delete the app.

- Love the App but!!!

I absolutely love playing this game. I decided to purchased the ad free version. Once I did that I was unable to take advantage of using the continue option to complete a difficult level.

- Seriously?

Plays ads after you start the level. What kind of crap is that?

- Ad after every try !!

If you fail in 3 seconds you still have a 30 second ad. I don’t mind ads, hence I didn’t pay for the “no ad” version. But by forcing one to buy the game by purposely having so many ads is ridiculous! I’m deleting it.

- Wow

Guys just turn airplane mode on for the adds and re open the game! Works every time for every mobile game.

- Fun Color bump

Its so cool I love it

- Color bump 3D

Hey could you add music while you are playing like Marshmello

- Lies to get you to watch ads

If you die in a level occasionally it will ask you if you wanna continue the level without having to go back to the beginning of it you have to watch a video but when I try that it has me watch the video and I still have to restart the level.

- Garbage

Played 30 seconds and got hit with a SEVERAL MINUTE AD. Could’ve lasted forever for all I know. There was no way to exit it or skip it. Don’t play.

- Ads

Totally disagree about how the other ads say you can’t even play with that many ads, there is enough that I can play one or two levels without getting one but there is not one every second. I love this game I downloaded it yesterday and I’m already on level 50!! Also it’s not that hard like the ads said it was, But anyways I really like this game!!!

- It is a good game

It was a a good game all together

- Fun

Fun idk what else to say but it’s way too easy

- Grosse marde

Gros jeu de marde c’est d’la marde de jeu de marde.

- Not a game. It is a ad app

I’d rather just watch ads.

- Good game, can be annoying

The chest after every three stages can be pretty annoying. Satisfying and fun apart from that

- Great game

Fun game loaded with fun obstacles always giving a fun and sensational sensory experience!

- Ads


- Needs some work

Really enjoyed it until they did the latest update. Now able to collect coin on chest room but no option to use them for any in app rewards after you have collected all templates. This needs to be addressed as the coin are a non point if you cannot do anything with them. Also not able to continue where you “died” in game. Have to start from beginning again. Hopefully these issues will be improved.

- Ads ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

To many adds I just want to play the game!!! (T_T)

- Awesome game

This game is awesome many adds but overall AWESOME

- Ads and poor game design

Ads were horrific so I bought the full game, and there are certain levels with glitches that don't let you proceed like level 132 where the blocks don't move.

- The ads ruin this game because they don’t have a close button

At least add a close button whats wrong with you

- No support, bug stops the game around Stage 134

Really frustrating careless lack of support or attention to defective release. I know this game can work - but it sure does not for me.

- Not working

I was just playing it and on stage 135 it doesn’t work like the blocks don’t go up so I can pass the level. Bad game.

- Seriously???

All the supposed bug fixes and you still haven’t fixed level 122? Loved this game until you mucked it up. Honestly I’d pay to have the game I really enjoyed relaxing with...the one that gave you several lives at each level and didn’t interrupt with silly chests and actually allowed you past level 122.

- Unbeatable level

I was really enjoying this game, and even paid so I wouldn’t have to watch the ads, but have reached an unbeatable level. Stage 89 has no possible way of getting by the very first section without hitting something. I have tried about 1000 times. A bit frustrated that I can no longer play a game I was enjoying, and that I wasted a couple bucks. I would have given five stars if not for this.

- Idk

It is a good game until you get to level 19153 because there is no purple and nothing goes up on the last part so it’s impossible can you plz fix but good game until that level.

- It good game


- Mimi’s review

It is a fun game but it can be hard and after like 100000 try’s I finally made it to level III so maybe you can make more games like this but a little bit easer but other than that it is a really fun game

- No

Don’t you dare copy the music from smash hit it is a sacred game how dare you

- Amazing

So fun

- Stuck!

Got to level 3686 and then there must be a glitch. Can’t get through this level. So disappointed!! A fix would be appreciated... especially having put in this much (wasted?) time on the game. Otherwise... I was, clearly, hooked.

- Unreal

Absolutely sickening when it comes to adds

- Latest update breaks game

Since the latest update, the game has generated a level that’s impossible to win. This needs to be fixed.

- Bestgames

Colour bump is the best game I have ever gotten the opportunity to play I recommend this game to everyone out there #teamcolourbump3d

- Super

Cool. 👏🏻

- I love it 😻

This is an appropriate game for children who like to be satisfied

- Fun!

This game is very fun! I play it lots and lots. One thing annoys me is that there are lots of ads, but I know I can just put my phone on airplane mode to not get any ads. Other than that, it’s good and people shouldn’t be sending hate to this game.

- so bad

This game is not for kids from 3+ to 12-. I saw this game on an ad so I got it. I started playing but three reasons i don’t like it: 1. Its impossible for kids! 2. It’s too hard for 8-! 3. Too many ads. Adadadadadadadadadadaadadadadadadaadadadadadad. Like that. Bye!

- Awesome

This is the best game ever

- Such a good game

I love it’s so good u play it almost every day , it’s so addicting I’m almost at level 300. What other games do you have there probably as fun as this one

- Good but the ads

It's a fun game to kill time but most of the times you look at ads it's lags A bit

- #Awesome

I have played it on lots of my fire Friends phones and had lots of fun.

- Omg this game is great

To many adds

- Great game

Fun and interactive

- Nice game

Me and my friends would compete to have the highest level. The game was addicting for a while but I don’t play it as much anymore I’m currently on level 676 I believe

- Oh ya

This is an awesome game

- This is the best game but....

Me and my brother or wining because there’s no music even my whole family our family loves music we’re a music family please fix it

- 😑

You guys really had to do me like that. I thought I would be able to play a preview of this game but nooooo you wanna make me download it first. Not impressed. If I could give a 0 star rate you bet I would.



- Colour bump

I think it’s ok but it could be better but without all the adds

- Great

Fun game when I’m waiting on the bus

- C’est le fun

Ce jeu est tellement fun prend l’application

- Adds adds adds

To many adds

- Bob

Bob bob bob bob bob bobby BOB

- Glitching

This is very glitchy on I phone 8+ i wouldn’t recommend this app you can barely play it

- Too much adds....trop d’annonces

Too much adds..... trop d’annonces

- Great game

This is a really fun and addictive game it is hard but interesting game! I recommend it. I’m on level 84 and I find this game fun to pass the time and it is just like the add!

- this is a bad game

i gave it a four stars because there are a lot of ads but if you still wanna ant to get the game that’s ok i’m just saying if your not a ad person don’t get this game and sometimes if you’re on a high level it can get you so mad sometimes and just so you know i’m on level 1000 and sometimes if you’re on a level like that you might want to hit your phone or you can whatever your using hope you guys have a great day bye and like if this was helpful

- Not my cup of tea

Too many 30 second ads

- Potato

It’s really fun I’m already almost lvl 300! Super addictive if your waiting in line for something or if you just need to do something to kill boredom and each level is less than a minute so it’s almost perfect

Libertex 📈

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- Best game EVER!!!

Colour bump 3D is such a good game! It’s addictive! I downloaded it and within a day I had made my phone flat by using it so much! They have lots of fun, challenging levels. My only issue is that after you pass level 100, they begin to repeat and you often find yourself doing a level that you completed weeks ago! But it’s still a really good game and I definitely recommend it!

- Amazing

This game is really good I can not stop playing it I think that you should get this game

- Can’t get past 123-124

I was really enjoying this game until I reached 123-124. I cannot get passed it - I can’t see how anyone could. I’ve been trying for days. Would really appreciate some help with it, or is there a way I can bypass this one. It’s such a pity as I was really enjoying it.


honestly this game has helped me so much with my anxiety and works perfectly really easy and relaxing i love it❤️❤️

- Awesome

This game is so fun and I don’t want to play another game at all it’s the best game in the world!!!!!!!you really need to download this app as l said it is the best game ever

- Ads

Ad after every level, ad ad ad You like ad Have an ad Enjoy the ad Ad for all

- Really fun

I like to play games which are not too hard, fun, with loads of different levels.This exactly one of those games I like. Thoroughly recommended for people like me. Love this game. Haven't stopped playing since I got it .(one month ago)

- Ads you can’t escape from

Absolute joke, played one level, fixed to play a playable ad and then cannot quit it without going to the App Store! Disgusting

- It’s really....

It’s really... good, but also very addictive!!!! Sometimes it glitches, but that’s like ALL games, good but not perfect. Also it has this very annoying habit of forcing you to watch ads in the MIDDLE OF A LEVEL!! And I was just like, this is just wrong, you can’t stop a level that someone’s going through just to watch an ad!! But also, once the ad has finished , you have to start the level again, not from where the ad popped up from. Apart from that, it’s extremely good and I highly recommended this app.

- I love this game

This game is so addictive OMG if I love it you will love it to. 👌❤️😘😍🤯😊☺️😙😚😗😎🤓🤪😜😝🥰

- Wow


- 😂🦄❤️💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

This is the best game ever you should get it

- good but not challenging

it’s a good game but the further you get there’s just no new levels it’s becomes bland after a while i’m literally on level 6223 and its not challenging anymore just something to pass time with

- Good but ....

Honestly I think it is generally a really good game but there are a few problems 1. THERE ARE TOO MANNY ADS 🤬😡 2. EVEN THOUGH WE GET COINS WE CANT BUY ANYTHING !!! And 3. I THINK THERE SHOULD BE MULTIPLAYER EVENTS THAT YOU CAN ENTER BECAUSE I KNOW THAT IT CAN BE CHALLENGING BUT YOU SOON GET USED TO IT SO YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO CHALLENGE YOUR SELF !!!!!🤬😡🤬😡 I do understand that the designers have tried very hard and have put a lot of effort into is I recon that they have put at least 120% into this game but I think it just needs a few tweaks

- Don’t bother

Way too simple, at least 30 second add after each level, why collect coins that don’t seem to be there for any reason, waste of time and download

- Color bump

Good game

- Too good to be explained!!!!😁😁😁😁👍

The Game is really going good . I play it every single day and I get so many coins and get higher levels and it is just so AMAZING!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍

- Great 👌

There is literally nothing bad about this game, it’s really good and there are a couple of ads but only after every, like, 5 levels. It is a LITTLE bit glitchy at times but that’s fine because you can still play it. I highly recommend this game as it is very good and really satisfying (for me anyway). You should definitely download this game! :) 👌

- Bad

It’s bad because you made an impossible lvl you can only complete with a video. So offline people can’t complete the level😭😤

- The game

Well it is a good game but I would say it’s mostly a bit boring so sorry if I offended you


Good game

- Good game but..

I love this game but I’m stuck on a level and every time I lose it just leaves my game so please get this fixed thank you!

- Good

It is so fun. I play it a lot . People out there who haven’t got it get it today.

- Cool

This game is cool and easy and fun download the game today do what you have to do and download the game for free

- This game deserves ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I enjoy 😉 playing this game very much. It’s fun while satisfying and cool. Thank you so much for making this game! REALLY! 😁

- I love it

I just got the app and I’m already addicted to it

- A five

It’s an amazing game but level 325 is almost impossible.

- Bug in level 118

I’m sure there is a bug in level 118 as I think the level is impossible. Can’t get past it.

- One reason

This is one reason why it’s not good there’s too many adverts

- Lo

R Re Rea Real Reall Really Really g Really go Really goo Really good Really good g Really good ga Really good gam Really good game To many adverts

- Super sonic SPEED!!

It’s a great game but the ads are some annoying,I mean really annoying but if you play the game on iPad like I do if you drag the ball backwards your ball goes backwards but if forward it’s time for super sonic speed

- Joseph Rochester

I really enjoy this game and if I could have an improvement to it it would be to make it harder and even level one should be more tricky than it is but overall I think a 95% and it is not only good because of how fun it is but because you can see that the creators of the game have put 110% effort into it because of the different backgrounds and all the levels and obstacles I also like how the colour of the ball can change so you have to concentrate to not just run straight because you know what’s coming another improvement could be to be able to customise your ball and the background. I definitely think many other improvements could be made from other people’s advice and comments. I put five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ because I love the intricate detail that has been spent time on just to make it that 1% better witch I absolutely cannot live without. I would like it if obstacles were different colours other than the one the colour of the ball. If I wanted to be picky I could say that it could be slightly better if you could use controls other than swiping your finger across do dodge the obstacles!

- Uuuuuuuurrrrrggggghhhhh

This game is brilliant don’t get me wrong. But there is one level that you can not do pls fix it

- Blimey

Hi sandy thanks again for your wonderful haircut I’ll be back tomorrow

- Too good, how did you do this?

This game is so addicting to me I have been playing it for 2 years now and I’m still playing it right to this very day. Even though there are a lot of ads from time to time the game does get better and better with its different levels hard ones and easy ones I find this game colour bump 3D AMAZING! You should definitely download it!


Great game, addictive, quite hard as you get on higher levels

- Hello

Wow this is amazing! If u don’t like games like this then u will start 2! This game is sooo easy and addictive

- Good but a few issues I don't like

Colour bump 3D is so cool. It's fun to complete all levels and luckily, the levels are hard! However, what I find really annoying is that once the ball crashes into a different coloured object I have to wait ten seconds until it finishes! The adverts are really irritating as well ( and it's quite boring) Please change this!!!!!! Thanks! 😸🐥👾

- Really good game

I like this as a game to play when you have spare time

- Battery drainer

U can’t just toss a thousand of 3D objects and expect to be a good product for mobile gaming. Further optimalisation required.

- Hi

So laggy.

- Advert after advert!! Avoid

More adverts than play .. rubbish

- Not like what the add says

I would

- Your game?!

It’s a good game I love it so charming

- Shame

Another wonderful relaxing simple little game ruined by constant adverts after almost every level 🤬 Worse still and most infuriating, you have to wait thirty seconds on most before you can close them!! 😡 it’s too simple to pay for and your not blackmailing me into paying to stop ads, I’d rather give you the review you deserve! STOP AD SPAMMING

- Review


- After school

When I play I feel relaxed

- OK

Good game but it was impossible to complete stage 19

- I’m going to love this game 🎀❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

You are the most beautiful person in the entire world 🌎

- Too many ads

The actual game is amazing but you can’t get through one level without watching an add, otherwise it would be 5 stars

- Great game, needs more levels

Great game, needs more levels, after level 300 it all becomes repeated levels. Consider implementing procedurally generated levels?

- I know how to make the ads stop!

Just turn of wifi and have the fun of your life on this game!!

- Absolutely love it 😍

You should play this game it’s great for time out to play and you wouldn’t believe what level I’m up to it’s over 2500! It’s just an overall great game and it’s the most I have ever played in a game so it tops the best game in my books

- Why so many ads

This game is okay it’s great to zone out but how can you zone out if you can’t even get through one level without having to watch a thirty second ad and not to mention you can’t even see it it’s so glitchy and it’s not my device because on other games it works perfectly. So I’m warning you just don’t waste your time on this app!!!!!

- Idk

You don’t get any satisfaction like in the ad that pops up every second.

- 👌 ok

I am starting to feel like it is ok because it is a bit glitchy and I am get a bit annoyed by it so the create of this game please fix’s it! But it is still a good game especially for zoning out and I love 💗 it but please can you please fix the glitches on it please thx!

- WORST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!

When I started there was an ad that doesn’t even have a cross that was 2 mins.YES U HEARD ME 2 MINUTES.When I was nearly at the finish line another 2 MINUTE AD.After the ad there was another 2 MINUTE AD.After the game froze and it wasn’t my iPad cause the other games didn’t freeze.I reset it and after A 5 MINUTE AD WITH NO CROSS.No matter if I reset the game IT JUSTS RESTARTS THE STUPID AD.PLS DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE DUMP STUPID GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!THE MOST FUNNIEST THING WAS ALL THE ADS WERE TELLING ME THINGS ABOUT THE STUPID DUMB GAME.Every ad had at least 3 minutes of lag. I promise u if u download the STUPID DUMP GAME u will SUFFER!Sorry guys I shouldn’t SAY ADS I SHOULD FREAKEN SAY VIDEOS!!!!!!!!! Pls don’t Download the FREAKEN STUPID DUMP GAME!!!! It should be called STUPID VIDEOS THAT U SHOULDNT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!

- Good game airplane mode only

Literally the only game I have had installed (put on airplane mode for no ads)

- Okay but GLITCHES!!!🤯

This game is fun but there is soooooooo many glitches that it makes the game not fun anymore. And don’t even get me started on all the ads!

- Fun Game but ...

Very fun free game. I hate ads but since it is a free game I expect there to be ads. However after the x button came up in a forced ad I pressed it but instead of closing, the ad sent me to the App Store page for the game. Again, fun game but is this aloud?

- Yea there is a cheat

I noticed that when you continue scrolling backwards from the start . the course will continue to go without your ball than when the course reaches the end continue scrolling forwards and you finish the level with no obsticals

- This app is great

I can’t believe it was this good I would have downloaded it sooner, it’s just to good to be true

- Ads

Get rid of ads

- A solution

Everybody knows about the bad ads on this app and on many more but there is a simple solution. All we have to do is turn off the internet and you can play ad free. This is for the game developer, can you please make the levels harder as you progress because it can get pretty boring after you are used to the controls (maybe ad a spinning obstacle that you have to get past or something like that)

- Hi

Makes you sad

- I think that colour bump 3D is a very FUN! App to play on

And all of the levels on this app is really fun and sometimes a bit challenging


It is ok. Fine is amazing Sike

- Boring

It gets so boring after like the third level so yeah bye

- Okay

I’m up to level 1879 now but I don’t know why I bothered. Every twenty levels are the same and there’s more ads then gameplay. Since I updated it, the colour combos have definitely gotten more aesthetic and I used to love the bonus levels. Now that I bought all the patterns, I don’t know what to do with all the coins. I absolutely love the levels when they scatter the pieces though, I wish all the levels were like that, maybe in the next version? And maybe get some new patterns too. Overall, you should get it but don’t keep it for too long.

- Great game

Hi guys you have made a great game but there are some glitches 1 when you press continue it automatically continues without me watching a video. 2 if your ball goes behind vision on your screen you can skip the level by coming forward at the last second. 3 when collecting coins after you are finished there is the option to press play again each a Video this button dose not work at all. It would be highly appreciated if you take care of these as soon as possible. Thank you 😊

- Awsome


- Couler bump

It is awesome so much fun to play with when you are bored And I love fortnite but this is better than fortnite

- Adds

To many adds

- Good


- Too many ads

Fun game but the adds are way tooooo much

- So many damn ads

After every level there is a damn add, and there is no sound in the game at all. At least you can skip the 'in between level' ads after 5 seconds. How about you set it for say, every 10 levels or something!! When you click on an ad to get a bonus, you can’t skip those ones now can you!!

- Easy

I like it because it’s easy at first then it gets hard and harder

- Love this game!

This game is so fun! A few adds but my new addiction! Rated by Selena Gomez ( Joking! Did you actually think it was Selena Gomez? )

- People are so fussy these days, this app is perfect the way it is.

This app might not be perfect but nothing is plus I know lots of reasons why it is perfect the way it is 1.its really satisfying 2. It’s really fun 3. Their not as bad as you think (there’s way worse apps) 4. It doesn’t glitch to bad 5. Their isn’t particularly bad adds And 6.the adds aren’t long See?,they aren’t as bad as you think if you look on the bright side!

- Awesome game

This app it great plz download if haven’t already;)

- Cool game 😎

I really liked the look of this game when I saw the ads for it I wanted to download it straight away. So when my brother asked if he could get it I asked too and we were allowed and as soon as it had finished being downloaded, I pressed on it straight away and started to do level one but it was really easy but that doesn’t matter. And so was level two. And three. And four. And five. But not six. Or seven. Or eight. You probably get the idea. So thanks for reading and one thing that I forgot to say-you have to download this! But wait for the ads.


I got this game because I saw it on a add then I started playing it , but then after each level there’s a lot of adds . But it’s the best game ever 🌈

- Ok

It’s fun but a little bit boring

- Great

This is a great game I love how it is simple but then it gets harder I also like how half way the colour switches

- Colour bumb 3d

I love it so much it’s a good game for kids to enjoy it and have fun

- It's not as bad as the reviews say......

This game isn't as bad as the reviews say. Everything is good except for these things. 1. Adds come up TO often. 2. There's no pause button for if you need it. 3. The same adds come up each time. IM SICK OF IT!! 4. There's not a lot of bonus levels. I'm gonna recommend out of 100 of how good it is. Here you go: 72% I didn't put a five star rating because of those bad things so if you noticed, I put a 4. By kitty_cutie719🐾

- Not as bad as the reviews say it is

Ive just started playing this game and there aren’t too much ads at all. Also, there isn’t any music BUT there is sound, so when you go past blocks the sound is SOO satisfying (for me anyway). So i don’t know what people are experiencing, but overall it’s ok for me

- Good but

I found it really good cool but some times l found it hard and all most impossible but l found a way through but do what ever you want

- Amazing but .....

Colour bump is a great app it’s passes time and always makes me keep wanting to play it is amazing and great you never can stop once I even wanted to play during the funniest thing ever the circus and I still thought about it and I got my phone and started playing it and I could’t stop playing it

- Your so bad

I hate this game but I know that you love me 😎😑😎😑😎😑😎😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

- One too many adds

Too many adds but other wise great app

- Do not bother

I only have to say a few thing about this game DO NOT BOTHER There is no music, ads come up after every ATTEMPT and then it is so easy in normal games it gets harder the further you go but I literally am up to level 81 and it is still so easy these reasons not to buy the game However if they were to fix the game I would probably give it a 4 but for now it stays at 2 for me


DO NOT GET THIS GAME!!! Trust me this game is sooo hopeless!!! 😩 I got this game because I saw it on a add and thought I might get it because it Looks fun and satisfying, so I did. As the days passed I was flying through the levels, It was soo easy!!!, and I kept on flying through the levels till now. This game is WAY TOO EASY!!!, even before and after a level there are adds that go for way too long!!!, WAY TOO MANY ADDS!!!. Before like, ten levels you get use to the game and it becomes boring. WAY TOO BORING!!!. This game has a lot of errors!!! And trust me, you do not want to get this game ever in your life.

- To many adds

The game shouldn’t be called the colour bump or what ever the stupid name is it should be called the add watching game. I know that all the developers care about is profit and that’s why there is so many adds but the game is fun when there is no adds so maybe if you stop caring about profit we will have a better time playing it.

- Sad

It not fun you can not do anything some people like it but I don’t so I don’t recommend this game for people who have no patience 😕

- Review

I think some of the things said in the ad of this app aren’t true. They said it takes 53 tries to get to level 2 but instead it takes 1. This game is fun however.

- good hame but lots of adds

its a really good game at first but then you just have all of these adds pop up and there so anoying

- I love it soo much and this is why

It is probably easier to play on iPad then phone but other then that it is such a good game one of my best and not to brag I am on stage/level 900!!

- Why its great

Its great because you have fun wile it being changing.


Everything is great but the Ads. Big deal if you don’t realise . GET RID OF THE ADS!!!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

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Color Bump 3D 1.4.8 Screenshots & Images

Color Bump 3D iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Color Bump 3D iphone images
Color Bump 3D iphone images
Color Bump 3D iphone images
Color Bump 3D iphone images
Color Bump 3D iphone images
Color Bump 3D ipad images
Color Bump 3D ipad images
Color Bump 3D ipad images
Color Bump 3D ipad images
Color Bump 3D ipad images
Color Bump 3D Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Color Bump 3D Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Color Bump 3D (Version 1.4.8) Install & Download

The applications Color Bump 3D was published in the category Games on 2018-12-21 and was developed by Good Job Games [Developer ID: 1191495496]. This application file size is 163.78 MB. Color Bump 3D - Games posted on 2020-03-21 current version is 1.4.8 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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