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Your newest addiction comes in 3D!

Very easy to play, too hard to master

Do not touch other Colors, that is it!

100+ Levels of limitless fun!

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The applications Color Bump 3D was published in the category Games on 2018-12-21 and was developed by Good Job Games. The file size is 121.86 MB. The current version is 1.08 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

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Color Bump 3D Reviews


Too Many Adds  Travwes1  3 star

I really enjoy this game and made it to level 75 but I just can’t get over how many adds this game has. I understand that’s how these “free” games make their money but it makes the game feel very cheap and choppy.

Penguin 🐧12345

Read my review  Penguin 🐧12345  3 star

Good game but WAYYYYYYYYY to many adds after every two tries you get an add(I counted) and there the same adds OVER AND OVER AGAIN. However the game itself is very fun and I keep coming back to it but I hesitate first before playing because of all the adds


Too many ads  Alarose20  2 star

Wow... just wow...


Great Ads  Jheal73  5 star

I love looking at all the cringe mobile game ads


Good game. Can’t pass level 248.  CookedWaffles  4 star

The level looks normal, but the path is blocked entirely by color and there is no way around.


Terrible  Zurtle50  1 star

This game is so easy. It is the easiest game I have ever played and is a huge waste of time


My review  ßämâñthå  5 star

This is actually easy it said it was gonna be hard😂


Great game, too many adds  bbbarham  4 star

Game is a ton of fun but it’s hard to get into because there are adds every other level.

Ay narley boy Jay

Great game. Ads are every round Or every other round.  Ay narley boy Jay  4 star

I get it. Your app needs funding. But with the relentless adds. You’ve got a download plus a delete and now a review like this! You ruined it with these adds. There will be another game similar to this either presently or in the future. WITH LESS ADS! Final Notes: the game is solid. Challenging. Fun. If you’ve got 1 hr into this game after playing through 57 mins of ads. Then go for it. Update: Changed my review to 4 stars after finding out about airplane mode to disable the ads. Shouldn’t have to do that but that’s a good hack.


5 STAR  kakshi737733777373  5 star

A good time waster


Amount of ads  GirlishCoffee  1 star

This game is ok but the amount of ads is ridiculous. There is more time used on the ads then how much game time you get out of it. Especially how some ads pop up mid way through the game and as you click the close button you immediately die because you hit an object. Like there is no countdown after you exit the ad, it just goes back to where the ball last was. Very disappointed.


Please read and reply  Gurlalots  5 star

Hello director if your reading this, i really really like the app but i consider making music for the game if you could do that, thank you!


Fun But Not Fun Enough  #TellingTheTruth24/7  4 star

This game is fun but it could be better. The camera from the beginning of the level to the end of the level is too slow and the levels aren’t long enough. There are ads but there isn’t too many. There is only and ad after every 3-5 levels. Some people are over exaggerating a bit and make it seem like there is an ad after every level and after every time you die. They also said that there is and ad every 5 seconds but there isn’t. I would just like to say that in your future games could you make the levels longer. The levels are only about 10 seconds long.

xavier baynham

To many adds  xavier baynham  1 star

Way to many adds fun game but to many adds it is like an app where you just what adds


Runs bad & too many ads  Ando-au  2 star

The ads are far too frequent. Also, Theresa lot of frame rate drops (even on my iPhone X), which takes away from the enjoyable gameplay.


Adds  pooooaoooooooooop  1 star

Are (dgnmfhfkccfdmjgxddh


So many ads!  AussieBlondieMM  1 star

Although there is something oddly satisfying about messing up all the neat rows of shapes, NO game is worth the amount of ads this one has! This is more ads than game!!!! Not worth it! Not even a little bit! Can’t go five seconds without a thirty second add playing! Don’t download it!!!


The ads  misssiberianhuskey  3 star

It’s ok but the ads are annoying! There are too many of them!

Xi Xau

Advert Heaven  Xi Xau  1 star

Approx ever five seconds you will have to sit through 30 seconds of adverts. Could be quite fun if it wasn’t so painful.

Rainbowsare forever

Sooo fun!!!  Rainbowsare forever  5 star

This is a really fun game I’ll recommend to get it


Spend the $1.99 to remove ads  Coco1963  4 star

Love this game. The $1.99 is worth it to remove obnoxious ads.....but after 100 levels nothing changes. This could be sooooo much better than it is. Shocked the developers do not see that. Please make it better!!!!!!! Then it would be five stars!!!!

Sad consumer.

I don’t mind ads but.....  Sad consumer.  1 star

I don’t mind ads, I understand why ads are necessary. But these ads are getting out of hand. Why can’t you guys have regular ads, ads I can close when I want. I’m even fine the ad running for 15 seconds before I can close it. Even if every now and then u have a 30 second one. Fine. But the ads you guys have are horrible. They go on for well over 30 seconds, on EVERY ad. And I have to watch an ad every time I die. So if I’m not playing that well and keep losing quickly then guess what. I’m literally playing ads more than I’m playing the game. Should call the game ‘Ad Dodger 3D’. It’s crazy. I would happily buy this game to get the “no ad” version. But considering how many ads you have in the free version, you guys are already getting plenty of money from them. So you obviously don’t need my dollar. Great game. But greed ruins it.


Fun game bombarded by ads  Gnos96  1 star

Don’t download unless you like to watch ads instead of play a game on your phone.

Nate Pipkins

SO MANY ADS!!  Nate Pipkins  2 star

put less ads and the game is 5 stars

Steve M Lucha

Using data with data off  Steve M Lucha  1 star

This app uses data to show ads even when I have the data settings turned off on the app. Not okay

22 saveg

I  22 saveg  1 star

it’s stupid

Harry styles One direction 123

TO MUCH ADS  Harry styles One direction 123  1 star

To many ads 🤬


How to get rid of ads  Hikerjk  1 star

Make sure the app is fully closed out, then just turn your phone on Airplane mode before you enter the app again. Boom. No ads. The ads don’t bother me, but this game feels like a boring ripoff version of other games such as Rise Up. There is absolutely no challenge in this game. The piece you control feels lethargic and slow. It’s a fine time killer, but not anything to rave about.

lils loveie bugz

Ok app  lils loveie bugz  3 star

It’s ok, fun. Just has soooo much adds


This game is awesome😁  hrmoniegranger  5 star

I think this game is incredible so fun can’t stop😏😏😂😍😂😁

Kaykay McAwesome

Ok 👌  Kaykay McAwesome  2 star

The game itself isn’t bad but there’s just way too many ads... GET RID OF ALL THE ADS


👌  Caoimhe06  3 star

It’s alright I guess

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