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What is human: fall flat app? Human: Fall Flat is a hilarious, light-hearted physics platformer set in floating dreamscapes that can be played solo or with up to 4 players. Free new levels keep its vibrant community rewarded. Each dream level provides a new environment to navigate, from mansions, castles and Aztec adventures to snowy mountains, eerie nightscapes and industrial locations. Multiple routes through each level, and perfectly playful puzzles ensure exploration and ingenuity are rewarded.

MORE HUMANS, MORE MAYHEM - Need a hand getting that boulder on to a catapult, or need someone to break that wall? Online multiplayer for up to 4 players transforms the way Human: Fall Flat is played.

MIND BENDING PUZZLES - Explore open-ended levels full of challenging puzzles and hilarious distractions. Try new paths and discover all the secrets!

A BLANK CANVAS - Your Human is yours to customize. With outfits from builder to chef, skydiver, miner, astronaut and ninja. Choose your head, upper and lower body and get creative with the colors!

FREE GREAT CONTENT - Since launch more than four brand new levels have launched free of charge with even more on the horizon. What could the next dreamscape have in store?

A VIBRANT COMMUNITY - Streamers and YouTubers flock to Human: Fall Flat for its unique, hilarious gameplay. Fans have watched these videos more than 3 Billion times!

MORE HUMANS, MORE MAYHEM - Need a hand getting that boulder on to a catapult, or need someone to break that wall? Online multiplayer for up to 4 players transforms the way Human: Fall Flat is played.

MIND BENDING PUZZLES - Explore open-ended levels full of challenging puzzles and hilarious distractions. Try new paths and discover all the secrets!

A BLANK CANVAS - Your Human is yours to customize. With outfits from builder to chef, skydiver, miner, astronaut and ninja. Choose your head, upper and lower body and get creative with the colors!

FREE GREAT CONTENT - Since launch more than four brand new levels have launched free of charge with even more on the horizon. What could the next dreamscape have in store?

A VIBRANT COMMUNITY - Streamers and YouTubers flock to Human: Fall Flat for its unique, hilarious gameplay. Fans have watched these videos more than 3 Billion times!

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Human: Fall Flat Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Human: Fall Flat Version 1.818 November 2021

***NEW LEVEL 'LABORATORY' AVAILABLE NOW*** Humans! We hope you paid attention in science class! Grab your friends and join us in the Laboratory! Run amok in this secret lab where the forces of physics become powerful playthings! Master the majesty of magnetism and the exhilarating application of electricity. Don't push that button!.

Human: Fall Flat Version 1.725 October 2021

Quality of life improvements, bug fixes.

Human: Fall Flat Version 1.607 July 2021

***NEW LEVEL 'FOREST' AVAILABLE NOW*** The great outdoors is calling! Grab your friends and explore lush woodland and snowy hilltops in search of rest and relaxation in new level Forest! Mystery and mayhem are just round the corner, not to mention crashed planes and heavy machinery. Did somebody take a wrong turn?.

Human: Fall Flat Comments & Reviews 2022

- Amazing buuuut....

It truly is a great game there is just one problem. It keeps crashing. Most of the time it crashes whenever the music is over and is going to the next song. I will always be almost done with something and then, progress? GONE!!! It has not been too frustrating, but now I am on the last level and yes I know if make enough progress the red wire will be there at the end and so will one of the two batteries. But when I had the last battery before I could even get it on the elevator to go up it CRASHED!!!!!!!! Please try to fix this soon. None the less I think the game is great!!!!

- Maybe please watch this review!

This game is so cool but why is there no in app purchases now should because you should be able to like download characters and you know would be cool you can actually you developing make sure you can make another Human: Fall Flat like app but you can’t play it but you can download other people Mets I mean and that means other people can download your Maps so that means it can be pretty good game but please do that I’m so mad because I can’t even get and I want when I want on the steam you know that thing where it had world had all of the Maps steam is on Google Chrome anyways so yeah you have to make another app that is kind of like human fall flat and you have to make your own maps again but you can download but you can put down the button that says download map and you can make other maps like you can make like a volcano themed map or a rainbow theme or you could put in a map that have rain that be cool so if you see this review please say the whole entire thing :)

- amazing but...

i absolutely love this game just got it and play for about an hour and love it. there’s just a few issues. one it crashes a good bit but i mean i’m not sure if you can fix that but i believe it’s possible and highly recommended. two there needs to be more character customization options like on consoles and pc where you can draw on them or add eyes from like a facial features category or a advanced customization category. And finally three, maybe another level or to now i know that one is asking a lot but i would love like and under water level where you have to find and equip a scuba helmet or scuba suit and maybe a spider-man themed one in NY for the new “spider-man Far From Home” movie where you swing to building tops and maybe add a boss where you get a brand new combat mode only for bosses and not in game all the time but other than that great game for the little amount of time it’s been on ios 😁👍🏻

- A definite surprise!

I like physics games, but it’s rare to find ones that are either put together well or that can keep your interest for long. This game does both. It’s a little tricky at first, but the difficulty progresses at a rate where you learn how to complete the next puzzle with what you’ve learned how to do from previous ones so it’s never too difficult to figure out but not easy enough to get bored with. And it really is fun to control your little human once you figure out all the stuff he can do!! You’ll find yourself going into obstacles with confidence knowing your little human has the ability to tackle all obstacles that stand in its way, lol. Very fun and very unique game. Definetly at least try it, it’s worth buying. I can barely put it down.

- Only one thing is wrong other than that it’s great!

Hi creator! I know you have a lot of stuff on your hands but I want you to fix something, I’ve played many of these games with multiplayers and it keeps crashing. It’s so fun playing with multiplayers and I know how a lot of people like playing with them! And then everyone is frozen including you. It’s so fun playing with them until it crashes. Each game you play for maybe about minutes and then everything is frozen and then you have to go to another sever and then the same thing happens every maybe 45 minutes (sorry I’m bad at minutes). If you can fix this please do! But other then that it’s pretty great!

- One of my favorite games but this would make it better

Human fall flat is my favorite game and I am pretty good at it if I don’t say so myself. This game is the only game where lagging can be hilarious and the credits are fun. After all the levels my friends and I have found ourselves not knowing what to do and being a bit bored doing the same thing sometimes. I try to get them to play hide and seek or do something. I think what would be a huge hit on this game is a make your own level. Where you can get any parts from other levels and more to challenge your friends and just have fun making it. And lastly a face section in the character costumes would be nice.

- I love it,but have a few suggestions!

I love the game! It’s super fun, but there’s somethings that I wish the game had. Firstly,I wish you could customize your face. This would help so your avatar doesn’t just have eyebrows. Secondly, I wish multiplayer had a chat system. It gets confusing when you try telling the other people in the game what you’re trying to do. Third,I would like some more outfits, maybe the ability to submit your idea in an area in the customize menu? Lastly,I would like to see more colors in the game! I think it would give more life to the avatars. If these aren’t added, that’s fine. It’s not my game, but I would enjoy having them! Many thanks!

- Love it😍🤩

This is an amazing game me and my friends love to play it together! but could you have an update so that people can customize your own levels on iPad and phone and be able to play on more different maps? Because if you do Me and my friends would be sooooooo happy if you do look at this. And at least consider plsssss. And maybe consider More choices or the players can draw on their character what you do on a computer but be able to do more stuff. Sorry if this is a lot to ask but Me and my friends would love it if you do. But other then that THIS GAME DESERVES A 100 star rating

- I want this game

I understand that this game costs money for an reason and probably won’t change it but if you do at least you’ll get more pepole to play this,please try to lower this because no one I know has this app(I know an lot of pepole @-@ btw)we’ll only 27 pepole I know have this but that’s not alot (in my opinion) although I watch lots of videos on and I have watched these videos for years! But it’s not enough so if you could please lower the price I’m sure more pepole will buy it I’ll give it 5 stars because in those videos they app looked really cool and there is lots of different stuff to explore so....

- Great game, few bugs.

I have been playing this for about three months now, and I lovve it I can’t stop playing, it’s so funny. Buuut regarding that there are a few bugs, like when you are playing multiplayer it is sooooo glitchy and laggy so it’s like 5 seconds late to what you want to do, I know, I know, sometimes there is bad connection, but I think you guys can fix it. One other thing, there are not as much levels, so I would like more levels. Other than that it is one of the greatest games I’ve ever had. Thank you for your time to read this.

- This Game is amazing but needs some work...

This game is amazing! I love the online feature so your friends can join. The game is really fun with all the puzzles and game play involved, gameplay 8/10. The only problem is the puzzles are to hard and it takes to long to beat the puzzles to get to the 2nd part of the game. They should make it so you choose weather or not you want to play the 1st part, puzzle 6/10. Other then that the game is really good, 1 of the best purchases I have ever made! Hope this review helps anyone that doesn’t already have the game.

- This is the best puzzle game! Only...

This is one of the best puzzle games that I’ve ever played before. It is funny because of the physics, and you can play multiplayer, which I always do with my sister. The only thing is that whenever I join a public game, there is a slight lag in the movement of my human of about 1 second. I hope the developer can fix that. And also, I hope they will add more maps/levels. But anyway, the game is very fun and is awesome to play. Keep it up with the frequent updates, and this game will be the very best! Keep it up, developers!

- It’s Good! But...

This game is amazing and really fun to use, but it keeps crashing when I get into a game! And the multiplayer connection is really, really bad 😬 but overall this game is amazing. Keep up the good work! But please fix the bad work... No offense to the creators by the way. Edit: To anyone who also has this problem and you are trying to play multiplayer, try joining ones with less people, so the connection is easier because it doesn’t have to load as much data.

- I love this game buttttttttttttttttttttttttt

I love this game I have been playing for a while but it’s kinda getting boring because there aren’t a lot of levels I mean I love the levels but there isn’t really a lot second of all i want to paint my human like how the computer/laptop human fall flat can Third of all you don’t really need to add this but I’m still gonna say it I want to make my own level in the game you know? Btw I love this game and I’m just kinda giving some ideas for a future update maybe

- Human Fall Flat is AMAZING game but....

One there’s bugs and crashes in my game, I always have to logout then log back in. Second it won’t let me go in multiplayer mode every time I try it says You are unable to connect to multiplayer mode right now, try again later. It can be so annoying sometimes, I don’t understand how ItsFunneh and The Crew can do it in multiplayer mode. We have the same Human Fall Flat! Please fix these bugs and crashes in the next update. Btw I rated it 4 stars!

- Few bugs here and there

So when I play the game with Single player levels it is normal but when I play multiplayer it gets glitchy which makes it harder to play. And when you play on a different device with the same account and playing at the same time and in the same multiplayer lobby one gets kicked for NO REASON WHICH GETS ON MY LAST NERVES and the other one get GLITCHIER AND GLITCHIER BY THE MINUTE!!! Plz fix the glitch and the bugs -I rated it 5 star because it is a GOOD game

- A glitch

I really like the app, but there is a small problem. When I open up the app and press multiplayer, it says it couldn’t authenticate with the servers. WHY? It worked the second time I played this game! Every now and then, when I try to play multiplayer, It says that. Can you fellow devs please fix this? If you can’t, can you at least reduce the wait time when it’s trying to authenticate? If you can’t do THAT, can you add faces to the customization screen?

- Game is amazing...

Listen my best friend and I play this game all the stinking time and we haven’t laughed so hard in a long time but not only is it funny but it’s like a giant puzzle! But there are only a few levels there are 14 levels but I’m not complaining honestly it won’t stop me from playing this game and I know their probably working on more levels but just wanted to let people know. (But seriously it’s an awesome game) definitely recommend this game

- 3rd level multiplayer

I got this game because I watched a YouTuber I like play it and it looked really fun. Having read the reviews, I knew that there were some bugs with multiplayer. ‘That’s fine’ I thought ‘I don’t really have anyone to play with’ I got to the third level and discovered something that disappointed me. The third level can only be done with multiplayer. In the aforementioned reviews, it says there are bugs with multiplayer, causing me to not be able to get past the third level. I have uninstalled the app because of this.

- Awesome game

Awesome game but I don’t know how to find maps the is only nine maps and I want to find out how to have more maps like YouTubers they play like a thousand maps and I want to find out how to play more maps so please comment how to get more maps please the reason I gave it four stars is because I can’t find out how do get more maps so if someone tells me how to get more maps I will give it five stars on all my devices all twelve so please tell me how to get more maps thanks

- Omg yassss!

I love human: fall flat! There are many cringey rip-offs of this game, like people stop trying to recreate popular games! This game is extremely fun to play in single player, and multiplayer. I love playing this game with my sister and friends! Keep on going! And don’t forget to fall flat! 🤣 Also, this game is hilarious and fun. If you download, double tap your character! So much fun! This game is given five stars from me. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨👏🏻😃😁😄🙂🤩🤪😜👍🏻👍🏻One complaint, multiplayer is very glitchy.

- My favorite game just.....

This is so good but the thing that bugs me is that there are no faces and I have this idea of a sky level I don’t think it’s already created but I wanna try it on my iPad where you have to jump on the clouds and maybe people can like ride across a plane and drive a helicopter but besides that I am in love with this game and I turned on sound effects and the sounds were SO SATISFYING I love this game and creators please read this.

- Pretty good

It’s a hilarious game and rly fun to play with friends but for some reason I can’t join a multiplayer game without a invite link. It won’t open the multiplayer menu it just says it’s trying to load. Also whenever someone receives a text or notification the game freezes and glitches for everyone for a few minutes. And just a warning, the levels are long and frustrating so if you have a rly bad temper I wouldn’t rly suggest it, it hurts friendships. Otherwise it’s rly fun and funny. But we do need more (and easier) levels.


There are SO MUCH LAG. I hate lagging it is SO annoying i mean who would like to move and stop and go and stop and go and stop and then you stop forever and you can't leave the game. But this game is cool 😎 but PLEASE fix the bugs and everyone will have a good anti bug game btw I rate 4 star ⭐️ just because of the bugs nothing else. Btw don't forget to add . ! CL what I mean is add full stops ! Capital letters I don't what a whole BIG! Sentence that would not make sense and have a great day

- Amazing only thing is....

I think this is great!!! But there are a lot of bugs and glitches and I have some suggestions can you add something for painting faces or importing faces for your avatar? That would be great, The game is amazing I just keep getting kicked out in every public game due to the bugs and glitches, can you please fix the bugs and glitches and can you add a face importer? Please read this!


as much as I like this game playing the same levels was kind of boring which I thank you for adding more levels but I know you have a lot on your hands right now but if you could can you please put a setting where you could create your own place and customize your character more like the person can customize it without a limit of options like on PC Thank you

- Please read

When I grip on to things it’s ungrips before I can get up and it’s really annoying and I can’t climb anywhere and don’t start me on the multiplayer it’s SO glitchy and the people can troll (which they usually do) and you can’t get to the next lvl and you can’t chat so no one knows what your doing. Also the thing where you can choose your outfit will only let you choose the things that they have already made. So my point is if you want to play human fall flat DONT play it on mobile.

- Controls

This game is great and I always wanted it! But one problem is the controls, they are very hard to use and it makes it more challenging to complete the level and if you did make it more easier to use I will appreciate it. Also I think there should be an option to adjust the size of the controls. Thanks for reading.

- Game keeps crashing every 5-10 minutes

I love the game I do really love it but I hate to keep crashing I can’t do achievements like the speed run achievement or the my treasure achievement etc If you read this please address the problem as soon as you can If you can fix the crash bug for the mobile players It will make them very happy including me from:Aiden8 09

- Human fall flat friending system

Honestly it’s the bast game ever recommend it to everyone 4+ easy to play just wish you could friend people an in invite people to a party an have different game modes like hide in seek tag soccer you know, stuff like that would make it better but that’s my opinion you don’t have to but I would make the game better. Thank you

- Please help!

It won’t let me customize my character it only lets me choose a model and doesn’t show any other options. Do I have to earn it? Also I would like to connect my Xbox controller to it and play with my controller but it doesn’t work. It lets me press a at the beginning to start but then I can’t do anything else. I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting but it does not work. Please help!

- Ehh...

Don’t get me wrong, the game is great! But my problem is that it keeps getting stuck on the loading screen. To make sure it wasn’t my internet I switched my internet connection, it didn’t work. I switched back, still didn’t. So I restarted my tablet and it still refused to work. Can you please tell me what’s wrong? Ok this is later. The problem now is multiplayer is broken, it can go 1 of 3 ways, 1st is it gets stuck on connecting, 2nd way is it gets to loading then it just freezes, 3rd way is it fails to connect. This game is not worth 5 dollars, it should be free.

- WONDERFUL! One addition?

I’m thinking that there could be a playground mode, with multiple items to pick up, anti gravity, and more things you can find in the current levels. And there would be a single player and multiplayer mode. Also, could you add paint mode to mobile? Thank you for taking notice!

- Chat System

Add a chat system please and can u put names over people I keep kicking the wrong people but make it optional to have the names over people please and army skin please! I think this will make the game better Good Luck making this happen I mean it I wish you all luck not only to the one that read this but also the programmers that will do this.

- Amazing

I played this on the Xbox, so when I saw it was on the phone I was stoked. Controller compatible, you can beat every level by yourself just like the original. Other than the continued problem when you join someone else’s game called game delay, (like the original) this version is true to the original.

- I love this game

I beat the whole game all the levels. Please add more levels to the game. It would mean sooooooooooooooooo much to me. I also want you to add a chat it’s very confusing you need to add that if you don’t add the other stuff, just put a chat in the game. And add more skins and also make it so that you can have at least 10 people in one multiplayer game.

- Good But Scary

My son was playing human fall flat on the train crash level and when he turned of the music and kept the sound effects he heard this creepy and terrible terrifying sound and it scared me and him we thought wait why this is not a horror game this is weird PLEASE GET THAT CREEPY SOUND OUT OF THE TRAIN CRASH LEVEL IT SCARES MY SON AND ME please stop trying to scare kids if that’s what you are trying to do but if you are not then what the heck are you doing with that creepy noise on the train level it is scary 😦

- Add more things

This game is amazing but it would be better if u could make your own custom maps and accessories because I’ve seen you tubers with custom skins and playing custom maps so I looked up how to do that stuff and it didn’t help at all so if u would add these things to I phones because I think it’s on a certain phone so yea overall it’s a very AWESOME GAME

- You should add chat to the game

I love the game and all the physics but people can really really sabotage of what your doing if you can’t do the level yourself and they mess you up in multiplayer and I just think the game should add chat it doesn’t need to but I just think that it would be better with people chatting in game thank you and goodbye :)

- Good enough

It’s a fun game but I’m always single player so it’s way harder and I can’t find out how to play on multiplayer, It takes up 1.1 gigabytes and it costed like 7 dollars? Isn’t that more then Minecraft? Also can you add more customization in the avatar section, I’d suggest this game off single player, otherwise it’s amazing, even though I couldn’t even figure out most of the levels.

- Amazing game, just (updated)

Amazing game, I really enjoy flopping around and throwing people off the map and finishing puzzles, but, I have one problem. Multiplayer, the lag makes the controls so delayed its really hard to play. I’d like that to be changed and I’m having high hopes for factory to be the next map ;) Update: Maybe also add community maps...

- Please add a level creator or something

This is amazing it is is much fun, but after you complete all the levels there isn’t much else you can do. Because you already know how to bet the level, and sometimes when you complete a level it just kills you reset you to your last checkpoint

- It’s Really Cool, But I Wish...

I really wish the multiplayer setting would go faster like my Xbox... And all players on computer, Xbox and Mobile would like play together on the same server but different devices. Like Minecraft. And New Settings, And the ability to chat, but remove the swear words in the chat, Please can that be so 505 Games? Thanks. 🤩😀

- LOVEEE it buttt

Okay I loved this is finished it you pause on it so sometimes you glitch and there’s a fly glitch but if you make more games on this it would be so funn pls put more games but when the music go to another it just stops it’s kinda annoying pls fix it but I would love it you could put the New Years update

- Loved.💜Just 2 things

Ok so I am not going to say I don’t like this game because I would be lying. Human fall flat is awesome! Just 2 things, one why does my character move when I am not even touching the screen? It’s weird. The last thing is that sometimes when I play with my friend it lagged SO MUCH. Other than that I love thing game. THANK YOU!😀


It just lags a bit if your on a multiplayer server and there aren’t to many accessories to decorate your character and this is just probably coming from me but this game needs cat items to put on your character (everyone likes cats) also they need to find a way to put faces on the characters to make them more cute BUT I DO RECOMMEND GETTING THIS GAME IT IS SOOO RUN

- Best with a controller!

Human: Fall Flat is one of the best games I’ve played. Throwing people off cliffs is the best part. Using iOS 13’s new Bluetooth settings, connect a controller to your phone or iPad and the experience gets better. The overall playability makes it great over all platforms. 505, you’ve outdone yourselves again on a level unknown to all Terrarians.

- Best jelly physics, puzzle game ever!!

I wanted to say this game is amazing and absolutely addictive with the puzzles and the stages but I wish that their can be more levels and better hand functionality like double joystick for both hands instead of one, And plz add more levels and costumes for our character.


I love it I just beat the game but I’ve seen youtubers like itsfunneh do a kitchen level can we please get more levels really good game and also can we paint on the mobile one as well so we can have faces and also can you please add a search bar to search games love your work please give this one a update

- Please read

I like the game in all ya but please add new worlds because it gets boring when you play for a long long long time oh and I want it to be able to have faces on your person and every month please add more and more levels I’m not wanting to be rude in all but when I join a public server it gets so laggy it’s annoying oh and one more thing can you please add some more cool stuff to customizing your person😉😊

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- Great but

This is a really good game but I think everyone can agree with me that some available options for the other systems aren’t available for this version like photo/drawing on the characters face or level making or custom characters and I really want these options to be available for this device if it’s added it would be a 5 star so yeah bye!

- ...

I thought this was a great game but....It has lots of bugs like when u lift up your arms those circles on ur hands? Well they go flying outta here and whenever I press the jump button it always makes me let go of my hands, sometimes I put my hands up and run up to it and jump (since it’s above the Void) And I go to press jump and I jump but I walk of the edge? If that’s happening to anyone else please just send a comment ! If the developer reads this it’ll be really cool 😎 Anyway, overall those bad things, it’s so enjoyable playing with my brother and friend in this cool, exploring, fun game! I would also wish for some more maps in this cool game if it did then I’d rate this 5 stars!

- Great game

This is a great gam overall, I loved playing with my sister but now after the update I can’t play. It just says loading for about 20 seconds and then goes black and the app crashes. Hoping this can be fixed as I really like this game and would like to still play it. -thank you

- this game need 2 more things

i love this and its sooooo worth $8 heck its even worth $50! but theirs 2 more thingS this game needs to keep people playing the game after they finish it! THEIR NEEDS TO BE A LEVEL MAKER AND ONLINE LEVEL PLAYER WHERE YOU CAN USE ALL THE THINGS IN THE GAME AND MAKE YOUR OWN LEVELS AND PLAY OTHER PEOPLES LEVELS!!! that whould make this really good game even better!!!!

- Waste of money for Mobile

This game used to be great on mobile, I played it all the time having fun. So I thought I should come back to it. Looking at the trailers excited me, but when you play the actual game on your device, you might as well delete it. Insanely laggy and hard to control. Last time I played it I thought it was a great game. Its changed for the worse. This game is a complete rip off. Do not buy it on mobile.

- Great game

This is a great game. It has fun levels and you can do multiplayer. My one problem with the game is that it takes a very long time for the new levels to come out. Apart from that though this game is super fun.

- Really good, but it needs one fix

Overall it is a really great and fun game, the only thing is the multiplayer, whenever I try to connect to my friends game, it just says that the connection was lost. Hopefully it can be fixed soon

- More Players

Me and my friends can’t play because it’s only allowed up to 4 players. And I can’t play. I would be really happy if you could make it go up to maybe 6 players, thank you!

- Really good

Some dude said you cant pull yourself up wait until he learns to move the move the hand button down lol

- Dosent work

This game is the worst game ever if you play on iPad you can jump, move around, stick to walls but you can’t pull yourself up I don’t recommend this game if you are playing on an iPad. I would give it a 0 star review if it is possible because you can’t do anything with a parcour which means you basically can’t do any map

- The levels and you need more

I love the game but you need more levels what is not money and more levels for the iPads!

- Good game, but…

Overall, a good game. But, I wish you could make levels & add photos & drawings like pc. And I’m on a school ipad in which Game Center is restricted, and single player is boring. Please take out the Game Center thing & add the pc stuff

- Hard and frustrating

Sooo hard. The controls are useless and probably will never be fixed👎

- Faster plz

Would’ve got 5 stars if you made the character ran faster or you made a print button/key

- Levels

Can you pls add the factory level, that would be amazing if that happens, thx

- My hand’s don’t stick

When I CLEARLY make it my hand’s sometimes don’t stick and I can’t make the jump.

- Server joining

Most of the times when I try to join the server it always says connection lost. I’m not sure if it’s my phone or the server, could you please fix this. Also love the game👍

- its not working???

why is this not working it used to work but me and my friends have sent multiple messages and its not working we are going to try to fix it by deleting the app and getting back lets hope this works

- More levels

Can please Add more levels in 2 weeks thx Love this game

- Nice game but....

I deleted the game and got it back but it didn’t let me do multiplayer and my IPad is new and it works on my sister iPad and her iPad is old please fix also great game 👍👍

- Good game

Good game its fun but everytime i try multiplayer with my brother it says “ connection to the server has been lost!” my wifi connection is great but it wont work plz fix

- Awesome But...

It is a fantastic game but the one thing it needs is more maps

- Are you trying to make me angry?

This game is so infuriating the ice level is impossible to get past specially that part we had to put the boxes on the stone pillarsHow is anyone supposed to play this without multiplayer?Oh multiplayer doesn’t work

- Good Partners in this

Nice games new I update play with friends all over the world yay 🥳

- Best game ever

This game is the best because you can use your parkour skills.

- References

Can you pls add a Christmas map to go with the Present Model

- Great

It’s great but maybe make the controls better.

- Multiplayer

It is cool but you can’t play multiplayer on the same iTunes account

- Joining in a multiplayer game

It won’t let me join into a multiplayer game!!!

- Best game ever

Human fall flat is the best game I’ve played. It may cost money but is 100% worth is.

- Meh

Can’t download it tried it like 50 times still never worked please help me and fix this it is not letting me download it and I just lost 8 dollars

- Won’t load

I seriously won’t load … I tried everything and waited two days and it did not load a inch !!!! I heard that it is a good game but…

- Will not load

We have purchased this game and it will not go past the landing page and will just cut out. How do we get a refund?

- more maps please

also add 8 players we want to play with 8 people i can’t invite my all friends

- No communication when in multiplayer

Waste of time and money as I can’t communicate with other opponents when in multiplayer.

- Online

I can’t join online game s

- Jungle map plz

hai and can u plz add the jungle map? I luv this game :)

- Why?

Every time I play co-up my game crashes plz fix it is a pain my buttons don’t work


Hello creater update this THIS IS NOT WORKING please FIX IT This IS MAKING ME DELETE IT... sorry🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 IM MAD FIX IT OR I KILL YOU... whoops.

- Your fat

You copyrighted the original game isn’t even like it this is stupid and rip-off


1 death run and 1 parkour

- Why can’t I join peopleT.T

I tried to join my brother game but I can’t join him for some reason

- Online game

The game is not working when we play online servers are down That is no good

- Ughhhhh

8 dollars down the drain i hate it it wont let me down load it and i didnt even get my money back this is a scam

- good

Game Epic Joining Game Good Thats Why I Like Peeled Lime


Sometimes the hands don’t stick which is really annoying

- Complain

It’s really good but I can’t get a face

- the game is very very very very very very very very very very gooooooooood

by felix

- Really good game

Cool Game

- Mark my words

This game triggers me a lot but so addictive :/

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- Please add faces

I love human fall flat but can you please pretty please add faces because it feels so weird without them like can you even imagine life.. without a face!😐

- This game was perfect until..

I’m on mobile, Amd every time I go into multiplayer, even when I’m connected to WIFI, it doesn’t work. Just because I’m black, you shouldn’t do this to me! :c

- Does not support multiplayer

Can not connect with friends, fix please

- It sure is Human Fall Flat

The controls are a little bit wonky but it is human fall flat but u did lie. The screenshot shows paint a character but that option isn’t there. I know its a little hard to port human fall flat to mobile and you did good so just fix up controls and add paint a character and this could be a good mobile port

- Cross Platform

So I love this game but I want cross Platform I can’t play with me cousin he is on Xbox I’m on iPad pls add cross platform.

- I love it

I love the game you tube plays it

- Amazing

Great game! I remember playing this on my buddy’s Xbox and now I’m playing it on my phone! No issues here Accept sometimes there is an issue with the multiplayer servers but I’m sure it’s just a small bug Keep up the great work! 😁👍🏼

- The quality of the picture is too bad

Compared to the same game on steam, this one sucks, don’t waste your money

- Waste of Money

Bought this game and went through tutorials. Fine. Went to play after tutorials and none of the controls work, even after closing and restarting game/iPad. Outdoor understand if it was just glitchy, but the controls literally will not move the character. Wish I could get money back.

- We need faces and more skins AND CAN we customize with youtube skins on iPad?

Please add faces and youtube skins for iPad it would help :) thank you and please make it free on macbook air

- bset game ever

i like this smsndsjsjjwjsj

- You just need the Game Center.

To go in multiplayer,you need the Game Center.

- Takes forever to download

Good but takes an hour or less to download

- How do I even pull myself up!

This game is to confusing for me! Please make a spot were you learn how to do everything. I do NOT like this game, it looks better on pc.

- We just need this, Please

The PC version has the character paint option but not on mobile, this is unfair and it would be great to have the paint option Please.

- Problem

So here the thing... My friend plays on pc while I play on iPad we really want to play together but it never shows the other persons lobby pls fix this me and my friend are very disappointed... not in you...😁 I’ll make my rating five stars if we manage to play together!!!

- Thank you

Thank you for ading new levels the other ones are trash

- ...sure

Ok so good game yes but the hands don’t grab on a third of the time, multiplayer never works EVER, so if you could fix these that would be great thank you

- Good but

I am on iOS and I’m trying to host a server for public but I don’t know how :(

- Good

It’s very cool not a lot of adds but why is it called human fall flat!anyways my human is falling flat!Get it?LOL!hahah I’m very funny!or very not funny?

- Did not mean to buy this bought by mistake.

So one star thought it was free and just clicked on my phone. Not games fault i just dont want to spend $6.99 on this and know way to undo this mistake.

- Just a review

I love the game but does it have a PS4 controller option?

- I’ve never played it but

Like I said I never played it but I hope it’s good cause this is my hard earned money and I hope it is not a rip off so...

- New update

Human fall flat when are you gonna add a new level I finished all the levels but not the achievements. I really want to play a new level so please tell me when a new level is coming:D

- Fun!

Fun game. Kids love it.

- ...

Game keeps crashing...everytime i get close to finishing a level it crashes so i have to do the level all over again...😤😤😤😤

- I know this is the point but...

On am iPad it is truly difficult to get around and just is not that fun

- I love the game

I like the game but can you please add drawing mode on characters???

- Hi

When I play with people it glitches

- Works with controller

It works playing with a controller so cool it’s better with it you human fall flat players should try too

- Human hall flat

Nice game though but I can play multiplayer mode which is a problem.

- Incroyable

J’aime le jeux parce que il a beacoup de parkour tu peut t’achrocher avec des amis et sa ses vraiment cool 👌

- human fall flat

it keeps crashing every 10 mins or so

- human fall flat

it’s a good game and it’s hard

- Good

You should ad more levels

- Just so good 😊

I love all the stages so much I can never get over them :D

- Almost the best game ever!!!!

It’s my favourite game to play! When I get home the thing I do first is go on human fall flat! Multiplayer does not work after you close the app and takes a few days to work again. Besides that it’s a great game! Also pls add some more clothes and some wolf ears and paws separately. Just add more head pieces like wolf ears, horse ears etc. Also can you add some tails like dragon tails, fox tails, etc. And could you pls make it so you can have eyes in the game?? And pls, pls add more levels and make them much longer I can do mountain in less then two minutes.

- Multijoueur

Si tu es sur mobile tu peut pas jouer en ligne avec console Vous pouvez mettre qu’on peut jouer En ligne avec mobile et console

- Already Bought It. (2020)

Extremely laggy and it has connectivity issues. I end up kicking people accidentally because it’s a one tap system. My hands are sticky. I’m able to climb side to side, downwards but not really upwards:( Overall I love the game. It needs a mic option and more MAPS!!! Hopefully y’all could make this game slicker. 👍


It’s a really fun game the thing is is that the multiplayer servers don’t work THE MAJORITY OF PLAYERS PERFER APPLE WHY ISNT THERE A MULTIPLAYER SERVICE ON APPLE YOU ARE THE MOST best games I’ve played on mobile BUT WHY IS THERE NO APPLE MULTIPLAYER SERVICE

- Fun

The game is fun and awesome but the only problem is the controls but that’s not the problem it’s mobile so there’s really no other choice

- Amazing, but...

I love all the physics and stuff in this game, but the multiplayer needs to be improved, because if someone joins you, their controls are delayed, and it’s laggy.

- What if the game doesn’t ask me for a username?

When I downloaded the game it didn’t let me set a username, so I could play multiplayer, and I really want to play multiplayer since my friend just got the game please help me. Thank you

- Need sensitivity

This game is fun but the player movement is very slow

- Human fall flat is so awesome

Sometimes when I play Human: Fall Flat: I join levels that I was on and I get kicked off but I join right back on and I could play it’s awesome 😎

- Awesome

Graphics are good for. A mobile game works very smoothly on my iPhone 6

- Nice

Best game from kwebleklop

- Very funny

I got this game from flamingo I played it and I enjoy it SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Fix the servers

The servers are very hard to join, and me and my friend could barely even connect to each other

- Shity game

Bad game cant even get past first level

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Lawliet Oyaha

new human fall flat ft my buddy demonic! watch as we hurt our brains trying to figure out these puzzles!


Still live and playing Human: Fall Flat. Get in here.

Shadow the Grinch

Der Chaos Stream before Christmas Mit Kiara & Crimson: Part 11 [Human Fall Flat]


@stass_barnash Overcooked 2 Gartic phone Catastronauts Human fall flat


why is Human Fall Flat so hard?! i don’t remember it being like this


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This isn't amateur hour! I'm still crushing some Human: Fall Flat.


@purd1ales Human FALL flat

Kenneth .A. Darko

Some of the Kristo Asafo-inspired products on display at the #KantankaTechAt40 event includes 54‘ human breath-powered flat-screen powered on human breath, TV remote-controlled by Claps, air conditioners, block making machines, cranes, Anti-Army Fall worm Formulas among others.

nuoyao | loves sungjin 🍥

@fabulouise i play human fall flat but i think you gotta buy it?? not too sure ,,, and jyp superstar too :o i used to be at platinum but school kicked in and i dropped lol 😔


Switching to Human: Fall Flat. Get in here.

🇯 🇺 🇳 🇳 🇾 💫⚡

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Shadow the Grinch

3/3 Der Chaos Stream before Christmas Mit Kiara & Crimson: Part 10 [Human Fall Flat]

Shadow the Grinch

2/3 Der Chaos Stream before Christmas Mit Kiara & Crimson: Part 9 [Human Fall Flat]


@cppilgram @NorthernlionLP I would recommend Human Fall Flat. Great little coop game that is on Gamepass!

Human: Fall Flat 1.8 Screenshots & Images

Human: Fall Flat iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Human: Fall Flat iphone images
Human: Fall Flat iphone images
Human: Fall Flat iphone images
Human: Fall Flat iphone images
Human: Fall Flat iphone images
Human: Fall Flat iphone images
Human: Fall Flat iphone images
Human: Fall Flat iphone images
Human: Fall Flat iphone images
Human: Fall Flat iphone images

Human: Fall Flat (Version 1.8) Install & Download

The applications Human: Fall Flat was published in the category Games on 2019-06-26 and was developed by 505 Games (US), Inc. [Developer ID: 392990484]. This application file size is 1.48 GB. Human: Fall Flat - Games app posted on 2021-11-18 current version is 1.8 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.505games.humanfallflat