Line Puzzle: String Art

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Drag & Divide lines as you want!
Connect and weave lines to make wonderful shape and patterns of STRING ART.

Line Puzzle: String Art is a Line puzzle game.
Easy to play' game for all ages.

• Drag and connect the lines to a point
• Try to make them same as suggested shape above
• Nails cannot be moved
• Lines cannot be overlapped

• NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM! Enjoy line puzzle anytime, anywhere!
• FREE & EASY TO PLAY! Suitable for all ages.
• NO penalties or time limits; You can enjoy Line Puzzle: String Art at your own pace!
- Over 300+ puzzles are unique and full of fun and amazing challenges!
- Soothing sounds and gorgeous visual effects
- Designed for iPhone & iPad.

• Line Puzzle: String Art contains the ads like banner, interstitial, video and house ads.
• Line Puzzle: String Art is free to play, but you can purchase In-app items like AD FREE and Hints.

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Line Puzzle: String Art App Description & Overview

The applications Line Puzzle: String Art was published in the category Games on 2018-08-27 and was developed by BitMango. The file size is 153.16 MB. The current version is 1.4.0 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

Christmas Update!

Enjoy 20-days of the event starts from 11th Dec - 31st Dec.
You can get Special Skin Items from Christmas Event.

Nail: red pin, light bulb
String: Christmas green, red strings
Board: Corkboard

Special Art Levels will be opened every day!
2 color mode applied.
You can select 2 type of the String and make a fun shape together.

Special Christmas Theme for Everyone!

The theme will be automatically applied until 31st Dec.

Line Puzzle: String Art App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Line Puzzle: String Art Reviews


Line puzzle  ltskrs  5 star

Challenging game, love it


Nice Relaxing Game  risamc7  4 star

Nice & relaxing for now. Hopefully later it gets a little more challenging.


Great game  Prfobee  5 star

It challenges me to play harder each game but gives me a chance to get a hint when I get stuck!

Bono. Bobo

Line puzzle string art  Bono. Bobo  5 star

Poopy butt

Joshua the GR

awesome  Joshua the GR  5 star

this game is awesome i wish i could give it a HUNDRED STARS but there are only five. I LOVE IT!!!


Ads even if you buy!  D$2010$  1 star

Shame on you! There are only 1300 levels- so when you complete- all that is left are the 8 daily puzzles. And you have to watch 4 30sec ads to clear the table. Don’t buy this game!


Sweet  BabyDee2014  5 star

Awesome game


Love it  PollyPrice13  5 star

Great game


Good  JoeyandAmy  4 star

Is a good app

minecrafter one

Like the game but Too many commercials  minecrafter one  2 star

About every 2-3 puzzles there is a commercial. I get the developers need to make money but this is ridiculous. I’m considering uninstalling it for this reason. Otherwise I like the game.


too many ads  smokiebear1999  3 star

the title says it all


Good but...  Janice.McKell  4 star

Don’t get me wrong.. this is an awesome game!! It’s perfect for passing time in long car rides or for when your bored. It’s keeps you mind creative and it’s super addictive. But there’s only one bad thing.. the ads. Every level there is a 30 second ad and the only way to get rid of them is to disconnect from the internet. But then when you want to message your friends or google something you have to reconnect and that takes too much time. So it’s a great game but the are HEAPS of ads.


Important  Vee_996699  5 star

Needs more levels


Challenging and fun  Moredenim  5 star

I keep coming back it’s good

Last mistake

Fun player  Last mistake  4 star

Certainly makes you think at times.

big fullar

Little game  big fullar  5 star

Awesome little game some are hard some are very hard but that makes the game love it and my friends


Could you please...  arwen#best  3 star

I was wondering if you can make it so we can create our own because we could MABYE upload it for other people to do I hope you can do it!


big issue  FiFi1009  3 star

ok so i lowkey love this game and i’m kinda addicted BUT just recently it’s started not working if im connected to wifi or like using data and it’s annoying me sm


Latest version doesn’t work on iPads  Natski_M  1 star

The game is really fun, but it’s a pity it’s so ad-heavy. Sometimes you have to restart the whole app because a couple of the ads can’t be closed. This latest update has rendered the game completely unplayable on iPad; it literally stays on the main page and won’t load anything. Went to contact support, and their messenger ID no longer exists. Ultimately a great game that they’ve made unplayable in a number of ways. Such a pity


Can't use the app anymore :(  MelArrold  1 star

Since the latest update, I am not able to play the game. The main menu screen loads when I open it, but nothing happens when I tap on anything. It would be really great if this could get fixed because I really like the game.


Fjsdghjj  dgbkfd  4 star



O. M. G  btw_tori  3 star

This app is okay but I hate that you can’t get rid of a few things like those nails you can’t get rid of them. I feel like the game has a good concept but it has a lot of things to work out you can’t redo a levels which is annoying I don’t recommend you down load this game but if you do you really have to be patient. 😒😐😑


satasfing fun  jhfghfgvv  3 star

line puzzle is very satasfing and cool

Sylvia 1968

Great game relaxing  Sylvia 1968  5 star

This is a really relaxing game!


This Game Is Really Good And I Have Something That Can Add On To It!!😊  HAPPY😁😆  4 star

I LOVE this game and I LOVE it 😍 so much I have something to add on to it. I was thinking, maybe you could make the player make a figure, and then you could have the player guess what it is, and if they got it correct on the first try they can get a BIG reward!! And if they get it incorrect on the first try and correct on the second try they can get a smaller Prize! And then if they get it wrong wrong so many times and then they get it right then they can get a teeny tiny little Prize. And if they needed help and all of the staff and they can like get nothing maybe or maybe one free help. Anyway that’s what I was thinking and really hope that you could put it on there and make it work!!


I like it but I need harder  tygbdkibcsh  5 star

You sick I need harder nowww



There’s a ad after every puzzl and the puzzles are super easy! Sooooo many ads like.


Review  awol10  3 star

Too many ads


Great game  Khova20  5 star

Great toilet game!!! Warning there is a ad that pops up after every 2 puzzles, overall fun to play


Really get tangled up in it  r8chelw  4 star

Who knew lines could be so much fun. You can really get tangled up in them for hours if your not careful!


Deaf Killarney  Deafkillarney  5 star


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