Yalla Ludo - Ludo&Domino App Reviews

Yalla Ludo - Ludo&Domino [Games] App Description & Overview

What is yalla ludo - ludo&domino app? Yalla Ludo, an app with voice chat, allows you to play Ludo or Domino with your friends online.

Real-time voice chat
Talk with players via voice chat at any time, meet new friends and enjoy the game!

Various game modes
Ludo includes two modes: 1 ON 1 mode, 4-Player mode. Each mode has four gameplays: Classic, Master, Quick and Magic.
Domino: Drew Game and All Five.

Play with friends easily
Private rooms and local rooms enable you to play with buddies either online or offline. Come and have fun in games together!

Group Voice Chat for Gamers
The chat room allows you to meet more gamers from all over the world and exchange ideas about games with each other. You can also invite friends or anyone else to play Ludo & Domino by this group chat. Let’s enjoy the happy time in Yalla Ludo!

More game bonus? Find them in Yalla Ludo VIP
Subscribe to Yalla Ludo VIP to enjoy the extra advanced features:
Collect free daily coins, diamonds and VIP chests.
Privileged game room: create your room in the VIP room, invite others to play together and more options for bets.


If you choose to subscribe to Yalla Ludo VIP, the purchase will be billed to your iTunes account.
Your iTunes account will be charged automatically for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.
You can manage and cancel your subscriptions at any time by going to your iTunes Account Settings after purchase.
Current Yalla Ludo VIP subscription price starts at 11.99 USD/month. Prices are in U.S. dollars, may vary in countries other than the U.S. and are subject to change without notice.
No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. You could still have great fun in Yalla Ludo without becoming a Yalla Ludo VIP.

We will continue to give our best shot to provide you with more fun games which will enrich your daily life.

Privacy Policy:https://www.fyxtechhk.com/term/EN/TermOfService.html

Terms of Service:https://www.fyxtechhk.com/term/EN/TermOfService.html#TermsOfService

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How to contact Yalla Ludo - Ludo&Domino (Yalla Technology FZ-LLC)?
Find this site the customer service details of Yalla Ludo - Ludo&Domino. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1419536376/yalla-ludo-ludo-domino/contact

Yalla Ludo - Ludo&Domino Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Yalla Ludo - Ludo&Domino Version August 2022

Updates: 1. Bug fixed - The sound issue in the room has been resolved. 2. Royal Privileges -  You can enrich your bio and use your dice skins in the Chat Room. 3. Optimized Member System - Owners of the top 10 member clubs can obtain honor badges..

Yalla Ludo - Ludo&Domino Version May 2022

Updates: 1.Restart the journey : special missions for players who return after 30-days offline. 2.Added in-game interactive stickers. 3.Added royal privileges and optimized gifts in Chat Room..

Yalla Ludo - Ludo&Domino Version March 2022

Updates: 1. Newly designed Ramadan User Interface. 2. Added Reward Tower: You can now collect Plentiful new rewards. 3. Optimized Royal system: Added new exclusive Royal vehicles and tips on how to maintain your Royal Level..

Yalla Ludo - Ludo&Domino Comments & Reviews 2022

- Because of the notifications, there is no sound

Because of the notifications, there is no sound

- Problem

I am a blind I wish to play ludo in your application. Your application is good with the voiceover but inside the game it doesn’t work. Please make all the game items been compatible with the voiceover. Please don’t miss our review and thank you Hello again. Sorry you didn’t understand me. Can I have your email or whatsaap to explain for you. احنا من ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة اعاقة بصرية. نريد ان نلعب لودو بتطبيقك. تطبيقك جيد جدًا مع اعدادات اللعبة ولكن حين ممراسة اللعبة لا ينطق شيئ. اتمنا تحديث لللعبة بحيث يكون كل شي منطوق صوت لرقم الزهرة وتحريك الدبابيس ورقم كل دبوس. بمعنى آخر كل شي على الشاشة يكون منطوق بواسطة voiceover ليتمكن الكفيف من الاستمتاع باللعب بتطبيقك الرائع

- Worst services!!! Unexpected

Today is 31 December 2021. However I paid for vip 22 December 2021, I didn’t get that service yet . Last 8/9 months I never face that kind of problem for vip subscription, but this month I m very much disappointment. I m trying to solve that issue last 9 days. I already give feedback 2/3 times, I have all the prove that I submitted in the feedback, I tried to contact with management, but unfortunately they r not helpful... It’s unexpected!!!! On one is helping me in a proper way… It’s already passed 9 days, I don’t know what’s going on… my $43 gone, but I didn’t get that service 😰…however I paid for that I m unable to get that service….

- People teaming up

This is a fun game except for a few things. Number one the game decides who will win and lose. If you are the loser you won’t roll much 6’s or keep rolling triple 6, people will kill you a lot and you won’t be able to kill much at all, and you will keep rolling low numbers. Another thing is when people team up against you, they will chase you and kill your but not kill the others in the match. When you are in your house and need a 1 you will not get it until your opponent that’s way behind goes home and win!

- Very bad app

I am using this app from past 4 months. But today the app keeps asking me to login. I know my ID but there is no option to login with that ID. Instead you must use Facebook/Twitter/AppleID/mobile number. It doesn’t allow me to login either way or see my coins. Lucky I just got screen shot of my account and coins yesterday. I have contacted your Facebook team but no reply from that. It seems this is some king of scam app after all. Watch out of racist people who plays in there as this app shows one’s name and country.

- You lose when ur supposed to win

For the last move I needed 1 and I rolled the dice 22 times in a raw and never got 1 to win. Of course before that I needed 3 and I played 10 times and I got 2 then 1. The opponent was way behind and won 🤦🏼 It doesn’t make sense. Sometimes I can tell from the beginning who the winner will be. I’m gonna start looking for a different Ludo game.

- In app purchases not received

I was purchasing before and everything was ok but last month when I purchased was not completed put the charges were deducted and I got nothing

- Abusing issue

Abusing people on mic and pasting nasty comments in the comment section is a real issue in this application. It is saddening to see the abuser ids roaming freely and threatening people regarding their personal lives and loved ones. User security is an issue that should be taken very seriously but it is not. So , I request the developers to bring advance security measures such as Forbidden kick and ban that will help users to get rid of the abusers and feel safe . Thanks

- Request important

We ask the game developers to change the game of domino with four players, which is to make each pair of players as one team, not each player separately. Thanks all

- Six players

Could you add the option in the private game for six players that surly would be great for a group of friends to enjoy the game also if there is a choice for team up that will make the game even grater 👍🏻

- This is ridiculous!

At this time, I have to rate this game low. My family loves this game...but this is the 2nd time that the game has updated and kicked me out, causing me to start over from the beginning. I was at level 19. I just spent money on diamonds...now all of that is gone. Please give me back my money and restore my levels. This is unfair. At this time, I am deleting this game until you guys can resolve this issue.

- Development

It’s amazing.. But We need to unlimited vip subscription in one month from same iTunes id, to other users.

- Terrible app

I reinstalled this app nearly 5x and I cant get past the homepage. I tried ‘continue as guest’ and I tried ‘login using apple id’. They dont work. Cant even play it and my phone is the latest iphone 12 with the latest ios so i dont know why i cant play this game. And yes i have the terms and conditions box ticked. I dont know what the problem is! Please fix this i really want to try this game.

- Games are fixed

Regardless if you are level 1 or level 100. No matter how much experience you have, majority of the times the game favors upon the opponent. My opponent was 24 steps away from home and I only needed one on a dice to win. On my turn I used my diamonds to turn the dice twice and still failed to win the game. No longer playing this or any app ludo game on the App Store.

- What’s changed?

This game used to be so fun Now it’s the least enjoyable Ludo ever!! I used to win sometimes but now it’s impossible. I’m really good with a decent luck always so close to win but i end up being the loser!!! Has thr winning rate become linked to specific accounts? Or linked to payment conditions? It’s just selly i keep losing the games & of course i now lost my interest in Yalla Ludo .

- Team

Is there an option to play as team In ludo ? If not please make an update for this option it would be great !!

- VIP is not a good option

In this game there are vip members, they only win the game which is not fair Bio should play only with vip not normal people. And multiple times I tried to play quick magic I always don’t get dice number in favor to me. My opponent is very much lucky to get all the numbers which he requires. One game two game it’s ok, but more than 5 game same thing happened with me

- Problem

Hello, I have updated the app to the latest version which is 1.2.0. However, other players who has the same version cannot see the invitation. Is there something wrong with the app because it happened to multiple of my friends. Whenever I send the invitation, they don’t get anything. It’s frustrating!!!! Thank you,

- It is a SCAM.

I’m so mad of what this game would do to you account if you link it. I’ve tried to link the game with my Twitter and it said that the game will see my followers, people that i’ve blocked, add and delete people from my Twitter, post tweets and delete them and much more. I’m so mad about this, and i’m even more mad with apple to allow developers to do such evil things to the people.

- No notifications

The only issue with this app is that we can’t receive notifications when a friend sends a private message. Hopefully the developers fix it.

- I can’t sign in

I changed my phone and know I can’t sign in help me quickly I’ve lots of friends on that account 😭😢

- Became a money game instead of strategy

In this game, you can be very good but if other player has diamonds (which can be purchased) you can lose against him. They should put a option where one can not use diamonds. Stop diamond use in tournaments. All these rich people use diamonds until they win the game. That is so bogus.

- Terrible algorithm

If you want a biased game that makes you lose on purpose to buy gems then this one does just this! Besides the 3times 6 roll that happens too occasionally this game’s dice rolls are too unrealistic and leaves you feeling like something’s wrong, for those who played the real game with real dice will understand how terrible this game is.

- Chess

I like Ludo and domino but i like chess more than them ,if you can add it to the game in the future i will love it more and more

- Rating

Seems I get a lot of puzzle pieces for the dice I already have and hardly get for the new dice I don’t have...every annoying


The game is way too slow and the music feature needs more work, also the messages lags sometimes, but all n’ all very good app

- What happened..?

I didn’t get my game friends and Facebook friends

- Constant errors

Don’t even waste your time. This is the most irritating experience with any game I’ve ever downloaded. I’ve tried multiple times, I even deleted and re-downloaded this app. It has the same error every time. No network connection. Please check your internet connection.

- Problem

Is there an app problem?

- The music

I find the music is irritating and annoying so if you care to change it would be great thanks alot

- Problem

I have a problem in commenting and speaking in rooms ,could you please fix it . Thank you

- Last version

The last version is very bad you can't play with your friends and even the chat in private is not working looking like there is no internet can you please fix this problem ASAP, thank you.

- Can’t re-sign in

Hi, I’ve been signed out from the app and I can’t sign in again with my ID Please HELP!!

- don’t download or try to but anything in this app

They are crooks they will take ur money and never give u anything the worst customer service ever they stole over $600 from my bank account and I had to dispute all my purchases to get my money back

- Very bad connection

I already paid real money to get gems and when O use them they give the same number again and again! Plus i am trying to create a room and it is not working how can i play with my friends!

- Complaining

I need this option where I can play music or podcasts while I’m playing.

- Rigged game. P2W

The dice numbers are not randomized. Everyone keeps getting fitting numbers to either kill other players or to perfectly run home. If u are losing, then spectacularly u throw triple 6’s every other round. Or pay to change ur dice throw from 1 to 6 eith just 2 dollars. Utter crap of a game.

- the game is some weird

my friends and i played the once or twice and somehow the game started requesting to login and every single time didn’t let me login it says “ login failed “ and i cannot play .. hope it works well .

- Coins

Can you put a coins for the private room that’s will be better

- Retrieve my account

How can I get in touch with the administration of the app?

- The worst please dont download this game

After the recent update the sending and receiving invites is not working any too many bugs. The game is the worst ludo app ever the game is super rigged not at all random like its supposed to be its extremely bad game software

- No contact info

The game and app is great in overall. But I’m struggling to know how to gift coins or diamonds in this game and I couldn’t find any relevant way to contact the developers of this app on how to do it.

- Opponent ALWAYS Benefits

I used to love this game. But now it rolls the EXACT number my opponent needs to hit my game pieces that are in the open. 95% of the time I my opponent gets a hit and I get a hit for n my opponent 35% of the time. And I am referring to when a game piece is not on a ‘safe’ square.

- Consider to delete the game

It seems like the vip players always win and the ones who doesn’t have a vip subscription are always losing. I feel like this game is not a fair game. Considering to delete the game, good bye.

- I like this game

Hi. This game are so good.i love so much is a good place for playing with my friends💜🥰

- Rank

How can I get legend rank? There is a schedule for the leagues?

- The game is fixed

It’s very clear that the game is fixed it’s very stupid to do that and not fun to play it doesn’t depends on luck or on your movement it depends on random selection by the system if you win or not.

- Lost my money

I loved to play this game and spent over 20$ but after leaving the game for a week or two I came back to the game and it logged me out and I lost my progress in the game and lost the money I spent . Unacceptable!

- Notifications for private messages

Please add notification alert for private messages.

- The game

Hello. The game has become very bad, I am one of the people who enrich the game in terms of shipping and I have demands, please look at it. . 1- Please fix errors of inviting a friend to play. 2- Canceling the rooms property in the council and we hope for the best

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- Haven’t get diamonds after paying

Hi yalla management! Yesterday i try more than 5 time to buy diamonds and every time money waa deducted from my account but there wasn’t had any diamond transfer to my account .... please resolve this issue

- Nice app, more games would be better

Love the Ludo. But one thing needs to improve is it is a little hard to find where to invite friends. can you please make it more easier to see or to nevigate to invite friends to play. This is very important as most of the time I want to play with friends. Thanks Yalla Group hope you can Make this change

- Not

I usually play this game but one day my daughter who is 13 years old played this game. I was ok with that because it’s for age 9+ until one of the other players who was the boy from Pakistan asked my daughter about her age and personal information. She seriously got terrified and straight came to me and started crying and shivering. She was surprised how the strange person can ask about her basic details like age, real name and where u live.

- بخصوص المشاهدات

نبي نسمع اصوات اللاعبين ونتحمس معاهم ماينفع نشاهدهم كذا بس ياليت ترجعون هالخاصية

- Worst experience

Don’t waste your time with this app. Bad coding. So many errors. So many permissions. Not safe for children. always have to be dealing Racist people who hurl abuses and foul language. Stay away download some other Ludo game.

- Showing invalid room

Showing invalid room message even after trying a million times, worst experience ever

- Always says Connecting

I am loosing my coins and most of the time after I enter the room it says connecting and never connects and I am loosing thousands of coins unnecessarily .

- Good interesting game Yalla loodo

So good interesting game l love it

- Jewelry have been purchased 3 times in a row and have not been downloaded to me. Why ??


- عل

اسوء لعبة متنصف وحملتها ٣مرات واخر مرة حلفت امسحها ونصحت كل الي اصدقاء مسحوها معي صفر نجمة

- خالد علي

مانذكر نسمع صوت الناس الي يلعبون ممكن ترجعون الخاصيه

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- GEO keywords ranking

ratings,(please contact me if you need.}Skype\/WhatsApp:⑥ +#8615982002312 Facebook%:estelle668️,ღWe provide GEO keywords ranking(including the US)),% installs⑨,which guarantee the keywords on top1-)3$.No effect}, no charge!👻Everyone can enjoy 3-‵day trial now$!there are reviews☠,and real users installs

- They will steal your money

The programmers that made this app deliberately programmed this app to have you waste all your diamond purchases and coins. Larger numbers are given to opponent. Once you pay for the diamonds, you will start to unrealistically lose the game - even if you never need the diamonds you are forced to use them. They disconnect the app giving a fake server lost illusion where you lose thousands of coins . I attempted to contact them but they simply ignore me. Never purchase diamonds, or coins because once you are running low they will make you lose the game. In return, you go ahead and purchase coins just so you can play .

- Can I get any help

I like the game but I have problem this last 3 days I bought Diamond Twice they get the money and send me nothing please fix this problem

- Game feedback

Worst experience, bought diamonds for the game and transaction processed but game diamonds are not there yet it has been 2 days already.

- Calgary alberta canad

لعبه جميلة جدا

- Unrealistic gameplay

I 100% agree with all the 1 star reviews. DO NOT download it unless you want to get frustrated all the time because of extremely unfair and unrealistic gameplay. For example, if you need “1” to win, you will NOT get 1 for a VERY long time. And funny thing is, every single players knows that too. And the game developers are still going to say that’s not true. There will be ridiculous amount of games, where no matter what you do, every single time you put your token in front of an opponent, they will get the number to kill your token right away. There will be ridiculous amount of games you’ll realize that the opponent keeps getting sixes nonstop and you barely get any. The game is supposed to be randomized but it’s not. For example, what are the odds that 1 particular player/team gets over 10 sixes before you can even get 1? What are the odds that every single time you put your token ahead of someone and every single time that person gets the exact number to kill your token (at times even when 3 dice rolls are needed with two sixes)? What are the odds in a game, every time an opponent takes the rocket and that rocket always lands on your token? In short, this game does not have a fair play at all. It’s meant to favour 1 person/team heavily every time. And, I also believe that if you buy diamonds ONCE, your gameplay will worsen A LOT, to make you have to buy diamonds again. It literally becomes extremely hard to win again without diamonds.

- No dlete option

Vey bad game very bad experience very vad very bad They dont give you the option to delete the account

- Flawed logic

After a while it gets very easy to predict when will thw opponent get a 6 and also i have had a streak of games where the computer puts a logic where no matter what number you throw you the opponent will get the exact number to cut you off. It is coincidence if it happens a couple of times but bad logic if it happens all the time on multiple games. Very frustrating

- بريده


- Definitely worth getting

I love this game so fun I love collecting all the coins diamonds 💎 and puzzle 🧩 pieces to get the different versions of 🎲 🗺 map tokens and speech bubbles the best thing is you can mute 🤐 the other players so we don’t here them so If wanted you could play well a baby or someone else is sleeping 💤 you can also mute your voice so no one sees you

- اخر تحديث جداً سيئ

اخر تحديث جداً سيئ

- Bias and fraud

Bias and fraud. This Game is completely programmed.

- Very biased game

Based on my personal experience, I get enough point to just stay alive in the game. Once you are in a game room, the numbers always fall to favour one or two particular user. The game is not at all fair based on my experience. I have deleted the app for this reason as I don’t want to spend money to purchase gold coins or diamonds which will give the players a very u fair advantage.

- I took extra effort to write a review

Game is 100% rigged and not at all fair. They make it in such a way you get addicted to the game and then you keep on losing because the dice will give unfavourable numbers to the user while others get it favourable. Finally you would be forced to purchase diamonds. I am deleting the app.

- Need Syria's flag 🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾

Neeed Syria's flag 🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾

- Login failed

I can’t login anyhow. I tried with Facebook account, guest and even with my phone number.

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Yalla Ludo - Ludo&Domino Screenshots & Images

Yalla Ludo - Ludo&Domino iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Yalla Ludo - Ludo&Domino iphone images
Yalla Ludo - Ludo&Domino iphone images
Yalla Ludo - Ludo&Domino iphone images
Yalla Ludo - Ludo&Domino iphone images
Yalla Ludo - Ludo&Domino iphone images
Yalla Ludo - Ludo&Domino iphone images
Yalla Ludo - Ludo&Domino iphone images
Yalla Ludo - Ludo&Domino Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Yalla Ludo - Ludo&Domino (Version Install & Download

The applications Yalla Ludo - Ludo&Domino was published in the category Games on 2018-09-27 and was developed by Yalla Technology FZ-LLC [Developer ID: 1444567250]. This application file size is 320.22 MB. Yalla Ludo - Ludo&Domino - Games app posted on 2022-08-02 current version is and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.yalla.yallagame