Too Many Cooks

Too Many Cooks [Games] App Description & Overview

Share a kitchen with your friends in this delightfully delicious cooking game!

● You can play solo
● You can play online
● And you can play with friends around you!

It’s heating up in the kitchen! You and up to five more chefs must create amazing dishes against the clock. Can you stay calm and work as a team?

Pick fabulous cuisines from around the world to cook together:

● Sushi
● Pizza
● Burgers
● Soups
● Hotdogs

And more!

Communication is essential if you want to rise to fame as the world’s best restaurant. Share tools and ingredients with your team, shout for help, and motivate others by praising them for a job well done.

And don’t forget to cook in style! Your kawaii chef can be customised with a whole range of hats, clothing, hairstyles and facial expressions, allowing you to look as delightful as your dishes.

Email us at OR visit if you need help!

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** Please note that Too Many Cooks is not supported on devices that cannot support OS 13**

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Too Many Cooks Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fixes.

Too Many Cooks Comments & Reviews

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- Fun game.

Update-one of the most recent updates made the controls a bit less responsive. When I tap on an item 5 times to get to a hamburger bun I’m usually only on a tomato. Game play is not as fast because I cannot just tap quickly to get to the item I want. Also, whenever I want to put something in the bottom left hand corner I have difficulty. The game is fun, and passes the time nicely. I would change the communication between online players. The game says, “Tell them to make room” but there is no way to do so. I’d also like to see a communication that tells players to use the prep time. Seems that no-one knows that is possible to prep before starting the game.

- The developers are clueless.

The gameplay is fun, that is, when not plagued with bugs making it unable to succeed. There’s no clear focus on progression or any guidance of how to progress when playing the game. The design of the game is cute but there are ads everywhere which fine. Until you click an ad to watch and wait for your reward, only to not be rewarded at all. My in game currency has been steadily decreasing because i’m not actually awarded anything. The store doesn’t refresh when it should, every day my account puts itself in asia even after the supposed “bug fix”, orders pop up on my screen when viewing my friends kitchen however these orders are invisible to my friend making it impossible to fill. The upgrades to the appliances don’t make any difference and are a waste of the pointless currency. I tried giving this game a chance but clearly the developers would rather stare at drying paint than fix ANY issues listed above. Two updates have come out since with still no fixes.

- Great fun with the family!

I spent $3 to unlock all levels and I've been playing it with my family (5 players total) and we've been having a blast. Even my mom and dad, who don't ever play mobile games, got sucked into this game. We spend 5 minutes before each game strategizing and determining who's going to be supplying what to who before going at it. So much fun! I would appreciate some more leniance when trying to connect to a room, however. It's frustrating for people to be kicked out of a room the moment a phone goes to sleep for a second or when the all goes in the background. Also, sometimes after getting kicked out, it's not possible to log in without restarting the whole phone. Overall, great game!

- Cooks!

It’s a really fun game actually and I haven’t found an app I really enjoy in a long time. The only problem is the game kicks you out every other round for crashing. Also when you go to medium or hard modes there’s not enough space. You’re overloaded with equipment and orders that you can’t get anything done. They should allow you more space in these modes. It’s not fun and I get the challenging part but it becomes unplayable at that point. Really like the game. Please make improvements

- Best With Friends!

I already adore this game. You’re not bombarded with ads, and you’re given an adorable game with a constant incline with challenge. On top of that, you’re given an option for party mode or online. If you invite your friends, spouse, or family to play you all can have a game night— yes, a game night on your phones. It’s challenging when you have multiple people needing a variety of things that one of a few people could have. Me and my fiancé have already made it a nightly ritual to play a few rounds as some downtime. Overall, I can’t suggest this enough as a game on your own or with friends during a time of isolation.

- Fun but bots :(

This is a really fun game and it’s really adorable, but I get bored quickly of playing solo and want to do online. I feel like I’m only ever playing with bots because the names are always the same and they always say they are ready immediately. Additionally, I feel like the upgrades on cookware does hardly anything and I wish the changes were a lot more prominent because they’re actually pretty hard to upgrade. Other than that, the game is super fun. I just wish that these problems could be fixed, thanks!

- Online play is all bots.

I quickly got addicted to the game and got past most of the levels (some are just impossible). But I started playing the online games which were entertaining and would keep me interested accept it’s obvious that the majority of the other players are bots (same names over and over again) and they are the WORST players as well (burning things, only ever using one of the pots or cutting boards at a time). Please remove the bots from the game (or make it an option to do so) or I will be deleting the app soon due to boredom.

- Great game

The only reason that this game isn’t getting a 5 star review is because the co op is absolute terrible, there are so many bugs and so many bots. Yes bots, the people you play with online aren’t real people. Somehow if they could fix the connection for coop and have an option if we want bots or not, this game would be a lot better. Overall though, game play is pretty fun. I would recommend this but express that the coop is all bot unless you play with people you know

- Really needs more levels

Great game so much fun played it w a group of friends regularly. We were very determined to get 9 star on everything which we did. After that we just stopped playing cuz it got boring w no new challenges. Could we maybe get an update w new levels? We’ve been waiting since but updates only fix bugs it seems like.

- Fun game once in a while, but lots of issues

The artwork is cute, the levels bring some challenge, and the concept could be game-changing, but this game isn't cutting it for me. 1. Your region changes frequently and it's annoying whenever you're trying to party with a group. 2. There's a glitch with invisible orders in parties. You might have an empty slot, but the other players can not only see that you're out of counter space, but that there's an order going off that you apparently never served. 3. Character customization is lousy. There's some hair dye going around the market that's not available for you to customize. I never see different hairstyles, clothes, facial expressions etc in the market. Makes buying new levels, upgrading tools etc very difficult and not worth. 4. Online games need a revamp. I don't want to continue playing with bots.

- Thank you so much!

I haven’t seen my girlfriend in over 2 months due to the quarantine. Her favorite game to play with me is Cook Serve Delicious and this is a perfect substitute! We had so much fun, it was like we were sitting right next to each other. Thank you! My only regret is that I refuse to make in-app purchases in games where you can buy things to make you stronger. I deplore this kind of monetization and refuse to promote it. That said, I really want to support you! If you release a premium version for $5 - $10 without any ads or micro-transactions I would gladly buy it! Alternatively, a $1 - $2 version with no adds and cosmetic-only micro-transactions (costumes) would be great too.

- Very cute! I have a small complaint, though.

I love the game! It’s really fun and has a very cute art style! I just wish that when you unlock facial expressions, you stay with one facial expression. While cooking, it switches between several expressions, which kinda bugs me. I want to be able to stick with one expression, even though I have other unlocked expressions.

- Amazing i love it

i love the concept of the game how it’s different to the other ones and shows creativity. i can say solo is s as challenge and its crazy how motivated i am to finish those dishes faster each time, also love the online mode where you team up to get those purple stars it’s just an amazing experience

- Great game but missing some things

Super fun, cute, challenging, and addicting game but there’s definitely some things that could be improved on and added to the game (like an inventory to see hoe many items you have, more accessories and ways to customize your character, more power ups, etc)

- The ads ruin the game but it’s fun

Great for killing time, but it’s hard to play it with someone else when there’s pop up ads. Sometimes I get one and the other player doesn’t. Not sure why there’s no other way for developers to earn through creating apps, but I can never give a full 5 stars as ads just do such a great job at ruining the gaming vibe and experience.

- Super fun and addictive!

This game is just as the title states! My friends and I have been playing this for a while now and I can’t even express how fun it is! We play almost all the time now as this game is very easy to play with for a long period of time. We’re all absolutely hooked :D

- My new favorite Co-Op game.

I fell in love with this game so fast. It’s so freakin adorable lol I literally pick up my phone to play it non stop cause it’s so addictive. I hope this game get more updates in the future with more things to do with friends and doesn’t just drop like some games.

- Fun but..

This is really fun but like its impossible to do good in the medium because like theres just not enough time. Like I cant even get 3 purple stars on dirty dishin even tho its an easy level because there isnt enough time. Maybe im just bad at the game. Its still like super fun tho and would def recomend.

- Super fun game!

I can play this game all day long. And it is so fun playing with my family on party mode but there is a issue that can’t join more than 2 person on that mode it said the region is not same even we change the same region. But other than that this game is perfect!!

- I really enjoy this game.

This game is not only fun, but gives a challenge and makes you want to get better at it. I have played it so much my thumbs and arms have went numb from tapping so much.😂 it’s very cute and easy to understand, leaves you wanting more. Good job GD! ♥️

- Extremely Fun but..

The game has been wonderful and I can see the love the developers put into it, but there’s a few issues in the multiplayer. I couldn’t get into a party group and even after refreshing game it still doesn’t work. Nevertheless the game is simple and fun!

- Would be fun if multiplayer wasnt filled with bots

The games altogether is fun but after about an hour of playing you’ll start to notice the same names in the online mode. The other “players” even ready up instantly which was what got me suspicious. The online mode clearly is just filled with bots and no actual players. Huge disappointment.

- Great game! Just a few bugs to work out

I love playing this game with my little bro and random people. Just occasionally plates and orders will disappear for a player or a there will be a “phantom” item on a player’s board not allowing items to be passed to them.

- Great game

It’s great I love the online functionality without needing to sign up. The only thing I wish you could do is drag ingredients while you’re tapping wash/cut. That would make it a true five stars. I give it 4 1/2 rn. But rounding up to 5 cause it’s a great game

- 👍

Great game overall, it’s really addictive. However I saved up my coins to buy gems in the market and when I bought them the game deducted my coins but I never got my gems. :( kind of mad because I spent 1000 coins and I was going to get 100 gems.

- So cute!

This game is really fun to play and a good way to bond with a sibling. Especially when the game gives you both an excuse to scream at each other amidst playing. However the game is kind of glitchy and it’s recently been disconnecting me when my WiFi is just fine. However, it has great potential and a few fixes would make it better

- Enjoy but some bugs with party mode

My woes and I have been playing together which is nice. When playing in hard mode on sushi mode there seemed to be a bug where plates don’t regenerate and we get stuck. Other than that enjoy co-op with wife.

- Really great but some problems

I really like this game me and my bro play it all the time but sometimes it glitches out and doesn’t let me take items when I only have 1 thing in my inventory. Summary is the game is good but needs fixing and BOTS ARE STUPID

- Great co-op game!

My wife and I have been looking for a fun game on iOS for a while, and this game has been so much fun! We love playing it. It takes teamwork and communication, making every game unique and exciting. Keep up the good work!

- Good game but..

This game is good and all except I thought it would be a little different. It’s not that bad thought so if your bored like I was you can download to check it out. Other than that I thought it was ok but it was a pretty good game! But I have gotten kicked out a lot before so that’s annoying!

- Love this game but...

I’ve been playing this game with my family members, however I’ve noticed recently that during online mode, some of the “people” I play with aren’t really real people? Correct me if I’m wrong...

- So close

This game has so much potential. I would’ve gladly paid five bucks to be able to play this with my family, but it is absolutely plagued . With ads to watch and attempt to grab money from you constantly. It’s too bad, it otherwise it would’ve been a very unique multiplayer family game.

- Awesome game!

Been playing a while and haven’t even seen any glitches or bugs! The devs are always adding new features even though the game mechanics are perfect already! Awesome game

- Crash

The game crashes too often to be playable. However, I enjoyed the short amount of gameplay that I could. If the developers fix the crash, would definitely consider playing again. Please fix.


So when I first got this game I expected it to be one of those boring cooking games, but it wasn’t. It was so fun and had really cool pictures and very aesthetic colors. You can also play with friends and family! ... I live in a big city so I’m always on the go, and this is just perfect when I’m bored on the car. I’m not usually the type of person that writes a review on the AppStore, but here we are. Hope this helps <3

- Buggy

A cute game, but filled with bugs, especially after the last update. During one party game one of my friends lost all of her coins while trying to watch an ad. Another rarely gets any rewards because she’s constantly disconnected after games. I can’t really recommend it because of this, which is sad because it had potential.

- Great game to use as a date!

I love that you can play multiplayer with friends. Me and my SO have been going on little fun dates playing together :) 10/10

- Very fun

Very fun but it’s still buggy for multiplayer. Sometimes the plates doesn’t show up at all and sometimes we have an available slot but our partner cannot give food to us.

- Neat game with unique mechanics, but not actually online.

After less than an hour of playing, it becomes very clear that there is no online mode. Multiplayer can only be attained through the party mode. Other than that, the game itself is pretty fun.

- Amazing and refreshing!

This game is so cute. It reminds me a lot if Cooking Mama, but this one is simpler. The online co-op is a lot of fun though. I also enjoy the avatar customization aspect! I could see myself playing this game a lot~

- Good game!

Great game!! Only complaint is that I keep getting lagged out in online mode. Perhaps a server issue? Also, when can we invite a friend to play online mode? :)

- So much fun!

I love to play this with friends!! It’s a lot of fun, the animation is super adorable and aesthetically pleasing, but the BEST part is the music and sounds. Trust me, play this with your sound on and you will not regret it! 🥰

- So amazing 🤪🙄

Every time I get an ad for “game town” my game freezes and I have to exit/reset for it to go back to normal. This shot is annoying like wth

- So underrated!!

Me and my friends loved this game, we did levels after levels after levels! It’s also super fun by yourself You can get so many of those purple gems to change up a look, make faces and expressions, dress up, cook and so much fun stuff! I would really like some more events and more type of restaurants If this isn’t your type, I recommend u to atleast try it! :)

- Does not save profile data

Game kept crashing and freezing after the last update. Deleted game and reinstalled it to find all of my data gone! Played lots and had tons of unlocks only to lose it all. Love the game but too many bugs. Will change rating if I can get my data back.

- Very cute and easy!

I highly recomend! The tutorial is easy to understand and it has a amazing art style!

- This is a cute little app.

I love all the little chops and that you can do more then one type of food!

- Crashing

The game seems really fun but every time that I try and open the app it simply crashes If you could fix this issue then that would be wonderful

- Amazing

It is loads of fun playing with all of your friends especially at this time.

- Best cooking game ever!

I play this all the time with my girlfriend its the best cooking game ever hands down! keep up the good work team!

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- Nice game

Nice little game to play with friends or kill time but keep crashing!! Please fix it!

- Fix bugs please!

It was really great and fun at the beginning but recently the ingredients just kept disappearing and the soup just can’t get cooked!! Also when select I auto/request now it just get so weird, it keeps requesting the same ingredients even though I’ve received them!

- Nice game but latest update has killed it

I have been playing this game on and off for a couple of months. But the recent update just killed the game, 30s video ads randomly pops into the game without notification, and I couldn’t play (time is crucial when playing), random crashes and screen not responding. Uninstalled.

- Definitely should play

Great game, really fun to play online or just solo. It can get a little hard but I really enjoy playing it whenever I can

- In app purchases

I was playing the game and then at the end it said that ads have been blocked because I bought something when I didn’t Can someone pls explain? Do I have anything to worry about??

- Super fun to play solo or with friends

Played it with friend and we had a blast.

- Need more levels

Fun game but need more new levels

- Love

I love this game so much! Please bring out new levels!

- 👌👌

This is a great game that deserves more attention keep on going!

- Why my pizza locked again?

I have unlocked the pizza, however, I found that the pizza locked again when I reopen the app!!! Can anybody give me a reasonable answer???

- Amazing food great job

Hi I just wanted you know that we are having some fun today with your app so fun.

- Tips for beginners and feedback for devs

This game is really fun although hard at first if you don’t prepare, Tips for beginners -always prepare food before you start - move your stuff (chopping board, ect) around before playing to make it easier -always load the rice cooker Feedback Multiplayer is really great but it can improve, - add options to rematch with the same poeple after you play so poeple can make connections and make friends - add a way too add friends so you can play with someone again even if they are online and not local Another thing you can improve is the lobby for solo Problem : the loading screen to go between solo and menu is too long sometimes making it a hassle to consitantly swap between screens to upgrade utensils Solution: add a way to upgrade your items on the solo screen And one last thing you can improve is for the achievements/ tasks /goals you could make it easier to see the achievement that you finished after you clicked collect, like after you click collect it says what achievements you collected at the bottom but maybe you could make the name of the achievement bold or bigger cause I didn’t spot it right alway what achievement I finished and I’m sure others such as perants won’t see it straight alway either as it is a little hidden All in all this game is really great and I’m recommending it too all my family members so we can play together!! Hope you continue working on it cause it’s such a differnt and unquie input of the cooking style games and I love it!

- What’s the frying pan for

Good but what’s the frying pan for xoxo

- Good game

I like it

- 廣告干擾遊戲進行


- Addictive!

The best game I’ve ever played! Recommend 1000000000/10

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- Mostly satisfied

Easy, fun and passes time but can be frustrating at times

- Again it won’t work!

Even with the update it won’t open!😞😡😠😢

- Fun

Fun for the whole family , super easy game

- Fun


- Halloween Level Not Working

Halloween level does not unlock for medium and hard mode.

- Soo cute!!

The graphics are great and the controls are easy to play/master. Good togetherness games for kids as young as 4 to grandparents as old as 60+!

- Waste of time if you play single

Higher score is basically impossible for this game if you play single. Even with the online mode, it seems impossible to get all 9 stars for each level with only 3 players... No point in trying... Should just allow more players with online mode if all you want is to play with more players to complete each level🥱

- Very solid game

It has a very solid game design of cooking and chaos!

- Cute and fun

Very cute art style and amazing UI, I love how simple everything looks! It’s pretty fun too, ads are minimal and optional

- Fun but multiplayer doesn’t work

Addictive but i cant play with friends, it says the region has to be the same, we pick the same region tho

- Bogue

Theare is à bogue in the market

- Good game

Good game game not so many ads

- Cute!

Its so cute but its real difficult sometimes! Heck!

- Updated app but worse

No missions are available.

- Bug

Since the maj I cant have missions can you fix it soon please because I really like to do this in the game !

- Fix your app

Tells me to install an update but there isn’t one on the AppStore. Why would you force this in the first place? Who cares if I’m not in the latest update immediately to play offline?

- Super fun

This game is super fun because it’s multiplayer you get to play with your friends there’s also so many recipes that you could do which is super fun overall I read this game a five stars

- Fun at first

I hope the developer will read this ... this game is tons of fun! At first ... after easy, it gets challenging which is great! The frustrating part is when you have to slide .... I much rather have a smaller box below.... the sliding slows it down significantly to the point of frustration (not challenging, just frustrating ....) fit 6, 9 boxes all in the same grid, please. I will gladly pay for this game if you fix this! A few of my other friends share this same opinion. Super cute graphics, lots to achieve!!

- Solid Game

So good.

- Horrible update 0.6.0

This updates makes it impossible to complete level playing solo mode. No longer a fun pastime. I can understand if the game gets progressively more challenging but this is not the case. They just made the game impossible so you would spend money on gems and boosters...

- Pizza

Bots are crazy sucking

- really fun and addicting

it’s so so good and fun to play. it also looks really pretty

- Love it!!

Love the game!! One ask: can the chopping/washing be calibrated? I’m tapping away as fast as I can, and am constantly being interrupted when my tap is interpreted as trying to move the item to another part of the screen...

- Love it

It’s a fun game but there is a glitch were I got a new menu and the next day It said I didn’t buy it and All my gems I used for the menu were gone. Overall amazing game!

- Too Many Cooks

This is a pretty good game but it gets a little harder with only 2 players

- Super cute

Love this game ,for people who like stuff that is HD nice made and does not have loading errors it is an amaizing game I am picky sometimes

- Amazing!!

Loved the game when I first saw the ad!! I recommended the game to my friends. However, my only downside, there is no option to friend people in game. If you could implement that option, so room codes arent needed, that would be greatly appriciated!

- Amazing game

This is the best game ever

- Very fun!

I just wish there were more levels!

- Love / hate

It’s addictive and fun. Down fall teams are hard to communicate with. I don’t want chat just stations .

- Great game but where are my burgers :((

I recently downloaded this game and it’s so addictive and fun! Both the animation and the gameplay is great! This game requires thinking, attention, and tapping skills. Overall, wonderful game. From the first two restaurants (the sushi and the soup) I didn’t have any issues, however, I’m having issues opening my burger shop. I fulfilled all of the requirements to open it, and it technically did “open” my store, but it’s not letting me play the first chapter. It says, “you must complete all LEVEL REQUIREMENTS before unlocking this LEVEL”. .....but I did?? I finished the other two restaurants and I used 20 diamonds to open by burger joint... so what is it asking for me to do? I’m not sure if this is a technical issue because I didn’t see any other reviews like this. It could just be mine. Also can we have a friend list? I meet a few people on the online gameplay and I’d really love to send friend request :D

- Really like the game

I like the fact that I can play by myself, or with my friends!!

- So Fun

It’s fun there is nothing to lose

- Fun game

Kids love to play together. Some levels are hard to complete the challenge without someone to help and play with

- 😀good game

Such a good game!

- Cuteeee

Cute game :D

- Unable to initial private room for party playing

Can not have a partner join the private room I established same to him

- Sometimes ads don’t work

I like the features and similar to overcooked but sometimes ads don’t work all the time it took 15 minutes for it to finally work but,otherwise the the game is great

- Great game

Love it

- Problem

The game won’t load, loading stays at 0%

- Bad game

Game doesnt launch

- Addictively FUN

As much fun as the overcooked series!

- I can’t launch the apps

The first download stay at 0% and just freeze there

- Doesn’t open and it’s sad because it seems nice

The game won’t open

- Wish this game support landscape orientation/mode

This seems to be a good game, but I only use my iPad in landscape orientation/mode. Really wish this game and future games you guys make will take this into consideration.

- The game doesn't work

Hello i wanted to tell you that the game is not working even with the last version. I hope you fix this problem soon. Thank you.

- Multiplayer does not function properly

Nice graphics and concept but playing multiplayer mode is not possible. When playing in multiplayer mode, does not allow plates to be washed or items to get chopped. Super disappointing.

- Not Crossplay

Can’t play with anyone other than iOS users

- Not working

Game won’t open. Never even opened once.

- Need update

Good game but might need a new update. Sinks lag we can't wash. It doesn't recognise the plates.

Libertex 📈

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- Great but buggy

This is a great game and I recommend but you will randomly get kicked out of the app or lose coins

- Honestly a fun game

No intrusive adds except when you want extra coins. Same premise as overcooked but simpler. Good time sink 😏

- Fun and Cute!

So far, I’m really enjoying this game. It’s unique to other games in the same genre, and I appreciate that a great deal!

- Fun but could be better

A wide screen version would be better for iPad users other than that it’s fun and fast based team game!

- Good game but...

I like the game but it’s just.... the game keeps crashing and glitching and its really annoying so please fix it pk

- Great game

It’s so fun and so cute the people and noises are cute I download it first then told my sister to download and she liked it to

- This is so fun!!

Me and my brother play this game all the time, highly recommended!

- So many ads

I get that it’s a free game but the ads are unbearable. You get 3 of them that you either have to wait for or close the app and then you are able to close them out but you have to do it for each one.

- Fun

How to get level three chopping board I’m kinda confused but overall very fun game


I love this game so much! It is just like the game Overcooked but mobile. Highly recommend you try it!

- Expired Discord Link

I love this game, but the discord invite link is expired. Please renew the link and tell me when you do.

- Awesome game

Not only is it adorable, it is fun and has little ads!!

- it is so much fun

it is really fun to play with but it would be best if u could talk on the game and the app crashes fully when i went to play with my friends and have to delete and get the app again

- Fun and easy

It’s a very intuitive game, but still challenging.

- Good👍

It is fun and you can play with other people in the game!

- Epic

I love this game but can we have clubs or some sort of teaming up with allies

- It takes a lot to make a stew

A pinch of salt, and laughter too.

- Too many ads

This game is very cute, but the ads are excessive and are shoved at you at every opportunity.

- Party mode doesn't work

My friend and I are in the same region and have the same version but it keeps saying our codes are invalid ):


I can’t wait to play this with my friends! 😍

- It’s fun.

I’m enjoying the game so far. Good job, guys. Further feedback will come. c:

- Good fun game

Nothing special but it does what it does well

- The best

The best game I ever played but make the game easier

- Too many cooks

Very fun and challenging

- Fun

Reminds me of overcooked but its in mobile and waaaaaaayyy more manageable

- Cute

It’s really cute n I have a lot of fun playing

- User Interface

The UI is so cluttered it makes traversing any of the menus a hassle. The responses are delayed and janky too. The designs are cute I guess.

- Very cute

It’s very cute and fun and i enjoy that

- Sooooo fun

A great game for parties and for fun with people all over!

- Sushi man

It is goooooood better than clash

- Great Game

But needs a few tweaks . Long distance players need communication format , like a text field . Also needs GameCenter Support . Make these adjustments , 5 ⭐️ rating .

- Too much tapping

Game it self is not hard but there’s way too much tapping that you will get carpal tunnel. Imagine constantly tapping for 10mins straight. Is this your idea of fun?

- Amazing game

Simple design with captivating game play.

- So cute!

I love 💕 cooking games, and this one ☝🏻 is one ☝🏻 best! This so cute !🥰 it

- Great game

Simple and addicting!

- super cute and fun!

Its entertaining and cute

- This game is good but

The game is so fun but I bought the burger kitchen and when I came back on it was still locked

- Cool

Game is better than most co-op games

- Amazing game

So entertaining

- Not the Only One

FYI, this isn’t the only multiplayer cooking app on mobile } family style: Co-op Kitchen

- Best game with friends

Fun and exciting!!!!

- Like it!

Very fun and cute!

- Best app ever!🥓🌯🍙🥟🍢🍥🍡🥠🍚🍣🍱🍲🍜

This is the best App ever because it is so cute 🐣😻

- I do not like this app

It keeps on kicking me out, so I can’t even play the game.

- Fake

Obvious bots "online". Don't try lying to the player next time.

- Great game

Good game!

- Lame

Very useless are boring Absolutely waste of time Also Stupid ideas Over all don’t get it Trust me

- TooManyCooks

It is so fun.

- Adorable


- :)

vv cute game

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@JoJoFromJerz I had a boss that constantly said there were "too many cooks in the pot" and my god it was baffling

˗ˎˊ باتريسيا ˋˏ˗ 𓆉

'Too many cooks spoil the broth'

Parvathi Menon

Are these farmers or militants? Hear him. Too many cooks in this #FarmersProtest kitchen. From the dozens of video interviews like this one circulating on social media it sounds like a confused, leader-less protest. Threats, noise, misinformation, ego...dirty politics.

Too Many Cooks 0.7.1 Screenshots & Images

Too Many Cooks iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Too Many Cooks iphone images
Too Many Cooks iphone images
Too Many Cooks iphone images
Too Many Cooks iphone images
Too Many Cooks iphone images

Too Many Cooks (Version 0.7.1) Install & Download

The applications Too Many Cooks was published in the category Games on 2020-04-01 and was developed by Playstack Ltd [Developer ID: 1133080356]. This application file size is 589.76 MB. Too Many Cooks - Games app posted on 2020-11-27 current version is 0.7.1 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.playstack.toomanycooks

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