Ava Airborne

Ava Airborne [Games] App Description & Overview

Ava believes she can fly. Immerse yourself in this thrilling journey across a beautiful yet hazardous skyline. Weave between giant bomb-balloons, dive into turbo-charged catapults, bounce off trampolines and launch up into the clouds. Just never touch the floor.

Defy gravity. With style.

Lovingly crafted by the multi-award winning British indie studio Laserdog, Ava Airborne lets you master the sky with anything you can find: cardboard wings, rocket-propelled boots, an old umbrella, or even a jet-fuelled trombone.


TAKE TO THE SKIES: Glide Ava as far as you can without touching the floor - the further you fly, the bigger the reward!

JOIN THE ELITE: Progress Ava through fifteen levels of pilot, from the beginner’s Leaf rank to the ultra-exclusive Ace class!

BIRD BUDDIES: Get a little boost from Ava’s flying companions, from Steven the Seagull to Duckington McDuckFace!

FALLING BEAUTY: Customise your very own Ava by collecting your very own trinkets, charms and companions!

Follow Ava as she flies on Social:
- https://www.facebook.com/AvaAirborne/
- https://www.instagram.com/avaairborne/
- https://www.snapchat.com/add/avaairborne

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Ava Airborne Customer Service, Editor Notes:

TAKE TO THE SKIES: Glide Ava as far as you can without touching the floor - the further you fly, the bigger the reward! What's New: - Fixed an issue with logging out of Facebook - Fixed an issue where the Buddy animations would not start

Ava Airborne Comments & Reviews

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- My new favorite mobile game!!

This game has me hooked. The controls for each glider are different and fun, and I find myself trying out new strategies for each of them all the time. Collecting all of the items is also a fun for completionists. The overall atmosphere of the game is lovely, and it really immerses me. My only complaint is the score screen is waaaaay too long. I want to get back into the action and play again, not wait 2 minutes tapping gifts and watching ads. It feels like the Agamemnon doesn’t want me to play it at all! Other than that, it’s a fun game to experiment on with adorable graphics to go with. If you liked Whale Trail, you’ll LOVE this. ♥️♥️

- Has huge potential

I think you’ve made a great start with this game, but the next step to encourage retention/bring in more revenue is to add features to the game so that there’s more to it. It kind of reached capacity as far as diversity for me by the time I’d gotten a gold contraption...I eventually continued to acquire most of the upgrades, but the game had become stale. If I were you, I’d make it so that the different gliders and buddies and lollipops and things give you powerups or maybe the buddies pop black balloons for you. I’d make it so that players could travel 1,000,000M in Fly mode through using the right combination of powerups and skillful gliding. I’d add powerups and “load out” selection to Race mode and make it so that sweets earned count toward your purchasability. I’d keep the core game dynamics that you’ve built, but add enhancements to widen the spectrum of those dynamics. It would make the game more fun and give you more money-making opportunities.

- Monetization Tactics Ruin a Fun Game

The way the developers decided to implement micro transactions into the game is so abrasive that it ruins the app. Games where you are encouraged to stay alive as long as you can benefit from a system where you can try again immediately. Here, you have to wait through 3 screens that can barley be sped up and a menu that asks if you want to watch ads for more in game currency. Pick up more than one present in a game? You have to pay to open it with in game currency. So many tactics and distractions just to tug at your wallet or get you to watch advertisements. The game itself is fun with but has some flaws. It’s hard to judge altitude. Maybe put an indicator on the left hand side or make the steps in the sky more distinguished. The recovery system requires you to tap in order to regain control, but after you tap it feels like it requires additional taps in order to get your contraption to work.

- Screen looks like old TV now....

Game has glitches, sometimes when I have Ava jump on the couch the whole game goes into slow motion. The glider doesn’t change its animated orientation and it behaves very odd. Tight flips and it will even travel backwards... so I have to completely close the app and go back in a new. Jump on the couch and same... so I don’t jump on the couch any more. Lastly the game looks like an old tv screen... a really bad old tv screen with the corners cropped out. I have no idea what happed but it’s that way and won’t revert to its original sheen. I hope an update comes out so it will fix. It’s such a fun time occupier while I wait. Update! It was the coin op in (trinkets) turned on. I deselected it and Voila! Yay!

- Good Game But...

So I think this game is really fun but what annoyed me is that I started playing on my iPhone. I then downloaded the game on my iPad. For some reason my level in the game transferred (7 cannonball) but my candies didn’t and I couldn’t access the store or any of my gliders. My other complaint is that when you collect multiple presents, you can open the first one but it makes you pay for the others in candy. If I collected it, why do I have to pay to open it. Also, I think the lunchboxes that you buy for 50 candy should come as a bonus or something you can collect in intervals because you can only get one piece and you have to watch an ad to get more. Kind of a ripoff IMO. Anyway, that’s what I think about this game.

- Great game, minor changes could make it better

This game is a really fun game if you just want to (kind of) calmly fly through the air on a hang glider, yo-yo, or some other crazy machine. I only have three problems: the game is a bit laggy sometimes but is mostly ok, leveling up is a bit more difficult than it should be in my opinion, and you have to “rent” buddies for an hour at a time. Honestly I’d much rather the bonuses than give to be smaller or even none at all if I could just have them fly with me permanently. Overall the game is great. But fixing these things could just make it *that* much better.

- Why the change?

Developers: why did you change it? This game was one of my favorites for many reasons before your last update. The white is too bright, and the black looked better, especially on the collectible icons. The daily present used to give three or so gifts, such as some candies and a puzzle piece or two. Now it only gives you 5 to 10 candies and you have to watch a video to get another present of 5 to 10 candies. Finally, the play again screen that shows up after a run. I really liked the way it was before, with the smaller play again section and the other side that showed what collectibles and gliders you were using. So if you could change it back, I think your game would be enjoyable once more.

- Game bugged out

The game is pretty good. It has cool features and mechanics and I enjoy how the level changes up once you level up. However, for the past few days J have not been able to load the game. Whenever I would enter the game, it would show the first screen and then a white blank one. I’ve waited for some time with the white screen but nothing has ever happened. It happens every time. It makes the game unplayable. I have fully updated everything including my IOS and the game itself. Nothing worked. Can you please fix this?

- Could be better...

So I’ll give a 4 star. It would’ve been a 5 star but there are problems. First of all, most of the ads will not play at all even when I’m clearly connected to the internet and it just says the video failed to load. Another problem is getting sweets. There isn’t an explanation on how to get them and you have to figure out that balloons give them to you. If you go for all the balloons, you only get about 50 per level at the maximum. The last problem is when you get hit. If you touch the death balloons or get hit with a laser, you fall down. But even at maximum height (thunderstorms) it takes about less than 6 seconds to be at the bottom again. In general, it’s a good game but the monetization tactics could be toned down a little with some bugs to be weeded out. Overall, good game!

- Cute game, but buggy with too many baited “gifts”

I like this game p, it’s very cute and fun to play. However, it has some serious bugs. First, some of the ads crash and you lost the credit you would have gotten for watching/playing the ad. Second, it reset the tutorial on mine and it kept making me go back to the basic glider. This also killed all the experience I earned one level, making it so I have to re-earn all my 6->7 experience. Lastly, there are presents that you can grab, but if you grab 2 or 3, 1 or 2 of those you have to “pay” for. Again, cute and fun game, just has some issues that make it unenjoyable.

- Fun but with glitches

This game is fun; I like the music and the visuals. But it has some glitches: -Sometimes “death balloons” and electric wires are unavoidable - Sometimes the contraption begins to fly backwards and it’s up high where you can’t control it, so it just goes and goes and goes, and it erases mileage, which isn’t right. And you’re powerless to do anything, except for just sit there until she crashes. Not good!

- Help Please..?

Dear Developers... While playing my favorite game, a problem popped up whenever you wanted to fly Ava. When it gives you the option to fly the Ava contraptions or the plane races, it won’t let you go into any of them. The more you click the buttons for either game, the surrounding screen just gets darker and darker until the background is black, and you’re stuck with the two game modes frozen on your screen. Please fix this soon, this is an amazing game and I really don’t want to delete it 😖

- Exceptional Game, with some exceptions

In all honesty, I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. Awesome for wasting free time, and didn’t push you through a pay wall to continue to have fun. Even simple enough to play with one hand. But after reaching the ninth level, I noticed a glitch that refused to let me start a game. I could get to the start screen, but the screen seemed to multiply with every touch, not allowing me to play. I had to delete this game, but I would certainly go back if it could be fixed.

- The scoring screens are painful

The game itself is pretty fun, I’m ok with the in app purchases. The thing that kills the fun is the score tally screens. They take way too long. The red bubbles filling up the experience bar are cute the first 3 times after that it’s totally annoying. I get it you guys made a cute animation. Can you kill that or give us a fast forward. As you rise in levels the experience doesn’t even make that big a dent in the bar so we’re forced to watch these long played out animations time and time again. Game is fun but Jesus those screens are annoying af.

- Cool ideas marred by lags, glitches & crashes

I want to like this game but it runs awfully on my iPad mini - the game will freeze for half a second at a time, stutter a bit etc, but the game is enjoyable otherwise. The not-continue wait and other annoy-you-til-you-spend-money bits are also a tad much. Final score: 5* for ideas and basic gameplay, -1 for bad optimization & crashes (always while waiting to not-continue),-1 for making me wait too long too often through “delightful”animations, -1 for length of time to start a new game after death.

- Ads

I absolutely love this game! And unlike most games, it has almost NO ADS! The only ads you get are the ones you choose, like if you want a little creature or you want to revive yourself. But for me, these DONT WORK! I’ve found myself in the odd position of actually WANTING. ADS. But despite that, I adore this game, and am more than happy to give it a solid 5+ stars.

- Good game, few minor annoyances

The game is good, but I’ve encountered a game breaking glitch where when I collect a booster jet the character starts doing flips, insane lag occurs, and the camera locks in place. Only solution I’ve found is restarting the app. Also, I don’t find the point in extra gifts if you have to use more sweets to open them than you can normally get.

- Obstacles

I give this three stars for the obstacles. Some are piloted like the anvil others are not like the lasers and death balloons. So how is it possible that the unpiloted obstacles can zoom in front of me and kill me. It’s triggering to get a near 3,000 M run then hello says the laser or death balloon. Another issue is the videos for doubleing your candy it never works. Possible cause the devs what you to buy the doubleing bot. In all it’s a peaceful game with some super annoying features. 3/5

- It crashes every other time after a flight

This game is delightful and so fun to play, but I’m giving it three stars because it crashes at the end of about half of my flights. The screen goes black, I lose all my miles, candies and rewards for that flight, and I have to wait for the fame to reboot right back to the start screen.

- Lighthearted and fun.

A pure and simple game. The music is airy and delightful and you can keep playing over and over again without it becoming too stale. In between each round is clunky and a little frustrating how you have to click a million things and wait for a few screens to pass, but that’s my main gripe.

- Such a fun game I wish I could pay to make the ads go away!

This is a really fun game, so much so that I wish that I could pay to make the ads go away. Unfortunately viewing the ads is actually part of the game where you are punished for crashing and its a way to get a second chance.

- Endless runner with endless ads

I hope you like your whimsical Jet Pack Joyride rehashes with a LOT of ads and overwhelming chaos. I feel like there’s no making progress in this game. There’s plenty of peril to prevent you from flying very far, and there’s very little you can do to stay in the air very long. Time to watch another 30-second ad! I found that less than half of the time in the app was actually playing a game. Not fun.

- Worked for a month, then glitched fatally.

T worked great for a month - was fun and engaging. I’d upgraded to and on several contraptions ... then it glitched. When trying to click “fly”, the glider and planes on the race screen would ghost and duplicate and not actually load into the game. Hard reset of the game and iPad didn’t fix the problem, so I had to delete and reinstall.. losing all of my upgrades and completion. I’m really disappointed.

- Error: Vídeo failed to load

Seems like a very enjoyable game. Can’t see any of the videos so can’t unlock any of the prizes. Please consider saving the default vehicle between games so we don’t have to scroll and select our favorite one every time we start the game. Very addictive game otherwise!

- Not worth the time or the money

Nice artwork, poor gameplay. Even after 15 bucks worth of in-app purchases flying through the overly crowded screen is nearly impossible. Of course when they make sure you crash after a few seconds you get to go again if you watch an ad. We all understand these games make their money running ads but come on guys - we did come here to play a little bit between watching your commercials.

- Great Game

I don’t do these often, but I have to say it’s quite refreshing to play a free game that’s actually FUN. There are ads, but the way they are integrated into the game, they do not take away from the gameplay at all. Gameplay is simple and addictive. Very well done.

- But I’m game

So there this bug in the game where you go in side of a cannon it’s supposed to launch you forward but instead it throws you all the way back. This has been sitting in my phone for a few weeks now and I don’t know if this bug will ever get fixed. It’s just make the game unplayable since there are so cannons placed in like every round.

- Black Screen

I notice that whenever you go to the screen that allows you to choose Ava’s contraptions or the racing planes, it doesn’t let you go to any of them. I kept pressing “fly” but the surrounding screen just gets darker and darker. This has been a problem for a long time, it would be greatly appreciated if it’s fixed.

- Whale Trail Meets Alto!

Its a cute game that provides simple fun! No real complaints, sometimes I feel that obstacles come up a bit too quickly, but generally a good game! No ads that pop up to annoy you every play, but ads and IAP if you want certain perks.

- Epic

My most favorite game in the history of “ben’s iPad”. I love the detail and the calming background. This sounds like a game i could make. if you EVER add skins, add Amelia Airheart. The funny thing about this game is the contraptions. A rainbow jetpack. A yoyo. She can find just about anything and make something cool. Sounds like me.

- Good time killer

I’ve played this game for a while now, and I’ve never even thought about deleting it. The puzzle piece system is great and all the different flyers are fun and sometimes the descriptions make me laugh. I love this game

- I can’t die

Seems like a fine game but apparently it plays on it’s own. In other words, I cannot die. Been playing for 10 minutes continuous and every time I fall, there is a heart and am resurrected, the game continues. I tried just to leave it without doing a thing and I kept dying and resurrecting, automatically. Also the pause button not working and there is no menu. What sort of game is this anyway??

- This is my new favorite game

I usually never write good reviews but this game is amazing. It’s very fun and addictive. It’s not too hard but also not too easy. The contraption are very adorable. This game is perfect time killer when your bored.

- C

I love the graphics and the game but when you’re trying to buy something it’s kind of hard because it says you don’t have enough candy but I would have enough candy if after I die it automatically collects the candy and puts it into your total

- Error Video Failed to Load

Sometimes while flying or whatever I'm doing, I get "Error: Video Failed to Load. Sometimes I'm also tapping to revive and then that popup makes me fall to my death. Can you patch this? Other than that great game! :D

- Adorable and fun

The art style is infectious and it doesn’t feel like a drag to try again and beat your old score because of the simply adorable aesthetic.

- Super Annoying Bug

There is this annoying bug when I fall down and die I pick watch ad and then error than the time stops and crashes.


I love this game but every time I try to use a launcher it makes the graphics all pixelated.. please have that fixed I really don’t want to get fed up and end up having to delete this game that I actually enjoy.

- I can’t even play it?

I downloaded this game a couple years ago, got bored, deleted it, then downloaded it again today. I can’t even play the game because it keeps glitching out. When I press “start” a sort of double image of the screen pops up and no matter what I do I can’t begin the actual game.

- Should get ported to consoles

Honestly one of the best apps I’ve ever played the first app game I downloaded when I got my phone 2 years ago and I would love to see this on consoles

- Good game

I like this game so far, but I have a problem trying to buy sweets, and is that the only way you can get the sweets? By buying it? Or is there a way you can earn them

- Yeah

I like it it is very amazing to play kinda a addictive and cool but... I hate that it has the laser things that stop you from flying a little especially when your in the race and your in 1ST PLACE or 2nd place I mean it’s not that important probably for some of you but I just think so... 😂😂😂👌🏻

- Just another scam game

Yet another game where the developers focus was on the payment system and scamming you out of a few bucks. The only way to make that work is to make he game really boring. Paying relieves the boredom. Ignore this one and buy Alto’s or some other game focused on gameplay that is worth your time and money.

- Awesome!

Fixed! Had a awesome time with this game. Before I had to delete it because I didn’t have space for my games on my phone ,_, I’ll miss my fun with Ava Airborne.

- Video failed to load

The game was fun but then one day I kept getting a “video failed to load” error when I tried to rent a buddy or other special options. Considering how the game is designed to make you watch ads to progress this is very annoying.

- Good

Everything is awesome.... exept the time in between games, it takes way too long for everything to pass before you start a new game

- error to load video?

It's an absolutely amazing app... except for the "watch a video to (blank)" doesn't work. Every time I try to watch a video for something, is says "Error to load video"

- From a girl named Ava!!!🙂🙂🙂😘😍🥰🥳🤩😎

This is the best game I ever played! I love it because 1:it’s my name 2:I love flying and watching things soar across the 🌌 sky!!! It’s perfect don’t change anything at all!!!!!!!!!😍🥰😘😗😙😜😝😛😋😚🤪🤓😎🤩🥳😏🤗🐐💨

- Glitch

I really love this game, but I haven’t been able to play it because when I click fly mode, it tells me to pick a glider, but right away four other selection screens overlap that one so I can’t play at all. Could this be fixed?

- Crashes when at penguin status

Game inoperable when penguin level is reached. When settings button is picked it puts fonts over fonts. Can only select contraptions. Will not start flying. Exit and return to game only to find all points are lost. iPhone 10.

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- Glitchy

I’m not sure if it’s actually the game because I really enjoy it and have been addicted to it, but I went on it today and it will allow me to go to the collectables and all the other stuff except for flying, when I press the button the screen starts to glitch and the background starts to turn black...

- Amaaaaaazinnnggg

This game is so beautiful, peaceful and relaxing. The music, the environment, everything is just perfect! It is such a cute peaceful game that I know I’ll be playing all the time, even though you can die after crashing into certain things it’s not frustrating at all, you just want to keep playing no matter what. I have had no problems with this game and even if I did, I’d still rate it a 5 stars! I am blessssseeeedddd! Thank you to the people who made this game! 💛

- Hmm... not sure.

It’s a great game, I agree, but there’s... something lacking about it. It has as much in-game “meat” to it as an idle game, and it’s almost exactly the same as a few aeroplane games I’ve seen. I don’t understand why everything has to cost something; I honestly think the lunchbox could at least be nerfed and made free. Also, the game has attempted to launch ads at me (doesn’t work due to my Adblock), and has been randomly giving me gifts, both of me have caused me to end my run. Please sort this out!

- Looks good, idea is... Meh.

The game looks really nice, and plays well. But there are glitches. With the bouncy house launcher, on my first use I jumped on it and died instantly. 2m flight. And also got two runs with 999 candy. Also, those prices for gold planes and stuff is way too high. It gets really boring after 30 mins. But, worth a shot.

- Kind of fun.

It’s a fairy cool game. It’s kinda lacking something because I don’t want to keep playing it. It gets boring fairly quickly. It is fun, but there’s some craft that are just unusable so you end up going back to the one or two that are fun to fly and then you’ve had enough.

- Love

I love this game it’s so pretty and cute! Only problem is every time I try to watch a video it says “Error: video failed to load”. My internet is working fine so I don’t know why.

- Stuck in night-time

Love the game but I’m stuck in night time 😩Bring back the sun, please!

- An interesting endless flyer ruined by poor user experience and ads

The freemium approach to these types of games is quite dated and tends to frustrate users. I find the menu navigation and icons confusing and is intuitive.

- Really Buggy

I can’t open the game mode but cool graphics

- Really good game, but...

Ava Airborne is a really good game! It's fun to play anywhere! I have a suggestion though. You could make different modes, like a free mode, where you can't die. Thanks!

- Glitch

I used to really like this game but lately I haven’t been able to play it because of an annoying glitch that duplicates the contraptions option and I am unable to play anymore. This glitch occurs when you reach a milestone or unlock a new contraption for me I had just saved up for a new contraption and I haven’t been able to use it because of the glitch.

- Addictive

You can spend forever on this game, it has some really neat physics that a lot of games lack

- Bug

Latest up now duplicates the menu where you can buy your gliders and it won’t go away when until you close the app then when you hit a milestone you can’t continue till you check out your new contraptions and then the menu pops up and won’t go away and you can’t play the game. Bit discounted

- I want to cry

This game is so good the physics are great the art is amazing hooked me in on the tutorial. I absolutely love it. Perfect for people looking for a cute time passer.

- I love a Good hidden gem on the AppStore 💓

I love a. Good hidden gem on the AppStore and this is one the only fault I have is that when I have a filter thing on (makes the game look like a GameBoy or old arcade) it seems to crash atleest it does for me I’m using a iPad mini 3 IOS 11.3 23.6 GB Love the game keep up the good work

- Noice

This game is very satisfying and is fun to play, I enjoy it 🤙🤙🤙

- Great game until they nerfed it.

The game was great until they capped what you could earn in a run as well as downgraded a lot of the stats that you’d worked to level up.

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- Very pretty game

Pretty soothing game with nice colour combinations :)

- Great well designed game!

Love the attention to details and the aesthetics in this game. It feels very well designed and has the presentation of an expensive app. Overall very nice. The type could be a wee bit larger though :)

- Kept crashing at the worst times.

I was getting into this game, but it kept crashing at the end of epic runs. I’d rack up a ton of candies and presents and bam, it’d crash and would reset not registering the wins 🤦‍♂️ This happened 3 times before I got so annoyed I just deleted the app.

- Ava airborne

I feel like this is a good game but the obstacles are to much add less and that could help and get rid of the wall of black balloons

- Cute but..

The game’s graphics are cute, but there are WAAAAAY too many threats that instantly kill your run. It’s just frustrating to play since you don’t have a way to maneuver around them. Oops laser beam, oops black balloon, oops electric thingy, oops you hit the bounce pad at the wrong angle.. At least put less obstacles early, can’t even get past 500m without the everywhere..

- Nice


- Fun game

Awesome game but really bad

- It’s was fun when it’s worked for a little.

I really liked it till it stop working every time I open the game. It’s would turn black every time I touch the screen. I was a fun little game.

- Great game but some bugs

The game is super fun and addictive but for some reason I can’t play the game without internet. The game won’t even jump off the starting platform!? But other than that the game is super fun. It’s also pretty well polished which isn’t the case with many games I’ve encountered recently.

- Fun Game

This game is easy to pick up; it offers an engaging and rewarding gameplay.

- Great game!

It’s a cute little game that’s easy to play and doesn’t have too many ads. I love the music and the visuals. The only thing I dislike is the fact that the French translations are a bit awkward sometimes, but aside from that I love it!

- Strange glitch

Every time I try to launch the game, I press start, and when I try to play solo or race, I can’t press anything. Also, if I press the screen at all at this time, the screen fades and the animations become glitchy. I know it’s not my phone, because the solo or race options don’t fade. Other than this, I really enjoy this game.

- Ava Airborne

My son and I love the game, but there are toooooo many bad guys. Plus, the recovery time when you are falling is too long. You have to tap too long and almost always end up hitting the ground. Graphics and game play are great!

- Looks nice but crashes a lot

The game runs well and then suddenly it becomes really slow and I’m not really moving forward. After a few minutes it will crash. This is annoying because sometimes I get lots of candies, boosts and presents and then suddenly it won’t work and I’m forced to quit the run and none of my earnings are registered. A shame because I think it could otherwise be a fun game.

- Enjoyed while it lasted

When I started playing, I got hooked to it real quick. Unique gaming mechanics and adorable art but the games kept crashing and having big lag spikes making the game no longer enjoyable after playing for about 20-30 minutes

- Cute

I love this game. I find the music and sound effects calming, and the flying contraption ideas are so unique. The graphics are cute as well. The only thing is that sometimes the screen freezes for a moment while I’m flying. Also, I’d like to see more terrains, like a variety of other backgrounds. I’m excited to see what happens in the next update :)

- It can make my iPhone X warm very quickly

Your game is worth 5 stars because I love the dynamics as well as the game play music. However, just one letdown is after playing twice, my iPhone X gets very warm so I have mo choice bit let the phone cool down to prevent battery deterioration. This is what made me give you 3 stars. Please work on a fix if possible. 😊

- Great game but keeps crashing

I love this game and the graphics are cute the gameplay is fun but it keeps crashing. I’ve tried relaunching when I crash but it just keeps on crashing at startup, game is great I want to continue playing but I can’t due to it crashing and frames dipping.

- Amazing.

Just after 10 minutes in this game I was immersed in the wonderful music and gameplay. The game has a great way of doing things, for example when you die you can quickly respawn by tapping the screen (love that idea), or the currency bonuses when you buy a new glider. There’s no doubt this game is awesome, and that I’ll continue playing it. Keep it up!

- Great game

Loved the game really fun! One time I found this crazy bug where every time you go in a cannon your candies will double. I’ll assume it’s been fixed as I haven’t encountered it for a while. I now have 274291713 candies😆

- Bugs

I’m in level 11 but I have no candy I gave 3 stars for graphics and gameplay

- Ok

The game itself is actually really fun! But when I actually want to play, it’s really buggy and lags a lot. Not to mention when I play ads the game crashes and I don’t get the item. This game needs to work on how smoothly it runs. If it ran well it would be a 5/5

- Awesome

I like the game but its way too slow. You have to wait like 10 second before you can play another game

- Looks great

I find the game looks wonderful but tends to lag quite a bit, I am also having a lot of instances where the game crashes and I do not receive the rewards for finishing a run.

- :)

Great game!! Like the background music... really relaxing game~ But why is it so hard to avoid the bombs? They kinda follow me when I go up and down and doesn't really stick to one place... and a window keeps popping out at the star of the game without a close button. If i press the check mark it would open the shop window and I can't close it :(

- Really Good

I was originally just getting this app because my names Ava😂 but it’s actually a really good app I totally recommend it!

- Not Good Right Now

The last eat update introduced a really annoying bug. Selecting the contraption button will make the menu pop up forever. You can even open up other menus in the background, behind the contraptions menu. Also, I really don't like how the hazards follow you around. It makes the game feel scripted, and makes the game feel like it's more based of luck than skill. I'm looking for a new endless runner game, so I hope this one can work out the kinks.

- Please fix!!!

This is a really good game thats fun, relaxing and like a vacation...but please fix the fact that every time i finish watching an ad, i have no volume, AND I HAVE TO RESTART THE APP EVERYTIME I WATCH AN AD!!!!!!!

- Awesome but can be built up on...

The game is so simple but so fun! What cut this short of 5/5 is the red notification dots on the top of the screen. Can you make a new update so those dots disappear when I check something? I’d greatly appreciate it!

- Good start

This is a fun game. It's fun to play and great to look at. I just have 2 issues with it : - I feel like the various items you can acquire should have more informative descriptions. What they do is often unclear. - The mechanic of punishing the player is a bit too harsh considering some crashes are almost impossible to avoid. I like the idea of giving players incentives to focus and play well, but this could be toned down a bit.

- Fun but issues...

The game itself is fun but almost every time i try to watch an ad to increase my candies or extend my life the game crashes and I have lost all of my progress from that run. Now editing. The further i get the more glitches i find... it has almost made the game unplayable. Not just from ad support videos either. I was really enjoying the game. Hope you get it fixed.

- By Georgia

I love this game It is so much fun! I love how you look Alone in the background Love it thx for the game!!!😁

- Great

Very underrated but i this game is so addicting

- Best game I’ve played on the App Store!

This game is really fun! The art style is unique, the music is nice and the gameplay is also really fun!

- Freakin’ amazing

This game doesn’t even need to be played it’s just that great 💛💛💛🥖🥖🥖

- Amazing game

This game is super fun to play, I played probs half an hour the first time I opened it up. Sounds awesome looks awesome, plays great. But past the half hour mark you’ll notice the only way to progress is to collect candy, which is near impossible to do. Every obstacle you hit, you lose candy (not to mention they follow you too) it’s difficult to get over 2 candy in a run and if I have over 10 I’ll immediately kill myself so I can collect them. This is crazy well made game but it’s obvious anyone who really wants to play with will have to pay for it. Disappointed and disgusted

- Love the UI

As a front end dev myself I actually like the UI and UX of this game and I believe it is the highlight of it.

- 3/5

Pros: - The game’s art style is great - Smooth gameplay - lots of replayability Cons: This game is kind of buggy, I swear not a single one of the luck collectables work. The map never really refreshes so if you go into it you’re playing the same rendition of the map rather than a new rendition. Another complaint, there aren’t any descriptions for most of the collectables or the main contraptions so I never know what I’m equipping/buying until I buy it and I dislike it.

- Loved it

Really liked the game, very fun. Very good graphics and I love how it’s seems simple at first but then you realize there are a lot of things you have to worry about. My only two concerns are every once and a while the frame rates drop and there is a tiny bit of pay to win but other than that I love it

- Great!!!

Its so much fun!!!!

- Epic

The background is amazing and is kinda like alone thx you

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Ava Airborne 2.2.1 Screenshots & Images

Ava Airborne iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Ava Airborne iphone images
Ava Airborne iphone images
Ava Airborne iphone images
Ava Airborne iphone images
Ava Airborne iphone images
Ava Airborne iphone images
Ava Airborne iphone images
Ava Airborne iphone images

Ava Airborne (Version 2.2.1) Install & Download

The applications Ava Airborne was published in the category Games on 2018-04-04 and was developed by Playstack Ltd [Developer ID: 1133080356]. This application file size is 150.69 MB. Ava Airborne - Games app posted on 2019-03-13 current version is 2.2.1 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.playstack.avaairborne

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