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Afterpay - Shop Now, Pay Later [Shopping] App Description & Overview

Shop top fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands from your phone, enjoy your order right away, then pay in four installments over six weeks. That’s the Afterpay way!

Search the app for your go-to brands and browse to find new favorites. New brands are added weekly!

Set up your Afterpay account in minutes, then shop now, pay later with your favorite brands! Pay the first of four payments upfront when you shop with any participating retailer, then pay the three remaining payments every two weeks after that. Get more of what you love, while also spending responsibly.

Use the Afterpay app to make payments, track any pending amounts, and view past orders. Enjoy your purchases without interest or fees when you pay on time!

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Afterpay - Shop Now, Pay Later Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We're always improving our app to make it easier for you to use, so be sure to update it regularly or just turn on automatic updates. In this release: - Improvements and minor changes. - As always, we've squashed some bugs. Loving the Afterpay app? Let us know by leaving us a review on the App Store.

Afterpay - Shop Now, Pay Later Comments & Reviews

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- Great App

This is the only App I’ll ever write a review on! It’s great! I’ve never been able to shop more comfortably in my life! I’ve been using after pay for a while now and I have been able to redo my whole wardrobe and then some! I recommend this app/payment method for anyone who is hesitant to shop. They split the payments in 4! And you pay every other week... and with all these new updates they make it a lot easier if you need to make smaller payments in between, reschedule a payment for whatever reason or pay your items off early if you can! I definitely RECOMMEND Afterpay. Also the most professional rather than those other Apps (I won’t say). I may have had one issue with Afterpay but it wasn’t even there fault it was the company using Afterpay. But they are super fast with refunds and great on customer service if ever there is a issue. USE THEM! Only negative I have: I wish they had more electronic, household, and shoe stores. And if we could put our favorite stores in a list or put a star by them that would be great!

- Very Frustrating

I first started using Afterpay last month when I made a rather large order. The idea and the concept is really cool but the app is a pain to use. I made the first payment on my order two weeks later as scheduled and it gave me a notification saying that the payment went though and it gave me my new remaining balance. Two days later, me email gets bombarded with emails from Afterpay saying that my payment was declined and they had tried to take the payment over and over again when it didn’t work the first time. When I first authorized the payment on the app, I had the money to cover the payment. When they tried over and over again to make the payment, it overdrafted my checking account and put me in the negatives screwing me over for groceries. Just recently, I had to make a switch to a new debit card through my job and when I tried to add it to my payment methods, it kept saying “Oops! There was an error in your billing information! Please try again!” Even though all of my info was correct. I went to the customer support section and found out that until the first order that you made is completely paid off, you can’t add another payment method! This service is not convenient at all and is a massive headache to try to use. I am going to pay off what I owe and I’m never using Afterpay again. I definitely would NOT recommend them to anyone.

- If I Could give Zero Stars I Would

I used to love AfterPay. They were so helpful to me, but now after weeks of ignoring my issues, and treating me like I’m stupid I can’t wait to pay off what is owed and close out my account with them. I had an issue with my checking account and had to close it suddenly. I let AfterPay know and they said not to worry about it. Once everything was corrected and I could make payments again they would credit any late fees and everything would be fine. Well it’s not fine. I’m now no longer able to use them at all. After 2 years of perfect payment history and letting them know as soon as I had an issue and correcting it within a week I am now declined no matter what I try to buy. I have reached out to customer service and they keep telling me it’s automated, and it will eventually work again. It’s not. It’s been weeks now. When it declines an order it says to pay off more of what I owe like I owe hundreds of dollars. I owe $42. I’ve written on FB and they act like they care and that they will review it, but they haven’t. They haven’t even read my messages. They don’t give a crap about their customers at all. I will continue to find every place I can to give a bad review and give it. My goal is to reduce their good rating as much as possible. They obviously don’t care to help me so I don’t care if I hurt them. Think twice before using them.

- Horrible customer service experience

Had an issue with my bank card for potential fraudulent activity so they sent me a replacement card. In the meantime of course a few of my afterpay payments didn’t go through and I had to wait for my new card to come in. So out of literally hundreds of paid off in time purchases I’ve had with them, they keep saying my purchase is too much. A single purchase of $50! When I don’t even have any open purchases. All paid for. So out of over $15,000 in purchases with them easily all paid for on time, now they are giving me a hard time. So I attempted to ask for help to just get this issue fixed and looked into. And instead they send me a automated message that literally solved nothing about what I asked. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ oh well I highly recommend five stars to QuadPay, sezzle, Klarna and affirm!! Their customer service is outstanding !!! I had the same issue with them and they understood how the card issue missed me up but it was no issue at all!! If you’re looking into Afterpay check out the others i just sent! Klarna and QuadPay even are more advanced as you can use a virtual card to make purchases ANYWHERE !!! Same zero interest split into 4 as well!! Hopefully afterpay will fix this if not oh well I have plenty of options as do anyone else in the same boat 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

- Love it but...

I have been using Afterpay for about 2 years now. I have spent thousands of dollars through them. I faced financial hardship due to COVID. I contacted them and they were very nice and said I would have to make my next payments until July. I really only needed a week or so to get my financials in order. I paid it off a few weeks later. I really appreciated them being so cool and I love that about this company (I had to do it once before when my card came up with fraudulent charges). Now that I’m back to work I’ve been trying to use Afterpay like I had before. To my dismay and as another reviewer put it, I am being “punished” for my not being able to pay on time. I completely understand that this is a business and they can’t just go off the promise of the customer that they will pay. I just hate the way they go about it. I have been allowed to make a few small orders which I have been paying off early but I usually get an message telling me I need to pay off some things before I can order anything else (understandable). I paid off 3 payments and still wasn’t allowed to order anything at all. So basically they lied. This app is pretty much useless now.

- Love this company!!!

I hesitated to buy any items that I couldn’t pay for or that I had wanted for a long time that were a little out of my price range. I came across Afterpay and absolutely love that I can now get the items I want and pay in four separate payments instead of all at once!!! This allows me to buy things I never could afford before because if payment installments I now do not need to take a large chunk of money and splurge once or twice a year instead I can buy whatever I want and pay over the course of the month. For the average working person this is an awesome app and awesome way to love a little luxuriously more than maybe you could have before this app was invented. I make my payments on time and am never charged any extra paying only for the items I purchased but if you are late the fee is not real exorbitantly high. Thank u Afterpay you guys seriously rock!!! You carry a lot of my favorite brands and look forward to the day that you have Too Faced cosmetics added to your growing list!!!

- great!!!

i never write reviews but dang afterpay is great like i have bought so so much stuff from places i usually wouldn’t because just a pair of jeans can be like $70 but with their plans i can buy like 7 things and have a $70 two week payment plan like if you still want to have money on the side but also buy things you can afford, use this app! like i am so grateful for this app i wouldn’t have most of the things i do today if it wasn’t for this app or apps like this. it’s so affordable!! i was happy when i found out this was even a thing and i’m still happy with how affordable it all is. and as someone else said i like how it tells you in advance when something is due. i’ve never been late but i’ve also read they give a TEN day grace period if you’re late with payments, AND the late fee is only $8. i also like that if you want you can pay some or all of it in advance. like idk it makes me happy this is so affordable and i can finally get the things i want. thanks to whoever made this for real.

- Easy to Use and Practical!

I was fairly new to using Afterpay, having to go online each time to check my payment schedule or my order information, it was so slow and glitchy as my connection is not that great. Also in making a payment. I wasn’t sure if I could make a payment early and when I logged in on the server, again it was a slow a glitchy process. I didn’t even realize there was an app!! Downloaded it, and within seconds I had my orders there for me, with my payments shown and what is still owed on a little color circle ⭕️ chart. Also it lists it in a linear traditional way which is where you can click on it to enter your payment. It tells you at a glance what is owed in a dollar value statement and lists in various days out. It is so very easy to use. And I really like that you can search and look for retailers on there that accept Afterpay as a payment method. It is a top notch app. I have absolutely no complaints. Anyone who has an Afterpay account needs this app. Thank you!!!

- Saved by AP!

So I just got word that I needed steel toe boots for my new job and I was super low on cash and also certain types of boots fit me differently I range from Men’s 8-9.5 and I was looking into stores that were nearby that accepted Afterpay and had the boots I needed and in my size because there is a “order online and pick up in store” feature I was also looking for because I wasn’t going to be in town for my new job that starts right after Super Bowl, and couldn’t risk it getting my boots in on time. So thankfully DSW had some Boots I walked in tried on 3 different sizes and made sure I placed my order before I left and just gave them a little heads up I submitted an order and they told me I should get an email in a few hours for pick up. Only downfall was My first payment was due immediately good thing I had enough to cover the first payment. Also it would be freaking awesome if Afterpay teamed up with SouthWest Airlines you know for those last minute emergency or get away flights. Maybe in the near future😉

- Afterpay is heaven sent!

These folks at Afterpay truly care about us. Regular, hardworking people. They truly want us to be able to have nice things but still able to afford it. I’ve been using Afterpay for months and have found it to be the best payment option. I have used other “Payment Apps” but Afterpay is truly the only FREE one. The only way they would charge you is if you’re late on a payment which is nearly impossible because Afterpay e-mails you 4 days prior letting you know you have a payment coming up. No extra percentage to pay, no extra fees, nothing. I ran into some trouble and send a hardship form to Afterpay to see if they could delay my payments and they delayed my payments not only to the day I said I can resume but they went ahead and added an extra week so I can make I’m able to pay them. I can’t thank Afterpay enough. I will continue to use them forever. THANK YOU KIND PEOPLE! these are not greedy, money hungry people. they want to see you succeed as well.

- I love afterpay....but

I love afterpay, I use it to buy myself anything I want or might need. I’m a mom of 3 who always puts my babies first and a lot of time that means I go without, which is fine. I really love afterpay, I use it to buy myself new shoes, sports bras, skincare products, etc that I can’t afford to pay outright for. It’s awesome. My only complaint is if you don’t have money in your account at 12am the morning you payment is due they count you faulty, instead of doing so if your payment isn’t paid by midnight the day it is due. I always pay my payments the day they’re due, the majority of the time I even pay them crazy early, so to have them count against me despite getting money in my account later that day (pay day) and making my payment is frustrating. I’ve never been a day late, always paid the day they’re due if I’ve not paid them earlier so I feel they should revise that. Other than that I’m just afterpaying my way on up. I appreciate the ability to get things and make payments, it’s a massive help for working moms and dads out there.


Afterpay is the best way to purchase items when you don’t feel like draining your account. Or better yet to buy an item that is otherwise to expensive to purchase as one of your normal everyday items so just think of that $250 hair styling tool you have just dreamed of but just didn’t have the money all at once to purchase the item. WELL..... purchase thru Afterpay and pay in 4 consecutive payments that are 2 weeks apart from one another. What a GREAT IDEA!!! I basically purchase everything through Afterpay!! My one and only complaint which is minor for the normal population as I’m disabled and only receive my paychecks once a month. So it would be so great for me if Afterpay would base their payments on your payscale or do once a month like QVC. But again that is minor for 99% of you Americans so please don’t hesitate and jump in and try it. NO AFTERPAY DID NOT PAY ME FOR THIS ADVERTISEMENT AS THIS IS TRULY HOW I FEEL.......... Have a nice day!!! Sincerely, Dawn Bonura


I was very excited to use this service but at one point I needed to update the payment information and the app would not accept my card, but it was telling me that payments went through. Yet they were not posting. I called customer service and the rep just wanted to show me how to add a card - which I already tried three different ways - instead of listening to me that the app was not accepting it. So he HUNG UP ON ME. I called back and a new guy let me know that the app doesn’t always accept payment methods and it can be done on a desktop. So the app is crap. Additionally: I tried to update my password and the app would t accept that and told me that the password I was tying to use was TOO SIMILAR TO PASSWORDS ON OTHER ACCOUNTS - which means Afterpay has granted themselves access to all of my passwords!!! I NEVER authorized this. This company is VERY sketchy - they make it sound like they are doing something for you, it they are taking access of your personal information when you install the app - so consider this before doing business with this company. I won’t use them anymore, and will likely stop ordering from the company that roped me into using them (DSW). HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE.

- Great App

Extremely easy to use and keep track of my payments. AfterPay notifies you about payments, they don’t put a hit on your credit and it’s so quick when using it through other retailers. The app is well put together, and organized. It makes it great to buy things you want but can’t pay for all at once. I’ve used AfterPay for so many different things and still do! Makes life easy! It’s as simple as pay the first payment and go... they don’t use credit limits, just split into four and can be paid off at any time you want rather than force you to make the payments until it’s paid off, and doesn’t charge interest. They work with you if you need to move the payment date too! They work with large amounts of money too! I’ve used it on hundreds of dollars worth of purchases when I was in a bind but needed something. It’s a lifesaver. Definitely recommended this to friends many times.

- Rocky Start

I have been using this app for about five months now and I love the feature of being able to shop and pay in installments overtime. Although I had a rocky start with getting started because I was approve to use the app, but I had some issues with the verification process. However, I’m glad that everything worked out and I’m able to be a customer with Afterpay. The process of ordering through their app is really simple and straight forward. I’ve only had one complaint and that’s with the returns/refund process. I say this because Afterpay does not state on their website exactly how the refund process works, or how the credit will appear when credited back to your designated account. I did speak with customer service about this issue and the representative was very understanding of my concerns. Overall I’m a satisfied customer. As long as you repay your installments on time you’ll be a customer for life.

- Amazing, just a amazing

I purchase things regularly through Afterpay. Over the past six months I have purchased a bunch of stuff, I’m not huge on going clothes shopping so I love that I can find new things and order them. I bought a pair of Nike Air Max 95 that were $160 from finish line which normally I would feel weird about spending that much on shoes but when you can break it up into 4 payments, it does not feel so bad. It’s also awesome that you get what you order right away and don’t have to wait until you have made all 4 payments. Can’t say enough how awesome it is, but a hoody, make 4 small payments and it’s done. I know there are other apps out there offering the same service but I have ordered quite a lot so far and they have been super reliable, never had to follow up on an order, never had to contact service, always is approved at check out without issue. Super happy I found this app.

- Best app ever!

The convenience and alert system with this app is getting better and better. I love the notifications I get on my hive now for all upcoming payments and the new variety of stores available. When I first used Afterpay in October it was for some happy birthday to me gifts from Free People for everyday life’s love of fashion and their sales...when they have them are just a must but I don’t always have the funds at moment since as we all know most online deals are now flash sales, 2-day and the like. Having a budget for last minute wants or for career needs I just can’t logically see passing my guilty pleasure website recently added in the last few months Dolls Kill makes me smile while only having smaller, interest free payments monthly till I’m done. And yes all returns from stores go back to your method of payment used on Afterpay. That was my first question so I figured I would share that. Easy peasy.

- Afterpay helps stretch the dollar between paydays!

Afterpay is a practical resource that helps stretch budgets between paydays. Sometimes that perfect shoe or bag is on sale before our payday comes. Afterpay helps minimize cash flow challenges by allowing scheduled payments for must have purchases. Afterpay helps to better budget and plan purchases as well as monitoring spending without the expense of finance charges. Afterpay is a smart tool that realistically responds to our economy in this technological new age. For people seeking to minimize debt service, new to establishing credit or even credit challenged - Afterpay is the answer. For new credit seekers, Afterpay helps to establish good payment habits over a short timeframe, for credit challenged Afterpay is a good alternative credit option that allows you to pay in a short timeframe. For those wanting to reduce debt service Afterpay doesn’t charge interest. So Afterpay is a win win for everybody.

- Love afterpay!!

I absolutely love afterpay! It helps me get items that I want and need right away, then I just pay them off over time. No fees (unless you default which I never have) and i now don’t have to resort to putting items on my credit card. In my case I get paid once a month not every 2 weeks so what I do is just make sure that I take out 2 payments out of my check and have them avail for automatic withdrawal. It works for my perfectly. Another thing I love afterpay for is getting items on sale when I come across them. How many times have you seen something and it for sale for an AMAZING price but you can’t afford it. Now with afterpay you can pick it up right away and save yourself money in the long run! They have so many online stores they work with and are adding more everyday!! Keep up the good work afterpay! You will ALWAYS have me as a customer as long as the service remains free! TT

- The Absolute Best!

(Tip: If you’re having issues with the app, use their website ON A COMPUTER instead.) I used to use Klarna (if/when it would work) and that was such a horrible experience that I gave up on the “shop now, pay later” experience. I don’t like owing money anyways. I recently discovered a new online superstore and they offered AfterPay so I tried it. LOVED IT! No shady credit checks or unreasonable interest rates (no interest at all actually.) I’ve used AfterPay at least 6 times now. I used to only be able to have 3 orders at a time but now I’m on a very generous credit limit! I hope Etsy and EBay join the AfterPay community soon! Not to mention how many great retailers AfterPay has introduced me to. I can definitely afford the things I purchase but it’s such a relief to be able to make 4 installments over the course of 8 weeks! I highly recommend!!

- I get what I want, when I can’t afford it!

So I, like almost every woman desire to have designer purses, makeup, self improvement things, clothes, even nice things for my pets! But- I can’t always afford them full price all at once, with after pay I can shop for things I want and have my cart total divided into 4 payments! After pay has a HUGE selection of stores to buy from and there is no interest! The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because it caps your orders at a pretty low number. I had 2 orders each only $12 a week (for 4 weeks) and when I went to do another order for only $20 for 4 weeks it said I had to pay off my other orders first. That is my only quarrel, not a HUGE deal, I get they are trying to protect themselves but yeah.... Give it a try! If you’ve been saving for that one thing you don’t NEED but WANT and DESERVE, afterpay let’s you get it without going broke over it :) thanks Afterpay!

- Not just for those millennials...

So, technically, I’m “Generation X”. Yes, I’ve been on the internet since 1995. Yes, I wore all the hip 90’s clothes, listened to all the hip bands, hell I was a Scenester before it was Passè. But I digress... All these years I never opened a line of credit. Heck I never even owned a credit card!! I mostly eschewed banks as well, sticking to cash and online payment systems during since their inception. So essentially.. I have no credit! As a grown adult, it was starting to be kind of a pain. Kind of embarrassing. On one hand I never had to deal with the woes of financing and monthly payments like most of my friends. On the other, I had to basically save and buy everything up front. And could not do things that required credit checks. Like, signing for an apartment lease. Enter AfterPay. It’s teaching me how to responsibly make payments without “The Man” watching over. And it’s so,so much way cooler than Fingerhut (which if you are my age you know what I mean). So thanks, AfterPay, for making me choose my financial decisions more carefully and responsibly, and for not putting the ol’ credit score ball and chain on me. I’ve been able to make purchases that I genuinely needed, which would of been not possible otherwise. And yeah, a few purchases of stuff that I totally didn’t really need. But hey.. they are paid off.

- LOVE THIS!...No Catch 22!!

This is such an amazing service. I don’t have the world’s greatest credit score, but it’s mostly because I just don’t have enough credit history. It’s like “apply for this card & build your credit”, but then your application isn’t approved because you don’t have enough credit history! It’s a maddening “catch 22”. I miss out on certain things because I need the opportunity to break it up into payments that generally comes only with a credit card. It’s a great tool for getting the hang of managing your money very simply...and you don’t have to wait to purchase something you love until you’ve saved enough, only to have it be gone/sold out, or to inevitably use that money for something else just because you have it...saving is very challenging when you have money burning a hole in your pocket! I highly, highly recommend Afterpay!!

- THE BEST!!! 👍🏻👍🏻

So this is literally the FIRST and only review I’ve ever it goes! I had heard about Afterpay and I finally decided to try it out...NO JOKE I am extremely happy I did because if there’s a sale going on and it ends in a couple of days but I don’t get paid until the following week I can still get the products I want and be able to split the payments into FOUR! EVERY TWO WEEKS! They’re super amazing and truly understand consumers! Anddd you have a 10 day grace period to make your payment before you get charged an $8.00 late fee charge! THANK YOU AFTERPAY for creating something super amazing that doesn’t require a credit check and ridiculous interest rates and gives a pretty awesome 10 grace period! Awesome for birthday gifts 🎂🎈(since there’s SOOO MANY companies that now use Afterpay) anniversary gifts, 🎁🥂and splurging on something for yourself!!! 🛍😍

- After reading review

Hey all that are interested, am new, havent made a purchase though, I always read ever crossed t and dot i’s meaning read all. Moving forward. This review post, was due to a review I read, of course before doin any purchase, as the majority of us do. Furthermore, the first I read and only, she wrote a negative experience. However, if I didn’t read wrong. She claims she paid 2 weeks after purchasing, and it all went I read the following. AFTER PAY? Did say ONE MUST PAY the first payment of order. The very second you make an order. Due to this is why I believe the customer, with the neg. review had an issue. I mean is common sense, like the Majority of these payment methods, to begin by at least paying the first payment, for the first purchase. Just saying and sharing. She perhaps didn’t read correct or comprehend.

- yes... yes... yes!!!

AfterPay is easily one of the best apps out there. Having the ability to finance my online shopping habits without adding purchases to my credit card, which are usually reserved for emergencies and other day to day expenses, is absolutely amazing. The four installments are perfect for larger purchases that I usually would not make. As a college student, my wardrobe is constantly rotating and being able to wear what I want and buy what I want really helps the lifestyle I want to live while still being financially responsible. I have used Afterpay for many of my purchases some even including refunds. If I can use Afterpay I will use it no matter the amount of my purchase. They have a lot of retailers to shop from and keep adding more all the time with the best deals! Being able to pay early if you want to is absolutely perfect for my budget!

- Very satisfied

I don’t ever do reviews but Afterpay deserves a review. Afterpay has made my financial life so much easier since I opened a account. I have like no credit at all but no bad credit either and they did not deny me. I can afford things for my kids now and myself! That I wouldn’t be able to afford originally. They split my payments up into four and that way it just makes it easier on me. And with this virus going on a lot of people lost their jobs or got laid off including me, and Afterpay worked with me because I was so afraid I wouldn’t be able to make my payments but I called and they so kindly helped me and we figured out a way and everything worked out:) I am so so happy with everything they offer. I cannot say enough good things about Afterpay. If I could give them a gazillion stars I would! Thank you Afterpay!!!!

- Loved at one time, but now, not so much

I have never had an issue with after pay. I have always paid my balances, until one payment was late due to me not earning an income for a period of time. I still was approved for purchases after I became gainfully employed. Recently, I tried to buy shoes for my daughter and hair products for myself. Both purchases were denied. The reason given was that my Afterpay balance was too high. It was $53!! Really? So I paid what was due. STILL did not get approved for a purchase. I’ve had 3 purchases going at the same time with no trouble and the balances were higher than $53! I’m beyond irritated since now my afterpay balance is $25 and I still cannot make a purchase! I tried calling them and got no one on the phone. I’ve been using Afterpay for a year now. Looks like our relationship is over since I can’t get approval with only having a $25 balance.

- I could not be happier with your service.

I love having the flexibility of being able to use Afterpay and am so grateful for being able to use this service. Years ago due to a divorce I went from excellent credit to horrible credit so I currently don’t have a credit card that I use so your service has given me the freedom to make purchases and pay for them over time. If there was anything that I could ask you to change it would be for you to report all positive and negative payment reports to the credit bureaus. I have never been late or missed a payment and wish that I was able to use your service to help rebuild my credit again. Otherwise I am extremely grateful for this service and appreciate the opportunity of using it. Thank you!!!!

- Love this option

I love the option to pay in installments!! My only issue is how long they “penalize” you when you make a late payment. I started out having 2 and 3 open installments with different retailers at the same time and paid every last one on time(my payment history can prove it). After something like 10 previously paid in full orders I was late with one of my final payments and paid the $8 late fee. Well from that order and for the next 7 or 8 orders I wasn’t “allowed” to purchase more than one order on installment at a time and it had to be under a certain amount. That really disappointed me due to the great payment history I had! After several months and several orders the last 3 of which I paid before their due dates I was taken off “punishment”!! Customer service representatives cannot do anything about it..they say it’s all up to the automated system 😑

- Selena FAN

This is a blessing from god ! A new way of shopping for RESPONSIBLE people. If u can’t afford to spend all ur money at once due to bills and stuff but really want something from a store this is a Good service to use . But keep it mind that u got to be responsible with it . Meaning don’t max out ur cart just cause u can. Get what u would normally spend knowing that you can pay it back. With that being said I’m very grateful for this service because i was able to snag my self some (SELENA) merchandise from FOREVER21 before it got sold out online and I got the option to pay them back in 4 payments . The first payment is DUE the same day you make the original purchase and after that they break down what u owe in to separate Payments so that You can still pay them back and it wont effect u .

- Awesome!

I love after pay because I can buy & pay as I go, so all those things I want but can’t afford at once or at all I can get or if my daughters really want something & I can’t afford to get it or at least for a while or after saving, I can buy it & they can wear it now. It’s like layaway but you can enjoy your stuff as you pay. There’s no credit check which is awesome, no interest fees just late fee if you don’t have the amount on the same card you used to begin with but another awesome part is if u don’t happen to have the money on that card you can log into your account & change cards. Also they send out reminders of your payment coming up. I love it and I wish a lot more stores did this. Well more that I like or use to shopping at.

- Love this App!

I have purchased two separate orders through this app and I’m really enjoying it. Not having to charge everything up front is a huge plus. Interest free installments in my opinion is the best way to buy smaller items such as clothing and home goods. The only negative reviews I’ve seen of this app appear to be people that made the classic mistake of overextending themselves on items they probably shouldn’t have purchased in the first place. Nothing to be ashamed of, it happens to all of us at some point. With this, it is next to impossible to get a late fee if you have automatic payments. They also remind you via email 4 days in advance when a payment will be charged. Needless to say I’m a huge fan and will continue using this for the foreseeable future.

- Great Experience!

I was curious about After Pay, so I decided to utilize their services. My first purchase was around the holidays. I purchased several pairs of shoes for my nephew and twin nieces. It was fun having the opportunity to pick out anything. I submitted the amount and payment was made - that simple!!! You are responsible for paying your loan ever two weeks and first payment is due immediately so watch your spending habits - be responsible! No fees unless you are late. Bad payment history can possibly have you banned from receiving financing! I paid off my loan earlier than expected and when I am ready, I will definitely use their service again! Also, download app - it’s much easier to manage your account (s) and pay your bill (s) ONTIME!!!!

- Customer Service is AMAZING!!

I have been using Afterpay for almost two years now, and I have never been disappointed once with any service they offer. But most importantly, a little while ago someone got all my information and I contacted Afterpay customer support to let them know about the situation. The person I got an email back from was so polite, and so kind in a time where I had no idea what was going to happen. They explained everything that I needed to do once I had gotten my new card and info, and let me know that once that happened I should contact them again so they could see about waiving late fees. I will always recommend Afterpay to people, especially with the knowledge that they’re customer support is so nice!!

- Love After pay!

So there are a few different apps out there that will let you purchase something and split it into 4 payments.. I use After pay and Quad Pay.. I loved them both.. until one time I did have a situation where I didn’t have the money in my account when a payment was coming up... after pay gave me like 6 days to make the payment before a late fee! Which was perfect cause I got paid two day’s later and paid it no problem no late fee. However Quad pay gave me until 12am that night to make the payment or else I’d be charged a $7 late fee... I will now only use After pay for this reason. Plus Quad pay charges a 1 dollar fee every time they take a payment.. too many fees there. After pay is awesome!

- Reduces use for credit cards

Let me explain, spending a few hundred dollars at one in one moment can be daunting and give you buyers remorse after because of how much you spent. Now let’s say you do that same shopping online but can pay for it over four installments all interest free. You no longer have that bad feeling like you just spent to much money at once and you have the solution to getting all the things you wanted without having to sacrifice because it cost to much for everything. It is such a simple solution and I have no idea why they didn’t think of this earlier. I am just waiting for stores like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga to get on board. This will ultimately make their products more accessible to customers.

- ❤️ this app and service!! Low credit due to medical bills

Love this company, my credit tanked after a spinal break and massive medical bills and havoc trying to manage what bills are valid and or not valid. Long story short my credit currently took a nose-dive. I chopped up all my credit cards, operating on cash only. This company is great service and killing it! There is a market for people like me, I have cash flow, just unfortunately circumstances temporarily knocked out my credit. They basically take your side and assume you have good credit regardless. I even missed two payment due to stolen CC and they refunded my late fees! I will be using them for a lot of purchases - good work guys! I see market share being taken from other companies by Afterpay in our future! ✝️

- Afterpay: My Sweet Mistress

I never write reviews for anything but I feel so strongly about this app😂 I’ve been using afterpay for a couple of years now and I will never go back. Interest free payments of 4 where you make a payment every 2 weeks is literally the best idea ever created. ALSO if you ever aren’t able to make a payment for whatever reason, the afterpay team is alwayssss so understanding and helpful with getting you back on track! I have literally never had a bad experience with these people and am so thankful for the existence of this app you have no idea. I have recommended this to everyone I know and will use this app for the rest of my life I love it so much. That’s why I call afterpay my sweet mistress she’s always there for me ;)

- Works fine until...

I’ve been using afterpay for a little while and have made quite a few orders- I’ve made my payments on time even though in total they were a lot. However, I had a problem with one due to bank issues which caused a lateness that I quickly resolved/paid off. After that ONE lateness I’m now being denied multiple orders- even on the bare MINIMUM 35$ ones. I’d understand if I was a repeat offender but that was my first lateness and had been out of my control. I contacted support they said to pay down some more (even though I literally had 2 transactions which are now 1 payment away from being done). I’ve done that and I’m still being denied. Beware guys, they aren’t forgiving when it comes to lateness- even if it’s not your fault. I’m disappointed I really liked this app. So convenient for a budgeting college student....

- Questionable approval / denial

I opted to try to see if it was as great as a payment option as others have said. I instantly was approved for an order with Revolve and then about a week later with Anthropologie. Well the revolve shoes were not as pictured, so I shipped back. I paid off all my Anthro order early (by almost 2 months) and am ahead of payments on revolve. Tried to order the replacement shoes and got denied?!? They said it was because of cash flow. I have way way more than their algorithm for approval in my account. And paid off early. So strange. A big turnoff is not being rewarded for paying off early and having money. Proving I'm not one of those irresponsible shoppers with no cash flow. Bought what I wanted directly thru revolve. But left a negative impression.

- So Far I love using This App!!!!!

I’ve only used afterpay once so far but definitely plan on using it again soon, I had a couple questions about returns, so I sent a message and within 10-15 minutes if that they responded back answering my questions and they were really nice as well which is a huge plus, and it’s actually super easy to use this app. I found this app very easy to use I had no problems with it. When you go into the app after you purchased you can actually see what you paid and how many more payments you have and if you want to make another payment you can pay as early as you want which I though was awesome, like I said will definitely be using this app again very very soon!!!!!

- Simply too easy to use

Once account has been created, it’s very fast and easy to sign in. You just use a 4-digit pin. Pretty good selection of Stores to shop at. I mostly just buy Levis. But Thursday Boots is a great place to score real good boots in installments. Wink wink. Returns are easy too. You get your return back through the App it seems. Which is nice if goes towards your balance. Which I think it does. Still waiting to find out about that one. I think there’s a limit also to how many different purchases you can you can make before paying some of them off completely, but that’s great as it helps keep you from over doing it. Only complaint is that it’s just too easy to rack up installments.

- ...and then I was declined

I made five successful purchases with AFTERPAY. I paid all my accounts off well before they were due. Without any notice, or further explanation, I was declined for a purchase. After speaking with customer service over the course of several days, I was told that, “not all purchases are approved.” I was told I would receive an email detailing why I was declined. The email was not only generic, but it gave absolutely no explanation of anything. I was told to reduce the number of items in my cart...I did - down to one $45 item and was still rejected. I was also told to use another browser - I did and was still rejected. After a week of this I decided perhaps I will not use this service again.

- The BEST!!

I can’t believe this app is real! I’ve been using it for about 3 months now and I can’t tell you how many orders I’ve placed. It’s easy and paying biweekly is great. I usually pay weekly when I get paid but I love the option to not have to pay for something expensive or inexpensive all at once. You can pay ahead of time or on time. And whatever day you order on is the day two weeks from now in which your card will be charged. So to make things easier buy things it on payday so you know you will have the money on time. The payment is split into 4 payments equal payment and a first payment is due when your first purchase is processed. Doesn’t get easier than that 😉

- Love AfterPay

I started using AfterPay a few months ago and I absolutely love it! My usual buying routine consists of adding an item to the cart that I really like/need and leaving it there until I delete it a few days later because I just don’t want to spend the money. With AfterPay I can go ahead and purchase without the worry of draining my bank account and I can make small biweekly payments that are paid in full in a month or so. Totally using AfterPay when I start Christmas shopping soon! It is going to make it so much easier and less stressful knowing I don’t have worry about using all my money at once and waiting until the next payday comes around to have money again!

- My experience...Great for the most part!

I love AfterPay! Times when I needed/wanted items, but couldn’t pay the entire amount up front, AfterPay saved me! Only thing I’m upset about...I was in the hospital for a week and my payment had to hold for 24 hours. As soon as my meds and pain wore off, I switched my payment to credit card instead of bank account. Before that day, I’d have 7-9 balances with vendors. Now I’m limited to 1, seldom 2. I wish they looked at my excellent pay and amounts used! I feel slighted and “labeled” for something out of my control and fixed within 24 hours. I would still recommend this split payment service to those needing/wanting to use it!!

- Awesome!

I am so thankful for after pay. Christmas shopping can be stressful non matter what so when I was shopping online and went to check out , the afterpay option popped up and I was able to just pay a portion of the amount for the gift and was still able to receive the gift! I was so exited! I felt like there must be some catch to it but there wasn’t. After I checked out I got a confirmation email and the gift for my son arrived earlier than expected. Afterpay has made shopping easy and when I need something but won’t have the money right then I now have the option to be able to make small payments and still purchase what I need/want to get!

- Love Afterpay!!

At first I couldn’t spend anymore than $275 a time collectively, but now that I’ve used it frequently, and built up a good payment rapport, I can literally buy as much as I want! I’ve had over $600 worth of multiple transactions built up at one time! I don’t recommend that unless you truly have the ability to pay all that off every two weeks, but it was during Christmas. All in all, I highly recommend afterpay, especially for the more expensive stuff that you really can’t afford at the moment, or just don’t want to spend that much at that moment. It’s great! I’ll be using it to get my wedding accessories, which are quite expensive!

- Was Loyal Customer Now Klarna Customer

have been using afterpay for months it was a great way to shop. One day I lost my debit card. I use a credit union that is in another city so it took two weeks for me to get a replacement card. This already was obv A HUGE HASSLE ALREADY. I called to left the ppl at afterpay know AS SOON AS I REALIZED that my card was linked to my account and not my paypal, which I previously thought. They said that was fine I could defer the payment for two weeks while I wait for the card NBD. WHAT THEY DIDN’t tell me is that I’d be penalized for the late payment. Now to make matters worse I can’t get approved for an order over $50. IT’S NOT LIKE I DIDN’T HAVE MONEY IN MY ACCOUNT. Someone SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME THAT MY LATE PAYMENT WOULD AFFECT MY STANDING AS A CUSTOMER. If I had known I would have gotten cash from another credit union (a sister branch) and purchased a pre-paid Visa card and paid that way. We you call for assistance everyone is soooo nice but it’s too bad they can’t actually help you. The approval denial process is all determined by an algorithm, and apparently nothing and no one can supersede it even though everyone I have spoken with admits a mistake was made and they should have given me ALL THE INFORMATION so that I could make an informed decision as a consumer. So now I’ll probably never shop after pay again. So sad!

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- Amazing!

I messed up my credit when I was young & dumb (around 19) I hate that it still affects me years later at age 26... I would be more responsible with a credit card now but I’m unable to open any accounts.. I discovered after pay and I love it!! I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to pay for new shoes or clothes because these installments make it so much easier..I’ve made about 5 purchases since joining.. I only do 2 purchases at a time then I’ll buy something else once those 2 are paid off. I’ve already paid off 3 of those purchases...I also love how there isn’t any interest. Better than a credit card anyways. so easy to use & such a great app.

- Love this app!

As some who has inexplicably been rejected from other similar apps I can honestly say that Afterpay is the one app that approved me instantly and I’ve placed over six orders so far. I have completed several orders with no problems. Even received a refund after I returned one order without issue. I can’t say enough. Afterpay was there for me when all others seem to be using some algorithm that rejected me for no reason . I love using this app and recommend it to everyone. They have a great selection of participating stores and are adding every day. As for the other apps well it’s your loss. I urge everyone to use afterpay you won’t be disappointed!

- This is the besssssstttt ✨

Buy now pay later service that breaks down the bill into 4 equal payments . Most online stores require your final total order to be a minimum of $35 which is nothing 4payments of roughly $10 with tax &shipping (; Once you make the 1st payment they will ship out your purchase so let's say you make a purchase worth $100 bucks you pay $25 now they process your order and ship the goooooddds😉 then 3 more $25 biweekly no interest payments 💛✨No credit check just a active debit card required !!!! So many trendy retailers to choose from 😘💕 I really love the layout of the app Available retailers , bill pay , account . Simple clean layout. 💗

- Sketchy

I got this when I saw it was an option on checkout for Steve Madden and thought it was a great idea and concept so I downloaded the app and set up an account, I went to checkout and my payment was declined without telling me why. I had the amount needed to pay in my account at the time, which I don’t think they should be able to view my account anyways if that’s the case, but I kept trying and still didn’t work. When I went to the help section there was no information about it or how I could fix the issue so I decided I’ll just delete my account, but you can’t even if you haven’t made any payments you have to contact them, and the whole thing just seems sketchy. So to be able for them now to not have my card information it has to be improved by them which i do not agree with, or am able to tell if they’ll truely delete my information.

- If I could give 0 stars I would.

I am not one to write reviews but this app has really made me mad. I tried contacting their customer support and it didn’t help. I have had my account for over a month now and I have not been able to use it once. When I messaged there support about it they told me that for first purchases you have to spend lower around $35 - $400. All the purchases I’ve tried to make have been less than $100. They also told me that I had to have at least 25% of the order value available to spend. And I have always had more than the full price of the item. I tried one last time and tried ordering something for $41 dollars. I have more than that available in my bank and it’s on the lower side. I also tried using 2 different cards! Still it will not go through. It has wasted my time and stressed me out. 10/10 would NOT recommend.

- Best app ever !!

Honestly I just started using this app and I totally love it !! At first I was like is this even real what’s the catch ?! But after receiving my first order I realized it’s the real deal. This app allows you to purchase from any store on the list and splits the payments with a low down payment. It’s very convenient as they ship the order as if you paid full and you basically pay over time. It’s a great way to pamper your self without breaking the bank all at once. I will definitely keep using this app specially for the holidays. Thank you cash app for giving us the opportunity to purchase things and paying later you guys are awesome😊

- Easier than I thought

I was a little apprehensive to use this at first since I had never heard of or used a system like this before. I get paid bi-weekly so I buy my items using Afterpay a few days after I pay bills and such. By the time the next payment is due, I know I’ll already have my affairs in order enough money for the payment to go through, and money left-over for me to go out and whatnot. Overall? I like it. I’m glad they came up with this otherwise it would not only take me longer to acquire the items I want but I wouldn’t be getting as many items as I need. Too bad they don’t offer Afterpay at more places !

- Awesome!

I’ve had the best experience with this app! Whether it be the stores they offer themselves or the customer service I haven’t run into any problems with them and I am very excited during this hectic time for our country to be able to shop the way I always have by breaking down the payments with interest free charging. I don’t know why no one has done this sooner but I love this company and everyone should just use it. Its the easiest one of these types of services- I have nothing but problems with the other two that I’ve come across-but never not one issues with Afterpay and I’ve been a customer awhile now!

- So handy

I love that I can make a purchase, receive it, and have my payments split up into 4 payments without paying interest. I often pay my items off a lot quicker. The only thing I wish was different is that when I want to pay my items off quicker that I don’t have to do it 2-3 separate times. I wish there was an option to pay off making one big payment or let me put in the amount if I want to double up. Twice my card has gotten shut down by my credit union because I made 3 payments back to back and they flagged it as suspicious activity. It would make things easier to allow me to put in the amount I wish to pay if it’s above the minimum payment.

- Good option! Zero Cust Loyalty.

I think Afterpay is a great product and idea. I don’t like that they are not loyal to customers and each transaction is basically a brand new application. I’d give 3.5 but not possible, after having 4 or 5 transactions, all but 1 paid early. I changed email/checking account because business sold. And I paid the final Afterpay payment 2 days past the due date. Granted it was 2 days late, but it’s taken over a year to be approved again after 4 transactions paid early, one paid 2 days late. That to me isn’t customer loyalty, it’s an algorithm that punishes you for being human, and having human issues. If it wasn’t for that I’d have no problem giving 5 stars.

- 💕

I don’t normally write reviews but I have to for this! I absolutely love Afterpay, there’s brands that I love but can’t afford to buy without having to save for the items first or buy it full price and be broke later😂 so this is honestly a life saver! It makes me feel better knowing I can get the items I love and only have to pay in payments😊 plus I love how the app shows you what you owe in the upcoming weeks by 15-60 days. It puts it into perspective for you and I feel like that helps me slow down as well because sometimes it’s easy to get carried away. 100% love after pay and will continue looking for stores that work with this amazing app🥰

- Love/Hate Relationship

I love Afterpay for the fact that I can get things I want without having to pay up front. It’s really awesome. So many companies accept it now and it is so easy. BUT..... They don’t let you know your limit of what you can spend and that drives me up the wall. For example, I had everything set up for a flash sale, ready to go, only to be denied at the end of checkout. When I went back to order out right, everything was sold out. If I had known what my balance was, I could’ve saved the hassle and got my limited edition items. Been using this for 5 months now and still have no idea if I have 100 or 0 dollars I can spend. That’s a huge negative for me, so I don’t use it all the time. I don’t want to get randomly denied again.

- Wonderful!

Having Afterpay as an option at checkout is truly a wonderful thing! Maybe more like a lifesaver in some cases! Using this allows me to purchase more things that I need right now but not have to pay the entire amount at checkout. I love how simple the process is and how easy it is to know exactly when and how much upcoming payments are. Each time I make a purchase I like to make a note in my calendar for all my upcoming payments so I can easily manage my spending budget. I only wish more places would offer Afterpay instead of similar services (that start with the letter “S”) that are simply not equal. Afterpay is the best, hands down!

- The best app ever invented

Afterpay is literally the best thing ever invented!! 😂😃😃😃 It is extremely user friendly. It’s just so easy & fast to use. It helps you be able to buy something that day just launched & will sell out right away so you will miss out if you if you don’t purchase it At immediately but one problem, you don’t have all the money available to spend on your “wants” right. Because you have bills & other “needs” to pay for. So this app lets you break up those payments & as long as you make your payments, you can continue to use this app no matter your credit score od how much money you make.


So I’m not the kind of person that will spend a full over $100 on a makeup transaction. Honestly never have I have before cause I just think it’s so much money at once. And it makes me not continue on with the purchase. But this OMG. IT DOESNT MAKE ME FEEL GUILTY. it charges me small payments every two weeks and breaks up the total into 4 payments. Literally for the first time I feel so comfortable. And I love it. Thank you so much for who ever created this app. And the no interest part ?? Cmon you can’t beat that. They give you the dates and everything and the exact amount that will be charged to your card so it isn’t no surprises. Now that’s awesome.

- Wayyyyy better than Quadpay

I first started out doing quadpay. Boy was I wrong!! I always pay my account off before time. I thought with quadpay I would be award a credit line soon. I had that app for 6 months and never achieved a line of credit. This is my 2nd week of having Afterpay. I paid off my account in full this week. My credit line is now $600. I was able to purchase 2 transactions my first time. But this week I have purchased 4 transactions. Great app for the hard working who need a helping hand from time to time. Best app out here hands down, and thank you to the mastermind behind this great opportunity.😘

- Horrible customer service

If I could give this app zero stars I would. I had emailed customer service stating how I couldn’t make my last payment due to covid-19 and how money was really tight since my husband wasn’t working at the time and we were basically living off my pay which isn’t much. They gave me like a 2 week extension and said they would waive the late fees. So now after saying how they would do that, they didn’t and my bank account became overdrawn and was frozen. Now I have to wait for a new card in order to make a stupid $10 payment. This has been nothing but a huge inconvenience for me and I will be deleting this app as soon as I make that payment. So ridiculous. My husband and I have not had any issues pushing bills back until things start opening back up and he got back to work except for this company. DO NOT USE THEM.

- Confident Shopping!

Afterpay has been a huge game changer for me to be able to spoil myself & the ones I care about without that guilty feeling of not being able to afford it right away or being able to purchase more then just one thing at a time. The way they break the payments up is super convenient. I keep it within a do-able price range and I normally shop around payday so my payments come out on my biweekly checks! It’s amazing! Some people don’t like to worry about the payment arrangement. But I don’t like to worry about never being able to treat myself. 🖤 also, INTEREST FREE! No extra fees for their amazing service.

- Took awhile but, it finally let me

I tried to use this MULTIPLE times during Christmas, but it would not allow me to. It is working now though and I’ve used it multiple times... and just a moment ago actually!! It really helps you to get things you want or need without having to pay a big amount all at once. It’s been great to just pay some here and there for it🤗 Just make sure if you’re going to use their service that you have the ability to make small payments every two weeks until the balance is gone. Other wise you’re going to have to pay fees!!

- Meh

I made a order and the site really didn’t specify that payments are made that day directly two weeks later . I thought it would be like other plans where they give you a window of two weeks and ask what day from that window it would take out from . Nope ! So each payment ( only had two) was like 2 days before I got paid . I called them and explained my situation to which they said they could only move it by one day one time . So it showed me as late payment on both times and then declined me going forward , even though both times I paid two days later as that was when I was able to . Either explain that on the front end or give people wiggle room on the front end when they can select payment days before even processing for approval .

- Best thing ever

I love after pay not only Because I get to make payments but there customer service is the best they are extremely knowledgeable & always willing to help. Also payments are taken right in time & on top of that they let you know a couple days before that the money will be coming out from the account super convenient. If I had to say something negative which honestly I don’t have would be I wish they were affiliated with more stores. Other than that totally recommended. Oh I almost forgot the have an app you can download to keep track of all you’re payments. I’m obsessed

- Not sure why people are having problems....

This app is great! I purchased a large order and was able to make smallish payments on it and I was even able to change my payment method halfway through my payments were done! I have had no issues with this app at all, and it reminds me to have funds in my account for when payment will be taken out. I also was able to pay off the remainder balance before the due dates which was nice too. :) I highly recommend this app to anyone wanting to make a somewhat big purchase and pay it off little by little. Thanks Afterpay!!

- So far so good!

I have used after pay two or three times now, and I have to say I am enjoying it very much!! I wish more online stores had Afterpay but for the most part a lot do use it so I am happy about that, I got some really cute fall stuff from a couple boutiques and it’s nice to be able to break up the amount into smaller payments. So, not had any issues at all they even send me a text and email a day or two before my payment is going to come out of my bank which is nice just incase but I always have the amount due in there but it’s still great to have a reminder! So, so far so good! Loving it!

- Simply and easy app

I was hoping they would have an app so I can pay my payments when I’m not at a computer or on the go. Makes things a lot easier and I’m so glad they have this app! Plus you can look up all the stores that have Afterpay. It’s so nice to be able to have the option about paying it over time so you can purchase the things you want right then and there. It really helps for people who don’t have as much money and can’t afford stuff that cost a lot of money. Thank you afterpay! You guys are awesome and I’ll be using this payment method forever, whenever it’s available!

- Great Company & App

Very convenient... it’s great in so many ways. Allows you to make purchases when you want. Never have to miss out on something because you don’t have the cash yet to purchase. Even if you do have the cash to pay in full it’s still convenient to make smaller payments to pay off while keeping extra cash in your pocket. The payment schedules are simple and they give you a heads up so you don’t have to worry about forgetting your payment. There’s so much good you can pull from this service. So thankful and recommend this to everyone from all walks of financial life.

- Amazing

I love cloths. I love expensive cloths. And makeup. And shoes. And...well... everything expensive and well-made. But as a small-press Indy author, money for clothing is always tight and the last part of the budget. It’s like... the humble pie of clothing around here. I am also a bit of a recluse when I’m writing on a deadline, so shopping time isn’t a priority most of the time. Using after/pay allows me to get the clothing I like, and pay for it in amounts I can afford, in smaller more manageable pieces without racking up credit card debt. It also allows me to shop in the comfort of my home, or bed, and that is amazing. I really love this service.

- Looooovea

I discovered Afterpay with my purchase for Mac cosmetics and I looooved how simple it was. Then downloading the app to keep track of my payments and discovered hundreds of other stores my husband and I both shop at. I was just amazed! It’s great for expensive purchases that you don’t want to dump a lot of money on right at the moment AAAANNNDDD the fact it’s not a credit card, or touches your credit, and no interests rates is amazing. Especially for people who don’t have credit or bad credit and want to be able to shop at certain stores or may not be able to afford a large purchase is just awesome.

- Need A Better System

I like Afterpay, but the system of refund is horrible if you ask me. I recently placed a order and I only received one item why should I have to pay for the full order if I only received one item. The communication between the stores seems to be off. I shouldn’t have to kick out money for items I didn’t receive and then have to wait for them to refund me my money. I don’t normally write reviews or give ratings. I would have given this a 5 star rating but after the lack of communication between them and this issue that’s why it gets what I’m giving them. And then to lower your spending limit not fair to the customers who made purchases on time prior to a issue.

- I LOVE IT!!!!!

Afterpay is the best payment option made available. Normally I don’t shop for myself because I’m always feeling bad for overspending and not buying for my kids and they have everything..... Let me tell you.... it makes it so easy to shop for me and the kids at once. Now I can finally throw away all my clothes away and do a wardrobe makeover. I was very shocked my favorite brands from clothes to beauty offer this payment option. I was shocked how much I bought from PLT and only had to make a Pmt under $30 🙌🏽Can’t wait to try Fenty and Morphe makeup. No more going over my every 2 weeks budget. Mom of 5 approves!

- A Perfect Fit For Us Millennials

So grateful that I am able to make payments which appeals to my generation and living in this time. Things are super expensive, life doesn’t slow down and so it’s nice to be able to reward yourself every once in a while for hard work! Afterpay made it possible for me to get something special while having the luxury or being able to pay for it in a way that made most sense for me! I got some boots I had been drooling over and with my Birthday coming up I said to myself, “Happy Birthday to me! Yes I will ‘confirm’ my order, thank you very much” ....But seriously, thank you very much...

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️‼️‼️‼️

Make's life a little more easier for people that will like to buy things put have to break it down to get them . Wish there were more stores for ex AE,Amazon, VC , etc 🤐🙄 But this's app works amazing you get notification when your money is gonna be remove from your account it gives you a heads up, also it breaks it into 4 payments which is the best part . And you don't have to wait into your done paying everything once you do your first payment you will just wait for your package to arrive 😍😍 that's the best part of all ‼️‼️ I hope to see more stores added 😬

- Update: AfterPay Card

Ok so AfterPay now has a card!! So you accept the terms and conditions and it’ll give you a limit to what you’re allowed to spend. I.E. approved to spend $1,000 In Store. Place the AfterPay Card to your wallet and day you go to MAC Cosmetics and have a balance due of $300. Just open wallet to AfterPay Card and it’ll automatically due your first installment and you pay the next three as usual. This means at all these retailers that support the Card allows you to get exactly what you want or need... I say again if AfterPay ever gets retailers such as Walmart or Target it will be my absolute new best friend... AfterPay is amazing

- Revolutionary Spending

This is one of the best things to exist in the current retail online market. The app works so easy and flawless. It’s a one stop spot for finding retailers of Afterpay as well as paying and keeping track of pay schedule. I suggest this to everyone who is limited on funds at the moment for orders over $100 and wants or needs to order something the retailers in the directory offer. It’s also a good pretty convenient way of learning how to save money to afford recreational spending by splitting it up into payments. Finally enjoy yourself without worrying about dropping a lot of money at once!

- Two Words

LOVE IT! Whoever thought of this is amazing. I am a working mother of four and I have always said I wish there was something that helped us momma out! I have slowly renewed my closet with clothes and shoes. And to some it may seem shallow but I have always put my kids first and having four is pricey. I always came last if at all. Now with Afterpay I can buy myself something and my kids! While making payments on it we can enjoy it immediately! I have worked my credit line up and use this option often!!! It’s a must try and you will not be disappointed.

- After pay omg best thing I ran across

Afterpay lawd where I been ... I love ordering stuff online ,it’s been times I fill my cart up n not being able to pay the whole amount off me wanting my stuff like RIGHT NOW ... me running across after pay gives you the option to pay a lil amount n give u weeks to where you have to pay it off you pay the lil down amount n they send your package right away ... n every two weeks u pay the same amount till u pay it off I love it so much , btw it has no fees or nun !!!! No credit check ... I love it n glad I ran across it .😍


when I first used afterpay it was so amazing I love the fact that you are able to pick up your items and also you don’t have to pay it all at once so if you want something and you really don’t have all the money they will break it up into installments for you this was so easy and me and my family enjoy all the things we want you shop at any store you are not limited to the store of your choice all I can say is that if you were second guessing yourself don’t it’s really real and they are amazing overall I love it and will continue to enjoy it.

- Awful customer service!!!!

I’m not the type to give bad reviews because I have worked in customer service my entire life. First of all they don’t even read the questions you send. Second they reply with an evasive clip from their site that if you take the time to send a question you would have already read that section and would have seen it does not in anyway apply to my situation. Third you reply again with expressing frustration about how your question was unaddressed previously and was obviously not even read by the person responding to receive the same clip from their site with the part that still does not apply to me in bold now! I’m livid right now at this awful, unhelpful, lazy, and just plain disrespectful behavior. This response to a customer’s question is absolutely appalling.

- So far so good!

I was slightly apprehensive about the Afterpay app at first. However, I was wrong. It’s easy and convenient to use and provides a way to purchase things with interest payment options so I don’t have to wait for the things I really want. I wouldn’t suggest splurging but if there’s something you have to have right now and don’t have the finances to purchase at the moment, afterpay helps with making the purchase and being able to stay within whatever your budget is. I highly recommend this app and will certainly tell my friends and family about it.

- Afterpay empowers!!!

Were it not for Afterpay, I wouldn’t be able to afford any worthwhile clothing on my limited budget. This service has allowed me to have purchasing power while paying down on carefully curated pieces. The truth is we are not all able to afford what we want when we want it but afterpay empowers your finances by bridging the need for budgeting, THANK YOU AFTERPAY! It’s an upgraded layaway system that allows you your merchandise up front while you pay the remaining balance. Superior to affirm, which requires a credit check thus negating many people from having any purchase power! THANK YOU AGAIN AFTERPAY!😍😍😍

- The best for budgeting!!

I use this constant to keep to a strict budget! And it works so well for me and my husband and two boys. We are able to split orders up and pay over time, especially useful when a unexpected expense comes up. They charge zero interest and it’s so easy they automatically draft the payment not a day or two before but on the day it’s due and no more or no less. I have used it a bit over a year and have been preapproved for $1300 worth of products on payments at one time, AFTERPAY is my saving grace! Cannot rave enough about this service!

- Improper Refund Unresolved

Afterpay has made a world of difference for my shopping. The convenience of having flexible payment arrangements keeps your finances on track. I begin using Afterpay in January of this year with one of their popular shoe stores who was new to Afterpay. This shoe store (CSR) didn’t process my online return currently when I had returned the item in the store. The return didn’t circle back to Afterpay to credit my payments. Afterpay CSR explained that it wasn’t done correctly for me to receive my payment credits. Between them both figure pointing, I was out of a big chunk of money and no shoes. This was a hard pill to swallow. The low score is because of this isolated incident where I felt AfterPay could had contacted the store to help resolve my matter.

- Just really convenient

AfterPay has really come in handy for me the last couple of months. I continue to find businesses that allow me to receive an item and make bi-weekly payments on it. I'm not fully sure how to express how grateful I am for something like this. I have been able to find things such as training gear to shoes. I would really love if more and more businesses sought to partner with AP as it helps someone like me who's wants or needs certain things right away but doesn't always have the entire amount to spend at the given moment.

- The best thing that ever happened to people on a budget

You have the ability to buy something that you weren’t able to afford because it’s broken down in 4 easy payments, that you don’t have to schedule and worry about forgetting. They have you covered. It’s like layaway but you get your stuff first and you pay while you already got it. It’s the best thing that ever happened to people’s pocket. If people don’t have Afterpay I have to think twice if I really want to buy from them and if I have the funds like that. I wish I had started using this sooner.

- Horrible

At first it seemed like a great company but within the first purchase I had issues with the affiliated vendor not delivering the goods ordered online, it has been 6 months and the goods were never delivered. I contacted AfterPay for support but said there’s nothing they could do about it. Unfortunately, AfterPay does not advocate for its customer nor holds the vendors they work with accountable for their transactions. I finally gave up and paid 80 dollars for a product, from UMA oils, I will never received. Gladly the amount was small but can’t imagine making a purchase of hundreds or thousands of dollars with this company. The odds that you loose your money and never get what you bought are high, it’s not worth the risk. Specially knowing that AfterPay will not look out for its customers, they just want the profit and nothing else.

- Amazing

Love that they offer their services and a variety of places that I shop at. It’s very helpful to pay in increments that are more affordable at that moment especially when it’s needed. It’s very user friendly and they give you the opportunity to make changes with payment methods quite easily. They give you reminders to have your funds available which is super useful. Thanks so much for what you do. During a time when so many are having difficulties paying up front, Afterpay is a wonderful solution for your needs/wants. 🙏🏽

- Pleasantly surprised !!!

When I first stumbled across this option to pay, I thought there would be hidden fees and some “catch”. I couldn’t find any in the writing so I gave it a try for a Christmas item...low and behold it’s turned out to be awesome. I’m a school teacher so I can’t always afford those big purchases without saving for weeks or months, and this gives me the opportunity to do the same thing, except receive the product WHILE IM STILL PAYING. So far so good. I have made a few more purchases using this service and have been fully satisfied.


I’ve been using afterpay for about a month. Not disappointed. I can get the high end cosmetics & more pricey things I want in small incriminates that come out in 4 easy (and small) payments. I keep my payments under $15..then when I’m done paying off my product(s), I go back for the additional things I want. It’s crazy easy to use, and so convenient. Please Please add more companies to choose from. You guys are getting me in trouble!! Payments are biweekly, so, I wait for payday to do my purchases so I avoid any interest. You need this app. Also: There’s no charge for using afterpay.

- The only reason why I can buy things for myself

Me and my husband work our butts off six days a week and can barely afford to get new socks let alone anything like new clothes or shoes. This app has changed my life and given me the opportunity to actually buy things we need. I have hospital debt from being really sick without insurance so even though I’m very responsible and I have never paid my bills late, I don’t have good enough credit to get a credit card. This app has helped me so much, I can’t begin to say how much of a blessing it’s been.

- Flexible payment

I enjoy the convenience of buying my favorite brands and not having to have it reflect on my credit card bill. I like the payment schedule of every 2 weeks as it gives me time to pay things in a timely manner. I will recommend anyone to use this payment option instead of paying full cash (that’s if you can pay all in one shot) or using your credit card. This is cash and giving you time to pay it off is a great thing because you get your item(s) that you paid for!!!!


I absolutely love afterpay . Afterpay gives people the option to buy the things they cant afford upfront over a period of time. They’re quick with the purchases . Also , I had to refund something that I order a day previously. They were very quick with the refund and fixed my payment quick . There is absolutely nothing I can complain about . There is one thing I wish they would do , and that’s give a longer period of time to people who have been consistent and on time with their payments. Other than that , they’re great.

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Afterpay - Shop Now, Pay Later 1.20.2 Screenshots & Images

Afterpay - Shop Now, Pay Later iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Afterpay - Shop Now, Pay Later iphone images
Afterpay - Shop Now, Pay Later iphone images
Afterpay - Shop Now, Pay Later iphone images
Afterpay - Shop Now, Pay Later iphone images
Afterpay - Shop Now, Pay Later Shopping application ipad screenshots and images not ready...
Afterpay - Shop Now, Pay Later Shopping application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Afterpay - Shop Now, Pay Later Shopping application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Afterpay - Shop Now, Pay Later (Version 1.20.2) Install & Download

The applications Afterpay - Shop Now, Pay Later was published in the category Shopping on 2018-08-07 and was developed by Afterpay [Developer ID: 1221203041]. This application file size is 67.97 MB. Afterpay - Shop Now, Pay Later - Shopping posted on 2020-09-21 current version is 1.20.2 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.afterpay.afterpay-consumer-us

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