Draw In™

Draw In™ [Games] App Description & Overview

Draw a line in, reckon up the length of the shape and close it!

The stars will be awarded depending on how perfect the line covers its outline!

The more close it closes, the more you can see what the shape really is!

The line can be close but you need to try again if it's too long.

Okay, the rules are simple. Let's see how many objects you can sketch!

- Free to play, play it anywhere anytime
- Suitable for all ages
- You don't know how long the outline is till you draw
- Cute images hide in the shape, find them out!
- Worth replay to get closer and higher record!

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Draw In™ Customer Service, Editor Notes:

-Game optimization.

Draw In™ Comments & Reviews

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- My opinion

As a parent I think we all watch or observe what our kids download. I have 3 kids they are way obsessed with the game. But one of them has anxiety and the other is a perfectionist. When we brought Ethan to the doctor ( he is the one with anxiety) he told us to download the app and said it will calm him down. Now my daughter the perfectionist loved it she just got Aggravated when the line went past the shape. The other kid is Parker he hates the game and did research on why it’s horrible. Ethan said the app app as helping him and playing the game soothes him. Except one day the app asked for the Apple ID which was very strange because they ask that before the app. So my son put it in and the next day it asked for my card number. So I told them not to do it, and guess what they did it. That week I got a call from a 480 number and it said draw in sees u have trouble in ur bank account and I said nope and hung up. We deleted the app and eventually got new cards but it was a strange time. By Stefaine white, I had my freind post this cause I lost my phone

- Listen Please

1. The ads are just a huge problem for the games popularity and future because there is no game it’s just ads and ads. 2. I have never in my life (and I have had and have so many different games) seen so mean and demeaning comments ever! The comments made me delete the game the first time I got it. The comments have to have been made in the game as a glitch (which since I’ve heard there are a lot of those) or by a really depressed person who hates the world Because the way those comments can make someone feel is horrible. But I don’t want to just tell what you’re doing wrong but how to fix it. You should put comments like “You can do it!” Or “ That’s ok!” Or “Try again” but kidding me and try harder and the other comments you put or horrible. So do something about it!!!!!

- It Was Fun

It was a very simple and fun game with a basic point. There is a reason as of why I said ‘was’ in that sentence. Since the game was a great time-waster (and yes, the ads were pretty annoying), I played it frequently for about a year straight. I beat the game, both two sections. As a dedicated player, I know all those ads make an income for the developer, but please make more levels. I would’ve played this game for years to come but no new levels/sections were added, and it has said, ‘Coming Soon!’ for about a year. I ended up deleting the game; which is sad because it was one of my favorites. I’m very disappointed as most of these games last a while. Please think about actually updating the game, because you’ll lose many players if you don’t, just like me. At least it was fun while it lasted, and otherwise I would have had no complaints. Also, most reviews say the shapes are obvious, and they aren’t. Developers use ads as a way to make money off of free games so downloaders should expect that. Thank you for your time.

- I love it Mom and sister were on the roll

The only problem I had was when it comes out of a new update I have no problem getting it now and it won't work for you anymore and it is a problem I had no luck at tryouts I was just trying not so I don't have any of it and it doesn't work at least as often I don't like being there because of it so I have a little bit too long enough with this one but it's still fun but it's a fun

- The game itself is cool.... the ads are another story

The game is simple, cute and easy but there is a problem. Originally, I would have gave this app 5 stars but then I notice that there was a lot of ads but not every single time. Like for example I would finish 3 levels and then there were like 2-3 ads and then I be able to play and for other people that don't have to do that level again because they did ok, would get bored with this app instantly. So that lowered my 5 stars to 4 stars. Then the ads increased so like earlier I mentioned they played 3 ads now it's a single ad every time I finish a level and it doesn't matter if I passed that level! I suggest for people who wants to get perfect or Brilliant (etc.) on most of the levels, does not get frustrated easily, and who can stand ads will love this game!

- Ads ads and more ads

Ok I like the game but 400 levels seems hard to beat I’m at 200. The whole idea of the game is great I love so congrats to you but there are so many adds about every new level there are about five ads in transition to the next level and some ads are inappropriate I mean I don’t won’t younger kids playing this. That’s not all shouldn’t they give more hints when you need them? And it’s a money grab saying pay money to get rid of ads they do that because there are so many ads. Don’t waste time getting this app. And when it’s too short it makes a rude remark saying kidding me. Like I said some ads have naked people in it what is that advertising? And there are so many ads this company knows it because they want you to pay them the people who do pay are not smart spenders don’t get this app and if you do don’t waste money.

- Ads and more ads!

The game is interesting itself but the amount of ads I get while playing it makes the experience less enjoyable. I got the game today and by the looks of it, it looked very interesting and time killing, but as I was playing the game, when I pressed the retry button an ad popped up. I thought it was probably what they usually do to advertise other games. After that ad was done I kept playing. Not even 2 levels after another ad popped up. I started getting annoyed as more ads kept popping up when I got to a next level or retried! The game is fun to play but the ads just make me want to throw my phone out the window. Please fix this and I can change my opinion, but for now my rating is 3 stars just because of the annoying ads. Thank you!

- Ads and more ads!

The game is interesting itself but the amount of ads I get while playing it makes the experience less enjoyable. I got the game today and by the looks of it, it looked very interesting and time killing, but as I was playing the game, when I pressed the retry button an ad popped up. I thought it was probably what they usually do to advertise other games. After that ad was done I kept playing. Not even 2 levels after another ad popped up. I started getting annoyed as more ads kept popping up when I got to a next level or retried! The game is fun to play but the ads just make me want to throw my phone out the window. Please fix this and I can change my opinion, but for now my rating is 3 stars just because of the annoying ads. Thank you!

- Good! But...

This game is very relaxing. It’s reminds me of drawing across lines! I think the game is fun from its pictures,music,etc. the colors really are creative! (Only thing I don’t like is the crown.) Now here is why I don’t like the crown. 1) I think it is very selfish like you beat someone and you think you’re better. That’s rude! 2) it’s been distracting me from getting past the levels! The crown is floating! (I get satisfied easily.) Thats what should be removed. But still..it’s a very good game! Also the background should change every level. The background is also disturbing! Here is why. 1) It’s like I’m writing/drawing something on lined paper. 2) when the level is done the background moves! That really stops me from playing other games so I kinda feel like deleting the game... NO HATE THOUGH! Again, very good game!


This app is great, don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love the concept and it is super fun and addictive. But every game is going to have its good things and it’s bad things. First off, this game has so many ads that I actually, after only having it for less than a day, wanted to delete it. I mean, if you are in it for the money then just charge it up front. All the ads they put is to earn them money. Not to mention, removing them costs too much. Next I wanted to mention something that just bothered me personally. After every try or turn there was an ad. Now it was the same ad almost every time but it would switch up the corner for the x and it was just really annoying. Anyways, I really don’t suggest downloading this solely for the ads and how these people only want money. I would strongly suggest that you spend your time elsewhere.

- Many ads, but all in all, good game

There were many ads, but you could skip them easily. If I could change one thing, it would hav the ads be AT LEAST every five levels, instead of every 3 times you try. Plus, even if you go a quarter of a centimeter over the place it wants, it says “Too Long” and gives you zero stars. But, it is very addictive. The cute little animals, and other things they put in there make me want to keep playing. Plus, even if you are better at the game (you go through the levels fast) there are now 120 just in beginners! I do recommend downloading this, but look out for the cons in the game.

- Mediocre and riddled with ads

I understand this is intended as one of those kind of mindless ways to get time to pass more quickly but it just isn’t really worth the time. It is simple, and gives you infinite attempts to retry (if you’re willing to sit through ads after nearly every round). The pictures don’t increase in difficulty and it seems to just be random ones that go on for eternity of about the same detail and shapes. So basically you press on your screen and hold it down for a couple seconds, let go and watch it give you 3 stars for eyeballing an outline. No effort at all and no thinking required - so if you like a game that can just distract you it’ll probably work. Just not for me. It doesn’t even really have a “get your timing right” vibe. It’s just did you do it? No! Try again!

- Awesome!...Some debatable subjects

This Is such An amazing, yet addictive game! I love to play it and don’t give up until I get 3 stars. But sometimes that is really hard. So I can get hints yay! But wait I have to watch an app. You should get free hits every once in a while maybe have daily rewards or even be able to purchase more. Also there should be categories that are labeled so you know what category you are in. And lastly the titles when you are in a level it is in Chinese but why all else is in English plz fix these things for 5 stars because it is such an amazing game Thanks for reading and a reply would be appreciated Adelisa S ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Won’t Let Me Play

This can be fun, sometimes. It’s only a quick pastime, though, and not entirely entertaining. It’s definitely not something I could play for more than a minute at a time, for more than one reason. The second reason is that the game will randomly stop working. For example, I’ll exit a level, and not be able to press anything. It’s the same as how all the buttons are greyed out while you’re making your line. I have to leave the app for minutes at a time for it to work again, and whenever I come back in, it’s an instant advertisement. It’s as though the app’s supposed to be showing an ad, but it just freezes instead.

- Bug?

I’m not sure if it’s the app or whatever but it seems to only be happening when I play Draw in, for a couple of second everything runs smoothly, I’m playing a level, and then out of nowhere, it takes me to the AppStore to one of the advertised games, so I click the small button in the top left corner of the screen “Back to Draw In” and your game just takes me right back to the AppStore to another one of your advertised games. I exit out and restart the app and it’s all okay but then a few seconds it starts back up again. Overall, I think the game is great. But please fix that bug.

- Awesome Time Killer

This is a fun and addictive game that you won’t be able to put down. I ended up getting perfect on all 120 levels in one day because you just have to beat it. Can not wait for new levels to come out! I would recommend it for all ages. Also, if you don’t like the ads then turn your data and WiFi off and stop complaining. Simple fix. I’m guessing they have to make money and feed their families just like you.

- Change this please...

So I downloaded the app at first it was fun and amazing but than a few days later it asked for my Apple ID and than another few days later it asked for my credit card number so I put my moms in but than she asked me did you use my credit card? I said umm no? This game asked me for it? And than she looked at her bank account and it only had about 100 dollars left! So than I told her I didn’t use your credit card I only used the number? And I didn’t use anything. CHANGE THIS!😤😠🙄

- Great game

I don’t usually write reviews but here I am. Anyone that has seen any other reviews that say there are tons of ads are wrong there actually aren’t many compared to other free games. There are at the moment 120 entertaining levels I truly enjoy the game and there will probably be more levels and game modes in the future. I am usually picky about the games I play and this is one of my favorites. I just have to thank the developers for making this game

- It would’ve been great

I has a little bit too much ads everything is great except for the ads. Like the game very much. I would say it’s 3.54 I think that it needs a little bit more improvement but with some time I hope that you could improve it because it really needs improvement and I just think that the game could be better with out the ads. This game is really really really great but it’s just make it not any fun I really hope you understand the you’re putting out aren’t true.I hope you understand hank you for your time goodbye.

- Fun but....

I love this game! It is pretty easy. I love how when you start one level it’s hard to stop playing because it is soooooo fun! My problems are, SO MANY ADS! Every time you finish a level, whether you won or not, an ad pops up! My second problem is, what are the stars for? Every time you complete a level you get stars depending on how good you do. I looked and looked on the game and didn’t find any reason to need those stars. Other than those two things this game is super fun! You should definitely get it!


I am not much of a game person, but I have fallen in love with Draw In! A very simple game for relaxation or passing time. The little objects being ‘traced’ are super cute and the background music is nice. The purchase price was ABSOLUTELY worth the money to get rid of the ads. I have not run into any problems with lags, glitches, or crashes. I like that there are hundreds of levels, meaning I can expect to keep playing this game for a long time without repeating levels. I’M HOOKED!

- This game is fun

This game is so fun when I was at home playing it got to intense to when I had to go to the bathroom I couldn’t go cause I was playing this game I just sat there and peed on my self my mom was like princess did you pee on your self I was like probably she was like go take a shower I said okay next thing you know it was 24 hours and I still didn’t at then she whooped me I was still playing with the phone when she was whooping me 😂😂

- You need to fix this

There is no game just adds adds adds adds and more ads This made my phone not work for 10 minutes or longer it stays on the game when I tried turning off my phone, powering off my phone, turning my phone up and down in volume, and hitting it to see if it would stop and then it finally started to work after all of that there is no game at all if you don’t fix this soon I’m deleting the game for now I will keep it until it’s fixed. The ads for anything just make me not want the other games even more and I know you just want the money but nobody’s going to be using the game because of the ads. Fix the ads!

- Ads....Ads.....Oh, and more ads!

Okay so this game is pretty okay apart from the fact that there is an ad every 5 seconds! 5 SECONDS PEOPLE! I’m not even kidding! I deleted the game because of the, well, ADS! It’s really annoying because you can’t play the game when you have all of those...ADS! I really like the game, honestly, but all of the ADS make it really not awesome! The reason I like this game is because it really calms me when I feel stressed or worried, but I have more stress and more worry when the ADS pop up and ruin everything! I would like to really play the game, thank you for reading! Sincerely, your stressed friend

- Great Game for the Most Part

This game is amazing especially if you want to kill time. There are so many different characters and finding out what each one is is really fun. There are a ton of ads, but I just put my phone on Airplane Mode. The thing that lost one star was that ALL THE PICTURES/CHARACTERS ARE WHITE. LITERALLY I FOUND ONE BLACK ONE AND THE REST ARE WHITE???? No Hispanics, Asians, black, or anything. Just white. Like it makes me want to not finish the drawing because I don’t want to find out what their skin color is. Just wanted to let you guys know. :)

- Too Many Ads

I mean, I love this game a lot and I really think that it will help kids with anxiety, or stress, since it’s so relaxing. I bought this game from the many ads on other games saying how cool it was, and I was intrigued. I’m happy I got it, but my only problem is too many ads! I bugs me how every time I pass a level, a super long ad comes on. If people would really like to keep this game, and not ditch it for the ads that came on, I really think that they should reduce the amount of ads.

- Great app but..

this game is great. it’s super fun! 400 levels and more! i’ll never get bored. but there are a crap ton of ads. i know that you can pay to have to them removed but still. i understand that sometimes companies make their money by ads but seriously this game is annoying with them. it’s one after another. like an ad video will pop up, i’ll click the x out button and continue my game, and then not even within 5 seconds later another video ad!

- Changes need to be made

I love the concept of this app, so once so changes are made I’ll change my rating to a 4 or 5 accordingly, however it is seriously so frustrating that if you fail a level you don’t just try again and you have to click on retry, why doesn’t it automatically reset? Why isn’t there an option not to move on until I get 3 stars, if you’re going to have those lines in the background let us play in succession so we can use them accordingly. I have no problem with ads after every few levels but when you keep retrying you keep getting ads when you haven’t even finished the level!

- Great, just ADS

I'm like addicted to this game just I rage quit with all the ads is has there's an ad probably about every 2-3 times you playa level or move on to another level like maybe stretch out the ads at least a little further like maybe one every 7-10 times you draw the line thing 😂 but other than the ads it's a great game I enjoy playing it when I'm in a calm mood and can almost ignore the ads 😂😂

- I have this three stars 😶

I have this three stars because first it’s a little delayed like once you have finished making a picture you have to wait five seconds for it to tell you to go to another one then after your done it bring you to an add which is another problem you have WAY to many ads which takes the fun out of the game but I like the concept of the game but I have one more problem I was done making a picture and it said perfect but it didn’t let me pass hope you understood


I absolutely love this game! However, I do have a suggestion: could you have an option with saving your progress? I had to reset my phone and re downloaded the app and had to start over, which I somewhat didn’t mind BUT I did get VERY far and was a bit bummed! This game is super fun though! I highly recommend you play it! It’s definitely worth it! Yes, ads are sometimes annoying but the game is worth it, I promise! ❤️

- Great game but

Okay so I really like this game it is super fun but there are a zillion adds. Ever other time I try there is an add. It is like I said very fun but I cannot handle the adds. I do not want to but I might have to delete the game. It is up to you if you are going to get the game but just be aware of all of the adds. Also! So I have been playing the game but it is hard to get the three stars but when you get in the yellow area, green area, a little over , and even a little under the yellow, the comments on the game say “kidding me” “just so” “green hand” “really!” And “way too long!” Some of these comments are rude to some people and these people should fix it!!!!!!

- Ok...

It’s an ok game but not the best . I have a couple of issues such as THE ADS! Every 2 games you win there is another add and to be honest it’s hard to even loose. And if you somehow do loose it’s gonna ask watch an add for a hint. I don’t really have a problem with that part but the thing is even if you press no, as in you don’t want a hint, it’s still gonna play and add. I personally think this game is a money grab where they make a game and insert a bunch of adds so that the add time and game time is equal. You basically donate $100 every maybe 30 minutes of play. Good game but less adds.

- Addicting!

This game is a great game to play when your bored. I love the cute characters and items that are revealed when you complete the picture with your line! I love the simple and cute idea and the challenge of getting the perfect length! I would recommend this game to anyone who wants an easy to learn, but hard to master game. The amount of levels is great and I can’t wait to see what future updates hold for this awesome app!!!

- Draw In

Overall Draw in is a very fun game, and I like it a lot, but there are a few issues. For starters, I have completed up to level 40 in Jigsaw mode, but once I get past level 40, my progress is not saved. Can this please be fixed? Also, the comments that the game gives when you fail to complete the level are quite mean and cripple your self esteem, such as “No Good!”, “Kidding Me!”, “Too bad!”. Maybe you can change them to “Good Try”, “Try again”, and “Nice try.

- Good game just LOTS of advertising

This game does have a lot of ads... ALOT! But it is still an amazing and unique game. I’m super glad it had lines so you can measure how high your measuring stick thing goes with the line. I live in Oklahoma and we drove to New Mexico and I played this and some other games so you don’t need internet connection & it’s fun for road trips even if it’s a challenge. It only took me a few times to get 3 stars on a level so it’s super fun & easy 👍 I’m gonna go watch Netflix now.. bye 😂

- Boring and mean app?

Yes, this app is a good app. It does not deserve 3 or less stars. However, it is pretty boring. Basically all you do is hold and release. And you go on and on to the next things. It’s not as fun as the adds present about it. It sort of is a waste of space! Also, there are too many adds popping up and the comments from the app of how well you did is not really nice and encouraging. I highly suggest that these problems should be fixed and not ignored!!


Listen this game is a game that every person would want but the only problem is that the ads keep coming out of now we’re and missing up with someone is playing. I was thanking of making a new way for people to erase there ads because no every person can erase there ads the way u want. Do it by something every person can erase there ads or I will be soon erasing this game. Hoping this reading gave u some ideas. Make the players proud.

- Adorbable

First of all this game is adorable, from kawaii avocados to cute corgis, this game is just overall cute. The gameplay is very relaxing and fun, yet not too complicated. It’s one of those games you can just play one handed in the car to pass the time. Another thing is that sometimes for example I might think a ball shape is a potato but it ends up being a sleeping fox. Anyway that was my quick review on this game. So bye /:

- Experiencing problems

It’s a nice game, but after the most recent update the game doesn’t keep track of the levels I unlock/pass. If I exit the game and return, it says I’ve only played up to level 220 (the last level before the update) even though I’ve gone past that level....and the levels past 220 are locked. It’s frustrating to have to replay the levels I’ve already completed every time I leave and return to the app.

- Pretty fun. Too many ads.

Ok so this game is a really fun game to play and is highly addictive but there are way to many ads. Almost every game you finish there is an ad. You can just turn off your WiFi but you get tired of turning the WiFi on and off. The game itself is fun though. For me I personally like trying to guess what the picture is, making it more fun for me. But the game needs to progressively get harder and not be easier than the last level. Personally that just doesn’t make any sense.


This game is wonderful I think it deserves a 4 stars this game does have some of its weaknesses though as they have too many ads and it’s really addicting well the addicting it’s not really like a bad thing but whatever OK the app it’s self is amazing it’s like the best game I’ve ever played and it’s awesome and I have no words for it but I really recommend you guys get this game and some people say has way too many ads I think as of Ok at I mean we could change it but is fine 🙂

- Great game, very addictive

This game is really fun. I do wish they offered more levels, but I know it’s new so those will be coming soon. I’ve gotten perfect on all 120 so far so now I’m just waiting for the new levels. People complain about the ads, but it’s really not that big of a deal. Just like every other game there are ads periodically, and you can skip them within a few seconds.

- The ads

I really like this game like, a lot. But the ads. Every time I press next or retry it gives me an add. That I wish would change. But if your reading this and thinking about getting it, I would recommend it, it is very fun and interesting. Sometimes I do get frustrated because of the ads and even if I get the slightest bit off I have to do it again. So I wish that would change. But other than that this game is really fun.

- A little bad but mostly good

It is a calming game BUT the problem is that there is to many adds but it is fun, calming and, addictive but sometimes I accidentally forget about this game because I used to have it on my old phone then I deleted it and now I have it on my new phone so I sometimes forget about it and I am sorry that I am forgetting the game a little bit

- Good but annoying

So when I first got this app I saw an ad for it so I clicked on it. The game is sort of fun, nothing really special. The ads are annoying, like you don’t need that many ads in one game. It’s just another one of those games that you play infinitely until you get bored. When will I unlock jigsaw? Anyway I wish you could do something with the stars that you earn because I try to get 3 stars but then I ask myself “What’s the point” and maybe just for satisfaction, IDK. Pretty fun though! :)

- Levels not unlocking

This game was fun and after I finished the 220 levels I waited for the update. My problem is after the update I was playing the new levels and everything was fine but after I left the app all of the levels that I completed were still locked, and this continued to happen no matter how many times I played again. This game is slowly going on my list of apps to delete. Unless this problem is fixed I will no longer play this game, with all the ads I at least expect the game to work properly.

- Needs some fixing!

The game itself isn’t that much fun, starting off with a bad foundation. The adds bore you even more. Now, here’s one big problem that I have with this game... You can do probably about 4/6 of the shape and still pass the level, but if you go over by maybe a 1/16, you have to do it again. Why is there such a vast difference between the distance from the shape when being too long or too short? And when I go a little over, not to my surprise I see some really demeaning comments. You all have a lot to work on.


I support apps using ads. But this is out of control. You get an ad every 4 tries and they go quick so you’re basically getting an ad every 10 to 15 seconds. Completely ruins what would otherwise be a five star game easily. Unless the ads are lessened I do not recommend this game. It just wastes your time with ads. You’ll spend more time watching ads than playing the game. No thanks. Another thing to note is the comments after you get one or two stars or lose a level is hurtful and rude. Two stars is actually great but they put you down for it. I recommend passing on this one.


1) your game has too many ads maybe try to fix it . I love the game but I only get to play two puzzles before the ads start annoying me! I mean who is going to play the game with one ad after every puzzle. 2) Your games comments are hurtful. Little kids be playing this game how do you think their parents run up to them crying that some game is making fun of them or teasing them. Parents aren’t going to be so happy

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- Awesome game!💗

This game is really entertaining and good for when I am bored. It’s so easy and for all ages as well! The only tiny thing is, when you don’t pass, it say something like, “Kidding me!” or “Try harder!”. This is fine for older kids but when my little brother plays it he gets a bit sad and offended. Maybe you could change it to something like “Great try!” or “Almost there!”. Anyways, other than that I love this game!

- Okay…

This app is pretty good, and your probably thinking why I rated it 2 ⭐️ instead of 5 ⭐️. Well this is because I just don’t like it! With these types of games, people make them look so good in the ads, but when you actually play them, you end up really bored. I ended up being addicted to it for 1 day, and from then on I just completely lost interest and never played it again. Soon enough I ended up deleting it because it was wasting my storage. I don’t really recommend this app, it’s as boring as watching paint dry, and it has WAY too many ads! Once when I was almost through a level, an ad popped up and I had to do the level all over again! Another thing is that I don’t get the idea of the game. You legit just draw a line to see if it’s too long, too short, or perfect. You could literally just do this on paper with a pen instead of wasting your device’s storage! If I have offended anyone or anything in this review, I am sorry, but that is just how I feel about the app. I mean no offence, but I am only writing a review. Thank you for creating this app, other people might like it more than me, and that is fine.

- I 💗 this game!

I love this game soo much! I find it so easy, entertaining and enjoyable to play the game. I love the fact that all you have to do is draw a line and watch it satisfyingly collapse into whatever shape your creating! This game is awesome! I DEFINITELY recommend it! And the best thing of all is that it’s free! I also like that it’s easy for younger kids too, so that means that it’s for all ages! How amazing is that! The only problem is that there are lots of adds... I don’t mind that but sometimes it’s a little bit annoying but the solution to this problem is to put your device on airplane mode. Other than that the game is AWESOME!!

- Level 220

Currently stuck on 220. Finished before new update which featured 100 new levels however cannot play as its either glitched. Updated and waiting on another update so I can play level 221 onwards. Thank you!

- Too many ads

The game itself is ok and can be quite challenging, however there are far too many ads and they pop up in the most inconvenient times, such as the playing in jigsaw mode you will get an ad between pieces one and two. I can understand an ad after x number of levels or to continue on without starting the jigsaw again if you choose to, but honestly you play for about 15 seconds and then get a 30-second ad!

- New levels don’t save

Game is good was waiting for new levels which finally arrived and then you have to replay the last level just to pass it so u can play the new level then once u get back out of the levels all the new levels you just did stay locked and you have to start again from the last old Level it doesn’t save where u are in the new levels :( fix this please!!!

- Good but also not

So I’ve been playing this for a few days and finished all the levels it’s a big fat waste of time can you atleast tell us when the new levels are coming out because when most games have things that are coming soon they never come and nobody cares or whatever but SERIOUSLY can you hurry up with the levels

- It’s Good but.....

I like this game it’s really fun it distracts me when I’m bored it’s fun to play but my down side is that every time I fail a round there is ads every time or even when I replay there’s another ad it’s a fun satisfying game but there are too many ads anyways it’s a fun game!

- Amazing app

This app is so worth getting there are no adds no wait it’s absolutely fantastic I highly recommend this app for you let’s see if you can beat all the levels and make it to the very top🙂

- Draw him in

The thing I love most about this game is because you only have to hold the screen. And you can figure out the snap so easily but they should change the age of the game it should be 8 an over

- First five minutes pretty good

I’ve been playing this game for the first five minutes and it’s amazing I would definitely recommend it’s a kid friendly game and grown-ups can play as well😻. I love this game boys and girls can play🙆‍♀️🙆‍♂️ it’s a very calm game🧘🏻‍♀️


It’s the only game I own that doesn’t have that many adds and is also a brilliant game. It is no too hard and not too easy but a fantastic game. I definitely recommend you to get this game !!!

- Sarah’s review

It is so fun to play because it is really big challenge to try and get the line at the right size so you will be able to pass that leaves that you are on at that time

- Amazing game

This game is so addictive and so fun I introduced it to my family and they love it to it is simple but grate it’s me and my friends favourite game its family friendly and non violent it has good features and a good quality game and it’s free 😱love it 👍🌸👋🐬👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️🌺🌺🌺🌺🌞🌞🌞🌞from Carin

- Great App

Downloaded this game yesterday and I’ve already gone through and got 3 stars in all of the current levels. Can’t wait for more to be released! Amazing game, great fun, highly recommend.

- Draw in

Draw in is a bit hard and difficult but overcome and convince yourself to get past the levels and I believe that whoever reads this will get past all of the levels so thank you for reading this very short article thank you and enjoy yourself

- Adds

I hate how you have to pay for the adds when you could just turn your WiFi off! $6:00 it is just for no adds


I’ve finished all the levels that are available with all 3 stars! just wondering, when will the other categories such as “endless” coming out ? thankyou :)

- The best game ever

This is the best game ever in the world it’s so fun because you can make some cool stuff like animals and food so I hope you guys play this game and enjoy because whoever made this game is amazing so have fun bye guys 🤗🥰😍🥳

- Amazing game

I love this game because it is so fun just to get a break from something and play this game . Also you can play it anywhere and anytime so that’s why I love 💕 the game.

- Amazing

It is incredible but has ads come really fast because I have only done 2 and have had 3 ads. Please fix it

- This would be a good game

This would be a good, fun, relaxing game... if it weren’t for the ads. I get you need to make money but they’re infuriatingly often that I need to stop playing. And then not touch it for a couple of months before the same cycle happens

- Only Just started

I only just stared playing this game and it allready says d you rate this game and I put 5 stars because I got it first that I tryed and I on level 9 and it SO FUN. That’s why I rate it 5 stars

- Too many ads and glitches

When I am playing half way through the game and ad will pop up... it’s soo annoying And when you are perfect sometimes it will say too long which really annoys me.. Please fix these thing🙁👎🏼👎🏼

- Fun but Needs More

I’ve finished all 120 levels with perfect scores. Just waiting for a bit more. Will uninstall until a new update comes.

- Finished

Uhhh.... I finished every one of the levels with a three star in just two days? New levels? Or at least a daily challenge!

- Update

When it’s going to update because I’ve done all the levels perfectly

- Great

Great way to pass time!! I really enjoy it I have played all 120 current levels and have all perfect scores Now just waiting for more levels :)

- Add Problem

If you sick of the adds turn off internet on your device problem solved

- Smart idea

It clever how you have to try and see the length for the line to drop down and make the picture(shape)

- Soooo much fun

I loved this game because it’s easy and I shared it with my family, Friends and even teachers! This game is super fun and extremely obsessive. Keep up the good work! xx


Way too many ads. Love the game but it just frustrates me about how many ads there are and I just stop playing it because it’s so annoying.

- Draw in

It is fun to play if you’re sick and with your siblings help you draw new older and makes you really good honest I don’t my sister Leah and Abby all the time

- Mean comments for if you do not win

I know this sounds stupid but the thing I hate the most is if you don’t make it they will say ‘so awful’ or “what is that?” Who wants some game to lower your self esteem every time you make a mistake? It’s not nice and I’ve stopped playing it because of that!

- Good game but...

This game is so good but this shouldn’t be called draw in it should be called add In because too many adds either wise better

- Can't stop playing ❤️

I just love this game totally recommended for when your bored going on trips in the car plane doesn't need internet and I JUST CAN'T STOP PLAYING BECAUSE IT'S JUST A GREAT GAME 🎮.....!

- Fun game!

Me and my family enjoy seeing who can get the most perfect. I do dislike how long the ads happen , nearly every 30 seconds. I do do aeroplane mode but I do think the ads are a problem.

- Love it!

This game is so entertaining, it’s taken me ages to be hooked on a game again and this has got me. There are heaps of ads, but I just turn off my wifi and they all go.

- Great

I love this game thanks a lot you guys that are playing are awesome so I love the shapes and stuff I should’ve downloaded it when I first saw the add thanks

- Ads no more!?

Everybody says ‘way to many ads!’ But all you do is turn your wifi off! I do it with all my games! I did it not even 1 ad!

- Great game but one problem

So it’s a awesome app but when I play it goes into the App Store and shows all different apps. Please fix it

- Soooooo good

I love this game so much but they need to add more in the game. Btw just a tip if the ads are a problem turn airplane mode on and no ads come up.

- Too easy, too many ads

I beat the game relatively easily. There was just so many ads so I turned off my WiFi. Problem solved. But I was waiting for an important text, so it’s either do not receive text, or play with ad after ad after ad. This shouldn’t be how games work anymore.


This is probably the worst game I have ever come across. Usually I do not complain about ads but when they come up every 15 seconds I really do hate them. The game its self is so simple that it could be mistaken for an interactive ad. All in all the game is more like an app full of ads then a proper game and what ever you do DO NOT BUY THIS APP!

- Best game ever!

This is a fun game even kids in kindergarten can play so I recamend playing it and 3 stay colons the hole picture in so download now

- Draw in

This game is the best ever and when I say that I mean that. I love the game so much my perants can’t get me off it. You are so creative.

- Great app

Love this game but I’ve completed all the levels & waiting on the release of the new ones

- I like it because…

I like it because all you have to do is lines

- It’s alright.

I love this game💖 but it gets boring after time. I find this game a bit slow and it can seem like it is trying to be mean with what it says. There is lots of adds.

- Annoying

It’s really annoying and not great if you already have self doubts about yourself when if you get one or two stars and it tells you to “try harder!” Or “no good!” or “kidding me!” and those ads. I’m officially deleting this game. No point getting in the first place.

Payoneer 💰

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- Great but

Great game but I hate the ads ❤️🥺

- Too short

The game it self was quite good, but I finished it in less then 10 minutes. Also, there were quite a few ads... it would be a better rating if there was more game

- Fun easy game

The concept of the game is really good. However, the ads in between them are absolutely insane. I had a full-screen ad (where is shows the close button after 5 seconds) overlapping which meant that I had to go through like 3 ads. After closing that ad, I was redirected repeatedly 4 times, each time advertising a different app. This has reach the all-time highs for ad counts while playing a game for less than 5 minutes.

- Game

This is one of the best games I have played! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Love it.....but

The game is amazing and soooo much fun. It is however a little easy and I beat it in 15 minutes with 3 stars on each level. We need more hard levels please.

- Alright

The game is alright. However, I am confused on how the game is meant for 12 year olds and over. This is quite a simple game. I’m sure a younger demographic would also love this and you game would receive more attention if it could fit into younger categories. Such as ages 4+

- Meh....

The games ok but it's to easy and...it makes fun of you if your "too bad"

- Work on it

This app is not the funnies and could have more levels that you have to have a long line. And maybe add themes like a space world or a school related theme world

- I love the app so much

I’m Blake and I’m looking the game

- Fun game but too many ads. Some phishing ads.

Every five levels or attempts you run i to an ad. Due to the fast pace of the game thats every thirty seconds or so. I deleted this game after one ad continuously redirected me to a site demanding i call a number. This game is fun. But please. Don't ruin it with ads. Especially ones that endanger your consumers.

- Amazing!!!

It’s myFirst time playing this game and it’s pretty good! It’s a Really fun game, although I wish there were more levels! Because I finish the levels pretty fast! But other than that it’s a really fun game!!!

- Was a great game

I used to play this game until I deleted it then redownloaded it and started playing but now it just kicks me out every time I select a level

- Too much ads but good

Way too much ads. But great game!👍

- To whoever made the game

Good job making this game can you please make more games like this bye

- Money-hungry devs

After every single level, you are obligated to watch an ad. The simple fact that beating a level takes around 8 seconds means that you will watch around 4 ads. This isn’t only the bad thing about the ads. When losing a level, the game asks you if you want to watch an ad in-exchange for an hint. Most people would skip it, I mean like, you can ALREADY SEE the layout of the level! But of course, both options will grant you an ad. I can tell you, this can get real annoying after playing a long session of this game. Good Gameplay, Badly executed.

- This app sucks!😠

I got this app and it was really fun, but every time I finished one part, an add come up. The game is fun originally, but the adds ruin it. And even if I put my wifi off, or airplane mode, THEY STILL SHOW UP!😡😡😡 I will give a better review once the adds settle down!😡😡🤬🤬🤬🥵🥵🥵🥵👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

- OK not very happy though💩👎😡

Well it took me about three months to beat all the levels and I’ve been waiting for like two years now for more stuff but nothing has come I have updated it Several times nothing changes also fix the ads Maybe a hidden turn off ad button and you could also reply to your reviews I don’t know if you even read them I think that you should remove some of these Reviewsbecause they are no use and some of them are very inappropriate or useless or people just saying I hate hate hate hate hate those adsAlso I’m 10 and I play my brother is six and he plays I do not see anything inappropriate except for the review it should be rated 6+ because younger children would not get it I tried teaching my four-year-old brother and he did not get it

- Too many adds


- So much fun

So much FUN

- So many adds there are so many adds

There are so many adds every time I make a mistake add every time I complete it add

- Hi

I’m not sure

- Pretty good game

This game is so fun I loved it. And all there was a ton of adds I think if you want five star reviews should cut out the ads and just make it a fun game

- The ads!?

Soooo many ads!

- Draw in

It’s a fun game

- 0k4Y

The games is pretty fun not to lie

- so stupid

this game is soooo stupid don’t buy it

- Amazing

This game is awesome I play this every where at Disney LAND! And at my auntie’s house 🏡

- Rating the games

Hope dies here

- Draw in is?

This game is awesome it is wifi free and so much fun! If you need a game for a long car ride or a flight to Paris this is so much fun!

- 🖤❤️❤️❤️🖤❤️❤️❤️🖤

I love the game but it is so much easier and I like hard games

- Good

I just got the game like 1 min ago and I’m alredey loving it

- Easy and boring

It’s waaah too easy and boring af

- It is so awesome

Hey you guys just got to take a look at this game

- Pro gamer

Stupid game I hate it so much

- Love it but...

So much adds pls get rid of them!

- This made me rage

Why do you create a game that is basically impossible?

- #somuchfun

I love it!

- Meh

Too many ads and it was way too easy but it was time consuming but only because of the modes.

- Cool but

There is toooo many ads 😐😐😐😠

- Great

Draw in is great I play it all the time so satisfying

- Ok

There are way to much ads!!!!! It took me like 15 minutes to finish the game otherwise it is a pretty good app to play.

- Stupidity

If you want to spend 9% of your time playing and 91% of time watching ads, download this game.

- Umm..

Well it doesn’t let me even play I downloaded it but it didn’t work and it said it was downloaded but it wasn’t

- Gg

You guys should make it to where it cuts a little off if it’s just a smidgen over.

- Meh

I think that it is too easy I finished it and there’s not a lot too do and there are too many ads if there was less then I would give you five stars

- Game sucks

Every time I go one the game it just goes back on to my home screen ugh I’m deleting this game !!

- About me and this game🎮🎮🎧

This game calms me down when I need it if I had to delete this app I would immediately get stressed and Maybe even puke🤢

- Clickbait is no fun

Your add says “press and hold her to draw” but when you do so it takes you to the purchase now page! Just be fair and don’t clickbait😕

- It’s to easy

I like it but it’s too easy for me because I just have to do a short line if it goes halfway it gives me three stars but it’s a little fun

- Love it

I love it

Libertex 📈

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- Rigged but still good

This game is rigged I dont care if I spelled rigged wrong or not but this game is rigged but on the other hand the app is still good and it tests intelligence and this app would be a great app for.... anyone really but when ever I leave my finger on the screen it adds and when I let go of my finger it still keeps going I don’t know if it’s a glitch or something but the app is honestly still good and great 👍🏼

- Fun

Don’t know what everyone is complaining about ads for, I don’t get ads as often as people complain, except for about every 5 levels/tries. Many levels have been added since some of the comments complaining of low amount of levels available. Pretty fun game, and many levels to go.

- It’s okay, but I have a problem

The game is okay! It kills time... but the journey is not fun... I hate that when I’m playing ads come up, it gets annoying and it gets me mad 🤬 Something else is the RUDE comments, it’s “Try Harder, Kidding me, too bad, no good”, like you think your gonna get people to download your app when you’re pressuring them and giving them really mean comments... If I would to improve this app I would try to stop ads and also change the comments! Thank you.

- Great start

Of course I’m waiting until other modes and levels are added to rate 5 stars, but I loved playing through this game. While some apps have ads every 1-3 mess-ups, this has ads only every 5th fail, which I really appreciate. When playing it feels like a good ratio compared to other games which have in-game purchases AND more ads than you! Edit: Down to 3 stars now. 3 of the 80 new levels are shirts and are essentially the same as one another. Laziness at its finest.

- Do you like ADs?? This game is for you!!!!11!1

The ADs in this game are incredible! Most of them are pretty tricky! They hide the little X on you, and then once it appears, if you don’t tap on the microscopic area the X encompasses, obviously you mean to click on the AD!!! Then you have to exit the inner AD, then click the first X, but WAIT! There’s a whole second layer to the SAME AD! And this time the X has MOVED! Can you click this one now???? The challenges are ENDLESS!!!!!! Sometimes there’s this dumb boring line drawing game between the ADs. DEVELOPER PLEASE FIX THAT. I OBVIOUSLY CAME HERE FOR THE ADS.

- Fun Game But...

There are way too many ads. I feel like I can’t even go a full minute without an ad playing! It’s insane! I haven’t even had the app for half an hour and I’ve already gotten about fifteen ads at the very least. And while the game is fun, the notes it gives you if you fail to complete a level are very negative and don’t really make you feel like playing more. “Are you kidding me?” and “Try harder!” aren’t exactly motivational. Maybe something like “You’ll get it next time!” or “You can do it!” would be better?

- Fun, Intuitive Game!

Enjoyed this game! It doesn't take too much time to complete levels and I like that it allows you to go back to previous levels to improve on drawings to get a better score. It's intuitive and doesn't require instructions. Unfortunately there are TOO MANY ADS!!! -- Way too many REPETITIVE ADS!!! That is the only downside. Other than that this game is a pleasant break away from the monotony of the day!

- Amazing but too many ads.

Let’s start off with this game is amazing! I love the concept! But, they’re too many ads. I usually don’t complain about ads, because I know that’s how your business works, but this was crazy. Every single time an ad popped up I tried to exit it out, but it then brought me to this ad. Then it brought me to 3 more ads I didn’t click on! So please fix the ads! But overall, very great game!

- Agitating wait time

This game at its core is great. It’s generally simple and can amuse well enough. My issue is the amount of ads. For 2 seconds of gameplay, there is an ad. In 5 minutes, I played maybe 5 times and spent the rest of the time watching ads over and over and over. It just got too annoying to have to watch an ad eve try two seconds and wasn’t worth the return of gameplay. So it got boring be Rey fast. It feels more like the “Watch Ads” game with intervals of actual interactions for two seconds.

- It’s good but a lot of ads

I think the app is pretty nice but I think there is to many ads please just remove some of the ads I think there is just to many ads so please remove some it’s really annoying when I first got this game I thought this game this really fun and cute but when I got into the game it just kept popping up ads so can u just like fix that please ; so if u find this review please do not ad anymore ads get rid of some it’s just to much!

- It's a good-ish game

The game needs to get a little bit more levels, and I know as I am writing this there are more than 200, but the game becomes consuming and easier as you get a routine going, so what I am saying is the levels get easier. Another complaint is the ads. I don't dislike ads, but when they constantly are playing it is a problem. Overall, the game is better than I excepted when I downloaded it, if you can take that as a compliment.

- Super Fun but Annoying Ads

I love this game. It’s super fun and Greta for when you’re bored. My one complaint though is the ads. It has happened to me on multiple occasions where I’ll be in the game and then all of a sudden it takes me to the App Store. Then I press back, it brings me to the app, then one second later I’m back in the App Store (it goes back and forth like 5 times before I give up). It’s very annoying, please fix

- Ads and terrible new update

First of all, the amount of ads in this game.... TERRIBLE. I literally just exit the game and don’t return for the rest of the day once I’m so sick of it. Second, the latest update DOES NOT WORK! I have to REDO level 220 over and over again because when I open the app, the 100 new level appear locked. Once I beat 220 again, they will come up 1 by 1 after completing each of them. When I go back to the main menu, all of the new levels are locked again, even though I already BEAT THEM.

- Most ads I’ve seen in a game

The number of ads is actually shocking. It completely interrupts game play. Each level prob takes like 15 seconds to play or retry. Expect an ad after about 2 tries. An ad every 30 seconds or so. Completely sucked the joy out of this game. And I don’t even see an ad free version you can pay for. The game is VERY simple but would be a decent way to pass time. But the number of ads just makes it seem like this is just a money grubbing venture- simple game but maximum # of ads. Not worth it.

- 5 Stars! 10/10

I love this app so much it is an AMAZING time killer, I normally play it when I’m bored sitting in traffic because there arent as many ads. I don’t understand why this app is 12+! The designs are so kid friendly and cute! I also have a suggestion, you should add a timed mode where it puts you on a 7 second timer! Anyways, this is a great game!

- Draw In

I really love this game! It is very different than any other games and it is very interesting! I enjoy using my free time to play! Whoever created this game was very smart! I always saw this ad and I just got tired of seeing it, but then I said why not gove it a shot? So I downloaded it and ended up enjoying very much. I really recommend this game to play when bored.


I honestly love this game! People are saying that there is too many ads popping up but I never even had one ad in about 10 rounds of this game! If I were to choose one of the best games in the world I would choose this game. If you start playing this game you get addicted to it for like 5 hours. So if you ask me I say that this is a really good game!

- Please read

I love this game it’s really fun but there are so many ads and please if you get it one inch too long it says level failed but if you get it an inch short then it says something like good job or try again esc and really it’s getting my nerves and I know you will never read this so why am I making this? Really I don’t know we’ll bye and if you read this than you should have the person draw the line not just hold it

- BrooklynnGarcia

This app is amazing! It helps you when you need it and it gives you so much time to try and fix yourself if you didn’t get it right the first time! I first found this app when my sister showed me it, and when I got it on my phone it was at least 100x better. I love this app!

- The ads

So ever since I don’t know like April I’ve seen some ads about this game then it went out of control from there. Everyday when I played a app their way of making money was like I bet you can’t do this and in today’s standards there is just stuff that isn’t actually true like My mom My dad and etc their just ways to make you give them money and buy the game. But the game is okay I’m giving this game a 2 star instead for its mean messages when you fail like Green hand etc.

- Wow. *slow clap*

Great game. Ads... that’s what we’re discussing today. IF you display ads to let us earn lvls and stuff, congrats, you’ve made your community happy. IF you display ads for NO REASON *cough cough what you’re doing cough* your going to make everyone explode of being FORCED to watch ads. Is that simple enough? If not, I have a story for you. Once upon a time, there was a person. They thought this game was going to be fun! It was! For 10 minutes. There was so many ads, they could barley breathe!!! Thus, they got mad and wrote this review hoping the creators would read it. Incase you haven’t noticed I am extremely angry(and I’m the person in the story).And do you know what angry players do when they hate a game!?!?! THEY DELETE IT THEY DO WHATEVER THEY CAN TO GET RID OF IT!!!! That is until the creators improve the game. Btw this game is terrible and I’m uninstalling this rubbish after 10 minutes.

- Mehh

So the game is super fun, don’t get me wrong. Levels are easy, the game is easy to navigate through, and anyone can understand the concept. The only down fall is the amount of ads you have to sit through. At one point it was like every time I would beat a level it would prompt to an ad or two. Then the amount of wait time between levels releasing is really annoying. Don’t get me wrong the game is great, just a few downfalls.

- 😡😤really??

Okay I have been waiting to get this game since I have been ten. The game looked so cool from the ads. Finally the day I have been waiting for my 12 birthday! I got the game. But it took like an hour to download. Then it said that I had to delete other apps( I only had 7.) So I did and then i was able to play it and now I wasn’t really excited. So then I got in on and for 15 minutes it was stuck on the page with the tiger. I tried 3 more times so then I just deleted the app! So I didn’t get to play the game but still it deserves a 0⭐️

- Adds

People are hating on this game because of the adds. In fact, on most of the free games I see, people complain about adds. But you see, the adds are there because the people that made the game have to make money off if it. So the reason the adds are there is because of the add revenue. Now, there is a point where the adds get to be to much, but that is just an example of greed. Not that surprising to be honest...

- WOW😡

My daughter likes to play this game. However, she gets upset often due to the somewhat rude messages she receives when she does not complete a level. The messages will say things like “horrible!” I’m not too concerned about this, but the app looks like it is meant for children. After almost every level, my daughter gets more and more frustrated with the ads. (She’s 3). I understand that apps need ads to make money, but it isn’t ok to play the same sling drift racing ad after EVERY LEVEL. All in all, this app is TRASH. Don’t download. I don’t recommend for anyone

- Get this game

This game is really fun especially when you’re bored it is tricky Enough to where you want to keep playing but not too tricky to wear it just frustrates you and it’s easy enough for you to keep playing and not too easy to where you get bored of it I think this game is really fun game you should get it

- Awesome

Everyone I have read is complaining about the ads however I never noticed that many ads I love the game I always play it in the car to keep me busy if you’ve never gotten the game I would suggest trying it maybe if is just my phone but I never noticed that many ads

- Draw in

For all the people who say that there are only 20 levels you are so wrong. There are in fact 120 levels for your information. The way that I know this is because I just beet all 120 levels. So for the people who say that there are only 20 levels I think you better get your facts straight!

- Draw it!:Review

I just got the game so I haven’t seen much of it but I did read a lot of reviews but I think that each time you get two stars keep trying that’s what I did and I’m passing with three stars!! So don’t delete the game keep trying and you will love it!!!! So remember to keep trying and most importantly Have Fun!!!

- I hate this game

This game is stupid too many add things if you don’t make it to another level don’t wish your time between the stupid dumb disgusting games I don’t know but it’s not disgusting it’s just I hate it it’s so stupid stupid stupid stupid don’t waste your time on this is STUPIDOh how I hate the stupid dumb game I wish you didn’t even make it this game I hate it I hate it it’s dumb dumb and dumb and dumb and dumb stupid dumb game literally the stupidest thing I ever had in the world is even the stupidest game in the world I played different game is on this and I see better games than the stupid one

- Amazing, but

I bought the remove ads, which was a good idea, I beat all 320 levels, and at the end there was a Chinese symbol, idk what that was, but also the other modes say coming soon, I really like this game but if you put a game out you should really have more of it developed. I really like this game though, great job!

- Read this review !

This game is awesome I love every aspect of it. I t has been so relaxing and fun! I love that you don't need wifi to play it and can be enjoy on most mobile devices. It s fun challenging your self to get it perfect! I also like that if you dont get it perfect you have another chance to try again! I love this app and honestly its a great app for every one of all ages.

- Now this game is absolutely terrible

I have to agree with many when it comes to the game. 1. There is a rediculous amount of ads and there’s no point to the game if there are more ads then time spent on the game itself. And also, how messed up could it get if the comments when you dont odd the level put the player either down or angered. “Kidding me”, “try harder”? What is this?! I read a review and I downloaded the game and I instantly deleted it when I was welcomed with an ad before I even got in the game. Don’t download this.

- Confidence

This game is so hard it makes me try harder and harder to build my confidence! I just got this game but man I love it! If you add some stuff like maybe a hint button this game could go viral! Think about it if I just got this game and I’m already building my confidence people all over the world will to! Ok have a great day!!!! And good luck!👍🍀

- Like it

I got this game on a whim. Just to see and I actually like it a lot more than I thought. Downside is I beat all the levels available. So have to wait for more content. I do see I have an update waiting for this game, so maybe that’s the new content! Anyways, I really like it, ads are short! Simple fun game.

- Good game but some issues

I have made it to level 220. you guys have made more levels, but it is telling me i need to pass the previous levels to continue to the next 100 levels. I have completed every level with 3 stars or a perfect. why is it not letting me move on? Do i need to get all perfects to move on, or is my game just having issues?

- Update glitched my game

I love this game and am glad more levels were updated, however on the Amateur level the last 20 levels won’t show they are unlocked or that I did them however I literally just completed them all and for the 3 hint gift and they still say “locked must complete prior level to unlock” I’m so annoyed please fix

- Kick it high

It’s about choosing a character and it has a ball and you have to kick the ball a hard as you can there can be girl characters and boy characters and Choose your own soccer ball the high score will be 568 and choose a cool new background for every round you win over the high score and that is my game kick it high

- I Think There Might Be a Glitch

I just got this game it is already annoying the hell out of me. It will randomly take you to the app store for apps the never even advertised. And it is constant. You literally cant get back into the game for a second before it does it again with a different app. Sometimes it does it with safari as well. The game itself is fun, the little i have played so far, but you spend most of the time trying to get back to the app.

- I like this game

I really enjoy playing this game I was not expecting to see so many bad reviews 🤔..but I like the game and it's worth paying to have the ads removed. I see a lot of people complaining that the game is ”mean” to them 😂 if you let a game hurt your feelings, you have serious problems .

- Really fun

Got 3 stars on all 220 of the levels and had a great time! (If u don’t like ads just don’t be connected to WiFi or data) There’s a small bug that won’t allow me to play the new levels. It says I have to beat the previous level, which I already have. (Thx for the update btw)

- One bad thing about this game

The one bad thing about this game is that sometimes when you get one star, it sometimes says “No Good” which is kinda mean every time it says I think “How rude, I’m trying my best you know.” But, the rest of it is really fun. The adds are another problem because everybody’s been complaining about them. So for my raising it’s a four.

- Best game ever!

This is the best game I have ever seen! Except it is a little to hard you should try to make your games a little easier. But I still love your app so much! So keep trying to make more apps so I can play all of them in one day! And I’m not lying this is really the best game ever! And so that is my review on Draw In the app!

- I’M LOVIN’ IT!❤️

I love this game so much! I like it because I think it is satisfying, but, that is just my opinion, so if you totally HATE this game, then that’s your opinion and I’m not here to judge it! Anyways, good luck with this game, and I would really consider you install it, and give it a five star rating to help support it, it was really nice talking to you, now...CYA SISTAS!🌸

- Thank you!

I have beat every level with 3 stars and it won’t unlock the new ones. It won’t let me play 221, but if I unlock the one before again and click next I can play it but if I leave it locks again😭😭 help!!.... The problem has been fixed! Thank you!

- Amazing and fun!

It is really fun and I enjoyed it a lot! I love beating the levels and seeing the color of the little pictures once I outlined it. Also sometimes when I can’t beat a level I get frustrated... but that’s just me being me. XD I hope y’all enjoy and I highly recommend this game to people of all ages!! <3

- Fun but not encouraging

I liked this game a lot it was very fun and time consuming but, when you passed the level and didn’t get a perfect score it would give you negative things like “try harder” or “no good” this made me not want to continue the game because of what it said. I think the language can be improved but the overall game is great.

- Amazing and addictive but...

Is an amazing and fun addicting game! It only has a little bit of levels! I’ve had the game for a little less then a day and i have already beat all the levels with perfect on most but the rest have 3 stars!! You should also add a feature where we take a picture and we have to go around that!

- It’s a ok

The reason I rated it a three is because of how crazy the ads pop up it’s like when I got done with a stage an ad pops up now I get it if like an ad pops up like two or even three but an ad popping up about ten times is unbelievable but the game is easy minus the ads that disrupts me during the game but is a good,cute,and easy game just keep the ads a little down but thats all I have to rant about.

- Complaint

Normally is a good game, but after the new update nothing will work. I have passed all the previous levels up to where the new ones were added. It will not let me do the new ones and says it is locked. So when I do the last level leading up to the newest levels, when I pass it, it lets me go on. But yet, when you exit out it shows no saved completed levels. Please fix because I normally really like this game!

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Draw In™ 1.3.3 Screenshots & Images

Draw In™ iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Draw In™ iphone images
Draw In™ iphone images
Draw In™ iphone images
Draw In™ iphone images
Draw In™ iphone images

Draw In™ (Version 1.3.3) Install & Download

The applications Draw In™ was published in the category Games on 2018-06-06 and was developed by Lion Studios [Developer ID: 1362220666]. This application file size is 968.63 MB. Draw In™ - Games app posted on 2020-08-27 current version is 1.3.3 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.supertapx.drawin

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