Draw In™

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Draw a line in, reckon up the length of the shape and close it!

The stars will be awarded depending on how perfect the line covers its outline!

The more close it closes, the more you can see what the shape really is!

The line can be close but you need to try again if it's too long.

Okay, the rules are simple. Let's see how many objects you can sketch!

- Free to play, play it anywhere anytime
- Suitable for all ages
- You don't know how long the outline is till you draw
- Cute images hide in the shape, find them out!
- Worth replay to get closer and higher record!

Draw In™ App Description & Overview

The applications Draw In™ was published in the category Games on 2018-06-06 and was developed by Lion Studios. This application file size is 956.09 MB. Draw In™ current version is 1.2.5 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

- Gameplay Optimization.

Draw In™ App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Draw In™ Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Marwa Beidak   5 star

I never had this game and I love it. I love this game

xJaMMERx   1 star

Don’t download!!(READ THIS). Well,LETS START OFF...I can’t play this game because it won’t even let me log on!! I have many few problems with this app. I would like you developers to TRY and fix these, ok so first that’s right I can’t get in the app, or ex: If I go in the game it kicks me out...i don’t know why..Second it glitches. THIRD a hahah you wanna hear this folks, it’s a scam thank you bye I wouldn’t recommend this-this whatever it is. 𝔻𝕠𝕟𝕥 𝕒𝕕𝕕 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕒𝕡𝕡!

NdeyeSylla/123   5 star

THIS GAME IS EASY PEASY. Who would lose in this easy game? No one would! All you have to do is hold the black line, then when it’s time to release it, release it. How easy is that!

kiera shiyyyy   5 star

I love this game 😘😘😘so much. I play this game with my friends 👬

game_lover112   5 star

Amazing!!!. I downloaded this game a while ago. I love it so much!!! It gets challenging, but you will eventually pass the level... I promise!!! It's one of the best games ever!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Clay_Pigeons   5 star

OMG. It’s a great game I absolutely love it

Nevaeh Cheresposy   1 star

I take that back. I ducking bate this game (I’m not saying the real thing )

lover hadley   5 star

I love this game. This game is great and also this is the best game I have ever played in my life 😀😃

☺️😛🥰😌🐱   5 star

Fun. Fun 5 .stars more like 5,000000000000000000000000000000000(don’t tell me too put this , because I won’t)

Агма   3 star

Size!. 950mb for mobile app? Are u seriously?)

mom an Gia   5 star

I love this game and. I love it but l want it to be. Hard when we finish the levels

dream piano is awesome   2 star

Not that fun. It is ok I would not recommend

keypinitreal   5 star

I love this game. This is the best game ever and my sister love that it is a calgen and we use to have it and my older sister would play on it for hours but then the phone that had the app broke and she didn’t play for years and she is going to be happy.

I LiKe MeH PoO   5 star

Uuuuijj. Very bad

me.wise   5 star

My opinion. This game is so fun I just started it and I already love it 😍

cute glitr cookie   2 star

Kinda boring. Game is ok but kinda boring there is no difference between the levels and there’s no difficulty it’s just tap and hold 😐.Maybe put different changes 🤷‍♀️. Your gamer unicorn🦄25

lizzygracebeth   3 star

Draw in. I just got this today so I don’t know what I want to say but 😂 posted September ,30 2019

Ava🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪   1 star

This🤬🤬🤬. Ok this game is so stupid 🤐🤐

a girl that liked this game   4 star

Love it but it’s the adds. This game is amazing! I absolutely 😍!! This game is fun and addicting. The only prob are the adds, otherwise the game is EPIC! :-)

Lkmlknb   3 star

Poop. Poop

hsbbebd   3 star

Kinda like it course. It is pretty hard

hotcarl11   5 star

Drawing. It is good to practice making lines and ITS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kahdushbe   2 star

Way too many ads. This is a good game it’s just that their is too many ads

hg bruce   5 star

Amazing app. Amazing game but I can’t pass Level 3

draw in hater   1 star

Boring don't download. I don't like this app because when I first downloaded it just now I thought it would be fun but it's not fun at all because it's boring too many ads and it's too easy to play so I deleted it 30 seconds after downloading it. WARNING:DONT DOWNLOAD IT.

Bek2UZ   5 star

Draw awesomeness. This game is so entertaining

zhushygidyigdodjgdybdjy   5 star

It’s cool. I like this game but it’s hard

Busy busy busy mom   5 star

Amazingfirst game. This is the best game ever I love it sometimes I wonder how did you make such a great game

kayl65   1 star

Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads. After only two or three tries an ad pops up. It takes about 10-15 seconds for three tries. So imagine an ad every 15 seconds while your trying to play a game. I had this game for a long time and forgot why I don’t play it anymore until I had it open for 2 minutes and an ad kept popping up. Do not get this app unless you love ads and not actually playing the game.

Bri ✌🏾️🤓   5 star

The best game ever. Gyr

Advertorial    5 star

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12bucleyourshoe   5 star

OH MY GOD!. This game is awesome I play this every where at Disney LAND! And at my auntie’s house 🏡 OH MY GOD JUST OH MY GOSH

mikk0121   1 star

Easy and boring. It’s waaah too easy and boring af

bombako   5 star

It is so awesome. Hey you guys just got to take a look at this game

jdudyf   1 star

Pro gamer. Stupid game I hate it so much

BosGirl11   5 star

Halp. This game almost gave me a stroke

CG cool gangster!😎   4 star

Draw in is?. This game is awesome it is wifi free and so much fun! If you need a game for a long car ride or a flight to Paris this is so much fun!

yass eggs   2 star

This made me rage. Why do you create a game that is basically impossible?

jackiebearbear   5 star

#somuchfun. I love it!

jellal scarlet   2 star

Meh. Too many ads and it was way too easy but it was time consuming but only because of the modes.

Kimberella2012   3 star

Cool but. There is toooo many ads 😐😐😐😠

Maya Cranley   1 star

Bad comments. I think that there comments when you lose are horrible they say like ‘’that’s horrific “ And even when you pass the level From Maya Cranley

jess_913   5 star

Great. Draw in is great I play it all the time so satisfying

I ❤️ Jersey puppy   3 star

Ok. There are way to much ads!!!!! It took me like 15 minutes to finish the game otherwise it is a pretty good app to play.

FrenchSusej   1 star

Stupidity. If you want to spend 9% of your time playing and 91% of time watching ads, download this game.

eearghkkmkhufraeqejk   1 star

Umm... Well it doesn’t let me even play I downloaded it but it didn’t work and it said it was downloaded but it wasn’t

hplvrsince2017!   4 star

Love it but.... So much adds pls get rid of them!

Jencanada37   3 star

Meh. I think that it is too easy I finished it and there’s not a lot too do and there are too many ads if there was less then I would give you five stars

super sammy 🤗   1 star

Game sucks. Every time I go one the game it just goes back on to my home screen ugh I’m deleting this game !!

tjis game and me   5 star

About me and this game🎮🎮🎧. This game calms me down when I need it if I had to delete this app I would immediately get stressed and Maybe even puke🤢

this is y i stoped playing!   2 star

Clickbait is no fun. Your add says “press and hold her to draw” but when you do so it takes you to the purchase now page! Just be fair and don’t clickbait😕

Stormy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   2 star

It’s to easy. I like it but it’s too easy for me because I just have to do a short line if it goes halfway it gives me three stars but it’s a little fun

liv fabelli   5 star

Love it. I love it

Milkncookies44   4 star

Gg. You guys should make it to where it cuts a little off if it’s just a smidgen over.

Eevee_TDM   3 star

Idk. It's ok But it's really laugh and so many ads!

Sweetie the puppy   2 star

Crashes. The new update causes it to crash every time I open the app but before the update the game was quite fun

Anchal duggal   4 star

Great game. I like the game and it’s fun but I don’t really like how it’s so quick

Sonyais the boss8910   5 star

Draw in. I love with game! And I just started it and i’m good

Lina *-*   4 star

Glitches me out. The game glitches me out

gamehelpers   3 star

Alright. The game is alright. However, I am confused on how the game is meant for 12 year olds and over. This is quite a simple game. I’m sure a younger demographic would also love this and you game would receive more attention if it could fit into younger categories. Such as ages 4+

LC, Canada   5 star

epic. epic

Advertorial    5 star

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Asha howard   5 star

Review Game. This is a very nice game because it helps with schooling for measuring and many more things it is also very fun to see if you have passed or not.But it is only good for the ages in between 8+ because younger kids might not understand what to do or the rules that you need to follow. I rated this game as 5 out of 5 because it is awesome. Hopefully I keep on liking this game BYE

Disappoined with beat the boss   4 star

It’s way to to easy. TOO easy

Random1231   1 star

More stupid then me.. ;0;

Coccnut cutie   4 star

I love it but....... In my opinion draw in is a great game and I would recommend everyone getting it but there is something that i would like to change, I would really appreciate if you fail a level that you would change the writing to keep trying not just saying level failed because some people’s feelings get hurt very easily otherwise it is a undoubtedly great game🤓🤩

MarneyF   5 star

Drawing game. Hi this game is really great if you like drawing like me !!!!

mumbojumboJo   5 star

Amazing. This game is amazing there’s nothing wrong with it

Norwood1224   5 star

Hi world. Hi

glennstolz   5 star

The of. Dad

BSBEOIM   1 star

Not good. Every time I try to play it glitches me out . Also it’s okay with the other apps I have.So why is it just this one?!?!

Yxusbehsiwpqjqbevdgu   5 star

Really good. Soooo good love it

MrMarvelus   5 star

Amazing. I LOVE draw in.

kiskis2607   5 star

First five minutes pretty good. I’ve been playing this game for the first five minutes and it’s amazing I would definitely recommend it’s a kid friendly game and grown-ups can play as well😻. I love this game boys and girls can play🙆‍♀️🙆‍♂️ it’s a very calm game🧘🏻‍♀️

HackerConfirmed   1 star


saachi💕   5 star

Amazing game. Draw in is a great game and I love it a lot!!!!!!

Twisted_Sista   2 star

Too many ads. The game itself is ok and can be quite challenging, however there are far too many ads and they pop up in the most inconvenient times, such as the playing in jigsaw mode you will get an ad between pieces one and two. I can understand an ad after x number of levels or to continue on without starting the jigsaw again if you choose to, but honestly you play for about 15 seconds and then get a 30-second ad!

Billsoish   5 star

Amazing app. This app is so worth getting there are no adds no wait it’s absolutely fantastic I highly recommend this app for you let’s see if you can beat all the levels and make it to the very top🙂

etwtqixnde   5 star

Tvtvyvhguvyvu. Hdudbhcjdjdj

sh😜😋😜😋😜😋😎   5 star

Draw in. I love this game

Games Master!   5 star

Goody. Goody

co fun231456789   5 star

Awesome. This game is super fun and simple. It is great for all ages because it is so easy.

I love the new tic tok   5 star

Soooo much fun. I loved this game because it’s easy and I shared it with my family, Friends and even teachers! This game is super fun and extremely obsessive. Keep up the good work! xx

dwkdrk:$/27(8   5 star

Bichxph hoxhhzsusu. Gdgxhxjx

Trudi026   2 star

Okay…. This app is pretty good, and your probably thinking why I rated it 2 ⭐️ instead of 5 ⭐️. Well this is because I just don’t like it! With these types of games, people make them look so good in the ads, but when you actually play them, you end up really bored. I ended up being addicted to it for 1 day, and from then on I just completely lost interest and never played it again. Soon enough I ended up deleting it because it was wasting my storage. I don’t really recommend this app, it’s as boring as watching paint dry, and it has WAY too many ads! Once when I was almost through a level, an ad popped up and I had to do the level all over again! Another thing is that I don’t get the idea of the game. You legit just draw a line to see if it’s too long, too short, or perfect. You could literally just do this on paper with a pen instead of wasting your device’s storage! If I have offended anyone or anything in this review, I am sorry, but that is just how I feel about the app. I mean no offence, but I am only writing a review. Thank you for creating this app, other people might like it more than me, and that is fine.

Ted Kalil   5 star

Draw in. I think it’s just the best thing EVER!

Ruru HY   5 star

The best game ever. This is the best game ever in the world it’s so fun because you can make some cool stuff like animals and food so I hope you guys play this game and enjoy because whoever made this game is amazing so have fun bye guys 🤗🥰😍🥳

green ?   5 star

Great Game. I love this game a lot when I am bored it is really fun I am getting better each time I try

Cthsr   3 star

The best game. This game is the best

Fettywaplover4Ever   1 star

Good game but not a good game. It’s not fair when you only get an inch apart for when it sposed to be it like too long and I thing that’s stupid! It was so close it is should count it as a crown! Maybe it’s just me but it’s so ridiculous and unexpectibel 😡😡😡🥺🥺🥺

SarahsmynameJJ   3 star

This would be a good game. This would be a good, fun, relaxing game... if it weren’t for the ads. I get you need to make money but they’re infuriatingly often that I need to stop playing. And then not touch it for a couple of months before the same cycle happens

thevoter12334555   1 star

Glitch. I love this game because... Well, do.but boom it. Is. Glitching!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡not cool and it’s probably all because I had one bar missing on my wifi symbol. Seriously, it does not take WIFI to look at a shape hold a line and make the go around the shape!!!!!!!!! 😡😡😡 It is utterly pointless to play this and I recommend not to download this game. Also, putting comments like try harder and stuff is POINTLESS!! Just deleted it because it is stupid and horrible. This how I feel about this game...❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😡😡😡😡😡😡🚫🚫❌❌❌❌

QueenDoll2019   4 star

Good review. Goooooooooood revvvvvvvvvvview

to you puzzelr   4 star

Come on. I like it but I come on almost every time I get I or restart ad ad AD really take out ADS!!! NO ADS NO ADS NOADS

Artemisfoxx   1 star

Harasses you for privacy settings. I do not want the app to mine my data for ads, and while it gives me the option to keep my data private, I have to click through 4 pages of guilt tripping EVERY time I open the app. It’s completely unacceptable. They still receive ad revenue and I even turned analytics on but that’s not enough for them.

fjdbsbdj   1 star

Crashes. Every time I open the game it crashes ( my iPhone is a 6s)

queen. beee   5 star

Good game. Great game

Chrishelle Worley   5 star

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unifarts🧝🏽‍♀️🧜🏽‍♀️🧚🏽‍♀️   1 star

Crashes ALL the time. When I first got the app I was exited because I had played it once on my cousins phone it seemed like a fun game sooo I got it. When I got it I had high expectations for it buuuuuut it just crashed. I downloaded it multiple times but it crashed every time I got on it.😠

foxthefix   5 star

.... It say I have app but I do not🤨😢 I love the game I do not know I do not have it say I do oof people do not worry about this ok I just wanted to tell the creator😝

akward people   5 star

Fun game. Good game

🦄🐶🦄🐶🦄🐶❤️❤️   1 star

Starting. Yeah I have nothing to say. But what I can say is I can’t use it. I personally is a iPhone 6s user and I downloaded the game. It downloaded. I tapper on it. Went to the creator screen and just exited out. Fix this please!!!

melissa10335054   3 star

I was trying to pick 2. I wa

Hey its haniya   5 star


Samantha Summers   1 star

Ads boring and ads I hate it. As a 12 year old gamer I have like apps like this but there are many issues with it which is that why I recommend you do not get this game. Why the game looks fine you may ask well I have three reasons for you my buddy chum pal friend buddy chummy chum chum pal 1. One of the only reasons I would love this game is because it has unicorns and I love drawing. But that’s the negative comment. As much as I love drawing that’s how it makes it boring. The people who made this game offer free hints for a perfectionist like me who gets really frustrated when is too long or too short. Seriously I’m like on level 120 and all of them are perfect and that’s because I used the hints. The ads are super boring and there is no way my mom would allow me to have all of those games that look fun. Meh they probably have bad reviews anyway. 2. Ads ads wonderful ads are they good no they’re not. Here is how the game works. Complete a level, ad. Fail level, ad. Complete the level at One star, ad. Complete level at two stars, add. When into the app for no random reason, ad. Nonstop ads. That’s how the game works kiddies. As I explained in number one the ads were boring. Heck even the fun ones look boring. If the creators of the game want to make money, they have to put ads at certain times like One per 10 levels or something. Something notable, they have too many. 3. This one is for no reason I just feel like making random noises to show how much I hate this game. Also how stupid it is. Hckdlksodhwjqkkwbdjncndjhdhuqueyrueodjfjjcbxndjdbkvnskzkzkaknajdkfifjdjdkdofodjnxbxnxnnxjxjdjfjcijdjdjdjdjfjjfhfusjqkoqorjbfnnxkzkskjdjvikskkajdkckososoihiidiaoalkdjbxnvjjfjjejfjfjfjfjfjfjejiriwksiailskcncnkslappansjwvehehjeudufudhwhejkcjsjhahsdhsjjsjsjdjsjajjssjakskfjjassjfkdkkdjfjsjfjjjdkwowokrjgssffeidbfufhfufhwhscsjdhkfjddkkdkjfjfjfjgjgjrkowpwpajsbbxbcnckmvnvjvkfk dis game is poop 💩. OK I’m done now peace brothers and sisters from different mothers and misters.

Dylan Amadure   5 star

Draw In. You should collect your stars to win. If not, It will be long and short and we lose the Crown. Draw In is the game for Lion Studios and from the creators of Love Balls and Happy Glass. Download this app and whatever you can get your mobile apps from iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android. That’s why I didn’t collect the stars anymore. Thanks, and we will see you again next time! Bye!

htjfhfhdjdhfhfhchghghgf   5 star

Boooooooooiiiiiiii. Iiiiiiiittttttt is the best

hdiengsjebeie   4 star

Haha. Fun game but it says rude stuff

taylor swifft   3 star

Rr. WOW 😮

live learn love music   5 star

Love it. I love this game! I love it because you don’t have to pay for crowns, you just watch adds.

knockballsisfun   5 star

⭐️. So good

DjPuppy205   3 star

Eh. Sooo... aThis game does not need to be 12 and up! It is fun but after awhile it get REALLY BORING and the adds!😡 After like 3 or 2 tries they pop up. It is a good game but... can get annoying.

kaykayreece   3 star

Okay. Game is fine but there are way too many ads

yogirl009   5 star

Good game but.... Very glichy I can wait through but you might have a life so you probably have other things to do

sisney wilson   1 star

Horrible. It literally has the most adds u could ever think of,in between every round u have an add like better things to do with ur time guys don’t download it

sophia zamora   1 star

Really Stupid. If it too long you lose If it’s too short you win?

katie_awsome   5 star

I’ll. This game is awesome I really think you should get it I love the music and that’s really it it is a fun game

oofautumn   1 star

Not working. This game simply is not working on my iPhone. If it’s in the App Store it should work. They don’t even give you a warning that it only works on certain IOS. DON’T DOWNLOAD IF YOU HAVE THE IPHONE 6.

fhklmbfddghjnnnbvcdgjmbvcgkbfu   1 star

It’s not fun at all. Gfjloyfjkftjjf

💚💙💛Sparkle💚💙💛   1 star

😡😤really??. Okay I have been waiting to get this game since I have been ten. The game looked so cool from the ads. Finally the day I have been waiting for my 12 birthday! I got the game. But it took like an hour to download. Then it said that I had to delete other apps( I only had 7.) So I did and then i was able to play it and now I wasn’t really excited. So then I got in on and for 15 minutes it was stuck on the page with the tiger. I tried 3 more times so then I just deleted the app! So I didn’t get to play the game but still it deserves a 0⭐️

im going to win !!!!   1 star

Draw. It’s ok

kylielayne13   1 star

Dumb. It won’t even let me play the game

xXSniper_WolfXx   1 star

Fun but rude. So the game is very fun but I hate when it says stuff like “too bad” or “no good” it’s just stupid

Zarzarxtreme   3 star

Way to many ads and need more levels. There are only a few levels and I completed the game in less than 10 minutes . However, it might have been more because every time I did a level a ad would come which made me pretty annoyed.

Harambe boy   5 star

Plz update. Make so you can get Money 💰

BlacobsMomma   2 star

Poop. Poop

Jenn Jen 10   2 star

Ok:/. Overall it was a good game but way to short

Kim. J   4 star

Good game, but.... Love the game, but jigsaw mode never works after an update. Can play levels, but when I exit and come back I have to start all over again.

Shelley Elizabeth   1 star

Horrible. I got it again but this time I couldn’t even get in the app! The first time I got it I finished it In five minutes and there’s way to many ads! There was one ad that damanded me to call them! P.S don’t get the app! It’s horrible!!!

mia comegna   5 star

Great game. This game is the best it so much Fun you better Download it is the best game ever I give it five stars so much fun I can’t stop playing it worlds best game so fun never stop play

-gracet-   2 star

Way to many ads. An ok game with a lot of ads that take up more time than what you spend playing.

Val🦁   5 star

Fun. I found this game fun and not to difficult. I like the new update! Oh and P.S if you turn of your internet/ data there will be no adds😀

Gsgshhehehduejdndbk   2 star

Game is fun but.... This is a very fun game I can not lie but it gets boring and there is wayyyyy to many ads like there is just an ad like every 30 40 sec so like this game could be better just saying still fun game

Marshmallow- boyy   3 star

New update. There is a bug in the jigsaw mode that it doesn’t let me go to the new levels when I go to the main menu and try to play the level again

laylazies   1 star

Hi. Hi

nvjeieisjfjgieixajjf   3 star

I like it😐😺👍🏻👎🏻. It’s okay 👌 but too many adds, it could be better

I lub it   1 star

It keeps saying too long. When I draw it in perfectly it’s saying it’s too long you’re game is wrong

LeeDay10   5 star

Thanks. Hi just wanted to let you know that we enjoy your game and should create more games more games like this. But all the nicknames are taken up so I don’t have a chance to get one. Jordan

cutie liv 8 yrs   5 star

Love it. It was good but why did you say that only ages 12 and up I’m 9 and I play this 🤪

eveisdabest   4 star

Game game. So this game is fun and I like it.its a little easy though. I do like it I really do. I would recommend this game, some people don’t really like it but I do.so...get it!😋

Queen of JK   3 star

Eh. This game is good but...TOO MANY ADDS

HinBC   3 star

Fun but easy. The game was fun but the levels usually took me less than 3 seconds. It was addictive to play but I finished the whole game in around a day.

ls a   4 star

Cool. It’s a really good game maybe you should have a little bit more harder ones but it is fun

anajla74   3 star

3 stares. Fun but too easy

GetSetGames   1 star

Paid to disable ads and still saw ads. After paying over $5 to disable ads, the game only disabled the banner ads and not the 15 second interstitial ads. Bad developer, no cookie!

cippy13132323   3 star

I like it but.... I love the game but the comments at the top of the screen are mean comments sometimes so maybe try getting nicer comments

Sewbusy1971   5 star

Awesome. Awesome game but I wanna play it with lots of hints

Gibby_67   5 star

Awesome game. I love this game. Can play it for hours, and the pictures are adorable. Highly recommend!

Ian McPants   2 star

neat visually, but lacks gameplay. literally all you do is tap and hold the screen for a couple seconds, every single time.

ryley14   5 star

Awesome!. Tons of levels! I love how this game rarely has ads and dosen't require wifi. Great for on the go! I love the new jigsaw mode as well!

rrdeereerrrfgggdfhuu   3 star

Adds. There is way to much ads otherwise the game is awesome

Nel423   5 star

Donald Trump 100. Alsome app it is very fun

hannaley   2 star

Draw animals. It is a lovely game

bruimm   5 star

Good. Good stuf

Littlealien23   4 star

TNT was the worse explosive. It was really bad like this feeling is pretty bad what are you login in that it’s pretty cheap he pretty cheap but good that Sophie that it’s been a bad bad cloddy like animal in your head people in the finders lock and yes just put the bum on your head which one you are game and rubber one is very hardcore and it’s got like Minecraft and it’s just like Minecraft is that it’s just no no my love and you know the cement Sam is that Dr

Rick Beven   3 star

It’s alright.. I love this game💖 but it gets boring after time. I find this game a bit slow and it can seem like it is trying to be mean with what it says. There is lots of adds.

Erica🦋🦄🌈   5 star

Best game ever!. I love this game so much, because it is quite entertains with its simplicity.

isbfgdghsb   4 star

Draw in. This game is fun but sometimes fustrating and the feed back that you give hurts my feelings😢

diamond whis per   5 star

Love draw in. I love it because you get now how good you are and the creator of this game I love you

fhognestad   1 star

Ads. Way to many ads!! Purely the reason for deleting it

Jorja10   1 star

Way to many adds. Blaa blaa blaa so many adds I can never get it because of how many adds there are its so annoying. Thanks

Summer Baines   5 star

So Many Drawings!!✍️. Really good app and it lifts my mood and spirit really well. I only just downloaded this app and now I’m a pro!😄😄😄😎😎😍😍

tess's leter   2 star

My letter. It is very hard and it all ways says I passed when the line was to short

mammagigi🌸❤️😘   5 star

Awesome Game🙌🏻. This game is very challenging but fun😊 My kids love it, keep the updates coming😝

chilver family   5 star

Rating. I love this game it gets me excited

youssertf   5 star

Good luck. Hi honey I’m gonna say you gonna pray job and that more kids give you a thumbs up

Jacco101   2 star

Draw in. It’s OK

pup squd   5 star

Best game ever. This is the best game ever

Mermadid 1123   5 star

Only Just started. I only just stared playing this game and it allready says d you rate this game and I put 5 stars because I got it first that I tryed and I on level 9 and it SO FUN. That’s why I rate it 5 stars

i love dolan twins   3 star

Draw in. Draw in is a bit hard and difficult but overcome and convince yourself to get past the levels and I believe that whoever reads this will get past all of the levels so thank you for reading this very short article thank you and enjoy yourself

Mookalation   3 star

Hi. This game is quite a good game but I think when you click on it you more think your drawing it’s not that exciting but still A GREAT GAME!!!! 😍 Hope you read mine if so please tell me! Bye

fssvggdd   1 star

Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid

that youtube 3family   5 star

KyeBo. Hi

ANDO FOUR   5 star

Sarah’s review. It is so fun to play because it is really big challenge to try and get the line at the right size so you will be able to pass that leaves that you are on at that time

Swimgirls1   5 star

Amazing. It is incredible but has ads come really fast because I have only done 2 and have had 3 ads. Please fix it

Maddyfun   2 star

Mean comments for if you do not win. I know this sounds stupid but the thing I hate the most is if you don’t make it they will say ‘so awful’ or “what is that?” Who wants some game to lower your self esteem every time you make a mistake? It’s not nice and I’ve stopped playing it because of that!

COASLC   1 star

Worst game. I hate this game. My daughter tried it and could not even get a single one right. Also, I had a go and as soon as I did I new that I had to give it a bad rating. I highly do not recommend this game never get a game like this

Lil_Blondie123456   4 star

Awesome game!💗. This game is really entertaining and good for when I am bored. It’s so easy and for all ages as well! The only tiny thing is, when you don’t pass, it say something like, “Kidding me!” or “Try harder!”. This is fine for older kids but when my little brother plays it he gets a bit sad and offended. Maybe you could change it to something like “Great try!” or “Almost there!”. Anyways, other than that I love this game!

M.C10   5 star

Best game ever. Best game ever this is the best game so far. You should get this app it is the best. I just love app. ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😘😘 Thank you so so so so so so much Best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

fish on the streat   5 star

Amazing game. This game is so addictive and so fun I introduced it to my family and they love it to it is simple but grate it’s me and my friends favourite game its family friendly and non violent it has good features and a good quality game and it’s free 😱love it 👍🌸👋🐬👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️🌺🌺🌺🌺🌞🌞🌞🌞from Carin

mary rose taouk❤️❤️   5 star

Best app ever. This app is so amazing I want to play it all day long pls make another one just like this

Hannahbananh   5 star

Draw in. It is a challenge to get there but I really in joyed the game .

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