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Campus Student [Education] App Description & Overview

Attention all students! Say hello to your new best friend this school year, Campus Student. Campus Student puts your school information at your fingertips. Real-time access to announcements, assignments, attendance, grades, schedules and much more.

1. Download the App
2. Search for your district name and state
3. Select your district
4. Enter your username and password (provided by your school/district)

Receive alerts for grades, assignment scores, attendance changes and more.

Please note: Due to privacy concerns, Infinite Campus does not maintain individual login information. Please contact your school/district.

- Your school district must use Infinite Campus student information system
- An active Infinite Campus account is required


COPYRIGHT: 2018 Infinite Campus, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Bug Fixes.

Campus Student Comments & Reviews

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- Really, really inconvenient

It works okay, I guess... other than the fact that things are incredibly slow and really inefficient. I really dislike how I'll try to copy a google drive file but then it will take me to the safari web browser of Infinite Campus... then it will take me to the safari web browser version of google drive after taking millions of years to load. And here's where the next issue comes in, loading is often INCREDIBLY SLOW and It's really miserable when I need to get into the app, it'll take forever to load. Also not being able to upload images via photos app really cripples me. I have to go to another app and copy the link from there.. please make this better.

- Its Isnt as bad as the reviews say.

I see a lot of reveiws saying that this app is harder to navigate and that the old app is better. In some cases, I agree. As a high school student, it is very important for me to be able to check my schedule, my grades, as well as any assignments that may be due soon. In those fronts, this app succeds. I can check my grades easily, I can also see any assignments due, as well as my schedule, right on the front page. Obviously, as this is new, a few bugs will have to be worked out. The page does tend to jump about rather choppy. I feel like a smoother motion in opening, closing, or changing screens in this app, like you did with the old one, would suit it much better than the choppy motion it has now. There are a few pages that are hidden deep within the app, that I had some trouble finding. I would suggest to move those onto the menu. So, students don't have to spend their time searching for them. Overall, despite the bugs, hidden screens, and choppyness of the transitions, It is a great app that is formatted better than before. If you fix those few things i mentioned before. I would not mind using this app at all!

- A good improvement from the older version!

This new version fixes nearly all the problems I had with the older version. The fact that you used to had to refresh for your grades to show up was confusing for me and I’m sure for a lot of other students. (I only figured it out when someone who had the app told me) The layout for how the grades are shown is much cleaner than before as well, shrinking the size of the grades for each class was a good idea, making it more refreshing to the eye. The app still needs to change however. They need to make it easier for students to access their grades, that’s pretty much the only reason I have the app. In this update they made the button for it even smaller. I recommend that they split the tabs at the top of the screen into four, with a button that takes you directly to your grades, with a refresh of them as well. There would be nothing wrong with the app in my eyes if this were fixed. Even if the button’s hidden in the fly out tabs to make the students see the other utilities they can use, it would be much appreciated to make it a button instead, since it’s more of an annoyance then anything. Besides that, I tip my hat to the designer who created this layout, great job!

- A downgrade...

Perhaps this is a personal issue but upon choosing my district and state, it showed a Connection Error screen and despite hitting the Try Again button numerous times, to no avail; the screen was practically frozen. Giving this three stars because this may be only on my end, rather than the developer’s. I have a new iPhone XR and LTE so internet is not a problem for me. Apparently, this new app works great for others. At first I thought there were many perks: having your schedule at a glance, GPA, etc. But, there’s no use in having a non-working app. I won’t say whether I recommend this app or not, but the original app isn’t too shabby, if this had worked I would be perfectly fine using either app. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

- It’s improved, but still needs work.

The app is very similar to Campus Portal, which makes adjusting to it quite easy, I’d say. The layout is nearly identical. I personally enjoy the new look, and I especially appreciate being able to see my cumulative GPA right above my grades! Very convenient. Perhaps an added “Current GPA” for individual semesters would be a nice addition as well? Of course, since it’s a new app, there are a few glitches and bugs here and there — and the app is by no means perfectly polished. However, I don’t think this app deserves so many negative reviews! It’s an improvement from the old version, for sure.

- Horrific compared to the last app

You open the app and everything functions like a weird cross between an app and a mobile web browser. Everything feels loose (for lack of a better word) and hard to click, and has horrific latency like using a desktop web page on a phone (and my phone is an iPhone X, it’s not slow). Then, Every page takes forever to load too because each time you click something it loads the information that you requested (like in a web browser). Keep in mind: The last app took a while at first but loaded everything, and then when you started clicking around it was fast and seamless. I though I didn’t like the last app, but this app needs some serious work to make it close to as tolerable as the last app.

- Infinite Campus should show student’s exact grade.

Infinite Campus should show student’s exact grade instead of just giving them an approximate with the letter grading system. This feature is in many other grading platforms like Power School and should be in Infinite Campus too, it is even in their promotional pictures and it's a little unfair because teachers can see their student’s exact grade for students cannot see their exact grades. This feature will allow students to see their changes to improve their grades based on how close they are to a higher grade. These will help many students to keep track of their grades. I hope you implement it as soon as possible.

- Not exactly better

It’s not exactly better it’s just different. I feel like making a new app would mean that there are new helpful features but no, the app is practically the same so there is really no point in them making this at all. Infinite Campus you just wasted your money. Add something useful like graphs and charts where you can see how your grade in a class changed over time, or ways to see what grade you have to get on a test to keep an “A”. Your welcome for giving you guys some ideas, you obviously can’t think of any yourselves.

- Great to keep up with school

The original app was starting to glitch out when I got this one. What always bothered me about the old app is refreshing the app to get your grades. Now I can quickly check my grades between classes and check for missing assignments without waiting. This is just a small thing but sometimes the refreshing sign would take forever. Another thing I like about the new app is it says your GPA right at the top. It is helpful to me when preparing to college to make sure my GPA is still meeting my goal for the year. This feature does sometimes glitch out however.

- Pretty good

I like this app and it is very useful to me. It’s easy to use and I like how you get notifications when something is graded. The only thing is I wish it had an option for teachers to add images attached to the assignments. When I’m missing something and I look at the title on campus I usually don’t know what it is and I have to ask my teacher. However, if the teachers could have the option to take a photo of the assignment and add it somehow to the assignment, it would be very helpful for the teacher and student. I really wish that was a thing, but even without it it is a good app. 🙂

- AWESOME! Dunno why people say this is bad.

This is awesome! I can actually see everything I need to know without clicking anything! Like my assignments due the next day, the date, my class schedule, etc. People who say this is bad and “hard to navigate”, guess what, it’s a different app. It’s easier to use and honestly, I won’t have a heart attack in the morning trying to click through all the stuff on the old app. I would say finding my district was hard, but that was it. You guys at Infinite Campus Inc. are rocking this!

- I hate it🤮

When I get on the app it’s HORRIBLE. For the first Day it was working perfectly fine but then the next day I got on the app it logged me out. So basically I feel like it’s a scam (my opinion) I wouldn’t recommend getting the app and getting a better one just for safety. The app is good in some ways but horrible in different ways one ways it’s horrible is the day it logged me out it said something about check with ur district like what? Why do I have to check with my district about a internet issue????? And most of it wasn’t a internet issue but Anyways that’s all ( DONT get this app.)

- Better than the old app

There are many people complaining that this app is worse, these people more than likely don’t like change and are too mindless to use a simple user interface. This app does not require the data to be retrieved every time unlike the old app. Things such as the academic plan have been added to the app, which used to only be on the web version. Simple user interface, easy to understand if your brain isn’t the size of a walnut.

- It feels like a website

This app feels like it is a webpage disguised as an app. It loads the pages like a website. It clicks like a website. It doesn’t even load the main screen if your offline, unlike the previous app and normal apps that have a user interface at all times even when offline. If I get an app, I would like more fluidity and not have it be slower than the actual website. It is organized well and I had high hopes for this app, but it is very clunky. You’re better off using the website.

- 4 1/2

just another source of anxiety and stress. 😐I know the actual stress comes from school but having all your grades in one place all to look at so easily accessible is stressful. for some (my braggy friends who seem perfect) this might be helpful, but getting a notification every. single. time. my grade goes down a little is sooooo fun 😞. i might sound bratty and stuff but this is a source of anxiety for me. i know i can dobetter and my grades would rise but what if my teacher doesn’t even teach to where i can understand it, then he gives us tests that we have to be a 110% student to get a decent grade on 😐. it is helpful to access your grades tho.

- It is ok, a lot like the website

It is hard to use as a blind person. From what I’m hearing from others, we now have to flip through pages. I already told another student that campusportal is going to be gone very soon. That app is a lot easier to use then this one. I do not think the other app should retire because their are probably a couple hundred blind people that still use it and are going to be really sad that app is going to be long gone.

- Great App

I overall really like the app. It is very easy to use and makes it easier to look at my grades. There is one thing that I wish would change. In a previous version, you were able to see the percentage within different categories. Such as a 90% in assessments and a 87% in homework. In the current version, I am unable to see that and I think it would benefit me greatly if I did know so that I know what area I need to work harder on.

- It's pretty epic. ლ,ᔑ•ﺪ͟͠•ᔐ.ლ

Yeah, so people are getting really upset about the login issues. I get it. However, I haven't had the problem and think it's a pretty solid app. I can get to what I need to see quickly, and can check missing assignments easily. Maybe the login issue has to do with the "stay signed in" option? Or, perhaps they actually fixed it last week. Idk, just saying. ٩( ᐛ )و

- Average?

The app works fine, but it’s a bit hard to navigate. I can’t tell if this is due to me being used to the old app, but it does feel less streamlined than the last app. I’m fine with this though, since the app is new. Personally, I prefer the black white and green rather than just white and green, too. For now, I can deal with this since the old campus is still around. By the time it goes away and if those problems in this app is still around though? I’m probably going to delete it.

- Hidden Grades

With the new app for whatever reason, the grades in future grading periods are hidden. This means that if you are in a semester system, you cannot see quarter 4 progress which is where almost all teachers post grade updates. This means that you have to keep checking the grade book updates for every single assignment until you reach the actual start of quarter 4. This forces you to go to the desktop website to see what future assignments are worth, what your current grades are, open transcript reports, and see what percent the teacher has set for each letter grade. So almost everything has to be done online.

- Bad app/website

At fist I was very impressed with the app but then one day it just stopped working. About a week ago I started getting a message that the app could not be accessed please try later. 2 days later after still getting this message I signed out and tried to sign back in, same message. I deleted the app and reinstalled, same message. I tried the website, same message. I tried from my desktop, same message. Then today I tried the website again and the site said it had no record of my email address, funny since I have been using it for about 10 years.

- Good app. Stop faking bad ratings.

I know people are just doing bad ratings because they are trying to get rid off this app, but it’s a good app. It shows you your grades, schedule, assignments- including upcoming, due, and late ones- and much more. It is better than the old one! You don’t have to sync/reload it (which was confusing). I have it on my iPad as well as my phone.

- Not Like They Say

People just haven’t figured out the tricks to use this app yet. It’s less direct than the older version, but if you can figure out how to use it, which isn’t super hard, it’s VERY easy to get to where you want to go. It’s much more modernized than the older one, which I appreciate, and it only takes a couple clicks to view anything on the app. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- More functionality than last app, but still broken.

Slow, ugly, and buggy. Basically the web site bookmarked to your homescreen. It barely counts as an app. I only rated it two stars because it at least does it’s job, albeit slowly and without grace, but it barely deserves it for being such a lazily-made and hard-to-navigate app. It would be much appreciated if it was overhauled to have less convoluted menus and a cohesive theme that matches with the iOS system.

- Good

It works really well actually don’t worry about all the 1 star ratings because half of them are just pathetic about how their grades are bad, like you set yourself up for those grades or how there is no interaction like it is just a site to look at your grades, or contact your teacher if a grade is wrong or you can’t log in. It is literally a good app

- It works but it’s inconvenient

The app has all the same information from the old one and is almost a similar format. However it’s an unconvincing display which makes it hard to see grades quickly and efficiently. I have to click on multiple things to see subcategories separately contrary to the old app where are the information was available at once. It’s not as easy to use but maybe I’ll get used to it...

- Decent app for school

A lot of people are saying that you cannot get in to your district. I could get in fine and did not have any issues. Most schools are still using this program so you really don’t have a choice. The app works fine and has never frozen. I don’t see why others are having so many issues when my app works fine.

- App is good. But a suggestion.

I love the app for checking grades, but for whenever the teacher puts in the grades can we put feedback/comments on the grade that we got? Because my teacher accidentally wrote me the wrong grade and i had to tell the teacher the next day. And i really would like there to be an response system. Thanks!

- Great

The other one when the school closed the portal u don’t know what u got in class as grade it make worry and not sleep well for the 3 days of final but this could be a bug/glitch that should be a feature I get alerted on what put into that class like our final with it it make feel less worry than before

- Glitches Occur Too Often!

In the new Student Campus Portal app, there were many instances when the app would say, “Connection Error” and then become a white screen. Fixing this has become annoying difficult. Also, there were times when the app would be extremely sensitive to the touch and open up many folders. Overall, the website is better than the app, in my opinion.

- Should be called “Limited Campus”

The app won’t let me sign in to my account. I checked the app store, and the most recent update—which I have—said that the sign in issues were fixed. I don’t know who is testing this app, but apparently they don’t understand the definition of “fixed.” Anyways, it’s not like I really wanted to sign in to this app—it looks ugly, and you can barely do anything with it. The desktop version isn’t much better. I wish all my teachers would switch over to Canvas for grades, which is far superior.

- my grades are not correct

i have honors chem and recently i've gotten 100's and 90's but whenever my teacher would put it in, i get only 0.6 added to my official grade ? i thought it was my teachers wrong doings so i messaged her and even she tried to fix it but it doesn't work. so, i'm not sure if this is happening to others but to the creators of this app, please fix this. the fall semester is about to end in 2 months and i don't want to be at the brink of getting a B+. if you could help correct my grade, that would mean a lot to me.

- Could Be Better

Although the new update has made it more user friendly, it fails to show us the full grading system of each class and only gives us random numbers which lead us to guess what they mean. Also, there is a bug where students have not been receiving any notifications. This app has a lot of potential, but just doesn’t know how to execute it properly.

- Horrible

This app is way worse compared to the first one. I have been very sick lately and I am trying to decide if I should start going to school if I’m sick (because of how many days I’ve missed) and there’s no calendar, no absent mark, and no indication of how many days you’ve missed but on the other app it shows you a calendar and what you’ve missed and whether it’s a or b day (my school does a & b days). All in all, this app, although has an upgraded change in look, is quite honestly a downgrade to the old one.

- It’s alright, but

I often just use the app to do check-ins for class, but most times, the app has connection issues (mind you, I have good WiFi and during the times that Campus does not connect, it’s not because my WiFi went down). Then I have to resort to the website, which defeats the purpose of having the app in the first place. Also, Campus servers are down waaay too often; please fix this.

- Pretty happy!

I see a lot of comments saying this app isn't easy to navigate but I would have to disagree. I find this app super easy to find things that I need as a student. Pretty happy with the layout and easy accessibility to all my things like schedules and grades. Over all app is well done!!

- It’s frustrating

I just downloaded this app A couple of days ago and when I tried to get inside of the app when he told me to put the district name it never let me in the app and I’ve been trying for a couple days now and I feel as if it should be easy access to get inside of the app and it’s not because it keep saying that there’s no results every time I hook up my school district I even tried the numbers Of my school district. I feel as if this app should be easy to get into Without a problem.

- Terrible app

When I get a grade on an assignment it used to notify me how that assignment affected my overall grade. Now it takes multiple hours to notify me. On the attendance for online days I have to open the app and press a button that says I’m here. They need to keep that button always available so that way I can look to see if I pressed the button or not. Because I have no clue now if I waited to long or if I pressed the button when I woke up.

- App isn’t loading!

As a student, this last week is definitely my most stressful week of the school year due to things like exams, and final grades of the year getting put in. But infinite campus is literally not letting me check my own grades. It kept not letting me log in, so I finally reinstalled the app, and put in my school district and it STILL didn’t let me log in. I don’t know the problem with this is but I can’t check my grades because I can’t use my district and there’s no other way to check my grades and this is TERRIBLE timing.

- New app new problems

The new campus portal app is just a lazy reskin of the original app. It might add a few new things ,but is doesn't change that much besides the layout. It fixes the issue where you have to refresh to update your grades, but that would take 10 minutes to fix on the original app. Also there are plenty of new bugs to deal with, and I have to deal with them because it's the only way to check my grades.

- Crappy

Even though I don’t have to refresh every time I want to check my grades, the app still wastes that same amount of time starting up to show me my grades when I first open it. I don’t get any notifications either, but I have notifications on. This “app” is basically the website. The old one had a much better layout for phones. Why fix something that doesn’t need fixing??

- I love this app

This app is truly great, it allows me to check my grades, attendance and many more school related items with ease. Infinite campus is truly underrated and is so useful. The only downside I have with it is that the notification number in the bell icon sometimes won’t disappear if i have a message.

- Not letting me log in?

I’ve been trying to log in from safari and from the app and it wouldn’t let me because my connection was down. My connection has been perfectly fine as I have been able to do many things all day with no problem, the app just will not work and it’s stressing me out because I cannot see my due and/or missing assignments.

- Nothing is appearing

I have both a parent and student app. The old app worked fine but ever since I downloaded the parent app my student app will not show me my grades. I also cannot get past the point of entering out district info on the parent app, it tells me nothing is found but when I got to the webpage it has no problem locating the district. Why can’t I view my grades for courses that are in progress? Why can’t I login to my existing parent portal? Why don’t these apps work now that they are two separate apps?

- Simple and better

I don’t know why people are having a hard time with the new layout it’s easier to find specific grades you want I guess people don’t have a much of a brain stem to find out. It’s easy to know what’s due and I love it because I get to see my grades.

- Great improvement

The app now features most of the features of the website with a mobile-friendly interface. The interface, however, lacks elements of separation in its design. This makes different numbers "blur" together and confuses the user. Otherwise, the app is solid. No noticeable bugs have emerged.

- This thing absolutely blows

I downloaded it because I have horrible organization skills and I needed a place to know what I needed to know and where to go but this stupid app wouldn’t ever update my schedules or homework things. My mom has the app on her phone and she uses it as a way to punish me if I do something wrong so basically I’m getting monitored with everything I do and everything I mess up gets monitored as well. Not saying it’s as bad as Life 360 but in my opinion it stoops to that level of horribleness.

- Newest Update

In the newest update we cannot access our schedule. In previous versions we could click on the side bar and go directly to our schedule, and now we can’t even find it. I’m sure I speak for the majority when I say that I am very dissatisfied with this update. Please fix it before classes start this week. This school year will already be hectic enough without students not being able to check their schedules.

- Could use a little work

I just wanted to conclude the fact that it's a great app but needs work. For example, when I double click things when I'm supposed to, it just closes up for me. But I'm really happy that it shows things like your grade, your attendance, and so much more! 4 out of 5 stars!

- Ok

The App is ok but it’s really not needed. I honestly like the old app better, simply because of the fact that the layout is better in my opinion, and also I could check my grades wherever as for with this app I have to wait to have wifi before I can do anything. But the app isn’t as bad as all the people who are writing reviews as tryin to make it seem.

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- This app doesn’t let me get into my district

My school said to download this app, so I did and I couldn’t even get into my district. Every time I clicked on it it said “connection error” when it wasn’t my fault because my WiFi works fine...I can’t really say anything else except that because, like I said, it didn’t let me go far. But if the rest of the app is like this then I’m going to absolutely hate it

- Can’t get notifications

For some reason I’m not getting any notifications from this app. I tried turning them off and on and waiting and multiple other ways, but nothing’s seemed to work. Getting notifications about my grades is vital to me raising my grades, so I would appreciate some help getting notifications. I will change my review once this issue is resolved.

- Won’t show my district

I need help and I hope you can help, but every time I try to log in and type in my district, it won’t show my district and I know I’m typing in my district right. So if you could tell me if I’m doing anything wrong or if it’s just something with the app that would be great. Thanks!

- Somewhat better than old one

It was an annoying switch, but I like that I don’t have to get the data every time and the controls feel more natural, I like how it has notifications more noticeable too, worth the switch even if it was annoying

- Terrible

Oh my god I hate this app. A series of stupid questions that go nowhere. For example, as soon as you turn it on it says enter district, so I did and nope it didn’t work. I tried making it all one letter, LAUSD, but nope. I tried writing the whole thing out, but nope. After 15 tried I found out that instead of putting the District, like it clearly says to do at the top, I had to put the nickname to the high school, not even the real name. Stuff like this happens all the time.

- So many more options

I love that there are so many more things you can check on this than the other one i dont like how the grades are formatted once you actually open it so i saved the other app for that between the 2 together it is perfect

- i cant view my grades.

as a high school student in multiple honors and accelerated classes, it is vital that i have access to my grades whenever i need them. this app, for whatever reason, doesn’t display my grades. it displays my gpa and my classes and then a ton of blanks where the grades are supposed to be. this is making me incredibly stressed, since grades are due in a few days and i can’t see mine to know which teachers i should check in with. please fix this ASAP.

- Awesome

I use this app every so often to check my grades, and it’s a lot better than the website and the old app. However, it shows the GPA on one of the screenshots of the app and I was wondering how you get it to show up where your grades are? If someone could tell me that would be great!

- The other app was better

The old infinite campus app was perfectly fine. Easy to use. Looked really neat. And it worked very well. Since they retired that app, I had to downgrade to this one. This app looks less like an app, and more like I’m looking my grades up on safari. A lot of the format looks very confusing. It takes a long time to load. And it makes me miss the other app a lot more than I thought I would. Please bring the other app back.

- Needs work, UPDATE

The old app did the basics right. How is it that you guys messed up even the simplest of mechanics? I can't even switch tabs because they are too high up my screen. I have an iPhone 6 and the tabs are intersecting with the time on top of my screen. This app could be better I see potential if they fix the dang tab bar. How am I suppose to see my grades?!

- If I could give it zero stars, I would

Frankly this app is an absolute downgrade from the previous. The complicated interface leads to confusion and constant errors lead to an absolutely unusable app. The icing on the cake of this complete mess is that they recently disabled use of the old app so even if you wanted to you can’t use the superior app. If I were the devs I would at least let people use the old app until they fix this mess, but that’s not my decision.

- Ok but needs work

The app is ok but to start off the app should be able to fit on properly on any device, this is a main thing that should be fixed because it's hard to press on the corner button since the buttons on phone are all the way up top in the corner of the phone.

- Works well

It works very well for me, I can always see my grades, even when the site is down. I’m not sure why there is so much bad reception. I do think they should make a Teacher app as well.

- Wouldn’t recommend for failing students, But a Good App

EveryDay my teachers post my grades, but for some reason I think there is a glitch. It seams that when teacher put in an A+ it autocorrects to F. Does anyone else have that problem.

- Connection Error

Not better or worse than the last, still has stupid amounts of connection errors, which really just has to do with the company itself. If possible, I would really like if it could not do this, so I can actually see my grades, but I guess thats too much to ask for because it has had these issues since they first started using this, and have never addressed them. Also Go Bears.

- Easy, accessible and useful.

I really do enjoy this app. I have not had any problems at all so far. This app is easier than the last one and you can see your grades better. Definitely Download. :)

- Disappointed

I’ve been using this app for over a month, and I absolutely hate it. It always glitches and I can never go on the app more that 3 times a day, because there is always an error or something wrong. Don’t use the app! I would prefer to use google classroom because it never glitches and it’s easy to access. If you’re a teacher I would recommend something else for the students.

- Really Good Upgrade

I had the old infinite campus app before and I recently downloaded this newer version. It is SO MUCH FASTER and is a lot more user friendly than the old app. I am not going to go back to using the old app anytime soon! :D

- Login???

I think the app overall is good. But I logged out at one point, and now I cannot log back in with a Single Sign-on because I put in my login credentials and then when I hit enter, the screen switches to a notification request screen and freezes. Could this be fixed?


It wouldn’t let me login for hours and then I logged in and it was just a blank screen. Nothing would show. I deleted it and reinstalled it and logged out and logged back in. It isn’t my wifi because everything else works perfectly. It isn’t the website because I logged in online. And it isn’t my phone because I’ve only had it for a week. So in conclusion, this app is trashy and glitchy.

- Doesn’t work at all

I have had it happen numerous times where when I open the app it either shows a white page with no way of getting around, glitches out and sends me back to the home screen if my phone, or it logs me out of my account then proceeds to tell me that my log in information is incorrect. Had multiple issues with this app since it first came out. Not recommended at all!!

- Just the website

It’s literally just the website so it’s horrible and clunky. They could have at least made the navbar native but couldn’t even do that. This is the laziest excuse for an app I have ever seen. It has to completely reload every time you open it too which is absolutely horrible since it takes like 20 seconds to completely open even on my iPhone XS Max. Please at least make it somewhat native.

- worse than website

Provide some sort of acknowledgement that a button is pressed- currently, one can press the alerts/bell, only for nothing to haopen for the next 15 seconds. Pressing in the mean time leads to visual glitches, and commonly 'connection errors'. At least the website is consistent.

- much better than the old one

i have absolutely no clue why anyone says this app is much worse than the old one, if anything it’s even better than the old one. when i log into infinite campus on my computer it automatically takes me to the old version and it’s so outdated, it feels like i’m walking into 2011. this new one has so many more new features, it’s easier to navigate, and it just looks better and more clean.

- Backtracked in some ways

Much better design and interface, but for the life of me I can't figure out how, or if there is even a way to view all assignments and grades from a particular class. It was so simple to do on the old app, and it is arguably one of the most important features Infinite Campus offered.

- Why

My grades are good so I do good. My mom gives me money and gettin them honeys. I have over 100 animals because of this 😍 I be gettin dismissed. The boys always stare and I say “What? I know u care ;)” This app is totally recommended and lets make this a trend-did.

- Never works just use campus parent

Doesn’t allow me to see anything but, of course, the second app works perfectly fine. Just a time waster

- What app??

This hades to been an app at all. All this has done is open my internet and have me sign in to the website. I wouldn’t have downloaded an app that would just have me sign in the way I was before. I downloaded this one because the other app had been shut down for some reason, that app actually gave me the information I was looking for. All this app does is re direct me. Very annoying

- Fix the schedule !

The old app was perfect for planning out different things when you could go on the calendar and choose a date and it would show you what classes you had that day. Now I never know which classes I have for any day in the future.

- Just...

It really shouldn’t be that complicated when it comes to checking your grades in school. Yet it is. For me, I have had problems when it comes to signing in... After re-typing the exact same thing I’ve typed before multiple times, I finally get in. It often takes me three to five tries in order to log in. It’s really frustrating. Sincerely, A displeased student :/

- !!No notifications!!

I never get notifications on anything. I got notifications from everything off the old app. I have all the notifications turned on in both the app and my settings but still never get notifications. Please fix this!!!

- It won’t show one of my classes??

When I check my grades I can see all my classes except my History class. Might me something personal with my account but I would like for it to be fix. Just so it’s easier when the new semester starts. Overall the app is great.

- Amazing

Before I even get my progress report I know what’s going on with my grades. I can get something straightened out before I get a F or a D in a class. I love getting up to date notifications on my grades and attendance.

- This app does not work

Maybe this is an issue with my school district, but all this app does is redirect you to Safari. I’ve only had like 1 and a half semesters of computer science but something tells me I can get to an already janky website without the help of a jankier app. I gave it one star because of the joy it brings me when I realize I am graduating and a month and won’t need to deal with it anymore.

- better than the old app

i love this app SO much better i can see my reports and it just looks a lot cleaner it may not be THAT different i still think it’s good 10/10

- It’s very slow at times and won’t work

I’ve had this app plenty of time over the years and a lot of times grades or sometimes the page itself won’t pop up

- It’s perfect

This app tells me everything I need to know and is easy to use. It tells me we’re I need to be before class starts, and tells me what my grades. I might be average, but I’m smart.

- super helpful

I like the new design/layout a lot better than the old one. looks better and is much easier to navigate

- infinite nightmare

Even the the teachers hate this app referring to it as “infinite nightmare” and “icky campus”. The app is slow and can be hard to navigate, but that’s when it isn’t crashing multiple times a month leaving teachers unable to grade assignments and students unable to check their grades. Not to mention it’s been known to have multiple graded assignments just vanish out of the grade book. yucky yucky yuck!

- Great!

This app if extremely efficient! You can look at your grades, schedule, and attendance right at your fingertips! I highly recommend using this app for school.

- Makes school easier

This platform notifies me every time my grades are changed. It makes keeping up with work easier.

- Works great!

In my opinion it functions better than the old app and is much easier to use and has a cleaner layout

- No messaging

This app is great I get to check my grades and work on them as soon as possible but I hate that there’s no messaging system. If there was a messaging system I would rate this a 5 star. Can you guys add a messaging system?

- It’s basically a web app

Sure it gets the job done but I would’ve liked to see an app built from the ground up and not just a port of the website. It’s also missing some features and can get a bit glitchy sometimes.

- Slow to load

I mean it does the job like the previous app, but loading my grades takes an eternity versus the old one and it would be nice to get in and see how badly I bombed the math test as soon as I open the app. So work on optimization!

- The app is good WHEN IT WORKS

I’m getting a connection error message and it’s been like this for a while now. Tried going to the website instead but there isn’t a connection to the network.

- School

Everyone makes a bad rating because they hate school. I do to, but I need to know my attendance and grades and everything. And sometimes I can’t check it on a computer, so this app is amazing.

- Doesn’t work on IPad

So I’m doing a bunch of work but I decide to check my grades so I try doing it on google, but it just shows a blank screen with the tool bar on ever page. Then, I download the app and I’m like ‘Yeah this should work, it’s an app!’ And guess what? It does the same thing as online! So I can’t see what’s missing and if I even have a good grade in my classes! Please get this fixed! 😭

- The updates made it from terrible to amazing

I use have issues with this app all the time until the update.

- Complete Downgrade

The app is clunky and unintuitive to use, and poorly designed in general. The option to click on your grade in a class and see all of your assignments has been completely removed, and, to my knowledge, it’s impossible to sort your assignments by class. Instead, it sorts by date, which is unhelpful when trying to look at only one class’ assignments.

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✦ dee ✦

oh lets make it mashi is not only straight A student but also a campus heartthrob and people who want to get close to him suddenly back away as soon as they see his dad lol

Austin Jackman

@601_Okra @Zone_14 If vandy is like most other schools regular students went home last week until January. You’ve got someone who is eligible... been in the same testing protocols as a current student athlete.. was back on campus Monday after winning SEC 🏆. Seems like a good fit for situation.


@AltThesis What makes it worse is that they made regular students come on campus to justify making student athletes come on campus. How many people got Covid because of greed?

Campus Student 1.6.2 Screenshots & Images

Campus Student iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Campus Student iphone images
Campus Student iphone images
Campus Student iphone images
Campus Student iphone images

Campus Student (Version 1.6.2) Install & Download

The applications Campus Student was published in the category Education on 2018-09-22 and was developed by Infinite Campus, Inc. [Developer ID: 464352886]. This application file size is 14.86 MB. Campus Student - Education app posted on 2020-10-21 current version is 1.6.2 and works well on IOS 11.4 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.infinitecampus.student.campusportalhybrid

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