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Sora, by OverDrive Education App Description & Overview

What is sora, by overdrive education app? Borrow ebooks and audiobooks from your school's library with Sora. Setup is simple - just find your school and sign in. Then download or stream your assignments and favorite books to your device.

Sora includes:
• A ground-breaking built-in ebook reader
• A beautiful audiobook player
• Easy access to assigned titles
• A running tally of time spent reading and numbers of books read

With Sora you can:
• Borrow a book and start reading with a single tap
• Create and export notes and highlights
• Define words - and review a list of all the words that you've looked up
• Earn achievements for reading, and for completing certain tasks in Sora
• Enjoy reading ebooks and audiobooks!

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App Name Sora, by OverDrive Education
Category Education
Updated 19 June 2023, Monday
File Size 12.32 MB

Sora, by OverDrive Education Comments & Reviews 2023

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I love this app! One issue though.. Hello reader, I love this app, if you are looking for an app with a large selection of e-books and audio books then this is the place for you! 📚 I was so excited when my English teacher recommended this app to me! I love how you can also get fun little achievements for reading different genres, renewing a book, returning a book early, etc. The selection is awesome 👏 👏 👏! My only issue with this app is the checkout limit, three books total (both your e-books and audio books combined not three each). Could the developers possibly bring it up to four, or maybe five? Thanks so much for reading! Bye!

So great!!!. I absolutely love Sora! I have used it for a while now and have had no problems. I love to download audiobooks to listen to and to read ebooks. There is such variety of genre and level. I like how you can do an advanced search and narrow it down to almost exactly what you want. Although Sora doesn’t always have what I’m looking for, it’s still a great app! I do have a request though. I know you can earn badges in all, but I think you should be able to set reading goals! Teachers should set goals for theirs students and students should be able to set goals for themselves too. Thank you so so much! - A very happy customer

Good, but some bugs. Overall sora is a wonderful app that helps give access to many very good books, a few problems though. First, I would like to address my most recent issue. There is a glitch were my pages just randomly freeze and I cannot turn without exciting the app and reloading it. This is very frustrating as it happens every Tim I turn a page. Next, I would like to address the problem of being randomly logged out. Before the prior problem started, sometimes I would be reading peacefully and the app will just crash for no reason. Other than that, this app is a very good instalment. Developers, if you could please look into these issues I would greatly appreciate it.

Pros and Cons. Pros: Feels authentic Books read from electronics No need to go to the library Audio books Cons: Hold placements: why do you need hold placements on an electronic book app? The book isn’t exactly an object you picked up from the library. It feels like this app could have accomplished so much more is this wasn’t a feature. Electronic books should not have a checkout line. Interface: the interface is glitchy at worst, an annoyance at best. Sampling: when I sample a book I have to return to where I found the book instead of just being able to borrow it right then and there In all, I feel like this app should be an alternative if someone has already borrowed the book you were after in the library, it shouldn’t function as if it were a library itself, at least not with the extreme downsides of the library

One problem.... Sora is a great app and I use it a lot. But there is one problem. I tried to log in on one of my devices and accidentally put in the wrong passcode and of course it said try again. But then when I tried again I clicked the sign in button a pop up showed up and said that it couldn’t find my account. I restarted the app and it still didn’t work. Then, I deleted the app and got it again and it still won’t work. I’ve done this several times and it’s still not working. I am very upset amped annoyed and really want to use this app.

Literally amazing, but..... Okay, so to be honest, I think Sora is a great way to read your books online. There are cool features available which are quick and easy to use, and they are very descriptive when it comes to books. Sora also represents your local library very well--but an online version. A few things that they could work on improving is creating a larger collection of books. I also am experiencing a bug that makes it so I can't open any book, but it might just be a wifi problem. Anyway, this app has its pros and cons, but I still would recommend it for anyone willing to read ebooks!

Appropriateness Level. The app says it’s for ages 4 and up. There are definitely books on this app that are good for that age, but I wouldn’t recommend this app because there are also lots of books with profanity and violence. If you click on one of the categories, for example mystery, you get books written for elementary kids and books for adults on the same screen. Sometimes it’s hard to find something for my age. Beyond a few good series, I have to choose between boredom (books written for people younger than me), or books with bad profanity and violence.

Perfect! But could have a few better features. I’ll start out by saying I love this app. As a huge reader I found it really useful to have my entire school library on my phone. One thing is if I was waiting for a hold, I wouldn’t find out my hold was ready until I opened the app to read something else. I think it would be really useful to have notifications that would send out to alert you when a hold was ready or when it was almost time to take a book back. Other than that, it’s a perfect app for students like me who love reading on their phones. I highly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t like reading as much because their are audiobooks as well as ebooks. Anyway please look into the notifications thing and thank you for your time!

Sora is amazing!. Sora is an amazing app! You can check out books online. It can be really handy for students or someone who needs a book for their SA or assignment! However there is one thing that can be annoying, whenever I want to check out a book sometimes somebody has already checked it out so I’m not able to borrow it or read it until the person who checked it out returns it or it gets returned because it got to the end of their due date. Other than that Sora is an amazing app and I definitely recommend!!!

Fun app, but needs a little work.. Sora is a nice app but however, it has issues. My child was obsessed with reading on Sora when her school introduced it to her, so she read a lot everyday. However, when she opened Sora a few days later, when she wanted to borrow a book, it said, ‘You checked out and returned too many titles in a short time please try again later.’ I would get that if she did NOT return the titles, but that makes no sense because they were basically stopping my daughter from reading! And another thing Sora could be working on, my daughter can only check out one book at a time and hold one book at a time, why aren’t they letting her check out and hold more? So Sora’s a good app when you actually can read on there, otherwise, it could use some work.

This app is amazing!. This app is pretty awesome! I just started readied a new book called: RESTART! On December I listened to the Christmas Carol audiobook which was three hours long, but even though it was quite lengthy, I loved it the whole journey through! I’m also reading Cam Janson, I also read the silly alphabet song, do you know what has a trunk, is a blue whale the biggest thing there is, music, music, music, a picture book of Martin Luther King, Jr, dogs, guts, sisters, smile, ice cream, mickey’s Christmas Carol, bad case of strips, the book with no pitcures,, (I started reading stay where you are and then leave) and also the couch potato, the great egg scape, the bad seed presents the good, the bad, and the spooky. And also the smart cookie, the good egg, the bad seed, and the cool bean! Ha! and those are pretty funny books! And I know this review is not just supposed to be about the books I read, so I will tell you some things. I hope this app will allow you to have profiles of pitcures you have saved in your photos, instead of just profile pitcures the app has given to you. Anyway, other than all of that, I think everybody should own this app!

App. Not the best app

The concept is nice but.... I only recently got this app and I’m hoping to be proven wrong but right off the bat I see some issues. For one, even though they have access to your clever account, which I believe has your grade and lexile score, I was recommended books for 3rd graders despite being in 7th grade. And even the books that were “on level” had lexile less than a thousand and-age counts not reaching 200. My lexile score for the record was 1413. This is the thing I have the most trouble with on kids websites. They seem to assume all of us are below average and group 5th graders in with kindergarteners in reading level. The next thing is the “fantasy” section. I have read many a book in this genre written in the last decade. So why are all the books on the websites not? I know old books can be good, but by now the writing pales in comparison to modern books that actually engage the reader. I can name hundreds of modern fantasy books yet they don’t have a single decent one. I’m not sure how this works, and if it’s a problem with the rights and copyright and stuff that’s fine, but please make your system see what grade and lexile score your on. No dignified 7th grader is going to be caught dead reading “Spongebob: Surfs Up!”

Doesn’t hold your place in audio. I like that this is free, but the app needs work. Every time I reopen my audiobook it shoots me back to like 5 chapters before and I have to re-find my place. This can be extremely annoying because when you’re listening you’re not necessarily paying attention to what chapter you’re on. To those that are complaining about wait lines for ebooks and audiobooks, though, THIS IS HOW THE LIBRARY WORKS and is not an issue with the app. Libraries buy e-copies of the book but are not allowed to loan out infinite copies. Otherwise the publishers/authors wouldn’t make any money.

AMAZING!!!❤️ but.... Amazing app for kids! Has a ton of books for anyone’s level! No ads, no glitches seen so far. I recommend this app for any student! But, there is one issue. I have had quite a few books now that say they have an unknown wait. I have had books that say the wait is about 6 months, and I have waited more that half a year now and they still aren’t available. One tip to fix that, but overall it’s a really great app! ❤️ 📚 ❤️ 📖❤️

Can’t log in after most recent update. Can’t log in after most recent software update. It’s middle of summer break; can’t check out new ebooks, audiobooks or magazines. Can’t renew books. No one to check with at school bc: ITS SUMMER BREAK. Very disappointed. Hope my students are having more luck.

Minor issues. Everyday when I got home I would use Sora, right? But when I finished a book (Ex: Warrior Cats) I would want the sequel, which they didn’t have, so I would go to the library and try and get it, but I have a pretty small library in my town, so it would be on hold, lost, or they didn’t have it. Overall I think it’s great, but there are some more minor issues. 1. The hold system. I don’t understand why you would need that on a digital app? When I wanted to read a book, and it was on hold, I hat to wait 2-4 weeks just for one person (unless they returned it). 2. How they recommended books. I am in 6th grade, but I logged in with clever which has test scores, etc. so it recommended 3-4th grade books, so I had to think of books I wanted and search for them at the search bar.

Does not accurately save where I left off. This app has such potential but there’s one huge issue… whenever I re-open an audiobook after not listening for a few hours, I find that the app didn’t save where I left off! It always starts me back about 20 minutes from where I really left off so I have to manually fast forward and figure out where to pick back up which is SO frustrating! Definitely not a great user experience. After I finish the book I’m currently listening to in Sora, I’ll be going back to using Overdrive or maybe I’ll try out Libby.


Great for audiobooks, but.... I am a student who uses this app to listen to audiobooks during this pandemic, but with that I have a question: Why do you need to borrow and renew audiobooks? And here’s a better one: Why can I not renew an AUDIOBOOK when someone has a hold on it? It’s not like it’s an actual book that there is only one of, in fact, why is it even like this at all? Isn’t the whole point of a virtual library to keep books easily accessible? Maybe there is something that I don’t understand, but this system is REALLY stupid. (I know I complained a lot, but it’s still good, and is still a really easy way to access good reads or listens)

Great App. I used to use the online version of this app before deciding to try the actual app and boy I’m I glad I sucked it up and downloaded this. I love that I can read without WiFi and that I don’t have up sign in every time I want to read. Ever since stuff has been closing I’ve been having to buy books online but with Sora I am able to get them for free and read anytime. It’s really nice and convenient little library in your pocket. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone and everyone. Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoyed my fricken Ted talk.

Love it tho. I love this app I only have one problem when ever I find a book I might like I find out u have the third and not the first or second or the last one which makes it really hard for me to find a book I might like I do think that greatly needs to be fixed I also have an example I am reading the Harry Potter books well u don’t have the last one or wings of fire u have like the first six but that’s it I think it would great if u could go through and download all the books in series u don’t have it would make the app 20 times better

Great Book App!. Sora is a great app for all ages to read any genre. My school library doesn’t have all the books I like, but that’s not Sora’s fault. I’m honestly a Wattpad reader but I like the books you can find on Sora. One thing though, I know it’s a library but why a waitlist? You can’t just individually copy?

Sora: an app for books that’s ACTUALLY amazing. ppl are saying it’s bad when it’s not??? it’s actually SO good. i’ve given up on reading online after my favorite sites were taken down, stopped being funded, etc. of course, i don’t mean that i’ve stopped reading AT ALL, but rather on my phone. to be honest, i actually dislike reading online. but the formatting of this app is easy to use, good-looking, and overall enjoyable to use! it’s easy to get the hang of it. there are lots of different kinds of books here, from popular ones to even manga! and Sora has a lot of manga! the only problem i have with Sora is the fact that you can only “borrow” books for 20 days…but whatever! i still love this app. i CANNOT thank my best friend enough for telling me about this app, and sharing her account with me!!! ilysm <3

Want to read more books. Sora is great and all but for some reason it says that I’ve reached my hold limit even if I have one book on hold. I think that should be fixed because there are some books I want to read and I can’t place them on hold. Also it would be nice if you could add more badges. Edit: Also I have to wait a million years to get one book. (Okay maybe not a million but I have to wait like SIX MONTHS) please read this and I hope you can fix mine and other peoples requests. From A reader

What happened?. Now that app works again, it’s a fine app but I prefer overdrive. I wish you could sort titles by unread/read so I don’t have to scroll around looking. Sora looks prettier but I prefer function over cutesy. Overdrive just seems to be easier to maneuver around in & designed for phone savvy people. Sora looks like it’s for Elementary aged kids. Old Review from Dec 2020: Sora worked fine this summer but about a week ago my app won’t open, it’s stuck on main screen. I didn’t want to delete for fear of losing all the books or any saved info. Anyone else experiencing this issue? HELP Overdrive/Sora, you’re my only hope.

I love this!. I love how there is a timer and it stops after 30 minutes! One thing on the downside, it needs to rate books like tv shows. I got the book 13 reasons why not realizing it was a little mature. I start reading it and it just didn't seem like it should have been for me. And I didn't know at all! If there could be something to help this please let me know :) but besides that I love the app! It's useful right now since my school is not currently going. I also love how it shows you how many books and how many minutes you have listened to or read. Thank you for reading my ted talk. Get the dang app.

Great app!. I love sora! It’s great to settle down with a nice big selection of books right on my phone. I love how large the selection is and how many different genres of books there are. One thing though, when you have a book on hold, if it says you have to wait 6 weeks to get it, it stays saying 6 weeks even if you only have 1 week of remaining time. This is inconvenient because sometimes I forget how many weeks it’s been since I’ve put the book on hold. Other than that, I love the app and it’s awesome! 👏

Awesome way to read books without having to buy them. I started using Libby through my public library to read e-books and audio books, and honestly loved it! Then, a couple months later, my school introduced Sora. Libby and sora are both part of overdrive, so I was curious to find out if I could link my accounts together, and lo and behold, I COULD. Using sora - through my school account, I added my public library and found an even wider selection than before with the two libraries. If I wanted to read a book, per se, the summer I turned pretty, or whatever, then it would be on hold for at least 6 months at the public library. At my school, it was on hold for 4 weeks. The app is pretty user-friendly and self explanatory, but there are a couple of bugs and issues with the app, which you can find anywhere. I wish you could manually click “finish a book” so it would track it better instead of having to do mental gymnastics to figure it out. I also wish, when using safari on an iPhone, it would save your progress in the books instead of restarting them! It was really annoying until I downloaded the app. Other than those two things I didn’t really have a problem, except for the fact that you can only check out so many books at a time. 5 is a lot, but not enough for bookworms!

Great app! Just one pretty major thing.... I really like sora! So much, in fact, I have it both on my computer at school, and my phone at home. When I went to school today I found I couldn’t check out the audiobook I wanted, so I tried to log out the in again, but it still didn’t work. Then I tried to check out a regular ebook. And this worked, but I didn’t want the ebook, I wanted an audiobook because ebooks can make my eyes hurt. I came home, hoping to check out a book here, then read it at school. I tried and it wouldn’t even let me download a regular ebook. At this point I’m really annoyed so I log out then in again, it STILL doesn’t work. I DELETE THE APP, RE- DOWNLOAD IT, LOG IN, SHUT DOWN MY PHONE, COMPLETELY REBOOT, AND IT STILL DOESNT WORK. I rely on sora for reading and this has me REALLY mad. Thank you, A loyal/concerned user

Use it for school but........... Okay Sora is good. I like it. It’s not their fault that they got four stars. It’s that recently I stumbled across a app called Libby and it was so good, even better than Sora. Plus, I only got Sora cause my school used it, but I realized that I can use my school library on Libby too. I am not a Libby advertiser, just a real customer, and plan on keeping Sora, but overdrive and Libby can add two libraries and allow me to navigate between my school and public libraries. This makes me use Sora less and less but overall the app is good and deserves 4 stars but if you want an exceptional five star app just get Libby and if you want two libraries get overdrive. Sora is good, maybe even great, but not as good as Libby or overdrive. I encourage you get those apps instead.

Will not alert you that your loan is ready. This app is similar to Libby, but Libby is far superior. The main problem is that when you put a book on hold and it becomes available, the app does not let you know. The only way to discover that your hold is ready to borrow, is to open it each day to check. If you forget to open and check on the day the book becomes available, you lose your hold and have to go to the back of the line again. If you’re waiting several weeks for your hole to become available, sometimes you forget to open the app on a given day to check. Libby will notify you by email and phone notifications when your hold is available to check out. Until this app is updated with this feature, it only earns one star.

Great but the hold wait is too long. This is a pretty great app. But the hold wait is way too long. I tried getting some books to read but the wait is 6 months long. I much rather just go out and buy the book than wait THAT long. And I looked at multiple books and all of them had super long holding time. Possibly the person holding it forgot about the app or the book and has it in their inbox but this is absolutely ridiculous. 6 months?! No thank you. I rather go to my local library to go and borrow the book there.

My favorite library app!. I’ve been using this for a few years thru my online school. I like using it for everything from audiobooks to ebooks (my personal favorite) to comics. Comics are a little tricky to read from my phone because the type is so small but I can zoom in on the pages. Lately I’ve been having a little trouble when I want to renew a book. I checked to see if I needed to renew a book and it said I could renew in one day, three days before it would expire. I checked again the next day, and it wouldn’t allow me to renew a book. I’ve had this happen a few times when I’ve needed to renew a book. I can’t renew a book.

Great App!. This app is really great and I’ve been using it for a while now. However, I have been experiencing a bit of trouble recently. Everything was fine, and I had just gone into the app, when I realized that all the books I had borrowed were gone. I figured it might just be a glitch, so I went in and out again, but it still wasn’t working. So I tried to type the name of a book I wanted to read, and it started to load for a while, but then it said “could not load this list. Please try another”. I’ve tried all kinds of different books, and nothing works. I even deleted and reinstalled the app, but nothing is working. I was wondering if there was a way to fix this, or if I should just wait for a while. Please reply back soon if you can fix it. Thank you!

Very Useful but been waiting on a hold. I love Sora and use it a lot. It’s great for school and also relaxing. You can choose any books you want it’s awesome when you can bookmark and highlight words and phrases in the book and come back to it later. However, the holds are not good. I placed a hold for a book on January 3rd, 2021. I was the first person in line after the person who had the book right now. It’s now May 6th and I am still waiting for the book! There are 5 other people in line behind me but I think the person who was reading it is not on Sora anymore. But it won’t release the book to me. Can that be changed?

Doesn’t work. Long story short, THIS APP IS BUGGY and shouldn’t be used. This app is just horrible. Every single time I check out a book and begin to read, it never saves the spot I was in. I constantly spend so much of my reading time just trying to find my place. Also a couple times the book I’m reading will just close automatically and then bam I have to find my page yet again. Would not recommend.

Dismissive “support”. Great when it works however it has been crashing all summer. After taking recommended steps for problems on the sora website I contacted sora and they were dismissive and no help. “Ask your teacher or tech support,” was the response?!?!

It’s a good reading app but..... Sora is an amazing app. I use it in school AND at home. I find ALL the books I love to read that I cant find on other apps. I love how it’s like a real library, s I feel like I’m at school instead of home, due to Covid. You think it should be 5 star about what I explained? Well you’re wrong. Why I gave it 4 stars is for 2 reasons. 1) It’s an online app, so when I want to read on the plane I cant. 2) There’s this glitch I hate. Whenever I want to read an interesting book about history, I click on the book, I click on read. All it shows is lines. Then I realize I’m not in a good spot. I go to a fully internet spot. Then it works. I realize it’s not the start of the book. When I get to the start, it shows those lines again. Then it instantly kicks me out of Sora. Please fix this.

Fine App, but needs work. Sora is an excellent app for students to read books they pick and that their teachers assign. But Sora’s interface can be glitchy. On the achievements page for students where they can see reading achievements they earned you cannot scroll. If I open the app after it’s restarted and immediately go to the achievements page I can scroll down and up but if I open it again after going to a different page or I open the app before it’s restarted then it is frozen with scrolling no scroll up no scroll down. And it’s extremely annoying that you need to restart the app to scroll in your achievements. Also I started reading at 11AM and finished at 11:30AM but it gave me the achievement “Early Bird” for reading before 7AM?! I couldn’t find any setting to change the time so it now has no idea of the time. Please fix these glitches.

Pretty good app. This app is really good for finding books you can’t find in your school library I will be using this app to find books that I couldn’t find in my school library. This app is pretty great there really isn’t that Many issue except from when you have to download the book it takes a really long time. It took me about 10 minutes to download a book. But other than that everything is great the app is fast and easy to use.

DONWLOAD! 🤩🤩🤩🤩. Amazing simply amazing

I love this app I love this app. Hi am I love this app I hope you know that you slay for making your boy or a girl I love it and you stop all day I never stop using it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it you get them and I just really like it you know I am I don’t think you’ve ever gotten review like this anyway love it

Great for Early&Advanced Readers. This app is really amazing, I save a lot of money by getting all my reading done online! I read about 2 books a month so 24 books a year let’s say each book is $10 then I save $240 each year. That’s not even including the extra space I don’t need to clear for books. I also like how you can read on the go, if I’m bored I can just pop out my phone and read. I also like how I have a wide variety of books to choose from. All in all this app is a great place to just read and improve your mood.

Why. This app is terrible. I apologize for all the students forced to get it.

FIX THIS APP!!!!. Major problems with this app 1. Copies disappear and you aren't able to check them out at all. I had a hold on a certain book for a year, and I never got to read it. 2. There isn't a good book selection. One thing that bugs me about this app is that it doesn't have a lot of new and popular books to choose from. Unless you like reading boring classics from a million years ago, there aren't a lot of newer or interesting books. I mean sure there is a few popular series and novels but they're always checked out constantly. To improve this app, I would suggest fixing the problems with the check outs, and improving the book selection.

Ugh!. I love Overdrive abs have used it for many, many years with no problems but was forced to download and use this with the Audiosync program I use with my students. The app almost never works. It either shows the initial icon and then turns black, or gets stuck on the initial icon screen. I’ve reinstalled, restarted the devices, tried WiFi and cellular, even multiple devices - nothing works. I finally found a contact email and they said it’s not the app. Well... everything else works perfectly fine and this doesn’t. I hate when companies force you to use their proprietary software.

Issues With Checking Out Books. I love reading, so being able to use Sora on my phone without having to go through the website seemed great to me. But I do have so issues with it. For one thing, the app refuses to let me renew books. I understand sometimes this is because the book is on hold for someone else, but even the books with no line will not be renewed for me. I end up having to return the book and check it out again. And about that, sometimes the app just won’t let me check out available books, saying that I ‘can’t get this book with my type of account’, despite allowing me to access it just a few minutes before. I usually have to wait a few days before I can check it out again, which is inconvenient since I use these books for school. TL;DR, This app is fine for casual reading, but if you need it to be reliably, I wouldn’t recommend. It’ll just put you behind with all the problems.

Good, but a few things. I really like using sora when I feel bored or am in need of a book, and for that it works fine. But it only allows you to borrow three books at a time, which is slightly annoying to me. For example, you have to give up a book you are halfway through reading because you would like this other book. Or, you would like to check out a whole series but you can only have 3 of the books at a time. Also, most of the books are more for smaller children. I understand that this is an app created for kids, but if you could add a few more books for people past 5th grade, that would be great. :)

Terrible app. This app is the worst app I have ever used. One of the experiences I had with this app is that one time I opened the book and sora said that there was only 300 pages. When I continued to read the book the total number of pages increased. When I finished reading the book it turns out that there were more than 600 pages. This app is so misleading. I had to read the book off of Sora for my book report so it took forever to read the whole thing, which I at first thought was only 300 pages. My friend also had a problem with Sora as well. She waited 3 weeks to receive her book because Sora said the book was on hold. The book never came so she had to get it from the library instead. So ridiculous.

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It is great. I love it

holds take long. since warrior cats is a popular series, i always have to place a hold. not that you guys can fix it.

Great but one issue. I am a massive reader but lately when I have borrowed an ebook the chapter number comes up but there are no words until either a picture or the next chapter. My app is fully updated but still not working.

Kinda good but also kinda annoying. Sora is good and there is a lot of good books but I hate the place hold thing. The book I was trying to get I had to wait 9 weeks my other book it was 7 weeks and the last books was 16 weeks! My friend returned the book I really wanted and was On my wish list. But when she returned it I still couldn’t get it. Pls fix these problems if you can.

good and bad.. It is good because it is educationable but i cant get in anymore so please fix it. :)

Thought it would be better. Sora takes forever to load I can’t even read 4 pages without it freezing

Kinda good. My daughter accidentally changed the langue and it wouldn’t allow her to change it back

Great app just one issue. This app is amazing! I love the variety of books on here. One thing I would like is to add a function where you can remove books that you've marked done. Please do this. Thank you! :)

Its ok...... Its a good app but there should be a wider range of books so theres more varieties to chose from,,

Improvement. Sora is the best but i hate it when you have to wait to read a book Thank P.S sora is the best like the best way to read books

Really good but one issue.. I am A really great reader I read books every day but then when I was reading a book called cosmology by Britannica education publishing when I finished it and returned it and borrowed it again it was stuck on the last page and whenever I enter it it lags and takes me out of sora so please can you allow sora to not have this bug in whenever this happens can you at least fix the books data?

Its ok....but. The app is really good for my late night reading and listening to audiobooks but sometimes it can be really slow and saying I have to sign in again. Please make an update where there is no bugs. PLEASE!

really good a first but... It was good for a few months then it asked me to sign in and then saying it was incorrect

Why not my school?. Hi Sora devs why does it not have Whitfield state school on it? It’s McManus street Australia Queensland cairns.

It’s good.... but. When I load in it takes for ever to load, but the worst thing is that it glitches so much. When ever I try to read a book in Sora, it glitches and takes a long time to start reading book your book. I wish there was an update where it doesn’t glitch.

Ok...🤨😐. I think this app is ok. It’s not the best and always takes ages to load and won’t let me read unless connected to wifi and some books won’t download even when I am connected to wifi and say that I cannot download them unless I am connected to wifi. So yeah besides that. This is an ok app

Sora. It’s good but there is only one Harry Potter book

It glitches a lot. I was told at school that you have to do it with WiFi but than when I dis it with wifi it blacks out

Sora. Doesn’t even have my fracking school

Amazing app but some problems. The app crashes a lot when I try to load it it happened 4 times for a big Nate book and has happened many times before

Glitch. The app will always glitch on a page and IT IS SOOO annoying FIX IT

Good but some problems. Hi I love reading books but sometimes if I am reading a page with a lot of writing the app will not let me turn the page and gets me very frustrated and when you borrow a book it once took me half an hour to download or something! So if you can please fix the app and that would be greatly appreciated 🙂

Completely 👍. According to my experience within the app, it was definitely not the greatest for example it mostly just had technical issues. But besides that I really do like the idea of the kind of library sort of app and it has a wide selection of books to pick from so I think it’s great but just needs to fix up technical issues! 👍

MY SCHOOL. My school is not there I think I have searched everything about it and the name WHERE IS MY SCHOOL I WANT TO SEE IT!!!

Fantastic!. Best app ever! You can read any book!

Not the best. All of my fav books aren’t here, and the books actually takes 9 hours to download. Plus, Sora has a lot of grammar mistakes in the books. In Warrior Cats, they even got a name wrong! This is stupid, and I should delete this app

Place a hold issue. I like overdrive reading is good (to me) But what is annoying is the fact when someone has book you really like, it just says place hold and it can take up to 1️⃣6️⃣ weeks to receive just sora/overdrive take out this feature please

Problem. This sounds to me like a very good app but I can’t find my school

Where’s my school. I’ve searched for West Ryde public school but that wasn’t it

Why do you have to wait for the audiobooks and ebooks?. Since they are not real books why do you have to wait in a queue for a few weeks unless it’s available?

The best. It is much easier than overdrive and just search and boop the book you wanted is there

Not bad but bit long loading. It takes a bit long to load Plz fix it

Not for me!. I really dont like how long some of the waits are for a book, I had to wait five weeks for a book that said available! Even when the five weeks were up I still couldn’t borrow it. And I really don’t like how low quality the audiobooks sound! I have another app I read on and the audio books on it, the people speaking speak so clear and read it with so much more expression! The wait for and online book on this app it honestly ridiculous, it’s an online book, unlike a library having limited amounts of a copy of a book, an online reading app should allow heaps of people have the book at once. It just would be so much more easy!

Bad. Bad books doesent have good books like where the wild things are or atleast stickman

This is good but needs some work. You need mango hill state school and secondary school

Signing up. It took me 4hour to do my name why? It sai not found like my email like what the

I can’t log in. My problem with this app is that it won’t let me sign in. I’ve searched my school and the city I live in and it still would not work for me.

Excellent Reading App. Perfect app!I like the way it allows you to add it to categories!What about stories in different languages?

Nice. It is good but there should be cricket books🏏

Just Wow. I thought this app would be good but it crashes every minute and takes forever to load

Amazing but. Amazing but I wanted the book the storey puppy and it not their could you please add some more books from David Williams Liz Pichon and holly Webb

Good but 1 problem. Very often at random times my iPad freezes and also when you download a book it should save so if you re-borrow it you can read it without it taking ages to download, I’ll appreciate if you fix this thank you 😁

The best books ever. I love reading sora books

Good. But I just Can’t OPEN IT WHY? Please fix this

Can’t find my school!😡😡😡😡. Ahr!😡😡😡😡. My techer wanted me to bring this stuff but I’m hoping that it will work tomorrow morning!😡😡😡😡 find my school!!!!😡😡😡😡

Real annoying bug. i quite like this app it’s really great for long car rides and late night reading The only thing I had a problem with was a bug that would sometimes occur: When I would try to tap onto the search section it would instead go to the home section meaning I couldn’t search for any books Even when I restarted the app and my phone it still remained the same Other than that the app is pretty good Thanks

Please finish series!. It has mainly been a good app, but if you could please finish series that you start that would be great. I have been searching on where to read Ao haru ride because both of my reading apps don’t have anymore than 4 books… If you could please finish the series that would be great! Thank you!😊

❤️❤️❤️❤️. I thought Sora was really good but the only thing about it was that it takes a lot of time to load the pages

I can’t find my school. This is really annoying because every time I type my school, it says two other random schools.

GREAT 👍🏻. I think this is a great reading app for kids. Love it!!

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Great, and why bad-mouth it?. Sora is a great app with great books and a wide variety between the books, so why bad-mouth it? Maker of Sora, do not listen to these people bad-mouthing your app, and keep on doing a great job giving people books. P.S. could there PLEASE be more Star Wars books?

👎. It dose not even download

E. Hello I love Sora, I just wish that you could zoom in so that it’s easier to read. :)

The new update. In the new update I cant read cuz I can’t see the words on the page. Other than that I love it.

Sucks. It won’t work and should get good

Bookmarks won’t save. My bookmark highlights DO NOT SAVE, so I constantly lose all my notes. It is extremely frustrating, to the point that I do not want to use Sora anymore because I can’t keep track of notes when they disappear from my book. I need these notes for classes. If it won’t save my notes, I won’t use the app.

Good but can be better. It sometimes gliches and im always on hold for a book for longer than it says, also not enough science and nerd type books. But other than that it is a good app for school.

Ok-ish. It’s ok, kinda. It always glitches and keeps Kicking me out. But I mean the books are good so :|

Lack of books. I would not recommend this app for anybody in grade 3 to 7 or 8 as the books they provided you with is horrible and is much to under level for my reading

Problem. They don’t have my school

Trash. Trash

Hope this might help. For anyone who is wondering how to find their school (because I sure was) you don’t search the school, you search the school board.

Privacy?. When I sign in to the app it just says something is wrong and then a private policy pops up I can’t even sign in wow!

Why. I was looking and i can’t find my school division it very disappointing

Awesome!. This app is awesome and lets me read my book in peace. Recommend to anyone! 👍👍

Meh. It’s not too bad on my computer. In fact, it works pretty well. I love reading books on Sora but it just won’t open on my mobile device. Cannot find my school and without a school you cannot get into it at all. If you are not using this for your school there is no use downloading this. Definitely needs some improvement.

Weird. I like the point of this but i don’t get it because this app was supposed to take out the inconvenience of library return dates and not having enough copies so what’s the point cool tho

Sora. I like the app I would recommend it definitely For me the app was a good use But for everyone it’s different Hope u enjoy

Glob glob. I love books and this app is a true treasure trove.

bad. bad

Trash. Trash

I Can Read During Quarantine!!!. This app is the best! I have had it for a while with my school but never really used it. Once my school and the public libraries closed I couldn’t read any new books! I started playing around with the app seeing which books they had and reading/listing to samples. This got me borrowing books such as Harry Potter. It was fun listing to books while doing other stuff like painting or cleaning! I admit the login proses was a bit confusing because you have to pick you’re school board, but other then that haven't had any issues. Would recommend this app if you aren’t able to get real books, although I do prefer real books 😝.

it’s not working. Every time I tried to click on my school board it always says it’s unavailable.👎👎👎terrible app

Piggy’s. I had it on my iPad it was good and everything was fine then I switch to my phone and I can’t even find my school it’s making me so mad so I would give it 5 stars but since my school and another school that I was going to use cuz my mom works there in not on it so I’m really frustrated I’m trying to do stuff and it’s not alloweong me to find my school

Useless. Why have it where books can be taken and you have to get put on a incredibly long wait list? For an app? With E-books????

No school name. First I started typing in my school, which isn’t particularly popular but none the less I did. I could.d not find it. At this point a bit fed up but I desired to look at the reviews for some tips. That’s where I found the trick I needed, to type in the district. I tried and no luck. Now I've just deleted multiple apps for storage to be given no app. Thanks.

Mangas are good!. It was very good. I enjoyed reading a lot more :) Hopefully it helps encourage people to read?

Didn’t even work. The app didn’t even let my kid sign in to their account.

Reading is fun. You have to be in a school to do it and it’s really good if you love reading

Cool sora. Sora only can read cool

Sora sucks. The books are dumb and stupid, and they are not entertaining. I got this app to get entertainment from books, but the books are dumb and they should die in a hole for all I care. Stupidly stupid books! I’m not tolerating these books anymore, and I just don’t know what to do, because Sora and the books just need to like get a education. People like me with pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis shouldn’t have to suffer, I’m going to die soon so yeah. And I love to read but my mom won’t get me books. SO ONE STAR FOR YOU IDIOTS.

Ok-ish. It’s good but it keeps freezing when I finish a chapter

Horrid. This app is unbelievable in its bad design; not only is it’s login portal patchy at best, but downloading a book is a horrendous ordeal. If you don’t have a stable connection, don’t have background app refresh on, or happen to try downloading while it’s not feeling it, you will have to restart download many-a times. For a family who may have a data cap and like me, have to sit outside their local school to borrow their wifi for online schooling and downloading, this can be quite frustrating. For all those families who are dealing with CoVid and trying to find a solution to their children’s boredom or need to use Sora for school assignments, be warned that this app will give you a user experience that’ll make you wince whenever you think back to it.

.... It dosnt have the best books in sora.... you have to wait at least 6 months for a popular book... what is there that sora can do? Even the bookmarks don’t even save

Dumb. Apparently only one person can listen to a book at a time??? It might just be a school thing because I’m using my school account but that’s pretty pathetic

Not bad. This app was awesome when it worked. I can’t log back in and I can’t read any book. I will say the selection of books is good.

Problems. I cant find my school!! It’s annoying me! Every time I try to find it makes me go to a school that’s far away! :( please fix this. It’s annoying

It is so annoying. Whenever I search for my school it finds it then when I have to put my email address it doesn’t work it’s so annoying

What happened?. This used to be my most used app, I read/listened to so many books but now they don’t have anything anymore. Like what, how can you not have any Orwell books or even something basic like Harry Potter? It’s pretty distressing what happened

An Online Library!. I really love this app! There’s a lot of options to choose what font/color you’re most comfortable with. I suggest adding an option on how to read it though. I like to read while scrolling, it’s much easier for me that way instead of swiping to the left. If you add that feature, I’ll be very grateful!

Gross smell. This app smells so bad it sells like if a rotting fish took a crap and congealed with a pound of grandpa’s week old chilli, but a family of rats with dementia died in it

Good. I like it. I check out books from my school library and also from Calgary Public Library

Good app. The app is pretty good. The books though, are not for everyone. The books are for kids in grades 2-4. If you are older, like me you might find it hard to find books you are actually interested in.

Meh. Takes lots of space on any device so watch out also it freezes alot but other wise its good

Great app!- sort of. So almost EVERY TIME i get in Sora and open a book it lags and i have to restart the app, all i want is to read, plz fix this Overall it’s a good app, add more books tho why only have 1-2 copies, WHY? Also plz add game over

My progress disappeared!. I was reading my book and it still had 3 dues TIL it had to be returned and my iPad crashed, when I got back on Sora my reading progress and my books were all gone, my library was empty this app is frustrating and was really disappointed in this app.

Great but not great for phones. I have tried the app on a school chrome book and it works great but when I try it on the phone it won’t let me sign in. The app take me to the sign in section and keeps reloading itself without signing me in. I have tried multiple times and it won’t let me even if I put the right password and username. Please fix it soon I really want to read the books on there.

Sora. I love it. It is so amazing!!!

I hate it. I is a bad learning tool use real books

It’s fine... I gush got the app or game? And it’s just ok?

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Great. Some idiots write bad reviews because of the loan amount, or books it should have. Idiots. The books it has and the loans you can have at the same time depend on the library.

It’s ok. I like this app because I never have time to get books and this is easy and in my phone but I HATE that you have to have wait for some books. It should be available to everyone also can’t read some books because they are restricted needs some improvements

Book suggestions. I honestly think Sora is a decently good app. Expect what makes me upset is there isn’t much Lgbtqia+ books. I’ve read one and reading another one right now. But there isn’t much of a choose. Sora really needs to add more Lgbtqia+ books. Then I’d give a better review.

So. Mystic bear is the most popular in a world that has been in t the new one is in a different direction but it will probably take the first to go in a little bit and get the kids out of the car in a few hours

Highly recommended. I personally used Sora for school and now at home, it’s really good and has MOST books if not all and I really like using it. I haven’t had any Advertisements or anything in my way and it’s easy to use.

Nice books but…. It is so laggy! It takes me a couple minutes to read a page bc it keeps freezing so I have to swipe it. It says it has a book but I need to put it on hold so I do, a YEAR later I have forgotten about it I click on it to see how long and then it says that 0 copies are in use but I still need to put it on hold!

Awesome but Super duper problem (worry crying over). I am not a fan of reading, but sora got me interested. I use it for school and I love it, but, my old phone (hammy down) can’t support the app. I recommend this game and if it doesn’t work your missing out be I get it. My one suggestion is, maybe somehow make it possible for people with old phones able to get it to work.

Great App For Reading!. I use this app all the time for my school reading and it works great! I haven’t experienced any glitches so far, and everything works smoothly. 10/10 would recommend!

Different icon please..... I love the new features of this app, it is much easier to access for students. However, I use overdrive with grades 6 through 12, and the new icon you’ve chosen is rather childish and young looking... will be hard to ‘sell’ to teenagers.

Sora. I love reading on sora before I go to bed and I read a couple books that were fantastic and I had a idea it would be cool if you could write a public review about the book so you if most reviews are bad on the book then that kinda tells you not to check it out. so that’s my idea I hope you will take it into consideration thanks!

Sora is awesome, but theres an issue (I use the website). Sora is a great app for reading, educational, but it keeps keeps doing this: It will have me on the book, I click on a picture then I can’t go to the next page. I have to keep reloading it so I can fix it. Also it’s kinda slow loading sometimes. Its awesome to use though.

Amazing, but. The app is absolutely amazing especially considering you can add multiple libraries. I know have my school and public library connected to this app. The huge problem is this the app will randomly freeze and there is no way to stop it. Like I will open a book it lets me use it for 20 seconds then stops. I have tried everything, butaybe it will be fixed in a patch update.

It’s good except for 1 thing. I love being able to check books out and read them but lately when i get on the app and open the book it doesn’t show the actual words and what i’m supposed to be reading it’s just a white page all throughout. I would really like to be able to read my book.

Wow, these reviews were made by kids.. No offense, but half these reviews are either from people who don’t know how to work their phones, or kids who don’t like books. Sora is a great app for ebooks. Yes, it can be laggy at times, but overall it’s good.

Honestly Very Good. I have no idea why people don’t like this app. As an app that offers hundreds of free ebooks, Im already very satisfied with this download. Love this app, and I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Great app one problem. Recently I found that I can’t set a sleep timer. When I pull down it just does the dark screen and it won’t let me set a time and I can’t leave the set sleep timer screen. If that could be fixed soon that’d be great.

Deletion. So I loved Sora, I read on it constantly. But one day I show up and it has removed all of my books. My activity tells me that nothing was returned, and claims I should have like 6 books. So I log out. Now suddenly I just don’t have an account there now? I have done hard resets, checked that it wasn’t my IPad, but no, Sora just removed my entire existence and life style. I love books and currently can’t get any physically and now I have no way to any at all.

Great app but..... I really love to use Sora. But one thing that I would like to get notified for is when you have to return a book. Sora automatically returns ebooks/audiobooks which I don’t like. So I think Sora should notify you when a book needs to be returned. Overall great app :)

Please fix this!. I used to love sora so much! That was the reason I gave 3 stars. If there was not this really big problem, it would be worth 5 stars. It began like this : I was reading a book called girl to girl. My parents said I was too young to read it. I was only 7 that time. So I decided to close sora. You know those blank pages ? I closed the app when I was on one of those. The next time I opened the app, the page was still blank. But when I tried to turn the page, nothing happened! I tried everything I could but it just didn’t work! Then I had to delete the app. Please tell me why! Yours truly, Luranda.

Great but one issue. I am writing this during the COVID-19 pandemic. My school started using the library part to give kids books to read. I rely mostly on my school library for books, so this is very useful. However, I would love some lists. For instance, “if you like the Hunger Games, you might like......” Developers please read!

Not the best. I use this app a lot, and here is why I have to say about it: 1- it crashes a lot. I don’t mean just the book but the whole app. 2- limited selection of books, a lot of the books are older, and some books are only available as audio books, and the other way around 3- you can only have three books at a time, which I don’t under stand saying how they are not real books and do not actually need to be borrowed 4- even though it is not great you can read offline but have to download the book online first. Over all I would only use this app if you can’t find any better. It’s not the worst but not the best.

I love this app, but.... I love this app and all, however there is one problem I need you to fix. Well the problem is sometimes the app freezes, so then I have to close the tab and go back in the app. Please fix this, but whoever else is reading this you should get it. This problem just might be for me or because of the phone I have.

It’s amazing!. I love this app my school just bought it and hehe but um, i think they should make it make some couple more copies of a book becuase we only can have only 1 book becuase of how many people that are In are cpp district

Great. This app has been amazing so far, and I really love having the ability of taking a whole series around in your pocket. The ONLY thing I would change is that sometimes there’s only the first third and fourth of a series and I’m here like “Seriously?” Because I find a SUPER good book, but then I can’t get the second. And I’m super upset. But other than that, it’s been really helpful and I love it. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😊😊😊.

I need these books in here please!. Some books that I would like is some more of the Gone Series By Michael Grant, I’m almost finished with Plague and just bought Fear I would like it if you could add the whole series or also some more young adult books that y’all might recommend. Thank You, A student from a school!

I Love Sora!. I absolutely love the book app Sora! I have no problems at all and everything is working great for me! I love to read and i enjoy being able to pick any book to read or listen too. I like that you could also read the books on the go! It’s a perfect book app for school!

Meh. I like Sora it has a lot of new books that just came out and is good for students but what I hate is that every time I flip a page it would freeze and I would have to refresh a thousand times and it still wouldn’t work. I hope Sora can fix this because I am about to delete this app for its inconvenience.

Pleased but more steps. Overall I’m pleased with this app. I still would personally choose Overdrive app, but as I use what my students would use, it isn’t too bad. One silly thing that is annoying is the number of steps to start the audiobook. Overdrive once I open the book, it would autoplay. Sora it takes 3-4 steps to get it to play. Minor but sometimes we need the quick start when multitasking. :)

I’m sorry. I’m sorry but this app just doesn’t fit me, I feel like I’m picky, and all I want to do is read/listen to these following books: Aru sha in the song of death, Warriors second series book 2 (I forgot what it’s called), Masterminds: Criminal destiny, and that’s about all that I can remember. So yeah, I feel like if one of the people who work for the Overdrive company, please consider adding these following books to all of your book apps, Thank you. ( I also forgot dragon on trial)

It’s a great app but there’s this weird glitch. So whenever I read a book and I’m on the last page of a chapter, it gets cut short. This means that I miss the ending of every chapter all the time. I’ve noticed that this only happens when I read the keeper of the lost cities books. But other than this glitch, the app is great.

Good idea, Eh execution. I love Sora and i used to use overdrive before it got switched, so when I found out I could get the app I was excited. Now having it for about a week I’m realizing some issues. It constantly glitches out where the screen freezes and I can’t do anything. It also kicks me out of the app everyone once in a while. I like the app and the layout, I just would like to read without 15 minutes of shenanigans beforehand.

Good, but could be Better. I use this app through my high school library and I think it’s pretty good. The books are sometimes outdated and aren’t updated as often. The audiobooks interface is hard to navigate, especially when you’re trying to find the place where you left off last. As I said before: good but not great.

Great but one question😁. Amazing but I was wondering if there was a way to have a personal account instead of having to have a school or district account made?

Sora. Overall, the app is amazing. My one complaint is that they would give you more than one hold. I have a book held right now and I want to hold this other book, but if I want to hold the other book I have to cancel my recent hold. That’s the only thing.

Sora. So, I borrowed a book on Sora that I already finished, but wanted to read again. When I scrolled back to the 1st page, it completely froze and I had to restart the app. I did this several times, but it still was not cooperating. Now, whenever I try to go into Sora, the screen is black and doesn’t show me anything. And it’s all because I wanted to reread a book. If I have to go through that every single time, then I’m sure I won’t get on Sora again.

Ok I guess. I have to use this at school while it is a great reading website and app why do I have to wait for a digital book? It makes no sense. There are infinite books not 2 or 3. And whenever I find a good book I can’t read it for another 10 weeks or something. So it’s good if your forced to use it but not on your own time at all.

It’s good but wish there was notifications to tell you when books were due. It’s good but like I hate returning to this app after awhile and seeing the book I was reading expired. I wish they can eventually add notifications so it’d be easier to know a few days prior so you can either finish it or renew it

One tiny thing.. This app it great. I recommend it to schools. One tiny thing is that it only limits you to three books. Maybe it could not have a limit? Other than that, this is a great app. And if you fix it, it was rank my stars up to a five star.

Good, but freezes a lot. Ok, so I like to read manga books, so I went onto Libby to find some. Then I remember that I already read all the good manga there. Then I go on my school computer and realize that there is Sora. So I download it for my phone and get a book. Then I open the book. I flip one page and it freezes. So I exit the app, go back in, and start reading again. It freezes again. But it’s fine on a computer, so what’s wrong with the app? Sora, please fix this freezing problem.

It’s good but needs work. This is the app I do all my reading on but sometimes when I have a hold on a book and it says it’s available to me I can’t get it for another week or sometimes I can’t even open the app. It’s a good app and has lots of books but I wish they would fix the bugs :)

Amazing for students and parents. I love this app for my kids! They use it all the time, especially with covid sense we can't go to the library, and they love it too. Such a life saver when our library closed due to the virus. Thank you Sora!!!

Sora. Sora is a really good app! You can read many varieties of books! You can get levels and do so many things! Too bad it’s probably only for schools. But I recommend for you to download this app!

Love it! But…. I love this app! But there is a glitch of sorts in it. There’s a book that I really want to read but I have to put it on hold to get it. I’ve been waiting for 5 MONTHS and when I checked the page it said that no one was using the book and I was the first person in line. But I still couldn’t check the book out. PLEASE FIX THIS it makes it impossible to read a lot of books.

Amazing!. I first had Epic! but there was no single book that was free! It was all unlimited! It would let you read a few pages then say oh this unlimited! Then I remembered this app, this app is amazing, adore it. But I just don’t like the hold thing :)

It’s good, but...... I like using Sora because I can check out books or place a hold on them whenever I like. However, there are several books that I placed a hold on, and never got! 😡For example, in August I placed a hold on the book “We’ll Always Have Summer.” I was third in line, and yet it said zero copies were checked out. And eight months later, I’m still third in line on the wait list without the book! This is very annoying and has happened with many of the holds I’ve placed. I am not happy with Sora and don’t recommend it to anyone! 😤😡

Great but.... Ur latest update is a straight up LIE. The loading screen STILL freezes! Same with the pages. THEY JUST FREEZE. UP. And also, when the pages freeze up, u have to start the app all over again, and if a book is downloading before u reset it then reset it, IT HAS TO START DOWNLOADING ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!! Like if it’s downloaded 51% but then u have to RESET THE FREAKING APP, it GOES BACK DOWN TO 0% DOWNLOADED!! You guys need to improve Sora, the freaking app that makes people go cray cray. Oh, and I have the best WiFi and the best device (centurylink is the WiFi name and iPad is the device I’m using)

This app is a great app. This app has a big variety of book’s all I have to do is find my school and it takes me to it and I get to read outside of school it is great

I have a problem. So I had this app for three days and since I am a fast reader and a book worm, I read and returned around 15 books. Later when I tried borrowing a new book, it told me I had borrowed and returned too many books in a short time which is totally unfair for fast readers. Also, it doesn’t have a lot of the books I want to read.

Ehh. I love being able to go and check books out for free and I really like this app. It made me really frustrated though because even if I had perfect network connection it wouldn’t load and it said, these pages cannot load. Please check your network connection. Even if it didn’t do that it still took each page at least 30 seconds to load

Needs one adjustment.. Sora is an amazing app for students! But it just needs one adjustment which is how many books there are on the app. My daughter likes to read Baby-Sitters Club and she says that it's missing one book from the series, Good-Bye Stacey, Good-Bye. Other than this Sora is an amazing app for students to read!

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 6.2.0
Play Store com.overdrive.wishbone
Compatibility iOS 10.0 or later

Sora, by OverDrive Education (Versiyon 6.2.0) Install & Download

The application Sora, by OverDrive Education was published in the category Education on 08 May 2018, Tuesday and was developed by OverDrive, Inc. [Developer ID: 366869255]. This program file size is 12.32 MB. This app has been rated by 61 users and has a rating of 3.5 out of 5. Sora, by OverDrive Education - Education app posted on 19 June 2023, Monday current version is 6.2.0 and works well on iOS 10.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.overdrive.wishbone. Languages supported by the app:

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Sora, by OverDrive Education App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

General stability improvements and bug fixes.

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