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Tiny Decisions is an app that makes decisions fun & easy! Just input your question, add/import options, and spin the wheel to get a random answer. Make quick decisions!

It’s always so hard to decide. Should I get a pizza or a burger? Should I get it in grey or black? Should I do this or should I do something else? The Tiny Decisions app is created just for you!


* Built-in decision templates
* Create your own customized decisions
* Share decisions with your friends
* Add Siri shortcuts for your decisions
* Set weights for the options
* Select non-repeating options
* Flip a coin
* Import options from the clipboard

Please write a review if you like this app, it's very important to me.

Twitter: @tinydecisions
Mail: [email protected]

Tiny Decisions App Description & Overview

The applications Tiny Decisions was published in the category Entertainment on 2018-03-30 and was developed by Xin Wang. The file size is 34.64 MB. The current version is 1.14 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

- Add Indonesian, thanks to Bernoda!
- Reset coin flip counter
- UI improvements

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Tiny Decisions Reviews


Love this  luna300999909  5 star

Amazing and just perfect


Get The App!!  unicorn1526  5 star

It’s a great app for decisions

Natalie Pandolfo

Great App  Natalie Pandolfo  5 star

Great way to make tiny choices


Omg I ice this so much thanks a lot y’all.🥰❤️  OMG😔  5 star

Thanks a lot!!🥰🤤


Best decision maker out there  DOMINATOR XY  5 star

The app is so easy to use for any tiny decisions, there are adds but none that get in the way of actually using the app, all in all the app is much better then any other decision makers that cost money.


Good  Flatpick1981  5 star



Very useful but  Jenni1515  4 star

I would love to suggest the ability to edit the colors maybe add backgrounds and able to edit the coin toss other than that very useful app love it

Wyatt O'Neil plays color road

Wyatt’s new game  Wyatt O'Neil plays color road  5 star

I love this game


It fun  kaykarqueen  5 star

I really like it


Cool  segvsjvfgg  4 star

It is really helpful

slime sistes

Sponsorship  slime sistes  5 star

It is amazing on my YouTube channel but do you whant to sponsor me my channel is slime sisters. Cheers slime sisters


Amazing  stella_208  5 star

So good!

lexi W 🍟

PLEASE READ  lexi W 🍟  5 star

Even if ur bored just download this Cus the download is so small and it’s very helpful and fun!


Tiny bursts  atgahdhdhsudnnji  4 star

I love it


Impressed enough to buy premium  ACisAustralian  5 star

I wanted a smooth spinner which displays in landscape and allows a large number of options. Found this and was impressed, so bought the premium version within minutes. Very happy.

guy with a dodo

Really good and reliable!  guy with a dodo  5 star

I downloaded this app because I was annoyed with trying to ask anybody else random questions really reliable

cabdy slime is great

This is great  cabdy slime is great  5 star

Tiny Decisions is great when something’s is hard you can go into this app and it will help you so much you can even make your own free decision .


Really good!  🦋🦄🍉💐❤️  4 star

I love this app! It’s very simple to use and it can be used as a games as well as making tough decisions!! Love it 😊❤️


Best app ever  dbxhedhe  5 star

Helps me choose some times when i just don’t know what to do


Sound does not work  Moochinsky  1 star

Good app the sound does not work though . Also Pro version has very added functionality


Best idk  puppysnadkittiesrock  5 star

It is literally the best thing I’ve seen lol I love it


Review on Tiny Decisions  sydbug06  5 star

Ok, so all i have to say is this app is so adorable, and makes your life way easier when it comes to decision making... so i really think you should download this app it’s free and amazing!!!💛

Vanillatoogood 34

Follow me on YouTube XXznation squad  Vanillatoogood 34  5 star

Very fun


Sat. Hi f  Drewski2121  5 star

Hive you can


Better than expected  applejax777  5 star

got this app to make a game I called “aux cord roulette” where you put in a ton of artist and then you spin the wheel and have to play the best song by that artist and your friends judge your decision and it works amazing. There’s only ads when you exit the editing option which is so much better than in between turns 10/10


this app said my depression won’t leave  ValHadie  1 star

i think i will have ongoing depression because of this app because i made a wheel asking if my depression would ever and and the wheel landed on no.


Good  lwhy7962  5 star

This app is really good for choosing something but you don’t know what to choose


Love the app  asalcookies  5 star

I got the app today i i love it so much


Nice  Jaylee051906  5 star

Very great app for decisions


This an good app 🥶😛  k😛a🧐y😎  5 star

5 star ⭐️ rate PERIODTTT

jim bob joe malone

Pop  jim bob joe malone  2 star

Pop rockety split

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