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So fresh and so clean! IRL’s newest upgrade brings you the social calendar you didn't even know was possible. Forget the strug life of messaging friends, classmates, and coworkers on multiple channels trying to plan a gathering or meeting. Welcome to the good life of easily chatting, and making plans from your calendar invites on the go. Seamlessly integrated so you can message friends however they like to communicate. A calendar app with a built in chat? Genius!

Wondering what’s going on this weekend? Click on the explore tab and search for interesting experiences happening near you or follow your favorite artists, venues, sports teams and best friends to know all their upcoming gatherings, events, and shows.

For the college students, you're in luck, when you validate your .edu you have access to event discovery only for students where you can find and share the dopest events happening on or around campus.

For Pokemon Go and Harry Potter Wizards Unite players we have built the ultimate place for you to meet up with anyone around you or existing friends. Make plans, chat, and have a great time!

If you think people suck...or just like staying organized, IRL is also built for your solo moments. Sync your existing Google calendars and manage all your real life happenings from one place. You’re welcome.

Find out why Apple named us "Our Favorite" in Social and upgrade your life today ;)

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IRL - Social Calendar Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We're constantly making improvements and squashing bugs to make your IRL experience amazing! What's new in version 2.6: This release is about chat! We’ve added a new way to view all of your conversations in our new Chat tab. We organize all of your convos so that you don’t miss out, and stay organized.

IRL - Social Calendar Comments & Reviews

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- Truly lit

The nominations are my fave! And the invites are so cute! I love it! Please keep making more nominations and suggestions! Update: above is my original review, but after using the app more I am beginning to love it even more. My favorite think about it is that it’s just soooo much better than group chats or texting people individually. It’s really helps so much for just making plans and having that be the focus of the app. If it was just chatting then this would not be the app, because I can’t even send videos in the chat, but that’s not the point of this app. The point is to do things irl which is way better and it’s just so useful! I had a few invites since creating my review and have just noticed even more how amazing it is. Once you get all your friends out to do something that you want to do through this app you will see what I mean. Also the noms are super fun, but the invites are where it’s at. And like I said before, I wish that the app would have more suggestions, because the suggestions are super useful for when you are board you can find things to do with your friends. It’s just the best I am excited to keep using this app to do things irl

- The issues I had with this app were fixed.

I originally had issues with this app because it wouldn't let you see who had "nominated" you without you giving the app access to your location and contacts. That has been fixed, and now no revealing information (except for your birthday and name) is necessary to see any of that. I'm very pleased that the app developers fixed those issues; it makes the app look far less like a sketchy attempt to get people's information. This app actually looks legitimate, and it is far less invasive now than it used to be. I'm impressed at how well the developers actually listened to the concerns of people who didn't like their app and the way it worked. Their developer responses to other people with concerns have still been questionable, calling people trolls or accusing them of being from a rival company if they disagree with the way the app runs, but the app itself has improved greatly, and my rating reflects that. I hope the app continues to improve. Just tinkering around with the app a bit, this would be a great app for people who want to plan fun things to do with friends they know offline. The app also fosters a healthy sort of outlook about kids not just spending their lives on their phones or with other technology - but instead being able to use technology to facilitate face-to-face encounters.

- My only calendar !!!! 💜💜💜😻😻⚡️⚡️⚡️

Im one of those people who are hard to get on a new app. Maybe it’s because I’m over the age of 25 and we watched the mania of app life integration from the begin, but... I do have to say I got sold on this one. I’ve been off of social media for over a year now feeling overwhelmed by everyone’s energetic shares about things that mainly didn’t really correlate to important in the NOW happenings. Once I cut off IG and FB I felt so much better energetically and emotionally - but I missed having a platform where I could genuinely engage with my friends. What I like about IRL is that it’s only focus is giving you a digital tool to actually make plans that matter IN REAL LIFE. I know every time I’m opening this app, I’m not just mindlessly scrolling through content. I’m actually doing something valuable for myself and friends! So yes, 4 stars for now. I can tell this app is generally built for a younger audience than mine, but sincerely hope this catches on for all age groups.💜💜💜🌈🌈🌈😻😻😻😻 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬

- Technology working towards live social interaction

I really love this app for bringing in new ways to get people together. It has all these wonderful suggestions and challenges for activities to go out and do with friends and family. Once you’re connected through your contacts you are able to select an event such as go for a hike and invite as many people as you would like for whatever date to go hiking with you. Has a wonderful array of choices ranging from date night with your significant other to a wonderful brunch with friends. It also has a great way to keep you connected by letting you anonymously nominate people for badges everyday such as chillest beach jam bringer or the Bear Grills of the group. My only critique is that when you search for people in your contacts, if you search with more than two or three letters it no longer lets you select the person. It must be some kind of bug that I hope will be fixed soon. But other than that I love the idea and action behind this app to get more people out there and connected face-to-face and socially interacting with fun activities instead of just staying home alone on the weekends.

- Pretty Neat

I haven’t had this app for very long but I think it’s Pretty Neat. Not only is it just designed so very cute, but it’s easy to navigate too. I like how you can only compliment others, however when I want to nom a specific friend who’s not listed in the given options from my contacts it won’t work for me? Unless it’s not supposed to then I don’t know why being able to choose someone yourself is an option? Anyways I think this a cool concept; for some reason it seems like an even better way to be able to make plans then just texting or group chatting; seems cleaner. Like, there’s specific polls you can create so people can vote on things they want for the activities you invite them to which is so handy cause then it’s not 10 people arguing in imessage and now you have to scroll back and forth to see what’s what, instead it’s all right there in ordered votes! There’s a lot more but basically it seems so organized and it’s nice to see the developers so interactive in their own creation, I’ve seen so many replies to the reviews and the ability to recommend activities is pretty cool, which I’m totally about to abuse 😂 4/5, easy 😃

- Being cautious about spam

Update: ok the app doesn’t mass invite your contacts anymore 👍. That’s a good sign. The app and the idea of taking peoples eyes off of the screen and actually spend time with friends is very good. Hopefully it will stick around. Better than a lot of other “social network” apps. Keep up with the good work guys. First I’d like to say that I understand the concept of the app and I have no problems giving the app permissions. But I’ve seen how you guys wrongly use that permission and just wanted to make sure I’ll not spam everyone in my contacts by giving you guys access to it. So giving you guys access to my contacts will automatically send them an invite or will it let me chose the people I want to be invited? I’ll update my review after the response. Thank you.

- Targeted to High Schoolers but I like the + vibe of it all

Apparently someone thinks I’m an “earthshaker” and that made me feel cool, haha. 😁 Truth is, I am a mom of 3 little ones in my mid/late 20s and I barely downloaded the app to find out about it after someone (I have yet to find out who it is!) nominated me. I thought I could just send in a compliment/nomination to a specific person, but how the app works is it gives you a title and 4 names from your contact list show up for you to choose in multiple choice fashion. It’s a fun “game” to play and wish I could do more those. I like the shuffle and the skip options, so you don’t have to nominate random ppl. We’ll see what my friends will think of all the “noms” I gave out. I like the “positivity” it spreads when you nominate your friends for fun titles. While I think this app is targeting high schoolers, I found it fun and hope it becomes a thing with the youth, as I believe it could create fun connections and an overall “feel-good” friendships. (Not to mention the option to invite friends to do things together, which I have yet to explore!)

- This company is disgusting

About a week ago I got a message about some World Cup event with Mario Garcia. Someone I do not know. Ignored it. But it got sent again the next day I replied with “STOP” and it said I unsubscribed when I never did but, ok I was glad It would stop it would ring at random times. BUT NOW for the past week I got 21 messages at 4 in the morning from different phone numbers asking me to join the World Cup event. The World Cup has already ended what is this. I woke up in the middle of the night from a hard working day to this it disrupted my sleep. I blocked ALL 21 numbers. Just so the next day they can do the exact same thing the next night. I am tired of waking up in the middle of the night by 21 messages, I have replied stop to all and proceeded to block them. All I wanna do is enjoy one night of sleep, yes I have turned off my phone just to wake up to the same 21 messages and to my wife getting mad at me for not being able to pick up our ,son at 3am from the air port. This is the reason why I have my phone on at night in case of an EMERGENCY. 21 messages to download some St00pid app. Please i hope this company never succeeds because the way they do things is horrific. I have co faceted then and I have yet to get a response.

- Please don’t fall for this app like I did!

Originally, I thought this app sounded like a great idea. I saw it was a top free app on the App Store, and I downloaded it. I created a profile and everything, and the app looked really neat! I think it’s a super good idea and the app itself is actually very visually appealing and easy to use. Then, I took the time to read some of the App Store reviews, in which negative the dies were cleverly hidden between positive reviews, all of which the game developers had responded to- to show they cared. I saw the reviews that said it was a scam and I started getting scared. I have adults and my friends parents in my contacts, I didn’t want them to get an invite that I didn’t send! I went back to the app, and the “invite your friends” option seemed legit, so I wasn’t too concerned. But sure enough, the next day my friend asked me if I sent her mom an irl invite. I was mortified! I can’t even imagine getting a social media app invite from your daughter’s friend! And to think of all the people in my contacts, including my Mom’s adult friends and a doctor!!! I really hope the developers realise that those invites they send out WITHOUT permission aren’t just going to teens.

- Dangerous & outright ridiculous.

If you got a text message with the invite saying, “someone complimented you” take a minute and think about how in the world someone could complement you when you’re not already on that app. Then take a moment to think about how the hell they got your phone number- basically don’t instal for that sole purpose. If you do decide to install I highly. HIGHLY. Suggest you read the privacy policy and terms of service on the first menu, asking you to ‘enter your phone number’ click those little blank links before you continue- they want to take all your info, your IP, your contacts, your personal information— that’s how you contribute to the constant spam emails calls and texts that go out. So please, think about it. Also think about how strange it is that an app developer opens a app for kids “12+” and wants them to fill out everything from their phone number to their personal location, schools, friends, contacts. Yeah that’s fishy- this info will most certainly be sold to third party, and that can lead you to a whole heap of trouble. Don’t download, I’m surprised as hell that apple allowed this app to even go public.

- Enabling Contacts= Notifications

I had read some reviews and had thought that by allowing contacts, the app wasn’t going to notify everyone on you contact list. I got the app and enabled contacts, and the next thing I know my uncle called and said he had gotten a notification for this app. I find this really annoying- I think it would be better if the app only invited people you wanted to invite. Update: To clarify, I allowed the app to have access to my contacts, and that’s when it sent a text to my uncle. I find this annoying because even though I let it have access to contacts, that does not mean it should use my contacts to send notifications to whoever it wants so more people find out about the app. Also, I did not think it would send a text to him, as I never invited him individually. Basically, it sent him a text without me knowing for no better reason than I had enabled contacts. Even if it’s a good app, I don’t feel comfortable knowing that it could send a text to anybody I have a contact of without me knowing.

- Stop invading privacy

Firstly I will say that the interface it cute. That’s the only nice thing I have to say. This app says that my friend “nominated” me when everyone I know says they didn’t. After I was sent a download link through my PERSONAL PHONE NUMBER and I downloaded the app to see what it was, my family members began receiving texts saying that someone had “nominated” them. I see that MANY other customers have had this problem and all the developers say is “that’s impossible”, as if they don’t understand that glitches and bugs are real things that exist and instead of ignoring their customers, they should check into it. It makes me feel like it’s all a ploy to get personal information. Who needs an app to plan things with their friends anyway? There are already several ways to contact each other and in my opinion this is useless. If I thought it was just a free harmless app then I wouldn’t say anything but these random texts are annoying as well as the fact that they are essentially sending them to YOUR contacts THEMSELVES without YOUR PERMISSION. I do not take kindly to that. I WILL BE REPORTING THIS APP FOR SPAM AND INVASION OF PRIVACY.

- Great track app!

The app really works for me, not only does it help me keep track of everything I have to do, but it’s also really easy to deal with. I’ve never had an app with such detail and such an easy interface. Honestly it’s also really cool how you can follow and keep track about your social events with others on the app. Not only can you follow and share with them, you can also chat! It’s a lot like some other apps but has a very different style that’s really appreciated. If you usually can’t get things done and need things done, use this! It’ll be fun and you might even make a new friend or two. I love it!

- I did not consent to this app having ANY of my information.

This is the sketchiest app I have ever seen. You get a completely anonymous message about a “nomination from a friend” that forces you to download the app and agree to give all of your information (contacts, location, school, etc.) just to see who out of the people you know was foolish enough to send you a scam. All it takes is one friend agreeing to give out their contacts for IRL to have your phone number without the consent of the owner of the number. This is a breech of my privacy and whoever sent me the nomination’s contacts’ privacy. Not to mention there is no “skip button” to go ahead and see who sent you the nomination like they’ve said in previous comments and in order to get in to the app you have to agree to their terms of service that is essentially just one more step to them having permission to access your information. Based on all of the other comments I’ve read I’m just going to get an email link in response, however I do not even want to directly give my email to this shady company. I thought that after all of this business with companies stealing information that people would be smarter, but I suppose I was wrong. Moral of the story kids, if you have a device that can get this app, you have a device that you can easily message your friends to make plans. Do not give this app access to all of your “friends” and contact’s phone numbers.

- Talk to people and easily find out who nominated you

I haven’t used the app very much but as far as I know there is no way to talk to my friends through the app. I think that feature might make it better. But as I said I’m not sure because I haven’t used the app very much. Maybe you could even message people who nominated you before they Ben reveal themselves to you. Which brings me to my next point. It needs to be easier to find out who nominated you without the other person having to reveal it. Either it should just immediately tell you who nominated you or if you want to know who it was you just have to press a few buttons instead of having to wait for the other person to reveal it if they ever do. It’s killing me not knowing who nominated me and I’ll probably never know. But I really want to know. I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!


I only downloaded this app so I could write this review. Stop f¥€

- I did not consent to being contacted with a text message

This app is a scam and what they are doing is illegal. According to the FCC’s TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) regulations, it is illegal to automatically contact a customer over text or phone call without their explicit written consent. I was not given any sort of clear and conspicuous disclosure that I would be contacted by the company providing this app’s services and I will be reporting this app to the FCC for violating the TCPA. In case the developers are not aware of what “clear and conspicuous disclosure” means, here’s a list of what they need t do before they start automatically testing people: Identify each specific company to whom consent is being provided Identify the consumer’s phone number Indicate a clear and affirmative agreement (i.e., I agree/ consent) Disclose that the consumer is authorizing the seller to engage in telemarketing (i.e., to receive offers related to the seller’s products or services) Disclose that the calls will be made using automated technology Disclose that the consumer is not required to provide consent as a condition of purchasing products or services Obtain the consumer’s signature (either electronically through E-SIGN or handwritten) None of these things were done and I am livid. I have now been texted several times, which means that my information was disclosed by another person without my consent. I am livid and I will be reporting this app to the FCC.

- Something Darker?

I have literally never used this app once and honestly don’t plan to from the negative reviews I have read. Somehow I have gotten about 10 different invites from different numbers for this app. But the weird thing is that they were all different variations of he text and some links would bring me to a blank screen. I thought nothing of it and deleted the messages. I got a few more and decided to just ignore them. Today I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a post that said that if you received a message along the lines of the messages I have been receiving promoting your app that it is linked to a sex trafficking ring and that even clicking the link can give you all my personal information including where I am when I follow the link. I’m not sure whether this rumor is true or not but more people should know before downloading this app in case it is something potentially darker.

- Great app

I have only had this app for five minutes but I’m already enjoying it. I love sending anonymous messages to my friends and fam using this app. This app is great, but it does have its set backs. It’s first setback is familiarity to other apps. I have had many other apps that have similar features like basically the same content. It would be pretty hard to keep up with the other apps considering it’s basically the same. Another setback is the choosing of “noms”. Contact choice is small with only four options. Many of the other apps have the same feature (four contacts to choose out of). My point is, if you added more contact choices it would be more accurate and more fun considering I have 196 contacts.

- Misleading Developers

I got a texted saying I was “voted for” and to download the app for more information. I read the reviews and in several the developers say that you can see who nominated you and info about the app without having to reveal your location and contacts. That’s very misleading. The “noms” are anonymous and you can request for the person to reveal themselves. After you do that, you’re asked to give the app access to your location and contacts. You can do nothing else. You can’t see anything about how the app works. You can’t actually judge how the app works and whether or not you trust it to have access to your information. You have to give it access or you see nothing. I don’t want some app I can’t see anything about have access to my contacts. The reviews accusing the app of sending invites en masse to people’s contacts don’t really put my inherent suspicions to ease.

- Easy to navigate and Awesome

I usually have to go through the trouble with sending an event or events to several of friends and family. At times I find it rather inconvenient to do this due to the fact that at times there’s a glitch of some sort when clicking on the link. Or the links send you over somewhere else and not to the intended point. With this app is a whole lot easier to send invites to current events and create a plan, so if the notifications are on everyone will be reminded . This is an absolute awesome app for those who love traveling , socializing and experiencing new thing. I totally recommend

- Just wow

When I first heard of irl I though it was just a way to start another fight for popularity due to the voting and noms, but it turns out it’s totally different!!! You can nom your friend anonymous just to compliment them on their awesomeness. Just to make people feel good! It is also such a cute and fun way to plan activities with friends, the animations are so cute! I just had an idea, what if you have a list part, where with the invite you swipe right and you can look up and place little animations of the things you/they need to bring? I just think that would add even more. Thanks so much I love it!😍😍😍😍😍

- Privacy Infringement

This app allows people to give it your number so it can send you texts you don’t consent to. It allows the developers to crowdsource phone numbers of people where they like it or not. I never would have given this app my phone number but that’s okay because my “friends” did it for me. They have my first name, last name, phone number, and where I go to school. Somehow this is worse than the Cambridge analytica scandal just because I didn’t agree to have my personal data given up. The developers of this app have created an absolutely ingenious way of harvesting phone numbers without people’s consent. I don’t know how this got into the App Store, but it’s a blatant infringement on people’s privacy. It allows the developers to download your whole address book without the people whose numbers you’re giving out’s consent.


This app has texted my personal cell phone for days now! This app takes information from one of my phone contacts and sends text message spam to users on their contact list. It’s ridiculous! I really don’t care how good this app is or what it does, the fact is that this app will without your knowledge, send spam to your contact list. When you use your contact list in the app IRL gets all your contacts. Do you really want your family to get spam all the time?Look it up, there’s already been complaints online about this. I do not give my phone number out often, and it’s unsettling that an app I didn’t even sign up for can use my information from one of my friends. I don’t even know which friend! Who knows if they sell this information to other companies/organizations. This needs to stop.

- This is kinda funny

It certainly was entertaining reading the vastly different types of comments to this app. Oddly enough there is barely any person who hates on this app for any reason other than them saying its a scam. There's not many apps that dont have normal issues that customers will rage at. Plus the positive reviews all sound pretty much identical. Additionally, it's pretty easy to simply read the terms and conditions which basically claim they have the right to store and use your information and you can't sue them for it... Nice idea and I'm sure a lot of people fall for it but there is pretty much no reason for you to need this much information and to not even let people use the app without giving information on their contacts... Basically: 99% sure this is a scam. But it was certainly entertaining to read about. Bye bye now!

- Sketchy

This app seems like a spam approach for exposure. I got a random message from an unknown number with an anonymous compliment in the app. I had to download it to see. I thankfully did not enable access to my contacts, but other commenters mentioned that this app sent messages out to their whole contact list. Even after requesting the complimenter’s identity was not shown, which made it even weirder. I also don’t know anyone in my friend group with the app, which makes the compliment seem like a trick to download and give info. Also, I just saw a post on social media yesterday that this app might be used for trafficking and it would not surprise me with how weird it was. I deleted my account pretty quick. It didn’t feel safe. I’m sure the creator had decent intentions, but it just felt sketchy in practice. I would not recommend.

- This app has been good so far

I have about 10 of my friends on the app so far. We’ll organize movie nights and go to arcades. Mostly we use the chat function and the app has been good at keeping plans alive in that sense. Polls are a good concept but we usually never agree on things so it doesn’t work as well as I wanted. The nomz can use some improving too. Overall I’m giving a 5 because the app feels alive and is constantly improving and my hope is that it continues to grow. Would be a lot better if more friends were on it to maybe get some bigger plans going.

- Helps Keep Me Organized

I am very much enjoying the IRL calendar app. I like to stay as organized as possible and using this to coordinate events with family and friends has helped tremendously. I think the app is pretty easy to use and user-friendly. I like that I can also keep updated on events going on near me and add them to my calendar. The best part about this app for me has been organizing my family’s calendar. I use IRL to coordinate where everyone will be and when. Overall, I think this is a great app that I will continue to use into the future.

- I wish I could give you 0 stars

This is the worst app I have ever come across in my life. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP! This “update” they talk about allows you to skip some things but still requires you to give permission for them to access your contacts and location before you can view who the mystery person is that complimented you (which is super creepy to begin with). THEN it sends out a text to everyone in your contacts telling them they have also been complemented which is a SCAM to get them to download the app. I only ever downloaded it because I couldn’t stop the texts and was hoping if I could figure out who was “complimenting me” I could ask them to stop. Now everyone in my phone has gotten the same text I had gotten and I STILL don’t know who had my number and sent it to me to begin with.

- Spams your contacts! Do not download

Found a weird text message and researched the url, and ended up going to the App Store to see what was up with it. The reviews seemed oddly good considering what Reddit and the rest of the internet had to say about it. Someone claiming to be the creator responded to the first post on my Reddit search, and wrote about a page talking about how on the up and up it was. How companies can get away with this I’m frankly so surprised. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. I downloaded it to do some more research into what it was, and about an hour later my friend texted me about this weird spam text they got. Guess who? IRL. We have only a few friends in common, and the person who received the text doesn’t give their phone number out to anyone except their friends. Make sure to report them if you get the chance.

- So Far, So Good

This app is easy to use. It’s a for the most part a calendar app. You can add events, invite friends, make the event private or public, let your friends invite friends or keep it low key. You can sync it to your google calendar, so you can have all of your events in one place. There is an explore page which tells about people you’ve followed and possible events they may be having, following them and hearting an event adds it to your calendar, like a possible suggestion for the day. It helps me stay a little bit more organized.

- Sex Trafficking

I downloaded the game after I got home from work cause I had a text message that someone ‘nominated’ me and I was curious. Not more than 3 hours later my dad comes to me with a FB post picture of a screenshot of the text message they send you to get you to join, and apparently girls have been going Missing because they use your location and its for sex trafficking. Now I dont know how much of that is true, but its better safe than sorry I only gave it such a high review so people can see this

- I’m tired of this stupid app

I have never downloaded this app. I didn’t even know what it was until I got a text message for it! I replied back “STOP” and it never did. I’ve gotten well over ten messages at this point, each one from different numbers. I keep blocking them but they continue changing the number to get around it. This last time I replied stop even though it didn’t tell me to and 3 seconds after it sent, I got another one with a gif this time. I’ve already reported this to Apple, im about to report it to my cellular service and I’m changing my phone number. It’s sad I have to go to these lengths to be left alone. Delete this stupid app, or better yet, don’t download it at all!! The same company had another app called Gather that got banned for the same reason, and rightly so.

- Not happy with the new update

I very much prefer the old version of this app where it was much more simple with the activities, such as getting dinner with a friend or doing yoga together. Now the app just recommends a bunch of events in the city, which is great, but i’m not always going to go to all these events. Some days all I want to do is something simple with a friend like cook dinner together or watch a movie. The past version allowed me to choose an event and invite a friend through the app. It was super cute and simple and that’s why I loved it. I do like the new synchronized calendar but I do not like how a huge chunk of the app was deleted and replaced with just event recommendations. Please add the old activities as well, there were some great ideas.

- Spam

I didn’t know the app existed. None of my friends have it, and no one that could possibly know me have it. I randomly got a text in “Messages,” saying someone I know said Hi. Then it sent a bunch of links to their app, and said find out who it was. I knew it wasn’t a virus from the link address, but I asked everyone who it could’ve been if they knew about it. No one knew what it was about. I wasn’t aware that an App Store app was allowed to send advertisements to random people on their personal phone number, to try and make them download their app, by pretending the person has friends who use it and want to talk to them. I wanted to rate them zero stars for a lack of proper tactics of recruiting new people for their cult. But since I can’t rate them 0 I decided 1 was good enough.

- Anonymous Compliments too Sketchy

Hello, this app looks nice. I’d actually play with it more if it didn’t seem sketchy as all heck. If a friend wants to “compliment” me, I need to know which friend it is. This is a matter of privacy. The company has stated they hold back the name of the person who sent the nomination because they want to keep their data private. This disregards the fact that by not telling you who sent it, you are invading my privacy by stealing my phone number and texting me without consent. If you simply tell the user who sent these nominations, I won’t feel so scammed. As it stands, the fact you don’t makes this sound incredibly sketchy. Until this is resolved, I am marking this down as “spam marketing” and will have to report it in a few days.

- Nope!

My daughter just received a text message stating someone had issued her a compliment in IRL. In order to access any information, WHICH SOMEONE ELSE HAS ALREADY PROVIDED, you need to download the app and continue to dish out more personal details. For young teens to be contacted by social media and asked to share information like their school name, birthday, name, etc. When someone has already passed along her phone number is alarming. I do not know what was said about my child. I do not know if it was done with maliciousness or kindness but I do know that it encourages other kids to give up information about their peers to lure them to the site. Not ok! Whatever process was involved it was started without her consent or mine. This could prove very dangerous going forward. Not for my child.

- scam

I’m going to just point out the obvious, this is a scam. why? well just allow me to explain. usually developers for one like to act like they care about the stuff you say, so they respond to the reviews but only to get more of your personal information. the only contact source is through a sketchy email. secondly, I have a block list from all these random numbers saying “you have a compliment!” and only way I can see it is download the app. sure, my age group is naïve enough to be like “what I have a compliment? I need to be more loved!” and download the app. that’s how they hook people from specific groups. how can they tell? the information your friend gives them when they illegally go against privacy policy. they claim some “news” network presented their “company”, but if they get paid enough money people; they WILL sponsor someone. don’t forget, this world lives off of money nowadays. if this comment is taken down and you read all of this before it happened, I promise you it’s to keep their imagine and hide these “rumors” from you. don’t be a dummy and give them your information.

- Irl

Super user friendly and self explanatory. There’s a few different elements of the app that take some poking around, but I like it better than texting or fb or anything. It’s pretty straightforward and you can make it fun and funny too. I like also like the “social media” flare . Wasn’t too sure if I was gonna use this at first, but I’ve already started making a bunch of tentative plans and chatting with my friends . I love this app! After knowing the ropes a bit it’s awesome and has a super cute format!

- Too much of invasion of privacy

As much as I understand that in order to know the activity of nearby students from your school, you cant skip that step. I want to be able to see and do stuff without allowing an entrance to my contacts or location. I like the idea, but the fact that more than one person wants to be able to do such things without giving this information, and having it not be resolved, is quite unsettling. Please do ready my review and see my side of the story. If there is a simple non-sketchy reason, then I will satisfied with the app, but until then, I am not quite satisfied.

- Good Idea, Needs Improvement

This app is a really good concept. However, some things need to be expanded upon, improved, and fixed. The planning of events needs to offer more detail, allowing the addition of a location and time that can be edited at any time. Also, I have consistently dealt with the app crashing whenever I want to reveal a nom. Also, I think this app could use some additional features because now it does very little besides event planning. Advertising would also do this app well as right now very few of my friends use this app.

- Spam SMS scam

This app kept on sending me text messages saying someone “complimented” me and I did NOT approve of anything being sent to me. Even if you block a number, it sends them from different numbers so you can’t stop it from happening. This is really annoying. I don’t care if a friend “invited” me- I did not consent to getting these messages and I’m tired of getting them. I don’t want your app, I don’t want to keep getting “invites” from your app. Please disable this. Don’t let people send me unsolicited messages. It’s very invasive advertising (YES, advertising is exactly what it is) and shouldn’t be allowed. And I’ll just say that the developer’s aggressive and condescending responses to similar complaints are also ridiculous and are not very good for PR.

- I only downloaded this app to stop getting messages

I do not know why I keep getting messages saying I was “nominated” or “complimented” by someone I know when in reality. I have little to no friends on top of me living in the middle of nowhere so I ain’t gonna drive 30 minutes to an hour in any direction to get to the few friends houses that I do have to eat pizza. This app is not for anyone who doesn’t live in the inner city. It’s pointless to those who know very few people. It’s infinitely easier to not have 700 friends and message them directly than using this app. I understand the purpose of the app but I just can’t use it. Hopefully it’s helpful for someone else.

- Developers

edit: stop. sending. me. texts. I downloaded this app after receiving a notification and even after reading all the reviews cause I apparently have no common sense. Anyway, I personally didn’t really like it but there’s nothing largely important there, but rather the texting to promote your app is incredibly annoying and it never ends. I understand it could be notifs sent from multiple people but that still leaves me with a multitude of notifications. Lastly, and what I believe it most important, is whenever someone leaves a negative review, the developers tend to respond implying the people are lying by saying “if you care to learn the truth” or anything around that. You are a professional company, act like it.

- Did not allow access to contacts - but it sent text to my daughter

Several friends had posted about this app. I googled and read about it. I decided to give it a chance because the idea behind the app seemed worthwhile. I downloaded the app - I did NOT give it access to my contacts. There is a skip option at the bottom. A few minutes later my daughter texts me asking: “What is IRL?” She sent me a screenshot showing a text she received saying her friend (my name) was on the app. I contacted the developer and was told via email: “Text messages are only sent to specific contacts in three instances: you’ve sent an invite to a contact, added a contact as a friend on the app or nominated a friend through the app for something that they’re good at.” I didn’t upload my contacts - I have screenshots verifying all of this - so NONE of those 3 were possible. I provided no contact info, I didn’t add anyone and as such - I couldn’t have nominated anyone for anything. They have yet to provide an explanation on how they obtained the contact info of my daughter. I’m reporting the app.

- pretty cool! however,

I just downloaded the app I really like it! My only issue or a request I guess you could say is I wish you could remove the school from your account that you’re in. I was the first one out of most of my friends to download the app and none of my friends are putting in my school so I tried to remove my school from my profile, but I can’t seem to find a way to do it. If you could put a way to remove your school from your profile i would really appreciate it. Other than that, no complaints! Great app!

- Just what I was looking for!

I always have a hard time finding people who share my same interests when it comes to attending concerts and shows. This app does the hard work for me. I get to meet friends that love the same things I do and are more than ecstatic to make plans. The interface is super sleek and lets you sync with your contacts as well. This is a great way to incorporate all your plans when you don’t have to keep up with things.

- Didn’t upload contacts - sent text to my daughter

Several friends had posted about this app. I googled and read about it. I decided to give it a chance because the idea behind the app seemed worthwhile. I downloaded the app - I did NOT give it access to my contacts. There is a skip option at the bottom. A few minutes later my daughter texts me asking: “What is IRL?” She sent me a screenshot showing a text she received saying her friend (my name) was on the app. I contacted the developer and was told via email: “Text messages are only sent to specific contacts in three instances: you’ve sent an invite to a contact, added a contact as a friend on the app or nominated a friend through the app for something that they’re good at.” I didn’t upload my contacts - I have screenshots verifying all of this - so NONE of those 3 were possible. I provided no contact info, I didn’t add anyone and as such - I couldn’t have nominated anyone for anything. They have yet to provide an explanation on how they obtained the contact info of my daughter. I’m reporting the app.

- A good app

This is a cool app. It’s pretty neat how you can anonymously compliment your friends, especially if they suffer from depression, anxiety, or self esteem issues. I would suggest a messaging system, but it’s not completely necessary. Also, the “noms” are too categorized. It should shuffle noms so if you skip one, you don’t get on almost exactly the same again. Skipping a mom also should not take away a nom. I found that some people just nom random friends with random noms. Making a way to create a special nom would be kind of nice. But overall, it’s a pretty good app. :)

- Interesting and new

This app is actually something I’ve never really seen before. It’s something new and gives way for new opportunities! I really like how I can involve my friends with my plans because normally if I were planning something with a group of people it would just be over text and you know how group chats can it’s nice to have something that puts everyone on the same page it makes planning outings so much easier!

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- Never link this to any sort of work calendar

Looks pretty on the paper but experience wasted by aggressive acquisition strategy... I had the bad idea to connect include a work calendar that is linked to my personal calendar and it messaged every attendees of all my upcoming work events to let them know that a “chat thread had started to support any conversations happening around the event”...

- Do not download

Get a better growth team.

- Bad

It is trying to scam people in human verification

- App is retarded

This app is dumb

Payoneer 💰

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- Is lit

Is lit

- Spamming my friends

Why have my friends received text messages from you? I didn’t knowingly or willingly send them.

- POCKETFLIP sent me

Great app for all social media accounts

- Love this app

I love this app

Libertex 📈

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- Easiest App To use

I’ve had other calendar apps that I've used in the past. But I’ve been looking for a simple and easy to use calendar app. Came across Irl and became hooked on it ever since. You can create plans with friends or with the public without all the technical hassle, very easy to use. Also my favorite part is that have a feature of your favorite entertainer sharing their plans such as their shows or concerts in your town.

- Still not living up to the promise of skipping contact access

Having read some of the reviews of this app after getting several texts about being nominated for props, I decided to investigate this app. Several reviews have said that they fixed the need to need access to contacts to see more about the app, well the version I downloaded today won’t let me obviously get past the need for accessing my contacts to do much more than enter my phone number or birthday. This is not cool. Don’t be secretive or disingenuous in this day of security concerns. Let us take a look at the app before deciding wether it stays or goes.

- I really need to speak to someone.

I am a high school student, and you app has been surfaced at my school with quite negative feedback. It’s quite ridiculous if I do say do myself. But people in my area think you are kidnapping people using this app. I would like to contact a developer, or anyone willing. I want to clear the air because I am quite worried about your reputation. And wouldn’t say this to people in my community, but I’m worried about the sanity of my friends.

- I really need to speak to someone.

I am a high school student, and you app has been surfaced at my school with quite negative feedback. It’s quite ridiculous if I do say do myself. But people in my area think you are kidnapping people using this app. I would like to contact a developer, or anyone willing. I want to clear the air because I am quite worried about your reputation. And wouldn’t say this to people in my community, but I’m worried about the sanity of my friends.

- I really need to speak to someone.

I am a high school student, and you app has been surfaced at my school with quite negative feedback. It’s quite ridiculous if I do say do myself. But people in my area think you are kidnapping people using this app. I would like to contact a developer, or anyone willing. I want to clear the air because I am quite worried about your reputation. And wouldn’t say this to people in my community, but I’m worried about the sanity of my friends.

- I really need to speak to someone.

I am a high school student, and you app has been surfaced at my school with quite negative feedback. It’s quite ridiculous if I do say do myself. But people in my area think you are kidnapping people using this app. I would like to contact a developer, or anyone willing. I want to clear the air because I am quite worried about your reputation. And wouldn’t say this to people in my community, but I’m worried about the sanity of my friends.

- I really need to speak to someone.

I am a high school student, and you app has been surfaced at my school with quite negative feedback. It’s quite ridiculous if I do say do myself. But people in my area think you are kidnapping people using this app. I would like to contact a developer, or anyone willing. I want to clear the air because I am quite worried about your reputation. And wouldn’t say this to people in my community, but I’m worried about the sanity of my friends.

- I really need to speak to someone.

I am a high school student, and you app has been surfaced at my school with quite negative feedback. It’s quite ridiculous if I do say do myself. But people in my area think you are kidnapping people using this app. I would like to contact a developer, or anyone willing. I want to clear the air because I am quite worried about your reputation. And wouldn’t say this to people in my community, but I’m worried about the sanity of my friends.

- Get Real - Came here from CNBC

I saw this and noticed their mission and I really hope my kids use it. I know it’s probably not cool for parents to like this but I am tired of seeing my kids on snap and Instagram. They are always on their phone and rarely leave the house. I how these people are successful! I know some people are complaining about spam or scam but they look very real. If you read the article it will get you as excited as it got me. I am sure of it!

- Such a cool concept!

I was a bit unsure about this app, but I downloaded it because a few friends had good things to say about it and I'm actually really enjoying it! It's so easy to use, and instead of having to make a Facebook event, this is so much more convenient and organized! And the noms are a fun feature. Giving ideas for hang outs is a nice touch too. It's a fun way to get everyone together and do new things!

- What would make it even better

I’m enjoying the app so far, however there are a few thing I would like to be able to do on it. First I wish I could have a board or something where I could post invites on there instead of sending it directly to people. Let’s say I’m having a party and I want to indirectly invite someone I wouldn’t be able to. Just a thought. Also every time I try to add an invite to my invites the app closes and goes back to my home screen. Help???

- This app makes me happy.

Although I love my phone and all the networking apps (Facebook / Instagram / etc.), I really miss hangs with my friends in real life. IRL makes the whole process of getting a group of friends sooo easy. I love the noms (both giving and receiving). More than any app I have on my phone, I feel like IRL supports my being really present and connected to those I care about. Grateful to the IRL team for crafting this awesome app!!

- Nice idea, kind of scary

Look yes I'll admit it's a nice idea. A lot of people seem to love the app and the creators seem to care a lot. Recently I've been getting notifications saying I've been complimented or nominated or such. They also have been using all forms of my name that I use. However, no one I know has this app, I don't have this app, so how did my number get to them? I tried getting the app to see how it was but it wouldn't let me do anything without turning on my contacts and location... no thank you guys So once again, lovely idea but it's kind of creepy it has my number... that I never gave it

- Good App

Great new app!! At first l was getting a bunch of texts from a number I didn’t know, and was all like: “a friend said something nice about you!!”, And I had no idea what it was. Then, I was in the App Store and I saw IRL, and I realized it was the app that I kept getting messages from. So I decided to try it out, and found out it was a pretty good app for just passing time. I haven’t had it for long, but so far, I can’t find anything wrong with it.

- I love love love this app

I love this app because it is perfect for creating events to do with your family or friends. It is also great because you can send “noms” which I love because I can compliment my friends and family with a tap of a bottom and it amazing!!!! For example for chilling like a couch villain I chose my sister because she is always sitting on the couch. Anyway I love this app and if you are reading this you will LOVE this app!

- Unsettling

First I received a text from an unknown and untraceable number containing my first name with a link to ‘see what someone said’ about me and contained no other information about who sent this or anything else. I don’t know about anyone else but that is extremely unsettling and makes me very uncomfortable. I signed up for the app and saw that only two distant friends of mine were utilizing this app and was immediately sketched out by the text I had received prior. Also, the app crashes every time you try to edit your profile. I don’t think I’d recommend this app to anyone.

- Like click bait in app form

It sends you a message that tells you nothing about the app or the person who sent you the app. Want to know what it means? Download the app and go through its horrific sign up process where it doesn't work if you don't give it your contacts, location, school, and first and last name. So yeah, terrible app, never get it. I changed it to a two star review just because I appreciate the developers actually contacting me after I got frustrated at their app. They seem to have a good team working on it. I hope to see this app go somewhere in the future.

- SPAMMERS! This company sent me dozens of unsolicited text messages to my cell phone.....

This company got a hold of my private phone number and have been illegally texting me “You’ve been sent a compliment! See it here:...” texts to my number (not sure how they got it in the first place), as part of their spamming marketing campaign to try and have me download their app. I finally went to the link and downloaded their app so I can expose them by leaving them this honest review. This company’s business practice is unethical and they should be removed from the App Store. I obviously am not the only one, see the other reviews that claim the same.

- 🌈🌈🌈

I loved this app from the moment I opened it! It’s cool how I can “Nom” my friends! The nominations are really funny, and I enjoy nominating my friends for these hilarious titles. But better than that, it helps us get together IN REAL LIFE! It gives us fun ideas like yoga or game night or hiking or camping. It’s fun and it is refreshing to do things outside of the digital space. What a relief. I’m so tired of Facebook, and glad to finally have an alternative!!!

- Help?

So I did it once but the verification was just still loading after an hour so I left and came back later in the day. When I came back the verify screen loaded once then started going white. And the loading page was not working. But besides that it was fine and I believe I did something wrong so I’ll give it five stars. Help?

- Please don’t download this app.

It’s an invasion of privacy for you to go into someone else’s phone and take my name and number, then text me to try and get my phone’s information as well. This is the second time I’ve gotten this spam (you can save your “trying to verify who you are” excuse. Let’s call it what it is.) saying that “someone complimented” me. I don’t care if they consented to have their phones swept; I most certainly did not. This is a cleverly hidden way for whoever this developer is to mine information. Don’t be part of the problem. Don’t download this app. I’m just disappointed I had to download it to leave a review.

- Here’s why this is a bad idea

Here’s why this is a bad idea: the app itself is a nice idea. It’s kind of like the new tbh. But I just got a text from an unknown number and after reading reviews I found out that someone pressed allow access to contacts and now this app has my number, name, and school. No thank you. I will not be using this app because I have more than just friends in my contacts. I have my parents, teachers, and my boss and I don’t want them to be getting texts from some shady number because of me. I will probably be contacting the company to see about getting my number out of their system.

- This app texted me and I’d never heard of it

Whoever developed this app is trying to get whatever data they can scrape from you and your friends so they can sell it. I got a text from some random number saying “Someone complimented you!” I downloaded the app to see who was giving away my info and the first thing they ask for is my phone number. No no no, stay off my data. Tell me who contacted me, because this is no better than spoofed robocallers trying to get my credit card info. I’ve never had an app text me without my permission, nor should I ever. This app is after your data and you should stay away.

- Creepy

I haven’t actually used this app....I only downloaded it so I could write a review. Twice this week, I’ve gotten text messages that address me by name (first and last) and that say somebody complimented me on this app. It’s creepy. I have been stalked before, and apps like this do not make me feel safe because of the repeated and unsolicited contact. I do not want to be connected to this app in any way shape or form. If this is some method of marketing, please change the strategy because I feel unsafe. If they’re spam, please find out who is responsible for them. I don’t want to be connected to this app in any way shape or form.

- Social life elevated.

For the first time EVER I don’t feel overwhelmed socially or all the FOMO of missing events I forgot to put in my calendar. With IRL, I’m able to coordinate with my friends around the world — create shared plans — and see what they are up to. I’m loving this app and hope that all my friends download it so we can share our social events. Super great idea. We’ve needed this for a long time! Thanks IRL.

- App functions as expected

This is helpful to find all type of social activity on your city, both online and offline. Before the pandemic, I loved to go to offiline events to talk to people face-to-face. But now everything is online, but trust me, I still feel the same no matter if it’s online or offline. However, I would say I prefer offline events because I can have more interpersonal interactions, just my opinion.

- Loving it so far

Downloaded this on a whim/as requested by my more early adopter friends. We're a little older than who I think this app was created for, but dangit if im not fascinated with it anyway. Takes the edge off setting up plans, brings some humanity back to social networking. Love the concept. As a design guy: ~4 stars for actual functionality, 6.5 stars for design and usability.

- Just adding to the pile...

The pile of people who are not happy to receive a shady looking text from an app I did not give my number to. It’s only been one so far, thankfully. If a friend wants to tell me how awesome your app is they can, from THEIR number or social media account, but your app does not need to have my phone number unless I give it you. Whatever feature it is that lets people/friends send these “noms” in a text from some third party number needs to be taken out. This might have been a cool app but with this plus the other reviews claiming other shady experiences... A hard nope from me.

- Contact list abuse

This is really serious abuse of people's contact list to get downloads. I have been getting abstract messages saying someone sent you an invite without mentioning who that person is. Apparently the plan is to get people curious enough to download the app . I didn't sync my contact list just so they don't sent invites to everyone and further continue the abuse. This is Candy crush invites all over again and sadly there's nothing you can do to stop this. I hope Apple realizes this sooner than later and stop this garbage of an app from further spreading.

- Predatory tactics

This app uses luring tactics to make you download it. I've been getting constant texts that someone's "complimenting me" with a link to their app. It seems to be yet another app to stir high school drama and it drags other teens into it with unsolicited text messages. And worst part is I can't get the stupid texts to stop!! I downloaded the app to see what it was and it won't let you do anything without sharing your phone number, birthday, full name, location, high school, gender, and your ENTIRE contact list. Hence the annoying texts to people who don't have the app. Don't share anything with this app but especially not your full contact list!!! It gives them access to your friends, family, doctors, employers, and whoever else is on your contacts. Again this app is predatory and lures in vulnerable teens to give away loads of personal information in return for hollow meaningless compliments.

- Won’t stop messaging me.

So today at 10:36 I got a message saying that somebody complemented me on the app. I replied with “STOP” at 10:46 when I saw the message because I wasn’t interested in the app. As soon as I sent “STOP” I got ANOTHER MESSAGE from a different number saying what irl is. Clearly if I said “STOP” to the original message I didn’t want the app. My questions are 1) why won’t they take no for an answer and 2) why do all your responses to reviews have typos in them?? Seems very unprofessional and makes it look even more like a scam when a “large and safe company” can’t even spell the conjunction “it’s” right.

- Overall pretty great

Overall I would say this app is well put together and works well. The interface is very easy to navigate. I enjoyed how it linked everything together and was a good way to connect with friends in real life to things happening on social media. Definitely worth trying out to see if you like it.

- Pretty good besides 1 problem

The app itself is pretty good, just started using it due to some friends. It doesn’t ask for much information, besides your phone number and birthday. It’s a fun and quick way to get your friends together sometime. The one problem is that every time I try to change my profile picture, it glitches out of the app. Besides that, it’s a good app. Please fix this glitch.

- It’s alright 🙂

The app is pretty good but if I got any notifications for people in my grade and I clicked on their icon I wasn’t able to become friends with them unless I already had their phone number which gets rid of the entire point of getting to know people. But the app is pretty good if you know a lot of other people who have the app. If not it can be kind of boring and repetitive.

- Nice find

I will say my expectations weren’t that high for this app. I’ve seen them all and they aren’t personalized enough to find what I like and instead give you general results. I really like this app and I’ve already found my weekend plans from this app. Thanks for putting in the work to fix the spam issues. This was a great find

- Idk about this

i recently downloaded this app because every night there has been a new text saying someone complimented me and that i should get the IRL app to see it, along with the link to the app and i have been hearing a bunch of rumors about it sending it to your contacts and how it’s a scam and i deleted it because of that. i was just wondering if your company would do this or if it’s someone else pretending to be you. please respond when you can thanks

- Worst app idea

I really don’t appreciate my number being given out for the sole purpose of getting a “compliment” I downloaded the app to see what it was about and try to figure out how to stop these texts coming in. We didn’t sign up for this app so we should not be receiving these anonymous messages. The whole thing is sketchy af anyways. I’m an adult and have private phone numbers in my contacts, they should NEVER be given out! Don’t download the app. Don’t waste your time by giving this app the benefit of the doubt and the extra “views” by seeing who “complimented” you.

- My new favorite app

Good app I love that you can invite friends and chat with them about different events your interested in it makes socializing with friends about things you like more easier. I also like you can add things your interested in easy to your calendar The app is easy to use very user friendly.

- Useless spam

I got a text message that someone “complimented” me. I looked up the app to see if it was legit, and apparently some news sites think so. After downloading the app however, I do NOT think this app is legit. I had to give up personal information upon signing in only to be told I had to request to see who sent me the compliment. 48 hours later and still can’t see who sent it. This leads me to think IRL harvested my phone number from somewhere and sent it to me themselves, and not a real person. I’m not saying it is a fraud, but it definitely seems like a fraud.

- Such a creative app!

I love creating events to meet my friends, but especially for my husband! We set up all of our date nights within the app while we are busy at work! This app makes our dates even more exciting with the features of adding details and times! We both love it!

- Deeply aggressive and troll like

I don’t know if their text messaging service is run by actual people or bots but regardless it never gave me an opt out function. And when I even stated that I’d like to receive no more messages they sent multiple messages from different numbers! This all started bc I got a text saying I was nominated which is bogus bc no one I know has this app. If you happen to be reading this stay far away from this app it’s truly a disgusting abuse of social media. (I gagged even relating this thing to social media platforms that are open and don’t HIDE anything)

- Uses scams to promote!!!!

Well, I hate to admit it but I fell for one of those “free cod points” ads and it told me that you have to download this app to get the “free cod points”. I think it’s disgusting that they would spend THOUSANDS of dollars on a scam that scams people into thinking that they will get a reward. And this is just a way for them to say that multiple people have downloaded their app. I have nothing to say about this stupid looking app, because I know it’s bad if it uses scams to promote it, but I will say that it’s a bad app if the company is like this. This app is a scam and a waste of time.

- Loved this app!!💕💕

Alright ain't gonna lie this app is AMAZING! I'm a person who loves scheduling and setting meet ups with friends and this app gives me everything to do it- The invitations are so cute and they work in the best way possible, once you get your friends and relatives here making plans becomes the easiest job in the world. This is a really big improvement over the standart calendar apps and it's definetly worth the time, works extremely well and has many handy features like the nominations which are hella good and I love them. If you are looking for a nice and easy app to set up meetings and plans this is the best one for it.

- Stupid.

I shouldn’t have to provide access to my location or contacts.. Not only is it sketchy, but why should I? You don’t even give a sneak peak or a general idea of the app.. Honestly who cares if CNBC has done a story on this.. you make it seem like their opinion matters or something. This is a ‘scam’ and its just trying to gather information on people to sell to a 3rd parties.. “if you’re not the customer, you’re the product” Smh.. Apple, how is his even a thing. I bet almost all of these reviews are fake and that just devalues every other review on your platform. This is stupid

- No Information

Got a text saying I was nominated. Doesn’t say for what or from whom. Downloaded it doesn’t say anything demands location/contacts and birthday to continue. Saw in these reviews that this was fixed and you can skip it but that doesn’t seem to be the case for me. Pretty sketch. Edit: Re downloaded and it had the skip this time around. It kept sending me text messages that I was nominated, so I guess second times the charm.

- This app is ridiculous

This whole app is just a front to farm phone numbers. I synced my contacts because it wouldn’t let me do anything until I did and all my contacts got a text saying someone complimented them. I know the company did this because one of my contacts is a number I got from an app on my phone and they got texted. Also, I deleted the app and then tried to reinstall it, but there was no way for me to log in so it’s obvious this app doesn’t really exist to get people to meet irl, but it’s really just a front to farm phone numbers

- stop texting me

i’ve received two text messages from this app in the past two weeks. two separate numbers as i blocked the first number immediately. any app that is collecting phone numbers from people to contact them to download their app and collect more information is beyond sketchy. i want to be removed from this app completely. i had to download the app just to review it and request this. read in the reviews the developer claims the newest update to the app makes it possible to learn about the app without offering information but that’s clearly a blatant lie as the only thing you can do on the app is give your phone number and agree to terms and conditions. i assume there’s something past this but i don’t want this company having my phone number in the first place so i’m sure as hell not entering it or agreeing to anything.

- Not happy

So I read some of the other reviews download it because somebody sent me a text message saying I’ve been nominated for something so after getting in the app and giving out my information I have to request to know who nominated me why I don’t appreciate my phone number being used by an app now had I not had to request who sent it to me and for them to agree for me to know I might keep the app but at this point I’m not keeping it and don’t send me no more text messages from nobody unless you going tell me who it’s from

- I’m confused and disappointed

So I’m getting random texts though the day telling me that someone complemented in the app(to note I did not have this app or account yet) I decided to check the app out and I was never “complimented” by anyone and I noticed that this was literally a cheap knock off of Instagram, and this is just an understatement. Every function to the bone was exactly like it. And I see other comments saying the same things happening to me, but the owner straight up think there just lying. It’s not worth it, and don’t trick people into buying your dumb app smh.

- My favorite app by far

IRL has helped me stay sane during COVID-19 isolation. I can always find something fun to do. Also makes WFH easier with the calendar- which I prefer over any other I’ve ever used. Scheduling my zoom meetings has never been easier. Don’t usually write reviews but this has been a game changer.

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Social calendar app IRL lands $16M in Series B funding round

Peter Xing 🧢➕🤖

IRL Fuels Social Calendar App With $16M Series B via @crunchbasenews

Mark "Wear a Mask" Oehlert

What do we call this new sector? Quarantine Apps? The Social Distance Industrial Complex? > IRL Fuels Social Calendar App With $16M Series B – Crunchbase News

Ed Suh

Kudos to @abrashafi @krutal & the rest of the @irl_app team on navigating through these turbulent times and making the best social calendar out there, for real AND remote life!

fat tony

Social calendar and event discovery startup IRL raises $16M Series B, says it's seeing ~1M hours/day in its Time Together tool and is adding a Groups feature (Christine Hall/Crunchbase News)


irl🌈- Your virtual social calendar Who said we couldn't connect for fun under the pandemic? irl populates the upcoming events of various themes, such as music, wellness, gaming etc. Join virtual events with people of the same interest❤️

Social calendar and event discovery startup IRL raises $16M #startups #entrepreneur #bhfyp #smallbusiness #juststart


"Social calendar and event discovery startup IRL raises $16M Series B, says it's seeing ~1M hours/day in its Time Together tool and is adding a Groups feature (Christine Hall/Crunchbase News): Christine Hall / Crunchbase News: Social calendar and… #tech

Vanuatu Tech Feed

Social calendar and event discovery startup IRL raises $16M Series B, says it's seeing ~1M hours/day in its Time Together tool and is adding a Groups feature (Christine Hall/Crunchbase News) #TechNews #TechTips


Social calendar and event discovery startup IRL raises $16M Series B, says it's seeing ~1M hours/day in its Time Together tool and is adding a Groups feature (@christinemhall / Crunchbase News)

James Beshara

5.5M monthly active users, 2M daily users, and now $16m to continue to expand... the social calendar we’ve always wanted is happening:


IRL is a new calendar app built for teens who like Instagram and TikTok—with funding from investors who've backed those types of mega-popular social networks in the past by @abebrown716

Abe Brown

@IRL_APP thinks it can build a social network around a calendar. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 2 mil Daily Active users, over 10x growth since 2019 launch 💰 $16 mil in new Series B. Lots of smart investors (@joshelman), folks who've previously backed things like FB, Twitter and TikTok

wilson k

Event discovery network IRL - Social Calendar raises $16M Series B after refocusing on virtual events Sarah

Edgar Vargas

Super proud and grateful for this team. #startups #SiliconValley

IRL - Social Calendar 2.6.5 Screenshots & Images

IRL - Social Calendar iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

IRL - Social Calendar iphone images
IRL - Social Calendar iphone images
IRL - Social Calendar iphone images
IRL - Social Calendar iphone images
IRL - Social Calendar iphone images
IRL - Social Calendar iphone images
IRL - Social Calendar iphone images
IRL - Social Calendar iphone images
IRL - Social Calendar iphone images
IRL - Social Calendar ipad images
IRL - Social Calendar ipad images
IRL - Social Calendar ipad images
IRL - Social Calendar ipad images
IRL - Social Calendar ipad images
IRL - Social Calendar ipad images
IRL - Social Calendar ipad images
IRL - Social Calendar ipad images
IRL - Social Calendar ipad images
IRL - Social Calendar ipad images
IRL - Social Calendar Social Networking application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
IRL - Social Calendar Social Networking application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

IRL - Social Calendar (Version 2.6.5) Install & Download

The applications IRL - Social Calendar was published in the category Social Networking on 2018-02-08 and was developed by Live Awake Inc [Developer ID: 1474418384]. This application file size is 65.72 MB. IRL - Social Calendar - Social Networking posted on 2020-09-04 current version is 2.6.5 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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