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"Sky Surfing" is a challenging flying game. Slide to dodge obstacles and glide through stone gates. Beat your high score and claim your rewards. Collect every fancy planes you like and challenge the boundary of the sky!"

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- Astonishing

Honestly, I’ve gotten so tired of trying new apps because they always end up throwing a million ads into your face, ruining the experience of the app and now many of them have started doing subscriptions instead of a pay 99 cents to get rid of them entirely. I was super scared to try this game but the reviews had nothing about ads so I gave it a try and I’m glad I did. Beautiful artwork, beautiful control, beautiful idea and it’s all so simple. You can chose to watch an ad if you’d like but they don’t pop up every 5 minutes, thank you for making such a good game, I can’t wait to see what further updates bring (:

- So Beautiful

This is probably the best game that I’ve ever seen and like just the beauty and the structure of the game is just so amazing and I first I was a little hesitant to get it just because you know how like every game has ads not this one no ads unless you want to double the coins and it’s super fun cool and easy to get new stuff like a new skin all u have to do is level up and that’s not hard overall I would say the graphics are mind blowing and the game is just A 💯

- Skins Are Rigged - Don’t Buy Tickets

I truly love this game, it’s absolutely beautiful however I am very disappointed in how they distribute new “Skins”. I play this game every morning and have quite a collection of skins but there are many I don’t have because it keeps giving me the same “Repeated Skins” (skins I already own). It then trades that skin for only ONE M-POINT. Each skin costs between 9-12 M-Points. How is that fair? I haven’t received a new skin in 5 days in a row with any tickets I have purchased or earned. Don’t waste your money buying tickets. You can still enjoy game but it puts a bad taste in my mouth because of the typical greed from the developers. Fix your reward system and I will gladly change my review.

- Awesome game

The ad balance in this game is really great and doesn’t get too annoying like other apps. Also, it looks stellar and I love all the different skin options available! I do have a couple things that might could be tweaked in later updates... 1) The “skip” button when you die and are given a few seconds to choose if you want to revive by watching an ad doesn’t actually work. When I click it, nothing happens and the countdown stays there. 2) On some of the map designs, especially the Chinese zodiac one where there are fiery squares, the odd perspective makes it really difficult to actually see where the obstacles are. It’s not that I die because I can’t dodge them, but I genuinely can’t tell what positioning they’re in in relation to my character, so I crash into them even when I think I’m way above or below it. Other than those small issues, I honestly really love this game. It’s one of the most enjoyable and charming ones I’ve come across in the App Store in a long time!

- Kemosabe_69

This is a great new game with a great new concept, but here are only 2 suggestions I want to put out there that you guys can add later on. 1. Maybe you can somehow do tricks and flips as just up and down gets a bit monotonous. 2. I noticed in the playroom background with the blocks, all of them are the letters R,M, and T. Maybe spice it up a bit? A bit of variety like that can take a game to another level. But as a very new game, it’s a hands dow five stars for me.

- Pretty nice

This game keeps it simple. Which I like, it’s calming in the beginning u know relaxing and as the game goes on it becomes a little more of a challenge. One thing also, and I don’t know if this is for everyone but the adds don’t work. They try to play them every once in a while and it just loads then stops shortly after, pretty cool. The only down side is that u can’t revive yourself. But like I said it could possibly only be me. GREAT GAME!!

- Amazing

This app is so fun and clean-looking! I love the concept and way they pull it off. Usually with games similar to this, you get an ad every time you die or sometimes even more than that. This game gives you the option to watch ads to get coins, but it doesn’t shove it down your throat. Overall great game and it is now my new favorite!

- Beautiful!

This game is utterly amazing, from the colors and cute characters to the actual gameplay. I absolutely love the idea of this game and the way it’s put together is gorgeous. There’s no ads (that I’ve seen) unless you choose to watch one for double coins, which is a great idea, and so little ads is so rare for games nowadays. Thanks so much for this refreshing new game!

- Imaginative!

This game is super cool & has an amazing layout. It is so calming and relaxing that your four year old can play it and not get frustrated, and I as a 13 year can play it and still have tons of fun😁 I also really love the characters that you can play with along with the game layout, I haven’t really seen much like this so I’m super happy with this download!

- Beautiful

Not really my type of game, but nonetheless when you play this you can immediately see how much work went into this game. From the gameplay to the animations to the menus everything in this game is gorgeous. And they pulled this all off without having some kind of predatory monetization scheme. Bravo.

- Awesome! Why are people complaining?

I've seen a lot of apps and played a lot too and it's always the same thing: ads and bugs/glitches. I don't get it, this game is AMAZING and yet little things still get pointed out. Anyhoo I recommend this game for time consumption because it is really good!


I really love the game!!! I play it almost everyday and I can’t stop! I have one suggestion . Since I am a horse lover... can you please add a few different kinds of horse skins? I feel like a lot of people like horses and you have almost every animal on there but a horse . I feel like I would play it more if it had so horse skins. Please take my advice seriously and keep up the good work!🐴

- Goooood

Love this game it’s really nice and all my friends ask me what it is because it looks fun. One thing though, I wish you could play music at the same time, but when you go to the app with music on, it just pauses the music and plays your app’s music, even when you disable sound. Only a minor issue, just a little frustrating

- So satisfying

The animations and haptic feedback in this game are so rewarding to experience. Even if you don’t find the gameplay too interesting, you can’t doubt how unbelievably rad it is to fill up meters and see everything explode in stars and flashy wisps of coins and prizes. Makes you feel great to play.

- New controls aren’t good

The new controls for the base mode (first time playing in a while, don’t know if other modes are changed to) don’t make any sense. It used to be slide your finger up and down, but now it’s some weird tap nonsense? Can’t find anyway to change it back, but I hope there is because I can’t find any way to play it without failing before I reach 15 ):

- Temper control

When I screw up a high stakes game, wall punching a and phone throwings are to be had, but I put this game on and it allllll washes away. I wish there was a soundtrack with 3 different lighthearted songs for every type of world, but the rest of the game is fine. Hardly pay-to-win

- Refreshing

A simple, beautifully designed game with no obnoxious ads every 2 levels. I read about the fewer ads from another comment and couldn’t believe it. It’s true - truly refreshing!

- Okay okay...this game is simply flawless.

No ad subscription, ads doesn’t pop up every 3.8 seconds ruining the game experience, game is actually super fun to play with amazing controls. Perfect job on this game guys. Keep them coming.

- So calming

I regularly look at games I can play, as I don’t get hooked so easily on games. I’ve only spent 10 minutes on this game and I love it No ads, amazing soundtrack, graphics are stunning. Other games would have an ad after you crash, and you sit there getting more upset as this 30 minute ad rambles about another game you should play. It’s impossible to get angry at this game, I love it. It’s similar to Zen Koi, and I love it for that. I’ll definitely have this game for a while!

- It really good

So I got this game two or 1 day ago and I love this game it really fun it hard and fun I like this game a lot if you have nothing to do play this game and it will make you not bored anymore so really this game is really good and fun

- Fun day

You guys are so awesome I like you too much and I cannot was your day I got to go get my hair done I have some stuff I need for you I don’t want you I just wanted you know I miss you I hope you had fun I

- Legit

It’s actually pretty cool little easy but really cool, also the graphics are really well produced. I could see myself playing this game a lot. Well done for a simple and easy game that anyone can play!

- Amazing

I been playing this game for about a hour or two and I could really see myself playing this for a while.


I love the game but there is a glitch where you start the game but don’t move and you can go through the obstacles just to let you know so you can patch it.

- entertaining

i've been looking for a game that would actually keep me entertained. so i've downloaded a bunch of games to try out and this is the only game that i actually want to come back to and play. this is the only game that made me curse out load then immediately try again when i mess up. i very honestly recommend this game! plus the graphics and music are amazing 10/10 :)

- So Fun!

This game is a great game to play when you are looking to just waste some time and have some mindless fun, would definitely recommend this game to everyone.

- Sky Surfing

I love this game! Not only are the characters just, absolutely adorable, but the game has no lag, glitches, or bugs! I have only just got this game, and it’s already my favorite!

- Excellent

Really cool game really hope they don’t make it like other games where they fill it up with a bunch of ads every time you lose but so far really cool vibes

- This game is legitimate.

Graphically beautiful, smooth addictive gameplay. Endless characters. Developers are top notch. I’ll be looking for more of their products in the future.

- Luv it

This game is awesome! Totally addictive... it’s not your faster than fast game that for me are impossible (I am after all 70 years old). The graphics are amazing. Try it

- It’s quite fun

I honestly enjoy this game a lot and love playing it. It almost has no adds and is quite relaxing. I really do recommend this game.

- Great

Pretty easy, but a fun easy. I love the different skins that you can get. Also trying to be the first review Wish I can play my music while playing

- Artistic relaxing bless

And endless runner that makes you feel good as you play.


The side screen control is not comfortable please change it to some better control because it will the game way better and enjoyable! Overall a great game but with control issues!

- Up and down

If you won’t limited to how high or low you could go it would be a lot more fun other than that there’s game is great I keep playing.

- Addictive

I love this game! Great time killer, you won’t even realize how long you have been playing it. ❤️

- Good game but keeps crashing

This game is a lot of fun but it keeps crashing, especially with the latest update.

- Fun game

Pretty fun game, play it whenever I’m bored. Needs a couple improvements as far as hitching and frame rate issues.

- Love it

I only downloaded it because I was bored, but now it’s my favorite game at the moment

- Wow

I really liked this game, it had so many different options and me and my brother really liked it

- Great

Really good game. You don’t need to buy anything, graphics are nice and it has a cool art style. It’s a lot of fun to play

- Cool

Yeah the game is really cool but one thing is that I don’t hear any music, it might just be me, but if not please add music and if you do can you make it like upbeat and happy

- I love the game

It’s fun and it has no forced ads. I know this is kinda stupid but can you add penguins to the aquatic section

- Great game!

Beautiful game, with peaceful and relaxing music. Creative levels and multiple items to unlock.

- Great game

Beautiful graphics, nice and simple controls, and is very fun. Would recommend.

- I just love it

That’s about it, the game is great. I love it for some reason. Graphics are godly for an iPhone game

- Tired of Video Ads

I crashed my plane, and had to watch a 30 second ad before I could play again. Why put such a poor user experience in an otherwise great game?

- No challenge

Cute graphics, cute skins, easy game, but absolutely no challenge. You control your character by dragging your finger up and down. Touch down on each surface to charge up. Avoid walls. Collect coins. It's just boring, really.

- Just a fun way to exercise your fingers

Look up

- Amazing

Love the graphics of this game and the music is spot on just wanna say good job to the developers that made this game

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- Absolutely amazing!!

First of all I want to say the concept of this game is amazing!! And I love the arts in this game, it’s very simple and cute! Everyone should try it out for sure :)

- really sick

its just sick man

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- Sky surf

It's the sky. You go up or down. Like surfing.

- Great game but some problems.

I love Sky Surfers it’s a great game! But when I’m trying to pass a level it restarts me I keep getting frustrated with that it would be great if you could make it so that when your on a level it makes it stay where you last were. And I also think that others might be getting frustrated about it.

- Keeps crashing

It's a good game and all but it crashes whenever I reach a high score. I want to enjoy this game, but it gets irritating every time I lose my score and rewards when it crashes. So please fix this so I can play it to its potential! But it is a good game, so 2 stars for now

- Lame.

Keeps crashing

- Sky surfing

I really enjoy this game! It’s a great time killer. I enjoy the scenery as well. But I do have a problem. Whenever I play, there will be a black square in the place of the plane and it’s getting really annoying, especially with the new Christmas update.

- Sky surfing

I love this game it’s so fun and so hard I can’t stop playing this is so fun And I am never going to stop playing this game

- Sooooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game was so fun and cute and a tiny bit challenging but it was the best game I’ve ever seen and I would recommend this game to anyone who loves cute animals and obstacles to enjoy!!!!

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Sky Surfing 1.2.7 Screenshots & Images

Sky Surfing iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Sky Surfing iphone images
Sky Surfing iphone images
Sky Surfing iphone images
Sky Surfing iphone images
Sky Surfing iphone images
Sky Surfing iphone images
Sky Surfing iphone images

Sky Surfing (Version 1.2.7) Install & Download

The applications Sky Surfing was published in the category Games on 2018-11-07 and was developed by Macaca Games Inc. [Developer ID: 1278612016]. This application file size is 290.83 MB. Sky Surfing - Games app posted on 2021-04-07 current version is 1.2.7 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.CloudMacaca.Flight

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