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Have you ever wanted to make your own little fantasy world? A farm, some kind of castle, or just an epic fantasy city? Pocket Build is an open world game where you can build with no limitations or restrictions. Build whatever you like, whenever you like, however you like. The possibilities are endless!

- Featured as Game of the day.
- #1 game in over 57 countries.
- "An open world sandbox building game with a great 3D graphics engine." - AppAdvice

Castles, people, animals, trees, fences, farms, bridges, towers, houses, rocks, land, it's all their for the building. The only limit is your imagination!

- Hundreds of items to build.
- Huge open world.
- Build instantly.
- Collect resources and build special items.
- Command your humans to do various tasks.
- Beautiful 3D graphics.
- New items added every update.
- All items unlocked.
- Endless possibilities.
- Buildings, Trees, People, Animals, Fences, Pathways, Castles, Skulls, Barrels, Farms, Bridges, Towers, Houses, Rocks, and loads more!
- Build, rotate, and place items anywhere in the world.
- Control the camera view, rotate, zoom.
- 3D touch support.
- Haptic feedback.

The possibilities are endless! Build your own city, build your own world, build your own castle, be creative, craft your land, build a town, create your own adventure, build anywhere in an open world. Become a Pocket Builder today!

Pocket Build App Description & Overview

The applications Pocket Build was published in the category Games on 2017-11-01 and was developed by MoonBear LTD. The file size is 330.55 MB. The current version is 1.9.6 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

+ Added an easier way of deleting tiles. Simply tap on a tile to delete.
+ Improved cloud system.
+ Fixed some more silly bugs.

Stay tuned for the next update which will be bringing you some new items and characters!

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Pocket Build Reviews


Amazing game but one little request..  ThatGuyLoco_117  5 star

I love the game and all the options of creative actions one can take while playing the game but it would be amazing if y’all could bring prehistoric animals like ice age creatures like wooly mammoths and saber tooth cats n etc n other prehistoric creatures such as dinosaurs n have both set of prehistoric creatures( Ice age mammals and dinosaurs) in different sections like “the tamed” section and “the feral” section where the tamed have saddles and the feral are born in the wild type creatures if you get what I’m trying to say but it would be very cool to see that happen

Ilat Etlu

Amazing sandbox!  Ilat Etlu  5 star

I played it for about two days and loved it. But, a feature I’d like to see would be the ability to mass select items and manipulate them as a whole, rather than individually building a small tile or deleting an entire island one block at a time.


Account Error  andrewornot  4 star

I’m trying to create an account, but when I tap the field to enter an email address it brings me back to the world.

Flappy bum hole

Change the icon  Flappy bum hole  5 star

I live this game and the minimalistic UI is sooooo nice to use. Can you maybe make the game icon match the UI???


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  goldenmojo1  5 star

I absolutely love this app but I do have a couple improvement ideas, first I think that when you start you should be giving some gold, secondly I don’t understand the use of giants there kind of useless, third HORSES there’s no horses and it’s killing me! Please update it to have horses! Other then that it’s great! Thanks


Pocket world review about training  wartripe  5 star

Can you use the props so we can train the people like knights and to get stronger


Perfect  fndjwixn  5 star

This is what I call a masterpiece you can build tons of stuff from a lake to a undead fortress its also cool that you can have habitants because it really gives your world a realistic feel I have 2questions though do you have an idea when the rampage option for the giants will come and how to activate the tap to delete mode Overall one of the best mobile games there are


New boats  Fischbob  5 star

I would like it if you guys could a normal ships because i am trying to make real sense but the shipwreck boat look awful when trying to make a sense by the way check out retry my world by krayfish


Great game  snelajdodos  5 star

Overall this is a great sandbox game. The graphics all the buildings, but there is one problem I have. If you try and zoom out to the maximum and then face your camera all the way to the top your camera will be stuck at the top of the screen. You will be able to zoom in and zoom out, but it is still stuck at the top. I probably will continue playing this game but not as much since it is a weird angle for me.

Frost Beard

Nearly a Perfect Five-Star Game  Frost Beard  4 star

Gosh. If I were a developer reading through the critical reviews, I’d lose my sanity. Thanks for the calm and imaginative game. It’s certainly easy on the eye. I have a short list of requests as follows. May we have: • Additional soundtracks? • Active weather/seasons? • Active cars and planes? Like the boat. • Cannons (with fire and smoke effects) • And a little warfare? Just a little s’all. Perhaps in waves; attacking hordes. Negatives: * Not being able to match pathways with stairs, bridges, etc. * Occasionally, characters and animals walk through solid objects. I appreciate your work! 👍🏻


Bored quickly  KingBinChicken  1 star

This game had great graphics and everything, but it had no goal so I was bored within 5 mins, also the town was already built and so I had nothing to do. Hope you add more things and when you do, this will be a great game!


Amazing, but needs more content  DioJojoke  4 star

This game is amazing to play and quite relaxing, however i find myself reusing the exact same materials and i cant mix it up. I think they need to include more people and more building materials. Other than that it is great.


Question  wtmok  4 star

Are resources gathered slower if the game is closed opposed to if the game is left open?

The games alright

Good game  The games alright  5 star

Really cool game, is really fun and creative. Also good work on listening to your community. Like other people say it does need more progression which is hard because other building games are often ruined by progression. Also, Players and in-Game characters should be able to interact with certain objects, like gates and doors, drawbridges, vehicles. You should be able to control the characters in game (soldiers form formations and attack like that). More character such as hero’s. And you should also add in a section of pre-built things like castles, forests. Maybe even a community section where people can upload and download maps or parts of maps. COPY AND PASTE! Please! And again, your game is great!

Beast Eyes

The Game  Beast Eyes  3 star

It’s a good game, but it needs more “premade worlds.” At the moment, it only has one default world and that is just several islands around each other. I would enjoy the game more, if a wider variety of pre made worlds was included in the game (eg. Forest, kingdom, desert, swamp, etc) I also think the game would be better if when you make characters and so forth, you could take control of characters and select several characters at a time to attack or harvest etc. It’s a old game but it’d be better if these features were added. I don’t want the few dollars I spent on this game wasted.

Gabriel Kremastos

Boooooring  Gabriel Kremastos  2 star

Well it’s not my type of game but legit there is no objective. When I opened the game I got bored so easily.


Awesome game  jãg  4 star

I really love the freedom this game gives you but I think that having more people and different races would be really cool. I also think that having events might make the game more enjoyable. I recommend this game as it was really fun to play but I think there is room for improvement. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Bring back the old build mode!  iceylurves  4 star

I understand that some people love to have that survival aspect, farming/mining resources to build their little worlds, but I for one am too lazy for that. I love to just build stuff and be creative! I'm not saying the survival aspect should be abolished completely, but maybe give us an option to either start the game in completely free build mode, or survival mode, so both the creative and the survivalist players can enjoy building their worlds their own way! Amazing game anyway! 5 stars if you can bring back free building ❤️


This is the best game ever  MidnightDuck200  5 star

This game is so good! At first it was kind f boring but with each update made the game even better! I DEFINITELY recommend this game to creative thinkers who love to build. 6 STARS

hardthunder5047 xbox

Plz add  hardthunder5047 xbox  5 star

Please add new humans like gunslinger modern people and plz I’m begging add Wild West people plz

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