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Have you ever wanted to make your own little fantasy world? A farm, some kind of castle, or just an epic fantasy city? Pocket Build is an open world game where you can build with no limitations or restrictions. Build whatever you like, whenever you like, however you like. The possibilities are endless!

"An open world sandbox building game with a great 3D graphics engine." - AppAdvice

Castles, people, animals, trees, fences, farms, bridges, towers, houses, rocks, land, it's all their for the building. The only limit is your imagination!

- Hundreds of items to build.
- Huge open world.
- Build instantly.
- Collect resources and build special items.
- Beautiful 3D graphics.
- New items added every update.
- All items unlocked.
- Endless possibilities.
-Buildings, Trees, People, Animals, Fences, Pathways, Castles, Skulls, Barrels, Farms, Bridges, Towers, Houses, Rocks, and loads more!
- Build, rotate, and place items anywhere in the world.
- Control the camera view, rotate, zoom.
- 3D touch support.
- Haptic feedback.

The possibilities are endless! Build your own city, build your own world, build your own castle, be creative, craft your land, build a town, create your own adventure, build anywhere in an open world. Become a Pocket Builder today!

Pocket Build App Description & Overview

The applications Pocket Build was published in the category Games on 2017-11-01 and was developed by MoonBear LTD. The file size is 204.27 MB. The current version is 1.6 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- People and goblins will now fight if they run into each other.
- People will now stay on pathways if placed directly on the pathway (if they feel like it).
- People will sometimes stop for a cigarette.
- People will sometimes stop and think.
- You can now give people and goblins a custom name.
- Added undo/redo button for objects. Redo/undo won't apply to animals and characters as they are constantly moving and changing.
- Added setting to disable 3D touch delete.
- UI Improvements.
- Major performance improvements.
- Fixed crashing issue.
- Thanks for reading. More features and improvements are coming next week. Next update will have a ton of new items, animals, and interactions.
- Follow us on twitter @pocket_build

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Pocket Build Reviews

Mck 107

It needs direction and awareness.  Mck 107  3 star

One of the problems that I’ve noticed is that objects don’t distinguish Between any substance. I built a man on a boat in a field and it behaved like he was on water. I put a man in the water and he walked on the surface. I wish that there was some sort of way that the people interacted with themselves, each other, and the world around them as if they had purpose and a mild awareness of what they’re standing on and if there are people nearby. I also wish there was a general direction, like some level of resource management and allowing these people to have a level of agency. Building things that they think they need and reproducing and using resources so you have to, to an extent, battle them for control of what is happening. I just wish there was a clear direction to the game or at least some level of interaction between all the moving parts.


Always Coming Back  Chesnut12344  5 star

Usually I will get tired of a game and quit. I’ll start strong but then that sudden burst at the beginning goes away. Not with this game, however. I find myself always coming back for more. Whether it’s to add a island or add a couple of buildings here and there. I’ll add a river flowing through my village, add a couple more towers to the main castle, add a few villagers here and there, or to make a whole new section of my world. I love this app so much and I hope to see it grow. Although I come back for more, I do find myself wanting more buildings, castles, props, etc. I want more interaction between NPC’s and animals. I want more interactions between factions. Maybe some sort of goal could be added to the game. However, adding goals/story/etc., would destroy this game’s purpose. The game is meant to have no objective other than create your fantasy. And I like that idea over having an actual goal or objective. If this is added to the game, make that part of it optional. I love most things being free and requiring no resources. It expands my horizons rather than boring me with trying to gain resources. I dislike that. I love where the game is now but it can be more. And it will be. I can see this game going farther than it is now and I can’t wait to keep playing!


3: you can improve  P3t3rBr0  3 star

You can improve by having a percentage of smokers, having modern humans, having felines, and having hunters and predators that kill other animals (I’ll continue this list if I think of more and remember to)

Yoda 1515

Cool  Yoda 1515  4 star

Awesome, would love it if you could turn everything Japanese and samurai

Townsmen Junkie

Zoom Out  Townsmen Junkie  5 star

Let me start off by saying this game is the best sand castle build on demand game. The fact you can collect wood and other resources needed just by putting down trees and having a worker collect is amazing. The building aspect is smooth and easy to maneuver around. However, being as good as the game is just for $0.99 I do have some input on what could be done to improve the gameplay even more. I built this decent size castle for the start of my kingdom. The problem I face so much is not being able to zoom out enough to see your entire creation at once. Another thing is. Having a button allowing for touch delete would be amazing. Instead of having to click on every item and press the hammer to delete. Maybe have an eraser or something similar to where all you have to do is press what you want to be deleted (allowing multiple structures and items to be deleted with just one click). Thank you for your consideration. Keep up the good work.


Great game  Zlachie123  5 star

I do have some problems with the game, but this is an example of what a mobile sandbox game should be. But my issue is that I don’t think there’s a menu explaining what each building is, overall it made it difficult figuring out what each building did. But great game. Also as a side note there are no ads in this game. How do you make money? You should set up a gofundme, because there are a few other mobile games I loved that had no iap but got abandoned. I want this game to succeed, so plz


Favorite game  Get_Down_Lowe  4 star

I think the concept and idea behind this game is genius. The designs are beautiful. I do feel like however the gameplay itself becomes boring after a few hours of building. I want to see this game prosper and grow, it is worth the money. Here are some ideas i have for you guys to try. Have an option to have the npcs naturally repopulate, start families, build settlements, live lives. Have them be like little sims. That fully live. Allowing you to rule over wnd see as a god. A king should be treated as a king and has guards that follow snd guard him. st night people go im their houses. Etc The world and the people become interactive. When you cut down a tree or harvest food it should go away unless you or a villager plants more. Have specific names for tiles and more usable water elements. Creste more elements, more building things, the more comllex and deep here the better. Add ability to start civilizations, name it, have a government, stores, lifes just happens. Could Start adam and eve eith two when you start a new game. You should be able to zoom out farther. Ability to change the weather. Stuff like that.

Xiao Lin Monkey

Best app...EVER  Xiao Lin Monkey  5 star

The best

Jimmy John Joes

Jimmy John Joe  Jimmy John Joes  5 star

I’m leaving another review! Sense I installed this game at first there were hardly any interaction with the characters, but now sense it’s update when goblins kill villagers (or peasants) they just die, so that is one problem. You basically lose whatever you spent on that character and are never to get it back! So if you could change so if a goblin kills a villager have the villager drop its items that you spent on it, so it doesn’t just go to waste! BTW CONGRATS ON MAKING IT NO.2 Adventure game!! Last time it was in the top 20’s!! Huge improvement from then to now!!

Timothy Mallon

I want to give it 5 stars but...  Timothy Mallon  1 star

I’ve got a problem with this app and I’ve found no way to fix it. The “reset camera” option leaves me out in the ocean and even resetting to default world leaves me in the ocean. There’s no land anywhere and I’ve scrolled and scrolled for a long time looking for some. I’ve also deleted the game, reinstalled and deleted all worlds and tried totally from a fresh start. Is this some bug that’s gonna be fixed??!


Such a great game! But I have a questio  HSMC7423  5 star

You clearly put a lot of thought and effort into this game, and I love it. I love that it’s always changing and that there are no inn-app purchases. Keep doing what you’re doing! But, how do I make the cliffs the same colour as the ground? I have green grass, but when I add cliff edges, they stay the colour of stone. I have tried everything, please help!


Ideas for improvements  Epic0007224  5 star

First off, I’d like to say that this game is amazing, totally worth it for the amount of money you spend. It is different to any other game I’ve played and keep me entertained for hours. This is a great game to play when you’re on a long car trip or something similar. The only thing I really want added to the game is some sort of objective. I get what the game is going for, a simple, fun city builder but I feel like it needs some sort of way to keep you playing longer. I’m not asking you to make the game really complicated like other city building games (SimCity, Cities Skylines), but the world you make doesn’t really have a purpose. Everything is kind of static... nothing really happens. I’m not really sure what you could add, but maybe things like shops would be cool. This game is really great and I hope you keep up the good work, thanks for reading :)

Chris the storm

Suggestion  Chris the storm  5 star

I have a suggestion that you might like Can you add more bridges and make an option to make the bridges curve that would be awesome.


Feedback and ideas(pls read dev)  TheAmazerGaming  5 star

I have been enjoying the game and playing it quite a lot lately. I have some ideas for the game. 1. Can you make it so there are these things called silos and they cost 400 wood and food. 15 blocks around the silo will automatically be farmed like normal but when you are offline. You can upgrade the silos for longer management. (Lvl 1, 1 hours farming offline, lvl 2, 2 hours offline farming and so on up to lvl 20, 20 hours away). The silos should cost 100 food and wood for upgrade to lvl 2, would cost 200 wood and food, lvl 3 would cost 300 food and wood and so on to 20. 2. Cars. If others want to drive the cars you can add that. I suggest adding two new items, A plain old car that does not need much detail and can come in different colours. A supercar a bit more detailed and should kinda look like a Ferrari/Lamborghini. It would be really nice if you read this editors and creators. Kind Regards An average Pocket build player


Fantastic game!  Ursabing  5 star

First off the bat, I really love this game and it’s diverse system. A few things that could make it even better would be to add objects that create events, perhaps shops too? And maybe adding it so you can allow people to go on quests, practice skills and hunt for other monsters too. Have bounties and a reproductive system. Make it like a full on fantasy life :) Apart from that it’s a great game!


Beautiful.  Ahhhrun  5 star

Simple yet incredible game. This is a sweet, elegant, seamless builder that you can pick up and play for hours or leave for as long as you like; no rush. The devs obviously care a lot about quality, and really take on player suggestions. Can’t fault this game.


Amazing game  Ranga3595  4 star

I only bought the game yesterday and I absolutely love it. Although I have noticed that the people and animals don't use the intersection pathways and they float in the air when placing them on it. Keep up the amazing work, the game is phenomenal.

my name is jeff😜

Best  my name is jeff😜  5 star

It’s so fun u have to try it out and the payment is awesome developers if ur reading u have outdone yourself 😘😘😘😘


Great game, here are some ideas  DryHorizon74020  4 star

1. A Modern city mode with tall buildings 2. More buildings in general 3. Different animals And most important a touch and slide mode for building land Thanks for reading 😀😀😀


Great game  Luckywathog  5 star



Great concept  Tara134  4 star

Fantastic idea and is good fun but maybe in future updates add themes like cities, Wild West, etc. Can’t wait to see what the future updates bring. :)

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