SnapCalc - Math Problem Solver

SnapCalc - Math Problem Solver [Education] App Description & Overview

SnapCalc does the math for you. Just snap a picture of a math problem, and voila — the answer is displayed on your screen. From algebra to calculus, the app has solutions to a wide range of topics - and it recognizes handwritten problems too! Learn more quickly and easily with step-by-step explanations so that next time you’ll be able to solve the problem yourself - as easy as one-two-three!

SnapCalc will become your mathematical lifesaver - finish your homework faster, prepare better for tests and make getting those high grades less stressful. Not so strong in math or just need some extra help with it sometimes? SnapCalc is for you.

Handwritten problem? No worries - SnapCalc recognizes both handwritten problems as well as printed ones.
Want to see the steps too? SnapCalc provides both straight answers and the corresponding step-by-step solutions.

Solve math problems instantly across a wide range of topics, ranging from Arithmetic to Calculus.
Save your results in "History" tab so you can go back to them anytime.
Math is hard - but with SnapCalc, it’s never been easier.

Get SnapCalc Premium
Upgrade to Premium version and get step-by-step solutions and remove ads.
*Choose from 2 subscription options:
- a 1-month Subscription
- an annual subscription with a 3-day free trial
* Subscription payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of your purchase and upon commencement of each renewal term.
* You can cancel the subscription anytime by cancelling your subscription through your iTunes account settings. This must be done 24 hours before the end of subscription period to avoid being charged. The cancellation will take effect the day after the last day of the current subscription period, and you will be downgraded to the free service.
For complete access to all SnapCalc features, you will need to allow access to the following:
*Camera – so that the app could recognize a math problem after taking a pic and then solve it.

Privacy Policy:

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SnapCalc - Math Problem Solver Customer Service, Editor Notes:

With this release, we've made some minor performance and stability improvements, which hopefully will enhance your SnapCalc experience. Thank you for your continued support and comments! Do not hesitate to share your feedback with us via

SnapCalc - Math Problem Solver Comments & Reviews

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- Fail

It didn’t help at all

- no

doesnt work to my needs

- stupid

dumb waste of time

- Problems already!!!!

Just got this it is sStill recognizing when does it work? Is this normal?Do not get this app

- Don’t download


- No sirve

Esta estupidez no sirve

- Horrible

Don’t download

- Not really helping

The app would only work on one of myeqiayions and for the other ones they just did not work. This is not worth money.

- C

This is the only app that works

- Ugly app


- It needs to work better

I really thought this app will give me no problems but it has when I take a picture it says failed and u can see the problem so well so pls can it be better🥺🤞🏽

- Horrible app


- Good

The steps get confusing

- Didnt give right answer

Doesnt work

- Trash

It never recognizes anything, this app is garbage

- A reason to use it.

It was ok but I only needed it for one class. I got an A btw thanks snap calculator.

- SnapCalc

Just freaking horrible

- No sirve

Esta aplicación era mejor antes que hoy

- Not worth it

The app helped solve a couple of math problems I had trouble on but the developers are extremely money hungry. As soon as you launch the app, it comes up with a screen saying buy their subscription service and there’s no clear way to decline it until you read through the text and find the tiny sliver of dialogue that says ‘Or continue to classic version’ but the classic version helped me out for about 3 problems before prompting me to buy the subscription if I needed more help. Use Mathway instead, it’s free even if you have to go through more steps to get an answer. Now I’m stuck with a 3 day subscription of an app I don’t need and one without any form of log in so it’s not like I can sign into a website to cancel it, I’ll have to do it off my Apple ID. I’d avoid this app.

- Horrible

DO NOT GET OR SPEND MONEY. It doesn’t understand any problems and Photomath is the same thing and even has more stuff and it’s FREE

- Bad

Does not work at all, doesn’t recognize easy problems

- Waste of my money

This did not help me at all I used it for 2 problems and or didn’t work waste of my money

- Bad review

This app is not good for the ones who really needs help with math because it provides nothing they just want you to pay them this app is reviewed bad.

- Lol no

I don’t like this app bc it don’t recognize most of my questions

- This appp sucksss

Okay so I have trigonometry and it wouldn’t recognize any of the problems I’m so disappointed

- Awful

You can only use this for one problem then it will take you to a page where it says you have to pay monthly, There is no way that anyone who isn’t a psycho would pay just for a math problem.

- Fails to work and read problems

Do not waste your money. The app doesn’t read problems. Constant message unable to recognize math problem.

- Ivy tv

Try trying

- Doesnt solve

Not free and doesnt work

- Nope30

Not helpful

- Review for Algebra

The answers are wrong


worst app ever. You’ll be lucky to find 25% of the problems you need to solve. Not to mention, it charges you WEEKLY. And there’s no option to cancel your subscription before it charges you after your three day trial.



- Work

I did now now how to do my work and this was a life/game changer

- No Step By Step!

No Step By Step!

- Didn’t work

Didn’t work

- 0 stars

Would not recognize any problems. Waste of time and money!

- The worst app EVER!

Took five pictures of the same problem all for it the give me the definitions of each word !!!!

- Worst ever

I only got 3 problems to solve and not fair and I had to pay money to get more problems for them to solve 1/10 do not recommend

- Doesn’t work well

Doesn’t recognize a problem and it doesn’t take pictures of a problem from a book. I was testing the app and will not recommend it to anyone.

- Terrible, here’s why

Some of us kids don’t have the money to pay for your unreasonable subscriptions. Just for anyone reading this, this app is completely useless. I’d rather use Photo Math, a free version of this app, than spend my time here. Thank you for your time

- SnapCalc

App only works sometimes after I paid for it. Right now the screen is cloudy and I cannot snap equations!!Grandmadebbie2

- I failed my homework

I used this app and it gave me the complete wrong answers!

- Add more stuff very important

Hello I am learning geometry for school and you guys don’t have anything for geometry and will not work for it. I will most likely to delete it otherwise because that is why I got it in the first place. I am not hating on anyone but please change that it is very important and very serious yours truly a person has the app 😔😢 P.s that is the only reason you got one star otherwise great!

- Does not work

Every problem told app does not recognize a problem. If by chance it does recognize a problem, it does not solve it. Using just to check answers

- Review of SuperCalc

Did not solve the problem I needed help with. If you ask me I think it’s fake and stupid.

- love it

Let's say I'm not the smartest in math, i've tried abunch of different apps to help with math and none of them worked like this. It gives you different answers depending on your subject and steps to explain why, on my quizzes i am able to score way higher thanks to this app. Some people have complaints on the glitches but i have not experienced any. The only thing i don't like is the subscription but it really does help and is worth the money.

- Click bait app

When you take a pic of the problem you want to solve it does it on purpose putting in the wrong equation then they want you to buy the membership to get your actual problem and answer so this app is click bait and I recommend not getting this app

- Disappointed

This app is horrible at recognizing math problems. I have no desire to keep it.

- Logarithmic equations

Doesn’t work that well with most logarithmic equations.

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- Daviddbtjhf

Xu did

- want some information about unsubscribe my plan

i want to unsubscribe my plan how to do it ???

- horrible!

if you were looking for a free app this truly isn’t it, it says you can try it free but after you do three questions it makes you pay or you can’t use the app. i don’t recommend at all, as a high school student i don’t want to pay for this and overall it even gave me wrong answers. this app has to be for primary school student it only does simple equations.

- Awesome 👌🏻

Love it 😍

- Snapcalc

This app is not helpful as it does not recognise the problem at all and gives wrong answers

- poor review

This app is basically a scam, i downloaded it to see if it worked and paid the $8 to test it but then deleted it straight away as it didn’t help with much more than multiplications and sums. Since then, i have had 4 transactions of $7.49 taken out of my account! How do I stop this?!

- Ugh annoying

This app makes u pay and it can’t even see a problem

- Horrible

I downloaded this app knowing that this would help me but I got 2 questions then it was just asking for premium version definitely wouldn’t download again

- Useless

Does not help at all

- Review

Hardly does any questions meaning that it doesn’t answer most questions.

- Okay I guess . . .

Ehh, the app is only useful for simple equations. Questions that include diagrams wouldnt be able to be resolved with the app itself bwut, fun and easy gave it 3 star . . .

- Limited soloutions

I could only take a picture of 3 math problems before I had to pay like I know that you shouldn’t be able to limit pictures and getting soloutions it’s UNFAIR

- 😡😡😡😡

This bumb app steal my money because I clear this app

- only 3 turns

i only got 3 turns which isn’t enough. maybe should add ads instead of just not letting the user use the app after 3 turns, but it was kind of helpful

- Am leaving

The app is not working for problems solving questions. Only on equation which is dump for high school

- It’s so annoying

I thought it would be quick and easy, but the app cannot recognise the question😡 deleted this app right away and unless u get the premium version there r limited amount of questions u can ask. It usually just works for the simple questions e.g. 24+56. But I need to find out answers for angles and I cannot identify what I’m trying to find out so you might as well just use your calculator or download the calculator App.

- After 3 questions I had to pay

I only just got the app and used it on 3 questions and then he would keep telling me to pay $7.99 for premium and I would click for the limited version but it wouldn’t work it kept bringing me to pay for premium and the first 3 questions it didn’t even explain

- Fix

Dis app is well good cuz

- trash wrong result

trash because u write log2 1/6 it equals 0!while it should be -2.58!

- Not a bad app

It is very useful to help you figure out how to do it, if the devs read this could you please make it so that we can have a free version that has ads and stuff on it so you still get money for your time and we still get to use it? That’s why I gave 2 stars, since I cannot use anymore (had 3 turns)

- Horrible

This app is actually so bad, the maths they do isn’t even correct. Most of the questions are way to hard for it’s stupid understanding level thus I don’t recommend this app for anyone. It’s useless and utter trash.

- App tester

We’re good just make it free

- Love it

I think it’s great it would be better if it had unlimited use :((

- Terrible

Terrible app cannot even take photo of equations and impossible to have trial without setting up payment details.

- Rlly?

Don’t bother downloading they charge you 7 dollars a month to use a calculator smh

- Review

It’s quite good but they should upgrade to calculate worded questions

- Awesome

I love this app it's helping me a lot through my maths homework and shows me the solutions and formula of each question I snap!!!!^^

- Hi

It’s great to help solve problems I love it

- Doesn't show workings

Doesn't show workings

- Nice

Now I can cheat on my math homework

- This app is awesome

It is very useful for my math homework

- Overpriced

The calculator doesn’t recognise some of the symbols and they charge you monthly, I might as well use my CAS calculator or a free website

- Its cool

Its very useful

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- Stoped working

I don’t know if this happened to anyone else but this is my second or third day with the app I didn’t check any reviews but I saw it had a good score. basically the problems started today, I was trying to do the math gave up and went to use this app and every time I took a photo of the math and tried to press “solve” it would just take me to the subscribe or 3 day trial page. Ever. Single. Time. When I would click the grey thing saying to continue with the basic one it would take me back I’d click solve and back to the subscribe page. It doesn’t let me do anything and it’s pretty frustrating. I tried deleting it and adding it back hoping that will work but nope.

- Can’t get the subscription to cancel

Can’t get the subscription to cancel

- Meh

It works but if you do not pay 6.99 a month you can only answer 3 questions a day.

- Half star review

This app teases you into thinking you can use this app forever and it is free but you can only solve three math problems in the basic class and you have to pay 6.99 dollars to get the full version but why tease us ? Why can you make us in the beginning there is no point in downloading this app

- Garbage

Not worth the payment

- Good but slightly unfair😕

The fact that it’s able to help out and show easier ways to solve equations is wonderful, but having to pay for unlimited problems to solve kinda gets complicated and hard to understand the work that’s needs to be solved. As well as the free trial, it’s not an actual 3 day trial you still end up paying $5.00 ($4.99) for the free trial. That’s really all..

- It’s ok

It works very good but it try to make you pay like I’m not finna spend my money on something I’m forced to do

- Failed

It failed to give right answers

- Yali

Continue with limited version is just a lie, the app never let me do an exercise unless I select the 3day free subscription. 👎🏼

- Doesn’t work

This app doesn’t work at all I just downloaded it and all i got was the error message not worth your time or money

- So bad

This is so bad

- It works

It works

- Review

This app is not helpful at all unless you pay $5 a week. I can’t even get one solution.

- Bruh


- SnapCalc

You can only solve 3 equations and then have to pay not worth the time

- Not at all helpful!!

I paid for the premium version monthly subscription, not a single time it helped me..I’m dissatisfied at the hype in the description content. Very aggravating..

- Worst app ever

This app cant even recognize 4th grade problems. I wanted to see if it would help my son understand and help him with some of his Math problems but it doesn’t even recognize them. It’s the worst app I was better off showing him myself then I didn’t have to pay anything and he actually learned from it.

- Only because helps me when I GET SO HARD WORK

Yea boi

- Geometry surface area of composite figures

App doesn’t recognize problems and isn’t providing step by step solutions.

- Horrible

It does not have the right calculations! Do not buy if your good at math!

- Forces you to make you pay

I got this app obviously to help with math and stuff. and it’s says you get three day with a free trial then you pay the monthly fee.But when I got the app it only let me take one picture then it would make you pay for some reason for the monthly fee. Like why is it making me pay. my three days aren’t up. I just installed it and took one picture and now it’s making me pay like I want to deal with that when time is up like it said😡👎

- Trash

It doesn’t even tell you answers

- actually good but there is a downside

it actually told me the answers and didn’t say “can’t solve” which is annoying. like photomath. the only downside i’ve encountered so far is having to pay just to look at math answers. it said you’ll have a 3 day trial which is good enough for me, but i’m prob gonna only use this app once because of paying.

- This app is the worst!!!!

I downloaded the app thinking it would be a great help o for my math class. What i didn’t know was that as soon as you download the app it automatically makes you do a subscription. You then have too go in to your settings to unsubscribe. I think that the app should be responsible for the fact that they never say an automatic subscription is there or that a subscription is required to download the app. I lost over $40 to this app. The subscription doesn’t cancel even if you delete the app.

- Horrible

Straight ass

- Awful!

Terrible with trig and geometry. Worthless.

- Not worth it

Doesn’t help at all

- Bruh

I can’t even get off the premium thing it won’t let me and there is no X to click off of it to use the app I hate apps like this

- 105bran

Would not recognize any of my photos for math help



- trash


- Why do u have to pay

It’s not right if u have to pay for a app that just tells you answers

- They want money

I hate the fact that you have to pay just to use the app


I can’t stand the subscription it won’t give me any solutions on any problems!😡Do not download this!

- Awful.

This is the most useless app, ever. 🤦🏻‍♀️

- Ridiculous

Problems don’t fit camera space and gives ridiculous answers like rectum!

- Area of composite shapes

Y’all don’t know how to do Area of composite

- Wouldn’t Work

I downloaded this app to try and help me with Calc Bc. I put in a basic equation to test the the app, figuring if it could solve the basic equation I could use it on more difficult equations. It wouldn’t scan no matter what I did. It also charged me for a week as soon as I signed in. I never got the “trial period” and it charged me $4.99 within the first day. The app doesn’t work and takes your money. I would give it zero out of five stars if I could.

- Wack

Not very useful

- Trash

Doesn’t even have algebra 2 stuff this app is trash

- Not good

It keeps saying failed take a new snap it won’t work it keeps saying failed take a new snap

- Eh

It’s bad asf

- Horrible

It only gives you a limited number of problem answers before you are forced to pay

- Snap Calc

This is the worst does not recognize any picture taken of any math problem

- Does not work!

This only works for math equations. I don’t recommend.

- Don’t pay for this

Doesn’t work

- Lit🔥

Simple easy to use no glitches or errors

- 👎🏽

neva helped me

- Don’t even work

I tried scanning it says retry an it does not work

- My review

When ever I need to do a problem I can use this app to help me

- ...

i took the picture three times because it said it couldn’t recognize a math question.. then it said i had to pay to take more. no.

- So much money!

The app only solved 3 problems for me and I have to buy the full access to solve more problems. More than $300 a year! Very disappointed because the app actually works very well :(

- Pretty damn bad!!

I thought it would be legit as I wanted an actual app for step-by-step solutions. It solved 4 problems for me and then keeps asking me to do the ‘full access’ thing and I keep pressing continue with limited version but then it goes back to my question and when I click solve again it does the same thing. And then just to see if maybe it was not able to solve my hard grade 11 polynomial function questions I did a easy question like 8-4=x and it couldn’t solve that without asking me to pay. Terrible app but I wish it could solve my questions because it’s actually a G E N I U S idea and that’s the only reason I gave it 2 stars. Please fix. Thanks.

- Pretty bad

It won’t let you do anything unless you pay for it

- Should add more

Should add like geometry’s stuff

- Bad


- .


- Doesn’t make sense

It gives you explanations but they don’t make sense. And you can only do limited solutions. And you need to pay 50.99$ to do those stuff -_-..

- Really great app but...

This is great especially for those who struggle with calculus. However, it’s not 100% free because from what I can understand you only get a certain amount of calculations a day unless if you are willing to upgrade to the full version for $79.99/year. Otherwise great cause it shows the process step by step.

- literally the best app

omg this is useful

- ://

I tried to see if it worked so I wrote down 4+4 but when I pressed “solve “ then it brought me to an ad the said “full access “ it didn’t work please help

- Don’t get

You got to pay 50.99 a year not worth it YouTube or any other app will help you for free If it was free it might have been worth getting

- Leon

This app should be free because if it’s free you can learn stuff you don’t even know and it even shows you the steps how to do it

- Does not work

Like I said does not work

- Make the app free

Make it free

- Expensive

Paying ofc

- 0 Stars

Why do we have to PAY this app should help not make you go bankrupt with it’s expensive prices

- Math

Works amazing and gives you so many examples on how it’s done thank you

- Great!!

Doesn’t do trig until you show the actual equation. That’s fine though. Love it 👍

- Only Calculates Easy Problems

This app only finds answers to problems I could do on a calculator, simply multiplying, dividing, addition, and subtraction. Any other math I tried, the app did not recognize.

- Help

Downloaded calculator and I got this. It won’t let me delete

- Magic slime with Farica Loves it

Looks nice and I have a good day Frish my homework

- Unimpressed and unsatisfied

i don’t want to pay $51 for you do do my math for a year. only 3 free tries?

- Salut


- Ok

Wont let me solve most of my math problems...

- 🔥Get app🔥

The greatest, most helpful app ever

- 11/10 app

I love this so much. It works so well

- Don’t get it you have to pay

After using it once, you have to pay. It’s pointless and doesn’t recognize everything. Don’t download this app unless you want to waste your money.

- Math Solver

It's good, I don't know if I did something wrong, but after the second equation it won't solve anymore and says go premium. This isn't bad I'm just a cheapo 😂😂 Overall, it's a pretty good app

- Don’t download

I downloaded this to try cause I was told there was a trial, instead I was charged for it and it’s useless to me! Now I’m being charged and can’t get it off my App Store!

- Doesn’t work

Stupid app lets you do 3 before the pay

- Sucks

Don’t get the app unless you want to pay. All the answers are locked behind a pay wall. Don’t recommend getting this app ever. It’s just not good.

- There is no free version

This app lies saying there is a free version. Once your trial expires, if you don’t get a subscription when you hit “solve” it will just bring you to a screen asking you to pay the insane price of 6.49$ a month. It will not give you a 3 step solution like the developers say.

- Disappointed

It can not solve any of my algebra questions.

- Amazing

Unless you have terrible hand-writting, with this application my math problems are easy as pie and ya don’t have to waste time on tapping buttons. And all that without the premium so it’s basically free!

- Payment

Worst app ever.

- Would give zero stars if I could

I in no way agreed to pay 50 dollars for your yearly subscription. When apps do this it is predatory and should be allowed.

- Don’t waste your time, Get Photomath

Forgot to turn off my 3 free trial subscription and ended up getting charged $57. They should send out an email reminding you but nope. Skip this drama and just get photomath

- Not good

It would be better if it could work with out the subscription because not everyone has money to spare on apps

- Charges to my account

I completely forgot to cancel my subscription and got charged $53 to my account ! I feel like they should be sending a email reminder out to give the person a heads up so they’re not charged for a app they forgot to unsubscribe too or at least give the person the option if they wish to continue using the app .

- Not good

You still have to pay for it if you delete it and it doesn’t give you the right answer every time.

- Sucks

Can’t do trig identities or anything actually worth looking up

- good but bad

it solved most of my questions but I don't want to have to pay for more answers

- U need the premium

U need the premium to have the answer i recommend photomath


Didnt even solve one single math problem. Its grade 12 math. Didn’t recognize anything. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

- 4/5

J’adore mais il y a quelque truc qui sont passant et sa ne déçois

- SnapCalc

The only way you can get the answer to your problem is you have to get the premium option 😡😡🤬😡😡🤬

- Not bad

That app solved 2 problems and now it just crashes

- Best app ever

I'm learning bedmas but with this it's so easy

- Fake app

Stupid app does not calculate right wasting money

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- Stupid App.

It couldn’t solve

- Great

I tried this app with known hard mathematical questions and it got them right. Though it is not offline, it is great.

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SnapCalc - Math Problem Solver 1.24.0 Screenshots & Images

SnapCalc - Math Problem Solver iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

SnapCalc - Math Problem Solver iphone images
SnapCalc - Math Problem Solver iphone images
SnapCalc - Math Problem Solver iphone images
SnapCalc - Math Problem Solver iphone images
SnapCalc - Math Problem Solver ipad images
SnapCalc - Math Problem Solver ipad images
SnapCalc - Math Problem Solver ipad images
SnapCalc - Math Problem Solver ipad images
SnapCalc - Math Problem Solver Education application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
SnapCalc - Math Problem Solver Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

SnapCalc - Math Problem Solver (Version 1.24.0) Install & Download

The applications SnapCalc - Math Problem Solver was published in the category Education on 2017-12-04 and was developed by Apalon Apps [Developer ID: 749046894]. This application file size is 154.69 MB. SnapCalc - Math Problem Solver - Education posted on 2020-05-29 current version is 1.24.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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