Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online [Entertainment] App Description & Overview

The Nintendo Switch Online app enhances your online gameplay experience on your Nintendo Switch™ system. You can use voice chat while playing compatible games—and check game-specific services even when you're not playing with your Nintendo Switch.

◆ Use voice chat during online play

Now even more software supports voice chat!

You can enjoy voice chat in different ways depending on the type of game you're playing. Chat with everyone in your room, or split voice chat into teams and have it out head-to-head! In games that support the Online Lounge feature, you can invite friends to play with you via social media, like Facebook and Twitter. Of course, you can easily invite your Nintendo Switch friends too!

Note: To use these services, you will need Nintendo Switch software that is compatible with this app. You can check the current list of voice-chat-compatible software within the app. (Even more software will be added in the future!)

◆ Access game-specific services

You can use these services to view vital information related to the supported software! You will also have access to a variety of features that will help take your online gameplay experience to the next level.

・ Software with game-specific services:

 ・ Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate
   ・ View posted videos and images
   ・ Queue up user-created stages for download to your game
   ・ View notifications about upcoming events
   ...And more!

 ・ Splatoon™ 2
   ・ Check rankings and stage schedules
   ・ View detailed results from battles or Salmon Run
   ...And more!

● Nintendo Account age 13+ required to access online features.
● Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) required to use certain features.
● Nintendo Switch system and compatible Nintendo Switch software required to use voice chat and other features.
● Compatible smartphone required.
● Persistent Internet connection required.
● Data charges may apply.
● May include advertising.

Nintendo Switch Online is not available in all countries. Terms apply. Visit for more information.

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Nintendo Switch Online Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fixes implemented.

Nintendo Switch Online Comments & Reviews

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- wasting time & battery

this app really bad for nintendi switch communications system .

- Picture Downloads

I actually don’t have a problem with the way that this app works BUT I want to be able to download pictures from the switch/this app to my phone. I won’t use those social media platforms anymore!


people Nintendo been working a lot so stop with the hate they are going to make changes in the game so stop peace and love

- idk how to work it...

uh the app wont restart as said

- Amazing app an i reccomend for playing acnh, splatoon 2,etc

Thus app makes u look at ur stuff in ur switch when u go into ur nitendo acc And i can get splat net gear here! And. I can talk through a keyboard so i dont habe to type on my switch!

- Didn’t work

When I signed in with the correct credentials, the sign In button simply does not even function at all, not letting me be able to scan animal crossing new horizons we pro outfit codes.

- Pointless

The only reason why I originally signed up for switch online was for Smash Bros. I like fighting with online players because it’s more challenging than just playing against the game’s AI. I don’t actually want to talk to those people though and can’t really think of a reason why anybody would... Later I found the virtual console stuff for the NES and SNES I am certainly happy that those are on there, but I feel like there aren’t really very many games on there, and of the ones they have only a few are really good and nostalgic. I’m a little upset because on past consoles (like the Wii and the 3DS) you didn’t have to pay a recurring fee to play virtual console games. You only had to pay for the initial game itself and download it and then just have it forever. I personally much prefer paying $5 to $10 one time for some classic 8 bit game that I can play forever than paying $20 a year to have access to that one game plus a bunch of others that I’m never going to play!

- Here’s some feedback

Look, Nintendo, You are honestly great. Like your games are amazing but the main problem is this online thing in general. I got Animal Crossing New Horizons recently and so did my cousin. I wanted him to visit my island so I made my Nintendo account and signed up and everything and I thought he could just fly on over, but NO. Apparently you have to get online in order to play with people? That’s honestly very dumb, NOT TO MENTION YOU HAVE TO PAY TO GET ONLINE LIKE YOU ARE A GOOD MONEY EARNING COMPANY DON’T YOU HAVE ENOUGH!? Also some people can’t make custom designs that they like so now they have to pay just so they can where cute clothes and feel happy!? That’s not ok! By the way, I’m just putting my opinion out there if you like spending your money so be it. This is just what I think.

- Questionable

I’ve been playing Animal Crossing : New Horizons, It still leaves me frustrated that I have to pay for a membership just to scan QR code’s for the game. Please change that, thanks!

- Second review

Last review I sent was over the same issue, about 2 months ago. Now, this app STILL won’t let me sign in and I got the membership for absolutely nothing then since I can’t even use online through the app for voice chat. So useless, don’t even think about downloading until they update. If they even do that anytime soon....

- Incomplete function

Cannot change or add player in nook link

- Disappointed

Okay to start off Nintendo is great and all with this type of services but with the online play it’s just horrible. From me coming from having a DS DSI 3DS and now a switch I just don’t understand why it’s being charged now it’s been free for all this years but now to charge it to be about to play with friends I don’t get it ! Why charge you guys make lots of money from us buying your products from Nintendo why charge more for us to enjoy a game we love :(

- Wont let me access game specific services

No matter how many times I reload the app, delete and redownload, sing in and out of the app, no services appear, even though I have Smash bros, Animal crossing, and Splatoon 2

- Just bad app overall

Honestly the voice chat isn’t that great you might as well use discord and save the headache I don’t see how it could be this terrible when voice chat is a very easy thing many companies accomplished easily with no problems, it really is sad Nintendo still lives in 2009 The only reasons I still have this app is for animal crossing and splatnet Also after a few months splatnet no longer is available for me and I’m very sad and disappointed

- This is stupid

first off it should be a thing on switch no on you’re phone this also this just for money like just update a few games and boom the app is useless.also Nintendo pick wait times for downloads.

- Really?

Okay, so I have ACNH and it won’t let me scan certain QR codes and I have it big on the screen and it doesn’t recognize the QR code.. Also you NEED to pay for just a app that isn’t that helpful.. sorry but bad review from me.

- Fortnite

I wish that the developers would add FORTNITE,that is the only reason I downloaded this.

- So trash

Worst app ever never connects always disconnects when connect

- Stupid. It doesn’t even work

It doesn’t work. All it says is. Try again later. After you try again you get the same message. This just a joke, for Nintendo to make such a bad app. Don’t waste you’re time on this.

- Why

Why do we have to pay now

- Really?

I can’t even get into the app! I checked my account to see if there was a problem, but there wasn’t anything to fix! I just want to get on splatnet :(

- This service is trash.

(I got a new iPhone Xr, so new account.) Why make us pay $20 to be able to do anything on a switch? I mean, on Minecraft Bedrock Edition, I need to have multiple accounts subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online Services just so I can play OFFLINE multiplayer. I wanted to get Minecraft Dungeons, but no. And it’s most likely because Nintendo Switch Online Services does NOT have automatic renewal. Instead, I have to re-subscribe to some trash service just to download Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition, which I already know that the FPS will be horrible, but it’s the only thing I have that I can play on, that or my laptop, which my laptop is slightly better than a switch. And because of the online services, I must pay $20 extra for a $30 game. It’s like Splatoon 2. The reason I don’t play it is because it requires internet for all the fun stuff, just like Halo 5: Guardians on the Xbox One. My Xbox One has only 12 gigabytes left on it (And it’s much older), yet still it can load everything 100 times better than the switch when you first buy it. My iPhone 8+ and my iPhone Xr are both smaller than the switch, and still they both have more memory than the Nintendo Switch. As far as I know, Xbox and Playstation gamers always had online services, even for three times the price of Nintendo Switch Online. But Nintendo Gamers never had this until 2018. And I don’t even bother playing online games, like Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Super Mario Maker 2 because of the endless buffering due to my lag. It would instantly kick me out because my internet lags behind about a second, so that means if I jump in a game, a second later, the output to another person would show my player jumping. Honestly, I hate Apex Legends and my opinion of that game is better than my opinion of Nintendo Switch Online Services. Everyone hates the online services. I might as well just get my laptop back on and use the controls of a keyboard for Minecraft Dungeons, since I can’t download stuff without Nintendo Switch Online Services. And discounts don’t matter because the discounts are for games that nobody cares about. The games nobody plays. The games that get little to no attention. Like, what’s the point?

- I can’t use it

It won’t let me sign in and use the app

- helpp

whenever i try to log in it shows my old account but when i log into the website it shows my current account, whenever i press animal crossing it doesn’t let me and says that i need to buy online even thought i already bought it

- Nintendo fix this app

First of all the app is bad because their is so much lag in it every time I’m playing in voice chat it said that i left even though i did not even leave so Nintendo pls fix it please

- Cant use

When i log in to my account it says, “Account unable to use” FIT IT PLEASE

- I did it for Animal crossing

Mostly for the QR codes in the game.

- It won’t let me sign in

Every time I try to sign in it won’t let me Thank you Nintendo 😡

- :(

Por obligación tenemos que tener una cuenta Nintendo switch para jugar con esta aplicación?

- Terrible

I deleted my progress on animal crossing but then it still had the other island, I had to type normally and I tried everything to have it on my new island but it didn’t work. It’s very angering because a lot of people restart and all have this problem.

- Replying to @SnowWolfie

It can handle vc yes it can and it will also there should be hate because for kids it lets you do nothing on the app and theres nothing else to do all you get to see is a screen saying “this account cannot be used for nintendo”

- I can’t even use the app😡

All is says is this service cannot be used with your Nintendo account 😡😡

- Completely useless. Immediately crashes on start.

Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Asks me to login with account then crashes. Subsequent attempts to open will immediately crash it. Iphone8 plus, iOS 13.5.

- The best app

You can voice chat Look at stuff and have fun with your friends!

- It’s not letting me use the app

I signed into my account it brings up a screen saying that my Nintendo switch account is it not going to work with the app

- Ok

Ok well we now have communication that’s a step in the right detection

- Can’t use in Landscape? Seriously??

What kind of app in 2020 can you only use in portrait orientation??? Can’t even use my keyboard because the app refuses to rotate into landscape orientation... This is ridiculous.

- Not Good....

I was signing in with my account and did everything else and it told me that I could not use that account with it... I hope this gets fixed or someone to help me... I was super excited but... hmph...

- Why do you have to be 13+ to use Nintendo Switch Online 😡😭

Ok so it’s literally stupid that you have to be 13+ plus to use this app it’s just ridiculous like I play Animal Crossing New Horizons and I want to be able to do QR codes but I have to be 13+ older like why? It should be 10+ for online like there’s probably million of kids out there wanting to use it but no there not 13+ and they’ll just have to waist a few more years to be 13+ and over to use Nintendo switch online like just make were it can be 10+ I feel like I just wasted 60$ on Animal Crossing New Horizons like when they game came out I was so pumped it to make clothes and scan QR codes but no you guys made were you have to be 13+ plus to use Nintendo switch online! Thank you and goodbye!

- Not impressed nintendo

Nintendo already screwed us with mario run and mario kart tour now this is starting to get ridiculous. Granted nintndo online cost less than naysay xbox and ps4 but a scummy thing nintndo does is delete the saved data thats in cloud when you subscription runs out, so that means countless hours spent and put into the cloud is gone forever. I dont know who thought it was a good idea to import this into the nintendo switch but this needs to be fixed heavily

- Awesome App, but...

There are only THREE games to view on this app and shouldn’t it have more? And one of them I never played before. However, great app anyway.

- Nintendo Switch Online App doesn’t connect to my Nintendo switch account.

I am trying to connect my Nintendo switch account to this app but it doesn’t seem to work and I’m not sure why. Basically I sign in with my account and I get a gray screen with text on it saying, “this service cannot be used with your Nintendo account.” The Nintendo switch parental controls app does not work either, and I cannot find any forums or FAQs about it. Please help me.

- Bad online

I don’t know why Nintendo’s online is so bad in the modern day. They’re behind the original Xbox online that came out in the early 2000’s. I love the system but the company is very questionable and overprotective. The app is very buggy and is so limited compared to other current gen consoles. The ONLY reason why i use this app is so I can type faster for Animal Crossing. That’s it.

- U can’t put kid for QR code bruh

I’m 12 and I can’t put qr on the switch it not fair some adult don’t even animal crossing and you have them the chance 😤

- Add roblox

I like all the games you add but what about roblox!? Roblox is one of the most popular games there is, but please add roblox🥺🥺🥺🥺👉👉👉👉🔥🔥🔥🔥

- Really good

If you like splatoon 2 than you have got to get this. Otherwise it is ok.


maneee i cant log in to my account this thing bugging bro dont buy wrd2

- What’s the point?

I don’t really understand the point/function of this app. I was going to use it for Animal Crossing NH, but really, the only beneficial thing it offers is the ability to type with a phone keyboard, rather than the barely-usable in-game keyboard. Also, why isn’t there an option to view/download your screenshots?

- Trash

It doesn’t sign in on my iphoneX it keeps on crashing

- Why

Why, just why.

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There is a major error with the email log in please fix it!!! RÉPARER LES ERREURS POURNL’AMOUR DE DIEUX!!!!

- Terrible

I log in and it says I can’t use my account and doesn’t tell me why at least tell me why

- And why

Why do we have to pay to play with my American friends when I’m in Canada, it’s not fair :c

- Wont sync anymore, useless.

Ive been playing animal crossing and using this app for quite sometime and it was fine. I decided however, to reset my game and this is when the issues started. Since the reset, the app no longer syncs up with my game, it’s still got all the info for the old island, i cant use chat, i cant do anything because i cant connect to my current game. Why is there no reset data button? And oof WHY is it so hard to get customer support from this app??

- Problems

It crashes when I try to open the app.

- Logging in breaks the app

After I login the app bricks itself and becomes unusable, re-downloading doesn’t fix this

- Doesn’t even work

When I sign in to my switch account it doesn’t even let me use it

- Bad

Why use this if it’s not even letting my log in!!!?!??

- Barely Functional

I downloaded this app to use the QR scanner, allowing me to download patterns for Animal Crossing. I’m lucky if the scanner even works. When it does, I often get a “Failed to save data” error. I looked this up online and it looks like a lot of other people are experiencing these issues. Considering that this app is part of Nintendo Switch Online - which we have to pay for - it is absolutely ludicrous that its basic functionalities barely even work. Sad!

- Age limit...

Hi, it just bothers me that there’s an age limit and i have to wait two years to use the splatnet.



- Ok but...

I feel like it is a good app but it doesn’t let me use my Nintendo account for some reason and I have a subscription to switch online cause I play splatoon 2

- It won’t work for a reason

I really hope 1/2 of the people here know that this app won’t function with Nintendo Accounts with people under 13.

- ...

This is very bad! There are other kids and people who want to use the animal crossing features and stuff!!! PLEASE make it so it’s for ALL ages because it is very sad for ppl!

- Log in

Will not allow me to log in to my Nintendo account

- Unecessary and Inadequate

I understand Nintendo wants to protect privacy of users by disabling online chat and messages through the Switch itself. The system is for kids, who do not need to be exposed to the vulgarities seen on PS and Xbox chats. However, this app fails in what it tries to do. The app only works with a select few games. It also does not have access to basic online features of the Switch like the E-Shop. If you think you will be able to simply use this app to talk with friends, look at news feeds and post material, than you are sadly mistaken. Instead, you are left to dry with a poor interface and confusing features that would have been outdated in the mid 2000’s.

- Doesn’t work

Whenever I try to connect my account to the app it won’t let me, what am I doing wrong?

- meh

bought and downloaded splatoon 2 but didn’t appear in the app

- Horrible App

This app is useless. It continues to link to an old switch I had for Animal Crossing and will not show me the proper Island, info, etc. For my current account! It's beyond frustrating.

- Could not log in

I couldn’t log into my switch online app

- Why not Pokémon

U should add a Pokémon app telling u the news the dlc latest updates trading system and maybe when online u can post like words in chat to talk just a thought it just makes so much sense though

- There is no word to describe how terrible this app is.

This app doesn’t do anything. What does it just make you sign up for something and then sends an email when you tell them not to and that’s a verification code. Then you verify it and then it just sends you to a screen that says you cannot link your Nintendo and then just tells you to sign out!! There is actually no point in this app.

- Hi

I like it

- Nintendo switch

Why would they make a game for an iPhone that you can’t even use on your iPhone

- Why can’t I use AirPods for voice chat?

This app is useless if you want to use AirPods for the sound and mic. It forces you to use the phone in speakerphone mode which isn’t always practical. It also disconnects from the voice chat very often for no reason.

- Rate the app, not whether the app should exist

For what it is, it’s fine

- Crashing

Whenever I open the app it crashes, I’ve tried deleting and re-downloading it but it still crashes

- Good

I like it because it has Voice chat and a lot more

- Can’t even sign in

Downloaded it but can’t even sign in, the keyboard comes up in landscape like on the switch and only the left 1/3 is available, but it won’t auto rotate and doesn’t give me an option for another keyboard, and I don’t have an option to change the browser or anything

- QR codes

The New Horizons QR code scanner won't work for me ;(

- waste of time!

i downloaded this app cause i wanted to get some QR codes for my new horizons game, i open it up and it said i need a membership NINTENDO SHOULDN’T ASK FOR A MEMBERSHIP! none of the previous games i’ve played asked for a membership! i’m not going to waste my hard earned money on a stupid membership when all the past QR codes were FREE! This is a waste of time don’t download it🤬🤬

- Uggghhhhh

I’ve seen other people use this app, and I REALLY need it for animal crossing. BUT, I doesn’t even let me sign in, it says “ this service can not be used with your account”. I HAVE SWITCH ONLINE SO I THINK IT SHOULD

- Good App But...

This App Is A Cool Concept But I Put In My Info And It Says “This Service Cannot Be Used By This Account” Can I Get Some Help Please

- No splatoon in the app anymore ??

Whenever I enter the app I get the smash ultimate and the new Acnh sections but there isn’t the splatoon section anymore ?? Sucks. : (

- iPad compatibility please

Hi please provide tablet mode so I can actually use my keyboard to efficiently type my messages to my friends on animal crossing. My phone is fine but if you have the app readily available for iOS, I’d like to use for my iPad 8) When I can use my keyboard, I’ll rate 5 stars, teeehee Thanks Nintendo <3

- Can’t scan QR code

It won’t let me scan QR code for Animal Crossing

- ACNH Letters

Please give us the ability to write letters in Animal Crossing New Horizons from our phone!! They Switch keyboard is rlly hard to use but being able to type from my phone is so much quicker and easier.

- Good but need to improve

The app is convenient for typing message, but cannot review chat history

- It’s 2020

This app is redundant and should be implemented into the switch itself. Sony and Microsoft have had voice chat within their games since 2008. This is unacceptable.

- Nicely done

This is mostly meant for the Splatoon 2 part, as I absolutely love how it shows our stats, future maps and modes, future salmon runs and our gear stats. It also gives us exclusive gear which is also a nice plus! So I personally like it.

- Can’t sign it

The keyboard in the app is expanded so I can only use the letters qwasz and nothing further. Tried everything to bring the keyboard to the size of the screen but nothing works so I can’t even sign in.

- Data doesn’t update

I deleted my animal crossing game info and restarted, but the app will only recognize the deleted game info - so the app is useless to me

- Constantly disconnects Bluetooth headphones

I literally can’t use this app because when I start a voice chat it disconnects my AirPods and my gaming headset and blasts through the speaker. Until this is fixed this app is completely unusable


Nintendo please I beg you make some sort of voice chat/party application for the switch! Literally just include it in an update and boom not only do you actually have something that’s fun to use, it would also give you a boost in sales of switch online! No one wants it because the voice chat system is so bad. Please fix this terrible way to communicate

- There is actually no point of using this

I downloaded this app thinking that it would be easy and everything included voice chat, messaging etc. But the second you log in it just shows a voice chat option. THATS IT nothing else messaging/chatting is not even an option. Discord is much better and performs much better, I recommend you download discord on your mobile device or computer to have a better experience communicating with friends. I hope in the future Nintendo includes more options to their app.

- It was bad

The app looked great but every time I would find my account it would say this account isn’t compatible with This software

- Getting There

Although still useless as a communication platform for the Switch (There are much better alternatives and Nintendo should have built in voice chat into the Switch) With the addition of ACNH to it the app shows a little of the potential that could be had as a complementary companion app for the device and the games on it. This addition puts it on par with the Xbox companion app, allowing functionality beyond what the console can do. If Nintendo did this with all their games it would be a much more useful tool. ACNH gives you a quick look at your passport and villagers, a QR design scanner so you can import your old designs into the game and a keyboard and chat feature for chatting with your friends, which is a better alternative if you’re not playing in handheld mode. Nintendo’s lack of awareness towards QOL features and what customers look for is baffling considering how long they’ve been in the business but this is a small step towards doing that. If you don’t play ACNH or play solo and don’t care for importing pattens then this app is still as useless as it always was. Discord and similar apps are still leagues better for voice and group chatting.

- This just crashes


- I can't use becuz...

I can't use my Nintendo account because it says I can't use this Nintendo account and I don't know why plz help

- Trash

I can’t even sign in because the keyboard to type always appears the length of the landscape view but locked to the portrait rotation.

- Recommend

I think people hate on it too much just because of voice chat, if you want something a bit better I’d recommend discord but the app itself as actually good, order gear on splatoon, send some designs in animal crossing, watch smash videos, it’s good

- Need landscape mode

This app works really well but it would be amazing if this app had a landscape mode. I have a keyboard case attached to my iPad that forces me to use my iPad sideways and it’s annoying that I have to flip my iPad and keyboard when I use this app. Would be useful if I could use my keyboard to type when I use Nooklink for Animal Crossing New Horizons

- Age

I’m 12 and below and I’m trying to access the Animal Crossing QR scanner. I can’t do this because the app requires 13+ but animal crossing is G, this is so stupid because switch is made for all ages. Ugh please fix

- Great app but...

Will kick me out every time I try and log in making it unusable which is annoying because it’s a great app.

- I LOVE IT( ˘ ³˘)♥

i love this app so much. i use it for animal crossing new horizens and it is amazing. with it you can chat to your friends via your phone and it shows up on the switch. i personally found it hard typing on a switch doing it letter by letter but this app makes it faster and easier. it also corrects your spelling lol. i recommend this app sooo much. it doesent just do animal crossing but that’s the only game i have used on this app.

- I like it but...

I like ok but I think every one should be able to play it like if your under 13 you need a parents account and then kids account

- Trash

This app is terrible I got it because I wanted to get custom designs in ACNH but it says I have to be 13. I can’t set it up with any thing else because there are no 13 over accounts on my switch. In conclusion don’t get this app if you are not 13 or over. I would rate this no stars if I could.

- -

What’s the point of trying to sign in when you can’t even click the button. I’ve got my user and password all typed out, yet the sign in button is broken. 🤦‍♂️

- Average App

It’s average, however my friends and I have noticed that voice chat doesn’t work properly with wireless headphones. The sound switches between playing through my phone and playing through my headphones which is frustrating.

- Nintendo

Nintendo you should make voice chat on switch

- Stupid

You have to be 13 to do the things which is really stupid since Nintendo is for kids and you can’t even access the app altogether if ur not 13

- Crashing

When I open it it just crashes instantly, I just wanna scam qr codes for animal crossing 😭😭😭

- Worst game EVER

This game is trash and bull sh't. My daughter can't log in because she's 12!! She's literally one year younger then 13! Now shes crying. Do Not Download!

- It crashes instantly as soon as I open it

Please fix this

- 😔

It won’t even let me sign in because the keyboard is cut off half way.. I haven’t been able to fix it

- Why..

I go in to the app and I can’t even use my account it says you must be at least 13 years old why just why I want to use my account ok fix this NOW!

- Works, but it’s a silly concept.

Since my (1st generation) Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo has consistently made fantastic consoles that are usually far better (build) quality than that of my other consoles... And although there aren’t as many of my favourite games on Nintendo consoles these days, I firmly believe that Nintendo know how to make extremely high-quality games. But when it comes to online connectivity, Nintendo just don’t get it. For reasons too numerous to list here, the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo WiiU, Nintendo DS series and Nintendo 3DS series have all been repeatedly criticised by the media for a laundry list of “design flaws” with regards to their online services... And rightly so. Sadly, that trend continues today with the Nintendo Switch. It makes absolutely no sense to have voice-based communication sent / received via a separate application on a separate device - to do so is illogical, impractical and is just making things harder for the sake of making things harder... Which is why just about everybody else in the gaming industry offers voice communication via the console or computer, without the use of a separate application on a separate device. The “companion” functionality of this application IS a nice idea - but from what I can see of the other reviews in the Apple App Store, only Splatoon 2 is using this to its full potential... In closing, whilst this application technically works, I simply cannot rate it more than two stars, because aside from the entire concept of voice communication being made via a separate application on a separate device being silly, the “companion” functionality - which is the only aspect of this application that might save it - is being grossly under-utilised by Nintendo and developers alike. If you play Splatoon 2, this application is for you... For everyone else, don’t bother unless you absolutely have no other option for voice communication.

- Ridiculous

It is so ridiculous that kids can’t use this app! If you are so worried just add parental controls! It is so unfair! I really hope you change your mind on how it works

- Good Splatoon side app

The app is great as a Splatoon 2 side app, other than that, kind of limited. Possible visual of your Splatoon 2 character in the S2 section? Woomy

- Why can’t kids use it?

You still could at least add parental controls such as disabling voice chat, etc.

- Not bad

It really depends who you are.if you wanna talk to your teammates and socialise with them then u should get it. If your like me and you don’t wanna talk and you just wanna play the game then don’t bother. I do use it every once and a while. You can talk to friends when playing with them

- Crashes

I really want to be able to use this, but it crashes instantly whenever I open it.

- Great App but it’s missing a few features

The Nintendo Online app is a good app, although, it’s missing a lot of features. Like more voice chat compatible apps (example: Fortnite, Super Kirby Clash etc) and checking different stats like on Splatoon 2’s thingy. I honestly think Discord is better because of how easy it is compared to specific games required to chat with friends. Overall it’s good, but it’s missing quite a bit of opportunity.

- Good app

The Nintendo Switch App is very good with a lot of info, however I think it should not be age restricted

- Do this now!

So there is only 1 thing I want you to do. PUT TOAD AND WALUIGI IN SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!

- *Hero exists*

[hook] Hoes Mad Hoes Mad Hoes Mad Hoes Mad Hoes Mad Hoes Mad Hoes Mad Hoes Mad Hoes Mad Hoes Mad Hoes Mad Hoes Mad Hoes Mad Hoes Mad Hoes Mad Hoes Mad Hoes Mad Hoes Mad Hoes Mad Hoes Mad Hoes Mad Hoes Mad Hoes Mad Hoes Mad

- Not as good as it says 🥺😭😢

I went through making sure that I’m not a robot and all the other stuff and in the end it said in need a switch console SOME PEOPLE DON’T HAVE ONE!! but at least I have a account 😌🙂😉😀😎😸

- Pointless

Won’t let us log in. Just makes us sign in over and over. Made us change the password. But it just won’t work.

- Broken app

Crashed numerous times when setting up, and does not stop loading. Completely useless app on iPhone XS

- That's it? No stats, eshop, games owned.

No point really. Get an Xbox, their app, then you'll be at about 50% of what you could be. At the moment this app is pretty disappointing. Could really make it a useful tool when away the switch. If you were smart you could help me buy my next game when I'm not on the switch.And do much more.

- Add Mario Maker 2 to the list

Now that Mario Maker 2 is out we need a feature to see what levels are made from friends and other creators Also enjoying using the splatnet for updates

- Sub to him

Sub to PEWDS

- Splat service

I’ve had this app since release, and literally the only viable use I’ve found for it is as a companion app for splatoon 2. Voice chat is easily outclassed by practically any other service, simply making a phone call makes a lot more sense. Most of the services available are even more arbitrary. I have the other games, and it’s literally pointless. You may as well just turn on your switch with everything else, but when it comes to splatoon 2, the app is amazing! Check for new gear, keep up to date on what maps and modes are currently being played, and check your stats, Nintendo at its finest. The real question is: why isn’t this just a standalone splatoon app? If it wasn’t for the splat content, this would literally be the most pointless app on the App Store, and that’s really saying something.

- 🤬🤬🤬

This is so hard to set up why bother trying Nintendo it’s not working. I sat down for an hour setting it up AND IT DOESNT WORK but just keep trying people

- Splatoon

Splatoon is a good game.

- No messaging

Please Nintendo, let us message people, it’s appalling you don’t have messaging for the Switch in 2019.

- 10/10


- Still useless, no changes or updates.

Why does it need to be game specific voice chat? It’s understandable to have voice chat with your team if they are not on your friends list but still there is so few games enabled for it. Needs a feature to show your friends list and ability to voice chat with them or a messaging system.

- Why can't I message and invite friends?

If you're gonna force us to use a mobile app to use your online service, at least spend some time and money developing it properly with some decent features like friend lists, invites, messaging etc. Rather than the half baked unfinished piece of garbage it currently is.

- Brilliant app! Only two problems...

Great app, it didn’t take long to sign in, very user friendly. I love the voice chat and my info for splatoon is awesome (but a bit painful to look at because I suck at the game). I only have two complaints. 1. No landscape mode (the mode that I normally use my iPad in). 2. Barely anyone actually uses it (bit annoying but that’s the customer’s fault. Well done Nintendo! Great app!

- We need a way to contact our friends

Nintendo please let us be able to use this app to message people on our friends list. Diablo 3 has just come out and it would be handy to be able to message people to organise games. It’s not your job to police younger users from strangers on the internet, that’s what parents and the Nintendo parental control app is for. Literally everyone in the Nintendo switch adds is an adult, this console is marketed towards adults and we should be able to contact each other, like adults. I don’t care that voice chat has to be done through an app ( which is dumb FYI ) but just let us be able to message people on our friends list for goodness sake.

- Worst thing ever

I am over 13 on my account but it will not let me use the app even after I have contacted Nintendo about it it will still not work

- Good app

Great app for voice chat. Works fine runs well, however the games I join have no one in the voice channel a lot of times, so I suggest advertising it more like on Mario kart the text options maybe add let's use voice chat. That would be really helpful thanks.

- One game.... still??

Okay, yeah fine and dandy when we didn’t have to pay for the content. Now we’re paying for it. Add more games! What even is this!

- I like it

First off, most of these reviews are done by under 13yr olds so they are not reliable. Secondly, I've never tried the voice chatting but I believe discord and other apps are better. However, I do love the Splatoon 2 tracker, where you can easily track your progress, battle records, order clothes, and check the stages. I would recommend to get this app.

- Region lock app

Seriously why create an app that’s region lock when the console itself isn’t.

- Crashing issues.

App updated overnight and crashes every single time I try to open the app. Was looking forward to seeing how the update went but far too frustrating now.

- A note to people

Looking at these reviews, there are people who are angry at Nintendo for no reason whatsoever, sure, I get that so far this app is limited and the Splatoon headset is messed up, but see people complaining about the online membership. Settle down, we got a whole year of online for free and it is literally 3 times cheaper than things like PSPlus or Xbox Live. Plus, NES games with online capability, this app will surely begin expanding soon and so many more features to come, maybe even save stating for Classic games, cloud saving and even a full virtual console. To all the people complaining. Just get over it (who can’t wait for smash bros ultimate)

- Ridiculous

I spent so much time setting up the Switch and that has all been wasted by setting up app, because apparently “you have to be 13 or older to link the switch with a online device” and everyone on the switch is under the age of 13, this is ridiculous, what a waste of time

- F,uck you Nintendo

I got a mic for it not to work. And spent hours trying to recover my information. And got on your stupid f.ucking app and it’s only for Splatoon 🖕🏻

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- Communication.

Wow. Look what they did to us

- We are in a Pandemic have some MERCY

I haven’t paid for this yet because of the reviews HOWEVER if I want to be able to have special outfit designs in MY animal crossing game that I paid basically 60 dollars for I have to pay 20 dollars a YEAR. Same thing if I want to visit other people’s islands! This is REDICULOUS this shouldn’t be paid content! This is over charging already and I have a switch LITE. Maaaaybe this would be fair if we WEREN’T in a pandemic but the harsh reality is we are! Most apps that I have downloaded have been COURTEOUS and have done sales or even given things for free! Hell even my SERVICE PROVIDER gave me free unlimited data for our time of need! So why can’t you give a discount at LEAST during the pandemic? You are a multimillion dollar company. Get off your high horse.

- “pay to win”

I tried using this for animal crossing for paintings, clothes, and paths cause I don’t have terraforming but soon to realize nothing works and you have pay to use it my accounts didn’t even work when it had my name and right account I checked thousands of times so don’t get this unless you’re willing to pay 20 dollars if not you’re gonna get a black screen with a 7 day trial that takes so long to cancel

- Bad

The app wouldn’t even start. every time i try to open it kicks me out.

- I restarted my animal crossing and it dose not change acounts! :(


- Not enough game specific services

I downloaded this app hoping for more game specific services but I was very disappointed when I found out that there were only three, this review might be looked over but I have a few suggestions. A service for Mario maker 2 that lets you grow notifications and course comments. A service for Pokemon sword/shield that lets you access wonder trade and gts A service for Mario kart 8 that lets you view all your stats, (coin collection, distance, race rating, etc...) A service for Mario and sonic that lets you view your high scores and other stats I have more ideas but I don’t want to type out to many in a review that probably won’t be read.

- Animal crossings

Don’t get me wrong but the feature where you can’t change your hemisphere in settings is garbage that is the only reason why I chose to rate this app 2 stars please fix this feature Nintendo. I beg of you. Please add a feature in settings of the app to change hemispheres. I am not used to the seasons and the weather just because I chose the wrong hemisphere by accident. Please give me an answer ASAP and I hope it’s the right decision for the better of the game. I just want to be apart of the same seasons my friends and family are witnessing in game but I can’t do that if it’s a complete opposite of seasons. PLEASE FIX THIS I BEG OF YOU!! - from my concerns and for my help to better the game for everyone

- How do you add games that you OWN to the app???????

I own many games that support it but only have splatoon 2, super smash bro’s (don’t own), and animal crossing in the app. P.s. - invest in the app, Nintendo Jesus.... 🤦🏻‍♂️

- Game info mess up

This app seems like it'd be really useful for acnh players, but it wont reconize my new island. I deleted my old island over a few months ago and got this app just recently, but it only shows information for my old island not my current one and theres no place to change it :( If there is a place to change it and I just didnt look hard enough, making it easier to find would be appreciated

- says i don’t have online?

i know for a fact i do have nintendo online because i paid for it but whenever i try to open a game on this app it says i don’t have switch online even though i do. i’m confused because i would like to use this app.

- It keeps crashing

The app is pretty good its self but after I used it after like 2 days or something it keeps crashing me out. I tried deleting it and downloading it again, I’ve done that a lot of times and restarted my phone too. Nothing seems to work so I hope you guys find a way to fix that

- :/

i got this app for animal crossing and it’s still showing my old island even though i reset the game :( is there any way i can fix it?

- Would give 0 stars

I can’t believe that Nintendo made online COST MONEY I hear capitalism!

- Landscape Support (iPad)

This application is almost useless on the iPad. Please add Landscape support - most iPad Pro users use the device with an added Apple attached keyboard.

- How bout the switch support this

Maybe you should make a console capable of doing what you want rather than making users download a mobile app to expose more of their personal data for you to monetize

- I hate it

If you don’t have a Nintendo, don’t get this app

- Nice concept but very buggy

It drops the connection on Animal Crossing a lot. Also does not work with wireless or wired headphones on iPhone.

- It could be better

If Nintendo added a function so you can pay the Nintendo Switch Online membership through the app, it could be better

- Keyboard problems

I can’t log in because the keyboard is stuck in landscape mode while the app is stuck in portrait mode, completely unusable.

- Best app evar

It’s the best

- Too many limitations

There are not enough games or capabilities especially with this app. Also playing online games like Fortnite on the Switch is utterly unbearable. The same games are also $50-$60 that are replicas of what was on Wii U.. just expected more value for the amount of money are shelling out.

- Helpful but I have a request

Please support landscape for iPads. I would like to use my keyboard

- Good


- I’m a bit confused..

Great app! Very cool, but in the description it says you must be 13+ to have an online account, yet the App Store says it’s 12+. This is confusing because it says 2 different age limits. Why would we have to wait a year after buying the app? It seems a bit unnecessary to have an unusable app for about 1-2 years or possibly a couple months

- It's just bad

I started using it because i use it for animal crossing but half the time i can’t open the app it crashes after i open it and when it does work it crashes after trying to open the camera besides the service is a joke everyone used to play online for FREE and now i have to own an online service every other console had online for free this switch stuff takes the cake it just shows how money hungry nintendo is getting

- Meh

It works! Just not easy to use. So meh

- Can’t even log in

Downloaded the app and it won’t even let you log in. I put my information in and click log in and nothing happens...

- Keeps Crashing!

I cant even open the app


I am a diehard Nintendo fan, BUT I ABSOLUTELY HATE THIS APP!!!! First of all, I’m paying for a service I can’t even use! Second, it’s the only way that I would be able to use voice chat! Third, when I signed in, THE DANG APP SAID AND I QUOTE “this service cannot be used with your Nintendo account “ This made me rage so hard. The thing that makes it even worse is the fact that I actually spent hours trying to get this app to work

- Could be better

The app is pretty useful for Animal Crossing, but it could be so much better if you could save commonly used phrases in the keyboard so you can just tap and send. It would also be nice to be able to use emotions from the app all on the same screen as the Animal Crossing keyboard. There is so much wasted space on the keyboard portion that could be used for these features.

- Really disappointing

When me and my family subscribed to Nintendo switch online, I was really excited to use the voice chat app instead of FaceTimeing with my friends. When I set up the voice chat app I had to enter my password and everything and then it just brought me to a screen where it said I couldn’t do voice chat! I mean, this is INSANELY INSANE! Why can’t Nintendo just put a headphone jack into the pro controller or something where you could just plug in any kind of headset and then chat with your friends that way? It’s a lot less hassle and it’s easier to work with. I would really like it if Nintendo chose to do that and it would make me definitely not angry about this anymore.

- Worst app ever

It will not let me sigh in no matter what i tryed

- Nintendo really needs to make a party system

It’s anoying that every time I play splatoon I have to use this app which doesn’t function well just make a party system

- Crash on open

Crash on open

- Nintendo Switch App

This is a very neat idea to talk to your friends from your phone by doing voice Control together, I did it once with my friends and they also agree that this is a very neat idea to do, to keep in touch with your friends.

- no

wouldnt let me sign in because the sign in options weren’t the ones linked to my switch. trash.

- Can’t even sign in

After entering my login and pw, clicking the sign in button doesn’t do anything. Zero stars.

- Help with reset !!!!

I am not able to reset my Nintendo Online app! I used to play on a different device before I got mine, but I have deleted the data (In this case, animal crossing island). It still shows me my old island information, therefore I can’t use any of the functions because it’s not linked to my new island . Help please? I already emailed Nintendo and I have yet to hear from them..

- Bad

I hate this app so much. I once saw that u could use a smartphone app for NS online, and i thought it would be cool since i could chat with my NS friends that have the membership. When i first downloaded the app and signed in with my Nintendo account, the first thing it says is that my account cant be used with this service! I was so mad. I tried again like constantly, but it kept saying the same thing. Not happy.

- Keeps crashing

I don’t know who is in charge of the coding of this app but after entering my information of my account it just instantly crashes I tried downloading it again and did the same proces but it keeps crashing. I’m using iPhone 11 so I don’t think it’s a problem with my phone. Fix this asp I don’t know why it takes them so much to fix some minor bug.🥱

- 😶

Okay it says 12+? But I can’t get in because I below 18 what’s going on?

- Bring game

Bring skate or die 2 to nes section I’m a skater and I want it


I paid for animal crossing!$60 and IT WOULDNT LET ME PLAY IT IT COST MONEY $20 A MONTH! It’s actually bs and I gave it 2 stars because it let me play one game!-_-

- Doesn’t work

I have linked my account but Splatoon 2 refuses to show up, so I can access SplatNet or use voice chat. It’s been like this for weeks. Useless.

- iPad

The app doesn’t work for ipad


My Nintendo online app is not working!! When I press Animal Crossing New Horizons it said error. What should I do to fix this?

- Yahoo!

Great app

- Joy con drift is real

Paid $80. After 24 hours, joy con drift already happened and I can’t click down anymore. What a piece of garbage

- New Island

Everything was great with the app, then I decided to delete my island and start again since I had already done everything I could. But when I did, this app still showed my old island. I tried reinstalling the app but that did not work. Please fix this.

- It’s good

It isn’t insanely functional, but you can chat online, and do game-specific things. It would be amazing, though, if you could access your Nintendo Switch’s clips and photos so that you could save them to your phone.

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- Under 13's

My daughter wants this app for the whole Splatnet 2 thing, but she is 12. I know about the whole COPPA crap going on but surely they can disable voice chat on accounts for under 13's? It's a shame too as all her friends use it but she can't. I think under 13's should be able to use the additional features.

- Some features are hidden

It won’t let me access splatnet 2

- Age

I find it ridiculous that you need to be over 13 to use this service. I thought that you could log in and just enjoy the benefits that this application gives you but instead I have to wait one more year to enjoy the benefits.

- Landscape please!

What’s the point in optimising the app for iPad when it only works in portrait mode?!

- Really Usefull

This app is so useful with the splatnet2 feature, as you can buy things from the shop without using your switch! Highly recommend, but haven’t tried the voice chat feature yet.

- Change this.

Nintendo, my daughter is upset she cant get on here because of this. Yes, it is social media technically, but for gods sake your Nintendo. I have animal crossing but i guess i cant scan QR codes now. Maybe, make it so they can only interact w/ the games the play.

- “underaged“

So I wanted to go on this app to use nooklink but since I’m 12 it says you have to be 13 to use this app so I can’t use the app 😡 What’s the point having a 3+ game and you can’t use the app!?

- Nintendo is crap

Nintendo you app is crap Discord is better

- My son cant use it since he’s under 13..

I am fully monitoring him and he cant use this app to scan QR codes for ACNH due to him being under 13. I would love if you could add a feature on the parent controls app so i could allow him.

- Frustrating

I am finding this infuriating! There is an error code more or less every time I attempt to log in to Nook Link.On the ONE occasion that I did manage to get to the section to scan QR codes,which is what I am desperate to do,it crashed!😬🤯 It is affecting my game play, please Nintendo,sort it out!

- just remove nintendo switch online and keep online multiplayer free!

its annoying that you require a nintendo switch online subscription for absolutely crap servers and to play with distant friends. even in lockdown, all you give is a free week of online, during the two months we have had to stay indoors

- Bruhhhhh

Why does this even exist

- Big oof

I’ve read some bad reviews and thought I’d look into it myself, only to find the app presents itself with a logo for a millisecond before crashing every time it’s opened on any of the couple of iPhones I have. Nice work

- The Age Restriction doesn’t make sense!

I am over 13 but still under 15 so I have a child’s account, and because of my account I can’t log in, this makes no sense, you can have a child’s account if you are 13, 14 or 15 and it wouldn’t let you log in! Could you please change that.

- Couldn’t even log in

I was really excited to here this app for animal crossing new horizons, but after trying for 4 hours we still couldn’t log in. This app is really bad and a waste of your time.

- Wow...

Won’t even let me sign in because my account is under 13.

- Not enough

This app is good for one thing ,voice chat, but there is nothing else at all

- Can’t even log in

I got this app because I wanted to scan qr codes for Animal Crossing. Upon signing in, I was told that my account was not connected to a Nintendo Switch device. My account is definitely connected to my switch, I’ve used the E shop many times and I am over 13 years old. I tried restarting my switch, checking my account details, everything, but it just keeps saying that my account is not connected to a switch l. Very disappointing, I really wanted those qr codes ):

- can't even open the app

i logged in using my nintendo account and it gets stuck on a loading screen. when i close and reopen it crashes. i tried this three times and it still won't work. i tried logging in with my nintendo network id but the keyboard won't show up so i can't put in my details. i exited, before logging in, and again it is crashing.

- The SEGA Dreamcast’s online was better than this.

The switch is, in my opinion, the best current console. But with that said the online is really poor. I don’t really have a lot to say about this app other than it’s extremely slow, clunky , outdated and ultimately completely useless in comparison to discord. Nintendo really needs to just go back to square one with its online and give us basic features that should be included with any online service (voice chat, parties, etc...) because this system that they have now does not work well.

- What...

So I reset all my data on my animal crossing and started a new island. I went into the app so I could download QR codes and it’s still using my old island? How do I fix this...

- Terrible

It just won’t let me log on because I am under 13 🤬🤬🤬🤬

- Won’t load

Physically will not start if jailbroken

- To Nintendo

Thanks I don’t mind if it drains my phone battery but at least I have a way to comunicat and keep up with the latest on splatoon 2 :)

- Amazing

Me and my friends can talk over any game that we like

- So barebones

If you proof of how little this app does just see how they struggled to find App Store preview images. The fact NOTHING has been added to improve functionality is truly shameful.

- ON the console. NOT mobile phones.

I’ve tried 3 of the best phones out right now (Samsung s20+, iPhone XR and 11Pro) and not one of them could get past the actual logging in stage. My login is correct and was double checked through pc and two different switches, so wasn’t incorrect, yet after typing them in on each phone and pressing ‘login’, they all stalled and froze with the black loading screen, meaning I had to close the app. Following the re-opening, the app would just crash and couldn’t be opened again. In conclusion, I really don’t understand how Bluetooth wasn’t already part of the switch to begin with, as most consoles come with it as standard now, or that you would produce wireless controllers for the switch without some form of connectivity that could have worked with audio input too. Really, this needs to be addressed, as it’s going to put serious devalue to such a good console

- MikeyM84

This is truly a fantastic app and people like MikeyM84 are hating just because of phone-only? Don’t be a moron like MikeyM84 be like me a TRUE NINTENDO FAN.

- Unable to login

Login page loads up the keyboard in the wrong orientation, then stops responding entirely.

- Just make it landscape for iPad.

It really isn’t that hard. DO IT NINTENDO. YOU MAKE ENOUGH MONEY. If I want to type using a keyboard I already own, then I should be able to. Fck you.

- Won’t even let me sign in

I have been trying to sign in for 2 days but every time I go to enter my email and password I only get a fraction of the keyboard and cannot hit sign in. I never used to have this problem with the app but this is a serious problem which needs to be fixed.

- please fix this bug

so i started using this app for the nooklink/ animal crossing features and all was fine, but i reset my animal crossing save data to start over and the app keeps showing my old save data i.e. my old island info, villagers, passport etc. i’ve tried deleting it and redownloading multiple times as well as logging in and out but it still won’t refresh. please fix this issue as i’m currently locked out of the online features that i’m essentially paying for.

- Won’t even let me log in.

So i got animal crossing on the launch and decided to get this app for it. However, when trying to log in it always comes up with ‘this account is not linked to a switch console’ I’ve used the right email, I have used the right email however it kept saying something is incorrect so i thought my password was the problem so i reset it a number of times still wouldn’t let me log in. I changed my email thinking that would maybe be the problem but still didn’t let me log in and it got to the point i even tried to log in on a different phone and it still didn’t work! I don’t know why it’s doing and i’ve googled it to try sort it out but that hasn’t helped at all so please try and fix it.

- Crashes all the time

Can’t get past the welcome page. Crashes and no way to get any further.

- I hate this game so much

This app is so bad I can’t even play the games get rid of this ridiculous console right this instant I hate this app l am a kid l was crying so much I would have been so happy If you had not put this console in your horrible game

- Absolute trash

Keeps saying my password is wrong when it’s not. Can’t even log in. Fix this please

- Crashes at start

Can’t even use the app as it crashes seconds after starting it 😡

- I have tried this once!

I only thought it was COOL once...but I deleted it for a massive reason, I have Wii u and a Nintendo switch, and both Splatoons. But I do have a Nintendo switch account. On my switch! But I feel like you could make more easier.

- Doesn’t even work

This app is horrible because when I want go on animal crossing to scan we codes it keeps saying ERROR 28903-245 which is annoying and I hate please don’t get this app it waste of time.

- Needed it for animal crossing

And that’s about it.

- its not that bad

i love the features it has for splatoon 2

- Epic

Epic epic epic epic epic

- What's the point

this app lets you sign in to your nintendo online... But that's pretty much it, any account functionality just takes you to a web page (hint: app developers, STOP DOING THIS) I can see a voip option but, given so many purpose built voip mechanisms, there's just no reason for a standalone app that just does this. maybe call it nintendochat, because it does nothing else...

- Comapitibility

I don’t know if it is compatible with all cartridge games because I get splatoon 2 on it but not mario Kart 8 deluxe on it and they are both cartridge games on my switch and this app is very underrated

- Good

The app is very good but it would be better if the microphone was more sensitive

- Just why

It serves no purpose and isn’t worth the time when apps like discord exist

- Age rating

I’m 11 nearly 12 and can’t use this app because of my age and it’s annoying cause I had this app laying around for a year or so and opened it and it said I wasn’t 13 so I can’t use it and it’s probably really good

- Fix login problems!!!

This app and their whole site is awful Says password incorrect, go to website, able to login, go to password reset able to change it. Back to app... still can’t login Click help and no option for “our website / account login isn’t working” Contact them via other methods and no response Any danger of fixing the problems?

- Got nothing

I am surprised how bad this app. Got no shopping, can’t renew subscription and don’t even have news about games. Please put at least something.

- Improvement needed urgently

Keyboard crashed when I try to log in. Can’t believe I been beaten before I enter the door :(

- Uhhh, u good Nintendo?

I got this app thinking I could use it for Estore shopping and online game communication (like splatoon) But I wasn’t expecting a useless app that only is for one game. Nintendo, u feeling good?

- Logging in

The app will not let me log in at all. I even tried deleting it then downloading it again, but it still didn’t work!



- Whhyyyyyy!!!!!!

Nintendo i have something to say you guys are soooo annoying you guys shouldve said at the launch of the nintendo switch there will be a online membership soon but no you guys just wanted people to buy your product and now your just telling people to give us 20$ every year great job nintendo great job please dont add online membership we all beg you guys

- Useless

Can’t purchase switch games Can’t manage switch saves

- Why?!!!!

Nintendo u are really going to stuff up next year! Why u ask??! Because we have to pay to play online!!!!!!!! Why Nintendo ??? WHY!!!!

- Horrible

Nintendo have no idea when it comes to online. I'm 32 years old. Let me voice chat without the need for cables. My solution in to buy my multiplayer games on my PS4, Xbox or pc.

- It definitely needs an update!

So, love your work, been Splatooning until long hours of the night. I think we can all agree on the fact that the app needs to be renovated. Like keep the mementos and essentials, but chuck out the rest. The notion of voice chat and connection to the phone is a fantastic idea, just not executed well enough for Nintendo. Voice chat- I keep on dropping out and there's no way of changing the sensitivity on it. Battery life- I guess Nintendo has a running thing with battery life like with Pokemon Go(I know Niantic owns it k). You can't exit out of the app to even check notifications! All it needs is a text chat thing to communicate "I'm leaving", "I want to play!" Or something. Through the app would be good so it notifies you when you're playing. I don't know, I just expected better from you guys.

- Voice chat

No voice chat Nintendo in 2017.

- You know why this has 1 star

Xbox one mic? Stick it in the controller. PS4 mic? Stick it in the controller. Switch mic? Hook it up to the entire console while also connecting it to your phone. Nintendo have clearly never seen a headset before lol.

- Online chat does not work properly. Please fix this.

-The app should be able to run in the background of the phone and still function properly -inviting friends to play and chat together needs to be more simple and streamlined

- Awful implementation

Probably the dumbest implementation of voice chat I've ever seen. Take a note out of Sony and Xbox's book and mimic their online platforms. Who even uses friend codes anymore. Just let us add people based on usernames

- Pointless but some good areas

Firstly Nintendo you don't need another device to use voice chat and worst thing worst you can't exit or multitask with this app while your talking but on the other hand the use of the app for splatoon is kinda cool how you can order gear on your phone and so cool that you can see stats and other miscellaneous tasks pointless but cool

- Garbage.

Nintendo needs to step up their game. Forced app for basic features and implemented terribly.

- Poor Voice Solution

This is a fantastic companion app for Splatoon 2, however the voice communications aspect is absolutely terrible for a 2017 console. You cannot do anything while the app is open or you'll lose the ability to use voice communications! Push notifications also cause a disruption to talking while they're active. Please fix this Nintendo!

- What were you thinking Nintendo

Nintendo, you've had an absolute killer year. The Switch is fantastic, the first party content is incredible- and your marketing for the console has been 10/10..So my question is this. How, just how can nobody at this huge company realise what a joke the whole online infrastructure is. Even the original Xbox was more fully featured online wise and that came out over 15 years ago. I actually really like the idea of an companion app- everything you can check on it for Splatoon is great..but the voice chat system is terrible. You can't do anything outside the app without getting fully disconnected..and what's worse is you have to have the screen on 24/7 for it to work which zaps a crazy amount of battery. Why voice chat couldn't be implemented on a system level is beyond me. I hope you're listening Nintendo. Everything this generation has been great so far. Please fix these issues.

- Poor sad sorry excuse

This process is convoluted and not an acceptable standard in 2017. I love you as a company but this isn't good enough for your fans. This should be a streamlined process that doesn't require a phone... let alone the screen to be turned on at all times?!?! Don't reinvent the wheel..


It seems a good app and I'm excited to use it In a year DAMN AGE RESTRICTIONS

- Bad concept. Bad execution.

I have two main issues with this app that I am sure many other people will have too. 1. Why can't this app be available for the Switch. Nintendo says it's because the vast majority of Switch owners have a mobile phone. However, 100% of Switch owners have a Switch so they didn't really think that through. It's really inconvenient to have to use a secondary device to do something that the competition does on one device. If this app was optional and there was an alternative that could be downloaded onto the Switch, everyone would be happy. However, Nintendo wanted to be unique and all this did was disadvantage them. 2. The game audio does not come through the app. I'm sure everyone here has seen the Hori solution to the problem that the game audio and voice chat do not come through the same device. We know that Reggie Fils-Aime has. He told Nintendo fans at E3 that the Hori adapter was just an option, making many consumers believe that Nintendo would have allowed game audio to travel through the app. Unfortunately for us, the Hori solution is the ONLY option as, according to the support website, game audio does not come through the app. This is a major fail on Nintendo's part. Nintendo needs to fix this problem before the Online Service launches, next year, or I will not pay for it. I would just like to say that I am not hating on Nintendo here. I am simply pointing out exactly what I believe should be changed. If you remember back to January when Nintendo announced that they would provide one free NES or SNES game each month with the online service, you may remember how the fan base did not appreciate that and demanded more. Now, they have announced that we will have a full catalogue of NES and SNES games with the online service because we made our voices heard. That is what we need to do now! The more 1-star reviews that this app gets, the more likely this app is to be improved. If the blind fanboys keep writing 5-star reviews, we have no chance of getting an improved version of the app. On the topic of fanboyism, I am very much against it. It's ok to enjoy using a specific console-maker's consoles, but when you try to justify all of their bad decisions and ignore things that would harm the consumer like Microsoft making everyone pay for online. Now Nintendo and Sony have adopted their dirty practices. Another example of an anticonsumer practice is paying third parties to make their games exclusive. I can understand why a company would lock a first party game to their own console, but paying third parties for exclusivity is wrong. If the third party wants as many people as possible to play their game, they have to choose between incentives (or dare I say bribes) from first parties and their game reaching as many people as possible. If everyone can play the game, everyone is happy. If only PS4 players can play the game, PS4 players are happy, PC, Xbox and Switch players are sad. Unfortunately for the consumer, the bribes that first parties (this is mainly Sony. A while ago Microsoft payed third parties for this but they have since stopped.) pay are greater than the potential profits. Sorry if none of that made sense, I just wrote what came to mind, but the key message is that if the consumer base are loud enough, we can do anything.

- Awful

As usual Nintendo doesn't know how online gaming works...

- Functionality that should be on Switch

Interesting idea, just not as unique as Nintendo is great for. I'd like to see function better with Switch.

- A terrible app.

Sorry, but there are some glaring issues with this service; - Voice chat cannot be used while using another app - Voice chat cannot be used while display is off - Cannot hear game audio if using voice chat - Audio will cut out when getting a notification. Please look into fixing this app in order to bring it up to today's standards.

- It's backwards

Just let me connect my headphones directly to the switch and voice chat that way. This is ridiculous.

- Not good enough for 2017

Nintendo why? Why can't this app be on the switch itself. Too many cables, not enough features and can't use my phone for anything else while I'm using the app with screen on and power mode off. Vita could do it why can't a system released years later??

- Sh*t

Stupid for voice chat anything else is fine

- Improvements needed

The splatnet 2 is a great idea, but the fact I need my screen on and the app on to voice chat is ridiculous in 2017. Please fix this, will update review if fixed.

- Bad

Terrible idea

- Most ludicrous solution to a non problem ever

Just integrate voice chat into the switch itself, this is ridiculous.

- Can't background

Requires the phone screen to be on and the app to be active or it cuts out? Poor form.

- Poorly made

Incredibly inconvenient solution to voice chat. Can't lock your phone to save battery, look at notification tray, use ANY other phone functionality like texting for example. And then communication is only available when under strict terms like being in the same game, if you want to change games you have an interrupted experience. Horrible app, look elsewhere like Skype, twitch messenger or discord but really this should not be an issue. Include party chat as part of the switch instead of complicate it with mobile apps, ridiculous

- Saltoon 2 - The Rise of Squid Kids

We have been presented with the early taste of "Video Game World Domination"

- App stuff

Messaging on the app is a good idea, not sure about using voice chat. Discord is better. Like once you've messaged someone on the app, discord is better for voice chats.

- Only one small problem

Well its a pretty good app other than the fact the servers aren't up yet lol

- Backwards company.

Why do I need to use my phone for voice chat? I don't need this for PS4 it just works since it has its own built in system. So fed up with backwards moves.

- First

Good companion app, but could have made the communication in-game instead

- Awesome

It's good but the servers aren't up yet

- Haven't even opened it yet.

But props for a 2-day-early release! 😘😘 Keep it up nintendo 👍🏻 what I wanted to say with a 5-Star review except OF COURSE you guys are immediately doing maintenance. Far out you guys never learn.

- Garbage.

Why does this exist? Put the app on the switch itself!

- Cant log in

Off to a flying start! Nintendo gets online! *logs in* Access denied. Nice...

- Switch...

Splatoon 2 will take over the world...

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Nintendo Switch Online 1.6.1 Screenshots & Images

Nintendo Switch Online iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Nintendo Switch Online iphone images
Nintendo Switch Online iphone images
Nintendo Switch Online iphone images
Nintendo Switch Online iphone images
Nintendo Switch Online iphone images
Nintendo Switch Online ipad images
Nintendo Switch Online ipad images
Nintendo Switch Online ipad images
Nintendo Switch Online ipad images
Nintendo Switch Online ipad images
Nintendo Switch Online Entertainment application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Nintendo Switch Online Entertainment application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Nintendo Switch Online (Version 1.6.1) Install & Download

The applications Nintendo Switch Online was published in the category Entertainment on 2017-07-19 and was developed by Nintendo Co., Ltd. [Developer ID: 1062496488]. This application file size is 117.93 MB. Nintendo Switch Online - Entertainment posted on 2020-03-10 current version is 1.6.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Nintendo Switch Online Advisories: Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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