The Witness

The Witness [Games] App Description & Overview

You wake up, alone, on a strange island full of puzzles that will challenge and surprise you.

You don't remember who you are, and you don't remember how you got here, but there's one thing you can do: explore the island in hope of discovering clues, regaining your memory, and somehow finding your way home.

The Witness is a single-player game in an open world with dozens of locations to explore and over 500 puzzles. This game respects you as an intelligent player and it treats your time as precious. There's no filler; each of those puzzles brings its own new idea into the mix. So, this is a game full of ideas.

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The Witness Customer Service, Editor Notes:

iOS13 support

The Witness Comments & Reviews

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- Challenging to say the least

Got through what I thought was a large portion of the game on my own, but had to begin looking at tutorials to get through the later puzzles. And when I thought I had most of them done, found out there’s a lot of extra hidden things too

- Awesome

I’m late to comment on this as it’s been out for a while before I got it, but yea. It’s VERY cool. Slow to get started while you figure stuff out, but once you do, solving the puzzles becomes much more rewarding. This game reminds me a lot of the Talos Principal in its gameplay and the sort of anonymous character which you only see as a shadow. But if you dig immersive games that serve as a nice distraction from the real world for a couple hours at a time, you’ll love this one. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Mesmerizing and addictive

It took a little bit to digest this, and get the swing but once I did, man was I hooked! The puzzles do seem simple at first, but you quickly realize there is so much more to them. The way you actually build skills making replayability such a unique aspect (cause you don’t need to do the menial stuff again) is incredible. Mega kudos to the team that clearly put their souls in to this.

- Truly boring

The most expensive and the most boring game of its kind I have ever had the misfortune to play. Is there a refund policy? Why is every puzzle the same stupid idea. Why are the graphics so terrible? Why is movement so slow and awkward? Why is this so popular? Why am I playing this boring game I can’t wait to put down? These are the questions crossing through my mind as I close it once again not because I’m stuck but rather that I can’t be bothered to play it anymore

- The Witness

Go to u-tube and watch how the pro’s play this game at light speed, this one guy does it all ( over 600 puzzles) in less than 2 and 1/2 hours. My jaw hit the ground, I got dizzy just watching Him. I LOVE this game. It is by far one of the best EVER MADE! Great work people. P.S. The pro’s play it on their pc’s.

- An utter masterpiece!

The Witness will forever be one of my favourite games of all time! The complexity and diversity in the puzzles keep you hooked while the beautiful visuals provide a break while you’re stuck. Overall a joy to play!

- Hardness

Can this game get any harder!? Just want it to be easier so I can get the actual ending so I would like this game to be easier so I can enjoy this game!

- UPDATE - App has been optimized for 11inch iPad 2018!

App isn’t optimized for the 11 inch 2018 iPad, black boarders along the sides. I hope it will get updated UPDATE : App has been updated!! Great stuff! Really looking forward to playing this on the go!

- Waste of money more walking same puzzle

I’m so disappointed. I like actual puzzles. Variety. This is just a whole lot of walking around to do the same puzzle over and over again.

- Yes

This game is the pinnacle of human evolution, and I will eat the pancreas of anyone who says otherwise. If you haven’t gotten it already, do NOT spoil it for yourself. It’s a fantastic game that deserves to be played for the first time without any prior knowledge.

- Not compatible

Despite using a device listed as compatible, this game won't download onto my iPad. Very frustrating.

- I wish there could be more games like this!

This game is in a category of its own. The only downside to there being more games like this is that I’d worry about neglecting other critical aspects of life. This is as good as gaming gets!


Coming from someone who has never played a puzzle game before, I wasn’t expecting to much out of this game considering I just wanted something to pass the time with. But boy was I wrong, the simplicity of the way the puzzles work mixed with the beautiful graphics come together to make an absolutely amazing adventure. Don’t feel bad about using a cheat site because the fun in the game comes from watching the stages unravel themselves. Absolutely loved being taken on the journey that The Witness holds and would recommend it to ANYONE

- Won’t Open!!! Please help!!

I bought this game almost a year ago and love that I have always been able to turn my attention back to it; other games simply lose their must... however, why have I not even been able to open the game lately? The intro screen appears with the “loading” symbols, yet just as the game is about to launch, the app quits. I relished the fact that I could justify spending the money on something that has lasted longer and kept me more entertained than ex boyfriends, but please don’t take away something that makes me happy. I don’t want to remember it in hindsight like what’s his name.

- Wonderful

The game is huge, the graphics beautiful, the gameplay very challenging. Though the puzzles are all based on a draw a line through a grid model, it keeps throwing new twists of logic at you. Honestly I used a cheat site for more of them than I care to admit. The game is HARD in places. But the line puzzles are just pieces of larger puzzles for each area. These in turn all are pieces of the huge puzzle that is the game. However throughout the game are surprises, tape players with musings that may or may not be relevant. There are areas that are fun to explore even though they are not part of the game main thread. The place is just fun to wander around in. Most games I play last a few weeks or so. I just finished The Witness and it took two months. Thats how huge it is. Whats more, I know I only scratched the surface of whats there. Never did figure out the movie theatre. This is a masterpiece.

- A good game

I enjoy playing this game but I think it was a bit too expensive and I want a joypad option instead of tap to move

- Refund

Not worth the money

- Probably the best game ever made



As of Version 1.8, this game still continues to hijack the iPad's brightness control, automatically raising that level to 50% upon opening. I am entirely capable of choosing an appropriate brightness and volume setting based on my viewing environment and don't need an app developer to make those decisions for me. At 50%, it is far too bright. Again, it is extremely annoying to have to readjust every time I open or switch back to the game. It is ruining the experience of an otherwise stellar game. From five stars to one until this is fixed.

- Amazing

It’s amazing! The graphics are beautiful and the game is very unique!

- Amazing!

I haven’t finished it yet, mostly because there are a lot of puzzles, but I can tell it’s one of those games that I’m gonna play till the very end, great job!

- Amazing Game, Recent Version Too Laggy

Amazing game but the app itself needs another update. While exploring many areas including the temple, jungle, and colour lab, I’ve recently experienced major lag. On a phone screen it get tiresome playing the game like this, especially on certain puzzles when you have to position just do.

- Idk

Plz make an setting for the zooming in like how far u want it to zone in plz the zoom is ent dat good

- Love this

Amazing game and runs amazing on iOS

- Excellent game, a few glitches. Play on IPad.

I like this game a lot. Minor glitches with a few puzzles that don’t work in spite of correct solutions. Good customer support. Challenging and need to be patient.

- Good update

Thank you for fixing the brightness and making the game run less hot! It was discouraging me from playing.

- Losing save file...

Was really enjoying the game, until I had to restart because the game seems to have lost my save files. Restarted, and the save thing happened for a second time. Starting to really annoy me!! On iPad mini 2 with iOS 11. Please fix this problem. Thanks!

- Stunning !

Simply breathtaking, this might be the best puzzle game I have ever experienced on any platform. Keep up the good work ! The gorgeous environment exploration coupled with simple yet deep puzzle mechanics is ADDICTING.

- Good game but drains battery

I love the game but it drains my battery big time. So now I can't really play it on he go unless I have charging source close by.

- Needs some big changes

This is one of my favorite games but the port isn't great. Tracing lines doesn't feel good, you block the view of the line with your finger, and the first spinning column puzzle basically doesn't work. Lining yourself up for some of the environmental stuff with the point-and-click interface is tedious and would be much better served with a WASD-type compass point to maneuver. The point-and-clicking also means the game frequently sends you to a place you didn't intend, which means fighting with the autopilot to change direction. The pathfinding is nice though and the camera works great, so I would suggest giving the player the choice between the two, and being able to press and hold to see the pointer's location and adjusting its position before letting go to move. On the plus side, the graphics are really well handled, so this could be good with some control tweaks.

- Astounding!

Has some of the best graphics on the App Store and gameplay that feels so unique compared to any other game I've ever played. Amazing!

- Good but update CONTROLS

It’s a great game and runs fairly well. One major gripe I have is that you have to press and hold on each start point of the puzzle, this causes your finger to block where your going. Change it so you won’t need to hold ON the circle but rather close beside it instead

- The Witness

It is a good game.

- Excellent open-world puzzle game

Unlike the other reviews, I actually love the controls of this game. I like how there are no virtual buttons which would otherwise block the beautiful artwork of this game. Instead, it uses gestures which suit the touchscreen interface very well. For the record, there is precision-level movement since you can sidestep with a two-finger swipe. Best part is that the entire game can be played one-handed with your device laying flat. If that’s still not enough, the game even supports controller. Additionally, the devs constantly update the app so that it supports the latest hardware and software version. I didn’t encounter any bug at all during my first playthrough.

- Great game

I love open world games and puzzle games so when I found out this game combines the two I had to check it out, I’m so glad I did, the puzzles are great and being an open world if you get stuck or frustrated with one puzzle you can just walk away and try again later. I highly recommend this game to those who enjoy puzzle games that keep your brain active. When I play games I usually have the in-game music turned off, but in this game the only thing you hear is ambient sounds like the chirping of birds or rushing water and no music, and that’s great especially when your solving puzzles. Thanks to the developer for such a wonderful puzzling experience. ☺️☺️☺️

- Dont buy it

I cant even play it as the controls are so bad, you simply require a mouse for a game like this I want a refund As this is unplayable and I would rather spend my money on the computer one

- Not built for mobile

I really enjoyed playing The Witness on console. It’s a fun and challenging game. But this mobile version is just frustrating. This is because of the system of controlling your character by tapping where you want to go. A lot of times, this game requires very precise positioning to give yourself the right perspective to solve a puzzle and you just don’t get it. Some puzzles I would be fiddling fruitlessly for half an hour trying to position myself, then I would load this game up on a console and use my game pad to solve it in a matter of seconds. This is not fun. I get the feeling this game wasn’t play tested on iPhone, the experience is so jarring and so bad.

- Download issues

I cannot get this game to download on my iPhone. Really disappointed and frustrated given the price.

- Crashes on startup

Great game which I got most of the way through but has now started crashing on startup and I am unable to use the app for more than a few seconds before it automatically closes. A restart and reinstall has not solved the issue, playing on an iPhone X.

- A trying experience on iOS

A beautiful, masterpiece of a game which is marred by control issues which are just too large to look past on iOS. Constant exiting of puzzles whilst trying to complete them when tracing with your finger on the screen eventually annoy the player to the point where they can’t enjoy an otherwise wonderful puzzle game. A shame.

- Pointless meandering

I wish I hadn’t paid for this. The game is just a stumble around finding little mazes to solve. Pointless with no skill involved. I want a refund.

- Very good puzzle, cannot play coz feeling dizzy

Love the puzzle and art work in this game. However I feel very dizzy and very uncomfortable after playing for 10min and cannot continue. I went checked online forum, and see many people having “motion sickness” when playing the game as well. I play with my phone, and wish there is a way to fix the issue.

- Incredible

Makes me feel warm and fuzzy that a cerebral game like this can be so masterfully realised and released upon the world in a time when entertainment often races to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Wonderfully unique aesthetic with fantastic puzzle design. It won’t be for everyone, but that is sometimes a good thing. Congratulations!

- Amazing puzzle game

This game won’t hold your hand at every step but it’s oh so rewarding. Touch controls are very good and much more intuitive than virtual joysticks would be.

- Waste of time

This game is pointless. You walk around a huge landscape aimlessly hoping to stumble on a puzzle that is a version of the last 10 you have just completed. Don’t waste your time OR your money. this game should be $1 at most.

- Good but...

This is an amazing game don’t get me wrong, but there is something that I really don’t like. Those touch-to-move controls are so annoying. Could you please add a joystick option?

- A Masterpiece!

I devoured this game when it released for PS4 last year. It was amazing value then for the amount of content and it’s even better value now that it’s portable as well. It has clever, mind bending and addicting puzzles encapsulated in a beautiful and peaceful island environment. Prepare to be scribbling down puzzle solutions on any spare piece of paper. This game is not one to miss, very highly recommended!

- I was dubious at first

This game is beautiful. The attention to detail is amazing. The puzzles easy at first but then they get so very clever. If you like games like "the room", myst/riven, obduction or escape rooms generally you will love this game.

- Took my money

I brought this game it was great! However I feel scammed as I was charged TWICE!!!

- Great game

Thanks for fixing that screen brightness annoyance 😊

- Lost all my progress

Lost all my progress in a game crash. Not really an acceptable thing to happen considering how much effort I put in... 1/5 for rubbish coding.

- Great game

A really interesting puzzler - this was a lot of fun and had some fascinating puzzle ideas (and some frustrating ones too). Looks fantastic and plays well. There's something immensely satisfying about getting the right line for a really difficult puzzle. Definitely recommend for anyone with a lot of spare time!

- Screen brightness bug

Fun game but a minor/slight annoying bug. I’ve noticed that the game automatically sets the brightness to halfway, even though I set it back down to minimum. It automatically shoots it back to halfway. The game is a bit hard to play at night when the screen is super bright and blinding you... EDIT: Even after the update, the screen brightness bug/issue is still bothering me so I revised my review from 4 stars to 3. Somewhat so that the bug is a game breaker for me as I usually play at night.

- The witness

This puzzle game promised lots at the start, but it soon became rather aimless with little direction as to where you should be going next. This led to feeling that completing puzzles was at times pointless and in the end frustrating. The graphics and feel were great, but a little help as to what to do next would have made me more optimistic and allowed me to enjoy the process, rather than being annoyed by it. Some puzzles were ridiculously difficult and not logical, even with help from the web.

- The brain teaser, perfected

An experience unlike no other - The Witness treats you as an equal, serving up hundreds of puzzles that are always on the cusp of bending your mind in new ways. I am incredibly excited to be able to now experience the adventure using a device on the go.

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The Witness iphone images
The Witness iphone images
The Witness iphone images
The Witness iphone images
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The Witness ipad images
The Witness ipad images
The Witness ipad images
The Witness ipad images
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The applications The Witness was published in the category Games on 2017-09-21 and was developed by Thekla, inc. [Developer ID: 1167726848]. This application file size is 2.16 GB. The Witness - Games posted on 2019-08-21 current version is 1.9 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions.

The Witness Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References

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