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Welcome to Homescapes! Help Austin the butler bring warmth and comfort back to his wonderful family's mansion. Come on in—adventures await you from the moment you walk in the door!

Beat colorful match-3 levels to renovate and decorate rooms in the mansion, unlocking ever more chapters in the exciting family story along the way! What are you waiting for? Make yourself at home!

The game features:

● Unique gameplay: help Austin renovate the house by swapping and matching pieces!
● Interior design: you decide what the house will look like.
● Exciting match-3 levels: tons of fun, featuring unique boosters and explosive combinations!
● A huge, beautiful mansion: discover all the secrets it holds!
● Fantastic characters: watch them live their lives and interact with each other in the in-game social network.
● A cute pet: meet а naughty and fluffy cat.
● Invite your Facebook friends to help you create your own cozy atmosphere in the house!

Homescapes is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device's Restrictions menu.

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Homescapes App Description & Overview

The applications Homescapes was published in the category Games on 2017-09-19 and was developed by Playrix Games. The file size is 172.81 MB. The current version is 1.0.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

It’s the first ever Homescapes update!
Enjoy our newest features:
- An in-game social network: get more of your favorite characters by following their comments and pictures!
- Austin’s story plays out in two more areas: the Orangery and the Living room
- A mailbox in your in-game tablet: get lives from your friends and read the latest news!
New in match-3 mode:
- More than 400 exciting levels!
- New elements: Soap Foamers that produce lather, and Walnuts, with shells that are very hard to crack

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Homescapes Reviews


Aggravating  bglover4  1 star

Would be nice if someone made a game like this that wasn't so hard to beat levels. Not everyone is a gamer.. Some.. Like me, like to play games to relax.. Not get aggravated because we get stuck on a level for a month just because the developers made it impossible to pass levels unless you spend a lot of money doing it.


Enjoy  dragoness0722  5 star

Nice to make choices in a game that is a reward. I won't spend money on the game. I'd rather have a real gift rather than a virtual one. It passes the time.


Homescapes  ChE_ChE_  5 star

Very fun!


❤️  ChickyWicky  4 star

Definitely entertaining & addicting

Jujus 777

Love it!!!  Jujus 777  5 star

Awesome game! So much fun❤️


Simply too difficult  Windowlicker9000  1 star

I’ve made it past level 1500 in Gardenscapes, so I’ve committed to the game’s prequel. However this game is just too much of a challenge, especially at such early stages. I have been stuck on one level for over a week now, probably close to 100 attempts on the level. And have never come close. If the difficulty is scaled back some to make it realistic I will happily change my rating


This game is so much fun  Yoshiki's_Wife  5 star

I really love playing this game so relaxing and the concept of the game is great.


Great  RicanBabyyyy  4 star

Love it but wish the levels weren’t so hard. I enjoy a game where I can easily pass the levels with,of course, with a small challenge.

Mason's Mimi

Love the game  Mason's Mimi  5 star

I love this game, but it takes too long to get to a new room and it doesn't give you a lot of coins. Please fix this.


Don’t waste the time to download  Adlogo  1 star

They want you too think just a simple decorating game. However, just a money grabbing pay to proceed game. Not even worth the time it takes too download.

Billy bobs beast

Good game BUT  Billy bobs beast  2 star

No daily rewards or incentives is very annoying... don’t know if ill continue playing. Takes forever to get through one stage 😡😡


I Love It  Aroha6710  5 star

It's cool and it's reminds me of my childhood very much. My sisters and I had convinced our parents into this such thing. (Well maybe not convinced we still had to move that's not going to happen here.)


Best game ever but....  Lalala211  2 star

I found this game really fun at the start. I am stuck on level 24 for over a week now. I hate how I always get so close to completing the level but ran out of moves. It would achieve a higher rating if it did the following: 1) get free bombs, diamond globe or bullets to use in every level 2) get the option to watch a video to complete a task 3) free option to get 5 additional moves if need be This game has been addictive for me but if I don’t get passed levels for weeks I will delete the game. Games should be challenging but not impossible.

Disgruntled gran

Good game  Disgruntled gran  4 star

However, would like to have more access to mini games to enhance extra life tokens to help with games that take longer to get through. Otherwise a good interactive game. Love the graphics.

Bundy girl 60

Great game  Bundy girl 60  5 star

Brilliant just love it


Love game so fun but  Ricyroo  5 star

I love it but it's too hard and can you make an update were you spin a daily wheel and you can get power ups uncommon to get a star and you get money from it and an extra life thanks

TygerTyger burn bright

Levels are hard  TygerTyger burn bright  3 star

The game is good but the only problem I have is the levels can be way too hard! They need to make it fairer.


Loving the Game!  LilyParrish  5 star

However some levels are a bit difficult to complete at times and it gets frustrating. Other than that I’m very much enjoying myself.


Good Game  Vi_mitchell  2 star

Good game BUT designed for you to spend lots of money

Pimd addict12

Meh  Pimd addict12  3 star

Great game, however the levels are way too hard. Unless you pay your way through, you will be stuck on a level for a long time... and 30 mins for a life ? I'm losing interest.


pou vesselftruben 3 star

Estoy viciada con el juego homescapes


فاطمه الترابي F628_ 3 star

فزت لفل ٨٠ في Homescapes بعد معاناه اياام 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽


MAX 28 MAXTWENTY8 3 star

J'ai ajouté une vidéo à une playlist @YouTube - [TUTO] Hacker HOMESCAPES sur android


It's pretty entertaining  avocadough  5 star

I kinda hate waiting for lives though


Don’t get the game, might uninstall  $$$999&&&/::([email protected];  1 star

The games don’t make sense and take forever to win, also its rather boring, I’m on the lowly level 43 and can’t get anywhere, your other games give bombs after stuck, I’m not buying anything BYE


Awesome  Emmaghg  5 star

Such a fun game! Definitely recommend!

Mogdi Styx

Has crossed the line from fun to frustrating  Mogdi Styx  1 star

This game is everything I love—decorating, puzzles—but it is WAY too hard. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good challenge, but I also like being able to make some sort of progress in the game. I’m only on level 21 and it takes me six or seven tries to beat a single level, and I have to use every resource given to me. That, my friends, is not entertainment. It is merely frustrating.


Way to annoying  buolyhor  3 star

This game is way to annoying. The Planes don’t go to the one you want even if you have one thing you need to get done and you have one turn left. In order to actually get past a level you have to purchase stuff to get past that level and i am not spending money on a game where you swipe and build thing after words. You need t make it so that the win ratio is higher so you don’t always have to buy things. (which i have never done) I have been on one level for like 2 week now and have used all my abilities on that one level. They want you to pay money in order to go further pretty much. its getting really annoying. Also why does ending the day cost a star.


Can’t get past entering my name!  AuntPru  1 star

After reading the reviews on the cost of playing this game, though, maybe it’s not a bad thing! Playing Gardenscapes, but stuck on a level and I also refuse to pay for more lives, etc. Shame - I’d rather have paid for the game without all these in-app purchases. They’re not worth it. Then again, they were for free so deleting them is painless! :). BTW: one star rating is just because I can’t exit without tapping at least ONE!


It ok  Alextexans  2 star

It’s a fun game I’ll give it that but I only played it for a couple of days because the life’s take too long so I just stoped playing I don’t have enough lives to play


Addictive game  Hitonobaka  5 star

Very fun game to play to pass the time.


Won’t be around long  Brindy142016  2 star

I first started playing Homescapes when it popped up while playing other games. I downloaded, and at first it was fun redecorating. However, it soon became tiresome having to play the game to get stars for silly things while it was getting more difficult to win those stars. I am deleting this game. I understand you want people to buy the stars, but this game turned into a disappointment.

+Kathy D++

Review  +Kathy D++  4 star

I like the game just wish they're were more choices for items to buy for the house. The game is fun. I enjoy it.

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